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Alpha Who?

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He’s wearing a cream sweater today – practically drowning in the soft cotton – and Taehyung wants for nothing more than to pinch his cheeks and coo. How could a grown man, Omega or not, be so cute?

“Tae, stop staring at me and keep your eyes on the kids.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes, somewhat annoyed, but Taehyung knows by the slight twitch of his mouth that he’s not that bothered by the attention.

He gives the playground a quick scan, noting the increasing aggression in one of the play-fights, but otherwise returns his gaze to Jeongguk’s face, cheeks and nose flushed pink from the cold.

Jeongguk pointedly eyes the children he’d chosen to leave be, “not gonna step in before one of them gets hurt?”

“They’re Alpha pups.” He shrugs as if that were enough of an explanation, but Jeongguk seems to get it by the amused shake of his head. “Until one of them starts shifting, I’m staying put right here.”

They’re on lunch duty, supervising the children until the bell for afternoon classes goes off. It’s cold and Taehyung huddles closer to Jeongguk’s warmth. He really should’ve worn his coat. He’s around the same height as him, which means it’s easy for Taehyung to rest his chin on his shoulder in attempt to halt the chattering of his teeth.

“How are you not freezing?” He questions him, fingering the thin material of his shirt with furrowed brows and Jeongguk just chuckles, body vibrating beneath him.

“Perk of being what I am.” He says and Taehyung frowns because what is that supposed to mean? They're both wolves, Omegas at that, and yet he gets chilly with the lightest of breezes whilst Jeongguk could probably waltz outside in nothing but a tee shirt and shorts amidst a blizzard. Must be good genetics, he thinks, albeit slightly envious.

Jeongguk's been missing from work for several days and Taehyung's beginning to worry. The younger hasn't contacted him either, which doesn't help in his panicked disposition.

“Would you relax?” Jimin nudges him with a frown, “you're scaring the kids.”

Taehyung glances up to find several children eyeing him, probably having sensed the distress in his scent, warily and he flashes them a smile.

Right, Taehyung. Focus. You're working.

He sighs, throwing Jimin an apologetic look.

“I'm sorry, I'm just— what if he's hurt or something? Jeongguk hasn't been off sick since he started working here, let alone for this long.” He worries at his bottom lip, the worst of scenarios popping into his head.

What if he'd gotten ambushed on his way home? Was he even home right now? In the hospital?

Jimin must've noticed his accelerating breaths because he squeezes Taehyung's shoulder.

“If you really wanna know,” he starts, sighing heavily through his nose at the other’s slight over dramatic state, “he actually filed for a week’s leave a few months ago. It's that time of year.”

Taehyung's silent, processing the information for a few seconds, before pinching Jimin's side, the Beta recoiling with a surprised whine.

“Could've told me that sooner.” He grumbled, already mentally writing a list of what things to bring Jeongguk later. He had his own preferences for when he was on heat, and that included cuddles and a whole lot of napping. Jeongguk couldn’t be that different.


Stepping out of the elevator with a bag full of supplies and donning the softest clothes he owns, Taehyung wonders if this is a good idea. He remembers how uncomfortable he’d been the first time Seokjin, an Omega he’d been friends with since college, had showed up at his doorstep offering to help him through his heat.

He can recall slamming the door in his face and yelling at him to leave, the humiliation from reeking of slick in front of one of his close friends too much for him. However, after some gentle coaxing, Taehyung had eventually given in and actually found himself enjoying the comforting presence of another Omega. Although not the best of ways to deal with heat, Seokjin’s company had kept him at ease the entire week, the flare in his belly dwindling down to nothing more than a dull throbbing by the last few days.

After a year of working side by side, he feels he’s close enough to Jeongguk at this point, to offer the same help. He could only imagine how horrible it must be for him right now. He knows Jeongguk isn’t seeing anyone and the lack of an Alpha, or even a Beta, around to alleviate the burn really is, ironically enough, a pain in the ass. Taehyung knows he can’t provide the same relief, but he hopes he’ll be able to do at least something to help him.

It isn’t long before he finds himself standing in front of the man’s door, nerves eating away at him because what if this just makes things weird? He shakes his head. He’s just a friend offering another friend a helping hand. Lifting his hand to knock, he pauses as he catches whiff of something peculiar. It smells like Jeongguk, but then again, the guy’s always doused in the various colognes he owns that Taehyung can only make a vague assumption here. There are alarm bells going off in his head – the scent triggers something and he knows it’s familiar, but he can’t quite put his finger on where he’d smelt it before – but curiosity has his fingers curling into a fist and his knuckles rapping against the door.

There’s no sign of movement from inside the apartment and Taehyung wonders if he should come back tomorrow. He hadn’t exactly planned out his visit very well, having spent too long deciding what to bring and what to wear, and perhaps it wasn’t the smartest of decisions to turn up to the man’s apartment this late in the evening. He checks his watch.

Eight forty-five.

Well, it wasn’t that late.

Before Taehyung can think to leave and return another time, he hears shuffling from behind the door, hears it being unlocked and plasters the friendliest smile he possibly can to his face. He doesn’t want Jeongguk to freak out when he sees him.

The door swings open and he parts his mouth to chirp a greeting when it hits him.

This isn’t the scent of an Omega in heat. It’s the overpowering musk of an Alpha on rut.

It’s absolutely intoxicating. The pheromones permeating the air crash into him so hard, he grapples for the doorframe to steady himself because he’s actually dizzy, actually left disoriented by the attack on his olfactory system.

Jeongguk’s leaning against the door, glassed over eyes boring into him with an intensity that has Taehyung’s toes curling and heart jumping into overdrive. Without the oversized sweaters and turtlenecks, Jeongguk looks so much bigger and Taehyung hates himself for actually appraising the wide set of his shoulders and the angry veins lining his forearms.

It’s objective, he knows, but he can’t stop himself when his thoughts are a jumbled mess and the abrupt need to submit makes his body tremble.

Jeongguk is an Alpha.

The realisation that one of his best friends is an actual living, breathing Alpha is like a slap to the face because Taehyung thought he knew him like the back of his hand. He'd been so close to him, hugging and nuzzling into his neck without even knowing just who he was touching. Taehyung had even sat on his damn lap a couple times, for crying out loud.

“What are you doing here?”

Taehyung's inner turmoil comes to an abrupt halt at the sound of a very pissed and very tired Jeongguk. Now no longer preoccupied by the sudden revelation that his soft spoken and sweet coworker is not, in fact, an Omega, Taehyung can see that Jeongguk is a complete mess.

His hair’s all over the place, skin coated in sweat and, had Taehyung been paying more attention earlier, he’d have noticed how his clothes had looked like they’d been thrown on haphazardly. Oh. He’d probably just disturbed Jeongguk while– yeah, not going there or he’ll release pheromones of his own and that would not help in his current situation.

“H-heat.” He stutters out dumbly and Jeongguk, as out of it as he was, still manages a bewildered expression.

“What?” His eyebrows knit together in confusion and Taehyung wants to hit himself. What kind of idiot–

“I thought you were on heat, so I came t-to help.” The Taehyung type of idiot, apparently. He shrinks under Jeongguk’s stare, getting the sense he’s being judged.

Jeongguk blinks, clears his throat, then blinks again.

“On heat, you thought I was an Omega?” He doesn’t sound offended, just genuinely shocked and Taehyung feels heat creeping up his neck as he shoots him a sheepish look, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I just– I don’t know.” He’s absolutely mortified, his grip on the bag of unneeded supplies tightening.

In the short time they’ve been talking, the smell of Jeongguk’s musk has successfully penetrated deep enough for Taehyung to feel hot all over and he knows it won’t be long before it triggers his body’s natural reaction to produce slick.

However, rather than nod and shoo him away like Taehyung had hoped, Jeongguk tilts his head down towards the bag, “what’s in there?”

Jeongguk shifts on his feet, tugging uncomfortably at the hem of his sweatpants and Taehyung’s gaze drops down to his crotch automatically.

Bad idea.

There’s a very prominent outline of his erection and a whine bubbles up Taehyung’s throat. He hasn’t had sex in a while and the mere sight of another man’s clothed cock already has him weak at the knees.

“Just,” he exhales shakily, the beginnings of arousal igniting a fire deep in his belly, “things I thought would help with heat. Cooling packs and uh, yeah, stuff like that.”

He licks his lips, a nervous tick of his, and Jeongguk copies him subconsciously. His tongue swipes across the swell of his plump bottom lip, mouth parting enough for Taehyung to catch sight of two pointed canines. That, accompanied by the rising potency of his scent, has the first gush of slick running down Taehyung’s inner thighs.

“I see.” Jeongguk nods, Adam’s apple bobbing harshly as he blinks several times, probably to keep a hold of himself, “well, I’m sorry you–”

His mouth snaps shut then, nostrils flaring and Taehyung takes a shaky step back when Jeongguk’s eyes meet his, pupils dilating. He’d smelt it.


“Leave.” It comes out as a low growl, the gutteral sound reverberating through his chest and as much as Taehyung wants to follow the order, his feet are planted to the ground.

The rational thing to do would be to turn around and go home — he'd see Jeongguk next week anyway — but the smaller, needier side of him really wants to see what Jeongguk, the Alpha, is like.

“No.” He tries not to let his nervousness show, choosing to focus on the space between Jeongguk’s eyebrows since he knew if he tried to maintain eye contact, he’d chicken out and bolt right out of there. “I came here to help you, Jeongguk.” He pats himself on the back for keeping his cool. He could do this.

“Taehyung,” of course he could make his own name sound lewd – Taehyung muffles a whine with a cough, although judging by the teasing lilt to Jeongguk’s voice, it wasn’t very convincing, “do you know what kind of help I’d need?”

Taehyung’s hot. There’s a familiar throbbing in his lower stomach and he’s pretty sure his boxers are drenched. He knows what he’s getting himself into. He wants it. So, with a newfound resolve, he squares his shoulders and meets Jeongguk’s gaze. It’s difficult not to whimper when he sees the other’s irises almost entirely filled black by his pupils, but he manages.

“I’m not stupid,” he begins, pausing to take a trembling breath because Jeongguk won’t stop staring at him like he wants to devour him, “I know what you want.”

“Oh?” Jeongguk’s expression darkens at this, something almost sinister settling upon his features before he steps to the side, gesturing inside, “come on in then.”


Taehyung’s barely taken a step inside when the door slams shut behind him and the bag is ripped from his grasp and tossed off to the side. Hands grip his hips and before he can register what’s happening, he’s being twirled around and Jeongguk is all over him.

Warm lips crash against his and he melts just like that, body turning completely compliant in Jeongguk’s arms. He’s all he can smell and feel and Taehyung whimpers when strong arms slip around his waist and press him up against the other’s much sturdier chest. He’d never imagined himself being in this position, but it’d also never crossed his mind that Jeongguk was anything other than an Omega.

Jeongguk runs his tongue along the seam of Taehyung’s mouth and he opens up obediently, moaning into his mouth as he drowns in the taste and smell of Alpha. Wrapping his own arms around Jeongguk’s neck and threading his fingers through his hair, Taehyung pulls back a little only to take Jeongguk’s tongue into his mouth, sucking on it like he would his cock. The slurping noises are filthy, but he can’t bring himself to care when he bobs his head and is rewarded with a groan that tumbles out of the other’s mouth and straight into his.

He eventually pulls away with a lewd ‘pop’, a string of saliva following him and Jeongguk tugs his shirt up over his head, backing him up in the direction of the couch. It isn’t long before they’re both undressed and Taehyung finds himself perched on Jeongguk’s lap, their lips locked in yet another hungry kiss. It’s rushed, nothing more than a clash of teeth and tongue, but it’s all Taehyung wants and needs. When they pull away to catch their breaths, Taehyung can’t help but giggle and Jeongguk, regardless of how much control he’d just lost over himself, still nuzzles against his cheek with an amused smile.

“What’s so funny?” He murmurs, fingers dancing along the outsides of Taehyung’s thighs on either side of him.

Taehyung shakes his head, heart warming at the affectionate behaviour, “just… I can’t believe I thought you were an Omega for an entire year.” He laughs quietly again, sobering up when Jeongguk begins peppering kisses along the column of his neck.

Tilting his head to the side to provide Jeongguk with easier access, Taehyung sighs contentedly, lazily rolling his hips down to grind his ass against the hardness beneath him.

“Shit.” Jeongguk hisses, clamping down on a spot above Taehyung’s collarbone and sucking hard. His teeth dig into the skin there, hot tongue laving over the marks left behind and Taehyung moans shakily, grinding down harder. He builds up a rhythm, Jeongguk’s cock between his ass cheeks getting wetter the more he slides against it. Every now and again, the tip of it catches against his rim and the thought that he could just lift himself up that little bit and sink down onto the Alpha has his thighs quivering and stomach twisting in anticipation.

Taking a fistful of Taehyung’s hair, Jeongguk yanks his head back to expose more of his neck, his primal urge to mark and claim driving him to be more forceful than he’d intended. The friction on his cock has him bucking his hips up and Taehyung keens as his hole clenches around the side of Jeongguk’s dick. He’s so wet and needy and it’s embarrassing how hard he is. His own erection is trapped between their bodies, sandwiched between the hard grooves of Jeongguk’s abs and his soft tummy. There’s not much stimulation, but the slight rubbing of skin on skin is enough to have pre-cum trickling from the tip.

“Wanna fuck you.” Jeongguk impatiently tugs Taehyung up onto his knees, reaching around to take a handful of his ass and kneading the flesh with an appreciative hum. He can’t help but give it a good spank, palm colliding with the sensitive skin with a loud smack. Not expecting it, Taehyung lurches forward with a yelp, cock twitching at the stinging sensation.

Jeongguk grins down at him wolfishly, pulling his hand back to deliver yet another spank, only a little harder this time, “like that, do we?” He rubs over the red skin soothingly, digging his nails into the meaty flesh and Taehyung whines, getting off on the barest of painful touches.

Fingers ghost over his hole and Taehyung wriggles, getting restless. He just wants Jeongguk inside him already.

“How many fingers can you take?” Jeongguk asks, squeezing and parting Taehyung’s ass cheeks repeatedly, the cold air that hits his clenching hole driving him insane. Teeth latch onto his earlobe and Taehyung shudders, limbs turning to jelly, “hmm? How many fingers can your pretty, little hole take?”

Taehyung bites his lip as another wave of arousal hits him, slick coating his ass and inner thighs. “I don’t– ah, I don’t know. Three? Maybe four?”

The first finger slips inside without warning and Taehyung’s eyelids flutter shut, a stuttered ‘fuck’ leaving his mouth. He hasn’t touched himself in months and he’s afraid he’ll come undone after just a few thrusts. Several more digits eventually accompany the first and before he’s aware of it, Taehyung’s eagerly swallowing up four of Jeongguk’s fingers, crooked just right and dragging along his walls in a way that has him chasing his orgasm and crying out Jeongguk’s name as he comes.

“Ride it out.” Jeongguk murmurs and Taehyung’s more than happy to comply, panting as the after effects of his orgasm slowly ebb away. His body’s quivering and boneless, but Jeongguk’s fingers are relentless inside him.

“G-gukk– fuck, hurts.” He whines at the oversensitivity, form trembling helplessly as Jeongguk continues to finger fuck him, hitting his prostate with each thrust, and he cries out when a hand wraps around his flaccid cock that had previously been left untouched. Ignoring his pleas, Jeongguk strokes him slowly, using a mixture of his cum and slick as lubricant. It’s when nails dig into the tip of his dick that Taehyung’s eyes water. He doesn’t want to stop, but it’s too much.

He writhes and Jeongguk removes his fingers from inside him to wrap an arm around his waist, keeping the Omega in place. Meanwhile, his other hand speeds up, unforgiving and Taehyung’s full on crying now.

“Jeongguk, I can’t. It hurts.” He sobs, dropping his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder, but again, he doesn’t listen. Taehyung’s never ventured into oversensitivity before and right now, he thinks he knows why. He’s clutching Jeongguk’s forearm tightly, nails digging in hard enough to draw blood and by the time his second orgasm wracks through him, he’s collapsed against the Alpha, mouth parted in a silent scream and chest heaving.

Jeongguk finally lets up, both his arms encircling Taehyung’s waist and he drops a kiss on his forehead, brushing away his sweaty bangs.

“Doing so well, baby.” He coos and Taehyung basks in the praise. He’s exhausted, but he knows they’re nowhere near over. Ruts were just as bad as heats, which meant Jeongguk probably wouldn’t be sated for another few hours. Hell, he hadn’t even come yet. He’s not annoyed or angry though. After all, Jeongguk had given him the option to leave, but he’d willingly stayed.

Needing time to recover, Taehyung slides off of Jeongguk’s lap and kneels down between his legs, hands wandering over the thick muscles of his thighs. Jeongguk watches him, slinging his arms over the back of the couch. Looking up at him now, Taehyung really doesn’t know how he’d fooled himself into thinking he was anything but an Alpha.

Giving his cock a couple experimental pumps, Taehyung dips his head to leave a lingering kiss on the tip, swollen and flushed an angry red. Jeongguk’s hot and heavy in his hands, long and impressively thick and Taehyung’s mouth waters. Before he takes him into his mouth, he shoots Jeongguk an inquiring look only to find the Alpha with his head thrown back. He takes that as a sign to do whatever he wants, so he does, working his jaw a few times before swallowing him down.

Jeongguk’s taste is heady, the pre-cum that had smeared across the underside of his length tangy and Taehyung flattens his tongue as he takes more of him down, gagging a little when he feels the tip hitting the back of his throat. Fisting the rest of him that he can’t fit in his mouth, Taehyung begins bobbing his head, the sucking sounds obscene in the otherwise quiet room.

“Fuck, Tae. Your mouth.” Jeongguk groans, a throaty sound that has heat shooting straight to Taehyung’s groin and he’s surprised he’s hard again so soon.

Encouraged by the other’s reaction, Taehyung speeds up, hollowing his cheeks and moaning around him. His tongue drags over one particularly prominent vein along the side of Jeongguk’s cock and Taehyung relishes in the way his thighs clench beneath his fingers every time he laves over it. He does this repeatedly and the only warning he receives of Jeongguk’s release is the twitch of his cock on his tongue before his mouth is flooded with the bitterness of his cum.

Swallowing it down, Taehyung clambers back on top of him, his own body ready to pleasure the Alpha again. Jeongguk’s still hard, unsurprisingly, and Taehyung settles himself atop his cock, greedy to have him inside him already.

A thumb swipes across the side of his mouth and Jeongguk’s looking at him in awe, “you swallowed it all?” He nods and Jeongguk hisses through his teeth. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

They’ve been messing around for far too long and Taehyung’s desperate for Jeongguk to fuck him, so when fingers dig into his hips and Jeongguk finally lines himself up, Taehyung’s a little bit giddy.

The moment he finally slips inside him, Taehyung thinks he could cum just like that. Jeongguk’s big. So fucking big that, even after the several orgasms he’s already had, Taehyung still winces at the stretch.

“Holy f– you’re so big, Gukk.” Taehyung moans, sinking down further and pressing down on his belly, looking up at Jeongguk through his lashes, “can feel you in my tummy.”

An animalistic growl erupts from deep within Jeongguk’s chest and, before Taehyung can comprehend what’s happening, Jeongguk’s balls deep inside him and thrusting into him at a pace he wasn’t prepared for. The sound of their skin slapping ringing in his ears adds fuel to the fire burning hot in his stomach and he clenches around him, each brutal snap of the Alpha’s hips punching a choked moan from his lungs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He finds himself chanting profanities as Jeongguk buries himself to the hilt, tip slamming right into his soft spot every time, and Taehyung scrambles for his shoulders, his arms, the back of the couch – anything that could possibly ground him before he loses his mind.

The fingers on his hips are gripping so hard, he’s pretty sure they’ll leave bruises.


Taehyung wants them to.

It feels like liquid fire is burning through his veins and Taehyung thinks he’s going to combust. Sweat trickles down his neck and temples and the sound of blood roaring in his ears almost drowns out the filthy squelches of Jeongguk pistoning his cock into him so deep, he doesn’t know where he ends or where Jeongguk begins. Taehyung slants his mouth across Jeongguk’s, pulling him into a sloppy kiss that was more them panting into each other’s mouths than anything else.

“Gonna come.” He breathes, bouncing in Jeongguk’s lap and Jeongguk only grunts in response, solely focused on utterly ruining the Omega he’d been holding back from touching for far too long. “Fuck me so well, Gukk.”

“Shit, Taehyung.” Jeongguk’s hips falter, the coil in his stomach finally unwinding and he shoots inside Taehyung with a loud moan. The warmth of Jeongguk’s cum inside him is enough to propel Taehyung over the edge, his most intense orgasm yet wracking through his thoroughly spent body and he cries out once more, this time probably loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

Jeongguk’s still grinding into him after they’ve caught their breaths and Taehyung doesn’t have the energy to complain, upper body crumpling and Jeongguk eventually slows to a halt, length still buried deep inside the Omega.

Several silent seconds pass and, thinking Taehyung had drifted off, Jeongguk carefully eases out of him, grabbing one of their discarded shirts to clean him up. Lifting the Omega up as gently as he can so as not to wake him, Jeongguk heads for his bedroom only to falter halfway there when Taehyung giggles drowsily into the side of his neck.

“What is it now?” He asks, a smile playing on his lips because Taehyung is just too cute .

With a shake of his head, Taehyung pecks his jaw.

“Nothing. Just–” another burst of laughter and Jeongguk cradles him closer, endearment written all over his face, “didn’t think Omegas could fuck that well.”

Jeongguk immediately drops him on his ass then, but whether or not he spends the rest of the night apologising to Taehyung through kisses and cuddles is nobody’s business.