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Letters to Kamurocho

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“Here you go, darling~” Majima said, his wide grin stretching over his face while he handed Nishiki his takoyaki. There was something surreal about that situation, Nishiki thought while he gratefully accepted the food, Majima was behaving better than he thought he would (even if he still managed to catch a lot of attention, but that was probably his snakeskin jacket).

“Buying my date food, aren't I sweet, sugar?” Majima asked the woman behind the counter, taking his own order before paying for the food. The woman in front of him didn't seem surprised by Majima’s actions - did he come here often? - and simply smiled at him.

“You're a keeper, sir.” She said simply, handing Majima the change but was stopped by the other man who waved a hand in front of her while he devoured his takoyaki.

“Damn right I am.” He muttered, his mouth filled with food. Nishiki chuckled under his breath and took a bite of his own takoyaki. He moaned aloud, tasting the texture of the food that was filling his mouth. It was hot and burned his tongue, but it was so good too he couldn't stop eating. Now he understood why Majima had insisted to come here.

“Ohhh, Nishikiyama-chan you shouldn't make those noises.” At Nishiki’s confused face, Majima stepped closer and ducked his head to a side until his lips brushed against the shell of Nishiki’s ear. “My engine is on fire here.”

It took exactly three seconds to Nishiki to understand what he meant. He dropped his gaze on Majima’s crotch and squealed when he saw that he was, in fact, hard.

“Majima! What the hell?!” He tried to keep his voice down, but his face coloured of an ugly red.

“What? It's not my fault that you have such a sweet voice, makes me think when your mouth is full of my c-” Before he could finish, Nishiki had already pushed a takoyaki against Majima’s lips, effectively shutting him up.

Majima didn't take long to swallow all up, then he grinned and threw his arm around Nishiki’s shoulders, pressing him closer to his body. He kissed his cheek, smearing the sauce all over Nishiki’s skin, making him cringe at the hideous feeling.

“That's disgusting, Majima.” Nishiki muttered, but didn't move away from Majima’s touch. He liked his body heat, it made him want to melt against him. Not that he would ever say that to him, it was embarrassing enough to think about it.

“Want to go to a hotel after this?” Majima asked, finishing his last takoyaki and talking like he was speaking about the weather.

Nishiki nearly choked on his food and glared at Majima, who was displaying a shit-eating grin and seemed to be pleased by himself. “If you are planning to kill me, then you're succeeding.”

“Oh, don't worry, you'll choke on something else tonight.” Nishiki closed his eyes, refusing to acknowledge the blush that was spreading in his neck.

“That's not the way I want to leave this world.” Nishiki muttered, but let Majima lead him in the busy streets of Kamurocho. This place never slept, people came here to have fun, to think about nothing and spent their money in things they didn't need, letting their bodies being washed in filth. It wasn't like Nishiki could condemn them, he understood their feelings completely, after all-

“What are ya saying, Nishikiyama? There's no better way to leave this world than having my cock in yer mouth!”

- He was the filthier between them all .

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Kiryu was clueless. Tachibana had noticed that he failed to grasp the situation most of the times (okay, nearly all the times), but he never thought he was that oblivious. Apparently, he was wrong.

Nice dinners, soft touches, longing gazes, Tachibana tried them all, but Kiryu didn’t seem to notice that he was trying to get a piece of his ass (which was really nice to look at if he was being honest with himself). Tachibana should be angry with Kiryu, but it was difficult when those big, brown eyes looked at him like a lost puppy, asking him for an advice he would surely give him when he spoke with that rough yet soft tone.

Damn Kazama and his former yakuza son for putting Tachibana in such tight situation.

It didn’t help that Kiryu always ended up in situation where it would be easy for Tachibana to take advantage of him and god it was so difficult to restrain himself. Like where he was now, sleeping on Tachibana’s couch, one arm under his head while the other was secured around his middle. Tachibana could see the skin of his hip, making him wonder what he would find if he tugged his pants down more.

Tachibana stretched his good arm out, running his fingers in Kiryu’s short hair.

“So soft…” Tachibana muttered under his breath, brushing against the back of Kiryu’s ear. The man under him mumbled something in his sleep and leaned closer to Tachibana’s hand, like he was begging him to touch him more. Tachibana chuckled. Just like a little puppy.

He ducked his head down, brushing his lips against Kiryu’s cheek and took his time to smell his sweet cologne. It wasn’t a woman perfume, but it fit Kiryu. Sometimes Tachibana wondered why Kazama hadn’t sent Kiryu to a host (or hostess) club. He would be pretty popular with the ladies and men, Tachibana was sure of it. But at the same time the thought of someone else touching Kiryu burned Tachibana’s guts and he suppressed the anger that tried to escape from the place he had hidden it.

“Kiryu-san… you shouldn’t be so defenseless…” Tachibana muttered, moving Kiryu’s head so that the man was facing him. “Bad man could take advantage of you…”

Tachibana’s lips were just above Kiryu’s, they were brushing against each other and it would need only a little to kiss him.

“Bad men like me…” Tachibana sighed, he lifted his head and pressed his lips on Kiryu’s forehead. As much as he wished to kiss him, this wasn’t how he wanted it to happen. He wanted to stare in Kiryu’s eyes while he came closer, wanted to hear him moan and grip his shoulders tightly while he pushed his tongue in his mouth… yet this could wait, Tachibana was a patient man after all.

“Mh…” Kiryu moved his hand and placed it on Tachibana’s prosthetic arm, tugging him lightly like he wanted him to be closer.

Tachibana sighed again and patted Kiryu’s head. “You’re really testing my patience, Kiryu-san..:”

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Kashiwagi traced the black lines on Kazama’s back with the tip of his finger, like he hadn’t done this a million of times already, like, if he closed his eyes, he wouldn’t been able to picture such a majestic work of art in his mind.

“Kiryu has decided to have a dragon too.” Kashiwagi muttered, even if Kazama already knew it. He followed his finger with his eyes, the blue dragon stared back, like he was challenging him to do something, anything that would let him bite back.

“I’m not surprised.” Kazama said, turning his body slightly so that he could look at Kashiwagi properly. “It suits him.”

It suits you more , Kashiwagi thought but didn’t dare to say it aloud, instead he ducked his head down to press a kiss against the dragon’s muzzle, lingering his lips there for a few seconds like he would be able to taste something else than Kazama’s skin.

“Are you worried about him?” Kashiwagi asked once he leaned back, letting Kazama circle his waist with one of his arms.

“When I’m not worried about him? If I let him out of my sight who knows what could happen.”

But you didn’t bring him in the Kazama family, you put him straight under Dojima.

Kashiwagi nuzzled his face on the crook of Kazama’s neck, wrapping his arms around his back and pressing his fingers against the dragon’s scales. He inhaled deeply, letting Kazama’s strong cologne take hold of his mind. He was addicted to it, he didn’t need anything else than staying there with Kazama’s in his arms.

“I hope he doesn’t become like me…” Kazama whispered, lazily running his fingers in Kashiwagi’s soft hair and he stared at the nothing in front of him. “This world has enough bad men.”

“Shintaro.” It was a privilege just being able to call Kazama with that name. Names held power, Kashiwagi had learned on his skin that truth. “You aren’t a bad man. Not to me. And not to Kiryu.”

Kazama chuckled, but it was an empty sound that held no meaning. “Then I hope he’ll keep seeing me as a good man… god only knows what he’ll do if he finds out the truth.”

Kashiwagi opened his mouth to say something, but Kazama’s finger was already under his chin, tilting his head up so he could press their mouths together in a tender kiss. Kashiwagi closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Kazama’s warmth against him.

“We’ll see, what Kiryu becomes, now that he has a dragon on his back, he can’t run away anymore…” Kazama whispered and Kashiwagi could feel the ghost of a smile against his lips. “But something tells me he’ll become even bigger and greater than me.”

Kashiwagi closed his eyes and rested his forehead on Kazama’s shoulder, holding his body close like he was afraid to lose him. He didn’t reply to him, Kashiwagi didn’t know the future, he didn’t know what kind of yakuza Kiryu would be, but he was sure of one thing.

Now that Kiryu was a dragon, he would devour or be devoured, there was nothing else he could do, there was no place he could in.

Kashiwagi couldn’t wait to find out if he’ll end up as a prey or predator and he was sure that Kazama was curious too.

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Reina and Kiryu didn't have many things in common, but their feelings were similar.

They were both lonely and running behind a love that would leave them broken-hearted, but they couldn't lie to their hearts so they kept pushing, knowing that it wouldn't end well.

Maybe that was why they fit so perfectly with each other, they shared the same pain, so they didn't need to hide anything.

It had become a routine for them, when Serena closed and the last client went home, Kiryu and Reina found themselves there, drinking until their minds were clouded enough by the alcohol not to understand anything and their throats were sore from talking about their one-sided loves. Sometimes they fucked out of desperation, the need the feel a body against theirs was simply too strong, sometimes they just held each other until they fell asleep on the couch and they woke up with their backs hurting for the uncomfortable position they had maintained the whole night.

It surely wasn't healthy, but they couldn't beat the hole they felt in their heart. Please don't run away from me too , they were trying to say, holding back the tears that threatened to fall.

“Can we be more pathetic than this?” Reina asked, pouring another drink for Kiryu while he lightened his own cigarette. “Can I have one?”

Kiryu lifted the pack towards her and she ducked her head down to take the filter between her lips accentuated with a dark lipstick. She was a beautiful woman, Kiryu could understand why so many men and women wanted her, but like all the beautiful things, Reina wanted the one she couldn't have.

Kiryu pressed his own cigarette against hers to lighten it up, not wanting to fight with his old lighter again. That small action made the corner of Reina’s lips curl up in a small smile, but it faded quickly as the same speed as it came.

“At least we aren't alone.” Kiryu said, taking a sip of his drink, feeling the alcohol burn his throat.

Reina made an affirmative sound at his words, exhaling a puff of smoke that disappeared in the air. “I should change the name of this place… How “Broken Hearted Serena” sounds to you?”

Kiryu chuckled, placing his drink down. He was surprised that Reina was able to joke in a situation like that. He admired that, it was a form of strength that he rarely saw.

“I think Serena is fine like this.” Kiryu replied, earning a smile from Reina. She was truly amazing, a woman like this was rare if not unique. If only…

If only she was Yumi .

But she wasn't, just like he wasn't Nishiki, no matter how much they both wished they could replace them, this wasn't what their hearts wanted, but it was what they needed.

Reina’s lips found his neck, smearing her lipstick all over his skin when she gave a small nip on it. Kiryu lifted an eyebrow, but didn't push her away.

“Are you in the mood, Kiryu-san?” Reina asked against his neck, her cigarette long forgotten on the ashtray. He stared at her for a few seconds, then he grasped the glass in front of him and gulped the alcohol down in one swing, turning towards her once he was finished.

“I am now.”

Reina giggled and returned her attention on his neck while he wrapped his arm around her waist, starting to unbutton her blouse from the bottom.

His mind screamed, his heart cried, but Kiryu closed his eyes and let Reina take the charge, silencing the voices in his head.

They both had learned in the hard way that loneliness couldn't be beaten.

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“Is that a dog?”

Ryuji looked at Daigo like he was stupid while his massive hand rested on the shiba inu’s head, giving it small scratches which the dog replied with a small bark.

“Well I’m sure she's not a cat, but maybe she’s a rabbit if you look at her long enough.”

Daigo took a deep breath, trying to calm the rage that had started to build in his chest. “And why is a dog here? And “she”?”

“Hey, ya should treat a lady right.” Ryuji growled, before returning his attention on the dog in front of him, running his fingers under her chin. “I've found her in the streets, some thugs were trying to hurt this beauty so I showed them who is the boss here.”

Daigo counted to a hundred in his mind while his boyfriend - who many compared to a dragon - kept calling the dog with cheesy names. “And I’m sure you weren't just looking for a fight.”

“Nah, I totally was, but she's a nice bonus.”

Daigo sighed. He was tired, he had just came home from work and this wasn't what he expected to find. He loosened the tie around his neck and threw his dark overcoat on the couch.

“Whatever, I’m too tired for this.” Daigo crunched beside Ryuji and shyly lifted his hand, fueling the dog’s curiosity. She nuzzled his palm and licked his fingers before bumping her head against his hand, demanding the cuddles Daigo was happy to give her. “You’re really a beautiful lady, you know?”

Ryuji stared at him dumbfounded, his mouth open wide, accentuating the long scar that ran over his lips. “I can’t believe ya are actually accepting her.”

“I don’t think you’ll like it if I kick her out… and you just told me I should treat a lady right, isn’t it what I’m doing now?” Daigo drew circles on the dog’s back, smiling when she happily barked and focused all of her attention on him instead of Ryuji.

“Hey!” It was funny seeing Ryuji sulk like that, it wasn’t a face Daigo saw often. He didn’t know what to think of the new addiction of the house that was currently mounching his hundred dollars shirt.

“So what’s her name?”


Daigo only needed to stare at him.

“Okay, fine … it’s Suyeon.” Ryuji muttered the name in such a soft voice that Daigo had difficulty to hear it.

He raised his eyebrows, blinking his eyes in utter surprise. “Wait, isn’t that the name of-”

“Shut up, will ya?” Ryuji’s cheeks coloured of a deep shade of red, making Daigo smile amused. He wouldn’t say it aloud, but he thought that Ryuji was really cute in that moment.

“Suyeon, uhm? It suits her.” Daigo inhaled deeply before he grimaced. “She needs a bath though, she smells .”

“Well, I hadn’t had the time to wash her…” Ryuji replied, then he leaned closer to Daigo’s ear to brush his lips against his ear. “And since we have to bath her… why don’t we take the chance to bath too?”

Daigo rolled his eyes unimpressed, feeling tired already. “Go run the bath, Goda.”

Ryuji grinned, like a dragon ready to devour his prey. “Of course, Dojima boy .”

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No one knew where that golden necklace came from.

When Kiryu first wore it, Nishiki asked why he put on something that tacky, saying that it wasn’t his style, especially since he had never worn something that flashy. Kiryu had mumbled something under his breath, replying that Nishiki always told him that he should put on something more yakuza like and so he had done it. His brother laughed, his voice sultry with alcohol, and said that he was making baby steps, but it was something. He dropped the conversation like that, no more questions asked. Kiryu was glad.

No one ever made the connection. Not even Kazama, who seemed like he knew everything that happened around him. It was better this way, it wasn’t something Kiryu wanted people to know.

“You seem to like my present.” Awano took the golden chain between his fingers while his eyes traced Kiryu’s body that was now straddling his lap. Kiryu’s head was hanging low, he couldn’t lift his eyes without permission, it would be disrespectful and Awano hated when disobedient boys.

He nodded slowly, feeling the fingers on his necklace move until they reached his chin and tilted it up so now he could stare in Awano’s eyes.

“Eh, I like you when you tell the truth, Kiryu.” One of the corners of Awano’s lips lifted up in a smug grin while his other hands had crawled under his loose shirt to rub the tender skin on Kiryu’s back.

Awano ducked his head to a side, gently tilting Kiryu’s chin on the right so he could press his lips firmly on his neck. “If you keep being good, I’ll give you better presents…”

Kiryu didn’t particularly care about Awano’s money, but he didn’t dare to say anything and instead he simply sighed, letting the man in front of him do what he pleased. Going against Awano was out of discussion, Kiryu would have never said no to him, if he did he was sure his life would be in hell. Deep down, he felt dirty for selling his body like that, but what could he do? If he wanted to climb up the ranks, he couldn’t play fair. And Awano’s “little” gifts (expensive clothes, perfumes and even the lines of his dragon tattoo) were a nice bonus, they made him forget what he did for having them for a little while.

“Kiryu…” Awano called him, snapping him off his thoughts. He felt a hand on the back of his neck curling slightly like he was sending him a warning but it didn’t actually hurt. “I was thinking that your ears would look good pierced, what do you think? Will you do it for me?”

Kiryu’s lips formed a smile and he hesitantly brought his hands on Awano’s shoulders, squeezing them gently. “Of course, sir, I’ll go pierce them tomorrow.”

Awano laughed, his hand left his neck and grasped his hair, sending sparks of pain on Kiryu’s scalp. “Good, I can’t wait to look at you… come to me when you have finished, I’ll give you a present if you’ve been good.”

Kiryu’s smile never left his face, not even when Awano’s lips crushed against his, not when the man’s tongue sneaked his mouth while his hands began to roam under his shirt… he had learned to smile so good that now he didn’t even know if it was true or not.

The necklace was cold against his skin but its weight was more than Kiryu could lift. It wasn’t a golden chain anymore, it felt more like a collar around his neck that he was unable to break.

Awano and Kiryu. An owner and his dog, forever bound, forever trapped.

Kiryu kept smiling.

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Their first kiss tasted like blood.

Tachibana and Oda had fought against a rival gang until they were a pulp on the floor and their fists ached for all the hits. With the adrenaline still in their systems, Tachibana had grabbed a fistful of Oda’s hair, demanding his attention, and smashed their lips together, surprising Oda himself but that touch wasn't unwelcome to him.

He moaned, rubbing himself against Tachibana like the whore he felt he was, but this only seemed to amuse Tachibana, who gave him a playful pinch on the butt, chuckling when Oda whined.

Tachibana licked his lips like he was a cat, staring at Oda in a way that made his blood boil .

Tetsu .” Oda choked out his name, holding him by the shoulders, digging his nails in the soft material of his shirt.

Tachibana smiled, hiding his face in the crook of Oda’s neck before he parted his mouth to gently suck the skin in front of him. Oda shuddered, feeling his knees weaken under Tachibana’s ministrations, wanting nothing more to submit to him.

Around them there was only violence and blood, there was no place for love, yet the feeling that was growing in Oda’s heart was so powerful he doubted he could hide it for long.

Maybe one day, when their kisses wouldn't taste like blood, Oda would tell Tachibana how he felt.


There was blood everywhere. Why? Oda thought he had escaped from it, but now he was surrounded.

He hadn't managed to tell Tachibana his feelings.

Knowing his boss, he probably knew them though, however Oda regretted not telling him himself, so he asked Kiryu, with his voice broken by the shame, to tell him in his stake what he hadn’t been able to do himself.

Oda remembered the last time their lips touched, he could still savour the taste if only he had the strength to move his tongue.

If their first kiss tasted like blood, their last tasted like a goodbye.

Somehow, Oda realized just in that moment, they both knew they wouldn’t be able to meet again. Tachibana had smiled, “be safe” he told him, but Oda couldn’t hold his promise. What a stupid man he had been, to hide a lie, he destroyed everything.

Would Tachibana forgive him for what he had done? No, probably not, he wasn’t a forgiving man and what Oda had done to his sister wasn’t something that could be easily forgotten.

Oda gritted his teeth, choking back the tears that nearly fell from his eyes. He hadn’t realized any of his dreams - not that he had many - but one of them that he was angry he couldn’t achieve was his biggest one.

He had wished to die by Tachibana’s hands. He had always wanted to leave this world because of him, he didn’t care how he would do it, if it was Tachibana, anything was fine. But not even this wish could be fulfilled.

Oh well.

Oda sent a smug grin to Shibusawa, enjoying his dark expression one last time with the thoughts of his beloved boss in his mind.

The gunshot echoed in the empty building.

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It was difficult to understand Shibusawa’s mood. He could smile when he was angry, he could hide all of his emotions when he was happy and - apparently - he never got sad.

It took Kiryu some time to finally start to understand him, or at least a part of him. There was a simply rule to follow: don’t ask too many questions. Shibusawa was a clever man, he didn’t like to explain himself, it only put him in a worse mood, so that rule was important.

When Kiryu entered in his office, he was met with a furious scribing of a pen on paper. Shibusawa was working and, judging by the way he was blinking his eyes, he had probably been up all night to work. Kiryu knew better than announce his presence, instead he slowly walked towards him, being sure not to make any noise before he placed the mug full of dark coffee down beside him and bowed his head respectfully at him.

To this day, he didn’t know why Shibusawa had insisted in taking him in his family, he wasn’t anything special, just an eighteen years old boy in the Dojima family, but Shibusawa seemed to think differently since he had asked the Patriarch himself to have him. Kiryu didn’t understand what was going on in Shibusawa’s head, but he didn’t feel like asking him any question and just do his job, which was basically being his secretary. Again, no questions asked.

“Thank you, Kiryu.” Shibusawa said, snapping Kiryu out his thoughts. His boss had stopped writing on the papers and took a moment to appreciate the coffee, before his eyes fell on the documents once again.

Shibusawa lifted his hand to make Kiryu come closer to him and the boy did without blinking. He kneeled on the floor, waiting for Shibusawa to do anything. The first time he had done this it had been weird, but now he was used to it and it wasn’t strange anymore.

Shibusawa’s fingers found his hair, petting him like he was a puppy. Kiryu didn’t lean close to the touch but didn’t even pull away, he let it happen, knowing fully well he couldn’t stop him.

He jumped for a second when he felt Shibusawa’s finger trace the sensitive skin under his ear and he hear the man’s chuckle. The touch lingered there some more, pinching, scratching and teasing until Kiryu was squirming under it. The boy touched Shibusawa’s leg in a silent ask to stop which the man did after rubbing that spot again, making Kiryu whine one more time.

“Has Captain Kazama ever done something like that to you?” Shibusawa asked suddenly, making Kiryu still under his touch. He looked up, not knowing what to say, not understanding the meaning of the question.

He felt a shiver running down his spine when he noticed the dark light in Shibusawa’s eyes that not even his glasses could hide. He often looked at him like that, it unsettled Kiryu because he didn’t know what Shibusawa wanted from him. And he wasn’t the only one to notice that, even Awano and Kuze - who sometimes came in his office - told him to “stop staring at the boy like he wanted to devour him” and Kazama and Nishiki often warned him not to let Shibusawa talk him into anything, whatever that meant.

Kiryu shook his head, which seemed to please Shibusawa who quickly returned to his work, the sound of the pen scribbling on papers filled the room once again.

Kiryu closed his eyes and leaned his head on Shibusawa’s leg. Maybe one day he’ll understand why people were so worried about him, but right now he was just content where he was, even if something in his heart was telling him to run away.

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“Are you ready, Kiryu-san?” Tachibana asked, the piercing gun secured in his hand. Kiryu nodded, sticking his tongue out while his chin rested on the table, his whole body shivering.

How Tachibana had convinced him to get a stud in his tongue was still beyond his knowledge. Kiryu couldn't say no to Tachibana, when he asked if he wanted to do it, he had said yes without thinking too much about it. He knew perfectly well it was going to hurt (much more than his tattoo had been), but Tachibana’s voice was so soft, so tempting, Kiryu had nodded while he was lulled by his tone.

Tachibana placed the gun against his tongue, his eyes glistening in excitement and Kiryu closed his eyes preparing for the pain that was going to come.


Pain suddenly shot through his body, it made tears form in his eyes and he used every bit of his strength not to move. He clawed the table, feeling the taste of blood invade his mouth, his hairs shot up all over his body.

“Alright, you did good, Kiryu-san.” Tachibana whispered with a note of pride in his tone, making Kiryu’s heart swell in his chest. His eyes fluttered open, he gulped down the blood in his mouth and looked at Tachibana. The pain was already going down, it had been terrible at first but it didn't last long. Was it because he was used at taking pain? Kiryu didn't know, but Tachibana’s proud smile took all his thoughts away.

He could taste the metal that formed the stud, the blood still oozed from the wound but he didn't really mind it. It would take a while for him to get used to that new feeling, having something like that in his mouth, but he wasn't feeling bad about having had done it.

“I’m surprised you did a good with one hand.” Kiryu muttered with a smile tugging his lips, indicating Tachibana’s prosthetic arm. The other man laughed and placed down the gun on the table before he tapped Kiryu’s lower lip to admire the stud right in the middle of his tongue.

“You're lucky your tongue is thin, it would have hurt more if it had had more fat on.” Tachibana said, before ducking his head down to press a small kiss on the corner of Kiryu’s lips.

Kiryu snuggled closer to Tachibana, letting the man hold him in his arms. Tachibana smirked in the crook of Kiryu’s neck, he could still remember the feeling that blossomed in his chest when he pierced Kiryu’s tongue, especially since his pants felt so tight right now he could barely think at anything else.

Tachibana raised his functional hand, touching the tip of Kiryu’s ear which had already two earrings on its lobe. “Maybe I'll give you another one here…”

Kiryu opened his mouth, the metal stud shining because of the sunlight that hit it right in that moment. “I’m ready when you want, Tachibana.”

Tachibana smiled, kissing him tenderly on the lips while his hand roamed on the other’s stomach. There was nothing that excited him more than marking Kiryu as his.

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If Kiryu had known Shibusawa was a dragon, he would have tried to run away from him much sooner . He should have learned what it meant to be the prey , now a big predator - one he couldn't touch - was asking for his blood, his flesh and there was nothing he could do to fight back.

There had been signs, but Kiryu had decided to ignore them, to remain blind in his ignorance. Now that trick didn't work anymore.

Shibusawa’s fingers flexed around his neck, calling for Kiryu’s attention, but the other was too busy in staring at the fallen papers on the floor and the spilled coffee that drew a river under the table.

“Don't treat me as stupid, Kiryu.” Shibusawa’s voice was calm, composed and maybe that was why it was so terrifying. Even after passing years at his side, Kiryu couldn't still understand what Shibusawa thought behind those thick lenses.

“Do you think you can run away from me? Tch… Even asking Kuze to help… I feel insulted that you two thought you could fool me.” Shibusawa’s nails dug in Kiryu’s skin, pressing so hard that it drew blood. It was scary how easily he would have been able to kill Kiryu and no one would bat an eye.

“Stupid boy…” Shibusawa muttered, choking Kiryu with a movement of his hand. Kiryu’s hand flew to the other’s wrist instinctually, he didn't want to die like that, just because he thought he could fool someone as smart as Shibusawa. He knew it was him who was wrong, but he didn't want everything to end like this. If he died, he wouldn't be able to do anything anymore and he couldn't accept that.

Shibusawa thought at him as a possession, not as a person, but it was fine, he just needed to live .

Using his oxygen-deprived brain, he managed to lift his hand and place it on Shibusawa’s cheek. He stroked the skin slowly, feeling the stubble starting to form there. He didn't have the strength to hit him, Kiryu’s hand was trembling, black points were starting to appear in his vision-

Suddenly, the pressure on his neck disappeared and he was able to breath again. Kiryu turned his head and coughed, holding his throat with both of his hands, his eyes glistening with tears.

He heard Shibusawa sigh and sit on his chair. That made Kiryu lift his head and look at the other while he was loosening his tie.

Kiryu didn't know why Shibusawa had suddenly stopped, but he was glad he was alive.

“You're more trouble than I expected you to be.” Shibusawa pinched the bridge of his nose, staring at Kiryu’s trembling body which was still supporting itself on his table. “Clean up this mess.”

Kiryu nodded, wanting to get out of Shibusawa’s sight as quick as he could. He dropped on his knees and began to grab any piece of paper he could find, ignoring the way his fingers trembled while he did so.

“Oh, and Kiryu?” Shibusawa’s palm ghosted over the back of his neck threateningly. “Next time you try to get away from me, I'll be sure you won't be able to run anymore.”

Kiryu hesitated for a second before nodding, feeling like a prey being trapped in a corner. “Yes, sir.”

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“Kazuma-san… you’re such a good boy…” Makoto whispered running her fingers between Kiryu’s soft hair. He was looking up at her, on his knees and waiting for her to do anything she wanted.

Since regaining her sight, she had gained a lot more confidence, she wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her anymore, she was a strong, fierce woman who hadn’t had problems to speak her mind. All qualities Kiryu appreciated.

“Thank you, ma’am.” He replied, tilting his head up to make it easier for Makoto to press their lips together in a chaste kiss. Her chapped lips were so soft compared to his, but neither of them cared, especially when they fit perfectly together.

They had been both hurt in some way, they had both lost someone important to them, but they didn’t let that break them. They had stood up once again, fought in their own way against the adversities of their worlds. That was how they found each other, that was how they began to love again.

When Makoto pulled back, she let out a small giggle while her finger followed the curve of Kiryu’s lips. “Kazuma-san, you look like a puppy like this… can I put a collar on you? A white one would match your suit.”

Kiryu leaned his head behind, showing her his bare neck. “If that’s how you want me, ma’am.”

“Then I’ll think about it.” Makoto decided, curling her back to place her lips on his jugular. She parted her lips, slowly sucking on the skin under her mouth, before distancing herself to admire the red bruised that was appearing on his neck.

Kiryu could see her resemblance to Tachibana, the way she smiled was the same as his and even the way her eyes lightened up when he did something she liked. However, she wasn’t Tachibana, she was gentler, sweeter, no one could replace Tachibana in his heart, but Makoto had managed to make him feel love again.

“I think fighting all the time made you crave someone who can put you on a leash, right, Kazuma-san?” Makoto said, pressing a kiss against his ear. “I’m glad you chose me.”

Kiryu shuddered when he felt her tongue teasing his lobe, but that was quickly replaced by her teeth. She lightly bit his sensitive skin, making Kiryu curl his back at the sudden sensation of pain and pleasure that shot through his body.

“M-Ma’am…” Kiryu sunk his nails in his palms to fight the urge to touch her. She was so close, but she hadn’t said he could move so he won’t do it. He wanted her to be proud of him.

“Kazuma-san…” Makoto noticed his strugglings and dropped on her knees in front of him, giving him her sweetest smile. “You’re so good… so good… you can embrace me if you want…”

Kiryu didn’t let her repeat herself and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face against her shoulder. She was so small compared to him, yet she was ten times stronger. He didn’t have the words to explain how much he loved her.

“Shall we take this to the bedroom?” Makoto asked, stealing a kiss on his neck.

Kiryu hesitated for a second before nodding, already feeling himself getting hot at the thought of what she would do to him. No one knew how to make him feel good better than Makoto.

Chapter Text

“Stop dragging Mr. A everywhere, he has work to do Majima-san!” Hana pushed her finger against Majima’s naked chest, looking at him with anger. She wasn’t intimidated by him, she was tired of all the calls she had to do because Akiyama was always drinking with Majima and if talking with her boss wouldn’t bring her anywhere, it was time to face the other party.

Majima blinked his eye surprised by her sudden outburst. He had come here to grab Akiyama to go out drinking, he didn’t expect his pretty secretary to attack him. Not that he was complaining, she was rather cute with that pout on her face.

His grin stretched on his face, he ducked his head down until he was at Hana’s level and gave her one of his maniacal laughs. “What? Are ya going to step on me if I don’t?”

Hana hesitated for a moment, knowing fully well Majima’s reputation, but she wasn’t going to let him do what he wanted and it wasn’t the tanto he was hiding behind his back that was going to stop her. “If that’s what you want then yes, I will.”

Hana was ready for a punch, a laugh or a comment, what she wasn’t expecting was the small blush that appeared on Majima’s cheeks. She stood there, completely taken by surprise while Majima ran his tongue on his dry lips and leaned towards her until his lips brushed against the shell of her ear. She didn’t push him away, she didn’t need to do that, not when she was interested in what he had to say.

“Then I’ll ditch Akiyama for once…” Majima whispered, the sound of his heart was so loud even Hana could hear it. Or maybe it was hers? She couldn’t understand.

“Majima-san, you’re too close.” Hana noticed, but didn’t take a step back. Majima chuckled beside her ear then, surprisingly, he dropped on his knees in front of her, looking up at Hana with a strange glint in his eye. He wasn’t embarrassed and he didn’t look like he was joking, which made the knots in Hana’s stomach twist in a pleasant way.

“If Akiyama’s cute secretary wants to step on me, who am I to say no?” Majima grinned, his fingers flexed like he wanted to touch her but they stayed at their place like they were supposed to be.

Hana was speechless, but Majima looked so good like that, on his knees, begging for her touch. “I-”

“Hana-chan, where are you- oh.” Akiyama entered in the room just as Hana had found the courage to talk. He stopped, not understanding what Majima was doing on his knees in front of Hana. “Uhm… what’s happening here? Did I miss something? Should I… walk away?”

Majima let out a loud sight before he stood up. He looked annoyed at Akiyama, snarling at him. “Aki-chan, ya had to walk in on the better part!” Then he turned towards Hana once again, ducking his head down so that he could whisper in her ear. “Next time I’ll make sure we won’t be interrupted, Hana-chan.”

His lips brushed against her cheek before he skipped towards Akiyama and circled his neck with one of his arms. “Let’s go Aki-chan, ya are going to pay tonight’s drinks to make me forgive ya!”

“Eh? Uhm, okay…?”

Hana barely heard the door closing, she was still standing there, the place where Majima’s lips touched her was still burning, a strange feeling growing in her stomach. She wished that the “next time” Majima spoke of would come soon.

Chapter Text

“Here.” Kiryu gave a small package to Nishiki, his cheeks burning of a deep red while he was finding the floor to be rather interesting.

Nishiki lifted an eyebrow impressed, focusing more on the package that Kiryu was leaning to him and he slowly grabbed it between his fingers. He opened it slowly, not waiting to ruin whatever was inside then he froze when he saw what Kiryu had gifted him.

He opened his mouth a few times, trying to find the words, but in the end he laughed aloud, making Kiryu turn of a deeper shade of red. “Oh my god… Kiryu, this is so cute… chocolate for Valentine’s day? You’re the best.”

Nishiki placed them on the table beside him, he opened his arms wide and wrapped an embarrassed Kiryu in a warm hug, feeling the other’s body still against him before he started to ease up.

“If you want, I can eat them on you …” Nishiki purred, pressing his lips on the sensitive skin under Kiryu’s ear, feeling the raw stubble that was growing there.

Kiryu stilled again, his heart beated faster. “I- uhm- yeah, sure.”

“Maybe we should work on your dirty talk for next year.” Nishiki chuckled, before he distanced himself from Kiryu and returned his attention on the box of chocolates. He snapped it open and grabbed one between his fingers before he pushed it in his mouth. Nishiki moaned aloud, tilting his head back, his hair brushing against his neck.

“Holy shit, it’s so good, where have you bought this?” Nishiki wondered, immediately going for another one, wanting to taste that deliciousness again.

“I’ve asked Yumi and she told me to buy this…” Kiryu mumbled, scratching his head embarrassed. He looked so cute like that, it made impure thoughts appear in Nishiki’s mind.

“Yumi has great taste.” Nishiki chuckled, grabbing the third chocolate from the box but instead of bringing him to his lips he leaned it towards Kiryu. The other looked sceptical, but something in Nishiki’s eyes seemed to convince him since he tilted his head down with his lips parted.

But before he could take the small chocolate in his mouth, Nishiki snatched it away from him and instead smashed their lips together in a sweet kiss that tasted of sweet chocolate. Kiryu moaned against his lips, he squeezed his shoulders tightly and pressed their body together, wanting to be even more close to him.

He was like a cat in need of affection, it made Nishiki’s heart swell. The man could feel the chocolate in his hands starting to melt, but he didn’t care about it, not when Kiryu felt so desperate against him.

They parted after a few seconds, each of them with a smile on their lips, then Nishiki pushed the chocolate between Kiryu’s lips, allowing him a taste. His sworn brother surprised him once again when his tongue darted out his mouth and licked his fingers clean and this time it was Nishiki turn to colour of a deep red.

“Your dirty is bad but this… this takes ten thousand of points.” Nishiki breathed out, his throat feeling tight and dry. He kissed Kiryu again, this time his intent was obvious, but Kiryu didn’t seem to mind by the way he was wrapping his arms around his waist and rubbing his skin just up his pants.

This was turning out to be the best Valentine’s day of his life.

Chapter Text

Sagawa opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Nishitani’s grin.

“Yo, Sagawa, my man, ya have taken your sweet time to come here!”

Sagawa furrowed his brows, it was strange, around Nishitani the world seemed to change every time he blinked his eyes. White, blue, green, red, first a house, then a sea, but when he focused more he saw a city. Everything was messed up, nothing and everything had a meaning.

“Where…” Sagawa cleared his throat, having difficulties to find the right words. “Where are we…?”

Nishitani scrolled his shoulders, the grin never faltered on his face. “Mh… who knows, maybe heaven? It doesn’t look like hell though… oh, I’ve got it! We’re in a limbo!”

It made sense. Sagawa still remembered the bullet that went through his head, then the darkness. He scoffed before he placed a hand in his overcoat to grab his cigarettes before he realized he had none. Wonderful.

“Tch… why am I stuck with you?” Sagawa wondered aloud, looking at Nishitani with raised eyebrows. Nishitani laughed, his voice was raspy just like he remembered. When he had learned of his death, he hadn’t had the time to mourn him. He knew that one day, Nishitani would get himself killed, but he had secretly hoped that his end would have come first.

“What are ya saying, Sagawa-han? Now we can stay together forever!” Nishitani threw his head back, laughing harder with his eyes shining of a bright light.

“Oh, the joy…” Sagawa rubbed his temples, already feeling a headache coming. “Getting yourself killed to save Majima-chan… what an idiot.”

The laughter died in an instant. Sagawa was suddenly aware of Nishitani’s serious expression, yet his lips were still stretched in that grin that never failed to get under his skin.

“What are ya saying, Sagawa-han?” Nishitani took a step closer to him, brushing his fingers on Sagawa’s neck, his touch feeling like fire. “Ya did the same thing.”

Sagawa closed his eyes, his nostrils flaring in annoyance. “I didn’t . Saying goodbye doesn’t count as throwing my life away for someone like him .”

Tsukasa .” Nishitani cupped Sagawa’s cheeks, their faces were so close and a soft expression that didn’t belong on him. “It’s okay, ya don’t have to pretend anymore… I know ya liked Majima-kun, I did too… I couldn’t help but think that those eyes resembled yours when ya were younger…”

Sagawa swallowed thickly, he didn’t have the strength to push Nishitani away, nor he wanted to. “He’s gone fucking nuts, just like you.”

“He’s free then, good , if he’d stayed in a cage after I had to take four bullets in the abdomen for him, I would have been pretty pissed.” Nishitani’s hands dropped on his, he squeezed his fingers tightly, his touch was so warm and soft, like he had never hurt a fly.

Sagawa squeezed them back, staring at Nishitani’s dark eyes. He didn’t say anything, he stayed there frozen while Nishitani kept talking, his voice resounding in his head.

“We have fulfilled our roles… now we can rest…”

Sagawa gave a small laugh and tightened his grip on Nishitani’s fingers. “Staying here made you go nuts… worse than before.”

“Maybe… but neither you and I care.”

When Nishitani’s lips pressed against his, Sagawa found out it was easier to breathe.

Chapter Text

Daigo didn't regret his choice, he didn't want to no matter how much the world wanted to make him feel bad for following his heart. He couldn't turn the clock back anyway, crying wouldn't bring him at anything.

His tattoo burned on his back, reminding him of his faults, about the fact he had abandoned everyone, his clan, his family, Kiryu, his mother, god, his mother was secretly crying somewhere. Her husband was dead by the hand of his strongest man and her son had betrayed everyone without care about the consequences. If it was for her, maybe Daigo would changed what he had done, but it was too late.

Strong arms wrapped around his middle and Daigo found himself being pulled against a large chest. Wet lips broken by a long scar pressed kisses all over his neck. Daigo sighed contently, his thoughts scattered for a moment, with Ryuji behind him, taking care of him, he could forget about anything.

"Have ya taken yer pills?" Ryuji muttered against his skin, tightening his grip around him, his callouses fingers rubbing the skin just under the end of his shirt. Daigo wanted to lose himself into his touch, but he knew that before they would do anything, Ryuji needed an answer or he would start bitching about it.

"Not yet..." Daigo mumbled, tilting his head to a side, getting comfortable against Ryuji's chest. "I was just about to take them."

"Bullshit." Ryuji scoffed, turning him around so that he could stare down at him with his hard eyes. "That's why ya are getting so sad... stop thinkin' about useless shit."

Daigo knew he was right, but he couldn't stop the growing of the seed of doubt that was planted into his heart. It had been a year since he had chosen to stay by Ryuji's side and his mental health only got worse, Ryuji was wonderful, sent him to the best doctors in town to see what was wrong with his head, hugged him during the night and tried to make him happy in any way possible (even if he could have avoided to give him the panther cub Daigo had found one morning in his bed), but sometimes even his cares weren't enough, that was why his doctor had prescribed him some anti-depression pills that helped Daigo to get slightly better during the day. At least he didn't want to stay in bed all day when he took them.

Ryuji pushed the small bottle in his hand and urged him to take one before he pressed a glass of cold water against his lips so he could swallow it without choking.

Daigo smiled gratefully at him and took the opportunity to nuzzle his face against Ryuji's neck like a lazy cat. This was the man for who he had abandoned everything and he knew that Ryuji had had his own problems for taking Daigo with him, not exactly all the people in the Omi were happy he had chosen a male partner, a former Tojo member at top of it, but Ryuji knew how to deal with people like them. He had returned with his suits covered in blood more times that Daigo could remember. He never said a word, not that there was anything he could say.

Ryuji kissed Daigo's naked shoulder, he seemed to be in a good mood tonight and Daigo didn't want to spoil it. He turned slightly to let their lips meet and moaned pleased when Ryuji accepted the kiss. It was so sappy and sweet, when Daigo first met Ryuji he would have never believed he was able to be so good with him.

"I love you." Daigo whispered against his lips, before he hid in his arms, enjoying the warmth the other was willing to offer.

Ryuji didn't reply, he simply kissed his forehead, but Daigo could feel his smile against his skin.

Even in his troubled mind, even if sometimes it was hard to breathe, Daigo was happy to be in this man's arms.


Chapter Text

Tachibana's hair was soft. Kiryu didn't know which products he used, but every time he brushed his hand in his black locks - totally on accident, he wasn't a creep -, they were softer than they were the day before.

"I let Oda-san help me washing them." Tachibana had said once while sipping his tea, his lips curling up in amusement at Kiryu's innocent question.

"Is Oda a hairdresser?" Kiryu mumbled under his breath, but it seemed like he hadn't done a great job in keeping quiet since he heard Tachibana chuckle.

"Last time I checked no, he wasn't." He replied to him, a serene smile painted on his face.

"But..." Kiryu tilted his head to a side and stepped closer to Tachibana. The other didn't seem disturbed at the sudden closeness, instead a spark of curiosity appeared in his eyes. Kiryu didn't notice any of that, instead he buried his fingers in Tachibana's hair like it was the most obvious thing to do and felt it well, running his digits all over the scalp.

"See? So soft!"

It took him some seconds before he realised what he had done and, looking down at Tachibana, he saw an expression of pure surprise on his face, like he couldn't believe Kiryu was really doing that. Not that he could condemn him, Kiryu himself didn't know what had possessed him to do something stupid like that.

"Oh my god... I'm so sorry, Tachibana..." Kiryu mumbled, bowing his head and immediately retreating his hand. He was an idiot, how could he do that?

"I-It was nothing..." Tachibana coughed and took another sip of his tea. His hair was a mess, his locks went to all the sides, but he didn't seem to care about that. There was a light blush on his cheeks, that coloured his usual pale face. It seemed like Tachibana had a wild night doing things that Kiryu preferred not to think about. Or maybe he was just embarrassed in thinking at Tachibana doing those kind of stuff. And maybe it excited him a little... or a lot.

Kiryu snapped out his thoughts and nearly slapped himself. Damn his mind, making him think strange things. Tachibana was his boss, not someone he should lust after. Even if he was handsome as hell, rich, elegant, with a nice car and clothes, always smiling and Kiryu's heart fluttered every time he praised him... yeah, it was better not think about those sort of things.

"Should I... uhm... put it back in place?" Kiryu asked, shuffling his feet.

Tachibana nodded, he was silent, much more than usual but Kiryu was already on him, doing the task he was given and trying his best not to make Tachibana's hair worse.

The result was... not good. It was like a tornado came and decided that Tachibana's hair was the place he had to stay but his boss didn't seem to mind it and politely thanked Kiryu.

"You should join Oda in his next work, he'll need another pair of hands. " He said, dismissing him.

Kiryu bowed his head once again but, before he closed the door, he saw a rare, honest smile curling Tachibana's lips.

Chapter Text

There was something exciting in spoiling Kiryu. The man never wanted anything, he was content with what he had, he didn’t wish for new clothes, a beautiful car or fancy dinners (he actually hated those). He was a simple man (or as simple as an ex-yakuza could be), but it was frustrating for Someya. Could he just spoil his boyfriend for once without Kiryu getting embarrassed or saying there was no need for it?

With time, Someya had learned that he didn’t have to go big with Kiryu, small gifts like plushies (that had been a surprise), chocolate (you would be surprised how fast Kiryu could eat one) or a simply breakfast could make Kiryu happy.

Someya poured the coffee in Kiryu’s favourite cup - one with cute, pink sheeps that Kiryu’s children had gifted him many years ago -, the intense aroma filled his nostrils. He grabbed the sugar and put inside the cup two spoons of sugar before grabbing the cartoon of fresh milk and adding it to the coffee. He knew Kiryu’s tastes well, he was rather picky with his coffee.

“Already awake?” Kiryu grumbled behind him, placing his hands on Someya’s bare waist and pressed his naked chest on his back.

Someya hummed at the feeling of Kiryu’s body against him and lifted the cup to give it to him. “Of course, someone has to do the coffee.”

“You’re right…” Kiryu grabbed the cup and distanced himself from the other, taking a sip of it before he grimaced. “Hot…”

“‘Course it’s hot.” Someya laughed, taking Kiryu’s cheeks between his hands before pressing a kiss on his mouth, tasting the intense flavour that lingered on his lips. “You should take it black sometimes.”

“Never.” Kiryu placed the cup down on the table, then he pushed Someya against the counter of the kitchen. It was hard not to stare at his bare chest, it was so full and perfect in every way, it made him want to reach out and squeeze his pectorals.

“What got you so energetic this morning?” Someya chuckled, but he wasn’t complaining, not when Kiryu was in front of him with only a pair of black boxers.

“You’re always so good with me… I suppose I should give you something to say thank you?” Kiryu mumbled. His cheeks had taken a shade of red, he was clearly embarrassed but that was part of his charm. How could someone be that big and cute at the same time? Someya would never know, but he hoped Kiryu wouldn’t change.

“So… is my present in your underwear?” Someya’s lips tugged up into a smirk, he laced his fingers behind Kiryu’s neck, tilting his head so that he could reach his mouth again.

“Mhh… maybe…” If Someya hadn’t been that close, he would have never heard that whisper, but it only fueled the excitement he felt in his lower abdomen. Damn, he would pay good money for all his mornings to be like this.

“Then…” Someya’s hands reached down on Kiryu’s waistband, pulling it open. “Can I unwrap my present now?”

The shudder that ran all over Kiryu’s body was priceless. Really, Someya would make coffee more often it always lead up to this.

Chapter Text

Kuze didn’t know why he had taken Kiryu under his wing, maybe it was because the boy resembled him when he was still a brat, but no matter the reason, he had begun to care about the other, much to his annoyance.

It wasn't exactly his fault, it was difficult not to like Kiryu, the younger boy was made for being loved. He had that harsh, hot-headed personality decorated with a natural kindness that made the whole world rotate around him. Kuze had noticed that everyone wanted to have a piece of him, they all wanted that sun that shone so brightly it blinded them.

But what was worst of all was that Kiryu barely notice how he had gotten in other people’s lives. He was clueless and always helped out everyone, ignoring the look of longing that were thrown in his direction. It made Kuze’s work easier.

The first time they kissed, Kiryu was rigid and hesitant, but he replied as much as he could even if it was obvious he didn't have much experience. It was cute, it made Kuze want to push him more.

Awano and Shibusawa laughed at him, they said he had gotten too attached, but Kuze didn't care, he knew that, at least in Shibusawa’s case, it was all jealousy.

“Kuze-no-aniki.” Kiryu whispered against his chest and made Kuze lift his head to stare at him. Kiryu was sitting on his lap, his legs were resting beside his thighs and his fingers were drawing circles on Kuze’s scalp. It wasn't the first time that happened to him to be so relaxed around Kiryu, one time he even fallen asleep in his lap. But Kiryu’s presence was like that, it made you forget about anything else and made you wish it would never end.

“What, brat? Going to complain about something?” Kuze’s eyes were sharp, they bore in Kiryu’s skull and he cursed his face, that always looked pissed no matter what he did. He was glad that Kiryu didn’t shudder though, he was a strong boy, who knew when to bow his head and keep his mouth shut. He was also an idiot too, for not being afraid when he should have been.

“No, sir, just wondering…” Kiryu trailed off. He didn’t seem uncomfortable, he actually liked to stay there, but his eyes couldn’t help but go to the infinite pile of documents on Kuze’s desk that were only waiting for him to be checked. “Have you already checked the documents Shibusawa-no-aniki has sent to you? He keeps calling about them and he has been rather insistent, I don’t know how many excuses I can continue to give him.”

Kuze was sure Kiryu didn’t notice how blunt he was sometimes, it was his personality and maybe he had allowed himself to be like this around Kuze since the man let him do what the hell he wanted most of the times anyway. Damn kid.

“Tell him I’m looking at them and not to get pissy about some pieces of paper… he can be such a pain in the ass when he wants.” Kuze grumbled, curling his fingers against Kiryu’s sensitive scalp.

He felt him take a deep breath, it had been so quiet Kuze almost missed it, but he smirked when he saw a bead of sweat running down his chin.

“I-I’ll tell him, Kuze-no-aniki” Kiryu whispers, hiding his face in the crook of Kuze’s neck. Eh, it seemed like the brat knew what embarrassment was and just for a mere touch too.

Kuze petted his hair and smirked. Until Kiryu was with him, he had the upper hand. Kazama and Shibusawa could suck his dick.