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Hotel Room Surprise

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They had woken up together that morning as they lay in the large bed in Miranda's hotel room, not that they really needed a large bed because they had both migrated to the middle of it and entwined their bodies with each other's during the night. Despite waking with a substantial lack of clothing, they had not made love that night but they had laid together and kissed for a while before succumbing to the pull of sleep.

Andrea groaned at the sound of the alarm clock, "Do we have to get up?", she asked as she covered her moved her head to hide her face in the white hair of her boss.

"Unfortunately", Miranda said softly, "We have a flight to catch, Andrea".

"I know but I just want to lay here with you", Andrea replied with a slight sigh, "Just a little longer?".

As Andrea again tugged her closer to her Miranda smiled softly, "Ten more minutes, my love".

The response from the older woman put an instant smile on Andrea's face as she pressed a loving kiss to Miranda's forehead and whispered gently, "I love you".

Miranda looked up at her and smiled brightly, "I love you too", she whispered in return before kissing Andrea's lips softly.

It didn't take long for the two of them to be engaged in a much more passionate kiss, "Don't...ahh... start....", Miranda arched her back slightly as Andrea rolled to be partially on her, "...something... we can't... mmm... finish".

Andrea sighed heavily and pulled back slightly to rest her head on Miranda's shoulder, "Good point", she admitted, "I guess we should get up and get ready because I'm not sure whether I'll be able to resist you".

The admission made Miranda smile quite happily as she threaded her hand through the dark locks of the woman she was deeply in love with, "You and me both, my love".

The younger woman leaned up slightly as she moved to lay beside her instead before kissing Miranda lightly on the lips.

It did not take either of them long to get ready, although it almost did take them a long time when Miranda became extremely tempted to join Andrea in the shower as she was using the sink whilst the other woman was in the shower and only the frosted glass door was separating the two of them.

They were both seated in the hotel restaurant when the other members of Runway came down for breakfast. The two of them were sat beside each other at one of the tables that had been set aside for Runway that morning. Nobody dared to say a single thing about the fact that Miranda was suddenly eating with her left hand rather than her right hand which was her dominant hand, although there were a few glances between the two women shortly before they joined the table.

Andrea was the one to take hold of Miranda's passport and ticket, keeping her role of the other woman's assistant despite their change in relationship status.

Miranda did, however, direct more smiles in Andrea's direction as well as whispered thank yous, both of which always made Andrea smile and her eyes light up. That was something that Miranda decided that she wanted to make sure happened even more often than it already did. To make the other woman smile was a joy to her and her smiles were simply infectious, luckily in a good way.

Once they had gotten through security and boarded the plane, Miranda was glad that Andrea had already been booked into first class with her under the excuse of needing her assistant with her. It had of course, at the time, been simply because she wanted the woman close to her rather than her being further back in the plane with the other Runway staff members. At the time she had not known that the other woman loved her in return but she did, however, rather like having the woman close whether it was at her desk or going to meetings or going to showings. She always did whatever was possible to be able to take her assistant with her.

Miranda walked ahead down the aisle to her seat and sat down after taking off her coat. She found herself watching as Andrea reached up in order to put their belongings into the overhead lockers but mostly she found herself watching the skin on the woman's abdomen that had been exposed by Andrea reaching up. The young woman, despite the 'six' jokes, had a flat stomach and she had to resist the urge to reach out to put her hand on the bare skin. Miranda also found herself rather disappointed when Andrea had finished putting away the items as it meant that her top returned to its original positioning and covered up the skin that she knew was really soft.

Andrea smirked slightly when she noticed where the older woman's focus was and sat down before whispering to her, "You'll see much more when we get back to New York, I promise".

The Editor-in-Chief rolled her eyes, "You'll be coming back to the townhouse with me then", she said very quietly, "Won't you?".

Her question at the end transformed the demand into an option for the woman and Andrea could not help but smile at that fact, it was a change. A change that she liked, although, she knew that she would go to the townhouse with the woman whether it was a demand or an option. In fact, they both knew this because they both knew that they wanted to spend more time together.

"Of course", Andrea replied with a bright smile.

Miranda could not hold back a smile at the response that she had gotten from the younger woman and she discreetly took hold of her hand and squeezed it gently before she moved in order to secure her belt buckle and Andrea did hers too in preparation for taking off.

The entire flight was spent with the two of them talking to each other and getting to know one another more than they already did, it turned out that Miranda could hear a lot more in her office than what Andrea (or any other assistant) had apparently realised.

They also spent the majority of the time with their hands joined together, then when Andrea fell asleep for almost an hour she ended up with her head leaning on her boss' shoulder. That was the position that Nigel found them in when he went to ask Andrea a question. A question that was not revealed because Miranda sent him away instantly as she would not allow him to wake up her sleeping beauty.

When Nigel had returned to his seat where he was seated in a row with both Serena and Jocelyn, he had a smirk on his face as if he knew the biggest secret of all. Not that he did not spill that information or suspicion to the two women straight away. However, he knew that if Miranda had wanted them not to know then she would not have held Andrea's hand on a plane where anyone could see them and nor would she have allowed the younger woman to sleep peacefully with her head resting on her shoulder in the way that it was, and she definitely would not have the armrest up between them or be sharing their blankets. It had gotten chilly in the cabin and they had one over their legs whilst the other was partially over Miranda's lap and partially tucked up around Andrea. It was also obvious that it had been tucked up into that position by Miranda herself which in itself was a rather loving and caring gesture. He had not been blind to the look either, the look that Miranda had directed towards the sleeping Andrea as he was leaving following her dismissal of him.

The message was clear. 'Andrea is mine'.