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Longest Novel: Fall of the Republic

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It was in May 28 2020, when a forty six year old author was sitting down in his chair in his room, figuring that he was wanting to give the idea of writing his adventures a chance. He was figuring that there was finally no longer any point in hiding it any longer. He was telling himself that he had wanted to tell thousands of people what was going on in his life, and he was wanting them to see that he truly was wishing to express his creativity to make them entertained as well.
His name was T.K. Shioda, and he was sitting down, thinking about the best way he could tell his series to thousands of other people, and he was wondering if he was really thinking that this was the proper way to get people to take him serious. Was just words on paper, with relative lack of evidence, going to actually get them to believe in him? Was his desire to just write down the truth, and write it well, the thing that would have made them listen to him? When he was sitting down, and he was genuinely thinking about it, the less certain that he was going to be on the actual event. So with that, he was sighing, and figured that he was just going to stop telling himself to be afraid on this.
The only thing that he had wanted to do was just finally get this over with. In a way, he was tired of hiding, and he was tired of denying his right to let people know what had been happening in his life. So with that, he was just thinking that once he had started to tell the truth, and once he had started to get people to know that he was telling the truth, maybe he would know what he was getting himself into.
So with that, he was opening up his computer, and he was getting to the first blank document, and he was just telling himself, trying to bargain with himself one final time to just not even do it, but when he was telling himself not to do this, and not to be a coward anymore, and just to do it, and get it over with. But when T.K. knew what he was wanting to do, and he was just thinking about the fact that the story was going to be helping him fine pace, that was the thing that finally made him feel like it was just the right choice to be doing this. So with that, he was rubbing his eyes, and he was telling himself that there was no more hiding.
And besides, there was one other thing that he needed to remind himself when looking at this. He knew that his wife was going to be coming home with their just born child, and when he was thinking about that, he was smiling, and laughing, and realized that in a way, him having a family was the only reason that he was getting himself into this in the first place. As he was thinking about his kids new life, he was aware that there was literally no other fucking option.
As T.K. was sighing about that, he was thinking that his family was the main thing that he was caring about. He did not know what it was like to have a family that he had cared about so much that he was willing to give up everything that he had to make it all work out for him. He was not really sure if he was going to have the best way to describe it to somebody who had never had any kids, but when he was seeing how it was affecting his overall demeanor with each passing year after he had met his wife, he was sighing, and he was just realizing how glad that he was to be having something like this after all.
As he was realizing that his family was the main thing driving him, and as he was realizing that he had cared more about being a normal person than he had ever expected, he was finding himself realizing that maybe he had finally faced his evolution as a man. He was shaking his head though, thinking that he was not allowed to think about them quite yet. Once he was feeling like he had expressed his mind enough, and once he had gotten people to listen to him, and once they knew he was being sincere, they were going to support him, and go all the way with him.
T.K. knew that for the way for him to be able to be there for him and his family, was for him to focus exclusively on this material for the time being, until he had finally gotten the stories down, and until they had finally all felt like he had explained himself enough. But despite how much he was hating to admit it, and despite how much he was wishing to just find a way to get out of this material all on his own, he was aware of the brutal fact that there was no way that he was going to accomplish this all by himself. He was needing to get somebody at his side, to help them with the smaller details at the very least.
Despite how much he was wishing to deny it, T.K. was also hoping deep down inside that this was his chance to be able to get his family, and his friends to all meet each other, for the past to be buried, and for everybody to truly know what was going on. T.K. was genuinely telling himself that he was doing the right thing. He had not once felt like he was doing anything wrong.
As T.K. felt that this was the best way for him to go through this, T.K. was smiling, remembering what it was like to be with those people. He realized that in a small way, he was still having a small amount of immaturity to be showing something like this. Despite what he was wanting to deny, T.K. felt like he was just using this as his biggest chance ever to take advantage of others.
Eventually, T.K. sighed, and he was just feeling like he was going to get this over with. He was thinking about who he was going to be talking with first. He was thinking about his main options. There were some people that he had known he was not going to even bother wasting his time trying to contact. Such as Mimi. Not because she had hated him or anything, but mainly because she was seriously broken by what had happened.
T.K. had felt like the idea of working with her was just cruel to her, and he was feeling like she deserved better than this. So with that, T.K. felt like that was totally out of the fucking option. She was barely scraping along in life now, after what had happened. And despite the fact that he was wanting to act like it had been enough time for her to get over it, he knew deep down that he was being a fucking monster for even suggesting such a fucking thing.
As he realized where he was going with this, T.K. was deciding that he was going to just leave her alone. There was Izzy, who was possibly an option. But T.K. and Izzy had probably not talked in a good two or three years, and Izzy would be so puzzled at the idea of him trying to reach out to him at all, that he was going to just tell T.K. he was much too busy to even bother trying to discuss anything with him. So with that, T.K. was sighing, and felt like Izzy deserved better than what he was doing to them all.
As T.K. brushed Izzy out of the option, T.K. had his third option as Matt. He was thinking that Matt would maybe work under a better case. But that was just not happening. T.K. had known damn well that he was not going to be getting Matt excited about talking with him, after several small things that had built up to virtual dissatisfaction with getting to even know each other anymore.
One of the main things being the fact that T.K. was into much younger women. He had dated younger people almost exclusively for his entire adult life, and despite the fact that he was having legal dates and stuff, Matt had felt like he was just a bit unsure of what the hell to tell him. T.K. knew that it was his wife that had placed it over the edge. The fact that he was roughly double his wives age, and then finally just had a kid, was just hard for him. The last time they had a relatively positive discussion was when they were celebrating their father's 100th birthday back in March 12th, and they had not shared a word in two months.
Plus after the death of his wife back in 2016. T.K. was certain that any chances that Matt would have to be in general open about anything was being thrown out the window. T.K. did not fully blame the man, but at the same time, he was hating the fact that his brother was using what happened to his wife as an excuse to just treat other people like shit, when they had done nothing to deserve it at all.
There was Tai, who T.K. wasn't even sure would fully admit to the events that had happened. Part of T.K. was fully expecting Tai to just pretend like these events never happened, and would totally unsurprised if Tai would just say that he was going crazy, or that he was just trying to tell a story. As annoyed as that idea made T.K., he was not shocked at this at all, and was fully expecting something like this.
So with that, T.K. was reluctantly telling himself that Tai might not even be a option in the first place. So with that, T.K. was left with only one option left. That was Joe, who was the oldest member of the initial seven, at fifty one years old. He was going to have more memories of what he had. These events happened in 1986, when T.K. was just twelve years old, and while some would say Joe being seventeen was still like a kid, it was leaps and bounds different compared to just twelve.
So as T.K. was thinking about what he had been getting himself into, T.K. was telling himself that maybe he was just needing to give the Joe call a chance. Besides, he had felt like the worst that was going to happen was that Joe was going to just tell him off, and say that he was too busy to do the job. Which was not the end of the world.
In a way, T.K. had felt like maybe Joe rejecting the idea of this was going to be the best way to go about this. But until he was getting there, he was not even going to be considering this idea. He was going to just consider what he was going to tell Joe in a call, and justify the idea of calling him after five months of no contact. Joe lasted talked with him on new years day, and T.K. didn't even bother telling him that his wife was now four months pregnant.
Despite the fact that the more he was thinking about it, the more he was seeing how truly awful of a friend he really was, he was just telling himself that this was going to be his redemption, and that he just needed to focus on the second chances. So with this, he was sighing, and he was getting ready to just make the call, and in a way, he was going to just roll the dice, and see what Joe was going to be saying here.
So when he called, Joe answered after just four seconds of waiting, which was making T.K. happy. "Hey Joe, how are you?" T.K. asked, just trying to keep himself excited as hell. When Joe was hearing T.K.'s fear as well as joy, he was feeling like he had just needed to see where T.K. was going to be heading with this.
"I was wanting to talk to you guys about something important. Something that I think you might want to help me out on." T.K. said, and he was wondering if Joe was just going to tell him off, or if Joe was actually going to be listening, and actually give him a chance, and be able to see if he was going to actual help. "I know you might be kind of confused about this, and I do not blame you." Once he was done, Joe was sighing, and decided to just give this a chance.
He had no idea what to believe or reject, but he was just going to not reject at least hearing what T.K. was wanting to talk about, and sighed, telling himself that he was probably going to regret this. "So T.K., what is going on?" After he had asked T.K. this, that was when T.K. was just collecting his thoughts, and jumped right to the main point.
"The truth of the matter is, is that I want to tell the world the story that we had gone through back in the summer of eighty six. I mean, people are going to probably not believe in me, but I feel like I just need to at least. I need to just take a leap of faith, and at least give myself a chance." After T.K. said that to Joe, that was when he was taking a long and deep breath, and he was wondering what T.K. would have gone on to say to this idea.
"T.K., do you really believe that this is a good idea?" Joe asked, and T.K. was not wanting to waste their time, and he was not wanting to deal with Joe trying to tell him off, so with that, he was getting right to the point, and he was going to make his voice heard, even if it was going to be pissing him off.
"It is a better idea than nothing at all. I mean, I know that people are going to tell me that I should not do this. I know that people are going to deny the right for me to do this, but I don't care. I want to make a choice. I am going to just tell the story, and if people want to listen to me, great, and if not, then I will not be surprised, but I will be glad to just give it a chance." T.K. said, and then he was waiting for Joe to respond, if he was going to try and say much at all.
"Alright, I will give you a chance, but only because you're a friend, and I want to help you out." After Joe said that, that was all that T.K. had needed, and that was the only thing that T.K. felt like he truly deserved here. There was no real reason for T.K. to even assume that something else was going to be happening.
"Thank you. I knew that I was probably never going to be getting anything else from you guys, and while that is a shame, I just knew that I have to be realistic when looking at this." T.K. said, and then he was wondering how likely it was that Joe was going to really help him out. T.K. was wondering if perhaps Joe was going to truly believe in what they were getting themselves into. T.K. did not know, and honestly, he did not care what was happening.
"Joe, I know that you guys wanted to just put this behind us. I mean, I was the exact same way. I was telling myself to never come back here. But I always told myself that I just needed to give this a chance. I never wanted to just pretend like this was something I could escape forever. I think that us writing this down might truly be for the best." After he was done saying that, this was when he had known that Joe was never going to buy it.
"I never thought that we could put it behind us forever. I just thought that maybe I could give myself the illusion to doing something like that. You know, just to pretend like there was no need to worry about this. I never really thought that it was gone forever though." After Joe said that to T.K., that was when T.K. was sighing, feeling like Joe was being a good man, and that he was also being a realistic man at this whole thing.
"I wanted to think that it was at least mildly possible. But I think that maybe if we wanted to do something like that, then we should have gotten people to really listen to our issues. I think that once I do this though, and once the world has listened to us, then I think that we can all be proud of where we are going." T.K. said, and that was when he was telling himself that everything he was saying was a load of shit, and that he was just needing to cut out the crap.
"Anyways, I just feel like it is more important for me to truly confront the past, and show the people around me that I am no longer afraid of what I need to tell. I think that now that I know there is a story to tell, and a way for those around us to hear it, I think that I am willing to just be honest with others." After he was done saying that, this was when Joe was deciding that he was going to ask the main question that he had felt like really mattered here.
"T.K., can you answer one question that I think is really important?" After Joe asked T.K. this, that was when T.K. sighed, feeling like this was going to be something that he might regret, but something that he was needing to be asked nonetheless, so with that, he was just letting Joe just go at it.
"What is it? I mean, we are getting deep into this, so I will let you have a chance." I said, and then after I had said that, he was taking a breath, and I was telling myself to just be careful, and that no matter what he was going to ask me, I was going to be slightly annoyed, but I was needing to just be patient with him, no matter where this was going to head.
"What is the true reason you decided to write this story down? I don't want to call you out for bullshit or anything like that, but I feel like there is more to this than you just wanting to make your mind at ease. I feel like there is something going on, that is keeping you just wishing to branch out." After Joe said this to T.K., this was when T.K. was sighing, and he was thinking that Joe might be angry for not telling him the truth months ago, but he was just needing to get it over with.
"I have a son who is going to be born today. His name is Trent. He is coming home tonight, and I wanted to get a head start before he comes home, that way we can have a start on what I need to just get done." T.K. said, and he was just preparing himself for what Joe was going to say. He was preparing himself for Joe getting angry at him, and telling him that he had just needed to say that at the start months ago.
"I was just scared to tell you since I was feeling you might not have been all that interested in hearing about it. I always felt like maybe you were just going to tell me that I needed to stop talking about it." After T.K. had said that, he was sighing, feeling like this was silly for him to be worried about, but now that he was just telling the truth, he was almost feeling like he had needed to get this over with. Joe was taking a second to reply before answering.
"That is great to hear. I did not think you were ever going to be doing something like that though. I thought that this was something that you were just sort of out of the range of." After Joe said that, this was when T.K. sighed, and slightly rolled his eyes, wanting to pretend like Joe was full of shit, but in a way, he was thinking that maybe Joe was onto something this time.
"I know. I think that it is just kind of strange that this is happening. I don't know how better to describe it." T.K. finished, and then he was wondering if Joe really knew what to say. Joe was wondering if he had wanted to say more, and if he was wanting to talk with T.K., but in a way, he did not want to force anything else onto T.K., or risk anything at all, so he was just remaining silent on this.
"Hey T.K. I think that maybe we should be letting go now. I will head on my way there. I will be there as soon as you can. But you can get started while you wait for me. And congratulations for having the kid by the way." After Joe had said that to T.K., this was when the discussion was coming to a close, and that there was literally no need to keep the phone conversation up any longer, and he was able to just leave.
"Bye Joe, thanks for working with me again. I am so fucking happy to know at least one man is at my side." After T.K. finished this, that was when he was letting the conversation go, and then he was hanging up the phone, and he was feeling like there was several things going on in his mind, and he was wishing to finally just get a real answer. But that such a thing was just going to be really fucking difficult to deal with.
T.K. was rubbing his eyes, feeling like he had wished to find a way to carry this conversation better for everybody involved. Despite the issues T.K. had with Joe, that was when he was telling himself that he had wanted to work harder and longer with him, but that if he was going to do such a thing, T.K. was needing to show him that he was being serious. He was needing to show Joe and the others that he was not using them, and that he was genuinely wanting what he had felt like was best.
Once T.K. was done with this, he was going back to his document, and he was thinking about where he was going to start. After a couple of seconds of thinking about it, and just trying to find something to start with, that was when T.K. had felt like he was having a place to start. He was feeling like despite the fact that many would feel like this was an unconventional place to start, that he just needed to go with this, since it was the hardest story to tell, but that by telling everybody what the truth was, he was going to truly do people justice. That was the only thing that truly mattered. So with that, he started to write down the few bits and pieces that he did remember, slowly gathering a title, and letting the slow brewing storm coming onto the screen.
When he had just written a couple of sentences, there was a text message that he had been given though. Something that he was wishing that had never happened, especially when he was in the middle of the one project in his life that mattered. Then he was staring at the message a couple of seconds, and when he saw it, and processed it fully, he was now scared.
'I know what you are getting into.' After the text showed him this message, that was when T.K. was actually kind of scared, and he was feeling like the idea that he was getting this text less than two minutes after he started to write the book of his life, was just the one big thing that was putting him over the edge. He was sighing, telling himself not even to waste his time on this, and just brush it off as a joke. But the timing got him.
Not only did the timing get him, but the fact that there was no number from the text. It was literally just blank, and T.K. had heard about things like this before, but he was never seeing such a thing before, and that was when T.K. knew that there was indeed something happening now. That was when he was sighing, and knew that he really had no choice but to just wonder where the hell this text was going to be leading him.
He was thinking that this was either the most important text of his life, or the dumbest prank he ever had. Less than ten seconds after he had thought that, there was a text from him telling him a number to call. After the text had shown him this, that was when there was another forty seconds or so of silence before there was one more text that was related to what was going on with contacting, and sort of affirming that this was not a joke.
'I know that this is going to be hard for you to finish. Call me tonight, and we have some important matters to discuss.' After the text was finished with this, that was when T.K. was sighing, wondering what the hell he was going to be doing now. He was wondering if perhaps he really had a choice or not. He was sighing, and told himself that deep down, he did not have a choice, and that he just needed to get this over with. He just needed to call the number, and hope that they had some information.
He was wanting to give this a chance as a false contact, and that was why he placed the phone down for about ten minutes or so, writing a couple of loose sentences for his story before he decided to just get it over with, and see what the hell this man was trying to accomplish now.