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Essays and Roomates and Tears (always Tears)

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"Man, Professor Allonius's assignment is whack!" Luke declared, throwing himself down on his bed.

Sighing, Josh looked away from his computer and over at his roommate. "It was a perfectly reasonable assignment," he offered. "I just finished it."

"Of course you did!" Luke complained. "You're a geek! You like writing essays and stuff! Why can't I just, I dunno, give him an autographed jersey or something?"

"Because sports and education are not the same thing?" Josh suggested snippily. He continued to curse the day that the computer's dorm matching program had paired him with this brainless jock.

"Yeah, duh, sports are way better!" Luke said, completely missing the point.

Josh was seriously considering going to study in Ryan's room down the hall when their door burst open.

"Oh Luke, this assignment is soooo hard!" Moira cried, flouncing into their room and falling onto Luke's bed. Tears shimmered on her cheeks. "Like, I don't even know what to write about, and it has to be three whole pages long!

"I thought you were going to copy Annie's?" Luke asked. Josh quietly closed his laptop and began to pack up his backpack, wondering if Luke had made similar plans in regards to his own homework.

"She finished it and already turned it in!" Moira wailed. "I didn't even get to see it!"

Smart girl, Josh thought. Too bad she spent all of her time overshadowed by her twin sister - a member of Luke and Moira's clique. He finished gathering his things and slipped out of the room without either of the others noticing. He'd stop by Annie's room and see if she wanted to hang with he and Ryan, since she was done too. He really had no idea how he was going to survive this semester.