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All She had to do was Read the Manual

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Frau had meant what she said about getting in the Gundam. Amuro didn’t believe her at first. He was too tired, too stressed to take her words that seriously. Commander Bright had been relying on him, or rather, the Gundam, far too much as of late. Amuro was at his limit.

Amuro had never been very good at taking care of himself. Eating right, sleeping regularly, even just staying clean, something always, always distracted him from basic care. It was as if some unknown force pulled him out of their reality and into a world of his own thoughts and ideas. Frau had always made it her job to pull him back “down to earth,” as the saying went.

Not even a war would stop her. She was going to grab onto her friend and pull him out of this with all her might, even if that meant endangering herself in battle.

All she had to do was read the manual, right?

The inside of the machine was fascinating. Was this really the new face of warfare? One person in this great mobile suit?

Apparently, it was self-learning as well. She wondered what it would gain from someone like her in the pilot seat?

She wasn’t as smart as Amuro, but she wasn’t as hesitant as he was either. Before his breakdown, Amuro had asked the Commander why they were fighting.

That, she thought, was simple.

If they did not fight, White Base and everyone on it, would die.

That, kind-hearted as she was, she could not allow.

Please, Amuro, please rest. Let me share this burden with you.

Frau,” Sayla’s voice said over the com, “Are you ready?”