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I Don't Need You

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Siberia was cold.

Toni lay on the concrete floor, her back propped up against one of the pillars, bleeding and broken and tired. She was tired of everything, but she couldn’t rest.

If she did, she would never come back.

She reached down to her wrist and pressed the emergency eject button. The suit opened as best it could since the chest piece had incaved. Pulling her arms out of the dented joints, she started pulling at the metal weight on her chest.

She eventually got it off and inspected the damage. Her chest was bleeding. Some pieces of the shrapnel from the wrecked armor and glass from the reactor were digging into her chest.

Turning on her side, she crawled away from the armor, ignoring the metal arm and the shield that mocked her every single second.

She stopped about five feet away from the suit and laid down on the floor. She could see a blood smear from where her chest had crawled across the floor.

She tried to relax, tried to keep her eyes opened. She knew Pietro was on his way, he had told her so before she left for this hellhole. All she had to do was wait for him and Vision.

It was hard to stay awake. Her eyelids threatened to close every few seconds and all she wanted to do was let them.

But she couldn’t.

She wasn’t sure she would wake up again if she closed them and that wasn’t an option. Peter, Harley, and Emma needed her to stay awake, as did Ev, Pietro, Kim, Rhodey, Fury, Hill, Coulson, Vision, Pepper, and Happy. They needed her to come home and fix all this and she need to go home to them.

It felt like hours before Pietro sped into the room. He took on look at her, let out a curse, and was at her side in a second. Kim followed not that far behind, as did Vision, Phil, and Hill along with a few medical personnel.

“Hold on, whirlwind. It’s going to be alright.” Pietro whispered.

She didn’t believe him. But she let her eyes close, wanting nothing more than to go home.

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Pietro was one of many who were in the Avengers Compound medical bay, waiting for news on their resident genius. He was joined by Everett, Peter, Harley, Emma, Pepper, Happy, Vision, Rhodey, Kim, Coulson, Fury, and Hill, all of whom were pacing or sitting, terrified.

Rhodey had barely been allowed out of his hospital bed, much less the room. He was still in a gown and was pacing as much as he could in his wheelchair. Everett was curled up on the floor, staring at the hallway where Helen Cho and Doctor Wu took Toni down.

She was a fucking mess when they found her. She had been stranded in Siberia for over three hours, injured and freezing. The fact that she had stayed conscious was a fucking miracle.

He and the others were terrified they were going to lose her on the way. The medical team they had brought had to revive her twice on the plane. Her chest was ripped open and burned by the shattered arc reactor. Her right arm was broken, and he would guess that wasn’t the only thing.

Kim was sitting next to him. Her normally perfectly straight auburn and chestnut hair was a tangled mess. Her face was blank and the only emotion he could see in her eyes was utter rage. She was pissed and deadly silent which he knew was never a good thing. The former SHIELD agent was almost always composed except when talking about Rogers or Romanoff. As one of the many victims of the data drop, she had very personal reasons to hate those two.

“Why would she go after them alone?” Kim’s voice was hard and flat. “I know she’s reckless but that was too risky, even with the threat of the other soldiers. She should have taken Vision or someone.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” None of them were to blame. He didn’t know why Toni went alone and it was of many things he just didn’t get.

“No.” Kim sneered. “It was Rogers.”

He couldn’t say anything to that. It was Steve’s fault for all of this. If he hadn’t put Barnes’ safety above all else, Toni wouldn’t be fighting for her life and Rhodey wouldn’t be paralyzed.

“I’m gonna kill him, and Romanoff. I should have done it years ago.” She hissed.

“I’m gonna help.” Pepper promised, sharing a look with Kim. “That bastard needs to pay for this.”

“Speaking of bastards, has anyone called Wayne?” Fury asked.

Ev nodded. “I called him earlier.”

Rhodey let out a harsh laugh. “I’m gonna bet he didn’t answer.” Seeing the blonde’s nod, he cursed. “Fucking moron. He thinks he’s protecting her yet he’s not here when she actually needs him.”

“That’s not a nice word.” Emma stated, her young voice shaky.

Pepper, who was sitting next to her and Happy shook her head. “No, it’s not.” The glare she gave the colonel made him look sheepish.

A few moments of silence later, the sound of footsteps made everyone look up.

Doctor Wu looked exhausted. “She’s alive. We’re getting her hooked up in one of the rooms right now. We are going to have to put her in a medically induced coma for a little while. We also had to use EXTREMIS to fix some of the damage. We’re not entirely sure about the consequences of that but she would have died otherwise.”

The entire room let out sighs of relief. She was alive. Despite everything, Antonia Eloisa Stark was still alive.

Fury, being her godfather, asked a question. “What were the damages?”

The doctor looked slightly apprehensive about their reactions. “She had a major concussion, a gash on her forehead that needed stitches, a split lip, she had bitten through her tongue, a broken nose and a fractured jaw. Her collarbone was broken, a dislocated right shoulder, a broken right arm, a sprained left wrist, four broken and three cracked ribs, internal and external bruising, a pierced lung, third degree burns around her chest area from the reactor, and metal shrapnel protruding from the chest cavity. Her tailbone and left ankle were broken. Her left knee was busted, and her right ankle was sprained. The shrapnel also left some bad cuts and bruises on her chest, arms, and legs. She was also exhausted, dehydrated, underweight, and starting to show signs of hypothermia. She’s lost twenty pounds since Christmas and hasn’t slept good in months, if at all.”

Everyone had faces of horror and anger, many wanting to kill Rogers for this.

Fury cleared his face, using every ounce of his training and turned to Ev. “Why don’t you take the kids back with you first?”

He nodded and gestured for Peter, Harley, and Emma to follow him.

Ev made his way down the hall, trying to be strong for the three kids. Peter, the eldest, was just fifteen. Harley was barely thirteen and Emma was only eleven. All three had lost everything and Annie, his beautiful and brilliant Annie, had done her best to make sure they were happy. She was all they had left, and Rogers almost took her away for them.

And him.

God, did he regret not returning to Annie’s side the second Howard and Maria were killed. Her psychotic father was the only thing keeping them apart until his death and Fury asked his help to keep the intelligence community away from her.

If he hadn’t waited till after Sokovia, she and Steve would never have hooked up. She wouldn’t have felt such a loyalty to stay with the asshole and they could have been together again, years earlier.

It didn’t matter. They couldn’t change the past. All he could do was stay by her side and not leave again.

“Momma.” Emma said, as they entered the room. Annie looked like hell. She was covered in bandages and casts. Bruises colored her perfect face and her lip was busted at the corner. A nasty cut that indeed had several stitches was across her forehead.

His poor Annie.

Emma and Harley made their way over to her, each on one side of the bed while Peter stayed in the doorway, his eyes trailed on her for the longest time. “I should have hit him harder in the airport. I should have fought harder to subdue them all.”

Ev shook his head. “You did all you could. Annie was trying not to hurt them. Any more force and Rhodes would have been the best-case scenario.”

The boy nodded. “They aren’t going to come near her again. Rogers is not even going to see a picture wherever he is.”

The older of the two nodded. “We’ll make sure she’s safe.” Even if they had to die to do it.

~A few days later~

Toni had thought ahead and made some braces for Rhodey before she left for Siberia. Even though he would rather be beside her in the hospital, he had decided to try them out.

They worked fine, just like everything the genius made. Pietro was helping him walk when a knock came at the door, almost causing him to fall.

An old man, they could have sworn they had seen before, was at the door with a package. “Is there a Toni Stank here?”

The two men looked at each other and burst out laughing. “I’m never going to let her live that down.” Rhodey hissed out as Pietro went and got the package.

He wanted to burn it. After opening it and finding that stupid fucking letter and that archaic phone that would have offended Toni’s very existence, all Rhodey wanted to do was take it down to her lab and let the bots burn the piece of shit but they couldn’t do that.

Not until Toni saw it because they were not taking her decision away.

They just hoped they would be on the same page.

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Two and a half weeks after Siberia, Toni was still unconscious.

Wu and Cho said it was to be expected. EXTREMIS was still having to fix all the damage and likely had her sleeping, so it could do its job. They weren’t worried.

It was working, better than working. The gash on her forehead and most of the minor cuts and bruises and other minor injuries were gone within days, not even leaving a scratch. Her sprains were gone within the first week and her bones were slowly repaired. Her nose was already fine, as was her lip, tailbone, and some of her chest. The area where she used to have the reactor was still damaged and some of her internal injuries were still not fully healed but her lung was fine.

She was just still and silent which was something no one could remember her ever being. Fury just couldn’t understand it. His goddaughter was always moving, an uncontainable ball of energy that refused to just relax.

To see her this quiet was unsettling.

“How much longer are you planning to sleep, Nia?” he asked, moving to her side so he could brush her long dark hair away from her face. “How long until you open those big brown eyes?”

Those eyes were his one weakness. Nia had always been one of the few people to be able to wrap him around her little finger and all she had to do was bat her lashes and fake tears in her eyes, her mother’s eyes. Maria Stark had used those eyes on to get things done just like her daughter did. It was the Carbonell genes.

Speaking of Everett, the man was sleeping in the chair next to Nia’s bed, holding her hand tightly even in sleep. Fury smiled softly, praying to whatever higher power out there that the two of them would finally be able to get their happy ending.

“Monica misses you.” He said, hoping the mention of her stepsister would get her to wake. “Your aunt does to. They are both planning on coming to the Compound to make sure you get that weight back. You should have realized that if she found out that you were getting to skinny, she would fix it. Hell, I think Rhodey’s mama is planning on coming here as well to make sure you eat.”

“She is.” He turned to see Rhodey leaning in the doorway. “I just got off the phone with her. She should be here by the end of the week.” He sighed, looking around to make sure no one else was around except the sleeping form of Everett Ross. “Have you heard from any of our extraterrestrial friends?”

Fury shook his head. “Thor hasn’t been seen since right after Ultron, as you know. Carol and Yon-Rogg are helping Talos and the Skrulls with a problem. They normally contact me right after they finish a mission so I will tell them then.”

Rhodey nodded. He had become friends with Captain Marvel on one of her video messages with Toni. Her bond-mate was a little aloof with anyone not Carol but seemed to not be so bad.

Granted, Fury’s wife still couldn’t stand him.

“Good.” Rhodey said, gazing at his best friend. “She needs all her family here.”

Fury shot him a glance. “Oh really? Do you want to drive to Gotham or Star City and get the rest of it?”

He glared. “She doesn’t need them.”

Fury shrugged. “Maybe, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want him here. After all the shit that went down, she needs as many people in her corner as she can. Wayne could come back and fix a lot of stuff that has been going on in her head since she was sixteen.”

“He’s not going to come back.” Rhodey growled. “Me and her have tried for years to get him to come back. It’s not going to happen.”

Fury shook his head. “He will. He needs her, especially now. The second he finds out about Siberia and the Avengers; he will be right here, and we won’t be able to make him leave her. He won’t lose her too.”

At Rhodey’s questioning look, he pulled up a recent article on his phone. “On the same day the fight in Siberia had happened, Batman and Superwoman had been fighting Lex Luthor’s Doomsday. The Kryptonian heroine sacrificed her life to take it down.”

“So Bruce had to watch a comrade die in battle? Why would that change anything?”

Fury bit his lip. “Superwoman’s real name was Clara Kent, Daily Planet reporter and Bruce’s girlfriend of a year. Rumor was, he was thinking of popping the question.”

Rhodey froze. “Are you telling me…”

He nodded. “Clara was to Bruce as Everett is to Annie. He loved her and lost her in a gruesome way. He finds out Annie is putting herself in danger to fight for the world, he will come back, desperate to keep her safe.”

“I’m not telling him and she’s unconscious.  How do you plan on fixing that?”

Just then, Fury’s phone beeped. He looked down to see a text from Coulson.

On our way – Coulson

He smiled. “I already did. Coulson is bringing him now.”

“Bringing who?” The two of them turned to see Everett slowly waking up.

Rhodey sighed. “Coulson got Wayne to finally get his head out of his ass. They are on their way here.”

The blonde’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding.”

They weren’t. Two hours later. Coulson came into the infirmary, followed by a frantic but red eyed Bruce Wayne. He barely met Rhodey or Everett’s gaze, focused too much on Annie.

His beautiful baby sister.

Slowly, they all stepped out and shut the door, leaving the billionaire alone with his sister.

Rhodey turned to Phil. “Is this only a temporary thing?

The agent shook his head. “Alfred plans on poisoning him if he’s stupid again. He even brought up Miss Kent’s death as a motivator. Apparently, she would have killed him if she had known about this.”

Everett laughed. “She sounds like a woman Annie would have loved.”

Fury nodded. “Yeah, she does.”

Meanwhile, in the room, Bruce was sitting in the chair, holding Annie’s hand. “Hey, sis. It’s been awhile.”

He pressed a kiss to one of her hands. “You look like shit. I’m not going to lie because I know you won’t appreciate it. I know you probably need your beauty sleep and you need rest, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to wake. We do, we need you to wake up. I called Hal and Dinah and Ollie, and they are going to be here in the next few days. They want to see you, to catch up on all the years we’ve been missing.”

He sighed. “And that was my fault. I thought you would be safe with us away. You weren’t and I regret not being by your side and helping you with everything. I regret never being able to introduce you to my girl. She sacrificed herself to save me and the world from Luthor’s monster on the same night you were in Siberia. I know you two would have loved each other. I loved her, Annie and I lost her. I can’t lose you too. I let you go once, and I was so stupid for it.”

He bit back tears. “I listened to your voicemails. God, I listened to all of them. I want you to know that it wasn’t you, it was me. You did nothing wrong. I was being a stupid overprotective idiot and you paid the price. But not anymore, I’m not leaving you again. Hell, I’m gonna spend the rest of our lives making sure you never have to be without me again. You’re gonna be sick of me after a while.”

“No I won’t.”

He froze, looking up to see her eyes opened slightly. A small smile was curved on her lips and he let out a choked laugh. “How much of that could you hear?”

She laughed. “All of it. I could hear everything; I just couldn’t open my eyes.”

He smiled brightly before standing up to open the door, calling in Rhodey, Everett, and Fury. “You better not have made things worse.” Rhodey growled.

Toni smiled lightly. “Don’t kill him Sour Patch. He’s been good.”

All three of the newcomers turned to stare at her, eyes wide and jaws on the ground.

Everett was the first to recover, crossing the space between the door and the bed before hugging her as best he could, murmuring quietly into her hair while he tried not to cry. Toni hugged him back, barely paying attention to the achy pain that travelled across her body. Rhodey moved to the other side of the bed, going to grasp one of her free hands while Fury and Bruce shared a smile.

Antonia Eloisa Stark was awake.

It was time for the fun to begin.

Chapter Text

As much as everyone wished it, it was impossible to keep Toni from leaving the hospital wing. After she woke up, EXTREMIS started acting rapidly, healing her remaining wounds and allowing her to adjust quickly to all of the changes she went through.

They called in Charlotte Xavier, an old friend of Toni’s, to test her new ability to connect with technology. The older woman had simply smiled and called her a technopath.

FRIDAY was helping her learn about how her abilities worked, letting her know how she could access the web, other’s phones, and general tech around the compound at the moment, knowing that Rhodey would find a way to mute her if she let Toni do too much.

Bruce was staying at least a few weeks. Lucius Fox had smiled when he told him where he was before letting him off, telling the board that he was on sabbatical. He spent most of his time at her side or with her kids.

Emma had taken to him immediately and Toni smirked every time her little girl turned wide eyes and a pouted lip on her brother. Her little girl had the scary Batman wrapped around her little finger in just a few seconds. Harley and Peter were subtle with their approval, but not enough for her to not notice.

Within a few hours after leaving the hospital, she was already working on her next project. Together with Bruce and Pietro, she was finishing up her stack of evidence against Ross and giving it to Everett so he could take it to his bosses and get the bastard fired. Within a week and half after she woke up, the man was kicked out of his office and was arrested with word to the public that he was soon to be tried.

Toni didn’t lose a wink of sleep over it. In fact, she gained the friendship and help of Ross’ daughter Betty.

Bruce (Hulk) would love that when he came back from wherever he fucked off to. Speaking of him, she would have to find a way to address him and her brother. It might get very confusing.

The day before she submitted the report on Ross, the Compound gained five more temporary guest. Alfred Pennyworth came, just as he promised, the second he could finish making sure Bruce was free. With him came Dick Grayson, her nephew that she hadn’t seen in years.

A few hours after the two of them arrived, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance showed up as a surprise. Apparently, Bruce had called them and told them about her adventures as Iron Maiden and had them come running the second they could get away. With them, Bruce, and Everett at her side, she almost felt like she was sixteen again.

Almost. Lex Luthor was in prison where he belonged and not trying to get in with her company and Rachel Dawes was in DC with her husband, Harvey Dent. Not that she cared, she didn’t exactly like the brunette that much, especially with the way she strung along Bruce. Her boytoy was someone that intrigued her but that thought would have to wait.

Speaking of Bruce’s love life, she had gotten him to sit down and talk about Clara Kent, his supposed soulmate. Bruce actually broke down crying as he told her about the Kryptonian’s death.

She knew about Superwoman, but he told her about Clara, the shy but strong-willed journalist that had stolen his heart after she had conducted an interview on some charity he was helping.

Toni wished she could have met her. Not everyone could get passed Bruce’s playboy routine.

Her kids were almost fine now. Granted, Emma was still terrified every time she couldn’t find Toni, but that was deserved. Toni was talking with a therapist Fury had recommended and the kids were having a few weekly sessions as well. Everyone seemed to be healing.

Which is why she was here, sitting in the conference room of the Compound with everyone still left deciding their next move. Granted, there weren’t too many people left. Only she, Rhodey, Everett, Bruce, Fury, Hill, Coulson, Kimberly, Pietro, Vision, Helen Cho, and Betty were left to sit around the table. She kept casting looks to Rhodey, Pietro, and Vision, knowing they were thinking about the meeting Ross presented the Accords at.

Here they were, a little over a month later and with so much changed already.

And they were about to change more.

“We are not working on pardoning them.” Rhodey stated to start off. “They have already proven to be too much of a liability.”

“I second that.” Pietro said. “Wanda may be my sister, but she is out of line. If we pardon them, they will think they are right and continue to sit on their thrones of moral superiority. Cap already does, as does Romanoff.”

“I agree.” Pepper said. “They can’t get off for what they have done.”

Toni bit her lip. “They are currently in Wakanda. I got a call from Erik the second he found out I was awake.”

“They will hand him over if you ask. T’Challa’s family is your adoptive family.” Coulson reminded her, causing Bruce to stiffen.

She nodded, shooting her brother in all but blood a small smile. “I know, but I don’t think we should. They are not going to be pardoned, but I don’t think being prison sentences are going to be worth it in the long term. They deserve to pay, but I believe that we shouldn’t focus on them right now.”

“What do you mean?” Kim asked, raising her eyebrows.

Toni sighed, already prepared for the oncoming rant. “When I flew that nuke in the portal to end the invasion, I saw the army waiting on the other side. What we did that day I doubt hardly made a dent in their forces. All I can think about is Thor’s warning of us pushing earth into a form of intergalactic war.”

“You think something is coming.” Bruce murmured.

She nodded. “I built the Iron Legion to help protect the earth. ULTRON was supposed to be an extra line of defense. If the mind stone had not been corrupted, the program would have worked. When Wanda manipulated my mind back in Sokovia,” she shot a look at a sorrowful Pietro, “I saw the world about to be destroyed by those forces that I saw on the other side of the portal.”

“So you are predicting that war is coming.”

She nodded at Helen’s statement before shooting a look at Fury. He nodded slightly, already knowing what she wanted to speak of. “Back in the 1990’s, Fury and Coulson had an encounter with a former Air Force pilot that was captured by aliens after losing her memory and absorbing a massive amount of energy that left her enhanced. She came back here, regained her memory, saved earth from her kidnappers, and left to start making peace around the galaxy, eventually meeting up with her former friend-slash-kidnapper and falling in love with him. Fury introduced us after the fall of SHIELD.”

“Her name is Carol Danvers.” The former director mentioned. “My wife and stepdaughter knew her before her enhancement. The original Avengers idea came from her. That was also when SHIELD got its hands on the Tesseract.”

Toni nodded. “After Sokovia, I called her up and asked if she knew about the invasion army. She did. The Chitari are the main army for an evil group known as the Black Order. The Order is under control by the being known as the ‘Mad Titan’ or Thanos. From what Carol told me, she believes that Thanos was the one who sent Loki and is the one responsible for the invasion.”

They all froze. Kim was the first to speak up. “What else do you know?”

The brunette genius leaned back in her seat. “More than I want to know but it’s good that I do. Thanos was a part of a peaceful planet known as Titan. When an overpopulation issue occurred, he suggested random genocide as the solution. He was called insane and the planet eventually was destroyed because of the problem. He is apparently planning on preventing the universe from the same problem.”

“How?” Happy asked.

She pointed to Vision. “The Infinity Stones. Carol and her husband, Yon-Rogg, spoke with two of Thanos’ ‘adopted’ daughters. He has a gauntlet that will allow him to use the power of the stones to destroy half of the universe with just a snap of his fingers. His goal is to collect the stones so he can do just that.”

“We need to find the stones.” Rhodey stated.

Toni shook her head. “No, we need to protect them. From conversations with Carol and Thor, I already know where five of the six stones are. Two of them are here, one is on Asgard, one is safe in the hands of a man known as the ‘Collector’, and the last one is located on a planet known as Xandar that is the head of the Nova Corp, the largest intergalactic empire in the known universe. The final stone is missing and has been for since the stones were scattered at the beginning of time.”

“Which two are on earth?” Hill asked.

“Vision has the Mind Stone in his head.” Fury said. “Toni is apparently in contact with the person in possess of the other stone.”

She nodded. “A former friend of mine, Doctor Stephen Strange, was in a massive car accident last summer that cost him his hands. As a neurosurgeon, his career was basically ruined so he started finding a way to fix them. He ended up in Nepal and discovered a group of sorcerers that are guarding the Time Stone. After a long series of events, Stephen ended up becoming the head of the sorcerers and moved to back to New York. The Sanctum Sanctorum in the city is where he lives now. He helped with parts of the Accords.”

“You two are so freaking similar.” Everett muttered.

She sent him a small smile. “Anyways, he is already aware of Thanos and is working with me to secure a mystical arts part of the defense program that we need to do.”

“How do you want to go around this?” Pepper asked. “You seem to have the most idea of what we are up against.”

Toni stated simply. “We need to unite as many of the individual teams of enhanced and all start preparing for war.” She shot Bruce a look. “You told me you have a plan for a team. Ollie and Dinah have already agreed, but you know others?”

He nodded. “Diana Prince is an Amazonian princess that helped during the Doomsday fight.” His voice got a little thicker at the mention of the day that ended with Clara’s death. “We uncovered a file from Luthor’s computer that located three other enhanced as well. That being said, we have a problem by the name of Amanda Waller.”

Fury cursed. “Fuck, I hate that woman. I thought I was a crazy agency director, but that woman takes the fucking cake. Rumor is her top supporter is only there because she is threatening his enhanced girlfriend.”

Toni nodded. “I know of her and yes, that is what she is doing.” She looked back to Bruce. “The second I get out of here; I’ll pay the bitch a visit. I’ll get the files she has and see if I can get Flag and his girlfriend out of there. I have some dirt on the bitch, especially after her most recent involvement in an anti-hero team.”

He nodded. “Good. You get that and Diana and I will start approaching the others.”

She smiled. “Okay. We also need to call Reed Richards, Charlotte Xavier, and Luke Cage. If we can get the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Defenders on our side then we should be able to start tracking down other enhanced that could help.”

Betty raised her hand. “I’ll take the Defenders. Jennifer Walters, Bruce’s cousin, works with them as the She-Hulk so I can talk with her.”

Pietro nodded. “I’ll get the X-Men. Charlotte will be glad to get something good to happen, especially after finding out how stupid Colossus and Negasonic-Teenage-Warhead were during the Deadpool debacle.”

Kim cursed. “They were so fucking stupid. I get the whole anti-killing thing they have going on, but child abusers like the creep they were dealing with needed to be dealt with. Plus, they collared DP and sent him to prison, knowing it was a death sentence with the cancer. How fucked up is that? No wonder Wolverine left to join the X-Force gang.”

Toni smiled. “Good you are so aware of the subject. Do you think you can get them to agree to talk to us?”

Kim nodded. “Yeah, I can. Wade is fucking nuts but will listen to reason.”

“Good, because even if they don’t want to help, I need to talk to Logan about something I discovered a little while ago. Even if she does nothing with it.” She looked around. “Anyone want to talk to Richards or the others?”

Hill nodded. “I’ll give it a go. Richards kind of considers you a friend, so it should help if I tell him it came from you.”

“What will you be doing?” Helen asked.

Toni smiled. “Rhodey and I have our own project. As you know, Ross will probably end up arrested some time soon. For the time being, I’ve been able to get his eyes focused on the Rogues and not their connections. Sooner or later, probably after he realizes how screwed he is, he will turn his eyes on others.”

“What do you mean?” Betty asked.

Rhodey spoke up. “Barton has a family, as does Lang. Toni and I will be reaching out to Laura to get the kids to come here so Ross doesn’t go after them. We also plan on making a trip to San Francisco to talk to Lang’s ex-wife, her fiancé, Lang’s daughter, and a few of his friends. We may even speak with Pym and see if we can possibly keep them safe from Ross.”

Pietro nodded. “Okay so the plan right now is rescuing the Rogues’ families, get Ross locked up, unite the enhanced teams from all over the world, and start preparing a defense should Thanos come knocking at our doors soon. Anything else?”

Toni smiled. “I need to talk to my oldest about his romantic problems if that counts. My charities are going to be looking at all the damages done during the so called ‘Civil War’ to see what I can help fix. Also,” she turned to Everett, “what is happening to Sharon Carter?”

The blonde smiled. “She is being put on trial for her crimes against the US. She gave out top secret information to Rogers and stole weapons to give to people that are now international terrorists. Even if she escapes prison, and that’s a big if, she will never be able to get another job with the CIA. Why?”

She shrugged. “No reason, I was just curious.” She stared contemplatively for a moment before turning to Fury, Hill, Coulson, and Kim. “What do you think of rebuilding and restating SHIELD?”

They all froze for a moment. “Why are you asking?” Hill questioned.

“Because I think they will be needed when it comes to global defense. I will have to talk to President Ellis and the UN, but I believe that SHIELD will be needed again during all of this.”

Fury nodded. “I see your point. We’ll have to talk later.”

She smiled. “Alright then. Meeting adjourned.”