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Sisterly Love

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Roy Harper sat in the break room and finished his lunch in less than ten minutes. After helping the other Roy Harper escape from captivity and resume his own life, this one decided to leave the crimefighting game behind for a little bit and focus on being a dad to his infant daughter, Lian. But in order for that to work out, he needed to find a steady job; it didn’t take long at all before he managed to find work serving as a telemarketer for a cable company in Star City, making calls to random people to see if they’d be interested in purchasing their triple play package for only $29.99 a month. For all intents and purposes, this new life was going perfectly, so much so that Roy was starting to consider staying in this life and not going back to crimefighting at all; sure, telemarketing wasn’t exactly the most glamorous career on the market but Roy decided that anything was better than putting his life at risk on a regular basis, as selfish as that might sound. But for now, Roy was just going to enjoy his newfound stability and start being thankful for everything that he had.

But before this deep thought could go any further, Roy was snapped out of his introspection once he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Roy cleaned up the remains of his lunch and pulled out his phone to see what was what. After sitting back down in his prior seat, Roy typed in his security code and found that he had received a video message from his wife, Jade. Jade had also settled down into a cozy family life after retiring from her previous life as the assassin, Cheshire; after finding out that her sister had survived her supposed death, Jade decided to take her mother’s advice and start taking some more responsibility with her child. For all intents and purposes, Jade was perfectly happy and content with the new direction that her life was taken, but that didn’t mean she was going to stop playing around with Roy just for the heck of it. But it was in no way bullying, but rather it was simply friendly teasing and, more often than not, it was the fun kind of teasing.

“No, not now,” Roy muttered to himself as he noticed that Jade had indeed sent him a video message. Roy hated it when Jade sent him video messages when he was at work because it meant that Jade was intentionally getting under his skin. Roy then took another look at the message and read the title to himself, “Our stomachs hurt really bad.” Knowing full well what that meant, Roy sighed to himself and checked the time again. There were still at least twenty minutes left in his lunch break, so Roy figured that he could just sneak off to the bathroom and take care of a little disturbance that had just popped up. After placing his phone back into his pocket, Roy snuck out of the break room and made his way down the hall to the men's room. After entering, Roy then ducked into an open stall, pulled down his pants, covered the seat with toilet paper, and sat down, knowing full well what the consequences would be if he were to get caught.

Once he was settled in, Roy took his phone back out of his pocket and entered his passcode again. He then opened his messages back up and pulled Jade’s video message back up. Roy pressed play and was greeted by the image of Jade, wearing a grey hoodie and black jeans, sitting on the side of the bathtub along with her 21-year-old sister, Artemis, who was wearing “Oh shit,” Jade muttered under her breath, before turning her head towards Artemis and remarking, “Shit, I need to shit.” Artemis chuckled at Jade’s wit before Jade muttered, “Wait for it,” and followed up by lifting her right butt cheek and ripping a fart that lasted four seconds and echoed out of the tub. The two ladies shared a friendly laugh before Artemis shushed Jade and leaned back a little bit, after which she then cut a bubbly squeaker that lasted about three seconds and was about as loud as her voice when she normally spoke. Roy watched as the two girls continued sharing this friendly laugh of theirs, but at the same time, he felt blood being pumped into his member in what felt like record time, so he held off on going forward as he allowed his penis to reach full erection, knowing full well that Jade just figured that he needed to blow off some steam before going back to work.

Roy continued to focus on the video, in which Jade seemed to start making more of an effort to shove a bubble of gas down her colon while Artemis watched, while his erection reached its full form. Jade then turned around and aimed her butt towards the lens of the camera and bent her knees slightly while Artemis laughed before Jade unleashed a ripper that lasted another four seconds and rattled her insides. Once the fart came to its end, Roy shivered as he wrapped his fingers around his erect penis and moaned silently as he started slowly stroking. Roy then turned his attention back to the video as Jade returned to her original position and sat back down. Artemis then leaned forward a little bit and released a long whiner that created renewed laughter between the two sisters. Before the two could continue, Artemis let out a prominent, “Whoo,” and playfully waved her hand in front of her nose while Jade added, “I can’t smell it, my nose is clogged up, with all the fumes floating around.” Meanwhile, Roy began stroking himself with much more furor, but eventually, he got what he needed to achieve climax. First, Artemis lifted her leg and popped off a fart that echoed in the bathtub again. But she didn’t even get the chance to laugh before Jade lifted both of her feet slightly off the floor and unleashed a twelve-second ripper that echoed throughout the entire bathroom and carried what just might have been the most rancid stench from any of the farts yet. “Oh, nice,” Artemis exclaimed as Jade howled with laughter, “nice. High five on that one.” As the two girls slapped their hands in laughter-filled celebration, Roy allowed his stroking to increase rapidly before a massive load of cum shot out of his urethra and landed on the floor beneath him. Roy then slowly stopped his stroking and sat back to take a breather and allow his penis to return to normal size. Once that was done, Roy then stood up, corrected his pants, and then used the toilet paper covering the seat to clean up his cum. He then flushed the paper down the toilet and started making his way back to his cubicle to resume the workday, erasing the video so that there will be a reduced chance of anyone finding out about this.

Meanwhile, back and Roy and Jade’s apartment, the two sisters had left the bathroom and set up shop in the living room. Once the two sat down in their seats, they both immediately had to fart again. Artemis lifted her left leg and let out a somewhat cartoonish-sounding fart before she and Jade burst out into laughter once more. Jade then brought the laughter to a halt by sitting up enough to take her butt a little way off the cushion, which she followed up by straining lightly before releasing her strain and sitting back down. “Should I even ask,” Artemis remarked before an unbelievably potent stench reached her nostrils. Artemis acted a little disgusted at first before she and Jade continued their laughter. The two allowed their laughter to wind down after about a minute before Jade noticed an object on the table that she hadn’t noticed earlier. Picking up what looked like a small panel with an even smaller button toward the end of it, Artemis didn’t have the chance to ask what the object was before Jade inadvertently pressed the button. The sisters then suddenly vanished in a brilliant flash of light, letting out one last small fart each along the way.





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Hello, everyone, Kidcharlemagnex6 here with another wonderfully flatulent tale for you all!

This one was a doozy, let me tell you. Ever since I binge watched both seasons of Young Justice, I became fascinated by Cheshire. I was beginning to ask myself several questions about her, like if she would find farts hysterical. Then, when it came time to start writing stories, a story centered around Cheshire became part of my first wave of ideas. So I decided to set the story in the continuity of the series instead of the comics since I decided to let Artemis be a part of this as well and gave it the central premise of Jade sending a fart video to Roy while he's at work just to tease him. I'd say that it turned out very well.

Now, I just wanted to take a moment to explain something about some of the future stories. Right now, I have ten different series going and there will definitely be more on the way. As such, many of the stories in the next several batches will be different installments of several of those series, because at this point I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed by that so I need to consolidate and start getting some of these ideas out of the way a little quicker. I apologize in advance to anyone who might start to find my stories repetitive because of this, but it is what it is.

Well, that's all I have to say about this one. Comments, bookmarks, and leaving kudos aren't required but they are definitely appreciated. Thank you all so much for reading and I'll be back next time with another wonderfully flatulent tale for you all.

Love always, Kidcharlemagnex6.