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Stress Relief

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Levia moaned shamelessly as her pussy was ruthlessly pounded. Of course, she didn't mind at all. She was a dimensional monster and deserved to be treated like garbage.

"You really enjoy this, don't you?" Toudou purred. "You're a slutty dimensional monster gets off from being bred like a bitch."

"I am," Levia moaned.

Toudou smirked as she thrusted harder, pulling Levia's hair as she did. "This is what you are. A little slut made for my cock."

Levia mewled as she was being verbally abused by the inspector.

"This is wonderful," Toudou moaned. "I feel all of my stress going away~ Keep this up, and maybe I'll let you taste my thick balls."

Levia continued to moan, feeling herself get wet at the thought of servicing Toudou's cock.