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Kira slammed his door behind him in frustration, pressing his back against the wood. All he wanted was to live a normal, peaceful life but he couldn’t. At least not while Jotaro Kujo was around. Jotaro… the only man who could make Kira feel the way he did. Everything about Jotaro was beautiful, but the two things Kira couldn’t take his mind off of the most were the younger man’s hands. A beautiful pair of hands that Yoshikage couldn’t help but imagine them dipping into his mouth or the feeling of them roaming all over his body.

The man slid down onto the floor, the thought of his co-worker making his purple dress pants incredibly tight. He unbuckled his belt relieving some pressure before pulling his pants down, just enough to expose himself. He licked his lips, staring down at his throbbing erection and wrapping his hand around it. He pressed the back of his head against the door closed his eyes as he imagined Jotaro being the one getting him off. He panted as he stroked himself, bringing his free hand up to his mouth, and sucking on his fingers. He moaned Jotaro’s name, bucking his hips into his hand as pleasure coursed through every cell in his body.

A knock at the door jolted the blonde out of his daydream. He stood up and quickly put himself away before answering the door. Kira was shocked to see none other than the man himself. 6 feet 4 inches of muscle towered over him, a kind look on the beautifully chiseled face. The younger man’s eyes subtly raked over Kira’s body, taking note of how disheveled he looked and mentally smirking at the bulge in his pants. Jotaro’s green eyes met Kira’s blue ones once more before he held out the older man’s briefcase.

“You left this at the office.” He said with a small smile playing on his lips as Kira took it from him, fingers brushing.

The older man gave a shy smile, “Thank you, Jotaro," he paused before speaking once more, "Are you hungry? I was just about to start cooking.” He lied.

Jotaro knew he was lying but nodded anyway, offering to help. Kira accepted his offer and made way for Jotaro to enter the house. The blonde man opened the fridge, bending down to grab vegetables and defrosted meat. Jotaro removed his jacket, hanging it up as he shamelessly stared at his co-worker's butt, something he found himself doing more and more. He stalked toward the sink, pumping some soap into his hand and turning on the water. Yoshikage put the ingredients on the counter, his eyes wandering over to Jotaro's soapy hands. His heart raced, head swimming with thoughts of what those hands could do. His member twitched, snapping him back to reality. He shook his head, averting his gaze to where the cutting board was. Jotaro rinsed his hands and cut off the water, drying them with a hand towel and awaiting instruction.

Kira handed Jotaro a knife and cutting board, "I need you to chop these vegetables for me while I season the meat."

The younger man nodded, immediately getting to work. Kira turned on some music, washed his own hands, and got to seasoning the meat. He massaged the spices in, his eyes occasionally wandering over to the husky man next to him as they made small talk. They laughed at each others' jokes and got to know one another better; unknowingly making them both fall a little harder for each other.


The two men sat at the table to eat, even more conversation being made between sips of wine and bites of food. When they were finished, Jotaro insisted on washing the dishes. Kira licked his lips as he watched the younger man's muscles flex beneath his tight shirt. Kira downed the last of his wine before gathering the courage to speak.

"Your girlfriend must be wondering where you are right now." He remarked, strolling over to the sink and handing Jotaro the empty wine glass.

The 28-year-old chuckled, "I don't have a girlfriend." He replied, "However, I do have my eye on someone."

A spark of hope glimmered in the older man's eye, but he kept his cool, "Really? Who's the lucky girl?" He pushed.

Jotaro's eyes met Kira's, "You actually know him pretty well." He stated, catching the man off guard.

Kira quickly composed himself, "Do I, now?" He smirked, lifting himself up on the counter. Kira figured it was the wine that was making him bold so he played along with it, "Who's the lucky man?" He questioned, biting his lip.

Jotaro looked up from the dishes he was washing, a small smile playing on his plump lips, "That guy Kira Yoshikage. He's pretty hot." He answered, getting lost in the older man's ocean eyes.

Kira's heart fluttered and he licked his lips, debating on whether he should joke around some more or just kiss the man. He decided on the latter, cupping the younger man's cheek and capturing his lips with his own. Jotaro turned off the sink, moving so he was between Kira's legs. The blonde shivered as wet hands slipped under his dress shirt, a thumb grazing over his nipple. Jotaro swallowed his groan, taking it as an opportunity to push his tongue into the man's mouth. The 28-year-old pulled the Yoshikage closer to him, Kira's every growing erection pressing against the bulge in Jotaro's white pants. Kira removed Jotaro's black turtleneck and tossed it to the side, kissing down his neck. Jotaro panted, two black curls falling over his forehead.

"You're wearing too many clothes, Yoshikage," Jotaro grunted as he fumbled with the other man's belt buckle.

Kira groaned, staring at Jotaro's hands as he pulled down the man's purple slacks and underwear. He kissed the inside of the man's thigh, taking his length into his hand and pumping before kissing the underside of the shaft. Everything was moving quickly causing Kira's head to swim.

"L-let's go to my room," Kira suggests breathlessly.

The taller man smirks, standing to his full height and stepping back before allowing Kira to lift up his briefs and lead him to the bedroom.


Jotaro's inky curls were tugged eagerly as he teased the blonde, just barely touching his lips to the leaking tip of the older man's cock. Kujo smirked, sitting on his knees between Kira's legs. He brought his middle finger to the blonde's bottom lip, Kira gladly wrapping his lips around it and sucking. The raven-haired man bit his lip as he watched Kira closely, one more finger was engulfed in wet warmth. His manhood twitched at the sight of him, lips wet with saliva, chest heaving. He removed his spit coated fingers from the man's mouth before pressing them against the tight entrance. A small gasp slipped past Kira's mouth as Jotaro's finger slid into him slowly. Muscle contracted around the digit, pulsing a bit as Yoshikage adjusted. Jotaro hummed as he curled his finger, pumping it in and out causing Kira to bite his hand and look away. The dark-haired man smirked hungrily, eyes darkening with lust. He couldn't wait any longer.

With one swift motion his finger was replaced with his lubricated, condom-covered length. The blonde moaned loudly, his heart hammering against his ribs as he fisted the bedsheets. Jotaro's strong hand wrapped around Kira's neck as he slid in easily, waiting for Kira to adjust some more before slowly sliding out. He snapped his hips in a powerful thrust leaving the man beneath him breathless. Kira's face grew red, sweat coating every inch of his naked body. The grip on his neck tightened as he felt the man's large cock inside of him; in and out, back and forth, hitting his prostate deliciously. Kira gasped for air as the grip loosened before falling away. He whimpered before a pair of soft plump lips traveled up his neck, a low growl emitting from deep in Jotaro's throat as he thrusted even deeper. The blonde wrapped his hand around his length, stroking himself.

Jotaro nipped and sucked at the porcelain skin of Kira's throat. He moved his lips to the man's ear, biting it and pulling away. He pulled out for a moment, flipping the blonde onto his stomach, "Get on your hands and knees," he demanded and Kira immediately obeyed.

Jotaro thrust into him once again, his large hand smacking against Kira's round bum. They both moaned, pleasure spreading throughout their bodies and engulfing them in its flames. Jotaro shoved his fingers into Kira's mouth once again, the blonde gagging before sucking on them. He hummed, slamming his rear into Jotaro. Jotaro ceased his movements allowing Kira to work a bit before maneuvering so that Kira was on top this time. He continued sucking on Jotaro's fingers as he bounced up and down, his erection slapping against Jotaro. The younger man gripped it, stroking it quickly in an attempt to get the older man to climax. Kira nearly screamed, throwing his head back as he bit his lip. He was close and Jotaro was as well.

Kira scraped his nails down Jotaro's chest as warm liquid ribbons shot onto Jotaro's chest, neck, and face. Kira apologized breathlessly, leaning down to lick the areas clean. Jotaro gripped Kira's face, pressing their lips together. Jotaro twitched inside if the older man, pulling out.

"Finish me with your mouth," he whispered out of breath, "please."

Yoshikage nodded, sliding down until he was inches away from Jotaro's incredibly large erection. He removed the condom, licking up the shaft as he did. Jotaro's breath caught in his throat as his slit was teased before a little more than half of his length was enveloped in Kira's warm wet mouth. Kira pumped the man, bobbing his head. Jotaro's vision blurred as the pleasure became too much. He pinched his nipples, Kira watching closely as Jotaro was thrown over the edge. He moaned loudly, bucking his hips upward and into the older man's throat as he released. 

Kira swallowed, observing the younger man as he came down from his climax. Sweat glistened on Jotaro's skin, curls sticking to his forehead. Kira laid down, kissing Jotaro softly. Satisfied smiles rested on the couple's mouths as they lay there, panting and sweating. The two giggled, embracing each other with flushed faces.

Work would prove to be quite interesting in the future.