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Each Other

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It was a calm day. The sky was clear, the breeze cool, and all in all, it made Bambam want to do nothing but lay down and relax. After a stressful week of rain and finals, he was ready to just log out of life for a while. So there he was, in the university courtyard, laying down on the ground in his hoodie and leggings and not caring about what people think.


He laid there for a while, his eyes closed just basking in the sun, until all of a sudden a shadow fell over his face. Bambam opened one eye and looked up at yugyeom, who was just staring at him.


“Hey.” yugyeom whispered.


Bambam held back a small chuckle and whispered back, “Hey.”


“What are you doing?”


“What does it look like, dummy?” Bambam smirked, “I’m enjoying the brief bit of sun we’re getting.”


Yugyeom chuckled, “So you won’t mind if I join you, right?” He asked, although he was already laying down next to Bambam as he asked the question.


“I don’t think it matters if i mind or not.”


“You’re right,” Yugyeom replied. He grabbed Bambam’s arm from behind his head and spread it out so that he could rest his head on Bambam’s shoulder. He threw his leg over Bambam’s torso, and then leaned up to place a kiss on Bambam’s cheek before settling down and closing his eyes.


A second later, Yugyeom felt Bambam kiss the top of his head.


They both laid there, oblivious to their surroundings, just enjoying each other's company and the warmth of the sun. It was a welcomed break after the stress of studying and running around on nothing but coffee and 2 hours of sleep.


The sun, and the fresh air, plus the soft grass underneath them, and the comfort of each other’s presence were lulling and eventually...


They ended up falling asleep, wrapped around each other as if their life depended on it.


If anyone were to see them, they’d be able to tell just how much they loved each other. Although, it wasn’t really a surprise.