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Memories from the Sea

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Somewhere on a beach, a boy was walking alone. It was nighttime and he shivered slightly as the air grew colder.


He suddenly stopped to stare at the sea. It stretched for miles and there were no signs of other islands or ships anywhere. He was stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean.


Enu sighed and sat down in the sand, gazing at the waves wistfully. He had been wandering around all day, spending many hours searching the forest and the hills, but no matter where he looked, he couldn’t find any people. He even tried waiting in the shore in case a ship came, hoping that help will arrive soon, but that never happened unfortunately.


The cloaked man was the only person he came across so far, but whenever the boy approached him, he would walk away and somehow disappear. Enu tried calling for him and asking him about this island and who he was, but he never spoke back to him.


Something about him felt……sad.


Enu hugged his knees as he felt the wind blow against his red cape, his mind swirling with questions.


Where was he? How did he end up here? Why couldn’t he remember anything beside his own name?


He looked around to see some shipwrecked boats not far from where he was. Based on that alone proved that he wasn’t the first person to end up in this place, so where were they? If he could find them then they could help him find out where he was and how to get back to his home….once he got his memories back first and remembered where his home was. Or if I had one to begin with.


The island was quiet with only the sounds of the wind and the waves to fill the silence. The more he sat there, the more his loneliness became unbearable.


Just then, he heard a yip somewhere and looked over to see the fox standing on a rock, looking at him perplexed.


Enu smiled a little. This fox was the only company he had since he got here. The animal seemed to be taking him somewhere though he wondered where.


Enu stood up when it called for him again and began walking over to it. “Alright, alright!” he muttered with a laugh and began running after it across the beach and up a slope.


He eventually reached some ruins. It looked like an old building that was beginning to crumble due to the passage of time. What he assumed to be holes up ahead at first turned out to be two entrances with one being much taller than the other.


He stepped into the tallest one and turned to gaze at the starry sky and the shore, the breeze blowing his cape. The existence of these ruins meant someone, at some point, used to live in this island. Where were they? What happened to them?


“I’m coming!” the boy exclaimed at the fox’s calls as he gave the shore one last look before turning around and walked away.