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Fallen Heroes

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There was chaos in the streets. Bodies, both heroes and civilians, littered the ground, and slowly, laughter rang out.

It started with one voice, a young, pink girl giggling as she melted through bodies and soon, more joined her until the ones laughing gathered in one place, in the center of town.

The city watched in fear as 20 strong, chaotic, and evil children looked upon the ruins of their surroundings.

“This went way easier than I thought,” the green haired boy said. “Now we just need to wait for-”

He didn’t finish his sentence however, as he had to move out of the way before a white scarf could wrap around his neck. The villains looked to their left to the crowd of heroes they were waiting for. Leading the charge in the center of them all was the Symbol of Peace himself, All Might.

“Dear kids, there may be darkness within you but that does not mean it defines you,” All Might began, desperation leaking into his voice. “The path to redemption is accessible to all, so please, think of our world and what you want to see. Do you not want this opportunity to create instead of destroy?”

Suddenly the boy started to chuckle, and then he starts laughing. He looks up to All Might with a sickening grin. “Wow. I can’t believe I idolized this naivety. Let me ask you something, All Might. Do you think we’re doing this just for kicks? We all used to be a bunch of hopeful young kids. But then we took off those rose-colored glasses. And you know what we saw? The truth. The truth about humanity, the truth about quirk treatment, and the truth about heroes and what some of them really stand for. So All Might, to answer your question, we do not want this so called ‘opportunity’ because we’ve made our choice, and nothing is going to stop us.”

The hero sighed as he looked down. He raised his head back up, and spoke in a grave tone. “Well young Deku, it seems our long awaited meeting will be going the way he wanted it to go.”

“Year after year, it’s always destined to go like this,” Deku replied.

And with fists blazing, the Symbol of Peace and the Symbol of Despair led their fighters into battle.

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If you were to ask Kirishima to describe himself in one word, it would be ‘unbreakable’.

But that wasn’t always the case.

The height of Kirishima’s breakable spirit came in the form of Mina Ashido. Back in middle school, Kirishima was almost an entirely different person. Self-conscious, full of self-doubt, and weak. It didn’t help hearing everyone’s admirations towards her. “She’s so athletic!” “So outgoing!” they would say.

And I’m just boring,” Kirishima thought to himself.

And now, Kirishima is walking back home after school wondering where he went wrong. He determines that it’s this dumb rock of a quirk. “Maybe if it was flashier I could actually do something,” Kirishima thinks to himself. “Ashido’s is crazy cool. Hell, she’s got pink skin and horns. All eyes are on her.”

As he continues to walk home his eyes scan the street before landing some sort of figure speaking, no, confronting two of Ashido’s friends. Kirishima moved to help them but he felt paralyzed. His mind was telling him to save them but his body remained still. But then, he saw her. Mina fucking Ashido, the golden girl, confronting a villain like it was nothing, and almost in sync with the villain, Kirishima and the unknown figure turned around and headed off.

Once Kirishima got home, he checked the news and read about another villain attack from today. Apparently, a middle school kid ran in to save his classmate.

“Great,” was all Kirishima whispered before he grabbed a pen and scratched “U.A.” off of his aspiration report.



Walking back home the next day was surprisingly more eventful than the previous day. For starters, he did not expect to see a kid in a black hoodie in the alley behind Kamui Wood’s agency.

Upon closer inspection, he saw the kid spray painting the word “COWARD” in a bright orange colour.

“What the fuck are you looking at,” said the kid in the hoodie, startling Kirishima out of his daze. Now facing him, Kirishima can see that the boy has spiky blonde hair, red eyes, and what seems to be a permanent scowl.

“Wait a minute,” Kirishima started. “Aren’t you the guy that-”

“Yes I fucking am, okay. What’s it to you?” the guy said, growling at Kirishima.

Kirishima was startled at the hostility, but only for a moment. He realized that this guy probably got that question all day today and it was getting annoying. He looked back at the wall of the office building and seemed to understand the boy a bit more.

“Sorry, I was thinking that-”

“Yeah yeah I fucking get it,” the boy sneered. “Getting attacked by a villain sucks. I don’t need anymore bullshit sympathy.”

“I actually wasn’t going to say anything like that.”


“I was going to say that what those heroes did was completely unmanly.” The boy stared at Kirishima very confused. “I mean I know their options were limited but they just stood there doing nothing and watched while you were fighting for your life. How could they call themselves heroes?”

“I...” the boy’s shocked expression immediately hardened as he turned to face the wall with Kirishima. “Of fucking course they can’t call themselves heroes. A coward isn’t a hero.”

“Hey! What are you two kids doing over there?” a voice yelled from behind the two boys. Kirishima and the unnamed vandal froze immediately, not daring to turn around and show their faces. The two boys stayed still as the man’s footsteps approached. Kirishima turned to the boy and saw his eyes meeting the boy’s, uncertainty passing through them. He didn’t recall moving but suddenly he was.

When the man put his hand on the boy, Kirishima’s legs moved on their own. Hardening his knuckles, Kirishima delivered a single punch to the man’s head and the man crumpled to the floor. Kirishima stared at the man’s unconscious body before a hand grabs onto his arm and drags him through the alley and into a secluded area.

“What the fuck was that for?!” the boy shouted.

“I-I don’t know. My arm just moved on it’s own. But you looked so rattled that I had to do something,” Kirishima breathed out.

“God, what is it with people thinking I can’t handle shit on my own?” the boy growled back.

“Okay listen man. You realize that there was no good way for that to end if I didn’t intervene, right? The guy doesn’t know how you look.”

The boy’s face looked conflicted before he sighed and said, “Fine. It's a good thing you have a cool ass quirk like that. Can you only harden your hand?”

“Wait what?”

“I asked if you could only harden your hand?”

“No, about the cool quirk. Mine isn’t flashy at all. You got some manly explosions.”

“Your point?” the boy asked. “Who cares about flashy quirks. You got the job done, didn’t you? People would kill to have that kind of show stopping power. Besides, I got a lot of respect for someone with a quirk that can take on mine,” He said that last part grinning.

Kirishima stared at the boy in awe. He’s lived years with no reassurance believing that his quirk couldn’t be good for anything yet here he was, filled with a new kind of spirit all thanks to some vandal.

“Well if you and I are gonna be sticking by each other, I’d at least like to get your name,” Kirishima asked, grinning at his new friend.

“Huh?” the boy yelled out. “Who said anything about ‘sticking by each other’, Brickhead?”

“Come on, don’t be like that. I punched a guy for you because you were vandalizing. We’re partners in morally-grey delinquency now. I’m Kirishima Eijirou.”

The boy stared at Kirishima's goofy grin before smirking himself and responding. “Bakugou Katsuki.”



“This is fucking stupid.”

“C’mon man. I need a new look anyways. Besides, we’ll match now.”

“How the fuck will that happen?”

Kirishima put down the bottle of red dye and picked up a container of hair gel to show to Bakugou. “Spiky hair!”

“More like Shitty Hair,” Bakugou grumbled.



Bakugou’s voice stopped Kirishima before he got on his motorcycle.

“There’s still time to back out you know. U.A. applications are due next week. You have time. You don’t have to ruin yourself with me.”

Kirishima looked back at the boy solemnly. “You’ve done anything but ruin me. But what about you. Didn’t you want to go to U.A. too?”

Bakugou looked conflicted, trying to find the right words to say. “I did. Now? Not so fucking sure anymore. I wanted to be a hero to be number one. To be number one means you have to rise to the top and beat your competitors. But if that moment with that sludge villain taught me anything, it’s that looking back at all these heroes, so many of them are so damn incompetent. If I want to be number one, I can’t just settle for weak heroes.” He chuckled and looked at Kirishima in the eyes. “I have to beat everyone.”

Kirishima smiled as he gazed at his friend. “Have I ever told you that I decided not to go to U.A. the day before I met you?” Bakugou shook his head before Kirishima continued, looking out onto the dimly lit street. “I decided not to go because I believed I didn’t have the heart or the quirk for it, and then I met you. The past 4 months we spent doing our fun little ‘morally-grey delinquency’ has shown me that in a way, I was right. I’m not cut out for U.A. at all. But this new life,” Kirishima turned to Bakugou. “Our new life. It’s something I can do.”

Kirishima then lifted the red handkerchief around his mouth and nose and got on the motorcycle before turning to his partner in crime. “Ready to go?”

Bakugou grinned as he lifted his orange handkerchief and hopped on behind Kirishima. “Time for some fucking payback.”



If you were to ask Kirishima to describe himself in one word, it would be ‘unbreakable’.

Looking back, the fall of Kirishima Eijirou, a meek 15 year old boy who watched schoolyard fights with a pained look on his face, was when he got home the night he met Bakugou Katsuki. Kirishima realized that during the previous day, no matter how much his mind told him to save Ashido’s friends, he couldn’t move but, when he knocked that guy for Bakugou, his mind was quiet, but his heart and spirit called out to him. Now, looking down at the burnt and bloodied body of the now former pro hero Kamui Woods, Kirishima realized that same feeling in his heart and spirit was back, and this time, it wasn’t leaving.

“Ready to go, Riot?” a grinning Bakugou asked.

“Let’s roll, Ground Zero.” Kirishima responded.

Kirishima Eijirou may have fallen, but Riot rose.

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At the age of 4, Todoroki Shouto could count the number of people he trusted on one hand. 1. His dad. 2. His mom. 3. His 10 year old sister Fuyumi. Four and five belonged to his 8 year old brother Natsuo and his 12 year old brother Touya.

At the age of 5, while Todoroki was sitting in his hospital room, his left eye bandaged and sore, the number went down by one. That was the day he swore he would never forgive his father for what he did to his mother.

12 hours later, Todoroki heard screaming and crashing before discovering his brother Touya has left his home.



At the age of 13, Todoroki was sick and tired of heroics, although he never even thought that near his father for fear of punishment. Today’s training has been extra tedious due to his father’s bad mood. Needing a breath of fresh air, Todoroki waited until his father locked himself in his study before leaving the house.

Todoroki closed his eyes as he thought about today’s session. His father’s flames seemed brighter and wilder, his punches and kicks had more behind it. He wrapped his arms around himself as he tried to ignore the poorly treated injuries still stinging. He eventually found himself at the park near his house. He stood and watch the children happily playing with their friends and family, parents watching and giggling at their children’s antics.

“Shouto?” a voice behind him said hesitantly.

Todoroki turned around quickly, one armed raised and ready to attack the stranger with their hood up and their head down. “Who are you?” Todoroki demanded, shaking slightly.

The stranger looked up and Todoroki eyes went wide. The strangers face had larges patches of skin that were purple and wrinkled. It was held together with some poorly done stitching. Todoroki noticed more on his hands and ankles. The stranger gave him a soft smile that looked a bit crazed with the scarring and said, “Geez Shouto. I know it’s been nine years and I look very different, but I was kinda hoping you’d still recognize your brother’s voice.”

The silence that followed seemed like an eternity. So many questions were running through Todoroki’s head as he lowered his arm and stared at his no longer missing brother. “Where did you go? What happened to you? Why did you leave? Who did this to you?” but he was only able to choke out one question to Touya. “Are you happy now?”

Touya ran up to Todoroki and nearly knocked him over with how strong the hug was and Todoroki almost cried as he realized this was the first hug he’s gotten in nine years. “I’ve never been better,” Touya whispered.

Todoroki pulled away and winced from his training injuries, hoping Touya wouldn’t notice. “Did he do that?” was all he asked.

Todoroki nodded, refusing to look at his brother. “It was worse today. He seemed angrier.”

“Glad to see I don’t have to be home to piss him off,” Touya responded. Todoroki raised one eyebrow in confusion. “Today’s my birthday,” he clarified.

The two brothers walked over to a nearby bench, realizing they have a lot of catching up to do. “He doesn’t talk about you anymore,” Todoroki began. “It’s almost as if you didn’t exist. Fuyumi, Natsuo, and I are too scared to ask about you or mom.”

“Figures,” scoffed Touya. “The number two hero can’t let the world know about his imperfect family.” He then turned to Todoroki, concern written all over his face. “You said it was worse today. He beats you guys everyday?”

“Just me,” Todoroki began. “It’s his way of training my quirk. Says I’m gonna beat All Might and be number one.”

“That fucker,” Touya whispered. “At least Fuyumi and Natsuo are taking care of you.”

“Not really.”


“They mainly avoid me and let me fend for myself. They stay safe that way,” Todoroki said. He could see his brother’s face twisting in anger and in a strange way, Todoroki was glad to see someone concerned for him.

“Touya, what happened that night?” Todoroki whispered.

His brother clenched one fist and touched the wrinkled scar under his eye with the other hand. His body exuded confidence but his face betrayed anxiety. “It was after you and Endeavour came home. Once you and the others went to your rooms, I confronted him in the training room and asked what happened to mom. He told me what happened and he got mad when I told him he drove her to it. I should’ve stopped then but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I told him to stop your training and he told me I don’t know anything. I screamed and told him that he isn’t worthy of being called a hero and that he will never be number one. He snapped when I said that this is why All Might is number one and he isn’t. All these scars on me are his doing. He left me there, crying and in pain and only turned back to say one thing to me, ‘know your place.’ I crawled over to the first aid kit that was left on the floor and patched myself up as best as I could. That night, I grabbed as much as my backpack could hold and left home.”

Touya then turned to Todoroki and grabbed his hands. “You need to leave that place Shouto. You need to get away from that monster. I have a place now. We can stay together and you don’t have to put up with this nonsense.”

There was so much for Todoroki to take in that he sat frozen staring at his brother. His eyes wandered from the scarred hands grasping his to the untreated burns running from his mouth to his neck (with more possibly hidden), to his pleading eyes staring into his. Todoroki has spent not even 30 minutes with Touya but he has felt more familial love and affection from him than from anyone else. Todoroki was sick and tired of heroics and now, he had a way out.

“Let me go pack,” Todoroki said, rising from the bench.

“I’ll be waiting outside the house.” Touya responded, grinning at his baby brother.

Side by side, the two boys walked towards the Todoroki household.



Sneaking into his home was easy enough. Everyone was in their rooms so he didn’t have to talk to anyone as he scurried up to his room and packed up. Sneaking out however, didn’t go exactly as planned.

“Where do you think you’re going, Shouto?” said the booming voice of Todoroki Enji as Todoroki walked by the living room. He looked up and saw his father sitting in there along with his brother and sister, both petrified.

“Going for a walk,” Todoroki replied curtly.

“You just came back from one. Don’t try and lie to me. I’m going to ask once more, where do you think you’re going?

“AWAY!” Shouto snapped as he glared at his father, venom in his voice. “I know what you did to Touya. I know how you left him to practically die. I refuse to let you do that to me!”

“ENOUGH!” Endeavour shouted as he stood up and made his way over to Todoroki. “Your brother knew he was picking a fight he couldn’t win. As for you, if you honestly believe that you can just waltz out of here, I haven’t been training you well enough. So here’s a lesson your dear brother seemed to not understand.” Endeavour’s fist was then ignited. “KNOW YOUR PLACE,” he bellowed as he swung his fist towards Todoroki.

He never made contact before dark flames knocked the pro hero against the wall. Fuyumi and Natsuo stood up and looked behind Todoroki to see Touya standing tall, an arm outstretched and wisps of dark purple flames dancing around his fingertips. “It would seem cruel to scar your greatest masterpiece again, right old man?” Touya taunted. “Then again, you’re not really above that.”

“You just don’t know when to stay down, do you?” Endeavour grumbled as he rose to his feet. The other two Todoroki kids quickly hid behind the couch. “Seems like I have to teach you yet another lesson!” he shouted as his arms burst into flames. Touya proceeded to do the same thing.

“Leave this fiend to me, Shouto,” Touya said before he Endeavour started before each other.

Todoroki heart pounded as he lifted his left arm and shouted, “LEAVE HIM ALONE!”

For a while, all Todoroki saw was white.

When his vision came back to him, he was outside and the Todoroki Manor was in shrouded in red, blue, and purple flames.

“Did we do that?” Todoroki whispered.

“Yeah,” Touya replied.

“Asshole deserved it.”

“Damn, someone’s gone cold,” Touya chuckled. “Let’s get out of here before the police and heroes arrive.”

“How’d you get your own place anyways?” Todoroki asked as they made their way towards the shadier parts of the city. “It’s not like you can write down, ‘Endeavour’s my dad please let me in’ on any forms.”

“I actually broke in to steal some supplies, but I found the guy stabbed in the kitchen. One clean up later and I claimed the place as my own. Around here, no one asks questions,” Touya said as he unlocked the door and stepped inside. “Go sleep, it’s been a long day. The empty room is yours.”

“Thanks,” Todoroki responded as he made his way down the hall and into the bedroom. He was asleep the moment his head touched the pillow.

At the age of 13, the only people Todoroki could trust was Touya and his mom.



Number Two Hero Endeavour’s Home Burns Down. Pro Hero is the Only Survivor” was the headline Todoroki saw on the news when he made his way downstairs.

“In a way he’s right,” Touya says from the couch. “Since we’re dead to him now. I’m not even surprised he left the others to die.”

“I killed Fuyumi and Haruto,” was all Todoroki said.

“We did. And I don’t just mean you and I but also En-dick-vour too,” Touya said, turning to face him. “Do you feel guilty?”

Todoroki paused for a moment before answering. “It’s not like we wanted to kill them. Besides,” he continued, his face hardening. “They always stood back and let me get beat. In the end, that was their downfall.”

Touya looked slightly impressed before turning back to face the TV.

“How do pay for all of this?” Todoroki asked, looking into the fully stocked fridge.

Touya looked conflicted before turning to his brother, sighing. “I’m a mercenary.”

“Okay,” Todoroki responded.

“Wait, You’re not upset?” Touya asked in surprise.

“Yesterday, I found my long lost brother and proceeded to burn down my childhood home and kill my brother and sister with him. It’s gonna take a lot more to surprise me now,” Todoroki responded, deadpanned.

“Well in that case,” Touya began, his arm outstretched. “I could always use a partner.”

Todoroki smiled before grabbing his brother’s hand. “Sounds good to me.”

“There’s one requirement however. You can’t really run around as ‘Shouto’ killing people. Those who hire me know me as ‘Dabi.’ You’re gonna need a name.”

Todoroki thought back to one day with his mother, when he compiled a list of different hero names.

This one seems a bit too villainous,” she said in regards to one name.

“Freezer Burn.”



Two Years Later

“You remember Stain right?” Touya asks over dinner one day.

“What about him?” Todoroki responds.

“I’m hearing talk about him joining up with the League of Villains.”

“That organization thing?"

“Yeah. I was talking Giran and he said they’re looking for some people. I wouldn’t put any thought into it but since it’s Stain, it sounds appealing.”

“Okay,” Todoroki responds. “Let’s check it out.”



The bar Giran led them to was small and dark. There were already a few people in there sitting at tables. Among them were a few teenagers including a blonde boy with a black streak in his hair, a purple haired boy, a bird headed boy, a boy with glasses and blue hair, and a girl with green hair.

“Got two others for ya, Kurogiri,” Giran said to the cloud of purple mist that seemed to be the bartender.

He looked up at Giran and replied. “thank you Giran. You may go.”

As Giran nodded and left, Todoroki saw two other people walk in through the door. One was a slender blonde boy and another seemed to be a floating shirt and shorts.

“Ah. Aoyama, Hagakure, you’re back. We have two guests. Can you grab the others for me?” Kurogiri asked.

The two nodded before exiting into a back room and coming out with two new people. A taller man with a severed hand over his face and another person behind him that he cannot see.

“And who might you two be?” the hand man asked.


“Freezer Burn.”

“I mean your real names you arro-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before the person from behind him shoved him aside.

‘Please excuse my ill-tempered companion and allow me to introduce ourselves. That short tempered baby over there is Shigaraki Tomura and as for me,” the green haired teen extended a hand to Todoroki, “you can call me Deku.”

After the meeting, Todoroki wondered if he could add Deku to his list.



At the age of 15, Todoroki finally learned his place. That place was by his brother’s side.

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Asui Tsuyu was a self-assured, driven girl. She always spoke her mind, never wavered, and was confident in herself.

However, all that changed thanks to Mt. Lady.



It was one of the few days her parents were home and her family decided to spend the day in the city. After talking a walk through the city park and exiting the Musutafu mall, the Asui family decided to head home.

That’s when the bank exploded.

Almost immediately a crowd formed around the heroes and villains fighting at the foot of the steps. Tsuyu and her family stayed off to the side, away from the crowd, as they watched the new villain duo who has been involved in a string of robberies, Mukade and Mother Earth, fighting against the Normal Hero Manual.

“This won’t be easy for Manual,” Tsuyu began, speaking to her siblings. “He has a water quirk which won’t work well against Mother Earth’s earth quirk.”

“What about the other lady?” her brother asked.

“Her quirk is like ours except instead of being a frog, she’s a centipede,” Tsuyu explained. “She has about 15 retractable limbs plus regeneration and speed. Manual is going to need some backup, kero.”

Just then, Tsuyu heard a cry from the crowd. “Mommy? Where are you?” the voice cried out. Tsuyu moved away from her family and went into the crowd only to find a young girl looking around very distressed.

“Hello there,” Tsuyu said, crouching down to be at eye level with the girl. “Why don’t you stay with me and then we can find your mommy together, okay? Kero.”

The little girl slowly nodded before grabbed onto Tsuyu’s hand tightly. Tsuyu opened her mouth again to say something but was interrupted by the ground shaking. She looked up and saw the new pro hero, Mt. Lady, literally crashing onto the scene.

“Why her?” Tsuyu murmured. “I can’t figure out how she can take down those two.”

She didn’t end up figuring out however, because Mother Earth then thrusted two fists up into the air, creating a large boulder that floated above the ground. She then swung her arm in the direction of the new hero, causing the boulder to hit her shoulder and knocking her off balance for a moment.

That moment was all that was needed for everything to go wrong.

Mt. Lady stumbled a few steps back and collided with an office building. The building then crashed and hit the ground in a spot away from the crowd. Exactly where the Asui family was standing.

Tsuyu was frozen in her spot, her mind screaming. There was a moment where she thought to herself, “Maybe they’re just hurt. Maybe they’re alive.” That was enough to get her to let go of the girl and start moving, no, sprinting towards the rubble.

That glimmer of hope soon dissipated when she saw the blood splatter on the ground.

Out of all the things Tsuyu could be thinking right now, one thought stood out to her. It was when she was much younger and she was talking to her mom about heroes. “Heroes are so brave, mom. They always rush to help and they never run away.” But Tsuyu did what she told herself she wouldn’t do. She ran away.



Asui Tsuyu was not a self-assured, driven girl. During the moment of her family’s death, she didn’t speak. Instead, she wavered and ran.

She kept running as fast as her legs could carry her until she grew tired. After stopping, she realized that she had no clue where she was, but that really didn’t matter. Tsuyu’s back hit the wall as she slid down onto the ground, tears spilling down her face. She cried for her parents, who wanted to watch their children grow. She cried for her siblings, and how she will never wake up early to cook them breakfast every morning. But shameful tears fell as Tsuyu cried because she fled. But then, she thought, she wouldn’t have had to run in the first place if it weren’t for Mt. Lady.

Eventually, Tsuyu’s sad shakes were replaced with anger and hatred. What kind of hero, a fucking pro at that, would join a fight where they would do more harm than good? The city went from having to replace the bank stairs to having to replace an entire building, deal with all the people out of a job, and care for those injured and dead. It’s shameful.

A loud crash interrupted her train of thought followed quickly by Tsuyu hiding behind a dumpster. Tsuyu poked her head out to see a confusing and interesting scene.

A short, young, brown haired girl was currently towering over a middle aged man with a a broken horn and fear in his eyes. The six floating knives around the girl probably added to the fear as well.

“We’re going to do this nice and simple,” the girl began, an eerie smile on her face. “When did Shigaraki say he wanted the files?”

“T-Tuesday,” the man stuttered out.

“And what day is today, Tanaka?”


“Good,” the girl replied. “So you aren’t completely dense.”

She turned away from him and looked up at the sky, knives still floating like a barbed halo. “So you’re telling me that Mt. Lady’s own personal assistant can’t get us a list of her arrest reports?” This piqued Tsuyu’s interest.

“She’s a lot to manage, s-so it’s difficult to s-sneak into her office alone,” Tanaka said. “P-plus I now have to help her and her PR team deal with the backlash of that office building collapsing.”

“Do I care?” the girl said, back still to him. “Or do you not need that horn too?”

That’s when Tanaka bolted down the alleyway and in the direction of Tsuyu. The girl’s knives all aligned together and she was getting ready to send them towards the man, however, it wasn’t necessary as Tsuyu emerged from her hiding spot, shot her tongue around the waist of Tanaka, and threw him back to where he was, knocking him out when he hit the wall.

The girl stared at Tsuyu with a mix of awe and confusion. She let her arms fall to her side as the knives dropped to the ground, clattering loud in the empty alley.

“You… tongue… how… how much you hear?” the girl finally choked out.

“You don’t need to worry about anything,” Tsuyu replied. “I’ve got my own bone to pick with that hero.”

“Why did you help me?” the girl asked, completely bewildered. Tsuyu started to feel the same.

“I… I don’t know,” Tsuyu began to explain. “He mentioned what she did earlier today and my mind was on autopilot. I didn’t even mean to find you two, kero.”

“Why would you be upset about today? No one in that building died since it’s a weekend and it was empty. The news only reported a family of these fro-” the girl stopped suddenly as she looked at Tsuyu up and down, realization finally dawning on her. “She killed your family.”

Tsuyu refused to make eye contact as she sat on the ground against the wall. “She was careless,” she said bitterly. “Imagine if it wasn’t a Saturday. Hundreds of people dead because she didn’t think.” She finally looked up. “Three years at U.A. and all she was taught was how to endanger more lives than save.”

The girl stared back, a sad sort of anger and understanding on her face. “Everyone thinks you’re dead,” she began to explain. “They knew you were with them and they still can’t find a body. I’m guessing you don’t wanna go back home, huh?” Tsuyu nodded.

“Well in that case,” the girl began as she put knives in the inner pockets of her jacket. She walked up to Tsuyu and extended a hand towards her. “I have just the home in mind for you.”

Tsuyu grabbed her hand and looked back at Tanaka. “What about him?” she asked.

“He’ll take this,” she began as she walked up to him, took out a knife, and slashed his other horn off with one clean slice. “As a warning. As for you my froggy friend, what shall I call you?”

“Asui Tsuyu. Call me Tsu-chan.”

“Well Tsu-chan. I’m Uraraka Ochako.”



The bar was small and lively, with people chatting and laughing in booths and at stools. Ochako waltzed right in with Tsuyu meekly trailing behind.

“This place houses a lot of runaways and orphans,” Uraraka explained. “It used to be an inn, so there’s a staircase in the room up ahead where the rooms are.”

Uraraka led her up the stairs and into a room at the end of the hall. “This can be your room, but you have to be comfortable with what I’m about to tell you.” She shut the door and sad on the sheetless bed. “Everyone here, including me, are… bad people. We’re villains.” she looked up at Tsuyu sadly. “A lot of us here are like you. Heroes have turned a blind eye to us, forsaken us, hurt us. I have a friend here, his quirk has basically taken him over. Even heroes wince at him. But this place? Took him in without hesitation. It’s a sanctuary for those of us who have nowhere to go. We just have to do bad things to do good things.”

Tsuyu sat next to her and was silent for a moment, taking her new surroundings in. “How many people here are our age?” she finally asks.

Ochako looked startled by the strange question before she muttered some numbers and finally spoke. “Including me? Almost ten either live her or are frequent visitors. Some have been here since childhood.”

Tsuyu nodded slowly. She took in Uraraka’s words again. “We just have to do bad things to do good things.”

“Alright, I’m staying. And helping. Gotta pay rent somehow,” Tsuyu joked.

A grin broke out across Uraraka’s face. “This is going to be so much fun!” she cheered. “I could use a partner.” Tsuyu blushed at that comment. “Come on Tsu-chan, let’s go tell Deku the good news.”

“Who’s Deku?” Tsuyu asked.

Uraraka paused for a moment and thought to herself. “I guess you can say he’s one of the leaders,” she finally answered.



Tsuyu expected many things of this ‘Deku,’ but she definitely didn’t expect a tiny green haired boy who looked like he could be knocked over by a slight breeze to turn around when Uraraka shouted “DEKUUU!!” from across the room.

Deku made his way over to the two girls who were standing at the bottom of the staircase. “Uraraka! How did it go with Tanaka?” he asked.

“Would’ve gone worse but Tsu-chan here,” Uraraka said slinging her arm over Tsuyu’s shoulder, “saved my butt, and now she’s gonna stay here.”

Deku stared at Uraraka with an exasperated look. “You know you can’t just bring people in here and claim them as your own, right?”

Uraraka rolled her eyes at Deku. “You won’t be saying that when I tell you what happened.” Uraraka then explained the situation to Deku, who’s face went from a wide arrange of emotion from sadness to baffled.

When Uraraka finished, Deku’s face hardened. The look of determination threw Tsuyu off so much she thought it was a different person in front of her.

“Uraraka,” he began. “Take her to Hatsume.”

“Who’s that?” Tsuyu asked. “Why do I have to see them?”

The grin Deku gave her made her finally realize why he’s one of the one in charge.

“You’re going to get your revenge.”



The basement of the bar housed many things such as storage for drinks, weapons, and Hatsume Mei’s workshop. The smell of fire hit the two girls the moment they stepped in and they were greeted with the sight of metal flying around and a pink blur running around.

“Hatsume. Hatsume!” Uraraka shouted, trying to get the blur’s attention. She sighed heavily before shouting, “YOU GOT A CUSTOMER!”

Immediately, the blur stopped in front of Tsuyu and began to size her up. Tsuyu can now tell it was an energetic, pink haired teen covered in dirty overalls and goggles atop her head.

“Well hello there you prospective customer. What can I do for you?” Hatsume asked.

“Deku just told me to tell you to give me ‘Vertigo Belt A’. He said I can use it,” Tsuyu explained.

Hatume’s crosshair eyes widened and she grabbed Tsuyu and Uraraka, led them to a workbench and dove under it. After a few seconds of digging, she popped back out with a belt and multiple vials.

“This was a prototype for Uraraka, also known here as Vertigo, hence the name,” she began to explain. “Before she went with knives as her primary weapon, we considered having her work with different poisons. She would use her quirk on the bottles and drop them on her targets. We then realized that it was a bit too convoluted, so now she has a belt full of supplies and a jacket full of fun little knives. But, if you tell me about your quirk, I think I can whip something up.”

“My quirk is Frog Form,” Tsuyu explains. “I can basically do almost anything a frog can do like jump really high, stick to walls, and shoot my tongue out.”

Hatsume stared at Tsuyu for a moment before breaking out into grin. “Am I right to assume you’ve trained your quirk. Specifically with aim?” Tsuyu nodded. Before her plan to U.A. flew out the window, she used to train almost everyday.

“Boy oh boy, do I have a plan for you,” Hatsume said before pushing a blue, orange, and dark green vial towards the duo. “The blue one puts people to sleep, orange is to paralyze the body part it’s injected in, and green is the fatal one. I can put these all on darts that’ll stay in your belt. As for a costume, it’ll probably be designed after these three colours and in a frog like look.” She looked up at the two girls. “I’ll give you some empty darts to mess with for now and I’ll let you guys know when these babies are done.”

“Thank you so much Hatsume-chan,” Tsuyu said, smiling at the inventor before her and Uraraka left her to her own, literal, devices.

“Isn’t she a genius?” Uraraka beamed as they made their way back to the rooms.

“Does she live here too?” Tsuyu asked.

“Nope. Her parents just think she has a part time job at a workshop which, honestly, isn’t a complete lie. She’s applying to U.A. this year to expand her business ventures. She’s a morally grey, loose cannon with no allegiances.”

Tsuyu chuckled at the thought of a villain and hero going head to head with the same equipment.

“So Vertigo, huh?” Tsuyu finally said.

“Yup!” Uraraka said nodding. “Deku thought of the name since it goes with gravity. I also needed something else to go by since my parents can’t find out, and no one can find out about them. I can’t put them in danger.” Uraraka said that last part sadly and Tsuyu figured she shouldn’t push. She immediately perked back up though once they reached Tsuyu’s room.

“I’ll come by tomorrow and we can train together. Think on a name for yourself too.”

Tsuyu only stared at the girl in awe. It was amazing how her heart stayed so full in a world like this. “Thank you Uraraka-chan. For everything.”

The gravity girl only smiled softly. “It's Ochako.”



A week after Tsuyu’s impromptu move in, she was starting to get the hang of things. A girl with an invisibility quirk named Hagakure snuck into her home to grab some of her belongings, she befriended others like Tokoyami and Jirou, and nobody seems to hate her.

“Tsu-chan! Check out the news right now,” a voice called out.

And then there was Ochako, Tsuyu’s accidental saviour.

Tsuyu sat at a table with a few of the other teens and looked at the TV.

“Breaking news, ladies and gentleman. Just this morning, Pro Hero Kamui Woods was found dead near the Musutafu national bank. Reports say that he was most likely ambushed while out on patrol. Suspects are still unknown however, due to the slashes and burns on him, police seem to be dealing with an fire and cutting type quirk.”

“First the graffiti, now this? Someone must’ve been after him,” Jirou said, muting the TV.

“But why him?” the boy with the tail, Ojiro, asked.

“Guys shut up,” Kaminari said, pointing at the TV.

On screen was the headline, “Mt. Lady Makes Press Release Regarding Destructive Battle Last Week.”

All eyes fell to Tsuyu, who scowled as the looked at the screen. “Turn it up,” was all she said.

“I want to once again give my most sincere apologies to those who may have been affected by my actions. As a hero, I’ve always told myself to jump right into the fray and do the right thing, regardless of how I’m doing myself. Now I see that I need to be more careful of what I d-” the TV shut off and the teens turned around to see Tsuyu holding the remote, fury all over her face.

“‘Those who may have been affected?’ I bet she doesn’t even know what she did!” Tsuyu yelled. She glared towards the TV, as if Mt Lady could see her expression. “She doesn’t even know their names,” she whispered sadly.

“I think you know what needs to be done, Asui,” a voice from behind her said. The group turned around to see Deku holding a silver case.

“Kaminari, head on upstairs,” he said. “That short circuited brain of yours needs to study if you want to get into U.A. and stay there. I’ll join you once I’m done. As for you,” he turned to Tsuyu, lifting the case towards her. “A special delivery from downstairs.”

Tsuyu took the case from Deku and peered inside. The rest of the group gathered around trying to see as well. Once Tsuyu opened it, she smirked.

“Ochako-chan,” she said. “We’re leaving now.”



Poison Dart and Vertigo sat atop a rooftop next to Mt. Lady’s hero agency.

“Tanaka said she goes on patrol at 12pm everyday,” Ochako began to explain. “She normally goes through the front to meet fans and reporters in the lobby, but with the chaos of today, she’s going through the back door alone. That’s when you strike and I will be behind you as backup.”

Tsuyu nodded slowly. She was surprised she wasn’t nervous. If anything, she couldn’t wait.

“Tsu, are you okay?” Ochako said, looking at her with concern.

Tsuyu opened her mouth then closed it. She wasn’t surprised by the question since everyone at the League asked how she was doing. But when Ochako asked, she somehow knew she wasn’t asking out of necessity, but instead out of amity.

“I will be,” Tsuyu finally said. “Once I let that excuse of a hero know what she’s done.”

A beep from Ochako’s phone broke the silence between them. “She’s leaving” was the message on the screen.

“Let’s go,” Tsuyu said before leaping down between the two buildings and making her way behind the building, Ochako close behind.

“Stick close to the shadows and come out if I’m in trouble,” Tsuyu instructed before climbing up the wall.

A minute later, the door opened and out stepped Mt. Lady, the usual air of confidence returned to her. Tsuyu grabbed the darts in the left pocket of her belt and let the four of them fly towards the hero. Orange liquid seeped into the hero’s legs and arms as she let out a shout before falling to the ground, unable to move.

“I wouldn’t use your quirk if I were you,” Tsuyu said and she made her way towards the hero. “Unless you haven’t learned your lesson yet.”

“What do you want, villain?” Mt. Lady spat at Tsuyu.

“Beru, Ganma, Satsuki, Samidare. Do you know those names?” Tsuyu growled.

“Why should I?”

“Why?” Tsuyu asked, her voice rising. “Maybe because those are the lives you stole from me. My family is dead. Killed by you, and you don’t even have the audacity to know their names. ‘Those who may have been affected?’ You disgust me.”

Mt. Lady’s eyes widened the more Tsuyu spoke. “I’m so sorry miss. Please, let me make this up to y-”

“You had your shot!” Tsuyu shouted. “You had a chance and you threw it away to try and save your own ass.” Tsuyu turned around and looked into the shadows. “Vertigo. Hand it over.”

Ochako emerged from the shadows with a wooden rod in her hand, handing it over to Tsuyu.

Mt. Lady’s panicked cries rang out. “No! NO! What are you doing?”

“What did you call it? ‘Doing the right thing?’ Yeah. That’s it,” Tsuyu mocked.

With a movement as swift as a trained assassin, Tsuyu brought the blowdart to her lip and let the dart fly, letting the green liquid flow into Mt. Lady's neck. Green lines appeared through her body like lightning. The last thing the pro hero saw was Tsuyu’s wide eyes staring down at her as she sneered in disgust before she turned and left.



Tsuyu’s has always told her mother, “Heroes are so brave. They always rush to help and they never run away.” Now, Tsuyu knows that she wasn’t completely right. That kind of thinking got her family killed. Tsuyu now knows that the best thing to do is not to rush in without a thought, but to know when to stay back.



Asui Tsuyu is a self-assured, driven girl. She always speaks her mind, never wavers, and is confident in herself.

Her new home with the League, surrounded by friends who cheered when the reports of Mt. Lady’s death hit the news, Jirou giving her a fist bump, Deku giving her a quick nod, and Ochako giving her a big hug, helped her realize it once again.

Chapter Text

Yaoyorozu Momo has lived a life of closed doors for most of her life. However, she wasn’t stupid. She knew why her parents closed those doors. She knows about the hushed whispers between her parents and their workers, the glances to make sure she wasn’t around, the money slid under the table.

She always felt out of place in her own home, like a puzzle piece trying to fit into a different puzzle. So when she snuck into her dad’s office to steal an entrepreneur book and her mom’s office to take her chemical engineering book at the age of 13, she only had one goal in mind.

To be on the other side of the door.



Two months after Yaoyorozu turned 15 years old, she decided enough was enough. She spent years dedicating herself to mastering her quirk, being homeschooled by only to top professors, and learning the ways of running a business. Yet a wave of anxiety washed over her when she approached her father’s office.

She gave three quick knocks on the large oak door and began to wring her hands in anxiety before a muffled, “Come in,” was heard from the other side.

She entered the office to see her parents on one side of the large desk, hunched over her father’s computer, worry on their faces. They looked up and smiled to see their daughter, but not before quickly closing the laptop.

“Momo dear, don’t you have piano practice right now?” her father asked.

“I just finished up. I came here to ask you both something,” she replied.

“What do you need dear?” her mother asked, giving her a warm smile.

Yaoyorozu took a deep breath, looked both her parents in the eyes, and spoke. “I want to play a role in… the family business. I’ve read up on basically half your books dad. And mom, I’ve gained such a mastery of my quirk in such a short period of time. I believe I can be of use now.”

Her parents shared a look before putting on another smile. “Oh course you can play a role dear,” her mother began. “We can have you beginning to shadow Hanayo next week. I’m sure Apate Enterprise would love to have a bright you-”

“That’s not what I meant,” Yaoyorozu interrupted, her head down and foot tapping nervously.

“What do you mean then?” her father asked, feigning ignorance.

Yaoyorozu paused for a moment, looking from her parents to the closed laptop on the desk. “I meant the other business,” she explained.

“I’m not sure what you-” her mother began before being interrupted by Yaoyorozu again.

“I know you guys aren’t just the CEOs of Apate,” she began. “You seem to be forget I also live here and that I have eyes and ears. You’re not as subtle as you believe to be. If this is a family venture, then it should have the full family, should it not?”

Her parents were left speechless. They stared at their daughter, who they’ve always thought they’ve sheltered away, cleanly lay out their biggest secret. After a minute of silence, her mother spoke first.

“Momo, darling,” she said as she walked up to her daughter. “I don’t think you fully understand the gravity of the situation.” She grabbed her hands. “It’s best if you don’t know it all.”

“You mean how you sent Mukade and Mother Earth to the bank downtown so they can distract everyone from the hero office you had someone sneak into at the same time?” Yaoyorozu stated, smiling at her mother’s perplexed face. “You should really change your computer password, mother.”

“Momo,” her father finally said, making his way over to the two women. “We can see that you clearly have the skill, but we do things that many other would not be proud of. You must be able to prove yourself to the highest caliber.”

“What does that even mean?” her mother said, turning to face him. “You make it sound like we’re going to have her kill someone.”

“I’ll do it,” Yaoyorozu said without hesitation.

“Momo, no. I won’t let you something you’ll regret,” her mother declared.

“Who says I’m going to regret it?” she asked. “You want loyalty? You want proof? I’ve worked too hard to back down now. I knew what I was getting into when I walked through that door.”

Her parents looked to one another, a silent conversation passing through them. In the end they both sighed and gestured for Yaoyorozu to follow them to her father’s desk. Once there, he opened up a drawer and tossed a file over to Yaoyorozu. Opening it, she saw a picture of a blonde woman in a maroon dress. The most striking thing about here however, was the three snakes in her hair.

“That right there is pro hero Uwabami,” her mother began. “For a hero, she focuses on her modelling career more than her actual hero work. That doesn’t mean she isn’t dumb though. Those files you mentioned? One of them included plans to investigate us. As you can guess, we can’t let that happen.”

“That’s where you come in,” her father interjected. “With the recent deaths of two pro heroes, we figured it would be an interesting time to strike. After all, twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. Why not stir the pot? We had a plan to get rid of her but now we see that plans change.” Her father walked around the desk and looked his daughter in the eyes. “Momo, if you truly believe this path can be for you, then you have exactly one week to come up with a plan to kill Uwabami at Best Jeanist’s gala.”

Yaoyorozu looked from the file in her hands to the unreadable faces of her parents. She locked her jaw and tightened her grip on the file.

“Yes sir.”



Planning a murder was not as complicated as Yaoyorozu thought, and she wasn’t sure what to think of this realization.

With her mother and father next to her and a smile that can rival All Might’s, Yaoyorozu stepped into the banquet hall.

Yaoyorozu immediately recognized many of the attendants, having been to many events since she could walk. Many high class businessmen and women and mingled with each other as they drank and laughed, but Yaoyorozu was more focused on the heroes.

At one table she spotted Present Mic, Ingenium and Midnight all trying to convince a tired looking man she didn’t recognize to dance. She distinctly heard him say, “I shaved and didn’t bring my sleeping bag, what more do you want from me, you heathens?” She kept walking, very confused.

To her right was a crowd of people all trying to talk to one specific person. As she got closer, she spotted two familiar strands of hair and immediately turned around. She didn’t feel like dealing with anything All Might related the day of her planned murder. Not looking where she was going, she bumped into a man with green hair and yellow highlights.

“My apologies,” she quickly said.

“No worries, young lady,” he replied, although his wistful expression seemed to be drawn past her. She walked away, wondering what could be on the stranger’s mind until her eyes landed on her target.

The Snake Heroine Uwabami was chatting with the man of the hour, Best Jeanist. Her conversation partner wasn’t Yaoyorozu's focus however. It was the nearly empty drink in her hand. Her mind wandered back to what she told her parents the night before.

You both only have one job pertaining to the mission for tonight. Whenever I ask, you guys need to order a margarita and give it to me. It’s her favourite drink.”

Yaoyorozu thanked every stupid interviewer alive as she took the two drinks from her parents. Now, it was onto phase two. As she walked over to Uwabami, she placed her index finger above one of the glasses, just above the liquid, and concentrated. She focused on the page from her chemistry textbook and thought to herself. “C11H17N3O8, Tetrodotoxin.” The liquid seeped out of her finger and into the drink. She let three drops in before she removed her finger and approached Uwabami, who was now alone.

“Miss Uwabami?” Yaoyorozu asked, putting on her best innocent act. “A guy asked me to give you this drink, he said it was on the house.”

Uwabami raised her eyebrow and giggled, taking the poisoned drink. “Well thanks for delivering it, dear.” She then looked at the other drink in Yaoyorozu’s hand. “I see I have a rebel with me but I’ll let it slide since I’m off duty. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but would you happen to be part of the Yaoyorozu family?”

“Why yes I am,” she responded.

“I knew it! That cute little face of yours looks just like your parents,” she replied, taking a sip.

“You know my parents?” Yaoyorozu asked, taking a sip as well. You don’t go to many events without eventual stealing a drink or two from your parents.

“I know of them,” Uwabami clarified. “Their business is quite well known, but I’d love to hear it from your perspective as the daughter of the CEOs and a young mind.”

Yaoyorozu knew this question would come up eventually. She began to rattle off her prepared response and once she was finished, she noticed Uwabami’s empty glass.

“Let me grab another one for you,” Yaoyorozu said, grinning at the heroine.

“With a face like that how can I say no,” Uwabami replied.

Yaoyorozu dove into the crowd and away from the heroine’s sight before making her way to her parents who were chatting with another couple. Her mother looked over at her and Yaoyorozu raised up one finger. Her mother whispered in her father’s ear before departing for the bar and returning to Yaoyorozu with one margarita in hand.

“You okay dear?” her mother asked.

Yaoyorozu nodded. “Better than I thought. She seems to like me.”

Her mother smiled at her before heading off. Right as Yaoyorozu was about to add tetrodotoxin into the drink, a blond boy about her age, sparkling like a jewel, appeared in her line of sight.

“Yaoyorozu Momo, am I correct?” he asked.

“Yes I am. Hello there,” she responded, unfazed. It wasn’t the first time a stranger recognized her in a place like this.

“Bonjour, Yaoyorozu. I noticed you befriending Madame Uwabami earlier. I felt the need to warn you.”

“What do you mean?” Yaoyorozu asked, perplexed. Was Uwabami onto her?

“Rumour has it she’s investigating your family. I’d hate to see someone’s kindness be taken advantage of, especially to get to one’s parents. You should stay away.”

A wave of relief washed over Yaoyorozu. She gave a small smile to the boy. “That’s quite awful to hear. Thank you for the warning,” she said, feigning ignorance. “She is expecting me however but I’ll be wary.” She left before the boy could get another word in.

No need to worry stranger,” she thought, finger over the glass and smile wide as she made her way back to Uwabami. “By the end of the night, she won’t need to look anywhere.”



Three more glasses and one dance later, Yaoyorozu was quite impressed with herself for lasting this long and with Uwabami, who seemed to have a crazy high tolerance.

It was nearing the end of the night and Yaoyorozu looked from Uwabami across the hall to the watch on her wrist. “Any minute now,” she thought.

“If I could get everyone’s attention for a moment,” a loud voice said from the stage.

Yaoyorozu looked up and saw Uwabami in front of the microphone, a solemn look on her face.

“This is a night of celebration, so I figured we could celebrate two more things tonight. The lives of Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady.”

All whispers in the room ceased. Yaoyorozu could see the distraught faces on many of the heroes. She saw the blond boy from before look down at his shoes.

“Two great heroes were taken from us far too soon. But knowing them, all this sorrow would be too much for them. They would want us to use their memory to move forward, not to stand still.”

The hall was beginning to fill with murmurs of agreement from guests. The noises almost distracted Yaoyorozu from her beeping watch. She looked up and saw Uwamabi’s fierce expression begin to waver.

“So I would like you all to raises your glasses to two heroes who went beyond plus ultra. To Kamui and Mt. Lady!”

“TO KAMUI AND MT. LADY!” the hall rang out.

There was no time to drink to the toast however as Uwabami’s glass hit the floor. The guests looked up to see the heroine frozen in her pose, not moving a muscle, eyes wide in fear. She gave out a choked shout before hitting the floor.

Guests started rushing over towards her and Yaoyorozu watched as her parents joined the concerned crowd.

The poison will work after three hours,” she explained to her parents. “She’s going to seize up and fall. You guys need to rush to her aid to let suspicion die.”

In the chaos and confusion, a hand managed to grab onto Yaoyorozu’s arm and drag her into a different room. She turned around ready to fighter her captor until she met the blue eyes of the boy from earlier.

“Using a slow working poison, huh? I must say merci, Madame Yaoyorozu. You made my job much easier.”

“What are you talking about? What poison?” Yaoyorozu asked.

“No need to play dumb anymore, at least not to me. After all, if you weren’t going to kill her tonight, I was.”

Yaoyorozu stared at the boy in shock. He was here to kill her too?

“Wait a minute. How did you know it was me? And why were you after her.”

“It was quite simple. You had the motive and the method. After I met you, you didn’t look that surprised about what I told you so I asked around about you and your quirk. I figured with knowing chemicals, you could make an easy poison and so, I watched you get her drink and say your finger above it. You are quite an intelligent woman.”

Yaoyorozu would have been in more awe if not for the fact that the boy was making flamboyant poses with each statement.

“I warned you so that way I could kill her without any witnesses around. My boss told me that I could deal with it in any way I want. Your idea was smart but I would have gone with something a bit more glamorous.”

“Who are you, and who’s your boss?” Yaoyorozu asked. “Who do you work for?”

The blond flashed a blinding smile at her. “My name is Aoyama Yuuga. As for my boss, if things go my way, you’ll find out soon enough.”

With a wink and twirl, Aoyama left the room, leaving behind a very confused Yaoyorozu.



Aoyama was indeed right. Five months after meeting Aoyama, Yaoyorozu became a funder for the League of Villains. Every so often, she would visit the Nomu warehouse and assist them with any science help they needed.

It felt natural working with them. She found an ally with Deku, someone who can match her intelligence. She found a comfort in Jirou, (Kyouka she said to call her) who understood her almost like she was reading her mind. She found a strange friend in Freezer Burn, (“call me Shouto, everyone here does") who’s blue flames and ice she found both strong and comforting. With each friend she made, her puzzle became more and more clear.

Now, it was a beautiful June morning and Yaoyorozu was spending it sitting in a dark bar with five other girls planning a heist.

“For the last fucking time Mina, we are not burning “Endea-vore” into the wall,” Jirou sighed.

“Oh come on. Shouto and Dabi said they’d pay me,” Mina said back.

“I don’t think it’s worth it,” Hagakure said.

“I’ve done worse for less,” Mina retorted.

“Stealing Shigaraki’s hands to make obscene gestures with them don’t count,” Tsuyu added.

“If we keep talking about this I’m going to stab everyone in this room and then myself,” Uraraka said, sliding down farther into her seat.

“How about we figure out what we’re doing first,” Yaoyorozu said, sliding in the seat next to Jirou and map of a few city blocks on the table.

“Hatsume is running out of supplies and we’re tasked with raiding Kakushin Labs,” Yaoyorozu explained. She pointed to an exit near the back of the building on the blueprints. “This door connects the storage room and an alley that can fit our truck. I figured Hagakure, Mina, and Tsu-chan can deal with all the guards while Uraraka, Kyouka and I can take all the equipment. Hagakure will enter first however to disable all the cameras. Some of the boys will be causing a distraction closer to the police precinct so their response time will be delayed. We need to do all this in about 15 minutes. We can set a timer on our watches so when the time is up, I can drive us all away.”

The five girls looked at Yaoyorozu in awe. “You know you’re a genius, Momo?” Jirou said.

Yaoyorozu blushed before clearing her throat. “Thank you, Kyouka. Now then, we’ll be leaving at 12pm tomorrow. Deku will be back soon with more information.”

With that, the girls went their separate ways. Uraraka and Tsuyu to the basement to get a poison refill, Ashido to look for Toga, and Jirou to her room.

“‘Kyouka,’ huh?” a voice behind her said.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about, Hagakure,” Yaoyorozu responded before leaving the bar, blushing mad.



Yaoyorozu always enjoyed the hours leading up to a job. Everyone bustling around, moving in an order like clockwork was something she could appreciate.

“Where in the everloving fuck is short circuit?” a voice rang out.

Well, almost like clockwork.

“He’s getting a lovely education Kacchan, something you might need at this rate,” Deku responded, leaning against the bar.

“Don’t give me that fucking shit Deku. You left home before me and I was top of the class.”


“Oh lookie here. Our boss can do basic fucking math.”

“WOW LOOK AT THE TIME WE SHOULD ALL BE GOING RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY,” Sero shouted amidst the slow growing chaos. Deku and Bakugou paused, arms midway up, and slowly brought them down, never breaking eye contact.

“Let’s roll ladies!” Mina shouted out.



As Yaoyorozu parked the van in the back and ran around to the front, she could already tell the girls were making quick work. As she ran towards to storage room with Uraraka and Jirou, she proudly smiled at the work the other three have done.

Tsuyu was bouncing off walls, catching guards with her tongue and throwing her poisons. Mina, in all her chaotic glory, was having the time of her life skating across the floor and taking down guards. But what made Yaoyorozu giggle was the look of shock on the faces on any guards taken down by Hagakure.

The three girls approach a large metal door. As Uraraka reaches out to open it, Jirou stops her and puts one of her earphone jacks to the door.

“One person in there,” she says. “Momo, would you like to do the honours?”

Pulling a metal pipe from her arm, Yaoyorozu replied, “my pleasure.”

Jirou kicked down the door in one swift hit. Yaoyorozu zeroed in on the poor scientist and clocked him on the head before he could open his mouth.

“Vertigo, go ahead and touch everything please,” Yaoyorozu said, tossing the pipe aside.

“Yes, Fabricator!” she replied grinning.

“Oh my god you actually used it.” Jirou said, beginning to pick up the now weightless items.

“It’s fitting,” was Yaoyorozu’s only response, although she was pretty sure Jirou saw her smile.

Ten minutes and one shout of “RELEASE” later, the trio finished up and were waiting in the van.

“Do you think they’re held up?” Uraraka asked.

“I’m gonna go check,” Jirou said, preparing to get out of the passenger seat.

“At least take a weapon with you,” Yaoyorozu said before producing a short sword from her arm.

Jirou took it gingerly, as if it was a holy relic. “God you’re so cool,” she whispered, no one knowing if she was talking to the sword or Yaoyorozu.

A crash interrupted Yaoyorozu from asking as three figures dove in and Hagakure screamed, “DRIVE!”

Yaoyorozu slammed her foot on the gas and the van zoomed out of the alley.

“Can the next girl’s day out be something less stressful like a spa or something?” Hagakure asked.

“Speak for yourself Miss Not a Wanted Criminal.” Ashido retorted. “Some of us aren’t invisible or have masks or don’t get their hands dirty.”

“Well if someone can control their bloodlust, we can spend time like a proper family,” Uraraka said. Yaoyorozu sighed at the remark. “Look, you’ve upset mom,” Uraraka added.

“Well I think it went well,” Ashido said, attempting to hide her snickering. “I know some people will be pretty heated.”

The van went quiet as everyone processed that one, Ashido made an awful pun and two, the girl might’ve actually done it.

“Ashido,” Jirou began. “Did you-”

“HELL YEAH!” she shouted. “4500 YEN HERE I COME!”

With that declaration, the vehicle fell into laughter. Whether it was the stress of the heist or the awful joke or the sheer absurdity of the situation they were in, Yaoyorozu knew she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.



Yaoyorozu Momo stared at the door in front of her. Once upon a time she looked at doors with a yearning. She wished to be a part of the world her family built and to belong somewhere.

Now, as she opened the door and was greeted with the cheers of the League, the girls all hugging her, Shouto and Deku smiling at her, even Bakugou giving her a small nod, she took in the world she’s helping to build, her final puzzle piece sliding in perfectly.

Chapter Text

Attending three funerals and a meeting in one week was definitely not on Aizawa’s to do list but alas here he was, one day after Uwabami’s funeral, sitting in the U.A. conference room.

“I’m sure you all know why we are all gathered here,” Nedzu said from the room.

The noise coming from the select few heroes in the room died down as they all looked up towards the principal of U.A.

The was quiet as the pros looked between each other. Most of their faces expressed the obvious: sorrow, vengefulness, apprehension. But there was one thought that the heroes all had. The fear that they all had a big, red target painted on their backs.

“To help us look into what exactly the… situation is, Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa from the police will be assisting us,” Nedzu said, gesturing to the door.

Once he said that, a tall man dressed in a black suit and black slacks entered to room holding a briefcase. He gave a small smile and brief nod to the room which was reciprocated having worked with many of the heroes in the room.

“As Nedzu has probably explained already,” he began, “I will be assisting with the investigation regarding Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, and Uwabami.”

“‘Investigation’, as in one. So you’re saying all this is connected?” Thirteen asked.

“To be perfectly candid, we have no hard proof,” Tsukauchi explained. “All evidence that could connect it such as a back to back killing or that two were poisoned are currently circumstantial. As of right now, this will be treated as three separate cases that are coincidences.”

“And what if it isn’t a coincidence?” Mic whispered. It was so quiet that Aizawa struggled to hear and he was right next to him.

Aizawa sighed. This was going to be a long day.



For the most part, Mic was an optimist. But seeing his comrades fall one after another? That sure puts a damper on his overall vibrant mood.

Now he and Aizawa were sitting side by side on the couch in Mic’s office with a copy of Kamui’s file spread out on the coffee table in front of them.

“Wish so many burns and lacerations, there’s no way we narrow this down,” Aizawa sighed as he looked at the photos of Kamui’s mangled body.

“We can’t even guess if these cuts are quirk related or not,” Mic added.

Aizawa got up and started pacing around the office.

“We shouldn’t even be focusing on this right now,” he began. “Right now we need to know why someone would do this.”

“Well did he have any enemies?” Mic asked.

“Hizashi, we’re pro heroes. Anyone who doesn’t like us can be an enemy.”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean did he do anything recently to gain some criticism?” Mic asked as he made his way to the computer.

“The man was killed. Seems like a bit more that criticism,” Aizawa added before following Mic.

Mic stared at his monitor, reading through multiple searches before shouting “THERE!”, causing the room to shake and Aizawa to use his quirk on him. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“What got you all excited?” Aizawa asked, looking at the screen.

The screen showed a news website with an article that read ‘Kamui Woods Agency Building Vandalized. Backlash After Sludge Villain Attack?’ The picture attached included the side of a building, most likely the hero agency, with ‘COWARD’ spray painted on with bright orange paint.

“The culprit chose a blind spot with no cameras and the only witness was knocked out before he could see anything. All he saw was the back of two kids,” Mic explained.

“Let’s head to the police station and see what they got on this.” Aizawa said as he made his way to the door. “I also want to see what this sludge incident is about.”



The process of retrieving files for a case was like clockwork for the duo and soon enough, a young officer approached the two heroes and handed them two files.

“Here you go!” she cheerfully said.

“Thank you very much!” Mic said with a grin, taking the files from her.

“It’s real sad how the kid just went missing,” the officer mused as she looked at the files.

“Pardon?” Aizawa asked.

“Last week, the attacked kid was reported missing by his parents,” the officer clarified. “Now both kids involved are missing since the poor quirkless kid didn’t come home that day.”

The two heroes exchanged a glance at each other before thanking the officer and making their way out to their car.

As the two walked back to Mic’s office, Aizawa began looking at the victim’s profile that was included.

“Bakugou Katsuki, 14 years old, quirk explo-” he cut himself off abruptly before running into Mic’s office.

“Shouta, what are you doing?” Mic asked exasperated as he caught up to him.

“Look at this,” he began, pulling up the picture of Kamui.

“Why yes dear, it's just as gruesome as it was an hour ago.”

“The burns ‘Zashi. It’s concentrated to one spot.”

“Like an explosion…” Mic whispered.

“The slashes could be help from someone. We need to check if anyone else went missing too. If this Bakugou kid is the one who did the vandalism, then the person with his is a suspect too,” Aizawa said.

“This took months of planning Shouta… Bakugou is only a kid yet he did something like this,” Mic said in shock. “What does this mean for the others?”

“It means,” Aizawa began dejectedly, “that this is the start of something.”



Midnight did not expect to be awake at 9am investigating the murder of a fellow hero, but fate can be a cruel mistress to her of all people.

The occupants of the Team Idaten hero agency were chattering and bustling about like always, a perfect scene of their “speed and teamwork” belief. Tensei’s office however, was a major mood shift. Papers and files littered his floor and desk, strewn about as if a hurricane went through. In the center of the mess were two things. A distressed looking Tensei, and a picture of his missing little brother, Iida Tenya. Midnight cleared her voice get Tensei to look up.

“Oh, Nemuri!” Tensei said, snapping out of his daze. “I didn’t realize you were meeting me here.”

“I don’t think you would’ve left your office unless I came here,” she replied sadly.

Tensei looked back down at the picture of Iida. “It’s been six months Nem, I’m sure I’ve missed something. He can’t just disappear,” he said, voice cracking.

Midnight looked at her best friend, worried. “Let’s have a change of scenery,” she began, extending a hand to him. “Maybe working on something else will spark a realization. And I’m sure Tenya will have your head when he finds out you lagged on some work.”

A smile broke out onto Tensei’s face as he reached for her hand. “You’re right. I can’t wait to tell Tenya how I solved a huge murder mystery.”

Midnight squeezed his hand tightly as the two walked towards an different office. She looked at Tensei up and down, from the glassy eyes that seems to always be on the verge of tears to his shaking hand in hers. The only thing he needs more than a distraction is closure. Tensei’s voice broke her out of her thoughts.

“Damn Nem, checking me out when we need to work? I’m telling Shouta.”

“Shut up and get in the office or I tell him that it wasn’t his cat that broke his goggles,” she retorted.

Midnight followed him into the office and tossed the file labelled ‘Mt. Lady Murder’ on to the table. Tensei reached out to it before being interrupted by Midnight.

“I don’t know if you want to see the pictures. It’s not very pretty,” she said.

“I’m a hero Nem, can’t really be one if you’re squem- fucking hell!” Tensei cried out when he opened the file.

The reaction was quite appropriate given what Tensei was faced with. The pictures showed Mt. Lady with green marks like lightning running all around any visible skin. Her eyes were wide and sunken in and her mouth was agape. Her skin took on a greyish tint that seemed to tie the look together in an ugly kind of way.

“How long until she was found?” Tensei asked, his eyes wanting to look away but in the end, he continued to stare in horror.

“That’s the thing,” Midnight began. “The staff said she went out through the back to avoid the media after the Mother Earth and Mukade incident, but when an intern went to take the trash out ten minutes later, she found her.”

“These green markings are from the poison,” Tensei thought aloud. “Did anything helpful come out of the lab results?”

“They’ve never seen anything like it before,” Midnight explained. “Nothing is on record for what it is. Best guess is the person created it themselves or got it off the black market.”

“Any cameras in the area?”

“Here’s where it gets interesting,” Midnight began as she took a seat on the couch. “The culprits avoided cameras, but we managed to get a vague look at them. One was in a black and pink bodysuit with a helmet, she stayed back, while the one who did the killing had a blue, orange, and green bodysuit. The thing is… they figures looked like young girls.”

“What?” Tensei asked in surprise.

“I said the same thing,” Midnight said with a sigh. “The footage showed them talking and we can only assume it’s about the incident earlier that day.”

“I got Tsukauchi to email me what exactly went down during the fight,” Tensei began as he logged onto the computer. “Come here.”

Midnight walked up to behind Tensei’s chair and leaned over his shoulder to get a better look. She looked at him, now much closer, and saw he looked a lot better than when she walked in on hurricane Tensei earlier. All the poor man has thought about lately was Tenya and it was taking a physical toll on him. Even worse, when someone Midnight loves gets stressed, she gets stressed. But this is good. New work is helping him.

“The only casualty is a family,” Tensei said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Caught in the crossfire?” she asked.

“Remember that building Mt. Lady brought down? The building crushed them.”

“That’s awful,” Midnight whispered as she looked at the family photo. Being in the business for nearly 15 years will never stop her heart from aching over lost lives.

“Hold on a second,” she suddenly said. “The photo shows five people, but four are listed as deceased.”

Tensei looks to her confused before reading over the email again. He pointed to one paragraph before turning back to Midnight. “Right here. It says that the five were seen together but only four were killed. Their eldest daughter Asui Tsuyu is still missing.”

“No sign of her?” Midnight asked.

“Witnesses last placed her running from the place.”

Midnight paused as she stared at the girl in the photo, eyes shut as she gave a big but soft smile to the camera. There is no way she could’ve done it, right?

“There’s only one way to find out. We have to find her,” Tensei said.

“You don’t even know what I was thinking,” Midnight said, chuckling.

“No, but I do know you,” he replied as he got up and swung an arm around her. “Have some faith. She’s may impressionable but the youth of a heroic age have their hearts still intact.”

“You sound like Tenya,” she teased as she swung an arm around him too.

“Well I find that he’s the poster child for that kind of mentality,” Tensei replied, smiling at what could be a fond memory.

The two heroes grinned at each other before making their way out of the office, still holding each other close.



Tsukauchi looked down at the file in his hand one more time as the heroes cleared out of the room before walking over the the man in the suit.

“Kenma Enishi, correct?” he began. “You already know that I am Detective Tsukauchi and I’ll be having the honour to work with you on Uwabami’s case, Kenma-san. Toshinori told me you are an intelligent man so I look forward to-”

“Nighteye,” the man interrupted.

“Pardon me?” Tsukauchi asked, thrown off by the abrupt statement.

“If we are going to be working together in such a professional environment and on such a sensitive matter then it seems appropriate that we use my hero name, right Detective?” he answers curtly, looking directly at Tsukauchi.

“I uh, yes. Seems only appropriate, Nighteye,” Tsukauchi replied, quickly regaining his composure. Toshinori did say he was blunt.

“May I see what you already have on file?” Nighteye asked, hand outstretched.

“Of course,” Tsukauchi answered as he gave the file to Nighteye.

Tsukauchi studied the man as he read the papers over. Toshinori told him he would be his best bet with figuring something out about Uwabami. He also told him not to let his first impression put him off since he takes a while to warm up. A voice in the back of Tsukauchi’s mind told him it may take a little more than a while.

“I worked in a case involving tetrodotoxin a few years ago,” Nighteye began, interrupting Tsukauchi’s musings. “Autopsy shows it was ingested meaning that she most likely drank it. However, I know for a fact that with the amount she ingested, you can taste the tetrodotoxin.”

“Do you think she took it in small doses then?” Tsukauchi asked.

“Precisely,” Nighteye responded before turning back to the file, his face never wavering from a blank expression.

As Tsukauchi watched the man meticulously comb through each sheet of paper, he thought back to the day prior and his conversation with Toshinori.

He’s the guy you need for something like this. He’s practically a gift. Smart, thorough, and dedicated,” he told him. His smile turned sad as he continued talking. “You probably shouldn’t bring me up though since we used to be… partners.

Well. failed step one,” Tsukauchi thought. “Time for plan B.

“Many heroes rave a lot about you Sir Nighteye,” he said, a shaky smile appearing on his face. “They say you’re a gift to them.”

“‘Many heroes’ huh,” Nighteye replied, not looking up from the file. “I believe there are many people who are gifted.”

“Yeah, but uh, some people never open the package,” Tsukauchi said before instantly hating himself and everything he has ever stood for in his entire life.

The reaction was so quick that without Tsukauchi’s well trained perception, he would’ve missed it. Nighteye gave out a quick snort with a small smile on his face before immediately coughing in an attempt to cover up the fact that he liked something Tsukauchi did.

Holy shit, no wonder he and Toshi worked well together. They’re both complete nerds,” Tsukauchi realized with something akin to glee and horror.

“Back to the case,” Nighteye said, completely ignoring the incredible joke in favour of doing his job. "Do you have a list of suspects on you?”

“Oh, yeah,” Tsukauchi said as he shuffled through some of the papers, caught off guard by the abrupt topic change. He pulled out one sheet of paper near the back of the file and handed it to Nighteye. “There are more, but I figured I should show you our prime suspects first. The Yaoyorozu family.”

“Why them? Aren’t they benefactors to the hero industry with their business and tech?” Nighteye asked.

“Or so it appears. Uwabami has been investigating the family and many other people of interest as well as gathering up evidence. A week before her death, multiple files were stolen from her office including the Yaoyorozu investigation. It all aligns too perfectly.”

“So the two used the gala as an excuse to set their plan into motion,” Nighteye said, slowly nodding along. “It all seems a bit too obvious though. They’ve been operating for almost 20 years. If they are to blame, they would need someone else.”

“That’s what I was thinking too. Witnesses say the two did not approach her once. They were with others all night, however,” Tsukauchi said looking at the family photo attached. A smiling mother and father with a small grinning girl in between them.

“The daughter,” the two said at once, looking up towards each other and for a brief moment, exchange a moment of respect.

“I did notice the two were becoming fast friends that night,” Nighteye said as he began packing up. “We cannot just jump straight to blaming her. I’ll head over to my office since I need to go there anyways. My sidekicks are trustworthy, but a horrible influence on my intern. I'll meet back up with you in an hour."

“I’ll head over to the station then,” Tsukauchi added. He looked over at the hero before extending a hand to him. “It was quite nice to meet you, Sir Nighteye.”

Nighteye looked almost surprised at his hand and hesitated before taking it in his own. “You too Detective,” he answered. Suddenly, the grip on Tsukauchi tightened a bit and he looked up at the hero who have a strained smile on his face. “Although I may not be there for Toshinori anymore, I’m happy to see he has a partner like you in my stead.”

With that, Nighteye let go of his hand, picked up his suitcase, and swiftly left the room, leaving a stunned Tsukauchi behind. He looked down at his hand and back to the door before the meaning of Nighteye’s words dawned on him.

“Naomasa you dense motherfucker.”

Chapter Text

Iida Tenya has always lived his life by a set of rules. If something did not align with those rules, it simply wasn’t right. For the most part, Iida did not have any problems with this viewpoint. However, one visit to his brother and a dead hero later, he came to realize that a lot of people break a lot of rules, and that it is up to him and his sensei to change that.



The Team Idaten office became something like a second home to Iida. He would always enjoy visiting on weekends, sitting in his brother’s office, watching him do some ever important paperwork while he did homework of his own. On this particular day, he had to go home early as his brother Tensei was doing field work and could not accompany him home at dark.

“Farewell, Brother! I’ll see you at home!” Iida called out to Tensei. He always found it important to himself to give a nice goodbye to his brother. It always put the two of them in a good mood.

“See you then Tenya!” Tensei replied as he began to suit up.

As Iida walked to the subway station, the December air cool against his face, he looked around at all the ads and billboards surrounding the Kiyashi area. Pro heroes like Uwabami, Best Jeanist, and Crimson all advertising different products.

I’ve always wondered what heroics and marketing had to do with one another. I’ll ask Tensei when he gets home,” Iida thought to himself as he turned a corner.

His walk slowed as he passed by an alley and heard shouts coming from within it. Any other person would simply walk by and pretend they didn’t hear, but Iida's heroic heart decided otherwise. As he went into the alley, already planning how to break up the argument, he turned a corner just in time to see a blade plunge itself into a woman’s chest.

Witnessing this made Iida freeze. He knew exactly what to do. He knew he needed to run and get help but in this moment, he could do nothing but watch the man, no, killer wipe his blade clean.

The man looked up as he was cleaning and his eye landed on the petrified face of Iida. his eyes widened in shock for a moment as he looked from Iida to the body.

“Well hello there. I didn’t expect anyone to walk in while I was on cleanup duty,” the man said.

“What have you done, you villain?” Iida spat back.

“Well it seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?” the man asked. “Allow me to introduce myself. Call me Stain.”

“I don’t need to know the name of a senseless killer like you,” Iida shot back, his lost composure now slowly being regained.

“Senseless? You have me all wrong kid. Do you know who this woman is?” Stain asked.

Iida hesitated before slowly taking a step towards the corpse, his eyes not leaving Stain. Stain, noticing his wariness, puts his sword down and hands up. “No tricks,” he says.

Now closer, Iida can see the woman’s face and recognizes her as the hero Crimson. His eyes went wide in shock as he looked at her curly hair and bandaged arms and legs, moving no more.

“You killed a hero?” Iida whispered in shock.

“She was no hero, kid,” Stain said with certainty. “You look smart, so let me ask you this. What is a hero?”

Iida looked at his with confusion but answered nonetheless. “In the simplest terms, someone who follows the rules and protects.”

“Ah yes. ‘Protect’ is always the key word. ‘Rules’ too, I suppose. So let me tell you something about this so called ‘hero’ then,” Stain began. “One use of her quirk allows her to harden her blood for offensive battle. You know the villain fight that happened down the street last week? Over 50% of the injured were because of the nearly 500 million yen worth of property damage she caused because she was in a rush to film some sort of advertisement. So let me ask you now, by your definition, is she a hero?”

Iida stood in silence as he thought over what Stain had just said. She’s a recognized hero so that would make her one, but these things she had done, that is not what a hero does.

“No, I guess. She’s not a hero,” he finally answered, looking away from Stain. “But why did you kill her?”

“Think of it as a service. You seem like a rule follower, so let me put it like that. These fake heroes break their moral code, their ‘rule,’ and I make sure they don’t anymore. I’ve dedicated myself to make the world a better place, to scrub away the stains of these fakes.” Stain looked to Iida and raised an eyebrow. “You look familiar. Got any well known family?”

The question broke Iida out of his musing as he cleared his throat before answering Stain. “I am Iida Tenya. You may know my brother Tensei as the hero Ingenium.”

“Another fake I see.”

Iida sputtered at the statement. His brother? A fake? Impossible!

“I’ve never seen someone so ready to jump to the defence,” said Stain. “Don’t worry, he’s not next on my list. When you get home, why don’t you ask him about why he became a hero.”

“To help obvio-”

“With a legacy like that behind him? I bet you’re shooting for U.A. for the same reasons.”

“And what if I am?” Iida asked defensively, his clenched fist rising to his chest to subdue is beating heart.

“You agreed with me about what makes a hero. Our interests align. I’ll make you a deal, Iida. You go home and have a chat with your brother. If that feeling in your chest doesn’t go away, come find me here tomorrow, same time.” With that, Stain turned around and began walking away. Before beginning to climb up to the roof, he turned back to Iida. “You’re a smart kid. I bet you and I can do a lot of good catching those rule breakers.”

With that, he lept up onto the roof leaving a stunned Iida behind.



“The last time I saw a face that lost in thought, Hizashi nearly got expelled. I’m hoping what’s on your mind is less destructive,” Tensei said as he took a seat next to Iida.

Iida’s eyes remained lost in thought as his mind kept replaying his conversation with Stain. “Tensei,” he began. “Why are you a hero?”

“Well isn’t it obvious? To help,” Tensei responds, slightly confused at Iida’s behaviour and tone.

“Is that always what you thought though? Did anything about about legacies mean something to you?” Iida asked, eyes still not meeting his brother’s.

“I mean… yeah. I had to carry on the family legacy. Imagine the uproar if the first born Iida didn’t become a hero.”

Iida thought over what his brother said before turning to him, his expression unreadable. “So you did it to please the masses, not for the morals of a hero.”

Tensei sat in shock for a moment taking in his brother’s words. “Tenya, where is all this coming from?”

“Not to mention the work of heroes too,” Iida continued, now up and pacing in the living room. “Focusing on their image and marketing rather than their jobs.”

“Is this about Crimson?” Tensei asked, the concern in his voice now growing.

“Crimson, Endeavour, Uwabami. So many Heroes that aren’t heroes,” Iida turned to his brother sadly, looking into his eyes. “Why do they get that title?”

Tensei looked to his brother in shock. In a few short hours, his demeanour has done a complete 180. “They do their job.”

“They wield power without conviction.”

“But in the end, all is well, right?”

Iida’s pacing froze as he turned to his brother. “Well that depends on who you ask.”

Tensei stood up and moved to stand in front of his brother, grabbing his hands and looking into his eyes. “I don’t know what happened today, and I won’t ask until you’re ready, but it sounds like you need to sleep on it. Just know one thing. You are determined, you are earnest, and you are intelligent. I know that when you see a problem, you work towards fixing it. So I know you’ll find a solution to your little ethical dilemma, my little Speedster.”

Iida’s face turned from distress to hope as his brother spoke to him. His face broke out into a warm smile. “I’ll find a solution. I can fix this.” He let out a heavy sigh. “Thank you, brother. Good night.”

After a quick hug, Iida stepped past his brother and headed up the stairs.

The next morning, Tensei got up early and left the house alone for work, unaware that last night was the last time he was going to hear from his brother for the next 12 months.



“So you came. Nice chat with brother dearest?”

“It was very eye opening. He gave me a new purpose, a new… motivation in life.”

“How wonderful kid. Now let’s go, we have a lot of work to do.”



Iida’s year with Stain was… interesting to say the least. To start, it was strange going from a simple, comfortable home life to just spending time training and living with one ruthless man in the shadier parts of different cities. Along with that, Iida cut off connection with everyone he knew. The day following his departure, news broke out about how Ingenium’s little brother had gone missing, which meant he had to stay hidden from public eye.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just leave a message for your brother telling him you’re alright. It’ll surely take the heat off you,” Stain had asked after a month.

“In order for this arrangement to work, I need to dedicate all my time with working with you,” Iida explained. “To do this, I cannot have any connections to the the person I am moving away from.”

“Alright, but I’m not saving your ass if you get caught, kid.”

Along with rigorous training, Stain introduced Iida to a well known figure in the black market, Hatsume Mei, who was more than happy to equip him with a costume and gear.

“Now that’s how you make a statement kiddo!” Stain exclaimed when Iida stepped forward in his new gear.

From head to toe, he was decked out in a suit of armour. The metal was a dark, shiny grey with dark blue accents adoring it. The pipes on his back which should normally end smooth and rounded, were now sharp and jagged. It was clear to see his costume was a dark mockery of Ingenium.

“I got a kick out of it when he gave me his sketches,” Hatsume said, giggling.

But the moment that cemented the partnership between Stain and Iida was four months later, when Iida was finally let out on a mission with Stain, and they took down their first hero.

“Nice work, Speedster,” Stain had said immediately after the fight.

A smile grew on Iida’s face as he looked at the body of Captain Celebrity, knowing that today was a great leap in his progress towards cleansing the corrupt hero system.

Now on the field however, Iida knew his hit list would dwindle, and it was only eight months after his first job that he would finally pay his brother another visit.



When Tensei heard a scream come from the alleyway in Hosu, he knew there could only be one duo responsible. Slowly but surely, the Hero Killer Stain and his new partner Whiplash were making a name for themselves here in Hosu.

Tensei rushed over to the alley, expecting to find a hero in the midst of a battle, but instead came face to face with a darker, grittier version of himself. He immediately recognized him as Whiplash, the apprentice of Stain. The two armoured men stared at each other, taking in the appearances before Tensei snapped out of it and shouted at him.

“I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this seems a bit out of hand. Why don’t you come with me and we can talk about your aesthetic choices, villain,” he says.

“I must say Ingenium, for a highly regarded hero, you should know better than to leave yourself so exposed,” Whiplash replied with a muffled voice.

Just then, Whiplash extended his arm towards Tensei and let a small knife shoot out from his armor. Tensei moved to the side quickly to avoid it, getting away with only a small nick on his cheek.

“You should work on your aim there,” Tensei said as he wiped his cheek.

“Actually, I got you right where I intended to,” Whiplash said as he looked past Tensei. Tensei’s eyes widened as he whipped around and charged towards the figure behind him, barely getting two steps in before falling to the ground paralyzed, his only view being the blue sky above.

When the figure walked up into Tensei’s view, he got a better look at his assailant. Messy black hair? Check. Mask? Check. Blood red eyes? Check. Tensei was in fact face to face with the serial killer Stain.

“What is wrong with you two?” Tensei spat out. “Do you get a kick out of killing all these heroes or something?”

“On the contrary Ingenium. It saddens me that all these so called heroes are actually fakes that need to be disposed of. But I know that my message will influence others such as my young apprentice here,” Stain answers.

“So you think you can get away with leaving me to die? You’re more delusional than I thought,” Tensei growled.

“‘Die?’” Stain asks. “There we be not death today, Ingenium. Whiplash here has specifically requested to keep you alive.”

Tensei moved his eyes to see Whiplash slowly making their way towards the two.

“And why am I so special?” Tensei asked, his angry tone now on edge.

“Because I love you brother,” Whiplash said as he removed both his and Tensei's helmets. Tensei’s face paled and his jaw went slack as he looked into the eyes of the last person he’d expect to be Whiplash.


Tenya, who went missing a year ago. Tenya, who he searched tirelessly for day and night. Tenya, who the world thought was dead. Tenya, who is—was?—his world.

“Tenya… what are you doing?” was all Tensei could choke out.

Tenya crouched down and brushed the hair out of Tensei’s eyes as he smiled. “Brother, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to see you,” he said with a smile so soft and sincere Tensei almost felt safe for moment. “I found the solution,” he whispered in his ear before getting up.

“Tenya,” Tensei breathed out. “When I said you would find a solution I meant going into the world of heroes, becoming a pro, making good difference.”

“The world of heroes is corrupt, Tensei. Joining that world won’t bring about the change it needs. But this?” he says as he stands next to Stain. “This can start something new.”

“This isn’t you Tenya,” Tensei said as he angrily looked at Stain. “What did you do to him?”

“I just had a nice chat with the boy. It was his decision to come to me,” Stain explained. “You should know your brother is capable of making his own choices.”

“You must understand Tensei, I’m doing what is necessary,” Tenya said. “If I do not fix these mistakes and repair these broken rules, who will?”

“Tenya. There are other ways. Please, just come home,” Tensei begged, the desperation clear in his voice.

“Come on Speedster, you got your reunion. Let’s go before someone realizes he’s missing,” Stain said, Tensei tensing at him using his own nickname for Tenya.

“Of course, Stain. May I do the honours?” Tenya asked.

Stain chuckled before replying. “Holy shit kid. Alright then.” Stain reached behind his back and handed him his sword.

Tensei’s eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen next. “You said you were keeping me alive.”

Tenya gave him a small smile as he gripped the sword and answered. “That doesn’t mean you are free of sin, though.”

The last thing Tensei saw was Tenya's face as he rolled his body to be face down on the ground. Tears welled up in Tensei’s eyes as he whispered, “Tenya. Why?” into the ground.

"Don't worry, brother,” Tenya replied, almost joyfully. “You may have made a mistake, but I'm just making sure you don't do it again. This world will be full of the heroes you and I always dreamed of."

Tensei’s last thought before blacking out was months prior when he was arguing with the police over them believing Tenya was dead. Looking back, maybe death would have been a kinder fate.



Tensei never liked hospitals. It gave him too much free time to be alone and plagued with the thoughts he actively tried to avoid. He was successful for far with Shouta and Hizashi stopping by quickly and spending the last hour crying into Nemuri’s shoulder. Now however, he was alone with only the white tiles of the ceiling to stare at and a permanent numbness to his legs.

It’s my fault. I could’ve stopped him. If only I listened to him,” was on repeat in his head, a never ending taunt. He was so wrapped up in the events transpired he almost didn’t notice the window opening up and a figure stepping into his room.

“You’re actually alive,” Stain said, dressed in simple civilian clothes.

“Fuck you,” was Tensei’s only answer.

“Well hello to you too, Speedy.”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t press the alarm button,” Tensei said angrily, his finger hovering over a button near his bed.

“Your brother wanted me to check on you,” Stain said. Immediately, Tensei’s hand lowered and settled on his lap, now in a tight fist.

“He cares a lot for you,” Stain continued on, taking a seat at the foot of the bed. “He would talk about how much potential you had and how much you believed in him.”

“Is there a point to this?” Tensei snarled, glaring at the villain.

“It was quite lovely,” Stain continued on, completely ignoring Tensei. “But my favourite part was when he began to talk about me like that,” he finished, giving Tensei a cruel smile.

Tensei’s hands were shaking with rage as he stared into the eyes of Stain, hoping that he somehow had a second quirk he could use to hurt him.

“So you don’t need to worry at all about Tenya, Ingenium,” Stain said as he got up. “He’s in good care with me. Although I do need to let you know something.”

“And what could that possibly fucking be?” Tensei growled.

“I sometimes wonder if the sweet little Tenya I met a year ago is the same person as Whiplash,” Stain began as he made his way to the window. “You know, your brother certainly isn't a softie. I wanted to give you a quick, cold, merciful death, but he wanted to keep you alive. So I must ask you, Ingenium, which is more painful?” With that, Stain lept out the window, leaving a traumatized Tensei to finally let the tears flow.



Having a portal open up from underneath him and his mentor was definitely not how Iida expected the day to go, but it was what happened.

They landed in the middle of a poorly lit bar, empty except for the three figures in front of them by the bar.

“When Giran said to expect a visit, he didn’t warn us about the fall,” Stain said gruffly, glaring at the man made of mist. “Who the hell are you?”

The man with a hand on his face took a step forward but was stopped by a firm hand on the shoulder. Iida turned to look at the green haired boy in a hoodie and jeans take a step forward.

“I apologize for the mode of transportation, but I hope our offer will make up for it,” he said.

“And what offer would that be?” Iida asked.

The boy turned to look at Iida and gave him an unexpected grin. “You must be the infamous Whiplash!” he said. “You can call me Deku. As for the offer, well, how would you like your message to reach a larger audience?”

“How would you do that?” Stain asked.

“It’s quite simple actually,” Deku began. “You join us here at the League of Villains and we can help purify this hero system.”

Stain scoffed as he looked at the three people in front of him.”The three of you? Are you serious? You don’t look like the type.”

Deku looked back at Stain with a new sense of confidence. “Well maybe they can change your mind,” he said before turning around and giving a shout to the next room over. “Come on out guys!”

Out the room came six teens, all around the same age as Iida. There was a boy with purple hair who looked very tired, a girl with long green hair with her tongue poking out of her mouth, a boy with red spiky hair and sharp looking teeth, a tall girl with dark hair in a ponytail, a buff guy with six arms, and a blonde boy with red eyes.

“Meet Puppeteer, Poison Dart, Riot, Fabricator, Heavyweight, and Ground Zero,” Deku began. “Each of them have taken out a fake hero that has more than likely been on your list at one point. I’m sure after a quick chat, you may have a little more faith in our abilities.”

Iida and Stain looked at each other as the six took a seat. In the end, Iida straightened his back and took a seat next to Fabricator and gave her a small bow. After all, first impressions matter a lot.



Iida Tenya has always lived his life by a set of rules. If something did not align with those rules, it simply wasn’t right. Donning the mask, or in his case helmet, of Whiplash not only kept him on the right path, but he made sure everyone else followed the set of rules too. As he packed his bag that night, the meeting with the League earlier that day still fresh in his mind, he found a picture he carried with him everyday. It was a 15 year old Tensei holding him when he was born. Iida smiled at the picture as he gently packed it. With the help of the League, he would stop those who have stumbled off the path. Those like Tensei, who he now helped.

For good.

Chapter Text

Ojiro Mashirao never liked December. It got cold, the sun set faster, there wasn’t much to do out, but the one think he hated most about December was, to break it down in the simplest terms, the joy.

He wasn’t a buzzkill or anything, hating anyone who smiled. He was just, to his dismay, lonely.



His daily schedule for the past two years was pretty simple. He would wake up and get ready for school, cook breakfast for his mother and him, deliver the breakfast to his mother’s bedside, make sure she took her medicine, and head to school. After school, while his mother believed he was at his part time job, he would head over to the library and finish all his school work. When he got home, he would make dinner for him and his mother and pester her about her medicine once more. After that, while his mom thought he would be doing his homework and sleep, he would put on his black bodysuit, belt, gloves, boots, and mask, which covering the lower half of his face, climb out his bedroom door, and head off to work.

To this day, he was still surprised how he ended up like this, some dumb act of heroism landing a desperate 12 year old a job as a runner and eventual assassin. The karate classes sure came in handy when it impressed some random guy’s potential mugger and his eventual boss. The promise of money for his mother was too good to pass up.

Now, a 14 year old Ojiro was leaping through rooftops, making his way to the backdoor of a bar in a rundown part of town. He opened the door and made his way to the closed off lounge area for those who lived there, scanning the place for a specific person.

“Yo Ojiro!” Kaminari shouted from one of the sofas, sheets of paper scattered in front of him. “You wouldn’t happen to be an expert in hero ethics would you?”

Ojiro lowered his mask and chuckled. “Got some homework from Deku?” he asked as he sat down next to his friend.

“Yeah. Blasty refuses to help, and I’d rather not go upstairs to bother anyone else.”

“Well I know next to nothing about that subject, and I’m pretty sure my school and UA’s expectations are not on the same level.”

Kaminari left out a loud sigh and reached over to Ojiro’s tail to hug it. “Hero ethics isn’t even on the entrance exam, but Deku wants me to answer this stuff at the intelligence level I’ll be using at UA to see if we gotta change anything. Jokes on him though because being raised by villains means I know jack shit about this topic.”

“Well now you don’t have to play dumb for this assignment,” a chipper voice said. He looked up to see Hagakure and Satou coming downstairs.

“Hagakure, do you think it’ll be in character if I just don’t do it?” Kaminari asked.

“I’m pretty sure Deku would kill you,” Ojiro interjected before turning to the two new additions. “Where are you guys heading off too?”

“Sun is setting so we’re heading home,” Satou replied. “Why are you here?”

“Looking for Giran,” Ojiro responded.

“He’s upstairs,” Hagakure said. “I was hanging out in Tsu-chan’s room with Tokoyami and he pulled me into the hall to give me a new mission before going to Uraraka’s room. He should be downstairs soon.”

“Thank you Hagakure,” Ojiro replied. “See you guys later.”

As the duo waved and made their way to the door, a creaking on the stairwell alerted Ojiro and Kaminari. They looked up to see Giran making his way downstairs. He raised an eyebrow when he spotted Ojiro.

“What are you doing here kid?” he asked.

“Please tell me you have a job,” Ojiro said, getting up and putting his hand together in front of him.

“What’s gotten into you? I’ve never seen you actively seek out some work,” Giran asked confused.

“What’s gotten into me is that my mom’s medication is now more expensive,” Ojiro responded.

“Yikes!” Kaminari whispered from behind them.

Giran let out an exasperated sigh before taking Ojiro’s arm and leading him into the kitchen. “I don’t have anything for right now kid.”

“Just because you have nothing for me right now doesn’t mean you have nothing,” Ojiro shot back.

Giran rolled his eyes. “Is she running out?” he asked.


Giran looked from Ojiro to the ground, quietly mouthing what seems to be his thought process. “Okay,” he finally said. “Kurogiri brought up some vigilante or whatever that’s been pissing off Handsy lately. The dude nearly fucked up one of Aoyama’s correspondence missions but he got away. All I’ve been told to do is ‘deal with him’ and so, I will have you deal with him. He’s pissed off a few people, so I’m sure they’d pay for him to get of their hair.”

“You said vigilante,” Ojiro began nervously. “You don’t mean Stain right?”

“Fuck no kid. If I wanted you on a suicide mission I would make it less obvious.”

“So who is it then?”

“Calls himself Tricky Tape, probably because his of his tape quirk.”

“Tape quirk?”

“From what Aoyama said, he can shoot tape out of his elbows. Wild, I know.”

“I’ll come by tomorrow for a full briefing and start hunting,” Ojiro said as he smiled at Giran. “Thank you so much.”

“I’m just dealing with both our problems at once, okay? Don’t look at me like that,” Giran responded as the two made their way out of the kitchen.

The moment they stepped out however, they were greeted with the sight of Kaminari and a green blur wrestling on the ground.

“Told you he’d kill you,” Ojiro said, laughing as his friend’s dismay. “How you doing, Deku?”

“Peachy!” Deku called out as he finally pinned down Kaminari and sat down on top of him.

“Ojiro, please save me,” Kaminari wheezed out.

“I warned you and you ignored me,” Ojiro replied.

“You villain.”

“I mean… you’re not wrong? I’m coming by tomorrow, by the way.”

“Give your mother my best wishes,” Deku said with a smile.

“I will. See you guys!” Ojiro said as he made his way to the door.

“Later kid.”

“Bye Ojiro!”

“Bye Oji-OW!”



“Looks like someone ‘ducted’ up, huh?” the figure in front of him said as he pointed a pair of finger guns.

“Please no,” Ojiro said with a sigh as he continued to sway side to side in the air, his body wrapped and hung upside down with some surprisingly durable tape.

Minutes before his capture, Ojiro scouted the warehouse he chased Tricky Tape into and did not spot any traps or the vigilante himself. Guarded, he walked into warehouse, keeping an eye around the pillars for any sign of his target.

If only Giran and Aoyama knew he had clear tape too.

Before he even managed to fall on his face from tripping, Tricky Tape shot out his tape from the rafters and jumped down, resulting in Ojiro being in the world’s worst cocoon. Ojiro glared at the boy in front of him, donned in a simple pair of black pants, orange hoodie, and mask.

“Judging by the tail I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re Tail End, huh?” the vigilante asked, his voice muffled from behind his mask. He strolled up to Ojiro and leaned in close to his upside down face. “It would be nice to put a face to a name.”

Ojiro struggled as he tried to get away from the outstretched hand but it was in vain has his mask was removed.

“Holy shit, you’re a kid,” Tricky Tape whispered.

“Well you sound like one too," Ojiro shot back. “I wouldn’t be surprised though, with such a stupid name like that.”

“Hey,” the vigilante responded, sounding hurt. “What the hell do you want from me anyways.”

“You’re causing my employers some problems,” was all Ojiro said.

“Oops? Well if I was causing you a problem, it was probably for a good reason.”

“Then what the hell were you doing fucking with Blinding Glare?”

Tricky Tape tilted his head confused.

“Shiny french blond with a mask covering the right side of his face,” Ojiro clarified.

“Oh him. Yeah, I wasn’t fucking with him. The guy he was talking to was my target. You guys are crazy getting involved with Chisaki.”

This caught Ojiro’s attention. “What do you know about them?”

“You’re really not in a position to be asking questions, bud,” Tricky Tape said as he poked Ojiro, causing him to sway once more. “I’m not one for killing, so I’ll just be heading out now, kay?”

“I’ll be going after you again,” Ojiro said as he attempted to steady himself.

“Then I’ll leave again.”

“And I’ll hunt for you again. We can’t keep doing this Mr. Cellophane.”

“Then what do expect from me?” the vigilante finally snapped.

“Why are you a vigilante?” Ojiro asked.

“Excuse me?”

“You. Vigilante. Why?”

Ojiro couldn’t see his eyes but he was pretty Tricky Tape rolled them. “I’m gonna be honest. While most vigilantes like Knuckleduster walk the clear line between good and evil, I’m more of a ‘smudge the line, do crimes, and occasionally stop some fucked up shit because heroes do jack shit’ kinda guy.”

“Meaning…?” Ojiro pressed.

“Meaning I’m not good, but neither are heroes, so someone’s gotta step up,” he finished.

Ojiro gave the boy a giant grin. “I have some friends that share the same thoughts as you. I’m sure they’d be glad to meet you but first, you should let me down.”

“And how do I know this isn’t a trap?”

“My name is Ojiro Mashirao. Now you know my identity,” Ojiro said.

Tricky Tape took a hesitant step forward before pausing. He lifted his hands to his head and removed the mask he was wearing and Ojiro was greeted with a plain looking boy about his age.

“Call me Sero,” he said as he walked forward to let Ojiro down.



“When I said to deal with him, this was not what I expected,” Giran whispered to Ojiro.

Right now, the two were standing by the kitchen door and looking at the living room. More specifically, they were watching Kirishima and Sero chat while Kaminari and Bakugou were glaring off to the side.

“You didn’t tell me to kill him,” Ojiro whispered back. “Guys, when’s Deku and Shigaraki getting back?” he asked the room.

“Pretty soon,” Kaminari said, his eyes not leaving Sero. “So remind me again how you met Staples here.”

“I hung him upside down like the world’s worst Spider Man,” Sero answered instead, turning and narrowing his eyes at Kaminari.

“And Ojiro brought you here on his own volition?” Kaminari asked.

“The guy’s right there if you don’t believe me,” Sero responded.

“Forgive me if I’m suspicious that our damn assassin didn’t kill anyone.”

“He was probably won over by my winning charm.”

“Hold the fuck up,” Bakugou finally said, turning to Ojiro. “How the fuck did you not escape tape.”

“It was surprisingly durable,” Ojiro replied.

Shockingly so,” Kaminari added, poking Kirishima and giving him a small shock. Only Ojiro seemed to notice Sero’s eyes widening at the pun.

“How enlightening,” Sero said calmly, locking eyes with Kaminari.

“Dude,” Kaminari whispered.

“Dude,” Sero whispered back.

“You should’ve fucking killed him! Now there’s TWO OF THEM!” Bakugou shouted at Ojiro.

“I realize… that I have made… an error,” Ojiro said as he looked from Bakugou’s horrified expression to the maniacal grins on Kaminari and Sero’s face.

“Wow I am suddenly very hungry,” Kirishima said almost robotically and he grabbed Bakugou’s hand. “Let’s go eat Katsuki!” he said as he dragged the explosive boy to the kitchen.

“Don’t fucking say my name in front of new people,” Bakugou growled.

“Oh we both know he’s staying,” Kirishima said before pushing Bakugou into the kitchen and shutting the door.

“Did I do something?” Sero asked.

“You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, my friend,” Kaminari answered.

“Someone please tell me why Kacchan is yelling?” a voice from the door called out.

“When isn’t your buddy yelling?” another voice added.

The four remaining people turned to see Deku and Shigaraki standing in front of the door, both with exasperated expressions on their faces.

“There you two are. We found someone who has information on the Eight Precepts,” Giran explained.

“I’m assuming that’s you?” Shigaraki said as he looked to Sero.

“Uh, yeah. Hey there,” Sero said with an awkward wave.

Deku raised an eyebrow as he looked over the new recruit. “You hungry? I can have food brought up while Shigaraki and I talk with you in my room.”

“Oh, uh, sure man,” Sero said nervously. “You’re not questioning a random guy just waltzing in?”

“We have a lot of random people waltzing in,” Deku explained. “More specifically, those who waltz in here are here for a reason. If Tail End here trusts you, I have no reason to doubt him,” he finished with an earnest smile.

Shigaraki waved a hand to beckon Sero over as he and Deku climbed up the stairs. Ojiro watched them go with a small smile on his face.

“Here kid,” Giran said as he handed over a small envelope. “Your pay and next job are in there. It’s nearly 11 and this dude is a dumbass, so I’m sure you can find the guy and get home to bed before three.”

“Thanks,” Ojiro said as he took the envelope.

“Have fun killing it!” Kaminari exclaimed.

“I CAN HEAR YOU, YOU FUCK!” Bakugou’s muffled voice screamed from kitchen.

“Come by tomorrow as well,” Kaminari said, completely ignoring Bakugou. “We’re all having dinner.”

“What’s the occasion?” Ojiro asked.

“Early Christmas dinner. Since some of us kids still lives at home and have to be home on that day of, Uraraka suggested we have an earlier one. No gifts though. Just wholesome family fun.”

Ojiro froze as took in Kaminari’s words. A dinner. With everyone. A family dinner. He couldn’t even remember the last time he and his mom ate together.

“I uh, I’ll be there. Tell Uraraka thanks when you go upstairs,” Ojiro responded, attempting to keep his voice level.

Giran ruffled his hair before heading towards the bar door. “Later kid.”

Ojiro let out a small smile as he looked from Giran, Kaminari, and the envelope.

He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.



Ojio limped as he made his way from his bedroom window to the bathroom, keeping his steps as quiet as possible to avoid waking his mom up.

Looking into the mirror, he was at least pleased that his face wasn’t beat up, though he was pretty sure his left leg needed one hell of a rest. He quickly washed the blood from his cheek and changed into the pyjamas he brought with him. Making his way back to his room, a faint “Mashi?” make him halt.

He set his work clothes down next to his mom’s door before opening it and stepping into her room.

“Did I wake you? I’m sorry,” Ojiro whispered as he walked towards her bed and knelt down next to her.

“No, no, don’t worry,” his mother whispered. “What are you doing up this late?”

“I needed to go to the bathroom,” he lied.

“Ah, okay. Head back to bed now. There’s no school tomorrow so you can sleep in, dear. Do you have work tomorrow?”

“No I-,” he began before pausing, remembering Kaminari’s words. “I have no work, but some friends invited me to dinner. An early Christmas one.”

His mother smiled as she reached up a hand to cup his face. “That’s wonderful, Mashi. I’m so happy you have such wonderful friends.”

“Me too,” he whispered back to her. “Goodnight, mom,” he said as he bent down to kiss her forehead.

“Goodnight, Mashi.”



The chatter at the dinner table died down as the group’s leader stood up.

“Uh, Uraraka said I should probably give a speech since this seemed like the occasion, so here goes nothing,” Deku began. “It didn’t really hit me how many of us there are until now. I know I joined six months ago while some of you have been here for years, but it sure seems like I’ve known you guys forever. Whether it was being my first friends in here,” he looked to Kaminari, Hagakure, Jirou, Ojiro, Kouda, and Satou. “Or I’ve accidentally found you,” he said, looking to Tokoyami, Uraraka, and Aoyama. “Or if you just showed up one day and I just rolled with it,” he finished, looking to Kirishima, Sero, and Tsuyu. “You’re all very dear to me. Kacchan you’re on thin ice.” The table burst into laughter at that comment as Bakugou shouted back, “I’m working on it!”

“That’s not very plus ultra of you, Ground Zero,” Deku said as he smiled at him. “Anyways, before I start crying, what I’m trying to say is is that knowing all of you is an honour and frankly, I can’t wait to see this gang grow.”

With that he and everyone else lifted their glasses from the table and and cheered. As Deku sat back down and the conversations continued, Ojiro had one thought on his mind.

Maybe December isn’t so bad.

Chapter Text

Uraraka Ochako is a consistent person. If you were to ask anyone anything about her, you would probably get very similar answers. She works hard, she’s a loyal employee, but most of all, she loves her family dearly, and would do anything for them.

She didn’t realize how much “anything” meant until the day she came face to face with a freckled face one Wednesday evening in July at the convenience store.



Uraraka let out a sigh as she walked out the backdoor of the restaurant, the bag on her back heavy as it carried both her work uniform and school work. As she began her trek home, she slowed down as she heard her stomach let out a grumble, and began to regret not snacking on any of the leftovers in the kitchen. She looked around searching for someplace to buy a small snack before her eyes landed on a convenience store across the street.

The only people in the store when she walked in were the bored cashier, two women looking at drinks, and a teenage boy with his hood up looking at different pet foods, his basket seeming to almost overflow with it. Uraraka headed towards where the chips were and grabbed the first bag she saw before walking to the cash register and placing the bag on the counter. Reaching the counter, her eyes landed on one of the bouquets on display. Smiling, she placed that on the counter too. The dining room could use a little flair.

“300 yen,” the cashier yawned.

Uraraka gave him a short nod and reached into her pocket to get some change and pay for her-


All her tips were paid with debit today.

Uraraka gave the tired casher a sheepish smile as he slowly pulled her hand out of her pocket. “So uh, I left my wallet at home. Sorry about that, I’ll go put it away and-”

“How about you stay right there, and stay silent while my friend here grabs the money from the front,” a voice behind her interrupted.

Uraraka jumped and turned around only to come face to face with the two women she saw when she entered the store earlier. The one on the left had a clawed hand raised while the other had a few knives floating behind her, looking pretty cool given the situation. Uraraka stepped back as the two walked up to the now frightened cashier. She turned around to look for a way out of the situation and met the eyes of the other customer, the teenage boy, who lifted a finger to his lips and beckoned her over. Uraraka looked back at the two robbers who looked pretty distracted at their task before tiptoeing over to the boy and getting behind one of the aisles.

“There’s a door leading to an alleyway in the back. Come on,” he whispered, tugging on her sleeve.

Uraraka looked from the robbers and cashier back to the boy and shook her head. “We can’t just leave him!” she whispered back to him.

The boy’s eyes soften for a moment as he looked at the terrified cashier, thinking for a moment before shaking his head and giving her a hardened look. “We can’t do anything, trust me. Last time I tried to play hero it didn’t work out well. Feel free to call the police or heroes or whatever, but you can do it when we’re outside.” With that, he tugged on her sleeve and led her out the backdoor and out into the streets again. The two ran to a park that was a minute away before they let themselves catch their breath.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked, still panting a bit.

“Yeah I, I’m good,” Uraraka responded, hands on her knees as she tried to breathe normally. “Thank you so much. I uh, I didn’t get your name. I’m Uraraka Ochako.”

The boy opened his mouth but quickly shut it as he looked around for the park. “Just call me Deku,” he finally says.

“Okay then, Deku,” Uraraka begins, pulling out here phone. “I’m going to go ahead and call the police now.”

“Wait!” he cried out right as Uraraka was about to hit call. “Please don’t say I was with you.”

Uraraka’s thumb hovered over the call button as she looked over Deku much more intently this time. Everything from his nervous demeanour to his hood started to paint a picture for Uraraka.

“Are you in trouble?” she asked, now on edge.

“No, no, nothing like that but uh, as far as the police are aware, I’m missing.”

“But you left. On purpose.”

“Yes! Wait, I shouldn’t sound so enthusiastic,” Deku began. “Look, all I wanted to do was get some pet food for my friend Kouda and-” he paused as he looked at the basket he was still clutching. “Oh jeez, I accidentally stole everything. Listen, I live somewhere safe, I’m clothed and fed and frankly, I’m actually pretty happy so-”

His rant was cut off by the muffled giggles of Uraraka, who was trying to hide her smile behind her hand. “Don’t worry, Deku. I won’t say anything about you. The only thing I’m worried about is the amount of food you have with you.”

Deku’s eyes widened before looking to the overflowing basket in his hand, a wide grin on his face. “Kouda’s a friend of mine who can talk to animals! The dog food is for his puppy Sirius, the cat food is for Mira, the seeds are for his crow Nevermore, don’t ask me how Kaminari thought of it, and I was planning on going to the butcher shop to grab some meat for his wolf Barksy but I guess it’s best to go home now and-” he paused and sighed. “I’m sorry for ranting. I know it’s nothing interesting.”

“Not at all!” Uraraka replied. “It’s really interesting!”

Deku looked at her in disbelief and Uraraka swore that he was on the verge of tears. “You’re too kind, Uraraka. You should call the police.” He turned to leave but looked back at her one last time. “I hope to see you soon.”



Turns out by “soon,” he meant “the very next day while she was visiting her parents at work.”

Uraraka was now across the street from her parent’s workplace, sitting on a bench next to a sheepish Deku, who was holding a bag of chips on one hand and a bouquet in another.

“I realized you never got what you needed, so I searched up your last name to find your facebook or something to message you. Found this place instead,” he explained, his cheeks a heavy pink. “Although, I think your parents now think I’m trying to court you.”

Uraraka laughed and took the gifts from Deku. “You really didn’t have to. Let me pay you back somehow.”

“No, no! Don’t give me anything!” Deku protested.

Uraraka paused for a moment before responding. “Then you give me something. Tell me why you left home.”

Deku left out a heavy sigh and looked down at his fidgeting hands. “Remember when I said playing hero didn’t work out well for me? Last month, I got told I couldn’t be a hero from Mister Number One himself and not even ten minutes later, I got scolded for trying to rescue someone on the verge of death while those so called “heroes” did nothing. All because I’m quirkless.”

“That’s awful,” Uraraka whispered. “Those people should not be heroes.”

“So instead of walking home afterwards, I headed somewhere else and ran into someone who saw what happened,” Deku continued. “He complained about what those heroes told me and I guess that reassurance was so much for me that I spilled about what happened with All Might. That guy gave me more hope and reassurance in one conversation then I ever got from anyone besides my mom in ten years. So when he offered a way to prove myself to the world, I jumped at the chance.”

Uraraka was left speechless at his story. She couldn’t begin to imagine the kind of hell that day had been for him. As she was about to say his name, a realization hit her. “Is that why you said to call you Deku?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well I get that ‘you can do it’ vibe from it, so I figured you go by it to prove to the world that whatever it is, you’re going to do it.”

Deku looked at her in wonder as he placed his hand on his heart. “That wasn’t my intention but… I like that quite a lot.”

The two sat in a comfortable silence before Deku spoke up again. “So what is it that your parents do?” he asked.

“They run a construction company. ‘Orbit Construction,’” she replied.

“It’s a nice name. Never heard of them though.”

Uraraka rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly. “Yeah, not much work has been available lately. That’s actually why I got a job at that new restaurant near the store as a waitress.”

“Is it any fun?” he asked.

“Not really, but I’m getting through it. Your work sounds way more fun. A quest to prove yourself and all that.”

Deku did not answer immediately, instead looking at the building across from them instead. “Uraraka, how much do you love your parents?” he asked quietly, still looking at the building.

“M-More than words,” she responded, thrown off by the mood change.

“What if I told you that I could get you a job that can help keep you guys in business?”

“What’s the job? I’ll take it!” she pleaded.

“When I said I would be proving myself to the world, that isn’t mine or my friend’s only goal,” he began, now looking at her. “We aren’t really an ethical or legal bunch, but we’re a tight knit group, and some of them have been there since childhood. What brings us all together is that all of us are fighting for or against something, whether it’s family or heroes who have failed us. I’m not trying to prove that I could be a hero anymore. In fact, I’m basically the opposite now. So I guess I should ask you a different question. Are you willing to do anything for your family?”

It was probably at that moment Uraraka both knew exactly what she was getting into, and didn’t care at all.




“You can back out right now, you know,” Deku said, stopping at the door in the alleyway.

“You heard me before, Deku. There are some people who shouldn’t be heroes, and if taking them down means I get to help my parents, then I’m all in.”

Deku gave her a nervous smile before reaching towards the door. “I’ll handle Shigaraki while you talk to the others.”

Although Deku explained the place was a bar, she wasn’t expecting to be greeted with a nice lounge area filled with seven other kids her age.

“Who you got there, Deku?” a dark haired girl asked.

“Everyone, this is Uraraka Ochako.” Deku introduced. He then pointed to everyone and gave out names. “Uraraka, this is Jirou, Hagakure, Ojiro, Kaminari, Kouda, Hatsume, and Satou.”

“New recruit?” Satou asked.

“That’s the plan. Where’s Shigaraki?” Deku asked.

“In the bar with my parents and Kurogiri,” Kaminari replied, pointing to different door by the couches.

“I’m going to go talk with them while Uraraka stays here, okay?”

“We’ll keep your new bff safe!” Hagakure called out as Deku walked out there door. Now, Uraraka turned back to the group and awkwardly stood there before Hatsume piped up. “So, you got a quirk?”

“Uh, yeah. It’s called Zero Gravity. I touch something with all five fingers and I negate its gravity.”

“Can you do it to a person?” Kaminari asked.

“Not for long. Why?”

“It’s best not to question him,” Jirou replied.

“Oh man. I really hope Shigaraki accepts you,” Hatsume said. “There’s so much I can make with your quirk in mind.”

“Make?” Uraraka asked.

“Hatsume, aka our mad scientist here, runs one of the local black markets,” Ojiro explained. “She makes our costumes and weapons.”

“I’m also applying to UA to expand my operations!” Hatsume added. “Why confine myself to only one demographic when there’s a whole school out there for me and my babies!”

“Wait, babies?” Uraraka asked.

The laughter that filled the room was enough to break the awkward air around them as Uraraka took a seat next to Hagakure and continued to chat with her new friends. It was a few minutes later when Deku returned with an older looking male behind him.

“Uraraka, can you come with us for a second?” Deku asked.

Uraraka nodded and followed the two into the bar where there was a third person behind the counter. The man made of purple mist nodded to her as he continued to clean his glass.

“So Deku here says you want to work with us,” the older boy said. “He told me what you thought of those heroes and how you’re hoping to help your family.”

Uraraka hid her shaking hands behind her and nodded to the man. “That’s right.”

The man reached a hand up and scratched at his neck. “With Ojiro doing only hits, Deku helping Sensei, Denki doing his UA thing, and the other girls now working in reconnaissance with Kouji, we could use an extra party member here, but only if you’re willing to train and work hard, otherwise you’ll just be some disposable npc.”

“I’m willing to do whatever,” Uraraka replied, not breaking eye contact. The man looked to the mist man and nodded. She could hear Deku let out the breathe he was holding.

“You will be trained by the Kaminaris along with Deku and Denki. When they see you are ready, Giran will be assigning you your missions,” the mist man explained. “You and Deku may leave now.”

The two kids turned and headed back into the lounge area, hoping that the two in the bar don’t see the goofy grins on their faces. They entered the lounge room and saw one of Jirou’s earphones quickly retract.

“I’m assuming you all know then?” Deku asked.

“Welcome aboard!!” Hagakure sang out, followed by everyone else’s celebration.

“I’ll make sure you guys don’t regret it!” Uraraka said.

Deku led Uraraka to the door before stopping at the entrance to speak to her. “Come by tomorrow and Hatsume and I will begin planning some tech for you. After that will be some training and you’ll be home by dinner.”

Uraraka nodded and looked down at the ground nervously. “Deku, do you by any chance live here?”

“I do, actually,” he replied. “There’s more floors upstairs, and there are rooms for Shigaraki, Jirou, Kouda, and I. Kaminari doesn’t live here, but he spends so much time here he basically does. He has a room and everything. Why do you ask?”

Uraraka hesitated before responding. “This will be hard to hide from my parents, and I don’t think I can make up a reasonable excuse for why I decided to get a new job, disappear at weird hours, and decide not to go to UA. Most of all, I don’t want my parents to become a target.”

“So you want to stay here instead?” Deku asked.

She nodded. “Every time I send them money, I’ll add a note letting them know I’m safe. That way, I keep them safe and they won’t think I’m dead.”

“If you’re sure, I’ll start preparing one of the rooms for you. I’ll see you tomorrow Uraraka.”

“See you then.”

With that, Uraraka made the journey back hope in time for dinner. As she sat down at the table, she came to the sudden realization that this would be the last dinner she would have with her parents.

“Ochako, are you okay?” her mother asked, breaking her out of her trance. She thought back to everything that had happened today, and gave her mom and dad a warm smile.

“I had a very good day today.” she answered. “I’m feeling quite hopeful.”



She was reported missing the next morning, but instead of focusing on her parent’s current worry, she focused her attention on the two excitable teens in front of her.

“Hatsume told me about your quirk once you left,” Deku began, placing a notebook on the workbench in between them. “Considering that your quirk requires touch, you’ll be doing a lot of hand to hand combat with the Kaminaris as well as weapons training.”

“That’s where I come in!” Hatsume interjected. “With the whole antigravity thing, I’ve got an idea for your costume, but what kind of weapon do you want?”

Uraraka was taken aback by having to make such a quick decision. “I have no idea really. I’ve never thought about it before.”

“Well you must have seen something cool looking before, right?” Hatsume asked.

Thinking about the question, Uraraka’s mind surprisingly did not wander to a hero she’s seen before, but to the reason she met Deku in the first place.

“Hatsume, how do you feel about floating knives?”

“I think I love you,” Hatsume whispered before running to grab her sketchbook.

“Like that robber lady?” Deku asked, watching Hatsume search.

“Come on, like that wasn’t pretty cool,” Uraraka laughed.

“It really was. She must have had a telekinetic quirk to have them follow her around. How will you deal with that though?”

“Simple!” Hatsume announced, slamming her book down on the table and starting to scribble in it. “I’ll program Vertigo’s suit and knives to have a weak attraction to each other so the knives follow her while still floating.”

“Amazing as always, Hatsume,” Deku said in awe. Uraraka nodded in agreement before asking, “Wait, Vertigo?”

“Your codename!” Hatsume explained. “Everyone has one, even me. I give my name out after meetings, but a lot of people know me as ‘Architect.’”

Uraraka thought about the name for a moment. “‘Vertigo,’” she mused. “I like it.”



“What is he doing!?” Uraraka shrieked over a mouthful of popcorn.

“I swear, sometimes I think the dumbass thing isn’t an act,” Bakugou growled from his spot next to her.

“They really made you fight those, Shinsou?” Ojiro asked, his eyes not leaving the screen.

“Not fight. Run,” Shinsou answered, scowling at the TV.

“Seems very dangerous for a hero school,” Kouda signed.

It was a beautiful May morning, ten months after joining the League of Villains, that Uraraka found herself in the lounge room with everyone, watching the UA Sports Festival. More specifically, watching to see what Kaminari will do.

“Electrocuting the giant robot will get him ahead but not to the front of the pack, thus making it look like a dumb decision,” Deku explained. “He should be aiming to finish in the mid twenties.”

“Meanwhile Hatsume is just using her jetpack to fly through,” Tokoyami commented.

“How far is he planning on going?” Shigaraki asked.

“We talked and decided that since the third round is always one on one fights, he’s going to lose the first round of that,” Deku began. “Taking into consideration that Eraserhead’s expelled his entire class again, Kaminari and the rest of 1-B already have the spotlight on them, so he can’t afford to draw attention to himself by being the only incompetent one in the class.”

“Glad to know you all are goofing off while I actually do my job,” a voice from the doorway said. Everyone turned to see Giran standing there with his arms crossed and glaring at everyone.

“Come sit with us you geezer,” Sero called out, beckoning him over. Giran rolled his eyes before walking over to stand behind the couch. He and the rest of the group watched as Kaminari ended in a respectable 27th place before walking up to a silver haired boy and chatting with him.

They continued watching the second round with their breathes held before sighing in relief as Kaminari’s team came in fourth. Now waiting for the one on one fights, they watched as Shigaraki and Deku began to bicker.

“I still say we should take that blonde kid,” Shigaraki argued. “Shinsou even said that he had a big head during the entrance exams.”

“Kidnapping a UA student for no reason is by far the dumbest idea you’ve had since Kacchan and I talked you out of not attacking Kaminari’s field trip,” Deku argued back.

“He’s probably going to be some stubborn asshole anyways,” Bakugou added.

“Sounds like someone we know,” Uraraka laughed, swiping the popcorn back from Tsuyu.

Bakugou opened his mouth to yell back but was interrupted by shout from Giran. Uraraka turned to see him staring at his phone in shock, a fistful of hair clutched in his fist. “What happened?” she asked.

Ingenium got taken down by the Hero Killer Duo,” Giran whispered.

Ingenium?” Hagakure nearly screamed. “That’s their biggest hit yet.”

“You have to get them into the League,” Shigaraki told Giran. “They need to rely on some protection now.”

“Once they’re in, some of his followers would definitely join too,” Deku added. “Giran, what were you saying about that guy with half black half white hair?”

“I’ve talked with him and Dabi recently, and Dabi seemed really intrigued about Stain,” Giran began. “I bet after they chat with you they’ll stick around.”

“Don’t forget that crazy blonde and her pink friend you were complaining about,” Jirou added.

As the group began discussing their next moves involving Stain, Tsuyu rested her head on Uraraka's shoulder and whispered to her. “I like this."

“Like what?” Uraraka asked.

“When we work together, kero. Our nice sentimental family moments are nice, but I also like being reminded of why we’re all here.”

Family,” Uraraka thought, leaning into Tsuyu. “Huh.



Uraraka Ochako is a consistent person. If you were to ask anyone anything about her, you would probably get very similar answers. She works hard, she’s a loyal employee, but most of all, she loves her family dearly and would do anything for them.

As Uraraka placed the envelope full of money under the door of her parent’s home, as she did every week, she pulled the note out pocket and slipped that under the door too.

Everything’s fine. I’m still safe. My family is watching out for me, and I am watching out for them.

Chapter Text

Ashido Mina was anything but quiet. She practically the definition of stage presence, with her bold personality enticing everyone around her. Everything from her smile to her horns to her bright pink skin managed to draw all eyes towards her.

The problem was, she felt stifled. There were only so many hip hop lessons she could take before it just became muscle memory. She felt something missing, something that made her feel empty and lost. A desire.

She found the missing piece the day she formally met Toga Himiko.



The sun was setting by the time Ashido began walking home, dance club keeping her from leaving right as the bell rang. She walked past lit up billboards announcing the news from this past week, from Uwabami’s death last night to the interview with Kirishima’s parents, whose son went missing a week ago.

She continued walking towards the station, trying to take her mind off the recent events that had happened this November. First Kamui Woods is killed, and the next morning, Kirishima disappears. A day later, Mt. Lady is killed and then week later, Uwabami is poisoned. In Ashido’s own words, shit was fucked.

She was brought out of her thoughts by someone's shouting. “Hey, with the horns. Can you help me out for a second?” Ashido turns and sees a man waving at her from within an alleyway. “I dropped my wallet and can’t find it. Can you spare me a minute and help?” he asked, an earnest smile on his face.

Ashido stepped into the alley, nodding at the man. “Sure, how does it look?”

“It’s blue leather and has Pixiebob on it,” he replied. “My daughter got it for me for my birthday.”

“Aww!” Ashido cooed. “That’s so cute!” The man smiled as he and Ashido kept looking.

Something bright caught Ashido’s eye and she turned further into the alley. Looking closer, she was met with a bright blue object on the ground, Pixiebob’s cartoon face smiling at her. “Hey sir, I found your-”

The hand around her throat pinning her to the wall cut off her words and breath.

“I honestly didn’t think this would work. Junior high students sure are idiots,” the man said, a cruel smile replacing the shy expression he had on earlier. He lifted his other hand, bringing a knife to Ashido’s face as she struggled against his hold. The man sidestepped to avoid her kick and tutted. “You’re only making this harder for yourself. Now hold still before your face turns blue, or would it be purple?”

Ashido was breathing heavily, clawing at the fingers around her throat and fighting back as much as she could. As the knife came closer to her face, she panicking even more, closing her eyes and thrusting her hands forwards towards the man’s face.

She was really lucky there was no one else around to hear what followed.

She didn’t let go of the man’s face even as he screamed, even as his skin began melting, even as he let her go and she could breathe again. The adrenaline was too much and she was winning this fight.

When she finally let him go, he took a step forward and began swinging wildly and without purpose, his angry words turning into gargled noise. Ashido stood her ground, tense but confident in the fact that his blindness would benefit her, but before she could even take a step forward, the man tensed and fell face first to the ground, a dark red seeping out through the back of his shirt.

Behind him revealed a girl, holding a knife and smiling maniacally. Her blonde hair and golden eyes looked familiar to Ashido, but it was when she saw her familiar uniform that the pieces finally came together.


Toga was a second year at Ashido’s school, and although the two have never spoken together, they saw each other once a week at the school’s dance club, and now here they both were, panting heavily with a dead body between them.

“Ashido-senpai, are you okay?” Toga asked, stepping around the body and hurrying towards her schoolmate.

“I- I’m fine, Toga,” Ashido coughed out, her voice now hoarse from the incident. “W- what are you doing here?”

“Wellllll, I was about to enter my house when I heard talking and I peeked around the corner and saw you two talking and I was going to step in, but then you melted his face off and I got scared he would still attack so I stabbed him!” she said in one breath.

Ashido looked in awe at how calm she was, until she realized that she was calm too. A thousand questions were swimming in her head but she started off with the simplest one. “Your house? There’s no homes anywhere near here.”

Toga paused before taking Ashido’s hand and leading her further into the alley. “I’ll take you home and patch you up, your neck is all bruised.”

“But what about…” Ashido trailed off, pointing to the dead man.

“It’s alright, it’s not the first time a body has showed up here.”

Deciding to just go with it, Ashido followed Toga until they hit a dead end. Toga let go of her hand and walked up to the dumpster there, pushing it aside to reveal a small hole in the wall. “Welcome to my home,” Toga mumbled before dropping on all fours and crawling inside, Ashido following after a quick pause.

Inside was dirty, to say the least. Looking around, Ashido realized it was probably some abandoned base that villains might have used once, since it was far too decked out to be some random place. Toga pointed to a mattress on the ground. “Sit there while I get you your stuff.”

Ashido took a seat on the mattress, wincing as one on the springs poked her leg. She reached into her bag and took out her phone, texting her mom that she was at a friends house. Not a lie, but missing a lot of details. Once she sent to text, Toga arrived with a water bottle, bandages, and a tube in her hands.

“Drink this,” Toga said, handing Ashido the water. She drank about half of it before something cold touches her neck and she jumps, looking from Toga’s sheepish look to the cream on her fingers. “Sorry! I used to use this a lot so I know it works really well, but stay still, okay?”

Ashido nodded slowly and relaxed as Toga began applying the cream. “Hey Toga, why do you live here?”

Ashido felt the movements around her neck pause before continuing. “I live alone since my parents kicked me out a few months ago.” she replied.

“Kicked you out?” Ashido said in shock. “Why would they do that?”

“They were never nice, but the final straw was when I discovered my quirk.”

“I thought all the second years said you were quirkless.”

“I thought I was until I found out what I had to do to activate it,” Toga sighed. “My mom got a cut on herself and the blood got on the rim of one of the cups she handed me. I already drank it by the time she told me to stop and next thing she knew, she was looking at a clone of herself.”

“You mean…”

“If I drink someone’s blood, I turn into them,” Toga said. “I thought it was cool until they told me to pack my bags.”

“Why didn’t you report this?” Ashido asked in disbelief.

“I have no friends at school, everyone thinks I’m weird, who’s going to believe me?”

“I do,” Ashido replied. “And I also think that’s a cool quirk to have.”

Toga’s face lit up as she attacked Ashido with a hug. “Thank you, Senpai.”

“Just stick with Mina,” Ashido giggled.

“Then you can stick with Himiko.” The two stayed together for a moment before Ashido carefully pried Toga off of her and looked into her eyes. “Himiko, you seem… calm over what happened. Not to mention the fact that you already had a knife on you back there.”

Toga looked to the ground and fiddled with the loose fabric of the mattress. “Please don’t tell anyone, but… that wasn’t the first time I’ve done something like that.”

Ashido froze in her spot, not knowing whether to stay seated or sprint out. Was she going to hurt her? Does she have to turn her in now?

“I’m more impressed with you though, Mina.” What? “After all, I’ve never seen someone so level headed afterwards.”

“What are you talking about?” Toga took Ashido’s hand and placed it over her heart. Ashido waited for something to happen but nothing did, and that’s when it dawned on her. Nothing was happening. After everything that happened, there was no panic, no pounding heart, no breakdown, and most of all, no regret.

“Mina, how did you feel when you attacked him?” Toga asked.

“...Complete,” she replied in shock.

“Would you like to feel like that again?”

Ashido could only nod.



Ashido shook the last drops of acid off of her, letting it fall onto the body at her and Toga’s feet.

“I’ve never been a redhead before,” Toga commented, looking at the vial of blood in her hands. “Do you think Stain would let me work with him if I had red hair?”

“At least you got your blood. I can’t believe I decided to run away from home to pursue my murder dreams in February. It’s so cold,” Ashido pouted.

“The Killer Queens are becoming famous. It’s a good thing I got you out of your house last week before the police arrived,” Toga said.

“Thank you again,” Ashido said.

It’s been three months since she met Toga, two months since the police realized that all the melting and stabbings were from the same culprit, one month since the public began calling the two mysterious female killers the ‘Killer Queens,’ and one week since the police realized who was doing all the meltings, causing Toga to help Ashido sneak out through her bedroom window and escape to Toga’s place.

“Hey Mina, check it out,” Toga called out. Ashido walked over towards Toga who was holding a sheet of paper in her hand. Looking closer, she saw it was one of the old ‘missing person’ posters for Kirishima. “You think he’s doing okay? I never spoke to him, but he seemed nice.”

Ashido frowned as she looked at his smiling face above the contact information. “He has to be okay, I just know it.” She was still hesitant as she spoke. Months before he disappeared, he seemed… off. Simultaneously confident yet paranoid, and he would always leave school in a hurry, as if he was meeting up with someone.

“Kind of strange how Kamui Woods’ body was found the morning he went missing though. Didn’t another kid go missing too?” Toga teased.

Ashido quickly shook her head. “Kirishima wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Sure, sure. I bet he’d look good in red and-”

“NOPE! If we find him while working, you’re not laying a hand on him.”



“So we get to meet Stainy?” Toga said excitedly as she followed Giran.

“Please don’t call him that,” Giran sighed, looking to Ashido for help. All she could do was shrug at him. She wasn’t her boss.

It was nearing the end of May when a man who introduced himself as Giran approached the two girls, talking about how he’s heard of them and how he’d like to recruit them into an organization. More specifically, an organization that Stain was a part of.

Giran paused as they reached a door within an alleyway. “I’m taking you into our lounge area. There’s some kids that are your age that you can talk to while I go talk with someone.” With that, Giran opened the door and led them inside. When they walked in, all conversation slowed to a stop as the group took them in.

“Play nice, I’m going to find Shigaraki and Deku,” Giran said before he left the room.

Ashido looked over everyone present, taking note of a few people like a boy with half black and half white hair, a boy with a bird head, and an angry looking blonde boy holding hands with—


“Ashido? Wait, is that Toga too?”

“Oh my god he’s already red. I didn’t even have to do anything.”

Ashido took a step forward, taking in her old classmate’s new look, from the red spiky hair to the muscle on his arm. “When people described one of the Killer Queens as pink, I didn’t think it would be you. Weren’t you going to go to UA?” Kirishima said in shock.

“Weren’t you?” Ashido replied, equally surprised. “I left home in February when the police managed to catch up to me.”

“I haven’t checked in on any news from our neighbourhood since I left the morning Kamui Woods was found,” Kirishima replied.

“Wait, does that mean you-”

We, actually.” Ashido looked over at the blond from before, who was scowling at her.

“Are you telling me I was right? I was joking about him killing Kamui, but wow!” Toga giggled.

“So you act different for months only to end up killing a pro hero with your new boyfriend?” Ashido teased, causing Kirishima to blush.

“Yeah, what about it,” the blonde scowled.

“Hey uh, quick question,” A black haired boy said, looking from Ashido to Kirishima. “What the fuck?”

“Sero, Bakugou, everyone else, this is Ashido Mina and Toga Himiko. We went to the same school, but Toga was a year younger,” Kirishima introduced. The two girls waved at everyone in the room.

Ashido finally looked around at everyone’s faces as they introduced themselves, her eye catching a few.

“Weren’t you in the UA Sports Festival?” she asked Kaminari. “And the helmet you’re holding looks like Tricky Tape’s.” she added, looking at Sero.

“You’re the Yaoyorozu’s daughter too, right?” Toga asked Yaoyorozu. “We did a job for them once.” Toga then turned to Shouji and smiled. “That quirk of yours reminds me of a certain pair of dead sidekicks, huh.”

“Wait a minute,” Ashido said, turning to Satou. “You stole one of our kills one time, didn’t you.”

“Guilty,” the boy replied, putting his hands up in a mock surrender.

“You two are right about everything,” a voice from behind the girls said. The two turned around and was met with a surprising sight. A young boy was leaning against the doorframe and wearing a plain blue hoodie and jeans. “Kaminari here is our spy on the inside of UA, Sero is indeed Tricky Tape, Yaomomo’s family is our funder, and Shouji and Satou are two of our best heavy hitters.”

The boy stepped forward and stuck a hand out to towards the duo. “Call me Deku. Toga, head on over to the bar where the Vanguard Action Squad is and speak to the leader Dabi so he can introduce you to everyone, I’m sure you’re excited to meet a certain member of ours.” he said with a smile. “Just don’t anger Shigaraki.”

As Toga squealed and hurried out the door, Ashido was left with 19 pairs of eyes all looking at her. Deku gave her a soft smile.

“As for you, I’m pleased to say that you are our final member here. Welcome to the ‘A Team,’ Ashido.”



“You guys remember the plan, right?” Deku asked the group. Aoyama, Hagakure, Shouji, Shinsou, Shouto, and Ashido all nodded.

“If anyone can keep these people distracted, it’s you and Aoyama, dear,” Shouto said.

“The flattery is great and all, but let me be paranoid,” Deku said, giving a nervous smile to Shouto. “If what Sero said was true, then we have a new priority.”

Ashido looked around at the group of people, impressed by Deku’s decision. Aoyama was the team’s negotiator, so he would be talking along with Deku. Shinsou was there in case things go wrong, and Shouji was there in case things go really wrong, with Shouto providing backup and Ashido as support. As for Hagakure, she was the key to the whole mission.

The team entered the room and was met with a group of people waiting for them. Ashido tensed as she felt Hagakure slip away from beside her. She looked at the group as one specific man stepped forward.

“Deku, it’s a pleasure to meet finally meet you,” The man then turned to Aoyama. “As for you Blinding Glare, it’s nice to see you after that vigilante boy interrupted our last conversation.”

Deku and Aoyama turned to each other before Deku takes a step forward and smiles.

“It’s a pleasure, Overhaul.”



The five of them met up with Hagakure outside once the meeting concluded.

“So?” Deku asked. Hagakure pulled out a sheet of paper from her invisible suit and opened up, revealing a quickly sketched and rough map of the place. Hagakure pointed to one room that was circled. “Here.”

“Alright then,” Deku said, his face now hardened. “Next time we are in this building, we’re taking their supply and Eri out of here.”



Ashido Mina was anything but quiet. She practically the definition of stage presence, with her bold personality enticing everyone around her. Everything from her smile to her horns to her bright pink skin managed to draw all eyes towards her.

The problem was, she felt stifled. There were only so many hip hop lessons she could take before it just became muscle memory. She felt something missing, something that made her feel empty and lost. A desire.

She first found that desire that day in the alleyway, when she discovered just how addicting those drops of acid on a body could be. The desire followed her until she found the A Team, and she found herself wondering if this group of hardened, hurt, and hopeful teens could fill that hole.

She thinks it’s likely.

Chapter Text

Kouda Kouji found safety in numbers. As long as he wasn’t alone, he felt secure. He found comfort in the birds in their nests and the wolves prowling between the trees. He fell asleep at night listening to the owls wake up and the deer settle in for the night, knowing no one could hurt him.

Not anymore.



The forests by his old preschool were off limits to the public in order to preserve the land and protect the animals that lived there, making it the perfect hiding spot for Kouda. After all, no one would look for a missing six year old in a cave inhabited by wolves.

The animals had a system in place that had been working for the past year ever since he started living there. They brought him food from both the plants in the forest to leftovers the birds grabbed from restaurants in order to feed the child. After finding out about his ability to communicate with them, they quickly adopted him as one of their own. Certain predators wouldn’t hunt certain prey that Kouda had befriended in order to keep him happy.

On beautiful days like today, he would normally leave the cave to wander around the seemingly endless forest, basking in the beauty of the flora and fauna that surrounded him.

What he normally wouldn’t be doing is asking his favourite wolf to help him drag the body of a collapsed man back to his cave.

The strange man rested on Kouda’s makeshift bed, his ripped up blazer set aside in favour of draping a dirty blanket over his body instead. As for Kouda, he sat in a corner, guarded by his favourite wolf while his favourite crow sat atop his head, all of them carefully watching the man and waiting for him to wake up.

He didn’t belong to the forest, for starters. Kouda had never seen him before, and he was dressed far too nicely to be in a place like this. His long, dark hair was falling out of his ponytail, and he had soot and dirt smeared all over his face and white button up. He was at least breathing, which was a good sign, but his appearance gave no indication of where he was from or what he was doing here.

“What are you going to do when he wakes up?” Kouda asked his friends.

“Defend you, child,” the wolf replied, not moving from his stance.

“I will call for help,” the bird added.

“But what if he’s nice? What if he can be a friend, too?” Kouda said.

“We will follow you, Kouji, but if the strange man hurts you, he will pay,” the wolf growled.

It was another five minutes before the man shot up from where he was laying, both arms up defensively as he looked around the unfamiliar cave. His eyes eventually landed on Kouda, the bird, and the defensive wolf, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Out of all the things Kouda expected, a smile wasn’t one of them.

“Are you the one that brought me here?” the man asked. Kouda slowly nodded.

“And are those your friends?” he asked, looking at the two animals. Kouda nodded once more.

“Thank you for bringing me somewhere safe. Judging by the bed and clothes I see, is this your home? What’s your name?” The stranger’s eyes kept flickering to the animals as he spoke.

Kouda gently brought a hand up to his wolf, signaling for him to stand down. He walked over to the man and held out a hand to shake. “I’m Kouda Kouji,” he whispered.

“It’s nice to meet you Kouda, thank you for keeping me safe,” the man smiled at Kouda.

“Why are you in the forest? I’m the only human here,” Kouda asks, sitting down across from the stranger.

“Well child, I was running away from a hero, and I ran for so long, that I ended up here,” the man explained. “You’re quite young though, are you running away too?”

Kouda’s mood immediately dropped at the question. “I’m not running from a hero. I… I came here after the car-” Kouda’s voice gave out and he couldn't finish his sentence. He wiped a stray tear away and looked back up at the man, who was now looking quite concerned at the wolf’s growling face.

“Let’s forget about that for now. The animals are very friendly with you, is it your quirk?”

Kouda’s mood did a 180 as he looked back up with a bright smile. “It is! I can talk to animals!”

The man lifted one eyebrow up and tilted his head, deep in thought. “Speaking with animals is very interesting. Do they help you in your home here?”

“They do. They stay with me when I walk around and bring me food from the plants and from the outside too.”

“It must be hard for your animal friends though, right?” the man said.

The boy frowned at that. “I want them to be happy, but I can’t leave here and go home. There’s no one there.”

“Well Kouda, why don’t you come with me?” Kouda’s eyes widened at the sincerity of the man’s voice. “You can even bring your two friends here. There’s one girl and boy who live there already. Kyouka’s quiet like you, but you’ll get along great. Tomura is a bit much as he is 16 years old now, but he’s not bad. There’s also a boy named Denki who comes and visits a lot since his parents work with me, so you can play with him too. You’ll have your friends, and a safe place to stay.”

“Are you sure my friends can come?” Kouda asks, looking over at the wolf warily. If this was a lie, then the wolf would attack after seeing Kouda so distressed, and Kouda can go back to living in the forest in peace.

“Of course they can. We have a lot of rooms in the buildings, and it’s big enough for all three of you.”


“What was that?”

Kouda nervously looked at the cave’s entrance. “I’m sorry, but can we take one more friend?”

“I don’t see why not. Let’s go see this friend.”

In one corner of the cave lied a mess of fabric in a broken basket. Taking off the top piece of fabric revealed a tiny bunny fast asleep in its makeshift bed, a tattered bandaged wrapped messily around one foot.

“The bunny has no parents like me, so can it have a new home like me?” Kouda asked, pouting at the man.

The man smiled back at Kouda and placed a hand on the bunny. The bunny’s foot briefly glowed, much to Kouda’s shock, and the bandages fell away, revealing a perfectly fine foot. Kouda hugged the man tightly.

“Thank you so much… wait, what’s your name?”

The man placed a hand on Kouda’s shoulder and squeezed it tight. “You can call me ‘Sensei.’”



Learning to sign was probably one of the best things Sensei had taught Kouda. The poor boy was petrified when meeting the three other kids for the first time. Being alone with Sensei was different, since he was only one person, but Kouda had been in solitude for so long that he couldn’t bring himself to speak in front of the others.

That was when Jirou stepped up and began waving her hands around, much to Kouda’s confusion.

“Does he understand me?” Jirou asked Sensei.

“He can hear you all, he’s just a bit overwhelmed since he was living in the forest for a bit,” Sensei explained.

“Is that why you have a huge ass wolf?” Shigaraki asked, earning a timid nod from Kouda.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk! Kyouka didn’t talk at first either, so Sensei and Kurogiri taught her how to sign!” Kaminari smiled.

“They’ll teach you too, if you want,” Shigaraki added.

Sensei crouched down and looked to Kouda. “Would you like that?”

Kouda looked from the bright smiles of the three kids to the comforting look of Sensei and nodded.

“Can I pet your big dog now?”




It wasn’t until Kouda was ten years old that he finally contributed to the “family business.”

At this point in his life, many thing had occurred. He had been living with Sensei, Kurogiri, Shigaraki (now 16 years old), and Jirou in the bar for four years now, and would happily strike up a conversation both verbally and non-verbally to all of them, along with Kaminari, their frequent house guest.

Two months before Kouda’s small mission, Kaminari ended up bringing home a friend who introduced himself as Satou Rikidou. He was both a sweet and destructive boy, who tried to pick a fight in the playground one minute then turned around to offer Kaminari some sweets the next. He was a frequent visitor, with only the two adults and Shigaraki knowing why exactly his visits were so frequent.

His friends also had names now, which he now realized was something that should’ve been done when he met them. Kaminari offered the name Nevermore for the crow, claiming it was from a cool book he read. Jirou offered Barksy for his wolf, leaving only the rabbit to be named. It didn’t take long for the strange name of Cake to be offered, although it wasn’t a surprised considering that Satou was the one that suggested it.

Yes, it took him nearly five years to name his rabbit. Yes, he’s been calling him “baby” and “sweetie” this whole time. No, he doesn’t regret those cute nicknames at all.

Kouda was eating breakfast in the closed bar with Jirou and Shigaraki when Sensei sat down to join them.

“Good morning, everyone,” Sensei greeted.

“Good morning, Sensei,” the kids greeted back.

“You’re never here this early. Is something wrong?” Shigaraki asked, slightly on edge.

“Nothing really wrong. Just an annoyance that I think Kouji here can help me with,” Sensei replied, turning his attention towards the confused boy.

“You know I am not a fan of heroes and their society, right?” Kouda nodded. No one here liked them at all, and Shigaraki outright hated them with a burning passion. He was happy to know that he at least was growing up somewhere where the heroes couldn’t brainwash him and his friends, especially after learning what they did to Shigaraki.

“Well, I found a way I might be able to fix all of this, and the key to that is All Might.” Sensei pulled out his phone and showed Kouda a photo of a familiar location. All Might’s agency stared back at him as Sensei continued. “I need information on All Might’s whereabouts in the future. The problem is, none of us can walk in and get his schedule. However, your quirk might be the answer we’re looking for.”

“You want me to get my friends to take All Might’s schedule?” Kouda asked. “I don’t know if it, or I, will work.”

“Kouji, this is perfect,” Jirou interjected. “You’re more powerful than you realize, you know. Every kid wishes they can do what you can do. All the kids in my old preschool would talk about quirks they wanted, and speaking to animals was one of them.”

“Not to mention, you’ll be doing this for a good cause. This could lead to changing the world,” Shigaraki added.

Eyes wide, Kouda turned to Sensei, who placed a hand on his shoulder. “Kouji, are you worried about the plan, or about yourself?”

Kouda wordlessly pointed to himself.

“Well I want you to get those thoughts out of your head, because ever since you saved me in that forest all those years ago, I’ve known that you are such a strong and capable boy. After all, who would tell their wolf to drag an unconscious man to their home so he can rest?”

Kouda lifted a hand to grab onto Sensei’s and squeezed it tight. “I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, and if it makes you feel any better, you don’t even have to leave here.” Sensei got up and walked over to the open window by one of the booths. “All Might likes to keep his office window open for some fresh air, so all you have to do is ask one of your bird friends to fly into his office and grab some papers he has on his desk. Anything can lead to something good.”

Kouda got up from his seat and walked over to the window Sensei was at. He stood up onto the table to be able to reach the window and stuck his head out, calling on his friends.

“Birds of the skies, hear my cries!”

“Oh my god, he got bars.” Everyone looked over to see Kaminari enter the bar from the lounge entrance, followed closely behind by his parents.

“Shut up, Denki, Kouji is working,” Jirou hissed.

“Really? This is exciting,” Kaminari whispered, sliding into the seat next to Jirou.

Soon enough, two birds fly up to Kouda and land onto his outstretched hand. He quietly whispers his request to them, and they are flying off towards All Might’s agency.

“And now we wait,” Shigaraki says.

“And now we wait. Why don’t you three kids head go into the living room while the adults talk,” Kurogiri suggests.

“Doesn’t that mean Tomura comes with us too?” Jirou teases, quickly dodging out of the way of a fork sent her way.

It was twenty minutes later when they were all called back into the bar, each of the kids confused until their eyes landed on two birds on the table, each of them carrying a sheet of paper in their hands.

Suddenly Kouda had a pair of arms wrapped around him and was lifted in the air, happy not only with his success, but also that Shigaraki was wearing his gloves today.

“You did it, you little druid!” Shigaraki said as he put him back down.

“Great job, Kouji!” Kaminari cheered.

The praises were nice, but Kouda’s eyes stayed trained on Sensei as he read over both of the papers, a smile slowly growing on his face. He turned to face Kouda, waving one of the papers.

“You’ve done it, my boy,” Sensei announced. “You truly are a force to be reckoned with.”

One month later, Kouda found himself standing with Jirou, Kaminari, Satou, Shigaraki, and Kurogiri, looking at Sensei’s broken body in their makeshift underground hospital, wishing he had never told those birds to get All Might’s schedule.



Reconnaissance and stealth was Kouda’s field now, and Beastmaster was his new alias. An intimidating name for someone who was anything but that.

“Phantom, you got eyes on our target?” Jirou’s voice whispered through their comms.

“I’m following him right now, what’s happening on your end, Heavyweight?” Hagakure asked.

“After Beastmaster got word of Muscular going off course towards the mountain, I told Electrocute to get lost in the forest and away from his classmates to stop him,” Shouji replied. “No clue what happened after.”

“Nevermore just told me Electrocute knocked him out with a shock. He’s going to play dumb on the mountain until it’s all over, so no more talking with him,” Kouda answered.

“Is Muscular dead?” Shouji asked.

“God I hope so,” Jirou whispered. “What a fucking weirdo.”

“Remind me again why we had to be here?” Hagakure whined. “Dabi’s Vanguard team is the one out in the open anyways.”

“Which is why we need to stay hidden and make sure nothing goes wrong while they take the heat,” Asui finally spoke up.

“But wouldn’t it be way easier for Puppeteer to be here and brainwash the guy? He’s on our stealth team too.”

“Puppeteer would’ve been recognized from the exam. He was in the same testing area as Electrocute and the target,” Shouji responded.

“Everyone shut up for a second,” Jirou suddenly said. It was quiet for a moment before she spoke again. “What the fuck is Eraserhead doing here? Doesn’t he not have a class this year?”

“He’s probably assisting 1-B’s training then,” Asui said. “It’s better than having him work on his investigatio- oh, there goes Mustard. Tetsutetsu and Kendou got him.”

“Better news, Compress got him!” Hagakure silently cheered. “The kid was all alone too. Soundcheck, Beastmaster, Heavyweight, and Poison Dart, when the Vanguard Action Squad leaves, we have ten minutes to reach the rendezvous point and meet up with Kurogiri.”

“Who’s at the bar still?” Kouda asks.

“Everyone who lives there, basically. We’re almost done moving all our stuff to the new base, anyways. Shigaraki, Deku, Riot, Alien Queen, Dusk, Vertigo, Whiplash, Freezer Burn, Ground Zero and Puppeteer,” Jirou replied. “I don’t know who’s in their rooms and who’s downstairs though."

“And everyone who doesn’t live there?” Shouji asks.

“Fabricator, Tail End, Sweet Tooth, Blinding Glare, and Tricky Tape are all at home since we can’t let the target see them, and I’m heading home soon too,” Hagakure replies. “We also got our little mad scientist out of there too."

“I’m sure Electrocute will be heading home too as well,” Asui added. “Enough of that, though. Let’s just pray Monoma Neito doesn’t annoy the shit out of anyone else.”



Kouda Kouji found safety in numbers. As long as he wasn’t alone, he felt secure. He found comfort in the white noise of Shigaraki’s video games and the arguments that are bound to come up in the kitchen about what to make for dinner. He fell asleep at night listening to the hushed whispers in the hallway as everyone snuck out of their rooms to visit other, Kouda included, knowing no one could hurt him.

Not anymore.

Chapter Text

“So what’s their names again?” Aizawa asked as they made their way towards the house.

“Mitsuki and Masaru,” Mic replied. “I looked at Katsuki’s missing child case but there’s not many leads right now.”

“If we figure something else out, we can let the detective on his case know, for now,” Aizawa said, stopping at the front door. “We need to figure out what happened between June and two weeks ago.”

Mic rang the doorbell and after a moment, the door opened to reveal a taller, female version of the kid they were investigating.

She looked between the unrecognizable Aizawa to the much more recognizable Mic. “Is this about Katsuki? Did you find anything?” she asked.

“I think this would be better if we were seated. May we come in?” Aizawa asked, him and Mic showing off their hero license.

Mitsuki nodded and stepped aside to allow them in. she led them to the living room where a brown haired man with glasses was sitting on the couch watching the news. The moment his eyes landed on Mic, he shut the TV off.

“Is this about Katsuki?” he asked.

“They want to talk about something,” Mitsuki said. She turned to the two heroes. “Please, take a seat.”

The two heroes sat across from them and pulled out a notepad.

“We aren’t the ones investigating your son’s disappearance, but we are investigating a case that might be linked to him,” Mic explained.

“Can you tell us what the case is?” Masaru asks.

The two were silent for a moment before Aizawa finally responded. “Kamui Wood’s murder.”

“Well Katsuki has nothing to do with that,” Mitsuki immediately snapped. “He’s wanted to be a hero for so long, and once he’s found he’s probably going to throw himself into training for UA.”

“Well with that in mind, we want to get all the details in order to make sure he’s not the culprit,” Mic said, attempting to calm her down. “One of the causes of death seem to be multiple explosions, so you can only imagine our confusion.”

“Mitsuki,” Masaru quietly said. “Let’s just answer their questions so they can rule out Katsuki.”

“Fine,” Mitsuki huffed. “What do you need to know?”

“How was your son’s behaviour after the slime villain incident leading up to his disappearance?” Mic began.

“It was very startling,” Masaru began. “He was angry, but it was a quiet anger.”

“Is that not normal for him?”

“Let’s just say his quirk being explosions was very fitting,” Masaru replied. “He wouldn’t talk to us about it, which wasn’t really that strange. The weirdest part was how quickly he calmed down from it.”

“It was around the same time he met that redheaded kid,” Mitsuki interrupted.

“Who?” Aizawa asked, leaning forward intrigued.

“A few weeks after the attack he came home with a friend who introduced himself as Kirishima Eijirou, and they’ve been attached at the hip since,” Mitsuki explained. “I haven’t seen him that close to someone since he and Izuku when they were little.”

“Okay, back up,” Mic said. “Kirishima Eijirou was his friend? How did the two act?”

“They got along great. They practically balanced each other out perfectly,” Masaru answered.

“They were also pretty secretive. At first I thought it was because they were secretly dating or something, but recent events have caused me to think otherwise,” Mitsuki added.

“And where is Kirishima now?” Aizawa asked.

“Probably at home. We don’t know anything about him, and I don’t blame him for not coming to the house of his missing friend,” Masaru replied.

Aizawa and Mic shared a look.

“We know it looks fishy, but Katsuki didn’t kill him,” Mitsuki suddenly snapped. “He’s wanted to be a hero since he was a child.”

“Can you answer us this?” Aizawa asked. “The day Kamui Wood’s agency got vandalized, was Katsuki home?”

There was a long silence before Masaru dejectedly replied. “He said he was staying after school for a bit. He came home two hours after school ended.”

“But that doesn’t. Mean. Anything,” Mitsuki harshly replied.

“Just one more question,” Mic said, purposefully ignoring Mitsuki's seething anger. “The police mentioned a quirkless boy who rescued Katsuki.”

The two heroes watched as the couple winced sympathetically.

“That would be Midoriya Izuku,” Masaru said. “His mother is an old friend of Mitsuki’s. They may not be friends anymore, but he and Katsuki have known each other since diapers. He uh, he went missing the day of the attack.”

“Last anyone saw of him, he stormed off after getting scolded by the heroes,” Mitsuki added. “I’m grateful to the kid, even though what he did was crazy reckless.”

“His case is getting cold right now. No one has seen hide nor hair of him for five months.”

There was an uncomfortable silence before Mitsuki spoke up again. “Is that all you two need?”

“Ah, yes! Thank you so much for helping us!” Mic said with a cheery smile.

As they were walked to the door, Masaru called out to them one more time. “I know you’re not on his case, but please let us know if you find anything.”

“We’ll do our best,” Mic said with a smile.

“When you do find him, he’ll be happy to tell you how he had nothing to do with the murder,” Mitsuki added.

The two simply nodded before turning around and exiting.

“So we got two missing kids involved in the same attack,” Aizawa said.

“I want to say it’s related, but the five month difference is making me iffy,” Mic said. “Not to mention how much I want to look into Midoriya but he’s not our case. Let’s just head back and check what’s on file about Kirishima.”

Aizawa followed Mic to his car with his notepad clutched in hand and a foreboding sense in his chest.



Tensei and Midnight were greeted with the sight of Mic quietly screaming into a file when they walked into his office.

“Having fun?” Midnight asked hesitantly.

“Bakugou Katsuki? Was reported missing when his mom went to wake him up from school only to find him not in bed two weeks ago. Kirishima Eijirou? Same exact scenario,” Mic hissed.

“And these people are…?”

“They're teens who might’ve killed Kamui,” Aizawa explained. “His burns were from explosions which is Bakugou’s quirk, and Kirishima’s quirk allows him to harden his skin, so the slashes on Kamui could be from his hands.”

“Welcome to the club,” Tensei sighed. He walked up to Mic’s desk and tossed down a file. It landed open, revealing the face of a young girl inside. “Asui Tsuyu’s family were the only casualties in Mt. Lady’s attack, but no one has seen her after she ran from the scene. One week later, Mt. Lady is dead and the only thing cameras picked up was the figures of two teenage girls.”

“Did you come to my agency to tell us you found your own vengeful child too?” Mic asked wearily.

“We actually came to ask about lunch, but that might be delayed,” Tensei replied. He picked up Kirishima’s file and read it over. “Same age as Asui and Tenya, huh.”

“Tenya would be offended you would ever associate him with suspects, even if it’s just age,” Midnight said.

“How’s the case going with him anyways?” Aizawa asked, his voice more gentle than usual.

“Whoever took Tenya is doing their best to cover their tracks, but I’m not stopping anytime soon,” Tensei replied, staring off at the files on the desk. “Who knows. Tenya’s so nice maybe his kidnapper would let him go.”

“You don’t think it’s connected, do you?”

Everyone turned to look at Aizawa. “Let’s say the kids didn’t commit the murders. Tenya went missing in May, and the Sludge Villain incident happened a month later, where that quirkless kid who’s the same age went missing. Five months later, three more kids go missing, and who knows who else did in that time span.”

“So you think this might be something bigger?” Midnight asked.

“It’s just a thought. It’s far more likely that it’s a coincidence but…”

“Something to keep in mind,” Tensei said, finishing his thought. “Let’s bring it up to Nighteye and the detective when we can.”

“Where are they anyways?” Mic asked.

Aizawa let out a small chuckle. “Knowing Nighteye, they probably found a lead by now.”



The door to the Yaoyorozu’s mansion was opened by a man who was presumably their butler, who looked at Nighteye and Tsukauchi in confusion.

“May I help you?” he asked.

Tsukauchi took a step forward. “My name is Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa, and this is the pro hero Sir Nighteye. We’re in charge of the case of Uwabami’s death and speaking to guests from that day.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu were spoken to the night of the incident.”

“Yes, we’re aware. We would like, with her parent’s consent of course, to speak with their daughter however,” Nighteye said.

The butler looked at the two hesitantly before stepping aside. “Follow me.”

The interior of the house was far grander than the outside, and Nighteye was thankful for their guide or else he surely would have gotten lost inside the place.

The butler gestured to a couch in what appeared to be a lounge. “Take a seat and I will retrieve the Yaoyorozus. Some tea will be sent your way shortly.”

As they watched the butler exit, another person came into the room to set a tea tray down with a smile before exiting.

“That was fast,” Tsukauchi muttered.

“They’re a well oiled machine, I’ll give them that,” Nighteye mutters back. “Remember, we’re here to ask for her point of view, not to make her think she’s a suspect.”

Nighteye recalled bumping into the girl the night of the event. He was too focused on All Might off in the distance that he barely registered her, and now he was regretting it.

“No problem. I don’t want to think of a 14 year old girl as a murder suspect.”

They sat in silence until the sound of footsteps caught their attention. Entering the room was all three members of the Yaoyorozu family, wearing their most presentable clothes with smiles on their faces.

“Tsukauchi and Sir Nighteye, yes? A pleasure to meet you,” Mr. Yaoyorozu said, shaking each of their hands before taking a seat on the couch across from them, his wife and daughter following shortly.

“A pleasure to meet you, all of you, as well,” Tsukauchi replied.

“I guess we should cut right to the chase,” Mrs. Yaoyorozu said. She placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “You want to speak to dear Momo?”

“We’ve noticed on the security cameras that she was speaking to Uwabami throughout the night, so we were hoping she might provide some insight on what was going on around her,” Nighteye explained. “However, if you allow this, we need you to sign this form since she is a minor.”

At that, Tsukauchi reached into his bag and pulled out a file with a form inside, handing it over to the adults.

Mr. Yaoyorozu looked it over before handing it to his wife to read. “Anything to help the case. My poor girl was so shaken by what happened that night, so I’m sure she would want to help in any way she could. Isn’t that right, Momo?”

“Of course,” Momo replied. “Anything to avenge her.”

Nighteye smiled and handed a pen to Mrs. Yaoyorozu, watching her and her husband sign it. “That’s lovely to hear.”

Once the adults signed and handed back the form, the questioning began. Tsukauchi faced the girl and activated his quirk.

“Uwabami died from ingesting a poison. Did you see anyone around her who was acting strange, specifically with her drink?”

“I told Uwabami that the drink was from someone. I don’t know who, however,” Momo replied, and Tsukauchi detected no lie from her.

“So you don’t know who requested the drink?”

“I was simply the delivery girl.”

Once again, there was no lie, but both Tsukauchi and Nighteye we picking up on her formal wording.

Nighteye leaned forward. “We are currently investigating the bartender for the night, but did you see anyone hovering around you two?”

Momo froze at that, looking hesitantly at Tsukauchi before responding. “Besides her friends, no.”

A tightening in his chest alerted Tsukauchi of the lie.

“Are you sure?” he pressed.

“Ah, well.” Momo looked at her parents and, unexpectedly, smiled at the hero and detective. “There was someone. He was an interesting boy, but we spoke that night since he approached me, not Uwabami. I actually think I made a friend.”

No lie detected once more.

After getting the description of people Momo saw frequently around Uwabami, the two got up and was being led out of the house. Before they left, Momo surprisingly called out to Nighteye.

“Yes?” he asked, turning around.

“I apologize for not introducing myself properly when I bumped into you that night,” she said. “I hope you’re feeling well. You looked quite lost in thought that day.”

Nighteye held out his hand for one more handshake. “No need to apologize, and I am feeling much better, thank you.”

When Momo took his hand and looked him in the eyes, he activated his quirk, looking through the flashes of scenes in her future.

She appeared to be closing a deal with a punk looking girl in her house.

A green haired boy was handing her a file.

She was helping a friend redye half his hair black.

She was having dinner with the punk girl, and Nighteye could see the strange looking earlobes she had.

She laughed as a red haired boy was smothering an angry looking blond with a hug.

A green haired girl was cuddled against a brunette as Momo handed them both tea.

She watched Tenya Iida, who was happily speaking to a bird headed boy with a strange looking shadow.

He blinked and the visions were over, and the only thing he was looking at was Momo’s smiling face.

He let go of the handshake before it got too long and gave one last farewell to the family before exiting the house.

“You okay?” Tsukauchi asked as they walked to the car. “You look kind of pale.”

Nighteye grabbed his phone and began dialing Midnight’s number. “We need to find Ingenium.”



“Was he okay? Did he look hurt? Where was he?”

“Calm down, calm down.”

Along with Midnight and Tensei came Mic and Aizawa, who were with them when Midnight got the call. The six of them all agreed to meet in Tensei’s office, where Nighteye explained what he saw.

“He was completely fine, which was the weird part. Does he have a friend with a bird head?”

“I don’t think so,” Tensei replied, scooting closer to Nighteye. It was clear to see how he was brimming with energy and hanging onto every word Nighteye said.

“Well he looked the same as he did now, so we should keep an eye on Yaoyorozu Momo since she knows or will know him soon enough.”

“This is great,” Tensei said with a smile. “Was he in any other vision? Where was he?”

“No, it was just more teenagers. By the looks of it, I think they’re all friends.” Nighteye looked down at the paper where he wrote everything down. “It looked like he was in a living room.”

“So he makes some friends once he’s found? At least that’s one kid found,” Mic said.

The last bit caught Tsukauchi and Nighteye’s attention.

“There’s other missing kids?”

Aizawa handed over Bakugou and Kirishima’s file while Midnight handed over Asui’s.

“We think Bakugou and possibly even Kirishima might be involved in-”

“Wait.” Nighteye lifted a hand up to Aizawa to stop him as he took a closer look at all three photos, the pieces slowly coming together. “I saw them,” he quietly whispered.

“Excuse me?” Midnight asked, nearly lunging across the table to get a better look.

“This girl was with another girl, I think her girlfriend by the looks of it,” Nighteye said, pointing to Asui. “And this kid, Kirishima, he had a different hair colour but I recognize him. He was with this Bakugou kid just messing around.”

“So they are all in the same place…” Aizawa whispered.

“Or they will be,” Nighteye interjected. “I don’t know how far into the future that will happen.”

“Does this mean Yaoyorozu will be kidnapped too?” Tensei asked.

Mic cleared his throat. “We’re focusing too much on hypotheticals right now. Right now, we should tell the detectives in charge of these cases that they’re all connected somehow, and that they should keep an eye on Yaoyorozu since she may be the key to all of this. As for you,” he said, turning to Nighteye. “You should tell the detectives about the other teens you saw. For all we know, they could be declared missing too.”

Midnight put her face in her hands and groaned. “Did we just accidentally discover some secret conspiracy?”

“At least there’s a lead now,” Tensei replied. “Leave it to Tenya to get kidnapped in an interesting way.”




As it turned out, it was hard to follow a lead when that lead has a pretty normal life.

Yaoyorozu Momo didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary, which begged the question of when Nighteye’s visions would start.

The only information the occasional watches on her would bring was that one, she was homeschooled, considering she never went to a school, and two, she really liked coffee shops.

After four months, the murderers of the three pro heroes still weren’t found, and there was no proof that Yaoyorozu was responsible for one of them, leaving the urgency of the cases to lessen.

Right now, Aizawa’s focused shifted from finding Kamui’s killer to the monitors in front of him, as he and the rest of UA’s staff, which for some reason included All Might, watched the entrance exams unfold.

He glanced over at Midnight and Mic as the three of them scanned over the list of applicants, trying to find the names of the three other teens that were missing.

After looking into missing teenagers who had gone missing this year, Nighteye managed to spot three familiar teenagers from his vision.

Midoriya Izuku, who went missing in June, Uraraka Ochako, who had gone missing in July, and Tokoyami Fumikage, who had gone missing in October. The punk girl and the boy with black and white hair still remained a mystery.

By the looks of it, none of them had applied, which wasn’t a surprise to Aizawa, but it was better to check now rather than later. With that out of the way, he shifted his focus back to the monitors.

“Seems like an excitable bunch,” Vlad King commented.

“Too excitable,” Recovery Girl added, wincing as a piece of shrapnel grazed one student’s arm.

Mic lifted an arm and pointed to one of the screens. “Nedzu, zoom in on Area C, camera 18.”

With a click, the screen was enlarged and Mic directed everyone’s attention. “Look how lucky this kid got.”

On the screen was a blond kid ducking and weaving between the robots, looking slightly stressed out. Aizawa didn’t understand what caught his husband’s eye until he watched the kid tap a robot and release a few sparks, causing the bot to seize up and fall to the ground.

“Kaminari Denki. Quirk: Electrification,” Midnight read out. “It says here that he has a maximum wattage limit and exceeding it makes his brain short circuit.”

“I’ll have a bed ready for him in that case,” Recovery Girl says.

A few others caught Aizawa’s eye throughout the exam such as a girl with enlarged hands, a boy with a steel body, and a girl with vines for hair. In the end, pulling out the zero pointer was useless as everyone ran away from it.

The next few hours were spent going over the first quarter of applicants, assigning them both hero and villain points. It was sundown by the time a knock on the door pulled the teachers out of a trance. Aizawa looked up to see Power Loader sticking his head through the door.

“Power Loader! Did one of the applicants cause a lab to explode?” Nedzu asked cheerfully.

“Well uh, yes, but she cleaned everything up. That’s not why I’m here however,” he says. “There’s a lady pacing outside the front gate looking very anxious. Should I ask her to leave or…?”

“I’ll speak to her,” Aizawa said, getting up from his seat. “If she’s the press then at least I can shut her down.”

Aizawa made his way down to the front of UA, and as he got closer to the gate, he got a better look at the woman in question. She was wearing what looked to be a work uniform with a long coat thrown on top of it. Long purple hair was tied back into a ponytail and she was indeed pacing, but was looking more than just anxious as she clutched her phone in her hand. She looked up as Aizawa approached her and he could clearly see her eyes puffy from tears.

“Do you work here? Are you a teacher here?” she hurriedly asked.

“Yes, I am. Do you need something from UA?” Aizawa calmly asked, not wanting to set the woman off. 

“Today my son went to your entrance exams for the hero course,” she explained. “He said he’d be back at 3, but he wasn’t home when I got back from work. I called him a million times but he hasn’t picked up or read any of my messages. Is he in your infirmary or still in the school?”

Aizawa was reeling from all the information. “We cleared the school out at 4, and all of Recovery Girl’s patients have left. I can get you clearance to enter and we can check if your son showed up for the exam. Can you tell me his name?” 

She wiped a tear from her eye and replied. “His name is Shinsou Hitoshi.”

Chapter Text

Shouji Mezou wasn’t afraid of monsters. He could never be, not when he himself was the monster.

Horrifying, ugly, freak. All those hurtful words being thrown at a boy who got the short end of the stick in life, but it didn’t change the truth of the matter.

He put on his mask, covered up what made people wince in fear, and carried on with his life.



“Morning, Mezou,” Shouji’s mother said, taking a seat at the table for breakfast.

“Morning, Mom,” Shouji replied.

Shouji’s father placed a plate in front of his wife before sitting down in front of his own, beginning to chow down on his own cooking.

Shouji watched one of his dad’s hands turn into a mouth as he looked at his son, still eating with his normal mouth. “Any plans today?”

Shouji scratched at the side of his face, careful not to hit the stretched out part of his mouth as he did. “Just going to finish up my essay due tomorrow.”

“Feel free to order food today then,” his mother says. “Your father and I might be working late today.”

“Fourth Kind has been giving you a lot of work lately,” Shouji comments.

“All thanks to our wonderful work lately!” Shouji’s dad says with a smile.

“We might be getting out of our sidekick hole soon enough. What’s it like having a pair of future pro heroes as parents?” his mom joked, flexing all four of her arms.

Shouji quietly chuckled. Ever since his parents met at Isamu Academy, they instantly clicked, and vowed to become one of the most famous hero duos in the country. With his father’s Face Replicate and his mother’s Quad-Arms, the two made a formidable pair.

As breakfast wrapped up and his parents began to get ready to leave, his mom stopped at the door and looked back at her son.

“If you finish up your essay early, you can invite a friend over, Mezou,” she says. “You have school tomorrow, but they can stay late if you want.”

At that point, Shouji was a little too eager to have his parents leave. “I’ll ask,” he says quickly, shutting the door behind his mom.

He wasn’t sure what was worse to him. Not having any friends at school thanks to a quirk defect, or his parents not noticing he had no friends.

Maybe if he ended up going to UA, where no one he knew would be there, things would be different, but two heroes in the house was already enough. A third wasn’t necessary.

The downside of going to a local highschool was that he knew nearly everyone ever since he was little, meaning everyone from his childhood has seen what his mouth looked like at least once before he started wearing the mask, and everyone who didn’t know about was made aware of it by others almost immediately. After all, they couldn’t let those clueless students accidentally befriend a freak like him.

That didn’t matter though now. Now, he had to sit in front of his computer and write about the cultural importance of heroes in Japan.



Shouji squinted at the error message in front of him.

“Out of Ink.” An annoying inconvenience, but at least he could use the one in his parent’s office. He emailed it to himself and got up, leaving his room.

Thankfully, the office door was unlocked, and he stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him.

He almost never was inside the cozy office, finding no real reason to bother his parents while they worked. He moved to sit in front of his mom’s computer and turned it on.

The screen lit up a light blue as it asked for a password, and Shouji wracked is brain trying to think of what it could be. Eventually, he typed in six familiar numbers.

“This can’t be it,” he muttered, clicking enter. To his surprise, the screen shifted to a landscape shot of some mountains and far too many icons on the desktop, confirming his thoughts.

“Graduate of Isama, rising sidekick, wife to someone who specializes in obtaining secrets, and your password is your son’s birthday,” he whispers to himself. “At least it’s cute.”

He went to log onto his email, but was surprised to see it autolog into his mom’s instead. “Forgot to log out?” he wondered. He was about to click sign out when one email caught his eye.

It was an email from this morning, and the subject line read, “Today’s Attack.” Curiosity got the best of Shouji as he clicked on it, wanting to know about whatever top secret mission his parents were on.

The further down he got, the more uneasy he was feeling. For starters, the email was far too informal to be anything work related, but the real problem was when he got midway through it.

“Eldritch and I will wait by the store before causing a ruckus. For the love of All Might, be on time this time. What’s the point of having you two pay us to stop us if you’re just going to be late.”

“‘Pay us?’” Shouji whispered to himself. He looked back up at the top of the email, looking at who else the email was sent to, but the only two recipients seem to be a string of numbers as their email names. His eyes wandered to the top right of the screen and-


This wasn’t his mom’s work or personal email.

He signed out of the email and sighed. He didn’t know anything, he had no context. For all he knew, it could just be undercover work like he first thought. For now, his only concern was printing his essay and getting lunch.

He stopped on his way to the kitchen to turn on the news as background noise, but froze once he saw the headline.

“Sidekicks Quadricep and Perception Check Take Down Rogue Villains Eldritch and Sunbeam in Store Robbery!”

The screen showed his parents, who were both smiling and waving to the cameras. He could see his mom signing autographs with three of her arms while his dad had one hand signing autographs and one hand as an eyeball to see what he was doing.

“So whatever they were doing worked,” Shouji thought to himself.

He listened to the interview, learning that his parents were coincidentally in the area as the robbery was taking place. It was a tough battle, and Shouji winced when he learned that there were two civilian casualties.

He changed the channel and headed to the kitchen, ignoring the nagging voice of doubt in the back of his head.

The next time he saw his parents was when they returned home, kicking the door open with a whoop.

“Mezou!” his father happily shouted.

Shouji went downstairs and was greeted with two exhausted yet pleased parents.

“How was work? I saw you on the news today,” Shouji says.

“Absolutely wonderful!” his mother replies. “With all this success, we might end up signing onto the agency as full heroes sooner rather than later.”

“You finish that essay?” his dad asked.

“Yeah. that reminds me,” Shouji says, looking hesitantly at his parents. “My printer ran out of ink so I had to go to your office.”

The smile on both his parents falter slightly as they look at each other and back to their son, and Shouji’s suspicion only grew.

“I’ll give you money to buy some tomorrow,” his mom finally says. “We’re going to get some rest now.”

“Good night,” Shouji says, watching them walk past.

“Night, kid,” his father replies.

Shouji waits for a minute before silently creeping upstairs, pausing in front of the office door. He transforms all of his limbs into ears and brings it close to the door, listening to his parents talk.

“Do you think he read anything?” Shouji’s father asks.

“If he did, he wouldn’t mention using the computer, right?” his mother replies. “He doesn’t snoop and he doesn’t ask questions.”

“But what if-”

“But nothing,” she huffs. “Mezou’s smart, but he’s not going to immediately guess the truth.”

“Alright,” his father finally sighs. “Did Eldritch and Sunbeam’s boss send anything to us?”

“Nope. I’m assuming he’s going to break them out before we send all three of them their payment. There is a message from Ghoul, though.”

“What did she say? I didn’t check my other email yet.”

“Just confirming about tomorrow’s attack. Next to the Best Jeanist pop up store at 4pm.”

“Perfect.” Shouji heard some shuffling from the room before his father spoke again. “I’ll warm up Mezou’s leftovers.”

Shouji tiptoed into his bedroom and shut the door behind him, letting out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

Looks like he’s going to have to make a detour on the way home tomorrow.



He arrived later than he thought, and had to push through the crowd that formed around fight going on, keeping one hand on his face mask to keep it from slipping.

The villain his parents were fighting seemed to be able to make parts of herself turn into mist, as the punches the sidekicks were throwing were going right through her.

Shouji’s heart sank when he noticed the villain turn her shoulder back to normal, just in time for his dad to land a kick there. His grip on the shopping bag with ink cartridges tightened. He didn’t want his suspicions to be correct, but the evidence seemed to be never ending.

He looked away from the fight to the crowd watching, seeing a figure much smaller than him squeezing his way out and muttering on the phone. He turned his limbs into ears just in time to hear the words “sidekicks,” “son,” and “attack” before he went after the person.

Now out of the crowd, he got a better look at his target, dressed in all black from head to toe. More specifically, he finally noticed the glaringly obvious bird head he hadn’t noticed before. For a brief second, he could see flickers of shadows completely encompass his body as he walked away.

He trailed Bird Boy for five minutes, following him into a secluded alleyway and freezing up when he saw him stop.

“You should take a page out of your father’s book and be more stealthy,” the boy says. In a flash, he turned around and next thing Shouji knew, something akin to a clump of shadows was pinning him to a wall.

He struggled against its grasp, trying desperately to tear himself out of its clutches. He looked back up at Bird Boy, who was staring intently at him. The shadows that were temporarily covering his body previously were now engulfing him entirely.

“Let me go,” Shouji says, hoping his voice doesn’t waver as he speaks.

“A bold request considering where you currently stand, Shouji Mezou,” the boy replies harshly. “Going to run back to mom and dad and have them deal with me? I don’t think they can stop someone not on their payroll.”

His hands fell to his side at those words. “So it’s true.”

The boy’s battle stance shifted to a more casual one as he looked at him in confusion, the shadows slowly shrinking around him. “Do you… you’re not in on it?”

“I don’t know what I’m supposedly in on in the first place,” Shouji says, looking around panickedly. “My parents had these weird emails so I eavesdropped on them yesterday, and today I checked their fight to see-”

He was cut off as the black shadows retreated back towards the boy and he was dropped to the ground. He braced himself as he landed on his feet and looked back up, noticing that the mass of shadows that attacked him had a form. A giant black bird was connected to the boy who was interrogating him and was squinting up at him. The bird shadow seemed to cover him life a cloak and hood, giving off a very intimidating presence for someone so small and mildly confused.

“You don’t know what Quadricep and Perception Check's true intentions are, do you?” the boy asked.

“I’m starting to get an idea now,” Shouji replied. “And…” He took a deep breath. “I want to stop them.”

“Why would you do that?” the boy asked. “If they’re stopped, you’ll be left all alone. Probably going to end up moving away to live with a relative, or in some foster home.”

“They’re doing something bad. They need to be st-”

“You could pretend like nothing nefarious is happening. They’ll probably stop once they get to become heroes,” the boy kept saying. “It’s not your responsibility.”

“Well no one else seems to be doing anything!” Shouji snapped. “This isn’t what heroes do. Heroes don’t make bad stuff happen to make themselves look good! Heroes don’t preach to their kids about right and wrong only to do wrong! Heroes don’t get innocent bystanders killed and pretend like nothing happened! Heroes don’t ignore their kid for a stupid promotion. Only…” he let out a frustrated sigh. “Only monsters do something like that.”

The boy sadly nodded as Shouji breathed heavily, embarrassed at his sudden outburst. “When I let you go, are you going to the police? I can only imagine how much of a fight they’ll put up.”

“No,” Shouji says. “If they fight anyone, it’s going to be me. Then I’ll call the police.”

“I don’t think-”

“If some random hero goes after them, they’ll treat it like it’s just another fight. If I go, they’ll actually realize that they fucked up.”

The boy stayed silent, quietly watched Shouji’s angry expression cool down. Once he was sure he wouldn’t snap again, he spoke up. “They’re hero school graduates, I don’t think you can take them down alone.”

“They taught me how to fight,” Shouji mutters.

“I said you can’t take them down alone,” the boy emphasizes.

Shouji looks up at him wide eyed, realizing what he was implying. “Seriously?”

“I was going after them anyways with someone else. I’m sure Sweet Tooth won’t mind that I need to replace him, but there’s some conditions you have to meet first before our conquest.”

“What is it?”

The boy takes out his phone and taps on it a few times. A moment later, a portal of black and purple appeared out of thin air. The boy beckoned Shouji forward. “Follow me and I’ll explain.”

“Can I get a name before I step into whatever that is?” Shouji asks.

“Dusk,” he replies.

“Real name.”

The bird shadow moves from covering the boy and turns to look at Shouji and opened its beak. “I’m Dark Shadow, and that’s Tokoyami!”

Tokoyami puts his head in his hands as he steps through the warp gate, Shouji following close behind.



The first thing Shouji saw after stepping through the gate was a green haired boy leaning over the shoulder of an older, blue haired man, shouting different instructions at him and pointing at what looked like a handheld gaming device. He looked around the room he was in, and quickly realized that he, a 15 year old in a school uniform, was in the middle of the bar. He looked to his left, where the bartender, a man made out of purple mist, looked up from his phone and to Tokoyami and Shouji.

“Did you try hitting it with sacred flame?” the boy says.

“It’s resistant to radiant damage,” the man replies.

“Did you not stock up on any necrotic spells?”

“I didn’t think I needed it!”

“Ahem!” the bartender says. The two look up and see the bartender pointing at Tokoyami and Shouji.

“Oh,” the green haired boy says. He detaches himself from the blue haired man’s shoulder and walked over to the two, looking straight at Tokoyami. “I never expected you to pick up friends off the street.”

He then turns to Shouji, smiling wide and sticking a hand out in front of him. “Hey, I’m Deku.”

“Shouji,” Shouji replies, shaking his hand. “Tokoyami said I have ‘conditions’ I need to meet before a ‘conquest?’”

Before Deku could continue to talk, the blue haired man approached them, looking Shouji up and down. “How old are you?”


“He’s your problem,” he says to Deku before exiting into a different room.

“Don’t mind Shigaraki. It takes a while for him to warm up to others,” Deku says. “Right now, I’m just curious why your target’s son is here, Tokoyami.”

“He had no clue what was going on until I confirmed it a few minutes ago,” Tokoyami explains, and Shouji notices that Dark Shadow went back to cloaking his body. “He believes it is his duty to put an end to his parent’s corruption.”

The last thing Shouji expected was for Deku to turn to him in awe, looking at him with stars in his eyes. “That’s so noble,” he whispers.

“It really isn’t,” Shouji mumbles.

“You’d be surprised at how many heroes go on unchecked because people are afraid to reprimand them, and your own parents at that.” He turns back to Tokoyami. “You want him to go on the mission instead of Sweet Tooth?”

“If he is okay with it, then yes,” Tokoyami says. “I figured I’d bring Shouji here to talk with you about what this group entails.”

Perfect. Shouji will finally figure out what these two tiny children are doing in a bar.

“You guys are a group?” Shouji asks.

“Basically,” Deku begins. “Shigaraki is planning on running his own group, while I run the A Team. There are 16 of us including me. Maybe 17 if you like what we do here.”

“What is it that you do?”

“What you and Tokoyami are doing, but to a larger scale.” As Deku explained, Shouji noticed him get more and more excited. “Your parents are only sidekicks, yet they’ve gotten away with staging attacks and getting civilians killed for about a year now. Imagine the kind of stuff powerful, high ranking heroes have been getting away. These little missions are designed to stop those heroes.” He hesitates before finishing his sentence. “By any means necessary, especially considering that there are a lot of hopeless cases. We uh, we’re technically villains. League of Villains if you want to get specific.”

Shouji’s mind was racing as he was processing what Deku had just told him. First, there was the issue of his parents staging attacks for a whole year while Shouji lived completely unaware. Then, there was the fact that this apparently villainous group seems to be more aware and more active than any hero or officer in the city.

“These missions…” Shouji starts. “Are you the ones responsible for the three consecutive deaths in November?”

Deku surprisingly chuckles at the question. “Nope! Only one of them. We got Fabricator to join five months after she dealt with Uwabami, and Kacchan and Riot joined a month after they put Kamui down. We helped Poison Dart deal with Mt. Lady though.”

So they weren’t just some incompetent team. “So you just send hits out?”

“We do other things too, but I don’t reveal all our secrets to a stranger,” Deku replies, bringing a finger to his mouth and hushing. “We have a room available if you need it.”

With that, Deku exists the room with a wave. “It was nice meeting you, Shouji.”

“Rooms?” Shouji wonders.

“We house those who either can’t go home, or don’t have a home to go to,” the mist man explains. “I would assume that if you deal with your parents tonight, you would fall into the latter.”

“You can back out at any time, you know,” Tokoyami tells him. He awkwardly rubs the back of his head as he thinks, and Shouji picks up what he mutters under his breath. “Might need to have Puppeteer make you forget coming here, but it’s okay.”



Shouji moves to take a seat in one of the booths, pulling out his phone as he does so. He already made up his mind about stopping his parents, that was something he couldn’t ignore, but joining the League was an entirely different story.

Go back to living as much as a normal life as he could, or dedicate himself to fighting for justice for a living?

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice Tokoyami had even left the room and was now returning with someone else behind him. The purple haired boy took a seat in front of Shouji and waved.

“Hi, uh… Tokoyami said you might be feeling conflicted, and he thought talking to someone here might help so uh, hi? I’m Shinsou.”

“The kid who went missing after UA’s entrance exam,” Shouji said. “Your case is still open.”

“Don’t remind me,” Shinsou scowls.

“Sorry,” Shouji quickly apologize. “Can I ask why you joined?”

The scowl disappears from Shinsous face, turning into something akin to a smile. “Society says that they’ve accepted quirks, but they really only accepted the ones that convenience them and don’t scare them.”

“What is your quirk?”

“Brainwashing,” Shinsou says bluntly. “Seems cool at first until everyone at school finds out. That’s when they start calling you-”

“A freak,” Shouji finishes, looking at Shinsou with wide eyes. “Or a monster.”

“Yeah…” Shinsou says hesitantly, narrowing his eyes at Shouji. “You think so too?”

“I was on the receiving end too, actually,” Shouji replies, unconsciously poking at his mask.

“How?” Shinsou asks in disbelief. “Four extra arms don’t really scare people.”

“Sometimes it’s not the quirk, but the side effects of it.” Shouji points at his mask, and a look of understanding washes over Shinsou’s face. “Neither of my parents have the same mouth as me.”

“Sorry for assuming,” Shinsou says. “Deku says I need to stop that.”

“It’s alright, but uh, no one minds the brainwashing here?”

“The problem with hero society is that it comes with a bunch of preconceived notions. If you’re a part of the League, that means all those notions have been stripped away.” Shinsou stands up and gives Shouji a nod. “Not to sound biased, but I really think joining is a good idea, especially for those like us.”

Shouji watches Shinsou walk away, lost in thought. He comes back to reality as his phone dings. He looks down, and his heart freezes when he sees a text from his dad.

Dad: Your mom and I got off of work early. Where are you?

“They’re home, let’s go,” Shouji says, looking up at Tokoyami.

“Now?” Tokoyami asks, surprised.

“They’re not on duty and they’re tired. We may not even have to fight them.”

Tokoyami nods and hands Shouji his phone. “Text Kurogiri, that’s the mist guy, your address and he’ll open a warp gate.”

Shouji quickly sends the message, and a moment later, a gate appears in front of them.

“I know quirk side effects can suck,” Tokoyami suddenly says. “But the people here can make it more and more bearable each and every day.”

Shouji turns around to look at Tokoyami, and Tokoyami hesitantly meets his eye. He points to Dark Shadow, who’s shadows was wrapped around him like a second layer of skin. “He wasn’t always like this.”

“What happened?” Shouji asked.

Tokoyami walks past him, stopping just before stepping through the gate. “That’s a story for another time.”



Shouji’s vision cleared as he appeared at the front of his house, Tokoyami following close behind.

“Ready?” Tokoyami asks.

Shouji sighs. “Let’s get it over with.”

He unlocked and opened the front door. Stepping into his house, he heard his mother call out. “Mezou?”

He walked over to the living room, Tokoyami still following. In it, he spots his parents sitting on the couch.

“Mezou, what took you so l-” Shouji’s father stops once he sees Tokoyami, eyeing his quirk. “You brought a friend over!”

“It’s lovely to meet you,” Shouji’s mom happily says. “What’s your name?”

“Tokoyami,” Tokoyami replies bluntly. He looks over to Shouji and gives him a look.

“Sounds familiar,” Shouji’s mother says, raising an eyebrow at him. “Mezou, did you forget to buy ink today?”

Shouji looks down at his hands, now realizing that he no longer had the shopping bag with him. He looks over at Tokoyami, who looked slightly embarrassed. “Must’ve dropped it in the alley.”

“Alley?” Shouji’s father asks. Before Shouji could explain, he waves a hand dismissively. “You can explain later. Right now, we have some good news.” He looks over to his wife eagerly.

“We’re signing on as full heroes next week!” she excitedly says. She looks at the two boys expectedly, waiting for their cheers but instead receiving cold looks. “Are you two okay?”

“How many people had to die to get that promotion, mom?” Shouji bluntly asks.

“Mezou, are you okay?” Shouji’s father asks, taking a hesitant step forward.

“Your selfish reign of terror will be coming to an end shortly,” Tokoyami says, his shadows slowly flaring up.

Shouji’s mother takes a defensive stance. “Mezou, what is he talking about? What did he tell you?”

“Nothing I don’t already know,” he replies. “I know you’ve been staging attacks to boost your popularity and become full time heroes. You should remember to log out of your email next time.”

Unexpectedly, Shouji’s father lets out a small laugh. He takes a step towards his wife and places a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure you two are feeling very conflicted and hurt, you especially, Mezou. Why don’t we all take a seat while we explain everything.”

“What is there to explain? You let your son believe he was being raised by noble heroes, but turns out it is quite the opposite,” Tokoyami argues.

“You don’t get a say in what our family-” His mother suddenly cuts him off, lifting up a hand.

“You,” she says, pointing at Tokoyami. “You’re one of the missing kids Midnight and the others are looking for. Nighteye told everyone to report anything about you or those other kids after he saw you in that rich kid’s vision.”

Tokoyami grits his teeth, clenching his fists tightly. “It’s not considered missing if you come home to an empty house and a note.”

“With a monster over your shoulder, I’m not surprised.”

Shouji’s vision turned red. “The only monsters here are you two.”

Tokoyami took that as a cue to strike, sending Dark Shadow racing towards his mother while he lunged at his father.

“Mezou!” his father shouts, dodging out of the way of a punch. “What are you doing?”

“If you won’t stop, I’ll deal with you myself,” he growls. His father blocks one punch but grunts as three of Shouji’s fists collide with his side. Even though they were fighting one on one, he was outnumbered when it came to manpower.

“Mezou, this is pointless. You and your friend beat us and then what? Call the police? What’s your plan afterwards?”

“It doesn’t involve you,” Shouji says, shielding himself from a hit. “So why should you know?”

Shouji could see his father grow more and more irritated, clenching his fists tightly as he lunges and tries to incapacitate his son. “Your mother and I worked tirelessly to give you a comfortable life, and suddenly when you don’t agree with us, you throw it out the window?”

Shouji’s response was interrupted as his mother’s body was flung across the room, landing next to the fireplace. Looking closely, Shouji could see three of her four arms were broken.

“Honey!” Shouji’s father cried, rushing to kneel at her side. Shouji turns to look at Tokoyami, now seeing that the shadows swirling around him were bigger than he had ever seen, and his eyes were glowing yellow. Listening close, he could hear Tokoyami trying to control his heavy panting.

Shouji turned back to his parents, keeping one eye on Tokoyami. “A life built on hurting others for your own gain isn’t comfortable at all.”

“Mezou,” his mother wearily says. “Those people who were hurt and killed, what does it matter to us in the end? They’re just strangers, and we got what we wanted, right?”

His mother somehow managed to say every wrong word to Shouji, and everyone in the room watched as he his eyes turned from shock, to horror, to rage as he slowly turned to Tokoyami, Deku’s words ringing in his ears.

“These little missions are designed to stop those heroes by any means necessary, especially considering that there are a lot of hopeless cases.”

“Deal with her, I’ll handle my dad.”

Dark Shadow’s claws sunk deep into his mother’s chest, her pained scream being cut off as she took her last breath.

Shouji picked up the fireplace poker and turned to his dad. “You’re lost causes, but at least you raised me right.”

“Mez-” his father’s words are cut off as the poker is plunged into his chest.

Shouji looked back at Tokoyami, who seemed to have calmed down a little after the harrowing fight. “Let’s go before the neighbours realize what happened.”

Tokoyami pulled out his phone, and soon enough, a warp gate appeared in front of the two and they stepped through.

Instead of the bar, they two emerged from the gate into what looked like a lounge room. The people there looked at the two with wide eyes.

“Tokoyami?” a tall girl immediately says, rushing to his side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replies, panting. “Focus on Shouji.”

“Everyone else will talk with him. Let’s go to the kitchen and get some tea,” the girl says, leading him away, leaving a tense Shouji with a room full of teenagers. He makes eye contact with Shinsou, and is grateful for the familiar face.

“Want me to show me your room?” he asks.

Shouji could only nod, not trusting himself to speak. He follows Shinsou up a staircase and follows him into a room near the end of a long hallway, taking a seat on a bed.

Shinsou awkwardly stands at the foot of the bed before speaking up. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really,” Shouji says.

“Do you think you should talk about it?”

Shouji pauses at that. “Yeah… probably.”

Shinsou takes a seat next to him and they talk, and the weight on Shouji’s shoulders lessens more and more as he explained everything, from the fight to him snapping.

“It’s like you said,” Shinsou says. “They were lost causes if they really believed everything they said.”

“But could I have just left them instead like I was going to?” Shouji asks.

“You could, but think about the aftermath. It their word against a missing teen who attacked them.” Shinsou placed a hand on Shouji’s shoulder. “In the long run, this is the best case scenario.”

A knock on the door interrupted them, and Deku opened the door and stepped in, holding a cup of tea and handing it to Shouji.

“It’s not much, but Yaoyorozu made it, so it’s automatically amazing,” he says. He awkwardly fiddles with his hoodie before speaking again. “Tokoyami told us what happened. We have access to your parents illicit emails thanks to Hatsume if you still want to report it. We won’t do anything without your permission.”

“You can release it,” Shouji says. “I won’t let what Tokoyami and I did be in vain. Speaking of, is he okay?”

“He’s fine, just needs a cool down,” Deku says. “If you’re up for talking with people, everyone downstairs is excited to meet you.”

Shouji turns to Shinsou, who gives him a comforting nod. “Sure,” he replies. “Should probably meet the roommates.”

Deku lets out a laugh. “Come on, I’ll heat up the leftovers Kaachan made.”

Shouji could feel his muscles relax as he walked down the stairs. This weird balance of awkward and domesticity… he could get used to it.



“Shouji, what’s under that mask?”

“Tomura!” Jirou shouts. “You can’t just ask people that!”

“It’s been almost two months, okay? I get curious,” Shigaraki says.

“There are nicer ways of asking,” Shouto adds. “I will say it’s better than you asking Dabi and I ‘The fuck’s up with you?’”

“It’s a thing with my quirk,” Shouji interrupts. “Weird mouth.”

“I’m sure it looks dope!” Kaminari says.

Shouji laughs at Kaminari’s enthusiasm. “Maybe one day you’ll see it.”



Shouji Mezou wasn’t afraid of monsters. He could never be, not when he had the job of getting rid of them.

Chapter Text

Hagakure Tooru learnt at a very young age that what she wants may not be what she needs.

She wants the new doll all her classmates have, but she needs food on the table. She wants a new school uniform that doesn’t have a hole in it, but the electricity bill needs to be paid.

Still, what was life without a bit of pleasure? Maybe she can live her life with what she wants and what she needs.



It was always very simple. Walk up to the person, take the wallet, and leave. It’s surprising how many people don’t pay attention to some floating clothes. After that, she’d open it, take the cash, and leave it on the ground somewhere. She had no use for ID and cards she didn’t know the pin number to. Plus, she didn’t want to be an asshole.

Hagakure began to walk back home, happy with her earnings for the day, when she felt a hand firmly grasp her shoulder.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t drag your ass to the cops right now.”

She froze, not giving an answer.

“No reply? Come on, kid.”

“Please don’t!” she suddenly shrieked, finally turning around. She saw the cigarette in his hand and the crumpled clothes before deciding this man probably should not be trifled with. “I’ll give the money back, I promise. I just wanted to take some to buy food for my little brother since he hadn't eaten in a while but I’ll give it back I’m super super sorry I’ll never bother you again!”

The man stared at her silently and opened up his hand. Hagakure dropped the money in his palm. “Okay, there you go, bye.”

“Can you turn your quirk off?” the man asked.

Hagakure froze once more. “What?”

“Your quirk. Are you always invisible or can you switch it on and off?”

“A-always, sir,” Hagakure whispered back, not knowing where this conversation was going.

“And you can pickpocket people? You sneaky?” the man continued to ask.

“I’ve been doing it for three years, I started when I was ten,” Hagakure replies. “I haven’t been caught until now, so…”

“And you need the money?”

She nods.

The man takes a step forward and crouches down, putting a hand on her shoulder. He points down the road where a small, outdoor marketplace was. “In half an hour, Fourth Kind comes here to patrol. Does it every two days. You prove yourself and get his wallet off of him, and I’ll make sure your little brother has so much food, he doesn’t know what to do with it.”

His sticks a hand out, and Hagakure shakes it, unaware that that was the beginning of the rest of her life.



“Hagakure, can you come here for a second?”

Hagakure looked up from her homework to see Deku on one of the couches, hunched over a laptop and staring at the screen.

“Everything okay?” she asked, sitting next to him.

“Yeah, but I think I have another job for you.” Deku turns the laptop towards her, where a photo of a building was shown. “Do you remember the yakuza group we had Aoyama meet with in January? He got interrupted by Sero before we knew him.”

“You know I don’t pay attention to things unless it’s an actual meeting.”

Deku laughs and points to the screen. “Well at first we were aiming for an alliance, but I found out they have something that interests all of us here, and a hero is investigating it. That building is the agency for Sir Nighteye.”

“All Might’s old sidekick?” she asks. “The guy Tokoyami said used his quirk on Yaomomo?”

“All Might’s very resourceful, old sidekick who is investigating this group called the Eight Precepts. I’m thinking that you can sneak in and grab the information he has on his computer.”

“Say no more!” she says excitedly. “I’ve been antsy ever since the girls and I started planning that heist together. I’ve been craving some action.”

Deku’s face lit up in a smile. “Great! I’ll talk it over with Shigaraki and Kurogiri and bring you the plan tomorrow morning.”

He got up and left the lounge, leaving Hagakure to her own devices. She eventually got up and went into the kitchen, where Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, and Shouji were looking into the fridge.

“What are you guys up to?” she asked.

“Sero is grocery shopping and asked us to check if we’re missing anything,” Shouji says. “Do you want him to pick anything up?”

“Nope. I have a question for Yaomomo though.”

Yaoyorozu turned to her upon hearing her name. “Need help with your science homework?”

“It’s actually work related. I might be going into Nighteye’s office soon, and I was curious about what he was like when you met him.”

“Oh goodness, it feels like forever ago, even though it was seven months ago,” Yaoyorozu said, sitting atop one of the counters. “I was prepared to eventually speak to him, but I was still quite intimidated by how he carries himself. He gets down to business quickly.”

“Did you know he used his quirk on you?” Hagakure asked.

“I had no clue until Tokoyami told me,” she replied.

“I was quite shocked to hear Shouji’s mother bring it up,” Tokoyami interjects. “None of us knew he and Midnight were investigating some of us who went missing until then.”

“Is that why you two stopped leaving the here as often after Shouji joined last month?” Hagakure asked, looking at the two boys.

“Precisely,” Shouji says. “That’s why Sero is grocery shopping. He’s one of the few that lives at home and is off the radar.”

“Alright, thank you guys!” Hagakure says cheerfully. “I’ll let you know if I see the big bad business hero.”

The three wave goodbye and Hagakure returns to the lounge to finish her homework. She sat and looked around at the room, reminiscing.

She remembered when Giran brought her here when she was 13, and she immediately pounced on the food Kurogiri served her. There were other kids her age here, and they explained what they were doing there.

She remembered her heart breaking when hearing Jirou and Kouda’s stories, but her mood lifted as Kaminari and Satou gushed about her skills, and how she managed to steal the wallet of a pro hero.

Her time there ended with Shigaraki, who was silent the whole time, explaining that their group would pay her for doing spy work and infiltration, and she was more than willing to accept once she saw the amount she got just for Giran’s test.

Her parents think she got a paid community service job, which wasn’t 100% wrong given the group’s goal. As far as they were aware, she spent after school either at work or at a friend’s house. Once again, not 100% a lie.

It was a nice place to stay, and she enjoyed just sitting peacefully. She was always a lurker, and that didn’t change as more and more people arrived. She would always notice things.

She noticed how Shouto wore makeup around his eye, even though everyone was in a silent agreement about who he really was. She noticed how Tokoyami would sometimes tense up when Dark Shadow would come out. She noticed that Jirou would flinch at loud noises, and always hesitated before using the speakers on her costume.

Sometimes the lurking was a good thing. She made sure to tell Kirishima that he was doing a good job ever since she noticed how his eyes would light up. She would ask Aoyama about his day and let him ramble just to see him smile afterwards. She always set aside some food for Uraraka, because she knew better than anyone that they no longer had to worry about skipping a meal.

She picked up her pen and went back to her homework. Her parents would hate to see her fall behind.



“You have everything you need?”

“Yes, Deku.”

“You remember the plan?”

“Yes, Deku.”

“You have everything I gave you?”

“Don’t you have school in the morning, Hatsume?”

It was 11pm, Sir Nighteye’s agency would be empty by now, and Hagakure was being pestered by everyone who lives here instead of heading out.

“Guys, can we move this along before my parents realize I snuck out?” Hagakure whines.

“We’re just making sure you’ll be okay,” Tsuyu says.

“Stealth missions are scary,” Ashido adds.

“She’s going in an empty building, idiots,” Bakugou says. “She’s done worse.”

“Alarms exist, stupid,” Shouto points out.

“Which is why I’m going to have Hatsume yelling in my ear,” Hagakure loudly says, hoping to stop their impending fight. “I’m leaving now.”

She picked up her backpack and headed out the door, smiling to herself as everyone wishes her good luck.

The subway ride was quick and easy, with nobody bothering her as she listened to her music. Once she arrived near the agency, she hid in an alleyway and hit the button on her wrist, activating her suit.

In it’s visible mode, she was able to pass as a regular teenager since it looked like simple, fashionable jumpsuit. Once she activated it however, it turned invisible, thanks to her own hair that Hatsume had sewn into the fabric. It took her months to complete, but it was the creator’s pride and joy.

She pulled out the electronic skeleton key from her backpack and hid the empty bag in a dumpster before making her way over to the building.

“Phantom, everything okay?” Hatsume whispered through her earpiece.

“I’m going in, Architect,” Hagakure whispered back.

Her first obstacle, the front door, was a breeze thanks to Hatsume’s key. She headed up the stairs to the fifth floor, where Nighteye’s office was. She quietly swore when she saw no keypad.

“What’s wrong?” Hatsume asks.

“Nothing bad, don’t worry,” Hagakure says, taking the lockpicking set from out of her pocket. “Just annoying.”

It took her a minute to unlock the door, but the lock clicked and the door swung open without any issues or alarms. She headed straight for his desk and turned his computer on. She plugged in the USB Hastume gave her and waited.

“What exactly am I waiting for?” Hagakure asks.

“This is just to crack his password. After that, you’re going to have to manually download all the relevant files to the USB,” Hatsume replies.

While waiting for the computer, she kept herself busy by looking around the office, raising an eyebrow at all the All Might merch she spotted.

“Give the earpiece to Deku for a second,” Hagakure says. After a moment, she heard her other friend’s voice on the other line.

“Is something wrong?” Deku asks, sounding concerned.

“Nope, just wondering about something. You said Nighteye and All Might ended on bad terms, right?”

“Yeah. All Might doesn’t keep in touch with him anymore.”

“Looks like a certain someone is still hung up on the number one hero. You could definitely mistake this place as an All Might shrine,” Hagakure says with a laugh.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Deku responds. “Let me know if you find anything else.”

It took another minute for the computer to unlock, and Hagakure wasted no time searching through the files, finding everything she can on what Deku had told her.

Eight Precepts, Overhaul, and everything in between. She downloaded everything she could on the USB, which led to more waiting as everything slowly downloaded.

“I think the real problem with heroes, besides the whole corruption thing, is that they need to learn to adapt to modern times and get rid of these slow ass computers,” Hagakure says, leaning back on the desk chair.

“I’ll let All for One know and add it to his list of reforms,” Deku says with a laugh. “Anything else you find in his office?”

Hagakure looks at the untouched desk drawer in front of her. “Give me a second.”

She opened it and rummaged through, finding loose sheets of papers, a joke book, and some internship papers. Giving up, she pushed the drawer back in, only to have it stop midway through. She pushed again, but it would not budge.

Pulling the drawer completely out, Hagakure almost cackled at what was hidden in the back of the drawer compartment. She pulled out the small photo album and opened it up, flipping through each of the pages.

“Deku… All Might and Nighteye broke up.”

“Yes? We’ve been over this,” Daku replies hesitantly.

“No, Deku. They broke up. They weren’t just hero and sidekick, they were boyfriends. I’ve got the photos right in front of me.” Hagakure examined each photo carefully, not believing her eyes. Polaroids, selfies, even some press photos of them posing after a mission were all kept in the album.

“WHAT!?” Deku shrieked.

Silence followed before Hagakure heard Hatsume’s voice. “I’m back now. Deku is just staring at a wall now.”

“Understandable,” Hagakure replies. “Oh, download is done! I’ll text you when I’m on the subway.”

“Yay! Be safe, Phantom.”

Hagakure unplugged the USB and pocketed it. She stared at the photo album one more time. “I will, but first can you put Deku back on?”

She heard shuffling on the other end and what sounded like a slap. “Are you okay?” Deku asks, his voice squeaking at the last word.

“All good. Should I do something about the pictures though?”

Deku is silent for a minute before he replies. “Put them back where you found them. If we’re going to use him for information in the future, we shouldn’t have him distracted by personal problems.”

“Got it!”

Hagakure carefully put the album back in its hiding spot and left the office, making sure to lock the door behind her.

She finally made it back to the alleyway from before. Grabbing her backpack, she deactivated her suit and headed back to the subway, sending a quick text to Hatsume.

She walked through the back door of the bar and was greeted with a round of applause from her two co conspirators.

“Can I go to bed now?” Hagakure asks, handing the USB to Hatsume. Before Hatsume could grab it, Deku leaned in and snatched it.

“You’re going to bed,” Deku says to Hatsume. He then turned to Hagakure. “You will be going to bed once I tell you one more thing.”

Hagakure flops down on the couch, waving goodbye to Hatsume. “What’s up?”

“I didn’t tell you everything Sero told me about Overhaul.” Deku sits next to Hagakure, and only then she notices the pained expression on his face.

“The reason Sero interrupted the meeting between Overhaul and Aoyama was because of how Overhaul has been making those supposed quirk erasers. It’s not confirmed, but we have reason to believe he is holding a child named Eri captive and is experimenting on her.”

“Oh my gosh…” Hagakure whispered, putting a hand over her mouth.

“I’m hoping to have a formal meeting with Overhaul in roughly two weeks, and I want you to come with me.”

“You still want to work with him?”

“I want him to think that’s what I want.” Deku stood up and began pacing, continuing his explanation. “I will tell him that Shouto, Aoyama, Shouji, Shinsou, and Ashido will be coming to this meeting too, but you’ll be there too.”

It was difficult to make eye contact with Hagakure, but her heart stopped when Deku looked directly at her, desperation in his eyes. “I need you to sneak into their building and find Eri’s room. We aren’t able to get her out right away, but next time we go there, we’re going to take their supply and get her out of there.”

Hagakure stood up and placed her hands on Deku’s shoulders. “You don’t need to look so stressed. We’ll get her out, all of us.”

She pulls him closer and hugs him tightly. The two are still for a moment before Deku speaks again. “So they’re exes????”



The building is less complicated than she anticipated, which made drawing the map much easier.

Hagakure circled the entirety of the Eight Precepts’s base before beginning the search for one room in particular. It took her roughly 15 minutes to find it, and she was very grateful that Aoyama and Deku were the ones who were doing the talking. Those two could go on for hours.

She noticed how each room had a window to view the inside, except for one. She approached the door and stood on her toes to look through the barred window.

Sitting on the bed, mindlessly staring at the teddy bear in her hand, was a small girl, no older than six. Hagakure took note of the unkempt hair and bandages on her arms, and it took everything in her power to not barge in and rescue the girl right away.

Instead, she circled the room on the map and headed back to where the meeting was. She tiptoed her way over to where Aoyama was standing and gently touched his hand. Without flinching, Aoyama gave a wide smile to Overhaul, bringing his hands together. “This has been a wonderful talk, but unfortunately we must part ways.”

Hagakure quickly walks out the open door and scurried across the street and out of view of the building, waiting for the others to meet up with her.

Her mind kept wandering back to Eri in the base. No child should have that empty look in their eyes. Kids are supposed to be happy, they’re supposed to use their toys to play with them, not stare with a haunted look.


She didn’t even realize that the rest of her friends have returned. She pulled out a sheet of paper and pointed at the circled room. “Here.”

She would get Eri out and give her the childhood she was being robbed of.



Two weeks after their meeting, Hagakure thought she would finally get some peace and quiet, but being a friend to Kaminari Denki meant that that was never going to happen.

She was at school, peacefully eating lunch with a few of her friends when Sero, who coincidentally went to the same high school as her, approached her table.

“Hagakure, can I speak to you for a moment? It’s about the school festival planning.”

“Sure, Sero! One second, guys,” she says to her friends. She follows Sero all the way to the roof, where he was sure it was empty. He pulled out his phone and hit the speaker button.

“I’m back and I have her.”

“Hagakure!! How fast can you make it to UA?” Kaminari’s voice yelled out.

“Excuse me?” Hagakure asks.

“I was the last person leaving Midnight’s class and when Eraserhead came in to talk to her, I put in my headphones and pretended to listen to music when I was eavesdropping on them. Anyway, they were talking about how since more teens have been reported missing since they closed the case of all those heroes murders, they’re reopening it and giving it to a detective and Eraserhead since he doesn’t have a class.”

“What does this have to do with Sero and I?”

“You weren’t picking up your phone,” Kaminari complained.

“So I’m just a messenger to you?” Sero interjects.

“Bro, no,” Kaminari whispers. “Hagakure, Eraserhead is going to go over everything after school in one of the meeting rooms and asked Midnight and Present Mic for help. I’m pretty sure others are coming too. If you can stop by the base, grab your suit and the spare student ID I left there, I can sneak you in.”

“Did you tell anyone about this?” Hagakure asks is disbelief. “Shigaraki, Deku, All for One?”

“We can tell them later, now hurry up!”

Kaminari hangs up before either of them could say another word. Sero pockets his phone and looks up at Hagakure. “I’ll tell your friends you felt sick and went home.”

“You’re not coming?”

“I have a math test…”

“I hate you.”

The walk to the bar was 15 minutes, but the thought of kicking Kaminari’s ass gave her enough energy to make it in seven. She entered and saw a few of her friends playing video games. They looked up at her in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Uraraka asks. “Are you okay?”

“The detective is investigating us again with Eraserhead. He’s having a meeting in UA and Kaminari is helping me get in,” Hagakure answers.

“You are going where with who doing what?” Bakugou asks, looking at her in shock.

“UA, Kaminari, eavesdropping. Please keep up Bakugou.”

“Hagakure, are you sure about this?” Deku asks.

“No, but this is the perfect opportunity to stay one step ahead of them,” she replies. “I’ll have Kaminari with me inside the school too.”

Deku pauses, thinking it over. “You’re right, but I’m still worried. At least take someone with you who can wait outside. Shouto?”

“I’ll do it,” Shouto says.

“Perfect!” Hagakure cheers. “You grab Kaminari’s spare ID, and I’ll go put on my suit.”

The two leave the base and head over to the subway.

“You don’t think this is a bad idea, right?” she asks him. She notices him sending a text message to Kaminari.

“I think it would be better if we had more time to plan, but Kaminari is smart,” Shouto replies. “Besides, I can’t imagine you doing much besides standing and listening.”

“I guess I’m just nervous because of the crazy security,” she whispers. “I heard the gate shuts when an outsider tries to get in.”

“You’ll be fine. Trying to get into my brother’s room is scarier.”

Hagakure laughs. “You didn’t tell him you left, did you?”

“Nope. I’m going to get an earful from him later, but he’s soft for me.” Hagakure watches a small smile appear on his face.

Hagakure activated her suit as they got off the busy subway, hiding in the crowd and keeping a hand on Shouto’s arm.

“He’s is going to be waiting by the entrance,” Shouto tells her through the earpiece. “I’ll be across the street waiting.”

“Got it,” she tells him.

They seperate and Hagakure approaches the gate, double checking she had Kaminari’s ID on her. She takes a deep breath, enters the property, and is very glad to see that no alarms go off.

She spots Kaminari by the entrance, tapping his foot impatiently. “Boo,” she says.

Kaminari flails his arms, nearly hitting her in the head in the process. “Do you ever get bored of that?”

“Nope. Lead the way, my friend.”

He takes her up three flights of stairs, explaining his plan on the way. “I’m going to open the door and you’ll go in then. I can’t wait outside the door, so once the meeting is over and they all leave, text me.”

“Got it.”

Kaminari stops in front of a door and gives Hagakure a thumbs up. He opens the door and waltzes in, pausing once he sees Eraserhead.

“Whoops, I thought this was the nap room,” Kaminari says, stepping aside.

Hagakure walks through the space Kaminari left as the hero replies. “That’s next door.”

Kaminari gives him a thumbs up. “Thanks, Aizawa-sensei.”

The door shuts, leaving Hagakure alone with the hero. She moves to stand in the corner and waits for the other heroes to show up. Soon enough Present Mic, Midnight, Ingenium, Nighteye, and Detective Tsukauchi all arrived and settled in.

Aizawa pulled out a file and opened it, showing it to his companions. “We all know Bakugou, Kirishima, Midoriya, Uraraka, Asui, and Tokoyami along with the two unknowns from Nighteye’s vision from Yaoyorozu. After I learned three other teens of the same age, Ashido Mina, Shinsou Hitoshi, and Shouji Mezou, have also gone missing, I brought it up to the police wondering if there was a connection.” Aizawa pauses to look at Tensei. “It wasn’t until I mentioned that Tenya knew at least one of the missing kids that they finally opened it again.”

“That’s half of our identities known,” Hagakure thought to herself, tensing up.

“You don’t have to walk on eggshells for me,” Tensei says. “Tenya was brainwashed and manipulated by that freak, I know it. The faster we work on this case, the faster everything will be resolved.”

“Okay,” Aizawa continues. “If we assume they are all together, that means there are two confirmed villains in that group. With Whiplash and Alien Queen there, plus our theory about who killed Kamui, Mt Lady, and Uwabami…”

“They’re all villains,” Nighteye finishes.

“Unfortunately,” Aizawa says. “I asked Tsukauchi to look into each of the kids last week.”

That was Tsukauchi’s cue to speak. “Everyone’s family, classmates, and teachers all seem to say the same thing. They’re good kids and are hoping that they’re found soon. Ashido’s specifically said that no one saw her turn to villainy coming. The only outliers were Shinsou Hitoshi and Midoriya Izuku. Shinsou’s classmates said his quirk suited a villain.”

“The brainwashing kid? He came to the UA exams, that doesn’t look like a villain to me,” Mic said.

“He failed the hero exam, and he knew it. That might’ve been the last straw for him,” Midnight sadly says.

“Midoriya’s classmates and teachers didn’t have much to say except that he was bullied for being quirkless,” Tsukauchi continues. “That seems like a motivation to me.”

“Wait, Shouji’s parents were Quadricep and Perception Check?” Tensei asks, reading Shouji’s paper. “Poor kid must’ve seen his what happened to his parents and ran, but I doubt he’s involved in all of this.” He continued to look through the papers, pausing at one. “Did Tokoyami’s parents not want to speak with you.”

“Oh no.”

“I couldn’t find them,” Tsukauchi explained. “It was the school that filed the missing child report after finding out the house was empty.”

“This is giving me a headache,” Midnight whined, putting her head in her hands. “Where do we go from here?”

“Any word or sighting of them is to be reported,” Aizawa explains. “Whiplash and Alien Queen have an arrest warrant out on them, but the rest don’t, which makes things more difficult with wrangling them.”

Tsukauchi nods. “It’s a waiting game right now, but we have a leg up since we know who they are and they are unaware of it.”

Hagakure had to suppress a laugh.

“We will inform all police stations and hero agencies about them. That’s all to it now.”

“Well I am starving.” Mic says, getting up and stretching. “I know this lovely diner Shouta and I went to that has the most delicious food I’ve ever had.”

“I have to pass unfortunately, but thank you for the offer,” Nighteye says. “Please keep me updated on this case.”

Nighteye leaves the room, with the other five leaving shortly after. Now that the room was empty, Hagakure fell to her knees.

“That was so stressful,” she whispered to herself. She stood up and texted Kaminari, who opened the door, not even a minute later.

“So?” he asked.

“I have a hell of a story for you all.”



Hagakure Tooru learnt at the age of thirteen that she can have what she wants and what she needs.

She needed a way to keep her family afloat, and she got it. She wanted to have some pleasure in her life, and she got it in the form of some teenage villains in a shitty bar.

She got something else she wanted, even if she was unaware of it at the time. She gained a job fighting for a good cause, and the most trusted group of friends that she could ever have.