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“Pudding!” Barnaby shouts.
Cornelius stops.
“Don’t stop,” Barnaby grumbles.
“But,” says Cornelius, “you said ‘pudding.’”
“Yes,” Barnaby says.
“Did you not mean ‘pudding’?” Cornelius asks.
“I meant ‘pudding!’” Barnaby clarifies.
“Right,” Cornelius says. His brow furrows.
Barnaby grunts in frustration.
“We haven’t clearly defined the meaning of this word, Barnaby,” Cornelius says. “Maybe I’d better stop so we can agree on a more practical definition.”
Barnaby groans aloud. “Please, Cornelius,” he says. “Don’t stop. I don’t want you to stop.”
“Then why did you say ‘pudding’?” Cornelius asks.
“Cornelius,” Barnaby says, “I wanted to be certain you knew we were having an adventure.”
Cornelius smiles. “Don’t worry, Barnaby,” he says. “I know.”