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Rey examined herself in the washroom’s mirror as she toweled off from her shower. She’d washed away the powders and paints, revealing her bruises in all their shocking glory, but she felt nothing but relief to be in her own skin again.

When she was dry, Rey slipped on the white nightdress Desomma had left on the sink, looked at herself in the mirror – and laughed. Not some weak snicker, but a full belly laugh born of surprise.

It was the nightgown. The one she’d worn on her first night aboard the Dominance, the one she’d snuck out in and had to wrap a blanket around herself to hide its plunging neckline, the one with skirts she’d had to gather out of her way so they wouldn’t trip her. The one he’d carried her in, when the blanket and bodice had shifted and exposed her, and he’d seen more than he should have.

It had been altered so that she didn’t reveal her nipples with every shift of her body or trip with every step, but there was no mistaking it.

Rey picked up a second folded garment and slipped into a matching silk robe. She wondered if Desomma had made it to go with the nightgown, or if it had been in the original wardrobe and Rey just hadn’t found it.

The robe hid the fact that the nightgown still dipped scandalously low in front, and Rey felt a little more herself with the extra fabric covering her.

She exited the bathroom with damp hair and laughter on her lips, but Ben hadn’t arrived, so she went to stand by the table and look out at the moonlit jungle far, far below.

When he finally entered, Rey didn’t turn, just relaxed and focused on the soft thud of his boots as he removed them, then his footfalls as he drew near. His fingers found the curve of her shoulder and caressed her there.

“Was it your idea?” she asked, that smile still playing on her face. She rubbed her cheek against his hand and glanced up over her shoulder, still inclined to laugh. “The nightgown?”

His palm smoothed down her back, warm through the delicate fabric. “I may have requested it.”

Rey laughed and leaned back against him. Languid warmth spread through her limbs, edged with anticipation. She felt his breathing, not entirely steady, and the heat he radiated.

“Maybe… maybe we should just sleep,” he murmured into her hair, and she would have thought he was joking except that he had a concerned frown on his face when she turned to stare at him.

Rey couldn’t think of a single word more eloquent than, “What?”

He lifted his hand and rubbed his thumb across her cheekbone, his eyes taking in every little detail. “You’re exhausted, sweetheart. When was the last time you slept?”

For a moment, she thought… did he not want to? But then she probed their bond, looking for the source of his reluctance, and found that he was as ready as she was, his body primed, but some deeply buried instinct had surfaced at the feel of her delicate bones under his hands.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Rey thought as she discovered his gentlemanly but entirely unnecessary urge to take care of her.

She shoved him, and he took a surprised step back. She shoved him again, following as she used the Force to move this mountain of a man until his knees bumped against the side of the bed.

She crowded him into sitting on the edge, and he looked up at her as she stood between his legs in that white nightgown he’d had Desomma take in as a surprise for her. His expression pulled at her — full lips quivering and eyelids heavy as he let her take control. She hadn’t seen him this helpless, this uncertain, since his whispered, “Please,” in Snoke’s throne room.

Rey yanked at the collar of his thick, silver-embroidered wedding coat. “Take this off.”

His breathing stuttered, and he shifted to oblige, keeping his eyes on hers as he removed his belt and slowly shrugged out of the handsome fabric.

Rey fought a shiver as he tossed the coat aside and leaned back onto his elbows, rubbing his thumbs across his fingertips in an endearingly nervous gesture.

She moved even closer, until her outer thighs brushed against his inner ones, and gently reached to take his face in her hands.

His expression was infinitely vulnerable, as if she could shatter him with a touch.

Rey traced the lines of his face with her fingers.

Wanting more, she pulled at his shirt, prompting him to sit up and lift his arms so she could tug it over his head. Once it was off, he wrapped an arm around her waist and found the little vee of skin above her robe with his lips, revealing his broad naked back and muscled shoulders to her gaze.

A very nice view, especially those shoulders. Rey tucked that tidbit away for later as she pushed him away, using her strength and position above him to force him back onto his elbows again, despite his disappointed frown.

He tried to keep a hand on her hip, and she used the Force to shove it back against the bedding.

Ben drew breath with a hiss at that, eyes narrowing, but he remained compliant as she took the lead, watching her from under half-closed lids as she trailed her fingers over his scarred torso, examining him.

“Rey,” he gasped when she nuzzled the scar she’d given him, tracing it to its lowest point with her nose before dragging her lips across his skin. She darted her tongue out to taste him, and his head fell back on a groan.

Rey licked him again, and he fisted his hands in the bedding, body jerking and pressing his stiff sex against her. When he got himself under control, she could still feel his tip where it touched her through the fabric of his pants.

Rey considered where to put her mouth next and discovered a conundrum. She very much wanted access to his lips, but he was too tall. She’d have to lay herself bodily against him to reach, but that would leave her off balance and put all the power into his hands.

While the prospect of Ben taking charge made her thighs melt, Rey wasn’t ready to give the power up yet.

Having him laid out before her was too delicious.

She massaged the tense muscles of his thighs as she thought, firmly running her hands up and down them, never touching the fabric-shrouded shaft at his apex as she decided on a battle strategy.

Rey watched him try not to squirm under her hands, fighting to keep himself obedient. She offered him a small smile, a reward for being good, and saw his flushed face and glassy eyes lock onto her hands as she brought them to the belt of her robe. She untied it and let the fabric fall open, gratified when his eyes latched onto the expanse of bruised and freckled skin exposed by the deep vee between her breasts. His full lips parted, and she wanted to kiss them.

“Lie down,” she ordered, shrugging the robe from her shoulders to pool at her feet. He let out a strangled sound at the sight and scooted himself further onto the bed before he lay back.

Rey hiked up the nightgown’s skirt so she could crawl over him to straddle his waist. His unsteady breathing picked up, and Rey allowed herself a self-satisfied smile as she leaned down and used her mouth on his collarbone.

He moaned and bucked, his arousal hard against her, and she lifted her mouth from him, pressing one hand against his chest until he stilled with a desperate whine.

Pleased, Rey scooted further up his body until she could reach his face, her naked core against the fabric covering his abdomen. She leaned over him, pushing her loose hair over her shoulder only to have it fall back against his face as she brushed aside his dark curls and kissed his forehead. She felt his intake of breath as she trailed her lips to his eyebrow and kissed him there, then moved to the bridge of his nose and kissed that, too. She kissed the side of his nose and then his cheekbone, and she felt him quiver beneath her.

She loved him. It swelled inside her, pouring out into kisses on his jaw and cheeks and eyelids, everywhere but his mouth, making him pant helplessly under the assault and yank at the bedclothes fisted in his hands.

“Please,” he groaned, and she took pity on him, slanting her mouth across his and licking inside of him. His tongue met hers eagerly, twining and chasing, a desperate dance to catch and hold this one part of her.

His hips shifted restlessly, her body positioned too high for him to be able to rub against her, and he moaned into her mouth, almost sobbing with frustration.

“Hands and lips, over the clothes,” she allowed, then went back to kissing him as his fingers speared into her hair and pressed until their lips seemed to fuse with needy pressure.

One hand left her hair to drift down her body, brushing lightly against her breast before grasping her hip. In a maneuver she hadn’t expected, his big hand bore her down as he arched his back, pressing his abdomen against her sensitive sex.

Rey gasped into his mouth, and Ben smiled and did it again. And again. She had to stop kissing him, overwhelmed with the sensations sparking from her core, and found her hips gyrating needily against his body as little gasps and whimpers fell from her lips.

“I’m going to fuck you on that table,” he murmured, his voice low and dark like black velvet. Rey moaned and closed her eyes as she rutted against him, trying and failing to find pressure against all the right places. “Before we leave here, I’m going to put you over it and fuck you until you scream so loud everyone hears it.”

“Ben!” she gasped, needing more, needing… She reached to burrow her hand under her skirt and try to find that spot he always seemed to home in on when they touched each other, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.

“I don’t think so,” he whispered, his lips full and red and eyes reflecting the soft lights of the room as he drank her desperation in. “If I can’t touch, neither can you.”

She squeezed his sides with her thighs, too frustrated to fight properly, her cheeks hot and core needy.

He released her, and Rey scooted lower. She felt vindictive pleasure when she dragged her needy core across him, making his eyes roll back and tearing a hoarse groan from deep in his chest.

“Rey,” he murmured, catching her hand as she began to fumble with his pants. She focused on him, and his gaze was much more lucid than it should have been under the circumstances. “I want you naked.”

She blushed, but he only waited and watched, neither pressuring her nor trying to pull the nightgown from her body.

Rey recognized that it was a request, not a demand. He wouldn’t force her to strip for him, wouldn’t make her uncomfortable, but he wanted to see her.

She was still nervous. She struggled with her feelings, and he continued to wait, patiently, as she searched for the courage to give him what they both wanted.

The desire in his eyes when she drew the nightgown’s hem further up her thighs helped chase her doubts away, but the most satisfying part was the flash of unguarded wonder when it caught under her hips and she shyly murmured, “Help me?”

She could feel the way his hands shook as he helped push the fabric up her body, baring her inch by inch. She saw his Adam’s apple bob, her eyes on his until the nightgown hid him from her and they drew it together over her head. Her hair fell messily down around her face once her head cleared the neckline, and they tossed the garment aside.

Ben stared at her and swallowed, looking suddenly very young as his eyes roamed her. Rey bit her lip and watched him. He hadn’t tried to touch her yet, and her thighs trembled at the thought of his warm palms against her skin.

He lifted a hand but only smoothed it across her hip, the touch comforting as he met her gaze again. “Are you sure?”

Rey bit her lip and nodded jerkily.

His gaze flickered with uncertainty. “Do you want… should I…” A deep breath, his nose and cheeks flushing. “Do you want me to take mine off, too?”

Rey fought down sudden panic and worried her lip between her teeth. “Maybe… could we… under the blankets?”

He nodded quickly, mouth shifting with surplus emotion. He helped her ease from her position straddling his body, keeping his hands considerately at her waist, and got up to pull the blankets down so she could slip underneath. Once she settled, he followed, and Rey looked away as he wriggled out of his pants.

He rolled to face her when he finished and drew his knuckles down the skin of her arm. She met his eyes, and he whispered, “Are you okay?”

Rey nodded. She was nervous and excited and freaking out, but yes. She was okay.

He slid closer to cup her cheek with one large hand. He watched her with those big brown eyes, his defenses stripped away along with his clothes, and she knew she held something very precious and fragile in her hands.

His trust.

“Ben,” she whispered.

“I love you, Rey.”

Her breath caught, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer. “I love you, too.”

They lay like that for a little while, getting warm and holding each other, and Rey felt herself relaxing as she acclimated to the feel of his nakedness against her. She could feel him resting lightly against her lower belly, a point of warmth.

“Tell me… tell me what you want to do to me,” she whispered. She wanted to hear it, hear the words rough and raw from his mouth.

Her pulse spiked as he rested his forehead against hers and took a ragged breath. The flush staining his cheekbones crept lower until it pinked his neck and leaked onto his chest, and his nostrils flared as he replied, “I want to touch you until you come.”

That was not the answer Rey had been expecting, but oh it was the right one. She surged against him and attacked his mouth, practically grappling him onto his back. He rolled with a kiss-muffled oomph, and steadied her eager thighs with his hands as she straddled him again, finding his bare member and rubbing her slick sex along it.

Ben closed his eyes and moaned, arching his hips into her so that his sex rubbed along her clit.

“I want you inside me,” she panted. “Please, Ben.”

“Yes,” he growled, tensing under her, but here he let her take the lead again, only putting his hand between their bodies when she needed help lining everything up, but then his fingers slipped along her folds and inside, and he whined in the back of his throat. “You’re so wet,” he gasped. “Fuck, Rey, you’re so wet for me, sweetheart.”

Rey bit her lip to hold back a moan, but he pumped his fingers shallowly, unable to get deeper due to the awkward positioning, and she rocked against his hand and whimpered when it wasn’t nearly enough. She grabbed his wrist and tugged his fingers out, needing something else and ready to try. “Please,” she begged. “Please, Ben.”

He wrapped his hand around his member, holding himself steady as she wiggled her hips against him and tried to find the right spot. She felt awkward as she shifted above him, but there seemed to be an incline downward to the place she needed him, and she inexpertly followed her body’s signals until he pressed into a place that yielded, and Rey’s eyes flew wide when she felt his tip go inside.

She couldn’t tell if it was her trembling or him or the two of them together, but Ben’s face had such awe written on it, his pupils blown wide and flushed lips parted as he watched her expression.


She sank another half inch onto him, her eyelids fluttering closed at the strange feeling.

“Keep your eyes open, sweetheart.”

She pried her lids up and met his gaze, and then his eyes flicked down to where they were joined, and he said, “Look at it,” as if he wanted to share something breathtaking with her, and so Rey looked and saw where his shaft rose pale and proud to meet her, saw where they were just barely joined, and she gasped and looked away, back at his face, and found a smile waiting for her. No laughter or teasing but a simple, unguarded smile that she suspected he hadn’t worn for a very long time. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

She pressed further, going slowly as she waited for him to bump up against her hymen — what did a hymen look like, anyway? Was it a solid barrier like a tarp inside of her? If so, how did her monthlies get out?

Ben gasped as she took more of him, hands clenching on her thighs, and Rey decided that just then was not the time for wandering thoughts. Frustrated with the achingly slow pace, she bore down until she had over half of him inside, glancing down to check her progress and frowning when the only discomfort she felt was the strange stretching feeling, and even that wasn’t painful so much as odd.

She pressed down again, the slick inside of her easing his passage, and then with a soundless thump she was fully seated on his cock.

No pain.

Ben groaned hoarsely and wrapped his arms around her, burying his head in her shoulder, his thick hair soft against her neck, before going lower and nipping desperately at one of her breasts. He didn’t seem to know where or upon what to focus.

Rey stroked his mussed hair as he breathed harshly against her chest, waves of tenderness threatening to overwhelm her. She lowered her lips to his ear, her voice low and intimate, flirty in a way she’d never been before. “Tell me what you want to do to me now, Ben.”

“I want to fuck you,” he gasped, his response plain and efficient in its honesty. “Please, sweetheart, let me fuck you.”

Rey only vaguely understood the mechanics of what came next, but it didn’t scare her anymore.

And he’d been so very patient.

So she bent, licked his ear, and gave up her control.

“Take me.”

He rolled her onto her back, a move that might have been fluid if they’d ever done it before — but here, on their wedding night, it was a fumble of limbs, his cock slipping out until they sorted themselves, and he seated himself back inside her with a thrust she knew could have been much more powerful.

He was still holding himself back, still showing her gentleness as he wrapped his arms around her and began to move.

Rey arched her neck, lips parting as he refused to follow orders, refused to take her, and instead made love to her. As his hips rocked with long, slow strokes, his lips found her breast again and suckled. Rey blinked back tears, gripping his shoulders with her fingertips and running them up his neck and into his messy hair.

“Ben,” she whispered.

He looked at her, naked emotions bared on his face, and watched her as he increased his rhythm. “Keep looking at me, sweetheart.” He lowered his mouth to her nipple, not taking his eyes from hers for a second, and licked it. “There you are,” he murmured as she gasped and lifted her hips to meet his. “Keep looking at me. I’m going to come inside of you tonight. Would you like that?”

Rey nodded, still trying to match his rhythm. His words and his gaze on hers and the sheer love she saw on his face even as he made her skin flush and her mind spin and oh oh oh, this new angle made her see stars, fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

“FUCK!” she shrieked. His eyes widened, a curious brow rising as he took note, and she snapped her hips up to his with a growl. “Harder.”

He obliged. And he obliged when she demanded he go harder still and only grunted when her fingernails bit into his shoulders and her hips canted upwards, and she trembled on the edge of something glorious.

“I can’t hold on,” he gasped, pounding into her in a steady beat which matched the blood racing through her veins. “Rey.”

“Then don’t.”

Rey could do nothing but cling to his sweat-slicked shoulders as he began to fuck her in earnest, his eyes wild and mouth open as he panted hot against her face, still refusing to break eye contact as he hammered into her body.

It felt amazing, the hard fast thrust of him inside her, and Rey wanted to sob at the intensity which poured off him. Just as he peaked, the severe lines of his face turning sharp as he shoved all of his hard length inside and groaned his release, Rey felt herself propelled close to the edge — and then start to slide back.

She lifted her hips against his, struggling to chase the feeling, and he roused himself to give her what she wanted, hard thrusts and nibbles at her breasts, but he soon softened too much to continue, slipping gently out of her. With the retreat of his shaft, Rey’s loosely cobbled pleasure dissipated.

Ben rolled onto his back, tugging her until she lay on his chest with her thighs on either side of his waist, and they kissed like that for several minutes, the unquenched fire between Rey’s legs making her wet again as she revelled in the warm, sated, relaxed man underneath her. She’d never seen him like this — even when she’d pleasured him on their nights together aboard the Dominance, he’d always held onto his edge — and she decided to make a point of getting him this way as often as possible.

She pressed her hands to his chest and sat up only to feel something thick and wet slide out of her onto his stomach.

Rey scooted back and stared down at the glob of cum, mortified. “I am so sorry,” she gasped.

Ben laughed, stroking Rey’s sweaty hair away from her face. “For what? Marrying me, having sex with me, letting me come inside you…”

“Ben,” she huffed, but his smile turned mischievous, and he grabbed her and pulled her against him, smearing the viscous fluid over both of them, making her shriek as laughter reverberated in his chest.

Still playful, he rolled with her, and Rey found herself flat on her back, Ben hovering over her, the mess glistening on their skin.

“Next time, I’ll make sure you come first,” he murmured, snaking his hand between her legs and searching until he found that little sensitive spot that made her hips buck. He hummed his appreciation as she ground her clit against his questing hand. “Was it okay?” He flicked his head to get his own sweat-damp hair out of his eyes, a worry line forming between his brows, and Rey groaned that he felt the need to talk right then. But his worry made her try to focus, for his sake. “You seemed to be enjoying it toward the end there.”

Rey mustered enough brainpower to respond even with most of her brain diverted between her legs. “Yes,” she admitted, shifting against his hand and gasping when he brushed the right places. “The angle, I think.” She bit her lip on a whimper as his fingers played in the sticky mess they’d made together. She arched her back, eager against his hand, and he watched her face intently, patiently, memorizing what made her lashes flutter and what made her lips part and what made her cry out.

“I’m going to fuck you again,” he whispered when she made little desperate mewls every time he pressed his thumb into that spot. “I’m going to fuck you every day. Sometimes I’ll fuck you soft and slow, and sometimes I’ll fuck you fast and hard.” He drew a breast into his mouth, sucking almost painfully, and still he watched her with those predator-bright eyes.

Rey bucked against his hand, his words driving her higher, and she remembered what that bitch Ruby had thought about him. Rey replaced the other woman in the fantasy with herself and opened that image to Ben, making him jerk against her with a surprised hiss.

“I can do that for you, sweetheart,” he murmured, licking purposefully around her areola before flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth against her nipple. “I can do anything you want.”

He slid two fingers inside of her and began to fuck her with them, sending her the purring satisfaction it brought him to indulge her. Rey gasped as he sent her more, swamping her: the pleasure he’d found in fucking her tight body until he’d spent himself inside, the utter rightness of being with her, being inside of her. He sent his desire to take her like a wild animal, pounding her until she screamed, as well as his arousal at the thought of taking her with soft, slow touches and muted moans. Above it all, laced through, a thread of aching tenderness.

“Ben,” she whispered as he took her higher. She grasped for that peak, trying to hook her fingertips into it, and she felt him lick over her breast and up her neck before his lips found hers. He sent his excitement through their bond, his love and devotion and the word wife over and over like a helpless mantra.

Rey arched against him and screamed, scrabbling her fingers into his hair and skin, anywhere she could reach to try and anchor herself as her orgasm took her.

When she came down, she relaxed into the mattress and blinked up at his smile.

“Who takes care of you, sweetheart?”

She knew how he meant it, and she didn’t mind one bit. “You do.” A yawn chased her words, and he cuddled down beside her, pulling the blankets over their sweaty bodies and draping one of his heavy arms across her ribs.

She felt his lips stir her hair. “Rest.”

Rey yawned again and nestled against him. “I thought you were going to fuck me into oblivion.”

His fingers trailed across her shoulder. “Plenty of time for that later.” Another kiss to her hair. “You’ll need your strength.”

She snorted at that, but her body agreed with him. She hadn’t had enough food or sleep lately, and she’d need to catch up more before she tried to roll around in the sheets with him again.

Rey fell asleep to the sound of his breathing, his heartbeat, and the scent of sweat overlaying the warm breeze full of flowers and jungle.