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Do You Watch? Do You See? Do You Know The People In Me?

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Who are you?

I'm Phos. Sensei told me to make an encyclopedia since it's hard to find things for me to do.

Why are you here?

I'm cataloging things for the encyclopedia. It must be hard for you to find things to do too with that poison huh?

Why can't I just go to the moon?

Don't go to the moon! I can find a better job for you! I promise!

Why are you so weak?

I'm only 3.5 Mohs. You're even less yet you're so talented. I wish I could be like you.

Where did you go?

The ocean... I don't remember much... I lost my legs... I'm sorry... I couldn't find anything for you to do...

Are you alright?

Yep! Look at how fast these new legs are! Isn't this amazing?

What happened to you?

I'm sorry. Who are you again? I lost a lot of memories over the winter. so much happened.

Why are you destroying yourself?

It isn't that bad. I can fight now! I can defend against the Lunarians better than anyone else! I'm no longer weak!

Why are you asking for my help?

Because Sensei and the Lunarians are connected! You have to help me find out how! This can be your new job!

How is this job "better"?

I'm sorry. I guess it isn't better but can't you please help me? No one else will!

Why haven't you woken up?

I needed to talk to one... They know about Sensei...

Why have you changed?

It's still me, and I could never forget you. I'm going to the moon. I'll find out what happened to our friends, and about Sensei. Won't you come with me?

Why do you have to go to the moon?

Because they can help us! Didn't you say you wanted to go to the moon? This is all because of Sensei! You can help me!

Why aren't you here?

I can get them all back.

Who are you?