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Demon Queen

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Demon Queen

Chapter 1


“I want the world to know the name Sho Fuwa. I want to be admired by every woman I meet.” He told the haggard looking old sage as the slapped the money down on the table before him.

The ancient man looked up at him with his hauntingly strange eyes and asked him the most curious question. “And of the girl that admires you already? What of her?”

Sho scoffed. “Kyoko? What do I care? She just some plain, boring girl. I don't care if she likes me or, not.”

A glimmer came to the man's eyes and he smirked. He shoved the money back to Sho and announced. “I will do it; however, I want the girl. Your price will be her heart.”

Sho paled. “What? You want me to cut out her heart and give it to you?”

The old man laughed at him. “Don't be such a simpleton, of course not. I want the affection that she gives to you.”

Sho raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Gross, but okay. Whatever. If that's what you're into, sure.”

“Make no mistake... If she does not fall in love with me, I will take back what I have bestowed upon you and more.” He warned him.

“Yeah, yeah. No problem old man.” Sho agreed flippantly.

They shook hands and when Sho turned his back, the ancient male was gone in a puff of smoke. A sinister voice laughed. “Have fun in Tokyo, Shotaro.”

He felt a shiver go down his spine, shrugged it off and left for home.

Here it was! Right in his hands just for him. It was a letter in response to the demo tape he sent in to Akatoki and a invitation to be a star. All he had to do is show up on their doorstep and they would present him with a manager; however, he would have to provide his own living accommodations and get to Tokyo on his own. How was he supposed to manage that? He didn't know how to cook, clean or, do any of that stuff and the money his parents gave him as a weekly allowance was spent as quickly as it fell into his hands. He cursed himself for not being able to save money like that stupid, sycophant Kyoko.

Kyoko... He smirked. Of course... She would do anything for him. All he had to do was ask the plain little puppy help him achieve his dream and promise to take her with him. He didn't care if she took it wrong. If she did, it was her own fault. He would give her a choice. If she felt she got burned in the end, it was her own fault for following him around like a stray dog. Perfect.

It had been at least a couple of months since they arrived in Tokyo. Sho's career was taking off and he was able to con Kyoko into supporting him. He laughed. That stupid girl even took on three jobs to get the apartment I wanted. He snickered at his deception and admired the beautiful manager that they had given him. Big tits, nice ass, perfect body, and a pretty face. Couldn't have done better myself. He gloated inwardly.


“Welcome to the Darumaya, Sir.” She placed a tall glass of ice water in front of him, bowed politely and gave him a pretty smile. “May I take your order?” She asked with all of the elegance and manners of a seasoned Okami.

The ancient gentleman with strange eyes gave her a toothy grin. “Of course my dear. May I have the special?”

“Of course sir. I will bring it right out.” She bowed once again and gave the order to the Taisho.

“Kyoko-chan! Your order for table six is ready.” The Okami called to her from behind the counter.

The old man smiled softly and savored the sound of her name, then enjoyed the nice meal that the concealed beauty had brought to his table 10 minutes later. He finished his drink, placed a large tip on the table, paid at the register and left with the new information. The boy was finally pushing her away and now it was his turn to woo her.

Kyoko picked up the 10,000 yen that the strange elderly man had left. “Okami-san! That gentleman left this on the table!”

The Okami gasped. “Kyoko-chan, he left that as a tip for you.”

Kyoko's eyes went wide. “But it's so much money. I can't possibly keep it.”

The Okami giggled. “Well dear it wouldn't be right if you didn't. He was showing his appreciation for your service. It belongs to you.”

“Oh...” Kyoko sighed and put the money in the folds of her obi for safe keeping and the Okami nodded in approval.

His eyes gleamed with elation as he watched the miasma snake through the building and the tiny grudge demons slither down the halls to catch up to their mistress that was being evicted from the building. Never in all of his existence did he imagine that the girl that had been promised to him was a demon queen. Did she even know this? How fortuitous this revelation is. He grinned and his violet eyes flashed with intensity.

“Find something interesting, Reino?” Miroku shivered as a tiny little demon passed them and hurried out the door.

He turned to his companion. “Perhaps.” It was nearly time to collect on that debt the young man had owed him. Either way this bargain was going to go his way. He would either get this very beautiful and powerful creature for himself or, he would have the talent and soul of a greedy, naive, young musician. “Win, win...” He chuckled to himself.

“New target?” Miroku queried.

Reino shook his head. “No, merely checking on an investment.” He smirked.

For many months he watched as the boy skyrocketed through the charts and noticed how the girl quietly surpassed the young man without his knowledge. The boy arrogantly thought that she would never surpass him in the entertainment industry, but never once had it crossed his mind that she was an actress that appealed to all and he was simply a musician that only appealed to young women close to his own age.

He was completely smitten by the beautiful little queen as he watched her evolve from afar. Although, it had been many years since he had interacted with a living female and he had made a large mistake during his first impression. He had spoken his mind and for some reason it came out as an insult instead of what it was meant to be. This was going to take some practice.

His familiar shook his head in amusement. “You should really think about what you say before you speak to her, Reino.” Miroku advised.

Reino sighed in irritation. He didn't need his familiar giving him advice on women and he most certainly didn't need for his three minions witnessing the fiasco. Didn't Demon Queens take that as a compliment? Commenting on her ability to blend in and be plain and unsuspecting? It was time to regroup and observe her more. Think up a new strategy.

He was growing impatient and the arrogant young man that had made the deal with him was getting a little too big for his britches. So he decided to knock him down a peg and take a little back of what he had given to him.

He first noticed her presence as she spied him while she was walking past the music themed coffee shop. He could feel her eyes on him and how she lingered to watch him. It felt like a fearful yet gentle caress on his ancient soul. He wanted more. This was something he had never felt before. Others always look upon him in disgust due to his gifts. He had been a pariah for so very long and had forgotten what it was to interact with a living female. It felt very nice, like clean, warm, healing water over cold, injured flesh. He needed to feel her, just touch her and bask in her scent.

When he finally found her on the set of her drama in Karuizawa, she led him on a merry chase. It gave him a rush of excitement. When he finally caught up to her and held her in his arms, he lost himself in her scent, her heat, her beautiful aura, the taste of her sweet skin and the feel of her silken hair as it tickled his face. Given a choice, he would have never released her. He would have wrapped her in himself and never allowed her to leave. He would have treated her like the Queen that she was.

He allowed the boy to have his fun that day. Allowed Fuwa to feel like the hero, knowing that she despised the boy's solution to her “problem”. He was satisfied with the results. She hated the young man even more than before and Reino had planted his existence in her mind. He was able to witness her stunningly beautiful aura at its finest.

The look on the boy's face was priceless when he saw that he was so very, very close to finally kissing her. The one thing that would bring her to him. That perfect little enchantment that would break the sick hold that Fuwa had on her heart.