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You [10.56AM]
hey jin
u absolute walnut

You [10.57AM]
are u coming to class??

Your teeth sank lightly into your bottom lip as you stared at the screen of your phone, fingers tapping the table impatiently as you waited for a response you were fifty-eight percent sure wasn’t going to come. A couple of minutes passed.

That fucker was ignoring you again.

You huffed, turning your attention to the front of the room as the lecturer entered, their yellow-tinted eyes sweeping over the people in attendance. Ah, so today was one of the days that the werewolf course coordinator was lecturing. It was a Friday, so the room was a bit emptier than usual, but you knew that wasn’t the reason Jin wasn’t here— he’d never been the type to skip class for no reason. Sure, he was prone to having wild nights on the weekends, but he didn’t let that interfere with his schooling. No, something was up, and if he— or any of his friends, for that matter, would just respond to you, then you would know just what.

You tried to focus as the lecture began, and screens at the front of the room began to light up with information you’d need to study and remember for your mid-semester exams. You tried, but the empty space to your left felt so much bigger than usual, pressing against your arm as a constant reminder that Jin had skipped yet another class and left you on your lonesome without so much as a text in advance to be courteous.  This had to be the third class he’d skipped this week, and earlier in the week he’d been acting… weird.

Your friendship with Jin was pretty solid, healthy and wholesome, and maybe had an element of mild tension, but that was something you attributed that to the fact you were madly attracted to him. There were times you thought he might have returned those feelings, but you just assumed you were projecting your own feelings onto him and dismissed it without further thought.

Hands down, Kim Seokjin was the most handsome man you had ever laid eyes on and ever since you’d met him a year ago he’d absolutely ruined other men for you. Sure, you found other guys attractive, but were you attracted to them? No, you weren’t, not even a little bit and to be honest you were slightly worried because it hinted that perhaps what you felt for Seokjin went a little past attraction and that was dangerous territory, especially considering what he was. Not that these thoughts would ever see the light of day, of course.

Your phone buzzed against the desk, making the girl two spaces over send you a prompt glare from behind large, round specs. You beamed without an ounce of shame and obnoxiously whipped your phone off the desk, unlocking it in clear sight and revelling in the angry huff she let out.

[1 new message]

Rosie [11.19AM]
What time is ur shift today?
Also are u free tonight I wanna go see that movie that just came out
u know,, the one with that cute actor??

You almost rolled your eyes, a tiny smile tugging your lips. Rose, a cat shifter and arguably your best friend, was precious. You could just imagine her sitting huddled in the corner of her anatomy lecture, hiding her phone from her lecturer as she texted to escape her boredom. You decided to respond quickly for her sake.

You [11.21AM]
it’s at 3, and idk…

You bit your lip, unsure how to continue. You were actually scheduled to have a movie night with Jin since you were both working the same shift and got off at the same time today, but you had yet to hear from him since Monday and you were unsure as to what to expect. You didn’t think, after ignoring your texts and acting weird all week, that he would still be planning on doing movie night. But what if, you couldn’t help but wonder, what if you told Rose you were free and it turned out he did plan on doing movie night—

Rosie [11.23AM]
is Jin still acting weird?

You blinked at the screen, having completely forgotten you’d shared your problem of the week with her. It made sense— you told Rose pretty much everything— but you didn’t remember doing it. Maybe she read your diary again. You did recall angrily scribbling in it the other day when Jin first started ignoring you. Just the memory of it had your blood sizzling beneath your skin in annoyance. How rude of him to just up and ignore your texts out of nowhere. That boy was going to get an earful when you saw him next.

You [11.26AM]
yeah… im gonna murder him if he leaves me alone in one more class
he hasn’t responded to my texts all week

There was a pause as you waited for Rose’s response, imagining the light giggle she probably gave before tapping away at the screen.

Rosie [11.27AM]
I’ll keep him in my prayers
but don’t worry, you have your shift with him this afternoon right?
just ask him then ( ✿◠‿◠)

You felt a soft smile stretch your lips at her cute emoji. What a sweetheart. If only she was always this lovely and her feline nature didn’t come out to play so often. You quite liked Rose’s feline form; when she shifted, it was into a petite tortoiseshell cat with creamy ginger around glowing jade eyes and speckled black and orange down her back. She was a lot more cuddly in her cat form— if you tried to wrap your arms around her while she was human her elbow went straight for your ribs. Rose was lovely, but hell if she wasn’t catty as shit sometimes. It was all good, though, it was something you’d come to love about her— her quick wit and sass could almost match yours.

The world you lived in was full of supernatural creatures, and it had been that way for as long as you could remember. There was an almost even ratio of creatures to humans, and surprisingly little quarrel between the two groups. You didn’t think such a society was possible, to be honest, and while of course there were the unavoidable tensions between some humans and creatures, it was the same on each side— some creatures had it out for other creatures, and vice versa. Rose was a cat shifter, something your powerless and painfully human self thought was incredible, but she would always lament to you, wishing her parents had passed on a trait more exciting than that of a domesticated cat. Seokjin, along with Taehyung, Hoseok and the rest of his friends (which, over the year, had admittedly become yours as well) were werewolves, and had formed their own little pack of sorts, with seven of them in total. You didn’t know the finer details, like who the alphas were and all the juicy bits, even though you were dying to find out. You only knew a few things about werewolves; that, like other supernatural creatures, they had heightened senses, strength and speed, and that they had something called a mate—a partner that was destined for them, you could say. Their perfect match. It was one of the reasons you tried to strangle all your feelings of attraction for Seokjin— most wolves didn’t care for any relationships besides the one they were destined to have with their mate, although there were a few exceptions. Sadly (for you, anyway) Seokjin was not one of them. You wished you knew more about wolves. It’s not that Seokjin and his friends were particularly secretive about all the things you wanted to know, but you just found it too awkward to ask. You enjoyed guessing answers though— it got you through more than a few moments of boredom.

There was a colourful assortment of creatures that attended your university. Wolves and shifters, of course, but also others; such as succubi and their incubi counterparts, kitsune and gumiho, and the ever so infamous vampires. To be honest, you didn’t personally know that many vampires, besides a goofy male with crimson hair named Chanyeol who worked at your favourite coffee stop on campus. His coven was one of the largest that you knew attended the university, consisting of twelve total— except three had gone on exchange, so really there were only nine of the roaming the campus grounds.

You were an easy-going person, relatively easy to please and able to befriend people, creatures and humans alike, without issue. You had a large circle of friends, but you were arguably much closer with Rose and Seokjin, even if you did fight the urge to bang the latter on the daily. In a way, this week had been a blessing— without Seokjin’s beautiful face around to prompt them, the wildly intrusive and non-PG thoughts that tended to sprout in his presence had gone on holiday and you were at peace at last.

Back to the topic at hand— you made friends easily. There was no shortage of humans in your classes, or around the campus, yet you’d somehow managed to form a large group of friends that was almost exclusively made up of supernatural creatures. How it had happened? When? You didn’t know, but all the people you’d made friends with were genuine, good people, so you didn’t mind much. Although, it did get a bit depressing being the only human in a group of creatures. You couldn’t do anything incredible like change forms at will or turn into a wolf, you didn’t have heightened senses or increased durability, stamina, speed and healing. You didn’t really mind being human— being a creature often had several drawbacks, after all, that came with it— but sometimes you wished you didn’t feel quite so plain in a group of such colourful, interesting people.

Your class passed without incident, and without the presence of one Kim Seokjin. You had absolutely no idea what was up with him this week. It was almost like he’d dropped off the face of the earth, and you missed him, yeah, but you were also pissed he was ignoring you. You understood he was his own person, he had his own life, but the fact he’d gone off the grid this long without at least a message to let you know he was alive annoyed the hell out of you. Why? Because he’d grilled you not once, not twice, but many times before for going more than a day without messaging him, or skipping classes or shifts without notifying him. He acknowledged you were your own person and had your own life too, he never tried control what you did or anything, but he was oddly… protective of you sometimes.

You remember the last time you’d done it— you’d been sick and ended up sleeping through your alarm for work, a shift you shared once more with Jin. You’d woken up feeling (and probably looking) like death, and not even ten minutes after your shift would have ended Jin was there banging on your door. His face when you opened the door had been a combination of annoyed and worried, but at the sight of your pathetic, sniffling self that had shifted and the only thing his beautiful features had shown was concern. He’d instantly pushed his way into your house, guiding you somewhat forcibly to the couch and making you lay down while he went to go make soup with the mismatched ingredients in your kitchen. He’d complained the entire time, but he’d absolutely doted on you and refused to leave until the next day, when you had to forcibly kick him out because he had a class and work to attend.

You considered that he might be sick too, but he was also a wolf, which meant he had a stronger immune system than a majority of humans and more robust health, so it didn’t seem likely. Unless… were there sicknesses that exclusively affected different creatures? Maybe he’d caught a bad case of the wolf flu. You couldn’t help your curiosity, whipping out your phone as you walked to the bus stop near the edge of the campus.

You [12.43PM]
hey kookie
is Seokjin sick with a bad case of the wolf flu?

Jeon Cena [12.44PM]
the what now

You let out a huff, thankful for the quick reply— something you hadn’t been expecting from the youngest of the pack who you thought was genuinely allergic to using his phone— but also disgruntled at his unwitting confirmation that Seokjin wasn’t sick (which you could have forgiven), but really was ignoring you (which you would not forgive, unless several cookies and a box of krispy kreme donuts were brought into the equation). You abandoned your sickness theory and decided to ask him if he knew what was up with Seokjin— which he would, of course, but what you were really wondering is if he would tell you. You’d tried pretty much everyone else in the pack with no success to speak of, and you were hoping Jungkook would finally spill the tea on why one of your best friends was ignoring you and had disappeared for a week.

You [12.49PM]
do u know what’s up with Seokjin?
I haven’t seen him all week and he’s ignoring me :(

Jeon Cena [12.51PM]
uh he

Jeon Cena [12.55PM]
nope. no idea.
oh!! I have a class now
gotta go bye

You squinted, suspicious. Damn it, now how were you supposed to find out? You’d just exhausted your last direct source of information. Stupid wolves and their stupid loyalty, damn it. It was the end of the week, and you were growing desperate. If Seokjin didn’t show up to this shift, someone was going to get grilled.

x     x     x     x     x     x

Much like you expected, your shift at the small cinema on the outskirts of the city centre was spent not with Seokjin, but with his poor, poor replacement— Min Yoongi.

You and Yoongi got along pretty well for the most part, but you never shared shifts together— this was mostly because when things got boring and slow your next source of entertainment was Yoongi. It took a while to stir him up enough to get a good reaction but when you did, boy it was worth it. He was so done with your shit all the time and it was the funniest thing you’d ever bear witness to. Yoongi was full of sass and sported wit sharp as a knife on the best of days, but when you really riled him up? Boy could spit fire.

You were more than halfway through your shift and Yoongi had yet to crack. It was quiet, the cinema sporting a lull in customers since there weren’t any movies starting for a while, and he’d moved off to go sweep some popcorn off the floor in an attempt to avoid you since you couldn’t leave the counter unattended. He was smart, you’d give him that, but he hadn’t taken his earphones over so who was the real winner here? You, it was you.

“You missed a spot, Yoongi,” you said cheerfully, pointing to his left— not that he turned to look, of course. He ignored you, continuing to sweep to his right. He was a fair way away but you knew he could hear you— wolf senses and all.

You let him work for a while, allowed him to slip into a false sense of security, before you went in again. The second you opened your mouth he let out a great, heaving sigh in resignation, only fuelling you further.

“Mmm man I love the way you sweep that floor, Yoongles. Such finesse, such technique… the future Mrs. Min is a lucky woman,” you let out a long, dramatic sigh, cupping your face in your hands to finish the look. “Those lonely, discarded popcorn kernels never stood a chance. Min Yoongi; wolf, student, professional sweeper, guilty of capturing and breaking the hearts of women everywhere. Does he know what those strong, sweeping arms do to a woman’s heart? The customers are going to sue you, Yoongi. I’m going to have to clean up their combusted ovaries off our beloved carpet floor—”

“Oh my GOD,” the mint-haired male finally burst, letting out a long, arduous groan and spinning to nail you with a look of deep, soulful pain. “Please, y/n, for the love of god, shut up.

You cackled, twirling a pencil around your finger. “’Shut up’? I know words but not what words mean.”

Yoongi groaned, abandoning his attempt at ignoring you and the broom with it as he moved over to fix cushions on the seat against the wall. “Did you study to be such a pain in the ass or were you born that way?”

“It’s a natural talent,” you grinned, smacking your lips and relishing the exasperated look he sent your way.

The mint-haired male rolled his eyes so perfectly you had to admit he had it down to an art form. “I’m sure. Anyway, what do you want? You only ever try and stir me up this much when you want something and are trying to get me to lower my guard so it’s more likely you’ll get it.”

You blinked, smiling as innocently as you could despite the fact he’d just called your ass out. How perceptive, but really you didn’t expect anything less from Yoongi. “I’m hurt, Yoongi. How could you think so lowly of me—?”

He shot you a dry look and you snickered. “Yeah, fine, you’re right. I want to know where Jin has been all week and why his bitch ass is ignoring me. Please tell me?”

Yoongi sighed, and you thought you caught a tender look, a speck of hesitation in his eyes before he rolled them once more and dropped the cushion he’d been fluffing up for the past minute back onto the musty red couch from whence it came. “Maybe he finally got sick of your terrible jokes and decided to leave the country.”

You let out an affronted gasp, glaring at the male who looked entirely too amused with himself. “Excuse me?! I don’t think I heard you right— my terrible jokes? You and I both know Jin is the biggest fiend of terrible and pain-inducing jokes, I can’t believe you would even—"

Yoongi laughed, accomplished, and you had to cut yourself off mid-rant to serve two very amused-looking customers who came to see the latest Marvel instalment. The second they disappeared around the corner and the room was empty once more save for you and Yoongi, you opened your mouth to continue going off. The mint haired male had since come up to the other side of the counter, and was fixing pamphlets and flyers advertising deals and movie specials into a more orderly fashion.

“Anyway, I see what you’re doing Min Yoongi and just because I’m easily distracted doesn’t mean you can get away with avoiding the question,” you huffed, nailing the male with a half-hearted glare. “What is going on with him? Why is he avoiding me and ignoring me?”

Yoongi’s lips pressed into a line as he avoided your gaze, only looking over once the papers were stacked in a satisfactory fashion. “Why would I know? I’m not his mother.”

You bristled, throwing your tiny pencil down in a toddler-esque show of frustration. “You’re in a pack together! Don’t you have some sort of, I don’t know, telepathic connection?!”

The male snorted, “This isn’t Twilight, y/n. What, do you think the vampires on campus sparkle too?”

You could strangle him, you really could. The only con of stirring Yoongi up so much was the fact that once his patience snapped he stirred you right back tenfold. “Be quiet you stinky mutt, how am I supposed to know the finer details of wolf life? You never tell me!”

“You never ask!” he retorted easily, looking far too amused for his own good.

“Because it’s awkward!” you complained, pointing the short pencil in your grip at him accusingly. “We’ve worked together for a whole year, I can’t believe you’re dogging the boys like this!”

Yoongi looked the most unimpressed he’d ever been in his life at your pun. “One, that wasn’t funny, and two, we’ve been working together for one and a half years, you ingrate. I’ve been putting up with your shit for eighteen whole months.”

To your horror, you realised he was right, but you recovered quickly— you weren’t one to be beaten. “Eighteen whole months and yet you still won’t tell me why our mutual friend has been acting weird and ignoring me all week. And to think, to think I was going to bring coffee and donuts for you to our next group movie night. Unbelievable. If you’re looking for your knife, you snake, it’s in my back.”

You received another eyeroll, “If you brought donuts and coffee to our movie night it would be for your own consumption. I’ve seen you with a box of donuts, y/n, I know you’re capable of eating the whole thing and probably more.”

A cry of outrage left your lips, “Excuse me, like you haven’t eaten three full bowls straight of mint chocolate chip ice-cream in a row before? We’re both pigs, Yoongi, I can’t believe you’d throw me under the bus like that, like I’mthe only one—"

Yoongi snickered at your expense, cutting you off like you hadn’t even been talking and running a nonchalant hand through his minty locks. “Didn’t your shift end like ten minutes ago?”

You spun like you’d been shocked into action, eyes wide as they took in the clock. God damn it he was right, your shift ended ten minutes ago. Horror quickly overtook your shock. Fuck. Rose had said she’d pick you up fifteen minutes after your shift for movie night, and if she’d decided to come early you were doomed to a car ride with a shitty feline shifter. She’d make you listen to all the old people music she kept in her car specifically to torture you, and not feel an ounce of regret.

You leapt into action, ripping your apron off and throwing it at Yoongi’s face. “Ugh, I hate you! I can’t believe you let me stay past my shift that’s so uncool!”

You were shedding your extra uniform layers as you ran towards the door, fully prepared to abandon Yoongi on his lonesome. Ideally you would like to change clothes, but you didn’t have time right now. However it did strike you as funny that you were going straight from one cinema to another.

“You’re the one who wouldn’t shut up,” the male snorted, turning to lean against the counter and watch you scramble away with a sense of amusement. “Who would I be to stop you mid-rant?”

You didn’t have time to think of a witty enough reply, “Screw you, Min Yoongles! I hope you get all the shitty customers!”

He laughed, laughed (the audacity)¸as you retreated through the front door of the establishment, calling out in parting, “Don’t forget to exfoliate, you dusty bitch!”

He got a very nice view of your middle finger before you dashed away, eager to get to Rose before she decided you were Late and deserved punishment by terrible music. Yoongi’s laughter followed you on the way out. What a bitch.

You left your work no more informed than when you arrived.

x     x     x     x     x     x

Your movie outing with Rose had gone nicely, and when you’d gone back to her house for a sleepover afterwards you’d felt a lot more relaxed and worry-free than you had all week. You’d had fun, filling each other in on the latest happenings in your lives and watching dramas with popcorn and sweets at the ready. You hadn’t slept too late, having gone to bed surprisingly early (what could you say? You were both getting old) but that just meant that the next morning you woke feeling well-rested and content, something that followed you the whole way home.

Until you walked through the front door, checking your phone, and realised that yes, Seokjin had really been ignoring you for an entire week now. All at once your frustration was rekindled, stronger than before. Part of it was annoyance, and another part was hurt. You were annoyed, because he was doing the exact thing he got up you for all the time, and also because here you were worrying your ass off because you had no idea what was going on with him and none of his friends were telling you anything. And you were hurt because, well… he was your friend, wasn’t he? And if something was up, if he didn’t feel good, you thought he’d be comfortable coming to you. You were hurt, because for once it felt like you didn’t mean much to him, for once your feelings weren’t mutual but youwere the one feeling more in this friendship than he was. Hurt, because in your uncertainty insecurities came knocking upon your door and intruding upon your thoughts. What if he’d found out about your attraction for him and found it weird? Had he really grown sick of you and your dumb, childish jokes and humour like Yoongi said? Had he found a better friend, someone he preferred much more over you?

You knew calling one of his packmates would yield the same results you’d received all week, yet in your moment of vulnerability you found yourself doing it anyway. As the dial tone filled your ears you steeled yourself, pushing those pesky insecurities and unwelcome thoughts to the back of your mind.

Hello?” you weren’t kept waiting long, the response coming relatively quick. “y/n? It’s been a while since you’ve called, what’s up?”

“Hey, Joonie,” you grinned, greeting him politely. “Are you busy?”

There was rustling on the other end of the line as the male in question shifted, probably switching his phone to the other hand like you’d seen him do before. “Nope, not right now. I just got back from doing what I needed to today, so you called at a pretty good time, actually.”

“Oh, nice,” you said, biting your lip for a moment before continuing. “Um. I know I’ve asked before but I’m really— can you please tell me what’s up with Jin? Please? I just wanna know if he’s okay, and if I should go see him—”

“No!” there was a sudden yelp from the other side of the line. “You definitely shouldn’t go see him!”

Your eyebrows shot up, suspicion tainting your thoughts. “What? Is he sick? Joon—”

He’s not sick!” Namjoon said quickly, words flowing forth like there wasn’t a filter engaged to keep them at bay. “He’s not sick, so you don’t need to go see him, haha. He just didn’t want to see you—”

“He what.” You said flatly, fury beginning to lick at the bottom of your stomach.

Um,” it was like you could physically see Namjoon backtracking. “Well, he didn’t say that, specifically, he said we shouldn’t let you near him—”

“I’m sorry, Namjoon, but something’s come up,” you said sweetly, and you could almost hear it as he realised what he just said, a small noise of alarm squeaking forth past his lips, “I gotta go. Talk to you later. Bye.”

y/n, wait—"

You abruptly hung up, throwing your phone on the bed and marching over to your closet to change. Your eyes swept over to the calendar hung on your wall, more out of habit than anything, and narrow in on the date. Your period wasn’t for two weeks, so you didn’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself by unexpectedly bleeding everywhere when you went to go tear Seokjin a new asshole for being such a dick all week.

‘He doesn’t want to see you’, Namjoon had said, ‘He said not to let you near him’. Well, you bristled, hot white anger spilling into the pit of your stomach and pinching your lungs, he was going to be seeing a lot of you very soon when you busted his door down and smacked him one for ignoring you all week and being so rude.

You changed quickly, anger hastening your steps as you stomped to the front door, grabbing your phone and keys on the way, and abruptly left to go yell at Jin for hurting your feelings. The drive was quick; you knew the best way to Seokjin’s house like the back of your hand, and coupled with your aggressive driving you were there in almost no time at all. Namjoon, and even Hoseok and Yoongi to your surprise, had been blowing up your phone the entire trip with missed calls and texts. You ended up turning it off when you pulled up outside Seokjin’s apartment, before yanking the door open and slamming it shut. Your poor little car didn’t deserve your rage but you’d rather not blow up on Seokjin too badly, and needed an outlet in the meantime.

It wasn’t long before you stood before Seokjin’s door, banging loudly on it twice before you remembered he had a spare key under the rock in the pot plant by the door and dived for it.

“KIM SEOKJIN!” you yelled as you pushed the door open and crossed the threshold, closing the it behind you forcibly. A small morsel of yourself was filled with regret at the rough treatment, but you were too mad to care. “Get your sorry ass out here, I have some strong words for you!”

You didn’t wait for him to come out like the scolded child he was, and instead marched further into his house, in the direction of his bedroom where you knew him to probably be.

“Seokjin, I swear to god I am so mad at you right now you—”

A door swung open to your right, halting you in your steps, and lo and behold there the man of the week stood in the doorway to the bathroom, half-naked with a towel around his waist, dripping water onto the floor as he stared at you in shock. “y/n?”

You bristled, almost feeling yourself glow in anger as you took a step forward and pointed at him accusingly, not expecting the first words to come out of your mouth but rolling with it anyway. “Yah, Seokjin you fucking ass how dare you ignore me all week—"

Right as you stepped forward Seokjin jolted, nostrils flaring as he backed into the door. A look of pain crossed his face and his hand gripped the doorframe. You struggled not to ogle his god-like body as droplets slid down his form and over toned muscles— where had he been hiding all of this?

He looked like he was trying to hold his breath, eyes meeting yours beseechingly. “y/n, you need to leave, now.”

You were insulted. Was he trying to tell you that you stank? This bitch.  “No!” you cried, stepping forward once more. He couldn’t back away any further. “Seokjin, I’m your friend and you’ve been ignoring me and avoiding me all week! Do you know how worried I’ve been? No one would tell me—”

“y/n,” he sounded again, voice low and strained in warning.

“—anything! The only helpful response I got was from Namjoon and he didn’t even mean to tell me! By the way, you told them not to let me near you?! What the hell, I am so pissed at you—” you continued angrily, unable to stop the rant now that you’d begun. Seokjin snarled at the mention of Namjoon but quickly caught himself as you took another step closer, hardly a metre between you now, and he froze, breath catching in his throat.

“y/n, you need to— oh my god, fuck,” his nostrils flared once more and his gaze zeroed in on you, eyes shining such an alarming shade of gold it struck a peculiar feeling in your chest. “Your scent, oh god please don’t tell me you’re— your cycle— oh fuck.”

Confusion ebbed at your thoughts but you ignored it in favour of taking more steps forward and closing the distance between you so you stood barely a foot apart. “Stop avoiding the subject! Why have you been so—”

You went to jab a finger lightly on his chest but his hand whipped up to grip your wrist before you could even touch him, his other hand gripping the doorframe so hard the wood splintered in his grasp. His entire form was tense and each motion he purposefully made was wrought with strain and control. His eyes were burning gold as they stare into yours, a breathtaking sight that stirred the butterflies in your stomach and almost stopped your heart in your chest. His gaze was full and swimming with so many emotions, some you’d seen before and many you hadn’t— his pupils were dilated and trained on you, devouring your entire being in the pitch black. Lust, you recognised dimly, but the rest of your mind hadn’t caught up.

Something changed, a moment of clarity shining through the haze that seemed to be overtaking him, and he pleaded with you, voice coarse and strained, “y/n, please,” he almost begged, grip loosening around your wrist. “You need to leave, I’m in heat and you— you especially— can’t be here smelling like that.”

Heat? All the breath left your lungs at once. You knew some creatures had it, but somehow you didn’t know it was something wolves went through. Bit by bit the pieces started to connect in your head and you could only stare up at the male breathing heavily before you as your anger left all at once and embarrassment, coupled with some regret for good measure, began to sink in. “What?” was the only thing that managed to leave your mouth.

Seokjin opened his mouth to reiterate, making the mistake of inhaling beforehand, and instead groaned, throwing his head back against the door. His hand left your wrist to press against your chest underneath your clavicle, urging you away and in the direction of the door. “y/n, please, you need to fucking leave. I can barely control myself right now and having you right here in front of me after a week of fantasising isn’t fucking helping.

The words barely registered in your mind as the borderline animalistic groan he’d released sent a sudden shot of arousal straight between your legs. You didn’t even have time to feel ashamed of how absolutely sexually frustrated you were, because the second your body shifted Seokjin’s nose twitched and his eyes shot open, almost feral as they locked on your form.

“Are you fucking—y/n please,” Seokjin groaned once more, pressing his body back against the door as though to try and create more distance between you. “You can yell at me all you want later, but for the love of god please fucking leave before I lose the little control I have—”

You hesitated, completely bewildered and unsure of what to make of the situation. You’d come here angry and ready to tear Seokjin a new one, yet now here you were horny and wondering what the hell you were even meant to do. You didn’t know how to handle the situation or yourself now that everything had been wrenched from your control. The man before you didn’t feel like Seokjin, soft, dorky Seokjin— no, he was raw, barely contained power and looking at you with such a primal desire in his eyes you were almost trembling where you stood and your mind was struggling to keep up with the change in events.

“Seokjin, you—” you started, unable to move your eyes from his. You felt small beneath his gaze, so fucking vulnerable like he was seeing into the depths of your very being and it was exhilarating. You wanted him so badly but you knew he was never yours to have, and even now the thought doused the flames licking your abdomen. “You have a mate, don’t you? Can’t you just—”

The blonde before you was almost panting, golden chest heaving beneath your heavy gaze. “y/n, you fucking idiot,” he rasped, gripping the doorframe harder and causing splinters of wood to fall to the ground. “Why do you think I told you that you can’t be here? You need to leave—”

You were more confused than you had ever been in your life, annoyance rising to the surface to compensate for how lost you felt. “What is that even supposed to mean?! Why can’t you just answer one of my questions for once—"

“y/n, please!” Seokjin growled when you stepped forward, a sound you knew he was capable of making but you’d never heard yourself until now. You heart leapt into your throat.

“Stop telling me to leave, I’m not going until you—mpf!”

The control Seokjin had managed to hang onto snapped like a thin string as you unthinkingly moved forward once more to continue berating him. He moved faster than your eyes could keep up with, and before you knew it your back was pressed firmly against a wall and Seokjin’s plush lips were on your own. He kissed you with such unrestrained desire and ardent need that you felt your knees tremble beneath you, your hands rising on instinct to clutch his wide shoulders and thread into his damp hair. As your nails scratched unwittingly against the nape of his neck and his scalp a long, low groan rumbled from deep in his throat, the sound bordering on animalistic and sending tremors of desire thrumming through your veins.

His teeth found your bottom lip, sinking lightly into the flesh and tugging it before he released it suddenly and drew back, breath coming short in his lungs and mixing with your own shaky exhales. His hands tightened in the grip you didn’t even know he had on your hips and waist. “God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he groaned, eyes meeting yours and giving you a glimpse of his lust-blown pupils before his head dipped to capture your lips once more.

You almost moaned at the touch and taste of him, skin alight and so hypersensitive to his each and every touch you were almost gasping with each graze of his teeth and tongue against your own. He broke from you, gasping for air, and you couldn’t help the startled gasp you gave that melted into a moan as his lips attached to your neck and he began suckling the skin beneath your jaw. Your head was swimming in a haze of pleasure as your fingers threaded through his hair, tugging the strands gently and receiving a low moan in response.

His teeth nipped your skin and you nearly mewled, back arching so your chest pressed against his and your neck was bared to him. “S-Seokjin—" you gasped, skin hot and pleasure licking at your abdomen.

At the sound of his name falling from your kiss-swollen lips, Seokjin nearly moaned. “My fucking god,” he cursed, dragging his nose along your neck as he returned his mouth to a spot beneath your ear that had you gasping, thighs rubbing together. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

You could hardly form an answer, and the return of his lips to yours saved you from having to do so. He kissed you deeply, your heart singing with happiness and desire and something else. Love? You couldn’t help the moan that dragged from your lips as Seokjin’s hand wove into the hair at the base of your neck and tugged your head back, deepening the kiss even further and setting your veins alight with absolute and utter need for him.

“You just couldn’t listen, huh,” Seokjin’s eyes were burning and bright yet so dark with pure, unadulterated desire for you and only you as he spoke, voice thick with need as his hips pressed into yours and you felt the culmination of his lust for you. “You wouldn’t listen when I warned you, and now look where you are, kitten.”

A hand trailed down your neck, fingertips grazing skin in a loving caress that contrasted starkly with the thick, heady air between you. Seokjin’s dark eyes trapped yours in their gaze. “Pressed against a wall and whining like a bitch in heat, just for me.”

A moan slipped from your throat at his lewd words, completely different to anything you’d ever heard come out of his mouth before yet your body sang and thrummed with desire at the sound of his voice. You could hardly form words let alone coherent thoughts, “Jin—"

The sheer intensity of his gaze upon you had the words halting at the top of your tongue. His voice was low as he spoke, “This is your last chance, y/n. If you don’t want this you need to let me know now, and you need to leavebecause this is the strongest my heat has ever been and I cannot control myself when I’m surrounded by nothing but the scent of you.”

Your breath hitched in your throat, catching in your lungs, and you forced your brain to work. You were drowning in your need for him, and clutched him like a lifeline. Your eyes held a spark of challenge when they met his, “Then don’t,” you couldn’t muster anything more than a whisper, “I’ve never wanted anything more.”

Seokjin stiffened at your words, eyes widening before they darkened once more and you felt his hunger swallow you whole, gaze leaving trails of fire where it raked over your body. He dove down, capturing your lips with his and if you thought he was kissing you deeply before, now you were drowning. A sharp moan escaped you and a low growl sounded from his throat in response, his large hands dragging down your body to clutch your ass and yank you up, your legs coming to wrap around his waist on instinct. The sheer display of strength as he held you easily and moved to his room without a qualm had your legs trembling, core aching with need for him. You were more god damn turned on than you could ever remember being in your life.

The second he reached his bed he threw you down, your back meeting plush covers and supple mattress as another gasp tore from your throat. Seokjin’s gaze as he gazed down at your form, sprawled out, willing and needy and smelling like a fucking treat just for him, had you trembling with nothing but sheer want for him. Your body drew him to you, form crawling to hover over your own as he connected his lips aggressively with yours once more. This kiss was hotter, needier than the last and had your legs straining to come together and produce some friction, anything to feed the fire burning in your belly. His hands found your thighs and firmly planted on the soft inner flesh, halting you in your endeavour and you whined. You could feel him grin against your lips as he nipped the soft muscles, before shifting his attention to your neck and suckling deep pink and red under your jaw and over your pulse point. You moaned, another wave of arousal washing over you and Seokjin nearly snarled against your skin, hips shifting forward to wedge between your thighs and hold them open as his hands came to grip your shirt and yank the collar down, baring more of your neck for him.

One hand fisted the sheets beneath you and the other came to thread through Seokjin’s damp blond locks as he sucked a tender trail down your neck and over your collarbones, marking your flesh as he went. He reached the edge of your shirt, and without a second thought tore it open, eliciting a startled yelp from you followed by a sudden moan as he choked and his hips pressed deeper between your legs, brushing deliciously against your throbbing core.

He’d never seen a more beautiful, more enticing sight than what lay before him right now. Your cheeks were flushed pink, breath coming in pants and chest heaving from his ministrations. A glistening trail left by him decorated your neck and collarbones and he groaned, long and low. “Fuck,” his hands moved the torn remains of your shirt aside and hooked beneath the cups of your bra, your skin hot and flush against his fingers as he allowed himself to admire the sight of you in baby blue lace and silken material before he yanked his hands apart and tore that too.

“Jin—!” you cried in shock, hands flying up as though to attempt to cover yourself. His own caught your wrists before you could even get close to obscuring his view, pressing your hands against the mattress and holding your arms down with ease.

He could have died at the sight of you, top half bare and spread before him, the glow of your skin and curve of your waist and breasts, the enticing way your nipples hardened beneath his intense gaze and the way your chest moved with each heaving breath.

Jin gathered both of your wrists above your head and held them with one hand, using the other to trail softly, teasingly, featherlight down your side and over the swell of your breast. You shivered beneath him, and yelped when he dragged his nails gently over your nipple, catching lightly on the sensitive flesh, before pinching it between his fingers and tugging it harshly. A wanton moan tore from your throat but you were too far gone to even feel embarrassed by it, your back arching and pushing your chest further into his hand as pleasure thrummed beneath your skin

“Look at you,” he murmured, voice thick, an abrupt moan escaping him as your hips shifted and bucked against his. God, you were so far gone in your need for him. “Spread out and so, so needy for me, aren’t you? I wonder if you’ve thought about this as much as I have…”

You whimpered in response and he tilted his head, gaze dangerous as it raked the length of your body. “You’re so perfect for me, so beautiful. Fate really couldn’t have chosen a better woman to bear my pups.”

Your breath hitched in your throat, the words sending an unexpected flash of desire straight to your core. Your hips twitched and you could feel how wet you were, your panties practically soaked at this point, and from the look on Jin’s face he could tell too. His nostrils flared, gaze darkening even further at the scent of your arousal.

“Oh, you like that? How dirty,” he leaned down to drag his nose along the length of your neck before his lips trailed further, brushing teasingly over your peaked nipple as he spoke, breath scorching against your sensitive skin. “You want me to knot you, fill you up with my cum, hm? You want me to fuck you again and again and again until you can’t walk, until you’re full to the brim with me and stretched around my cock, kitten?”

You couldn’t breathe, unable to muster anything but another wanton moan and a breathy, “Shit, Jin—”

His hips rocked, testing against yours and you keened for him, a sound that went strait to his groin and he snarled softly. “Fuck, you’re so sensitive,” he cursed, grinding his hips against yours to punctuate each word and tearing moans from both of your throats. His head dipped and his mouth captured your nipple, suckling gently before he nipped it, taking it between his teeth and pulling gently. The moan that tore from your throat was desperate and needy, your back arching your chest into his mouth as you gasped and mewled, “Jin, oh my god, fuck—"

Every touch of him against you set your skin ablaze— you’d never been so sensitive to just a touch, a lick, a kiss before. Everything he did had fire moving through your veins and pleasure thrumming beneath your skin.

“So needy,” he hummed against you, releasing your nipple from his mouth with a pop to suckle bruises onto the skin around it. “So beautiful writhing beneath me, moaning my name.”

His dirty words had heat flushing your skin, the room hot and cold at the same time against your trembling form. Your core ached, clit throbbing, and the fire in your belly was smouldering.

Abruptly, he returned his mouth to your sensitive bud and resumed his previous activity, sucking harshly and eliciting a series of sharp moans and gasps from your swollen lips. His free hand came to pinch and tug the other, and your eyes clenched shut, a loud moan tearing from you. He drank each and every one of your noises in, nipping your sensitive flesh once more and relishing in the way your body jolted and you mewled for him, the slight pain mixing with the plethora of pleasure swarming in your abdomen.

He released your breast to move his mouth downwards, suckling over the curve of your ribs and the soft swell of your tummy until he reached the waistband of your shorts, his body shifting back with him. He moved his lips over the material, kissing your core over the shorts, and dragged his teeth directly over your clit. You gasped, hips bucking up before his hands came to hold them down against the bed.

“I don’t think so,” he growled, lust-blown eyes glowing dark golden as they met yours and causing a shiver to travel the length of your spine. There was something so wild, so feral in his gaze and it turned you on beyond belief, feeling your panties grow more soaked with your slick as you clenched around nothing. Seokjin jolted as the strengthened scent of your arousal reached his nose, a possessive snarl escaping his lips. His hands slid beneath the waistband of your shorts and in one go he yanked them down, and your underwear with them. You gasped, cool air hitting the scorching heat of your core, and your legs moved to cover yourself instinctively.

Seokjin’s hands gripped the supple flesh of your thighs and parted them with ease, holding them apart as he hovered over your core and glared at you. “Don’t hide yourself,” he said lowly, and instantly you parted your legs further for him. God, you’d never been so turned on in your life.

“Good girl,” he breathed, before shooting you a devious smile and dipping his head to lick a long, wide strip along your folds. You keened, hips bucking before he wound his arms under your legs and over your hips to hold you down. He began slowly, lapping up your juices and relishing in the unbidden scent of your arousal and pleasure washed over you, and quickly continued on to wrap his plush lips around your clit and suck. You cried out, pleasure hot and sharp shooting through your veins to feed the tightening coil in your abdomen as you writhed, and your hips strained to shift against him, unable to move against his iron grasp.

“Jin!” you moaned, hands coming to grip his hair and tug desperately. “Fuck, please—”

He hummed, the vibration against your clit sending pleasure sparking up your spine, and obliged your unspoken request, slipping one arm from around your waist to trail a finger up your folders before slipping it in. The long digit met no resistance, instantly enveloped in the tight, slick heat of your core as he slid knuckle-deep and tore a moan from the both of you.

“Fuck, y/n,” Jin groaned against you, voice thick and chest rumbling possessively as he licked the sensitive bundle of nerves between your thighs. “You’re so wet for me, kitten. You’re so tight,” he sucked and nibbled between words, your abdomen trembling and clenching with each new roil of pleasure.

He gradually added another finger, and the next until he was fucking you open with three fingers, all the while suckling on your clit and sending you further to the edge faster than you thought possible.

“Jin, Jin, oh fuck— please—” you moaned and writhed, eyes clenched shut as you gradually unravelled beneath the blonde’s skilful hands. He moaned against you, the scents and taste of you almost too much for him after a whole year fantasizing what this would be like. He suckled harder, pulling your clit gently between his teeth as he did so and simultaneously curling the fingers within you just so that he hit that spot.

It was all you needed and too much at once, and with a loud scream of “JIN!” you were sent hurtling towards your orgasm and straight over the edge, pleasure coursing through your veins and your body tightening and curling, your core clenching around Jin’s fingers as he continued to pump you through it.

You came down from your high gradually, chest heaving, eyes opening and refocusing before falling on Jin where he remained between your legs, licking your essence off his fingers and lapping up the remains of your orgasm. He pulled away once satisfied with your ‘cleanliness’, and moved forward so his hips wedged between your thighs once more and his lips met yours. The taste of yourself on his plush, swollen lips sent a surprising shot of pleasure straight to your sensitive core, and to your bewilderment you realised you were honestly still turned on enough to go for another round despite your orgasm.

Seokjin caught sight of your bewildered look and offered a smile, caressing the side of your face and neck as he spoke, “You were made for me, y/n, and I you. Wolves have a higher stamina and so you do too. Perks, you could say, kitten.”

You flushed at the petname, sober enough from your lust-induced haze for now to entertain the possibility of retorting. “Don’t think you’ve gotten away with it, Kim Seokjin, I’m still mad at you. Just you wait until— AH!”

The blonde rolled his hips against yours, effectively silencing you after eliciting another delicious moan from your throat. “Until what, hm? Until I’m done fucking you? Until I’m done filling you with my cum? Knotting you so none of it spills out and you stay filled to the brim?” his hand traced over the supple, trembling flesh of your stomach, pressing his palm gently into your abdomen over your womb and making you moan. “You’d look so beautiful, swollen and carrying my pups.”

You couldn’t help the tremble in your limbs, the excitement in your veins and the shiver of pleasure that travelled the length of your spine— and you knew Jin was drinking every single reaction in as you slipped back into something that resembled obedience. His hands came to your chest, kneading your flesh and rubbing his thumbs over your sensitive, aching buds. You moaned loudly, eyes slipping closed as your back arched into his ministrations once more. He continued his lewd talk, his hard length pressing insistently against your core through the towel still around his waist as he spoke, low and rough, and let out a growl at your mewls.  “I bet you’d take my cock just as good as you took my fingers, better even. Don’t you agree, kitten?”

You gasped and moaned as his hand trailed down to circle his thumb gently over your clit, hips bucking up against his and making both of you groan. “So sensitive,” he said, awed, as he finally removed the final layer of clothing between you. The towel met the floor with a distant thump and your eyes fell on his length as it brushed your folds teasingly, a gasp tearing from your throat. He was long, and thick, and you didn’t know if dicks could be pretty but Seokjin’s was. The thought of having him buried in you, fucking you into the mattress made you heart skip a beat and a hot wave of pleasure to rush over you, your core throbbing once more as you clenched around nothing. Just like each time prior, Seokjin was quick to catch your arousal.

He groaned, thumb rubbing harder circles around your clit. He drank in each and every one of your moans and mewls, one hand holding your hips down effortlessly. “So wet and ready, moaning like a bitch in heat all for me.”

“J-Jin, please—” you gasped, hips straining against his grip. He snarled, both hands gripping your hips to still them completely as he nestled his own between your thighs. At this stage you were so far gone in your renewed desire and absolute need for him you weren’t even above begging. “Please, please, Jin—”

He growled, and it was all the warning you got before the tip of his cock was nudging your entrance and you were suddenly stretching deliciously around his thick length. You cried out, moaning wantonly as your back arched and your hands fisted in the sheets, legs trembling as they came to wrap shakily around his waist. “Fuck, Jin!”

Shit, y/n.” Jin cursed, grip tightening on your hips as he sank into you, your tight heat enveloping him completely and bringing the inklings of stars behind his eyes. It was better than he ever thought, ever could have imagined. “God, you— fuck.”

He restrained himself for a moment, allowing you to adjust to the stretch and burn before you wriggled your hips the slightest bit and he knew he was good to continue. He pulled out almost all the way, and slammed back in, drawing a choked moan from the both of you as his length dragged against your walls and hit a spot deep inside you that had your back arching off the bed and a sharp cry leaving your lips. He repeated the motion once, twice, then he was setting a merciless pace and pounding into you, finally able to fulfil the primal, animalistic need and urge his heat had cursed him with ever since the beginning of the week, to act on his feelings and finally establish a claim and give you the best fuck you’d ever have.

You were a mess, quickly becoming unravelled for the second time that day in your sensitivity from the last orgasm. The blurring of the ache and all-consuming, burning pleasure was an addictive combination, and had your blood singing in your veins as Jin pounded into you, hips slapping into the soft flesh of your thighs with each hard, powerful thrust. You trusted Jin enough to know he was able to keep his strength in check, otherwise you’d be worried about him splitting you in two.

The amount of pleasure that coursed through you with each slam of Seokjin’s length into you was almost indescribable, and you were left gasping and moaning, your breath unable to keep up with the brutal pace he’d set and leaving your head slightly dizzy and swimming in pleasure. Tears budded in your eyes at the intensity of the sensations you were feeling, legs clenching around his waist.

Jin was moaning in harmony with you, the sounds loud yet so melodic you’d never expect them to come out of the same mouth belonging to the person that had told you earlier he was going to fill you with his cum. At the reminder your hips twitched and you whimpered, throwing your head back with a gasp. “Ah, Jin—!”

Seokjin moaned at the sound of his name, hands leaving your hips to wrap around your thighs and fold them to your body, the new angle tearing a choked cry from your throat as with each thrust he reached deeper into you than before, hitting a particular spot inside you that had you seeing stars behind your eyes. “Fuck, kitten, you’re taking me so well,” Seokjin gave a particularly hard thrust and you both moaned. He trembled slightly, top half collapsing over you as he continued pounding you into the mattress.

One of his hands freed itself from your thigh, reaching to search for your own and grasping it, intertwining your fingers. With each thrust you both grew closer to your impending orgasms, excitement curling in your abdomen along with pleasure that shot straight to your core with each hard thrust of Jin’s hard length into your welcoming heat. Jin dipped his head from where it hovered over your chest and sucked the nipple he’d neglected previously into his mouth. You yelped, back arching and grip on his hand and hair tightening as your hips rose to meet the brutal thrusts of his hips, pleasure shooting white hot to join the heated desire in your core.

“J-Jin,” you managed to gasp, body beginning to tighten and curl— Seokjin moaned as you clenched around him, hips stuttering before he resumed his pace. “J-Jin I’m— I can’t, I’m gonna cum—”

He nipped your sensitive bud, eliciting a sharp yelp from you at the jolt that travelled down your spine, and moved to meet your eyes. Sweat was beading on his forehead, damp blond locks sticking to the skin. There was an overwhelming heat between you, and with each thrust more he gave you lost yourself further in the burning, overwhelming pleasure it offered. His dark, swirling golden eyes stared into your own, gaze intense and burning into your soul, before he dipped his head to your neck and murmured, “Are you ready for me to fill you up, kitten? You want me to cum inside you while you clench around me, begging for more?”

At your wanton moan he shifted and his lips brushed your ear, “Then cum, y/n.”

That was all it took. The pleasure coiling within you snapped and you were falling, crying out as you tilted over the edge and your second orgasm of the day washed over you, your nerves tingling and frying as white-hot pleasure scorched a path through your veins. Your muscled clenched, core tightening impossibly around Seokjin and it was all he could take, his length swelling and sending more pleasure shooting down your spine as his hips stuttered to a stop and he joined you in your high, his head moving forward and teeth sinking into your skin at the junction of your neck and shoulder on instinct to seal the mateship. The pain meshed with the pleasure and stars flooded the space behind your eyelids, an endless stream of wild noises escaping you.

His cum was scorching as it filled you continuously, warming your insides and threatening to spill out from the sheer excess of it. Jin’s rapidly swelling knot was stretching you further than you ever thought was possible and sealing every single drop inside, and the aftershocks of your orgasm persisted as you twitched in oversensitivity at the sensations. “Jin,” you moaned, nails digging into the back of his hand as you tried to arch away yet towards the feeling at the same time, “Ah, Jin, fuck.”

His teeth slipped from your neck, the slightest tinge of blood on his tongue as he pressed soft kisses all over your neck and face, peppering you with love and affection as you both came down from you high and his knot continued to swell and fill you with even more of his seed. Tears pricked at your eyes and just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, it ceased growing. You let out a breath of relief and Jin cooed, pecking your lips, nose, cheeks and anywhere he could reach, the ravenous heat having left his system on the coattails of his orgasm.

“You did so well,” he praised you, using a hand to smooth your hair and caress the side of your face soothingly. “You did so well, baby, I’m so proud of you. You took me so well, look at you, you’re so beautiful. You did so well.”

With the sheer contrast to his behaviour from only minutes before, you were absolutely melting at his affection, your heart nearly bursting against your chest. If your first orgasm hadn’t tired you out, then this one definitely did. Without thinking, you turned your head sleepily to press a kiss to Seokjin’s palm. He looked at you in surprise, and you offered a smile, nowhere near lucid enough to engage your verbal filter. “Love you.”

Seokjin froze, before a beam radiating all the warmth of the sun overtook his face and he leant to capture your lips with his in a sweet, loving kiss. “Fuck you, I can’t believe you just confessed first.”

You laughed, lifting a hand tiredly to cover your face. There he was, your beloved dork, completely back to normal after calling you ‘kitten’ and fucking you into the next fucking century. “Technically, I think you did. You mentioned fantasies, I believe?”

Seokjin’s face flushed crimson, something you found hilarious considering what you’d just been doing. He sputtered, struggling to come up with a response. In the end he gave up, instead dropping his head to hide his face shyly in your neck. You let your hand come up to thread soothingly through his hair. “… Thank you for staying,” he finally managed, murmuring against your skin. You sensed he had more to say and so stayed quiet. “Most wolves tend to have another wolf as a mate; it’s pretty rare to have a human. You’re not bound by the same instincts and rules as I am, so I… I was kind of worried it would only work one way, you know? Like you’re my mate, but maybe I wasn’t yours. I was worried you’d leave.”

“Is that why, in the entire year I’ve known you, you haven’t mentioned this whole mate thing even once?” you queried, rubbing your thumb over his hand that was entwined with yours you received a sheepish nod in response, and laughed.

It was silent for a moment before you continued, beginning to feel Jin’s knot soften inside you and the incredible amount of cum it held at bay start to spill forth around it. You squirmed at the foreign feeling, but ignored it to ask the question on your mind. “When you bit me… that’s the thing wolves do to seal mateship, right?”

Seokjin stiffened, very much resembling a deer in headlights as he shot you a sheepish look. “…Yes,” he answered, shooting you a guilty look. “I’m sorry, I know I should have asked first, and any other time I’d be able to control myself better but besides the full moon, heats the only other time where our baser instincts rise to the surface and are harder to control—”

“Huh,” you cut him off, pressing another soft kiss to his palm to reassure him. “Chill out, you idiot, I don’t mind. Do you see me complaining? Because I’m not. You’re something I’ve wanted for a long time— I’ve wanted you for a long time. I have nothing to complain about.”

Seokjin laughed softly, easing out of you when his knot lessened enough that he could do so. You both let out a groan, and all at once you felt the mixture of your own juices and Jin’s spilling forth. You received another sheepish look from Seokjin as he told you to wait there and slipped from the bed, returning with a wet cloth and small towel. He cleaned you up diligently, each touch full of care as he doted on you and helped clean your exhausted self up. You were fighting sleep waiting for him to finish, and relished in the feeling as soon as he did and slipped into the bed behind you, strong arms sliding around your waist and tugging you closer.

Jin cooed at you once more, fingers tracing patterns on your skin, and lulled you gently to sleep, murmuring praises. “You did so well, baby. I’m so proud. You’re so amazing,” and softer. “I love you.”

You couldn’t help the smile on your lips, but one last thing popped into your mind, preventing you from going to sleep just yet.

“Seokjinie,” you whispered, hearing his hummed response as he buried his face in the back of your neck. You fight a shiver, unsuccessfully. “I just remembered, I do have one thing to complain about.”

Seokjin makes an enquiring noise, too tired for words himself. You continue, “Yeah, I’m still pissed at you for ignoring me all week,” you lowered your tone and whispered, relishing in the way he stiffened. “I’m going to kill you if you ever do that to me again.”

It was silent for a few beats, before Jin mumbled into your neck, “Yah, yell at me another time, just go to sleep already, idiot.”

You snorted, but your eyes were already sliding closed. “Sweet dreams, you stinky mutt.”

“Yah! Take that back!”

Even after some of the wildest hours you’d ever experienced, it seemed some things wouldn’t change— how much you loved teasing Seokjin was one of them.

(And also how much you loved him, the absolute dork).