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The Key To My Heart

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It's cold outside, at least 15F but what could I do? The answer is nothing.

Unfortunately, it's the middle of the winter and I have to say, New York's winters can be very cold and for someone who's living on the streets I can tell you that it's true.

Today I turned 24 years old. It has been exactly 6 years since my parents died and 2 years since I started living on the streets. Most days I eat at least a fruit for lunch and a vegetable for the evening, I'm 'living' in an alley near a huge magazine building.

'Run' something, I can't really remember and honestly? I don't care.

I stood up and started to walk towards some restaurant who always throws away good food, Rich people's problems I guess, right? Anyways, as I was walking I had on my self a big blanket that covered most of my body.

It was a white blanket with my full name on it, my parents gave it to me on my 15th birthday. Yes, we weren't rich but most of the time we had enough and I was very thankful for this gift.

Back to reality, I was walking slowly because I hadn't had a proper meal in about three days and I can tell you what, its horrible. While I was in my 'dreamland' I walked right into something. Something very strong, I stumbled back and landed on my butt.

My first intuition was that I walked into a wall but then I remembered that its the middle of the street, what wall could be in the middle of the street? I looked up and then I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

No, I am not a cliché but this woman is perfect. Yes, PERFECT!

' Are you going to stare at me for a long time? Or are you going to at least apologize and buy me a new coffee? ' The lady said.

To say I was shocked would be an understanding. Wait! She wanted me to buy her coffee? I don't have enough money for that!

I barely have enough money for myself, oh well, here goes my meal yet again.

My stomach was growling and my cheeks were in a slight red color.

' c-coff-ee? ' I stuttered.

It's been a long time since I talked to someone.

' Yes, C-O-F-F-E-E! ' she spelled the word. ' And you better hurry! I won't waste all of my time to spend it with you! ' she spoke with an even but a harsh voice.

' Agh ' I signed, you're not the only one who doesn't want to spend your time with me.

' Hello? ' she said.

'a-a-h, yes of course! Will you lead the way? ' I asked.

She put on her glasses and made her way to the cafe I was going to go anyway. She's wearing very expensive clothes, maybe even designed clothes. We walked into the cafe and everyone was staring at us.

Are they looking at me or at the woman whose name I didn't even know?! Oh, whatever! I don't care what people think about me, never had and probably never will. The most important people for me are my close ones and since I don't have anyone it's going to stay that way.

' One hot latte for me ' the woman said to the barista.

' Coming right up Miranda! ' the barista said in a sweet tone.

So, her name is Miranda? What a beautiful name, I smiled.

' It would be 5$ ' the barista said while handling the coffee to Miranda. She took the coffee and stared at me.

' Oh! Of course! ' I smiled while my cheeks turned red. Wait! How much did she say the coffee was?

' How much? ' I asked again.

' 5$ ' she said in an annoyed voice.

I reached with my hand to the pocket of my pants and found a 5$ bill, yes! Thank god! I handed her the money and looked at Miranda.

' A-ah, here! ' I said.

' You don't like coffee? ' Miranda asked me.

' Of course, I love coffee ' I said.

' Then why don't you buy you some too and talk to me? ' Miranda said in an even tone.

How will I tell her I don't have enough money for another coffee and spent my meal with her? She will probably think I'm disgusting and will run from the cafe at the moment this words will leave my mouth.

' Will it be okay if we will just talk? I don't want a coffee right now but I Would love to talk with you if you have the time, of course, I'm not saying that you should, you can go and it will be fine but you did invite me- ' I started to rumble and thank god Miranda cut me off!

' Let's sit then ' she turned around and walked to the nearby table. I followed her and we sat down.

' Ah, so tell me something about yourself? ' I asked in a shy voice as I blushed.

Miranda looked at me with shock, why? I don't know. Maybe she finally found out what a failure of a girl I am? maybe she understood that I'm homeless? I guess she could have found out about it from the way my clothes looked...

' My name is Miranda Priestly and I - ' before she could finish that sentence some redhead came to our table and said: ' Miranda! I'm really sorry but it's an emergency! ' Miranda stood up, looked at me and said: ' what a strange girl you are ' and left.

I was so stunned and I didn't even realize she was out of the cafe when the brunette girl was talking to me: ' What did she do with a girl like you? I bet she was just pitting you ' she let out a snort and left.

What a rude girl! She's probably around my age but looks like a model, I wonder how she knows Miranda...

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Since the day that I bought Miranda coffee I couldn't stop thinking about her, she's just so beautiful and perfect and I can tell that she is a smart woman too.

Yes, like 'an angle flung out of space' - that's one of my favorite quotes from the book: " Price Of Salt " and It describes her perfectly.

It's been 3 days since that day, the day that changed my perspective on life. well, actually who am I kidding? It made me feel awful. I can't forget her expensive way of style and her sassiness.

It made me feel worthless sitting there, in that cafe without having a penny to buy myself coffee so I could sit with Miranda like any other normal person.

I need to stop thinking about her because I'm sure she has already forgotten about me. It's easier to live like that then open up to someone else and get hurt.

I am living by myself with no one else to take care of me, to love me, to help me pass my hardest days and times for almost 6 years and I don't think I will survive any much longer.

The life on the street is very hard. For every penny, I need to beg and don't think just for a second that New York's people are good and generous.

Although New York is a very popular city and almost everyone you will ask if the people who work here make a lot of money the answer will be automatically yes.

That's maybe true, don't get me wrong, I wasn't near a computer for a very long time and I can't check that fact.

However, if it's true and I'm pretty sure It Is, why do people who get so much money don't want to give the poor at least a dollar?

One! For them, it's not a lot but for me, it can give me something to eat. It can even give me hope! I can't go to work because who will expect a girl like me? I did finish school, thank god but my grades weren't so good.

I almost failed every subject except for English but that is because I love It so much. My life was never easy, not at a single point in my life, right from the beginning.

I was born into a 'middle class' family, we couldn't afford much but I had all the things that were necessary. When kids started to notice my old clothes and my family's financial status, their perspective on me changed.

One day some of the kids took my backpack and threw it in the mud, just because I was different from them.

I hadn't had school accessories for almost six months and It only got worse. The bullying started, I cut myself and fell into a depression. That's just a third of what happened to me but for now, it's enough of description.

Back to reality, here I am standing on the busiest street in New York, looking at the people - some are running, some are walking, some may be tourists and some may even work here.

I don't see the differences between them. For me, they are my only way to continue to live and without them, I could have been dead already.

' Here you go, honey ' An older woman said with a sweet tone.

She handed me a 20$ bill and I was stunned! Before I could realize what had happened she was already on her way back to her husband.

' Wait! ' I yelled but my voice sounded so horse and cracked that I wouldn't have blamed her If she had called the police or run away. To my surprise, she stopped and looked at me.

' Yes, sweetheart? ' she asked in a sweet, sweet tone and only then I looked at her and she looked familiar, to whom? I have no idea.

' T-thank y-ouu ' I stuttered.

' You're welcome sweetheart, just don't give up hope! ' She smiled and then turned around, took her husband's hand and walked away.

Something in her words made me stop and think for a while. What did she mean ' Don't give up hope'? I guess I would never find out.

I started to head back into my ally with a smile on my face. Finally, I could eat a proper meal.

On my way, I stopped in front of the 'RUN' something building and I found out its name - 'RUNWAY'. What a beautiful and a smart name, so I bet whoever came up with the name is probably it's owners.

Suddenly a brunette girl came out of the building with a run, I thought that something bad had happened so I quickly asked her

' Are you okay? '

She looked at me and that's when I recognized her, It's her! The brunette girl from the cafe! I could tell that something was wrong because she was crying and hysterical.

' Oh, It's you!' She said in an angry voice, I guess she recognized me too? ' Of course not! The dragon lady fired me without even looking at me once! All because I couldn't find out who you are! '

' Me? Why is that girl was looking for me anyway? ' I was so confused, I don't know anyone and I didn't do anything wrong so what did she want from me and why did she fire this girl because of me?

' I don't want to talk to you, I had the perfect job and I lost it because of you! If you wanted the job you could have just said and I could have known! here! take this! 'She handed me a piece of paper with a phone number that said: ' Emily'

' Call her for the job interview, she's already looking for a new assistant' And then she just left, just like that and I couldn't even stop her because she was already out of the building, running.

A job interview? Is this some kind of a joke? Why would she give me a phone number of this 'Emily' if she claims that she lost it because of me?

Even if I wanted to call Emily, how could I? And even more so, I will need a CV and how will I get that?

I shoved the paper into my coat and continued walking to my so-called " home ".

What will I do? I don't know, but first I have to eat something...

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I can't remember the last time I ate! agh, it was so good!

Finally, I bought myself a proper meal, and I must say, I missed it.

I want that, I want to be able to eat whatever and whenever I want, the only problem is that I need to find a job. I still got Emily's phone number, but I doubt she will hire me.

I mean, come on! Who would want to hire a homeless girl, without any experience? No one, I will tell you that.

I reached into my pocket and took what I had, ten dolors and 'hers' phone number. Maybe I should try to get that job, I mean what's the worst that could happen? I'm already at the bottom of my life.

Okay, I'm going to do it. I have ten dolors so I could use them for a phone call and print my ' CV '. There's a shop behind the corner who lets you use their computers for 5 dolors per hour.

I stood up and started to walk down the street. I wonder what is she doing right now? Maybe she thinks about me too? Maybe she misses me too? Maybe she can't take her mind off me and sleep properly?

Yeah, right. Of course, the woman who just met me would miss me and couldn't stop thinking about me? Ha! And I wondered why I love to write so much, my imagination is crazy.

 ' How can I help you? ' The guy from the store asked me. He was smiling at me and from his face, I could tell that he wasn't judging me.

I smiled and said: ' Yes, please. I would like to use one of your computers for one hour. '

' Yes, of course. It would be one dolor. ' He said.

My face must have given away my shock and he started laughing.

' Don't be so surprised, For a woman as beautiful as you, I could make a small discount. ' He winked at me.

' Oh, and my name is Doug, It's short for Douglas. '

He's sweet but I don't like It when men start flirting with me.

' Oh, don't you worry! I'm gay but I can still appreciate a beautiful girl.' He laughed.

I was so relieved that I started laughing too. We chatted for a little longer and until he told me which computer to use and If I'm being honest, I was a little nervous.

I started to write my CV but It was so hard! I didn't have anything useful to write there. So what could I write? ' A 24 years old homeless girl, looking for a highly professional job? '

' Just write what everyone writes. ' Doug suddenly said.

I looked at him confused, what did people write on their resume?

' And what would that be? '

' Lies. ' He simply said.

How could people lie on their resume? It's as If they're lying about themselves. On second thought, I need this job, Desperately! So maybe I should lie too? No, I shouldn't but Maybe?

I hit 'print', as Doug came and gave me the resume.

' Thank you, Doug I appreciate It a lot. ' I said.

' No problem kid, whenever you need something, just ask. ' He replied and started walking back towards his office.

' Wait! Can I ask you a favor, please? I-I could pay you '

' You don't have to pay me anything, what do you need? ' He smiled.

' May I call from your phone? I-I want to make an appointment for a job interview and I... ' I started to mumble but Doug cut me before I could say another word.

' Sure! here, take how much time as you need. ' He handed me the phone and went to help another customer.

The thought that he just handed me his phone and left brought tears to my eyes, he trusts me enough to leave me with his phone!

' Runway, Emily's speaking '

' H-hello, my name is A-andrea and I'm calling about the job... ' I was SO nervous that I was stuttering.

' Yes, come to the Runway offices today at 12:30, I will tell the guard to give you a free access. ' She said hurriedly.

' T-today? ' I asked and couldn't believe that I would have the job interview so soon! 

' Yes, Is that a problem? I thought you don't have a job, what could you possibly do? ' She chuckled.

Ahm, she's so rude! However, I need this job so I will be on my best behavior.

' No! Of course not. I will be there. ' I said.

' See you at 12:30 ' And she hanged up.

Something tells me that this job would be very interesting.

' Thank you very much, Doug! I have a job interview today at 12:30! ' I said happily.

' Well, good luck and come back soon! ' he waved at me as I walked outside.

' Excuse me? What is the time? ' I asked someone.

' 12:15 ' He replied.

' Thank yo-' But he already was gone.

What? are you kidding me? Did she do this on purpose? Agh! I don't have enough time! I don't want to be late and ruin my first impression.

' I'm here for Emily. My name is Andrea. ' I said to the guard.

' The boss's office is on the top floor ' He replied.

The boss? Is she the boss and actually does all the job? I thought the boss has secretaries for that.

I walked into the elevator and when I tried to hit the top floor I noticed that my hands were shaking.

' Oh honey, don't be so nervous. It's going to be okay. What's your name? Where are you going and to whom? I could help you. ' An older man said.

' Ah, Andrea and I'm going t-to the top floor, to Emily. Do you know her? ' I asked.

' Honey, I know Emily as If she's my own sister. She's a tiger but she will come around. '

The elevator dinged and the door opened.

' Good luck! ' He said and walked away.

Suddenly a redhead girl came to me and said: ' You're Andrea? Good, come with me. She's waiting for you. '

' Emily is waiting for me? ' I asked her.

' I'm Emily. You talked with me. The dragon lady is waiting for you. Don't tell her I said that! ' She said as we were walking very fast.

She paused before the glass doors and said: ' This is her, Miranda Priestly.'

'I was shocked! Miranda! As my Miranda? Wha- ' Before I could finish my thoughts the doors opened and I saw her... 

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'H-h-ello' I smiled nervously.

She was sitting in her chair, reading glasses on, she glanced at me once and returned looking at some magazines.

' And who are you? ' Miranda asked in a hushed voice.

Wait, she doesn't remember me? Like, at all?! And here I was thinking about her every single day. It hurt, I won't lie.

'I'm Andrea Sachs, Ms. Priestly' My voice was hushed too, I was so embarrassed and hurt that I was afraid If I would speak any louder my voice would crack.

'I know that. That's what resumes are for. I asked who you are so you could tell me which job do you think you are capable of doing in a place like this? '

Did she just insult me?

'I'm here for the personal assistant job. '

'Oh, really? And what would a fat girl like you do as my PA?'

Wow, Is she always like that? I mean, I met her under not so pleasant circumstances, I spill her coffee on her, so I figured her behavior was affected by that. 

I guess I was wrong.

'Well thank you, I'm flattered- ' Before I could finish my sentence she cut me off.

'Why on earth would you be flattered? Being fat is not a compliment!'

'For me, it is a compliment. I don't think I'm fat and I wouldn't mind getting any '' fatter'' but that doesn't important.What's important is that I'm here for a job interview. '

She lined back in her chair, took her glasses off and held them in her hand. She looked as though she was in deep thoughts, maybe she's thinking what's the most horrible way to get me out of her office? 

'You think that I- Miranda Priestly, will hire a girl like you? A fat girl with zero fashion style, who has such a ridiculous resume when I have hundreds of girls who have better resumes, more experience and that look like models?'

That hurt, a lot. I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes, but I held them. I tried really hard.

'I-I a-a-m no-t fa-t, my resume is who I am. I-f-f you don't like It, then that's your problem! I don't even know who you are, I don't need your insults. I've heard enough and I don't need to hear more.' I said as some tears escaped my eyes.

'Oh, really? You want me to believe that you don't know who I am? We are in New York! Have you been living under a rock? everyone knows who I am. ' She said in a stern voice, yet she didn't yell.

'I-I-I re-a-all-y h-ave n-n-o idea who you are!' My stutter was getting worse.

'How? How can you not know? You think I believe your tricks? You won't be the first one to use me!'

This is getting worse second by second, why would I use her? All I want is a job so I could start rearranging my life but no! I needed to bump into the woman of my dreams and get humiliated by her.

'P-p-please! I really didn't know, I still don't. W-why would I ha-v-ve to lie to you? All I want is a decent job, I didn't know that to be a PA I would have to be thin and  fashioned.'

'Leave, now. ' She said in a very sterned voice and she turned around with her chair, facing the big glass window.

'I-I-I-I'm re-a-ally s-s-sorry, f-f-o-r wasting yo-o-ur time. I w-will go-' I couldn't finish the sentence because I started to have a panic attack,  I started to feel dizzy.

My vision was blurred with tears, oh god. She's going to think that I'm such a disaster! Everything started to become black when I heard her chair. 

She must have turned around.

' Why are you still he-' She said but I cut her off

'I-I-I-I, p-p-please, I-I-I ne-ed h-elp' And everything went black.


Miranda's pov.

Here she is, the girl from the cafe. She looks so cute, not fashioned but very cute! I wonder what is she doing here?And why is she here?

When she started to talk, I found out that she's here for an interview. Really? She wants me to believe that she's here for an interview? How could she possibly know about the position of the personal assistant?

So, I dismissed her. Told her to go, as I always do, the thing was, she didn't go. I wanted to dismiss her again when I saw her figure.

She was shaking from head to toe, her breath was very quick and she was having a difficulty to move. It seems like she's having a panic attack, a serious panic attack.

I didn't know what to do so I stood up and walked towards her, once I was close enough I heard her stutter that she needed help and then she fainted.

I quickly grabbed her and caught her right in time before she hit the floor.

'Emily! EMILY!' I yelled. She came running into the office, she knows that I don't yell unless it involves my family.

'Call 911! right now!' I said.

'They are on their way!' She replied.

Please be alright, my Andrea! My Andrea? since when is she my Andrea?

911 came rushing into the office.

'Ma'am, we are going to take a good care of her. We are going to take her to the hospital, to do some check ups but she will be alright. '

I was glad to hear that but I was still worried.

'I'm coming with you and there isn't room for an argument' I said moving to take my phone.

I will be there for her, It's the least that I own her...  




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What happened? I feel so dizzy, the room is so dark. No, my eyes are closed and I can hear someone talking nearby.

'Did you call her family? her partner? someone!? ' said a very familiar voice.

'No, ma'am. We couldn't find any number available in her files so we will have to wait until she will wake up. '

Agh, I feel so horrible. Slowly I started to open my eyes but as soon as they were fully open I groaned.

'Agh, why are the lights are so bright? ' I whispered.

'Miss Sachs, It's nice to see that you're awake. I'm Dr. Bloom and I did some examples on you while you were out. It seems that you were having a serious panic attack which led you to pass out.

While I was running some tests on you I discovered that you're a little bit underweight but it could be fixed by a few meals. Before I continue, do you suffer from any pain?'

'Ahm, my head hurts a little. ' I replied because that was the truth, I felt as though someone was hitting me with a hammer.

However, I knew he would try to give me some pills that I won't have the money to pay for so I decided to say something that could change his mind.

'But It's okay though, I will survive. ' I tried to put a fake smile but failed.

'Nonsense, you don't have to suffer. I will tell a nurse to bring you something. Oh, and by the way do you want us to call someone who could sign you out of the hospital? '

'I need someone to sign me out of the hospital? ' I asked in wonder.

'Yes, that's our policy. '

'Ahm, and If I don't want to call anyone? ' I asked in a shy voice, I didn't want him to know the truth.

'I could sign you out. ' Suddenly a very familiar voice was heard in the room.

I turned towards the voice so I could recognize who's the familiar voice belongs to and to my surprise, it was Miranda's. What is she doing here? Why is she here?

'M-miranda? What are you doing here?'

'I came here with you and as I heard you don't want to call anyone, I can be the one to sign you out of here. ' She said in a whisper.

'Can she?' I asked the doctor.

'Yes, I will go and bring the medical bills and be right back to sign you out. ' She said and walked out of the room.

Medical bills? How much time was I here? How much money would it cost and what if I wouldn't be able to pay them? So many questions run through my mind.

'Here we go, the pay bills are here and the files for checking out are here. I would need your signature here and Mss. Priestley's signature here. ' Said Dr. Bloom.

We signed where we were supposed to sign and we were done.

'I would like to speak in private with Andrea and here is the card, use it to pay the bills. ' Said, Miranda, while handing the Dr the card.

S-she would pay for me? oh no, what will she want in return? I don't have anything to give her back.

'H-how can I-' before I could finish my sentence Miranda interrupted me.

'I have a job for you, not as my assistant but as my housemaid. You will have your own room and your job will cleaning and mostly cooking. Does It suit you?'

'U-um, s-su-re! When can I start? '

'Right now. '

And so we made our way to Miranda's private car, a car, ph, more like a limo If you ask me. If this is her car I wonder what her house would look like.

'We are here Miranda. It was a pleasure meeting you Andrea.' Miranda's driver- Roy told us.

'It was nice meeting you too Roy. '

We made our way to the townhouse and I must say, It looks very luxurious and very much like Miranda.

'Roy will be here tomorrow morning to drive you to your apartment so you could bring here whatever you need. Your room is on the second floor, same as mine and my girls. ' Miranda said.

Wait, I'm going to live on the same floor as her? wow! More importantly, SHE HAS KIDS?!
Is she married? how many 'girls' does she have?

'Girls? ' I asked as politely as I could.

'Yes Andrea, my girls. Their name is Cassidy and Caroline, they are the most important thing to me in the world and as I am letting you live with us under the same roof I expect you to treat them well. '

'O-of course! I wouldn't dream to do something to harm them or make them feel uncomfortable. ' I said.

'You better. If my girls won't like you, you will be fired.' She said as she smirked.

omg! I need to be very careful with them, I want to have a roof over my head.

'H-how old are they? '

'They are 11 years old. Your job Is to clean the house and keep It clean, though you don't have to clean every day, twice a week would be alright.

And most importantly, you must cook for us on a daily basis. All you need to know is in the kitchen. The girls won't be here until tomorrow so I suggest you to rest as much as you can. ' She said while smiling a little.

My office is down the hole on the first floor so If you have more questions you could find me there. ' Miranda said.

'Of course, Miranda. ' I said quietly.

I wanted to thank her for the job and say that I won't need Roy to drive me to my apartment tomorrow because I don't have one but I knew she wouldn't care.

'Oh and Andrea? ' Miranda said as she started to walk to her office.

'Yes Miranda? '

'Do not disappoint me. ' And she walked away...

Chapter Text

‘Did mom fire our nanny?’

Andrea was awaken by someone talking and someone sitting near her.
Were this Miranda’s twins? Andrea couldn’t tell because her eyes were closed.

‘Are you our new nanny?’ One of the girls asked.

‘Ahm, I don’t know. I-I-I talked with your mom yesterday and she said that my job is to clean and cook for you, I don’t recall her saying me anything about being your nanny.
N-n-ot that it would be a problem…’ Andrea started to rumble.

‘Andrea isn’t your nanny, she is our housemaid.’ Miranda said as she came in the room.

Andrea jumped out of the bed.

‘Mi-miranda! Did I have to wake up at a certain hour?’

‘Well, you should have.’ Miranda said as the girls giggled.

‘I- d-do you need me to do something?’ Andrea stuttered nervously.

‘You should have but it’s your first day, you didn’t know.’

Miranda held her hand as she continued talking.

‘These are my daughters, I’m sure you know their names’

‘A-actually I don’t..?’ Andrea said a little embarrassed.

‘You don’t know the names of my girls? Where did you live before? In a cage?’ Miranda said with a little smirk.

Andrea wasn’t sure what is the right answer.
Did she have to know that? Will Miranda be angry with her if she didn’t know?

‘Sorry…’ Andrea replied.

‘Girls, leave me alone with Andrea.’ Miranda said as the girls were making an ‘uh oh’ noises and walked out if Andrea’s bedroom.

Andrea was at a nearly panic attack.

‘I’m so sorry, Miranda. I'm truly sorry, if you will tell me their names, I promise, I will never forget them.’

‘Andrea, it’s alright. It is just a little difficult for me to believe that someone who is living in New York doesn’t know their name.’

‘I-I you are some kind of a celebrity, right? So, uhh, your girls are famous too?’

‘Andrea I’m going to ask you something and I want you to answer me honestly.’ Miranda gave her a serious look.

‘Ah, sure’ Andrea replied.

‘Were you a homeless?’ Miranda asked as she came to sit near the girl.

‘W-what?’ She was shocked.
How could Miranda find out about it?

Miranda took Andrea’s hands in hers and asked again.

‘Were you?’ She asked while looking Andrea deep into her eyes.

‘Yes, how did you know?’ Her voice was almost a whisper.

'You didn't use Roy to pick up your things from your apartment, you didn't know me, you don't know my girls' names...'

And at that moment something changed in Miranda's mind.
She scooted closer to Andrea and took the girl for a hug.

Andrea was still in shock from all the information that she didn't even realize that someone was hugging her.
It's been a long time since someone hugged her, you know.

‘Andrea, I want you to know that if you need someone to talk to I’m here for you.’

’T-thank you Miranda’ She still couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

‘Am I being fired?’ Andrea asked hopefully.

‘Fired? Why would I want to fire you?’

‘Well you discovered who I am and I didn’t even know your girls n-‘ Miranda didn’t let her finish.

‘I won’t fire you for being homeless, you seem to be a very nice young lady.’ Miranda continued.

‘And you didn't have to know my girls' names. The taller one is Caroline and the shorter one is Cassidy.’

‘They have wonderful names. I always imagined my children with those names.’ Andrea smiled.

‘Ahm’ Was all Miranda said.

‘Miranda I got all the schedules yesterday but is there something that you wanted to let me know that wasn’t in there?’

‘No, I don’t think so. I came here to apologize with the name of my girls, they didn't have the right to come in your room.’ Miranda said a little angry.

‘It’s okay, I don’t mind.’

They talked for a little longer until Andrea decided to stand up and do her work.
It wasn’t difficult and today was Sunday, she guessed Miranda would like to spend her time with her girls in private.

She has done all of her chores for today. She cooked, cleaned the house, she even took Patricia for a walk!
She was exhausted but in a good way because now she had some purpose in her life.

When she walked passed the living room to go upstairs into her room, she was careful not to make any noise and let the Priestly family have some family time.
However, she was very surprised when Miranda called her.

‘Andrea? Did you finish cleaning?’

‘Yes, I have. I’m sorry if I was too loud, I’m just going to go up into my room. I won’t disturb you, good night.’ Andrea said with a small smile, she hoped one day she will have someone to spend Sunday night with.

‘Nonsense, come and join us!’ Miranda said as she stood from her place between the girls to make room for the girl.

To say that Andrea was surprised would not be the right thing to say, she was shocked even.
She wanted to join them, but a moment before she said anything…

‘Mom!’ ‘What the hell?!’ Caroline and Cassidy yelled at the same time.

Andrea turned towards the girls and she saw their furious faces, what had she done? She didn’t even say anything! Oh, It was about what she could say…

Miranda, on the other hand, was shocked, it wasn’t the way she raised her girls!

‘Caroline, Cassidy would you like to tell me what’s the problem? And before you say anything that you will regret later, think of what you're saying before saying them!’ Miranda talked harshly towards the girls. She was furious.

‘We don’t want HER to sit in the same couch as us! What if she has some kind of germs that could make us sick? She was a homeless, you know.’ Caroline said with a little smirk on her face.

Cassidy on the other hand was observing the situation quietly. Andrea looked hurt and it looked as though her daily face mask would slip away any minute and she would begin to cry.

‘It’s none of your business who Andrea was. I haired her because of my own reasons and you will treat her with respect, I asked Andrea to treat you the same and as far as I’m concern, she doesn’t deserve this kind of behavi-‘ Miranda was cut off by Andrea whose eyes were red and puffy as though she was about to cry.


‘Miranda, I-It’s okay. I can understand them, no hard feelings. I wouldn’t have said yes Caroline…’ Andrea said as she turned her way towards Caroline, who was a little shocked that Andrea could tell her and Cassidy apart on the first day.

Andrea continued: ‘Sundays are family time and just because I live here doesn't mean that I am part of the family. I don’t want to cause any problems between you, therefore I will go to bed now. However, if you will ever need me, You can ask me. Other than that, I wouldn't bother you or your mom, good night.’ Andrea finished with a small voice that betrayed the small smile on her face.

Before Miranda could say anything, Andrea was out of site…

Chapter Text

The next day, Andy woke up early. Well, early is an understatement because what would you call a night where you tossed and turned and didn’t have any sleep?

What happened with Cassidy and Caroline only proved to Andy that she needed to be more careful and not to let her gratitude towards Miranda take over her judgment.

She was very grateful for the opportunity Miranda has given to her. She knew she wasn't the typical choice that Miranda would normally pick or choose but it felt good for once to be needed. That was, at least, what Andy liked to think.

Getting out of bed, Andy walked towards the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and cleaned her face. ’It is nice to have some hygienic products’ She thought.

Feeling a little bit more worthy of wearing Miranda’s Priestly clothes, she decided to look at what Miranda left for her in ”her” closet.

She saw a beautiful “The North Face” purple sweatshirt and black jeans, a few pieces of sweatpants in all colors possible and a few other light but warm shirts and hoodies.

She wondered if all of it was true and not just her imagination. ’Of course, it's not, you silly girl. Maybe it's a little unbelievable but it doesn't mean that you're hallucinating’ Andy thought to herself.

She picked the purple sweatshirt and decided to wear comfortable pants. After sorting herself out, she decided it was time she exited the room.

Since last night, she didn’t leave her room at all, even when she wanted to go and get herself a cup of water during the night, she didn’t dare going outside. The twins made it very clear who was the boss here and clearly it was not Miranda.

Stepping out of the room, Andy made her way towards the stairs. She decided to have a little tour around the house since she was going to need to know where to start cleaning, which room was more “important” and which rooms where maybe off limits.

Before she could step one foot on the first step of the stairs, she heard a door open and close behind her. ’Please, don't let it be one of the girls. I won't be able to interact with them without Miranda.’ Andy thought.

”Andrea, is that you?” Miranda asked with a sleepy voice.

She was wearing a blueish silk robe which probably costs more than Andy could ever afford to buy or have, Her hair looked a bit ruffled from the sleep and she was holding her robe as if it would fall any second.

Andy was startled that someone else was awake with her but quickly she understood that it was Miranda and calmed down immediately.

”Y-yes, I'm sorry, did I wake you up?” Andy asked with a slightly panicked voice.

”Not really, just couldn't sleep. I guess it was the same with you?” Miranda asked with a gentle voice.

”Ahm, how did you guess?” Andy cleared her throat because she felt like it was dry.

”Maybe because it's 3 o'clock in the morning on a Monday, no less?” Miranda stepped closer to Andrea but Andrea took a step back and said ”I-I’m so sorry, I tried to be as quiet as possible. I promise to be quieter from now on”

Andy was rambling and she felt really embraced that she woke Miranda up at this hour.

However, Miranda who was slightly taken aback with Andrea’s reaction to her stepping closer to her was a bit lost for words.

”Don’t be silly, you didn't wake me up. I was awake and heard you come out of the bedroom so I thought if you couldn't sleep either than maybe we could be each other's company”

Miranda finished talking and had a little smile on her face. She felt her heart was breaking for this young woman, who went through a lot from what it seems in her early life.

Seeing as Andrea was still too shy to say a word, Miranda came up with an idea.

”How would you feel about a cup of the best English tea?” Miranda said as she was starting to go down the stairs.

”Ah, I'm not sure… Thank you for the offer, I'm sure it is the best tea but maybe I should start cleaning.” Andy said while making her way down as well.

”Nonsense, it's too early for you to start working and this comes from me.” Miranda said while winking at Andrea.

Finally, they made their way to the kitchen and Miranda made Andy sit by the table while she was making them each a cup of tea.

”Here you go,” Miranda said as she handed Andy the tea.

”T-thank you,” Andy said as she began to sip her tea.

Miranda looked at Andy thoughtfully as she was also drinking her tea carefully.

”You're not used to people showing kindness towards you, do you?” Miranda said as she wanted to have some conversation with the girl.

Andy looked puzzled, she didn't get any form of kindness in her life. She always had a tough life and she considered kindness as a rare human emotion that was rarely been used towards her.

”Not really, no.” Andy said thoughtfully.

”Well, I hope that from now on, it will change and you will get used to it.” Miranda said while she was gazing at Andy softly.

Miranda couldn't quite understand when was the last time she felt so soft towards someone. Yes, soft. Everyone knew that Miranda is the Dragon Queen or the Ice Queen but deep down, once Miranda had this kind of feelings towards someone, she would give them everything she got.

The sad part was that aside from Cassidy and Caroline she didn't really have this kind of feelings towards someone, not even the twin's father.

Sure, she loved him but looking back at it, she was just in love with the idea of an ideal family. She wanted to be like everybody else and have a husband, children, and a nice house. That's what life is all about, right?

Well, as Miranda grew older she started to realize that none of it matters if you don't have the right person to share it all with. That's why it was so important for Miranda to help Andrea in any way possible.

She wanted the girl to find a purpose in life and not waste them as she did. She didn't regret having her girls, they are her life and what's worth fighting for but sometimes she just wondered if it could have been different.

“Maybe I should give you some privacy,” Andy said uncomfortably. She saw that Miranda had been thinking really hard these past few minutes and she was in deep thoughts so she wondered if maybe Miranda would like to be left alone to deal with them.

”Don't be ridiculous. I want to have a conversation with you, that's why I suggested having tea, so we could talk things through.” Miranda said after she was pulled out of her thoughts.

’oh, so this is what it was, Miranda wanted to talk with me about what happened with the girls the previous night. Well, it was obvious that it would come up now or later but Andrea wasn't sure what to make out of it. Will she fire her? Or warn her? Maybe she will tell her not to look or talk with the girls at all except than doing her job?’ Andrea was deep in thoughts too.

”Miranda, I'm so sorry for what happened with the girls. I totally understand that what I did was wrong and it won't happen again. From now on I will strictly do my job, I will clean, cook take care of the house and I will try not to cross paths with the girls. Please, just give me another chance and I will prove to you that I can do my job properly” Andy was almost begging at this point. Hell, she was begging Miranda not to throw her out to the streets again because after having a taste of the life she could have, she didn't want to go back to where she was.

Miranda on the other hand, was shocked. She didn't expect Andrea to bring this up right now, what she meant by saying that she wanted to have a conversation with Andrea she meant to get to know her better.

However, seeing how upset Andrea was over what happened last night, she immediately understood what she had to say.

”Andrea, calm down and listen to me. What happened with the girls last night was not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. If someone was wrong, it was me. I let them talk to you in such a disrespectful way and I won't allow it to happen again. I want you to listen to me carefully when I say this if anything like this happens again while I'm not at home, I want you to come to me and I will sort it out with the girls. I know that they may seem like trouble right now, but I guarantee you that if you get to know them more you won't find them so intimidating.” Miranda finished talking and she felt like she was out of breath.

To say that Andy was shocked would be an understatement. She was astonished, she was paralyzed, she was out of breath too.

She didn't think that this would be Miranda’s response at all. Sure, she thought that Miranda would yell, laugh or just throw her out without mercie but this wasn't what she thought could be her a response even in her dreams.

Feeling so many emotions going through her body, Andrea stood up from her chair, she walked around the table until she was standing in front of Miranda and pulled her up.

Now it was Miranda’s turn to feel shocked. She didn't understand what Andrea was trying to achieve by pulling her up but she decided to let the girl go with her thought.

Andrea on the other hand, couldn't think of anything. Her emotions were all over the place, she let her heart and soul decide for her what to do and just like that she found herself hugging Miranda Priestley.

Not an awkward hug of two people who barely know each other, but a hug that could have made people start speculating about what kind of relationship they have.

Andy’s hands were closed under Miranda’s armpits and she was holding her for dear life. This position didn't leave Miranda with any other possible position so she just closed her arms around Andy’s shoulders.

It was so intimate. It was so pure that neither of the women had felt like this before.

Andrea took a deep breath in and inhaled Miranda’s sweet smell while burying her face in her neck while her eyes were closed.

And Miranda, whose emotions were driving her crazy, pulled Andrea closer to her while one hand was stroking her head and the other holding her shoulders for dear life.

A while later, when both women realized what had just happened they pulled away quickly from one another, breathing deeply and harshly.

They looked into each other’s eyes and they could see each other’s soul. They were both fragile and so emotionally exposed that all Andrea could do was say:” Ah, thank you for the tea, I hope you will have a great day” and run away towards her room leaving Miranda shocked and confused in the middle of the kitchen.

Chapter Text

After the encounter between the two in the kitchen, each one tried to take her mind off of what happened, Miranda made herself busy with work and Andrea as well.

Keeping themselves busy with work actually meant giving each other space and time to think about what's going to happen next.

Miranda on the one hand, was quite shocked by her feelings towards the young woman. Yes, being the editor in chief of Runway magazine for the last handful of years didn't make her innocent or unaware of her surroundings. However, she never would have imagined that after two marriages and two divorces, both for men and giving birth to two girls she would actually start having feelings towards a woman.

Andrea on the other hand, didn't want to think about it at all simply because she knew that she had more to lose from this situation than Miranda had. After everything that she's been through, Andrea knew that she couldn't sabotage her chance for a regular life that Miranda was giving her.

So Andy did what she was supposed to do, she cleaned the first floor, then the staircase and when she finally looked up at the clock she realized that soon the girls would come back from school and would be waiting for dinner.

Recalling from an early conversation with Miranda, Andy began walking towards the pantry and to say that she was shocked would be an understatement. The amount of food that it had, shocked Andrea to her core but after everything that Miranda provided to her, did she really had to have such a shock?

Well, yes and no. Even in Andrea's childhood, she didn't have these amount of food's opportunities that the Priestly's have on a daily basis and even these days she could say that she was still not over the fact that there is always food waiting for her to eat when she's hungry.

Looking from side to side with eyes that look wide and open, Andrea wondered what she could make on one hand to impress the Priestly's girls and on the other hand to make something that she would enjoy as well.

Deciding on the dish, Andy began collecting the ingredients that she would need. In about an hour, Andrea made the most delicious dish that she could remember from her childhood - Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

It took some time for Andy to remember how the oven and other electronic products work but at the end of it, she was pretty happy about the result.

Just in time, she heard the front door open. Cassidy's and Caroline's voices were raised, apparently, It was something that the twins couldn't agree on and their voices could be heard even in the kitchen.

"Oh, girls! So glad that you're finally here, are you hungry? I just finished making dinner so we just have to make the table and eat!" Andy greeted the girls cheerfully while she took off the apron she was wearing.

At Andrea's voice, the girls came to a stop just before the entrance. They both looked at each other and took the opportunity to say what they have on their mind while Cara was taking her coat off.

"Do you really think that we will help you? The help?" Cassidy asked while every word came out of her mouth through grinding teeth.

Andy was a little taken aback but it didn't seem to faze her. Yes, she was in a great mood but Andy knew that she was still walking on a thin line with them so she knew that she had to stay calm and be the adult in this situation. However, Cara bit her up to it because she finally hung her coat and entered the kitchen.

"Cassidy, what was that? Do you want to repeat yourself?" Cara said and challenged the girl.

"You heard her, as much as we like you Cara don't get between us and the maid," Caroline said and defended her sister in front of the two women.

Andrea who sensed that this was not going in any good direction, quickly interrupted Cara before she could say anything else.

"Cara it's ok, they are correct. This is my job and i will set the table, lunch will be served in about 10-15 minutes girls so you can go and do what you have to do" Andrea said a little defeated but soon begin to work on making the table set.

"Go upstairs girls and make yourself ready for lunch, I will call for you" Cara sighed and said a little harshly towards the girls, a second later they were already upstairs.

"Andy, you don't have act like you're walking on eggs with them. Believe me that they were the same with me when I started working here" Cara said as she approached Andy while she was making the table.

"Here, let me help" Cara added but Andy didn't let her.

"No, it's ok. It's my job to set the table and it's my job to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the house so the girls are right, I shouldn't have asked them to do that but I guess I just wanted to get a little time with them so I could get to know them better." Andy said while she put the last plat on the table.

"You can call them, lunch is ready." she added and before Cara could say anything else, Andy turned towards the oven so she could make herself busy until the girls will come downstairs.

Andy heard Cara walk away and a few seconds later she heard her yell for the twins to come down for dinner.

After a few minutes, Andy heard them walking downstairs and just like that, without any word they set by the table.

"Here you go girls, enjoy," Andy said as she handed the girls plates with Spaghetti.

The girls looked at each other, at once said "Ew!" and threw the plate away from them further on the table.

Andy and Cara were both In shock, It all happened so fast that neither of them knew what to do or how to react.

Finally, Cara came back to her senses and said:" Girls! What was that? Is it a way to treat someone who made you dinner? No. Go upstairs, think about what you did and we will talk about it with your mom" Cara said almost yelling.

"No, we won't! You're not our mom and she's a nobody! She's someone that our mom picked up from the streets and will get tired of in a few weeks if not days!" Cassidy yelled with everything she had in her.

Andy was petrified, she didn't know what she did wrong this time. Terrible thoughts started swirling in her mind and she was beginning to feel a little lightweight as though she was going to faint.

"Hey! Cassidy, calm down please and go up to your room before you say some more things that you will regret" Cara stood up from her chair and pointed at the exit of the kitchen towards where the staircase was, leading to the girl's room.

"Leave her alone! She only said the truth, our mom picked a brat from the streets that may be carrying some diseases and will steal everything that we own!" Caroline screamed as well, trying to defend her sister.

At that being said, it was safe to say that nothing ever made Andy feel more worthless than she felt at that moment in her life. She began to feel the tears that started to gather in her eyes, fighting for a way out but she didn't let them.

She stood where she was standing and didn't move a muscle.

Caroline took this opportunity to get up, pull Cassidy with her and say: "Now, we will be in our room while we will be waiting for mom. Until she comes home, you better start gathering your things, if you even have any, because when she will come you won't be leaving not working here anymore"

Just before anyone could say anything or the girls could make any move, a figure entered the kitchen and this figure was Miranda.

Andy, who's been standing with her face directed towards the kitchen entrance, was the first to see Miranda enter and immediately their eyes locked.

At that moment, Andy didn't know what to make of the look that was on Miranda's face so she did the only thing that she could possibly think of.

Andy wiped the few tears that succeeded to escape while Caroline's last outburst had happened and all she had left to do after that was to gather enough strength for what's yet to come. Andy wasn't stupid, she knew that Miranda wouldn't want to hire someone who couldn't even be getting along with her children so she was preparing herself to be sent on her own.

Miranda, on the other hand, came home a little bit early than It was expected of her and all thanks to the Wonderful work that Nigel and Emily did.

When she entered the house, she was astonished to hear yelling coming from the kitchen and while some would except the screams to come out of an adult, Miranda knew that her girls could be very difficult to be around with.

So she stayed back a little, didn't let anyone know her presence all because she didn't want to interfere and was interested in hearing what it was all about.

After a few long couples of minutes, she understood exactly what was going on and was shocked to hear how her girls thought that they could control her.

Miranda entered the kitchen and her heart broke into a million pieces after seeing Andrea's extremely sad, scared and humiliated face.

Finally, she spoke up:" Cassidy and Caroline, I want you to go upstairs immediately. Each one to her own room and I don't want to hear a thing from the both of you until I come to talk with you, is that understood?" Miranda said in a half yelling voice and a half whispering voice.

It seems like the sudden presence of their mother, finally brought the twins 'back to earth' and you could see the fear on their faces.

With eyes wide open, they nodded quickly up and down and said together:" Yes, ma'am." and they run together upstairs.

Miranda tried to calm herself down a little while she turned towards Cara and said: Thank you, Cara, for trying to keep things calm as possible. I will talk with the girls right after i will speak to Andrea, so you're free to go" Miranda said in her voice that was very similar to the one that she spoke with towards her employees in Runway.

Cara nodded also, slightly terrified but after so many years of working with the women, she knew that she had to listen to her and just leave.

That's how Andrea found herself face to face with the dragon lady herself in the kitchen.

Miranda, who tried to calm herself, poured herself a glass a water and drank it till the last drop. Finally, when she finished she looked at Andy and said: "Andrea, please come with me to my study"

In the study, Miranda sat on the sofa and made sure that there was enough room for Andy to sit right beside her. She made a motion with her hand for Andy to come closer and sit next to her while she patted the spot near her on the sofa.

Andy, who was still in a state of shock, with thousands of thoughts running around her head about her future and presence that is in the hands of the woman she's facing right now.

Miranda couldn't take the poor girl's face anymore, she stood up and got closer to her. Slowly, she extended her hand towards Andy's hand until she grabbed her and pulled their bodies closer. They were a breath apart, they could smell each other's breaths and finally, Andy crawled into the nip of Miranda's neck and as soon as her face made contact with Miranda's neck, Andrea began sobbing while Miranda's hands come around the young woman's fragile body.

Chapter Text

It took an hour and a half to calm Andrea down. The poor girl couldn't seem to be able to control herself after the incident with the girls and the way Miranda took care of her didn't make her want to stop.

It's been so long since someone had been there for her when she needed it the most and having Miranda here, hugging her and whispering softly calming words into her ear made her want to cuddle with the woman forever.

That's how one of the twins found them in Miranda’s working room. Miranda was practically laying down with her back and legs up on the sofa and Andrea laying down as well with her head laying on Miranda’s chest.

The image looked so intimate that it made Cassidy stop before entering the room. Yes, her mother told her to wait for her until she'll come to their room but that was almost two hours ago.

After the girls have been sent to their rooms, they were quite shocked. Never in their entire short life did their mother defend someone as much as she defended Andy.

”Mom?” Cassidy said as she entered the room.

Both women, who were startled by a present that wasn't there before, jumped from their laying down position to a sitting position. Andrea, who didn't want to make the situation any worse tried to stand up and say: ”I-I I guess I will leave you two alone, I will just go up to my room.”

However, Miranda was faster than her so she grabbed her arm and took Andrea’s hand in hers. She looked deeply into her eyes and said: ”No, you will stay here with me and let the twins explain themselves and apologize to you.”

”M-Miranda, I really don't think that it's necessary.” Andrea said while stuttering.

That didn't make Miranda change her mind. She was quite determined to not let the girls out of her sight. They went upstairs together upstairs and into Caroline’s room.

Walking in, Miranda saw that the light was deemed and her girl was laying on her stomach, in her bed with her head turned towards the side that Miranda came from so that she could actually see the tear-stained cheeks and red-ish nose.

Caroline was sleeping and breathing softly, a thing that didn't go unnoticed by Andrea. On one hand, she didn't want to tell Miranda what to do but on the other hand, she didn't want to make this situation any worse.

”Miranda, it's ok. Maybe we should let her sleep, she looks like she needs it.” Andrea softly whispered as she took Miranda hand and run her fingers through Miranda’s fingers and let go.

”Shhh, Andrea it's ok. We will wake her and talk to her now, to both of them.” Miranda said as she looked at Andrea and Cassidy who stood behind her.

”Caroline, please wake up.” Miranda softly said as she shook her shoulder.

Caroline woke up startled and sat straight up.

”W-what's going on?” Caroline rubbed her eyes.

”Caroline we have to talk about your behavior tonight.” Miranda replied as she sat beside Caroline and Cassidy joined her. Andrea, however, stood still in her place.

”Look, mom, I'm sorry and moreover I'm sorry Andrea.” Caroline said as she looked between them. Everyone in the room looked slightly shocked.

”Cassidy, Caroline what was it that I witnessed this evening? It's not like you, at all. I know you like to prank my new assistants but Andrea is not my assistant. She works here and quite frankly she is to be treated as nothing less than family.” Miranda finished talking quite angry.

The girls were shocked. It was either the fact that Miranda knew about their pranks or the fact that Miranda talked so highly of Andy.

”We are really sorry. W-we didn't know any better, we just wanted you to notice us. We always do things but you seem not to care and when we finally treated Andy like we did, we finally got your attention.” Cassidy said while crying her eyes out.

Miranda looked from Cassidy to Caroline and she could see the shame they felt through their eyes, she herself felt as if it was her own fault. Who was she kidding, It was her fault and if she had just given them her attention they wouldn't have behaved like this.

”Cass, Caro… I mean, can I call you that? Or would you prefer Cassidy and Caroline?” Andrea asked while she looked at each girl that she said her name.

Cassidy and Caroline were both surprised that Andy actually recognized who is who and that only gave her the credit to call them Cass and Caro, not to mention what they've made her go through with their behavior.

”Sure, we would like that.” Cassidy said shyly.

”So, girls I promise that from now on I will do anything I can to come home as early as possible. I know I won't be able to do that all the time but the important thing is that I will try. Now, can you promise me that you will behave as I raised you and not make Andrea want to flee from here?” Miranda said and finished with a playful attitude. She wanted them all to go to sleep with a good feeling.

”Yes! Absolutely!” and ”Yes, for sure!” Were heard from both girls.

”U-um, thank you, guys. I promise I won't annoy you too much” Andrea also said playfully and everyone laughed.

”Come here girls, give me a big hug!” Miranda said as she opened her arms widely.

Andy starring from the side actually had a big smile on her face. She loved seeing Miranda like this with the girls and it was so peaceful to watch until Caroline interrupted the quiet moment and said: ”Mom, can Andy join us?”

Both Andrea and Miranda were quite shocked that not long ago these two cheeky monsters didn't want Andrea anywhere near them and now they wanted her to hug them.

It spoke volumes to Miranda because she knows how hard the girls can be and at the same time how quickly their behavior can change. However, this didn't seem to faze Miranda as she would still keep an eye on them and her Andrea.

But for now, it will do.

”Of course my darlings, Andrea come here and give us a hug!” Miranda said as she waved her hand towards Andy and back to them.

Andy who was a little shocked by the turns of events didn't really know what to say but fortunately for her, she didn't have to.

With a blushing face and a shy smile, she quickly moved towards them before anyone could change their minds. And so that's how they stayed until it was way past bedtime.

Miranda was holding Andy for dear life while both of them were lying down on Caroline’s bed with each girl on each woman's side. This was the most peaceful place for both Andrea and Miranda.