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Paint Me (A Photo)

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"Hello. I'm Kim Taehyung, your temporary photographer, nice to meet you."

Jimin stared at the boy with a camera hanging off a lanyard confused. Why is their a temporary photographer here?

"Park Jimin," He spoke quietly, "Um, why are you here?"

The other contemporary dancers in the studio waited for an answer. It seemed like this Taehyung guy is from this university judging by the way his 'more of a hip hop' dance friend Jungkook, waved.

Taehyung waved back at Jungkook, "Oh, I have a project for my photography class and the theme is realism or something, so Jungkook said I could take pictures of this guy called Jimin- you," He grinned, something about his friendly smile stopping Jimin from saying no.

Jimin turned around to give a somewhat harsh stare at Jungkook who only smiled as if he has nothing to do with this.

"You know Jungkook?" Jimin asked, trying to ease the awkwardness.

Taehyung nodded, "Yeah, he told me I could take pictures of you and come around whenever you're here practicing." This man is good at socializing Jimin noted. "Is it ok if I start in two days?"

"Uh," Jimin looked around and glanced at the other students. They didn't seem to mind, "Ok, I'll see you, then."



"So, um, Taehyung right?" Taehyung nodded, Jimin just continued looking at him confused. "Are we the same age?" Taehyung nodded again.

Jimin looked around awkwardly after. He's a dance major with a contemporary stage to practice for.

"Do I"

Jungkook laughed with his back pressed against the wall, enjoying how awkward Jimin's being compared to Taehyung. Jimin faced Jungkook and scrunched his face up in annoyance.

Today's the first day Taehyung's here to take photos, and Jimin, frankly, has no clue what exactly he's supposed to do.

Even if he practically lives in this studio.

Taehyung juts his bottom lip out in thought. A habit, Jimin assumes. "Well, just imagine I'm not there. Realism, Jimin, realism is the key here."

And so, Jimin danced.

He practiced the choreography of one of the songs they're to perform soon.

He'd practice a few moves of the choreography a bit more, but with Taehyung pretty much watching his every move for a project, he doesn't wanna bore him with the same old dance every time.

Though he must admit, it's a bit...weird. With this Taehyung photography guy just here to take pictures of him.

Seriously Jeon Jungkook.



He lowered the camera from his face with his eyes just."Wow."

Taehyung honest to god never knew dancing could be this beautiful and elegant. Sure, everyone could dance, but the way Jimin drifted across the floor so and smoothly and effortlessly made him forgot just why he's here in the first place.

("Realism? You know..."

Taehyung scoffed, "If you're gonna try make me take pictures of some guy to play match maker-"

"You know the contemporary dancer Jimin?"

"Jeon Jungkook," Taehyung turned to Cape at him," you're telling me, you're friends with one of the most popular dancers in the school without telling me!"

Jungkook flicked Taehyung's forehead. "I'm a dancer too, duh," He said as Taehyung rubbed his head with a pout, "He doesn't actually like the popularity so don't think he's interesting just because of that..."

Taehyung immediately started feeling apoplectic. It's true. He shouldn't think like that, his mother didn't raise him like this.

"But I just need to take a few pictures of him, is that alright? It's not like he's the only thing I'll take pictures of for the project though."

Jungkook nodded. "Just come over to the dance studio tomorrow. All the contemporary kids will be practicing.")

He's here for his project. Just because of his project.

Taehyung, a boy who easily makes friends with a bubbly personality and a camera always hanging on his neck. But still, he's never really 'communictaed' with this Jimin guy before.

He's He got talent.

Taehyung was brought out of his thoughts as he noticed Jimin going over to Jungkook and whispering something while glancing at his direction. He must be staring.

With a grin, Jungkook flat out yells half way across the room, "Why are you staring at Jimin?!" Taehyung wanted to smack the kid for all the stares he's receiving now.

He didn't see it, but Jimin turned away to get a drink of water only to hide his flustered face.



"So his names Kim Taehyung?" Jimin asked while he and Jungkook walk to their shared dorm room across campus.

Jungkook nodded, "Yeah, he's been into photography since we met in middle school. Weird, annoying, but he's really nice and loves literally everyone."

Jimin thinks for a few seconds. He remembers the way Taehyung just barged into the room a few days ago and randomly states he needs to take pictures of him for a project. Jungkook seems right, it was a bit...awkward, but Taehyung seemed to nice to say no.

Jungkook watched Jimin think things over for a second before realization dawns on him. "Ohhh, so you're interested in him eh." He wiggles his eyebrows knowingly.

Jimin felt himself blush embarrassingly at such a common accusation, "No! If some random dude were taking pictures of you wouldn't you wanna know who they are?"

"No," Jungkook deadpanned, "Cause I know everyone wants a picture of me," He stopped to look at Jimin with a grin, "I'm just amazing like that-"

"Shut up and walk faster."



The seventh day Taehyung comes over, Jimin wasn't sure.

After a straight 25 minutes of practicing, the students in the room practically yelled at him to take a rest already.

Should he just...give it to him?

Jimin looked behind him for Taehyung with a cup of beef noodles he picked up before arriving.

What if he doesn't like beef flavor? What if he likes chicken- everyone's likes chicken, but all the chicken flavored noodles was gone by the time he arrived at the little corner store.

He could just use that excuse. 'Oh, Jungkook's coming today so I bought two noodles for him later but I accidentally bought three, want one?'

"Hey you like beef noodles?"

Jimin let out a shriek at the sudden voice behind him. He turned around with wide eyes, but relaxed the minute Taehyung's towering figure came into view. As usual, his camera was held in his hands, turned off and held with delicacy.

Taehyung caught onto Jimin's expression, "Ahh, sorry, did I scare you?"

"N-no, it's ok. I was just surprised a little..." Jimin replied awkwardly.

Oh well.

He stood up from his spot on the ground beside his bag, looked down at the noodles, then at Taehyung, and shoved it toward him.

"Uh," Taehyung wouldn't grab the noodles and just stared at Jimin who was struggling to speak, "I thought you might get hungry so I got you this. And I like beef too, hehe." He refused to look Taehyung in the eye.

He has small hands.

Taehyung cooed unexpectedly, bringing Jimin to finally look back up at him.

"You have cute hands."

Wait. Taehyung, wait, where's your filter. You were supposed to say small, I mean, that's still kind of awkward but-

Forgot the beef noodles, Taehyung only then realized what he said out loud and immediately stuttered in a sorry attempt to backtrack.

Jimin giggled.

His giggles cute too why is he like this.

They're right. Taehyung thought. This Jimin kid really does get all the girls and guys wanting. How is he not dating anyone right now?

He dropped the random thought once Jimin started speaking again.

"Thanks?" Jimin dropped the noodles into Taehyung's much larger hands. "You're the first person to say my hands are cute instead of small," He finished then, looking up at Taehyung with a small, cute, smile.

Jungkook wasn't completely sure, but he himself is sure Taehyung and Jimin didn't notice him open the studio door and pass by, only because they're too busy smiling at eachother- with freaking beef cup of noodles in their hands.




From then on, nothing much happened. The three slowly became a good trio and brought snacks whenever they'd all be at the dance studio.

Noodles galore, but that wasn't important.

Taehyung on the other hand, didn't notice how he slowly drifted away from the purpose of meeting this Jimin boy anyways.

Now, the label changed to friends.

And for some reason, everything's just better that way.

Instead of awkward glances at eachother, Taehyung would cheer and applaud whenever Jimin would take a small break or perfect yet another difficult part of a choreography.

Jimin would always make sure Taehyung himself got enough rest away from taking photos- though he's the one dancing.

Then there's the camera.

Other than a thousand pictures Taehyung thinks is related to realism, now, there's dozens of pictures of he and Jimin. Selfies, videos, silly faces, laughs.

Two months passed and Jimin nearly forgot why Taehyung was supposed to be around in the first place.

...Do they wanna stay as friends?

Then, there's Jungkook constantly stressing about how oblivious his two hyungs are.



"Jungkook, I can't do this anymore."

Taehyung was pacing around Jungkook and Jimin's dorm, worried, concerned, and hurt.

Jungkook laughed as he recorded, "What if I lied to you and Jimin's hiding under a blanket or somethi-" He immediately shut his mouth once Taehyung gave a cold, harsh glare directly into the camera lens, "Uh, nevermind."

"Do you know that meme?"

"What," Jungkook said confused as he set aside Taehyung's camera. He really does bring it anywhere he goes. "I thought you were having a mid life crisis because you're freaking whipped for Ji-"

Taehyung stood up straight and stared at Jungkook with serious eyes. Something about the way he seemed so set about something caught Jungkook's attention.

"That meme that goes 'Did it hurt when you fell from hea-"


Before Taehyung could finish his sentence, Jungkook was already dragging him to the small photography building.

"You can't do this to me!" Taehyung whined as Jungkook locked the door and started walking ahead of him. "I didn't even prepare what to say! What if he rejects me? What if he thinks I'm too desperate or something?"

Taehyung paused dramatically in the elevator, "What if he friend zones me!" Jungkook let out an exhausted gasp, regretting playing matchmaker for his love lifeless hyungs.

The elevator dinged, signaling their arrival. Silently Jungkook walked out the elevator with a worried Taehyung following behind.

"Hyung, you're both stupid."

Taehyung smacked Jungkook's arm as they neared the fine arts building. "Yah! We're your hyungs!" Jungkook ignored him and his hitting.

With a smug smile, he unlocked his phone and swiped to call Jimin.

"Oh hyung! You're not busy right now right? Oh, oh, you just finished rehearsal? Well Taehyung reallllyyyy needs to talk to you at the fine arts building in the photography room, don't let him or me down ok? Bye!"

Taehyung's jaw dropped dramatically at how fast everything was settled. Bits of anger started bubbling seconds after.

"Who said I agreed to do this!" Taehyung retorted, refusing to step forward into the building.

Jungkook only sighed tiredly before backing away to the basketball courts, "And what? Lose your chance? Lose Jimin? To some other guy or girl you never knew exist?" He paused seeing Taehyung's expression fall a bit.

"It's only been a few months since you both met, but do you think you'll be happy if you don't take the chance now while you can?" Jungkook's convincing didn't relate, he's doing this for his hyungs- they better be happy in the end.

"Jimin's one of the most popular second year students remember? But he still spends almost all his time with you whenever he can- dont even try to look at me like you're surprised."

Before Taehyung could replace, Jungkook grinned sleepily, "Good luck! Bye! Jimin's arriving soon!" And he was off.



He had nothing better to do.

The situation he's in is anything but good.

Jungkook is the reason why there can't be good things in the world.

But what he said was right.

After a few minutes of thinking it over, Taehyung definitely agrees with Jimin.

He's already here now, it's only a matter of taking the full risk.

Taehyung's just about done fixing up the photography room, making sure everything's arranged properly, nothing's broken, and looked through pictures in his own camera.

As one of the head photography students, he must take action even in the worst times.

Yeah right, because he needs a distraction.

What if I really do get rejected? What do I do then- what if he stops talking to me, what if he ignores me?


Taehyung jumped at the feeling of Jimin tapping his shoulder from behind. He fumbled to turn off his camera that was displaying the random selfies they took over the months.

The moment felt like deja vu to Jimin, a feeling very similar to one he felt in the dance studio those months ago.

Jimin frowned, "Did I scare you?"


"N- No," Taehyung stuttered, "I just didn't expect uh, you'd be here so fast." It's been ten minutes. Curse his bad speaking skills. It's not his fault he gets his words jumbled up sometimes.

Jimin tilted his head to the side, "Are you ok Taetae?..."

It's not until Taehyung stares at the smaller boy in front of him with a look of shy suprise that Jimin notices, oh, the nickname slipped out.

The moment felt like deja vu to Taehyung, a feeling very similar to one he felt in the dance studio those months ago.

Face turning red, Jimin turns away to look at the equipment in a sorry attempt of hiding his face.

"So, um, Jungkook said you needed to talk to me?" Jimin asked while looking at an arrange of cameras ten seconds later. "Is it about your project?"

Taehyung hummed, "No, my project finished a month ago." He didn't know where the sudden burst of confidence came from, but it all went down the drain seeing Jimin's surprised expression.

"A month?!" Jimin exclaimed a bit shocked and confused, but with another sort of feeling Taehyung can't really identify, "Then why..."

Taehyung pulled out a chair from under one of the tables and sat with a distressed groan. Wordlessly, Jimin took out a chair for himself a bit awkwardly and watched as the photographer major took out a crumpled piece of ripped lined paper from his left pocket.

"Ok, uh, I know this is probably gonna sound reallllly bad, but Jungkook kinda forced me to- um- do this," Taehyung said hesitantly as he read over the scribbled sentences on his paper.

Jimin lifted his gaze back up and seemed to notice Taehyung's tension. He nodded with a small smile, encouraging the nervous boy.

"Why are you so nervous, just relax." If Taehyung could do that, he would, but he can't. His entire life practically depends on this moment, dammit Jungkook.

"Jimin." Taehyung jerked his head up to stare at Jimin with serious eyes, "Please promise to never tease me about what I'm gonna say even if it sounds really dumb and stupid, blame Jungkook please-"

Not even a second later, Jimin slapped Taehyung's hand, the small paper flitted in the wind and dropped on the ground near Taehyung's feet.

Mortified, Taehyung screeched and grabbed at the paper half a half a second the moment it landed.

He looked up at Jimin, afraid and scared, but smiling eyes met his instead.


Blink blink.

A small, cute, smile.

Taehyung pouted confused, hoping he could get away with what happened, "But I didn't finish what I was saying..." He focused on the direction of Jimin's gaze and found it landed straight on his paper now safely tucked in his hands.

"I think we should date. If you want. For science. Because. I like science... I actually don't, cuz I like photography, and you."

He did not.

"Did you," Taehyung looked up at Jimin with wide eyes, "just read my confession upside down in half a second when it dropped on the floor?"

Jimin's smile grew bigger, brighter, the complete opposite of their first meeting in the dance studio. "Tae, you know I'm already used to your handwriting after all those times you'd do homework in the studio," He laughed. His eyes crinkled up cutely, forming small little crescents. "And you were so scared, you froze for a few seconds so it was easy for me to read it."

Taehyung realizes then and practically jumps up from his chair with joy, "Wait! You said yes! Does that mean you do- wanna, you know-"

"Go out with you?" Jimin only laughed more at Taehyung's enthusiastically happy reaction. "Yes. I thought Jungkook would force me to ask you out already actually, he's been begging me since the beginning of this month." His heart started speeding up a bit at the sight of Taehyung flashing the brightest smile he's seen yet his way.

"Come here, we need to take a picture." Taehyung immediately scooted his chair sideways and clung himself to Jimin's side.

Instead of saying cheese, or looking at his new boyfriend beside him fondly while the picture was being taken cliché , he opted to staring at the eyes of the cutest boy on earth in the screen above them instead.

They're both still young. Things could happen, but that's how it is. Sometimes, things happen on its own. And maybe, things could change in the near future. But that's what being young is all about; living through moments and making sure they last a lifetime.

And in that near future, they still have all the time in the world to create more memories or maybe, patch up older ones.

Softly, Taehyung whispered a second after he clicked the button, "...I love you."

If they were moving too fast into things, it's ok. They'll be able to figure things out like they did the first time they met because of a particular boy they aren't sure they should thank.

But if the way Jimin simultaneously turns his head the same time as Taehyung whispers the three words, the latter didn't question whether the other heard it.

"You know," Jimin said quietly as he bumps Taehyung's nose with his lightly before pulling away, "I remember how awkward it felt when I first met you." He laughed, "But then I had the hardest time in my life just trying to give you cup of noodles when it was your favorite flavor anyway."

He never knew how much he needed to be close to Taehyung in this type of way till now.

Taehyung leaned back in without replying, giving Jimin a feather light peck on the lips with his, soft, and momentarily, before leaning back a bit unsurely.

But Jimin didn't look uncomfortable like that first day months ago. Now, he looks happy, content, as if all the time in the world were theirs now.

"You could've just asked me out like a normal person you know," Jimin giggled lightly as he hugged Taehyung with a smile etched on his face.



"You two are so in love, it's disgusting," Jungkook said with a scowl as he scrolled through more pictures on Taehyung's Instagram.

Taehyung and Jimin only smiled cheekily back at him. They both knew very well that Jungkook loves the fact he played matchmaker deep down under those remarks he makes.

Up and coming first year hip hop dancer Jungkook, the matchmaker behind it all.

"You're the one who told me to take pictures of my boyfriend I never even knew back then," Taehyung said with a smile as he snapped a picture of Jimin making bunny ears behind Jungkook's head, "Don't blame us."

It was another usual day in the dance studio.

The only difference now is the relationship status all the dance students, and much more out of the studio walls, know of.

Popular contemporary dance kid Jimin, and head of photography student Taehyung, the cute couple on and off campus.

"I forgot," Taehyung lowered the camera dramatically with a jaw dropped expression on his face, "Wait wait wait, hold up-" He stood up and walked silently to the door, leaving.

Jimin and Jungkook stared at the door confused with a blank expression.

"Did my boyfriend just leave me?" Jimin said playfully, knowing Taehyung wouldn't walk out just like that.

Just as he said that, a few moments later, Taehyung walked in and looked around as if it were his first time here.

His eyes landed on Jungkook and he scurried over, hand holding his camera.

"You must be Jimin, hi," Taehyung started, a wide smile growing on Jimin's face.

Some things never change.

"I'm Taehyung, your permanent photographer and boyfriend, I love you." He gave his camera to Jungkook then locked his eyes on Jimin. Students from around the room cooed at the cheesy gesture. Others motioned at Jimin to go ahead, do something.

"You're so cringey and a romantic, why am I dating you." Jimin teased, but his smile and eyes said the opposite.

He got up and whirled his arms around Taehyung's neck shyly, feeling a bit hesitant with the other students watching.

"Please don't make me record you two just standing there like that any longer," Jungkook complained with his face pressed against Taehyung's camera, smiling.

Gently, Taehyung and Jimin lean forward at the same time, meeting eachother in the middle with a soft kiss and a heartfelt laugh in between.