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Hell and Heroin

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Major Races

Wolves: Werewolves, obviously. They're not bound to any moon cycle, but there is a necessity to change forms after a while in order to shed their current skin and other body parts. The transformation process isn't painful, despite all of one's bones being broken and reset over and over again. If you've ever seen Hemlock Grove, it's kind of like that. The shed skin, hair, teeth, and eyes, whether it be human or wolf, disintegrates over time. They have longer lower canines, sometimes jutting past their lips. Wolves are most common among Hispanic and Native American people, due to them being there pre-colonization and the gene only being able to be passed down from birth.

Lamia: Just another word for vampire. Sunlight isn't fatal to Lamia, but they do have a higher risk for sunburns and skin cancers. They've got longer upper canines, speed, and flight. They do not need to eat people or drink blood to survive. Lamia originated in Africa, yet are not exclusive to black people. The gene can be passed down from birth or a human can be turned via blood transfusion.

Demons: Absolutely no religious affiliation. Demons are the most similar to human beings except for the horns, black eyes, and scary "true" face, which they can reveal whenever they want. Rumored to also originate from Africa, but it can only be transferred via transformative process.


Wolves: Regina, Papa Fuerte, Wanda, Napoleon

Lamia: Shao, Grandmaster

Hybrids: Zeke, Cadillac

Humans: Ramon, Tanya

Witches: The Kipling's

Other: Thor, Mylene