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License to Chill

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[As recorded by Midoriya]

Game Master: Iida Tenya
Players (i.e. Class 1-A minus Kacchan) as they are seated in a circle:
Midoriya Izuku
Uraraka Ochako
Asui Tsuyu
Aoyama Yuuga
Yaoyorozu Momo
Jirou Kyouka
Kaminari Denki
Kirishima Eijirou
Ashido Mina
Hagakure Tooru
Sero Hanta
Shouji Mezou
Satou Rikidou
Kouda Kouji
Tokoyami Fumikage
Mineta Minoru
Ojiro Mashirao
Todoroki Shouto

In a certain school dormitory’s common room in Yuuei High School, at night.

18 students of Class 1-A sit in a circle around a lone student. Their faces are grim.

They stare at the person sitting cross-legged in the center of their circle: their class president, Iida Tenya.

His face, too, is solemn. After all, they were about to perform a very important ritual, something that had to be done late at night, in a class dormitory where nights were shared.

Taking a deep breath, Iida slams down a cup filled with popsicle sticks in front of him, and shouts, “THE KING’S GAME!”

“YEAAAAAAH!” 18 students shout in unison, pumping their fists into the air.

That’s right, student dormitories always come in hand with late-night parties.

“Without further ado, let me explain the rules of this game.” Iida adjusts his glasses, the lens reflecting the fluorescent lights of the dorm.

“Rule 1: I, the Game Master, will not participate in the game and is forbidden from collaborating with players or rigging the game in any way. In return, I can veto any inappropriate orders made by the King.” Everyone in the circle (plus Iida) glances at Mineta, who turns away with a ‘tch’ sound.

“Rule 2: At the start of each round, the Game Master will scramble the lots in the cup. It is forbidden to interfere with the drawings of the numbers or peek at other people’s numbers. Quirks are not to be used in any way for these purposes.”

“Rule 3: Orders made by the King cannot be impossible to fulfill. This also means that orders cannot stretch beyond tomorrow morning.”

“Rule 4: The Game Master will add rules when appropriate.”

“And finally, Rule 5: The King’s orders are—”

“ABSOLUTE!” Everyone chimes in.

“That is all for now, thank you.” Iida bows to his audience (while sitting cross-legged) and his glasses slip further down his nose. Taking no notice, he asks, “Does anyone have any questions before we start?”

Asui raises her hand —“Ah! Very polite of you, Asui-san!” Iida says joyfully— and points to the Class 1-A’s perpetually angry and irritable blond resident sprawled on the couch not far away from where the 19 students were sitting on the floor. “Bakugou-chan’s not playing, ribbit?”

The Bakugou-chan in question flips the page of his book and the circle of curious people staring at him. “Not interested. Fuck off.”

“Aw man, why don’t you chill and have some fun once in a while? It’ll be fun!”

“That includes you, Kirishima.”

“…As usual, what a killjoy.” Sero remarks and shakes his head. “Whatever, let’s just get started. I’m super pumped!”

“Oooh, oooh, I wonder what I should order if I become King!” - Ashido

“I wonder if I could order someone to buy me lunch tomorrow…” - Uraraka

“The possibilities of the orders are endless, ranging from remarkably harmless ones like slapping someone to potentially destructive ones like ordering someone to confess to your crush. But all in all it really comes down to whether Iida-kun would ban the order, but given that Iida-kun heavily takes into consideration our opinions he would most likely seek consent from the majority of the players before vetoing the order. That means that more risky orders are most likely to be allowed, given the more playful natures of those in our class, but thankfully orders of a more suggestive nature would immediately be shot down by the girls…” - Midoriya

“Oi. Try anything remotely unfunny and you’ll be in a world of pain.” - Jirou

“E-eh? Sorry, but I’m not into that kind of play…” - Mineta

“Playing a class game with my classmates is truly wonderful! It sure is making my heart beat fast…” - Yaoyorozu

“Then, shall we start?” - Iida

The whole circle whisper and chatter in excitement, watching as Iida covers the cup with the popsicle sticks (marked side down in the cup) with another bigger cup and shakes it, before uncupping the cup and holding it up to eye level.

“Everyone, please pick a stick.”

“READY? GO! WHOOOO’S THE KING?” Everyone chants.

18 hands grab a popsicle stick at random. 18 pairs of eyes glance at the marks notched at the end of them.



“Aha!” Ashido holds out her popsicle stick, the red picture of a crown painted on the end of it.

Everyone freezes.


Ashido, known for her more than bright and peppy nature (but not too bright when it comes to the intellectual side), was one of the cheerful mood makers of Class 1-A.

This is bad, this is bad, this is bad.

However, the same hero-in-training also happened to be the same person who had submitted her hero name as ‘Alien Queen II’ with a (more or less) straight face. What kind of creative order was she going to come up with?

The whole circle, including Todoroki, someone used to extreme temperatures, shivers at the sudden chill in the room.

All the while, Ashido is scrunching up her face in thought, oblivious to the trembling faces of her classmates.

“Aha!” Her face lights up.

Here it comes…! - Everyone

“Number 3, 7, and… 11!” Ashido grins cheekily. “Go to Bakugou’s room and steal an article of clothing— No, let’s make it underwear, underwear! Go and loot a piece of underwear from his room, one for each underwear-raider, and bring it back here.”

The room is silent, for a few seconds, then—

A crazy order was issued right off the bat!!!!

“ASHIDO HOW COULD YOUUU!!!!!!!” Kaminari and Kirishima jump up, their faces sporting the purest expression of shock and betrayal Todoroki has ever seen, ranking just below the time he told Endeavour he was into guys just so his father would stop setting him up with potential marriage candidates for optimal quirk marriages. At that time, he had felt a deep regret that he did not have a camcorder on him to record his father’s reaction.


“Don’t you just ‘tehe’ us!!!!! Are you trying to kill us!!!!”

Iida shakes his head at the two pleading glances headed his way. “The order made isn’t impossible to fulfill, per se. Also…”

Iida clenches his fist, and emotional tears stream down his eyes.

“What kind of heroes are we, if we are to balk at a single life-threatening request? Everyone, this bonding time is also a great opportunity for us to strengthen our willpower and courage! If only I was not Game Master, I would also be able to participate in this self-improvement training exercise…”

So you do admit that this order is life-threatening… - Everyone

“Heh.” Jirou smirks at the two cowering boys. “You can’t back away from this.”

“Yeah, you two!” Uraraka chimes in. “After all, the King’s orders are…”

“…Ab. So. Lute.” Kaminari and Kirishima say with gritted teeth.

“What. The Hell.” And because Bakugou isn’t exactly deaf, and can hear every fucking word said by the circle of idiots playing an idiotic game not more than five metres away from him, he jumps up, glaring at the circle of players, livid.

“Abso-fucking-lutely not.” Tiny explosions spark on his empty hands —he had ditched his book on the couch— as he threatens the two of them. “There is NO WAY I am letting any of you assholes anywhere near my room just for a stupid game.”

Kirishima clenches his fist, and tears stream down his eyes. (Everyone: Why are you acting like Iida too) “I’m sorry, Bakugou… But as a man… Sometimes ya just gotta grit your teeth and brave the consequences of your actions, you know?”

Kaminari brings his hands together in an apology. “Sorry, dude, but it’s all for the game…”

Bakugou glares at the two of them for a whole tense minute…

…Before he flops down onto the couch, flipping his book back to the page where he had left off.

“Whatever. Do whatever you fucking want. Go blow yourself up for all I care.” After a pause, Bakugou adds in a much lower mutter, “After this, we’re even, for real, this time, shitty Kirishima.”


Everyone in the circle raises their eyebrows so high that it disappears under their fringe (if they have one). Kirishima and Kaminari stare at Bakugou, dumbstruck.

“O-oi, Bakugou… Maybe you should go to Recovery Girl for another checkup, it seems that the villains did manage to inflict permanent damage to your brain…”


“…Okay, maybe not.”

Everyone just stares at each other dumbly for a while, as Bakugou goes back to reading his book.

After a while, Uraraka finally breaks the silence.

“By the way…who’s the third person chosen for Ashido’s order?”




Todoroki holds up his hand and his popsicle stick, with the number 7 on it. “That would be me.”

Todoroki continues, “By the way, Kirishima. Kaminari.”

“I took enough for all three of us, so there’s no need for you to waste time going to Bakugou’s room.”

No way, when did he—- Everyone

As Todoroki says all this in a monotone voice, he holds up his other hand, twirling three select pieces of boxers around his index finger.

He promptly has to swerve to dodge the flying missile headed towards him. Bakugou’s book hits the wall behind him with a loud thump before dropping to the floor.


“Ashido did, actually. And didn’t you give permission to Kirishima and Kaminari? I don’t see what’s wrong with letting me in, since you also owe me for rescuing you at Kami—”

“GO AND DIE!!!!!!”

brief intermission, filled with much explosions and yelling

Good thing I stashed the limited edition All Might underwear under the mattress the other day. That Stop Sign asshole wouldn’t ever fucking think of checking there. - Bakugou

Bakugou doesn’t know just yet, but I took a picture of the ‘goods’ under the mattress as potential future blackmail. Not that I would —blackmail him, that is— because that’s not very hero-like, but who knows what the future holds? - Todoroki

intermission end

After the intermission, filled with much explosions and yelling and frantic putting out of fires on curtains and furniture, the 19 students of Class 1-A settle down once more in their circle. The walls of the common room have new burn marks on them, but burn marks have littered the dorm walls since Day 1 (when they moved in), so that’s nothing new.

Todoroki is seated back in his place in the circle, unruffled.

Kirishima and Kaminari are also back in the circle, a looking a little jaded but unhurt.

Bakugou has retrieved his book and is also settling down, albeit slightly more disgruntled than before, in the kitchen next door with the door closed to prevent any more "annoying interruptions".

“L-Let’s go for Round 2!” Iida announces, shaking the cup once more, still a little shaken from the commotion.

“READY? GO! WHOOOO’S THE KING?” Everyone chants. Todoroki’s voice is monotone at best, Kirishima and Kaminari’s voices are a little bit more subdued.

18 hands grab a popsicle stick at random. 18 pairs of eyes glance at the marks notched at the end of them.



“Heh. Heh. Heeeeeeeh.” Mineta holds up his painted red stick.

We’re doomed! - Everyone, sans Mineta

Even Iida realises the severity of the situation, and hurriedly says, “That’s right, I should add a rule that Mineta as King is unable to give orders that involves himself.”

Iida, our saviourrrr! - Also Everyone, sans Mineta

“EHHHHH??!? No fair, Iida!” Mineta wails, disappointed.

“Nononono, it’s to be expected, we don’t want you having any weird ideas like asking people to give you a kiss or show you their underwear or something.” Jirou glares at Mineta.

“…Well, whatever.” Mineta smirks, recovering faster than everyone thought he would. “I expected that Iida would come up with that rule, so instead I shall satisfy myself with slightly tamer requests.”

“…” Everyone starts sweat-dropping.

With a flourish, Mineta stands up and poses in a triumphant gesture.

“Number 6! And Number 9! Dress up in a maid outfit and a nurse outfit respectively…”

Ouch. Everyone winces.

“…And go to Bakugou, curtsey and say: <How may I serve you, my Master?>”

“…” Everyone is silent, but inside, they all think: Gee, we all thought nothing could be more hellish than what Ashido proposed, but hooooo-ly shit does Mineta prove us wrong as he proceeds to whip out a pickaxe and start digging off to a place deeper than hell.


A few minutes later, Ojiro and Hagakure reappear in the common room, wearing (thank whatever god is out there, protecting Class 1-A from purely evil demons like Mineta and Ashido, that Mineta didn’t specify how risque the outfits were supposed to be) their maid and nurse outfit respectively.

“Oooh, oooh, how do I look? This is so nice and comfy! Thanks Yaoyorozu-san for making our outfits!” Hagakure adjusts her nurse hat and modern-looking nurse outfit, consisting of a short-sleeved shirt and pants that reach her ankles.

“Not bad, Hagakure-san. …Thankfully my outfit exposes less than I thought it would.” Ojiro remarks as he grasps the hem of his Victorian-era maid outfit, complete with a headdress, long sleeves with white cuffs, flowing skirts, and an apron.

Mineta silently laments that he won’t be able to get some eye-candy of the girls cosplaying.

No one cares.

After many photo shutters click and pictures of the cosplaying duo are taken, (“Ojiro-kun, are you okay with it?” “When you think about it, Midoriya, at least I’m not forced to wear anything revealing my thighs. I’m suddenly a hundred times more grateful and fine with this when I think about it that way.") Ojiro and Hagakure (okay, mostly just Ojiro, Hagakura is pretty enthusiastic about the whole gig) wave to the circle with forced cheerfulness, and walk a bit unsteadily to the kitchen door.

Ojiro turns the doorknob and Hagakure enters the kitchen, followed by Ojiro. The door clicks shut, and the circle of Class 1-A students wait for the shit to hit the fan.

Bakugou is sitting in the kitchen and flipping to a new chapter of his book when he hears the kitchen door open. He lifts his head up to look at the intruder, slightly annoyed that he was interrupted.

“Already done with your fucking stupid game? Hurry up and get what you want and leave me a—”

He stops.

And blinks.

And blinks again.

“H-how may I serve you, my Master…?” :v - Ojiro

“How may I serve you, my Master?” 8D - Hagakure

Bakugou stares at the two idiots (classmates) curtseying in front of him (how gracefully Hagakure curtseys will forever be a mystery but Ojiro is decent enough; he has a tail and the girls taught him how) for a good long minute before snapping his mouth shut.

His eyes narrow.


“Absolutely.” Mutters Maid-Ojiro.

“Yes, Master!” Yelps Nurse-Hagakure (a bit too cheerfully).

They both scramble for the door.


The circle of students all hear enraged shouts explode from the kitchen as Ojiro and Hagakure scramble out. They are chased out by Bakugou, who is emitting a particularly malicious and red aura from his whole body that threatens to flood the whole dorm with his almost-tangible rage.

“YOU FUCKERS!” Bakugou shouts. He points a shaking finger at the circle.

Uraraka is one hundred percent amused. Todoroki is unfazed. Mineta yelps and cowers behind the person sitting beside him. Everyone else is conflicted between escaping to their rooms to live to see another day and staying to watch the amusing shitshow in happening in front of them in realtime.

Of course, since no one in Class 1-A is rational, they all stay seated where they are.


With those words, Bakugou stomps to the kitchen and slams the door shut.

This is actually more fun than we thought it would be, thinks everyone, and the mood in the common room quickly reverts back to unrestrained snickers and outright bellowing of laughter, as if Bakugou hadn’t just delivered a death threat.

(To be fair, Bakugou utters death threats all the time and never actually carries it out, so how serious could he be this time?)

“…Let us continue! Round 3!” Iida shouts, shaking the cup once more.

“OOOoOHHHH! LET’S GO!” Everyone shouts enthusiastically. At this point, more than half of the class is already thinking of using the game to (indirectly) mess with Bakugou.

“READY? GO! WHOOOO’S THE KING?” Everyone chants. Ojiro and Hagakure are seated back in their seats by the time the round starts, still wearing their cosplay outfits by request of majority of the circle. (“Because we have to wait for you two if you have to go and change before starting the next round, and that’s too much of a bother. Also, it’s hilarious.” - Kaminari)

18 hands grab a popsicle stick at random. 18 pairs of eyes glance at the marks notched at the end of them.



Round 4 ends with Kouda ordering Yaoyorozu (Number 5) to serve everyone tea (she jumps at the opportunity and starts brewing a brand of expensive Darjeeling tea for her friends —friends! she says, with sparkling eyes and a choked voice.—). Because unlike some people in Class 1-A, Kouda is actually a nice guy.

And because Satou is also an equally decent and nice guy, when he becomes King in Round 5, all he does is order Shouji (Number 9) to go to the nearest school cafeteria-slash-grocery store (which is still open at night to cater to nocturnal-Quirked students) to buy him the stuff written on his shopping list. Shouji, having more than enough arms to help him out, carries all the stuff back in one trip.

And because of this, by the theory of Luck (read: Gambler's fallacy) stating that since all the nice guys (Midoriya can be thrown up for debate) have already had their turn at being King, this must also mean that the time has come for the not-so-nice people of Class 1-A to take the stage.

“Ok, on to the next round, then!” Iida announces, shaking the cup. “After this, I shall delegate the role of the Game Master to someone else and join in with everyone. Does anyone volunteer?”

“Oh, then I can do it, Iida-kun!”

“Ok then. I shall be counting on you, Midoriya-kun. Shall we start Round 6, then?”

“READY? GO! WHOOOO’S THE KING?” Everyone chants. They are all pumped up to be King, their eyes glinting with mischief.

18 hands grab a popsicle stick at random. 18 pairs of eyes glance at the marks notched at the end of them.




Todoroki holds up his crowned popsicle stick, his face expressionless.

It then changes into one of slight uncertainty and bemusement.

“Um, I’ve never played a game with other people before, so I don’t have any clue what I should order…” The socially inept boy mutters, looking troubled.

“Dude…” Kirishima says, and everyone looks at him with suspiciously wet and shining eyes. All of them place a hand over their heart, feeling like a part of their soul has just died for the dark-and-angst-filled past of this sad teenager.

(Somewhere far, far away, Endeavour trips over a manhole, is almost run down by a truck, and absolutely drenched with water from a malfunctioning fire hydrant. He is puzzled by the sudden killing intent he feels directed at him.)

“I-it-it’s just fine, Todoroki-kun! Just say whatever comes to your mind, I’m sure it’ll be okay!” - Uraraka

“Rest assured, whatever you say can only be illuminating for us all…second only to the brilliantly shining me, of course.” - Aoyama

Everyone starts reassuring Todoroki, and various people’s hands pat him on his shoulder and his back.

“Then…Number 8…” Todoroki starts, deep in thought.

“Ah?” Midoriya starts, surprised. “That’s me.”

“…Tell us who your crush is.”

Good for you, Todoroki! You said what all of us wanted to ask!- Thinks everyone.

Midoriya’s face heats up and red spreads quickly from his face to his neck. “Ehhhh? Ah, um, but I uh, that is, I…”

Everyone just stares at Midoriya.

“…Do I have to say it?” Midoriya pleads, putting his hands to his too-warm neck that matches the shade of red on his cheeks.

Todoroki decides to take pity on Midoriya. “If that’s too uncomfortable, I understand.” Midoriya breathes a sigh of relief while everyone else breathes a sigh of disappointment.

“Then instead, you can slap the cheek of the person that you admire, respect and have strong feelings for the most.”

Everyone perks up at Todoroki’s alternative suggestion. Ain’t that just as good as the previous order? Nice one, Todoroki!

“And it must be someone in this dorm, so that—”

“Someone that Midoriya-chan has strong feelings for, ribbit?” Asui whispers to Uraraka. “I can think of a few that he might—”

“DiD sOmeONE sAy ‘MIghT’? BECAUSE I AM HEREEEEE!!!” Suddenly, the door to the entrance of the dorm blasts open as All Might jumps into the common room in his buff form, before coughing out a large amount of blood and swiftly reverting back to his frail form. (“All Might!” Everyone screams and runs over to him. Yaoyorozu hands him a handkerchief as all the students of Class 1-A [sans Bakugou] hover over him like mother hens. 19, very worried, very flustered,mother hens.)

“—you can’t choose All Might.” Todoroki finishes.

After ushering All Might out of their dorm room with strict instructions to go and rest, (seriously, what was he doing in the Class 1-A dorm in the middle of the night? He’s not even on patrolling duty, Aizawa-sensei and Midnight-sensei are), the 19 students settle back down in their circle and resume their game.

“Slapping All Might doesn’t count, Midoriya.” Todoroki says. “Anyway, he’s gone now.”

Midoriya looks slightly horrified that he had just slapped his beloved idol and mentor (who was already sickly, but it wasn’t quite a slap, and more of a light pat, so all is okay) for nothing.

“What? Why?”

“The King’s orders are absolute.” Todoroki deadpans. “Note: Orders come in plural form.”

“Oh.” Midoriya looks down, embarrassed at the stares the circle was giving him. “O-Okay then… Give me a moment...and I…guess I’ll be back soon?” He gets up from the circle and walks off.

The group of gathered students stare at his retreating back.

“Where’s he going?” Ashido whispers to Kirishima. “Is he... running away?”

“No-o…” Kirishima replies slowly, drawing out the ‘oh’ sound. “He’s going to the kitchen.”

After dealing with the loud, obnoxious jokers that were his classmates, especially the irritating-as-hell clown that was Half-Assed Bastard Todoroki —hey, he was perfect for the role, weren’t clowns red and white and creepy-ass looking?— Bakugou decides that screw it, even though it was in the middle of the night, he was in the kitchen, and he was hungry, and he sure as hell was going to make something to eat.

Soon he had a bowl of pancake batter ready for cooking, and he pours it onto a heated frying pan. He tosses the bowl onto the counter and uses his now-free hand to adjust the heat.

The pancake is just reaching a perfect, even, golden-brown colour when Bakugou hears the door to the kitchen creak open. Before the other intruder can speak, he growls, “Come in and shut the fuck up, unless you want me to ruin you the same way this pancake is going go be if you interrupt me.”

The intruder stays blessedly quiet and shuts the door, and Bakugou slowly reaches for the spatula and flips the pancake onto the waiting plate on the counter. Then he puts down the frying pan on the stove and wipes his hands on his apron.

The intruder takes this opportunity to open their big, fat mouth and say incredulously, “Kacchan, you use your explosions as a stove?”

Deku. Of fucking course.


Bakugou turns to Deku, who continues to mutter some intelligible shit about how ‘I see, to train your Quirk you use it to control the bursts of your explosions! Ranging from multitudinous but short-lasting blasts, to a weaker stream of continuous fire... Using pancakes as an easy indicator of colour changing from pale to brown to identify the unevenness of the heat emitted and adjust your firepower accordingly…’

Bakugou leans back on the counter behind him and crosses his arms, saying in a very flat voice:

“What. Is. It. Deku.”

[Location: 1-A Dorm Common Room]
[Replay of Audio Transcript provided by Jirou Kyouka via loudspeaker created by Yaoyorozu Momo:]


“Haaaah? Did those jokers outside dare you to do something or what?”

An explosion sounded.

“ALL RIGHT THEN. I’m going to kill—”

A loud smack echoes through the speaker. Everyone in the circle muffles their snickers, except Kaminari, Kirishima and Ashido. They don’t even bother.

“AAAAaaackghh KACCHAN! A-a-are you fucking sorry??!? Agh, no wait, I meant—”


“I meant to say are you okay?!”


“AAaahhh nononono I mean it was a dare! …I was told to hit the person that I respect the most, so I immediately thought of you Kacchan!”



An even louder smack is heard, as well as the sound of meat slapping against wood.

“Ow ow ow... that hurt, Kacchan!”

“Well yours hurt even more, you shitty nerd! Because you used your Quirk on me! Maybe I will change my mind and fucking BLOW YOUR FACE OFF!”

“Eh? I-I mean, if I was too slow, you would dodge it easily because of your fast reflexes! And it was only 1 percent of One—”


“Ah! Sorry!”


Loud footsteps can be heard from both the speaker and from the kitchen, and the kitchen door slams open.

“TO. DO. RO. KI.” Bakugou stomps to the circle, Midoriya following behind. Both of their cheeks are slightly red and swollen.

Bakugou points an accusing finger at him. “THIS IS YOUR FUCKING DOING!”

Todoroki knows how to handle this. He's been waiting all his life (two weeks) for a moment like this to happen — Kirishima and Kaminari’s been giving him lessons on how to fully express himself after they found out his deadpan expression was his go-to expression for everything in his life. Now is the perfect time to show the fruits of his effort.

Twisting his face, Todoroki manages to look both innocent, and yet slightly offended at the same time. Pointing to himself to mimic Bakugou’s own shaking finger, he tilts his head to the side and answers:

“Me? I would never.”


“Ah- AHAHAHAHA! I’m going to die!” Kaminari and Sero finally reach their limits and burst out laughing. The whole class is also trying and failing to hide the similarly-looking shit-eating grins on their faces.

“Recorded…and send.” Jirou murmurs, swiping her phone to send the audio recording to the class group chat.

Bakugou stomps up to Midoriya’s spot in the circle and stands there for one long minute, and closes his eyes. With his fists clenched and teeth gritted, he slowly counts from one to sixty. He exhales.

When he opens them, his mouth curves into a grin.

Uh oh.

He sits down with his arms and legs crossed.

Bakugou rarely smiles. The last time that happened was during training, when Todoroki froze his legs to the floor of a closed room six-storeys high and set the walls on fire. In response, Bakugou blasted off the ceiling of the building.

The whole class, caught in the crossfire that ensued, suffered that day, and by the time Aizawa-sensei put a stop to the chaos, half of the facility was engulfed in a raging inferno and the other half was frozen to absolute zero.

So when Bakugou gets really calm and seemingly cheerful, everyone knows that either A: They are all royally screwed, or B: Someone’s going down.

Whichever way this goes, everyone knows that Bakugou’s smile only invites massive chaos. Pandemonium. Carnage. Bodies— lots of them. And most frightening of all: Aizawa-sensei. In particular, his wrath.

Ever since that day, Todoroki’s been trying out different ways to get Bakugou to replicate that same expression of extreme, extreme anger and Baku-rage. Sitting beside the enraged Bakugou, he is silently rejoicing that he has finally managed to make Bakugou go off the edge.


“All right, you asshats. I’m going to join in this fucking game and make all of you suffer.” Bakugou growls. He is still smiling.


Midoriya breaks the silence. “Ah, that’s right, Iida-kun can take a break now, I’ll be the Game Master.”

“You have my gratitude, Midoriya-kun!” Iida replies, chopping his hands in a sign of gratitude(?).

“Oh hell no, buddy.” Kaminari and Sero glare at Midoriya. “If we’re going down, you’re going down with us too.”

“…You guys…”

Yaoyorozu creates one more popsicle stick for Midoriya— he’ll take the last remaining popsicle stick after everyone else has.

Uraraka and Asui make space for Iida to sit in between them, while Midoriya grabs the cup with popsicle sticks. Yaoyorozu quickly creates another stick for the new challenger (Bakugou) and hands it to Midoriya to put in the cup.

Everyone stares intently at the cup as Midoriya covers it and shakes it up and down.

“Ok everyone, please pick a stick.”

“READY? GO! WHOOOO’S THE KING?” Everyone chants.

At this point, everyone sans Bakugou has one thought in mind: Please please please don’t let Bakugou be the King. Ever.

20 hands grab a popsicle stick. 20 pairs of eyes glance at the marks notched at the end of them.



In unison, everyone turns to stare at the notched stick in Bakugou’s hand.

Bakugou looks downright happy.

Oh. Oh no.

“Well then. My order.” Bakugou enunciated slowly. That grin still stuck on his face is cold enough to freeze hell.

“Everyone, from Number 1 to 19.”

“Each take a pillow and don’t come back until you land a hit on Aizawa, who’s out patrolling right now.”






All Might would have been equally parts proud and horrified if he had heard the whole class muttering the same curse at the same time.


That night, anguished screams could be heard coming from the dormitory of Class 1-A.

“Hey hey hey, I went to outside to get late-night snacks for everyone partying, and guess what I saw outside! Aizawa-sensei was tying up Class 1-A with his bandages and scolding them in front of their dorm! As expected from that class of troublemakers! Making such a ruckus that can be heard from here, what a bunch of lose-ACK—”

“Don’t be rude, Monoma.”