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take a look at my girlfriend (she’s the only one i got)

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No matter how many times he did it, Jungkook would always be nervous to reveal himself to another person when he was dressed the way that he was currently.

“Jungkook, I don’t understand why you’re still scared of showing me. I’m used to it by now.”

Jimin’s voice rang comfortingly through the door of the bathroom, his words attempting to coax Jungkook out into the living room where he stood. The younger boy still hesitated, goosebumps appearing all over his arms due to nervousness. He dug his stocking clad foot into the bath mat, worrying his bottom lip as he tugged at the hem of the skirt that hugged his body in all of the best ways.

“Are you sure you don’t care?” Jungkook called back, voice small and quiet. It was an absolute miracle that Jimin could even pick up on it.

“I’ve told you time and time before, it completely fine with me.” Jimin’s tone was sweet, the warmth woven within his words causing Jungkook’s goosebumps to retreat once more. “It makes you happy, what right do I have to stop you, hm?”

Jungkook took a deep breath, bringing his hand up to adjust the collar of the white sleeveless button up he wore. He turned around slowly, taking one final look in the mirror behind him. Tall black stockings extended up past his knees, the stitched on face of a cat prominent as the fabric squeezed his thighs slightly. The black skirt he wore was one of his most comfortable ones, the soft fabric stopping mid thigh and covering up just enough. The white button up went with it well, Jungkook smoothing his hands down the already ironed fabric.

His two favourite aspects of the outfit were above his collar, however.

A black velvet collar rested high on his neck, a small golden bell hanging from it as the fairly tight fabric pressed against his adam’s apple just the way the he liked it. Nestled within his combed chestnut brown hair was a headband with a pair of cat ears attached, truly pulling together the entire outfit.

“Kook? You coming?” Jungkook took a deep breath before nodding, not even comprehending that Jimin wouldn’t be able to see the action. He sighed shakily before walking over to the bathroom door slowly, fingers trembling as they grasped the door handle and turned it at an agonizingly unhurried pace.

The door eventually did creak open, Jungkook being met with the smiling face of his best friend. Jimin was a jem, accepting each and every part of Jungkook without a hint of judgement, appreciating every single part of the younger boy. The silence was thick as it rested heavily on Jungkook’s shoulders, his eyes watching nervously as Jimin’s gaze raked up and down his body.

It was fine, it was just Jimin.

“Was wondering when you were gonna come out, princess.”

There was nothing to worry about.

Jungkook visibly flushed at the nickname, reaching forwards to swat at Jimin’s shoulder in annoyance. His actions only drew laughter out of Jimin, the older obviously not looking to apologize for his words. “Stop hitting me, I know you like being called that.” Jimin was right, but Jungkook would never admit it. “I see there’s a theme to the outfit today?”

Jimin reached forwards and flicked the bell on Jungkook’s choker, the small accessory jingled softly before Jimin’s eyes darted up to the headband his friend wore.

“The socks inspired me.” Jungkook shrugged, smoothing his hands against his skirt as a nervous habit. Jimin noticed this immediately, reaching forwards and encircling his fingers around Jungkook’s wrist gently. The younger’s fingers still had remnants of the pastel pink polish that has once coated them, Jimin left wondering if Jungkook would ever paint them again with university coming up so soon. He was far to self conscious too ever dare to showcase even a smidgen of his feminine side in public.

”Stop being so nervous.” Jimin soothed, reaching with his other hand to pinch Jungkook’s cheek softly. “You look adorable.” His simple words immediately eased Jungkook’s climbing anxiety. “I’ve got dinner in the microwave, if a certain princess would like to come grab a bite of a meal fit for royalty?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh, the bell of his choker jingling as his shoulders shook softly with the reaction.

”I don’t think last nights leftovers is a royal meal, but thank you Hyung.” Jungkook’s words are sincere, his eyes soft as Jimin beams at him before pulling him towards the living room. His feet slid against the hardwood floor slightly due to his choice of attire. It was times like this, that he felt free. His skirt swayed as he walked, a familiar breeze brushing against the tops of his thighs. His heart felt light as his choker jingled with each step he took, his chest relived of his current worries as Jimin ruffled his hair gently - careful not to skew the headband the Jungkook wore.

”You excited to start school soon, Kook?” Jungkook sat down at one of the stools beside Jimin’s counter, shivering softly at the sensation as his bare bottom pressed against the leather seats. He felt concealed and exposed, cute and provocative, sultry and sweet all at the same time - and it was amazing. He truly wished that he could feel and dress this way every single moment of his life, but sadly that just wasn’t possible. “First year of university.”

”More nervous than excited.” Jungkook admitted, crossing one of his legs over the other as he watched Jimin pull two takeout boxes out of the microwave. “It’s going to be difficult isn’t it?” He pursed his lips in dissatisfaction. “Though I guess that most things are.”

”Everything that‘s going to matter in the long run is going to be extremely difficult to achieve.” Jimin sighed, sliding a takeout box and a pair of chopsticks in Jungkook’s direction. “That’s just how life works, isn’t it?”

If there was one thing that Jungkook would say he loved about Jimin, it was about his lack of judgement. Jimin would look at him the same way not matter what, would treat him the exact same way whether he was wearing sweatpants and an unwashed t-shirt, or a frilly skirt and lacy bralette. As long as Jungkook was comfortable, Jimin didn’t care.

”Profound.” Jungkook chuckled softly, picking up some of the leftovers with his chopsticks before guiding them towards his mouth. He was glad that he decided against the lipgloss today, for it would’ve been muddled and smudged off before he even finished his food. It was silent for a few moments, quiet in a way that was light and undemanding. It didn’t beg for noise to break it, just simply lingered as they ate their food.

It was the knock at Jimin’s door that broke it, in turn catapulting Jungkook into a state of panic. There he sat in the open, now becoming exposed in a way that he didn’t like. This type of exposure was terrifying, it settled fear into Jungkook’s bones as his head whipped towards the door, chopsticks falling out of his hands and clattering onto the countertop. He swore that he felt himself stop breathing for a moment, the same clothes that he felt free in earlier were now constricting him, Jungkook wanting nothing more than to rip them off.

”You never told me you were having company.” He squeaked, eyes squeezing shut and preventing him from seeing Jimin’s incredibly apologetic gaze. Jimin’s eyebrows were drawn together, his facial expression extremely distraut as he stood up and walked over to stand in front of Jungkook. He placed his right hand on Jungkook’s knee, his left one coming up to smooth against the younger boy’s cheek.

”I didn’t think I was.” Jimin spoke softly, his thumb rubbing soothing circles against Jungkook’s inner thigh. “I promise, princess. Had I have known I was having company, I never would have said it was fine for you to change into your comfy clothes alright?” Jungkook finally opened his eyes, gulping before nodding slowly. “You can go wait in the kitchen, I’ll shoo them away.”

Jungkook did as he was told, sliding off of the stool with a slight bit of trouble due to his bare skin sticking to he leather  seat a tiny bit. He was shaky as he padded off to the kitchen, hiding beside the fridge to make sure he was completely out of the view of whoever interrupted the time of day that he cherished most. Jungkook couldn’t even imagine what the reaction would be if one of Jimin’s friends saw him like this, his mind concluded that it would probably range from disgusted looks to laughter.

He heard the front door open, then a slight bit of chatter.

”I’m really busy right now, Taehyung. I’m sorry.”

”I‘m literally just asking for the sweater that you stole from me and you’re throwing a fit. What, are you getting laid right now or something?”

Every muscle in Jungkook’s body tensed up at the sound of a new voice, goosebumps popping up all over his skin as panic slowly set in.

Jungkook flushed at the words the stranger spoke, fingers playing nervously with the choker that was clasped snugly around his neck. “I swear, I’ll just be two seconds.”

He looked down at the soft flowy skirt he wore, curling his hands into fists around the hem of it as he heard the voice get closer. They were in Jimin’s apartment. There was a stranger in Jimin’s apartment whilst Jungkook was dressed in an outfit that could get him mocked for the rest of his life. He could feel tears well up in his eyes, slowly becoming extremely overwhelmed with the situation at hand.

And so he chose the most logical reaction. He got up and ran.

He didn’t miss Jimin’s shocked reaction as he skidded past him and his friend, skirt swaying in a way that was slowly becoming hated as he bolted past them. He also didn’t miss the other male that was invading his space, warm brown eyes wide and shocked as he took in Jungkook’s appearance. More tears flooded his tear ducts, this was surely the end of him.

He burst through Jimin’s bedroom door and quickly locked it behind him, sliding down the door as his bottom lip started to quiver. He reached onto his head and ripped off the headband, chucking it into the corner of the room and hoping silently that he broke it. 

He was surprised that he hadn’t started full on crying by now.

That was Jungkook?”

Whoever Jimin’s friend was sounded both bewildered and disgusted, though Jungkook wasn’t sure if that was just his mind playing tricks on him or not.

His first tear fell.

God, did he wish he refused Jimin’s offer now.

”Yes, that’s Jungkook.” Jimin’s voice sounded somewhat irritated, obviously not wanting to be in the situation that he currently was.

”Was he wearing a skirt?” 

Jungkook just sat and listened, the weight on his chest returning and weighing more and more as the moments passed.

”No, it was an apron.” Jungkook could tell that Jimin was trying his best, but even he wouldn’t have believed that.

”Looked like a skirt.”

”Well it wasn’t one.”

It was silent. Unlike the silence earlier however, this silence was savage. It tore and clawed at its inhabitants until they couldn’t bear it anymore, eventually breaking it.

”Suppose it was an apron.” Jungkook just wanted to disappear. “Why’d he bolt down that hallway and shut himself in then?”

More silence. Jimin was thinking of an answer.

”He wasn’t wearing any pants.” Even in the state that he was in, Jungkook had to crack a smile at that one. “You’re a stranger and he’s self conscious. Can you really blame him?”

Another dose of silence. Taehyung was considering what Jimin had said.

”Alright, that actually makes sense.” Taehyung’s words actually lifted the weight off of Jungkook’s chest for once. “Not sure why my mind went to him wearing a skirt first, that’s so fucking weird.” And the weight was there again.

Taehyung, was not someone like Jimin, Jungkook quickly decided. 

He wasn’t surprised, not many were.

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one and a half months after ‘first glance’


Jimin had been right when he had said that Taehyung wasn’t as horrible as Jungkook was making him out to be in his mind. It must’ve been their very first encounter that rubbed Jungkook the wrong way, Taehyung’s disgusted tone of voice still playing throughout Jungkook’s mind every so often. Maybe, being paired with the older male as university roommates was fate’s way of telling him to give Taehyung a second chance at a first impression.

Taehyung wasn’t a bad roommate. His personality was bright and charming, his sense of humour having Jungkook cracking a few smiles every now and then. Jungkook might even go as far as to say that he was growing comfortable around his roommate, finding himself to be cracking open the shell that he hid in for the first few weeks of them knowing each other. Taehyung had a very warm demeanour, reminding Jungkook a lot of Jimin.

Maybe that was why Jungkook found himself growing a liking to the older male.

There were two things, however, that Jungkook found irritating about living in the same space as Taehyung. The first one was that he undoubtedly had begun to take notice to Taehyung’s physical appearance. He was attractive, definitely, with his ash grey hair falling messily against his forehead. He was eye catching, with his sharp eyes and thousand watt smile. Jungkook found that Taehyung looked the best right at the start the morning, when he crawled out of bed in nothing but a pair of sweatpants, with a groggy morning voice and tangled up bed head.

It was dangerous for Jungkook to think this way, because he knew that he just had too many unwanted secrets that a potential lover definitely wouldn’t be fond of having to deal with. He knew this for a fact, still yet to find one person besides Jimin who didn’t think that Jungkook’s preferred fashion choices were incredibly weird. Either that or they immeditaly assumed that it was something completely sexual - which sometimes it was, but most of the time it wasn’t. Jungkook just liked to feel pretty.

The second problem stemmed off of the first one. Jungkook had completely no more time to change into what Jimin had seemed his ‘comfy clothes’. With Taehyung around, Jungkook had no choice but to dress himself in the clothes that made up less than half of his closet. The clothes that weren’t overtly uncomfortable, they just made him feel a soft if he was putting on a mask. It just wasn’t him, and he hated pretending that it was. If he truly couldn’t bare if any longer he’d lie and say he was going to the library whilst sneaking of to Jimin’s with a pretty outfit packed into his backpack, but it was a pain not to be able to be fully comfortable within his own home.

Today though, he finally could be.

Don’t wait up for me.” Taehyung had told him before he left for evening classes, then explaining that he was going to stop in at one of his friends dorms, and that he would be home fairly late. Jungkook, though bluffing and acting as if the news upset him, was actually absolutely ecstatic to learn that he was going to have the house to himself for the night. The minute that Taehyung left the door at four o’clock, Jungkook was racing towards his bedroom, pulling open his closet door and reaching towards the back to take out the cardboard box that was packed to the brim with all of his prettiest items.

He turned the box upside down and dumped out all of the contents, happily sitting through all of the soft fabrics and pastel material. It had been so long that he had absolutely no idea what to choose, picking up and holding a pastel blue pleated skirt in front of him in the  mirror in his bedroom. This process continued with various items of clothing, before Jungkook gasped upon something that caught his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten about it, remembering how absolutely thrilled he had been when the article of clothing had arrived in the mail. It was a lacy bralette in a beautiful baby pink shade, Jungkook clearly remembering how the various straps accentuated all of his best curves. Jungkook quickly built the entire outfit around this one piece, so excited to have found it again.

Another ten minutes later and a pair of loose pink shorts hung off of his hips, stopping at a fairly promiscuous length. Sheer pink stockings made his legs look softer and longer, the elastic fitting snugly around his thighs. He was absolutely glowing as he looked he appearance up and down in the mirror, finally feeling that freedom that he had missed so much during his time living with Taehyung. He adjusted the choker that was clasped around his neck, just tight enough that Jungkook wouldn’t forget about its presence. He felt so, so pretty. 

He pinched his cheeks a few times to add colour to them, humming as he thought for a few moments. Something was still missing, his eyes darted down the floor where some of his accessories still lay, bending down and picking up one of his prettiest pink bows. He clipped it into the hair at the side of his head, breaking into a grin and twirling around to get a full view of himself. He looked absolutely wonderful.

He spared himself one last look before padding off to his ensuit washroom, bending down and reaching into the very back on the cupboard underneath the sink. He was delighted when his fingers enclosed around the small tube of lipgloss that he kept hidden back there, twisting open the bottle and liberally applying it onto his lips. He pressed his lips together a few times to make sure that they were evenly coated, extremely happy with the outcome. Jungkook pondered for a moment if he should apply eyeliner or not, but quickly came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to waste anymore of his precious time. He already thought that he looked beautiful anyway.

He sighed happily before flicking off the bathroom light and strolling into his bedroom once more, head feeling light and airy with joy as he caught another glimpse of himself in the mirror. 

And who’s this pretty princess, hm?” He could hear Jimin saying sweetly, twirling Jungkook around to get a full look at him.

Jungkook finally managed to tear his eyes away from himself, walking down the hallway and into the living room. It had been over an hour since Taehyung had left now, Jungkook rubbing his palm against his stomach as he felt it growl with hunger. He had gotten so caught up in his excitement that he hadn’t even realized that he was so hungry. He padded into the kitchen, stocking clad feet slightly chilly on the hardwood floors. 

Jungkook hummed softly as he thought of what he’d like to eat, leaning up onto his tiptoes to look on the top shelf of the cupboard.


Taehyung had a day full of shocks.

His first shock, was learning that his evening class had been abruptly cancelled that day, leaving Taehyung with much more free time than he had originally assumed that he had. Still having an hour to kill before he had to be at Yoongi’s, Taehyung settled upon spending his time within the on campus coffee shop. It was closer than his dorm, and he really had the taste for coffee right about then.

His second shock, was discovered upon his arrival to Yoongi’s dorm room. Yoongi’s door was unlocked as always, Taehyung yawning as he just let himself in like he always did. He never would have, if he had the knowledge that he would find two of his friends about five minutes away from fucking each other’s brains out. Jimin’s shirt and pants were long gone and discarded on the floor, his black briefs being the only thing covering him as he bucked his hips up against the tent in Yoongi’s own underwear. Taehyung was gone within seconds, really not in the mood to witness live porn between his two friends go down.

He wasn’t bothered that Yoongi had forgotten about their get together in favour of getting laid, he had done it to the older too once before, so he supposed that it just had to be payback.

His third shock, was the biggest. It was just past five o’clock by the time that a very drained Taehyung was turning the doorknob of his and Jungkook’s unlocked dorm room door, completely and utterly ready to stuff his face with the leftover japchae that he saw Jungkook save from their takeout the night before. He really wasn’t in the mood for anymore surprises, already extremely done with the day.

Life, just wasn’t on his side that day.

Jungkook always mentioned how quiet and soft on his feet Taehyung was, so it wasn’t surprising when he didn’t immediately get a greeting from Jungkook when he stepped through the door. He heard something clatter within the kitchen, a small smile appearing on his face as he came to the conclusion that Jungkook must’ve been preparing dinner already. Taehyung yawned softly before kicking off his shoes and walking in the direction on the kitchen. He was just about to ask Jungkook what he was making, and anticipated a startled jump in response, but his words died on his tongue the minute that he rounded the corner.

He blinked once, twice, having a hard time comprehending that what stood in front of him wasn’t something that his imagination conjured up.

There jungkook stood, tanned and toned legs clad in pastel pink stockings as he leaned up onto his tip toes to grab an item from the top shelf of the cupboard in the kitchen. Loose pink shorts fit incredibly short on him, but it was the pink lace of the strappy bralette he wore that had taehyung stumbling back a few steps.

He forgot how to breathe for the nth time that day.

Jungkook?” Taehyung found himself breathing out, watching as the younger boy jumped almost a foot off of the ground at the sound of his voice. The pan that Jungkook was holding fell out of his hands and his fingers went slack, clanging against the ground extremely loudly.

Jungkook turned around at a rapid speed, Taehyung’s jaw dropping at the sight of the younger’s full outfit. He didn’t even know what to look at first. His hair was pushed out of eyes by a pretty pink bow, lips glistening with what had to be a glittering gloss. The lace and straps of the bralette he wore made his waist look even more tapered, legs looking absolutely ravenous whilst being clad in the sheer pink stockings. His gaze travelled back up to Jungkook’s face, and his heart dropping at the sight of tears building up in the younger boy’s eyes. His bottom lips was quivering, eyebrows furrowing together.

”What are you wearing?” Taehyung knew that the words sounded fairly harsh, but his shock was hindering his better judgement. He was saddened to see some of Jungkook’s built up tears spill down his cheeks, his expression a muddled mixture of fright and embarrassment.

He walked past Taehyung quickly, pushing past the older male in order to run back to the bathroom and close himself inside it.

Shit.” Taehyung sighed, quickly turning on his heel and walking quickly in the direction that Jungkook sped off to. “Jungkook, wait.” He called jogging over to the bathroom that extended off of the younger’s bedroom, his eyes widened upon seeing all of the feminine articles of clothes that were scattered across the floor of the room. The variety extended from skirts all the way to panties and raunchy lingerie. Taehyung finding himself going a bit red a the thought of Jungkook wearing such things.

”Jungkook.” Taehyung was happy to find that the door to the bathroom was unlocked, the younger obviously not thinking to lock it in his state of distress. “Kook, listen, it’s fine.”

”No it’s not.” Jungkook hissed back, cursing himself for forgetting to lock the door. He was covering up his body with a towel now, but the lacy pink choker and straps of his bralette were still visible to Taehyung’s curious eyes. “It’s weird, I know it is, and I know that you think it is too.”

”I don’t-“

”Yes you do.” Jungkook had tears of embarrassment and distress rolling down his cheeks at a steady rate now, eyes refusing to meet Taehyung’s gaze. “I-I heard you the first time you saw me at Jimin’s apartment, said that the thought of me in a skirt was fucking weird. How’s this any different?”

”Jungkook, I didn’t mean that. I was just shocked, alright?” Jungkook still refused to meet his gaze. “You like dressing like this?”

Jungkook nodded hesitantly.

”Makes me feel free. Pretty.” His cheeks turned rosy at the last word. “It’s what I feel most comfortable in.”

Taehyung nodded slowly, his hand reaching forwards hesitantly to curl his fingers around the towel that Jungkook was covering himself up with.

”Can I see?” He asked gently, watching as Jungkook finally made eye contact for the first time since he stepped in the bathroom. “It’s fine, Jungkook, I promise.”

Jungkook eventually nodded, taking a shaky breath in before he dropped the towel. Taehyung would be lying his he said that he didn’t think that Jungkook looked absolutely gorgeous. He never took a liking to men dressing femininely, truthfully finding it weird originally. Now however, with Jungkook wearing it, he looked incredibly stunning. His stockings made his legs look long and enticing, the bralette accentuating his curves wonderfully. The pastel pink of all of his clothes was a such nice compliment to his skin tone, Taehyung gulping as his eyes travelled back up to Jungkook’s face.

”You look... Really nice.” Taehyung whispered. “Really pretty.” 

Jungkook’s face flushed a crimson colour, fingers fiddling with the hem of his shorts.

”You really think I look pretty?” He asked softly, his voice sweet.

”Gorgeous.” Taehyung nodded. Jungkook’s eyes were wide and doe like as he looked to meet Taehyung’s gaze, his tears beginning to dry against his cheeks.

He noticed how his lips glistened in the harsh light of the bathroom vanity, Taehyung noticing again that they were coated generously in a sparkling lip gloss.

He nearly pinched himself.

Taehyung reached out, his hand resting gently on Jungkook’s hip, the younger shivered at just that alone. “Kook.” Taehyung was slowly melting the longer that he stared at Jungkook’s appearance, the younger boy looked like something out of a dream.

”Yes?” Jungkook’s voice was borderline melodic, Taehyung watching as his eyes flickered down to his lips for just a moment. He was so alluring, it was dangerous.

Taehyung didn’t even think twice before he was snaking his hand around the back of Jungkook’s head, watching the way that his eyes fluttered shut as he was obviously anticipating the pressure of Taehyung’s lips against his. Taehyung did so within the next following seconds, a bolt of excitement going through veins as he felt the younger go completely pliant in his arms the moment that their lips touched. He was so responsive to everything Taehyung was doing, breathing through his nose as the older male sucked on his bottom lip.

Jungkook’s lipgloss tasted of cotton candy, something that would have been sickeningly sweet if he wasn’t tasting it from Jungkook’s lips.

Taehyung’s other hand travelled up Jungkook’s body, a soft groan being muffled against Jungkook’s lips as he felt the lace of the younger’s bralette against his fingertips, reminding him of exactly what Jungkook was wearing.

He wasn’t in the mood for another shock when he walked into the door that evening, but with Jungkook whimpering against his lips and shivering in his hold, he was glad that he came home early that day.

Chapter Text

one week after “first glance”


”Taehyung is going to be coming over in about a half hour, but if you don’t want to change out of your comfy clothes then you can just stay in my room.”

Jimin hummed softly as he mixed two teaspoons of sugar into the cup of tea that he was preparing for Jungkook, eyes flirting over to spare a glimpse at the younger. Jungkook’s outfit that day was a lot tamer compared to the raunchy lingerie that the younger had been prancing around the apartment in the day before, but was still enough to have Jimin’s eyes lingering just a bit longer on his best friend. He had gotten used to Jungkook’s choice in clothing, pretty much desensitized to seeing the younger’s most private bits of his body, but some things... some things still deserved a double take.

(Jimin would have to be blind in order to not steal a second glance at Jungkook when the younger waltzed out of the bathroom in nothing but a sheer babydoll dress and a pair of panties.)

Today though, seemed to be a less revealing day, Jungkook leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen as he waited for his drink. A skirt gifted to him by Jimin himself hung off of his hips, the pastel fabric flowing around him and stopping mid thigh. Jimin remembered seeing Jungkook gazing at it longingly once when they were out and about, but he could tell that the younger was much too shy at the time to mention his fondness of the skirt. As per usual for most of his outfits a pair of stockings covered his legs up to his knees, the material this time being sheer white. 

His torso was covered by a lacy white top, Jungkook’s favourite white bralette visible through the gaps in the material. It was a light and cute outfit, Jimin having to admit that Jungkook looked absolutely gorgeous in it. “I swear that he’s a good guy though, I’m sure that he didn’t mean what he said last time he saw you.” He watched as Jungkook nibbled at his bottom lip and played with the golden necklace that hung around his neck, simply shrugging in response.

”It’s fine.” Jungkook shrugged, though his tone of voice was saying that it was nothing of the sort. “I already know that it’s weird, guess that I should thank him for the confirmation.”

A frown tugged at Jimin’s lips as he carefully picked up the mug for Jungkook, not liking the sound of the words that were leaving Jungkook’s lips.

”I’ve told you this time and time again, Kook.” He sighed, passing the drink towards Jungkook. “The only people who think that it is are narrow minded. You look absolutely wonderful no matter what you’re wearing.” He reached forward and pinched Jungkook’s cheek gently, chest feeling a bit lighter as he watched a soft smile appear on Jungkook’s face.

”I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that everybody is narrow minded except for you.” Jungkook shrugged, blowing in his drink to cool it down before taking a sip of it. “Everyone else thinks it’s incrediblt strange, or something that I’m doing because it has some sort of sexual benefit.” He rolled his eyes. “Is it really that hard to believe that I just like to look pretty?”

”You’ll find somebody who gets it eventually, princess.” Jimin breathed, brushing a few pieces of hair out of Jungkook’s eyes. “There’s one person out there who’s going to see you just like how you are now, and think that you’re the most beautiful boy they’ve ever seen.” Jungkook’s face quickly flushed a rosy shade that Jimin had become accustomed at this point. “I already think that, but I really don’t think my vote counts for anything.”

”You’ll always count, Hyung.” Jungkook giggled, his blush spreading up to his ears. The younger boy leaned forwards, bending down a bit to press a soft kiss to go friend’s cheek. It left a print of Jungkook’s soft pink lipstick on the older male’s skin, Jimin chuckling at Jungkook’s antics and shaking his head. “You’re the only one who accepted me, you're always going to be important.”

Jimin smiled bashfully and looked down, shrugging dismissively at Jungkook’s words.

”Stop being mushy with me.” He laughed, following behind Jungkook when the younger turned around and began to walk into the living room. Jimin watched as the younger boy’s hips swayed softly as he walked, the pastel fabric of his skirt hiking up as he did so. A sliver of Jungkook’s atmittedly plump butt could be seen due to the short length of the skirt, Jimin raising an eyebrow at the glimpse of lacy white panties that his curious eyes caught. “You’re matching today, Kookie?” He asked playfully, delivering a light slap to Jungkook’s ass.

He giggled at the surprised squeak that left the younger’s lips, head whipping around to stick his tongue out at his friend. His pretty blushed had returned once more, Jimin not surprised at all to see that it had.

”I always do.” He replied softly, plopping himself down on the couch in the living room. Yet another flash of his racy underwear met Jimin’s eyes due to the sudden action, the older’s eyebrows shooting up upon the realization that he parties were sheer. “Matching panties looks the prettiest.” He crosses one of his legs over the other, now covering up all of his private bits.

”I’ve got to admit that you’re right about that.” Jimin agreed, pushing away all of his unwanted thoughts about Jungkook. He didn’t have feelings for his friend, but he would be lying if he said that some of the things that Jungkook wore weren’t downright sexy. Tight thigh highs squeezing the life out of his muscular legs, lacy panties, and sheer bralettes. Jimin had eyes. He knew that his younger friend was extremely attractive, and his choice of clothing just amplified it. “You’re the prettiest, Kook.”

”And you’re the handsomest, Hyung.” Jungkook returned, picking up the remote for the TV and turning it on.

It was a knock at the door that interrupted Jimin and Jungkook for the second time within a week, an incredibly displeased expression taking over Jungkook’s face. Jimin did feel bad that Jungkook’s valued time had been interrupted once again, but it was the risk that the younger had to take. Jungkook stood up, sighing as he smoothed down the material of his skirt. “I’ll be in your room, Hyung.” He breathed, sending a nod to the older before he padded off to Jimin’s bedroom.

Jungkook sometimes wondered what would happen if he just simply stopped caring anymore. What would happen to him if he just left the house one day while wearing the clothes he truly wanted? How disgusted would the public truly be?

He closed Jimin’s door just as he heard Taehyung’s voice ring through the apartment, sighing softly as threw himself onto Jimin’s bed. It smelled of the older boy’s cologne, Jungkook smiling softly and nuzzling his face into the sheets. He felt his skirt flip up as he threw himself into the sheets, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as he felt the cold air hit his bare skin. He hummed in thought for a moment before he decided to just slip the piece of clothing off, if Jimin came in it’s not like he would care - he’s seen him in worse anyway. He shimmied the skirt off of his hips, kicking the multicoloured material onto the floor.

He heard Taehyung and Jimin’s muffled voices, sitting up and huffing in annoyance. He just wanted to have his comfy time, Taehyung just seemed to like interrupting it recently. Jungkook went the extra mile and slipped his shirt off as well, leaving him in just his stocking and underwear as he sat on Jimin’s bed. He really did wish that he had somebody besides Jimin to show when he looked like this, somebody who would rake their eyes across his body and pull him snug to them. Somebody who would run their hands against the dainty material, pulling at the elastic and allowing it to snap against Jungkook’s skin.

Jungkook huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. He wanted that so bad.

It didn’t seem like that would be happening anytime soon though.

”Hey, Jungkook?” Jungkook nearly jumped two feet off of the bed at the sound of Taehyung’s voice sounding through the door, his voice fairly muffled by the wood. “Jimin told me that my first impression with you didn’t go so well, so I just wanted to apologize for whatever I did or said to offend you in any way.”

”It’s alright.” Jungkook found himself squeaking out, nervously standing up and walking slowly towards the door. “You just caught me at a bad time, I guess.”

He heard movement behind the door.

”Sounds like this is a bad time too.”

Jungkook looked down at the outfit his was wearing, pulling at his bottom lip with his teeth.

”It’s really not.” He let a soft giggle escape his lips, tugging at the hem of his underwear anxiously. “i really wish that we could meet in better circumstances, Jimin says that you’re wonderful.”

On the other side of the door, Taehyung smiled softly at Jungkook’s words, though they were slightly muffled by the door that stood between them. he could tell he was cute, despite never seeing the boy’s face.

He’d probably think he was even cuter if he could see the way that Jungkook fingers currently fiddled with the hem of his panties nervously.

Chapter Text

one month after “first glance”


Jungkook really did like to believe that he could do anything that he needed without the assistance of anyone else. He allowed himself to believe that due to the situation he was in, he just had to learn how to take care of all of the aspects in his life without help from somebody else.

Sometimes, though, it would be nice to have a helping hand.

He was burning with desire as he lay against the maroon coloured sheets that covered his bed, pathetically rutting his hips against the pillow that rested between his legs. Jungkook was dressed for the occasion, a sheer black bralette rubbing against his perked up and sensitive nipples, his leaking cock barely confined by the matching sheer panties. His favourite leg garters rested snugly around his muscular thighs, the decorative metal heart on them pressing into his skin and sure to leave an indent once he took them off. His black fishnet stockings had not been dug out in awhile, but now they covered his shaking legs. The black choker around his neck was done up incredibly tight, tighter than he would usually wear it on a day to day basis. It caused him to gulp thicker, and gasp more often - a combination that he absolutely loved.

He felt that he had done himself up to the nines, a pretty smoky eye blended out on each of his eyelids underneath his precisely applied eyeliner. A deep red shade of lipstick was applied carefully to his lips at first, though now it was smudging off of his lips and smearing against his cheek as his face rubbed against his sheets with each rut of his hips. Jungkook was a mess before even laying a hand on himself, and a small bit of pride washed over him due to that fact.

’do you really think that you can come untouched, princess?’ Jungkook heard the words ring out in his head, a small whimper escaping his quivering lips as he though of what it would like to hear those words actually spoken to him. Would they be rough and harsh? Springing tears to Jungkook’s eyes and causing a wonderful heat of embarrassment to coil within his stomach? Or maybe they would be almost mockingly sweet, encouraging and accompanied by sweet touches upon his skin. Jungkook just needed to know. He needed someone to speak to him that way, right about then.

The door to his bedroom was locked, but he could still hear Taehyung bustling about outside of it, that fact only fuelling the fire in the pit of his stomach as he thought of what could happen if Taehyung heard him. He felt so wrong for  doing this when his roommate was just a room away, but the thrill of it sent a rush through Jungkook’s veins, a whine being muffled into his bed sheets as he caught the head of his clothed cock in one of the creases of his pillow.

He uncurled his first from where they were gripping at his blanket for tear life, running his hands across his burning skin desperately. Needy fingers scratched and pinched at the insides of his thighs, the sting and slight burn only added fuel to the fire in the pit of his stomach. His hands slid upwards, fingernails digging into the round of his ass through his panties as they slid past it. Jungkook bit down on his bedsheets to muffle the sounds that so desperately wanted to spill past his lipstick stained lips, tears burning the the corners of his eyes.

His hands skittered across his sensitive skin, pinching the elastic of his lace garter between his thumb and forefinger. letting go of the material and allowing it to snap against his skin elicited a gasp from his glistening lips, a burning want ever present in his chest.

He just wanted somebody else to touch him this way.

Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut and rolled his hips more desperately against his pillow, mind set on coming without laying a finger on his leaking cock. His ears were ringing with the encouraging praises that his mind was conjuring up, wanting oh so desperately to heart them actually spoken to him.

you’re going to come in your panties aren’t you, princess? gonna get your pretty panties all dirty, like the dirty boy you are?’ Jungkook mewled brokenly around the blanket that he had stuffed in his mouth, his makeup smearing across his skin and his pushed his face into the sheets. 

“‘M not dirty.” Jungkook whimpered softly, hands moving up and pinching his already incredibly sensitive nipples. “I’m good, I’m good.” His hips were moving frantically, rubbing his throbbing cock raw against the pillow that was becoming stained with all of the precum he was leaking out.

‘i know that you’re good, but that doesn’t mean you’re not also a filthy boy.’ Jungkook whined and whimpered in a way that would have been loud if he hadn’t been muffling himself in the covers, tears brimming his eyes and threatening to spill over. ‘you should be glad that you can see yourself. so pathetic, how desperately you’re fucking against your pillow like this.’

Jungkook was gasping brokenly into the sheets, drool wetting the fabric as he rolled on of his nipples between his fingers. A bolt of pleasure shot through him due to this, and he was so close he would almost taste the feeling of release. ‘so desperate.’ He snaked one of his hands around, grabbing hold of a handful of his own soft hair, a cry that he couldn’t keep back escaping his lips and echoing into the otherwise silent room as he yanked his head back by his hair.

”jus’ wanna be good.” He slurred, so far gone and blissed out that he couldn’t bring himself to think about anything that wasn’t how good he was feeling.

”Kook?” Jungkook had hardly half the mind to stop pleasuring himself as he heard Taehyung’s voice sound through his door, slowing, but not stopping, the roll of his hips against his pillow as he slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times to clear the tears that blurred his vision, gulping and clearing his his throat.

”Y-Yeah?” He called back shakily, very aware that his voice sounded raw as he did so. This was so wrong, and he knew it was. Rubbing his throbbing cock against his pillow while wearing his skimpiest lingerie, Taehyung standing absolutely oblivious to this on the other side of his door.

”You alright?” Taehyung asked. “I heard you yell, are you hurt?”

”No, Hyung.” Jungkook answered, squeezing his eyes shut again as he teetered on the brink of his release. “I just stubbed my toe, don’t worry.” He could feel the warmth in his lower abdomen grow to the point that it was almost unbearable, thighs shaking as he felt his balls grow tight. He sunk his teeth into his wrist to muffle his desperate noises, the sharp pain that resulted from the only pushed him further.

”Alright, just making sure.” Taehyung’s voice was so low and deep, it made a shiver travel all the way up Jungkook’s spine. Such a voice would sound so perfect forming commands and encouragements for Jungkook, so firm and arousing. “You’ve been cooped up in there for hours, want to come out and have dinner with me?”


Jungkook’s entire body was trembling, he was so sensitive all over, the feeling of his bralette rubbing against his nipple was almost too much for him. He was desperate, so, so desperate to come that he knew he wouldn’t be able to speak to Taehyung anymore without sounding suspicious

”C’mon, Kook.” Taehyung groaned, Jungkook whining into his sheets as the sound of his voice. He could just imagine how deep and raspy it would be as he jeered at Jungkook for being so desperate, his large hands grabbing at Jungkook’s supple skin, the same hands delivering delicious slaps to his ass and inner thighs. He knew that he shouldn’t think of his roommate the way he was then, but his mind was too clouded with need that he couldn’t even bring himself to feel ashamed at that moment. “I’ll cook, you won’t have to do anything.”

”Alright.” Jungkook managed to choke out, knuckles white as he gripped onto the sheets beside where he was pushing his face into them.

”Good boy.” Jungkook knew it was a joke. He could tell that it was simply by Taehyung’s joking tone and the chuckle that followed after his words, but that didn’t stop it from sounded absolutely wonderful to Jungkook’s ears. Taehyung’s deep voice forming around the words that he so desperately wanted to hear said to him when he was vulnerable like this. It was his last straw, pushing him closer until he couldn’t hold on anymore, moaning highly into his mattress as he came hard into his panties, cum soaking through the sheer fabric and staining his pillow.

His whole body was buzzing as he gasped against his sheets, aftershocks wracking his body and leaving his thighs quivering as his now sensitive cock rubbed almost painfully against the fabric of the pillow.

”I’ll be right out.” He breathed out, unaware if Taehyung could even hear him. He did hope that Taehyung didn’t hear him whining pathetically to the sound of his voice, because he knew that he would never be able to look at Taehyung the same way if he did.

Jungkook wiped as his face and slid off of his bed, legs feeling like jelly as he hauled himself up. He sighed softly as he slid his soiled panties down his hips, kicking them off before unclasping his bralette and shrugging that off as well. He decided to leave the stockings and garters on, bending down and picking the underwear up to place in the laundry bin beside his bed. He made a mental note to hand wash them later so that Taehyung couldn’t find them in the laundry.

He walked slowly over to his closet, grabbing a loose sweater, a pair sweatpants, and new clean pair of panties to change into. Jungkook held the pieces of clothing in his arms as he walked tiredly over to his attached bathroom. He looked himself over in the mirror once he turned on the light, smiling happily at the sight of how absolutely wrecked he looked. Sure, it would be nice to have somebody to help him, but he still looked wonderful when he was all messed up regardless. He wet a cloth under the tap and cleaned the makeup off of his face, then using it to clean the drying cum off of his skin.

He then got changed, slipping the panties over his hips, then pulling on his sweatpants. He kept his stockings and garters on underneath the loose clothing, the idea of keeping such a secret being exciting to him. He left the bathroom and turned off the light after slipping his sweater, then walking over and unlocking his bedroom door.

Jungkook yawned and walked down the hallway, smoothing down his obvious ‘sex hair’ and walking to meet Taehyung in the living room.

”Hey Hyung.” He smiled as he caught Taehyung’s eye, leaning against the doorway of the living room. “Gonna start making dinner?”

Taehyung’s eyes widened as he caught sight of Jungkook’s appearance, gulping at the telling details. His eyes were red and puffy, skin blotchy as if he had been crying. His lips looked red and raw, Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowing at the sight of the choker clasped around the younger by’s neck.

”Where’d you get that?” He asked, pointing to his own neck to indicate what he was referring to. He watched as Jungkook’s eyes widened, hands flying up to feel for the accessory, as if he had forgotten that he was wearing it.

”Oh..” He muttered. “It was a gift.”

Taehyung cocked his head to the side.

”By who?”

”By... Jimin.” Jungkook answered, holding back the cringe that he so desperately wanted to show do to his answer.

”Jimin gives you stuff like that?” Taehyung asked, shrugging when Jungkook nodded. “Nice, I guess.” He stood up and made his way towards the kitchen.

”So, dinner.” He breathed. “What do you want?”

Chapter Text

two and a half months after ‘first glance’


The kiss that occurred between Taehyung and Jungkook hadn’t been spoken about since the day of. In all honesty, Jungkook truly wished that he had brought it up at some point, but his embarrassment got in the way and stuffed the words back down his throat. At the same time though, Jungkook was glad that he hadn’t spoken up about what had gone down between the two of them. Taehyung himself hadn’t brought it up either, the older male acting as if absolutely nothing beyond the realm of platonic had gone on between them.

That left Jungkook feeling a bit disheartened, because the kiss... Well it was everything that Jungkook wanted. Taehyung just had this air of dominance with the way he gripped Jungkook’s waist so firmly, teeth tugging at the younger male’s bottom lip as he drank in all of his little noises. Jungkook swore could still smell Taehyung’s cologne, the spicy scent still causing a shiver to go down Jungkook’s spine because of it. The kiss was a tease. A taste on the tip of his tongue of what he could have, but was just a few inches out of his grasp. Taehyung’s actions and words were so perfect. Why was he acting as if he hadn’t done anything at all?

There was one upside to the whole situation though, because the one thing that Taehyung was admitting to doing was seeing Jungkook dressed in his prettiest of clothes. He had confronted Jungkook about it afterwards, reassuring him that it was fine, that he didn’t mean anything that he had said before. ‘If you want to dress that way, then I shouldn’t tell you to do otherwise.’ He had said. ‘I usually don’t like feminine clothes on guys but you... You just look so nice. Like you were made to wear it.’ He had told Jungkook that he could wear anything that he wanted. That he wouldn’t judge.

And that would be how Taehyung wasn’t currently standing in the doorframe of the kitchen, absolutely awestruck by what was meeting his eyes. Jungkook had started out slow with integrating his prettier pieces of clothing into his at-home wardrobe, not wanting to force Taehyung to have to witness him in just a crop top and a pair of panties. Jimin was used to it, but that was because Jimin had known about it for years. Taehyung would have to be warmed up to it.

It started off with the skirts, wearing them underneath his big sweaters and attempting to brush off Taehyung’s lingering glances. Next came the stockings and knee high socks, which definitely had Taehyung doing double takes when the younger male walked through the apartment while wearing them. It took a few weeks and a discussion with Taehyung before he was comfortably lounging in the living room in his panties and a bralette, and that transition would be the reason for Taehyung’s state of shock currently.

The scene was similar to the one he found Jungkook in when he saw the younger in his pretty clothes for the first time, his roommate leaning against the kitchen counter with a mug of coffee in his hands. He had a sheer white rone draped over him, a matching set of white lacy underwear creating a contrast against his honey skin tone. Taehyung gulped, raking his eyes over Jungkook’s toned body and how the outfit hugged all of his dips and curves perfectly. The panties that he wore were truly testing Taehyung, the obvious strain of the fabric making it clear that if Jungkook moved the wrong way all of his private bits would be out for his roommate to see. A stunning bejewelled choker rested around his neck, making him look absolutely ethereal in Taehyung’s eyes.

”Morning, Kook.” He finally broke the silence, walking through the doorway of the kitchen and causing the younger boy’s head to whip in his direction. His cheeks did become flushed with a pink hue, and he used his robe to cover up some of him, by for the most part he seemed fairly unaffected by Taehyung’s sudden presence in the room. “You made coffee?”

Jungkook nodded, his face illuminated by the morning sun that was shining in through the kitchen window. His lips had a soft pink shade applied to them, a silvery highlight applied to his cheekbones.

”There’s still some left in the pot if you want any.” He nodded his head in the direction of the coffee maker. “Was going to go out and get some from that place on campus, but I had already done myself up.” A small smile graced his lips and he directed his gaze down to his cup of coffee. “Didn’t feel like getting dressed down, I guess.”

”I can see why.” Taehyung commented as he opened the cupboard and reached for a mug. “Was kind of stunned by your beauty when I walked in the kitchen.” He glanced over at Jungkook and smiled as he watched the younger boy’s face redden even more. “I’m glad that you’re finally comfortable enough to dress the way you like here.”

”I’m glad that you’re okay with it.” Jungkook answered softly, glancing over at Taehyung and meeting his warm brown eyes. “I hate that... That what clothes I like to wear cause a wave of judgement from everyone else to wash over me. I just like to feel pretty, but I’m a guy so it’s not allowed apparently. I’m supposed to want to be handsome, not pretty.” 

Taehyung frowned at Jungkook’s words, pouring himself a mug of coffee and leaning against the counter once he did. He met Jungkook’s eyes, his gaze then darting down to his downtrend lips.

”Jungkook, you’re the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen.” He spoke softly, observing how Jungkook’s eyes brightened at his words. “Don’t think about what everyone else thinks about how you like to dress. You look absolutely gorgeous.”

Jungkook beamed and shook his head, setting down the steaming cup of coffee that he was holding.

”Thank you, Hyung.”

The sunlight filtered in from the cracks of the blinds, illuminating Jungkook’s half bare form in the most enticing way. the diamond dangling from his choker glinted and sparkles, Taehyung again being left speechless at the sight.

He gulped, attempting to gather his words.

“Can i take a photo of you?”

Jungkook’s eyes widened almost comically, looking at Taehyung as if he had just sprouted a second head. “I won’t show anyone, it’s just that I like taking pictures of beautiful things and you’re just stunning. They won’t go into my portfolio or anything, my professor won’t even see it.” Jungkook seemed to think for a moment, eyes scanning Taehyung’s pleading expression. “Please?”

It took another few seconds before Jungkook was nodding hesitantly, causing the older male to break out into a grin and race off to get his camera. Another few moments later and Taehyung was pointing a camera lense at him, causing Jungkook to gulp and take a shaky breath.

”What do you want me to do?” He asked, Taehyung shrugging. 

“Just be yourself.” He spoke gently. “Pretend that I’m not even here. Like I’m still asleep in my room and you’ve got the whole apartment to yourself.” Jungkook nodded hesitantly and picked his cup of coffee back up holding it with both hands and bringing it up to his lips. His robe slipped off of his shoulder and rested around his elbows, giving Taehyung’s camera a perfect view of the intricate lace underneath that hugged his body as if it was custom made to him. He turned his head away from the camera and bent his right leg to rest against the counter behind him.

Taehyung was at a loss for words, fingers shaking as he attempted to keep his photos from being blurry. Jungkook was absolutely breathtaking.

Jungkook suppressed a shiver at the sound of the camera’s shutter going off, not used to being the centre of attention when he was at his most vulnerable. He set his cup down and rested his hands on the counter behind him, looking straight into Taehyung’s camera lens as the shutter went off again. He swore that he heard Taehyung gasp softly and had a surge of confidence due to it, letting his robe slip off of his figure and fall to the ground. He brought his hand up to run through his hair, staring straight at the lens through hooded eyes as another shutter sound went off.

”Jungkook, fuck.” He heard Taehyung whisper, a smug smile appearing on his face as he shook his hair out of his eyes and let his head fall back. 

“Do I look alright?” He asked softly, Taehyung nodded enthusiastically.

”Stunning.” Jungkook noticed Taehyung’s fingers shaking, biting his lip at the thought of having such an effect on somebody. “Could you... Could you sit on the counter?”

Jungkook didn’t question him, simply nodding and hopping up to sit on the counter behind him. He crossed one of his legs over the other, watching Taehyung as he moved to face Jungkook straight on with his camera. “You could honestly be a model, Jungkook. He breathed, snapping another photo. “You look so good, Kook. God.”

”Call me princess instead.” Jungkook whispered softly, leaning back against the counter and playing with the waistband of his panties. Taehyung’s eyes darted down to the younger boy’s hands as he let the elastic waistband snap against his skin, tracing his fingers lightly over the lace.

”Princess?” Taehyung asked, setting his camera down and walking over to Jungkook. “Fitting.” He rested one of his hands on Jungkook’s leg, Jungkook shivering and taking in a shaky breath at the touch. “You sure look like one.” He stepped closer even, Jungkook gulping as he realized that Taehyung was slowly closing in on him. The older male’s eyes lingered on Jungkook’s lips for a moment before he spoke up again. “Why didn’t you bring up the kiss?”

”Why didn’t you?” Jungkook countered softly, reaching forwards and resting his hands of Taehyung’s broad shoulders. He uncrossed his legs and parted them, allowing Taehyung to settle himself between them.

”Didnt think you wanted me to.” Taehyung answered, leaning close and pressing a soft kiss against the skin of Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook melted into the touch, sighing softly as Taehyung slid one of his hands up to rest on his hip. His fingers played with Jungkook’s panties and he began to suck gently on the skin between his teeth, eliciting soft gasps from Jungkook’s lips.

“I wanted you to.” He mumbled, bringing his hands up to grip and Taehyung’s soft hair. He rocked his hips once against Taehyung’s whimpering quietly at the feeling of Taehyung’s jeans rubbing against his thin panties. Taehyung’s lips travelled up the column of his neck, biting and nipping small marks into Jungkook’s bare skin.

“I can tell.” Taehyung chuckled lowly once he detached his lips from Jungkook’s neck, bringing his hand up and smoothing his thumb against the marks that had bloomed against the younger boy’s skin. He slid his other down and cupped Jungkook’s hardening cock through his panties, biting his lip as he noticed the thin material struggle to keep it hidden. Jungkook’s breath caught in his throat at the feeling of Taehyung’s large hand slowly beginning to rub him through his panties, a small moan slipped past his lips, Taehyung raising an eyebrow at him due to it.


”What do you want, Princess?” A whine left Jungkook’s lips at the words, absolutely reeling at the situation he was in. Taehyung was so perfect. “Want me to rub you off so that you cum all over your pretty panties?” Jungkook nodded, squeezing his eyes shut as Taehyung began to palm him roughly. “Now that would make a nice photo, don’t you think?”

”Yes, Hyung. Please, Hyung.” Jungkook gasped out, inhaling sharply when Taehyung pulled down the front of his panties, his hard cock slapping against his stomach and being exposed to the cold air around them.

”Would you look at that..” Taehyung breathed, tracing his index finger from Jungkook’s balls up to the tip of his cock. He felt it twitch under his fingertip, eyes flitting up to look at Jungkook’s expression. His eyebrows were furrowed, bottom lip quivering as short gasps left them. “Every single part of you is pretty, isn’t it?” He wrapped his fingers around Jungkook’s shaft, pumping him slowly and using his precum to make the glide easier. “Gorgeous.”

”H-Hyung, please, please.” Jungkook stuttered out, hips canting up to thrust into Taehyung’s grip.

”What do you want Hyung to do, sweetheart?” Taehyung breathed, sliding his freehand up and under Jungkook’s bralette to roll one of his nipples between his fingers. He increased the pace as he slid his hand up and down Jungkook’s shaft, squeezing the sensitive top with each upstroke. 

“Wanna kiss Hyung.” Jungkook whimpered, broken moans leaving his lips as his hips bucked up involuntarily. His fingers were gripping onto the countertop for dear life, eyebrows furrowed and thighs shaking where they were wrapped around Taehyung’s waist. “Please, please-“

”Sh, princess.” Taehyung chuckled softly, grasping Jungkook’s chin gently. “I’ve got you alright? Hyung’s got you.”

Jungkook let out a soft whimper once Taehyung finally pressed their lips together, fire swirling in his lower stomach as he already felt himself come so close to his release. It felt so surreal to have somebody else’s hand touching him the way he had been wishing for so many times, head swirling as he felt as if he was on cloud nine. Taehyung parted Jungkook’s lips with his tongue, pressing himself flush to the younger boy’s body as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss even further.

Jungkook was trembling, clawing at Taehyung’s shoulders, whimpering into his mouth, obviously completely overwhelmed by the situation at hand. He felt like he was floating, teetering on the brink of release with each stroke.

”T-Taehyung..” Jungkook broke the kiss, throwing his head back and letting a cry leave his glistening lips. His lipstick was smeared, tears burning in the corners of his eyes as his hips moved frantically while he chased his release.

”Looks like you’re gonna cum aren’t you, princess?” Taehyung breathed into the crook of Jungkook’s neck. “Come on, make a mess of your pretty panties for Hyung.”

Jungkook nodded vehemently, taking in gasping breaths as his cock throbbed and his balls grew right. “So good, gonna be such a good boy for Hyung aren’t you?”

”Such a good boy.” Jungkook let out a sound akin to a sob, one tear slipping down his cheek. “So good for Hyung, so good.”

”You are.” Taehyung nodded, his own cock straining against his jeans at the sight of the state Jungkook was in. “The best boy, Jungkookie.”

His words pushed Jungkook over the edge, a strangled cry leaving the younger male’s lips as he shot his load of cum against his tensed up abdomen, his nails dug into Taehyung’s shoulders almost painfully as he rode out his orgasm, rocking his hips into Taehyung’s grip still to milk out anything else. “So fucking gorgeous.” Taehyung groaned, dipping his head down to lap the cum off of Jungkook’s hot and flushed skin.

”Wanna help you.” Taehyung raised an eyebrow and stood back up, looking Jungkook in the eye. He had obviously been wearing mascara that Taehyung hadn’t been aware of, because it was now smudge against his skin. Taehyung eyes widened upon watching Jungkook’s hand reach forwards and pull at his belt. “Want to make you feel good too.” Taehyung moaned lowly at the words and actions, cupping Jungkook’s face with both hands and leaning forwards to press another kiss to the younger boy’s lips. 

“You’re just too damn perfect.”