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what the heart wants

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There's no one within the vicinity of the campus who doesn't know Nakahara Chuuya, Dazai Osamu and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. If asked, most people will probably shine at the mention of those three - immediately engaging into a long, tiresome rant or either exasperated to the point where they give you a tired smile and say, "don't drag yourself into it."

Nakahara Chuuya is a known Literature Major, known even within the Engineering and Business Department. Being the first ever published poet and writer at the young age of seventeen and managing to secure his future by being hired by Port Times Publishing House on his first year, he is also the center of the drama where almost everyone on the campus speculates and has heard of.

The entirety of the Business Department knows he's going out with the Business Prodigy, Dazai Osamu. Dazai is also well-known, except it's for obviously different reasons; one, his love for suicide (one time two seniors saw him committing suicide and he had the gall to ask them out while a rope hung around his neck) and two, proclaiming his undying love for all the women (―before he ropes them into doing double suicide). However, he is best known for being one of the main reasons why the russian-japanese drama is still on-going for almost about three years.

One of his blockmates swear Chuuya visits Dazai almost every lunch and drags him to God knows where, bringing a bento with him. Dazai would proclaim how good it is to have such a devoting wife and Chuuya would either judo-flip him or punch him in the stomach (―he's rather strong for a Lit. Major). One of the seniors of the Business Department say that he caught both of them making out in the secluded area in the library (―and he will be mentally scarred and at the same time, he was able to appreciate how long and soft Chuuya's legs were but ah, no one has heard of him eversince he said that, who knows what could've happened).

However, the Engineering Department would say their arguments are all invalid or maybe all they saw were hallucinations. After all, why would Nakahara Chuuya make out with Dazai Osamu when he's already got Fyodor Dostoyevsky? After being tasked to tour the transferee Fyodor, they both made a great bond of friendship and can be seen everywhere on campus. Although no one can get it out of Fyodor what their relationship really is since he intimidates the hell out of everyone in the Engineering Department. Although a sophomore once caught Chuuya grabbing Fyodor's nape before kissing him for thirty seconds and he swore he saw Chuuya smirk before he taps Fyodor on the shoulder with a victorious grin. A freshman was traumatized at the sight of Fyodor and Chuuya heavily making out in the men's bathroom on the third floor of the Engineering Building.

Some say Chuuya and Fyodor had a past relationship, perhaps fuck buddies and even more and they both can't let go of each other that's why they're fucking behind Dazai Osamu's back.

The Lit. Majors who knows Chuuya immediately shut the rumor down. They say that Chuuya is the most loyal person they know so why would he cheat on Dazai?

But really, one person from the Psychology Department swore he saw Dazai and Fyodor making out ― okay, now this was so far-fetched that it was immediately shut down because what the fuck?

Professor Ozaki, Chuuya's sister, when asked would merely smile sweetly yet her words drip with venom and everyone is reminded how scary Professor Ozaki really is. Her teacups would crack when asked about who Chuuya is in a relationship with and she merely says, "Chuuya is such an idiot, isn't he?" to which answers none of the brewing questions of everyone on the campus.

Even the Professors are betting on who Chuuya is really in a relationship with. A Political Science Professor bets on Chuuya and Dazai, after all, he saw both of them making out in the back of the class while a Psychology Professor bets on Chuuya and Fyodor since she saw Chuuya smile sweetly at Fyodor while the other looks flushed (―what a romantic she is).

So when Chuuya calls in for a sick absent. The campus was buzzing with excitement. Finally, they would be able to know who Chuuya is in a relationship with. However, the students almost grabbed their hairs in frustration when both Dazai and Fyodor were absent on the day (―Dazai proclaiming he threw himself in the river and Fyodor, well, no one had the balls to ask him).

A freshman from the Psychology Department says, "What if all three of them are just friends?"

Friends? Friends who make out? Friends who almost have sex on the secluded part of the library? Friends?!


"I can actually feel a hundred of eyes trained at us." Chuuya murmurs, closing the book he was reading with a loud thud. He glares at Dazai, who grins and moves his knight, ignoring Chuuya's statement.



He turns to Fyodor, still glaring. The man ignores Chuuya as well, moving his King out of Dazai's range. "Okay so you're both ignoring me, well fuck you."

"Well, Chuuya, it's not our fault someone decided to go clubbing last night, is it?"

"Someone roped me into it!"

Fyodor looks at him, brows raised. "Did they also rope you into almost sleeping with a person?"

"Fuck you. I was drunk!"

"Maybe later." Dazai sighs. "This is why you never drink without either of us."

"I can fucking handle myself."

"If you can," Fyodor moves his pawn, the sound echoing in the library. His grip on the thing tightens, glaring at the chessboard as if the thing made some move to offend him. "You wouldn't be almost raped, would you?"

"Ah." Dazai leans back on his chair, the dark aura he emits almost scaring half of the students in the library. "Now you spoiled my mood."

Chuuya rolls his eyes. Overdramatic idiots.

"Dazai-kun. Fyodor-kun." Hirotsu, the head librarian calls them, a neutral expression on his face. "Kindly tone it down a little. We don't want to scare anybody."


"Okay but what if all three of them are in a relationship?"

One snorts, smacking the other's head. "Are you fucking kidding me? That's way way way impossible. Have you seen the tension between Fyodor and Dazai?"

"What tension? I can only see the sexual tension between both of them."

"Are you fucking blind? Why would there be a sexual tension between both of them?"

He shrugs. "I'm just saying, man. They look like they're about to make out when we had our big lecture."

"You're a fucking idiot."