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Got Yourself A Bad Habit For It

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The sound of the alarm blaring through the room assaults Jungkook’s ears but it’s soon shut off with a slap of his hand and a groan from Jimin. He shoves the alarm clock a little farther away as if that will stop it from going off again, then plants a light smack to the blonde’s thigh before setting it back to work on his ass.

Jimin’s legs lie hitched over Jungkook’s shoulders, his own shoulders pressed hard into the mattress, lower back propped up on some pillows. A pretty, brown-haired head rests between his legs, tongue delving and curling deep inside him, thumbs sinking into his pink hole to keep him spread wide. Above his head, his hands are cuffed to the headboard of the bed, craving to reach down and tangle in Jungkook’s hair, but Jungkook had made a bold claim earlier that he would make Jimin come with just his tongue, meaning Jimin isn’t allowed to touch himself.

He has the self control not to even with his hands free, they both just find it significantly hotter to have Jimin restrained. Jungkook is eternally grateful that Jimin seems to have such a kink for his career of choice, always finding new and inventive ways to use the tools of his trade in bed.

Rolling his hips forward, Jimin’s head snaps back against the headboard, Jungkook’s tongue fucking so deep into him he can’t even begin to understand how. “F-fuck, Jungkook, yeah—” His fingers curl, hands clenching into fists, back arching as Jungkook’s lips circle around his hole and suck. “Jesus— fuck me, Jungkook, you’re s-so good at this.”

He swears he can feel Jungkook smile when he says that and he kind of wants to slap him. Jimin is well and ready to admit that Jungkook probably can make him come with just his tongue by now, he just wants Jungkook to prove it. It has nothing to do with who wins the bet anymore, he just really wants to feel what he knows will be an unparalleled orgasm wrack his body when it finally happens.

“G-God, your fucking tongue is—” His words falter and fade into a moan and his hips jerk against Jungkook’s face, the officer’s hand gripping his thigh now to hold him in place. “I c-could… sit on your f-face for hours, with that tongue f-fucking my ass like th-this— oh my god.”

His skull hits the headboard again with a loud thunk, his heels pressing into Jungkook’s back.

“Fuck yes, Jungkook, just like that— yeah, make me wet— Fuck, you’re so good— Gonna make me c-come—Ah, fuck yeah, Jungkook— I’m— What— What the fuck are you doing? Don’t stop.”

Jimin’s eyes snap down to the other man as he pulls away and he damn near loses it. He’s so close. What the fuck is Jungkook thinking? This better not have been his plan all along. Jimin has no fear of going to jail for killing the other man right here and now.

“That’s the sixth time we’ve hit snooze on that damn alarm,” Jungkook says, thumbing at his lips, swiping away the saliva there. God, that makes Jimin want to wrench himself free of the handcuffs and ride him until they both come.

“You’ve been keeping count even with your tongue up my ass?” he asks, waggling his brows. He tries to rut up against Jungkook as he leans forward to undo the cuffs. “I’m impressed.”

“I’m gonna be late.”

“So what?” Jimin sighs when the metal leaves his wrists. He licks his lips, staring up at Jungkook through hooded eyes, his cock throbbing, aching to be touched. He just wants that tongue or Jungkook’s fingers or his cock, anything, in his ass again. Jungkook’s not walking away without finishing him off. “Just add that to the list of things that make you bad at your job.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know I was a great cop before I met you.”

“Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see you actually arrest someone instead of letting them off with warnings.”

Jungkook chuckles, hovering over Jimin. He starts to move back, then hands grapple his arms and yank him back, slamming him unceremoniously against the mattress. He huffs, staring up at Jimin as the blonde straddles him, hands on his shoulders to keep him down.

“I don’t let everyone off with a warning.”

Jimin rolls his hips, cock slick with precome as it slides against Jungkook’s. “Damn near,” he says, practically sighing the words, relieved to have the friction he’s been craving all evening. “And I thought I was special for the first month or so.” Another snap of his hips and Jungkook is grabbing at them, hands sliding around to grope his ass, kneading soft flesh. “You’re not fucking every other person that speeds down your highway, are you?”

“Hell no.” Jungkook’s breathing grows labored, his jaw taut as he pulls Jimin harder against him. “That’s just for you. Fuck, you make me so hard, Jimin.”

“I know.” Jimin crooks a wicked grin at the man beneath him, nails scraping lightly over the cop’s chest. He has him exactly where he wants him. “So fuck me before you go.”

Jungkook groans, hands flexing around the the plump cheeks of Jimin’s ass, eyes fluttering shut. “I don’t have time.”

“Sure you do. No need to draw it out. Just stick it in and fuck me as hard as you can until you come.” Jimin lets out a dark chuckle, reveling in the way it drives Jungkook crazy. “I’m obviously prepped enough.”

“How romantic,” Jungkook quips, eyes opening to stare up at Jimin again.

Something in Jimin snaps. “Fuck romance, Jungkook,” he growls in his ear, pale red lines forming on the other man’s chest as he gives another relentless roll of his hips. “Fuck me with that big fucking cock until I can’t stand. C’mon, don’t act like you don’t wanna see my ass all bruised and pink from you pounding into me.”

And this time it’s Jungkook’s turn to crack. He grabs Jimin around the waist and flips him over, his stomach pressed against the warm sheets, hips pulled at so his ass sticks in the air. He feels a grin on his lips as Jungkook presses all of himself against Jimin, cock wet as it slides between his cheeks, teasing at his hole.

Hands press, warm, over every inch of him. There’s a bite to his shoulder, then a whisper in his ear. “Get the lube, Jimin.”

Jimin moans at the way he says his name, fingers searching the bed desperately, tugging at the sheets until he finds that glorious little bottle and passes it back to Jungkook without bothering to look.

“Look at you,” Jungkook hisses against his ear, the bottle snapping open somewhere far behind him, the wet slide of Jungkook’s hand over his own cock. “So desperate to have my cock in you. Fuck, why was I even thinking about leaving without doing this?”

Jimin laughs, a breathy, whiny laugh. “Finally coming to your senses,” he gasps out, feeling the head of Jungkook’s cock slipping past that ring of muscle, his hands spreading his cheeks. “Good, now fill me with that cock— ah, fuck, god.” He cries out, moans slipping from his lips, broken by a gasp as Jungkook slams into him, the slide effortless.

He reaches back, grabbing at Jungkook’s side, at his hip, fingers digging in hard, head snapping back. He groans, rolling his hips as Jungkook pulls out, then fucks back into him before finding a relentless pace, chasing his orgasm with a fervent, heated need.

Fuck, fuck, yeah, fill me up,” Jimin mewls, Jungkook’s hand coming up to grip his shoulder, bracing him and fucks him wide open, fucks him so deep he feels him in his bones. “You f-feel so good— make me come on just your cock— If you d-don’t have time to do it with your tongue, d-do it with your cock. I kn-know you can—” A solid snap of Jungkook’s hips has Jimin screaming, his insides on fire as he hits his prostate, still relentless in the way he pounds Jimin into the mattress, his face pressed into a pillow, one hand braced against the headboard.

Jungkook wraps an arm around Jimin’s middle, hauling his trembling body up on all fours, his cock curled against his stomach, dripping with precome. He keeps one hand braced to push back against Jungkook, meeting him for every thrust, taking him as deep as he can.

“God, look at how wet you are for me, Jimin,” Jungkook groans, breathless. He leans forward, lips peppering over Jimin’s back, tongue darting out across skin, tasting the salt of his sweat. He drags one hand up and down Jimin’s thigh, still keeping his pace, though the sound of Jimin’s voice breaking with every little movement drives him crazy, drives his hips into a hectic, erratic frenzy.

He barely manages to force words out of his own throat, drowning in the warmth of Jimin’s walls tight around him, wet with lube and precome and probably still saliva from before. Hell, there’s probably still come in there from earlier this morning, too.

“You take my cock so— so fucking well, Jimin, fuck, you’re so—” He slams into his ass so hard it nearly sends him crashing into the headboard, lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin and the wet slide of his cock in Jimin’s hole urging him onward, harder, faster. “You’re so— fucking hot, Jimin— Feel so good—”

Jimin grips the sheets, pulling them out of place, knuckles white and throat raw from moaning and wailing Jungkook’s name. “I’m— I’m gonna—” He lulls into a long low moan, still working his ass back on Jungkook’s cock, so thoroughly fucked and stretched by it, so drunk on the feeling of that thick length sliding over his walls, burying itself deep enough that he feels tremors all the way up to the base of his skull. “Gonna come j-just from how good you fuck me, Jungkook. I f-fucking love your cock so much. C’mon,” he reaches back where Jungkook leans over him, curling his arm around behind his neck. “C’mon, fill me up. Fill me up so much I can’t keep it in— Come in my ass, Jungkook, c’mon—”

His voice pushes Jungkook over that last ledge, driving his cock deep into Jimin with a heavy jerk of his hips, hands gripping his thighs, bruising them with his fingers. It’s music to his ears when Jimin starts whining his name, voice going higher than normal as his cock twitches and spray ropes of white across the bed, his whole body shuddering with the orgasm.

He lets out a choked moan as Jungkook slams him forward again, still fucking him at his over eager pace, unyielding through Jimin’s orgasm, through his cries. Because between it all, he begs Jungkook not to stop, just like he always does, because he loves the feeling of being so thoroughly wrecked by the officer, loves how much it turns Jungkook on to keep fucking him even when he can barely handle it anymore, his skin on fire, nerves screaming from overstimulation.

Jungkook has him pressed hard against the bed again when he finally spills his load inside Jimin, filling his hole, hot and wet around his cock, adding to the messy noise of it all, mingling with the pleased murmurs from a blissed out Jimin.

He sits upright, hand sliding down the smaller man’s spine as his cock slides out, a line of come slipping out of him and onto the bed. Jimin, despite just having been pounded damn near into the ground, rolls over and twists a leg around Jungkook’s waist, yanking him forward, hands pulling his head down for a kiss.

It’s shallow and breathless, neither of them really having the strength to do much more. He bites at Jungkook’s lower lip, making him gasp, then sucks his tongue into his mouth. He presses his own forward, teasing, playing with Jungkook, hands roaming over his body, damp with quickly cooling sweat. His lips leave Jungkook’s, kissing and nipping along his jawline.

“Okay,” Jimin whispers when he finds his ear, “now you can go to work.”

Now Jungkook is the one reluctant to end their perfect little moment together. But eventually he does crawl from the bed and start rushing to get ready, using a wash rag to clean himself up, no time for a shower.

Jimin’s movements are languid, calm as he takes his sweet time cleaning himself, stripping the sheets off the bed and haphazardly throwing a few fresh blankets on. He stretches out across the bed again, lying on his stomach, chin propped on his hand as he watches Jungkook rush about.

“Hey,” he calls across the room and Jungkook can only spare him a glance—a slow, lingering one, but still just a glance. “You should come to my place next weekend. You said you’re not working, right?”

“Yeah, I’m off.” Jungkook stops halfway through pulling his boots on, head cocking at Jimin. “Really? Your place?”

“Yeah. I want you to see it.”

“I was starting to think you just live in your car, to be honest. You’ve never even mentioned your place before.”

Jimin chuckles. “Well, I am now.” He rolls onto his back, head hanging off the edge of the bed to watch a now upside down Jungkook. “So… you coming by or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Text me about it and we can figure out when I should come over. I gotta go, though. I really can’t be late.” Jungkook rushes over to give Jimin a peck on the lips, earning a smile from him. “Lock the door on your way out.”

“Will do, officer.”

“Oh, come on, don’t call me that right before I leave,” Jungkook groans, swooping in for one last kiss before he heads for the door. Jimin rolls over again to watch him, brow raised at the way Jungkook seems almost physically incapable of leaving him. “Get me hard again right before work. You’re a menace, Park Jimin.”

Jimin hums in response, crawling back to sink down in a pile of pillows. “I’ll see you before your shift tonight, right? You’re stopping by the bar?”

“Of course,” Jungkook says. “What kind of fool would pass up seeing you every chance he gets?”

Jimin just grins at him, waggling his fingers in a little wave, as Jungkook backs out of the room. He likes the way Jungkook’s eyes light up at the sight of it, beaming from ear to ear as he shrugs his jacket on, slipping out the front door. Jimin settles back onto the bed as the door slams shut, too lazy to clean himself up just yet. He grabs his phone, and scrolls through as casually as though he hadn’t just been fucked to high heaven.



{bad habit}


Jungkook keeps his head down when he reaches the station, avoiding eye contact with every coworker that stares at him as he passes, knowing that he’s late, eying the hickeys on his neck, the slowly healing split lip he had gotten from a bar fight a few nights ago. Some jackass had called Jimin a scrawny twink and normally both of them would have just ignored it, but Jungkook was feeling riled that night. He keeps telling everyone he just hit himself in the face with his car door. No one believes him.

Especially Seokjin, who sidles up next to him as he passes his desk. “So, when are you gonna tell me who this mystery vampire is you’re sleeping with?” he asks, poking at one of Jungkook’s hickeys. Jungkook swats his hand away. “I mean, there’s no hiding that there’s someone. Just give me a name. Please?”

Jungkook spares his coworker a glance and sees him sticking his lower lip out in a pout. He grimaces. “God, how old are you?”

“None of your business.” Seokjin sits on Jungkook’s desk when they reach it and props his feet on his chair before the younger officer can take a seat. “Who is it?”

“No one.”

Seokjin shoves Jungkook’s chair away. “Who is it?”

“Goddammit, Seokjin,” Jungkook growls, setting his badge on his desk and reaching for his chair. As soon as he turns, his coworker snatches up his badge and rushes away, holding it above his head victoriously.

“Tell me or you’re never getting it back.” Seokjin dances away as Jungkook lunges for him, cackling as they zip between desks, Seokjin ducking and dodging. Their coworkers barely pay any mind. They’re used to their antics. “C’mon, Jungkookie, who’s the lucky person?”

He laughs, walking backwards away from Jungkook. He’s in the middle of waving the badge in Jungkook’s face with a grin when his heel catches the leg of a chair and he topples over, Jungkook crashing into him. They both hit the ground, Seokjin padding Jungkook’s fall and allowing the younger the upper hand to grab the badge.

No!” Seokjin yelps when Jungkook grabs it, keeping a firm grip on it as they find themselves in a game of tug-o-war. One their fellow officers rolls her chair away from them with her nose scrunched, head shaking at them as they wrestle. It isn’t until they hear the familiar clearing of someone’s throat that they both stop.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Seokjin throws the badge at Jungkook as they both scramble to their feet, Jungkook fumbling to catch it and shove it in his pocket. He rights his shirt as he stands, shoulders squared, chin up, wide eyes landing on the face of their captain.

Kim Namjoon is usually pretty easygoing, except when he isn’t. It looks like today is one of not-so-easygoing days.

“Jeon, my office.”

Jungkook gapes at him. “But Seokjin was also—”

“Don’t call me out!” Seokjin barks, jabbing Jungkook with his elbow.

“Shut up, both of you.” Namjoon sighs. “This isn’t about…” He gestures at where they had been wrestling only moments before. “…whatever that was.”

Jungkook feels like throwing up. Did Namjoon find out about Jimin somehow? Had he noticed him the last time Jimin came around the station? Jungkook told him they needed to be more careful after Jaebum almost caught them the time before, dammit.

“What’s going on?” Jungkook asks as they step inside Namjoon’s office, his captain shutting the door as Jungkook takes a hesitant seat in one of the chairs by his desk. He takes a deep breath and tries to relax as Namjoon sits across from him.

“I wanted to ask about the road you’ve been patrolling these past few months. It’s been…” He checks a paper on his desk. “182 days since you were assigned there.”

Jungkook blinks. “Why don’t you just say six months?”

“Because I’m making a point of how many nights you’ve patrolled that road and you have a total of three tickets on record. What are you doing out there?”

“It’s a dead road, Namjoon,” Jungkook says, forgoing formalities. He and Namjoon have known each other since they were kids. They’re friends first, police officers second. No need for ‘sir’ or ‘captain’ with him. He leans back in his chair, crossing one leg over the other. He can talk his way out of this. “Not much happens out there.”

“The fact that it isn’t well-traveled means you should have a lot of people speeding around there. Everybody thinks they can get away with that on back roads like that. Also,” Namjoon shifts some papers around on his desk, “we’ve gotten calls about illegal street racing in that area.”

Jungkook tries his best to remain stoic.

“You haven’t seen anything like that out there?”

Jungkook shakes his head, giving a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. “Don’t you think I would have reported something like that if I had?”

Namjoon leans back in his seat, mimicking Jungkook’s position, and his face softens. This is childhood friend Namjoon, not Captain Kim anymore. Jungkook relaxes. “I know you would have, I’m just…” Namjoon sighs. “You don’t seem to care about anything anymore, Jungkook. You used to be passionate about your job. Now I feel like you barely pay attention to anything that goes on around here, you come in late, your reports are lackluster. What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing,” Jungkook says, shrugging again.

“Kook, come on.” Namjoon reaches forward, turning the plaque on his desk with his name and rank on it face down. “It’s just you and me now. Namjoon from next door, not Namjoon from the boss’ office. What’s going on with you?”

Jungkook shifts under Namjoon’s gaze, feeling about an inch tall compared to him. “I’m fine.”


The tone of Namjoon’s voice makes Jungkook shrink away. When Namjoon uses that tone it’s even worse than when he uses his angry captain tone. It’s the voice he used to use on Jungkook back when he would do something stupid like fail a math exam because he didn’t bother to study. Namjoon practically raised him so Jungkook took to calling it his ‘mom voice’. He hates when Namjoon uses it on him now.

“I don’t really know, Joon,” Jungkook admits, head shaking. “I guess I just don’t really care anymore. This,” he gestures around the station, primarily in the direction of his desk, “isn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Being a fucking beat cop or some shit. I wanted to go farther. This isn’t what I suffered through academy for.”

“So go farther,” Namjoon says, leaning forward on his desk, his hands lacing together. “You’re so young, Jungkook, you have time. Go back to school, get a degree, become the detective you always wanted to be.”

Jungkook chuckles, eyes rolling. “It’s so easy for people to tell everyone else what they should do. They always conveniently seem to forget that actually doing it is a little harder than talking about it.”


“I’ve gotta get ready for my patrol,” Jungkook snaps, standing up. He knows he shouldn’t act like this. Namjoon may be his friend but he’s still his boss. It’s still his duty to stop Jungkook from stepping out of line as he so often does. “Unless you think it’s pointless for me to go tonight?” He lifts a brow at Namjoon. “Since I’m apparently not doing my job.”

Namjoon sighs again, returning to his previous position of lounging back in his seat. “Go,” he says, waving Jungkook out the door. “But, Jungkook…”

Jungkook stops with his hand on the doorknob. He looks back at Namjoon.

“Whatever’s going on with you…” He points at Jungkook’s split lip. “Just keep out of trouble. You don’t need anything on your record that’ll hold you back if you decide you do still wanna become a detective.”

Jungkook stares back at his friend for a moment, mouth hanging open like he wants to speak. He has no idea what he could even possibly say at this point. So he just snaps his mouth shut and walks out, ignoring the curious stares of his coworkers as he gets ready to head back out.

He leaves for his shift a little early, heading for the bar, just as he promised Jimin.



{the way i do}


When Jungkook steps into the bar, his jacket zipped up to cover his uniform as best he can, it’s not hard to find Jimin. The blonde sits atop the counter in his usual leather jacket, shouting something at one of his friends and throwing a wadded napkin at them. He throws his head back as he laughs and Jungkook finds himself smiling along.

When Jimin notices him his laughter turns into a silent grin, his legs already parting to let Jungkook fit himself between them. He grabs Jungkook by the front of his shirt when he reaches him and tugs him into a rough kiss, damn anyone here who doesn’t like it. Most everyone in the bar by now knows not to mess with them. Jungkook’s flashed his badge at a few choice individuals who needed a little extra persuasion to back the hell off of Jimin. Everyone else just minds their own business.

“Hey,” Jimin says, all breathy and soft as he smiles down at Jungkook, his hands slipping beneath his jacket to slide over the cop’s waist.

Jungkook doesn’t answer, he just pulls Jimin into another kiss, letting the taste of alcohol on his lips and the pressure of his tongue in his mouth erase everything that had happened at the station from his mind. One hand holds the back of Jimin’s neck, trapping him in the kiss as his tongue plunges into his mouth, shameless, his other hand massaging over the racer’s thigh.

“Wish I could just take you home and fuck you right now,” Jungkook growls between their lips, and Jimin chuckles.

“So why don’t you?”

He stares up at Jimin where he sits, his fingers pressing into the blonde’s hips. Jimin’s tongue slides out to wet his lips and then Jungkook’s tugging him off the counter, dragging him off toward the bathroom. Jimin’s friends seem too preoccupied to notice them at the moment, so he’s going to take this chance to get his goddamn dick sucked.

They slam through the door, startling some random guy at the sink. Jimin nods for him to leave and, after taking one look at the way Jimin clings to Jungkook’s belt, he shuts off the sink and scurries out.

With a smirk, Jimin drags Jungkook back to the door and slams him against it, yanking the zipper of his jacket down and untucking his uniform shirt from his pants. He makes quick work of Jungkook’s belt as their lips crash together again, thankful that Jungkook left all his work gear in his car. It makes it so much easier to get him naked.

His hand delves past the hem of Jungkook’s boxers, tongue pushing past the cop’s lips. Typically Jungkook doesn’t like anyone taking charge but he can’t help it with Jimin. He likes the way the blonde doesn’t hesitate to take over, yanking Jungkook into harsh kisses and pressing him up against the door as he strokes his semi-hard cock. Maybe it’s because sometimes Jimin also lets Jungkook take complete control, bending him over and fucking him senseless as he whines for more. They have a strange push and pull for dominance, yet neither actually seems to care who takes control in the end.

Especially once Jimin’s sinking to his knees in front of Jungkook, fingers tugging his pants down by the belt loops. “How long before you have to start your shift?” Jimin asks, hot breath ghosting over Jungkook’s cock, making him buck forward to get Jimin’s mouth on him. The racer pushes him back against the door with a smirk.

“Just a few minutes.”

“I’ll make this quick, then.” And just like that Jimin’s lips circle the head of Jungkook’s cock, already leaking with precome, angry and red from what little teasing Jimin’s done. It doesn’t take much from Jimin to get Jungkook riled. Hell, sometimes just looking at the blonde makes Jungkook’s appetite unbearable.

Those pretty lips give a hard suck to the tip, his tongue pressing into the slit as he looks up at Jungkook, the corners of his lips turning up in a grin. His hand slides down to the base of his cock, moving to grab his balls, fingers massaging them as he bobs his head down. He takes Jungkook into his mouth, moaning around his cock as does as if this is all he’s wanted all night.

Jungkook feels his temperature rising as he stares down at blonde head bobbing down on his cock, taking him deep into his throat with wet little gags as he goes, tongue slick against the underside of his length. Jimin pulls off with a lewd slurps wiping at the saliva at the corners of his mouth, then darts back down with Jungkook’s hand sliding into his hair.

He doesn’t pull or tug on Jimin. He doesn’t need to. Jimin’s doing everything necessary and more, his cock hitting the back of his throat. Jimin swallows around him, throat constricting and making a shamefully loud moan escape the officer. He feels Jimin chuckle, sending shockwaves through his body, making his legs shake.

His other hand flies to Jimin’s head as he feels the muscles of his stomach tighten. Jungkook’s fingers press into Jimin’s scalp as Jimin’s hands grab his ass, kneading roughly as he gags himself on Jungkook’s cock again, a high moan escaping him when Jungkook tugs his head forward. He’s not rough with Jimin, actually almost... soothing him as the blonde eagerly chokes himself, swallowing again and making Jungkook shudder.

“J-Jimin— Gonna come—”

A hum tells him Jimin heard and a squeeze of his ass dares him to release his load down Jimin’s throat. So he does. And Jimin laps it all up, swallowing everything he can and then pulling off to lick anything that may have escaped, thumbing at the corners of his mouth. His lips, red and swollen, turn up into a smile as he stares at Jungkook, still on his knees.

Jimin has an insane moment of wanting to tug Jimin to his feet and take him back home right then and there. Fuck his shift. He wants to tell Jimin how much he loves the way he sucks him off, the way they fuck each other, and that, maybe, he even likes Jimin’s company a little too much. That he’s always inviting Jimin over not just to fuck, but to get to know him a little better.

He keeps his mouth shut, though, instead just sliding his fingers through Jimin’s hair as though praising him. Jimin pulls his pants back up as he rises and presses in for another kiss, deftly doing Jungkook’s fly up and cinching his belt. He barely pulls back, lips still brushing against Jungkook’s as he speaks. “Back to work, officer.”

“Wait,” Jungkook catches Jimin by his wrist as he reaches for the door, “what about you?” he asks. Jungkook’s not one to just take and give nothing in return. But Jimin just smiles at him and shrugs.

“I’m good,” he says as he and Jungkook circle each other, Jimin between the cop and the door now. “You gotta get going. I have a race somewhere else tonight but I’ll stop by during your shift. We’ll take care of it then.” Jimin gives him his signature smirk, catching his lower lip between his teeth as his eyes drag over Jungkook from head to toe. “Stop and say bye to me before you leave?”

“Yeah, of course.” Jungkook nods as Jimin opens the door, then he blurts out a little more before he can tell himself to shut up. “Hey, Jimin.”


“Be careful.” Jungkook clears his throat. “In your race, I mean.”

Jimin smiles again, hands in his pockets. He doesn’t say anything, just gives Jungkook a nod before leaving the bathroom.

Jungkook curses himself for the softness in his voice. He’s not supposed to be showing that kind of worry and affection. Guys like Jimin don’t want that. They want chaos and danger, not clingy boyfriend-types telling them to be careful. The whole point in street racing is to not be safe. That’s why people like him do it. 

As soon as the door closes, Jungkook leans his head up against it and groans.

He’s an idiot.


When Jungkook finally leaves the bathroom, already late starting his shift, he slams directly into Taehyung, who somehow manages to balance both of his drinks and not spill a drop. Jungkook has to admit he’s impressed.

“Oh, hey, Jungkook,” Taehyung says in an overly chipper voice. His eyes scan over Jungkook’s face, up to his hair. He chuckles. “Damn, you and Jimin really can’t help yourselves, can you? Eh, I can’t really blame either of you. You off to work?”

He talks so fast Jungkook has a hard time keeping up but he just nods anyway. “Yeah, I just need to say bye to Jimin first.”

“Aw, that’s cute. You guys are cute. In like a disgusting, depraved, sex fiend kind of way, but you’re cute.” Taehyung gives Jungkook a wink before darting off to another friend. Jungkook just shakes his head and searches the crowd for Jimin.

His eyes dart from one biker wannabe to another, leather jackets and tattoos, all looking like they’re modeling themselves after the same person, until he finds that blonde head.

But Jimin’s not alone. He sits atop the counter against as another stands between his legs, back turned to Jimin. The blonde leans over him, arms draped over his shoulders as the stranger shows him something on his phone. It would be innocent enough if not for the way Jimin’s legs seem to hold tight on either side of the man’s hips, the way he fidgets with the front of the guy’s jacket. And for the fact that the guy is just about as gorgeous as Jimin.

Jungkook purses his lips together, swallows hard. He can’t jump to conclusions. Jimin’s a handsy person. He’s like that with Taehyung and Hoseok, too. This doesn’t mean anything.

But then the guy says something and Jimin laughs, leaning back a bit as the guy turns partially to look at him. He smiles up at Jimin as the blonde keeps laughing, and it’s the glow in both their eyes when they look at each other that pushes Jungkook over the edge.

Unfortunately, Namjoon’s right. He can’t have anything going on his record so he can’t kick the shit out of this guy. And he has no reason to arrest him other than he’s jealous. So before he completely loses it and does something he’ll regret, Jungkook turns on his heel and storms out of the bar, heading straight for his car.

Fuck saying bye to Jimin. He’s obviously doing just fine on his own.

Jungkook’s already opening up the door of his patrol car by the time he hears his name being called. He looks up, the vehicle between him and the building, and sees Jimin approaching, boots crunching over the gravel of the parking lot.

“Hey, what the hell?” Jimin asks, and he sounds so genuinely concerned Jungkook’s heart almost skips a beat. He throws his arms out to his sides. “You’re just taking off without saying anything. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Jungkook lies, leaning on the roof of his car as Jimin circles around it to reach him. It catches him off guard when Jimin walks right up to him, thumbs hooking into the belt loops of his pants, and leans in to press an uncharacteristically gentle kiss to his lips. When he pulls back all Jungkook can do is stare at him.

“Liar. What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Jungkook says, and he actually pushes Jimin back. Not hard, just enough for Jimin to take the hint and step back, eyes narrowing in suspicion. If only Jungkook could have pushed him away like that when they first met months ago. “I gotta go.”

Jimin scoffs as Jungkook climbs into his car and slams the door shut. The blonde doesn’t say anything as the vehicle roars to life. Jungkook peels out and Jimin jumps back just in time to keep from getting his toes run over.

Without looking back, Jungkook roars out onto the road and heads for his usual pull off.

Jimin can have his fun with his new friend. Jungkook has a job to do.



{i’m a wanted man}


Jimin sits against the hood of his car, flicking open his lighter and snapping it shut again. He doesn’t even know why he has this thing anymore. He hasn’t smoked for years. Just habit, he supposes, and fidgeting with it is a good distraction from everything around him.

He feels anxious but he doesn’t think it’s about his upcoming race. Nothing about the revving engines or the screech of tires from fellow drivers sets him on edge. As a matter of fact, sounds like that sooth him. No, what’s bothering him sits at the end of this highway, probably lounging in the driver’s seat of his patrol car and pouting for no damn reason.

Jimin has no idea what he did to piss Jungkook off but this isn’t part of his plans for this week. This wasn’t supposed to happen right before bringing Jungkook to his place for the first time.

“Hey, Jiminie,” Taehyung calls, bounding over to his friend. He turns to lean back on the car beside Jimin just as the blonde flicks the lighter open to stare at the flame once more. “Where did Yoongi go? He didn’t stay for the race?”

“No, he was on his way to visit family so he only had a few minutes to stay.”

“Bummer.” Taehyung pats the side of the car. “Guess it’s about that time,” he says, and Jimin appreciates him not prying. He knows Taehyung can tell when he’s distracted or annoyed by something but he also knows when he should or shouldn’t ask. It’s why they’ve been able to stay friends for so long when Jimin usually abandons every relationship he starts, romantic or platonic.

People start to gather around as Jimin slides into his car, his opponents doing the same. There are three others for this race; three times the risk, three times the fun. He tosses his lighter into one of the cup holders and grips the steering wheel, his car roaring to life and engine revving in challenge to the others.

Tonight Taehyung holds the makeshift flag, this time using his lime green snapback. He holds it high above his head, his eyes meeting Jimin’s. He winks, and swings his arm down, grinning like a madman when the cars all zoom past him.

Jimin keeps his foot planted on the gas pedal, eyes on the road, thumb tapping against the wheel as he leaves the other three behind. They aren’t far behind, but they are behind and that’s what matters. In his rear view mirror he can see them swerving, trying to fake each other out, make the others pull back out of fear of crashing.

On most nights he would be laughing at their shit driving and poor etiquette. All these kids thinking there’s no honor to street racing, like anything goes. They watch too many movies and think that means they know everything. But tonight he stays focused, lips pressed into a tight frown.

He spares the other racers only a few glances before he rounds a corner, knowing that at any point they’ll be within Jungkook’s patrol zone. But he doubts the cop is this far up the road. He never is, preferring to stay in his little pull off and just wait the night out or kill some time with Jimin in the front seat of his car.

The other racers keep pace with him fairly well as they all zoom around another corner. And then Jimin sees it as they pass a little side road. Blue and red lights flash in his mirrors and he curses. Why the fuck is Jungkook all the way out here?

He almost slows down, the way he always used to when Jungkook would chase after him. Not tonight. Tonight he keeps going, the racers behind him seeming to have the same thought. They might as well just keep going. Legally, Jungkook can’t pursue them once they surpass a certain speed. And they’re certainly going too fast for him to pursue.

Jimin glances in his mirror, gritting his teeth when Jungkook doesn’t back off, speeding up to position himself between two of the racers. He’ll get himself fucking killed driving like that.

Cursing again, Jimin flashes his hazard lights at the other drivers before decelerating, letting them all fly past him as he slows to a stop at the next pull off. Jungkook stops as well, pulling up behind Jimin’s car, just like the good old days. He almost laughs.

With his signature cocky smirk on his lips Jimin hops out of his car, waiting for a moment because Jungkook still hasn’t gotten out of his. Then his brows furrow, head tilting and eyes squinting to make sure it’s actually Jungkook’s car. He doesn’t know why any other cop would be out here but he should be careful just in case. Anyone other than Jungkook would probably cuff his ass for stepping out of his vehicle.

Then the door opens and Jimin recognizes the long legs stepping out of it. He smiles when Jungkook circles around the door, leaving it open.

“Jungkook, what the hell?” Jimin asks with a breathy chuckle, head shaking as he steps forward to meet the other man. He reaches out with one hand to pull him into a kiss. “That was fucking dangerous, you realize that, right—”

“You’re lucky I’m only charging you for speeding and not racing,” Jungkook deadpans, his voice dull and low as he slaps a piece of paper to Jimin’s chest, effectively stopping the blonde in his tracks.

Jimin grabs the paper just as Jungkook lets go and pulls it away from his chest to examine it. A ticket. He laughs. A fucking ticket. “You’re kidding, right?” he asks, gaping at Jungkook as the cop turns on his heel and heads back to his car. “Jungkook, you’re fucking with me.”

“Wish I was, Jimin,” Jungkook says, one foot in his car again. He shrugs. “If you don’t want a ticket, maybe don’t do illegal shit.”

Jimin almost laughs but it turns into more of a scoff as he watches Jungkook shut his car door and back away. “Jungkook!” he shouts, crumpling up the ticket as the cop pulls back out onto the road. He chucks the paper at his window just before he rolls away. “Motherfucker!”

Fuming, Jimin storms back to his car. Part of him wants to chase after Jungkook and corner him, ask him what hell he did to piss the little bastard off so much. Every other little piece of him says to just go find Taehyung and go home, maybe binge watch some bad films with his best friend.

Jungkook won’t talk to him, he lost his race, might as well just let go and eat some junk food for tonight.

Fuck it.





Jungkook has not been sulking. He swears. He’s just focusing on his job so his ass doesn’t get fired. That’s the only reason he’s been sitting so silently in his car, arms crossed over his chest, glaring at his dash and just waiting for someone to speed by so he can ticket them.

He’s turned into that cop. The guy that takes out his personal angst on innocent passersby by ticketing them for a simple five miles over. It’s all that’s been keeping him sane these last few days and distracting him from his wild imagination, picturing Jimin and that guy from the bar tangled up together in the front seat of Jimin’s car the way Jimin and Jungkook should be.

He growls and knocks his head back against his seat. The road’s gone dead. It always does after the first couple of hours. No one travels this highway at night except the occasional tourist and, of course, Jimin and his friends. None of which Jungkook really wants to see right now.

As fate would have it, Jungkook never gets his way. So just as he’s trying to convince himself that he’s not jealous of the mystery guy at the bar and he doesn’t have genuine feelings for Jimin, he hears the familiar purr of that damn gunmetal grey car.

Jimin hasn’t been by the last few days. Jungkook had assumed he had just moved on to that other guy and forgotten Jungkook entirely. Yet as he passes by his car slows down, just like he used to, then he accelerates and takes off again. Always teasing, always taunting. Jungkook hates it, yet here he is still chasing after this mess. When will he ever learn?

He follows after Jimin. The blonde isn’t driving that fast tonight—well, fast for Jimin—just about ten miles over the limit. That’s a record low for him, and he only waits a few seconds before pulling over at the wide shoulder by the cliff Jungkook likes to park by sometimes. Certain nights the height of the cliff and the darkness below is enrapturing to Jungkook, exhilarating. He just likes to look at it.

Jungkook goes through the motions as always: pulling up behind Jimin, stepping out of the car, watching as Jimin does the same. He doesn’t bring a ticket with him this time. He can tell Jimin wants to talk, even though he doesn’t. Jimin gets this one chance to explain himself.

“I figured it out,” Jimin says as they meet halfway, Jungkook’s headlights illuminating Jimin, making the curves of his body all the more prominent in his skinny jeans and fitted jacket. It’s almost a habit to grab Jimin and strip him of everything immediately. Jungkook has to refrain.

“Figured out what?”

“Why you’re pissed.”

“I’m not pissed.”

“Bullshit.” Jimin’s hands rest on his hips and somehow that makes him all that much more tempting. Jungkook can’t stop his eyes from dragging over Jimin’s body, and Jimin doesn’t miss it. He smirks and Jungkook snaps his eyes back to Jimin’s face. “You saw me with Yoongi, didn’t you?”

Jungkook shrugs and turns back to his car. “Don’t know who that is.”

“’Bout my height, floppy hair, I was sitting behind him on the bar the other night.”

Now Jungkook stops, he grits his teeth, then turns back to Jimin. “Yoongi?”

“Min Yoongi. One of my best friends, I’ve known him since middle school.”

“You actually went to school?”

Jimin snorts, head shaking as he pushes his hair back out of his face. He takes a few steps closer to Jungkook, hands slipping into his back pockets. “Are you jealous of how close I was to him?”


Another chuckle as Jimin gets unbearably close to Jungkook, the sharp sweetness of honey oozing off of him. Jungkook has no idea why he always smells like honey but it’s fucking intoxicating, it has him leaning in before he even realizes, lips going straight for Jimin’s neck.

Jimin presses a hand to Jungkook’s chest and pushes him back. “Not until you tell me why you’re jealous of Yoongi.”

“I’m not jealous.”

There’s a moment that Jimin almost looks pissed and Jungkook fears for his life for just a second. He’s seen Jimin get pissed, usually at random strangers at the bar, but it’s not a pretty sight. Well, not for the other guy. To Jungkook, watching Jimin cut loose and knock someone on their ass is more than enough fuel for the fire once they get into bed later.

“Fine, you asked for it,” Jimin says, and then he reaches around Jungkook, quick as lightning. Jungkook doesn’t even know what’s happening until he feels cold metal clamp around one of his wrists. Jimin lifts their hands in front of his face, their wrists cuffed together, and he gapes at the blonde.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he hisses, then sees Jimin dangling the key with his other hand. How he even got his hands on that is a mystery to Jungkook. “Give me that—”


Jungkook watches in horror as Jimin reaches high over Jungkook’s head and chucks the key over the side of the cliff. Jungkook sputters. “What the fuck, Jimin?”

“Tell me why you don’t like me hanging out with Yoongi.”


“We’re only stuck together so long as you don’t tell me.”

No, actually, we’re stuck together until I take us back to the station and have someone uncuff us.”

“Oh, really? I assumed you had a spare key somewhere.”

“I don’t.”

Jimin feigns a little gasp of excitement. “Ooh, this means I finally get to meet your coworkers!”

Jungkook wrenches at the handcuffs as though that will break them lose. Jimin whines a little bit at the painful tug of the metal. “Are you insane, Jimin?”

“A little bit,” says the blonde, his hand finding Jungkook’s waist, thumb rubbing over his hipbone, “but I thought you knew that.”

“I did, actually, but not this insane— oof!”

Jimin shoves him back against the hood of the car, their bodies pressed far too close and, goddammit, Jungkook knows he won’t hold out for long. But he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try.

“Why… are you jealous of Yoongi?”

“I’m not jealous. I’d just like to know whether or not you’re fucking someone else behind my back. Just be honest with me—”

“You’re sounding awful boyfriendy right now.” Jimin says, the fingers of his free hand dancing around behind Jungkook now, across his lower back. “I thought this was a casual thing?”

“It is—” Jungkook groans as Jimin’s hips flick against his and his hand grabs hold of the police baton on Jungkook’s belt, wrenching it out of its strap. He brandishes it with a sly grin, a frightening twinkle in his eye.

“Is it, though?” Jimin asks, the tip of the baton sliding along Jungkook’s throat as he gulps, heat pooling southward inside his body, every inch of him screaming to grab hold of Jimin, to slam him down on the hood and fuck him until his begs and moans fill the night air.

He refrains and swallows again, eyes following the stick down across his chest, then snapping back up to meet Jimin’s.

“It is casual. I just wanna know about Min Yoongi for my safety—” He hisses through his teeth as the baton travels over his thigh, Jimin leaning in closer to kiss down his neck, breath heating his already feverish skin further. “Considering we haven’t used protection since—” His voice catch on a moan as the baton rubs against his clothed cock. “—since day one.”

“So it has nothing to do with jealousy?” Jimin asks, tongue darting out across the skin of Jungkook’s throat, the cop’s head tilted back to stare up at the sky. He thinks of everything he can to avoid getting hard but it’s so damn impossible to resist Jimin, especially with his body pressed so close he can feel every little muscle ripple as he moves.

“No,” he croaks out, already feeling his pants tightening, the length of that fucking baton continuing to slide up and down his dick.

“Nothing to do with you wanting me to be all yours?” Jimin nips at his collarbone.


That’s it. He’s losing. Jimin has a vice grip on him, shredding whatever remnants of self control he has, completely invading his mind and body with his presence. There’s no fucking point in trying. Jimin’s like a drug to him and he needs another hit.

But then Jimin pulls away with a dramatic sigh and clicks his tongue in disappointment. “Well, that’s a damn shame,” he says, shoving the baton into Jungkook’s hand. “And here I thought I’d reeled in a keeper.”

As it always does around Jimin, Jungkook’s brain short circuits. He chokes on words he can’t even form in his own head was he watches Jimin pull something out of his pocket.

The key. The fucking key. Son of bitch never threw it at all.

Jimin unlocks the cuffs, then flicks the key onto the hood of Jungkook’s car before turning on his heel and walking back to his own vehicle. “I’ll see you around, Jungkook. Don’t interfere in another one of my races. That was just uncool.” He waves over his shoulder, yanking open the door of his car. “I’m gonna go see if Yoongi wants to hang out.”

With his baton still in hand, Jungkook leans back against his car, watching Jimin go. He wouldn’t actually go back to Yoongi. He’s just trying to get under Jungkook’s skin. But he’s right. Jungkook is jealous and he sure as hell doesn’t want to drive Jimin into some other man’s arms even if Jimin is just pulling his leg right now.

“Jimin,” he calls out, watching as Jimin stops with one leg already in his car. He peers over the roof at Jungkook, lifting one brow at him. “Get back over here.”

With a grin, Jimin closes the door and comes back around to Jungkook. “Yes, officer?” he asks, swaying up to Jungkook again.

“Be honest, are you sleeping with Min Yoongi?”

Jimin laughs but he almost looks genuinely offended. He shakes his head. “No. I’m sleeping with you.” He reaches up, straightening Jungkook’s shirt, gaze dragging over his chest, eying his collarbone and the faded marks he had left there nights ago. “You really think I’m that kind of person, Jungkook? That I’d just go around sleeping with other people behind your back?”

“Six months and all we’ve done is fuck. I don’t really know you, Jimin.” Jungkook’s breath catches as Jimin’s knee weasels its way between his legs, his thigh pressing against Jungkook’s semi erect cock.

“Why do you think I invited your jealous ass to my house?” Jimin asks as he nips along Jungkook’s jawline. His hips snap forward again, length hardening against Jungkook’s hip, desperate for friction. “So you can get to know me.”

Jungkook groans, grabbing Jimin at the waist after tossing the baton onto the hood of his vehicle. “Not… jealous,” he gasps out with a flick of his hips, grinding against Jimin, his hand finding its way into his hair. “And I f-figured that was just… so we could fuck some more.”

“Well, partially,” admits Jimin, chuckling against Jungkook’s neck. “You know…” He lets out a content sigh when Jungkook’s big hands slide to his ass, kneading the flesh there, squeezing tight and dragging his hips forward. His lips stop at the cop’s ear, tongue slipping out to slide over the shell of his ear. “You still owe me a blowjob from the other night.”

Jimin leans back with a grin of unparalleled wickedness, reaching past Jungkook and grabbing the baton again. He presses it to the side of the officer’s neck, pushes just enough for Jungkook to know to move, both of them circling around each other until Jimin can lean back on the hood of the patrol car. He slides the baton across Jungkook’s throat, to the other of his neck, then pushes down on his shoulder with it until Jungkook sinks to his knees, their eyes never breaking contact.

Jungkook feels like he’s on fire as he undoes the zipper of Jimin’s too-tight jeans, tongue wetting his lips. He suppresses a shudder when Jimin drags that damned baton back up, sliding it up under his chin and tilting his head up for their eyes to meet.

Neither of them speak, Jimin keeping his usual dirty talk to himself for some reason. Jungkook supposes the sight of him on his knees with a baton slipping around behind his neck to hold him in place is filthy enough for the blonde. Jimin slips the fingers of one hand through Jungkook’s hair as his cock springs free, hard and glistening with precome, and Jungkook keeps his eyes on Jimin’s.

As the cop leans in to lick a stripe up the underside of Jimin’s length, Jimin tips his head back, lips parting and curling up in a smile. The baton presses harder against the back of Jungkook’s neck, pulling him in closer, and Jimin groans when Jungkook finally takes hold of his cock. He swipes his thumb over the slit, smearing his precome around to make the slide easier, then pumps, his lips kissing the tip.

Jimin’s hand tightens in Jungkook’s hair and he moans when the velvety warmth of Jungkook’s mouth wraps around his cock, wet tongue sliding along the length as Jungkook pushes him deeper into his throat, but still not far enough. Jungkook’s other hand grabs hold of Jimin’s ass, squeezing, nails biting crescents into the skin there.

Then he pulls off with a wet pop and Jimin just about smacks him over the head with the baton. He frowns down at the other man. “What are you—”

“Back of my car,” Jungkook says, standing up and pulling Jimin’s pants up with him. “Now.”

Jimin grabs Jungkook’s wrist as he starts to move for the door and pulls him back. “Where you put fuckin’ criminals? Are you kidding?”

“It’s clean,” Jungkook promises, tugging Jimin and damn near making him lose his balance. He drops the baton and lets Jungkook drag him around, shoving him into the backseat. He crawls in after, slamming the door shut and setting to immediate work on removing Jimin’s clothes.

“What the hell are we doing back here?” Jimin asks between wet kisses, the taste of his own precome resting on his tongue when Jungkook shoves his into Jimin’s mouth. He tosses the officer’s gear onto the floor, his pants following.

Jungkook pushes him back, flat across the seat, and hovers over him. “Sucking each other off,” he says, his words breathy and rushed, obviously desperate to get his mouth back on Jimin’s cock. “At the same time.”

Jimin feels himself smirk before Jungkook darts down for one last kiss, then turns himself around. He rests on all fours above Jimin, one hand curling around his cock again and taking it into his mouth. He gives it a hard suck, bobs his head down to push it into his throat as Jimin arches up against him, pushing his cock in balls deep. Jungkook gags around him but he doesn’t stop, tears at the corners of his eyes as he hollows his cheeks.

“F-fuck, Jungkook,” Jimin gasps out as he feels Jungkook swallow around him. “God, I love the way you suck my cock. You’re so— so fucking desperate to choke on it—” He reaches up, taking hold of Jungkook’s cock where it curls over his face, hard and glistening, precome dripping onto his chest. “So wet for me, gorgeous, and I haven’t even done anything yet.”

As Jimin snaps his hips up again, choking Jungkook with his length and moaning when the cop’s nails draw scratches across his skin, he plants one elbow onto the seat and lifts himself to circle the head of Jungkook’s cock with his lips. Precome smears over his mouth and he laps it all up before sucking him in, inch by inch. His hand leaves Jungkook’s cock as his mouth swallows him up, moving instead to grab at his ass, kneading his cheek, and he moans around his cock.

Jungkook pulls off for just a moment, letting shameless moans spill from him as he catches his breath, gives his throat a break from Jimin’s length. On either side of his head, Jimin’s legs spread wide, thighs flexing beside him. He turns to press a kiss to the inside of one thigh, then suck a bruise there. He’s just about to start sucking Jimin off again when the other man’s mouth leaves his cock with a wet pop.

He whines, hand gripping Jimin’s ass. He’s too proud to beg Jimin to keep going so he tries to ignore the lack of contact around his dick. But that all disappears when he feels two spit-slicked fingers pressing at his hole, Jimin’s velvety warm mouth engulfing his dick again.

“H-holy f-fuck, Jimin,” he groans, head hanging, eyes shut tight as those fingers slide inside him and Jimin takes his cock deep into his throat. It feels so damn good he almost forgets this started because he owed Jimin a blowjob. He can barely force himself to concentrate with Jimin crooking his fingers inside him, but he dives back down, Jimin’s cock slapping against his tongue before he slurps it into his mouth.

He moves one hand to the blonde’s balls, rolling them against his palm as he gives a harsh suck to his dick. The response from Jimin almost makes Jungkook come in an instant. The way he chokes out a high moan around the cop’s cock, his fingers fucking into him faster, stretching him until they brush against his prostate.

Jungkook’s hips stutter, trying to thrust down into Jimin’s mouth. He stops himself, but Jimin makes up for it by pushing him as far down his throat as possible, tight and warm and wet around Jungkook’s cock. The worlds goes a little topsy turvy at the way Jimin keeps sliding his fingers in and out of him in perfect tandem with the bobs of his head, sending shocks of pleasure up his spine.

Jungkook feels the heat coiling in his stomach, his muscles growing tense. His nails dig into flesh of Jimin’s ass cheek, his other hand planting itself firmly on the seat just to try bracing himself against the uncontrollable shudders wracking his body. Every little twist and slide of Jimin’s fingers, every moan and swallow around his cock, everything the blonde does pushes him further and further, his wrecked throat still croaking out groans of pleasure.

He comes first, without warning but Jimin was prepared, anyway, swallowing every last drop, milking Jungkook dry. He slips his fingers from Jungkook’s ass, mouth leaving his cock as he drags his nails down the officer’s thighs. Jungkook hums around his cock, hand leaving his ass to play with his balls again.

Jimin writhes beneath him, still holding tight onto the cop’s thighs, urging him to keep sucking him off just like he is. The way he moans Jungkook’s name and tells him how good he is is almost enough to get Jungkook hard again. But he keeps his focus on Jimin, tugging his orgasm from him, and he comes down Jungkook’s throat so hard he almost blacks out. The younger man gulps down his come, choking and slurping, some slipping from his mouth and decorating his lips.

When he pulls off Jimin’s cock and leans back Jimin’s still coming, just a bit spraying up onto Jungkook’s face. The officer reaches up, but Jimin stops him with a slap to his thigh, urging him around and repositioning the both of them before Jungkook can wipe the come away from his lips.

He presses Jungkook back against the door, moving to straddle him as he dives in for a kiss, tongue swiping his own come from Jungkook’s face and into the cop’s mouth. Their lips meet, Jimin’s hand holding Jungkook’s chin tight, saliva and come mingling between their mouths as their tongues find each other. Then Jimin swallows, licking his own lips for any remnants of come there, then sliding over Jungkook’s to clean them as well before delving back into his mouth.

He feels Jungkook’s hands on his waist, pulling him into his lap as they lose their breath kissing each other. His own hands twist into the cop’s hair, holding him into the kiss until he can’t breathe anymore.

When he pulls away, shoulders rising and falling with heavy breaths, he stares down at Jungkook and lifts a brow. “First time I ever did that with someone,” he gasps. “Still jealous?”

Jungkook shakes his head, hand curling behind Jimin’s neck now. “No,” he breathes out, tugging Jimin into another kiss as he mumbles against his lips, “not anymore.”



{top yourself}


Jimin and Jungkook return to normal by the next day, clock ticking closer and closer to Jungkook’s weekend, closer to spending aforementioned weekend at Jimin’s place. Tonight they park in Jungkook’s usual spot, music blasting from Jimin’s car, the driver’s side of Jungkook’s wide open as he lounges in the seat, feet planted on the gravel.

They laugh as Jimin tells stories about his friends and the stupid things they’ve done, interrupted only by Jimin’s undeniable urges to dance along to certain songs as they begin. Jungkook feels a growing fondness in his chest as he watches Jimin, the smile on his face contagious, spreading to Jungkook’s lips as well. He hadn’t meant for things to end up this way but there’s no denying now that he actually has feelings for Jimin.

Did he ever really stand a chance of not falling for him, though? With all Jimin’s charm and beauty, his humor, his sass, and those little subtle hints of concern whenever he thinks something is bothering Jungkook. To most he wouldn’t seem like a good type to fall for—reckless and wild, seeming interested only in chasing orgasms and adrenaline rushes—but somewhere inside there’s a whole different Jimin no one else ever really sees.

That Jimin is intuitive, observant, shockingly empathetic. He cares, whether he shows it or not. Jungkook’s seen him drop everything when one of his friends calls with an emergency. Somewhere beneath the snide remarks, cocky smirks, leather jackets, and that little tattoo above his left ass cheek he told Jungkook never to mention again, is someone more capable of love than Jungkook would have imagined when he first met him.

After awhile Jimin strips off his jacket, tossing into his car, overheated from dancing, and he laughs as he approaches Jungkook. The cop reaches out instinctively, grabbing at Jimin’s waist, thumbs hooking into the belt loops of his jeans as they readjust for Jimin to straddle Jungkook in the front seat of his car.

Jimin brushes Jungkook’s hair back, drags his thumb over his lower lip. He doesn’t say anything for a long while, just staring down at Jungkook, then he licks his lips and Jungkook almost leans in to kiss him until he speaks. “What’s been going on with you lately?” he asks. His hands slide down to Jungkook’s shoulders, rubbing at the tight muscles there. “You’ve just seemed tense lately.”

With a sigh, Jungkook leans back in his seat. His hands slide along Jimin’s thighs, reveling in the warmth of the man in his lap. He doesn’t feel tense when Jimin’s around, but worries from his job do tend to hang quietly in the back of his mind. “Just work stuff,” is the cryptic answer he gives. He knows he should just tell Jimin since the blonde will push for more information anyway, but he’ll just feel like he’s complaining.

“Work stuff,” Jimin repeats, fingers ghosting over Jungkook’s cheek before sliding through his hair again. The genuine affection behind that touch almost makes Jungkook shiver. “Care to elaborate?”

“Not really.”

“Too bad. You’re gonna tell me anyway.”

Jungkook chuckles. As expected. “Namjoon, my boss slash childhood friend, talked to me about the lack of tickets I’ve issued out here. Questioning me about what I’ve been doing.”

“Did you answer with ‘a gorgeous blonde’?”

Jungkook snorts, giving Jimin’s thigh a squeeze and earning a chuckle from the other man.

“So someone finally called you out, huh?” Jimin continues, sliding his hands along Jungkook’s arms. He finds Jungkook’s hands, lacing their fingers together where they continue to rest against his legs. “‘Bout time.”

“Yeah, well, he probably won’t do anything about it.” Jungkook sighs again, this time with content as soft hands flex around his. He licks his lips, staring up at Jimin, at his long lashes fluttering, his plump lips, pink and tempting. “He’s one of my best friends and, honestly, there’s really not much to do out here. What does he expect?”

“I can give you something to do.”

Jungkook snorts and tugs Jimin close. “Don’t you ever get tired?”

Shaking his head, Jimin darts in to steal a kiss, but he pulls back again before Jungkook can push it any further. “Why haven’t you told me all this before?” he asks, looking truly a little offended that Jungkook hadn’t confided in him. “If you’re going through, like, a fucking quarter life crisis or some shit, just talk to me about it.”

“Oh, excuse me if I thought my goddamn fuck buddy wouldn’t wanna hear about my problems.”

Jimin blinks, then laughs. “Fuck buddy? Is that all I am?”

“We flirt, we fuck, then you go hang out with your racer friends and I go to work.” Jungkook shrugs. “We’re fuck buddies, Jimin. What do you think we are?”

“Well, I suppose that is what we are right now,” Jimin leans again, “but that doesn’t mean that’s all we have to be.”

Jungkook doesn’t get a chance to ask him what he means because he presses in for a long kiss, hips rolling in slow circles against Jungkook. It barely takes a second for Jungkook’s resolve to dissipate, his hands clinging desperately to Jimin’s waist again, urging his hips down harder, their tongues meeting.

They get so lost in the feelings of each other, in the little gasps and pants from each other’s lips, they don’t notice the headlights rolling around the corner, even when they flash across the windshield of Jungkook’s vehicle. It isn’t until they hear the slamming of a car door that they break apart, eyes going wide as Jungkook hears a familiar voice.

“JK? Uh, you out here, man?”

A flashlight swings around to shine directly at Jungkook’s car and Jimin bails out, Jungkook stumbling after him. The blonde backs away from the patrol car, straightening his clothes as he rushes to his car to turn off the music. Jungkook just stares in horror as Seokjin blinks rapidly at him.

“Um…” His fellow police officer glances from Jungkook to Jimin as the racer pulls his jacket back on. Jungkook can feel his face turning red, his tongue incapable of forming anything that sounds even remotely like intelligible words. Seokjin purses his lips together, then pops them. “Oh. This explains a lot.”

Jungkook holds his breath, glances at Jimin and tries to signal for him to leave. To his horror, Jimin steps forward instead, hand extending toward Seokjin. “Hey, you must work with Jungkook. I’m Jimin.”

Seokjin blinks again, shakes Jimin’s hand, then looks to Jungkook, flashlight shining right in his eyes. “Uh, Namjoon wanted me to come out here and see what the fuck you’ve been doing.” He looks at Jimin. “I think I figured that out now.”


“I’m not gonna tell him,” Seokjin says, holding his hands up in surrender. “Just… don’t do this anymore, I guess? If he sends anyone else out here they won’t be so nice.” He smiles at Jimin. “It’s nice to meet you, by the way. You totally look like his type. I always knew he liked guys—”

Jungkook kicks gravel at his coworker, earning a yelp from him before he runs back to his own car. “Start ticketing people or you’re fucked, JK!” he calls before ducking behind his door. “And I don’t mean the good kind of fucked.”

Seokjin speeds back out onto the road with a wave of his hand, a wink aimed at Jimin, who just laughs as he disappears around the corner.

With a groan, Jungkook drops his head into his hands, face burning. Behind him, Jimin laughs, sidling up to slip his arms around Jungkook’s waist, his chin on his shoulder. “Aw, don’t be embarrassed, gorgeous,” he murmurs, kissing just behind the cop’s ear. “C’mon,” his hand slides over Jungkook’s stomach, down to his belt, “let’s finish what we started.”

Jungkook almost laughs, head shaking as a hand palms at his cock through his pants. “You’re unbelievable,” he groans, reaching back as Jimin’s hips grind forward against his ass. “Un-fucking-believable.”

Jimin cackles against his skin. “But you fucking love it, gorgeous.”



{i follow rivers}


When Jungkook rolls up the driveway of Jimin’s house he’s more than certain he took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. He checks his GPS again just as it informs him that he’s arrived at his destination and shakes his head. There’s no way.

He steps out of his car, glancing around the wide open lawn, down the street at the next fancy house. The whole place is surrounded by nature, not like in the middle of the city where he lives. Jungkook’s never had any reason to visit Pyeongchang-dong. The fancy parts of Seoul aren’t where people like him usually spend their time. He feels out of place and he’s sure he isn’t supposed to be here. Jimin would have told him if he was fucking rich, right?

With his hands in his pockets, Jungkook makes his way up the driveway, glancing around nervously. At least if anyone tries to accuse him of trespassing he can use his badge to talk his way out of it.

The front door of the house opens and his heart skips a beat, ready for some angry old woman to come out shouting at him to get off her lawn. Instead he gets an eyeful of Jimin leaning in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest, crooked smirk on his face. He wears a slightly oversized sweater and fitted sweats. Jungkook’s never seen him dressed quite so casually, sleeves pulled down over his hands, his feet bare. He’s… cute.

Jimin wiggles his fingers in a little wave as Jungkook makes his way over to him, feeling dumbfounded and a little duped. Jimin never mentioned that he’s loaded. Yeah, Jungkook could have assumed that from his $600,000 car but then again Jimin could have inherited that, stolen it, spent all his money on that and nothing else. Alas, he has what looks like a million dollar mansion as well.

Jungkook feels dizzy.

“You look surprised,” Jimin says with chuckle. “C’mon, don’t tell me you hadn’t figured out by now that I’m rich. Look at my car. Look at the way I dress. My leather jacket is Saint Laurent, Jungkook.” He laughs again. “Look at what I spend my time doing. Have you ever heard me even talk about having a job before?”

“Uh.” Jungkook just shrugs as he reaches Jimin, hands finding his waist as Jimin tugs him into a kiss. “Guess I just sort of assumed you stole everything.” He pecks Jimin on the lips and then leans back. “No offense.”

“None taken,” Jimin says before stepping back inside, tugging Jungkook along with him. “The boring truth is that I’m just good with money.”

Jungkook laughs as Jimin heads deeper into the house, bare feet padding across the floor. “You mean mommy and daddy’s money?” he asks, glancing around the spacious entryway, elaborate paintings on the walls and exotic plants adorning the tables. He spares a glance up a giant set of stairs before following Jimin in the kitchen, which is just as ostentatious as the rest of the house. “Don’t you always talk shit about rich kids?”

“No. I talk shit about rich kids who just live off of what they’re given instead of making their own way.” Jimin casts Jungkook a challenging smile as he grabs a set of glasses and a bottle of something Jungkook doesn’t recognize. He doesn’t ask what it is. Frankly, he doesn’t want Jimin to end up telling him the price.

“So you’re telling me you’re a self-made millionaire?” Jungkook asks, leaning against the counter, watching Jimin as he pours them both drinks. This is all too weird for him. Money isn’t something he’s ever had an abundance of in his life. “At your age? I’m calling bullshit.”

“No bullshit. I got a decent enough inheritance from my dad to make my own way in the world. I just happened to be smart enough to know exactly what to do to make that little bit of money turn into a lot more money.” Jimin slides a glass over to Jungkook and lifts a brow. “Now, stop asking questions and get drunk with me.”

“I thought the point of me being here was to get to know you better,” Jungkook says, lifting his glass to his lips. “In a, you know, less horizontal fashion.”

Jimin snorts before taking a sip of his drink. “You don’t need to know how I made my money.”

Jungkook’s eyes narrow and he sets his glass back down. “What did you do?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“I know you’re not the most lawful person in the world but you’re not like…” Jungkook licks his lips, grabs his glass again, and takes a drink. Maybe he needs to be a little tipsy for this. He stares down at the glass. Whatever this is it tastes like it costs too much to be wasted on him. “Like… a drug lord or something, are you?”

Another snort from Jimin. “No.”

“So tell me.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, Jimin. Tell me.” Jungkook takes another drink, then winks. “I’ll suck your dick.”

“You’re gonna do that anyway.”

“Fair enough.”

“Alright. Fine.” Jimin crosses his arms on the counter and sighs. “When I was nineteen I invested in a few stocks that I was sure would blow up over the next few years. I was right, they did, I made a ton of money, now I’m here.”

“That’s it? That’s a little… anticlimactic.”

“Hence the reason I was stalling, gorgeous.” He lifts his glass and knocks back what remains. It makes Jungkook cringe a little that Jimin doesn’t even savor it, considering it’s probably worth more than his whole existence. “I wanted to come up with something more impressive.”

“You wanted to lie to me?”

“Just long enough for the lie to turn you on so you’d wanna suck my dick,” Jimin says with a laugh, pouring himself another drink. He refills Jungkook’s glass even though it’s barely been touched. “Then I’d tell you the truth.”

“I thought I was gonna suck your dick anyway.”

“Then get to it.”

“At least have dinner with me first.”

Jimin circles around the counter, one hand still holding his glass, the other sliding along Jungkook’s waist. He stops behind him, pressing himself up against Jungkook’s back, his lips at his ear. “I was planning on being your dinner.” He kisses just behind Jungkook’s ear, still grinning like the little devil he is, and Jungkook swears he feels his heart flutter. “C’mon, let me show you around.”

Jungkook grabs his drink, following after Jimin, keeping just enough distance between the two of them that he can watch Jimin’s ass swaying ahead of him.





The house is even bigger than Jungkook realized, complete with a lounge, an indoor pool, and apparently a basement garage Jimin promises to show him later. For now, he wants to show Jungkook his favorite room, which the officer isn’t surprised to find is a spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed against the far wall.

Jimin sets his drink on a stand beside the door, Jungkook’s following, and Jimin immediately steps forward to slip his arms around Jungkook’s waist, pressing close to him. “So, what do you think?” he murmurs, leaning in to press kisses along Jungkook’s throat.

Jungkook twists his arms around the smaller man, one hand sliding up his back and into his hair. He smiles to himself as Jimin’s fingers trail under his shirt, lips attaching to his collarbone. There’s something incredibly intimate about the way they’re standing, the way Jimin touches him, leans into his hold.

“I think…” Jungkook starts, glancing around the room. His eyes land on the bed, the padded headboard that sits flush with the wall. “There’s nowhere to handcuff you to that headboard.”

Jimin chuckles against his chest and leans back, lifting a brow. “We can install something for that,” he says with a soft chuckle. “But it’s padded. Imagine how hard you can fuck me up against it.”

Those words make Jungkook twitch, aching to grab Jimin and do exactly that. He keeps hold of the smaller man in his arms, head tilting to one side as Jimin starts kissing down his neck again, hands slipping farther under the cop’s shirt, fingers pressing into the sinewy muscles of his back and dragging down to his ass.

And as much as Jungkook wants to enjoy it his mind is racing with everything that’s happened since they met six months ago, all the uncertainties he’s had about them, his worries about Min Yoongi over the past week. He thinks about what he unfortunately knows are gradually growing feelings for Jimin—feelings he never wanted. This was supposed to be casual. It was supposed to be fun.

It is fun, Jungkook thinks, but he’s undeniably the jealous type. Once he decides he wants someone he wants them to be all his, to be with him and no one else. Sure, Jimin said he isn’t fucking anyone else but how long will it be until he’s bored with Jungkook? Once the excitement of fucking a cop wears off or Jungkook gets fired, Jimin’s gone.

Jimin’s an adrenaline junkie, he likes risk. If he decides things are too safe with Jungkook, he’ll leave. Once things like Seokjin catching them in his car stop happening, the danger is gone. If Jungkook keeps being shit at his job and gets fired, there goes everything about him that Jimin finds attractive.

He tries to shove those thoughts out of his mind, tries to enjoy the feeling of Jimin against him, his hand sliding down his stomach. Jungkook realizes with a jolt when Jimin’s hand palms at his crotch that he’s not even hard yet. Against his hip he can feel Jimin’s cock standing at the ready.


Jimin leans back again, all the smirky cockiness from earlier gone, his eyes narrowed in curiosity and maybe even a little worry. “Jungkook,” he says, and Jungkook just wants the floor to open up and swallow him whole. “Either you suddenly developed a medical condition and didn’t tell me, you’re not attracted to me anymore, or you’re very distracted.” Jimin licks his lips, cocks his head to one side. “The first is unlikely, the second is impossible, so that just leaves the third option. So what’re you thinking about?”

Jungkook wants to make some remark about Jimin being too full of himself for his own good but he just bites down on his lip instead. He’s already ruined the mood, why not ruin it further?

“I don’t like the way other people look at you,” he says, then mentally curses at himself. There’s so much more to it than that. He just keeps his mouth shut, though, as he stares down at Jimin.

Jimin grins, that fucking cocky grin Jungkook hated so much when they first met. Now it’s all he ever wants to see when he wakes up, it’s what makes his miserable night shifts bearable. “Told you you were jealous,” he says, hands flexing against Jungkook’s hips.

“Dammit, Jimin, I’m being serious for once—”

“You’re always serious. That’s the problem, Jeon,” Jimin says with a laugh. He presses one finger to Jungkook’s chest, tongue wetting his lips as he smiles up at the cop. “Too serious for your own good. You need to loosen up and stop worrying.” He pops his lips together. “I’m yours.”

Now those words send a thrill through Jungkook he hasn’t felt all day, a tingle up his spine, a burning desire to pin Jimin against that headboard and have his way with him. Jimin seems to notice the change because his eyes darken, his smile grows, and his hand finds it’s way back to Jungkook’s dick.

“You don’t like the way people look at me?” he asks, voice low, face burying itself into Jungkook’s neck again. “So make them look for a different reason. Let them know I already belong to someone. Mark me up, bite me, scratch me, whatever you have to do to show who I belong with.” He palms at the cop’s clothed cock, this time earning a response from him, making his hips buck forward for more. “C’mon, Jeon, show me that I’m yours. That I’m only yours.”

Jungkook snaps, his hand grabbing under Jimin’s chin and yanking him into a harsh kiss. Jimin sighs into it, like this is all he wanted and Jungkook’s finally giving it to him. He backs the blonde up toward the bed, his cock growing harder under the strokes of his hand.

They make quick work of their clothes, tossing them aside, Jungkook taking his time to kiss every inch of Jimin’s body once he’s naked. He does exactly what Jimin had told him to do—Jungkook sucks little bruises onto his skin as he falls back on the bed, his nails digging into his sides, leaving little red marks wherever they rest. Jimin’s wrists rub red where Jungkook grips them now, fitting himself over the other man to grind their cocks together, precome making it a comfortable slide.

Jimin’s back arches off the bed, his body begging for more, skin hot to the touch. His legs curl behind Jungkook’s back, heels digging in, pulling him closer, eager for more, desperate to get Jungkook inside him. His lips part in silent moans, his voice broken as he tries to beg Jungkook to fuck him, hands on his ass, squeezing, working the flesh between his fingers until it’s sensitive to every little touch.

The officer thankfully speaks for him. “Lube?” he asks, kissing up Jimin’s throat, sucking and biting at it until it purples. All he wants is to spread Jimin’s legs and fuck into him until he’s screaming his name, but he holds himself back, gripping the sheets beside Jimin’s head now to keep himself grounded.

He moves back to let Jimin crawl across the bed, yanking open the drawer of his nightstand, his ass in the air. Jungkook can’t resist, the way he sits on all fours, thighs flexing and cheeks perky and slightly pink from Jungkook’s hands kneading at them earlier. Jungkook leans forward, pressing kisses to Jimin’s lower back, moving up his spine as he fits himself comfortably behind him, cock slipping between his ass cheeks, sliding against his hole and slicking it up with his precome.

Jimin’s head snaps back and he moans, grinding his hips back, his hand shaky on the bottle of lube as Jungkook fucks between his cheeks. But it’s far from enough, even when Jungkook grabs him by the shoulder, pulling him upright so they’re both kneeling on the bed, Jimin’s back pressed against the cop’s chest.

“God, you’re s-so fucking p-perfect,” Jungkook gasps out against Jimin’s skin, hand sliding over his stomach, down to curl around his cock, thumb sliding over the slit. “So wet for me, Jimin— fuck.”

A blissed out sort of smile slips onto Jimin’s lips as he leans his head back on Jungkook’s shoulder. He snaps the bottle of lube open, searching for Jungkook’s hand. “You can get me… wetter if you get something inside me,” he teases, grinding back against him again. “Get those long fingers in me. Stretch me open so you can—ah— fuck me with that big cock.”

Jungkook groans, teeth sinking into Jimin’s shoulder as he lets the blonde squirt lube onto his fingers, spreading it around and warming it before he slips his hand between their bodies. He hates the lack of contact as he slips two fingers into Jimin’s hole, wishes he could keep fucking between Jimin’s ass cheeks as he does this. All he has to do is remember how much better he’ll feel once he’s inside the blonde, fucking him raw, those thick thighs spread wide on either side of him, his body bent in half and his hole sucking Jungkook in like he’s all he’s ever been missing.

The moan that escapes Jimin as Jungkook sinks, knuckles deep, inside him is downright sinful. His hand reaches back, finding Jungkook’s hips to brace himself as he fucks himself on those fingers, long and curling in just the right spots, wasting no time in finding that bundle of nerves, brushing against his prostate.

Jimin jerks back against him, demanding more, not even flinching when a third finger enters him, his moans growing louder as Jungkook stretches him, thrusting his fingers hard into his hole. It feels so good he almost just lets it continue, almost lets Jungkook finish him off like this, one hand jerking him off, the other slipping in and out of him at a brutal pace. But then he taps Jungkook’s hip, stealing the cop’s attention away from his ass for a moment.

“Th-that’s enough. I want you,” he gasps out, earning a gentle kiss to his jaw. He smiles, chest heaving with labored breaths, his skin dewy with sweat. He feels Jungkook’s fingers slip out of him, still teasing at his hole, hand on his left cheek as he waits for Jimin to say what he wants. He loves the way Jimin’s never afraid to say exactly how he wants Jungkook to fuck him. “Just like that night, Jungkook,” Jimin says, “Fuck me so deep I forget everything else, fuck me so hard I’ll feel it in my bones for days.

Jungkook grabs him by the hips, turns him around so he can see Jimin’s eyes, his swollen lips, hooded eyes. They’ve barely even started and he already looks wrecked, a total mess of sweat and precome and desire.

“I just wanna be yours.” Jimin’s hands slide over his shoulders, up to grasp behind his neck. “Make me yours.”

Jimin’s back hits the bed and he watches Jungkook coat his cock with lube. He slides back to brace one hand against the headboard, his legs spreading wide to fit Jungkook between them. His body is pocked with bruises in the shape of fingerprints, scratches down his sides and thighs, teeth marks and hickeys all over his shoulders and neck.

Jungkook takes a moment to admire his handiwork as he hitches Jimin’s legs around his waist, watches as Jimin writhes against him, desperate to be speared open by his cock. He’s so thoroughly gone for Jungkook, the cop can’t even imagine anyone else making Jimin look like this. He can’t imagine himself ever wanting to do this to anyone else. Just Jimin. Just Jimin.

He leans forward to press a kiss to Jimin’s lips, hand steadying his cock as he pushes it past that wet ring of muscle, slick with lube, his precome adding to the mess of it all. He slides in with ease, Jimin’s walls tight and warm around him, and every time he does this it’s like the first time all over again, his mind always incapable of comprehending how Jimin feels so fucking good.

“F-fuck, finally,” Jimin sobs against his lips, hand in his hair. “D-don’t wait— don’t need to wait— just fuck me, J-Jungkook— fuck me so hard I fucking break— I need you.”

Jungkook kisses him again, then sits upright, his hands drag over Jimin’s chest, nails scratching lightly over his skin as he moves his hips, slow at first. But he can’t hold back. Doesn’t want to hold back. So he fucks Jimin the way he asks, grabbing hold of his thighs to keep him in place as he slams into him.

Jimin cries out, one hand still braced against the headboard as the sheer force of Jungkook’s thrusts push him farther up the bed. He arches off the bed, shoulder and head pressing hard against the mattress, mouth wide open, profanities spilling from him as he matches Jungkook for every snap of his hips.

He looks unbelievable beneath Jungkook like this, his whole body shining with sweat, twitching at every little touch from the officer. His eyes squeeze shut tight as Jungkook bends himself over his body, lips circling around one perky nipple and sucking until its hard, his tongue swipes over the other, teasing as he peers up through his lashes to watch Jimin’s plump lower lip tremble and catch between his teeth.

Jungkook darts up to kiss him again, wet, open-mouthed kisses, fast and harsh, no grace in their lips. He never slows his pace, relentless as he pounds into Jimin, pressing him hard into the mattress, the tip of his cock brushing his prostate. The hand that isn’t bracing him comes around to claw at Jungkook’s back, his eyes flying open to stare up at the taller man.

“S-so fucking good, Jungkook,” he moans, his breath hot against Jungkook’s face. “Gonna make me c-come— You’re so—oh my god—big—” He arches up against Jungkook again, gritting his teeth together as another wave of pleasure wracks his body, Jungkook’s cock stretching him open, pounding against his prostate without easing up. “F-fill me up so g-good. God, I l-love it.”

He keeps crying out Jungkook’s name, practically screaming when Jungkook readjusts, hefting him up from the bed and crushing him against that headboard just like he said. He holds Jimin by his hips, holding him steady as he slams into him again, still relentless against those nerves that send fire through Jimin. The blonde’s arms curl around his shoulders, clawing at his back as his head tips against the wall.

“Gonna come, Jungkook— wanna come with you—oh fuck—” Jimin’s hand curls into Jungkook’s hair, tugging at it, wrenching his head back for their eyes to meet. Heat coils in his abdomen and he’s fucking close. He’s so close.

Then Jungkook curls a hand around the base of his cock, holding tight with the other as he keeps fucking him, and Jimin nearly screams when he comes dry, hips twitching against Jungkook.

His hands fly back up to Jungkook’s arms to hold himself up, clinging desperately to him, his whole body sensitive to every little touch, his voice ruined. He stares down at the other man, unable to do anything but moan and whine and mewl, barely managing to get the words out to beg him to let him come.

“You’re gonna come with me,” Jungkook gasps out, eyes dark and clouded with lust as he watches Jimin, watches him fall apart against the headboard, reduced to such a wet mess just because of Jungkook. He turns his head to press a kiss to Jimin’s wrist and something about that has Jimin coming undone, begging to let him come, begging for Jungkook to fill him up.

His voice reaches a pitch it never has before and Jungkook almost feels proud of himself for making Jimin of all people beg, for so thoroughly wrecking him, making him his. Because Jimin does belong with him and no one else.

Jungkook lets go of Jimin’s cock, ordering him to touch himself so he can brace Jimin again while he finishes. Jimin complies, pumping his length in time with Jungkook’s movements and it’s the sight of him coming across his own chest that has Jungkook following seconds after. Jimin’s whole face scrunches up, his lips parted in shameless moans, his hand twisting into his own hair like he’s almost distraught by the sheer force of his orgasm.

That sight pushes Jungkook past the point of no return, hips stuttering against Jimin’s ass, hands holding too tight onto his thighs as he comes inside the blonde, damn near blacking out from it. His shoulders rise and fall with deep breaths as he makes sure every last drop of his come fills Jimin up, Jimin lazily leaning his head against the wall with his eyes closed now.

Carefully lowering the other man back onto the bed, Jungkook leans forward, head resting on Jimin’s chest. He feels the blonde slip his arms around him again, hands splayed across his back, one stroking along his spine.

“See?” Jimin says, his voice softer than a whisper, almost too quiet, too weak to hear. “All yours.”



{everything always}


The first round is far from their last over the course of Jungkook’s weekend at Jimin’s and they don’t restrict themselves to the bedroom. Jungkook deems it necessary to christen every part of Jimin’s house before it’s time for him to go, including the hot tub, every table they can find, the hood of one of the many cars in the garage, and the balcony just outside his bedroom (that one nearly got them caught by a neighbor.)

They sit in the backseat of one of Jimin’s cars now, parked on a hill somewhere in his neighborhood. Jungkook had gotten a bit distracted while they were driving and it may or may not have involved his head between Jimin’s legs while Jimin was trying to drive them somewhere, so he has no idea where they are exactly.

Jimin had pulled the convertible top back so they sit and watch the moon together, the city lights polluting the sky a little too much to see the stars. But they’re not really out here to stargaze. This was supposed to be an attempt to get to know each other beyond what they can do in bed. Granted, it led to them fucking in the back of the car first but Jungkook thinks they’re both sated enough to calm down and chat for once.

Jimin lounges against the door on the passenger’s side, Jungkook stretched across the seats with his head in the blonde’s lap, fingers laced with Jimin’s, their hands resting on the cop’s stomach.

“You know,” Jimin says into the night air, his eyes on the moon as Jungkook stares up at him. “I thought you were gonna be boring at first.”

Jungkook snorts and squeezes his hand. “Gee, thanks.”

With a smile, Jimin looks down at Jungkook. “I thought you’d be like every other by-the-book, donut-eating, coffee-guzzling cop out there. But you were so pretty I had to try.” He runs his lower lip between his teeth. “Can’t even tell you how glad I am that it worked out.”

“Me, too,” Jungkook says, lifting their hands to press a kiss to Jimin’s knuckles. “For the record, I’m not a huge fan of coffee. Can’t say the same about donuts, though.”

Jimin chuckles, then they fall into a comfortable silence for a moment longer, Jungkook reveling in the warmth of Jimin’s body, the scent of honey washing over him. Jimin breaks the silence first, “You know, I give you shit about being a terrible cop all the time but I’m actually curious… why are you a cop when you don’t even seem to like being one?”

“Uh, you really want me to answer that?” Jungkook asks, lifting a brow at the blonde. “We’re about to delve into some deep childhood issues if I do.”

“We agreed to get to know each other better.” He pinches Jungkook’s arm. “So tell me something about yourself.”

“Can’t we start with something like, I don’t know, my favorite color or something—”

“It’s yellow.”

Jungkook blinks, then sits upright, turning to face Jimin. “What the hell?”

Jimin just laughs, pushing Jungkook back so he can lounge against him, head on his chest. He curls his arm around the cop’s shoulders, their legs twisting together as they stretch across the seat alongside each other. “I’ve spent the majority of my nights in your apartment for the past six months. I figured out all the basic little facts like favorite colors on my own.”

“I don’t know yours,” Jungkook whines against Jimin’s hair, hand stroking his arm.

“I’ll tell you if you answer my question.”

With a sigh, Jungkook squeezes Jimin a little closer and starts, “My dad was this super strict cop. Total asshole.” He licks his lips. “My mom was a military brat. I guess I just sort of took the path I thought I was expected to take. I never really had the opportunity to figure out what I really wanted to do. As far as law enforcement careers go, though, I most wanted to be a detective but I just never ended up going back to school for it.”

He pauses, Jimin hums against his chest to encourage him to go on.

“My life was always just one goal after the other, always learning, always training to become a cop because that’s what dad wanted.” Another sigh. “I never even had time to rebel against my parents like most teens would in that situation. I was always tired. I guess that’s why I like spending time with you. I never lashed out as a kid so it feels good to let loose. Kinda pointless to be doing it now, I guess. Fuck…” Jungkook shakes his head, looking up at the sky because he’s a little too embarrassed, a little too vulnerable to look at Jimin right now. “…why am I telling you this?”

“‘Cause I asked,” Jimin mumbles against Jungkook’s shirt.

“I know but…”

“You think I don’t actually care.” Jimin pushes back to look at Jungkook.

“Well, you don’t, do you?” asks Jungkook, finally meeting his eyes. “I mean, this is… I don’t know. I don’t know what this is, what we are but talking about this kind of stuff…” He shrugs. “Feels like I’m just going too far. It’s too personal.”

“I do care.”

Jimin purses his lips together and Jungkook can’t seem to make himself respond, so he just stays silent as Jimin lays his head on his chest again. What he says next makes Jungkook dizzy.

“You should quit your job.”

“What?” Jungkook gapes at him.

“You don’t even like it. You should quit,” he pokes Jungkook in the side, “let me be your sugar daddy while you go back to school for something you’re actually good at.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jungkook says through a laugh, shoving at Jimin’s shoulder. The blonde laughs, head tipping back to look up at the cop.

“Seriously, though, Jungkook,” Jimin says, his voice a soft whisper against the skin of his neck, warm breath making him shiver. “If you ever wanted to do that—you know, so you could study to become a detective or anything else you want—I’d be okay with it.”

Jungkook freezes, looks down at Jimin, back up at the sky, then down again. He searches Jimin’s face for any sign of teasing, waiting for him to start laughing at Jungkook for being so gullible. But he sounds genuine and he looks genuine, no hint of playfulness in his eyes. “What the fuck, you’re serious?” he asks, and Jimin smiles.

“Usually? No. But right now, hell yeah, I am. You could even move in with me.”

“Whoa, hold up—”

“Jungkook, we’ve been doing this for a solid six months now,” Jimin says, pulling away so they can both sit upright again, facing each other on the seat, Jungkook wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

“Doing what? Fucking each other? You think the next step after casually fucking each other is to move in together?”

“I mean, is it really even casual anymore? We’re together every night, practically attached at the hip. We haven’t been sleeping with other people.” Jimin cocks his head to one side. “At least I haven’t.”

Jungkook huffs. “Of course I haven’t either,” he says, reaching out, his hands meeting with Jimin’s. “But, I mean— fuck, Jimin— I don’t know. You just don’t go from friends with benefits to domesticated boyfriends. I—”

“I never said boyfriends.”

“I… Um, I…” Jungkook swallows hard as stares at him, his gaze unwavering. His face is mostly unreadable, but Jungkook thinks there’s a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Is that what you want us to be?”

“I didn’t say that—”

“We could be boyfriends. I’d be alright with that, too.”

Jungkook blinks, lashes fluttering rapidly as he tries to comprehend what the hell just happened. He feels like this conversation escaped him somewhere along the way, like it ended up exactly where Jimin wanted it to go even though he acts like it was Jungkook who took it there.

They stare at each other awhile longer, Jimin smiling now. Then Jungkook breaks. “Let me think about this— About the whole ‘going back to school’ part, I mean.”

“And about the boyfriends part?” Jimin asks. He’s insatiable.

“That part I’m okay with if you are.”

Jimin’s smile grows and he pulls Jungkook’s hands to rest on his waist. “Good,” he murmurs, crawling across the seat to plop himself onto the officer’s lap. “Boyfriends…” He leans in, presses a short, teasing peck to Jungkook’s lips. “I like the sound of that.”

Jungkook feels his body heating up with the pressure of Jimin’s hips against his, the warmth of his lips slotting with his own. He barely manages to keep his head on straight enough to mumble through their kisses, “Jimin,” and the blonde hums in response, “what is your favorite color?”

With his hand on the back of Jungkook’s neck, pulling him in for another kiss, Jimin chuckles. “Baby blue.”

“’kay,” Jungkook moans as Jimin’s hips begin to find a rhythm against his. He holds the blonde by the waist, keeping their bodies tight together as he readjusts, laying Jimin out across the seat. He hovers over him, stopping their kisses just long enough to say, “Once we’re done here you’re telling me everything about yourself. Your childhood, how you got into street racing, everything. Okay?”

Jimin catches his lower lip between his teeth, eyes slightly hooded as he grins up at Jungkook. “Of course. Now come here,” he drags Jungkook back down, legs twisting around the cop’s waist. “Be a good boyfriend and suck me off, will you?”

With a contented hum against Jimin’s throat, Jungkook obliges.