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Never Enough

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She was running late as per usual. There was never a time where she wasn’t running late. Clarke Griffin was good at a lot of things. But being on time wasn’t one of them.  

Today felt weird to Clarke. She had only felt this feeling when something good or something bad was going to happen. She couldn’t really pin point it out, but she for sure knew that something, was going to happen today.  

She was headed towards school when her phone started to vibrate more than once. As she made her way into the parking lot and into a parking space away from the school, she looked down at her phone and had seen multiple messages from her friends and boyfriend. 

Dude! It’s the first week of school and  you're  already running late? What Finn didn’t give you any last night? -Octavia  

Princess where you at? -Bellamy  

Clarke you better hurry. Jasper and Raven are trying to blow things up. -Harper  

CLARKE! Jasper stole  piece of  my  Cake! Can I blow him up? -Raven  

The messages kept going on and on. Her smile turned into laughter as she tried to control her breathing. She loved her friends. They were family. And they always stuck together. She was thankful for that. 

Babe where everything okay? -Finn  

Sighing at the message, she responded with a yes. She didn’t really know why they were still together. He never acknowledges her. He never complements her on what she's wearing. And he’s always such a dick to every one of her friends, including herself. She wants to break up with him. But she doesn’t have the heart to do so. 

As she enters the school, her phone vibrates once more. As she looked at the screen, her eyes went wide, and her face went pale. 

Hey Clarke. I know we haven’t really talked in  a while. But I was hoping you had time today to talk. -Lexa  

She hadn’t heard from Lexa in two years. Not after everything that had happened to them. Clarke regrets the things she’s said. And she thought that Lexa would never forgive her. But every time they pass each other in the hallways, they smile at one another and carry onward with their days. Sure, they had classes together, but they always sat on opposite ends. And yes, Clarke would sometimes go see Lexa at her soccer games, but she was always in disguise so the brunette wouldn’t see her. Granted she misses Lexa. But things just tend to lose their way. 

I don’t want to push you Clarke. -Lexa  

I’ll be on the soccer field if you want to talk. -Lexa  

What a fucking morning.” 

Two hours had passed, and everyone was headed to lunch. Seniors were the only ones to leave the building, as it was there last year. It was a tradition. A forty-year-old tradition.  

“Clarke over here!”  

Hearing her name, she couldn’t help but smile at the shout of her name. She loved her little delinquent family. She would do anything for them, as they would do for her. Walking toward the table, there was Monty, Harper, Raven and Octavia as they all had same lunch together. Sitting down, she couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation her friends were having. 

“Raven, It’s a piece of fucking cake.”  

The Latina woman gapped at her friend. “It wasn’t just any cake. It was cake made by an angel.” 

“You mean more like satin cake.”  

Snickers were going around the table. But Clarke wasn’t paying much attention to it.  


“Huh?” She looked up from her day dream and saw her friend’s eyes with concern and worry. 

“You alright?”  

She nodded her head. “Yeah. Yeah I’m totally fine.”  

Raven and Octavia looked at each other and then to Clarke. “What happened?”  

Clarke looked at them with a knowing look. “Why do you assume something happened?”  

Harper then cut in. “You were day dreaming.”  

Sighing with defeat she finally gave in. “I got a text from Lexa this morning.”  

After hearing that name again, everyone's eyes went into shock. Drinks were being spit out of mouths, and Clarke sighed, knowing she shouldn’t have said anything. 

“Lexa texted you?”  

Clarke shrugged her shoulders as she started playing with her food. “It’s not a big deal guys. It was just a text.”  

Octavia and Raven gapped at her. “Uh it is a big deal. You guys haven’t talked to each other in three years and now all of a sudden she messages you out of the blue?”  

“Look. I didn’t reply back, so will you guys just drop it.”  

“Yeah, yeah will drop it. For now.”  

You sigh once more. Can today just be over already?  

It’s finally the end of school, and Clarke was relieved that she could finally go home. Once she hit the parking lot, a voice had said her name in the distant. You turn around and your eyes widen in shock. This person, whom you haven’t talked to in ages, had come up to you, with that damn smile on her face. You wanted to run away. But your legs couldn’t move. So, you stand there like a scarecrow and just look the beautiful human being up and down. Because in the last three years, she had grown into a fucking goddess.  

“Hey, Clarke. It’s been a long time.”  

“Lexa, I-”  

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"Hello Clarke."

That voice. That sound she hadn't heard in two years is bringing back up memories she hasn't visited in a long time. So when she spoke, she couldn't help but think back to that day there friendship had ended. The day they no longer spoke, and the day that changed both of there life's forever.

"Lexa. I-" Before she could get a word out, she was interrupted by the green eyed brunette.

"Before you say anything. Just here me out okay." Clarke nodded before letting her speak once more. "How are you?" Clarke raised an eyebrow in question, but before she could speak, she was once again interrupted. "I'm just trying to break the awkwardness Clarke."

"I'm-I'm okay. How-how are you?"

The brunette shrugged. "I could be better." She looked down with regret. She didn't want to look into the blondes eyes without feeling like a waist of space. She knew what she did was wrong, but she didn't know if Clarke would ever forgive her again. Not after what she's done. "I'm sorry."

The blonde looked at her, like she was ready to hit her, but she would never hit her. Not even in a million years. Yeah she may still be hurt but she would never lay a hand on Lexa. No matter what mistakes she made. She wasn't like that. She was raised better then that. And if her parents ever found out she laid a hand on someone she would be grounded till she was buried six feet under the ground. 

"I'm sorry.. Did you just apologize?" She was a bit surprised at the words the brunette had said. So when she nodded she couldn't help but wonder why. "Why now? Why apologize now when you could've done that two years ago?" 

"Because I'm a stubborn asshole." She was right. Lexa has always been stubborn. From birth to now, and probably for the rest of her life, will Lexa always be stubborn.

She smirked. "That I can agree on. You've always been stubborn."

Lexa nodded in agreement. She wanted to say more, but she didn't know what else to say. There were so many things she could say, but nothing she wanted to on a soccer field. "I'm sorry for how i started things, and I'm sorry for how i ended things. It was stupid of me to think so clueless." She took in a deep breath before speaking once more. "I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, not yet anyways, but maybe one day, we can friends again." She looked at the blonde with a sad smile.

"I would really like that. How about we start tomorrow?" She asked.

Lexa looked up i surprise. "Wait. Really?" The blonde nodded with a big smile on her face. "Can I hug you?"

"Of course. Come here." As the brunette wrapped her arms the blondes waist, with the blondes arms going around the brunettes neck, they couldn't help but brace in each other again. Maybe this wasn't such a bad day after all for Clarke. 

"I really am sorry Clarke."

"I know. Just one step at a time." The blonde whispered in her ear. Making the brunette shiver.


They stayed like that for a moment longer until they heard the bell ringing, bringing them both back to reality. As they pulled away, they both smiled at one another. Not thinking to clearly of it, Clarke reached up a little and placed a gentle kiss to the brunettes cheek. As she looked into green eyes, she smiled and whispered, "I'll see you around Lex." The blonde headed back to class, leaving the brunette standing there in shock.


Two Years Ago

Clarke was waiting for Lexa to return from her soccer tryouts. The two had been best friends since the second grade, so soccer was a pretty big thing for Lexa, like art was for Clarke. So when she got a text from the brunette she couldn't help but smile.

Hey! Don't eat! I'm bringing pizza!

Lexa knew how to make Clarke smile, just like she knew how to make Lexa smile. So when the brunette showed up ten minutes later she couldn't help but notice the sudden change in the brunettes posture.

"Everything okay Lex?" 

She shook her head before speaking. "I need to tell you something. And I don't think you're gonna like it."

No even more curious, Clarke couldn't help but wonder what was going on, so she scooted closer to the brunette. "What's going on?"

She sighed, "I don't think we should hangout anymore."

"The fuck? Say's who?" 

Lexa pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking again. "Costia."

"Why does that bitch get to decide whether or not we can hangout?"

"Since she's my girlfriend."

Now Clarke was furious. She hated Costia with a passion. Ever since she ran her over with her dirt bike, making Clarke fracture her arm, she hadn't liked her since. But she was confused. Lexa has never mentioned that she had a girlfriend. She would have told her. Right? 

"Since when?"

"Two months ago." 

"Are you fucking kidding me Lexa! You've been dating that bitch for two fucking months!" Clarke was furious. How could Lexa keep this from her? She didn't understand. They always tell each other everything. So why did Lexa keep this secret from her? 

"I'm sorry Clarke."

"Yeah. Me too."

"Clarke don't be-"

"I think you should leave." She told the brunette.


"Leave Lexa."

And she did. Not even looking back, she left the blondes house. Hoping one day, the blonde would forgive her for what she had done.

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Clarke was sitting next to her two best friends, watching what seemed to be some cheesy horror film. They didn't mind the film. The film itself was okay, just bad casting and the plot line of the film was just horrible. If they had a better cast and a better plot line to it, it probably would have been better. Clarke loved her friends dearly. They've always been there for her, ever since the whole falling out with Lexa. When she had gone into a dark place, they were there when no one else was. Sure others where there to help out, like Monty and Harper, even Murphy was there to help pull her head out of her ass. Jasper didn't really know what was going on, he was always stoned or off somewhere doing what Jasper usually does. Bellamy was always dealing with other things, like dealing with helping around the house, since his and Octavia's mom was always out doing other things, or trying to maintain his relationships with whoever he was dating at that time. And her parents were usually around when they could, but they had raised Clarke better than that, and they had hopped that whatever she was going through, they would be by her side one hundred percent of the way. Clarke had gone through a lot in the last two years. But she's now glad that she's back to her old self. She hated the person that she had turned into. She never in her life, wants to go back to that stage. And if she did, she'd probably send herself into some sort of rehab.

"I need to tell you guys something." She said to her two best friends without taking her eyes off of the screen in front of them.

"What's up princess?" Raven asked, while shoving popcorn in her mouth.

She looked at her friends with a sigh while pinching the bridge of her nose. "I did something stupid. And I'm not sure your gonna like it."

"Well whatever it is, i'm sure it's not that bad." Raven said with a mouth full. Still not taking her eyes off the screen.

Octavia nodded in agreement. "Yeah, unless you slept with enemy, then we'd be pissed."

Clarke sat up from her position on the couch, paused the movie and looked at her two friends. "I forgave Lexa."

Once that was out of her mouth, both her friends had spit out whatever was in there mouths, before Raven started to speak. "You did what!"

She took a breath and repeated what she had said a mere ten seconds ago. "I forgave Lexa."

"Why the fuck did you do that for?" Octavia asked, her voice getting higher then before.

"I miss her okay." She said with a shrug. Looking down at her hands, she should have worded her words better. But they knew that the blonde missed her. After all, Clarke still has nightmares of that day, but she doesn't tell them that. They can just see it on her face, whenever Lexa would walk by them, they could always tell on the look on Clarke's face, that the blonde missed her. But they don't say anything to her. They just keep it to themselves.

"Clarke. Do you know what she did to you? You can't really be serious about this."

"I am serious about this." She said. Looking at them both in the eyes. 

"But why?" Raven asked curiously. Wondering why the blonde is putting herself through this again.

Clarke sat there for a moment. She knew what she did was stupid. Forgiving Lexa so easily like that, it just caught her by surprise really. But she knew what she was doing. And she wants her friends to help her through whatever she's got up her sleeve. "I have a plan, of some sorts."

"What kind of plan?" Raven asked.

"I know forgiving her was a shock, it was to me too, at the moment. But it won't be easy for her." She said, hoping they'd understand.

"Explain." Octavia asked, before leaning back into the couch, crossing her arms along the way.

"I miss Lexa, I do, and I know you guys do too. But, what she did isn't forgivable. And I think she should work for it."

"So, what your saying is, is that she has to earn that forgiveness?"'


"Hmm." Raven and Octavia thought for a moment before speaking once more. "I'm in." Raven said, shoving more popcorn back into her mouth.

"Me too." Octavia said in agreement. 

"I love you guys." She told them, as she laid her whole body on top of them.

"We love you too Clarke." They said in unison, before turning the movie back on.

"So what's the plan? And do I get to blow anything up?" Raven asked with a devilish smirk.

"No blowing things up Raven."

Raven pouted. "Your no fun."

"Hey. It's your own fault." Octavia pointed out. With Raven's history, they don't want to take that risk again.

"I know." Raven said, pout still in tact on her face.

"Plus. Jasper is still missing half of his eyebrow."

Raven laughed a loud at the memory. "Yeah. That was pretty funny."

"No blowing things up."

"Ugh. Fine."

The three stayed on the couch for a few more hours before everyone headed to bed. Clarke knew she shouldn't have forgiven Lexa so easily. But she knew Lexa wasn't going to get off that easily. But as long as Lexa was back in her life. She didn't really care anymore. She did for awhile, just not as much as before. She knew Lexa fucked up. She just hopes she doesn't fall for the green eyed beauty again. She can't go back to that.

She just can't.


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Lexa walked into the house after a long three hour soccer practice, when she was bombarded with an angry Anya. "Wow, what's up your ass."

"What's up mine? What's up yours?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lexa wasn't sure what was going on, but she was slightly confused. 

"What I'm talking about is Clarke."

Lexa now knew what she was talking about. "What about Clarke." 

"You know how I feel about her Lexa."

Now Lexa was upset. "Actually. I don't know how you feel about her. So please, explain to me what I did wrong." 

"Her forgiving you, after the shit that she pulled." 

Lexa sighed. Yes, her and Clarke had been friends for awhile, but after everything that had happened, she knew Anya was only trying to protect her. There's always two sides to the story, and everyone know's Clarke's. But no one really know's Lexa's side of it all. Yes, she messed up, letting Costia control who she can and can't hangout with. But Clarke wasn't perfect either. She had her reason's not to tell anyone but Anya and of course Lincoln, but she didn't say anything to him because Lincoln's Octavia's boyfriend, and he tells her everything, so if she had said anything to him, he would have told Octavia. She love's Lincoln don't get her wrong, but he can't help it that hes not so good at keeping secrets.

"Look, what's done is done. And I'm sure Clarke isn't going to let me down that easily."

"What do you mean let you down easily?" Anya asked curiously.

"Look. We both did some things. Me doing what I did when I was dating Costia, but Clarke did things too. And no one know's what she did but you."

"That still doesn't answer my question Lexa."

She sighed. She knew Anya, and she knew she needed answers. "Look, Clarke can be just as stubborn as me, so when I apologized it took her by surprise. I know Clarke, and I know she's gonna make me work for an actual forgiveness. So I'm just gonna take it one day and one step at a time." 

"So, your just gonna take her shit, and then be okay with it?"

Lexa nodded. "Yeah."

"Lexa. You can't be serious right now?" 

"I am serious. I miss my best friend okay. I miss her every damn day. And yeah, everyone only knows one side of the story, and I'm going to keep it that way." 

"But why?" Anya asked with a confused expression on her face.

"Because I love her." 


"Look. What's done is done. I'm not going to talk about this anymore."

Anya nodded and took a step back. "Fine. I'll drop it." 

"Thank you." 

The past was the past for Lexa. She knew what she did and she regrets it every single day of her life. But what Clarke did, wasn't as bad as what she did. Lexa didn't want to start drama, so she just kept it to herself. No one has to know her side of the story, and she's okay with it. As long as her and Clarke are on speaking terms, one day, she'll be okay with the outcome of it all. So when her and Costia had split, she started thinking of how she could get Clarke back into her life.

One day, and one step at a time. 


One Year Ago

Lexa was lost. She didn't have her best friend, and her girlfriend was driving her crazy. Sure what she did was horrible, but what Clarke had done wasn't even better. She didn't know what to do anymore, she lost half her friends, and no one even looked her way anymore. Every day was a struggle for Lexa. Seeing Clarke change was something she's never seen before. Clarke even looked lost to her, and there was nothing she could do to help.

Every day has gone by, and she regrets the decisions shes made. She hates herself for letting her girlfriend get into her head. She hates it.

"Everything okay Lex?" 

Lexa looked up at her older sister and nodded. She didn't want to be a coward, but she felt like one. She had told Anya what had happened that day and Anya was a little disappointed. She knew Anya didn't like her girlfriend, and now she hates her even more. But what she didn't expect, was that after the two had fallen out, Clarke had done something to break Lexa even more. And that's when Anya became angry with the blonde.

"You sure?" 

"Yeah. I'm sure. Just ready for the day to end."

"You and me both kid." 

"Can we just skip last period and go home?" 

"Sure. Let's go." 

Right as they were about to leave, Lexa had heard her name be called. So when she turned around, all she saw was blue eyes and red hair. "Clarke. How can I help you?"


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"Clarke. How can I help you?" 

And in that moment. Clarke had pulled Lexa out of the building and headed straight for the soccer field. Sure Lexa was a bit confused because Clarke hadn't talked to her in a year and a half. So when the blonde came up to her, she was a bit surprised. When they walked up to the bleachers, Lexa stood there silently. She didn't know what to say, she wanted to apologize, she wanted Clarke back in her life. But she hurt the blonde. She chose her girlfriend over her best friend, and she knew she shouldn't have done it. But she did, because she was head over hills for Costia. 

"Clarke, is there a point of bringing me out here, when we have class in five minutes?" 

"Cut the bullshit. I wanna know what the hell you where thinking." 

"What are you meaning Clarke?" 

The blonde stood there with hurt eyes, tears forming, ready to fall down her face. She whispered, "Why did you chose her, and not me?" 

"Oh." Lexa knew what she was talking about, so when the courage came up, she froze in words. "I-I don't know." Lexa down, not wanting to look into sky blue eyes.

"You don't know?" Lexa shook her head. "I call bullshit. You know. You just don't want to tell me." 

Lexa shrugged. Clarke was right, she just didn't want Clarke to know.

"I wanna know something Lexa." 

The brunette looked up with a confused brow. 

"Did you even think about me, before you bitch of a girlfriend made the decision for you?" 

Of course Lexa did. She always thought of Clarke, every day, every time, Lexa always thought about Clarke, she was in love with her obviously, but no one knew that but her. She did't know what to say, so she looked down, tears falling down, and shoulders crumbled toward the ground. 

"I hate you." 


Lexa was working on her history project when she felt a hand on her shoulders. Looking up, she saw two angry human beings.

"Raven, Octavia. How can I help you?" 

"You can help us by leaving Clarke alone." Raven nodded in agreement.


"You know why Lexa. We don't like you. Yeah you used to be our friends. But ever since you started dating Costia, you've been a complete bitch." Lexa sighed. She knows it's true. She did become a big bitch when she started dating Costia, but that's over, which they don't know because obviously there two busy doing other things. 

"I'm not with Costia anymore." 

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Since when?" 

"A year ago." 

Raven and Octavia looked at each other in silence before speaking. "Why didn't we know about this?" Raven whispered to Octavia, who just shrugged.

"Well, if were done here, I really need to get back to work on my project." 

Octavia huffed and stormed out. Raven just looked at Lexa and patted her on the back. "You know, you should tell everyone what really happened." 

Lexa shrugged. "Raven, what's done is done." 

"I know. I'm just saying, you both screwed up. But only people know the one side of the story, and not the other." 

"Raven. Please, just drop it." 

Raven nodded. "So. Where's Anya at?" 

Lexa shrugged. "I don't know. Probably the track." 

Raven smirked. "Cool. Thanks Lexa. See you later." 

Lexa shook her head. Anya and Raven had been sleeping together since sophomore year, but neither one of them want to put any labels on it. Not just yet anyways. But she knew Raven was on both sides. Lexa and Raven have a good friendship, even after the whole falling out with Clarke. Raven was a little upset, but realized that things happen, and that everyone makes mistakes. Raven hangs out with Lexa once in awhile, but Clarke and Octavia don't know that, and shes okay with it.

"Screw this." 

She shut the book and headed towards her car. Getting in, she turned it on and turned on the radio, listening to whatever was on. She didn't mind the music, she loved it, all kinds, she just loved the sound and the beat of any kind of song.

When Lexa pulled up to her house and noticed a car she didn't recognize. So when she got out, she walked up to the porch and saw someone who she hadn't seen in three weeks.



"What are you doing here?" 

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"Clarke? What are you doing here?" 

She looked at the blonde like she had seen a ghost. She hadn't seen the blonde in over two weeks, with soccer practice and trying to get grades up, she's been one busy body. Sure she could have messaged Clarke through out those two weeks, but she didn't want to over step in what seemed to be Clarke trying to figure things out between them. So when she saw the blonde waiting for her at her house, she couldn't help but be curious. 

"I don't know." 

Lexa raised an eyebrow. "You don't know why your here at my house?" 

Clarke shrugged. Of course she knew why she was here. But in her mind, she didn't want to be. But her heart had said otherwise. She didn't know which one to follow, so she went with her heart and not her mind. "I just. I just needed someone to talk to." 

"And you couldn't have gone to Octavia or Raven?" 

Clarke shook her head. "Octavia's busy with Lincoln, and I don't know where Raven is." 

Lexa nodded. She knew where Raven was, probably with Anya with the twenty questions she had asked. "What about your mom or even your dad?" 

Clarke once again shook her head. "They don't know that I'm talking to you. They think I'm still mad at you." 

Lexa nodded. "I see. So, what did you need to talk about?" 

Clarke sighed. She wanted to say things to Lexa, but she didn't know the right words to say, without making it come off as rude or ignorant. "I-I'm sorry." 

Lexa looked at her confused. She's sorry? "Your what?" 

Clarke looked directly into green eyes and moved a little closer to her once best friend. "I'm sorry." 

"Oh." Lexa didn't know what to say. She knew something was going on with Clarke, but she didn't want to push her into talking about something she wasn't comfortable talking about. "It's, okay." 

"What?" Clarke was confused. Lexa forgave her so fast, just like how she forgave Lexa so fast two weeks ago. Was something going on in the air? Where they drinking something they weren't suppose too? "Just like that?" 

Lexa nodded. "Just like that." 

"But, but why?" 

Lexa shrugged. "The past is the past Clarke. Isn't it time we move forward.?" 

Clarke nodded. "I guess your right." 

They stood there for a minute. Not really sure what to say to one another. 

"I guess I should go then." 

Lexa nodded. "I guess so." 

"See you around Lexa." 

Lexa smiled softly. "See you around Clarke." 

And with that, the two went there separate ways. Not knowing what was in store for the two of them.

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Three Weeks Later


She couldn't quit understand what was really going on. She knew what was happening but couldn't figure out why it was happening. She was standing in front of her new project, looking at it discretely, trying to figure out why she did what she did. The picture she had finished painting was of someone she didn't think she would ever paint ever again. Looking at the picture of the love she use to have with her, it just seemed different from all her other paintings. The way she painted green eyes was haunting her. They had been on good terms for a couple weeks now, but knowing what she had done, she felt guilt and regret. And she wanted to know why she forgave her so quickly. Yeah she did the same thing, but what Lexa did to her, it wasn't as bad as what she did to her. What she did will forever haunt her. It will forever leave a scar of regret.

"You okay Clarke?" 

Startled out of her thoughts, she turned and couldn't help but sigh. It was Octavia. Great. Here we go. 

"I'm fine. Why?" She asked her friend as she kept starring at the picture in front of her. 

"You've been in her since school got out. I've been trying to call you for hours." 

Sighing, she turned and walked away from the haunting picture. "I'm just stressing about this final art project. It's like, half my grade, and I can't seem to figure out what to do." 

Octavia nodded in understanding. "I get it. Final projects are a bitch right now." 

"Yeah." She stopped in her tracks and looked at her friend. "What I did. It was a mistake wasn't it?" 

Octavia was confused, raising an eyebrow at her blonde friend she spoke. "You make a lot of mistakes Clarke. Can you be more specific?" 

Clarke sighed as she ran her hand through her blonde hair. "Lexa." She said calmly.

"Oh." Octavia finally understood. Standing there, thinking of what to say, she put her hands behind her back before speaking. "Clarke. What you did, yes, was a mistake. She hurt you, and you had to hurt her too. What she did wasn't as bad as what you did." 

Tears were now forming. "I don't know what to do. She forgave me so quickly. I don't deserve it." She told her, as the tears had finally fell from her blue eyes.


"Clarke look. You forgave her right?" Clarke nodded. "And she forgave you correct?" She nodded again. "Then i say, put it behind you. The past is the past. Leave it there." 

Clarke just stood there. Should she leave it? Or should she do something about it? 

"Alright. Let's go. Raven's waiting and you know how she gets when we leave her waiting for too long." 

Clarke smiled and followed her friend outside. Raven wasn't a very patient person. Last time she waited so long, she blew up part of the track field because she thought it would be funny watching Anya Woods fall flat on her face.

"Is it weird that Raven and Anya hangout a lot?" 

Octavia shrugged as they headed home. "Not sure. I think they just both are in denial on there feelings." 


Raven and Anya have been spending a lot of time with each other. They have there moments when no one is looking, or so they think, and they always happen to smile at one another, or flirt when walking past each other. Just little things here and there and everyone is already assuming something is going on between them.

"I bet you twenty bucks they hook up by the end of the month." 

Clarke scoffed. "I'll bet you fifty that Anya makes the first move." 




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Okay... So I know this story hasn’t been updated in a super long time. It’s been super crazy these last few months... I’ve looked at this story over and over and I can’t seem to get it write. Meaning super deep writers block... That saying, I’m putting this story and a few others on hold from the time being. I don’t have the motivation and I can’t seem to find the time to continue. But I will try my hardest to update a new chapter when I can. I have a few ideas in mind on what I want to do. But until then. All my Clexa stories are being put on hold until further notice... 

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