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The Key To My Heart

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It took an hour and a half to calm Andrea down. The poor girl couldn't seem to be able to control herself after the incident with the girls and the way Miranda took care of her didn't make her want to stop.

It's been so long since someone had been there for her when she needed it the most and having Miranda here, hugging her and whispering softly calming words into her ear made her want to cuddle with the woman forever.

That's how one of the twins found them in Miranda’s working room. Miranda was practically laying down with her back and legs up on the sofa and Andrea laying down as well with her head laying on Miranda’s chest.

The image looked so intimate that it made Cassidy stop before entering the room. Yes, her mother told her to wait for her until she'll come to their room but that was almost two hours ago.

After the girls have been sent to their rooms, they were quite shocked. Never in their entire short life did their mother defend someone as much as she defended Andy.

”Mom?” Cassidy said as she entered the room.

Both women, who were startled by a present that wasn't there before, jumped from their laying down position to a sitting position. Andrea, who didn't want to make the situation any worse tried to stand up and say: ”I-I I guess I will leave you two alone, I will just go up to my room.”

However, Miranda was faster than her so she grabbed her arm and took Andrea’s hand in hers. She looked deeply into her eyes and said: ”No, you will stay here with me and let the twins explain themselves and apologize to you.”

”M-Miranda, I really don't think that it's necessary.” Andrea said while stuttering.

That didn't make Miranda change her mind. She was quite determined to not let the girls out of her sight. They went upstairs together upstairs and into Caroline’s room.

Walking in, Miranda saw that the light was deemed and her girl was laying on her stomach, in her bed with her head turned towards the side that Miranda came from so that she could actually see the tear-stained cheeks and red-ish nose.

Caroline was sleeping and breathing softly, a thing that didn't go unnoticed by Andrea. On one hand, she didn't want to tell Miranda what to do but on the other hand, she didn't want to make this situation any worse.

”Miranda, it's ok. Maybe we should let her sleep, she looks like she needs it.” Andrea softly whispered as she took Miranda hand and run her fingers through Miranda’s fingers and let go.

”Shhh, Andrea it's ok. We will wake her and talk to her now, to both of them.” Miranda said as she looked at Andrea and Cassidy who stood behind her.

”Caroline, please wake up.” Miranda softly said as she shook her shoulder.

Caroline woke up startled and sat straight up.

”W-what's going on?” Caroline rubbed her eyes.

”Caroline we have to talk about your behavior tonight.” Miranda replied as she sat beside Caroline and Cassidy joined her. Andrea, however, stood still in her place.

”Look, mom, I'm sorry and moreover I'm sorry Andrea.” Caroline said as she looked between them. Everyone in the room looked slightly shocked.

”Cassidy, Caroline what was it that I witnessed this evening? It's not like you, at all. I know you like to prank my new assistants but Andrea is not my assistant. She works here and quite frankly she is to be treated as nothing less than family.” Miranda finished talking quite angry.

The girls were shocked. It was either the fact that Miranda knew about their pranks or the fact that Miranda talked so highly of Andy.

”We are really sorry. W-we didn't know any better, we just wanted you to notice us. We always do things but you seem not to care and when we finally treated Andy like we did, we finally got your attention.” Cassidy said while crying her eyes out.

Miranda looked from Cassidy to Caroline and she could see the shame they felt through their eyes, she herself felt as if it was her own fault. Who was she kidding, It was her fault and if she had just given them her attention they wouldn't have behaved like this.

”Cass, Caro… I mean, can I call you that? Or would you prefer Cassidy and Caroline?” Andrea asked while she looked at each girl that she said her name.

Cassidy and Caroline were both surprised that Andy actually recognized who is who and that only gave her the credit to call them Cass and Caro, not to mention what they've made her go through with their behavior.

”Sure, we would like that.” Cassidy said shyly.

”So, girls I promise that from now on I will do anything I can to come home as early as possible. I know I won't be able to do that all the time but the important thing is that I will try. Now, can you promise me that you will behave as I raised you and not make Andrea want to flee from here?” Miranda said and finished with a playful attitude. She wanted them all to go to sleep with a good feeling.

”Yes! Absolutely!” and ”Yes, for sure!” Were heard from both girls.

”U-um, thank you, guys. I promise I won't annoy you too much” Andrea also said playfully and everyone laughed.

”Come here girls, give me a big hug!” Miranda said as she opened her arms widely.

Andy starring from the side actually had a big smile on her face. She loved seeing Miranda like this with the girls and it was so peaceful to watch until Caroline interrupted the quiet moment and said: ”Mom, can Andy join us?”

Both Andrea and Miranda were quite shocked that not long ago these two cheeky monsters didn't want Andrea anywhere near them and now they wanted her to hug them.

It spoke volumes to Miranda because she knows how hard the girls can be and at the same time how quickly their behavior can change. However, this didn't seem to faze Miranda as she would still keep an eye on them and her Andrea.

But for now, it will do.

”Of course my darlings, Andrea come here and give us a hug!” Miranda said as she waved her hand towards Andy and back to them.

Andy who was a little shocked by the turns of events didn't really know what to say but fortunately for her, she didn't have to.

With a blushing face and a shy smile, she quickly moved towards them before anyone could change their minds. And so that's how they stayed until it was way past bedtime.

Miranda was holding Andy for dear life while both of them were lying down on Caroline’s bed with each girl on each woman's side. This was the most peaceful place for both Andrea and Miranda.