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Ever After High Femslash February 2018

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Poppy arrived at Duchess’ lake, hoping to watch her beautiful dancing, only to find Duchess sitting beside the lake, eyes trained on the floor.


“Duchess?” Poppy asked tentatively.


She stood up with a start, and Poppy could now see the tears in her eyes. Neither of them said a word.


“Would you- would you like to talk about it, Duchess?”


She sighed. “Worrying about my destiny again. I’m doomed from the start, I can’t get any ending, being both Odette and Odile, and my endings aren’t even happy. What are my options? Be a hated villain or commit suicide? I don’t know why I even bother.”


Wrapping her arms around her, Poppy stroked her soft hair gently, noting that Duchess was using the new conditioner she recommended.


“It’s okay, y’know, to not follow your destiny to a T. Don’t feel obligated Duchess. You could still do your ballet dancing and marry someone without… killing yourself. Or you could not follow it at all, if you want.”


For once, Duchess didn’t protest at the idea, she just held Poppy tighter in her arms.