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Bakugou's Probably Definitely Broken Nose

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“Fucking Shit, Kirishima!” Bakugou cupped his nose which was… probably broken. 

Why? Because that is where Bakugou's, and Kirishima’s metal front door had hit him.

“I’m so sorry!!!” Kirishima ripped his headphones off of his ears, “I swear it was an accident! I didn’t see you, I thought you had a long shift today!” 

Once they both ducked into their apartment, Kirishima ran to get him an ice pack, and something to stop Bakugou's nose from bleeding.

“I was at work, but they sent me home. Don’t you check your phone?! I fucking texted you!” Bakugou groaned from the pain, clearly this was not the only thing that had gone wrong today. “Fuck. Like I wasn’t fucking battered enough already. Also, okay even if you didn’t fucking see me, how did you not fucking fuck did you not hear me? It’s not like I’m some soft spoken wallflower!”

“I had my headphones on! I’m getting really into this music Denki gave you! I guess I played it too loudly?” Kirishima said a mile a minute while guiding Bakugou to their mangey old couch. They got the poor thing on sale. In fact, pretty much all the furniture in their apartment was a mismatched catastrophe, but hey it was comfortable.

“What?!” Bakugou felt himself blush from ear to ear, “I don’t listen to the shit Kaminari gives me, and that’s beside the fucking point!”

Kirishima felt too guilty to point out how much of a lie that was, Bakugou and Denki shared the same taste in music, something that mortified Bakugou to no end. Kirishima made it a point to tease him about it but well considering the state of his poor best friend/roommate/unrequited love he thought better of it and just focused on making sure Bakugou was okay. “Look, I’m sorry! I promise it won’t happen again.”

Kirishima tenderly examined Bakugou’s nose. “Oh hey, at least the bleeding’s stopped.”

“Whoo-fucking-hoo.” Bakugou all but threw the pack of ice on the battered coffee table.

“So… what happened? I mean, you know, only if you want to talk about it?” Kirishima gave him an awkward sort of grin still feeling incredibly dumb and carlessly over causing Bakugou more grief on what was clearly a very crappy day.

Bakugou was useless when Kirishima was worried, and yelling at him earlier made Bakugou feel like he had kicked a puppy.

“What happened?” Bakugou sneered, “Some idiot kid, got caught by some fuckball of a villain. Long story short, the kid got used as a human shield and I got hit by fuckball’s quirk—which I don’t know what the fuck it was—but I felt like I got hit by a fucking truck. Deku nabbed the kid, and the Fucking Fuckball Fuckwit hit me again, so I had to go to the hospital.”

“You had to go to the Hospital?! Why didn’t you call me?!”

“I f u c k i n g texted you shitty hair.”

“Oh—Oh right. H-Heh sorry,” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck, “but seriously, are you okay? Should you be home or still at the Hospital?”

“I was cleared by the fucking Hospital because I didn’t have a concussion, although now I probably fucking do.”

“Maybe we should go back?”

“Absolutely not.”

“I—ok… I just worry about you, please don’t hate me…” Kirishima was riddled with guilt as he checked through his phone. Why hadn’t he gotten the text notifications? Sure he was listening to his music, but even with headphones he should have heard the ping.

“I don’t fucking hate you, Eijirou but I’m plenty fucking pissed.”

“Fair…” Kirishima’s heart skipped a beat, it was the first time Bakugou ever called him by his first name. So even though Bakugou was in hell, Kirishima couldn’t help but feel a little happy about Bakugou’s accidental slip. 

“Okay, I know how to make it up to youuuu, wanna watch Pacific Rim?” Kirishima offered with a dash of puppy eyes.

“Kiss ass,” Bakugou tsked. “Okay yeah, fine, but stop pouting I already told you I don’t fucking hate you… Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? Right now? That’s up for fucking debate.”  

Kirishima froze with his eyes wide and his mouth gaped, “Did you just?”

“Did I fucking what?” Bakugou looked over in a grumpy haze of confusion.

“D-Did you just say you loved me?”

Bakugou’s stomach dropped, and his heart hammered. He tried to convince himself that there’s no way, no fucking way that he had said that to Kirishima. Especially not out loud, and especially not after Kirishima’s shitty haired self smacked their front door into his fucking face.


“Fuck, okay yeah, I said it! I fucking love you Eijirou.” He grimaced in disgust at his own carelessness and had already resigned himself to rejection.

“Look. You don’t have to say it back or anything and I did not plan on telling you like this and I—”

Bakugou was interrupted by Kirishima, who leaned over and kissed him gingerly. He was hyper aware of Bakugou’s definitely broken nose, “I love you too Grumpy Cat, which is why we’re taking you to the hospital. Your nose is bleeding. Again.”