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“Are you sure it’s open? It looks deserted.” Jimin put his hands on the window and peeked inside the restaurant.

“Yeah, it says so on Naver. There’s only one review, but it’s a good one.” Taehyung held up his phone to Jimin’s face.

“Kim Seokjin: Best tteokbokki in the entire country,” Jimin read out loud. “That sounds fake Tae, but okay, let’s get inside.”

Jimin pushed the door open and lead them both into the restaurant. It was small, just a couple of tabletops and a bar. The lighting was very low and for a second Taehyung thought it was indeed closed after all, but then he spotted some messy black hair peeking over the bar.

“Oh, shit, uhm, welcome to Barred.” The guy behind the bar closed his laptop, clearly working on some non-restaurant related business, and gestured to them. “Are you here to eat, or…“

Taehyung frowned at this question, and thought what else they could possibly be here for.

“Yes, some food would be nice, can we sit wherever?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll be right with you.”

Jimin slid into a chair at the back of the room and Taehyung followed. The restaurant was very clean, almost too clean, and a few candles were on to create some kind of atmosphere, but it wasn’t really working. It just made it look more eerie.

“So much for hospitality, huh?” Jimin grabbed one of the napkins on the table and used it to dispose of his gum.

Taehyung laughed. “Alright, I admit I might have made some judgment errors. But hey, look at it as an adventure.”

Jimin smiled at that. “Whatever you say, love.”

Just when Taehyung was about to suggest they could also possibly have entered the den of an axe murderer, the man who had welcomed them earlier appeared at the table. “So, what can I get for you guys?”

“Some of your famous tteokbokki of course!” Jimin’s eyes met Taehyung’s, a cheeky glint to them.

“Ah, I’m sorry, we’re all out of that.” The man tapped his pen on his notepad, not even looking at them.

“Oh, uhm,” Jimin flipped through the two-paged menu, “what about kimchi jjigae?”

“All out.”

“Okay so what do you have?” Jimin asked, getting visibly annoyed.

“I can make you some kimchi fried rice and instant ramyeon,” the man offered.

At this, Taehyung’s stomach growled. “Do you have cheese with that?”

He finally looked up from his notepad. “Uhm, yes?”

“Great.” Taehyung kicked Jimin under the table in case he was gonna speak up. “We’ll have two fried rice with cheese, a coke, and a beer.” He smiled politely. “Thanks!”

As soon as the guy brought them their drinks and disappeared into the kitchen, Jimin leaned over the table and whispered, “If I die from food poisoning, I will haunt you forever.”

“Come on, how bad can it be?” He took a sip from his coke. “I don’t know how to cook, but I feel like kimchi fried rice isn’t that hard to make.”

“Ah, you can cook!” Jimin sloshed his beer around to create more foam and pointed at him. “Do you remember the cake you made for our one year anniversary? That one was good.”

Taehyung raised his eyebrow at him. “You had the shits for a week.”

“But I didn’t die. And it tasted great.”

Taehyung stared into his glass and felt his cheeks heat up a little. “Thanks.” They’d been together for almost three years now, but Jimin’s compliments still got to him. The way it made him feel when he praised him was something Taehyung would probably, and gladly, never get used to.

“Oh, here it comes,” Jimin said.

“Two kimchi fried rice, Min Yoongi style, with cheese,” The man put the plates down on the table, together with some extra napkins.

“Excuse me,” Taehyung cleared his throat, “what does ‘Min Yoongi style’ mean?”

“It means that it’s made with whatever I, Min Yoongi, have lying around in the fridge.” Then the man clapped his hands together, told them to enjoy the meal, and went back to the kitchen.

“Now I’m also scared,” Taehyung admitted, as he looked down at the meal, which honestly didn’t look bad at all.

“I’ll take one for the team,” Jimin said, and he took a careful bite. As he slowly chewed on the food, his eyes widened. “Tae,” he spoke with his mouth full, “this is literally the best fried rice I’ve ever had in my life.”

Taehyung quickly scooped some onto his spoon and when the food hit his mouth, he couldn’t help but moan. As Jimin had said, it was literally perfect, from the texture to the flavor, and the right amount of cheese. “I hate to admit it but this is even better than how my mom makes it.”

“I know right?” Jimin said, rice grains stuck to the corner of his mouth.



Taehyung patted his full tummy after they both finished their plates and drinks. “I feel so warm and comfortable. Can we make this our regular place?”

“Sure thing, love.” Jimin smiled at him, almost too sweetly, and then Taehyung felt it, Jimin’s foot slowly sliding up his leg.

Taehyung sat up straight. “Jimin…”

“What? I just want to make you feel even better.” He pouted, and even though Taehyung knew it was fake, he couldn’t help but give in.

The guy who had served them was still in the kitchen, but it was better to be safe than sorry, so Taehyung nodded his head in the direction of a hallway, which probably led to the bathroom.

“You think you can get off before he comes back and notices we’re missing?” Jimin asked him, sly smile on his face.

“No, but we’re stupid enough to try, aren’t we?” This wasn’t the first time they had done this. Actually, they were banned from McDonald’s for life.

“God, I love you,” Jimin said as he pulled him closer for a quick kiss over the table. “Come on, let’s go.”

Taehyung got up so fast that he almost threw his chair on the floor, and stealthily chased after Jimin, while holding his hand. When they passed the doorway to the kitchen, they could see the man working on his laptop, completely oblivious to what was going on. They might even get away with it this time, Taehyung thought.

“Shit, this hallway is long, I knew this building was bigger than it looked,” Jimin whispered. “There.” He pointed at the back, squeezing Taehyung’s hand.

Jimin pressed him onto the door that led to the bathroom, immediately latching on to the skin of his neck, sucking and kissing. “I’m gonna make you come so hard, Tae, make you fuck my hand.” Jimin pressed his fingers down on Taehyung’s crotch, finding the head of his cock on instinct. “You think you’ll be able to keep quiet?”

Taehyung whined at the touch. “F–fuck, yes, I’ll try. I promise.”

“Okay, let’s go in.” Jimin reached behind Taehyung to find the doorknob, turned it, and as it opened they both stumbled inside.



“So,” Hoseok continues, “I pull over on the side of the road, get my dick out of my pants, just to rub one off, you know? Because I couldn’t hold it anymore. Those pills are dangerous!”

“No, you didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t.” Namjoon paused in drawing on Hoseok’s arm, just to give him a judgmental look.

“I did, Joonie, but it gets even worse. So I’m sitting there with my dick out, beating the life out of it, and then it happens. There’s a knock on my window.”

Jungkook looked up from his drawing at that. “Hyung, no…”

“Apparently, I was speeding. Well, of course I was speeding. My dick was about to break through my pants.” Namjoon sighed again. “Anyways, this cop knocks on my window, and then he looks down and sees me jacking off, you know, it’s hard to miss.”

“Oh Hoseok, please stop talking.” Namjoon put his marker down and pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes.

“What happened next?” Jungkook asked eagerly.

“Well, he makes eye contact with me, he looks back at my dick, and then he walks back to his car? And leaves?”

“Pfffff–“ Jungkook broke out laughing, not necessarily at Hoseok’s story, but more at the offended look on his face. Was he really hoping to get arrested? Or did he expect the cop to participate. Jungkook couldn’t even imagine what went on in his hyung’s mind.

“So that’s how I evaded prison this week and learned to not take aphrodisiacs before leaving the house.” Hoseok smiled proudly until Namjoon punched him in the side. “Oh, and don’t do drugs, kid.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Jungkook pulled the top of his pen with his teeth and returned to his drawing, trying to regain his focus. 

He had been working in Namjoon’s tattoo shop for well over a year now and had made some tremendous progress. However, he still felt like he was lacking. Which was why he spent most days drawing, trying to hone his skills before he tried tattooing another person.

Sure, he had practiced on fake skin before, and even tattooed himself, but he hadn’t found the courage to do it on anyone else.

Jungkook looked up from his sketchbook again, and watched Namjoon for a minute. Namjoon was a freehand tattoo artist, with quite the social media following. This provided him with clients on the regular, even though they had to keep the location of their shop private. Right now, he was free handing a drawing on Hoseok’s shoulder, testing out the design and finding out how it looked on a curve like that. When he finished, Namjoon would probably post a pic of it on Instagram to let people know it was available as a tattoo.

God, Jungkook hoped to be as good as him one day.

“Hyung, shall I prep the machines for your next appointment?” Jungkook suggested, because he wasn't able to concentrate on his sketchbook after all.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Namjoon looked at him over his glasses. “You can go home after that, Jungkook, you’ve done enough for the day,” he added.

But Jungkook wouldn’t leave early, he never did. He wouldn’t want to miss watching Namjoon tattoo another sick design.

Jungkook checked the machines thoroughly, just as he’d been taught. He turned on the liner and adjusted the speed to what Namjoon found was most comfortable.

“Shit that sound makes me so nervous,” Hoseok said, visibly shivering.

Namjoon laughed. “And yet you’re always here.”

“It’s because I love you guys so much.” Hoseok winked at Jungkook, who returned it by sticking out his tongue. “No seriously, there’s no way in hell you can convince me to get a tattoo.”

“Not even if we get you super drunk?” Namjoon asked.

Hoseok scoffed. “No, I’m not like Jin.”

“Will you guys ever tell me about Jin hyung’s tattoo?” Jungkook knew that asking about it was useless. It seemed like everyone in their friend group knew about it except for him.

“Trust me,” Namjoon said as he snapped a pic of the colorful bird on Hoseok’s shoulder, “you don’t wanna know.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes at this. 

Just as he was sorting the needles in Namjoon’s station, a loud bang at the studio’s door made Jungkook jump.

“Your 8pm?” Hoseok asked.

Namjoon looked at his watch. “Hmm, I doubt it.”

Jungkook got up from his stool. “I’ll go check.”

And just when he was halfway to the door, it swung open. Two people, who were all tangled up in each other, stumbled in. They paused, and then broke away from each other, realizing the situation they were in.

“Uhm, I’m guessing this isn’t the bathroom,” the shortest of the two said.

“You– you got that right, yes,” Namjoon answered, Hoseok next to him with a look on his face like this was the best thing to have ever happened to him.

Jungkook looked back at the couple while he stood frozen in place. They had been clearly in the middle of… something. The beauty, who was trying to hide behind the shorter one, was obviously pitching a tent in his pants. Jungkook tried very hard not to look at it and instead focused on the guy closest to him, but that didn’t help at all. His eyes fell to his lips, swollen and plump from being kissed, and Jungkook turned around to go back to his station. This was no time to be having a gay crisis.

“So, uhm, what is this exactly?” The one with the lips asked.

“We’re dentists,” Namjoon said, to which Hoseok let himself fall back into the chair with his mouth spread wide open.

“Jimin, look, it’s one of those illegal tattoo shops,” the one with the boner said.

Jungkook couldn’t help but flinch at the word ‘illegal’, still not used to this lifestyle.

“Oh, well, shit.” Jimin slowly started walking backwards. “If you guys would just forget this happened, then so will we, deal?”

“Yeah, we didn’t see anything, okay?” the other one added.

“Sweetheart,” Hoseok started, “I’m sorry, but the massive ding dong you’re sporting in your pants there is burned into my cornea.”

Jungkook was about to bang his head onto a hard object out of sheer embarrassment, when a yell came from down the hallway.

“Namjoon!!” Loud footsteps came closer. “These asshole customers fucking left without paying and–“ Yoongi’s face appeared in the doorway. “Oh, never mind, found them.” He looked relieved for a full second before he looked down at the tall guy’s hard-on only for all the color to leave his face.

“Fucking. Great.”

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“I’m home!” Taehyung kicked off his shoes onto the pile next to the front door and slipped into his house shoes, almost moaning at the feeling of blood finally flooding back into his tired feet.

“Hey babe, I got some takeout in the fridge for you,” Jimin called out to him from under a blanket on the couch, scrolling through his phone with a big textbook resting on his knees.

Taehyung leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “Didn’t know we had money for takeout,” he joked.

“It’s just jjajangmyeon, don’t worry.” Jimin locked his phone and stretched, then looked at his textbook as if considering to throw it out of the window. He tossed it onto the coffee table instead. “Did you get your grade back for Tox yet?”

“Ugh, no.” Taehyung opened the fridge and saw that Jimin left him a big portion, his stomach growling at the sight. “The professor is being an ass.”

“Oh well, it doesn’t matter, right? Because I bet you did real good,” Jimin said, leaning over the back of the couch to watch Taehyung microwave his food. He had pulled the blanket over his head now and he looked all cute and warm and Taehyung had to look away before he lost his appetite for his food and got hungry for something else instead.

They had been living together in this two-bedroom apartment for three years now and it had been nothing but lovely. Right after they had started studying veterinary medicine, both of their parents had pitched in to help them rent the apartment. Sure, their parents didn’t know they used the second bedroom as storage, but what they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them.

Now they both had to work part-time jobs. Taehyung tutored and Jimin was job-hopping, which was how they got by. Of course, school was awful, but having Jimin around kept him grounded. Knowing he would come home to the most beautiful smile in the world, knowing they were both working towards a common goal, made his stressful days worthwhile.

Taehyung plopped himself down on the other end of the couch and slid his feet under the blanket so he could play footsie with Jimin while he ate. Jimin slid his foot up his leg a little bit and that triggered a memory in Taehyung. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Hm?” A feigned look of innocence was on Jimin’s face.

“Remember how we discovered that secret tattoo shop last week?”

Jimin giggled. “You mean if I remember how you showed your hard-on to four random guys. Yes, of course.”

“Stop Jimin, I’m trying to be serious here.” Taehyung stirred through his food, trying to cool it down.

“Come on, as if you didn’t enjoy all of them watching you like that.” Jimin moved his foot even higher up his leg.

“Listen,” Taehyung caught his foot before he got anywhere near his goal and squeezed his big toe, “I have an idea.”

Jimin pulled his foot back. “Okay, shoot.”

“I wanna get couple tattoos.” Taehyung quickly shoved some food in his mouth, embarrassed by his own suggestion.

“Huh?” Jimin frowned.

Taehyung quickly swallowed his noodles. “You and I, matching tattoos. Just small ones. Not in an obvious place of course. But only if you want to. And I will pay for it if you think it’s too expensive.” Taehyung fiddled with his chopsticks. “I would like something permanent, you know?”

“Tae,” Jimin reached over and grabbed his hand, “stop rambling, that’s a great idea. I’m down.”

Taehyung looked up at him. “Wait, really?”

Jimin cocked his head to the side. “Yeah, didn’t expect me to?”

Taehyung didn’t answer and instead looked down to where Jimin was softly circling his thumb over his skin. To be honest he hadn’t known what to expect, he never did with Jimin. But this was a pleasant surprise. The fact that Jimin wanted to do this with him, and was even excited about the idea, made him feel special.

Jimin smiled playfully. “Guess we’ll have to go back and eat some more kimchi fried rice, huh?”



“UNO!” Jin yelled as he discarded his second to last card.

“Nowhere in the rulebook does it say you have to scream it every goddamn time,” Yoongi remarked in faux annoyance.

“Says the loudest person in the room.” Jin ignored Yoongi’s roll of eyes and looked at Jungkook. “It’s your turn, any luck?”

Jungkook pulled another card from the draw pile and sighed. The stars really weren’t in his favor today.

“Hmm, something on your mind, Jungkookie?” Yoongi asked while throwing a card down on the other pile.

“Yeah, normally you’d be more upset about losing to the God of Uno,” Jin said while discarding his last card, “which is me by the way, in case you forgot.”

“I’m not upset.” Jungkook tossed his cards on the table, totally not proving his point. He got up from the dinner table and dropped down on the couch face-first, hiding in a pillow.

“I think this might have something to do with last week’s event,” Yoongi fake whispered while shuffling the Uno deck.

“Oh,” Jungkook could hear Jin leaning closer to Yoongi, “you mean the exhibitionists breaking into the shop?”

“Yeah, he hasn’t been the same ever since. Spacing out all the time.” Yoongi paused to shuffle the deck. “Well, I mean, he always does that, but now more than ever.”

Jungkook screamed into the stupid leopard print pillow.

Yes, his hyung was right, but he didn’t have to tease him like that! It was true that what happened was still being replayed over and over in his head, but it wasn’t like what Yoongi assumed. Sure, he was thinking about how hot they were and what the couple would’ve gotten up to if they had actually found the bathroom instead of the shop.

But it was something else that was nagging at him.

When Yoongi had physically removed them from the shop, the couple had been holding hands and giggling about the whole thing. As if they weren’t bothered by being seen like that, no shame at all. And that had really struck a chord with Jungkook.

Jungkook’s only experiences with intimacy were some under the cover hand jobs from his ex best friend in high school, and a messy drunk blowjob in a club, but that was it. To have someone to hold your hand? And be completely comfortable with each other like that? Being unapologetically in love? Jungkook would kill for that.

So yes, he wasn’t able to get those guys out of his head, hoping that someday that would be him.



“Welcome, how can I he– No, not you guys again, get out.” The man, who they now knew was called Yoongi, got up from his seat behind the bar, probably to kick them out again.

“Aw, come one, we want some of that delicious food.” Taehyung held up his hands in front of him, to show that they came in peace. Jimin couldn’t help but smile at this.

“All I got is a dried up sandwich, so leave.” Yoongi pointed at the door behind them.

“Shit, really? But I’m starving.” Taehyung dropped his head.

“It’s alright Tae, I have some crackers.” Jimin slipped a pack out of his pocket and passed them to Taehyung. Then he turned to the other man, putting a hopefully convincing and trustworthy smile on his face. “Also, that’s not why we’re here.”



“Namjoon, I got two walk-ins for you. And you won’t believe who it is.” Yoongi held the door open for them.

As they walked in, Jimin couldn’t help but grin at the sheer look of surprise on Namjoon’s face. From the back of the shop he could see the other kid, whose eyes had almost rolled out of his head last time, look up from his drawing table.

“Hi, sorry about the other day,” Jimin started, carefully holding back his laughther, “We’re looking to get matching tattoos.”

“Couple tattoos,” Taehyung corrected him, “because we’re a couple. If you’re okay with that.”

Namjoon guffawed. “I know you’re a couple, that was hard to miss last time. And also, we’re all okay with that here. I have a rainbow flag tattooed on my butt.”

A small giggle came from the back of the shop and Jimin looked over, but before he could make any eye contact, the other guy hid behind his sketchbook again.

“Can we see?” Taehyung asked.

“Uhm, maybe next time,” Namjoon fiddled with his glasses, which Jimin thought was rather cute for such a big guy.

“Anyways, we would like the tattoos to match, but not be completely the same. They have to complement each other.” Jimin took the liberty to sit down at the desk where Namjoon was working from, and peeked at the drawings that were scattered on the top, all of them beautiful.

“I think we can work something out.”

“And it would be nice if they somehow related to us, had some personality,” Taehyung added, while staring at some pictures on the wall. “Oh this one’s scary, not like this one,” he said as he pointed at a demon tattoo.

“A sun and moon.”

It was so soft that Jimin had almost missed it, but it was the kid in the back that had made the suggestion.

“Hey, I love that!” Taehyung said, and the other guy quietly smiled before trying to hide behind his work again.

“Yes, I can do that for you guys.” Namjoon was already opening a new page in his sketchbook.

“What about him?” Jimin cocked his head in the shy guy’s direction. “Can’t he tattoo us? It was his idea.”

“Well, you see, he–“ Namjoon started.

“I can do it.” The kid stood up so fast his desk chair rolled away.

“Jungkook, are you sure?” Namjoon didn’t look so sure of it at all, Jimin noticed. He wondered what could possibly be the problem, but Jungkook just fervently nodded at him.

“Cool,” Taehyung said as he made his way to Jungkook, “can we see some of the tattoos you did?”

“Uhm… I’ve only ever tattooed on myself.” Ah, there it was, Jimin thought.

Taehyung didn’t seem to think that was a problem though. “Well, show us!”

Jungkook took off his sweater and showed Taehyung the half-sleeve he had on his left arm.

“Wow, you did all of this?” Again, Jungkook just nodded.

He rolled up his sweats a bit and showed a few tattoos on his calves. Although it wasn’t Jimin’s style, he had to admit they looked pretty cool and as far as he could see from where he was sitting, they were done very well.

“These are awesome, I really like this one!” Tae pressed his finger to his knee, tapping the roaring tiger face there.

Jungkook whispered a thanks and got a proud look on his face. This made Jimin get out of his seat to get a closer look. There was something about this kid, something about the glint in his eyes, that made a familiar feeling stir in Jimin’s chest.

“What else you got?” Jimin asked when he stopped to stand next to Taehyung.

“Oh, uhm,” Jungkook pulled up his shirt and moved his pants down a little. “It’s just the outline. I was gonna color it in, but it was already painful enough to do the lines. It’s a sensitive spot.”

Jimin swallowed. Jungkook had revealed a pretty outline of a rose, a bit to the side on his lower stomach, next to a vein, dangerously close to some less than decent places. Jimin noted that Jungkook was hiding a pretty impressive body under those baggy clothes, and he wouldn’t mind to see what else he had to hide. If only he slipped down his sweats a little bit further–

Taehyung cleared his throat next to him. “That– that’s a great tattoo, Jungkook. Really pretty.” He turned to Namjoon. “Can we have him? I mean, can he tattoo us?”

“Sure, as long as Jungkook’s confident he can do it, I’m alright with it.” Namjoon gestured at Jungkook to put his clothes back to normal again, which he quickly did.

“I can do it.” Jungkook chewed on the inside of his cheek for a second before adding, “Is it alright if I practice a bit though? That you’ll come back another time?”

“No problem. Wait,” Jimin got his phone from his pocket, “Let me add you, so you can let us know when you’re ready.”

Jungkook got his phone from the table, and they exchanged their contact info.

“Take your time though. No hurry.” Taehyung smiled warmly at Jungkook. This amused Jimin because he knew he was anything but patient.

“Sure thing.” Jungkook said as his nose scrunched up into the cutest smile, and with this, Jimin knew they were in for a treat.

Chapter Text

“Looking good.” Namjoon’s voice startled Jungkook out of his focus. He hadn’t even noticed Namjoon had been looking at his work over his shoulder.

“Thanks.” Jungkook stared at his sketchbook in front of him. He was tracing the final draft of the tattoos for Jimin and Taehyung, and had to admit he was rather proud of the end result. The composition was straightforward and easy to read, and his lines were clean. It had taken him a couple of times, but that had more to do with his nerves about the whole situation than with his skills.

“So when are they coming back?” Namjoon leaned against the edge of Jungkook’s drawing table.

“Tomorrow, if that’s okay?” Jungkook asked, and Namjoon nodded. “They added me to a group chat, so I already showed them the designs. They really liked it. It’s a good thing I had their number, because I forgot to ask them about sizes and placement last time,” Jungkook softly admitted that last part.

“Hmm,” Namjoon frowned and Jungkook already knew what he was about to say. “We talked about this the other day, Jungkook. Consulting your client is almost as important as your application, if not even more so. If you are misinformed about what your client wants, things can go terribly wrong.”

“I know, I know, hyung.” Jungkook picked at his cuticles. “I don’t know, they just kinda threw me off, I guess.”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “You dislike them?”

“No, no, that’s not it, no,” Jungkook argued, way too quickly.

“Oh, I see how it is.” Namjoon took off his glasses and waved at his general direction with them. “You think they’re cool and you wanna impress them.”

Jungkook stayed quiet. His hyung wasn’t exactly right, but he wasn’t wrong either.

“This could be a problem, Jungkook. Remember when you tried to tattoo me? You got the shakes so bad we had to stop.”

How could he forget. That was the first and last time he had ever tried to tattoo another person. “That’s because I wasn’t good enough yet, but I’m better now.”

“Jungkook, we both know you were good enough back then. You practiced your ass off.” Namjoon put his hand on his shoulder, and Jungkook couldn’t help but drop his gaze to the table. “I think you so desperately want to do well, that the thought of messing up even one bit scares the fuck out of you.”

“Isn’t it natural to want to do well?” he asked, studying the scabs on his fingers.

“Of course it is, but you gotta cut yourself some slack, kid. Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Namjoon gave his shoulder a warm squeeze. “Besides you should’ve seen some of my first tats.”

Jungkook looked up at him, bothered that his mentor was talking down on himself. “Yoongi’s back piece is amazing, hyung. You did a great job with that.”

“I did that one when I was sixteen, but I did Jin’s tattoo at fourteen. You should see what I did to him. He still hasn’t forgiven me.” Namjoon grimaced.

“I would love to see it, but he won’t let me.” Now he was even more curious than ever, if only just to see where Namjoon had started and how much he had progressed.

Namjoon studied him for a second, and then asked, “Okay, but you’re sure you’re up for it? I’ll be here tomorrow if you need my help, yeah?”

“I am.” Jungkook assured him, because he had a weird feeling that if he didn’t get over his fear now, then he would never be able to tattoo. So it had to be done, since this was the only thing he had currently going for him in life.

“Great.” Namjoon hopped off the table to look over Jungkook’s shoulder again, studying the designs. “So, where are you inking them?”

“They want it on the inside of the left bicep, so that it’s close to the heart, you know?” Jungkook indicated the place on his own arm, showing the estimated size with his fingers.

“Oh, I like that. Romantic.” Namjoon held up the see-through stencil to Jungkook’s arm, as if he were getting the tattoo.

“Yeah.” Jungkook sighed while looking at it. “It is.”



“Hey, honey, wake up. Nap time is over.”

“Hmph,” Taehyung rubbed his sleepy face into Jimin’s chest, sniffing his shirt which smelled like home, “don’t wanna.”

“We were gonna go out for dinner, remember?” Jimin ran his fingers through Taehyung’s hair, stroking his head so gently that he almost fell asleep again.

Taehyung had had a rough day at school, two exams in a row. And it was no surprise that when he came home and flopped down on the couch next to Jimin, he had inevitably fallen asleep on top of him. To him, it was the best place in the world to sleep, because Jimin was always warm, and his torso was just made for being hugged. So the thought of leaving that warm embrace to go outside into the cold, felt like an injustice to his very being.

“Wanna stay here,” he said, voice muffled by Jimin’s shirt.

“Oh? Then what are you gonna eat for dinner, huh?” Jimin playfully pinched his cheek.

Taehyung looked up at Jimin and jutted out his bottom lip, hoping he looked as convincing as he thought he was. “You?”

“Hmm…” Jimin pretended to think about it, frowning and looking up at the ceiling, and then said, “Not if I eat you up first!”

Jimin swiftly pulled him up to sit in his lap, which made Taehyung yell in surprise, but it quickly turned into giggles when Jimin slipped his hands under his shirt and ran his fingers over his sides.

Taehyung put his arms around Jimin’s neck for support and looked down at him. He was so beautiful like this, in the dimmed light of their apartment. Jimin shook his head, making his black hair fall out of his face, and Taehyung couldn’t help but lean down and press a quick kiss the tiny mole on his forehead.

“You’re so cute, baby,” Jimin licked his lips and studied his face. A shiver ran over Taehyung back. There had always been something about the way Jimin looked at him, that made him feel soft like pudding so fast.

Jimin reached up to kiss him and Taehyung immediately melted into the touch.

He moved his lips to his neck and gently kissed him there. Taehyung whined, pressing himself closer to Jimin, trying to tell him he wanted more.

“Calm down baby, I don’t wanna leave any marks.” Jimin rubbed his thumb in soothing circles into Taehyung’s thigh. “We’re getting tattooed tomorrow, remember? Don’t wanna give that cute guy another heart attack, do we?”

Taehyung failed to hold back a moan at that.

“Oh, what’s that?” Jimin pulled away to look him in the eyes, searching. “You like the idea of that? Want him to see the marks I put on you?” Taehyung nodded enthusiastically before Jimin added, “Just how he looked at your hard-on last time?”

Taehyung whimpered. He tried to hide his face in Jimin’s shoulder, too embarrassed to look at him. And yet he was wriggling in his lap, trying to find some friction for the erection that was already straining against the insides of his sweats.

Jimin tightened his grip on Taehyung hips, not worried about leaving any marks there apparently. “I saw how you checked him out last time, you’re not subtle at all, Tae. Bet you wanted to see more of his skin, didn’t you. To feel if it’s soft, what he smells like.” Taehyung breathed hot and fast against Jimin’s neck, rubbing himself against the other’s stomach, trying to get himself off. “Is this okay?” Jimin asked softly.

“F–fuck, yes. Just, just keep talking.” Taehyung somehow managed to say.

“Lemme know if it’s too much, okay?” Jimin pressed a quick kiss to his cheek before continuing. “Imagine if he could see you right now, watching you with those big eyes of his. You don’t even know him, Tae, and yet, look how much of a mess you are.”

Taehyung slowed down in moving his hips, hesitant. “You’re not jealous?” he whispered.

“How could I be jealous when he got my baby all riled up like this.” Jimin moved his hand up Taehyung’s thigh, to his crotch, and squeezed him through his pants. Taehyung groaned, looking down at his hand while his sweaty forehead rested on Jimin’s shoulder.

He could feel how hard Jimin was, so he ground his ass down on him, earning a hiss from his boyfriend.

“Maybe I would leave you like this, untouched, while I play with him instead, would you like that?” Taehyung nodded eagerly, at this point unable to form any words. “Oh Taehyung, you’re so sensitive you’d probably get off on just watching us.”

And with that, Taehyung’s hips stuttered as he came, emptying himself inside his pants.

Jimin gently lifted him off his chest a bit. “Did you just–“

“Yeah,” Taehyung admitted, still trying to catch his breath.

“Oh,” Jimin stroked his sticky bangs out of Taehyung’s face so he could properly look at him, “That’s hot.”

Taehyung focused on Jimin’s breathing underneath him, his focus slowly returning, and then he softly punched his boyfriend in the chest. “Stupid Jimin…”

Jimin sat up a bit, a worried look on his face. “Shit, did I do something wrong? I’m sorry baby, talk to me.”

“No, no, chill.” Taehyung poked at his pecs while trying to get his words in order. “Trust me, it was more than okay.” Taehyung nodded at his soiled pants as if to prove a point. “I really liked it, but,” Taehyung paused, tugging on his earring, “how are we gonna face him tomorrow.”

“Oh fuck,” Jimin closed his eyes. “Hadn’t thought of that.” He sniffed, looking like he was trying to come up with something. “Well, at least you got some acting skills. I’m basically fucked.”

“Exactly.” Taehyung had to laugh at the offended look on Jimin’s face, because it was adorable.

“Talking about being fucked,” Jimin lifted Taehyung off the couch, and carried him in the direction of their bedroom, “I’m not done with you just yet.” And all Taehyung could do was happily giggle into his boyfriend’s shoulder.



“I think you’re ready,” Namjoon said after inspecting Jungkook’s station.

He had checked everything three times, but still felt like he was missing something. He knew that it was probably his nerves that made him feel like that, but he couldn’t ignore it. He wanted this to be perfect.

“You got this, Jungkook. And I’ll be over there if you need me.” Namjoon pointed at Jungkook’s drawing table, since they swapped places today. Jungkook would be using Namjoon’s chair, while his hyung stayed in the background.  

Jungkook was about to check over his things for the fourth time, when the door swung open.

Yoongi walked in, already deep in conversation. “What I’m trying to say is, there’s no recipe. I freestyle it every time.”

“Ah, hyung, can’t you at least show me how it’s done?” Taehyung, as Jungkook now knew, came in after him.

“Fine, I’ll write something down.” Yoongi dismissed him with a wave.

“You got your way, Tae, as always.” Jimin came in last, grinning fondly.

“Your clients are here, kid.” Yoongi walked up to Jungkook, and ruffled his hair before leaning down and whispering, “You’ll do great.”

Yoongi quickly left, so Jungkook got up from his seat and politely offered his clients a drink.

“No, we’re fine, I brought some juice.” Jimin took off his jacket and already jumped up onto the tattoo chair. “Can you do me first? Tae likes to procrastinate his suffering.”

“Sure.” This was real. This was happening. Jimin sat in his chair, putting his phone on silent. Taehyung had rolled a little stool closer so he could sit next to Jimin and was looking expectantly at Jungkook.

“Okay, uhm, this is the stencil.” He showed them what he had already sent them in the group chat. A stylized half moon for Jimin, and a sun for Taehyung.

“Oh I love it so much! And I think it might already be the right size?” Jimin asked.

“Let’s find out,” Jungkook paused, immediately running into a problem, “uhm, could you take your shirt off please?”

“Told you, you shouldn’t have put on a long sleeved shirt.” Taehyung smiled cheekily, as Jimin undressed. For a second Jungkook could only look at that smile, because there was something so bright and innocent about it, which was probably far from the truth.

But then he got distracted by the fact that Jimin apparently had the body of a fucking god. His shoulders were narrow, and yet they were beautifully rounded out, probably the result of years of exercise. His waist was slim, abs defined, but not too much. But his chest is what really got to Jungkook, as per usual. His pecs looked strong, but still soft, perfect to lay your head on while sleeping.

Jungkook snapped back to reality and cleared his throat, trying not to make it too obvious that he had been staring. “Okay, let’s do this.” He did all the prep and applied the stencil on the inside of Jimin’s bicep, happy to get it right in one go. “Can you check in the mirror if you like this placing?” He gave him his hand mirror and Jimin gasped.

“That’s so cute!” Jimin turned to show Taehyung. “Look.”

Taehyung smiled at the little moon on Jimin’s arm. “I swear this whole experience is gonna get me so emo. I love it.”

“Thanks.” Jungkook felt a new wave of nerves running through his stomach. “Can you lay your arm down on this right here? Then we’ll get started.”

Jungkook opened a new box of gloves, trying not to show his clients just how badly he was shaking. But it was kind of hard to hide when he tried to put on the gloves and the first one already broke.

“Oh, fuck.” His hands were cold and sticky with sweat, causing also the second glove to get stuck on his skin and tear.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asked, his voice worried.

“Yeah, it’s just, you know…” he wanted to hide his hands but there was nowhere to go, so he tried rubbing them on his pants to get the sweat off. His chest started to tighten and he felt like a fucking idiot for ever thinking he could do this. From the other end of the shop he could hear Namjoon’s chair roll back, probably coming over to step in. Now he knew he had truly fucked up.

“Hey, look at me.” Suddenly, Jimin was in front of him. “It’s okay.” He grabbed his hands and held them in his own, not looking bothered or grossed out by the stickiness of them at all, instead there was a sweet smile on his face. “Tae, please grab some juice for him.”

“Are you nervous?” Jimin asked, and Jungkook only nodded, looking down at their connected hands, too embarrassed to make eye-contact. “I get like this too sometimes. Either this or the shits. I think I prefer the shits.”

Taehyung returned with a bottle of juice, putting it down on the chair next to Jimin. “Don’t we all?”

This made Jungkook laugh softly. He finally noticed that Namjoon hadn’t stepped in after all. Was he watching them?

“We can do this another time if you want?” Jimin suggested, but Jungkook shook his head.

“It’s okay to be nervous, Jungkook.” Taehyung reached over and put his hand on top of theirs, to give them a quick squeeze. “I bet you’re gonna do just fine. And if you don’t, you’ll just give us a discount, right?”

Jimin let go of him and uncapped the juice for him. “Here, this will make you feel better.”

“Thanks,” Jungkook gladly took a big gulp of the sweet and fruity drink. Jimin was right, he already felt way better. They had managed to calm him down tremendously, and the juice had brought his blood sugar levels back to normal.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath, “I’m ready.”



“So, where’d you two meet?” Jungkook asked, dapping some ink off of Taehyung’s skin.

“At a place where you don’t expect to find love.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows at him and Jungkook laughed.

He looked over his shoulder to where Jimin was showing off his brand new tattoo to Namjoon, who had for once pushed his glasses all the way up his nose to study it. After that first hurdle, everything had gone surprisingly well. Jimin had been a trooper, not bothered by the pain at all, and sat perfectly still.

Taehyung was a bit more affected, but aside from the occasional wince and twitch, he was holding up great.

“Okay, so enlighten me. What kind of place are you talking about?”

“The army!” Taehyung yelled, and it wasn’t his loud voice that startled Jungkook, but more the mention of a place that only held bad memories for him.

“That’s, uhm, great. But you didn’t start dating there, did you?” Jungkook got an ink refill and continued coloring.

“Nah, that ain’t really the place for that.” Jungkook noticed how Taehyung had slightly slipped into his dialect while talking. “We got along immediately, as if it was meant to be. Instant best friends, you know?” Taehyung asked, but Jungkook just shrugged. “Jimin told me of his plans to move to Seoul and study to become a doctor, and I told him about wanting to work with animals. He put two and two together and decided that we should study to become vets together.”

Jungkook looked up from his work at that, and saw how Taehyung was smiling proudly. “Wow, that’s actually pretty cool.”

“I know, right?” Taehyung sipped on his second bottle of water, probably thirsty from all the pain sweating he was doing. “I hadn't even considered going to university, you know? I’m from a small town, and usually guys like me just end up working for their parents. But Jimin made me realize that I could do it, and he was right! My grades are even better than his!”

Jungkook took a quick glance at Jimin, who was now flipping through one of Jungkook’s sketchbooks. (The one who was open for everyone to see of course, not one of the secret ones he had locked in a drawer.)

“So, we moved to Seoul, but we weren’t dating yet, at that point,” Taehyung took yet another sip, “but as soon as we walked into our new apartment together, we made out and basically fucked on the bare floor.”

“H–hyung!” Jungkook sputtered, glad his machine was off for the moment, or he would’ve fucked up his shading.

“Well, he’s not wrong.” Jimin returned, flopping back down on the stool to check Jungkook’s progress. “Ahh, it’s so pretty.”

Jungkook continued his work in silence while he listened to the other two bicker about what they wanted to get for dinner. He smiled to himself, thinking that something simple like that was just so cute and domestic.

When he finished, Taehyung flexed his bicep in the mirror to admire the end result. “Oh, I love it. Jimin, come here, you too.” Jimin stood next to him, mimicking his pose. “Look, we match!”

Jungkook stood behind them as he took off his gloves. A proud warm feeling was bubbling up in his chest. He’d done it. Finally. And had a done a pretty good job too. Somehow, this felt like the first real accomplishment in his life. This was an authentic, touchable achievement and it made him feel amazing. He hoped he could ride this new wave of confidence for a long time.

“Thank you so much Jungkook,” Taehyung said, and Jimin agreed.

Then, surprisingly, they both pulled him in for a hug. Jungkook laughed a bit awkwardly, since they were both still shirtless. But it was nice, warm.

But all good moments come to an end, so eventually his clients got dressed and had to leave.

“We’ll see you around, yeah?” Jimin said.

“Sure,” Jungkook said, hoping it to be true.

So he waved them goodbye, and then just stood there for a moment to take it all in.

This had been such a wonderful day. Not only did he do his first tattoo on another person, two even. He also got to hang with two wonderful people, who he had come to like a lot. They had been so kind and patient with him in the beginning, and after he talked to them for a while he had also discovered they were funny and interesting. And, sure, they were both extremely beautiful and smelled like heaven, but that was beside the point.

Of course, he was feeling a tiny bit envious of the relationship they had, and admired them for being so open and comfortable around others, but he could only hope he’d have that too someday.

Jungkook sighed dreamily at the thought, and then spun around on his feet to get back to work, only to be faced with Namjoon standing in front of him.

“So, Jungkook,” Namjoon cleared his throat, “is it just me, or did they just leave without paying?”

Chapter Text




“Kim Taehyung, you know I love you more than anything,” Jimin swallowed the last bits of food that were in his mouth, with difficulty, “but this is the worst kimchi fried rice I’ve ever tasted.”

“But I followed the recipe!” Taehyung grabbed the note that Yoongi had given in and skimmed over it again. “He said to use whatever you have lying around…”

“I didn’t think he was talking about raisins and cucumber.” Jimin poked at the food on his plate, trying not to look too disgusted by it. It was Friday night and Jungkook would be coming over soon. Taehyung had wanted to prepare a nice and homely meal for them, and it had been adorable to watch him slave away in the kitchen, bandana wrapped around his head to keep his hair out of his face, but it had turned into a complete disaster.

Jimin clapped his hands together. “Alright, let’s just order pizza. I bet Jungkook won’t mind.”

“Me neither, I’m starving.” Taehyung scraped his fried rice into the bin, pout on his face.

Taehyung was on the phone ordering food when the doorbell rang, ten minutes to 9pm. “I’ll go get it.” Jimin mouthed at him.

He opened the door, and there stood a red faced Jungkook, slightly out of breath. “Hi, sorry I’m so early. I even took the stairs but I’m still early.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” Jimin waved for him to come in. Jungkook kicked off his shoes, and got out of his coat, but didn’t bother to take off the silly beanie he was wearing, which Jimin thought was rather cute. “Don’t mind the smell, I promise that isn’t what we’re gonna have for dinner.”

“Hi Jungkook,” Taehyung called from the kitchen. “We’re having pizza!”

“Sweet!” Jungkook looked around the apartment, eyes big and curious, “You guys have a nice place, I like it.”

“Thanks!” Jimin flopped down on their big corner couch and tapped the seat next to him. “Come sit on our most prized possession.”

Jungkook hesitated for a second, but when Taehyung sat down on the other side, he had no choice but to sit in between them.

“Ah, before we forget!” Jimin pulled an envelope from his pocket and handed it over. “The money’s all there. And we’re paying for the pizza of course, as an apology.”

“Thanks.” Jungkook quickly put the money away. “Oh, also…“ He played with the hair that was sticking out from under his beanie for a second, and Jimin could see Taehyung smile secretly from the other end of the couch. “I wanted to thank you guys for even letting me tattoo you in the first place. Really, it means a lot.”

“Aww, that is so sweet.” Taehyung playfully pushed his shoulder.

Jungkook smiled at the gesture. “And, if you don’t mind me asking. Could I see them? The tattoos? I wanna know how they’re healing up.”

“You just wanna see Jimin’s abs again, don’t you?” Taehyung teased.

Jimin threateningly widened his eyes at Taehyung. Poor Jungkook was just stammering in denial at his remark and was clearly not used to their teasing. Yet. “Don’t worry Jungkook, I’m not naked under this,” Jimin took off his hoodie and showed his tattoo. It was healing up nicely, the itchiness already fading.

“Wow, that’s great actually. You have good skin.” Jungkook came a bit closer and ran his finger over it, forgetting his own shyness for a second, before Jimin giggled because it tickled. Jungkook quickly pulled away. “Ah, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Jimin put his hoodie back on. "Tae, show him yours.”

Taehyung quickly rolled up his sleeve and flexed his modest bicep. His tattoo was still flaking a bit, but other than that it looked great. Jimin had seen it so many times over the last week, but every time it made him feel warm and sentimental. It had been such a good idea to get them.

Jimin cleared his throat. “Hey Jungkook, do you want something to drink? We have beer. Wait, are you nineteen yet?” he teased.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at that, and Jimin was happy that he was getting comfortable enough around them to be a brat. “I’m already twenty-two.”

“Wow, a senior citizen. I’ll grab you a beer then. Tae?”

Taehyung raised his hand. “Lemonade please!”

When Jimin came back from the kitchen with drinks, Taehyung and Jungkook had gotten up from the couch and were standing back to back. “Jimin, can you check which one of us is taller? Jungkook said he’s taller but I think that’s a fat lie.”

“Hey, I’m not a liar.” Jungkook threw back his elbow to poke Taehyung in the back, earning a laugh from him.

“Alright, alright.” Jimin put down the drinks and climbed onto the couch to tower over them. “Clearly, I am the tallest here.” Neither of the boys laughed at this, and they just whined for him to hurry up so Jimin took a good look at them. From where he was standing, it did look like Jungkook was taller, but it was hard to tell. So he pulled off the stupid beanie from his head, messing up his hair in the process.

“Hey!” Jungkook tried to fix his hair.

“It’s for science.” Jimin put his hands on top of their heads. “Aw, little Jungkookie is shorter. By a whole centimeter.”

“Yes!” Taehyung struck a victory pose. “I get one slice of your pizza.”

“Well,” Jungkook started, “You paid for it, so I don’t care.” He didn’t look happy at all though.

And as if summoned, the delivery guy knocked on their door.



“I think I’m dying.” Taehyung untied the string in his sweats and looked down at his stomach.

“I still owe you a slice, hyung.” Jungkook held it up in offering but Taehyung swatted it away with his hand. If he ate any more they’d really have to go to the hospital.

“I can’t have anymore either.” Jimin sadly looked at the quarter of pizza he had left. “Jungkook?”

“Gimme.” Jungkook held his pizza box next to Jimin’s so he could slide the slices onto it.

Taehyung wondered how Jungkook even had room for all of that in that flat stomach of his. He brought a hand down to his own tummy, rubbing it to soothe the pain.

“Jungkook, you got some– wait, let me.” Taehyung watched Jimin leaning closer and wiping a drop of sauce from Jungkook’s cheek with his thumb, and then sucking it off his finger. Jungkook followed his movement with wide eyes.

Taehyung laughed heartily at this. Jimin had always been comfortable in touching people, and it must be something to get used to for Jungkook, who was quite reserved with his touches.

When they finished, Jimin got up to put the empty boxes in the kitchen. And somehow, Jungkook had even more room in his stomach, because he drank the rest of his beer in one go.

“You want another?” Taehyung asked.

“Sure.” Jungkook handed him his empty bottle. “Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t get drunk. I need like, ten beers for that.”

“Sure you do,” Taehyung teased, and got up to follow Jimin into the kitchen, leaving Jungkook to play on his phone.

Once he was there Jimin leaned up to whisper in his ear, “Taehyung, can we kick him out?”

“Wait. What? Why?” Taehyung whispered back, confused because he thought everything had been going so well.

“He’s so cute, it makes me angry!” Jimin hissed, and Taehyung understood what the real problem was. “Did you see him with his cheeks stuffed with pizza! Why did that make him look cute?”

Taehyung looked over his shoulder to see that Jungkook was still occupied with his phone, feeding his tamagotchi in an app. “Oh Jimin, can’t we just keep him?” he joked.

Jimin just rolled his eyes at him and pulled him closer for a kiss.



Jungkook could hear his hyungs whisper from the kitchen, but he politely tuned them out and tried to focus on his game.

He had only been here for an hour or so, but he was having so much fun. Jimin and Taehyung were great guys, and they were so easy to get along with. It was nice to finally have some friends close to his age, even though they were leading a completely different life from him.

Could he even call them his friends yet, though? Because this might only be a one time occasion, just to pay him back.

Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip. He really hoped that they would invite him over again.

He turned around on the couch to see what was taking them so long, only to see them give each other a kiss. It wasn’t like last time, when he saw them stumble into the studio, lost in each other’s mouth. No, this was soft, and cute, and it made something weird twitch in his chest.

When Taehyung returned with his beer, Jungkook quickly twisted the cap off and chugged half of it down.

“Wow, someone’s thirsty,” Taehyung teased as he dropped down on the couch, Jimin sitting down next to him, leaning his head on his shoulder while he nursed on his own beer.

Jungkook watched them for a second, and didn’t think before he said, “I’m gay.”

“Huh?” Jimin lifted his head off Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Sorry, that was– that came out of nowhere.” Jungkook frowned at his beer bottle, cursing the stupid thing for making him blab like that. “You guys are cool, and I know you won’t judge me for that. And Yoongi hyung said it’s an important part of who you are as a person, and that you should share it with people who–“ Jungkook stopped talking, before he embarrassed himself even further.

“Thank you for sharing, Jungkook.” Jimin’s smile was sweet and comforting. “I’m getting the feeling you don’t tell that to people often.” Jungkook huffed at that, because he didn’t tell it to people ever at all.

“I’m also gay,” Taehyung added.

This made Jungkook cackle loudly. “Really, hyung? I hadn’t noticed.”

Taehyung put his arm around Jimin. “Yeah, I get that a lot, it’s easy to miss.”

Jungkook couldn’t stop smiling. He had no clue why he had let that slip out about his sexuality, but he was happy that he did. Somehow he found himself thinking that he didn’t want this moment to end just yet.

As if he were reading his mind, Jimin asked, “Hey Jungkookie, why don’t you just stay the night? It’s so cold outside, and I wouldn’t wanna send you out there again.”

Jungkook tried to hide the excitement in his voice. “You wouldn’t mind?”

Taehyung gasped. “We can play video games and eat ice-cream all night long. Please stay!”

Jungkook brought up his fists and wiggled them happily. “Let’s do it!”



Jungkook was almost skipping when he walked home from the subway exit.

It was way past noon, but he was still feeling a bit groggy, since they had stayed up till 3am playing a racing game. Well, he and Taehyung that is. Jimin had fallen asleep on Jungkook’s shoulder around 1am, drooling all over it and causing him to lose multiple rounds, but he couldn’t shake him off, because he had just looked too angelic.

When he and Taehyung got tired eventually, they’d carried Jimin to their bed together. Jungkook tried not to be too nosy, but he couldn’t help but look around, and had found out that their bedroom was super cozy and warm. It was no wonder that as soon as they put Jimin to bed, he rolled up into a little ball under the blankets.

Taehyung had given him a brand new toothbrush they had lying around, and left Jungkook to clean up in the bathroom, while he turned the couch into a bed for him. Their bathroom was cozy as well, and had funny little paintings of fish hanging on the wall in quirky, unique frames. It made the room so personal and characteristic, and Jungkook wondered which one of them had put those up there. After brushing his teeth and cleaning his face, he’d gone to look for a towel in a cupboard, but found a collection of bath bombs instead. Carefully he had picked one up to sniff it, and it was so sweet and fruity, that Jungkook almost got hungry again.

After that, he’d gone to sleep on the couch, which had been surprisingly comfortable, especially with the big fluffy pillows and warm blankets. Taehyung had given him two blankets and Jungkook wondered if he had remembered how he told them earlier that he gets cold easily.

The morning after, Jungkook was woken up by the familiar smell of a rice cooker, stomach already growling at that, and found Jimin in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Despite Jimin saying that he wasn’t a good cook, it had been delicious and comforting. Taehyung had still been sleeping while they ate, but he woke up just when Jungkook was about to leave. He had watched them fondly as Taehyung rubbed his stubbled chin in Jimin’s neck, causing the other to scream.

With a warm feeling in his heart and the promise to meet up again soon, Jungkook had left for home.

“I’m home!” He kicked off his sneakers and put on his own warm slippers.

Yoongi was at the dinner table, steaming cup of coffee next to him, writing on his laptop. “Oh, someone looks happy.”

“Yeah, so?” Jungkook couldn’t even be bothered to pretend he wasn’t, smiling etched on his face. “What about you, hyung? Had any fun while I was out?”

“I’ll have you know that he fell asleep at 9:30,” Jin said as he walked out of the bathroom, but Jungkook spotted a hickey on his neck telling him that this was probably a lie.

“So, did you get drunk?” Yoongi asked.

“No, I just stayed over because we were having fun.” Jungkook sat down at the table, stealing a sip from Yoongi’s coffee, nose scrunching up at the bitter taste.

Yoongi took his cup out of Jungkook’s hands. “Do you still have a crush on those guys?”

“What?” Jungkook huffed through his nose, because the idea alone was already too bizarre. “No, hyung, how could you even–“ He shook his head. “No, that would be weird. Right?”

Yoongi crossed his arms and leaned back against his chair. “Feelings can be weird, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always bad, Jungkook.”

“Hey, save that stuff for your love advice column, Yoongi. Don’t you have a deadline to meet?” Jin called from the couch.

“What deadline?” Yoongi pulled up the calendar app in his phone, “Oh, fuckfuckfUCK .”

Jungkook took this as his cue to escape to the bathroom for a shower, not wanting to be around that meltdown. He looked in the mirror and saw how puffy his eyes were from lack of sleep. He wetted a washcloth with some cold water and rested it on his face while thinking about what his hyung had said.

Of course he didn’t have a crush on them, that wouldn’t make sense. He did get a funny feeling in his chest on multiple occasions last night, and had a hard time looking directly at their faces every now and then because they were so beautiful. But that didn’t mean anything. He just respected and admired them greatly. Like a friend crush, you know? And of course he had been a bit envious whenever they shared a quick kiss, but that was just because Jungkook wanted to be kissed in general. Not by Taehyung or Jimin. At all.

Silly Yoongi.

Chapter Text

“Ah hyung, sit still.” Jungkook clicked his tongue from where he sat on the floor, annoyed that he had lost focus again.

“I’m trying.” Jimin sniffed, scrunching up his nose. “I can’t help it if my nose itches.”

“I’m almost done.” Jungkook got his eraser and rubbed at some of the sketchy lines, carefully, because he didn’t wanna wake Taehyung who had fallen asleep against his back while he had been peeking over his shoulder.

“He looks like a koala like that, look at how he has his arms around you.” Jimin pointed and Jungkook sighed because Jimin had moved again.

This was the sixth time he tried drawing Jimin over the last couple of months, but he’d never gotten him just right, had always missed some form of character. Taehyung however, he had become the best portrait Jungkook had ever drawn in his private sketchbook. Taehyung was almost like a professional model in the way he could just sit down and stay still for hours. But Jimin, there was just something about him that was hard to capture.

Jungkook brushed the eraser dust off his paper and took a good look at his drawing. He was surprised by the result. “Jimin, I think I actually did it. I did it.” He held it up for Jimin to see.

“Wow, that’s–“ Jimin came closer. “Jungkookie, there’s no way I’m that pretty though.”

Jungkook turned his sketchbook around to look at the drawing again, but he couldn’t see what Jimin meant. “You are, Jimin, you’re beautiful.”

“Mmm’s true.” Taehyung said, voice hoarse, just barely waking up. “Oh that’s amazing.” Taehyung had finally opened his eyes. “That’s really you, Jimin.”

Jimin let himself fall back onto the couch and held his hand up to his face, trying to hide a smile. “Stop it.”

Jungkook had been coming over a lot more often over the last few months. By now, he was at their place almost every weekend, just lazing around and drawing while Jimin and Taehyung studied. At times he had wondered if he was overstaying his welcome, or that he was in the way, but they had assured him many times that if that were the case, they would have kicked him out already.

He had his own little toiletry bag in their bathroom now, like a sleepover survival kit. And for Christmas, Jimin had bought him his own pair of slippers, with soft wool on the inside to keep him extra warm.

They’d even celebrated both Jimin’s and Taehyung’s 24 th birthday together, just by staying at home and eating cake. Jungkook had found it rather strange that he was allowed to be there, since it felt like such a private occasion, but when they told him they wanted him to be there, he’d just felt so happy and special.

By now, it was like he was somehow part of their little family life they had going on. He would find himself walking towards their house every Friday night on instinct, dropping down on their couch and telling them about his day. Sure, he had become aware that there were some conflicting feelings going on, how he felt a rush of love and want every time he saw them kiss, and how he’d wish to follow them into their bedroom to cuddle when they told him goodnight and left him to sleep on the couch. But he managed by ignoring the hell out of it. He just hoped he wouldn’t ruin everything with those stupid feelings.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Jungkook started, “Yoongi’s birthday is this week, and we’re throwing him a party at the restaurant next Saturday.”

“Ah, that’s so nice of you guys!” Jimin smiled so brightly at him and Jungkook almost forgot where he was going with this.

“What I mean is, do you two want to come? There will be drinks and food. And you don’t even need to bring gifts, hyung is testing out this minimalism thing for his blog.”

Taehyung wrapped his arms around his back again and hugged him so tightly that Jungkook lost his breath for a second. “We’ll be there! Sounds like fun, right Jimin?”

“Yeah, I wanna meet your friends, Jungkook.” Jimin sat up with a cheeky grin on his face.

Suddenly, Jungkook felt nervous.



Jungkook waved his hands around to air dry them. They were so sweaty and cold, for no reason at all. He was only a little nervous for tonight, but that was natural, right? His best friends were gonna meet, well, his other best friends, and that was exciting. And scary. But most of all exciting.

“Get yourself together, Jeon,” he told his reflection in the mirror, as he picked up the little brush again for a second try.

It had been a long time since he had put on some makeup, so he was keeping it simple. Just a little eyeshadow and lipgloss. It wasn’t like he was trying to impress anyone, but it was a party after all.

He looked at the end result and found that he hadn’t forgotten his old tricks after all, and that he was looking rather cute. Pretty even. Now all he had to do was iron the white button up that he had stolen from Yoongi, and he was good to go.



“What the fuck is that on your nose?” Jin stopped in the middle of unfolding a tablecloth to look at Jungkook as he entered their restaurant.

“Ah,” Jungkook scratched at the tip of his nose, carefully not to touch his new piercing. “I went to Donghyuk hyung this morning to get my ears stretched again, and I thought, why not pierce my nose?”

Jin laughed at this. “Okay, but didn’t you say you were gonna stop stretching them? They’re already so big.”

“They’re only five millimeters, hyung, chill.” Jungkook shrugged off his coat, hoping Jin wouldn’t comment on how he had dressed up as well. "Besides, it’s not like I’m ever gonna get an office job.”

“Lay off the poor kid, Jin.” Yoongi emerged from the kitchen with some clean glasses. “I like it, Jungkook. It does put emphasis on how big your nose is though. But it’s cute.”

“Cute?” Jungkook opened the front camera of his phone to check his face. His nose was a bit red and irritated, but the metal stud still looked cool as hell. Cute wasn’t what he was going for with this, but he’d take every compliment he could get.

Yoongi and Jin had pushed two tables together so it could fit all of them. There were already some snacks on the table, but Jungkook could smell something cooking in the kitchen.

“So, when will your boyfriends be here?” Yoongi asked, while he checked the ice cube machine.

“My friends,” Jungkook corrected him as he followed him behind the bar to pour himself a beer from the tap, “will be here around nine.”

“You’re so good at that.” Yoongi pointed at Jungkook’s perfect beer. “Too bad this restaurant is just a front, or I would’ve put you behind the bar.”

“And then I wouldn’t have to be a criminal,” Jin added.

“Oh come on, hyung, as if not every accountant has a little something on the side in this country.” Namjoon appeared from the hallway in the back. He had probably been doing some extra work in the shop, even though it was his day off. “Wow, you look cool Jungkook,” Namjoon said as he spotted him.

“Thanks,” Jungkook mumbled, suddenly feeling shy. Quickly, he took a big sip from his beer, getting foam all over his upper lip.

“Okay, Hoseok is bringing liquor, since all these bottles we have here are fake,” Yoongi waved at the display behind him, “And I’m making food. We got snacks, we got soda. I think we’re ready.” Yoongi nodded to himself, pleased, and disappeared back into the kitchen.

And with that, the door flew open. Hoseok tried to get in, but he was carrying so many balloons that he got stuck. “A little help here?” Jungkook quickly ran over and grabbed some of the balloon straps. “I waited outside until the birthday boy was out of sight, come help me put these up.”

They all quickly hung them up all over the room, making a weird contrast with the restaurant’s normally gloomy interior. Jin took it upon himself to also light some candles here and there, making it all look very cozy and festive.

When Yoongi finally returned from the kitchen, plates in his hands, they loudly sang him a birthday song. He pretended to look annoyed, but Jungkook could see that he was trying to hide a smile. This made Jungkook sing even louder.

They were halfway through the song when Jimin and Taehyung finally arrived. Taehyung immediately chimed in and sang even louder than all of them together, Jimin giggling next to him.

When they finally stopped singing, Hoseok cleared his throat next to Jungkook, and asked way too loudly, “Hey, isn’t that the boner guy?”



“So, lemme get this straight,” Jimin sipped on his fifth rum and coke, “Jungkook is tattooing people every day now?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Namjoon answered, face red from the booze. “He’s gonna be able to buy his own chair soon if he keeps this up.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jimin put his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, shaking it a little, before dropping his hand to Jungkook’s knee again, where it had been resting for almost half an hour now. Not that he’d been counting or anything.

“I just didn’t wanna brag, that’s all,” Jungkook answered, truthfully, and finished his beer.

He looked over the table towards the back of the restaurant, where Taehyung and Hoseok were asleep on a couple of pillows. They had passed out after two shots about an hour ago, but before that, Jungkook was happy to find that they had gotten along well.

Actually, everyone got along with Jimin and Taehyung. Somehow this lifted a weight off his shoulders, for his friends to be so easily accepted into their group.

“So, Jimin, you’re a doctor,” Yoongi mixed Jimin another drink and handed it to him, and Jungkook didn’t miss how the drinks Yoongi was pouring had a 1:1 ratio now.

“No, I’m a vet, in training.” Jimin gladly accepted the drink and brought the pink straw to his mouth. Jungkook watched with amusement how the straw missed his lips on the first three tries.

“Eh, same thing.” Yoongi shrugged. “So I got this rash on my butt, and–“

“Hyung!” Jungkook’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe how embarrassing Yoongi could be.

“Don’t mind him, Jimin,” Jin said, “I told him already that it’s from sitting too much.”

“Yes, and I chose to ignore that. Well, Jimin?” Yoongi raised his eyebrows.

Jimin giggled, leaning further into Jungkook. “I think you should go to an actual doctor, hyung. Also I don’t wanna look at your butt right now.”

“Why? It’s a good butt,” Yoongi argued, earning a soft slap in the shoulder from Jin.

“Because Jiminie is a bit drunk right now,” Jimin admitted, slipping into third person. He turned his head to rub his face into Jungkook’s shoulder. “Fuck, I shouldn’t have taken those shots.”

“Hey, you okay?” Jungkook looked down at him, and noticed just how red Jimin’s face was.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut. “Actually, no. Bathroom please?”

Jungkook quickly got up to take him there. Jimin grabbed his hand as he followed him, and Jungkook could feel him shaking a bit.

“Here it is, Jimin.” He held the door open for him and Jimin immediately stumbled inside and dropped to his knees in front of the toilet.

“Oh fuck, shit.” Jungkook dropped down next to him, just as Jimin started throwing up. “I got you, Jimin,” Jungkook rubbed his hand on Jimin’s back, hopefully calming him down, and flushed the toilet for him.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin said hoarsely, tears in his eyes.

“Don’t be, this happens.” Jungkook tore off some toilet paper to wipe Jimin’s mouth clean, and then some more to get the sweat off his forehead.

Jimin was about to say something but then he started dry heaving again, this time the tears spilling and rolling over his cheeks. Jungkook felt so bad for him, that he could also feel his own eyes sting. Jimin did not deserve to feel this way, and he hated seeing him like this.

“Fuck.” Jimin threw his head back to blink the tears from his eyes. “Why do I still feel drunk?”

“It’ll pass,” Jungkook said, having been in that position many times before.

Jimin crossed his arms over the toilet seat, and leaned the side of his head on it, looking at him. Jungkook couldn’t help but carefully move the sweaty bangs out of Jimin’s eyes.

“Jungkookie,” Jimin’s voice was slurred, “you look really cool tonight. I love the piercing.”

“Stop.” Jungkook laughed, making a high sound at the back of his throat.

“Googie, you know I love you, right?” Jimin’s eyes were glazed over, and he smiled sweetly.

“Ha!” Jungkook’s heart did a funny little backflip. “You’re just saying that because I held your hair back just now.”

“No, no, shhh.” Jimin pressed his index finger to his own lips dramatically. “I really love you, Tae loves you too. We’re so happy that you came into our lives.”

Jungkook didn’t know what to say to that, but he didn’t have to, because Jimin’s face suddenly lost all its color, and then he threw up again.



Jungkook woke up with a startle, his body hot and sweaty, throat sore, and for a second he didn’t know where he was. But then he opened his eyes, triggering a headache, and remembered what had happened the night before.

After Jimin had successfully emptied all of his stomach contents, Jungkook had taken him and Taehyung back to their home. He didn’t want to send them outside alone in such a state, and since he was the most sober of the three, he took it upon himself to chaperone them.

Aside from Taehyung singing loudly in the streets, they'd gotten home without any problems. When they were finally inside the apartment, Jungkook had noticed just how tired he actually was. Without having the energy to make his bed on the couch, he had just dropped himself there with his clothes on, with every intention to just go to sleep like that.

But Jimin wouldn’t have that, so he invited him to sleep with them in their bed. And of course, Jungkook wouldn’t say no to that, alcohol still buzzing through his head.

Which was how he ended up waking to Taehyung and Jimin, asleep and clinging onto each side of him.

They looked so beautiful and perfect like this. Jungkook could feel Taehyung’s soft breath on his arm, calm and quiet. His eyelashes were so dark and pretty when he had his eyes closed, and Jungkook wondered was it would feel like to have them flutter against his skin.

Then he looked over to his other side, where Jimin was drooling onto his chest, a dark spot already forming on his shirt. Jungkook breathed out a soft laugh at this. Jimin’s cheeks seemed bigger when he was sleeping, which made him look way younger. Jungkook wanted to reach over and find out if they were really as soft as they looked.

But he needed to pee and was having some other morning related problems as well, so he had to get up. Besides that, he was feeling sticky and gross, so a shower wouldn’t hurt either. Very gently, he peeled his friends off of him, somehow managing not to wake them up, and went to take a quick shower.

When he came out, towel around his hip, Jimin and Taehyung were half awake, mumbling and cuddling, the sight going straight to Jungkook’s heart. “Hey guys, can I borrow some clothes?”

Jimin’s head popped up from under the covers, hair sticking up in different places, and he looked Jungkook up and down before he said, “No, stay like this.”

“Ah, Jimin, leave him alone.” Taehyung squinted at Jungkook, his whole face puffy from sleep. “Bottom drawer is where my jammies are. Just grab some.”

“Thanks,” Jungkook quickly grabbed the first pair he could find, plus some underwear and socks, and hid in the bathroom again. He just had to get out of sight for a second, because the way Jimin had looked at him made him feel very confused. Of course Jimin hadn’t meant anything by it, but Jungkook had felt his eyes slide over his skin and that had stirred something in him.

Jungkook looked down to where his towel was now bulging a bit and noticed that he had stirred something else as well.

He splashed some cold water on his face to cool down, and quickly got dressed. Apparently the pajamas he had taken were made of some kind of fake silk, an ugly purple, and they weren’t really comfortable, but he couldn’t be bothered right now.

He contemplated blow drying his hair, but his stomach had other plans. “I’m gonna make breakfast!” he said, as he sprinted past his friends to get to the kitchen, only hearing one muffled ‘okay’ in return.

There wasn’t much available in their fridge, but he made do. When he finally heard his hyungs get into the shower, he already had some rice cooking. He quickly stir-fried some leftover veggies, and made a big pot of steamed egg.

By the time Jimin and Taehyung came out of their room, Jungkook had already set the table, and made them all coffee.

“Wah, it smells good,” Taehyung stuck his nose in the air.

“Wow Jungkook, is it our birthday now?” Jimin sat down at the table, and Taehyung joined them.

“This is nothing, I just threw some stuff together.” Jungkook brought them both a glass of water with aspirin, which they gladly accepted from him.

“Is that steamed egg?” Jimin lifted the lid off the pot that was in the middle of the table and gasped. “Tell me you did not put cheese on there.”

“It’s my secret ingredient. Perfect for hangovers.” Jungkook smiled smugly.

“God, that’s sinful.” Jimin loaded his spoon with a mountain of egg, drawing cheesy strings from the pot as he loaded it onto the plate. “I love it.”

“Hey leave some for us,” Taehyung said as soon as he saw how much Jimin was stacking onto his plate.

“So, last night was fun, right?” Jungkook sipped on his sweet coffee, needing the kick of caffeine.

“Yeah, even though I was only there for thirty minutes or so. Don’t let me drink next time.” Taehyung said around a mouth full of rice.

They finished the meal within minutes, eating like starved men, and Jungkook sat back contently, stomach finally feeling normal after a night of drinking.

“So, from now on I will no longer be making breakfast for you two, because my food clearly can’t compare.” Jimin said. “By the way, who taught you how to cook?”

“My mom,” Jungkook let it slip out before he knew what he was saying. He had never mentioned his parents in front of them.

“Jungkookie,” Taehyung leaned his chin in his hands, “do you maybe wanna tell us about your parents? We never asked, but we do wonder why you’re not in contact with them anymore. You can tell us.”

“Yeah, we’re here for you, you know that, right?” Jimin added.

Jungkook swallowed, feeling torn. Of course he trusted them, and wanted to tell them everything. But it was just so hard to find the right words at these times. “It’s kinda stupid, actually,” he said eventually.

“Try us.” Taehyung said.

“Ah,” Jungkook crossed his arms and looked at the ceiling. “So my parents are a bit old-fashioned, you know? But I still trusted them to love me for who I am. My plan was to enlist straight after finishing high school, to get that shit over with, and then come out to them afterwards.” He noticed how he was speaking way faster than usual, but he continued.

“But that was around the time the first arrest was made within the army, you remember, before they started that whole witch hunt on gay soldiers?” Jimin and Taehyung nodded at this, because of course they remembered, everyone did.

“So I called my dad back then, because I was honestly shocked by it, and scared, of course.” Jungkook bit on his bottom lip, feeling it shake between his teeth. “And he told me it was about time they cleaned out the army and threw out the trash.”

“Oh Jungkook,” Jimin whispered.

“It’s no big deal,” Jungkook waved his hand, “after I got discharged, I just bought a train ticket to Seoul. Yoongi is friends with my big brother, so he let me sleep on his couch. Through him I met Namjoon, and that’s how I got where I am today. It really isn’t a big deal, I have always wanted to go to art school anyway, so working with Namjoon is some kind of weird alternative.” He laughed it off, trying to lift the mood of the conversation.

“Shit,” Taehyung rubbed at his eyes. Was he crying? Why? Jungkook wanted to stop talking, because he didn’t wanna see him cry, but he couldn’t stop now that he had started.

“My brother knows about everything, he even sent me money in the beginning, before I started making my own. He told my parents that I didn’t wanna see them anymore, and he has done everything in his power to stop them from looking for me.” Jungkook sniffed, and noticed that he had teared up as well somewhere along the way.

“Hey, Jungkook, baby, look at me.” Jimin reached over the table to hold his hand. “Now you’re here, and you’re safe.”

“I know, I know.” He took a deep breath to calm himself and held on to Jimin’s hand tighter.

“But now that you’re independent,” Taehyung started, “don’t you wanna at least tell them? Maybe they’ll come around?”

“Hah!” Jungkook laughed. “I’m not good at facing my problems, hyung. No, if I just pretend they don’t exist, then I’ll eventually stop feeling like this.”

“That’s not really a healthy way of dealing with things, Jungkook.” Jimin frowned. “And that says a lot, coming from me.”

“I’ll be okay, hyung, trust me.” He put on his brightest smile and hoped it looked convincing.

“Ugh, come here.” Taehyung stood up and walked around the table to pull Jungkook into a hug, pressing multiple kisses into his hair. “Silly kid, I love you.”

Jimin almost tripped as he made his way over as well. “Group hug!” He almost squeezed the life out of Jungkook when he finally got his arms around him. “Thanks for telling us. We love you, okay?”

And with that, all tension left Jungkook and he was feeling just fine again, and above all, safe and loved. “Love you too,” he whispered, feeling the hug around him getting even tighter.

Chapter Text


Jungkook threw his phone onto the other end of his bed and watched it bounce off and onto the floor.

You should just date us.

That little suggestion, that stupid little joke, finally opened the floodgates of Jungkook’s emotions and now his mind was spinning out of control. He really thought that his feelings had been minor, and nothing serious. But that one sentence tricked his mind into thinking it was possible for one whole second, and that had been enough to finally realize what had been going on in his heart for months now.

He was in fucking love with his best friends.

Jungkook rolled around and punched his pillow for a good ten, or eleven times, and then pressed his face into it and screamed. What was he gonna do now? Because they had just been joking around in the group chat. It was just a silly joke to them, and there was nothing he could do about it.

His chest felt tight and he could feel his pulse picking up. “Not this shit again.” Jungkook tried to focus on his breathing, but it was hard because his mind was going at the speed of light. All this time, these past few months, he had been lying to himself, pretending there was nothing there. And a simple text message had held a mirror up to him and broke his facade. Was he really that weak?

Was there really no way he could be just friends with them? And nothing more?

Jungkook picked up his phone from the floor, disappointed but not surprised to see a crack in the screen, and did what he always did when faced with a problem. Run away, hide, and move on.

“There,” he said, a bitter taste in his mouth as he blocked their numbers.



Jimin chewed on his thumb while he waited for the light to turn green. Not that there was anything left to chew, since all his nails had been gnawed short. He shoved his hand into his pocket and crossed the street, frustration in his step.

It had been a week since they’d spoken to Jungkook. A fucking week .

They had tried calling him multiple times, texting him didn’t work either. Taehyung had texted Yoongi, who had only responded that they shouldn’t worry and that Jungkook wasn’t dead, but that was all they got.

If it hadn’t been for their busy schedule, Jimin would’ve dropped by earlier, but here he was now, a week later, walking into their restaurant.

“Hey Yoongi, is Jungkook here?” Jimin asked the other man, his smile deadly.

“Uhm,” Yoongi closed his laptop, “no, he took the week off.” He got off his seat behind the bar so he could properly look Jimin in the eye.

Yoongi was smiling uneasily, and it pissed Jimin off even more. “Is he at home? Can you call him for me?”

“Jimin, I–“ Yoongi started.

“Yoongi, I haven’t spoken to him in a week. For no reason.” Jimin put his hands down on the bar. “Look, we only see each other on the weekends, but we chat during the day, every day. There hasn’t been a single day over the last months when we didn’t talk.”

“I know, Jimin.” Yoongi ran his hand through his hair, and ruffled it a bit. He looked conflicted, which urged Jimin on.

“We’re just worried, okay? God, Taehyung is barely sleeping, and I–“ Jimin looked up at the ceiling and tried to calm himself before speaking again. “I feel like he hates me, and I can’t handle it. Did I do something wrong?”

“Jimin, fucking listen to me for a second, okay?” Yoongi pointed his finger at him. “He doesn’t hate you, trust me.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, right.”

“No, look at me.” Yoongi held his eyes for a moment, as if he was trying to tell him something more. “He doesn’t hate you.”

“You know what’s going on, don’t you?” Jimin was sick from being tossed around like this, going from one idea to the other. He needed to know what was wrong. He felt a surge of annoyance build in his stomach, not only because Yoongi knew more than him, but mostly because Yoongi actually got to see Jungkook every day, and had been talking to him.

“Yes, but I can’t speak in his stead.” Yoongi walked around the bar towards Jimin. “Jin and I already plan on sitting down with him tonight and having a good, long conversation.” He put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, grip firm. “I suggest you do the same with Taehyung. You two are smart enough to figure this out.”

Jimin shrugged his hand off. “What the–“

“Now if you don’t mind, I got a deadline to meet before dinner, so if you could,” Yoongi gestured at the door.

It didn’t hurt as much as being blown off by Jungkook, but Yoongi’s dismissal still stung. “Fine.” Jimin huffed. And when he left, he didn’t forget to slam the door behind him.



“Hey.” He hadn’t even heard the door unlock and Jimin come in, because he was zoning out again while hunched over a textbook.

“Hey, where were you?” Taehyung asked, closing his book and sliding it to the other end of the dinner table.

Jimin took a seat next to him, and gave him a quick kiss. “I went by the restaurant, to see if Jungkook was there.”

Nerves piled up in Taehyung’s stomach. “Was he?”

“No, but Yoongi was.” Jimin’s frown deepened. “Help me out a bit here, Tae, you’re smart.” Taehyung huffed at that. “No, listen. Yoongi told us that we could probably figure out ourselves what was going on.”

“Alright, okay.” Taehyung folded his arms. “Well, since he’s talking to Yoongi, and not us, it probably means that we are the problem.” Jimin flinched at this, but Taehyung continued, “We should retrace our steps. Think about what we talked about last time we met and stuff like that.”

“We talked about the same old things, nothing special, right? Could it be that he didn’t feel welcome here anymore?” Jimin proposed.

Taehyung thought this over. Had they ever made Jungkook feel that way? They’d always made sure to include him, to make sure he felt comfortable. But they hadn’t said anything that would have made him feel like that. “No, that doesn’t make sense, last time we spoke to him, you invited him to movie night.”

“That’s right, wait.” Jimin got his phone from his pocket and went to their group chat. “I don’t see anything weird here.”

“Let me look,” Taehyung took his phone, and scrolled to the last few things they said.

“Oh, shit." Taehyung groaned, because it was actually quite obvious. "I think I know.” He held up his phone for Jimin to read.

“But that– that was a joke. You think that grossed him out or something?” Jimin buried his face in his hands, probably feeling guilty about throwing Jungkook off like that.

This was the only possible reason for why Jungkook dropped them like that, Jimin’s joke about dating, but it still didn’t make sense to Taehyung. Jungkook could handle something like this, he and Taehyung often took jokes way too far, and that had never been a problem before.

No, Jungkook wouldn’t run away because of a silly joke like this. Unless, it meant something more to him.

Taehyung’s eyes almost rolled back into his head. How stupid could they have been? How could they have missed something that was right in their faces?

“Jimin?” His boyfriend looked up at him, face squashed from rubbing it. “Did you mean it?” Taehyung asked.


“Your joke…” Taehyung carefully explained. “Was there any truth to it.”

Jimin started laughing but stopped when he saw the serious look on Taehyung’s face. He thought it over for a second, and then said, “To be honest, it kind of feels like we’re dating already, right? Without the kissing, and–“

“Jimin, I wanna kiss him.” Taehyung interrupted him, forcing the words out. It was something he had been wanting to do for a while now, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud. At first he thought is was some kind of sexual fantasy, one like what Jimin had whispered in his ear that one day before they actually got to know Jungkook.

But now he realized, it was more than that. He wanted to kiss Jungkook, hold his hand, and more, but most of all, he wanted Jungkook to be equally included. He wanted Jungkook to be a part of what he and Jimin already had.

“Oh.” Jimin paused. “And you think Jungkook also feels the same?”

Taehyung nodded, because it made sense. If Jungkook felt that way about them too, then it wouldn’t be unnatural for him to freak out over a joke like that. Taehyung felt awful, because Jungkook was anything but a joke to him…

He saw that Jimin was looking at him, studying his face, looking unsure. Shit. Suddenly he realized what he was doing. He basically had just told his boyfriend that he was in love with another person.

“Jimin, that doesn’t mean I love you any less. Don’t think badly of me please, I really didn’t mean to hurt you.”

A soft smile appeared on Jimin’s face. “Don’t worry, Tae. I know that.” Taehyung finally noticed how Jimin had been touching his arm the whole time, where his tattoo was. “And I have a confession to make.”

“What?” Taehyung instinctively moved closer.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss his stupid face ever since the first time he stayed over.” Jimin chuckled and Taehyung felt a mountain of worries fall off his shoulders. Jimin felt the same. Of course he did. They’d always been in sync after all.

“Okay, we need to talk this out,” Jimin unlocked his phone, “But when we’re done, I’m gonna have to send an important text. Do you still have Yoongi’s phone number?”



Jungkook was starving. He pulled the covers off of him and checked under his bed to see if there were any snacks left, but he only found empty wrappings.

From the kitchen, he could smell something delicious cooking, Yoongi and Jin bickering quietly.

He could of course have dinner with them, but he was doing the whole ‘ignore the world until it goes away’ thing at the moment.

But he was really fucking hungry.

Putting his pride aside, he got up out of bed and looked for some socks. He had been holed up in his room for a week now, only coming out to shower twice a day and to steal some food from the fridge. Most of the time, he spent it sleeping, and sometimes crying. Usually he would feel better after secluding himself from the world for two or three days, but he wasn’t feeling better at all.

He wondered how Jimin and Taehyung were doing.

Quietly, he opened his room, but Jin and Yoongi whipped their heads around immediately, not missing the creak in his door.

“He’s alive,” Yoongi said.

Jin gave him a once-over. “Barely.”

Jungkook just stood there awkwardly hugging his own waist.

“It’s a good thing you came out,” Yoongi started, “we were planning on dragging you out by your hair, actually.”

“Great,” Jungkook put on a fake smile. “Can I have some food?”

Jin laughed loudly. “Oh, you thought? No food before we talk. Sit.”

Jungkook couldn’t believe this. He was about to turn around and go back to his room, but Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him that suggested he didn’t have much choice.

Very loudly, he pulled out a chair and sat down at the dinner table. “Okay, talk.”

“Jimin came over today, he looked upset.” Yoongi said, and Jungkook winced.

It wasn’t surprising for Jimin to take action like that, but it still made Jungkook feel guilty. He hadn’t meant to upset him, but it felt like he had no choice. So he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Jungkook, I don’t know what happened, because you won’t tell us, but how would you feel if they just started ignoring you like this?” Jin took a seat across from him.

He took a deep breath. “Awful, paranoid, sad,” he admitted. He crossed his arms on the table and hid his face in them.

Yoongi also sat down. “So why the hell would you wanna put them through that? I know you love them.”

Jungkook’s face snapped up at this.

“We know, Jungkook,” Jin added, “You’re head over heels in love with them. It’s all over your face every time you mention them.”

“You don’t know shit.” Jungkook hid his face again.

“Like I said, we don’t know what happened, but ignoring them is wrong, Jungkook.” Jin tried to grab his hand from across the table, but Jungkook dodged it. “You need to face your mistakes.”

“What do you know about facing your mistakes?” Jungkook snapped, “You got a drunk tattoo and you’re still hiding it.”

Jin raised his voice, ears red.“ Jungkook I am an accountant with fried fucking chicken wings tattooed on my shoulders and that doesn’t relate to this in any way.”

Jungkook couldn’t even be happy that he finally found out Jin’s secret. Shit, he couldn’t even be happy at all right now. Of course Yoongi and Jin were right, but he hated having his issues being spelled out to him like this.

“At least talk to them,” Yoongi said. “Sort that shit out, get in a fight with them for all I care. But at least get your garbage all out on the table, come clean. And then move on if you have to.” Yoongi reached over and ruffled his hair before he could stop him. “Don’t let this be a repeat of that bullshit with your parents, ‘kay?”

Yoongi was right. Jungkook sat up straight and wiped at his nose. He had to stop acting like this. He was twenty-two with a job, so he needed to stop acting like a child. He owed it to Taehyung and Jimin. Back then, when he was scared, when he was afraid of fucking everything up with their tattoos, they were there to comfort him. They gave him courage.

Now he had to find his own courage and tell them how he felt.

“Okay,” he whispered.

“What?” Yoongi asked, not having heard him right.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Jungkook said, louder. “I’ll talk to them.”

“Thank God.” Jin rubbed his hands together. “Alright, let’s eat.”

Yoongi pulled his phone from his pocket after it vibrated, buzzing a few more times in his hand. “Uhm, Jin, we have to go,” Yoongi said. “Emergency meeting with Namjoon. It’s about, uh, money.”

Yoongi showed Jin his messages. “Oh, yeah, let’s go.”

“Shit, do I need to come with you?” Jungkook asked. Their money situation was usually fool proof, so if something was up, it must be bad.

“No, you stay here and eat all this food before it gets cold.” Yoongi was already putting on his coat.

“We’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Jin called as he was halfway out the door.

They shut the door, and Jungkook was alone with his thoughts again.

How the hell was he gonna do this? He couldn’t just text them after ignoring them for a week. No, he needed to put in a little more effort than that. Maybe he could write a letter and say everything that he felt? That way he could really sort out his feelings and make sure he wasn’t misunderstood.

He was shaken from his thoughts by a knock on the door. God, had Yoongi forgotten his keys again?

While groaning in annoyance, he unlocked the door. “You’re really getting old, Yoongi– Oh.”

“Hey.” Taehyung stood there, Jimin closely behind him. “We have some things to say.”

Jimin smiled nervously. “Can we come in?”



They were sat down on an old and tiny leather couch. Jimin figured this was probably the couch Jungkook had crashed on after running away from home, before Yoongi cleaned out his office for him to use as a room.

Jungkook was sitting on an armchair to the side of them. He looked bad, dark circles under his eyes, pale, hair a bigger mess than usual. His lips were pressed together in a thin line and it looked like he didn’t want to talk.

Taehyung reached for Jimin’s hand, needing some support, and started, “Jungkook, we’re here because we wanna–“

“I’m so sorry,” Jungkook forced the words out with a harsh breath and buried his face in his hands, and leaned them on his knees. “I’m so sorry, so sorry.”

Taehyung wanted to say something but Jungkook continued. “I didn’t mean to make you upset. I shouldn’t have cut you guys out like that, that was low, and I–,” He interrupted himself with a sob, now clearly crying into his hands.

Instinctively, Jimin leaned forward, wanting to comfort him, rub his back, anything, but Jungkook continued, voice muffled by his hands. “I hate the idea of you guys being sad and I’m so fucking sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing but I’m an idiot.”

“Jungkook, listen,” Taehyung cleared his throat, “it’s true that you’ve upset us, and we’re not gonna pretend like that’s okay. But that’s not why we’re here.” Taehyung looked at Jimin for him to continue.

“Yes, we have a question.” Jimin paused to wet his lips. “Is it true that you wanna date us?

Jungkook looked up at him, nose red and face blotchy, and then his expression turned even more dejected. “So you guys figured it out.” He leaned back against the chair and threw his arm over his face, letting out another sob. “Yes, I’m in love with both of you and I feel horrible for it. I know I’m weird and I tried being just friends, but I just can’t fucking do it.” He paused for a second and a whine escaped his throat. “I just can’t pretend anymore.”

“Oh no, Jungkook, stop,” Taehyung reached over to shake Jungkook’s knee. “You’re completely misunderstanding.”

“Huh?” Jungkook removed his arm from his face, eyes all red and swollen.

“Shit, I didn’t mean it like that.” Jimin sighed at himself for not being clearer earlier. “We wanted to know if that was really the case, because we wanted to ask you–“ Jimin moved a bit closer on the couch. “Please date us. We want to be with you. Want you to be our boyfriend.”

“We need you in our life, Jungkook,” Taehyung added.

Jungkook looked back and forth between them a couple of times, sniffing his nose, and finally said, “What the fuck.”

“You didn’t even consider that as an option, right?” Taehyung chuckled softly. “Neither did I, until we discussed it.” Taehyung nodded at Jimin. “Communicating is great, you should try it sometime.”

This made Jungkook laugh, the sound nasal from his clogged nose, and he kicked at Taehyung’s shins.

“So, are you in?” Jimin asked, still a bit nervous.

“Yeah, shit, of course.” Jungkook wiped at his nose again. “Fuck. I feel like all of this isn’t really processing in my brain right now.”

“That’s alright,” Taehyung said. “We can talk about it more later when you’ve calmed down. We got all the time in the world for that from now on, since we’re together now.”

At that, Jungkook started to cry again, even more so than before.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin got off his seat immediately.

Jungkook looked up at them with a smile, a blubbering mess with snot dripping from his nose, and said, “I’m just so happy.”


Chapter Text

Jungkook sorted through his appointments in his phone, and saw that he was gonna have his first client of the week on Monday morning already, which was good. He needed to go back to work as soon as possible. His week off had turned into two, and now he couldn’t wait to get back into it again.

Jungkook stretched, rolling over onto his side in Namjoon’s tattoo chair.

The second week off was necessary, since he needed a few days to recover from what had happened. After Jungkook had confessed everything, and they all agreed to just date each other, they had spent the rest of the evening squeezed into one old armchair, talking everything through in detail, interrupted by the occasional wet kiss on his cheek.

They talked about communication the most, and Jungkook promised them to work on that. Taehyung and Jimin had been together for three years already, so communication between them flowed naturally, but Jungkook still had to learn that he could be honest with his feelings and speak on them whenever he wanted.

On top of that, they’d also made sure that Jungkook understood that he was an equal in their relationship. That it wasn’t Taehyung and Jimin, plus Jungkook. But from now on it was Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin, together. This one was a bit hard to make himself believe, because there were still whispers in the back of his head that said he didn’t deserve to be in this position to begin with, but he was gonna try his hardest to make those thoughts disappear.

Jungkook checked his clock. 8:15pm. Taehyung and Jimin were supposed to be done with dinner at 8. What was taking them so long?

Jimin opened the door to the studio and peeked his head through. “So, we fucked up the food, but Tae got fried chicken. So, come on, let’s go on our first date.”

Jungkook jumped off the chair, more than eager for it to finally start. Taehyung had come up with the idea of going on a date, and Jimin had suggested to stay in a comfortable environment for the first time, so they had decided to just stay in and eat at Yoongi’s restaurant. Jimin and Taehyung had forced him to wait in the tattoo studio, while they prepared a meal for him, but as usual, things didn’t go as planned.

When he walked into the restaurant, a table was set, a couple of pretty candles burning to make it look more cozy. There were plates and drinks, and two bags of takeout fried chicken. “Ah, so romantic.”

“I know right, the plastic bags really top it off.” Taehyung walked out from behind the bar with a glass filled with ice cubes for his lemonade.

Taehyung probably hadn’t realized that Jungkook was serious about it being romantic for him. This was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for him, actually.

“Alright,” Jimin sat down and starting unpacking the food and loading up their plates. Then he got another bag and took out some soju bottles with a wicked smile. “A lil’ something extra for in your beer if you’d like?” The question was obviously aimed at Jungkook, since Taehyung already grimaced at the sight of the bottles.

“Sure, after dinner.” Jungkook unfolded one of the paper bags and found some fries. “Fuck yes.”



“Here, Tae,” Jungkook slid him the glass of somaek, “it taste like shit, but it gives you a nice drunk.”

Taehyung took it, and sniffed it. Big mistake. Jimin had already had two glasses, and Jungkook had just finished his fourth, so it must be good, right? “Okay, I’ll drink half of it.”

Jungkook leaned into his shoulder, slurring words of encouragement. Across from them, Jimin was watching them, with a weird look on his face. Smug? Happy? Proud? Maybe all of it.

He chugged the drink, hoping that he wouldn’t taste it like that, but he grimaced at the taste of it. His chest immediately felt warm, and he knew that Jungkook probably had mixed it too strong.

Jungkook took the glass from him and drank the rest of it. Taehyung watched him lick the foam from his lips. “Gross, right?” But Taehyung couldn’t answer, because before he could, he was pulled into a kiss by Jungkook.

He didn’t know if it was the alcohol, or just because he was so in love with this boy, but Taehyung immediately melted into him. It was hard to keep any rhythm in his breathing when Jungkook deepened the kiss and ran his fingers through his hair. Jungkook pulled on his hair a little, and Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from moaning into his mouth.

Jungkook finally moved away from him when he, too, was losing his breath, and he softly bit on Taehyung’s bottom lip as he did so, pulling it with him a little.

“Okaaay, that’s enough alcohol for Jungkook.” Jimin took away the bottles in front of him, and whispered, “Even though that was the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life, shit.”

“Hyungie, take me home,” Jungkook whined against Taehyung’s neck.

“You good to leave?” Jimin asked, eyeing Taehyung carefully, because he knew how light-headed he got when he was turned on, and it wasn’t a good mix with the alcohol.

Taehyung nodded at him. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, I just need a minute.”

Jimin smiled at him, immediately making Taehyung feel a bit more grounded already. “Take your time, baby.”

“Hmm,” Jungkook moaned, “call me baby too.”

Jimin closed his eyes and dropped his face into his hand. “Oh God.”



“Hyuuung, help me.” Jungkook was on the floor in their hallway, trying to get his shoes off.

Taehyung, giggling, dropped to his knees to get him out of them. “Why are these tied so tightly?”

Jimin leaned back against the door and just watched. He wondered how Tae managed to get tipsy from half a glass, but it was nice to see him have fun like this.

Jungkook was impatiently wiggling his feet, almost kicking Taehyung in the face, who was instead whining for him to sit still while he tried taking Jungkook’s socks off with his shoes.

Oh, they were so cute! Jimin smiled behind his hand. He couldn’t believe this was real, still. Already, he had been blessed with the best boyfriend ever, but now he had another amazing boyfriend who completed them in every way? What did he ever do to be this lucky?

“Alright, that’s enough.” Jimin squatted down and helped Jungkook with his shoelaces, which were indeed hard to untie. “Come on, it’s time to brush our teeth and sleep.”

He pulled Jungkook up to his feet, and was met with the saddest, most dramatic pout ever. “I don’t wanna sleep yet, Jiminie.” He threw his arms around Jimin’s neck and hugged him closer. Taehyung watched them from the floor, still giggling. Jungkook pressed a sloppy kiss at the bottom of Jimin’s jaw, and whispered, “Isn’t hyung gonna fuck me?”

Jimin laughed. “Hyung will definitely fuck you. When you’re sober.” He picked Jungkook up and threw him over his shoulder, taking him to the bathroom to plop him down on the closed toilet seat. He got his toothbrush from their sink, squirted some toothpaste on there, and put it in his mouth. “Here, brush.”

As expected, he could already hear Taehyung whine from the hallway. He went back to find him still on the ground, grabby hands aimed at him. “Want you to carry me too.”

“Alright.” Jimin put his arm under Taehyung’s knees and the other behind his back. “You’re a big spoiled baby, you know that?” Taehyung just laughed, face hidden in Jimin’s chest.

They got cleaned up quickly, or as quickly as you can with two drunk people, and finally went to bed. Taehyung and Jungkook bickered for a second, and decided that Jimin should sleep in the middle so they could both be the big spoon.

With a roll of his eyes, he took his place in the middle, and was smothered in a hug from both sides. It took at least five kisses for Jungkook, and seven for Taehyung before they finally fell asleep.

God, his boyfriends were a needy bunch.

Jimin couldn’t be happier.



When Jungkook woke up, his head was moving up and down slowly. He was lying on something warm, and solid. Ah, he fell asleep with his head on Jimin’s chest, of course. Through his chest he could hear his calm heartbeat, which meant he was probably still asleep.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, and found Taehyung’s face in front of him, on the other side of Jimin’s chest. He was sleeping with a slight frown on his face, which was as adorable as it was amusing. Jungkook chuckled softly, but loud enough for Taehyung to wake up.

“Hey, ‘morning,” Jungkook’s own voice sounded rough. Taehyung didn’t answer him, instead he leaned forward to give him a kiss, but Jungkook stopped him in time by putting his hand on his mouth. “Gross, Tae, morning breath.” Taehyung complained against his hand, voice muffled, and Jungkook quickly pressed a kiss to his forehead, before climbing out the bed to get cleaned up.

On the bathroom floor, he found his own pants, with toothpaste smeared all over them. Finally, some bits of last night were coming back to him. Enough for him to feel embarrassed about it. Quickly, he cleaned his teeth and face, and decided to treat his boyfriends to another good breakfast to thank them for dealing with him the night before.

Then he heard Jimin’s voice come from the bedroom and remembered what he had asked from his hyung the night before.

He dipped his head under cold running water to get rid of his blush.



“How was this breakfast even more amazing than the last one? I’m feeling way better already.” Taehyung wiped his mouth clean.

“Tae, sweetie,” Jimin put his hand on his knee, “How do you get a hangover from half a drink.”

“In his defense, I did fill up half his glass with soju. So he had like, a whole shot.” Jungkook teased.

They both laughed at his, Jungkook smiling at himself, before remembering where the rest of that soju bottle had gone. In light of their new communication rules, he said, “Hey, guys, I wanted to apologize for the way I behaved last night. And– and the things I said.” He looked at his hands, where he was slowly tearing up a napkin. “And also, thank you. For not giving me what I wanted.”

“Oh, Jungkook, we would never,” Jimin instantly said. “You were obviously not in any state of mind.”

“Ugh, I’m so embarrassed.” Jungkook hid behind his hands. “You tell me something embarrassing too, I don’t wanna be the only one feeling like this.”

“Okay, I have one for both of us.” Taehyung started, Jimin looking worried next to him. “After that first time we met you, remember?”

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah you walked in with a boner, hard to forget.”

Jimin giggled. “Hard. Get it? Sorry. Carry on.”

“Okay so,” Taehyung pointed over his shoulder to the couch. “We made out over there, and Jimin talked to me about you and I came in my pants.”

“Oh God.” Jungkook couldn’t believe it. “I slept there for months.”

Taehyung held up his hands in defense. “Like I said, only my pants got dirty.”

“Jungkook,” Jimin leaned his head to the side a bit, while assessing Jungkook’s face, “did you ever, you know?”

“Jerk off to us?” Taehyung finished for him.

Jungkook lifted the hem of his shirt to hide his face. His boyfriends were really something else that they could just discuss this with a straight face at the breakfast table. But, he was resolved to being honest with them. So he told them the truth. While still hiding his face of course. “I tried jerking off, but every time your faces came to mind, I felt super guilty, so I stopped.”

“Oh, so you just masturbated to porn instead?” Jimin offered.

He shook his head.

“Then,” Taehyung asked, “how did you get off?”

Jungkook dropped his shirt and yelled, “I didn’t! Since I met you guys!”

Taehyung just looked at him in wonder, mouth open, but something in Jimin’s posture shifted, and he leaned over the table to grab Jungkook’s hand. “Do you want us to do something about that, baby?”

Jungkook somehow felt his shoulders relax at the nickname, already feeling less awkward about his confession. Jimin was softly massaging the stiffness out of his hand. He understood what Jimin was offering but he didn’t quite know what to say, so he just nodded.

“We’ll take it easy, yeah? And if you want us to stop at anytime, we can stop, okay?” Jimin spoke with a smile.

Jungkook finally found his courage again. “You don’t have to take it easy.”

Taehyung guffawed. “Trust me, Jungkook.” He nodded to his side where Jimin sat. “With us it can be quite overwhelming.”



Jungkook let himself fall back onto the bed, pulling Taehyung with him on top. “Oof, heavy.”

They’d had a long discussion at the table about what Jungkook did and didn’t want, which was awfully embarrassing, but it did help dissolve some of Jungkook’s nerves. He always got super anxious when he didn’t know what to expect, but now that he had told them his limits and wishes, he felt not only safe but also excited. And there was just something about Jimin’s presence that calmed him down.

Taehyung however, he did the opposite of that. Jungkook had already discovered the night before that touching and kissing Taehyung only riled him up even more. “Off.” Jungkook pulled Taehyung’s shirt over his head, immediately running his hands over his skin. He found leverage on his soft hips and pushed him onto his back.

Jungkook straddled his hips and took off his own shirt as well, to which Taehyung moaned loudly, but Jungkook leaned down to silence him with a kiss. Taehyung felt so good under him, he was so big and warm and wriggling around under his touch. Jungkook sat back up, and Taehyung whined at him. He was so beautiful like this, slightly frowning, pupils blown out, and hair falling back onto the pillow.

“Cute, isn’t he?” Jimin was still leaning against the doorpost of the bedroom. “God, I could just watch you two do this all day long.”

Taehyung moaned at Jimin’s words, hips thrusting up to meet Jungkook’s butt. Jungkook didn’t miss how hard he already was.

“Don’t get too excited, baby.” Jimin leaned on the bed with one knee while taking off his shirt. “You’re still gonna get fucked.”

Taehyung whimpered under Jungkook, throwing his arm over his mouth to muffle himself. “By who?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin wet his lips. “You.” Jungkook’s breath stuttered at the answer. “If you want, of course,” Jimin added, and Jungkook nodded fervently. He wanted nothing more right now. Well, except for one thing.

“Jimin?” Jungkook asked, “Can I kiss you?”

“Of course baby.” Jimin hopped onto the bed and sat up against the headboard, gesturing for Jungkook to come to him.

Jungkook pressed another quick peck against Taehyung’s lips, before moving towards Jimin. He got pulled into his chest, and Jimin peppered him with little kisses all over his cheeks, jaw, until he finally found his mouth. Jungkook harshly inhaled through his nose, because the way Jimin kissed was so incredibly different from Taehyung.

Where Taehyung was soft and lazy in his kisses, Jimin was hard and controlled. Jimin ran his hand over his sides, and Jungkook could feel the hairs in his neck standing up, and he suddenly felt himself get heavier in his lap. Next to them, Taehyung had rolled onto his side and was watching them with a fond look.

“Jungkook.” Jimin moved him back a bit by his shoulders. “Come lie against my chest, okay?”

Wordlessly, Jungkook did what he was told, and turned around, and rested his back against him. Jimin’s breath was hot in his neck as he ran his hands over Jungkook’s chest.

“Honey, why don’t you take Jungkook’s pants off for him?” Jimin asked, and Taehyung eagerly complied. He fumbled with his buttons a little, but then pulled them down, his underwear with them. Jungkook’s erection flopped against his stomach unceremoniously.

“Oh, we’re gonna need a lot of lube.” Jimin chuckled, before pressing a kiss to Jungkook’s ear. “Don’t worry, Tae likes it wet.”

Taehyung got a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer, one so big that Jungkook didn’t even know they made them like that, and a condom. He threw the condom at Jimin, which he caught mid-air with his right hand, which was kind of hot, but Jungkook didn’t understand why.

Jimin moved his hand over Jungkook’s tummy, stopping at the rose tattoo on his lower stomach for a second, tracing the sensitive skin. Then he ran his finger from Jungkook’s balls all the way up to the tip, but that was all he was gonna give him apparently, before he rolled on the condom. Jungkook couldn’t help but thrust up at the fleeting touch, wanting some kind of stimulation.

In front of him, Taehyung was slipping out of his sweats and Jungkook gasped at what he saw. Taehyung was big, and he wanted that inside him. He turned his head to moan against Jimin’s jaw, not really knowing what to do with himself, but Jimin caught on.

“Oh, you see that, Tae? He likes your dick.” Jimin pressed another kiss to Jungkook’s neck. “You can have it next time, because I feel like we can’t make Taehyung change his mind about riding you.”

“Yeah, ’s true.” Taehyung gave himself a quick squeeze, then added, “Want to feel you, Kook.”

Jungkook moaned at the sound of Taehyung’s warm voice, shutting his eyes as his hips twitched. “Please–“

Jimin laughed. “You heard him, love, hurry up, or he might just come from the sight of you.”

A long moan sounded through the room, and Jungkook’s eyes shot open, just in time to see Taehyung sink down on two of his long, pretty fingers. His hips were shaking, as if he wouldn’t we able to hold himself up for long. But Jungkook didn’t mind, he wasn’t gonna last more than a minute anyway.

Taehyung pulled out and spread some more lube over his hole, and then some more on Jungkook’s dick, the touch making him shiver. He moved up a bit higher to line Jungkook’s tip up with his ass. “Wait, already?”

“We do this a lot, so he can handle it.” Jimin ran his hand over Jungkook’s stomach, caressing him just a short distance shy of where his cock was twitching. “Come on, Tae, give the boy what he wants.”

With that, Taehyung finally sank down, taking him all the way to the hilt in one go. Jungkook arched his back off of Jimin’s chest, a sob stuck in his throat. Taehyung put his hands on his chest, unable to keep himself steady. With the sheer power of will, Jungkook managed to look at Taehyung. God, he looked so good like this, and Jungkook couldn’t wait to see what he would look like when he came.

But he himself was already too far gone, and he felt like if they would move now, he’d come within a second. “I’m– I’m not gonna last.”

“That’s alright, Tae isn’t either. Right, baby?” Jimin asked, and Taehyung just whimpered in return, eyes unfocused. “Come on, Jungkook, you deserve to get off after all this time. Treat yourself.” Jimin brought his hand to Jungkook’s hip and gently pushed him to move.

He got the hint, and slowly started fucking up into Taehyung, who let himself drop on top him, arms too shaky to keep him up. Jungkook kissed him, but it wasn’t much of a kiss, but more them pressing their mouths together while trying not to lose their breaths.

Oh, Taehyung just felt so good around him, so hot and inviting, that he couldn’t help but fuck him harder, trying to get deeper into that heat. He reached down in between them and found his cock, which he jerked off as best as he could with everything that was going on. Taehyung was moaning, no, crying into his ear, and he was pretty sure Jimin was saying some things too, but he couldn’t hear it.

Before Taehyung could warn him, he was coming all over his hand. He clenched up so tight around Jungkook, and this was more than enough for him to also come, filling up his condom. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s torso as he thrust up into him one last time, groaning into the sweaty hair sticking to his neck.

For a couple of minutes they just lay there, until Taehyung’s weight on Jungkook’s chest made it hard for him to breathe. Jimin was rubbing soothing circles on Taehyung’s back, and asked him to sit up a little.

Jimin grabbed a box of tissues and quickly cleaned the mess they’d made between them. “So, did that feel good?”

Taehyung slipped off of Jungkook, and just mumbled something as he dropped himself next to them. Jungkook carefully took off his condom, and tried to tie a knot in his, but his hands were shaking too much. “Here, let me.” Jimin took it from him and discarded it.

Jimin stroked Taehyung’s hair next to them, and told him he did good, and Jungkook couldn’t agree more. Although it had been short, those had been the best five minutes of his life. But, somehow, he wanted more.

He turned around to face Jimin, and poked at his chest, sticking out his lower lip a bit.

Jimin raised his eyebrows. “Hmm? You want something, baby? Another kiss?”

“Can I suck you off?” he asked, suddenly bold, endorphins still rushing through his body.

Taehyung sat up on his elbows at this, interest peaked. “Me too,” he said, voice hoarse.

“Of course you can,” Jimin said, as he untied the tie to his pants, but Jungkook swatted his hands away because he wanted to do it. Slowly, he took his pants off, and then his underwear, excited for what was coming.

Oh, Jimin had a perfect dick for this. It wasn’t too big, and it was thick in a way that would make Jungkook’s jaw stretch in the best way. His mouth fell open on instinct.

Taehyung scooted up next to him, like he had recovered already, looking as enthusiastic as Jungkook.

Jungkook took it into his mouth eagerly, mind buzzing at the feel of it. He just let it sit there for a moment, taking it all in, how heavy it felt on his tongue, how wide it stretched him. If Jimin would let him, he could sit like this forever, but Jimin’s hips jerked slightly, which stirred Jungkook to move.

He bobbed his head up and down, while listening to all the little sounds Jimin was making, trying to figure out what he liked, what made him moan.

But Taehyung was pushing at his shoulder for him to let him have his turn, so Jungkook pulled off and let him have it. And Taehyung dove in with experience that one could only build after a long relationship like they had had. Jungkook didn’t feel jealous though, no, instead he watched him carefully and took mental notes on his technique. Taehyung knew what Jimin liked, and he didn’t hesitate to give it to him.

When he thought he’d seen enough, he poked Taehyung in his side, until he moved away. As soon as Jungkook put his new tricks to use, Jimin moaned loudly underneath him. He tried bucking his hips up, but Jungkook held him down by the hips with strength that Jimin probably wasn’t used to feeling in the bedroom. God, every time he moved his head down, and Jimin moaned, Jungkook felt a bit lighter in his head. He was just so happy to make Jimin feel good like this, to please him.

“Fuck, Jungkook, I’m gonna–“ Jimin tried to pull him off by his hair, but Jungkook just took him deeper in his mouth, stubbornly, until he could feel his come hit the back of his tongue.

Before he could decide if he wanted to swallow or spit it out, Taehyung pulled him away from Jimin and kissed him hard, working his mouth open to get a taste. They kissed like that for a while, until there was nothing left anymore and Taehyung broke away, sighing contently.

Jungkook blinked hard for a second, trying to come back to earth, and then realized what his body was trying to tell him. “Guys, I’m hard again.”

Taehyung fell back onto his butt and giggled.

Jimin could only groan. “Wow, so much for taking things slow.”

Chapter Text

“Hyung, move over.” Jungkook clicked his tongue. “I can’t focus if you’re that close.”

“Whoops, sorry.” Taehyung sat back down on his stool.

“You sure you don’t want us to put some lines in there, and contribute a little?” Jimin offered.

“Nope.” Jungkook didn’t even consider it, because he wanted this tattoo to be perfect.

They had been dating for almost a year now, which meant it had been eleven months and two weeks since he moved in with his boyfriends. And honestly? Jungkook was the happiest man in the world.

He didn’t see them as often as he would like to, between his own job, and his boyfriends’ internships and part-time jobs, but it was enough. When he got home every night, and found Taehyung and Jimin asleep on the couch, all snuggled up close to each other because they refused to go to bed without him, nothing could describe that feeling.

And now, he was sitting in his own, his own, tattoo chair, putting a tattoo on his skin in the same place Jimin had his moon, and Taehyung had his sun.

They left him alone for a bit, allowing him to finish in silence as to not break his focus. It was a horrible place to tattoo yourself, but he had the skill for it, and the determination. Once this tattoo was done, they would finally be complete.

“There,” he said, disinfecting it and looking at the end result.

“Oh no, it’s so pretty.” Taehyung rolled up his sleeve and held his own tattoo next to his. “Look, we match.”

Jimin leaned closer and studied it. “It’s beautiful, Jungkook.” He let out a dreamy sigh. “How fitting. A star for our own pretty star.”

He rolled up his sleeve as well, and they all stood in front of the wall length mirror

“Yeah.” Jungkook nodded, nose scrunching up in the happiest smile he could manage. ”It’s perfect.”