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The elevator came to an abrupt halt, making Jungkook lose his balance and quickly find something to hold onto. With a steady hand on the rail and a racing heart, he glared at the man beside him, whom only smiled faintly, standing straight and seemingly unphased by the turbulence.

“This is your stop.”

There was an odd calmness about the man, as if he knew something Jungkook did not. Which was most likely the case, considering the younger man had absolutely no idea where he was, nor what was waiting for him behind those elevator doors. Jungkook muttered a quick thanks, nodding once before the metal doors creaked and opened onto a single, long and vast corridor. Eyes wide and lips parted, he ogled at the immaculate white walls and flooring, unconsciously taking a step forward.

The elevator doors closed behind him and he turned to watch them, feeling a little uneasy as he was now left alone in absolute silence, save the subtle hum of the mechanism echoing behind the closed doors and his deep breaths. Every step resounded loudly, the sound bouncing against the walls and making their way towards the contrasting black door that stood tall at the end of the corridor. Jungkook eyed it intently, eager to get to it and leave the bright hallway once and for all. He was not scared, nor nervous, but could not help the faint chill that ran up his neck. The man had keen senses, considering his work, and a lingering uncertainty had grown at the back of his mind. He chose to ignore it, as this place was going to be what he would call home for the following months whether he liked it or not.

Just as he had been told to do, he took the keycard dangling from his neck and slipped it through the terminal on the right side of the door, jumping slightly when the machine dinged loudly and the heavy doors suddenly opened in front of him.

The young man had not really known what to expect, either a very futuristic looking laboratory or rows of desks with researchers fervently going through papers or looking through microscopes, pushing their glasses up their nose and scribbling notes on scattered loose sheets. Maybe it had been a little stereotypical, but it could easily be blamed on Jungkook’s lack of knowledge about this entire supposed research facility, and even greater ignorance regarding anything science.

What stood in front of him was far from those two possibilities: a rather welcoming, homey yet luxurious entrance that opened on a living room, dining area and a kitchen at the far end of the space. The most impressive part was its center, yet another elevator slotted in a block of dark grey, polished concrete, with a set of illuminated and hollowed stairs on its left.
“Not what you expected, huh?”

Jungkook jumped, dropping his suitcase and instinctively raising his fists between the smaller figure and himself. When he saw thick-rimmed black glasses and a soft, rosy smile, he relaxed, lowering his fists and straightening his blazer. “Far from.”

“I get that a lot.” Jungkook watched as the stranger walked past him and into the kitchen, bare feet tapping against the large squares of the white linoleum floor. He noticed how the man wore clothes twice his size; loose sleeves of his grey sweater passing his hands, the hems of his matching slacks brushing against the ground. The man fetched a mug from one of the many cupboards, stretched on his tiptoes, and poured himself a glass of coffee from the carafe that sat atop the neat white counter.

“You must be Jeon Jungkook?”

“Yes, that’s me.” Jungkook walked forward, leaving his suitcase behind and stepping into the room, eyes glancing here and there at the immaculate furniture that almost seemed untouched. The place would have looked inhabited if it were not for the lingering objects that showed its occupancy, like a pair of slippers halfway tucked underneath the sofa, or the various magazines and books that covered practically the entirety of the ebony dining table.

“I bet they haven’t told you much about this facility. For security reasons.” He had air quoted the last two words, rolling his eyes, before placing the porcelain mug in his hands and taking a sip. “Well, fear not, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what to expect in the following three months of your contract. It’s a simple enough job.”

“I was told to assure, what I assume to be, your security. Nothing else.”

“That’s about right.”

“Can I ask from what, exactly?” Jungkook was now in the kitchen, on the other side of the counter, facing the man. “This facility seems to have top security, and getting here was hard enough in itself.” Jungkook recalled the two-hour drive in the mountains, going deeper and deeper into what seemed like an everlasting forest of dense greenery.

The brunette smirked and took another gulp of the steaming coffee. “From myself.”

“What?” Jungkook could not help but scoff a little, taken aback by his answer.

“Oh, you’ll understand soon enough.” The host drank the last of his coffee, exhaling loudly, before getting around the corner and passing behind Jungkook. “Come, we have a lot to cover in little time, we should get right to it.”

“Alright, Sir.”

The man stopped and turned to face Jungkook, raising and waving his hands in front of him. “Oh, no. No, no, no. My name’s Jimin, and if we’re going to be living together for three months, you’re going to call me that, nothing else. No Sir’s, or Boss, or whatever else you might think is fitting. We’re equals, here.”

“Alright… Jimin.”

“Better.” The man whom Jungkook now knew as Jimin turned on his heels and directed him towards the elevator that had caught Jungkook’s attention earlier, pressing the only button: an arrow that pointed down. It took only a second before it was at their respective level, the doors opening to the sound of a high-pitched ding. Jimin stepped in and motioned for Jungkook to join him, which he did.

The doors closed and Jungkook stood, hands together and in front of him, placed just a little in front of Jimin, a stance that had become second nature to him. No matter what this facility was, or what he was to protect this man from, his contract was clear that this man’s life was worth more than he ever could have imagined.

“Uh… don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

Jimin circled his body to stand in front of him, motioning to his arms and his body with his hands. Jungkook took note that this man was indeed very… gestural. “This. This whole thing. Bodyguard pose or whatever. Stresses me out. Just act natural, will you? There’s no actual danger, you know. You were right, this is a facility with a top, state-of-the-art security system.” The smaller man sighed, running a hand through his brown locks. “You’ll see when I finish explaining. There’s more to your job than you think… than you were told.”

Jungkook frowned, but complied, letting his arms fall to his side as he wondered what the man had meant by that. The lack of information he had gotten regarding this job suddenly hit him, and he wondered just what he had gotten himself into. An eerie feeling was still creeping into his mind, telling him he should be careful, no matter the warm welcome and impressive luxury of the place. The enormous sum of money promised at the end of the contract was the only thing that kept him from stepping out, knowing all too well he desperately needed that cash. “As you wish.”

Jimin sighed, again, before turning around, facing the doors just as they made their way to the only floor down. The room outside was another hallway, but this one was different from the previous Jungkook had walked through. The floor was a dark grey ceramic, and the walls of a sand beige framed by thick planks of dark oak wood. The lighting was dimmer, giving off a golden glow, much more relaxing for the man’s strained eyes from the fluorescent lights he had started to get accustomed to.

“So, as you already know, I’m a scientist. And a researcher. Kind of a jack-of-all-trades in the field. Not to brag.”

They walked down the corridor, slowly, Jungkook attentively listening to what the man was about to explain. He had been more than eager to finally learn about what really happened between these walls, and what he was going to go up against in the coming months. The fact that he had been told nothing could only mean that it was something big, something very secret and his curiosity was itching to know more.

“My knowledge and research revolve around one particular topic: genetics. You know, DNA, mutations, all that stuff.” Jungkook nodded, following the rhythm of the man’s shorter steps. “This whole facility is under CFH Inc., do you know of them?” Jungkook shook his head slightly, a little embarrassed that he had no clue who his employer was. “That’s normal, since they’re not very out there, pretty underground, you feel? Anyways, a very prosperous company owned by a billionaire scientist who made wonders in the cancer research field, that aims to perfect one particular experiment: human cloning.”

Jungkook stopped, eyes wide, staring back at the man with a hanging jaw.

Firstly, the topic of cancer had made his chest tighten, thinking to his mother that was still desperately trying to heal. Secondly, human cloning was not unheard of, on the contrary, it was actually the main topic of articles and news channels for its controversy. It had sparked a debate rather recently when a university experiment had failed and unintentionally killed off their clone, and social groups of all kinds had come together to fight against what they considered an inhumane practice. Opposing sides considered the irrefutable humanity of these beings, no matter the fact that they were copies, but also its necessity for scientific advancement.

Jimin shut Jungkook’s mouth by pushing his chin up with a single finger, lips pursed. “I know, a little shocking. To you, at least.” They were in front of the last door at the far end of the corridor, and Jimin put his hand over a scanner on the left, the machine beeping when it recognized the prints.

This time, it was what Jungkook had first expected to see that greeted him on the other side of those doors. An actual lab, with long counters covered in microscopes, beakers, graduated cylinders, balances and all sorts of tools that Jungkook could not even identify. Countless books and manuals, stacks of paper and post it notes marked with incomprehensible scribbles. Shelves filled with even more textbooks and also containers enclosing substances Jungkook doubted were food or drink. Everything was metallic, reminding him of stainless steel, but the surfaces were too smooth to be that. Most likely a completely different material the younger man had no clue existed, which would not be surprising considering the impressive extravagance of the facility.

He understood why the living room had seemed so untouched: here was where the scientist truly lived, with emptied cups here and there and even clothes loosely hung on the side of shelves. With his quick scan of the room, he even noticed a blanket and a pillow, easily imagining the smaller man falling asleep atop one of those tables after hours of diligent work.

“Here’s where I spent the grand majority of the last five years, enclosed in these same four walls.”

The man raised his hands towards said walls, turning on himself with a faint smile. One would have thought he was happy to be in such a setting, but the subtle strain in his traits seemed obvious to Jungkook, being the ardent observer he always was. A slight twitch in the corner of his lip, showcasing the true, bittersweet feelings the scientist must have felt towards the place. Jungkook was nowhere near an avid expert on body language, but he knew people, had observed and been around all sorts of them. He had sharp skills in quickly reading someone and assessing a situation, considering his job and how good he was at it, and a general uncertainty was what he felt regarding what was facing him; mimicking his own.

A gut feeling.

“Is there anyone else here?”

“Scientists and researchers from the company come and go, but they rather leave me alone, since I’m technically the only one who can analyze such advanced research.” Jungkook’s eyes naturally widened at the statement, impressed, but also a little intimidated by the man that did not look much older than him yet had what seemed to be the intelligence of a thousand men. “But no, I am not alone.”

Jungkook glanced around, recalling how every room and corridor they had passed through seemed inhabited, no other sign of life presenting itself or no sound coming from something else than the pair. “Okay, so, you might want to sit down for this. I’ve seen too many people faint in my lab, and that’s just dangerous.” Jungkook pulled the stool that Jimin slid towards him underneath himself, settling on it, resting an elbow on an empty spot on the counter.

Jimin took a deep breath, pushing his glasses up. “I succeeded in human cloning, and there are five clones of myself that live in a deeper part of this facility.”

Jungkook blinked, paralyzed, brain refusing to understand what he had just heard. “While you take a minute to process this, I’ll keep on talking. See, my experiment was to see if I could create a perfect copy of someone's, body, brain, and mind. I got the first trait down, but the rest, I have yet to have control over. Which is why I’m still in this laboratory, even though I technically mastered human cloning. It’s just their personalities… they differ. And I’m trying to fix that.”

Jungkook was still gawking at the scientist, letting the words wash over him as he replayed them over and over again in his mind.

“See, they start off as embryos, babies, like you and me, but they grow into adults in the span of… roughly a year and a half? Their bodies all work perfectly fine, even if they grow at such a fast speed, but it’s their goddamn brains I have no control over… yet. They are just like children, really, they observe and adapt to the world around them, and their character develops from there. It’s quite fascinating, seeing them interact with each other and the outside world-”

“They go outside?”

“Oh.” Jimin stopped, startled by the man’s out-of-the-blue response. “Well, not technically. See, this is where you come in.”


“Yeah.” Jimin pulled another stool from the side and settled in front of Jungkook, close, knee brushing against his. “See, your first job here is to protect me from them. They’re not dangerous, I promise, actually have quite stable behaviors, but sometimes they… they glitch. Or they suddenly act rebellious, feel like they’re real, normal humans and they, well, try things. Try to hurt themselves, each other, or me, which is why they are secluded from the rest of the facility.”

Jungkook could not even respond, comment, only listening attentively.

“Your second job is to interact with them. One of my tests is to see how they interact with the outside world, how they respond to other people. They are used to me, treat me like their mother, kind of, so we bring in other people and see how they react. How they adapt. Note how it changes them, or if any change even applies.”

“You’re… you’re speaking of them as if they’re not real humans.”

“Well, as a matter of fact, they aren’t.” Jimin straightened, a faint crease settling between his eyebrows. “They’re just makeshift copies of my body and brain, lacking the contents of it.”

“But you said they grow and adapt, just like children do. They’re their own person-”

“I created them, Jungkook. They don’t come from a womb, aren’t made from the fusion of somatic cells. I know your background, know you don’t have much knowledge about science, so I’m trying to explain this as simply as possible.” Jungkook almost scoffed, but then remembered that the man in front of him had succeeded in human cloning by himself, and decided to shut his mouth. “Think of them like really intelligent A.Is. They suck up all the information and stimuli around them, like robots, like machines do.”

“But they have feelings, no? Their own thoughts?”

“Of course they do. They have a functioning brain.” Jimin sighed, pushing his glasses up, seemingly annoyed. “I understand this is hard to grasp, but trust me, when you’ll meet them, you’ll get it. They’re different. So different.”

Jungkook nodded, unsure what to say or think. It was all too much to take in at once, and he could feel a headache creeping from the frown he had harbored from the past minutes of Jimin’s explanations. “When do I meet them?”

“Tomorrow.” Jimin dropped from his stool, reaching to one of the bookshelves and pulling out a thick black binder. “I’ll give you the chance to process all of this, let you settle into your new home and room, but you do have one little assignment for the night.” He dropped it in front of him, the impact making the surrounding objects on the table jump up. “Reading this. It’s all of the clones profiles, everything you need to know about them. Years of my observations summed into neat little paragraphs for your amenity. You are welcome.”

Jungkook was about to open it, fingers sliding against the plastic surface, but Jimin slapped his hand off. “You’ll have plenty time for that later, let’s go and eat dinner first.” Jungkook nodded and took hold of the binder, rising to follow Jimin that was already halfway out the door. His mind was buzzing with questions and inquiries, eager to know more about these said clones, itching to read over what laid inside of the binder.

Five clones of the same man… how could that possibly work?

As they made their way out of the elevator and into the main entrance, Jimin stepped into the living room and clicked on electronic devices here and there while Jungkook still admiringly ogled the place. It seemed comfortable enough, and being someone that grew with barely enough money to pass by because of his mother’s sickness made the luxury of it rather overwhelming.

Notes of a bass snapped him out of his daze and he turned to Jimin, who was now making his way towards the kitchen, subtly stepping out of his way to dance to the smooth jazz that echoed through the surround sound speakers. Jungkook’s head snapped up, looking at the ceiling to spot the said speakers that seemed to encircle him but could only take notice of faint perforations here and there.

To the sound of a saxophone, he followed Jimin into the kitchen, who was already putting rice in a rice cooker and had various vegetables sprawled across the countertop. Peppers, carrots, spinach, onions; a mix that made his stomach growl in eagerness. He had barely eaten before coming here, too nervous to do so, and now that the promise of a home cooked meal beckoned him, he realized he was starving.

He set the binder on one of the stools and placed himself in front of the array of fresh vegetables, knife already in his right hand and the other reaching for one of the red peppers. “Cut those in julienne, please,” Jimin said behind him, and Jungkook obliged. He slid the knife through the vegetable and hummed along to the song.

“You know this?” Jimin asked as he placed himself beside him and started cutting, too. His hands were better than Jungkook’s, doing it twice as fast without even needing to look, probably after years and years of always cooking for himself.

“Yeah, my mom’s a big fan of jazz, so I kind of grew up with it.”

Jimin nodded, already finished with the peppers and moving to the carrots. “Glad we share taste in music, it would’ve been a long three months if we didn’t.” Jungkook hummed in agreement, eyes focused on the task at hand. His mind kept trailing back to what he had learned just moments from then, how he was to participate in an experiment with actual, living human clones. It was shocking, to say the least, but there was also a creeping curiosity underneath his initial surprise. The fact that him, a normal man with no knowledge or experience in science, would take part in a discovery that could change the whole world, was quite staggering.

“I’ll handle the rest.” Jimin placed the cut vegetables in a bowl and moved to the table induction, where he placed a pan and drizzled sesame oil on the surface. “There’s beer and wine in the fridge, if you want something harder it's in the top cabinet above it.”

“A beer sounds good, thanks.” He turned to the refrigerator and opened it, grabbing one of the micro-brewed bottles of beer before shutting it. A drink seemed like a lovely idea, especially to ease his buzzing mind and just relax. “Can I get you anything?”

“I drink after the meal, but thanks.” Jungkook hummed and walked to the stools, not wanting to leave the man alone in the kitchen even if he had clearly stated he was alright to handle the cooking. As he sat down, his gaze lingered on the binder, fingers itching to open it and finally discover what he would have to face the next day.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Jungkook stilled, eyes flicking up to the man, wide and innocent. “I didn’t do anything.”

“But you thought about it.”

“What are you, some kind of psychic?”

“When you spend the majority of your life studying humans and how their brains work, you get to know them quite well.” Jungkook nodded at that statement, the man making a fair point, then twisted the bottle cap off his beer open and took a sip. It was refreshing, better than any other beer he had drunk in his life, and a faint smile spread on his lips.

He could really get used to this place.

“Shouldn’t we be getting to know each other?” He tentatively asked, fingers fiddling with the bottle cap.

“Well, I know everything about you, Jeon Jungkook.” The younger man stilled, surprised. “You think they’d just send me a stranger to live with for three months? I demanded specific traits and abilities, made the suitable candidates go through multiple tests, and then they sent me the results, including your profiles. Past, present, predicted future. I know everything about you, Jungkook.”

Jungkook swallowed, impressed but also wary, wondering if the man actually knew everything. He recalled those said tests, wondering how they had any link to this experiment. They had seemed to be rather simple tests, examining his both his physical and mental abilities, but nothing that Jungkook would think could have related to cloning and its science. He was just a normal guy.

“And you chose me? Why?”

“Good student, top of his class in the academy, expert in hand to hand combat and weapon handling, keen senses, valuable knowledge in psychology and profiling, competent cook, humble and honest, good-hearted, handsome,” Jimin paused, threw the vegetables in the pan and continued, “and we have complementing personalities.”

“And what does all of that have to do with this research?”

“I needed someone who was smart, but not too smart, strong, but not too strong, good, but not too good…” Jimin lost himself in his trail of words and frowned. “You get the point. I needed an average guy who could get along with myself and all of the clones. That could analyze them and help me with the psychological part of my research. You had very impressive grades in all of your psychology classes, and I know you’ll be just wonderful at analyzing and profiling the clones alongside me.”

Jungkook nodded, processing the information before taking a sip. The man was right for the most part, on the fact that Jungkook was but an average man with a deep interest, and could he even say talent in the topic of psychology. But the difference was that he was used to analyzing humans with actual pasts, that had gone through things that would help him understand why they acted a certain way… not clones that had lived for only a couple of years, secluded from the outside world. It was a completely different situation, and he was not sure he would actually be the best for such a task. Jungkook still could not understand why he was chosen, when there were psychologists and psychiatrists that would have done the job much better than him.

Why me?

“Someone not too attached to the outside world…” The scientist paused and swallowed, gaze fixed on his hand mixing the vegetables with wooden chopsticks. “Apart from your mother, of course, I know you’re doing this for her.”

Jungkook swallowed, grasp tightening around the bottle of beer. “H-how-”

Everything.” Jimin repeated, face serious.

The majority of the supper had been spent in silence. Jimin had been scribbling things in a black notepad, occasionally halting when he would put a spoonful of food in his mouth. The only time he had spoken up was to ask if Jungkook liked the food, and the younger man had answered it was delicious.

Jungkook could have gotten to know the scientist, could have asked questions about him and not his work, considering the man was very adamant about shutting the topic down until the next day. Yet he had stayed mute, munching on the perfectly cooked vegetables and rice, mind straying to places he never thought it would.

Over and over again he told himself he would be interacting with clones the very next day, that he would be taking place in a world-changing experiment, barely able to believe it. It should have been exciting, but a creeping fear mixed in with doubt had settled in his mind.

He had downed his first beer quickly, tried to restrain the need to chug the second one.

When Jimin had closed his bedroom door behind him with a ‘goodnight’, the weight of the binder under his arm seemed to grow tenfold. His luggage had been quickly forgotten, cast to the side as he had hastily made his way to the desk in the room, quickly taking his blazer and tie off before throwing them onto the bed behind him. Jungkook’s mind was still whirring, having thought of what could possibly lay inside that damned binder ever since he had first laid eyes on it. He could still hear Jimin’s words, his brief yet stunning explanations of what would happen in the coming days, in the following months.

They’re different. So different.

Now he was sitting straight, fingers just curling under the thick black cover of the binder, hesitantly pushing up to open it. It was a lot to take in at once, in the span of only a couple of hours, but he had signed a contract, had agreed to many terms, and with that thought, he finally gave in.

“Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity; between expertise and creativity; between bias and openness; between experience and epiphany; between ambition and passion; and between arrogance and conviction - in short, between an old today and a new tomorrow.” -Heinrich Rohrer

Other from that quote, the page was blank, and when Jungkook turned the page, he was faced with a handwritten note on the first profile. He took it in his hand, thumb running across the neat calligraphy, feeling the bumps of ink underneath the pad of it.

Hello, Jungkook. If you’re reading this, it means I’ve told you what you’re here for, that you know what you’re getting into. These profiles are basic, just enough information to give you a general idea of the clones and how they present themselves. Evidently, you will most likely act differently with all of them, considering they all contrast strikingly with one another, but I’ll let you make your own choices regarding that. With the pictures I have attached to the individual profiles, you will notice that the only thing differentiating them is their hair color, and eye color for one specific clone, which I have successfully genetically modified to not only make it easier for myself but for others too. (I’m a genius, I know.) Anyways, I have hope we will discover great things together, and can’t wait for us to start. See you tomorrow.

Jungkook put the note down beside the binder, blinking slowly, the deafening beat of his heart echoing loudly in his head. He was nervous yet excited, scared but curious. What laid in this binder would forever change him and his life, that he knew very well, and it could possibly change the whole world, too. Taking a deep breath, he rolled back his tense shoulders, stretching his neck from side to side before finally starting his assignment.

The first profile seemed simple enough, but what had caught his attention foremost was the Polaroid clipped to the top. The spitting image of Jimin, with the exception of the clone’s dirty blonde hair and deadpan expression.


Qualities/skills: Logical, mature, serious, perfectionist. Curious; yearn for knowledge. Very intelligent.
Flaws: No sense of humor (does not get puns... at all), lacks reaction and empathy towards human emotion (confused when faced with happiness, sadness, and anger). Cold.
Problems: OCD. Extremely obsessed with symmetry and exactness, constantly replacing everything in his living quarters and in the lab. What I thought of a yearn for perfection is actually very compulsive and obsessive. Germaphobe, always cleaning. Robot-like.
Notes: Shares interest in my research, wants to help and learn more from it. 001 assists me in my labs and makes presumptions based on what I have taught him. Intelligence-wise, very similar to me, but personality-wise, completely different. He has close to none. A blank slate, which can be understandable considering his lack of interaction with others except me.

The profile was unexpectedly short: Jungkook would have expected a little more, considering this was the first clone of many. Maybe a little more on the analysis side, and not so much on obvious personality traits. Was that why he was there? Did the scientist lack that much information regarding what happened within their minds?

It made no sense, really, considering the billionaire organization this research was conducted by. How was it possible that no competent, professional analyst of the human mind had been there, had studied them more? The man frowned, teeth tugging at his bottom lip as the original uncertainty he had about all of this only grew and beckoned him to investigate further, on his own.

No matter his investigative thoughts, Jungkook could only gawk at the sheet, brain unable to process or simply understand that this person, or should he say clone, even existed. It seemed impossible, the idea of human cloning having been so far-fetched in his mind, yet now he was reading one’s profile, would be creeping into their man-made minds and analyzing their brains. It was a scary thought, and with it, he turned the page.

Subject died after two months.

Jungkook’s chest tightened and he moved on, hastily turning to the next page, trying his best not to think too much of it.


Qualities/skills: Outspoken, extroverted, sociable, funny (gets puns), active. Talented in Martial arts (muay thai and kickboxing.)
Flaws: Rebellious, easily angry, yearn for freedom, controlling. Perverted: sexual fixations.
Problems: Has proven to be quite violent when angry, occasionally trying to hurt me or 001 in his fits. Tried to escape many times. Feels as though he is locked up even if I have supplied everything he ever asked for.
Notes: As said in the past that he feels inferior to 001, therefore why he acts rebellious, especially since he can never get out of the clone living quarters but 001 can (since he is participating in my research). Always tries to seduce me and the occasional visitors into letting him out. Lets his anger out in martial arts and practices meditation (thanks to my advice).

Jungkook’s eyes lingered on the word ‘seduce’ before moving to the picture, where he noticed, yet again, that the only difference seemed to be in hair color. 003 had pitch-black hair and also seemed to be wearing makeup after close inspection. Darker shadows around the corner of his eyes that seemed to be more… alive than 001’s.

There was something peculiar about this clone, Jungkook could see it, could feel it from just reading his profile and staring at the picture. Another gut feeling, he assumed, as his mind instantly put him at the bottom of his list of which clone he would rather interact with. He moved to the other page quickly, dismissing the dark eyes that seemed to stare right back at him.


Qualities/skills: Kind, gentle heart, patient, nurturing. Enjoys baking, cooking, all-around chores.
Flaws: Not many it seems, though I have noticed he tends to silently cry a lot. Has a lot of nightmares. I have yet to find out why, he refuses to talk to me about it, always brushing it off.
Problems: None so far.
Notes: Very contrasting to 003: 004 is caring and kind. The two of them confront each other a lot about their views since 004 thinks there is no problem in staying and living there: he thinks they are protected from the outside world that wants to harm them. 004 is often alone as he seems to be scared of 003, but when 001 is back in their living quarters they tend to hang out together. 004 asks a lot of questions about my research, seems interested, or maybe it’s just to make 001 talk and feel less lonely.

Jungkook smiled when he looked at the picture, already fond of the warmth in his eyes, of the man’s bubblegum pink hair and matching cheeks. Fitting with Jimin’s description, he seemed to be the complete opposite of 003, and Jungkook hoped he would be interacting with that clone most, putting him at the top of his list.

The clone’s traits were reassuring, comforting, and he could clearly see how he was to be the nurturing one. Yet with the flaws and extra notes, there seemed to be something hidden behind that cute face, that glow in his large, brown irises, and Jungkook decided he would focus on that. Getting closer to this clone first seemed like a good plan, considering he looked like the type to listen a lot, to be observant. He would most likely supply a lot of information on the others with the correct advances.


Qualities/skills: Creative, passionate, gets along with the other clones a lot. Social, extroverted. Enjoys photography, videography, editing.
Flaws: Immature. He makes stupid decisions and acts like a child at times. Double-faced.
Problems: Seems to be infatuated by 003. They have had intercourse many times when 005 had reached full physical maturity.
Notes: Wants to document the clones’ lives, show that they are normal like everyone else. Agrees with 003 that they should get out, but acts like he agrees with 004. When facing me, he tells me he likes his life, that he wants to stay, but as soon as 003 is in the room, he will agree with him. He is hard to decipher, always switching between opinions depending on what others say, never quite making his own.

Jungkook stared, blinking twice at the ‘problem’ section of his profile. He should not have been doing so, but he could not help but imagine it: the two clones having sex. The man shook his head, desperately trying to get the idea out of his mind as he felt his cheeks warm up, swallowing down the excess saliva in his mouth and hastily turning to the last page in the binder.


Qualities/skills: Virtuoso, poised, wise, mature. Piano, violin, cello, flute.
Flaws: Melancholic, emotionally unstable.
Problems: Questions me, occasional suicidal thoughts.
Notes: He is the closest to perfection I have achieved. Seems the most ‘human’. My best creation so far.

Jungkook frowned at the lack of notes, eyes lingering over the words ‘perfection’ and ‘best creation’ for a little longer. There was something about this one that made Jungkook stare at the picture, that made him notice how well he was dressed, how other people seemed to be behind him. Had this one seen the outside of the facility? Had he met more people than Jimin and the rare visitors? Jungkook closed the binder and got up, mind buzzing with curiosity and unanswered questions he could not wait to ask the scientist.

Or the clones themselves.

Flopping face first onto the bed, he let out a loud sigh, eyelids becoming heavier with each passing second. All of those pictures kept flashing into his mind, all of those qualities and flaws and problems clashing with one another, the young man’s inquisitive mind making links it probably should not have. As much as he knew the basics of them, it was not enough, and he knew he would have to investigate a lot more before making his own opinion about them.

He knew that seeing them in person would change everything, would change the impression he first had from their profiles. These clones were different, yes, but how different?

From what he understood, they all lived together in another part of the facility. It seemed it was under observation, too, probably both video and audio surveillance. The absurdity of it struck him, how five of Jimin’s clones lived together and were probably recorded 24/7, only for the scientist to look over their interactions and study them. Watching their every movement, noting their every word.

Like lab rats. These human clones were observed like animals in a cage.

Jungkook pushed the thought out of his mind, recalling Jimin’s words about them being creations and nothing more, not real humans. It was hard to convince himself of that, but he tried his best, and when his eyes fluttered shut, slumber slowly taking over his overworked brain, a certain clone’s dark eyes were staring right back at him.

Chapter Text

“So, what did you think?”

Jungkook blinked away the remaining sleep in his eyes, absentmindedly sipping on the cup of black coffee the scientist had handed him. They were already in the elevator, going down, the younger man barely able to make it out of his bedroom before being pulled into the large metal box. His mind was still hazy from slumber and his thoughts scrambled together at the question, but the feeling that overcame all others was the lingering anxiousness of finally meeting the clones.

All night he had dreamed of them, of how they could be, of what their voices would sound like. If their hands would feel warm, if their smiles would connect to their eyes like Jimin’s did. Would they like him? Would they talk to him, let them into their head? Numerous other questions popped up in his mind and he could already feel a growing headache at the front of his forehead, fingers instinctively going up to massage his temple and the spot between his eyebrows.

How would his first meeting with them go? Would he be shocked, scared, curious? Would he be able to speak properly, to approach them just as if they were normal humans? A part of him knew that he needed to act natural, professional, but it was hard to set himself in such a mindset when he was about to meet with the most incredible science advancement known to man.

Jungkook was but an average guy, who had set himself on being an officer of the law, but this whole twist in his path had turned that all upside down.

He was part of something much, much bigger now.

“A lot.”

Jimin chuckled and walked out of the halted elevator, stride quick and peppy, contrasting with Jungkook’s uncertain, careful steps. The scientist seemed happy, a little more energetic than the previous day, and Jungkook could only wonder why. Even if dark circles dug beneath his eyes, they seemed brighter than ever, and the faint smile stretched across his lips could only mean he was enthusiastic.

Of course, the man was most likely excited to show his experiment to an outsider, but there seemed to be something more. Something that Jungkook could not identify.

Not yet.

“Have you been up for a while?”

Jimin eyed his watch that indicated it was thirty minutes past six o’clock, and Jungkook wondered if every morning he would have to get up so early. Not that he minded, but it would be a stark difference compared to his usual schedule of afternoon or night shifts. “About two hours.”

“Do you always wake up this early?”

“No, but I had an idea… one I could not ignore.”

With those words Jimin pushed the door to his lab open, Jungkook following closely behind, and the mug that had been tight between the younger man’s hands almost slipped. As much as he had thought looking over their profiles and continuously thinking about how they could be would have helped him in his first encounter with them, he had been completely wrong. The short gasp he had kept in finally left his mouth, and he watched the scientist make his way to the other figure that stood, unbothered, behind the long steel counter.


It was him, unmistakably, and the younger man could not help but first notice how perfect he was; unblemished skin and velvety lips, long dark eyelashes atop piercing brown eyes. His blonde hair fell perfectly above his forehead and the beauty of the clone was most certainly unreal to witness.

The clone’s sole presence seemed so unlikely, as if Jungkook had not been studying that copy’s profile the night before, as if he was not even supposed to be there in the first place. It was unexpected, to just walk in and see him there, natural and comfortable in his own environment.

He was moving, breathing, living: a perfect human copy, all physical traits considered.

Jungkook could only blink, jaw hanging and eyes open wide as if to take in the most he could in that quick moment, openly scrutinizing the clone’s face and body and almost desperately trying to find a difference he could have had with his creator. The two of them standing next to each other was a sight that made him question if he was even awake at that moment, or if he was still comfortably tucked in his bed and only dreaming of this unpredictable encounter.

It was unbelievable how real he looked, how strikingly alike Jimin he was with the slight crease of concentration between his eyebrows, the subtle twitch in his lips when faced with a tough thought. Jungkook stood in the threshold, stunned, openly staring at the clone that was too busy with his work to even notice him, barely acknowledging his creator’s presence.

A step forward let Jungkook see what he was doing, careful fingers occupied by delicately handling test tubes and transferring the azure liquid into a larger beaker.

He was beautiful, yes. But also very frightening.

“001, we have a visitor.”

Only then did the clone’s eyes flick upwards from his work and locked onto Jungkook’s, effectively stunning him into place once again. There was something different to him, and at that very moment, his initial dismay turned into more of a curiosity, blooming into his mind alongside multiple inquiries and theories. The warmth he had seen in Jimin’s eyes was not present, or maybe so barely there, a blank facial expression and nonchalant gaze scrutinizing him up and down. He felt like he was being scanned, and his body instinctively stayed immobile.

As if he was faced with a wild animal he knew nothing of.

There was something so gripping about him; he seemed almost magical, too perfect, and that was the exact difference he had with Jimin. He had absolutely no physical flaws, better posture than the hunched scientist, shoulders straight and neck longer. A body that had only lived for a couple of years yet was fully grown: a concept Jungkook could not quite wrap his mind around just yet.

“Jungkook, are you there?”

The man snapped out of his admirative, confused daze and immediately stepped forward, mechanically moving closer to the pair that stared back at him curiously. Seeing the same examining expression on the two of them was very disconcerting, but he pushed the thought at the back of his mind and tried his best to focus.

If he were to live in the facility and work with them for the next three months, he had to stay professional and put his initial thoughts about them to the side. He had signed a contract, had put his reputation within his academy and company on the line, and this job would definitely make it or break it for him.

Three months. All he had to do was make sure of Jimin’s security and interact with the clones for ninety-two days. It was more than possible: Jungkook had gone through rough, arduous training for the majority of his education and short career, which made all of this experiment seem like a piece of cake if he compared the two. He was going to live in the lap of luxury and interact with the latest, most incredible scientific discovery known to man and even get the chance to be a part of the experiment, shifting the course of his earlier, rather ordinary life.

A creation that would change humankind forever.

Only then did Jungkook notice the staggering beat of his heart, finally slipping out of his thoughts and concentrating on what was going on in front of him. Without thinking, he reached his hand outwards to 001, the slight shake in his shoulders reaching to his fingertips, putting on the best smile he could muster no matter the ever-present nervousness coursing through his limbs.

“Hi, I’m Jungkook, and I can’t wait to work-”

“Get to know you.”

There was a slight shift in Jimin’s glare, something Jungkook could only decipher as ‘don’t talk just yet’, so the younger man nodded and smiled at the scientist’s words. The clone took a hold of Jungkook’s hand, fingers delicate and soft but hold stronger than he could have imagined from smaller hands than his own, and the warmth of it almost made him jump. His heartbeat had grown quicker, louder, booming in his head and he really hoped the clone had not felt the dampness of his palm in their quick handshake.

Would he even make sense of what it meant? Had he ever met someone so intimidated by his presence? The little information he knew about these clones just struck him, and he hoped Jimin would guide him a little more than with the brief profiles he had constructed for him. They had most definitely been helpful in categorizing their personalities, guiding how he should act according to each of their differing behavior, but there was so much more he needed to know to get a clear idea of who they were.

“001, could you go and analyze these in the backroom? I need the rundown in fifteen minutes.”

The blond man bowed and immediately turned on his heels, circling around the massive shelves and disappearing behind yet another large door. When the sound of the door closing echoed, Jimin took a hold of Jungkook’s wrist and pulled out a stool for him, motioning for him to sit. He did, frowning at the scientist that seemed lost in his own thoughts and was nibbling his bottom lip, watching as he also sat in front of him.

“I forgot to tell you something yesterday.”

“Alright… what is it?” Jimin let go of his wrist, but his fingers lingered for a short moment on his hand before quickly bringing it back to his own lap.

“Remember when you asked me why I chose you?” Jungkook nodded, easily recalling their conversation from the previous night. “I said you were attractive, social, a good man. But you’re also great at making friends.”

“And what does that have to do with the-”

“I want you to become friends with them. Get close.”

Jungkook’s head cocked to the side, confused but especially curious, letting the man finish his thoughts before speaking his mind.

“You see… I’m trying something new. Instead of having psychologists and psychiatrists come in and analyze them, professionally and very to-the-book, I wanted to see how differently they would interact with a friend. I really feel like they’ll open up more to someone they trust, and not just a figure of authority, you know? They were never completely honest with them, but I believe that they will be with you.”

He sighed and raised his eyebrows as if he were unsure of himself. “If you succeed in befriending them, that is.”

The words hit him hard, like Jimin was questioning whether or not he was up for the task, that he had the capabilities of succeeding. Jungkook had always been a rather confident man, never really had to prove himself for anything, but now it felt like he had to. Like he was walking on a thin line, like his post was still uncertain even though he had signed a contract making it clear he would be living and working there for the duration of three entire months.

For a moment he zoned out, anxiety and uncertainty bleeding into his mind, but after reminding himself of why he was there and what the goal at the end of it all was, he snapped back into his usual self-assured state.

Jungkook nodded, gaze slipping to the side as he considered the man’s theory. “You want me to get close to them, become their friend, and analyze them at the same time? Use their attachment to me as a means to make them open up and get into their minds?”

“Exactly. Simple.” Jimin ran his thumb across his reddened bottom lip before pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, taking a quick second to glance behind him before turning back to Jungkook. He seemed anxious, fidgety, and the younger man could not help but notice. “Can you do that, Jungkook?”

The words rolled off his tongue before he could even properly think about it, the need to prove himself only growing. “Of course.”

“Great. I expected nothing less from you.”

The man had not been wrong. Jungkook was very casual, quick to make friends and establish good relationships with people. But could he do the same with clones? Could he be so comfortable around them as he was with normal humans? It was a question impossible to answer as he had had no previous encounter with such beings, only a brief handshake and exchanged glares, and he guessed he would figure it out soon enough when Jimin suddenly slipped off his stool and hastily walked to a set of five monitors Jungkook had not noticed until then.

Were those what he had been glancing at before?

When Jimin flicked a switch on, the screens all instantly came to life, but Jungkook was too far to make sense of what was on them. His curiosity got the best of him and he stood up, slowly approaching where the scientist stood; hunched down and gaze flicking from one monitor to another.

Jungkook knew very well what was displayed on the monitors, but a part of him had not wanted to believe it.

As he stopped just behind Jimin, he paralyzed in his spot, stare quickly moving between the screens as he made sense of what was on them, as he easily noticed the five different clones with their varying hair colors. Three of them were in bed, sleeping soundly, whereas 001 was being monitored where Jimin had told him to go, in the backroom of the lab. The last one… Jungkook swallowed.

They were all real. All five of them. Jungkook blinked slowly.

“Looks like only 003 is up right now. Not surprising, considering he always trains this early in the morning.”

Jungkook stared at the black-haired man that furiously punched and kicked into a red punching bag, not taking a single pause to breathe in between the striking hits that continuously pushed the large bag back. He naturally moved closer to the screen, curiosity winning over his initial uneasiness, observing the clone, first noticing how his body was notably different from Jimin’s. The clone’s lack of a shirt made it easy to note just how muscular he was, lean and cut, muscles probing out with every harsh movement of his frame. His lower body was no different, if not even thicker and robust than the upper part, thighs barely covered by the short black shorts he wore.

The clone abruptly stopped and Jungkook stilled, suddenly feeling very intrusive and uncomfortable, yet his eyes never left the man’s figure on the screen. 003 took long deep breaths, and the quality of the image let him notice how his chests rose and fell, how the sweat sheened atop his flushed skin. Unconsciously, he compared 003 to 001, how the dark-haired clone seemed to have thrice the energy and vigor the latter did, eyes sharp and dark contrary to dull and empty.

“You should go train with him.”

Jungkook turned to Jimin, frowning, completely opposed to the proposition. The clone’s profile flashed back into his mind, reminding him just how much he dreaded meeting with this particular one, how he had wished never to encounter him with his extreme flaws and questionable behavior. He was a walking red flag, and going to train with him was most probably the worst way to analyze him psychologically.

With his difficult temperament, a training session could turn ugly in many, many ways.

“What? No!”

“Don’t you do martial arts?” Jimin raised his eyebrows and the slightest of smirks spread on his lips, but Jungkook was too preoccupied with his suggestion to notice the shift. “The two of you practice muay thai, if I remember correctly, and I know for a fact 003 has always wanted a sparring partner. He’s been trying to convince me for years, but I’m just not that into it, you know? Never been the sporty type. And, of course, my research takes up most of my time, so-”

“I-I can’t, he just-”

“Becoming friends, remember? I don’t think there’s a better way to bond with 003 than showing a common interest in his passion. Am I wrong? He loves martial arts to death, trains every single morning, and I think he would easily get close to a training partner. It must be lonely always fighting by himself, don’t you think?” Jimin squinted a little, glancing at the screen. “You should know.”

Jungkook pressed his lips together and nodded. The scientist was right, unfortunately for him. It was always easier to get closer to someone when you shared a similar interest, especially when practicing something in the likes of martial arts. Practicing alone was beyond boring and redundant, Jungkook knew that very well; if it would not have been for his own partner back home, he probably would have lost interest in the sport.

Yet 003 was still practicing alone for all these years, which only meant he was deeply invested in the activity. Maybe it meant something more to him, and that single thought sparked a newfound professional curiosity for the problematic clone. What did it mean to him? Why was he so devoted to it? There must have been a reason, and with a loud sigh, Jungkook decided to go along with the scientist’s plan.

Sooner or later, he would have had to interact with him anyway. Might as well get it done as quickly as possible, making the following encounters with the other clones only easier for him if he were to be exposed to the worst one first.

“Go fetch some other clothes.”

The younger man did not answer back, only turned on his heels and left the room, fingers knotted and mind buzzing.

Jungkook anxiously walked through the clone’s living quarters, holding tightly onto the makeshift map in his hand to make his way to where 003 was supposedly waiting for him. His gaze flicked here and there, getting familiar with his surroundings since it would most likely not be the first time he would be visiting their place.

It was a nice enough residence, very minimalistic and refined. The majority of it was colored of a light beige shade, save the dark grey linoleum flooring and the sparse, vibrant plants decorating the rooms. Basic furniture, enough to make it a little more comfortable and less so empty. Imagining the clones living here, moving through the same room he was walking in and going on about their lives was hard to picture, and he wondered just how they even went through a normal day.

He shook the unnecessary thoughts out and focused on his present goal, teeth nibbling his bottom lip anxiously.

Jimin had warned the clone of Jungkook’s arrival, or as he had said ‘a friend’s arrival’, and the fact that 003 had been so eager to meet him both interested and terrified him. He cursed the odds, wondering why he had to meet with him first; the most problematic clone out of all of them. The one who was violent and rebellious, that tried to seduce his own creator, that had intercourse with one of his brothers…

Jungkook took a deep breath and briefly shut his eyes to recenter himself, reminded of why he was there, of what he was to do, and when he finally arrived at the door of the training room, his hand tentatively hovered over the knob.

You’re strong. Smart. Now’s your time to prove yourself.

Jungkook opened the door and was greeted with the same dark stare he had seen in the Polaroid. It was chilling, menacing, but he still stepped forward and closed the door behind him, a different feeling overcoming his initial stress and hesitant thoughts.

The younger man’s eyes momentarily trailed down and scrutinized the clone’s appearance, just as he had done with 001, quickly noticing not only the differences between him and his creator but also between him and the first clone. There was something that made him look more alive, whether it was the way his chest heaved or his eyes sparked with every clash of his clothed knuckles against the red and rough leather of the punching bag.

Bruises and scars, pumping veins and sweat coated skin. He looked so human it was disconcerting.

The more he stared at him, the more he looked real, or should he say normal, and even different from the two he had compared him with. There was something indistinguishably peculiar about him, which made it easier for Jungkook to snap out of his leading admirative daze and into a more fitting state of reflection. His mindset had switched, turning into a more objective, analytical state pushed by his inquisitive thoughts and a lingering thirst for answers.

It was his job. And no matter how completely extraordinary and even crazy it was to have met two clones of the same man, he had to stay professional. Or at least as close to professional as he could be in such unbelievable circumstances.

With a mind set on his true, final goal, he recalled the clone’s profile, wanting to seem as relatable and friendly as he could to the man, putting all possible odds in his favor.

Outspoken. Extroverted. Sociable. Funny... Rebellious, easily angry, yearn for freedom, controlling.

If he were to become friends with this clone, he would have to act accordingly, and Jungkook only wished the man was not keen enough to see through his little improvised performance. This very meeting would prove if he was up to the task or not, and Jungkook was set on showing both Jimin and his company that he was worthy of such an assignment. If he were not, he would most probably be fired, deemed unfit to continue such unique and demanding work, and that would only hinder his reputation and snatch away the promised large sum of money that waited for him at the end of the contract, that would help to pay for his mother’s treatment.

He took a deep breath.

003 had stopped hitting the punching bag when Jungkook had moved closer, and the clone was now openly staring back at him, eyes trailing from his face down to his feet and back up again. The left corner of his lips twitched ever so slightly, and he turned his body to face him, exposed and sweat-coated chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

“Guessing from your attire, you’ll be joining me?”

Straight to the point. As expected. The clone’s voice was somehow different than both 001 and Jimin’s, sultry and deeper, and it naturally drew Jungkook closer. “Yes, I will be. My name’s Jungkook and-”

“Then warm up.”

Jungkook almost scoffed, annoyed but not surprised by such a response. The clone went back to hitting the punching bag, dismissing him, droplets of sweat trailing from his damp bangs to the column of his neck. Jungkook swallowed and looked everywhere but at him, snatching a jump rope from a bench beside him and starting a warm up just as he would have during his own training session.

After what he counted to be a full minute, he set the rope down, hesitantly walking closer to the clone who was practicing technique rather than hitting the punching bag with full force as he had been doing earlier. Jungkook usually warmed up a little more than with just a minute of jump rope, but he was too eager and curious to start the actual training, to see where this would bring his and the clone’s relationship.

Bonding over a common interest certainly would be an advantage on his part, but he wondered how it would affect a clone that had barely interacted with anyone other than professionals and his own creator.

003 stopped his movement when he noticed Jungkook coming closer, frowning at him. A step closer and he was a little too close for comfort, but Jungkook did not move away in fear of seeming unfriendly or awkward. He could feel the warmth emanating from his heated skin, could smell the mix of sweat and body wash. It was intoxicating in a very strange way.

“Already done?”

“Eager to get to it.”

The clone smirked, running his hand through the sweaty bangs that had been sticking to his forehead, pushing the hair back before wiping the excess sweat on his temple with the back of his hand. “Eager to get your ass kicked?”

Jungkook snickered back, raising a single eyebrow mockingly. The clone seemed rather comfortable already, casual and cocky, and the younger man reveled in his early success. Maybe it would not be that hard after all. “Don’t underestimate me, I have many tricks up my sleeve-”

“MMA. No hits to the face or crotch.”

Jungkook smirked, knowing very well he had an upper hand in combat when he actually had the opportunity to spar with other people, and 003 only had himself and his punching bag. The clone’s confidence was amusing, just like a fearless teenager’s would be.

“As you wish.”

003 handed him a pair of bright red hand wraps, contrasting with his own black pair, and Jungkook deftly clothed his knuckles, hands, and wrists, adrenaline starting to course through his veins at the thought of fighting the clone.

Through combat, he knew he would be able to decipher particular characteristics of the clone, if he were more offensive than defensive, impulsive or controlled. All of those were traits that could easily be translated into his own personality, and with that, Jungkook thought that his job would be easier than what he had first imagined.

He mentally sighed in relief.

After securing the second hand wrap into place, they moved to the larger part of the room, stepping onto the black mats that felt cool against the soles of his feet. With every passing second, his heart only beat faster, both from eagerness and excitement, visualizing himself in combat to be mentally prepared and ready. He had not spared in a long while, and his body ached to find the freedom of it again, nerves buzzing at the thought of fighting someone as ardent as 003.

The clone set himself into a combat stance, fists tight and left leg in front of him, feet wide and the front of his soles planted in the mat. Jungkook mimicked him, with the exception of his hands extended straight in front of him, not fists, typical to muay thai fighters. 003 noticed, raised an eyebrow, and a playful smirk stretched on his lips.


Before Jungkook could even answer, he quickly dodged a jab from the clone, replacing himself and huffing out a breath he had not noticed he had been keeping in. That darned smirk was still plastered on 003’s face, as if he thought he had the upper hand, was the stronger one, and the spark that had been crackling through Jungkook’s body transformed into a strong, hot fire driven by his competitiveness.

The younger man was normally reserved and passive, but in combat, he was relentless and precise. Everything was calculated, his observant nature kicking in instinctively and making him a hard target. He had been praised many times by his trainer for his quick reflexes and reaction time and had even become a challenge to defeat within his colleagues.

Many minutes passed and hit after hit, Jungkook kept on evading the consecutive attacks, swiftly moving across the matted surface, feet easily sliding across the smooth surface. He could feel the sweat trickling down his back, the fabric of his shirt sticking to his skin, the familiar burn in his muscles.

It was exciting, thrilling, and for a moment he forgot where he was and what he was supposed to do.

Jungkook fell into yet another state of mind, body reacting on pure instinct and cockiness clouding his judgment. He knew he was stronger, quicker than the inexperienced clone, and when he noticed 003’s smirk turn into a frown, he felt rather proud. Every time he ducked and avoided the punches, the clone grew more annoyed, angrier: exactly how Jungkook had expected him to respond.

He wanted to challenge the clone, to test his limit, to see just how far he could go before he snapped. The adrenaline coursing through his veins and the more irrational side of him took over, making him delve onto a path that was most likely very dangerous, but where he knew he would be able to pull something out of the man.

It turned into a game, a wicked one, where Jungkook pulled on the clone’s nerves but pushed him into a calculated, anticipated state of mind.

Get under his skin… slowly but surely.

Jungkook stopped a hit with his palm, pushing the clone’s arm off, and that was when the man snapped.

“Fucking hit me!”

And hit him he did. Jungkook ducked and uppercut 003 in the stomach, making the clone cough and immediately step back defensively. The man’s eyes turned dark, furious, and Jungkook knew he was stepping into perilous territory. Making him angry would have seemed illogical to anyone outside of his mind, but Jungkook knew very well it was the only way to make him open up, to truly analyze him.

People under extreme, intense emotions were always more likely to speak the truth. Especially people like 003.

Simple human psychology. But would it work on a clone?

003’s movements turned sharper, harsher, and it became harder to evade his hits without counter-attacking or putting himself in a tricky position. The clone landed a couple of jabs, but it was the unexpected kick in the thigh that brought Jungkook down. He winced, knee falling to the floor as the muscle in his thigh twitched and ached, and before he knew it, the clone took a hold of him and manhandled him in his momentary moment of weakness.

Everything happened too quickly and Jungkook closed his eyes, anticipating a hit.

When he opened his eyes again, he was on his back with the clone on top of him, straddling his waist and forearms crossing underneath his chin. The grip became tighter around his throat and he realized the clone was doing an X choke on him, a beginner move in jiu-jitsu that he had practiced too many times before, as he was an adept in the art himself.

Easy to do, and especially easy to get out of when you had the knowledge Jungkook had.

Yet he stayed there, stunned and unable to move underneath the choking hold of 003’s hands, gasping for air as he only seemed to tighten his grasp on his shirt. Why had he not reacted? Why had he let himself be thrown to the floor so easily? Jungkook replayed the scene in his mind but he could barely think, blinking back at the scowling glare of the clone with wide eyes.

“No more dodging if you’re in submission, bitch.” The clone spat the words right into his face, only inches away from him, drops of sweat trickling onto Jungkook’s cheeks.

He would have spoken, would have snarled right back, but he instead concentrated on getting air in and out of his lungs and reached over to 003’s neck when he finally made sense of the situation, when he snapped back to reality and reminded himself he was the strongest of the two, that he should not be intimidated by this man.

The clone seemed too preoccupied with his own choke to notice Jungkook’s movement, and when he dug his thumb in the nape of his neck, pushing deep into a pressure point, 003 finally let go.

In his moment of distracted pain, Jungkook switched their positions, turning the tables as he placed himself just as the clone had, but going for an Ezekiel choke instead. His right arm curled around the back of 003’s neck, left hand anchoring itself on the other arm and he slid his grasp to the side, effectively pressing down on the clone’s throat with his right hand. It was a complicated choke, many steps to achieve consecutively, but, luckily for him, his body had mechanically moved on its own.

He could not help but grin at the slight panic in the clone’s eyes.

Yet the smirk was short-lived when 003 kneed him in the crotch, Jungkook yelling out and ever so slightly releasing his hold on the clone’s neck. What came after was unexpected, took him aback in the most disconcerting way possible, eyes wide open and staring.


003 had leaned up and kissed him; soft, plump lips pressing against his own, tongue slowly slipping between them before Jungkook could even react. The younger man’s heart almost came to a halt, and he could only blink, unable to believe what was happening, stuck in a state between bewilderment and shock.

He instinctively jerked his head back, letting go of 003’s neck and fumbling onto his knees between the clone’s spread legs. His hands went to his aching crotch, wincing at the slight discomfort that was slowly starting to fade away, the hit having been more surprising than painful. Jungkook glared, speechless, at the man who stared back at him with dark eyes, the clone’s tongue slowly slipping out to lick his bottom lip.

“What the fuck?”

003 pushed himself up on his palms, resting on them as his eyebrows raised mischievously. “It got you off of me, didn’t it?”

A peculiar anger boiled in the pit of Jungkook’s stomach, and he found himself spitting the words he wanted to speak. “You said no hits to the crotch, you-”

“Oh, get over it, pussy, you were gonna choke me to fucking death-”

“No, I wasn’t-”

The clone moved quickly, too fast for Jungkook’s still disoriented mind, grabbing the front of his collar and pulling him closer. Their lips met again, and Jungkook’s hand moved to push him back, nails digging into his sweat-coated chest. As he tried to break their embrace, the clone moved, jumping forward and pushing Jungkook down onto his back.

003’s knees were digging into his thighs, holding him down, making it almost impossible for him to defend himself with his legs. Before he could even make sense of what was happening, before he could think of a plan, one of the clone’s hands was underneath his shirt, nails grazing up his torso, and his lips had moved to his neck, sucking and tugging on the damp skin.

“What the-” Jungkook blinked, reacting too late, once again, desperately trying to push him off. For a moment he felt weak, tired, the stamina he had spent evading the clone continuously during their fight catching up to him. 003 was heavy on top of his body, hips indecently rolling in between his legs, and a faint panic crossed his mind before he could properly think. He could feel the clone’s erection against his hips, and a bitter taste bled at the back of his tongue. “Get the fuck off of me!”

Jungkook took the last of his strength and pushed 003 off, making the clone fall back on his ass. He put more distance between them, stumbling onto his shaking legs, backing up until he hit a wall behind him.

The clone also got up on his legs, eyes wild and a wide smile spread on his swollen lips, brushing his hair back as he haltingly made his way to where Jungkook was, desperately stuck to the wall. “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that, your cock’s half-hard-”

“Shut the fuck up-”

The clone kept walking closer to him, stroking his hard shaft through his shorts, biting down on his lower lip. Jungkook’s panicked gaze flicked across the room, noticing that the door he had come through was the only possible exit, and it suddenly hit him that Jimin had never intervened. He was obviously observing them, so why was he keeping his mouth shut? What was going on? Why did he feel so fucking weak?

Lack of sleep. Empty stomach. Intense physical activity. Heavy Stress.

There were two ways this could go. Either Jungkook would cede to his panic and make erratic, stupid decisions, or he would relax and think this predicament through as fast as he possibly could, playing the only card that was left for him at that moment.

A physical fight would not be an option, as 003 clearly had the upper hand in stamina, so Jungkook went with the only other possible solution. Not the door that beckoned him on the other side of the room, no.

Getting inside of the clone’s head.

“What are you expecting from this, 003?” Jungkook held his breath as he played his last card, and he hoped the odds would turn in his favor. It was but pure survival instinct, using his own quirks to his advantage, knowing very well that it would turn the tables for the better.

The clone stopped, raising a single eyebrow. “What do you think? Shoving my dick up someone’s-”

“Who are you trying to impress?” Jungkook took deep breaths, holding onto the clone’s stare as his wet palms slid on the wall behind him, hesitantly straightening himself to seem more confident, in control.

003 stopped, frowning, the wicked smile wiped right off his face and replaced with annoyance. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“All of this: the violence, the sex, it’s a show. You’re putting on a show.” The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. He had blurted out the guess, desperately trying to find something that would resonate within the clone’s head, but had ended up right on the dot. It all clicked in Jungkook’s mind, and he almost smiled as the realization hit him.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about-”

It was obvious what was going on, how could no one have possible noticed? All the signs were there, it was clear enough the thoughts that lingered in the clone’s brain. “Do you want Jimin to notice you? Has he not given you enough attention? Is that why you try to seduce him?”

“Shut up.” The clone’s jaw clenched, and Jungkook could notice the strain in his neck, the muscles in his upper body tensing up. Was it going to work? Or was he making it worse? No matter the answer, there was no turning back now.

“A child desperate for his parent’s attention.”

“I’m not a child-”

He took the bait. Go deeper.

“Oh but you are, in every way of the term, now all I wonder is why you’re so desperate for it? Going out of your way with all of this?”

“You know nothing. You don’t know what you’re-”

“Do you want Jimin? Or do you want to be him? Which one is it, 003?”


“Do you want to fuck Jimin? Is that what you’re thinking of when you fuck 005?”

“No! Stop-”

“Is it him you want to be shoving your dick up? Huh? What else do you want to do to Jimin, what do you want to make him understand with such-”

“I want him to love me!”

Jungkook stilled, and the realization of what the clone had just said washed over 003’s face. Right at that moment, Jimin burst through the door, making the pair snap their heads in his direction. “That’s enough. Jungkook, come with me.”

003 could only blink, paralyzed in his spot as Jungkook circled around him and made his way to the door, entire body shaking and brain turned to mush. He had been so concentrated, so focused on pulling the truth out of the clone that he had not realized how hard his heart was beating, deafening inside of his head, resonating so loudly a headache grew beneath his forehead.

How sick he felt.

It was only when they made their way outside of the clone’s headquarters and back into the laboratory that Jimin spoke up, leaving Jungkook to awkwardly stand beside the counter whilst he pulled out a large binder and hastily flipped through the pages.

“He never once said something like that. Never.”

Jungkook swallowed and took deep breaths, trying to calm his crazed heartbeat and the blaring thoughts in his mind that beckoned him to just leave and never look back. What had happened had been so quick, too fast to even register his actions or words, and as he recalled the events, he was incredibly ashamed. Incredibly unprofessional and impulsive. Almost cruel in the way he had used the clone’s weakness against himself.

“You pulled that out of him after one meeting. Fucking incredible.”

The younger man stared at nothing in particular, lost in his own thoughts as he remembered his harsh words, how his mind had instinctively and precisely dug into what had seemed to be the clone’s one true vulnerability. It had all clicked in his mind in the spur of the moment, and he had reacted before he could even consider, but it had seemed the results were good with the look on Jimin’s face. No matter how mean he had been, the scientist seemed ecstatic, and it only confused Jungkook even more.

Why did he feel so bad?

“You should go and grab something to eat and freshen up. You worked hard this morning. Good job.”

Jungkook nodded and turned, steps slow and lazy as he made his way out of the lab and into the corridor, replaying his encounter with 003 over and over in his mind. The clone’s lips, the feeling of his fingers digging into his skin, the pressure of his erect cock pressing against his own...

A shiver coursed through his weakened body when he stepped into the elevator, pushing the vulgar thoughts out of his mind and focusing on the last part of their encounter, on how crushed and desperate the clone had seemed when Jimin had entered the room. How his face had broken down into something so despaired when he had opened up, the harsh exterior quickly crumbling down with Jungkook’s speculations. There was a pang of guilt in his chest, and he had to remind himself that this was his job, that he was to get inside of their heads, no matter how human they might have seemed.

They aren’t normal humans. They aren’t real humans. They aren’t… human.

Jungkook walked past the kitchen and moved towards his bedroom instead, feeling more dirty than hungry. With a dazed mind, he sluggishly stepped across his bedroom and into the bathroom, nonchalantly pulling his damp clothes off of him and throwing them to the side. He caught a sight of himself in the long wall mirror, noticing nail marks against his hip and dark pink patches on the side of his neck. A bruise was starting to form on his thigh and he sighed loudly, bending down to open the shower.

The feeling of hands wrapping around his hips made him jump and he turned around, heartbeat kickstarting to new heights and eyes frighteningly darting across the empty room. That dark stare lingered in his mind and he closed his eyes, pressing the heels of his hand against his eyelids and taking several deep breaths, shaking off the dread and stepping into the shower.

Warm water his against his skin and he sighed in relief, dunking his head under the spray. It felt reassuring, comforting for his creeping thoughts, and he lost himself in the embrace of it, stretching his neck to let it fall on the tender surface of it.

No matter how his encounter with 003 had turned, the one question that tormented him the most was why Jimin had not intervened. The scene had clearly been going out of control, if it had not been for Jungkook’s last-minute plan it could have gone so, so wrong. So why had he not come in earlier? Why had he not stopped 003? Had he been waiting, just like Jungkook, for the clone to spill something? Had he seen what the younger man was attempting?

It was still morning but Jungkook was already drained, body weak and mind even weaker, unsure if he could even go on with the rest of the day. No matter how in control he had been in the last moments of their encounter, the minutes before that, he had been completely at a loss. If it had not been for his quick thinking, what would have happened? Would 003 have had his way with him?

Would he have let him?

Jungkook cursed and pressed his forehead against the cool tile wall of the shower, the image of 003 bleeding into his mind. He hated himself for it, he really did, but those dark, hungry eyes of his, every hard line and curve of his muscular body, the way his lips had felt against his neck, his fingers clawing at his skin and pressing him down to the ground…

Jungkook had not been touched in a while, and he would have lied if he had said he had not been at least slightly turned out by the rough embrace of the clone. It had shocked him, maybe even scared him a little, but also made a deep heat curl in the pit of his stomach. He hated himself for it, but it was a truth he had to face.

A dark flush spread across his face and he bit down on his lip, feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and every other synonym of the term.

It might have been fucked up, and even disgusting to be thinking of the clone in that way, but Jungkook could not help but consider the other way their meeting could have gone. What if he had not pushed him off? What if he had let 003 kiss and bite his neck, what if he had let him take his shirt off?

Would Jimin have stepped in? Or just watched?

A knock on the door snapped him out of his thoughts and he jumped in place, hand clutching onto the shower curtain and slightly pushing it to the side to glare at the door but keep his body covered.

“Jungkook? Are you alright?”

Jungkook looked down at his erection and sighed, shutting the water off before responding. “Yeah, I’ll be right out.”

Stepping out of the shower, he pulled on a white towel that hung on a hook and tied it around his hips, taking his dirty clothes and holding them in front of his crotch in hopes of hiding his arousal. He was not sure if Jimin had left, or why he was even there, actually, but he knew for a fact he did not want the man to catch him with a hard-on after what had happened.

Jimin was indeed still there, lab coat and glasses off, quietly sitting on Jungkook’s bed, going through the profile binder. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh,” Jungkook cleared his throat, awkwardly standing outside of the bathroom, unsure where to place himself, “I’m good.”

“Are you sure? What happened was intense. I’d understand if you were-”

“I’m okay. I promise.”

The last thing he wanted was pity from the scientist. He was supposed to be proving himself, to show Jimin he was capable of doing the job, and seeming weak would certainly not help with that. No matter the thoughts that haunted his mind he had to look as if it had not fazed him, as if he was not completely shaken up by it, and put on a calm and collected mask.

Jimin raised his eyebrows and considered Jungkook’s words, but seemed unsatisfied with his answer. The scientist tapped on the spot beside him, putting the binder aside.

“Come. Sit.”

Jungkook hesitantly stepped forward, hands still tightly pressing his used clothes against his cock that did not seem to want to soften in the slightest, embarrassingly sitting down next to the man, a good arm’s distance away.

“You were exceptional, Jungkook. I still can’t believe it.”

Jungkook swallowed and looked down at the knotted fingers he had placed on top of the bunched up clothes. “I-I mean it was obvious, I don’t really get how no one-”

“No one ever got him angry. If anything, they tried to calm him down. I could see what you were doing, which is why I didn’t step in.” Jimin’s left hand placed itself over Jungkook’s, and the younger man stilled at the touch. “You understand that, don’t you? I believed in you, and you proved me just how perfect you are for this job.” Jimin’s gaze held on tightly to Jungkook's and the younger man suddenly felt a little smaller. “You did good, Jungkook. I am so very pleased.”

Just as if he had been in his head, Jimin had answered his question. Jungkook nodded, understanding, and a slight feeling of pride blooming in his chest. He had done good, the scientist seemed beyond satisfied, so he had done his job, right? Everything was fine, and he was simply overreacting.

He did good, and that was all that mattered.

“I understand if you’re not up for the task today… You can just rest or-“

“Oh, n-no… I’ll do it.”

“I knew you were strong.” Jimin smiled and squeezed his hands, Jungkook ever so slightly shifting on the bed. “Let’s get you something to eat. I bet you’re starving.” He got up and walked towards the door, fingers curling around the knob. “Get dressed, I’ll go ahead and start cooking.”

Minutes later Jungkook found himself walking in the corridor outside of his bedroom, dressed in comfortable black slacks and a matching t-shirt. He fidgeted with his own fingers, cracking the knuckles and stretching them back, thinking about earlier but also what could possibly happen later. If he were to meet with more of the clones, he would have to clear his mind and stop thinking about the one that was currently taking over his thoughts.

He looked down at what he was wearing and snorted, the all-black outfit seeming just a little too fitting.

With that thought he stepped into the living area and heard a soft chuckle, resonating through the room like tiny silver bells would, and Jungkook wondered if that was how the scientist laughed when he was alone.

“Can you pass me the milk?”

Jungkook frowned and hid behind the staircase, peeking from his spot and eyeing the kitchen. He could see Jimin, but not who he was talking to, and as he stretched to get a better view, he tripped on the corner of the stair and fell face first to the floor.

Barely seconds passed and before he could even blink a second time hands were on him, one on his shoulder and the other on his cheek, turning his face towards the ceiling. Jungkook slowly opened his eyes, wincing at the ache in his shoulder that had thankfully taken the fall instead of his nose, trying to push himself up into a sitting position.


Pink hair, pink lips, and pink cheeks. Cute, puffy eyes worriedly staring back at him, a slight crease between his pale eyebrows. Perfect porcelain skin that seemed too soft to be real, too flawless to be true. Jungkook could only stare, suddenly forgetting about the pain in his arm, eyes darting between every part of the clone he could see.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

004 was the definition of adorable, full cheeks rounding with the concerned pout that stretched on his plump lips, small frame drowning in the oversized cream turtleneck he wore. “I-I’m fine, n-no hurt.”

The clone chuckled at his clumsy wording, moving to help him get up, and Jungkook faintly bowed before dusting the front of his pants when he was standing. “Thanks…” 004 brushed it off with his hands before reaching to straighten Jungkook’s shirt; pushing himself up on his tiptoes and pinching the fabric of his sleeves to put it back in place.

“You must be Jungkook?” The clone asked, bringing his index to his bottom lip and tilting his head to the side, eyes wide with inquiry. Jungkook glanced behind 004, to where Jimin stood behind the counter, seemingly too focused on his cooking to notice their encounter.

There was not even a glint of reaction on his face. The scientist seemed either deep in thought, annoyed, or angry. Very different from the warm smile that he had harbored just moments ago when visiting him in his bedroom. There was definitely something going on, but Jungkook chose to focus on the smaller clone that was impossible to ignore with his bubbly eyes, assuming that Jimin must have been thinking about his research.

“Yeah. That’s me,” Jungkook looked back to the clone, reaching forward to shake his hand. “And you must be 004.”

The clone smiled brightly, and Jungkook immediately noticed how it reached his gleaming eyes, just like Jimin’s did. “Yes! The one and only!” 004 took a hold of his hand, and the younger man could not help but note how it seemed smaller than the other clones’ hands. It felt and looked more delicate, and Jungkook only gave a slight shake before letting go. “Jimin and I were just making an omelet for you, it’s almost ready!”

Not giving him the time to answer, 004 wrapped his short fingers around Jungkook’s wrist and pulled him towards the dining table, pushing out a chair for him to sit. “Please wait patiently, you worked hard this morning.”

Jungkook sat down, confused but also pleasantly surprised. 004 was so kind, so gentle, so…

‘Human’ was the next word that came to his mind.

Jungkook swallowed and shifted in his seat, fingers anxiously tapping against the surface of the table as he watched the pair work in the kitchen. 004 was hovering around Jimin, watching with glimmering, admirative eyes how the scientist worked the omelet in the pan, cleaning things here and there and tidying up the counter as Jimin finished up.

Jungkook remarked that 004 seemed a little shorter, a little smaller than his creator, and he wondered how that was possible if they were supposed to be exact copies.

“Ah, perfect.”

Jimin slid the omelet onto a plate and 004 excitedly took it into his hands, bare feet quickly tapping against the floor as he made his way to the table, setting the food in front of Jungkook. “Bon appetit! I hope you like it!”

Jungkook shyly nodded and took the utensils that had already been placed on the table in his hands, cutting up a piece of the omelet whilst the clone sat down in front of him, intently staring at him as he put a bite into his mouth.

“Do you like it? Is it good?”

He swallowed down the bite and smiled, nodding and unable to hide the smile that spread on his lips. The clone seemed so eager to see his reaction, to know if he enjoyed it, just like a child would. It was cute beyond words, and Jungkook found himself blushing and staring back down at his plate, hastily pushing his fork into another piece of the fluffy, delectable omelet.

“Do you bake, Jungkook?”

“Hm,” he swallowed down his bite and set his fork on the table to grab the glass of water and take a sip from it, “I used to bake sometimes with my mom, but I have to say I’m kind of awful at it.”

“Now’s the perfect time to learn! You have a very good—if I may say so myself—baker right in front of you, and I’m in need of a partner!” The clone’s eyes shone so brightly, and on his lips was a smile sweet as honey that made Jungkook openly stare for a couple of seconds before responding.

“A partner? Had some plans in mind?”

The clone abruptly stood up and Jungkook distractedly glanced at him, trying to put more of the delicious food in his stomach without seeming impolite and breaking conversation. His stomach was growling, and the more he ate the hungrier he felt, but for some reason, he did not want to break eye contact with 004.

There was so much to take in, from the way he moved to the way he spoke. How he giggled and smiled, how everything he did was unquestionably charming.

004 came back with a recipe book in hand, quickly flipping through the pages with furrowed brows and the tip of his tongue peeking out of his full, rose lips. Without even noticing, Jungkook’s plate was empty, and he wondered just how he could have eaten such a big omelet so fast. He still felt in a daze, drained and mind blank, but the clone coming closer with the book opened on a specific page made him snap back to the present moment.

“See this one? The double chocolate cake? I want to make it for 005.”

“It looks delicious! Is there a special occasion?” The gleefulness in 004’s expression was contagious, and Jungkook found himself to be as happy as the clone at the idea.

It seemed to be a very decadent pastry, very fitting for any die-hard sweet tooth. Four layers of chocolate cake and thick chocolate buttercream, something sure to give anyone either cavities or diabetes.

“It’s gonna be his birthday tomorrow, so I thought I’d give him that as a gift.”

A birthday? What a strange concept. For them to be celebrating their birth like humans would, having only lived a couple of years. Did they even know how birthdays worked? Was Jimin the one to introduce them to the concept?

And before he knew it, Jungkook was behind the kitchen counter, hands covered in a mixture of flour, sugar, and butter, with a cheerful clone giggling at each and every one of his mistakes. “Kookie, you can’t just mix everything together, you need to mix the sugar and butter first and then add the other ingredients!”

“Ah… Shit, I’m sorry, 004-”

A spoonful of chocolate buttercream shoved into his mouth interrupted his sentence and he looked back at the clone with wide eyes, but nonetheless taking the frosting off the wooden spoon with his tongue.

“Is it good? Do you like it?”

Jungkook nodded, wiping a bit of it that had smeared on the side of his mouth with the back of his hand. “It’s really good, damn.” 004 seemed beyond please by his words, a soft flush spreading across his already rosy cheeks. “You’re really good.”

The clone smiled faintly before his teeth played with his bottom lip, nervously tucking it underneath them. He did not respond, instead taking the bowl from Jungkook and correcting his mistakes, mixing in the butter with the sugar before adding all other ingredients as he had clearly stated earlier.

Jungkook only watched him, wondering why he was suddenly so silent and flustered. Jimin cleared his throat and Jungkook looked back at the scientist sitting at the dining table, apparently busy noting down something on a messy, sketch-filled pad. That same bitter expression was etched into his face, and Jungkook frowned at the sight of it, deeply wondering what could possibly have happened between the time Jimin left his room and when he joined him in the kitchen.

He guessed it was not important if the scientist had not disclosed anything to him, and looked back to 004 who was still undeniably flustered.

“You had a good time with 004 today?”

Jungkook stilled, knife and fork ceasing all movement. The answer was obvious to him., as it should have been for the scientist that had been there the entire time. He had spent a good majority of the afternoon baking with the clone, getting to know him and how genuinely sweet and kind-hearted he was, a totally different encounter than he had previously experienced with 003. The only thing that had kept him from spending more time with him had been his lurking slumber, and he had decided to take a nap before dinner time.

The clone’s smile was stuck in his mind, those pink lips stretching wide across his face, showcasing that cute little crooked front tooth he had only then just noticed. Jungkook remembered how his heart had fluttered at 004’s last words before leaving, said so cheerfully and warmly.

See you tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Jimin cleared his throat before taking a sip of what Jungkook had counted to be his sixth glass of wine. The red flush spread across his cheeks showed he was passed beyond simply being tipsy, with the slurriness of his words and slowed down blinks of his tired eyes.

At least the man seemed happier, his previous irritated state erased with the help of alcohol.

“You two seem close already.”

“I guess we are. Hard not to when he’s so kind and patient.”

Jimin fiddled with the food on his plate, fork playing with the piece of meat that must have been lukewarm by now. Jungkook thought back to their encounter, to how he had thoroughly enjoyed it and been so surprised by 004’s bubbly personality, but especially as to how the clone had been allowed out of his living quarters.

“Do you often let the clones out?”

Jimin took a sip of his wine, let it sit on his tongue for a second before swallowing it. “Only when they’ve been good.”

The tone of his voice was cold, sharp, and Jungkook’s gaze flicked back down to his plate, hand reaching to his glass of beer, intimidated by the scientist’s eyes that had visibly darkened.

“Did you like it when he touched you?”

Jungkook choked on his drink, bringing the back of his hand to his mouth to keep more liquid from spewing out. He swallowed down the fizzy beer with difficulty, blinking back at Jimin who seemed so unphased by his own words, completely at ease.

“It was obvious he was flirting with you. So touchy. Always brushing up against your body, touching your arms or your hands.”

“I-I didn’t n-notice-”

“Of course you didn’t.” Jimin scoffed, taking another sip of his now emptied glass of wine. He reached for the bottle and Jungkook almost stopped him, but then stayed in place when he reminded himself he had no place to keep the scientist from drinking more.

“Do you like men, Jungkook?”

Jungkook stared down at his plate, heart hammering inside of his chest, palms getting sweaty just thinking about it. He had never thought of his encounter with 004 that way, not even considered it one second, but now that Jimin was bringing the topic on the table, he could not help but reflect on it. All his life he had kept it to himself, had told no one, but the man in front of him had seen right through him and pulled it out too easily.


“Are you a virgin?”

The utensils that had been tight in Jungkook’s left hand fell into the plate, and the younger man wiped his damp hands on top of his slacks as he swallowed down the little saliva in his dried up mouth. The scientist’s questions seemed too crazy to be true, for Jimin to assume such things and ask him without shame. A blazing heat spread through his face and he took another sip of beer, hoping the alcohol would help him relax, or, even better, forget.

“Uh, I don’t think that’s appropriate-”

“You don’t have to be ashamed, Jungkook.” Jimin got up from his chair, holding himself up straight on his wobbly legs with the help of the table. He took a large gulp of wine before settling his glass down on the smooth wooden surface and closing the gap between himself and Jungkook, the younger man’s breaths becoming shorter with each of his steps. “It’s alright to be inexperienced-”

Jimin’s legs gave in but Jungkook was quick to react, reaching out just in time to hold him up by his hips. Jimin snickered, eyelids drooping heavily atop his cheeks that only darkened.

“I think you should go to bed, Jimin. You’ve had a long day, and a little too much wine.”

“Only if you carry me.”

Jungkook took a deep breath and tried to ignore the underlying tone of the man’s words, bending down to swoop Jimin off his feet and into his arms. The scientist snuggled his head on his chest, and Jungkook hoped he would not be able to hear the loud thrumming of his heart, even if it would have been impossible not to.

He tried to ignore how Jimin's hand reached around his neck, how the man grazed his lips against the fabric of his shirt and took a deep breath, nose dug in the fabric.


When he flopped down on his bed, clothes peeled off his body and cast off to the side, he let out a loud sigh he had been holding in for too long. The last bit of him and Jimin’s conversation at the dinner table haunted his mind, and he anxiously fiddled with his fingers, teeth nibbling his bottom lip. Never would he have expected such a turn in discussion, especially when he had thought they would have gone more in depth about 004’s personality, not about the clone’s attraction to Jungkook.

And if Jungkook had liked it or not.

He had to admit he might have been overthinking it, and especially not scanning properly over the details with the fuzziness from alcohol that clouded his mind. The tips of his fingers felt a little numb and there was a pleasant, electrifying warmth coursing through his limbs; feelings he knew all too well meant he might have been a little past tipsy, too.

It was weird thinking about how this was his job. How interacting with clones and drinking beer over a gastronomic dinner cooked by a genius scientist was what he was being paid thousands upon thousands for.

He snorted and fiddled with the elastic band of his boxers, contemplating whether or not he should give more thought to his encounter with 003.

Eventually, sleep crept up in his mind and everything turned black.

Jungkook woke up. Well, he was not sure if he had actually woken up, mind too hazy to thoroughly think it through, and instead just assuming he must have been in a dream. He felt like he was floating, on a cloud of some sort, and the more he tried to focus, the more a sound in the background beckoned him.

Melody. Music. A piano.

His body reacted before he could think, left hand peeling off the duvet from his sweat-sheened body, feet slinging to the side and meeting with the cool hardwood floor of his bedroom. Jungkook pushed himself up, taking a couple of seconds to readjust from the quick movement, legs half-numb and feet clumsily taking him to the door and crossing its threshold.

He recognized the song. It was Debussy’s piece ‘Clair de Lune’, an enchanting melody that his mother would play before putting him to sleep. It brought back many fond memories, and he found himself smiling, humming along to the melody he knew all too well.

Every note of the piano pulled him closer, made him walk down the previously undiscovered corridor outside of his bedroom, deeper into their living quarters. With his hands he tried to rub out the slumber from his eyes, blinking slowly to make sense of what was around him, of the open doors that gave into rooms he had not seen before. An office, a library, varying spaces that Jungkook had not known even existed. But those were trivial right now, as all that clouded Jungkook’s mind was the bewitching music of the piano that only beckoned him to go and find it.

To sit at the foot of the pianist and lay his head on their lap, just as he had done with his mother.

The only room left was the one furthest down the hallway, with ajar, ebony double doors blocking his view. His fingers curled around the edge of one, slowly opening it and stepping inside of the room, not even taking a moment to peek beforehand. He was too caught up by the melody, too curious to see who’s deft fingers were playing such a meaningful so beautifully.

Even if it had been a dream, Jungkook needed to know.

He was not surprised when his eyes laid upon the man. The emotion that overcame him was complete admiration and awe, simply gazing at the magnificent sight that stood in front of him. With wide eyes and a hanging jaw, he distractedly closed the door behind him and closed the space between him and the grandiose ebony piano ever so slightly, so silent that the figure had not noticed him just yet.

Raw emotion and passion ran through the man’s limbs, dictating his every movement, every push of his digits against the black and white keys and every reaction of his body to the sound absolutely stunning. The musician let his head fall back, exposing the long, pale column of his neck, lips parted and eyes shut tight. He was lost in the music, lost in the moment, and Jungkook was lost in the sight of it all.

Breathtaking was the first word that came to his mind.

Perfectly coiffed silver hair harmonious with the paler tone of his skin, and piercing blue eyes that locked with Jungkook’s as soon as the clone realized he was not alone anymore. The music suddenly stopped and only the sound of Jungkook’s heavy breathing was audible, with the erratic rhythm of his heartbeat hammering loudly inside of his head.

The man got up, thin leg peeking from underneath his long, black satin robe with his first step. Jungkook could only stare, body completely immobile as his gaze trailed over the length of his thigh and up, stopping where the robe loosely hung over his chest. Alluring was an understatement as to what the man was, exuding confidence and sensuality in the most subtle way, just with the way he stood and the way his eyes faintly squinted, staring back at Jungkook as if he knew he had the younger man wrapped around his finger.

And he did. Jungkook was completely and utterly bewitched.

When he was but inches way, Jungkook stopped breathing. He held in the last puff of air in his lungs when soft, long fingers pressed his cheek, when a delicate palm cupped his jaw. He leaned into the touch, shaky breath finally escaping his dried lips as he gave into it, abandoned himself to the warmth and comfort of the embrace. The clone’s eyes were mesmerizing, an ice cold blue that cut right through him and pulled him even deeper, subdued to the deepness and… the humanity of them.

It was a dream, just a dream. He could give in. He would.

An inch closer and Jungkook stilled, eyes flicking back and forth between the clone’s eyes and his full lips, heartbeat fluttering to new speeds and palms twitching in anticipation. He could feel the man’s soft breathing tickling his chin, could smell the faint scent of lavender that clung to his skin.

They kissed, and Jungkook understood he was, in fact, not dreaming.

Chapter Text

It had not been pushed nor forced; the clone had simply caressed Jungkook’s lips with his own, delicately pressing them against his, waiting for a brief moment to see his reaction. It had been soft, slow, giving Jungkook the time to think a little, even though his blurred mind was too overwhelmed by everything to even begin to consider what had happened.

His body spoke for itself.

Following along the warmth that spread down his arms, Jungkook’s hand slid against the smooth material of the clone’s silken robe, fingers just barely grazing across 006’s exposed chest. The feeling that overcame him felt unreal; touching another person like this, so intimate and close.

And the space between them only decreased, their embrace becoming a little more confident, more comfortable. Jungkook’s right hand slipped its way behind the clone’s neck and he pulled him closer, consumed by the repressed want that had simmered in the pit of his stomach ever since his encounter with 003, and the ever-present curiosity of delving deeper into this stranger.

It felt wrong, and a creeping chill climbed up his spine with the thought of it, but it also felt really right.

He shivered when 006 finally touched him, fingertips trailing from his chest downwards, nails faintly scraping against his damp skin. Jungkook moaned when he felt the touch go even lower, digits curling around the hem of his underwear.

Jungkook broke the kiss and frowned, eyes flicking back and forth between the clone’s half-lidded gaze and his swollen, parted lips. The man seemed unreal, too beautiful to be true, and it suddenly hit him what was going on, what he was about to do.

“I-I don’t think-”

“Don’t think, Jungkook. Just feel.

His name rolling off 006’s tongue made him slightly confused, wondering how he could have known it without them meeting beforehand. But the clone kept him from responding with another kiss, this time deeper and rougher, 006 slipping his tongue between Jungkook’s lips and pressing himself against his heated body. Jungkook’s hands stilled and he hesitated, no matter the lust and want that clouded his weakened mind, reminding himself of where he was, what he was supposed to do…

How fucked up this all was.

He took a hold of the man’s hips and pushed him off, closing his eyes and focusing on calming his shallow breaths, the hammering beat of his heart. His body was fighting against his mind, obviously aroused and dominated by a deep, unfulfilled need that translated in the way he desperately clung to the clone’s body yet wanted him gone.

“You don’t want me?”

Jungkook shook his head and sighed, cursing himself for drinking so much, for not being able to fight against the urges that pulsed through his veins. “It’s not that, it’s just... I can’t- it’s not-”

“Am I not beautiful enough?”

“O-of course you are- You’re… ethereal.” Jungkook lost himself in the clone’s pale blue eyes, in the dim glow that reflected in his blown up, dark pupils. His hands fell to his sides in defeat, as he mustered the last of his self-restraint. “But that’s besides the point- ah, fuck-”

The clone’s grasp tightened around his growing erection, making Jungkook a mess of mumbles and moans, desperately trying to resist. To no avail, as he quickly realized there was no fighting against the subtle massage of 006’s fingers, slowly placing themselves over his shaft and stroking him through the thin fabric of his underwear. He relinquished in the feeling guiltily, biting down on his bottom lip and reluctantly glancing at the clone’s deft hand with widened eyes.

He lost all restraint when 006 pressed his lips against his neck, sticking his tongue out to lick up the column of it and reach his earlobe. His right hand instinctively reached to the back of the man’s head, fingers digging into the nape of his neck and pulling him closer.

“Give in to me, Jungkook,” the clone’s words were whispers, his soft breath tickling his ear and making a sharp shiver course through Jungkook’s neck and down his heated body, “You know you want to.”

“W-we,” Jungkook struggled to find the right words, believing it was now or never to try and convince the clone that this was wrong, that what they were doing was wrong, “d-don’t even k-know each other-”

“Does that stop people from having sex, Jungkook?”

Jungkook’s mind clung to the word spoken before his name, stifling a groan that threatened to climb up his throat. He had not thought about that, never even considered that was what their actions would result in. The grasp around his now fully erect cock tightened and he let out a faint moan, rapidly blinking to try and focus on what was in front of him, to try and remind himself what he was trying to do.

“N-no b-but-”

“Then what’s the problem?”

The clone was now facing him, barely an inch away from his face, gazes locked. As they stared into the other’s eyes, 006 slipped his hand underneath Jungkook’s underwear, watching as the younger man’s traits softened, how his jaw hung low and his eyebrows furrowed.

Jungkook gave in to the pleasure, head naturally falling back and eyes squeezing shut, mind completely consumed by the mesmerizing feeling of 006’s fingers wrapping around his length and slowly pumping him. Every movement made the warmth in his groin grow and spread throughout his entire body, legs becoming weaker with every twist in the clone’s wrist.

Give in to me, Jungkook.


Jungkook cupped 006’s face with both his hands, surprising the clone and making him stumble back. They moved, lips locked, until the robed man’s back hit against the piano, his hands clutching to the edge of it as Jungkook’s lips commenced trailing lower, from his chin to his jaw, from his neck to his collarbone.

With every kiss, 006 moaned, and with every moan, Jungkook’s lust flourished. Everything about the clone was flawless, and he wanted to see more, to feel more underneath his electrified, eager fingertips. As much as his mind was hazy with the lingering alcohol in his system and the ever-growing desire that clouded his uncertain beliefs, his body had never felt more alive.

Jungkook wanted to taste and touch every inch of the clone.

Not a single thought crossed his mind when he slipped the robe off the clone’s shoulders, letting it fall to the ground and pool around his feet. He acted on pure impulse, dominated and controlled by longing and hunger, by the evident passion in 006’s eyes.

The clone had been wearing nothing under his robe, and Jungkook groaned at the sight of his naked glory. His body was just as perfect as his face, thin and soft as if carved from the purest marble. Jungkook’s hands moved from the man’s chest downwards, feeling goosebumps grow beneath his admirative touch, eyes staring at every curve and line of his impeccably sculpted body.

“You're the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

006’s cheeks flushed a deep shade of red and he turned his head to the side, embarrassed, ever so slightly leaning back onto the piano’s lid when Jungkook’s hands trailed lower than his hips. Jungkook bent his knees and reached for the man’s thigh with his mouth, leaving a single, chaste kiss before dragging his tongue across the top of it, stopping just as he was about to meet with the clone’s erect, throbbing cock.

Jungkook glanced up, on his knees and hands wrapping around the sides of 006’s thighs. “Can I?”

006 shyly nodded and covered his mouth with his two hands tightly clenched into fists, intently staring at Jungkook who leaned closer and closer, lips parting and fingertips digging deeper into his warm skin.

Jungkook took the tip into his mouth, gently sucking on it before taking a little more and pulling a string of faint moans and whimpers from the clone. Working his way deeper and sucking harder, 006 finally let go of his momentary bashfulness and took a hold of Jungkook’s head, fingers losing themselves in the soft brown hair and faintly tugging on it. His head fell back when Jungkook’s upper lip tickled his pubis, the muscles in his legs clenching and entire body tensing with the feeling of the tip of his cock hitting the back of Jungkook’s throat.

Tears pooled in Jungkook’s eyes and he pulled back, coughing once and trying to catch his breath, one of his hands reaching to wipe the excess drool that had dripped down his chin. The clone could only watch, paralyzed by the sight of such an enticing, larger man on his knees in front of him.

“Turn around.”

Jungkook was lost. Completely lost in the touch, the taste, the scent. Everything was clashing inside of his mind but he did not care, only abdicated to the domineering need of his body, of the primal want that dictated for him to give in completely to the man that so openly offered himself. That had successfully seduced him no matter the doubt and debate going on in his brain, that had pulled him into a headspace he had not been sure he was capable of reaching.

Without a word, 006 obeyed. He turned himself slowly, only for Jungkook to press down on his shoulders and make him bend over the piano, chest, and cheek flattened against the smooth, shiny surface.

A loud, drawn-out moan escaped his lips when Jungkook licked over his asshole, hands spreading his ass. His tongue rolled around and pushed a little inside, making the clone melt into the cold lid of the piano, breaths quickening and deepening with every lick.

Jungkook groaned in between the clone’s cheeks, fingers kneading the plush, soft skin of his ass and pushing his tongue in deeper, making sure to leave enough saliva to get it nice and wet. The more he tasted the man, the more he felt out of control, abdicating to the want that had been so present yet so silenced within his mind. He had desperately tried to bury it, but now that it had resurfaced, and with such force, there was no more trying to ignore it.

The moans became strident, turning into whines and unspoken pleas, and Jungkook smirked, intently listening to the beautiful sounds that rolled off the clone’s tongue. Every mewl was delightful, making Jungkook’s cock throb and ache even more, and he slipped a finger in to make them even louder.

He could feel the clench around his single digit, sucking it in completely. A deep shudder crawled up the clone’s spine and he gasped, closing his eyes to focus all of his attention on Jungkook’s long finger pushing in and pulling out ever so slowly, torturously.

Jungkook watched the ring of muscle stretch around his finger, and he let a heavy drop of saliva drip over the clone’s asshole when he quickened his pace. The ache in his cock became too much, unbearable when 006’s lusty moans resonated throughout the vast room, and he pushed his underwear down enough to wrap his free hand around his length, slowly stroking himself before slipping a second finger in.

Fuck- J-Jungkook, I-”

His words were quickly cut off when Jungkook curled his fingers down, rubbing against the sensitive prostate of the clone, turning 006 into a sobbing, begging mess. The previously confident, daring facade of the man had broken down into a whimpering wreck, the clone’s hips unintentionally bucking with every hit from the hilt of Jungkook’s fingers hitting against his tender asshole.

Hypnotized by the sight, Jungkook stood up and abruptly pulled his fingers out, watching the clone’s stretched hole twitch from the sudden lack of fullness. His hands settled back on 006’s ass and he slid his cock in between the cheeks, slowly thrusting to rub the underside of his shaft against the clone’s wet hole. The quicker he went, the deeper his nails clawed into the skin, and the thought of bruising such delicate, flawless skin sent him into overdrive.

Jungkook aligned his cock with the clone’s entrance, leaning down to let more saliva drool onto his puckered asshole before pushing the tip in.

“Oh my fuck-”

Jungkook groaned as he pushed himself deeper and the clone’s whines heightened, fingers desperately clawing against the polished surface of the ebony piano, short, broken breaths fogging his reflection. Jungkook’s head fell back, concentrated on the riveting feeling of being sucked in, of the clone’s ass tightening around his shaft in pulses.

With a single, harsh thrust, he made the clone yelp, and from then on he never slowed down his rhythm. Thrust after thrust he only went deeper, harder, making tears brim in the clone’s eyes and a cascade of hopeless mewls climb up his throat. Jungkook was too deep in his lust, abandoning himself in the exquisite, delicious feeling and tightness of 006’s ass, forgetting all about his previous concerns and hesitation. All he felt was pleasure and warmth; an overcoming, controlling heat that invaded his mind and coursed through his every limb.

Jungkook leaned down and licked up the clone’s spine, collecting a bit of sweat with his tongue and reaching over with a hand to pump 006’s neglected cock. With the taste of lavender clinging to the tip of his tongue, he stroked the clone faster, mimicking the pace of his thrusts, taking only a few seconds before 006 found his peak.

“I’m- I- can’t- I’m-”

The clone’s entire body shivered beneath Jungkook’s, legs almost giving in as he came in quick spurts, properly covering Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook kept on stroking him through his orgasm, making the clone whine and moan so loudly it was almost deafening, body trembling heavily and chest heaving from the lack of oxygen in his lungs.

“Ah, fuck-”

Jungkook found his own release, buried deep in the clone’s ass. He groaned when come spilled out of his cock, pace turning into a broken rhythm, hips slowly rolling and eyes focused on the sight of 006’s asshole stretched pink around his length.

006 was breathing heavily, body limp against the lid of the piano, hazed stare locked with nothing in particular, just lost in whatever stood at the end of the room.

Jungkook pulled himself out and watched his come follow, spilling out of the clone’s asshole and trailing down his stretched legs, dripping down his flushed thighs and ultimately onto the floor. He could only stare, lost in the aftermath of his climax, sweat-coated chest rising and falling with each deep breath he took to recenter himself, to come back from the overwhelming pleasure he had just felt.

The trance he had been enthralled by slowly seeped out of his mind and he stood, immobile, staring down at the man he had just fucked. Everything hit him at once and he stumbled back on his feet, regret instantly hitting him in the gut and making a bitter taste spread on the back of his tongue.

006 pushed himself up and turned around, looking back at Jungkook with furrowed brows, but traits still soft and relaxed. “Jungkook?”

“I-I’m so sorry, 006, I shouldn’t-” He pulled his underwear back up, spreading come all over the fabric, and hid his eyes in the crook of his elbow, trying not to give in to the panic that threatened to overcome him, “I should’ve have done this, we shouldn't have- I’m so sorry, I have to go-”

The clone stood up and reached over to Jungkook, resting a hand on his forearm in comfort. “Why are you reacting like this? You didn’t like it?”

“N-No, that’s not it, it’s just, it’s wrong-”


“Because you’re… you’re…” Jungkook stopped himself, unsure of where he was going, lowering his arm to glance at the seemingly confused clone.

“What am I?”

Jungkook stopped, arm falling to his side. “You’re… you’re not…”


The clone’s hand moved from Jungkook’s forearm to his own mouth, thumb brushing against his bottom lip, eyes flicking to the side and evading Jungkook’s remorseful gaze. He seemed to be thinking, and Jungkook stood, silent, waiting for the man to speak. He was at a loss for words, unsure what to answer, wondering what the clone was feeling in that moment.

If he even felt something.

006 looked down at his own body, running his hands over the smooth plane of his chest and stomach, then glancing up at Jungkook's body. “We have the same body. Why am I not considered human, then?”

Jungkook had no answer. All he could think of was how Jimin had told him, even repeated how these clones were not really human, just mere copies. But what made them different? Same body, same functioning, complicated brain. So what was so different? What was he even supposed to reply?

“Isn’t this what humans do? Have sex?” The clone’s head tilted to the side, brows furrowed and lips slightly parted. “Doesn’t that make me human?”

“I-I’m sorry, 006, I don’t think I can answer-”

“Is the beat of my heart human? The attraction I feel towards you… human?”

Jungkook shook his head, fingers going up to his temples to massage them slowly as his brain kick-started, thoughts clashing together and desperately trying to come up with an answer that would satisfy the clone but not put himself in trouble.

“Did I feel like a normal human? Did I act like one?”

“Y-you did, 006.”

The clone turned around and picked his robe off the floor, stretching his arms through the loose sleeves and fastening the silk belt tightly around his waist. “Good. He’ll be pleased, then.”

Jungkook watched, baffled and deeply puzzled as the clone circled around him and made his way out of the room without another word, opening the door and crossing its threshold without looking back once. The door closed and Jungkook stared at the piano, mind buzzing and too loud for him to concentrate, to properly think about what had just happened.

Who had the clone been talking about? He? Who was ‘he’?

After a short moment of confusion and internal debate, he also walked out of the room, feet unconsciously bringing him to his room where he let himself fall on top of his bed, both mind and body completely drained and only yearning for a good night’s rest.

Jungkook woke up, and the first thing he felt was the ache of his parched mouth and throat. He lazily stretched himself, making a couple of bones crack and pop with the movement. He pushed himself up and ran a hand through his hair, moving it back and off his sweaty forehead. With a loud exhale he glanced around his bedroom, unsure what time of the day it was, if it had been one hour or ten that he had been sleeping.

When his eyes met his nightstand, he noticed a glass of water that had definitely not been there the night before, and he mentally thanked whoever had been so thoughtful. He quickly came to realize it was obviously Jimin since no one else could have had access to their living quarters anyways.

He stopped, memories from the night abruptly flashing back into his mind, slowly swallowing down the mouthful of cool water.


The first thing he thought of was how the clone had found himself there. Jimin had been clear on how they rarely left their own living quarters, saying how they only could if they had been ‘good’. And even then, Jimin was there in presence, always looking over and observing, as he had with Jungkook and 004’s encounter.


And then came the clone’s words. How he had reacted to Jungkook’s panic, wondering if he had acted human, if he had felt like one. It had all been so confusing and even slightly disconcerting, how he had asked that as if looking for approval, for Jungkook to confirm he had seemed… human.

He’ll be pleased.

Who had the clone been talking about? Jungkook? Himself? Another clone?


Afterwards was the realization of what he had done, of how the clone had turned to seduction upon first meeting him. Not even a single word shared and 006 had just... kissed him. Out of the blue. It made no sense, really, and Jungkook dug through his memory to recall the clone’s profile, but nothing seemed to explain what had happened, how he had acted.

Nothing made sense, and it only worsened Jungkook’s looming headache.

The worst part of all was going out of his room and facing Jimin, knowing very well there was a great possibility that the scientist knew. He interacted with the clones often enough, and surely they would not keep such secrets from him, would they?

He felt so powerless, like the biggest idiot for doing what he had done. It had been so careless, reckless, and downright stupid. He had put his credibility and even entire job at risk by letting himself go like that, by being seduced by a scientific experiment he was supposed to study, not fuck.

Another loud sigh escaped his lips and he reluctantly stood up from his bed, nonchalantly slipping his underwear off and kicking them to the side. His entire body was sweaty, which only meant he either had a very stressful, fear-inducing dream, or a very dirty, sexual one. The lack of a boner made him consider the first option a little more, but with what had happened during the night, he did not doubt the possibility of the second option.

Whatever it had been, he was thankful not to have any memory of it.

After a quick shower and change into clean, similar clothes to the previous day, he hesitantly walked out of his room and into the corridor, head hanging low and regret clouding his mind.

When he stepped into the kitchen, he was not expecting to see Jimin smiling brightly with a champagne flute in hand, raising it towards the ceiling. There was another flute on the counter, filled with a bubbly, orange drink, which Jungkook could only assume was a mimosa.

“Is there a special occasion?”

Jimin shook his head before taking a sip and handing the other glass over to Jungkook, a certain gleam in his eye. “The best cure for a hangover is more alcohol, didn’t you know?”

Jungkook laughed nervously, gladly taking the flute in his own hand and cheering with Jimin before they both took a sip, in sync. The fact that Jimin was so cheerful and bright must have meant he knew nothing of what had happened, and so a little weight was off Jungkook’s shoulders. He felt like he could breathe a little better, and he finished the drink before even realizing he had been sipping on it without halt.

The scientist’s gleefulness was contagious, and Jungkook found himself smiling after a short moment of being in Jimin’s company. The man walked to the fridge and pulled out the two ingredients, pouring themselves another glass that was much more champagne than orange juice and finishing it as quickly as they had done with the first.

“So, the plans for today.”

Jungkook swallowed down his gulp and set the glass down, reminding himself that he was technically still working, no matter the circumstances.

“It’s pretty late, and the clones are preparing 005’s birthday dinner, so you’re free until then.”

Jungkook frowned, turning around to glance at the wall clock that indicated it was five past three in the afternoon. He blinked twice, slowly, not believing how much he had slept, and turned back to face the scientist with an apologetic pout.

“Ah, don’t worry about it, there was not much to do today anyway. I’m glad you got some good rest, you deserve it!”

Jimin raised his glass again and Jungkook fumbled to take his own and clink glasses, once more, before they downed them harmoniously.

“Dinner starts at six o’clock sharp in the clone’s living quarters, make sure to be there on time.” Jimin let his glass down on the counter and cracked his knuckles, circling around Jungkook. “Until then, I have a couple of things to look over, so I’ll be in my lab if you need me. Feel free to look around, explore; do what you want.” Jimin turned his back to Jungkook and walked through the living room, and Jungkook was about to look inside the fridge before the scientist spoke up one last time.

“There’s a beautiful piano room not far from your bedroom. You should check it out.”

Jungkook’s hand stopped, hovering over the refrigerator handle, heartbeat instantly hammering faster. He could hear Jimin’s footsteps, the sound of the elevator making its way to their floor and the doors opening, only for them to close and leave Jungkook in total silence.

He took a deep breath, hoping to God that it was but a coincidence, that Jimin really knew nothing of what had happened and had only proposed for him to go there by interest. Maybe Jimin knew that his mother had played piano, and that was why he had said so? Or maybe it was because of Jungkook’s interest in the jazz music from two nights ago?

He tried and tried to convince himself that it was such, and he suddenly felt a little less hungry, opting for a granola bar and a bottle of water instead of a full meal.

Jungkook spent the rest of his free time doing just as Jimin had said, exploring and discovering every part of his living quarters. From the inside pool and gym to the extravagant and impressive library that he remembered noticing during the night, hundreds and even thousands of books of all sorts neatly placed into grand bookcases made from dark mahogany. He had found himself curiously looking through some of them, stumbling upon scientific journals and fantasy books, going from theories behind the human brain and its motivations to adventure-filled medieval tales with sword fights and dragons.

Not until there were thirty minutes left did Jungkook realize that he would be in a room with all of the clones and Jimin together. That he would be faced with five copies of a man, and that man in question himself, identical yet so different in many ways.

Jungkook’s mind brought him to all the encounters he had had with the clones as he made his way to the elevator, how strikingly distinctive they had been, how they had each left such an… impression on him. Every meeting had been surprising in its own way, and he really wondered how the dynamic would be in a group setting.

Would they act differently? How would they interact with Jungkook?

Thinking about it would amount to nothing as he had no idea what would possibly happen, as it seemed that no matter his initial theories about the clones with the help of their profiles, he never could have predicted their encounters.

Jungkook stepped into the elevator and sighed, massaging the sides of his head as he thought everything over, and he recalled all of what had happened in just two days, wondering how the hell he was supposed to live there for three months when he had pretty much already fucked his chances on his second day of work.


Absolutely nothing made sense, and as a result, Jungkook grew more anxious, even bothered. There were so many questions in his mind, some he knew he could not speak aloud, and the lack of answers made a bitter taste bleed at the back of his tongue.

Jungkook sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, blaming his growing grumpiness on his hangover and the little food he had consumed.

Yet his mood only worsened when he thought about how, sooner or later, Jimin would learn of what had happened, and Jungkook would promptly be fired. All he could do was wait until it would hit and make the most of his time left in this luxurious facility in the meantime.

To pile onto that, how was he supposed to face 006 after what had happened between them? How was he supposed to look into 003’s dark eyes without remembering the way his nails had grazed against his torso and how his lips had sucked on the skin of his neck?

He let out a breath he had been holding when he reached the bottom floor, hesitantly stepping outside of the elevator. Every step heightened his anxiety, and he hopelessly tried to calm down his anticipating nerves. Showing up to a birthday party being so bitter and stressed would certainly not help his case.

Jungkook forced himself to smile.

Jungkook was not sure what he had expected when he walked into the clone’s living quarters, strutting into the main hall as casually as he could have.

Certainly not six men chatting and smiling, all happily gathered around a table topped with tens of dishes that all seemed better than the others. Grilled meat and vegetables, numerous bowls of rice and fresh lettuce all accompanied by an overwhelming quantity of mouth-watering side dishes. The sight of it made Jungkook’s stomach grumble, and he was eager to fill it up, momentarily disregarding his previous stressed state of mind as he considered what he would taste first.

He almost nervously laughed out loud when he realized how dirty that sounded, especially with 006 staring directly at him, recollections of his shared night with him slapping back into his mind. 003’s presence did not help in the slightest either, but he was evading that particular clone’s existence like the plague, knowing all too well he was… affected by him.

004 immediately stood up from his seat when he noticed Jungkook’s arrival, thankfully pulling the younger man out of his lascivious thoughts, flashing him a heartwarming smile that helped ease him into the festive atmosphere.


The clones and Jimin turned simultaneously, and the sight in front of Jungkook could both have been from a nightmare and a dream.

Those identical, slanted and distinct eyes staring back at him, bodies halting in the midst of their actions to turn towards him. That same small nose, those same cheekbones and sharp jaws, those identical plush rose lips all parted in interest. The little moles on his forehead and cheek, the wide palms and short fingers of their hands.

Times six.

Seeing them individually, it had been harder to note just how dead-alike they really were. They had seemed more disparate when meeting one on one, Jungkook easily picking up on the variation rather than the resemblance.

But now, seeing them together like that, he felt a little overwhelmed.

The six piercing gazes fixated on him and only him. He felt as if they knew everything he had ever said and done; like they could all see right through him, and he ultimately wondered just how much they talked to each other.

About how they felt. What they did.

Did they know what had happened with 003? Did they know what he had done to 006? How close he had gotten to 004?

Surprisingly enough, it was Jimin who unnerved him the most. He was not smiling, just sipping on a glass of white wine, squinted eyes scanning him from down up. It was obvious he knew, in the way he seemed to judge and even, if he dared assume, despise Jungkook, and the younger man’s previously confident frame cowered onto itself.

“H-hi, everyone.” It was weird, feeling so small and powerless when he was usually so sure of himself. “Hey 005, I’m Jungkook, happy birthday!”

“Oh, I’ve heard about you. Thanks!”

Jungkook blinked and froze in place, his warm smile quickly turning awkward.

“Join us.” Jimin’s words were cold, and he motioned with his chin to the only empty chair around the table. “Sit.”

Jungkook wanted to turn around and run out the door in shame, as the seat he had pointed to was placed right in between 006 and 003. It was obviously not a coincidence, Jungkook was well aware of that, and he momentarily glared at Jimin who now smiled all-knowingly, before pulling the chair back and sitting down with his head hanging low.

The tension was palpable, and Jungkook could still feel Jimin’s glare burning right through him. He felt slightly angry, as Jimin was undoubtedly doing this on purpose, pushing him into a corner where he felt defenseless, like a prey, instead of talking about it like mature adults should do.

Mind games. Just like Jungkook had done to 003.

Jimin knew, and he was toying around with Jungkook so easily. There was nothing the younger man could do but obey, but play along and be the victim until they would speak of it one on one. There was a lot Jungkook wanted to ask, and he would not let the man leave until he had his answers.

“Please, everyone, dig in!”

Jungkook mentally thanked 004 for breaking the awkward silence, and he mechanically leaned forward to grab a bowl of rice and chopsticks, afterward putting side dishes and slabs of grilled beef and pork onto his plate. He focused on the food, putting bite after bite into his mouth and zoning out, silently munching and relinquishing in the delicious taste, occasionally glancing up and around at the clones and Jimin that had sprung back into the conversation.

The following hour went well; everyone ate until their stomachs were full, small talk the main topic of conversation. Turned out that most of the clone’s days were spent just participating in their own hobbies or discovering new ones, reading books and constantly learning, sucking up information. That could have explained the immensity of Jimin’s library, how they all seemed to have knowledge of things clones with no experience in the real world should not have known.

Even though things went smoothly, Jimin was still impassive. Silently, continuously sipping on his glass of wine that never seemed to go empty, the only difference in his traits being the soft pink flush that spread over his cheeks and nose. Other than that, there was no softness to his face. He seemed annoyed or deep in thought, and Jungkook could only wonder why.

If Jungkook were to be honest, Jimin had really started to irritate him. Keeping his thoughts a secret from him when they were supposed to be colleagues, maybe even starting to become friendly. Just the night before Jimin had been asking all these intrusive questions and cuddling up to him in his arms, and now he was ignoring him with a bothered look on his face.

Jungkook was on edge and hoped dinner would end sooner rather than later.

What made him almost lose it was when he felt a hand settle on his knee, fingers ever so slightly squeezing it. His hands stilled in place, a piece of meat stuck in between chopsticks hovering in front of his opened mouth, eyes widening with the touch and immediately looking down to the arm that had slipped past his vision.

It was the wine that grounded him, that distracted his buzzing mind, every gulp keeping his attention off the hand that kept moving higher, smoothing towards his inner thigh. Yet he never thought that the alcohol would only heighten his arousal, making his cheeks flush a deep shade of red and legs clench together underneath the table.

“Gift time!” 004 pulled Jungkook out of his daze, making his head snap up and the clones hastily move to get their wrapped presents.

But 003 did not move an inch, fingers still stuck in between Jungkook’s firm, slightly trembling thighs.

Did he not have a gift for 005?

Jimin’s gift was a new camera, most likely the newest on the market with how luxurious and expensive it looked, accompanied by a set of zooms and gadgets Jungkook could not really place with his lack of knowledge in all things photography.

001’s gift was an empty photo album with a box of Polaroid papers, and Jungkook noticed they were the same size as the ones in Jimin’s profile binder. Had 005 been the one to take those pictures?

006’s gift was a CD of cheerful songs that the silver-haired clone had described as ‘perfectly fitting for his bubbly personality.’

004’s gift was the birthday cake that looked even better than the one he and Jungkook had baked together. Jungkook assumed the clone had not been impressed with their own creation that seemed like a beat-up version of that one, and had, in result, made another to keep his status as an exceptional baker untouched. Jungkook had to admit he had messed up the recipe, and that it had looked nothing like the fluffy pastry illustrated in the book nor the one that was placed in the middle of the table, but 004 had reassured him and told him it would be delicious.

A little white lie never hurt anyone.

Jungkook was surprised to see how genuinely fond they seemed of each other, how 005 smiled brightly and thanked them all with a hug, holding them all tightly and even leaving a loud kiss on 004’s cheek after he had brought the cake. The birthday boy was so eager to cut it, and everyone either giggled or smiled at his excitement, holding out their plates to welcome the huge pieces 005 would drop into them.

Except Jimin. He never laughed. Never even smiled.

Jungkook absentmindedly ate his own piece, unsure if he could even finish such a serving after all he had eaten during dinner. He felt a little light-headed, the seventh glass of wine hitting him a little harder than he would have thought, body faintly swaying left and right, clumsy hands dropping the fork or awkwardly fumbling with the glass of wine Jimin kept on filling for him.

At some point, he wanted to laugh. How crazy the image in front of him was, how improbable the scene he was participating in seemed. He was sitting at a table surrounded by clones and their creator, drinking wine and eating a delectable slice of chocolate fudge cake. He had fucked one of the clones, almost got fucked by another, and his mind was wondering if that could have happened with any of the others, too.

Comedy gold. Truly hilarious.

003 abruptly stood up, making everyone turn silent and gawk at him. Only Jimin seemed unfazed, putting a bite of the cake in his mouth and nonchalantly munching it, the faintest twitch in one of the corner’s of his mouth passing unseen.

“Come, I have a gift for you, too.”

The black-haired clone offered his hand to 005, and Jungkook stared with wide eyes as 005 swallowed hard and lowered his head, but nonetheless obeyed. He put his hand over 003’s palm and stood up, quickly following behind him as the older clone pulled him farther into the room and past an open door’s threshold, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

“Jungkook, did you like our cake?”

Jungkook turned back, eyes wide and jaw hanging, mind stuck on guessing what 003’s gift possibly could be. It must have been something big for him not to be able to bring it to the table. Maybe it was a piece of furniture or something he could not actually move. Maybe it was something he had to keep plugged or was hooked up to another object.

Maybe it was a secret.

004 had moved beside him, sitting in 003’s previous spot, smiling pretty with his small hands shyly knotted atop his thighs. Jungkook shook off his curious inquiries and focused on the clone facing him instead, since it was actually impossible to guess, smiling softly and nodding at him.

“It was delicious, 004, thanks to you.”

004 giggled and hid his mouth with the oversized sleeves of his gray sweater. It was hard not to giggle back with the alcohol in his veins making him feel all warm and fuzzy, the feeling only heightened with the adorable presence of 004.

They chatted as 001 and 006 cleared the table, 004 telling Jungkook all about how he had prepared the meal during the entire day and cooked with the help of Jimin, whom still sat silently across the table, watching the pair talk with a spine-chilling glare. Another glass of wine found itself in Jungkook’s hand without him noticing and he casually sipped on it, feeling thirsty but having nothing else to drink.

“Jungkook, would you kindly go and find 003 and 005? They’ve been gone for quite a bit.”

Jungkook frowned, but complied, reluctantly leaving 004’s comforting presence and going out to find the pair. He had not noticed how much time had passed since they had left, but guessed it must have been long enough for Jimin to propose he should go out and find him.

Why had he not done so himself?

He shrugged it off, too intoxicated to care, walking through the main rooms he barely knew with wobbly legs, trying his best to remember the makeshift plan he had used to get to 003’s training room. Where was he even supposed to look? They could have been anywhere, really, and Jungkook guessed he would have to look through every room to find them. The more he thought about it, the more light-headed he felt, so he stayed unbothered and started opening doors at random.

At his fifth attempt, he luckily found exactly what he was looking for.

But not at all what he was expecting.

Jungkook’s stare trailed over 005’s curled body, over the black roped tightly digging into his flushed, sweat-sheened skin. How his hair stuck to his damp forehead and a sliver of drool dripped down his gagged mouth, making its way to the wet stain on the bed sheets. His gaze was glued to the red blush of the clone’s cheeks, how his eyes could barely stay open, rolling back into his head with every violent thrust from 003 behind him.

The other clone was fucking him, rough and deep, hips slapping loudly against the bruised skin of his ass. The position seemed uncomfortable, hands fastened behind his back and calves tied to his thighs, the ropes on his chest connected to the ones atop his legs, making it impossible for him to move an inch without toppling to the side.

Yet 005 seemed completely overcome with pleasure, whining and moaning in a way that made the hairs on Jungkook’s arms rise and mouth turn dry.

003 slapped 005’s ass, hard, making the younger clone cry out and whine in such a lewd, broken down manner that Jungkook could not help but gasp in response.

Both from shock and envy.

The black-haired cloned noticed Jungkook’s presence and his head quickly turned towards him, a wicked smirk spreading on his lips. He gave one final, sharp thrust inside of 005’s asshole, groaning loudly and digging his fingers into the tender skin of his butt before pulling out. Jungkook stared at the string of come that connected the tip of 003’s cock to 005’s ass that seemed filled with the substance, as a thick gush dripped down his perineum and further down his balls, dribbling onto the bed.

Jungkook stood in the entrance, absolutely paralyzed, swallowing down hard when 003 jumped off the bed and walked towards him, pushing back his ebony, wet bangs off his forehead. A thick coat of sweat covered his entire body, glistening under the faint glow of the dimmed down lights, every hard line of his muscles enticingly peaking out and taunting the weak self-restraint of Jungkook’s mind.

“W-what is going on?” Jungkook mumbled, barely able to formulate any other question as his eyes skimmed over 003’s alluring figure.

No matter his questionable personality, Jungkook had to admit that 003 was the living definition of sexy, with his perfectly toned torso and thick, muscular thighs. With his plump, parted lips and dark, dominating eyes. With his pitch black hair and strong brows, beautiful golden skin that only complimented the entirety of his seductive beauty and made him that much more enticing.

It was in the way he walked, confident and powerful, every hit of his foot on the floor making shivers run up Jungkook’s spine in apprehension of what was to come. It was in the way his shoulders squared and his chin was held up high as if he had all the power in the world and no one could stop him. His aura was unlike anyone else’s, making Jungkook submit just at the sight of him, and he hated himself for abdicating so quickly, so easily.

“My birthday gift.”

Jungkook felt himself slip deeper as 003 came closer, closing the space between them and making the air around the motionless man thicker, harder to breathe. His heartbeat had grown erratic, hammering inside of his chest and threatening to rip through the flesh the more he took in the scene, momentarily glancing back to 005 who seemed completely spent on top of the bed, body battered and bruised and tied tight.

“Have you ever been tied up, Jungkook?”

Jungkook immediately shook his head, not even thinking over his possible answers or trying to talk back as he instinctively lowered his gaze, not daring to look into those dark eyes that had haunted him for the past two days. The commanding tone of the clone’s deep, sultry voice intimidated him, and he fidgeted with his own fingers, anxiously waiting for 003 to go on.


It was an order. Jungkook swallowed.


Jungkook could feel 003’s hot breaths tickling his lips, and he squirmed at the feeling, remembering how they had felt against his neck. Just the feeling of 003’s body being so close was enough to make him whimper, to make his toes curl against the floor.

“No who?

Jungkook’s eyes darted up, and he immediately regretted it when he noticed how close 003 was, how his stare was piercing right through him, pinning him down into a state of mind he had never explored before, had never delved into. It was slightly frightening, but also unusually exciting.

“No, Sir.”

The daunting grin that spread on the clone’s lips made a deep warmth pool in the pit of Jungkook’s stomach, a growing lust spreading down his weakened legs and up his heaving chest, clouding his mind and making him as pliant as he possibly could be. A part of him wanted to blame the abundant alcohol coursing through his veins, to blame 003 for seducing and compelling him like this.

But, deep down, he knew he wanted it.


Chapter Text

Jungkook’s knees hit the floor, body automatically abdicating to the man in front of him just as his mind did. It was overwhelming, the control the clone had over him with just well-placed words and his sole, domineering presence. Jungkook tried to convince himself that he wished he would not have stepped into this room, never even went out to go and look for them when the wicked look in Jimin’s eyes had been so obvious, as if he had known what was going to happen.

As much as he did not want to believe it, Jimin had surely planned all of this. Jungkook put one plus one together in his mind and it just made sense. How the scientist had acted around the table, how the only seat available was right beside 003, whom Jimin knew very well Jungkook had had a tough first encounter with, and how he had proposed for Jungkook, not anyone else, to find the pair.

Jungkook cursed the alcohol blurring his usually sharp mind, knowing he could have avoided such a situation. Everything felt so weird, as if he was but a pawn in a bigger game he had no idea of, and he suddenly felt a little powerless as it all washed over him. He felt uneasy, watched, and regretted not slamming the door shut again when he had first caught a glimpse of the scene.

Despite all that... did he truly regret it? Or was he simply acting like it to stave off the self-disgust and shame he felt towards his darker, deeper desires? Towards the unquestionable attraction he felt towards the clones?

Now was not the time to think of such schemes, to reflect on everything he could have said and what he had done, especially not with 003 looking down at him with such a spine-tingling expression etched in his traits.

Jungkook’s puzzled thoughts quickly dissipated into thin air when 003 forcefully took a hold of his hair, pulling his head back and stretching his neck as far as he could. Jungkook only whined, breaths becoming shorter, more erratic as he felt everything switch instantly in his mind, as he felt the want to be controlled blossom and only grow rapidly within himself. All that was left in his mind was 003’s presence, the only thing that mattered at that moment.

Jungkook’s eyes desperately clung to 003’s, waiting for another order, already panting.


Jungkook blinked. “H-huh?”

“Choose one.”

“U-uh…” Jungkook’s mind searched far and wide through his weakened mind for a word, a single word that stood out from the rest, but settled for the obvious choice. “Red.”

“Good. Up.”

Jungkook winced when 003 pulled him up by his hair, forcing him to stand up on his weakened legs before immediately throwing him down on top of the bed. Jungkook landed next to 005, head facing the younger clone’s broken down, lust-filled expression, eyes barely able to stay open and drool still seeping from the sides of the black ball gag stuffing his mouth.

“Shirt. Off.”

Jungkook did not even look back or hesitate for a second, trembling arms pushing himself up on his knees before peeling off the shirt that stuck to his lightly dampened back and throwing it to the side. The deafening beat of his heart echoed loudly in his head, adrenaline coursing through his veins with the excitement that accompanied being ordered around, not questioning the clone’s words nor even thinking of speaking back.

“Lie down on your stomach.”

As soon as his chest was pressed against the bed, Jungkook felt fingers slip underneath the hem of both his pants and underwear and a strong, harsh pull downwards. The button of his slacks popped off and he raised his ass to help 003 undress him, cock already half-hard and twitching against the velvety blanket beneath it.

A strong shiver ran up his spine when he felt 003’s fingers graze down his legs as he pulled his pants and underwear down, a faint whimper rolling off his tongue. He felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and he could not even begin to imagine how he would feel like when tied up just like 005 was.

“Hands behind your back.”

He obeyed and then felt 003 get on the bed, the movement making Jungkook’s body shift from side to side as the clone placed himself atop of him, straddling his hips. Jungkook caught the shadow of a smile crossing 005’s spread lips, and he twisted his head as much as he could to at least get a glimpse of what was going on behind his back.

003 was holding a long, crimson rope between his hands, intently staring down at it as he ran the length between his fingers, wrapping it around and off his digits and wrists with lips parted in interest, apprehension.

Jungkook swallowed, settling his head back on the bed and trying not to stare too much at 005 that seemed on the brink of unconsciousness, eyelids drooping heavily and breaths becoming longer, deeper. The smell of come and sweat was thick in the air, and it only made Jungkook’s arousal grow, made his cock throb and mind turn even hazier.

It felt like a dream, just like his encounter with 006 had. On a cloud, separated from reality, delving into the fantasies he only could have dreamt of realizing. Always deeper in the pits of his repressed, obscene imagination that had successfully been buried up until then.

Up until Jungkook had first set foot in the facility, two days ago.

Fingers wrapped around his throat, pulling his head back, and he felt the thick rope slip underneath his chest that had slightly risen from the bed. From then on Jungkook let himself be handled, pushed and pulled, twisted and tied. The room was silent save his own harsh breathing, always elevating with the tightness of the ropes digging into his skin, with the ever-present weight of 003 on his ass. He focused on the faint sound of the rope, every loop and knot only fastening the solid restraint behind his back.

After what seemed like mere minutes but must have been much longer, Jungkook’s upper body was perfectly tied, upper arms stuck to his sides and forearms above one another behind his back. 003 got off his ass and moved to his right side, to which Jungkook turned his head around to get a good view of him. The clone’s cock had gone soft, the man too concentrated on his task and the other set of rope in his hands.

Out of curiosity, Jungkook tried to move. He wriggled a little in his restraints, testing the solidity of them, an unintentional whimper rolling off his tongue when he realized he could absolutely not move his arms. They were perfectly locked in place.

003 raised his hand over Jungkook’s ass. “Stop moving.” When he slammed it back down, Jungkook yelped and fussed, making a slight smirk grow on the clone’s lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck your ass soon enough.” Jungkook’s hips rolled into the mattress at the thought, cheeks flushing a deep shade of red as he recalled just how violently the clone had been fucking 005 earlier. “So stop moving and behave while I tie your legs.”

Jungkook nodded, asscheek stinging and chest heaving with excitement. The deep warmth in his groin spread through his legs that 003 was now handling, placing his calves against the back of his thighs.

Goosebumps scattered across his skin when the rope slid against it once again, a feeling he had grown to enjoy quite a lot. It was rough and hard, but especially controlling and restricting. Jungkook watched as 003 worked the rope around his legs, passing it through loops and deftly tying knots. The muscles and ligaments in his toned arms kept poking out from under his skin and Jungkook could only stare, eager to feel those strong arms all over him, those veiny hands and thick fingers digging into his flesh.

003 was quickly done with his first leg and leaned over Jungkook’s immobile but trembling body to handle the other. Jungkook moved the toes of his right foot, making sure he could still feel them. The rope felt so tight and constricting yet he lost no circulation, and he assumed it must have been thanks to the clone’s experience. How many times had he done this before?

To whom?

Jungkook was snapped out of his curious thoughts with a palm slapping his ass harshly, making him yelp and squirm in his bindings. At that very moment, he realized there was absolutely no way for him to move except try and wriggle himself away, that he was completely at that man’s mercy, and it made the heat in his body spark into a bonfire. Every nerve ending in his skin felt electrified, sensing the soft touch from 003’s fingertips trailing across the width of his sensitive ass.

It was too gentle. Not like him at all. Jungkook closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, waiting for the next blow.

Even if he had been mentally prepared, he still screamed out, the hit having been twice as hard as the previous ones. He whined against the blankets, desperately rutting his throbbing cock against the bed, hoping for a minimum of pleasure to mix in with the burning pain.
It hurt so much but weirdly felt so good, too.

“You were a bad boy, Jungkook.”

The voice was farther into the room. Jungkook sniffled and looked behind him as much as he could, twisting his neck and wriggling around to find where the clone had gone to. When his eyes finally did, he swallowed hard and his heart beat even louder, dilated irises fixated on the studded leather crop 003 held between his hands.

“W-what do you mean-”

“You made me look like a fool in front of Jimin.”

Jungkook frowned, confused, the tremble in his legs becoming stronger with every step the clone took closer to the bed. He glanced back down, desperately trying to remember when he could have done something of the sort, until the memory of what 003 had confessed to during their first meeting finally hit him. “I-I didn’t-”

The hit was hard. Hard enough for Jungkook to cry out and bury his face in the bedsheets, a single tear rolling out of his eye. His fingers and toes curled and uncurled, body desperate to move, but only making the rope dig deeper into his skin.

“You did it on purpose. Got me angry so I’d confess.” A sharp scoff escaped the clone’s lips and Jungkook cowered into the bed, confused and slightly anxious at the turn in situation. “I’m not dumb, Jungkook.”

“I-I never said you w-were- fuck!

The blow was harder, way harder, and Jungkook’s teeth took a hold of the bed sheets under him not to scream out at the top of his lungs. His mind was a complete mess, going from confusion to fear to arousal, all thoughts crashing into the other chaotically.

Another tear rolled down his cheek.

“You don’t know what he said to me that night, what he did.”

The grip of Jungkook’s teeth loosened, the sting and burn of his ass momentarily forgotten as he clung to the words the clone had just spoken. “W-what are you t-talking about? What d-did he-”

“I’ll show you what he did to me.”

003 moved quickly, letting the crop fall on top of the bed and placing himself between Jungkook’s spread legs. After only a second, the clone was leaning down on top of him, hand pressing Jungkook’s head firmly into the mattress, fingertips digging into his scalp. 003’s other hand reached into his mouth, forcing his fingers in between his lips and pushing them deep. Jungkook choked and coughed around them, drool seeping out from the sides and splattering over the clone’s knuckles, eyes darting to the right to look at 003’s face that was inches away from his ear.

In his eyes he saw anger. A fire like no other. Lust and hunger.

The clone took his fingers out and they disappeared for a moment until he felt something warm and wet against his asshole. His entire body clenched in response, aching cock leaking precome with every swirl of 003’s fingers around the sensitive ring of muscle.

“First he did this.”

003 pushed his middle finger in and Jungkook mewled, neck stretched and eyes rolling back, a hitched breath climbing its way up his throat. He clenched around the clone’s fingers, pulling a deep groan out of him. The sensation was a lot, so intense after all this tension and teasing, but the clone’s words lingered in his mind, making Jungkook imagine Jimin doing this to him instead of 003. He could barely do so, could not even think about the gleamy-eyed scientist doing such obscene things.

It must have been a lie. There was no way he could have had. The clone was trying to get into his head as revenge.

“J-Jimin didn’t-”

“Oh but he did.” 003 licked Jungkook’s ear from the lobe up, making the hair at the nape of his neck rise in thrill. “Except with me, he didn’t even bother using lube.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened at the revelation and the clone pushed another finger inside, stretching him up completely, a deep burn spreading in his ass. Moan after moan rolled off his tongue when 003 moved his digits inside, pulling out and pushing in, curling his fingers down to stimulate his prostate. Jungkook’s cock was aching so much it felt like it would burst, and he moved his hips in hopes of getting himself off, knowing all too well it would stay untouched.

“Don’t think my cock’ll fit in there.” Jungkook shook his head, sure that it would not, whining loudly against the bed sheets and blinking off the tears that threatened to spill. “You’re so fucking tight… did you ever put anything up your ass?”

“Muh-m-my f-finger-”

“Just one?”


“Never got a dick in your ass?”

Jungkook shook his head once more, unable to formulate a proper sentence with the feeling of 003’s fingers moving inside of him, stretching him beyond what he thought he could reach.

“A virgin ass for me? Fuck, I wonder why Jimin didn’t make you his bitch first.”

Wait, what?

There was a faint whimper coming from their left, and the pair both turned to look towards it. 005 was trying to say something, eyebrows furrowed and eyes urgent, teeth biting down on the ball gag. Jungkook just blinked at him, as he had forgotten the man was even there in the first place, too deep in his moment with 003 and disturbed by the statements the clone so indignantly disclosed to notice.

All he could think about was how Jimin had fucked a clone and not just any clone, but the dominant, intimidating 003 at that.

What the fuck was going on in this facility? What else had happened between these walls?

And with that thought 003 pulled his fingers out of Jungkook’s ass with a loud squelch, remnants of drool dripping down and tickling his perineum. Jungkook’s stretched asshole clenched around nothing, the empty feeling making him grumble in annoyance and neediness. The clone moved to undo the back of the ball gag, 005 taking a deep breath and then licking off the saliva that had accumulated on the sides of his mouth. “U-untie me, Daddy.”

“Not just yet, baby boy, I’m gonna fuck Jungkook and make you watch.” 005 bit down on his lip and smiled, whereas Jungkook simply stared, mouth turning dry. “Bet he’s gonna look so pretty, don’t you think?”

“Y-yes Daddy.”

“Good boy. If you behave, you’ll get another reward.”

A wide, cheerful smile spread on 005’s lips and Jungkook could not help but glance at the two, especially at 003’s traits that had softened just by talking with the younger clone. Their relationship seemed to be more than just fuck buddies, much deeper than that, but Jungkook was pulled out of his short-lived analysis of it when 003 moved away from his back, but not from in between his legs.

“You’ll see,” 005 started, glancing down at 003 behind Jungkook with a mischievous smirk, “Daddy fucks like no other. He’s the best out of all of us. Learned well.”

The sound of a bottle cap popping open echoed in the room but Jungkook chose to ignore it, eyes fixed on 005, disbelief clouding his mind. “What do you mean learned w-woah o-oh-oh-”

He felt thick drops drip onto his stretched asshole, some slipping inside and others dripping down onto the bed sheets. When his ass was wet with the liquid, he heard and felt 003 shift in his spot, and there was a short moment when all he could hear were successive faint squelches and moans.

“Daddy, you look so hot like that~ your cock is so big~”

Jungkook’s ass instinctively clenched, now understanding that 003 was pumping himself hard and that he would be fucked in the coming seconds. He recalled how thick the clone’s cock had seemed when he had first entered the room. Not too long, thankfully, but the girth of it had been intimidating enough.

He felt the tip press against his puckered asshole and inhaled sharply, hopelessly trying to relax his tense limbs only pushing against the restraints, as if trying to move away from 003. A chilling feeling ran up his back when the clone pushed himself in, the tip already too big for Jungkook, making the man whimper and whine loudly, trying to wriggle himself off.

“Oh, stop whining, Jimin would have been much more rough with you.”

Jungkook shook his head fervently as 003 slowly thrust deeper, stretching him so much it was unbearable, the burn growing to a new intensity and fogging his brain turned to mush. His asshole was properly sucking him in even though his mind wanted him out, and he cried out when 003’s hips met with his ass, completely filled with his cock.

“O-out- t-t-too b-big-”

“Relax, baby, you’ll get used to it.”

003’s hands ran across his lower back reassuringly, kneading the sides of Jungkook’s spine with his thumbs. Jungkook’s fingers stretched out, desperate to grab a hold of something to ground himself. The clone started pulling out haltingly and Jungkook sobbed, only for 003 to take hold of his outstretched hand with his own. The grip was comforting, just what Jungkook needed to focus, recenter himself, and he exhaled loudly when his mind concentrated on the overwhelming pleasure of 003’s cock rubbing against his inner walls instead of the burn.

When he was almost out, he pushed back in, and Jungkook moaned loudly, hips raising to get a better angle and feel 003’s thick cock even more.

“Daddy, you were right, he looks so pretty~”

“Look at him, ass up like that, he loves it so much.”

Jungkook nodded, breathing heavily in harmony with 003’s slow, torturous pace. Every inch moving inside of him sent chills and shivers coursing through his veins, made the heat in his groin boil and his limbs turn numb. After only seconds of it he was drooling, eyes barely able to stay open, jaw hanging low.

He gasped when 003’s hand moved from his own and gravitated towards his hair, fingers curling around a handful and pulling him back. Jungkook winced from the stinging pull but followed the movement, arching his back as best as he could for the nape of his neck to rest on 003’s shoulder.

The clone was strong, really strong, and it made Jungkook’s cock twitch.

003 pressed his lips against Jungkook’s damp neck, sucking on a patch of skin before growling and heavily breathing into his ear.

“You can’t even begin to imagine all the things he did to m-me.”

Jungkook swallowed as his eyes rolled back, too overwhelmed by 003’s cock filling him up completely to register the clone’s words, his hole now used to the stretch and only a rush of pleasure coursing through his body with every slow hip roll.

“Y-you don’t know Jimin like we do.”

Jungkook mewled, a drop of saliva rolling down his mouth and onto his cheek. It felt so good, so unbelievably good, and the growing tightness in his groin indicating he was close to his release made him whine out loudly.

“Like I do.”

003 lift him up and off his cock, handling Jungkook to let him fall onto his back. “Keep your legs spread.”

Jungkook obliged, blinking away the tears that had accumulated in his eyes and breathing heavily as he watched 003 wipe the drops of sweat off his forehead and chin with the back of his hand. Having his hands tied behind his back made the position a little uncomfortable, but he kept his mouth shut, too buzzed from his arousal to bother.

“Baby, do you want to play with Jungkook, too?”

005 nodded enthusiastically and 003 quickly moved to untie him, easily undoing the knots and slipping the rope that left indents all over the younger clone’s skin off. 005 stretched each of his limbs, turning his wrists, ankles, and neck with a smile etched on his face. He ran his fingers across the rope marks, biting down on his lip before looking up at 003 that stood on his knees, waiting.

“You were such a good boy, I think you deserve to feel how tight his ass is, too.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened when he saw 005 move his hand to stroke himself, moving up on his knees and towards 003.

“I want to fuck him from the back, Daddy.”

Before he could even blink, 003 pulled him up by his bindings and easily turned him around, making him rest on his knees. Jungkook’s cheek pressed against the bed and he felt two hands rest on his ass, softer than 003’s, and he guessed it was the older clone moving beside him.

Once more, he was pulled up by his hair, but it was not the slight pain that roused him to most, rather the fact that 003 was placing himself in front of him, sitting down, back resting against the bed’s headboard.

Behind him, 005 pulled on the restraints of his arms, lifting him up enough for his mouth to hover over 003’s length, and that was when Jungkook realized what was going on.

At the same time that 005 thrust into him, 003 pushed down on his head.

Jungkook moaned and wrapped his lips around 003’s cock, sucking on it with difficulty as 005’s slammed into him relentlessly, not giving him a second to adjust. All he could do was whine loudly, mouth unmoving around 003’s cock, eyes watering with how deep the clone was pushing his cock in.


And he did. With the last glimpse of sanity left in his mind, he concentrated on sucking the clone’s dick, slowly moving up and down with the help of his grip on his hair. Every hit from 005’s hips against his ass, hitting a deeper point inside of him with his longer cock, made him sob around the length of the other clone’s shaft. Tears rolled down his cheeks but he kept on sucking, kept on enduring all the rough thrusts from the younger clone, letting the pleasure build up to overwhelming heights in his groin.

With a loud squelch, 003 pulled Jungkook’s mouth off from his cock, exhaling loudly and biting down on his bottom lip. His other hand reached down to curl his fingers around Jungkook’s throat and he pushed him up, fingers digging into the wet skin, feeling Jungkook’s erratic heartbeat pulsing under his grip.

“I think you can take a little more than that. If Jimin's gonna have his way with you, you'll have to toughen up.”

Jungkook did not even respond, only blinked back slowly, glazed eyes barely able to stay open.

“Help me move him on top of me.”

Again, he was turned around, moved like a ragdoll until his bound forearms rested against 003’s chest. The older clone was laying on the bed and Jungkook was in the same position but on top of him, legs spread to the side naturally.

003 took a hold of Jungkook’s hips and lifted him ever so slightly, tilting them so the tip of his cock could press against his stretched hole, slowly pushing himself in and letting out a groan when he slipped inside completely.

“G-get the lube.”

Jungkook did not even register the words, only focused on how good 003’s thick cock felt buried deep in his ass. He clenched around the length, pulling out a low groan out of the clone underneath him, moaning in satisfaction when he thrust upwards sharply in response. His head fell back and he let himself be fucked roughly, quickly, giving up completely and just abdicating to the pleasure that continuously shot up his spine and pooled in the pit of his stomach.

Something else pressed against his filled entrance, wet and warm, and his head shot up.

005 was between 003’s legs, holding his cock and staring at 003’s dick that suddenly slowed down his pace.

“W-w-w-wait- n-n-no-”

“It’ll fit, don’t worry, you stretch well.”

Jungkook shook his head and stared with wide eyes as 005 pressed the tip harder, stretching him an inch more.

An inch too much.

“I-i-i-it w-won’t f-fi-fit-”

Yet, contrary to Jungkook’s belief, the tip of 005’s cock slipped right in, his hole sucking him in no matter the stinging stretch. He inhaled sharply, body turning limp as 005 haltingly pushed himself in, stretched him beyond his limits, beyond what he ever thought he was capable of taking.

When 005 was in completely, both he and 003 slowly pulled out, in sync. Jungkook took deep breaths, desperately trying to calm down the alarming speed of his heartbeat, suddenly feeling very lightheaded and weak, glazed eyes watching as 005’s hands made their way to his hips and dug his fingers in the flesh.

They slammed back in, at the same time, and Jungkook lost it.

“F-f-f-uck- n-n-no-”

The two clones thrust into him without pause, mercilessly pounding and thrusting up into him like he was but an object to be fucked, ignoring his desperate cries and pleads and focusing on the rapid roll of their hips. Jungkook sobbed and mewled and even yelled, but it was to no avail. The duo only went harder, grabbing onto his tied limbs and digging their digits into his wet skin, piercing the surface with their clawing nails.

003 pressed his lips against Jungkook’s ear. “Jimin broke all of us. He’ll do the same to you.”

It all quickly became too much. Way too much. Jungkook could feel himself slipping, could feel his body starting to shut down, and only one word kept flashing in his mind.

“R-r-re-red-,” and with that, Jungkook blacked out.

Chapter Text

Jimin hovered over him, sweat dripping down his forehead and onto Jungkook’s face, a look in his eye that meant he was not playing around. “What’s wrong, Jungkook? Are you scared of me?” Jungkook could not move; he was paralyzed underneath the smaller man on top of him. “Jimin- get off of me please-” Jimin just shook his head, smirking, a single eyebrow raised. “I’d watch my tone if I were you, you’re far away from home, little boy.” Jungkook frowned, confused. “What are you talking about? What do you mean?” Jimin’s smile widened but he did not answer, only inched closer, eyes dark and… scary.

“What did you do to them, Jimin?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Jungkook gasped as he woke up from his dream, hastily pushing himself up into a sitting position, his gaze flicking across the room. His chest heaved with every loud breath, his t-shirt sticking to the sweaty skin of his torso and back. His hands went to touch his forearms, making sure they were still there, that he could feel them, that he could move them, before grabbing his blanket and pulling it off his lower body.

There was no rope, no 003, no Jimin. Only him in his sweat-drenched bed, with his own weakened limbs and skin etched with the ghost of the rope that had held him tightly the night before. Or was it still night? Jungkook had no clue. He was so utterly confused, pressing his palms against his heated forehead, eyes shut tight as he tried to concentrate.

How had he gotten in his bed? What had happened after he had blacked out?

Everything came crashing down into his mind, what he had done with 003 and 005, what the clones had told him about Jimin. His body moved before he could think, wincing from the ache in between his asscheeks and the stiffness of his muscles, not even bothering to change his damp clothes as his hand immediately went for the doorknob and swung the door of his bedroom open.

The lights were dimmed down in the corridor, which only meant it was not morning yet. Jungkook did not walk, but ran across the hallway, only stopping in front of Jimin’s bedroom. The door was opened and no one was inside, so he continued towards the main hall and ultimately the elevator, fervently pressing the button too many times.

It only struck him how tired and painful his body was when he stilled inside of the elevator, waiting to be brought to the lower floor. His mind was buzzing, thoughts deafening and beckoning him, theories and schemes mixing in with one another and creating a confusing mess, a chaos of speculations.

Questions. Too many questions.

The doors opened and he sprinted out, urgent eyes fixed on the door to Jimin’s lab at the end of the hallway. His heartbeat was deafening, hammering inside of his chest, threatening to leap out of his throat, but he still ran on his numb legs, pushed by the need to know, by the slight anger in his veins that overcome the fear creeping into his mind.

Yet when he got to them, there was no way in, as he had left his keycard back in his room. Jungkook slammed his clenched fists on the large metallic doors with all the force left in his body, desperately trying to make as much sound as he could for Jimin, or anyone, really, to hear him and let him in. The frail skin of his hands clashing against the sturdy doors made him wince but he kept on pummeling the surface, tears unwillingly pooling into his eyes.

Why was he crying? He did not know.

The door abruptly opened and Jungkook stumbled inside, catching himself just in time on the steel counter next to the entrance. His gaze searched far and wide for any presence, for anyone he could yell his thoughts out to, but was faced with an equally empty room as the rest of the facility.

He swallowed down the little saliva left in his dried mouth, mind desperately trying to make sense of all the thoughts scrambling in his mind, of the equations that made no sense yet also perfect sense. Jungkook’s mind was sharp, had always been, and it had kickstarted itself into an analytical frenzy that left him speechless, words hanging on the tip of his tongue, culminating all his observations into a conclusion that would make or break it all.

Jungkook moved quickly, jumping towards the monitors at the end of the room, shaking finger reaching the switch that would bring them all to life.

Yet it hovered just over it as Jungkook stilled, thinking this through, wondering if he really wanted to see what was happening in the clone’s living quarters. Was Jimin there with them? If he was, what was he doing?

You don’t know what he said to me that night, what he did.

I’ll show you what he did to me.

I wonder why Jimin didn’t make you his bitch first.

Jungkook flicked the switch up and his eyes widened when he realized there were not five individual images, but rather one spread across the five monitors. He did not recognize the room they were in, walls crimson red and floor of a dark grey hardwood. The only piece of furniture Jungkook could see was a large bed, with black silk covers and no pillows. Metal hoops and chains hung from the ebony headboard, and Jungkook almost fainted when he made sense of the scene happening right in front of his eyes.

You can’t even begin to imagine all the things he did to me.

Jimin was sitting on the bed, wearing a charcoal fitted suit, legs spread with a head in between them. The scientist’s fingers were lost in the head of black hair, and they tugged on the handful, pulling the clone’s head back enough for Jungkook to confirm it was indeed 003, bottom half of his face covered in a sheen of what must have been saliva, lips unmoving from their parted state and glassy eyes brimming with unshed tears.

You don’t know Jimin like we do.

Like I do.

Jungkook’s body moved before he could even think, darting to the entrance of the clone’s living quarters, shaking hand entering with difficulty the six number password to gain entry. A green light flashed and a high-pitched ding echoed, but Jungkook did not even wait for the doors to completely open before slipping in between them.

Jimin broke all of us.

He’ll do the same to you.

Jungkook moved quickly through the rooms, fighting against the stiff sensation in his muscles and running across the entirety of the living quarters, hopelessly trying to find the room where Jimin and 003 had been. He remembered no special room on Jimin’s makeshift map, and just as he was about to lose hope, he heard someone scream.

He followed the piercing sound until he was faced with a large bookcase filled with books of all shapes and sizes, reminding him of the ones in Jimin’s library. There was another scream, this one louder, and it was definitely coming from behind the wall. Jungkook’s panicked stare flickered between the books, desperately trying to find the most relevant, the one that stood out from the rest.

His fingers stopped on a book with no title printed on the side, its cover black with stripes of gold draping the edges. He pulled on it without hesitation, its rigidness mildly resisting his tug. There was a loud click as Jungkook watched, with wide eyes, as the bookcase backed into the wall and then slid to the side, exposing a short, dark corridor with a single door at its end.

His trembling legs guided him forward, closer to the black door, eyes fixed on the golden knob that beckoned him, taunting him with its mysterious allure. Jungkook knew what laid behind the door, yet he was still hesitant, wondering if he should turn around and make a run for it; try to escape this facility and forget about it all.

Could he even run away?

The man’s curiosity and his need to know pushed him forward. It might as well have been his kryptonite because, before he knew it, or could even attempt to stop himself, his fingers were curling around the golden knob, pushing the door forward, and opening a scene strikingly different than what he had seen on the monitors.

Jimin was now standing, a long, black whipping cane in hand and pointing towards the cowered frame of 003 which laid submissive on the floor. Jungkook stood in the entrance, slowly blinking, his eyes darting between the two, lips parted and jaw hanging in shock.

But the most disconcerting thing of all was the fact that all the other clones were right behind him, each sitting down on the backs of their heels, hands resting on their thighs, and their chins held up high, as if an invisible force was keeping them up, each with a strikingly different expression on their face, much like their varying personalities.

001 was indifferent as usual, eyes fixed on 003 without any trace of emotion present on his face.

004 was softly crying, bottom lip quivering, as his wide, fearful eyes stared at the cane.

005 had his eyes closed, jaw clenched and brows furrowed, face contorted as if in pain.

006 had a faint smile on his face, eyes gleaming as he looked up to his creator in admiration.

“Jimin, what the fuck is going on?”

His mouth betrayed him, words escaping before he could even think, considering the situation. Jimin turned his head slowly, nonchalantly, before smiling softly. “Ah, Jungkook, it seems you have woken prematurely.”

“Don’t treat me like I’m dumb, Jimin, you knew I was coming,” Jungkook stepped forward, anger starting to build up, seeping into his veins, no matter the frantic chills that ran rampant throughout his skin, “You opened the door.”

“Jungkook, when will you understand that I know everything? That I have eyes everywhere? Inside of this facility, nothing escapes my sight. I see everything.”

Jungkook stopped a meter away from Jimin, frowning, stance defensive. “W-what do you mean by that?”

“Well, first off, I saw how you reacted to 003. I saw how your body reacted in the shower.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened and he shook his head slightly, swallowing down the little saliva left in his mouth and gaze flicking across all of the clone’s faces. “Jimin…”

“I saw what you did to 006. What you did with 003 and 005.”

His eyes snapped back to Jimin and he rose a finger to point at him accusingly. “They… they seduced me!”

“Oh, did they really, Jungkook? You didn’t fight back much.”

“I was intoxicated. You made me drink on purpose-”

“Those are some very bold accusations, Jungkook. You’re talking rather recklessly, hm?” The scientist moved his free hand, covered with a leather glove, up to his own head, tapping his temple with his index finger. “With your emotions, not with your head.”

“You use them!” Jungkook shouted, and he felt the tension in the room grow. All eyes were on him, anticipating, anxious or curious. “Y-you beat them and break them like they’re you’re little toys, like you own them-”

“It seems you’ve forgotten that these are my creations. My own DNA. I do own them.”

“That doesn’t mean you can treat them like fucking sex-” Jungkook cut himself off, a more urgent question rushing into his thoughts. His shoulders slumped forward, a suffocating hopelessness overpowering every other feeling; like he was facing the final boss, one he knew he could not beat.

“Why am I here, Jimin?”

Jimin sighed and turned to throw the cane on the bed before shrugging off his jacket and letting it fall there too. He stretched his neck from side to side and cracked his covered knuckles, and that was when Jungkook noticed how different he seemed. He was nothing like the clumsy, speckled scientist with gleaming eyes and sweater paws who wore clothes twice his size.

He was dark and mysterious, glare cold and distant. Nothing like the man he had met just days ago, that he had worked with and shared meals with. He seemed like a totally different person, even his body language was completely different; shoulders squared and jaw clenched, legs relaxed and chin up. He seemed taller, bigger, but most frighteningly dangerous.

“Did you think that an utterly average boy, like you, could ever hope to help a genius, like me, in the most scientifically advanced discovery of human history?” Jungkook huffed out a breath he had not noticed he had been keeping in, wide eyes blinking back at Jimin, not quite believing what he was hearing. “How uselessly oblivious can you be?” The man’s words were venomous, hurtful and belittling. Jungkook felt a knot form in his throat.

Jungkook shook his head, refusing to understand and instinctively going to pinch his arm. He must have been dreaming. This was not reality, none of this was. Jimin was a sweet, hardworking scientist with a passion for discovery and advancement, not some twisted man who took advantage of… of…

Humans? Clones? Experiments, perhaps? Numbers?

“Did you really think that after perfecting the art of human cloning, I would still be researching it?” Jimin turned to the clones which sat still, waiting, motioning to them. “Do these seem dysfunctional to you?”

Jungkook could only listen, breath knocked right out of him, leaving him a mute, trembling mess.

“I had finished my job after 001, Jungkook.” The younger man’s eyes widened and he felt completely paralyzed as everything washed over him, as he realized what Jimin was amounting to. “CFH Industries promised me whatever I wanted, and I asked for this facility. To continue my work undisturbed, of course. Which I did.”

“It was a lie? All of it?” Jungkook mumbled to himself, lost in his own thoughts.

Jungkook thought back to when he first stepped foot into the facility, eager to discover his new work, to explore his new environment. He recalled the initial thrill of finding out he was to work with clones, to participate in the most revolutionary scientific discovery known to man. It had all been so incredible, too unbelievable, too-

Too good to be true.

He had been so naive.

“Yep. It was fun to act like the good little scientist for a day or two, don’t get me wrong, but it got old really quickly. Anyways, back to why you’re here-”

All of it?” A shaky breath left Jungkook’s parted lips as his gaze lost itself on the horizon, thinking back to everything that had happened. The sudden realization, hearing it come from Jimin’s mouth... it was devastating. “The contract, the experiment, the profiles, needing my help, analyzing the clones? A lie?

“Yes, Jungkook,” he began, voice firm and tone domineering, “It was all an act. An intricate play all conducted and controlled by myself. It wasn’t supposed to end so early, but I got sick of it. Wanted to get to the good part-”


Jimin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose for a second, visibly annoyed. “Don’t sidetrack me, boy,” he said, condescendingly, emphasis on the ‘boy’.

"As I was saying," Jimin took a step towards Jungkook, running a hand through his slicked-back brown hair, a single strand falling over his forehead, "I got lonely, Jungkook. Years and years alone in this gigantic facility, with only my own clones to keep me company. It got boring, I have to admit. I tried many, many things with them, but there was one thing I had not considered.”

Jungkook blinked slowly.

“And that’s where you came in.”

Jungkook shook his head in disbelief.

“I was looking for a very specific person. Naive, but still sharp. Easily to manipulate. Attractive. Good health and stamina. But, especially... perverted.”

“I- I’m not-”

“How interesting was your search history, Jungkook," The man began, a knowing smile on his face, "your knowledge of police surveillance tactics really must've helped you get access to those darknet sites, didn’t they? You don't know how ecstatic I was to discover that someone shared all the same twisted fantasies I do.”

“I d-don’t know what you’re talking ab-about-”

“It had to be you, Jungkook. You’re perfect for my next little… experiment.”

Jungkook glanced down at 003, at the raw skin on his back covered with red cane markings. He was pushing himself off the floor, slowly rising to stand up. He walked towards Jimin and when he was behind him, the clone wrapped his arms around the scientist’s hips, settling his chin on the man’s shoulder.

But, I got a little too excited.” Jimin sighed as one of his hands reached to caress the side of 003’s face. “You were so impressed with the clones, it was so incredibly endearing. The way you thought that you actually had an influence on the whole fake psychological experiment… Adorable," he cooed, "so naive.”

003 kissed his creator’s palm, breathing against it before flicking his tongue up the index finger.

“Even they got a little excited. We all were.”

Jungkook wanted to run. He wanted to turn and never look back. The illusion Jimin had created was crumbling down around him, Jungkook becoming victim to the debris, revelation after revelation shaking him to his very core. Internal conflict and doubt both clouded his already-hazy mind as he absentmindedly glared into space whilst Jimin raised his other hand and snapped his fingers.

“004, come.”

Jungkook’s eyes darted to the clone that immediately stood up, head hanging low and hands in front of him. He walked to where they were standing, waiting, not a single word slipping from his lips.

“Tell me,” he started, pointing towards the clone, “what did you think of when you first saw 004?”

Jungkook’s traits pulled and he took a deep breath, pushing out Jimin’s words out of his mind, desperately trying not to break down and cry. He felt defeated, lost, and the weakened state of his body only made that feeling grow tenfold.


The younger man stilled and his lips parted in fear. “H-how cute he was-”

“Really, Jungkook? Are you sure you weren’t thinking how much you’d love to see him choke on your cock? Cry while you push it further down his throat-”

Jungkook shook his head, raising his hands in front of him, between himself and the scientist. “Stop, Jimin-”

“How much you’d like to see his cute little face break beneath you, begging you to stop, but you keep going-”

Please, stop-” Jungkook sobbed and stared at the clone with panicked eyes, hoping he would not believe the words that Jimin mercilessly spat.

“Take your clothes off, 004.”

The clone obliged, pulling his oversized sweater off and discarding it to the side before moving his soft, short fingers to unbutton his jeans.

Jungkook took a step towards the clone, trying to his best to stay calm and seem reassuring. “004, you don’t have to do this-”

“Why are you still trying to stick to that good guy image you hide behind, Jungkook? I know what you are. You don’t have to hide your true self from me, I accept you.”

Jungkook's face twisted, a mix of anger and anguish painting his face, "you're wrong, Jimin, I’m not who you think I am-”

“Third most looked up word on pornographic websites: sadomasochism. Second most looked up word on pornographic websites: humiliation-”

Jungkook’s eyes widened and the harshness of his traits fell. Jimin did know everything. Jungkook was defeated, arms falling limply to his sides. “Please, stop-”

“First most looked up word on pornographic websites: gangbang.”

The room fell silent as 004’s underwear and pants fell to the floor, Jungkook stared back at the scientist with an emotionless expression. Jimin put his hand up again and snapped, index finger then pointing towards Jungkook.

Jungkook lost. He had been exposed. All of his dirty little secrets were out, and the only thing he could do was listen to whatever the man had more to say, and hope that that creeping slumber would take over and bring him to a much-needed rest.

“I’m giving you a choice, Jungkook.”

Jungkook frowned ever so slightly, breaking his expressionless facade, somewhat interested in what the man had to offer. He watched as all the clones got up and stared back at him, walking harmoniously, in sync.

They stood all around him and Jungkook froze in his spot, eyes fixed on Jimin, anticipating his next words.

“You can walk out of that door and never come back, Jungkook.” Jimin's stare was ice cold and it cut right through him, not only physically locking him in place, but also mentally. “If you leave, you can go back to your boring life, your boring job. Closeted. Chained down. No freedom at all.”

And with those words, the clones started to touch Jungkook. First, their hands trailed across his arms and chest, and then their bodies got closer, lips grazing against the exposed skin of Jungkook’s neck and collarbone, intertwining their fingers with his own. He could feel their warm breaths surrounding him, drawing him in, and his legs suddenly felt a little weaker.

“You can choose to stay with me, with us, and live out each and every single one of your wildest fantasies. Have everything you ever wanted without having to work a day in your life.” Jimin smiled, traits softening. “Here, you’re free, Jungkook. You can be yourself, unapologetically, unabashedly.”

The clone’s hands became more invasive, slipping under his shirt, clawing at his skin. Jungkook closed his eyes and reluctantly let himself be touched all over, shivering when he felt teeth lightly press against the crook of his neck.

“If you do stay, I’ll make sure all of your mother’s treatments are paid for, in full, and that she has access to the CFH’s Cancer Treatment Hospital facility. All the latest technologies, and I've even heard they cured patients as far in as the fourth stage.”

Jungkook stopped breathing, eyes widened to their maximum.


“I promise, Jungkook. I just want what’s best for you. For us.”

A single corner of Jimin’s mouth curved upwards when Jungkook moaned, 006’s hand moving over his crotch and tightening his grip on it.

“So, what do you choose, Jungkook?”


005 pressed his body against Jungkook’s back, hands sliding up his chest underneath his shirt and bringing it up with the movement. He licked the nape of Jungkook’s neck, whining against his heated, sweat-sheened skin as 004 bit the younger man’s lobe right beside him.

“I-I ch-choose-”

Jimin’s smirk only grew, pants becoming tighter and lips parting in interest as the clones worked their magic, all noticing how Jungkook's walls were seeming to have finally started cracking, face overcome with pleasure and desire. 001 had moved to his knees, hands trailing from Jungkook’s ankle up and digging his fingers into the soft flesh of his toned thigh, leaving kisses on the side of it. 006 was stroking Jungkook’s hardening cock through his underwear, whispering sweet nothings into his untouched ear, every word sending a delicious chill up his spine.

“I-I choose you. All of you.”

“Good boy.”

A shaky breath escaped Jungkook’s lips as 001 pulled his underwear down, uncovering his fully erect cock.

Jimin took a seat on the bed, intently watching as Jungkook became a slave to all of the clones’ touch, eyes rolling to the back of his head as 001 took his cock in his mouth and 006 moved to caress his balls. 004 had his pretty pink lips wrapped around one of Jungkook’s nipples, his other hand’s nails grazing against the hard plane of his stomach whilst 005 kept on sucking bruises onto his exposed neck, pulling his head back by his chin.

A string of moans rolled off Jungkook’s tongue and Jimin smiled, pleased, as 003 kneeled beside his legs, hand sliding over and between his thigh.


Jimin’s voice echoed throughout the room and Jungkook blinked, pulled out of his daze as all the clones let him go and obeyed, peeling their shirts off and pulling their pants and underwear down. Jungkook did the same, undressing from his damp clothing, letting it fall beside him without a care. The clones all kicked their belongings to the side, close to the entrance, before starting their lascivious embraces once again.

006 took a hold Jungkook’s jaw and kissed him, softly and sensually, intertwining their lips before slipping his tongue inside, caressing his own. Jungkook moaned in the clone’s mouth, right hand moving to lose its fingers through 001’s hair whilst his left cupped one of 004’s asscheeks. 005 was licking up his sweat-sheened back, fingers kneading the tender skin of Jungkook’s bruised ass.

The feeling that overcame him was unlike anything he had ever felt before. To have four pairs of hands on him, four mouths trailing across his body, licking, sucking, and biting him, all at once… It was all too much for him, too intense and too dream-like, too many sensations simultaneously clashing for dominance, but although he felt like he would explode at any moment, Jungkook loved every second of it.

With every touch from the clones, the previous hatred in his heart trickled away into nothingness, every caress pulling him in deeper, always deeper, making him give in to his darkest desires, Jimin’s words ever-present in his mind.

Here, you’re free, Jungkook. You can be yourself, unapologetically, unabashedly.

And he did, feel free. Completely liberated. Mind hazy in ecstasy and bliss, uncaring of the opinions people would have about this, giving in to all the fingers that clawed his heated skin, to all the eyes that clung to him, watching his every reaction.

He groaned loudly, breaking his kiss with 006, when 001 took his cock completely, feeling to the tip of it reach the back of his throat. The clone’s hand reached to his balls, slowly massaging them as he pulled off and let a long string of drool drip down on his chin. His mouth moved to where his hand was, taking one of Jungkook’s balls in his mouth and gently sucking on it whilst hand played with the other.

005 slipped a wet finger in between Jungkook's asscheeks and slowly rubbed the tender ring of muscles around his aching hole, leaving a trail of kisses along his shoulders as his finger became progressively more invasive. Jungkook instinctively clenched, biting down on his lip as he concentrated on the feeling of the finger’s tip slightly prodding his ass, pushing in no matter the resistance and ignoring the wince that passed through Jungkook's gritted teeth.

“Relax, baby, we’ll treat you so good,” 006 whispered into his ear, loud enough for Jimin to hear, before lightly kissing his jaw.

004 let go of Jungkook and walked towards Jimin, catching the younger man’s attention as the clone fumbled through a black box that had been hiding behind the bed. He took two items out and walked back towards Jungkook, stopping a meter in front of him and turning around.

Jungkook watched intently as 004 went on his knees and thickly covered both his index finger and middle finger in lube before bending over, ass up and face down. The clone’s fingers reached over to his ass where he started to slip his middle finger in, small whimpers escaping his lips as he bit down on his lip and stared back at Jungkook, locking eyes with him.

004 slipped another finger in and Jungkook groaned when 005 did the same to him, overwhelmed by both the sight and feeling. 004 was stretching his pretty pink asshole, arching his back beautifully as his soft moans filled the tense air, all for Jungkook to watch.

Jimin tightly gripped onto the hair on 003’s head, clone between his thick thighs, looking up with dark, half-lidded eyes at how the scene was unfolding before him, no words having to pass his lips. He pushed his cock deeper into 003’s throat, smirking at the clone choked around his length, drool spurting out the sides of his mouth.

“Go on, Jungkook, fuck him like you wanted to.”

Jungkook’s gaze flicked to Jimin, then to 003 sucking the man’s cock, before gravitating back towards 004, whose face was now covered with a dark pink flush, lips parted and legs trembling. The clone had three fingers up his ass, and the sight of his pink asshole stretched the way it was made Jungkook groan.

The four clones moved off of Jungkook as he stepped forward, hypnotized by the sight of 004’s flawless, porcelain ass, instinctively placing himself over the smaller man. 004 slipped his fingers out and placed his arms under his head, twisting his neck so he could watch how Jungkook placed his hands on the small of his back aligned his cock with his entrance.

“Kookie, please-”

Jungkook thrust down into 004’s stretched asshole, groaning when he felt some resistance and heard the high-pitched moans escape his pretty pink lips. He moved faster, slamming down into the clone that now wept and whined, hopelessly clawing at the hardwood floor.

“Good, Jungkook.” Jimin pulled 003’s mouth off his cock and smirked down at the clone before motioning to Jungkook with his chin. “Very good.”

003 stood up, wiping the excess drool off his chin with the back of his hand and taking the bottle of lube with his other before moving behind Jungkook.

Jungkook inhaled sharply when 003 pressed the tip of his cock against his asshole and pushed in, suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling of simultaneously fucking and being fucked. His grip on 004’s hips became tighter, fingers digging into his plush, soft skin, shaking legs barely able to hold himself up.

003 and Jungkook matched their rhythms; every time the clone thrust into him, Jungkook would thrust down into 004. The stimulation quickly became a lot, too much to handle all at once.

005 sat in front of 004, pulling the pink-haired clone’s head up. Jungkook watched with glassy eyes, jaw hanging and tongue lazily licking over his lips as 001 stood next to 005, and the younger clone took a hold of his cock in his mouth, sucking on it whilst 004 did the exact same to him. 006 moved behind 001, slipping wet fingers between his asscheeks and pushing a finger inside, making the clone’s usually expressionless face shift. There was a slight crease in his eyebrows as he looked down at 005 sucking his dick, as he stretched his legs slightly to give better access to 006 behind him.

After that, Jimin finally stood up and approached the mess of intertwined limbs, placing himself right in front of Jungkook, cock hanging in front of his lips. Jungkook stilled inside of 004’s ass, halting his thrusts whilst he looked up at Jimin, still moaning loudly whilst 003 kept thrusting into him, nails piercing the delicate skin of his hips.

He did not expect Jimin to abruptly wrap his leather-clad fingers around his throat, tilting his head back. Jungkook gasped, stretching his neck in hopes of loosening the strong grip and breathing a little better. Jimin stared down at him with empty eyes, nothing like the ones he had seen on the man’s face before, dark and cold.

"See?" Jimin chuckled smugly, "Knew you'd like it."

Jungkook nodded faintly, shaky breaths escaping his mouth, intently watching as Jimin smeared the remaining saliva on the underside of his cock atop Jungkook’s cheek, then spreading the liquid over his parted lips. He pulled his tongue out and Jimin smiled, but it did not reach his eyes.

This Jimin was different. The real Jimin was so different.

“As much as I’d love for you to choke on my cock right now, I have other plans in mind.”

He snapped his fingers and all the clones halted their actions, looking back to their creator.

"All of you, stand and leave Jungkook in the middle."

Jungkook blinked back at Jimin as they obeyed, 003 slipping out of him and making the younger man pull out of 004 by tugging his hips back. All the clones got up and stood in line, whereas Jungkook stayed in the middle of the room, on his knees, anticipating what would come next.

“There was another very interesting term that came up a lot in your research history, Jungkook.”

Jungkook frowned, tilting his head a little to the side as he tried to guess what it could be, but gave up after a couple of seconds due to his mind clouded by arousal and the thrill of not knowing what Jimin had planned. It was exciting, and he bit down on his lip, eyeing the man in front of him up and down.

Jimin was different, yes, but in such an enticing way. He exuded the confidence and power of a thousand men, standing in front of Jungkook as if he was his owner, looking down at him with the slightest of smirks spread across his lips. His clothes were impeccable, tight black fabric hugging the curves and line of his slim body, only his forearms and cock uncovered from it. Jungkook’s eyes lingered on the black gloves, biting down on his lip, remembering how nice they had felt on his skin.

“Place yourselves in a circle around him.”

The clones obeyed, and Jungkook watched all of them move, confused, before turning back to Jimin.

“Touch yourselves.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened when he realized what was happening, what Jimin had planned for him, and swallowed hard. Electrifying tingles ran up his thighs and arms, running up his spine and mixing with the pulsing warmth in his chest. His groin tightened as the muscles in his legs clenched whilst he straightened his back and slightly tilted his head back, eyes locked with Jimin’s.

“Come on him.”

A deep shiver ran through Jungkook's bones at the words, sending shock waves up his spine and tingles down his legs, and he held onto Jimin’s petrifying stare as the clones stroked themselves, some faster than others, moans and whimpers echoing wonderfully all around him.

Jimin lazily stroked his cock with his right hand, never breaking his eye contact with Jungkook. There was not a single shift in his face, not a twitch in his lips or a crease between his brows. He simply looked down at the kneeling man in front of him.

004 was the first to come, biting down on the back of his hand as he came on Jungkook’s side, the spurts hitting his cheeks and trailing down his neck, his shoulder. The clone mewled softly with the remnants of his orgasm, hips bucking with every last drop seeped from the tip of his cock, shaking hand letting go when he was finally done.

One after the other they came, covering Jungkook’s mouth, cheeks, nose, eyebrows, forehead, neck, and chest with their warm, thick come. Jungkook squirmed in place, exhaling shaky breaths and moaning softly as he felt the thick liquid drip down his face and body.

“How does it feel to be used and marked like the filthy whore you are, Jungkook?” His voice resonated in the quiet room, save for the panting clones.

Jungkook mewled, his own fingers swirling in the semen that coated his chest, spreading it on his skin and over his sensitive nipples. Jimin stepped closer and he slowly opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out, ready to welcome the last load; the one he desired the most.

Jimin pushed Jungkook’s come-coated bangs off his forehead and grabbed them forcefully, pulling his head back and stretching his neck to its limit. Jungkook panted, his cock twitched between his clenched thighs, half-lidded eyes barely able to hold on to Jimin’s blazing glare.

They had come alive, burning brighter with every quick stroke around his own cock, hips started to stutter and lips finally parting. Jungkook watched, broken down and ready, only wanting to feel the warm come on his tongue, feel it trickle down his throat.

Jimin reached his climax, Jungkook's eyes widened and for a split second, he saw the man’s traits soften, a flashback to the scientist he had first met walking into this very facility. Thick spurts of come fell onto his tongue and he wanted to speak, to react to what he had witnessed, but as soon as Jimin had finished emptying himself in his mouth, the cold facade came back.

Jungkook pulled his tongue back into his mouth, letting the come sit on it for a moment. He exhaled loudly when he felt it pass through his throat, his breathing going back to its previous, erratic rhythm.

Jimin's gaze trailed across Jungkook's come-painted face, fingers collecting a good amount and spreading it across his lips, only for Jungkook to lick it off hungrily, moaning whilst doing so. Jimin smiled, pushing his thumb inside of the younger man’s mouth, staring intently as he sucked on it, eyelashes fluttering as Jungkook’s hands reached out to touch his thighs.

“You are mine now, Jeon Jungkook.”