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a kitten in a lion's den

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Taehyung laid down on his back as Jimin crawled on his knees towards him. Jimin moved to position himself over Taehyung's body with his ass facing him. He settled his weight on his hands beside Taehyung's hips while his knees dug into the bed on either side of Taehyung's head. A slight tremor passed through him as Taehyung slid his large hands over the back of his thighs appreciatively.

“Fuck, your ass is a gift to mankind.”

Taehyung groaned when Jimin spread his legs further and raised his hips up—ass on display. It accentuated the curve of his already ample backside. Jimin twisted his neck back to smirk back at him shamelessly, fully aware of the affect he had on him.

“You’re really asking for it, aren’t you? Such a fucking tease.” Taehyung brought his hand down on Jimin’s ass. The sound of the harsh smack resounded through the room, along with Jimin’s yelp, followed by a helpless moan.

“God,” Jungkook muttered from the side, watching as Jimin’s ass jiggled from the force of the hit. He grasped his bulge over his boxers, giving his cock a firm squeeze before releasing the pressure. It was getting increasingly difficult to show restraint.

Meanwhile, Taehyung rubbed the reddened skin in apology before digging his fingers in to Jimin’s asscheeks and spreading them apart. He pressed a firm kiss against the rosy bud of Jimin’s asshole, swiping his tongue up in a kitten lick before venturing down. He nosed along the soft skin, pausing to press his thumb against Jimin’s perineum, applying a little pressure and rubbing it. Pleased by the hitch in Jimin’s breath, he moved further until he reached the fat lips of Jimin's pussy.

About to grab Taehyung’s cock in his fist, Jimin keened when Taehyung grazed the edge of his upper teeth across the delicate skin of his outer labia, trailing them down his pussy lips. Jimin's hand dropped back down to clutch Taehyung’s thigh, his fingers digging in to the skin as he struggled to maintain composure. Taehyung hissed but remained undeterred, moving to capture the skin where Jimin’s upper thigh curved out to form his voluptuous ass between his teeth, before biting down gently, sucking on the area until the bruise darkened.

“Uh!” Jimin yelped, before he broke out in to a deep moan as Taehyung sucked his pussy lips in to his mouth. The fucking tease.

Shifting some of his weight on one hand, Jimin moved to clasp the base of Taehyung's cock with the other. He let saliva accumulate in his mouth before leaning down to spit it out on Taehyung's cock. The wad of saliva dribbled out of his mouth on to the fat head of Taehyung's cock, trailing down the expanse of it and coating it. It elicited a deep groan to rumble in Taehyung's chest. His cock twitched in Jimin's grip, and he said: "Fuck, please."

Feeling cruel, Jimin just lightly blew on the wet patch on the tip of his cock, causing Taehyung’s leg to jerk at the cooling sensation.

To get back at Jimin, Taehyung used his thumb to pull back Jimin’s clitoral hood, letting the sensitive, little bud peak out of its hiding place. He leaned closer and captured it between his lips, blowing on it. “Fuck!” Jimin cursed, the back of his thighs quivering slightly. He shouted louder when Taehyung lapped at his exposed clit with his tongue, clutching his thighs tightly as Jimin's hips lurched up and he tried to escape.

“Please! Too much!” Jimin gasped out, electric-shock like pleasure shooting through his nerves, his brain almost short-circuiting at the feeling—clit too sensitive.

Thankfully, Taehyung granted him mercy in a few seconds, and Jimin’s chest heaved as he gulped in air. After a taking a few seconds to get himself together, he worded his disapproval, turning to glare at Taehyung. “You’re fucking mean, Tae.”

“Don’t tease me then,” Taehyung replied plainly, and Jimin huffed before leaning back down to lick a wet stripe from the base of Taehyung’s cock to his tip, enjoying the way the other’s moans reverberated against his pussy. He traced the veins protruding out with his tongue before moving back up to the tip to place a wet, sloppy kiss against the head.

Not able to watch from the sidelines any longer, Jungkook pulled his boxers off before trudging closer to them, knees sliding against the bed. Coming within reach, he scratched his blunt nails from the top of Jimin’s shoulders down to his tail-bone, and Jimin gasped, his back arching in, shying away from the sensation as goosebumps rose across his skin.

The lean muscles of Jimin’s abdomen quivered subtly as Jungkook reached between him and Taehyung to trail his hand from Jimin’s belly button up to his chest, pinching a nipple. Jimin mewled, his voice breaking out in to a whine as Jungkook massaged his nipple in circular motions between the pads of his finger and thumb. The friction felt delicious. Jimin felt overwhelmed with Taehyung licking broad strokes up his pussy and Jungkook playing with his nipple, twisting and pinching it until it ached.

He reached with slightly trembling fingers to grab a hold of Taehyung’s cock. He squeezed it gently before releasing the pressure, and then repeated the process several times, massaging it.

Jungkook grabbed a fistful of Jimin’s hair, heaving his head back. His eyes raked in the sight of Jimin’s stretched neck to the deep curve in his back as he tried to arch up to relieve some of the pain in his scalp.

“Is Tae eating you out well?” Jungkook asked, his voice gruff.

Jimin nodded, swallowing thickly, his eyelashes fluttering. Jungkook tightened the grip on his hair, and he winced visibly.

“Then why haven’t you thanked him yet, hmm? So fucking ungrateful.” Jimin whined, but Jungkook didn’t let up. “C’mon, thank him for eating your cunt.

Jimin’s pussy dripped at the command. “Thanks for eating me out, Tae,” he said, stumbling over his words. Taehyung just hummed in to his pussy in reply. Taehyung let his saliva gather on his tongue before relaxing the muscles in the appendage, making it wide and loose to swipe it up and down in slow but firm strokes over Jimin’s pussy. His tongue lashed against the sensitive clit peeking out of its hood on every down-stroke, causing breathy, little moans to punch out of Jimin.

“God. Can you feel him eating you out so deliciously, like it’s his last fucking meal?

“Y-yes. Yes! God, please! Please don’t stop,” Jimin gasped out, desperately rolling his hips back. He tried to grind back on Taehyung’s tongue but the tight grip on his hair didn’t allow him much leeway. “Oh God.” He groaned further when Taehyung dug his tongue in to his opening, plunging it in and out, before massaging the delicate folds of his inner labia between his lips, moving his jaw in a munching manner.

Jimin tried to continue pumping Taehyung’s cock up and down with his hand but he was too lost in pleasure; his mind was trapped in a web of lust, limbs not fully co-operating. Jimin’s legs tensed, his abdominal muscles clenching and unclenching in anticipation as an intense wave began to build up in his body. His breathing became faster and ragged as Taehyung latched his lips over his clit, sucking it in to his mouth and holding it there for a few seconds before releasing the suction, and repeating the process. “Ah. Ah!” Jimin felt his clit pulsating and the wave rising up to a peak. He inhaled sharply, holding his breath, preparing himself for the descend—

“Taehyung, stop,” Jungkook said, tone emphasising no tolerance towards disobedience.

Jimin had to bite his tongue to keep himself from screaming when the suction on his clit stopped and Taehyung pulled back. His lips and chin were slick and shiny from being buried in Jimin’s wet heat, his eyes glazed over and half-lidded.

Jungkook yanked Jimin’s head back with the grip on his hair, forcing Jimin to look up at him. “You stop pleasuring him, he stops pleasuring you. Got it?”

Jimin blinked, trying to clear his mind from the high of his pre-orgasm haze. He wanted to argue that it was difficult to focus with so much pleasure bursting through him, but kept his mouth shut, not wanting to get punished. He lowered his eyes in submission, nodding his head meekly.

“Good.” Jungkook loosened the grip on his hair slightly, guiding Jimin down towards Taehyung’s cock, which lay against the his pelvis, neglected and hard.

“C’mon,” Jungkook said as he grabbed Taehyung’s cock in one hand, feeling it pulsating in his grip, before forcing Jimin to go down on it with the other. “Open up your pretty, little mouth.”

“Yeah, just like that,” he said, voice husky and eyes hooded at the sight of Jimin’s thick, full lips forming an ‘O’ as he took the tip of Taehyung's cock in to his mouth. The scene looked so obscene that Jungkook almost let out a groan. “Fuck, your lips were made to suck cock. So fucking pretty.”

With his hand still clutching the soft, brown strands of Jimin's hair, Jungkook made Jimin bob his head up and down Taehyung's cock. The veins in Jimin’s neck became prominent as his throat constricted and unconstricted, trying to adjust to the thick cock plunging it.

Jungkook let go of his hold on the base of Taehyung’s cock so that he could press down on Taehyung’s pelvis, preventing from bucking up in to Jimin’s mouth.

“You’re taking him in so well,” he said while pushing down on the back of Jimin’s head. He forced Jimin to take Taehyung's cock in deeper until it grazed Jimin’s tonsils and the tip of it made contact with the back of his throat. “Such a good kitten.”

Jimin’s eyes watered, welling up with tears, as the hold on him refused to let up and allow him to catch a break. His nostrils flared as he tried to take in deep breaths, attempting to relax his throat.

“Look at you; this is all you’re good for, huh? I should just use you to warm my cock all day.”

A moan garbled in Jimin’s throat as the words shot straight to his pussy; his opening clenched and unclenched, secreting out more fluid.

Fuck, that feels so good,” Taehyung said, eyes squeezed shut and head thrown back due to the vibration of the sound reverberating around his cock. He clutched the back of Jimin’s thighs, nails digging in to the skin as he felt his incoming orgasm.

Shit, shit. Pull him off. Pull him off, Kook, or I’m going to come,” he said through clenched teeth.

Not a second later, Jungkook let go of his hold on Jimin and Jimin pulled himself up, releasing Taehyung's cock from his mouth. He took in huge gulps of air before breaking out in to coughs. Jungkook combed his fingers through Jimin’s hair, petting him and giving him time to recover while Taehyung rubbed his hands up and down the back of Jimin’s thighs, pressing his lips against the crescent marks his nails had left behind.

“Feeling alright?” Jungkook asked softly after Jimin had gotten a grip on himself.

“Yeah,” Jimin said, nodding his head. He lifted himself up to a sitting position on Taehyung, settling his weight on his knees, which were digging in to the mattress on either side of Taehyung’s chest. His eyes were slightly puffy with stray tears clinging to his lashes and his hair was all mussed up, but he managed a smile. Jungkook thought he couldn’t look any more beautiful.

Jungkook gently took ahold of Jimin’s chin between his thumb and the side of his index-finger. Then he tilted Jimin’s face up to capture his lips in a sweet but searing kiss. Their teeth clashed accidentally when the both of them smiled in to the kiss and Jimin pulled back, giggling. He rested his forehead against Jungkook’s.

“What about me?” Taehyung said, whining. He rested his hands on Jimin’s waist and then proceeded to rake his nails over the skin lightly, causing Jimin’s body to jerk. “Stop that,” Jimin said with a laugh. He placed his hands on top of Taehyung’s larger ones, interlocking their fingers together, rendering Taehyung's hands still. “That tickles.”

“Then give me some attention too,” Taehyung said. He slid up the bed from under Jimin so that he could lift his upper body up to drape himself over Jimin’s back. He locked his arms around Jimin's slim waist, enveloping him in his hold.

Jimin let out an airy chuckle. He raised an arm up to place his palm over the nape of Taehyung’s neck as Taehyung leaned down, busying himself with peppering soft kisses over Jimin's shoulder.

“You’re like a big, needy puppy,” Jimin said teasingly, smiling widely as Taehyung nosed along his neck, nuzzling him.

Jimin squealed in delight, his body twitching and legs kicking out as he tried to jerk away from the fingers tickling his sides in retribution for his teasing. “Oh Go—I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said in between high-pitched giggles, tears welling up in his eyes as he was unable to catch his breath.

“Kook, ah—help me, please!” he gasped out, hiccuping and laughing.

But Jungkook just shook his head, the corner of his lips curled up mischievously. The tinkle of Jimin’s giggles sounded pleasing to his ears.

“You traitor,“ Jimin wheezed out, falling back against Taehyung’s broad chest when Taehyung finally decided to have mercy on him; his chest heaved as he caught his breath.

“And you,” Jimin twisted his neck to the side, addressing Taehyung. “You’re being really mean today.”

A low, deep chuckle rumbled from Taehyung’s chest. “Hmm…But I haven’t really been mean yet,” he said, and Jimin’s breath hitched when Taehyung slid his hand down his stomach slowly, palm lifting up until only his fingers spider-walked forward, touch feather-light. He stopped just above the smooth skin of Jimin’s pelvis.

Jimin whimpered. “Please.”

Jungkook wrapped his hand around Jimin’s ankle, caressing his thumb over the skin gently.

“Are you ready for more?” He asked seriously, and Jimin replied:

“Yes. God, if you don’t make me come soon, I’m leaving you two here and getting off by myself.”

Jungkook let out a short laugh. “You’re going to regret saying that, kitten. You’ll be begging me to stop instead.” A shiver ran up Jimin’s spine at the promise in his intense gaze.

Tightening his grip around Jimin’s ankle, Jungkook pulled Jimin towards himself, and Jimin yelped—surprised.

Jungkook dragged him down until he lay sprawled across the bed, back against the sheets. Jimin groaned, “I hate it when you two manhandle me, it’s so fucking unfair.”

“Really?” A challenging look crossed Jungkook’s face and he leaned forward, forcing Jimin’s legs apart; he reached between them and trailed his finger across the slit between Jimin’s pussy lips, causing Jimin to shudder. Jungkook pulled up his glistening finger for him to observe, a cocky smirk plastered over his face. “Your soaking wet pussy says otherwise.”

Taehyung laughed as Jimin told Jungkook to shut up, pink spreading across Jimin’s cheeks as he turned his head to the side, pulling his legs together.

Still grinning widely, Jungkook sucked the finger in to his mouth and swirled his tongue over the wet digit, licking up the slick. Pulling his finger out, he looked at Taehyung and said, “Can you open him up for me?”

Taehyung shrugged. “Sure.”

Taehyung moved across the bed until he reached Jimin’s legs. He smacked his hand lightly over the meat of Jimin’s thigh. “Open your legs, Jimin. Don’t make me make you.” He squeezed a hand between Jimin's powerful thighs, just resting it there—an unspoken threat that he’d force them apart otherwise. But he didn’t have to as Jimin spread his legs apart, compliant.

“Good choice,” Taehyung said, getting between them.

Jungkook straddled Jimin, knees settled on the bed on opposite sides of Jimin’s chest. He tugged at his cock languidly a few times, the head angry and red, dripping with pre-come. Jungkook rubbed the tip of his cock against Jimin’s plump lips, letting pre-come smear across them. He groaned out loud when Jimin’s tongue peeked out to swipe over his pre-come.

Jimin looked up at Jungkook with large eyes, an expression of false-innocence on his face as he smacked his lips together at the salty taste. “Mmm…”

A low growl came out of Jungkook’s throat. “Fuck, you’re such a tease. You really make me want to wreck you.”

Jimin smirked, satisfied at having riled Jungkook up. “Then what are you waiting for? Use me.” he said, eyes half-lidded and sultry. He rested his head back against the sheets, opening his mouth in invitation, pink tongue stretching out.

Jungkook tangled his fingers in Jimin’s hair until he had Jimin’s head in a vice-like grip. He forced Jimin to lift his head up with a harsh tug, and then holding Jimin in place, he placed the tip of his cock on Jimin’s tongue. “You want to stop, you tap me on my thigh twice.”

Jimin nodded slightly—as much as the grip on his hair would allow—before swirling his tongue around the pulsating head of Jungkook's cock, making sure to completely lather it with his saliva. He pulled his tongue back to flick the tip across the slit, and then proceeded to take the head of Jungkook's cock in to his mouth, his plump, rosy lips latching around it obscenely.

“God,” Jungkook groaned, tilting his head back and clenching his eyes shut at the intense sensation of Jimin sucking on the head of his cock enthusiastically with his cheeks hallowed, “you’re so hungry for it.”

When Jimin tried to take him in deeper, Jungkook tightened his grip in Jimin’s hair, not allowing him to move further, which caused Jimin to whine. Jungkook smirked down at him, his eyes dark. “Tell me, why should I reward you with my cock, hmm…?

Jimin let the cock slip out of his mouth with a wet pop, mewling lightly when the tip slapped against his lips. He looked up at Jungkook, lips parted and pupils blown wide with a glazed look in his eyes.

Please. I’ll make you feel so good. Please allow me to make you feel good,” he said, desperation lacing his tone.

“Stop messing with him, Jungkook,” Taehyung spoke up from where he was nestled between Jimin’s splayed legs. “Just look at how bad he wants it, he sounds so pathetic.” Taehyung pushed his index finger in to Jimin’s vaginal opening, letting it be consumed by the tight, wet heat of Jimin’s thick walls. Jimin’s eyes fluttered and he let out a breathy, little moan when Taehyung began to push his finger in and out of him at a leisurely pace.

Jungkook huffed out a laugh, nodding. “Alright.” He steadied his cock in his grip and brought it before Jimin’s lips, who slackened his jaw and let his mouth hang open.

“That’s it,” Jungkook muttered hoarsely, guiding Jimin closer with a hand on the back his head. He moved his hips forward and eased his cock further in to Jimin’s mouth. “That’s a good kitten.”

He removed his hand from around his cock and entangled it in Jimin’s hair. Bracing Jimin’s head with both hands, he began to thrust in-and-out slowly.

“Should I come in your filthy, little mouth and fill your stomach up with my cum since you’re you so hungry for it?” Jungkook said, his breathing picking up as he thrust a little faster.

Jimin’s drawled-out moan got muddled by Jungkook's cock in his mouth. “Nah,” Jungkook continued, “I think I’ll prefer to cum in your pretty pussy. Or maybe your fucking perfect ass.”

As he said this, he pushed his cock in until the tip of his cock tickled the back of Jimin’s throat and Jimin made a choking noice, saliva accumulating in his mouth until it drooled out. It slid down his chin and dripped on to his chest.

Jungkook chuckled darkly. “Look at the mess you’re making. Drooling for my cock, you want it that bad?”

He pulled out until only the head of his cock remained before pushing back in languidly until Jimin’s nose brushed against the skin of his lower belly, enjoying the way Jimin’s throat fluttered around him, trying to adjust.

Jimin continued to stay still, pliant and gagging slightly, with tears brimming in his eyes as Jungkook thrust in-and-out of his open mouth, using him for his own pleasure, and Jimin loved every second of it.

Jungkook was about to pull back out when Jimin stiffened; his eyes almost rolled back in to his head as he garbled around Jungkook's cock incoherently. Jungkook twisted his neck, turning his head to throw a glance over his shoulder at Taehyung, who looked up, grinning mischievously.

“Found his spot,” he said, curling his fingers back up to press against the slightly raised, rough patch on Jimin’s vaginal wall. He rubbed against it, eliciting Jimin to keen.

Not wanting to come before he’d had a chance to fuck Jimin, Jungkook reluctantly pulled himself out of Jimin’s mouth. He gently let Jimin’s head rest against the bed, and then got off of Jimin to settle on the bed beside him. 

“Are you done, Tae?” he asked, a bit impatient.

Taehyung just hummed under his breath, pulling his fingers out and then re-inserting them, this time with his pinky added. He pumped his four fingers in-and-out at a languid pace, stretching them apart inside as much as the walls clamping down on them would allow.

Jimin tilted his head back with a whine when Taehyung pulled his fingers out of him completely. He felt a bit frustrated that they weren’t allowing him to come.

Please, just fucking let me come,” he begged, his voice hoarse and sore from having his throat fucked.

“Be patient,” Taehyung said, climbing up the bed. He brought his drenched fingers—that were covered with Jimin’s natural lubrication—up to Jimin’s mouth and told him to suck. Jimin narrowed his eyes up at him but complied nonetheless. He wrapped his lips around Taehyung's fingers, sucking on them obediently. He slipped his tongue between two of Taehyung's fingers, swiping it over the web of skin between them, causing Taehyung to let out a small moan.

“God, you love the taste of your own slick, don’t you,” Taehyung said in a gruff voice as Jimin bobbed his head, stretching his mouth and trying to take in all four fingers up to the knuckle before pulling back until only the tips of the fingers remained.

“Yeah…just like that…” he encouraged, breathing heavily, gaze locked on the way Jimin struggled to take his fingers in completely.

Taehyung didn’t remove his fingers from Jimin’s mouth until Jimin hadn’t thoroughly traced his tongue over every inch of his fingers, sucking on his own slick and replacing it with a coat of his saliva.

Taehyung let his fingers drag over Jimin’s bottom lip as he pulled them out, causing Jimin's bottom lip to jut out.

Jungkook suddenly plopped on to the bed space beside them with a wet wash cloth in hand; Taehyung hadn’t even realised that Jungkook had left the room.

“Sit up, kitten,” Jungkook said softly.

After Jimin got up, Jungkook leaned forward and gently grabbed him by the nape of his neck, pushing Jimin closer so that he could wipe his face clean. Jimin giggled cutely as Jungkook delicately dabbed the wash cloth over his closed eyelids before moving down to rub it over his chin, wiping away the drool.

Taehyung grabbed Jimin’s hand in his, almost cooing out loud at the way the his hand almost dwarfed Jimin’s. He tugged on it to get Jimin’s attention. “C’mon, get back up on me. Let’s sixty-nine again; I want to eat you out while Kook fucks you.”


As Jimin and Taehyung settled down in a sixty-nine position, Jungkook lifted himself up over Taehyung's face, moving to position himself behind Jimin.

“Yeah, put it in,” Taehyung encouraged gruffly, laid out underneath Jimin, his hands spreading the thick meat of Jimin’s ass apart as Jungkook steadied his cock in his grip, the hard girth feeling hot and heavy with arousal, and inserted himself in to the tight, pulsating, wet heat of Jimin’s pussy with a loud groan and a hand pushing on the swell of Jimin’s ass.

“Oh shit, nngh…” Jimin whined, feeling overwhelmed as he was pierced open, his vaginal opening spasming, trying to adjust to the intrusion.

Jungkook began thrusting in and out, while Taehyung lapped his tongue over the delicate, little folds of Jimin’s inner lips surrounding the entrance of his pussy from underneath.

“Mmm…” Taehyung mumbled as moved his tongue up and down Jimin’s pussy, lathering the slit with his saliva until it was glistening wet. Occasionally he’d lift his head higher and lick a stroke along Jungkook’s cock while it pumped in and out of Jimin’s hole, causing a hitch in Jungkook’s breath. Sighs and moans filled the room, along with wet, munching sounds as Taehyung ate Jimin out.

Jungkook slowed down his thrusts, pushing in and out with long, deep strokes. “Oh, oh.” Jimin let out breathy, little moans at the powerful movement. His ass wriggled slightly as he bounced back on Jungkook’s cock, meeting him half-way.

After awhile, Jungkook let his cock pull out until only the tip remained, resting it against the opening — teasing. He watched, hungrily, as the entrance clenched and unclenched, unaccustomed to the emptiness after being stretched open.

Jimin reached behind himself with both hands, clutching his cheeks apart, spreading himself open for Jungkook to see, hoping that Jungkook would be tempted to push himself back in at the display. “Please,” he mumbled, his voice dripping with yearning, he’d been so close to coming.

Jungkook chuckled darkly. “So fucking desperate; just look at you begging for it. I should fuck you in front of a mirror next time so you can see the pathetic state you’re in.”

Jimin whined. “Please, please, I’ll be so good. Just Ple— Ah!” Jimin cried out, his shouts getting louder as Jungkook slammed in to him with a deep stroke, filling him to the hilt before pulling out and pushing back in just as hard; his whole body jerking in time with Jungkook’s powerful thrusts.

Underneath, Taehyung pressed his finger-tips on the plush lips of Jimin’s pussy, spreading them wide to flick his tongue in side-to-side movements against the sensitive nub of his clit. He continued the torment until his tongue tired out, only to shift and use his fingers to rub over the throbbing clit while giving his mouth some rest.

Jimin keened when Jungkook lifted himself higher and pressed deeper in to him until the insides of Jungkook’s thighs were rubbing against the top of the swell of his ass; Jungkook’s sack slapping against the folds of Jimin’s inner labia as he drilled in and out him.

Taehyung began to gently pat the length of his fingers over Jimin’s clit in rapid movements as Jimin’s moans got louder and his breathing became heavier — signs of his incoming orgasm. Taehyung leaned closer, and trapped the pink folds underneath Jimin’s opening between his lips, mouthing and munching on them before proceeding to swipe his tongue on the edge of Jimin’s entrance.

Taehyung pulled back as Jungkook slammed himself back in to the opening, burying himself deep and rolling his hips in small, circular motions; the curve of his cock rubbing against the complex of nerves with in Jimin’s vaginal walls. Cries filled the room as Jimin blubbered incoherently, overwhelmed with pleasure.

Taehyung flattened his tongue and licked a wet stripe across his fingers, lubricating them and placing them over Jimin’s clit as Jungkook’s cock slipped out, and Jungkook stepped aside. Taehyung’s fingers flew over Jimin’s sensitive nub causing the muscles in the back of Jimin’s thighs to clench and his legs and ass to quiver, the shaking increasing with each stroke of Taehyung’s fingers.

Taehyung opened his mouth, jaws wide and tongue out as a few drops of fluid began to spurt out of Jimin’s pussy, the flow increasing as he rubbed faster until a clear spray landed on his face, wetting him.

Licking his lips, he grinned wolfishly, continuing to rub his fingers faster until he was showered again. “Fuck, you’re a hose,” he laughed breathily, slowing down the movement of his fingers and rubbing gently over the nub, trying to ease Jimin down from his orgasm as Jimin sobbed, his body still shaking slightly.

Jungkook gave Jimin little time to recover before he lifted himself back over Taehyung’s face in a squatting position and inserted himself in to Jimin, the muscles on the side of his hips flexing with the force of his thrusts.

“O-oh god,” Jimin gasped shakily, his vision going blurry and brain short-circuiting with pleasure as another burst of orgasm wracked through him like a tidal wave crashing over the shore. He clenched the bed sheet in his fists while the pads of Taehyung’s fingers continued their dance over his clit.

Jimin lurched forward, his arms giving out, body collapsing over Taehyung’s as he tried to escape the onslaught on his over-sensitive pussy; fluid gushing out of his convulsing opening and landing on Taehyung’s stomach as Jungkook’s cock slipped out. Jimin was only able to slide himself over Taehyung’s legs before Jungkook held him down, hands pressing on his hips.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, eyes glinting dangerously.

“Nnghh,” Jimin replied incoherently, tongue heavy in his mouth. A loud keen forced it’s way out of Jimin's throat as Jungkook tightened his grip on Jimin’s hips, preventing him from escaping so that he could push himself back in to the wet heat. His powerful, vigorous thrusts hammered in to Jimin, causing Jimin’s legs to splay out further until he was completely laid out on top of Taehyung — pinned down.

“Oh God, please. I can’t.” Jimin’s cries filled the room along with wet slaps of penetration and Jungkook’s rough grunts. An intense sensation began to build up inside Jimin until he felt like he had to pee.

Stuck underneath, Taehyung grabbed the back of Jimin’s quivering thighs and rutted his hips up desperately, trying to gain friction as Jimin’s pelvis pressed against his throbbing cock.

Finally after a few more thrusts Jungkook felt his orgasm approaching so he grabbed the base of his cock, forming a ring with his hand. Keeping the grip around his girth tight to prevent himself from coming, he gingerly pulled out, wincing slightly as his sensitive cock slid through the tight, spasming muscles. As soon as Jungkook’s tip slid out, the pressure inside Jimin released in a burst, and fluid ejaculated out. Lifting his hips slightly, Jimin reached between his legs with a trembling hand and rubbed at his pussy with aggressive, circular movements, gasping out loud. “Shit, shit.”

Another spurt of fluid forced it’s way out of him.

Taehyung pulled himself out from underneath Jimin, letting Jimin’s pelvis slide on to the bed. He wrapped his hand around his cock, using the thin, odourless fluid drenching his fingers from Jimin’s squirt to lubricate the slide of his fist up and down his cock as he pumped himself in long, slow strokes.

It took him great self-restrain not to make himself come right then and there after the obscene display that had occurred before him. It was so fucking hot to see Jimin lose control of himself like that.

Jimin turned to lay on his back, sweat sheening his flushed skin. He looked up at the ceiling, dazed. “That was…” he trailed off, mind still a muddled mess.

“The hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jungkook filled in, smiling cheekily as he settled on his side beside Jimin, supporting the side of his head on his palm.

Jimin hit the back of his hand against Jungkook’s defined pec for the comment before closing his eyes. “Just give me a few seconds,” he said, his chest rising and falling rhythmically as he caught his breath.

“Take your time,” Jungkook muttered, clasping his hand around Jimin’s smaller one which was still resting against his chest. He brought Jimin’s hand up to his lips to press a firm kiss against the soft skin.

Taehyung sidled up next to Jimin on the other side, leaning down to nuzzle his nose in to Jimin's locks, inhaling the familiar, sweet scent of Jimin’s shampoo.

Jimin turned his head, lifting his chin up and allowing Taehyung to delicately press their lips together, caressing his lips against his. Taehyung pressed himself closer, kissing with fervour. He swiped his tongue across Jimin’s plush lips, urging Jimin to open up.

As Jimin and Taehyung’s kiss got more heated, Jungkook began littering kisses across the sharp cut of Jimin’s jawline from the other side. His lips continued trailing lower, from Jimin’s chin to his neck, making their way down to his collar bone with sweet kisses.

Jimin moaned in to Taehyung’s mouth, their tongues sliding against each other as Jungkook put his lips around his nipple, sucking greedily, alternating between little nips and kitten licks. Jimin tried not to shudder when Jungkook pinched at his nipple, working it in to a hard nub and flicking on it.

Jimin inhaled sharply when Jungkook clasped the pebbled bud of his nipple between his front teeth, pressing them together. Jimin pulled away from Taehyung with a hiss as Jungkook let go of the bud, the sting of the bite shooting through his nerves.

Jungkook flattened his tongue, licking a small stripe over the dusty-pink areola, trying to soothe the ache.

“You have the prettiest little teats, they’re so damn sensitive,” Jungkook muttered.

He looked up at Jimin, his gaze intense, as he put his lips back around the nipple, sucking on it enthusiastically and Jimin moaned out loud, his hand reaching out to tangle itself in Jungkook’s soft, black locks.

“Why don’t you get them pierced?” Jungkook suggested, pulling up, and Jimin would have retorted but Taehyung caught his bottom lip between his teeth, tugging on it gently, so Jimin resorted to pulling on Jungkook’s hair sharply to relay his displeasure.

“Ouch, okay, okay. No piercings,” Jungkook surrendered, huffing out a laugh. “Such a pity though, it would’ve been so fun to play with them.”

He leaned back down to nibble on the mound of Jimin’s pec, swiping his tongue on the skin.

Jimin let out a shaky exhale, his eyes falling shut when Taehyung sucked on the sensitive skin below his ear, a shudder passing through his body at the ticklish sensation.

Taehyung made his way down until he came upon Jimin’s other nipple. He clicked his tongue.

“We can’t have this one left neglected, can we,” Taehyung commented, trapping the bud between his teeth and tugging on it harshly.

Jimin mewled, letting out little hiccups in between breathy moans as Jungkook and Taehyung busied themselves with marking up his chest, sucking bruises on the skin while pinching and twisting his nipples.

They forced his hands down by his sides, restraining him when he tried to pull on their hair, pleading with them to ease up on their torment, but they remained persistent.

By the time they let up, his dusty buds were bitten swollen and sore, bruises littered all around the areolas. Jimin reached up to soothe the ache, only to pull his hand back sharply when the pad of his fingers made contact with the bud, hissing at the sensitivity of his raw nipple.

“Fuck, that hurts.”

“Sorry, we got a little carried away,” Taehyung admitted, trying to appear apologetic, but the pleased gleam in his eyes gave him away. Both him and Jungkook looked extremely satisfied by the result of their handiwork.


Jimin laid down on his stomach, a distressed whimper leaving his throat as his chest grazed the bed, the fabric of the bedsheet feeling rough against his sore and over-sensitive nipples.

He shuddered as Jungkook traced a hand from the top of his spine, trailing it down to the natural dip in his back, Jungkook’s thumb rubbing over the slight indent of one his dimples before moving to slide his hand up the curve of his ass.

Jimin lifted his hips up, allowing Jungkook to shove a pillow underneath his pelvis.

After Jimin had settled on the pillow, Jungkook brought his hand down to slap it hard on Jimin’s ass and Jimin screeched, the meat of his firm globes jiggling at the force. A dark pink hue bloomed across the smarting cheek and Jimin could feel his pussy drip at the sting; he whined desperately, his hips bucking down to rut against the pillow.

Jungkook’s own hand tingled due to the harsh blow and he rubbed his hands together to soothe it. He tried to restrain the dark urge bubbling inside his chest, wanting to spank Jimin’s ass until the soft skin was red and bruised, and tears were streaming down Jimin’s face.

Deciding to have mercy this time, Jungkook moved to lay down between Jimin’s legs. His mouth watered, practically gagging for a taste, as he let his hands move down the back of Jimin’s thick thighs, his touch almost worshipping as he delicately stroked the smooth and supple skin.

He started off with nipping the sensitive skin just above the shallow depression on the back of Jimin’s knee, causing Jimin’s leg to jerk, before licking a firm stripe up the back of his thigh, stopping just short of the swell of his voluptuous ass.

“Ugnhh!” Jimin cried out, tears springing in his eyes, his hands twitching helplessly by the side of his head as Jungkook sunk his teeth in to the soft, plush cushion of one of his cheeks, bitting down on it. Letting go, Jungkook flattened his tongue, sliding it over the red indents his bite had left behind.

“Sorry, did I hurt you, baby?” Jungkook asked, rubbing his hand in circles over the back of Jimin’s thigh in apology when he heard Jimin let out a sniffle.

Jimin wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand, lips curling up slightly. “M’okay, it just stung really badly at the moment.”

Eyes not straying from the back of Jimin’s head for a few seconds, Jungkook made sure Jimin was really okay before lowering his neck to press a sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek of his ass, meanwhile, Taehyung stroked his fingers through Jimin’s hair, rubbing the pads of his fingers in a calm, soothing motion over Jimin’s scalp.

Jungkook spread the thick, heavy meat of Jimin’s ass-cheeks apart, his eyes dark and hungry as the rosy bud of Jimin’s asshole and his smooth pussy folds were exposed.

Jimin’s asshole winked when Jungkook nosed along it, inhaling the natural, musky aroma mixed in with the flowery scent of whatever soap Jimin had used to wash himself there. Jungkook’s eye-lashes fluttered and a low, deep groan rumbled from his chest as he said:

“God, I’ve been waiting to do this; been thinking about giving your ass the rimming it deserves all-night long after you wore those jeans yesterday. Couldn’t even sleep.”

He kneaded the firm flesh of Jimin’s ass with his hands, squeezing and massaging it as his mouth gravitated towards the pink, twitching hole; he swiped his tongue over it once before making the appendage rigid and pushing it past the ring of muscles.

He fucked his tongue in and out of the tight resistance, hooking one of his thumbs against the rim to make the movement of his thrusts easier.

Jimin’s breathing began to pick up, coming out in rough pants as he rolled his hips trying to grind back on Jungkook’s tongue.

“Was my baby that desperate to get his ass eaten out? Look at you moving your hips back so shamelessly,” Taehyung said, his voice gruff, and Jimin moaned, a little delirious with need, arousal brimming in the pit of his stomach.

Jungkook had his face buried between Jimin’s cheeks, his nose pressed against the skin of Jimin’s crack while he dug his tongue deep in to the constricting, velvet walls; his lungs beginning to burn for air as he refused to pull away to catch a breath.

Finally, not able to hold his breath any longer and feeling his tongue tiring out, Jungkook lifted his head with a gasp, his chest heaving as he sucked in large gulps of air. He gave himself a few more seconds before diving back in, diligently plunging his tongue in and out, forcing the ring of muscles to loosen and accept the intrusion.

“Is this what you wanted when you purposely bent down in front of us in those tight, little jeans? Does it feel good?” Taehyung asked, tightening his grip on Jimin’s hair.

Jimin whined pathetically. “Feels so good, please, please,” he blabbered on, voice breaking out in to a hiccup at the end as he rolled his hips down, trying to get Jungkook’s tongue in as far as possible.

“God,” Jungkook muttered, pulling back up. He spread Jimin’s cheeks apart wider before pursing his lips to spit on the already glistening asshole, rubbing his thumb over the twitching muscle and letting the saliva spread on it.

He pushed his index finger in to the hole, the slide smoother and easier after having eaten Jimin out. He set a maddeningly slow pace with his finger, pushing it in and out languidly.

After a while he inserted his tongue along with the finger, pressing the tip of his thumb against the rim and pushing on it to make room. He drilled his tongue in and out, following the pattern of his finger as Jimin sobbed, his cries slightly hysterical.

With the ache in his jaw getting too much to bear, Jungkook pulled his tongue out and lifted his head.

“Tae, hand me the lube.”

Perking up, Taehyung leaned over to the side of the bed, reaching out to pull a half-empty medium sized tube of lube out the bedside drawer, throwing it towards Jungkook.

Catching it in his hands, Jungkook twisted open the cap and inserted the narrow mouth in to Jimin’s asshole, pressing his thumb down on the tube and letting the clear, viscous fluid squirt in to the canal.

Jimin’s eyes widened and his shapely lips parted, a sharp exhale gushing past them as Jungkook almost emptied the tube inside of him.

“Oh fuck,” Jungkook muttered, swallowing thickly, eyes locked on the crude sight of Jimin’s asshole clenching and unclenching, letting out a lewd squelching sound as some of the lube poured out, trailing down the cleft of his ass and moving over his fat pussy lips before dripping down on the bed.

Jimin whined helplessly, his face and ears turning red. He folded his arms and buried his face between them, trying to hide.

“You’re so embarrassed but you can’t even stop yourself from clenching down because you’re so desperate to have your tight, little hole stuffed full,” Taehyung spoke up cruelly.

Jimin squeaked as his asshole convulsed involuntarily at the comment, more lube pouring out.

“Holy shit, that sounded so hot,” Taehyung said, moaning gruffly and moving to grab his shaft in his fist, pumping it lightly.

“You should see how it looks like — fucking filthy,” Jungkook said, pupils blown wide with arousal and awe as he rubbed his fingers over Jimin’s glistening, rosy bud, before inserting two fingers past the ring of muscles, fucking them in and out.

Jimin’s mouth hung open, his features scrunched up in pleasure as Jungkook moved the fingers with firm, steady strokes. He grinded his ass back, begging to be filled.

“I can take more, please, please. Need mo — Oh God, Yes!”

Jimin shouted as Jungkook added a third finger, Jungkook increasing the pace of his thrusts, the veins in his arms protruding deliciously as he fucked his fingers in and out of Jimin’s hole.

“Can’t wait to fuck you open,” Jungkook said, inserting his little finger in and increasing the digits to four. “The way your tight, little hole is sucking my fingers in so greedily makes me think you can’t either.”

“W—wanna be fucked so bad, please! A-ah! Wanna be fucked by both of y-you,” Jimin babbled, his tone pleading.

“Shit.” Jungkook faltered, a deep, drawled-out groan made it’s way out of his chest at the words leaving Jimin’s mouth. “That’s hot.”

Taehyung silently chuckled at the way Jungkook’s mind had malfunctioned after registering Jimin’s pleads; Jungkook’s eyes had glazed over and he still had his fingers buried in Jimin’s hole, unmoving. Taehyung shifted his gaze to Jimin.

“Is that what you want, baby? You wanna become our pretty, little slut and get fucked by both of us at the same time?” he asked softly, and Jimin moaned, humping the pillow pathetically, trying to get Jungkook to move his fingers.

“Yes, y-yes, please,” Jimin gasped out, swallowing thickly. He dug his nails in to the skin of his palm, fists clenched. “Wanna be your good, little s-slut. Wanna be filled so bad, please.

Jungkook snapped out of his mind-fuck and crooked his fingers inside of Jimin, dragging them along, feeling every inch of the fluttering walls of the canal, causing a loud gasp to escape past Jimin’s quivering lips.

Jungkook bucked his hips, rutting against the mattress once, then twice, loosing his grasp over his self-control. Jimin was so damn tight around his fingers, despite being opened up with his tongue and his fingers, and Jungkook was finding it difficult to be patient and wait to see how maddeningly good Jimin would feel wrapped around his aching arousal after being penetrated by both him and Taehyung.

Not able to take it any longer, Jungkook dragged his fingers against the lubed, silky walls one last time before pulling his fingers out, cruelly enjoying the way the pink rim contracted around the digits, trying to keep him inside.

“No, please,” Jimin whined, his voice laced with a hint of distress as he felt the fingers leave him; his hole clenching and unclenching around nothing, aching to be filled again.

Jimin turned around, moving to lay on his back. He stretched his arm down to reach between his legs; canting his hips upwards, he pushed three fingers inside of himself, pumping them in and out of his asshole desperately at a furious pace; whining out loud when his short, stubby fingers weren’t enough to burrow deep inside.

"Have you ever seen a more pathetic sight than this?" Taehyung chuckled lowly, his eyes meeting Jungkook’s before flicking back to Jimin. "Are your tiny, baby hands not enough? You know they aren't, only a cock could satisfy your greedy little hole. Tell me how bad you want it."

Jimin let out a desperate, needy whine. "Please, want your cock so bad. Ah, n-need to be filled. Please," he begged shamelessly, continuing to fuck himself with his fingers fruitlessly.

Jungkook grabbed the tube of lube, applying a few drops of the thick lubricant over his finger-tips, reaching down to lather it over his cock, pumping his hand up and down over his length with slow, lazy strokes. He smirked down at Jimin, his gaze hungry, before moving to lay down on his back.

"Get on me," Jungkook commanded, resting the back of his head against the pillow and continuing to play with his cock as Jimin pulled his fingers out of himself and got up to climb over him, settling himself in a squatting position over his pelvis.

Steadying his cock, he teased Jimin with the head of his shaft, letting the tip rub against Jimin’s smooth pussy lips, smearing pre-come over one of the folds. Jimin’s thighs quivered with the effort of having to hold himself up as Jungkook slipped his cock between his folds, slowly tracing the tip between the glistening slit until he reached Jimin’s vaginal opening, only to pull back away.

Jimin whined. “Please.”

Lips curled up in to a cruel smirk, Jungkook replied casually,”Why are you begging? It’s right there, take it in your self.”

He chuckled lowly at the way Jimin stared at him in disbelief, slowly blinking a few times before letting out a frustrated huff and grumbling something under his breath. Jungkook let go of his cock as Jimin reached down to grip the shaft; Jimin unable to completely enclose his hand around the thick girth because of his tiny fingers.

Jimin’s legs bent further as he positioned Jungkook’s cock to rest against his opening, his swollen pussy lips parting as he slowly sank himself down unto the length. Jungkook sucked in a harsh breath, his head tilting back and eyes clenching shut as he was enveloped by the deliciously tight, wet heat.

He let his hands grip Jimin’s waist as Jimin settled down on him, having completely taken him up to the hilt. Jungkook almost forgot to breathe when Jimin’s pussy spasmed around his cock, unintentionally massaging the length in its attempt to get adjusted to the intrusion.

“Oh, shit.” His grip on Jimin’s waist tightened as overwhelming pleasure shot through him, and he had to take a few deep, measured breaths to calm himself enough to the point where he wouldn’t come instantly.

Jimin lifted himself up, breathy little moans escaping past his lips as he slid up the length, only to slowly lower himself back down. He repeated this a few times before Jungkook had enough and bucked his hips up, slamming in to Jimin so hard that Jimin cried out, his hands scrambling to clutch Jungkook’s shoulders, trying to brace himself.

Jungkook’s abdominal muscles contracted and relaxed as he jack-hammered in and out of Jimin.

“Ah! Jung-Jungkook! Please slow dow— Fuck. Fuck!” Jimin shouted, his ass bouncing along with the powerful thrusts.

Jungkook forced himself to stop after a few more harsh thrusts, reaching out to spread Jimin’s asscheeks apart so that Taehyung could enter.

Taehyung trudged closer on his knees, steadily inserting himself in to Jimin’s opening with a hand around the base of his cock; Jimin’s rim stretched around the girth, turning slightly red and puffy as it was forced to split open to make room for the profound length.

Taehyung had only entered in half-way when Jimin cried out for them to stop, every muscle in his body tensing as if to protect itself causing Taehyung and Jungkook to let out simultaneous, twin groans as Jimin clenched around them — exceptionally tight.

Jimin’s chest was heaving as he took in large gulps of air, his nails digging in to Jungkook’s shoulders in an attempt to ground himself from the searing stretch of taking both cocks at once.

“It’s too much…I—I can’t,” Jimin stammered out, his eyes frantic. He felt like he was being split apart.

Taehyung placed his hand on Jimin’s back, rubbing it over the skin in a calming manner. He blinked a few times, trying to get his mind to focus and snap out of the pleasurable haze that fogged his brain due to the tight ring of muscles enclosing his cock in a vice-like grip.

Jimin hadn’t used the safe-word so that meant that Jimin only needed some re-assurance and time to adjust, but to make sure, Taehyung asked gently:

“What’s the safe-word, baby? Do you want to stop?”

Jimin shook his head, the muscles in his jaw twitching as he clenched his teeth. “Jus—just don’t move.”

“We won’t move, okay. Just take your time,” Taehyung assured, his voice low and soothing as he continued rubbing circles over Jimin’s back. “Just breathe in and out slowly, and try to relax your muscles, baby. I promise, it’ll feel so much better if you just relax.”

Seeing Jimin continue to struggle, Jungkook lifted his upper body up to gently cup Jimin’s face in his hands, swiping away the stray tears trailing down his cheeks with delicate strokes of his thumb.

“Relax, kitten,” he whispered before capturing Jimin’s lips in a firm, searing kiss, causing Jimin to melt in to his touch. Continuing to move their lips together, Jungkook could feel the tension beginning to leave Jimin as his taut muscles relaxed and his posture became more loose.

“That’s it, you’re doing so well,” Taehyung encouraged. He wanted to lean down to press a kiss on Jimin’s back, but restrained himself, not moving an inch so as to not hinder Jimin’s progress.

Jimin’s body was steadily opening up to accept the new sensations, and Jungkook and Taehyung let out sighs of relief when the unyielding grip around their cocks loosened to a less breath-choking hold.

“You can move, Tae,” Jimin spoke up after a few minutes, having adjusted to the stretch as much as he could.

Taehyung moved his hips forward gently, inserting himself in to Jimin at a painstakingly slow pace, coming to a stop when he was sheathed inside fully, his large hands resting on Jimin’s hips.

They allowed Jimin to roll his hips in little circles as he tested the waters. Feeling good, Jimin began to slowly grind his hips, fucking himself on their cocks; his moans becoming louder as his movements turned more frantic.

Encouraged by his cries of pleasure, Jungkook and Taehyung started to rock in to Jimin, moving slowly at first, their cocks sliding against his walls, creating delicious friction which made Jimin press his teeth down on the cushion of his lower lip, trying to hold back his whimpers.

“Harder,” Jimin pleaded after a while, feeling himself about to go delirious with need.

He cried out when they obliged, his hands clutching Jungkook’s shoulders like a lifeline as they began to piston in and out of him at a firm, steady pace — penetrating him deeply.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Jungkook grunted out, thrusting his hips up. “Wanna continue fucking you until you can’t even form a sentence.”

Jimin shuddered, trapped between the two large men as they began to fuck him faster; his strident moans breaking out in to whines and desperate pleas.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, Jimin’s arms began to tremble and he buried his face in to Jungkook’s shoulder, unable to hold himself up any longer. His muffled sobs were barely heard over the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as their cocks slammed in to him. Jungkook wrapped his arm around Jimin's neck, turning his head to nuzzle Jimin’s hair, muttering out praises in to the soft locks.

After a while, Jungkook slowed his thrusts down to a stop, allowing Jimin to bounce on his cock from the force of Taehyung’s thrusts alone.

Meanwhile, Taehyung pressed down on the dip in Jimin’s lower back to accentuate the curve as he plunged in and out, groaning out loud when Jimin arched his back, pushing his ass up to tease him further.

Noticing what Jimin was up to, Jungkook reached out to slap Jimin’s firm asscheek several times in quick succession causing a cry to wrench out of his throat.

“You’re such a fucking tease, kitten. If you wanted to be wrecked so bad, you should’ve just asked for it.”

Jimin hiccuped, sobbing out loud, when Jungkook and Taehyung pulled out of him excruciatingly slow, only to slam back in at the same time, continuing to drill in and out of him at a brutal pace.

“How does it feel? Do you feel stuffed full?” Jungkook asked, grunting with exertion as he punctuated each question with a harsh thrust. “Answer me.”

“Ugnn!” Jimin cried out, his throat convulsing as he took in thick gulps of air, sounding like sobs. “F-feels so g-good. Feel full. Ah—Don’t s-stop!”

An orgasm was bubbling in the pit of his stomach like lava: intense, searing and overwhelming.

“S-so close, please,” Jimin gasped out, frantically fucking himself back on their cocks, his ass bouncing and thighs beginning to quiver. He could feel the intense bubbling in his stomach about to erupt, his muscles tensing in anticipation. “Oh God, please, I’m about to co—“

Taehyung and Jungkook stopped thrusting.

A distressed wail teared it’s way out of Jimin’s throat, and he dug his knees in to the mattress, his back arching as he tried to buck back on their cocks, pleading for them to move, to do something — anything.

“Please, please. Don’t do this. I-I need to come. Please,” he continued deliriously, voice cracking as tears of frustration began to well up in his eyes.

Deciding to have mercy, Taehyung leaned heavily on Jimin, his legs bent behind Jimin’s in a frog squat, feet planted firmly on the bed on either side of Jungkook’s legs; his thigh muscles straining as pushed himself up to the hilt inside Jimin until his pelvis was pressed against Jimin’s ample cheeks, sack brushing against skin.

He plastered himself to Jimin’s back, letting his weight add to the intensity as he rolled his hips in tight, little circles.

Jimin’s expression crumbled to one of intense pleasure as Taehyung’s weight on his back forced him to sink deeper on Jungkook’s cock; Jungkook’s cock penetrating deep inside of him and the curve of its head hitting a highly sensitive spot under his cervix.

“Oh, God! Fuck!” Jimin cried out, his chest heaving as his cervix got massaged to the rhythm of Taehyung’s thrusts.

He could feel his orgasm building up again rapidly. It started off as a warm sensation in the centre of his pelvis, becoming more and more intense as it resonated out in waves, before it erupted in to a momentous explosion which set him off in to a full-body orgasm. He lay atop Jungkook, digging his nails in to his shoulders, his eyes squeezed shut and mouth open in a silent scream as his muscles began to shake and twitch uncontrollably, intense pleasure wracking through his body like a tsunami.

Taehyung’s cock had been forced to slip out as Jimin’s body had jolted forward at the force of his orgasm, meanwhile, Jungkook clenched his teeth tightly, his jaw muscles twitching and the veins in his neck becoming prominent as Jimin’s pussy spasmed around his over-sensitive cock.

Jimin panted, his cheek pressed against Jungkook’s firm chest, a pleasurable tingling sensation spreading through his body from the top of his head to the tip of his toes as he descended from the high of his orgasm.

Jimin let out a shocked yelp, his hands scrambling to hold on to something, when he was suddenly forced off of Jungkook, Jungkook’s cock slipping out of his opening as he was lifted in to the air in Taehyung’s arms.

Taehyung let out a gruff chuckle. “Were you surprised?”

Instead of replying, Jimin just wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s neck, trying to stabilise himself. “Don’t drop me.”

Taehyung laughed, low-pitched. “I won’t.”

After a few beats, Taehyung said,”Baby, I want you to get back on Kook, but facing the other way this time, okay? Wanna fuck your pussy.”

Jimin nodded, forehead resting against the junction between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder. He took a few shaky breaths, composing himself, before asking Taehyung to put him down.

Jungkook moved down the bed until his legs were bent over the edge, spreading them apart so that Taehyung could take Jimin while standing between them.

Jimin moved to squat over Jungkook’s hips with slightly wobbly legs, his back facing Jungkook as he steadied the pulsating cock in his grip before sinking down on it with a soft gasp; his eye-lashes fluttering against his cheeks at the feeling of having his sore, puffy asshole filled to the brim again.

He leaned back against Jungkook’s toned stomach, spreading his legs and lifting them in the air so that his pussy was on display for Taehyung to do as he pleased.

“God,” Taehyung moaned, moving his fist up and down over his hard cock. “Your cunt looks wrecked…so flushed and swollen.”

Jimin cried out, his body jolting and thighs flexing with the urge to clench shut when Taehyung slapped a hand over his pussy — the hit hadn't been hard but his pussy was already thrumming with hypersensitivity after his intense orgasm, and the slap only made more blood rush to his vulva, making the area more sensitive.

"Was that too much for my baby?" Taehyung asked, and Jimin nodded, swallowing thickly.

He choked on his saliva, yelp caught in his throat, when Taehyung brought his hand down to spank it over his outer lips again. Jimin could feel his clit pulsate as tremors ran through his pussy due to the impact, his opening leaking out more fluid. Taehyung rubbed his hand over Jimin's swollen pussy lips, massaging them lightly to relieve some of the sting. 

"I think you like having your cunt spanked," Taehyung said, lifting his hand up for Jimin to observe. "Just look at this, you're soaking wet." 

Jimin averted his gaze, brimmed with pleasant shame upon seeing his own slick covering Taehyung's hand. He let out a low, quiet whine.

"What was that? Use your words, baby," Taehyung said. "Do you want to have your little pussy spanked until it's bruised and aching? You like that?"

 Jimin moaned, desperate and needy, his cheeks flushing and hands clenching in to fists as he admitted: "Y-yes, I like it. F-feels good." 

"God, Tae, just enter him already. I'm going to fucking die from blue balls," Jungkook cut in, getting increasingly impatient by the minute.

"Okay, okay," Taehyung appeased, chuckling gruffly.

He lined himself along Jimin’s entrance, pushing past the convulsing opening in to the moist heat. Taehyung found himself entranced — breath escaping his parted lips in a choked gasp — at the way the opening stretched to accommodate his cock; he slid his length out slightly allowing the pink skin to protrude out, grasping at his cock; his eyes hungrily taking in the way it got pushed back in when he thrust forward.

Burying himself to the hilt, Taehyung got lost in the feeling of Jimin’s taut, wet walls pulsating around his cock; Jimin’s soft, breathy moans sweet as honey to his ears.

Taehyung rested his hands on Jimin’s powerful thighs, bracing himself so that he could lean over to kiss Jimin, slotting their lips together messily, his tongue sliding behind Jimin’s teeth. They lazily made-out for a while before Taehyung swiped his tongue across Jimin’s bottom lip, pulling back so that he could focus on rocking in and out of Jimin.

Jungkook and Taehyung began to work their hips faster and faster, building up to a rhythm that had Jimin in a state of ecstasy as he gasped for breath. Jimin’s body jolted when Taehyung reached a hand down between his folds to rub at his clit with his thumb; the friction of the thumb’s pad against his sensitive, little nub along with Jungkook and Taehyung’s relentless thrusts had Jimin shaking his head, overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Ah, God, fuck — fuck.” Jimin’s voice was high-pitched as he cried out. He barely managed to keep his legs lifted in the air as his muscles began to tighten and his toes curled above him due to the looming orgasm; his body was as taut as a live-wire, just waiting to snap.

And snap he did.

His orgasm hit him hard like a train wreck. His vision blacked out as his breath was punched out of him, his ears began to ring and he could barely breathe as his hips quivered and the muscles in his thighs started spasming so hard that he was sure they were going to cramp.

A jet of clear fluid rushed out of his convulsing vaginal opening, arching in to the air and showering Taehyung’s lower body as he pulled out of him.

Not even giving Jimin a chance to recover, Jungkook cupped Jimin’s trembling, splayed legs from under the knees, keeping them lifted so that he could thrust in and out of his asshole at a relentless place.

Jimin’s eyes rolled back, his mouth hanging open and head lolling as a second smaller wave of release rushed through him, his pussy continuing to convulse, gushing out another spray of fluid.

Taehyung buried his cock back in to Jimin in one, quick push: the slide made fast and easy due to Jimin’s squirt. He started plunging in and out of him, reaching back down to play with Jimin’s clit.

“No, unngh, pl—“ Jimin whimpered, helplessly trying to push Taehyung’s hand away from his over-stimulated clit. “Too much.”

“You can take it,” Taehyung said, grabbing his wrists and forcing them down on his stomach, adjusting his own grip until he was firmly restraining Jimin with one hand. His free hand immediately went back to Jimin’s clit, thumbing it with renewed fervour. “And, you will.”

“I can’t —“

Jimin tried to buck his hips away from the torturous touch but that only made him fuck himself back harder on Jungkook’s cock causing him to let out a sharp, heady keen. Over-sensitivity wracked his brain and he felt ruined and fucked raw, the line between pleasure and pain becoming a blur to him to the point where he couldn’t separate one from the other.

“Safe word?” Jungkook asked, moving his hips to work in and out of Jimin with measured strokes that hit all the right spots.

“No — unghgh, just please, please come in me.”

Jimin almost sobbed with relief — his breath coming out in uneven stutters — as Taehyung lifted his hand from his swollen, abused clit so that he could support himself against Jimin’s thighs, Taehyung’s hips snapping in sharp, quick jabs as he chased after his own pleasure, sweat dripping down his face from exertion.

Jungkook and Taehyung’s focus was now single-mindedly on their own carnal need to come after having restrained themselves for so long.

They thrust in to Jimin with such relentless vigour that Jimin could only hold on, his hands clutching the sheets in a vice-like grip. He was panting loudly, flushed from his neck to his chest, his brows furrowed and features twisted, overwhelmed with sensations that turned his brain in to cotton.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good…” Taehyung grunted out, his thrusts becoming more harsh and erratic as he neared his orgasm. “Gonna come and fill you up.”

Taehyung pulled out of Jimin until only the head of his cock was enclosed inside the slick heat, before slamming right back in, burying himself to the hilt. Jimin’s breath hitched as he felt Taehyung’s cock throb inside of him, the tip fattening up to a knob and squirting out cum as Taehyung groaned, loud and guttural.

A choked out sound left Taehyung’s throat as Jimin’s vaginal muscles contracted around him, trying to pull his cock in deeper as he slid out, completely spent. “Your needy little pussy is so insatiable,” he said with a low chuckle. “It still wants more even after being fucked open.”

Jimin whined, his embarrassed cry breaking out in to a gasp as Jungkook began to bounce him on his throbbing cock with powerful thrusts. His movements were frantic but measured as he fucked in and out of Jimin, rough grunts sounding from his throat despite his clenched teeth.

Jimin let out a strangled shout, his voice shrill and cracking, when two fingers entered his aching pussy with a wet squelch, curling upwards to rub at the spongy tissue of his vaginal wall.

“Fuck, so close,” Jungkook gritted out as Jimin’s walls clenched down on him. He pumped his hips a few times before his grip on Jimin’s legs tightened, and his cock pulsed, filling Jimin up with thick, hot spurts as he let out a quiet moan.

“Unngngh, no more,” Jimin pleaded, his breathing picking up as Taehyung moved his hand in rapid up-and-down movements, making sure to brush Jimin’s g-spot with his curled fingers on every upstroke. “Can’t — can’t come again please.

“Stop, Tae, stop,” Jimin yelled, his voice almost hysterical, and Taehyung pulled his fingers out immediately, but it was already too late as Jimin keened feebly, his body seizing up as he came almost violently. He couldn’t remember how to breathe as an implosion of pure bliss hit him, searing pleasure travelling up his spine and numbing his brain; white spots blinded his vision before his eyes rolled back, his hands twitching by his side uselessly as he momentarily lost control of his limbs. Jimin’s vaginal opening spurted out a few drops of clear fluid, and he sobbed helplessly as it continued to spasm causing some of Taehyung’s cum to leak out.

Jimin staggered off of Jungkook, ignoring Jungkook’s hiss as his soft cock was forced to slip out. He collapsed down on the sheets, his hands covering his convulsing pussy as his thighs clamped together and body curled in on itself, his hips rolling and rocking while he tried to ride out the intense sensations. Jimin’s trembling body continued to jolt sporadically as after-shocks passed through him.

When he finally came down from the last shocks of his orgasm, Jimin turned to splay on his back — boneless and exhausted — as his legs fell open.

“Fuck, kitten, you look wrecked,” Jungkook muttered, a look of concern crossing over his face as his eyes trailed over the sight of Jimin’s flushed, puffy pussy to his swollen, red-rimmed asshole. “Did we hurt you?”

Jimin shook his head, shuddering as Taehyung reached between his legs to trace his large hand up the skin of his upper thigh, the delicate touch causing goosebumps to rise over his skin. “No, I’m mostly just sore…feels slightly strange being empty…” His voice slightly wavered at the end as Taehyung came to a stop on the smooth, sensitive skin where his inner thigh met his pelvis, just shy of his delicate folds.

Jimin gasped when Taehyung trailed his fingers over his pussy lips, the action causing his vaginal opening to clench and his asshole to flutter, both letting out a lewd squelch as some of the cum leaked out, running down his skin obscenely.

“Shit,” Jungkook mumbled, his pupils darkening at the tantalising display. The milky-white fluid contrasted crudely against the red and swollen skin of Jimin’s fucked out holes, and Jungkook’s eyes followed as Taehyung swiped his thumb across Jimin’s perineum, letting some of the cum gather on his thumb before bringing the appendage up to his mouth and sucking on it. Jungkook subconsciously swiped his tongue over his own lips, wanting a taste.


“Hmm…” Jimin replied, stretching his legs along the sheets languidly.

“Sit on my face,” Jungkook said. “Wanna taste you.”

Jimin paused, blinking up at Jungkook. “W-what?”

“Want you to get up on my face…wanna eat you out,” Jungkook repeated firmly, slowly enunciating the words.

Jimin already knew that it was a losing battle because once Jungkook had his mind set on something he would not let up until he had his way, and this time he had the advantage of fully knowing that Jimin had a hard time denying him anything because of his soft spot for the younger.

“Fuck, o-okay,” Jimin surrendered, and the brilliant smile he got in return was worth it.

Jungkook laid down on his back on the bed and gestured for Jimin to get up on him.

Clenching his asshole, Jimin reached down between his legs and inserted two fingers in to his aching vaginal opening, plugging himself so that more cum wouldn’t leak out as he made his way over to Jungkook.

Jungkook wetted his lips, swallowing thickly in anticipation as Jimin moved to straddle him with unsteady movements; Jimin’s deliciously thick, muscular thighs settling on either side of his face.

“Damn, you could choke someone with those,” Taehyung commented. “Kook, don’t piss him off or he might just try to suffocate you.”

Jungkook let out an amused huff as Jimin picked up the nearest pillow and chucked it at Taehyung, who just dodged it and laughed.

“If I want a breather I’ll tap you on your thigh twice,” Jungkook muttered, rubbing his hands over the back of Jimin’s thighs in small circles before grabbing them and urging Jimin to move.

Jimin dug his knees in to the mattress, holding his weight, as he pulled his fingers out of his opening and lowered himself on Jungkook. Jungkook raised his chin to pepper kisses across Jimin’s delicate pussy lips; the plump, swollen folds giving away easily as he nudged Jimin closer with a grip around the back of his thighs to bury his face between them until his nose was pressed against Jimin’s pubic mound.

Jungkook was mindful to avoid Jimin’s over-sensitive clit as he trailed his tongue between the slit, wetting the area thoroughly. Jimin inhaled sharply when Jungkook penetrated his opening with his dextrous tongue, Jimin’s hips jerking upwards and body twisting in on itself as he tried to escape but Jungkook followed after him, tightening his grip around the back of Jimin’s thighs, his fingers digging in to the soft skin.

“Are you sensitive, baby?” Taehyung asked, playing with the baby hairs on the nape of Jimin’s neck, and Jimin whined in reply, garbling out an incoherent response.

Jungkook’s nose bumped against Jimin’s clit as he tried to burrow his tongue in deeper causing a hiss to leave Jimin’s lips, so he pulled out to press a kiss on one of the folds in apology.

“K-kook,” Jimin gasped shakily, his hands scrambling to grip Jungkook’s hair as Jungkook wriggled his tongue back inside of him, moving it in a slow, undulating motion before pressing his parted lips against Jimin’s opening and sucking on it harshly, trying to force the fluid out. Jimin’s hands tightened their grip on Jungkook’s hair, a low moan sounding in his throat as Jungkook looked up at him — his gaze intense and unwavering — with a mouthful of his pussy.

“You always taste so good,” Taehyung whispered in to Jimin’s ear, his voice husky. “I’m jealous Kook gets to feast on you.” The corner of his lips curled up in to a smirk as Jimin shuddered visibly, and he leaned closer to nip at Jimin’s ear lobe.

A few seconds later, Jungkook tapped his fingers twice on the back of Jimin’s thigh and Jimin pulled himself back, holding himself over Jungkook’s chest, waiting for Jungkook’s next instruction.

Jungkook chest heaved slightly as he took in gulps of air, his lips glossy and puffed from use. He took his time gathering himself together before addressing Jimin. “Kitten, I want you to hold yourself over my face, don’t lower down, okay?”

Jimin nodded, following Jungkook’s direction and moving to position himself back over Jungkook’s face, his arms reaching for the headboard.

“Just like that,” Jungkook said, placing his hands back around Jimin’s thighs and steadying him. He flashed a devilish smile up at Jimin before diving back in, eating him out with extra vigour, a slick sound filling the air as he inserted his index finger in to the opening, curling it inside to scrape it gently across the walls and let the cum fall out on his extended tongue.

Jimin had tried really hard to keep his asshole clenched to keep the cum inside, but Jungkook’s action caused his body to jerk, his asshole fluttering as some of the cum spluttered out, dripping down on Jungkook’s neck. Jimin whined helplessly as he tried to clench back down, but that only made more cum spill out.

Taehyung made a tsk-ing sound next to him. “What a messy baby. You should’ve told me you needed help to keep yourself plugged.” As he said this, he inserted two fingers in to Jimin’s swollen asshole with a squelch, causing Jimin to let out a breathless gasp.

Jimin’s fat pussy lips spread apart as Jungkook moved his jaws between them, munching on his inner folds before sucking them in to his mouth. Meanwhile, Taehyung busied himself with lazily moving his fingers in short pumping motions inside of his asshole, and Jimin could only hold on to the headboard, little hiccuping sounds escaping past his parted lips as he felt overwhelmed.

Jungkook only pulled back after making sure that he’d licked all the cum out of Jimin, until all he could taste was a mixture of his own saliva and Jimin’s natural lubrication, instead of the slightly salty tinge of cum.

Jimin let out a surprised yelp, his blunt nails scratching across the headboard, when Jungkook grabbed a handful of his asscheeks, forcing Jimin closer so that he could trace his tongue across Jimin’s perineum, leaving behind a wet trail as he licked his way over to Jimin’s asshole.

Taehyung pulled his fingers out when Jungkook’s tongue reached the edge of Jimin’s rim. Taehyung plopped the slick digits in to his mouth, swirling his tongue around them almost obnoxiously, licking up the cum that covered his fingers.

Jimin shivered as Jungkook pried his asscheeks apart; the warm, moist puff of air from Jungkook’s exhale brushing against his exposed hole, causing it to twitch. Jungkook swiped his tongue in kitten licks across the red, swollen rim, cleaning up the traces of cum that had managed to leak out.

Jimin’s knuckles were mottled pink-and-white with how hard he was gripping the headboard, his breaths coming out in short, quick pants as Jungkook took his time stroking his flat tongue across the sensitive, puffed skin of his opening. Jungkook would make his tongue firm and rigid, extending it forward to poke it against the entrance — teasingly — but would not apply any pressure to plunge it in. It was driving Jimin crazy.

A punched out sound escaped Jimin’s plump lips when Jungkook pressed his lips against his aching rim, sucking on it harshly. “Nnngh, too sore,” Jimin cried out, his back arching as he tried to cant his hips away, but Jungkook had a firm grip on his cheeks; Jungkook’s fingers digging in to the soft, plush flesh to keep him grounded.

“You’re doing so well,” Taehyung muttered soothingly, stroking his fingers through Jimin’s sweaty locks. “Just a little while longer and you’ll be done.”

Jimin’s entrance was yielding but not loose as Jungkook pushed his tongue in. He circled the appendage around, dragging it across the raw, swollen walls before curling the tip of his tongue inside to lap up the viscous fluid of his own cum. Jimin’s broken cries sounded so pretty to his ears that it made Jungkook want to consume him whole.

By the time Jungkook let up, spit was dribbling down his chin from his enthusiastic feasting and Jimin’s rim was slick and glossy, Jimin's thighs trembled wearily from holding his weight up for so long.

Using the headboard as a brace, Jimin got off Jungkook with unsteady legs and moved to lay down, sprawling across the sheets on his back haphazardly.

Jungkook lifted himself up, stretching his body to the side to pluck a tissue from the box on the side-table and proceeding to wipe his face with it. He made his way over to Jimin, who smiled back up at him warmly, his eyes drooping. Jimin would always get boneless and putty after sex.

“Tired?” Jungkook asked softy, and Jimin nodded, his eyelashes fanning against his cheeks.

He squeaked when Jungkook leaned down to press a kiss on the tip of his nose, Jimin’s eyes crossing cutely as his gaze narrowed down towards his own nose. Jungkook let out a low, fond chuckle, muttering ‘cute’ under his breath.

Taehyung littered soft, delicate kisses across Jimin’s stomach, and Jimin squealed, breaking out in to giggles when Taehyung blew a raspberry kiss on the soft skin beside his belly button. Taehyung let out a boxy-smile, pleased to get a reaction out of him.

Jungkook cupped his hand across Jimin’s cheek, urging Jimin to face him before leaning down to press a few quick kisses against his lips. “I’m gonna go get a bath started,” Jungkook said as he pulled back, moving to get up.

As Jungkook headed away towards the bathroom, Taehyung settled himself over Jimin, hands resting on either side of Jimin’s head. Jimin let out a soft laugh, his eyes squeezing in to crescents as Taehyung leaned down until the tips of their noses were touching before muttering a low, drawled out, “Hi.”

“Hi,” Jimin parroted back, smiling widely as he raised his arms to lock them around Taehyung’s neck.

“You were so good today,” Taehyung murmured against Jimin’s lips, his lips fluttering over Jimin’s as he spoke. He closed the minuscule distance between them to press their lips together softly. “You’re always so good for us,” he continued trailing up to caress his lips against Jimin’s nose, tracing a path up Jimin’s nose-bridge until he reached his forehead, pressing a long, firm kiss against the soft skin. “So good to us.

Jimin preened at the praise.

The bathroom door opened, and the sound of bare-feet against hardwood was heard as Jungkook walked in to the room. “I’ve got the bath ready,” Jungkook said, making his way over to the bed. "C'mon, Kitten, let's get you cleaned up." 

Taehyung stole one last kiss from Jimin before getting off of him and settling on the side. Jimin yelped, his hands scrambling to wrap themselves around Jungkook's neck, holding on for dear life as Jungkook manhandled him off the bed, lifting him up in his arms like a rag doll.

"You guys really need to stop manhandling me."

"But you like it," Taehyung pointed out, moving to follow after them as Jungkook made his way towards the bathroom.

"Okay...that's true."