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The Bridge

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Two souls linked by a bridge in the middle of nowhere. The bridge had always been there, like magic, like myths human beings spread and passed on along the years and the centuries. People liked to say that God, any God they believed in, had put it right there for a purpose, for a meaning. They liked to say it had been there since the very beginning of this world, even though it looked clean and solid in the face of time. In the end, no one knew anything but everyone simply accepted it as the only constant in their existence.

It loomed over the villages, two villages linked by this single construction of stone over the large river. Two souls from the two villages got their destiny forever entertwined by it, as soon as the villages came to be. Even before the villages came to be. They found their home in different faces, names, voices as time went on and death came again and again. It started with the chiefs' sons when the alliance was formed in the middle of the bridge and eyes full of youth met. The universe moved in that instant, trembled, shivered. A buzz took place in the back of their minds, in their ears and they seemed stuck in time as if everything just stopped breathing, moving. But, Destiny became the cruellest thing of all. Everything went on, the agreement went smoothly and the two boys separated and just forgot about what had happened. They lived and died each on their side of the river. From then on, the two souls kept on trying to reunite, and jealous Destiny played tricks on the bridge. The timing would always be off. They would never meet, one was too old, one died before the other, one was already in love with someone else... The closest the two souls ever came to reunite was at the very end, in the form of two kids meeting on the bridge, where all the other kids played and where people from both villages liked to spend time. The one with the chubby cheeks and the crooked tooth blended so well with the kids. The smaller child with big doe eyes could only look at him in wonder and fascination. Stuck in his little head, he startled at the blinding smile directed at him. He had seen the younger boy shyly looking at them and approached him.

"Do you want to play with us ?" He nodded slowly and his mother pushed him towards the boy with a grateful smile.

The two souls were together and had to separate again to their respective sides with hope, with the promise of playing together again.

Unfortunately, that never happened. A war, that had been threatening this piece of land for a while, broke out three days later and they could never meet again. Families fled, the villages were abandoned, and only the bombs, the destruction could be heard. There was no more life, no more laughter, no more happiness. Bombs fell from the grey sky and the bridge ceased to be. It disappeared just as it had appeared : quietly and with no witness. There were no remains to take care of, no ruins to prove it had once been there, and the river was insurmountable once again. The next generations never had a clue it had once existed and built a new bridge to link the villages, that turned later on into cities. No one talked about magic or God anymore, the bridge simply a human creation. The two souls got lost in the thousands of souls and remained incomplete. Destiny, jealous and sly Destiny, won. Everything that had been planned never did happen. The universe moved on on its own.



Somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, a bridge had been there for what seemed forever. The elders looked at it with affection and talked about its appearance like a work of magic or God, as did their parents and grandparents and the past generations passing it down like a legend. To him, it had always only seemed like an old bridge. He stood in the middle of it, arms on the ledge. (A buzz had been ringing in his ears, ever since he was a kid, when he crossed it or when he was on it.) He decided to take a picture of the winter scenery when a form bumped against his back.

"Kook-ah, can we go to the cafe now ? It's so cold."

He smiled at his boyfriend's whining and turned to him. He was pouting, and his rosy cheeks and blonde hair only made him cuter. (The chubby cheeked kid with the blinding smile and the crooked tooth.) (The buzz had been gone for years, ever since he, 14-year-old Jungkook, met 16-year-old Jimin on this bridge.) Jimin got his fingers out of his sweater paws and pulled on his sleeve. They finally started leaving when he started complaining about the weather again. Jungkook unwrapped his red scarf and twisted it around Jimin's neck along with his own. He then took his small hand and intertwined his fingers with his. When he finally looked at Jimin's face, he could see that he was looking at him questioningly.

"You said you were cold."

"You could have just given me the scarf, you know."

"But hyung, this is like the red string of fate."

Jimin looked incredulous for a second and burst out laughing, his eyes crinkling in the way that Jungkook adored and with the faint squeak he also loved.

"I can't believe you... You're such a sap !" He simply shrugged at that and kissed the blonde's forehead. Both smiled lovingly at each other.

The universe finally moved with the two souls reunited, intertwined by their fingers and the scarf. Everything that had been planned happened. Destiny had lost and resigned, admiring the bright souls from afar glowing by their love.
After that, who knows if the bridge disappeared or attached itself to two other souls longing to unite ? It could be somewhere, anywhere, nowhere ; just like magic, a myth, a legend.