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To Those Who Wait

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Whether sheer luck or willpower, Tsuyu and Mineta escaped the Shipwreck zone. Unfortunately their original plan to head to the USJ exit was thwarted in their fight against villains and landed them at the edge where Aizawa-sensei was last seen. Aizawa-sensei was still there, beating villain after villain until there was none standing save for two. Mineta cheers. Hand-Creep and Aizawa are fighting now, while the villain with exposed brains just stands there blankly. Their teacher is holding his ground so well until-

Until Hand-creep grabs their teacher’s elbow and the skin on it crumbles away.

Until the villain with exposed brains moves, breaking Aizawa’s elbows and fists raised over Aizawa’s head.

Until those fists rain down, and blood sprays the air.

Aizawa lays still. Blood pools from his head, painting the ground a deep, deep red.


“Oh wow!” Tsuyu and Mineta jump at sound of a new voice. To their left stood a green-haired teen grinning in awe at the pummeling. Dressed in an All-Might T-shirt and cargo pants, a hoodie draped loosely on his shoulders. The teen looked normal, harmless, and so very out of place. As if he had innocently wandered in to watch the fight. Yet the fact that he was able to sneak upon them made the two students instantly alert. With the way those emerald eyes were glued to the scene beforehand, the newcomer didn’t even seem to notice. “Standing that much force after onslaughts of attacks and still in one piece? You guys are so lucky to have Eraserhead as a teacher!”

What Izuku received in reply was a tongue wrapping around his torso to lift him in the air.


“Hey!” Izuku squeaked, more out of annoyance than surprise. He expected them to be a little more civil before attacking, but he supposes after fighting 20+ villains and barely escaping, he would be trigger happy too.

Regardless of the reason Izuku made quick work to free his arms and grab the lower part of frog girl’s tongue, using his momentum to swing her up at her classmate while gravity descends him back to the ground. The collision knocks whatever grip the tongue had on Izuku enough to wriggle free and dodge the butterfly twist heading his way. A flurry of kicks, jabs, and strikes; frog girl is relentless in her attacks. Izuku wants to laugh. It’s amazing! She’s trying to take him down while playing decoy. Hunter and vulture. Hunter batters the prey, weakens it, keeps it occupied…until the vulture finds the opportunity to strike. A tactic they came up with in the Shipwreck zone. But it won’t work on him.


Izuku takes a moment to admire his handiwork. Stuck to the edges' bedrocks is the unconscious frog girl. Bubbles rise to the surface where grape boy is trapped below. The fight could have been better, but it was still nice. Pity he lost his jacket for his plan to work. Maybe Kurogiri can buy him another one?

Speaking of, looks like Kurogiri was getting chewed out by Tomura.


“Why is Tomura throwing a fit this time, Kurogiri?” Izuku asks, some water dripping out as he wrung parts of his clothes. Tomura scowled.

“It’s because this idiot let one of the brats escape, and now reinforcements are on the way!” The young man began to scratch his neck but stopped. His eyes were smiling at Izuku with thinly-veiled danger. “So it’s game over. Tell me Izuku, were you useless as well?”

Izuku rolled his eyes at Tomura’s threat. Tomura was giving up way too easily, but he was the one calling the shots so whatever. He’ll bring it up once Tomura stops acting like a spoiled child. “Hakuna your tatas, nii-san. I got the notes.” He waved his pocket (waterproof & fireproof! What a deal!) notebook in the air before tossing it over. The killing intent lessened significantly and Tomura claps his hands in glee.

“This is why you’re my favorite brother!” Noted, Izuku was his only brother, but a compliment is a compliment. Tomura turned to the oldest villain. “Now Kurogiri, see that? That’s a prime tutorial of not screwing up your job. And since Izuku was such a good minion-“

“Excuse you.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I meant pet.”

“You prick!”

“Look,” Tomura growled. “Do you want your reward or not?”

Immediately, the youngest villain perks up. “You’re giving me a present?”

Tomura gestured to the underground hero, who was still lying in his own blood next to the Nomu, trying to regain his bearings. “You like collecting hero crap, so go collect a trophy or something.” Izuku squeals.

“For real!? You’re the best, Tomura!” He glomps his brother in a tight hug, unable to hold back the waterfall of tears from pure happiness. Even though Tomura secretly loves hugs, he grumbles and pushes the teen away.

“Stop ruining my clothes, you crybaby. Make it quick before I change my mind.”


Izuku dries his eyes the best he can before skipping over to the fallen hero. His red shoes lightly splash through the crimson puddle before they stop so the teen can bend down towards the man.

“Oh my quirks I can’t believe I finally get to talk to you! You: Eraserhead! This is a dream come true!” The pro-hero didn’t even twitch. Izuku tilts his head at that, trying to get a closer look at the man. “I may be a little forward, but you look as dead on the outside as you do on the inside. Please don’t take it personally! Tomura is just a really big fan of yours, so he really wanted to impress you!” From the distance, Tomura gave out a huff of annoyance. Father’s hand covered the slight blush rising on his face.

“Are you going to just prattle like an idiot or are you going to take something?” Izuku jumped a little and gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Sorry! I just got a little carried away.” Tomura scoffed and muttered something about ‘stupid fan boys’. Izuku ignored him, fingers resting on his chin as he carefully decided what item to take.

“The visor? It’s the most iconic piece of his costume but so is his scarf. Scarf is also pretty useful and I’ve always wondered what material it was made of since it’s so tough but flexible. Oh! I got it!” Izuku turned to the Nomu. “Nomu, I need you to keep Eraserhead locked in a kneeling position… a little more up…there! Perfect.” Eraserhead groaned from being shifted. His head lolled a bit, but was caught from drooping further by Izuku. “Hold his head in place like this, Nomu. Make sure to secure him tightly so he doesn’t move.” The monster complied with his master’s orders. Izuku continue to dig in his pockets until he finds what he’s looking for. It’s a small black case, a little damp from the fight but what matters are the contents inside. He pulls one out.

The edge of the scalpel catches light, reflecting something brighter in those cheerful watery eyes. Izuku grins.

“Hold still please.”


The scalpel gently traces the skin just below the eyelid before slitting in a thin curved path, leaving a red laced smile in its wake. Eraserhead naturally jerks a smidgen backwards, the body’s instinct to prevent further harm, but his movement is stopped by the Nomu. This is good. This means it’s safe for Izuku to go further.    

Izuku peels back a layer of skin, exposing a glimpse of yellow fat pulsing in blood. He slices through that too, a soft squelch emitting when metal meets flesh and fat and finally muscle underneath. There’s noise coming from Eraserhead. Maybe it’s screaming, maybe not. Izuku doesn’t know because he has to focus. He has to be so very, very careful since the body is struggling and the eye writhing in every direction, blinking from black to ruby before squeezing shut again. Blood is pooling over the scalpel, thick and slick between his grip and with one wrong move, one wrong cut everything will fall apart. The eye would burst open, hanging out of its socket and run down the face and if the man keeps blinking what’s left of it inside would pour out like red, veiny egg yolk and Izuku can’t have that. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a precious gift to treasure for years to come so Izuku can’t screw this up and leave with nothing but a dripping lump of juices through his fingers and a lifetime of regret.

A bloody red lump of meat is harder to cut through than the previous layers but Izuku manages, ripping through until he hits bone before releasing the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Finally, finally his patience has paid off. Even if he has no plans to cut through the bone he can curve through the remaining muscle, scissor through, prodding around to scoop out his prize. It comes with a satisfying pop, dangling loosely from the optic nerve still attached in that darkening socket. A large white eyeball stares out from crimson scrapes of flesh and oh, he did it. With one final cut it’s his.


“It’s beautiful.” Izuku whispers, breathless at the sight of that dull ebony pupil peeking up between his darkly-stained fingers. Eraserhead does not hear him, passed out long from ago blood loss or pain or both. Sad that he could not see how beautiful the sight was, but the man has been through a lot so it’s probably for the best. Izuku can still share his happiness with him.

“Thank you so much for this gift, Eraserhead,” he bows deeply to the unconscious man and tightly wraps the hero’s scarf over the wound before laying him down. The villains who recovered are confused at that, demanding why he’s not letting the hero bleed out. Izuku continues his conversation with Eraserhead, pocketing his tools and then the eye in one of the empty capsules he always carries. They wouldn’t understand. “I will treasure it forever. When you recover, I can’t wait to see how you adapt! Obviously you will adjust you fighting style to balance the loss, but what I’m more interested in is how this will affect your quirk. Will your quirk’s intensity remain the same or- ?” His rambling is cut short. Steam billows from the entrance before residing.

“Its fine now,” rings out a voice, strong with the promise of swift justice. Izuku eyes are blown wide, lips barely able to breathe out two words.



All Might stands before them in all his glory. His teeth are bared.

“I am here.”



“That was-ow! - awesome.”

Izuku is now propped on a bar stool as Kurogiri carefully tweezes bullets out of his wounds. The plan pretty much went to shit once All Might defeated Nomu but wow, what an experience. Getting punched by All Might was also an experience, one that Izuku never wants to feel again. Like, Izuku was still convinced he was internally bleeding somewhere in his gut. Tomura, who already had his wounds treated and started planning for the next step per Sensei’s request, disagrees.

“It was a disaster.” Even if he won’t admit it, Izuku knows why Tomura is sitting next to him in the bar and not his room. Izuku can tell his brother is a bit worried about the bullets he took for Tomura when the man carelessly turned his back on the pro-heroes. He had given a paniced shout when watching Izuku crumple to the floor like a ragdoll once his kneecaps were blown off. That, or he wants to make sure Izuku doesn’t keep any of Snipe’s bullets for his collection by personally disintegrating them. Izuku prefers the former.

“Even if we got our butts handed to us Tomura, we came back with data on the enemies and experience firsthand of what we are up against. We have to use that loss to make us stronger until we win. With Sensei and Kurogiri on our side, we will one day!” Kurogiri nods in agreement and Tomura stares into those emerald eyes, filled with determination and hope, before letting his shoulders relax.

“Yeah, we will.” He ruffles his brother’s unruly hair with his uninjured hand, smirking at the protest he receives. “Did you like your trophy?”

Izuku pulls out a capsule and opens it, eager to show its contents. “Ah yes, very much! I’m really lucky that it didn’t get damaged during the fight. All I have to do is clean it up a bit and put in some embalming fluid before Eraserhead’s eye will be on my shelf. Thank you again for allowing the gift, Tomura!” Tomura crinkles his nose at the lightly-glazed pupil staring up at him.

“That thing smells gross, get it away from my face!” Izuku pouts but puts it away. “Glad you like it. Now hurry and clean that up so we can make some plans together. I left the embalming fluid under the bathroom sink.”


Izuku admires Eraserhead’s eye now suspended in fluid, the jar’s glass reflecting the soft smile on his face. Today was such an eventual day. Izuku hopes that Eraserhead did not die so Izuku can see him again. Tomura may not like heroes, but Izuku can’t help but appreciate greatness when he sees it. Heroes may come and go, but legends never die. Izuku wants to preserve that. When hero are nothing but a distant memory, Izuku wants to keep a piece of that history, to be reminded how Tomura and he overcame greatness to become something more. Izuku places the jar on his shelf. He can’t wait to add more to his collection. He can’t wait to win his biggest prize.

He can’t wait for the day when All Might’s taxidermy hangs on his mantle, smiling down at him with that trademark grin.

Yes, one day that day will come.    



Bonus scene

Katsuki can’t believe it. He doesn’t want to believe it. There is no way, no fucking way that he is here. The police took down his missing file years ago, presuming him dead. Auntie Midoriya never believed them, because the hope that her son was still alive was the only reason she kept going. Yet…

Yet those big sparkling eyes.

That mop of unruly curly hair and wobbly determined smile.

The All-Might t-shirt and fanboying.

The freckles.

It could only be…



Deku stops in his tracks, staring at him like he’s grown a second head. Katsuki doesn’t give an inch on the Smog-face’s neck but he can’t keep his eyes off his once-dead childhood friend slowly inching towards him. Like he’s afraid with one wrong move Katsuki will disappear in thin air. Deku crouches down in front of Katsuki, tilting his head with wide blinking eyes and…

And whispers “Who the fuck is ‘Deku?’” before punching him in the face.


Shock snaps into anger, which he uses to angle himself and shoot back. Deku yelps and rolls away from the blast. The Smog-face catches it in one of his portals and directs it towards Half-n-Half, who was about to intercept the two with his ice. They engage in battle, leaving Deku with him.

“What the fuck Deku?!" Katsuki roars, sending explosion after explosion at the teen. “Why are you here? Where were you? Everyone thinks you’re dead!” Deku just keeps on dodging.

“Lo-whoa! Look, Bakugou. Bakugou, right? I don’t know why you’re calling me that like it means something. I'm mean that’s pretty offensive to call someone ‘useless’ right off the bat when you just barely met them but- yikes! That was close. I have no idea what you’re talking about, honest. Why would anyone think I’m dead?”


Those words sink in like a punch to the gut. How dare he? How dare he acts like he doesn’t remember all those memories? The ones that keep Katsuki up at night, tormenting his thoughts ever since that day. Katsuki propels himself close to Deku and explodes the knife slashing at his face, using the cover to spring over and ram his fist in the villain. “What about your mom, did you ‘forget’ about her too? Do you even care what you did to Auntie Inko?” Izuku rolls, a dazed look on his face. Katsuki watches for a sign. Any spark of recognition or guilt instead of this blank confusion. He gets none.

“Who?” Is all Deku says before being swallowed up by a portal below. Deku is dropped off where the villain’s regroup. The freckled teen coughs a bit before standing up. “Hey Tomura-nii, did you know we have a mom?”

FuckHands McMike, or ‘Tomura’ as Deku calls him, rolls his eyes. “Of course we do, Izuku. Kurogiri just doesn’t like being called that.” Smokey-bastard coughs a bit.

“No I’m serious.” Deku points over to Katsuki, and everyone’s eyes snap to him. “That one says my mom is still alive. Said her name was ‘Auntie Inko’? ‘Inko’? Something of the sorts.” Smog-face’s eyes narrow and FuckHands McMike wraps an arm around Deku’s shoulder, a smug look in his eyes when he sees Katsuki bristle at the gesture.

“Your biological mom died at childbirth, remember? So there’s no way this guy could know who she is. He’s just using some poor tactics to mess with your head, or mistaken you with someone else.” Deku nods, like it’s the truth. Like he believes this bad dream and Katsuki wants to punch his stupid ass awake.

He about to go do it too when handsy bastard calls out to that ugly brain creature and it grows back its body in seconds. Before he can even blink the thing is right in front of him with a fist raised back and-

And All-Might saves him.

Half-n’-Half mentions doing a 4-on-4 and Katsuki agrees because he can smack whatever brainwashing technique or quirk out of Deku to drag him back where he belongs. Except he fails.


He fails when shit goes down with All-Might vs. that anti-All-Might creature.

He fails when the pro-heroes arrive and Deku jumps between Snipe’s bullets and FuckHands McMike. When smog-bastard engulfs the two and whisks them away.


He failed, he failed, he failed.


Why was he so weak?



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Stain pulls his blade out of the man's chest. Native gargles in pain at the action, but that is all he can do. His body slides slowly to the ground, leaving a smear of red against the alley wall. Stain pays no mind to the fake hero's dying breaths and makes his way back to the other young man under his quirk.

Thinking he could avenge his brother was foolish, just as foolish to try and play hero. This child was far from being a hero, and now he would pay the price.

Stain brings his blade down and Tenya screams. He can't move, can't wretch out the blade sticking right through his leg, right through his engines. Tenya can only cry through the pain and fury. If he had been faster. If he had created a plan before jumping in he could have taken out the man who ruined his brother. Instead it was he who now lied in ruin. He can never bring justice to his brother as he deserved.

The blade is yanked out and a fresh searing shocks throughout his body, making him miss most of what his defeater says.

"...before the others destroy my city. Live so that you will remember that you are not a hero, and a child like you will never be." The hero killer stands and the sound of heavy boots fades away. Tenya closes his eyes. He can't piece together why the man did not kill him as he did Native before. Yet the villain was right about one thing. He will never deserve to carry the Ingenium name.

"I'm surprised that he didn't kill you."


Tenya's eyes snap open. A pair of red shoes greet his sight. He looks higher and sees a teen with curly hair and green eyes staring down at him, sporting a yellow shirt that reads "plain T-shirt" and shopping bags in his hands. "Then again, it makes sense. Maybe I should be more surprised he didn't lecture you more? He did that to me."

"You." This is the villain who hurt Aizawa-sensei. Tenya was not there to see it happen, but he heard the stories. The villain perks up and gives a wobbly grin.

"You remember me!" The villain's laugh titters with surprise as he places the bags down next to him. "I wasn't expecting that. It's nice to meet you properly, Iida-kun. Sorry to hear what happened to your brother." What's sickening Tenya more is his peer genuinely means that. He can see the concern reflecting of those eyes as if he was greeting an old friend.

"How dare you speak so casually," Tenya spits. Tears blur his vision, but he cannot wipe them away. "You wretched villains took his title he so rightfully deserves. This is your fault, and I will make sure you and all those who caused this will pay for their crimes!"

"You're right," Tenya's eyes go wide as tears fall down the villain's face.  "We cause a lot of pain to other's. If I was in your shoes, if my brother got hurt severely, I would do the same as you did. Punish his perpetrator in the name of revenge." Izuku hurriedly wipes them away.

"But that's the problem. You aren't supposed to be like me. Heroes are supposed to be better. Instead you are here, bleeding in some dingy ally with a dead hero you didn't protect and hurting your brother's name. I don't think Ingenium wanted this, Iida-kun." And that statement cuts right through Iida, burning more than the stab wounds because it's true. Tensei never wanted this.


"You made a mistake Iida-kun. Everyone does. Stain made a mistake to leave you like this." The villain sighs and reaches in his pants pocket. A jolt spreads through Iida when he sees the metallic glint of a handgun being pulled out. "So it looks like I have to fix it." The safety clicks off and the gun points at his head. The jolts continue throughout his body, and it dawns on Tenya that the Hero killer's quirk is wearing off.  "Don't worry, I will fix yours too. I'm going to help you become greater."

Tenya can feel his fingers twitch sluggishly. He schools his expression in fear that the villain noticed, but it appears not.

If he can keep this crazy villain talking until his senses return...

"Before you kill me, I have to know."

The villain tilts his head. "Know what?"

"Why?" Tenya asks slowly. "Why are you doing this? What does the league accomplish by killing me when the Hero Killer decided to leave me alive? Are you not all on the same team?"

Izuku smiles and pulls the trigger.




Iida's head snaps back from the force, limbs jerking slightly before slamming back to the ground. In the corner of his forehead is a ragged hole trickling blood over the teen's slack face. Izuku switches the safety back on and walks over to the fallen teen. He sighs in relief when he finds a pulse.

"Sorry Iida-kun. I would have knocked you out differently, but I didn't know when Stain's quirk would wear off. If I had answered your questions, your quirk would give you an advantage." He stands up and jogs over to Native, ignoring the syringe bullet wedged in the teen's head. The gun was something Sensei and he had created to help him in combat. The bullets were filled with a quirk Sensei had that could make someone fall into a coma for a minimum of two hours, but the timeframe was uncontrollable and could fluctuate to even more. Regardless it really helped him out with Sensei's capturing missions.

Native is nothing but a cooling corpse now. His body was slumped over, half-sitting, half-laying on the dirty floor. Izuku sits the body up more to pull off the poncho and as an afterthought, takes the headband to wear. The child in him wants to dip into the corpse 's blood to wear as warpaint, but poor Native already had a lot stolen from him. Taking any more would be wrong.

He tears the poncho into strips as he walks back to Iida. This wasn't something he had planned. Actually he's kind of pissed that Tomu-nii didn't even warn him about the impromptu attack. His brother even knew Kurogiri sent him to Hosu to go shopping after meeting Stain. Wouldn't it kill him to shoot a text or something? Whatever. He sends a quick text to Tomura with nothing but his location before kneeling by Iida. Even if this wasn't planned, he's going to make the most of it.


He'll start with the hands. Taking one of the clothes strips, he bounds a tourniquet tightly a few inches above the wrist before grabbing his sharpest combat knife hidden on his person. Izuku pins down Iida's limp hand and lines up the knife to the wrist joint before cleaving it down. Layers rip open as the knife saws deeper through the skin and muscles, vigorously sloshing blood back and forth from the wound. His inner fanboy is screaming for him to get the legs first, so he can bring it home to keep. Maybe even open one up and see how the nerves and vessels mutated into metal. Swallowing down those urges, Izuku brings his attention back on the hand. He wishes Tomura will hurry up and get here to help. The heroes or police could spot him at any moment and then things would get out of hand. His brother's quirk would be so much quicker than this, but he can't let up. He can't mess up. Patience and practice, as Tomura once taught him. Patience and practice...




Eight-year-old Izuku wails. He sucks at the air like it had suddenly become thick, tears dripping messily on the dead woman he sits upon. Tomura looks up from the sidekicks he was dissolving. "Hmm?"

"I-I broke them!" The child cries, gesturing to the wings partly attached to the woman's body. The glossy wings are cracked at the based, thin spiderweb slits shattering outward. "I was cutting and cutting but Hero Pixie Dust' wings are strong that it was too hard so I tried moving in more but I slipped and the wings go in so long and..." His tiny fist clench around the knife handle, face turning red.

"It's no fair!" Izuku screams, kicking the fallen hero. The kick rolls her body unto it's back, crushing the wings even further. Izuku screams again, his limbs bring the knife up and down in chaotic strikes through her stomach. The knife meets flesh again and again, soft and pudgy, making a sickening squish as the tip of the blade sank deep. "I wanted your wings! They're so pretty but I couldn't have them! Meanie!" Pixie Dust's body jerks uncontrollably. Her skin was tearing to shreds as the knife rotated, the sound of her muscles and nerves being gouged growing louder. Blood squelches as intestines spewed onto the floor in pinkish brown coils. "Why can't I have it? Why can't I go back? It's no fair it's no fair it's no fair!"


"Shut up 'Zuku! The whole neighborhood is going to hear!" Tomura hisses. What is wrong with him? Izuku rarely gets like this, and Sensei always fixes those glitches when he does. But it's too early: Izuku just got fixed a month ago! Izuku doesn't listen to him. Just as he doesn't care that the blood and juices splatter up all over him, drenching him in a vile stench that makes Tomura gag.

The teenager growls and yanks the knife out of his brother's hands.  Damnit, Kurogiri or Sensei are the ones to usually take care of this. What do they do again? Something about explaining things to calm him down. He drags the boy away from the hero and throws him to the ground.

"Stop crying! Shit like that happens sometimes. Tough luck. But if you get experience it doesn't happen as much."

Izuku wipes his eyes. "R-really?" He hiccups.

"Yeah," an idea pops into his head and he waves the younger to one of the fallen sidekicks. "When I was around your age I had some trouble with my quirk."

He squats next to a body and touches an arm with all five fingers.    The arm degrades rapidly, fluxuating in spikes as it travels down the arm. "I couldn't control my speed gauge, so it would go wild. Because of that, I couldn't always get the trophy I wanted." Before Tomura can lift a finger, the corrosion already reached the hand, leaving it ashen black and crumbling when the quirk stops.

"It made me really mad, but Sensei told me to practice and have patience. So I built up my experience points. It took a while, but the turnout was worth it." He grabs the other arm and lets his quirk go. Izuku watches in awe as the decay spirals to a slow pace as it travels to the hand, inching to a stop just before the wrist. In a matter of seconds there is only a perfect hand left in a stain of ashes. "See? Just like that. Now let's go get you washed. You stink."


Izuku wipes away his tears and follows. Tomura-nii turns to him and says





The teenager stops his cutting to smile up at his brother and Kurogiri. "Hi guys. Thank you for coming. I see that the recruitment didn't work out so well? Since, you know, the city is on fire. It was really nice for the heads up that Hosu's would get a shower of glass and brimstone this evening." Kurogiri at least has the decency to look apologetic. The other man however...

"Take off that stupid thing, Tomura makes a swipe at Native's headband, much to Izuku's protest. He looks down at Iida briefly. "So you got one of the U.A brats, huh? Why are you taking his hands? Isn't your gimmick collecting quirk parts?"

"I'll get to those in a sec." Izuku waves off idly. "But I'm craving hands so..."

"The fuck Izuku?"

"What? My stomach was making the rumblies that only hands can satisfy." Izuku gives him an innocent smile. Tomura looks both disgusted and freaked out. Kurogiri looks no better, silently muttering. "Where did we go wrong?"

"If you're a cannibal Izuku I swear to Father-"

"Kidding," the youngest villain rolls his eyes at their blatant relief. "These hands are for you."


"You want to make a statement, right?" Blood tingles in Izuku's nostrils as he continues cutting. "You want the league to be taken seriously. But society doesn't and neither does Stain, so that's why Hosu's being attacked right now. It will make an impact, but not on the level of Stain's work." Destroying cities was fear inducing, but there always was the hope that a hero would come and save the day. Just as they are doing right now. When Stain killed a hero however, people had to listen. Because if their hero is dead, who could they hope to save them? "We have to attack at all angles. We need to take out a long running legacy of heroes. We need to leave All Might and U.A a personal message, one that will impact them severely. What better way than to take out one of their amazing students from a family of heroes?"

Tomura's lips part into a wide grin. Leave it to Izuku to make his plans even better. Tomura was so lucky to have found his brother. Yet there was one thing that confused him.


"If that's the case, why go through all the trouble to keep him alive? He'll make as nice of a message if he was dead."

The young villain ties tourniquets above Iida's knees. "True. But it's too much like Stain's mark. That's why I'm taking the hands for you and engine legs for me." Honestly Stain would have messed up if he left Iida-kun like the way Izuku found him. Recovery Girl's quirk would have it fixed in days, giving Iida-kun another chance to walk down that darker path. "Leaving him alive is just adding salt to the wound. When they find him, they will see someone amputated and in a coma. Someone who might never wake up, and if Iida-kun does then what? He can never have a quirk, can never be a hero. Never be the same. Maybe the heroes will consider it mercy to pull the plug than let him wake up to such a reality. Why get blood on our hands when we can leave it up to the heroes? Now please come help me get these legs off before someone finds us."

Tomura laughs and complies. Letting him finish the job, Izuku starts rearranging his shopping bags so they can have a plastic bag to hold the body parts.

"What in heavens name did you buy?"


"Clothes for my villain outfit," the freckled boy responds cheerfully to Kurogiri.

"I sent you here specifically to get a tailored suit from a well-established business, not...those." The eldest man points distastefully to one of the shirts sticking out, which reads 'V-neck'.  Izuku lights up.

"I did!" He begins digging through his shirts, pulling out some that read 'Henley shirt' and 'Shorts' before proudly displaying a shirt that reads 'Dapper AF outfit'. "See?"

Kurogiri is not amused. "Unacceptable. You wear that for any mission and you are banned from any League business. I will personally accompany you to get that outfit." He opens a portal and points sternly at it. Izuku pouts but goes in.



Bonus Scene:

Tonight was Game Night.  Unlike Family Game Night, which the League bonded over playing board games with a spirit of friendly competition (or as friendly as they could get), Game Night was a battle to the death between Tomura and Izuku. Winner takes all. Game Night determined who would do what chores next week without the two literally killing each other.

Tonight's game was Scrabble. It was a close game that was nearing its end. So far, Tomura was in the lead with his triple point K word. Izuku could get the triple word points too, if he played the last of his tiles right to win the game. He just needed a four-letter word...something that has a K in the middle...


"You can't beat me," Tomura crows. Izuku looks up from the board, and in that moment those smirking ruby eyes don't belong to Tomura.

"Think again," Izuku slams his letters on the board. Tomura sneers at them.

"Deku? That's not even a word!" Izuku crosses his arms.

"Yes it is! It means 'useless'. Read a book sometime and you would know."

"You know what I know? It's that that's not a word. You lost."

"No, you're just being a sore loser like you always are. Deku means useless and I won."

"Says who, smartass? Kurogiri!"


Said man, who sits on a couch between the two, pauses his drama flick. Kurogiri is the official Game Night Referee for cases like these. "Are you challenging him, Tomura?"

"Of course, this little cheater thinks deku is a word!"

"That's because it is! It means useless, can't do anything!"

Kurogiri grabs the chosen dictionary. After a few minutes he puts the book down.

"It doesn't appear to be in the dictionary. Tomura wins the challenge."

"Hah!" The young man hoots, scattering a few pieces. "I was right! I win."

"T-that can't be right," the youngest frowns. "I know it's a word."

"Perhaps it is, but it wasn't present in this dictionary." Kurogiri offers, flipping the movie back on. "It could be a modern slang or some other term. Regardless, you lost the game."

"Yeah, so go throw out the trash you scrub!"



Izuku curses inwardly when he drops one of the trash bags. Deku didn't exist in the dictionary, or any online dictionary. The closest result he got from the web was 'dekiru,' which basically means 'you can do it'.

Yet Izuku knew deku was a word. He was so sure it meant useless. So why? How was he so confident to immediately answer when called that, when there was only one time he had heard it before? From someone he never knew?


That stranger seemed to know him.

That stranger mentioned a mom he would sometimes dream about, blurry and muddled images that made him wake up crying. And now that stranger was appearing in his dreams too. Younger and catching bugs with him.


This didn't make sense. He wanted to ask Tomu-nii about this. Or Kurogiri, or Sensei. But he remembers how Kurogiri glared at Bakugou as if warning him to be silent. How Tomura smirked like a cat toying with prey. Sensei's extra lessons...


For now, Izuku will wait. He will keep his mouth shut and his eyes open. He will find out what Katsuki Bakugou knows, why his family has been hiding from him.


He will wait, and he will find the truth.