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Blind Evolution

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                Kyra had a decision to make and it fucking sucked. Crouched behind her rock she watched the Necromongers make a break for their frigate while the sun began to scorch the landscape around them. Not far on the other side of her cover, amidst the strewn corpses of his enemies, lay the one person in the entire ‘verse that she thought was invincible. The image of his lifeless body on the runway still burned in the back of her eyeballs. She knew she had seconds to react before she lost the tiny shred of shade she was taking refuge in and the sun cooked her to a crisp. Was he really dead? It sure as hell looked that way. Should she stay here and die by his side? He wouldn’t have wanted that and she knew it. Riddick would have told her to save herself and forget about him. Riddick would have done that if it had been her laying there instead of him.

                But Kyra wasn’t Riddick. She fought her desire to go to him like a sobbing child even now, like Jack would have done. She gritted her teeth as the last of the Necromongers hopped aboard their vessel and that haunting alarm ceased. The hatch was closing. If she didn’t move now she’d never get another chance. In that desperate moment, Kyra latched on to the one thing that might give her a reason to carry on: revenge. If Riddick was really gone then she owed him that much for getting her through that hellish run across the surface of this damned planet. She owed him that much for saving her again and again as she continued to slow him down, to be a burden. She owed him and she was going to pay up this time even if it meant taking on an entire goddamn army.

                A numbing stillness washed over her. Kyra’s decision was made now. As the last shreds of her tiny shelter melted away with the rising sun she dashed toward the closing hatch. The ship began to rise and the walkway below the hatch began to retract as she reached it. She caught the edge of the walkway and pulled herself up in time to roll under the hatch door as it slid down and locked into place. The interior of the ship was cool and dark and her immediate area was vacant. Kyra judged that she had perhaps thirty seconds to act before someone found her. She took five of those precious seconds to close her eyes and clear her mind, searching for the animal within her that she had birthed five years ago on a mercenary vessel following her escape with Riddick from a dead, dark planet full of monsters. The familiar clarity came to her and she welcomed it, quashing the crippling sadness that constricted her heart. She got to her feet, took quick stock of her surroundings, and formulated a plan.