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If It Was Real (or Florencia and Jazmín rehearse a sex scene for a telenovela and everything comes undone)

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Cuánto cuesta tu alegría,
Si al pie de la letra compro lo que pidas,
Yo vivo a tus pies, y tú no lo ves,
Y sigues así,
Que quieres de mí, que quieres de mí.  

¿Qué Quieres de Mi? - Luis Fonsi


Even before she had been old enough to learn how to read, Florencia Estrella had one dream: to be an actress.

One of her earliest memories was sitting with Virginia on the floor in front of their grandmother’s television, watching Ana Maria Picchio and being absolutely enchanted by her performance. Of course, her mother had completely lost her shit when Florencia had told her how they had spent their afternoon, as if watching one little telenovela would rot their brain. But her mother’s low opinion of actresses and acting, in general, had been of little consequence to her. She had a dream and, as she had told her mother back then, standing as tall as a five-year-old could, no one was going to keep her from achieving her dreams.

That confidence had lasted less than a month, because as soon after she had turned six, her world had been smashed into pieces when she found out that her dad, her hero, the best man in the whole wide world, had two other daughters, one who had been born in the same exact day and time as Florencia. Soon after, the tics had started. Noises falling from her lips without any control, arms and fingers jerking as if they had a mind of their own had become the center of her life and acting and happiness had fallen to the sidelines.

But she never forgot her one true dream even as she studied to be an astrologist, and a beautician, and a tour guide, and a makeup artist, and any course she could get her hands on. There was one consistent thing in her life: acting. It was her one solace, even if she sometimes broke into tics when she tripped over her lines, or struggled through a scene because she held her body too tightly in a desperate attempt to keep herself under control. When she acted, Florencia could be anyone, someone brave and free, someone who did not ruin every single relationship she had with her insecurities and fears.

She loved acting more than anything in the world, except maybe Vir, and when she had landed a role in a period piece, mostly thanks to Jazmín being her lucky charm, she had been bursting with excitement. And then, a second role had all but fallen on her lap because the casting agency had liked her so much. How could she say no to that? Even if her part was a bit risqué, it was everything she wanted. There was one little problem though, everybody she knew was a fucking asshole because they refused to help her run the lines. No one was willing to help her. Not Fede, who had said no when she said she was worried Daniel would get jealous if he saw what the scenes were like. Not Javo, who had looked emotionally constipated when she mentioned the word sex, his face showing fifty percent more emotion than usual. Not even Jazmín, who was always so generous and kind and sweet, was willing to help.

When Florencia had shared the good news, Jazmín had been bursting with pride as she threw her arms around Florencia, holding her so tight and for so long Florencia had felt Jazmín’s beating heart against her own. She had felt like the strongest, tallest woman on earth when Jazmín had whispering into her redding ear, “you’re so amazing, of course they want you back for another role.” With Jazmín by her side, acting like her lucky charm, she knew she could wow the director again and get an even better, or less worse, part. The way Jazmín had build up her confidence and had helped her find the right emotional tone for the role last time had been invaluable, there was no way Florencia could do it without her, so it had been a total surprised when Jazmín had reacted so negatively when she had seen the script.

Initially, Jazmín had said yes, squealing in the most adorable way when Florencia had said, “I can’t practice this without my scene partner.” And then Jazmín’s smile had disappeared when Florencia said the part included a rather explicit sex scene. When Florencia had shown her that page, Jazmín’s face had turned so white she had looked like a living porcelain doll, her ears redding like hot ambers as she read the first few lines. With one indecipherable look, her green eyes a dark whirlwind of emotions, she had taken a deep breath, closed her eyes so tightly it had to hurt and had simply said, “no” as she turned around and had left the kitchen, leaving Florencia clutching her tablet and feeling like she had somehow insulted her best friend in the worst way.

Giving chase had been a waste of time, Jazmín was fast and her legs so much longer than hers, but Florencia had tried, feeling absolutely horrible that she had misread Jazmín so badly. The truth was that she had not considered for a moment that Jazmín would be uncomfortable reading, let alone rehearsing, such a scene. Never in a million years, would Florencia have imagined that Jazmín would turn out to be such an uptight person. Everything about Jazmín screamed strength, self-confidence, and freedom, from the way she swayed her hips in an almost hypnotic rhythm when she walked to the way she laughed, so carefree and unrestrained, to the way she calmly and coolly turned down any guy who attempted to flirt with her. Even the way she dressed, crop tops that showed off her muscular abs, and tight jeans that hugged her strong legs and even stronger backside, painted the picture of a woman that feared nothing and no one, someone who walked to the beat of her own rhythm and was not afraid to show it. But maybe Florencia had been wrong. After all, Jazmín was also frustratingly private, keeping her cards close to her heart and rarely letting Florencia get more than a glimpse of her personal life. The fact that she had managed to get inside Jazmín’s apartment twice felt like a small miracle, after that Florencia thought Jazmín had opened up to her, but maybe Florencia had crossed some sort of invisible boundary when she asked Jazmín to simulate having sex with her. Not everybody was comfortable doing something like that.

Feeling like the world’s saddest loser, so herself, Florencia had turned to Leo, her last chance. She had turned up the charmed as high as she could as she approached him. Surprisingly, Leo had also said no, leaving with a panicked look on his face and hauling ass like death herself was after him, probably because he saw Lucía coming their way and he was deadly afraid of her, as most sane people were. He would not have said no to Miranda or Carla, or especially Lucía. Unlike her, they knew how to charm or threaten people into doing what they wanted. There was something missing in her, maybe the stars had not been right when she had been conceived, maybe there was a flaw in her DNA. The only thing she knew with any certainty was that she lacked that something that made all her sisters so amazing and irresistible.

What a sad, pathetic loser she was. The defective Estrella.

“-Ass, ass-,” she choked out, slapping her chest. She looked up at the sky, so clear and beautiful from her little corner of the deck. It reminded her how small she was, how alone she was.

“What are you doing out here?” Jazmín said, sitting next to her. Florencia almost laughed, she should have known that if she was feeling down, sooner or later Jazmín would be at her side, like she always was.

“Contemplating -ass, ass- how much of a loser I am,” Florencia said, closing her eyes and bringing the tablet she was holding to shield her face. The last thing she wanted was Jazmín seeing her crying.

“Come on, you’re not a loser,” Jazmín said, bumping their shoulders together.

“Yes, yes I am -fucking pathetic-. I can’t do anything right,” she said, peeking at Jaz over the tablet, feeling a little silly how much it hurt that Jazmín did not want to run the lines with her. “And I’m not saying that to get you to rehearse with me,” she rushed to say between high pitched grunts when Jazmín gave her a guilty look. “You’re not comfortable with that and I get it.”

“Everybody said no?” Jazmín asked, looking deep into Florencia’s eyes. There was a gentleness about her that was so comforting. She could say anything to Jazmín, anything at all, and she would listen.

“Yeah,” she sighed.

“What about Dani?”Jazmín asked, looking away and shifting her feet. What was her problem with Daniel?

“I don’t want Dani to see how explicit the scenes are. If he got jealous with a -shitty- kiss imagine how he’s going to get with me wrapping my legs around some guy’s hips and -fucking him- simulating sex,” Florencia said, slapping her chest and snorting. Sometimes, she wished he was as supportive and generous as Jazmín. Every gift of his had the subtle scent of one-upmanship and an underline current of pity. But the comparison was not fair; no one was amazing as Jaz. Not Vir, not her dad, and certainly not Dani. “He doesn’t get that the scenes are fake. You don’t get all hot -chichi- and bothered during a sex scene. You don’t start an affair over something like that.”

At that, Jazmín gave her a dubious look. “Aren’t those scenes kinda intimate?”

“Not at all,” Florencia said, knowing exactly what she was talking about. “You’re so busy thinking about what you have to do next that you forget your scene partner -has a thick dick- is even a person.”

“I mean, some actors have started affairs on-set,” Jazmín said, shrugging her shoulders, and resting her cheek on her hand as she peered at Florencia.

“-Combative vulva- yeah, but that’s because they spend so much time together outside of the set and create true intimacy like that. The affair starts before the first sex scene, trust me. You’re not gonna get hot because some random -asshole- dude is fake thrusting against your stomach. You can’t feel something that’s not there from the beginning,” Florencia said, more or less repeating what she had told Daniel a few days ago.

“Makes sense,” Jazmín said, nodding in agreement. Of course, Jazmín actually listened to what she said. What couldn’t Dani be more like her?

“Doesn’t matter. I won’t do the scene,” Florencia said with a dismissive wave of her hand. She was feeling a bit better but could not hide her disappointment, or at least she did not try to do it because she was with Jazmín. It felt wrong to keep things from her; she liked how she could be open and honest around Jazmín. A silly novela was not worth jeopardizing that.

Jazmín sighed and looked at her, and even before she opened her mouth Florencia knew what she was going to say. Sometimes, she could read Jazmín like an open book. Sometimes she was impossible to decipher. “I’ll help you,” she said, just as expected.

“No, no, it’s fine, I swear! I’ll audition for another -fucking ass- role and get it -fucked in the ass- for sure,” Florencia said with fake cheeriness. That was highly unlikely but she did not want Jazmín to pity her. From everybody else, she could handle it but not from Jazmín, she would not accept it. It would break her.

“Flor,” Jazmín said, her voice so soft and gentle Florencia felt compelled to lean in close. “I’ll do it. It’s not a big deal. I just,” she started to said and stopped, looking at Florencia with weary eyes. “I just didn’t want to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Why would I feel uncomfortable? Jaz, you’re the one person that makes me feel comfortable all the time,” Florencia said, shifting in her chair until her knees bumped Jazmín’s own.

“Really?” Jazmín seemed surprised. Wasn’t it obvious?

“That’s why I wanted to practice with you. I couldn’t ask for a better acting partner than you. I never worry about you being all judgy or mean,” she said, playfully bumping their knees together until Jazmín’s face broke into a sweet smile, the tip of her ears redding just a bit. How could anyone be so beautiful? She did not understand how Jazmín was single. Any guy would be lucky to have someone as special and as amazing as her. But then again, what guy could be worthy of her?

“Okay, then I’ll do it--”

“Jaz, no. You didn’t want to befo--”

“I want to now,” Jazmín said, nodding her head with finality.

“Are you sure?”


Unable to contain her excitement, Florencia threw her arms around Jazmín’s shoulders. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best,” she said, nuzzling Jazmín’s warm cheek as she squeezed hard and held onto her for a long moment.

Laughing melodiously, Jaz hugged her back, her hands gently rubbing along Florencia’s shoulder blades, just on the spot where she carried most of her tension. Her touch and her presence were enough to make Florencia’s shoulders drop just a bit as she relaxed. It was absolutely perfect, to be in Jazmín’s arms. She simply gave the best hugs.

“We can do it after my shift is over,” Jazmín said, moving back and ending the hug, leaving Florencia feeling a little cold.

“So late? But how about now? Don’t you have a free moment? We need ten minutes, fifteen tops,” Florencia said, holding onto Jazmín’s hands, moving her thumbs along the soft skin. “Your hands are so soft,” she said before she could stop herself.

Jazmín hummed a response and moved her hands to her lap. “Javo is already being all cranky today. I think if I don’t go back to the kitchen soon to chop some bell peppers he’s going to kill me,” Jazmín said, rolling her eyes.

“I’ll talk with him--”

“No, he needs the help. You know how complicated things are with him and… everything,” Jazmín finished lamely, clearly trying to keep Javo and Vir’s privacy and doing a pretty bad job at it. Jazmín could not keep a secret for shit.

“Okay, so my room? After your shift is over?”

Biting her bottom lip, Jazmín stood up and nodded. “I’ll try to finish early. I promise.”




 Just as the dinner rush ended, over two hours before the night shift usually finished, there was a knocked on Florencia’s door and when she opened it, she was greeted with the image of a smiling Jazmín, leaning against her door frame, her red hair loose, her makeup redone. The black uniform that looked so good on her had been exchanged for tight jeans, a white crop top, and her leather jacket.

“Thank you so, so much,” Florencia said, hugging her as Jazmín came into the room.

“No problem,” she answered with a tight smile. “So, here we are,” she said, wringing her hands and looking around the room, as if she had not seen it a million times before.

“Okay, your lines are pink and mine are purple,” Florencia said, giving Jazmín a copy of the script. “I think we should start with the last scene since it’s the one I’m having the most trouble with.” She had already memorized most of the script, but she was missing the proper timing and the emotional resonance necessary to transform words in a piece of paper to dialogue worthy of being filmed, even if this particular dialogue was fifty percent moaning. “Most of it is rather physical, so I need to know how to move.”

“Okay,” Jazmín said, sitting on the bed and flipping through the script, stopping at a random page and reading for a few moments. “Wow, these lines are…” Jazmín said, her lips twisting into a tight smile. “Quite something.”

“They are a bit--”

“Really pornographic,” Jazmín said, making a face at the script, as if it had personally offended her.

“They are not that bad,” Florencia said, playfully slapping Jazmín’s shoulder.

“You’re mine and I’m going to take what’s mine. I’m going to make you scream my name. I’m going to make you beg,” Jazmín read out loud, her voice breathy as she drawled the words in a playfully seductive tone.

“It’s supposed to be sensual and romantic--”

“Roberto rips open Rosa’s shirt and takes her like an animal in heat,” Jazmín said, slowly lifting her head up, the tips of her ears redding noticeably as she closed her eyes for a moment, as if she could not stand to look at Florencia. “Ahre, that’s pure poetry. Can they even show this on TV?”

“The novela is on after eleven pm so it’s a more mature show for -horny perverts- an older audience,” Florencia said, snapping her fingers and rolling her shoulders as she reminded herself that she had actually done raunchier scenes during her stint in community theatre. Those had not been great plays either.

Raising her eyebrows, Jazmín flipped to the next page, her lips twisting downwards as she fought to keep a smile from her face. The tips of her ears had turned a bright red, and grew redder the more she read.

What a prude, Florencia thought fondly. Never before had she seen Jazmín so completely out of her element. This did not seem the same woman who had gone out dancing with her, Miru and Carla, and had not shown a single shred of shyness as she danced her heart’s content, her black cardigan falling off one of her shoulders as she circled her hips to the beat of the music with little inhibition.

Suddenly feeling thirsty, Florencia went to the service cart she had not sent downstairs yet and poured herself a glass of cool water, tapping the jug of water thrice. After thinking for a moment, Florencia sipped her water and said, “It’s not like the director -ancient dick- is filming it for his personal collection… He’s so old I don’t think he can legally buy enough Viagra to keep his sad, dusty dick up.”

At that, Jazmín exploded with laughter, throwing her head back and almost falling off the bed as her whole body shook uncontrollably. She grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at Florencia, missing by a mile. “Flor, oh my god!”

Feeling oddly proud of herself at how red Jazmín had gotten, Florencia held her head high as she said, “Just sayin’.”

In response, Jazmín bit her lower lip and playfully rolled her eyes, still chuckling a bit, and Florencia was sure no one else got to see Jazmín like that: rolling on a bed, laughing her heart’s content, teary-eyed and blushing prettily.

“You’re so pretty when you laugh,” Florencia said, sitting next to her. She had no idea why she said that, even if it was the truth.

“You’re beautiful,” Jazmín answered back, her voice soft and tender. “Okay, let’s do this.”

“Okay, let me walk you through the scene. We start at the door, Roberto surprises Rosa in her bedroom.”

“I’m Roberto, right?” Jazmín said with a grin.

“-Dumbass comment-,” Florencia choked out. “Yes, you’re Roberto.”

“Just sayin’,” Jazmín answered back, her eyes dancing with mirth.

Trying not to smile, Florencia stood up and walked to the door, walking back to the bed as she spoke. “So Roberto can’t handle their affair being a secret anymore but Rosa is too scared to leave her husband. It’s supposed to be a sensual, desperate lovemaking. Dialogue, dialogue, Roberto kisses Rosa. Rosa tries to resist but can’t. Dialogue, dialogue, Roberto throws Rosa on the bed, rips her shirt open, Rosa wraps her legs around his waist, some sensual grinding and kissing, more dialogue. You flip me on my stomach, take off my underwear and take me from behind, and scene!” Florencia finished with a smile, clapping her hands and turning to look at Jazmín, who seemed strangely frozen in place as she stared at the door. “Jaz, you okay with that?”

Clearing her throat, still not looking at her, Jazmín slowly nodded her head as she said in a tight voice, “Yup! Easy, easy scene. Super easy. No problem at all. Just throw you on the bed. Very easy.”

“Yeah, throw me on the bed,” she agreed with a self-conscious laugh. “No shirt ripping or kissing necessary, though,” Florencia added after a moment.

Slouching her body forward, Jazmín breathed out a quiet, “oh, thank God.”

Letting Jazmín go back to her script without a word, Florencia considered the very real possibility of feeling deeply, deeply offended that the thought of kissing her had been such a horrible prospect for Jazmín. Last time, Jazmín had no trouble fake-kissing her, even if they had never managed to actually do that part of the scene because Daniel kept butting in like a fucking asshole, trying to correct the lines or making stupid suggestions. They had only managed to do the scene, the whole scene, after Florencia had promised to kiss only him every time the script called for her character to kiss Jazmín. “-Interrupting dick-,” she choked out, grabbing her script as if she needed to check some of the lines.

“Are you okay?” Jazmín asked, looking up from the page she was reading.

“Yeah, are you ready?” Florencia said, scratching her arms.

“Gimme another minute,” Jazmín said, eying Florencia’s fingers as they moved up and down her arms. “Here, sit with me,” she said, reaching out for her and Florencia automatically grabbed her hand.

Settling next to Jazmín, Florencia decided to take the opportunity to get in character. She closed her eyes and tried to picture the kind of woman Rosa would be beyond the words of the script. Maybe someone like Carla, proud and controlled on the surface but soft and neurotic underneath it all? No, that would not work. Rosa was someone that was too afraid to let her sexual desires free, not someone like Carla who ran full steam ahead any time a man looked at her twice. Maybe someone like Miranda? No, that was absolutely ridiculous. Miranda was the opposite of a woman that blushed when a lover took off her underwear. Or maybe, just maybe, she was someone like Jazmín.

Looking sideways, Florencia stared at Jazmín, taking in the way her green eyes moved back and forth over the page as she silently mouthed her lines. It was hard to imagine Jazmín blushing as she undressed for a lover, not knowing how or where to touch. No, a woman who clearly spent so much time working out to sculpt such a strong body undressed confidently, without shame. A woman like Jazmín undressed knowing any sane person who saw her like that would fall on their knees and worship her. A woman like Jazmín was not afraid of her desires, of her needs. Underneath that calm exterior, there was a passionate woman who knew what she wanted and how she wanted it. Oh, it was easy to picture Jazmín losing herself in an intense embrace, that confident smile on her face as she opened her body, spread her legs wide open for her lover. Her hands traveling down her own body, touching flesh she knew so well, guiding a curious mouth to her breasts, and curious hands between her thighs. Uninhibited, unrestrained, open, hot, and wet. Soaking wet, that’s how Jazmín was.


“What?” Florencia gasped, opening her eyes and jerking her head back. She looked around the room, unsure when she had left, or why her head was swimming with images of Jazmín’s lips parted in desire.

“Are you okay? You sorta… left,” Jazmín said, kneeling on the floor in front of Florencia, staring up at her with a concerned look on her face.

“Yeah, yeah, I was just picturing -moist, moist- the scene and lost myself in the -moist vulva- craft,” she stammered, closing her eyes tightly, suddenly worried that Jazmín would look into her eyes and see herself there, bare and exposed. Slapping her chest three times, Florencia stood up and walked to the door. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, like her heart was pumping fire into her blood. What in the fuck had just happened? She had gotten too into the character. She was playing a woman who lost herself in a passionate lover and she had taken it too far. That was all. “-Vulva, moist vulva-.”

“Are you sure?” Jazmín asked as she stood up, clearly not believing a word Florencia said.

“No, no, -ass, ass-, I mean, yes, -fuck- I’m sure. Full of energy, that’s all!” Florencia said in a rush, choking on the words as she tried very hard to clear her mind and concentrate on the scene. “Ready?”

“Relax, relax,” Jazmín said in her usual tender tone, slowly moving one of her hands in a downward motion as she inhaled and exhaled slowly with Florencia. “I’m ready.”

Taking her place next to the door, Florencia started the scene. “Roberto, what are you doing here?” she gasped, clutching a hand to her chest as she turned around to face Jazmín.

“I couldn’t stay away. Rosa, I love you,” Jazmín said, stepping forward and grabbing her by the shoulders.

“We can’t,” Florencia gasped again, and then choked on her own saliva. “-Fucking lungs-!

Gingerly slapping Florencia’s back, Jazmín said, “maybe less gasping?”

“Good idea,” she said, trying to breathe. It took her a moment but she regained her composure and control of her lungs. “Let’s keep going,” she said, when Jazmín moved to grab a glass of water.

“Okay,” she agreed, walking back to stand in front of Florencia. “So your line was…?”

“We can’t,” Florencia said, fifty percent less gasping this time.

“Right… so I kiss you,” Jazmín said, pressing her lips into a tight line.

“Which we won’t do,” Florencia said with a smile, feeling like Jazmín needed some reassurance. “But you should… grab me.”

“Right,” she said, limply grabbing Florencia’s shoulders.

“Like you weren’t my grandma maybe?” Florencia suggested gently.

Nodding, Jazmín tightened her hold and suddenly pulled Florencia into her arms, making her gasp, their faces mere inches apart. In the low light of the room, Jazmín’s eyes seemed such a dark green, like a forest being illuminated by the stars.

“Don’t say that, I can’t take this anymore,” Jazmín said, her eyes boring into her in a way Florencia could not understand. “Don’t you love me?”

It took her a moment, but Florencia remembered she was supposed to answer, so she did. “Oh, Roberto, you know I do,” Florencia moaned, grasping Jazmín’s waist, her fingers finding hot skin and naked muscle, making Jazmín jump. “Sorry, sorry, -steel abs-!”

“It’s fine, I forgot you were going to do that,” Jazmín said, swallowing thickly and licking her bottom lip, her tongue moving from left to right in one slow, smooth motion.

“-Hard abs-, I can just grab your -sweet ass- jacket,” Florencia said, blinking rapidly, the tips of her ears feeling a little too hot, her hands a little shaky as she pressed them against her chest, feeling her heart beating a little too fast.

Jazmín nodded and hummed her agreement, so Florencia clutched her jacket in a telenovela-appropriate fashion and closed her eyes for a moment to center herself. Rosa was supposed to swoon at the thought of making love to her secret lover and love of her life Roberto. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Jazmín’s flushed face, and moaned, “Oh, Jaz! -Fuck, fuck-. Sorry, sorry!”

“It’s cool,” Jazmín said in a tight voice.

“Oh, Roberto,” she tried again, swooning to the right name this time, feeling a bit dizzy as she breathed in Jazmín perfume, the scent of jasmine and peppers filling her lungs every time she inhaled. “You know I do. I love you with all my heart!” That moan had been a little too pornographic but Florencia could not find it in herself to care. “And we kiss,” she added, her eyes taking in the length of Jazmín’s eyelashes and how they fluttered, the depth of her green eyes and how dark they looked when she was so close, the line of her nose and how she inhaled and exhaled oh so slowly, and the curve of lips and how full they looked.

Letting out a low pitched hum, Jazmín said, “let me.”

“Let you what?” Florencia prompted, swaying her hips forward and closing her eyes.

“Let me love you,” Jazmín said, her voice a low whisper as she bumped her nose against Florencia’s cheek, her breath dancing over Florencia’s parted lips. Her fingertips traveled down Florencia’s shoulders to her arms and finally settled on her sides, her fingers digging in just the slightest bit.

For a long moment, she stayed like that, holding onto Jazmín’s strong shoulders as if her legs were going to give out, breathing in the dizzying perfume all around them, feeling the heat of Jazmín’s skin against her face, the strength of her hands as her thumbs pressed against her. For a long moment, the only thing Florencia heard was her own heartbeat, demanding to be freed and then she remembered her line, “yes.”

On cue, Jazmín twisted them around and all but lifting her from the ground, pushing forward until Florencia felt the bed behind her, and after a moment’s hesitation, Jazmín pushed a willing Florencia on the bed. “Are you okay?” Jazmín asked, breathing hard as she leaned over her, her hands on either side of Florencia’s hips.

Unable to make a single sound, Florencia nodded and grabbed Jazmín’s jacket and pulled Jaz down and on top of her. With a moan, Florencia raised her knees as Jazmín hovered over her, between her legs, her body so warm, so hot.

“You’re mine,” Jazmín said fiercely, a vow, a promise. Burying her face against Florencia’s neck, she pressed her nose against the side of her jaw, her breath hot against Florencia’s heated skin, making it even hotter as she settled some of her weight on her. “No one else’s.”

“Yours,” Florencia agreed, throwing her head back, her whole body trembling when she felt the whisper of Jazmín’s lips over her skin. Fire traveled from her neck, to between her breasts, down her stomach to between her legs.

Shifting her hips forward, her firm stomach pressing against Florencia’s raised skirt, Jazmín whispered into her ear, “you’re mine and I’m going to take what’s mine.”

“Jaz,” Florencia said with a gasp, saying the wrong name, grasping the back of Jazmín’s neck and pulling her closer as her legs wrapped around her slim waist, her calves resting over Jazmín’s firm backside.

Either not noticing or not caring about Florencia’s slip of the tongue, Jazmín clutched one of Florencia’s legs and said in a throaty voice, “I’m going to make you scream my name.” Her lips barely touching the skin as they traveled from Florencia’s ear to the spot where neck and shoulders met and, finally, she pressed a single wet kiss there, her tongue pure fire against Florencia’s burning skin. And suddenly, Florencia was cold as Jazmín pushed away from the bed and stood up. “I should go,” she said, sweeping her bands sideways, her eyes wide as she stepped back.

“Jaz,” Florencia said in a shaky voice, unsure how to beg her to come back. Unsure if she should beg her to come back.

“That was not-- You’re with Dani and I would never get in between--” Jazmín struggled with her words.

Their eyes locked for a moment, and Florencia had never seen Jazmín so open and bare before: her face flushed with unfulfilled passion and desire, the green of her eyes dripping with love and unshed tears, her lips trembling with guilt. How come she had never noticed it before?

“I need to leave. I’m so sorry,” Jazmín said, her voice breaking as she opened the door and left before Florencia managed to get up from the bed.

Stiffly moving towards her opened door, Florencia wondered why her heart had left with Jazmín. When she closed the door shut, she fell on her knees, shaking as she pressed a hand to her chest, wishing more than anything that Jazmín was there with her. Wishing more than anything that she was not scared to death. Wishing more than anything she was not in love with Jazmín, and then wishing she had not allowed such an ugly thought to cross her mind.

“Please,” she whispered, letting the tears fall, harshly slapping her chest until it hurt, and not knowing to whom she was begging.