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Heart of Steel

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The dagger's edge carves fate into her veins.
Precision, and a vision to survive:
She takes a breath, her lungs full of the pain
That permeate the reason she's alive.

Don't you dare falter, Aria. Direct
The final blow must be, the final chance
To remedy, to heal the twisted wreck
That grew like cancer from the devil's dance.

Compose yourself. Each step you take is key.
Persisting, eyes and nerves like bitter steel
She is the maker of her destiny.
The rhythm of the world follows her heels.

The ruined rise again. Their spoiled blood
Falls like her daughter's tears, left in her wake.
No fear. She will succeed no matter what.
No longer will they pay for her mistake.

There is no going back. Her iron will
Meets golden fury, ancient, galvanized
With every wretched soul she had to kill,
And matches the hot metal in her eyes.

All things must end, she tells herself. Her life
Among them slowly fades. Determination,
Courage and love are forged into her knife
And even absolution, devastation

Can never even touch them nor deface
Her duty, fierce and selfless. Sacrifice
Puts order back into its rightful place -
Her flawless victory must have a price.

She pays, her heart's extraordinary flame
Extinguished. My sweet Melody, don't cry -
Inherit now the end that I became.
I love you, dear, she whispers as she dies.