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There were days when Kurogiri missed how quiet it had been in the bar before Dabi had wandered (well, more like sauntered ) into their group, and today was one of those days. If Tomura ever did disintegrate him, it would be entirely his own fault and Kurogiri was unsure if he would actually intervene, since most of the times the dark haired man had been completely deserving of it.


“You’re not even making sense...Actually I don’t think you’ve ever made sense.”


As always, Dabi seemed to be baiting a reaction from Tomura.


“Then leave, you’re not being forced to stay here.”


Tomura retorted, though there was little malice in his tone, Kurogiri even reckoned he detected a hint of encouragement. He’d decided weeks ago on just letting them argue like cat and dog and that truly it was none of his business - but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t eavesdrop if he so happened to be in the vicinity.


He’d been too lost in his own thoughts while his back had been turned to catch what Dabi had replied with, but judging from the sound of a bar stool being flung over and the obvious door slamming it hadn’t gone down particularly well.


“Why can’t he take a fucking joke! Fuckin’ scaley faced piece of-“


“Drink?” Kurogiri raised a glass in Dabi’s direction, amused when met with a scowl. He assumed it meant yes, given that Dabi had picked the stool up from the floor, pulling it up to the counter.


“Will you make it a double?”


“Perhaps, on the condition you explain to me why you continue to antagonise Tomura when you know it gets you utterly nowhere ,” Kurogiri expertly measured out two shots of dark rum in separate shot glasses, “if you want both of these then humour me, you have nothing to lose…”


Dabi hated Kurogiri sometimes. Here we was just trying to knock back a quick drink, but now this shit was starting . Again with his games!, can’t  he ever just let me have a drink without spouting bullshit .


“May I offer an opinion?”


Oh great, just fucking great.


Mr. Compress chimed in from the seat he’d taken at the back of the bar some time ago, holding a half empty bottle of beer. Does that mean he’s taken his stupid mask off and I’ve somehow missed it again? Or had the bottle been half empty from the start or he’s fucking with me...or maybe-


This was an infuriating and pointless  train of thought (he would refuse to admitting that one of his life goals was to see that idiot’s face at least once) and it was made even more annoying by the fact he just knew Compress was smirking at him under that goddamn mask.


“You may, but can’t say I’m gonna acknowledge it” Dabi reached for one of the shots, giving Kurogiri the most exasperated look he could manage as his hand sank into a warp gate and appeared slightly to the right of the glass, “come the fuck on! Least lemme have one you wispy fuck!” Dabi lit a few sparks in his palm, not with any actual intention to harm, but it had become something of a habit he had when irritated.


Compress took that as an invitation to get up, moving to lean with his back against the bar, “how courteous of you” the illusionist commented, “but you know, as an entertainer, I learned to trust my gut...and right now, my gut is telling me that you find Tomura somewhat...attractive.”


Dabi almost choked on the shot he’d finally managed to swipe from Kurogiri.


“Here was me thinking you were supposed to be smart, unless that was a joke” Dabi slammed the glass down on the counter, cracking the glass until it shattered, “ attracted ? To him? And what exactly makes you say something so fuckin’ stupid?” He turned to Kurogiri, “didn’t mean to break the glass, it’s his fault for sayin’ dumb shit” he gave a nod towards Compress, who placed a hand on his chest, as if taken aback by the mere suggestion that it was his fault.


“I mean, if I could interject? Atsuhiro has a point, the evidence would point to it being reciprocated too” Kurogiri swept up the shards, brushing them into a warp gate, “Tomura does enjoy your company you know, more than he would let on willingly” he added, opening a new warp gate to deposit the shards onto a rather sizeable pile of broken glass.


With the way it was going, it seemed as though he’d have to add the other glass to his pile with the way Dabi snatched it off the counter, “both of you can shove it, I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about” he knocked back the second shot, resisting every urge in his body to throw the empty glass towards Compress for that snicker he just heard.


“Getting defensive only further proves our observations Dabi” Compress wagged a finger, “we’re encouraging you to act upon your cute little crush by informing you the object of your affections does indeed, reciprocate.”


“Shut it! You’re both insufferable, I’m leaving before I burn this bar to the fuckin’ ground” Dabi felt a dramatic exit was in order, but he refused to give either of them the satisfaction of something so exciting. Instead, he placed his empty glass down and gently shuffled off of the barstool, easing his hands into his pockets (though he couldn’t stop his palms heating up) before turning to leave the two of them to gossip like middle aged women.


He had no idea why he’d not anticipated what would happen next - it seemed perfectly reasonable to assume Kurogiri would somehow draw out his suffering. As soon as his leg had disappeared into the shadowy gate and he’d unceremoniously thudded to the floor of a room that didn’t belong to him, he knew. “Fuck sake! Kurogiri I’ll fucking get you back for this!” He knew Kurogiri probably wouldn’t hear him, but it felt good to let it out. It was either that or torch the room he’d been dropped into.


Oh... Oh...Fucking great.


It had to be his room, of course it did. Why would Kurogiri have dumped him anywhere else?


Tomura was staring at him, a quizzical expression across his crusty, annoying face. At least he was showing his face for once, not hidden by his father or whatever he called that hand thing - Dabi didn’t feel like asking questions about it honestly and Kurogiri had advised him not to.


“Dare I ask why you’re in my room?”


Dabi snorted, “don’t ask me, Kurogiri warped me here as a joke or something cos I was getting wound up by Compress…”


“Why?” Tomura stood up from the desk covered in various news articles about the league, his hand curled by his neck, “not like you to get so...Irritated” he chose his wording carefully, but he still noticed Dabi recoil in horror at the implication.


“Does it matter why?” Dabi snapped, feeling his palms start to burn, “I’m outta here, go back to whatever the hell you were doing I guess” he didn’t even know where he was going to go, maybe he could join Toga on one of her nightly walks (which rarely featured any walking at all from Toga herself, more she would leap onto him and use him like a glorified taxi) or even better, maybe he could go and blow shit up.


Tomura considered his answer for a moment and it didn’t take him long to decide it was a horrible answer and he was thoroughly dissatisfied with Dabi’s response. There was no way he was leaving after giving such a thin, vague reply...Not if he had anything to say about it, at least. He didn’t say a word before he closed the distance between them, blocking Dabi’s path.


A minute must have passed by now and they were both veiled in silence. Dabi had made no move to go around Tomura (which the latter was surprised by) and likewise, Tomura had merely stood still, the only sounds piercing the silence were his nails scratching the dry skin from his neck and Dabi’s low, shallow breaths.


Dabi was the first to break it.


“Something tells me you won’t move” a challenge was present in his tone, yet he kept his expression unusually stoic.


“That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say” a smirk tugged at Tomura’s scarred lips, “although…You’re not exactly trying, are you?”


It was at that very moment that Dabi realised he had a boner.




“If I wanted to torch you I’d have done it already asshole. Now move your nasty face outta my face so I can-“


His back hit the floor before he even had a chance to blink. Tomura was hovering above him, his legs locked either side of Dabi’s slender hips - which meant there was no way in hell his boss wouldn’t feel his awkward hard on - while his palms were heavy on his shoulders.


Notably, Tomura had decided to not disintegrate him, as his index finger remained extended as opposed to curled around his collar with the rest of them.


If it had been anyone else on top of him he’d have immediately burned them alive, and that was Tomura’s first indication that perhaps Kurogiri had been right during their earlier conversation before Dabi had swaggered in and gotten under his skin.



“You like him. That’s all it is” Kurogiri answered curtly as he cleaned a glass, polishing it until it was pristine.


Tomura bristled at the nonchalant reply.


“What’s that supposed to mean?! Make more sense when you talk!” He could feel himself get irritated at the mere subject of Dabi, but it wasn’t the same sort of festering hatred he felt when the TV was on and All Might appeared on the broadcast, it was more of a persistent itch he couldn’t scratch away.


That made it even worse.


“You know what I mean. Spelling it out for you seems to defeat the point of you figuring out your feelings yourself”


Before Tomura could reply to the cryptic words, Dabi barged into the bar, the scent of ash and charcoal clinging to him like death - that wasn’t a bad thing by any means, Tomura would even admit to finding it comforting. If anything, it was distracting and now he couldn’t continue the conversation with Kurogiri.




“I mean are you just gonna sit there on top of me..?” Dabi’s low murmur snapped him out of his thoughts, and for a moment, he was lost for words. He hadn’t thought this far ahead, he just knew he wanted to feel the dark haired villain underneath him (preferably squirming) and now he had it, he was unsure how to proceed.


“Y’know boss, if you were anyone else I’d have-”


“Burned me, I know. But you haven’t...Not that I’d let you, but that’s not the point here” Tomura shifted his hips to get a better grip around Dabi’s waist and was suddenly very aware of the bulge pressing between his thighs and from the look on Dabi’s face, he was thoroughly unashamed of it.


“...Is that from me?” He knew it was a stupid question, but the words just tumbled from him before he could stop them.


Dabi could only chuckle, bucking his hips to see what reaction it would garner, and oh he was not disappointed. His boss stiffened, the grip on his shoulders noticeably tighter than before and that only made Dabi repeat the action, slowly sliding his palms along the tops of Tomura’s thighs before squeezing gently, his voice dropped low as he purred, “that answer your question?”


Nothing else needed to be said as far as Tomura was concerned.


He closed the rest of the distance between them so rapidly their foreheads nearly collided as he took Dabi’s lips with his own, inhaling sharply as the man’s tongue was already out and lapping at his own. Tomura could tell what Dabi was doing; trying to take control by roughly grabbing at his skinny hips and grinding up and Tomura absolutely was not going to let him lead.


The problem was that he could already feel himself slipping.


Dabi’s fingers were sliding up his shirt, burning hot against his icy cold skin and he arched into it, loosening his hold on his shoulders, moving to grip his messy, black hair instead, fisting it firmly in order to deepen the kiss. God, Dabi was intoxicatingly good with his tongue and all Tomura could taste was akin to that of an ashtray, but it was addictive, he was completely distracted by the teeth nipping at his lower lip, slyly tugging before wetly sucking.


He was so lost in the heat of the moment he didn’t even catch Dabi grabbing his ass and toppling him backwards with a shove, roughly switching their positions so Tomura was flat on his back and Dabi sat nestled between his thighs, holding them apart with a grin plastered across his face, swiping the spit trail from his lips.


“That’s a good look for you…” Dabi taunted, tilting his head to the side to get a better look at the utter disbelief across his boss’ face. At this angle, Dabi could fully appreciate just how slight Tomura actually was - skinny with literally no muscle mass. His pelvic bones jutted out sharply and fuck did he want to just bite and mark them until there was no bare skin left.


There were more important matters to attend to first, however. Namely the outline he could see pressing at the front of Tomura’s tight pants and the fact he was making no attempt to fight him. Permission. He gave a deep exhale and smoke started to billow from the corners of his mouth,“don’t know why you make me feel weird shit but you do and I’ve wanted to stick my dick in you for ages” the smoke coiled around his face in long wisps as he spoke, “so...Can I?”


It was no marriage proposal, not by a long shot, but it was straight to the point and Tomura found himself both flustered by and appreciative of the honesty. The smoke just made him look even more attractive and Tomura hated that his cock twitched with renewed interest at the sight.


“Are you going to breathe fire if I say no?” Tomura’s dry lips curled into a grin, “did I ever tell you I’m a bit of a pyromaniac?”


Dabi snorted, “is that why you let me into your crew? So I could light you up like a firework on New Years? Put on a nice show for everyone?” he blew out a fresh wave of smoke, aiming it so it curled around Tomura’s face until only his stark red eyes could be seen. Yet another good look for him.


As fun as this was, Tomura was growing impatient. He wanted to feel Dabi inside of him, feel his searing palms slide over his body and by the sounds of a buckle being unclasped and a zipper, Dabi was just as eager to get on with things.


“You say that like I’d let you ignite me” Tomura coughed slightly after inhaling the smoke, moving to grab the front of Dabi’s shirt, only to have it slapped away and his wrist pinned to the floor, Dabi’s hand locked around it. His first instinct was to place his own hand on it, grabbing with an equally tight grip, his index finger hovering a mere centimetre above the back of his stitched hand, “I’d turn you to dust first.”


Dabi felt a shiver of anticipation.


“Is that your idea of dirty talk?” his heart was racing by now, ice blue eyes wild with excitement, “you should use your shitty mouth for something more satisfying” he loosened his grip, sitting back on his knees, wondering if Tomura would actually make an active effort or if he’d have to... Persuade him.


Tomura responded to the challenge with a scowl, propping himself up and shuffling forwards with all the grace of a drunk giraffe, deliberately turning his head so he didn’t have to look at Dabi when he spoke, “I...Haven’t done that to anyone before…I haven’t... Done much...” he trailed off, instinctively shooting a hand up to scratch at his neck, irritated at himself for letting himself get so lost in the moment without ever telling Dabi he’d not really, well, done anything before.


Honestly Dabi was unsure why he was even remotely shocked at Tomura’s confession. It made sense, he definitely wasn’t the type to go around the local villain digs and crawl into bed with a random stranger - which Dabi had done more times than he’s like to admit, but whatever, it was a good way to blow off some steam without murdering anyone. He was a little lost at how to continue, knowing that his fucking boss wanted to jump on his dick even though he’d never done it before and on the one hand, it was a massive compliment, but at the same time it meant he’d have to be gentle and he’d really been looking forward to pounding him into the floor.


He’d been quiet for too long, shit. Tomura knew he shouldn’t have said anything and just gone along with it because now Dabi was going to walk away and probably laugh about it with the others and he’d have to kill them all and find a new group to lead and-


“Guess i’ll just have to demonstrate, won’t I?” Dabi smirked, leaning forwards to kiss him again, moaning into it as he dropped his hand to Tomura’s waistband, impatiently singeing the fabric a little before pressing his palm flat against his boss’ clothed cock, pleased that he was still sporting a hard on. Tomura immediately arched into the touch, kissing back furiously, parting his thighs to give Dabi more room to explore. His hand felt good, so fucking good and he couldn’t stop the buck of his hips into it, silently begging for more.


The floor was starting to be uncomfortable and Dabi knew they would both be suffering come morning if they continued, so he made the executive decision to pull away - as much as he didn’t want to - and gesture to the unmade bed.


“Get up there, on the edge...Kick off your pants while you’re at it” Dabi ordered, half expecting a punch. Instead, he was met with a mumbled “okay” and Tomura obeying him to the letter. Dabi didn’t take his eyes off of him once, immediately burying his face between Tomura’s thighs, exhaling a breath of smoke as he pressed his pierced tongue flat against the fabric of his boxers, “feel good?”


All Tomura could manage was a nod, his hand instinctively shooting down to coil in Dabi’s messy hair, tensing his grip as soon as he felt fingers push under his waistband and brush against his cock. He hadn’t realised how sensitive he was until now and he feared his inexperience was showing, given that he was already this worked up and Dabi had barely touched him, but Dabi didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact he seemed smug with his efforts and Tomura supposed that he shouldn’t be surprised at all about that.


He shuffled, pushing Dabi’s face a little more forcefully against him, hoping his silent pleas were enough - he wanted to feel that hot, wet tongue glide over his flesh, but asking for it verbally...He couldn’t do that. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have to, Dabi got the extremely obvious hint, giving a smirk before taking the head past his lips, pressing the silver stud in his tongue firmly against the wet slit, lapping at the first drops of precum.


The reaction was instantaneous, Tomura gasped, a shiver rocking through his entire body, his eyes wide open and focused entirely on Dabi’s own staring up at him. He looked so smug, still somehow able to give his signature lopsided grin with a cock filling his mouth but Tomura couldn’t find it in himself to care about anything except the heat surrounding him and the tongue teasing every inch of his shaft.


Dabi was thoroughly enjoying this, deciding to start a faster pace, lewdly sucking until he felt the head bump at the back of his throat, swallowing as he slowly pulled back, letting Tomura’s cock bounce free from his lips with an obscenely wet pop before going down on him again. He wasn’t expecting Tomura to suddenly jerk his hips forward and he gagged slightly, retaliating by heating up his palm and pressing it to the inside of his boss’ thigh and it seemed to do the trick - that was if Tomura’s annoyed growl was anything to go by.


“‘S g-good...Feels really...G-Good” Tomura barely recognised his own voice what with how needy he sounded, but god he was in ecstasy. Dabi kept up a languid pace - purposefully he assumed, to tease him - and every time he felt on the brink of climax, the prick would stop moving entirely and flash a cheeky grin.


Too bad he forgot just how impatient his boss could be.


He was unapologetic as he started to buck his hips, tightening his grip in Dabi’s hair, forcing him to keep still as he took up a rough pace, fucking into his throat with no consideration for his gag reflex - It was Dabi’s fault for being so good at this. Surprisingly, the dark haired man found himself enjoying this sudden burst of aggressiveness, happy to just sit back and let himself be used for his boss’ pleasure.


Tomura had his lips parted in a silent moan as Dabi glanced up half-lidded, his own cock throbbing with need and he had to shove a hand down his boxers to pull it out, giving it a quick stroke while he continued to tease and suck, suddenly finding his mouth full of thick streaks of cum as Tomura finally climaxed. He messily swallowed what he could, panting as he finally broke free of the hands in his hair and drew off, drool and cum wetting his lips, “i’ll let y’off for not givin’ me a heads up this time, but next time I’ll bite your dick clean off” he warned, though he supposed he didn’t look very menacing with his face all red and covered in cum.


It took him a moment to realise Dabi was talking to him, as he was still bathed in the afterglow of his climax, but he soon snapped back to reality at the feeling of being pushed backwards onto the bed. He was suddenly very aware of Dabi manhandling him onto his front, twisting his body until his face was smothered against the sheets and his ass was sticking upwards.


“W-What are you doing?! This is embar- a-ah…” His half hearted protest was cut short by the feeling of warm hands spreading his cheeks apart and a thumb sweeping over his rim and he found himself shakily parting his legs a little wider. Surely he wasn’t going to just shove it in? He needed some lubricant, something to-


“I know what your thinkin’, don’t worry boss, i got this” Dabi was practically purring, wishing he could see Tomura’s reaction to what he was about to do. The pink hole under his thumb was just begging to be fucked, and even though he was dying to feel those tight walls snug around his cock, he had a better idea of how to drive Tomura even crazier with lust. Slowly he lowered his head, planting a kiss just above his balls before sliding his tongue upwards, swirling it around the sensitive rim, keeping him spread open so he could get a better angle to delve his tongue deeper.


Dabi didn’t know what had come over him. He supposed he just wanted to make Tomura’s first experience a good one, so he was spoiling him rotten. Truthfully he’d never rimmed a guy before, but it couldn’t be any different to eating out a girl and from the sounds his boss was making he was doing a fucking good job. Tomura had buried his face amongst the sheets and he hadn’t stopped moaning since the tip of Dabi’s tongue had started to tease his hole - how could something so inherently filthy feel this amazing?


It didn’t take long for Tomura to start trembling and Dabi took that as a sign to push him just that little bit further, pressing his thumb past the slight resistance to slide in alongside his tongue. He immediately felt him tense up at the added intrusion, but the high pitched whine he let out (even if it was muffled against the sheets) was fucking gorgeous and Dabi knew he needed to hear that sound again, so he pushed another digit in, lewdly sucking at the sensitive flesh.


He was rewarded for his efforts with possibly the sweetest sound he’d ever heard, “cute, real cute…” he mumbled, exhaling a fresh wave of smoke, watching as it billowed upwards, completely consuming the rounded (if not flat) ass pushing back into his face. Tomura was shuddering, every hair on his body stood on end as the smoke grew thicker around him, hanging heavy in the air. His cock was already hard again, the head sticky with cum from his earlier climax and it was over sensitive - if he even so much as brushed it he was sure he’d cum shamefully quickly.


It was because of this he was eager to get on with things, not that what Dabi was doing didn’t feel good, no, it felt mind numbingly amazing, but he wanted more. He was close to losing it again, the pleasure was building and Dabi just kept fucking him with his tongue and squeezing his ass and no, no, no - he didn’t want to finish again yet, he wanted Dabi’s cock inside of him, he wanted to cum with his partner filling him up.


Fortunately it seemed Dabi was very good at picking up his wordless pleas and Tomura breathed a sigh of relief when he felt Dabi plant a final, filthy kiss over his spit-soaked hole, driving the couple of fingers deep inside of him, thrusting at a steady pace. He was deliberately avoiding that spot inside, knowing that as soon as he stimulated it Tomura would probably cum almost instantly and the asshole had already cum once, he’d only be able to take one more orgasm before collapsing in a heap - or so, Dabi assumed, basing this on his own first experience.


Tomura’s fingers coiled in the sheets as Dabi fingered him slowly, panting every time he increased his pace. Why had he waited so long to do this? They could have been doing this much, much earlier if he’d not been so goddamn awkward. He should have listened to Kurogiri months ago. He jolted forwards, biting his scarred lip to quieten a moan as he felt a third finger ease itself in. Now it was getting a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t bad, he could get used to it, get used to this.


“You got any lube? Oil?” Dabi supposed he should have thought about this earlier, as spit wouldn’t suffice for popping his boss’ cherry. Shit, maybe they’d have to do this another time when he could actually be prepared and shit and not have it sprung on him. His fingers were easy enough to slide in and out, but his cock was (if he said so himself) a lot thicker.


“C-Check the end table” Tomura had turned his head, his red eyes a little glassy, “lotion, white bottle...That’ll do won’t it?” his voice may have been shaky, but there was still an air of impatience to it, and he knew Dabi would know he wasn’t asking that as a question - he was demanding obedience.


Dabi raised an eyebrow but he followed the instructions nonetheless, and true to his word, there was a white bottle of lotion with the words ‘for dry, irritable skin’ written on it.


He decided now was not the time for a smart ass comment but he sure as hell would be bringing this up later at their weekly meetings. He also wondered if he should be putting this on his dick, but right now he was too busy thinking with his dick to consider it fully, so he uncapped the bottle and poured a generous amount into his palm, exhaling a long puff of smoke as he stroked his cock.


God. He was so ready for this.


With a final nudge, he drew his fingers out, “turn over, wanna see you face as I fuck you” Dabi couldn’t hide his lopsided smirk as Tomura gave a flustered sigh, but obeyed anyway, propping himself up with the pillows surrounding them. Their eyes met for a moment and Tomura felt a flutter in the pit of his stomach coupled with a heat wave wash over him, and he wondered if his own cheeks were as red tinted as Dabi’s were right now.


The knot in his stomach was weird and he didn’t know if he liked it, he should have just fucked him from behind, then this stupid wave of feelings wouldn’t have happened.


Doesn’t matter, get on with it.


Dabi’s grin returned as he moved into a better position, hooking Tomura’s thigh under his arm, easing himself between his spread open legs, a hand dropping down to slide the head of his cock past the tight, twitching rim. Tomura’s reaction to the extra girth was instant, his hand shot down to grab at Dabi’s sleeve, disintegrating the fabric for a brief moment before he managed to stop himself.


“D-Dude if that had been my arm...Next time i’ll have to tie you up so you don’t murder me, yeah?” He actually found it funny that he’d managed to trigger Tomura into activating his quirk by accident just because he’d started to fuck him, and it only spurred him on to sink his cock deeper, cursing under his breath as he fully sheathed himself.


The tightness was maddening, Tomura was tensing up with every slight movement he made and god it felt good to be balls deep in his boss after waiting so long. “Make sure you shout at me if it hurts or something” Dabi received a quick nod in response, so he took that as permission to pull out halfway and slam back in with more force and they both moaned in unison at the feeling.


“Y-You’re…Big” Tomura groaned, grabbing for the sheets instead (they were replaceable, Dabi was not) as he arched his back, pushing himself down to meet Dabi’s faster thrusts, panting a mix of insults and curses. He was in bliss, this couldn’t possibly get any better, he couldn’t be in any sweeter pleasure than he was right now.


At least that’s what he thought until Dabi switched up the angle and he was hitting a certain spot inside of him. Renewed waves of hot ecstasy burst within him and he moaned louder, his nails ripping at the cotton sheets, “a-ah-again, do that a-again!”


Dabi had to admit, hearing his boss close to begging was sexy, really fucking sexy and it only encouraged him to slam into him faster and harder, throwing his head back with a long, loud moan, “fuck, fuck, fuck, so good, so tight, shit, f-fuck I’m gonna fuckin’ fill you up so much-“ he wasn’t making any sense, but neither was his boss; they’d both just descended into madness from pure desperation.


Tomura was careful with his next move, ensuring he had enough control before throwing his arms around Dabi’s back, pulling them flush together, their sweat slicked bodies colliding with every slight movement. As soon as Dabi took his lips in a fierce kiss that was it, Tomura cried out as he climaxed for a second time, shoving his tongue into Dabi’s mouth to try and muffle himself.


Dabi couldn’t hold himself off any longer, Tomura cumming all over them both tipped him over and he clutched onto the slender body beneath him as tight as he could, spilling himself deep inside of his boss, bucking his hips so he filled him as fully as he possibly could.


God, he swore he blacked out momentarily from that orgasm, only realising a minute or so later that his cock was still inside, being milked for all it had and Tomura had soaked them both in his cum. They both looked a mess, but he reckoned Tomura looked a lot more dishevelled than he did. He looked almost placid like this and Dabi didn’t understand why he felt his heart start to race again.


He didn’t have time to think about it anyway as he needed to clean them both up - Tomura wouldn’t be in any state to move right now and he felt he at least owed him that much. With a hiss, he pulled out, pleased at the sight of his cum pooling out slightly.


“C’mon, you can’t sleep yet, we need to get clean n’ shit” he commented, tapping Tomura on the cheek to try and encourage him a little. He was met with a growl and a surprising amount of cooperation. Tomura sat upright, and though he felt a little dazed and sore he felt...good? Yes, he felt good.


Dabi made him feel good .


“Can we...Do that again?” Tomura asked, looking down at the mess on his shirt, realising just how much he’d cum just from Dabi fucking him.


Dabi shot him a quizzical look, breaking out into laughter as he answered, “well no shit. Next time you can ride me, how’s that sound? Oh and you owe me a blow job”




The next day, Dabi, feeling incredibly refreshed and satisfied after a good fuck chose to saunter into the bar at the exact moment Compress was sliding a ¥1000 yen bill across the counter towards Kurogiri with a heavy sigh, “I should have known they would go all the way, a bets a bet.”


Oh he was so going to incinerate them both.