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I Keep Falling For You Baby

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Hoseok had been sitting throughout the entire fansign session with a raging boner, because of the one sinful thing that is Min Yoongi with his fluffy, black cat ears and choker which had a goddamn bell on it. 


The boys had almost been done with the fansign, when one of the fans came up to Yoongi excitedly and decided to pin the two furry cat ears onto his soft, fluffy hair and put the pretty, sleek black choker with a gold bell onto his smooth neck.


The cat ears had suited Yoongi and his outfit pretty well— the furry ears blended well into Yoongi’s velvety hair and made him look so unbelievably soft and delicate. And the choker, holy shit, it was a stark contrast to Yoongi’s creamy skin and it just looked so amazing on his smooth, pale neck. Hoseok thought it made him look prettier than anything else.


When Hoseok had turned his head to look at the members in hopes that he would get a good laugh from seeing them wear ridiculous headbands and masks, he didn’t expect to see Yoongi looking like— well, like that.


So ethereal, so beautiful, so soft and pretty.


He could go on and on with different adjectives to praise Yoongi, honestly.


Last but not least, though, he was so fucking sexy.


The sight was a big turn on for him, and he could barely turn away from his charming boyfriend. It was inevitable that his pants started to grow tighter and tighter with each passing second (no one had to know, though) and he mentally thanked the gods that the fansign was coming close to an end.


It didn’t help, though, when Yoongi whipped his head to the side and just so happened to catch Hoseok staring, then decided to lick his lip in such a provocative manner it should be illegal, and send him a glossy, wide-eyed, pouty look. Jesus fuck Min Yoongi.


Hoseok just swallowed, trying his damned hardest to contain his unruly boner because god dammit, dick, we’re in public here.


But then again it was Yoongi they were talking about, so screw trying to even control his hormones.


Once the fansign was over the fans had all vacated the room and the boys thanked the officials and staff members for their hard work Hoseok went over to Yoongi and grabbed his thin wrist, practically dragging him into the dressing room.


Hoseok took off the cat ears on Yoongi and kept them in his bag. “Leave the choker on.”


Yoongi had let out the faintest moan at Hoseok’s promising tone. The thought of what was going to happen when they got home was enough to send Yoongi’s mind spiraling. Hoseok kissed him then, one hand hugging Yoongi close and the other tugging on his soft hair. It didn’t take long for his lips to travel downwards, licking and biting until his teeth reached the choker and tugged on it harshly whilst scraping Yoongi’s neck gently at the same time. Yoongi gasped, and then Hoseok retreated with one last peck on his lips, whispering about how they’d continue when they get home.


Hoseok and Yoongi’s minds were dizzy with lust through the ride back home, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the others since Hoseok was very openly groping Yoongi’s thigh while Yoongi kept asking “how much longer till we reach home?”


The younger members had mostly just teased them, Jimin groaning and fake cringing, while Namjoon and Seokjin acted like they were oblivious to the situation.


Needless to say, they didn’t affect the pair who still spotted painful boners all the way back home.


So that’s how Hoseok and Yoongi found themselves in the bedroom now, Yoongi having just clipped the cat ears back on after changing into one of Hoseok’s oversized shirts.


Yeah, just the shirt, cat ears and choker. Nothing else.


And holy fuck, was Hoseok beyond turned on.


Hoseok sat at the edge of their bed, beckoning Yoongi to come closer from where he stood in the middle of the room. Yoongi fiddled with the hem of his (Hoseok’s) shirt while shuffling over to his lover, teeth tugging on his bottom lip when he glanced at Hoseok’s crotch and saw how big the bulge was.


When Yoongi was close enough, Hoseok reached out with one hand and tugged him closer by his waist. Yoongi stumbled a little and plopped down on Hoseok’s lap unceremoniously, bare ass meeting the slightly rough material of jeans. Hoseok’s other hand found its way to Yoongi’s head and pulled him in, their moist lips meeting in a heated kiss. Hoseok immediately wiggled his tongue into Yoongi’s mouth, licking and sucking and biting and it was such a mess. It didn’t take long at all for both of them to be completely out of breath, the room caging in their little pants and sighs.


“You’re the prettiest. The most beautiful. And you’re all mine.” Hoseok whispered with his forehead against Yoongi’s.


And god, did Yoongi love compliments from Hoseok not that he’d ever admit that out loud, but Hoseok knew the fact well and indulged him all the time. He loved the way Hoseok spoke when complimenting him; how his voice was filled with love, affection, fondness, tenderness and warmth, the same passion he carried when rapping, and the look in his eyes which conveyed so much endearment and care that it made Yoongi’s heart so heavy with gratitude and love in return as well. To put it simply, Hoseok’s words made Yoongi want to melt into a puddle of goo.


Hoseok brought his lips down to Yoongi’s pale neck, starting off by planting soft and gentle kisses all over. He knew by heart everything and anything Yoongi loved, and Yoongi loved being marked as much as he does being complimented.


Hoseok could tell Yoongi was getting impatient from the way his hands reached up to tangle into Hoseok’s hair and bring Hoseok’s face even closer to his neck, so Hoseok complied to his silent request and began to nip gently. Yoongi let out a soft moan the moment he felt teeth, hands tightening in Hoseok’s hair.


Hoseok took his time sucking and biting until Yoongi was letting out little pants with a heaving chest. He planted the last few kisses onto the bruises he created and gently licked them which caused goosebumps to rise on Yoongi’s skin from his ever present sensitivity. Hoseok leaned back afterwards, admiring the pretty, pale canvas he painted with blotches of red and purple. It was so beautiful and utterly pleasing.


“Get on the bed baby, I’ll prep you,” Hoseok said. He was about to hoist Yoongi up from his lap and maneuver him onto their bed when Yoongi shook his head and gently pushed at Hoseok’s chest.


“That can wait.”


Yoongi got off Hoseok’s lap, spreading Hoseok’s legs apart before getting on his knees between them. He reached for Hoseok’s jeans, unbuttoning them before tugging them off together with his underwear with some help from the latter. Once they were off, Yoongi scooted closer to his lover and took his length with both hands. Hoseok was, blessedly, quite big in size, and Yoongi had pretty small hands. It wasn’t a problem though, it never was in fact, Hoseok may or may not enjoy the size difference a little too much.


Yoongi leaned forward, wrapping his lips around the head of Hoseok’s cock and sucking, then licking it to make sure it was wet enough. He pulled off, causing Hoseok to emit a loud moan. With both hands, Yoongi gathered the saliva from the head and spread it as he started to pump Hoseok while staring straight into the dark pits that were Hoseok’s eyes. Hoseok moaned again, one hand grabbing onto the sheets tightly while the other went up to Yoongi’s hair to toy with the faux ears.


Yoongi lowered his head, taking Hoseok’s cock into his mouth again but this time going as deep as he could, hands grabbing onto the base which he couldn’t fit into his mouth. Yoongi relaxed his throat and started bobbing his head which caused Hoseok to curse and grasp onto his hair tighter, fingernails scratching his scalp. Yoongi swallowed at the sensation, throat enclosing around the length for a second. Hoseok noticed how the choker twitched against Yoongi’s throat with every movement, and his hips jerked up involuntarily.


“Yoongi, f-fuck,” Hoseok croaked out.


All the while, Yoongi’s cock stood painfully red against his abdomen, and with every curse and moan Hoseok let out, Yoongi felt like he was getting harder, if it was even physically possible. His cock twitched every now and then, precum spurting out bit by bit and wetting the hem of the shirt he was wearing. He would moan whenever the fabric rubbed against the tip of his cock, causing Hoseok to tug on his hair as the vibrations traveled through his body from Yoongi’s mouth.


On one particularly hard suck, Hoseok pulled Yoongi up by his hair, cursing loudly. “No, stop, fuck wanna come inside of you.”


Yoongi whimpered, nodding erratically while hurriedly getting up on his feet. Hoseok pulled him in for another kiss as soon as he was up, stealing any little breath he still had left. They moved onto the bed, Yoongi instantly getting on his hands and knees with Hoseok kneeling behind him.


Hoseok stood up and quickly stumbled his way to the cabinet to grab the bottle of lube. He walked back towards the bed, all the while admiring Yoongi’s submissive stance, how pliant and willing he was, just waiting for Hoseok to completely ruin him.


When Hoseok landed an unexpected smack onto Yoongi’s ass, he let out a dirty moan, urging Hoseok on. Hoseok chucked the bottle of lube onto the bed and grabbed Yoongi’s bottom, speading the plump cheeks apart. Yoongi was being handled roughly, and he fucking loved it. The act of Hoseok handling him with such roughness made his stomach coil and his head dizzy and he loved everything about it. God, he should feel ashamed for being this filthy but he couldn’t help himself. He had zero self control when it came to Jung Hoseok, vice versa.


Yoongi was interrupted from his reverie when he felt a wet muscle poking at his hole. His reaction was immediate - he let out a high pitched moan that could undoubtedly be heard by the whole apartment and pushed his ass backwards, seeking for more, more, more.


Hoseok complied; didn’t even bother to tease, he just quite literally dived into Yoongi’s ass. He licked the rim, then pushed his thick tongue into the hole and wiggled it around while grabbing Yoongi’s thighs tightly which rendered him incapable of moving much. Yoongi cried out, fists clenching as Hoseok showed him no mercy at all. Hoseok detached himself from Yoongi and grabbed the lube, squeezing ample amount right onto Yoongi’s hole. His middle finger rubbed Yoongi’s twitching hole and smeared the lube all over before pushing the finger in. They both liked it messy, liked when the lube was smeared everywhere and made everything so wet.


Yoongi gasped when the first finger entered him. They’ve done this a lot, it definitely wasn’t the first time, but despite that, Hoseok’s fingers never ceased to awe him at all. It was so good, so, so good, Hoseok’s fingers were long and pretty and so fucking skilled they could ruin him entirely in seconds.


Hoseok thrust his middle finger into Yoongi as deep as it could go without the slightest hint of hesitation and just like that, Yoongi was wrecked. He squeaked, hips uncontrollably bucking forward to seek friction on his painful cock. Before he could feel any sort of relief, though, Hoseok has one arm wrapped around his abdomen, pulling Yoongi up and forcing him to stay still.


“No touching down there, baby,” Hoseok said, and Yoongi could practically hear the smirk plastered on his face.


“Hoseok, Hoseok, Hoseok please, Hoseok, need more, more-” Yoongi managed to ramble out.


Hoseok’s response came in the form of him inserting another finger with a soft, slick squelching sound. He instantly started to pump his fingers deep into Yoongi, then carefully scissoring them apart to stretch the tight hole. Yoongi could only moan and gasp and take it with shivering thighs and sweaty palms. Not long later, two more of Hoseok’s fingers joined and Yoongi could barely hold himself up properly not with Hoseok’s fingers penetrating deep and fast into him while purposely missing the his prostrate.


“Hoseok, please I, I need your cock already, please- I can take it,” Yoongi whimpered out, the feeling of Hoseok’s fingers too much but at the same time, not sufficient. He needed Hoseok’s cock, needed his big fat cock to fill him up good and make him feel just right.


Hoseok chuckled, the hand that wasn’t occupied with fingering Yoongi sliding up his body to grasp at the choker. Hoseok tugged, gently at first, then harder to hear Yoongi’s moans get choked off. He leaned down and pressed his body over Yoongi’s, fingers not stopping their movements (fingering and choking) as he growled into Yoongi’s ear. “So desperate for me already, baby? Want my cock don’t you? Want me to wreck you entirely until you can barely walk afterwards, hmm?”


Yoongi shivered, and it was definitely because of the hot breath that tickled his ear. Nope, not because of Hoseok’s filthy words at all.


“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, want your cock, H-Hoseok please!” Yoongi begged as soon as Hoseok released his grip on the choker.


Hoseok let out a satisfied hum and grabbed Yoongi by his hair, tugging him close to join their wet lips. Yoongi opened his mouth automatically and Hoseok’s tongue, having the upper hand, travelled over Yoongi’s lips, his teeth, his own tongue, everywhere it could reach. It had always been like this - Yoongi pliant like a rag doll, Hoseok powerful and dominant. Yoongi would give up control and take, take anything Hoseok had to offer.


Yoongi was so enraptured by the kiss that he didn’t feel Hoseok pull his fingers out and swiftly replace them with his throbbing cock which was somehow already lubed up without Yoongi knowing.


Yoongi cried out mid-kiss, gasping and clutching the sheets tightly in his hands. Hoseok pulled Yoongi’s bottom lip between his teeth and tugged, hips thrusting all the way in to the hilt. He stilled when his entire length was buried deep in Yoongi and he could feel Yoongi’s walls clenching and pulsing around his cock.


Hoseok released Yoongi’s lip and gazed at him. With his face this close to Yoongi’s, he could hear Yoongi’s soft little breaths and pants. He was close enough to count Yoongi’s eyelashes, close enough to feel the warmth radiating from Yoongi’s lips as they parted and breathed. Hoseok couldn’t help but kiss him slow and sweet, a stark contrast to his previous obscene and licentious actions. This was a chaste kiss - well, as chaste as it could get with Hoseok’s big cock buried deep in Yoongi’s ass.


The kiss was gentle and when Yoongi pulled away with flushed cheeks and glossy eyes, Hoseok smiled. He knew, he knew that beyond the dominant and submissive dynamics, beyond all the dirty kinks and filthy words, that Yoongi greatly yearned intimacy and affection. It made him feel treasured, made him safe and so very loved, not that he ever doubted Hoseok’s love for him.


“I love you, so much, Hoseokkie,” Yoongi whispered with his forehead pressed against Hoseok’s.


“I love you too, my precious Yoongi.”


At that, Hoseok buried his face into the soft skin of Yoongi’s neck and pulled out until only the head of his cock was sheathed, then rammed into Yoongi with so much force that Yoongi fell forward, his arms giving out completely.


Yoongi made a noise that was a mixture of a cry and a whimper, maybe a yell, Hoseok didn’t know. But what he knew was that it was so loud, there was no doubt all the other members heard it. He loved it though; loved how Yoongi let out deafening noises whenever he did something unexpected or pushed Yoongi far over his limits. The noises, as cliché as this might sound, were like music to Hoseok’s ears. He loved all the sounds Yoongi made the loud, high pitched moans, the cute little squeaks, the lewd whines and gasps, the way he whimpered Hoseok’s name.


Yoongi was covered in sweat by now, his head gone dizzy with pleasure and contentment and he could barely think or speak coherently. Hoseok had Yoongi caged between his arms, thrusts vigorous as he sucked dark, pleasing marks onto Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi was an absolute mess, moaning uncontrollably as his eyes glazed over with tears at the stimulation of Hoseok’s cock driving into him unforgivingly, and his teeth and tongue that were assaulting his neck. Everything just felt so good, so pleasant and all his brain could register was Hoseok, Hoseok, Hoseok.


Hoseok’s every thrust was accurately placed at Yoongi’s prostrate, and god Yoongi’s whole body felt like it was on fire, his mind was hazy and delirious, everything was so good and so right. The pleasure in Yoongi’s abdomen built up rapidly and he was brought closer to his release, causing his moans and whimpers to become louder and more high pitched, mixed in with the constant mumbles of Hoseok and please.


“O-Oh! Oh, Hoseok, right there!


Hoseok knew Yoongi was near his climax - could feel it in the way Yoongi’s body shook and clenched tightly around him. Hoseok sped up his thrusts, hands finding their way to Yoongi’s sweaty ones to interlock them. He whispered sweet, lewd praises into Yoongi’s ear and encouraged Yoongi to “cum baby, you can cum from just my cock, right?


Yoongi cried out even more, trembling against Hoseok as he was driven to his climax with the constant abuse on his prostate and Hoseok’s continuous obscene words. He let out one last, stunning cry of “Hoseok!” and climaxed, spurting onto his shirt. Hoseok moaned as Yoongi’s hole clenched even tighter due to the overstimulation and sensitivity. The hot, wet heat engulfing his cock was suddenly too much to handle and he cursed, plunging his cock deep into Yoongi and spilling into him. Yoongi moaned at the feeling of being filled up with Hoseok’s hot fluid.


The atmosphere was hot, absolutely hot and the room reeked of sweat and cum and sex; reeked of Hoseok and Yoongi.


Yoongi’s limbs had completely given up on supporting his worn out body by then. He was completely fucked out, fucked good and he was lying limp on the bed. Hoseok gently removed the cat ears and choker and tossed them towards the table before squashing right onto Yoongi, cock still buried in the tight hole.


Yoongi didn’t mind though, didn’t mind Hoseok’s sweaty body covering his own, didn’t mind Hoseok shifting them to lay on their sides and wrapping his arms around Yoongi tightly despite both of them feeling gross and sticky. He slipped one leg between Yoongi’s, and in the process his cock nudged Yoongi’s prostate and Yoongi yelped, body inevitably jerking forwards. Hoseok laughed loudly, gripping Yoongi’s hips even tighter and pulling him back once again.


“Hoseok, stop!” Yoongi squirmed uncontrollably.


Hoseok planted a kiss on the back of Yoongi’s neck and pressed his lips against it, smiling into the milky skin in content.


“Goodnight Yoongi, I love you.”






The next morning came in the form of Yoongi waking up to the warm sunlight caressing his skin and muffled noises outside the bedroom. The first thing he noticed was the dull, sore sensation in his lower body. He felt empty there, so Hoseok must have pulled himself out and cleaned them both up sometime after Yoongi fell asleep.


Thank god for that because Yoongi wouldn’t want to wake up with a dick (soft and no doubt pruney after being stuffed in his ass, warm and wet, for a whole night) lodged in him with semen. It wasn’t pleasant at all unless, well, you’re into that, but Yoongi wasn’t. Hoseok had also put on a pair of loose shorts on Yoongi, probably because he knew Yoongi got cold easily and hated going to bed without being properly covered.


Bless Hoseok for being The Best Boyfriend in the world. (Yes, call Yoongi whipped and extremely biased.)


Hoseok was still sound asleep, hair ruffled up in an adorable manner and mouth hung open slightly. His face was completely bare and smelling like soft cotton and body wash, so Yoongi guessed Hoseok must have showered after he passed out last night. He realised that he himself hadn’t showered since before last night’s fansign and he groaned internally. He quickly got up to head to the bathroom for a warm shower, but not before proceeding to the kitchen for his daily cup of coffee that he couldn’t function without.


He padded into the kitchen with a yawn, eyes still squinting from drowsiness. He then realised that he wasn’t the only one there upon seeing a tall, lean figure hunched over the counter.


“Morning, Kook.” Yoongi yawned once again.


Jungkook whipped around mid cereal-pouring, having got startled by Yoongi’s sudden voice in the otherwise silent kitchen.


“Oh. Good morning hyung.”


Then, Jungkook’s gaze lowered as he slowly looked down at Yoongi’s lower body. Jungkook suddenly pursed his lips and coughed somewhat awkwardly, directing his stare back to Yoongi’s face.


“Hyung, you, uh… Your shirt… C-cum… stain?” Jungkook croaked out helpfully, pointing at the hem of Yoongi’s (Hoseok’s) shirt with the hand that wasn’t occupied with the cereal.


Yoongi’s head jerked downwards, hands pulling the bottom of his shirt away from his body so he could see it clearly.


“Oh my- fuck,” he cursed. And blushed.


There, on the hem of the shirt, was an oh so glorious patch of dried cum running up towards the middle of the shirt. Fuck.


Yoongi’s face burned as he ran his hand through his hair.


“Uh, pretend you didn’t see that. Okay. Bye.”


Coffee forgotten, Yoongi cursed under his breath softly and with his face and ears as red as a tomato, he brisk walked into the bathroom to take a much needed shower.


“You forgot to bring a new shirt to change into, hyung!”