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Demon Queen

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She blushed as her wings tingled from his touch. She could feel the fire that he had ignited in her very core. It was almost disturbing how this man knew of so many ways to stoke these fires in her. She wanted his hands and mouth all over her from the very moment. She no longer lost herself in the swirl of emotion, one little kiss to the cheek would cause. This was something entirely different. He made her want him. Want him in a way she had never thought of before their time as the Heel Siblings.

Before, when she sat on him, she had felt something but never anything this intense. “Kuon...” She breathlessly panted out his name and he could see the need and lust in her eyes.

A lightning-strike of desire shot through him with instant results. His skin became flush and his erection almost painful with need.

“I want you.” She murmured.

Oh god! “I'm yours, Kyoko.” He breathed into her ear as he nibbled and licked down her neck to her breasts that his hands had nimbly uncovered.

She threw her head back and moaned as his tongue and lips took a pert little bud in and began to suckle with just enough force to be so pleasurable it was almost painful.

He lifted her and she wrapped her slender, athletic legs around him in an erotic embrace. Her wings spread widely to their full expanse as he pressed her against the wall and she moaned as he ground his hard length into her moist panties under her skirt, that was now lifted around her waist. She gasped at the sensation and her sounds of pleasure caressed his ears, spurring him on to give her more of what they both wanted. His hand reached up and gently stroked her wings once more. She screamed and he could feel her dampness and the pulse of her heat though his pants, nearly causing him to reach his own orgasm in the process.

The pleasure from that one little act had been so intense that she had blacked out for a brief moment. She felt his hand travel from her wing to her waist. She heard a rip and her panties fell away from her. He was almost there. The feeling of his clothed, stiff length against her, bare, swollen, pulsating, sensitive lips grinding into her was almost too much to bear without complete satisfaction.

His mouth moved up her neck with gentle kisses and claimed her mouth once again as his tongue ravenously explored, taunted and danced with hers. “I need you, Koi.” He murmured passionately.

Her lips traveled from his mouth, to his jawline, to his ear. She nibbled. “Then take me, Kuon...” She murmured sexily with a lusty gaze.

“I love you...” He kissed her again pouring every ounce of emotion he had for her into it as her soft hands eagerly released him from the confines of his constricting pants. 

“I love you.” She gave him a smile that would have struck a weaker man to his knees and her breath hitched as she felt the warm, velvety head of his turgid girth slowly invade her. Their arms firmly wrapped around each other at the tightness as he took what she had given him willingly.

He started moving slowly as he held her suspended in his arms and gradually increased his speed and their pleasure as they both adjusted. It was more than they had ever dreamed.

Once, twice and then once again, he felt her pulse around him as he filled her. On the final time he fell into the abyss with her and their voices traveled throughout the apartment, announcing their temporary satisfaction. Never had he experienced anything even remotely similar.

Her wings had retracted that final time and on shaking legs he carried her to his bed to lay her gently down. Many more times that first night, he would give and take pleasure until they were both completely exhausted and could no longer move.

He watched as his lover slept peacefully with an ethereal glow about her and her petite body nestled closely into his. His hand gently swept the hair from her face and he placed a small kiss on her forehead. “I love you Kyoko. Thank you.” He murmured softly to the sleeping fairy.

“I love you too Kuon...” She mumbled in her sleep and smiled, snuggling closer as they drifted off in each other's arms.