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Ordered Chaos

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 "Remember when you got stuck on the chandelier last year?" Sigurd asked Takumi. The two were investigating the ballroom the day before the festival to figure out the cause of Takumi getting stuck on the chandelier the year before.


 "I really don't know how it happened," Takumi replied. When he looked up, he saw Sigurd stuck on the chandelier. "How the heck did you end up there?"


 "I think I figured out how it happened," Sigurd called down. "There's a strange blue tile on the ballroom floor that warps people up here. It had to have been created by a prankster!"


 "But who would install a blue tile that warps you onto the chandelier and why?" Takumi questioned.


 "I don't know the identity of our prankster, but I'd really like to get down from here. I promised Deirdre I'd stay out of trouble," Sigurd replied. Takumi ran to the stables to get his kinshi Fujin; he remembered Hector had a difficult time getting him down when he was in the same situation. Sigurd sighed with relief when Takumi returned astride his kinshi.


 "Note to self: tell Alfonse to cover that tile so this doesn't happen again," Takumi noted as he and Sigurd flew down from the ceiling.