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a series of shouto's unfortunate events by todoroki fuyumi

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Shouto’s sister has started a list.

1) Midoriya makes Shouto fall on his ass.

He’s been dared into doing a vertical split by sinking his foot into the ground through heat and raising himself with his other foot using ice. He’s even supposed to produce ice at a snail-pace. Why is his life like this? It’s not even the dumbest thing he’s done.

Ashido cheers as Kaminari and Kirishima film him. He briefly wonders what he’ll do if his pants rip at the middle of his ass.

No one needs to know about Shouto’s All Might underwear set. No one.


His right foot slips off the pile of ice and he falls on his ass in surprise, his heart going triple-time.

“Wha-what are you guys doing?” Midoriya blinks at him.

Kaminari grins. “We dared Todoroki-kun to- here, I’ll send you the video.”

His leg is still stuck in the earth. How uncool. Shouto kind of hopes the ground will pull him inside itself. Midoriya extends his arm towards him, and great, now his hands are sweaty.

He takes the scarred hand anyway, because god forbid he ever be selfless around Midoriya and his kind heart. Midoriya beams at him and hands Shouto his coat, tells him Aizawa-sensei is expecting him in his office.

Shouto thanks him and runs.

(After, he’ll find out he’d left behind icy and lava footprints and Bakugou will guffaw at him while Kirishima will give him knowing looks.)

Jirou sends him a gif of Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther staring at each other and writes ‘todo & mido’ under it.

The next morning he slaps on posters of Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse holding hands in class, each of them scribbled with ‘Jirou and Yaoyorozu’, abundances of hearts scribbled all over them.

Jirou buries them all at the bottom of the trashcan before Yaoyorozu comes in, and Shouto tells her she isn’t smooth when she keeps one.

“It’s ain’t slick, Todoroki.”

“Says you, a non-intellectual.”

“Oh my god.”

2) Shouto loses his already minimal control over his heat side around Midoriya.


The library is relatively empty, with finals over, and Shouto will admit he hadn’t really come here with the intention to study, rather just to find something to do. He’d normally visit his mother on the weekend, but his father had heard about his weekly visits and so he’d already visited her the day before, not wanting a run-in with the number-two hero.

Now Shouto’s insides turn inside out with anticipation and dread. He’d been so sure Midoriya had left with the rest of their class to the mall.

“Hey, Midoriya.”

Midoriya beams at him and places his pile of books onto the table. His smile is insane, Todoroki thinks, with shiny, even teeth and dark, pretty lips.

Shouto has suffered about two dozen incidents in which he’s had to stop himself from kissing Midoriya.

In a month.

(Not necessarily on the mouth. He’d happily kiss Midoriya anywhere.)

“Um...Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya’s worrying his lower lip between his teeth and Shouto wants that to either be his lip or be the one biting Midoriya’s. “You’re, um, you look really flushed. Should I ask for the air conditioning to be turned up?”

He swallows. “I’m fine.”


It’s quiet as they read - well Midoriya reads, and Shouto watches him like a wretch. It can’t be helped really; the green-haired boy keeps chewing his lips, repeatedly mumbles to himself, and persistently runs his hand through his hair. It’s unintentional, but it drives him crazy anyway, desperately wishing he was the one running his hands through that fluffy, soft hair.

After a while of watching him, Midoriya’s nose twitches, and Shouto unconsciously mimics the action. He looks down and- oh, the book’s burnt.

He doesn’t really mind when the librarian reprimands him because Midoriya is giggling a little, and it is a divine little sound, and Shouto never wants it to stop, never wants Midoriya to stop.

3) Shouto is a sucker for Midoriya’s slightly stupid face and would jump off a building if so asked.

The doorbell has been ringing consistently for the past two minutes. Shouto takes in a deep breath.


No answer. Still in the shower then. He pushes away from his desk and ambles downstairs, throwing the door open with his most charming deadpan.

And promptly drops it to make way for shock, because Midoriya is standing outside his house in the pouring rain, holding his jacket tight around himself.

Shouto sends a bewildered thanks up to the heavens and ushers him inside.

“I’m so sorry to intrude like this, I was just walking home, a-and I heard these really sad sounds, and I looked behind the dumpster like three houses down, and there was this-” Midoriya opens his jacket and out pours a tiny kitten onto the towel Shouto had handed him, “and I found it, and gosh it was so small , I couldn’t just leave it, I think it’s a her, and I remembered your house was near - well technically I remembered it that Endeavor’s house was near and kind of just hoped you’d be home, and well it’s online and everything and I write notes on heroes but you know that, I just don’t want you to think I’m stalking you, which I swear I’m not, and, and, yeah. Yeah,” Midoriya finishes lamely. He holds the towel and the kitten to himself, beginning to shiver.

Shouto’s thrown.

“It-she reminded me of you. Look, heterochromia.” Midoriya holds the kittens up with quivering hands for him to see, and sure enough, a pair of mismatching green and blue eyes blink at him.

(Shouto wants to tell him that there’s really not anything hetero about him besides his physical features.)

(He doesn’t. That’d be creepy.)

She’s - the kitten - black and white spotted, and she lets out a pitiful whimper that snaps Shouto out of his stupor. He grabs Midoriya’s arm and drags him up to his room, where it’s still relatively warm due to Shouto having been practicing with fire before. Midoriya lets Shouto wrap his blanket around him, shivering pleasantly at the warmth.

His lips spread into a small, wobbly smile, and Shouto’s heart flutters a little.

(A lot.)

“I- I could keep her,” Shouto starts slowly, confused at the words leaving his own mouth, “I mean, if you don’t want to.”

“You would?” Midoriya asks breathlessly, eyes wide. “That’d be amazing! What do you wanna name her?”


Midoriya snorts hard enough that it has to have hurt, and Shouto grins unstably.

“How about Black and White?”

“That’s very original of you, Midoriya.”

Midoriya goes pink. “Ah, s-sorry. It’s kinda long too. But, it has to be better than Todoroki, right?”

“True.” The cat swats at his table leg offendedly. “Maybe I’ll just name her after you. Do cats have gender concepts?”

“But- that’s not very- that’s long too, isn’t it? You could just try Blue and Green then - the eyes, see? Or Dumpster. Unless you think that’s harsh. It’s not like she’d know though,” Midoriya muses, “or something after a Disney princess? It might sound weird though. Maybe a prince. Gosh I suck at this. They probably don’t care about genders at all.”

I like your voice, Shouto almost says, slightly desperately, unwilling to have Midoriya stop talking. “Maybe I should just go with Queen Elizabeth the Third,” he thankfully says instead.

The cat - Elizabeth, Shouto mentally finalizes - climbs into his lap and settles down. He feels his lap grow suspiciously warm.

“I think she peed,” he remarks, adequately calm.

Midoriya slowly slides off the bed onto the ground in a mess of giggles.

He looks like a yummy burrito. A very soft, cuddly, enchanting burrito.

When the skies clear up and Midoriya leaves, Shouto finally lets himself acknowledge he may have a problem.

“I’m either suffering from a cardiac problem or thinking about him just destroys my mentality,” he announces to Fuyumi, who gives him a nonplussed stare.


Midoriya starts coming over on the weekends after that. Sometimes he even has the guts to stand in front of his desk at the end of a school day and they’ll walk back to Shouto’s together.

Shouto is not okay with this. He does not have a single bone in his body that can refuse Midoriya, and this causes accidents. His sister’s list has only increased with time, consisting of incidents like;

4) Shouto tripped over a tiny stone because he was staring at Midoriya’s ass.

5) Shouto lit a bouquet of flowers meant for their mother on fire because he thought he saw Midoriya on his way to the hospital. Newsflash: it hadn’t been Midoriya.

6) During playing cards with Momo and Jirou, every card he threw down was either scorched or slightly frozen depending on which hand threw it down because he could hear Midoriya’s mumbling from across the room. In the end, Yaoyorozu had created a new deck for Jirou.

7) He’d gotten into a yelling match with Elizabeth after she’d scratched Midoriya. Spoiler alert: she’d won.

And the most recent:

8) Froze Midoriya’s fingers to his own because he’d gotten Shouto a flower.

It’s Friday, and they’re the last two left in the library, which usually means Midoriya will follow him home to do homework together or play with Elizabeth, so Shouto isn’t expecting any surprises.

Which is why, when Midoriya silently steps up to his desk and offers him a single red rose with firetruck red cheeks, Shouto is surprised, to say the very least.

“Midoriya?” He chokes out, hands clenching.

“It’s for you!” Midoriya tilts his head and gives a shy smile, urging him to take the flower. “No bad intentions,” he promises.

Shouto should’ve realized his left hand was freezing, honestly. Instead, when he takes the flower, he ends up freezing their fingers together, and there’s a moment where he just stares, before Midoriya’s fingers start to redden because he didn’t pull away like the idiot he is. And if he did pull away now, he’d take the skin off Midoriya’s fingers with him.

Shouto would rather lose all his fingers and toes, then his limbs, then his senses one by one, then die.

Midoriya is patient as he expertly melts the ice with steam from his left index finger, eyes downcast. Shouto keeps glancing from the rose to him, whose mouth has become a wobbly line.

When their hands are unfrozen, Shouto plucks the rose from Midoriya’s fingers and puts it down on his desk to take Midoriya’s marred digits with his left hand, warming it up. This results in Midoriya shrinking into himself. Shouto feels like he’s just been slapped, but he doesn’t take his hand back, which lessens the sting.

(Not by much.)

“Could you tell me what the flower is for?” He tries hesitantly, not dropping Midoriya’s hand, even though it’s probably a higher temperature than it initially was.

Midoriya takes a deep breath. “I wanted to- to court you, it’s a thing right? When someone likes someone they- they give them gifts, take them places, hang out, stuff like that, though it’s probably not much of a thing anymore, but I just thought, I just wanted to do it like this, I know it’s, it’s stupid and I’m sorry - I’m really sorry - if I’ve made you feel weird, or-or obligated, please don’t feel obligated, I-I just-” he takes his hand back and wrings them, his voice dropping lower and lower, “and yeah, it’s a rose, a red one, it was the most obvious and cliche thing I could think of, and um - I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Then he picks up his bag and all but runs out the door.

Azure eyes watch the boy run away.

“...Did- did you see what I just saw?”

“How is this any different than normal students confessing to each others?”

“Shouta! I completely agree with All Might, just imagine the tabloids going insane over hero students in love!”

“They wouldn’t go insane. That’s just you.”

Present Mic places a hand over his heart in mock-offense. “Unbelievable. Unbelievable, Shouta .

“Why did he run?” All Might stresses.

Understanding dawns on his companions faces.


“Oh dear.”

“Oh no.”

“School starts on Monday, they’ll probably sort it out by then.”

“I, too, hope that.”

“You better, because I’m not going near this problem with a fifty-metre stick.”

Shouto doesn’t know why he expects Midoriya to be at his house on Sunday, but he’d been absent on Saturday, so that’s just the logical conclusion. He’ll be here to spend time with Elizabeth on Sunday. He does every weekend.

And yet. Noon comes and goes, and along arrives midnight with Shouto locked in a staring contest with his cat instead.

Shouto refuses to lose. No one should be allowed to get away with such dirty looks. He’ll teach Elizabeth a thing or two.

He blinks after two minutes. Elizabeth gives him a sly, triumphant look and saunters off, tail high in the air.

Shouto freezes Midoriya’s rose in a last-minute attempt to preserve it and falls into an uneasy sleep.

There’s no text from Midoriya the next morning. Shouto has a vague feeling he’s done something wrong. Fuyumi even tsks at him at breakfast, and he has to trudge around to get ready for school.

He feels shaken.

The class is quieter than normal when he steps in, lacking Midoriya’s normal mumbling or morning cheer, not to mention how he’s greeted with triple glares, one from Iida, Uraraka, and Bakugou each.

But. But.

Midoriya smiles at him.

Like he hadn’t just casually thrown Shouto into a sea of uncertainties by his simple act of not coming over.

Shouto can’t find it in himself to abhor any ill-will towards him, and his heart returns to its usual acrobatics at the sight of Midoriya.

The day passes quickly, and Midoriya is already approaching him, asking if he wants to eat lunch together. Shouto says yes on reflex, not sparing a moment to think about it, and they walk side by side to the cafeteria.

Midoriya clears his throat and gives a nervous laugh.

“Um, Todoroki-kun, I’m sorry a-about what happened on Friday. And, and for not being able to visit this weekend. Is Elizabeth okay?”

He’s holding back.

The shaken feeling is back.

“She’s alright,” Shouto answers softly, eyes on the ground. Unsure. “Why are you sorry for Friday?”

“T-that’s good! And, um, the courting thing - it, it’s stupid? Was stupid.”

Stop holding back, he thinks lamely. He stops in the now-empty hallway, looks Midoriya in the eye. “It wasn’t stupid.

He receives rapid and confused gaping.

“It wasn’t?”

“No. I think I might even want you to court me.”

“Oh,” Midoriya says faintly. “You- oh.”

Shouto frowns. “Unless you- unless you don’t want to anymore. That’s fine too.”

(It’s not fine.)

(But if it’s what Midoriya wants.)

Midoriya shakes his head vigorously, eyes wide. “No, no I, I want to, I thought you didn’t because you- you kinda froze my fingers and I thought it was a- a no, I thought it meant you didn’t approve of the whole thing-”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles weakly, “I, I was surprised-”

“No, no no, it’s good, I just hadn’t considered that it was a good thing,” Midoriya’s face is pink, eyes impossibly wide, “so you’re- you’re okay with me- with me liking you.”

Now Shouto’s cheeks feel like they’re on fire. “I do too,” he admits almost desperately, “my heart, it, you make me feel confused, like I don’t know if I should be breathing right now or not, but you make me feel alive too, more alive than I’ve ever felt, and I like you, Midoriya, I like you, don’t stop courting me.”

“Okay,” Midoriya breathes.

“Okay,” Shouto echoes. His hands are clammy.

“You’re cheek is on fire,” Midoriya squeaks, hand reaching up to his face. Shouto panics, grabbing his wrist to stop him.

“Don’t- don’t touch, you’ll burn yourself, I’ve already-” he glances down at Midoriya’s scarred hand, “I’ve already ruined one arm-”

“You still think that?”

“It’s true .”




He ducks his head, letting go of Midoriya’s wrist. “Yes. Please.”

“Shouto,” Midoriya repeats after him. It fills him up with warmth, and his entire bodies tingles, alight. Midoriya reaches up again, and he’s about to reprimand him once more, but then Midoriya’s lips - soft, silky lips - are on his cheek, and Shouto reigns in his fire so fast he goes dizzy.

Or maybe that’s just because of Midoriya.

Who’s kissing his cheek.

He’s already pulling away, and Shouto has to hold back an unholy sound.

“Then. Then you should call me Izuku,” Midoriya - Izuku, Shouto thrills - murmurs.

“Izuku,” Shouto whispers, feeling precarious, “Izuku.”

A smile spreads on Izuku’s face, and it’s that smile, the one Shouto wants to hide from the world and keep to himself, because that’s what Izuku is to him, and Izuku might want him to be something like that to himself, too.

“I’m going to court you too,” Shouto informs his suddenly. Izuku’s eyes look a little watery as he nods, but Shouto doesn’t point that out. Instead, he brings his hand up to his lips, and kisses an unmarred area carefully.

Izuku throws his arms around him and squeezes hard, clutching at the back of his uniform. He might even unconsciously be using his quirk, but it’s what makes it even realer, and Shouto tries his best to hug him back just as hard.

“Does this mean I can give you more flowers?” Izuku asks, delighted.

Shouto colours as he remembers the flower currently in his freezer. “If you’d like.” He refuses to remove his hand from Izuku’s waist, both of their chests still flush against each other.

(He doesn’t really seem to mind.)

(Shouto wonders if it’s too soon to tell him he might love him a little.)

(A lot.)

(It’s probably too soon.)

(He’ll tell him someday.)

“I’m really happy,” Izuku mumbles into his shoulder, and Shouto’s heart needs to burst out of his chest, or he may not live much longer.

“I’m happier,” Shouto insists childishly.

He grins when Izuku smacks his back lightly. Then he hugs him tighter.

Because he can.

As many times as he wants, for as long as he wants, as hard as he wants.

Shouto doesn’t believe he’ll ever feel more powerful than he does in this moment.

(Miraculously, he does nothing to embarrass himself.)

Yamada slaps Aizawa’s shoulder.

“Ah, young love.”

All Might nods cheerfully. “Glad they worked that out.”

“Speaking of,” Aizawa shoves a piece of paper inside the back of Yamada’s shirt. “Don’t be late. I have a class to teach now.”

Toshinori pulls the paper out while Aizawa walks away and hands it to Yamada.

“It’s a ticket to The Greatest Showman.”

Yamada beams.

IT’S A DATE, SHOUTA!” He hollers after the raven-head.

All Might sighs and wiggles his pinky in his ear as Present Mic skips away.

“Still young love, I suppose.”