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Who actually cares? Part III! (Prompts)

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These stories are all about the gays (please don't leave straight prompts as I ain't about that life). 

These stories feature;

- Homosexuals

- Bisexuals

- Sex

- Angst 

- Abuse

- Death

- Underage drinking/Underage sex

- Suicide

- Suicidal Thoughts

- Suicide Attempts

- Gore

- Self Hate 

- Abusive Relationships

- Domestic Violence

- Abusive Families

- Rape

- Rape Attempts

- MPreg


Alabaster Torrington, 6'1, Son of Hecate

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Apollo, 5'9, God of the Son

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Ares, 6'3, God of War

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Ethan Nakamura, 5'9, Son of Nemesis

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Festus, 5'11, The Bronze Dragon

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Frank Zhang, 6'3, Son of Mars

Image result for frank zhang Related image

Jason Grace, 6'1, Son of Jupiter

Image result for jason grace Image result for jason grace

Leo Valdez,5'6, Son of  Hephaestus

Image result for leo valdez Image result for pjo leo valdez

Luke Castellan, 6'2, Son of Hermes

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Malcolm Pace, 5'8, Son of Athena

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Michael Kahale, 6'2, Son of Venus

 Image result for michael kahaleImage result for michael kahale

Narcissus, 5'9, Hunter

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Nico di Angelo, 5'8, Son of Hades

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Octavian, 5'8, Descendant of Apollo

Image result for octavian hoo Image result for octavian hoo

Percy Jackson, 6'0, Son of Poseidon

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Will Solace, 6'0, Son of Apollo

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Zephyros, 5'10, God of the West Wind

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Smutty chapters:

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We pulled an all nighter trying to play monopoly and I think I may have confessed some weird shit.

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When Nico had said that this was a bad idea, he didn’t quite realise how right he was. He and Percy Jackson had been best friends since they had learned how to crawl and had more sleepovers in their short lifetimes than Nico could remember. They considered themselves professionals at playing a certain game – Monopoly. Yup, the most competitive and relationship-destroying game of all time. The two boys were insanely competitive which made playing together a real treat and something they had both looked forward to when they were kids.

When Percy had asked Nico if he wanted to come over Friday night and play monopoly, the Italian had stupidly said yes. Sleepovers at their age were...weird, at least Nico thought so. They were fifteen now and, more importantly, Nico had developed humongous, hopeless crush on his best friend over the years and tended to avoid spending the night anywhere near the object of his affection. Naturally Percy had no idea about this and seemed perfectly happy to have Nico stay over, insisted on it even. Nico had said that it was a bad idea...quietly, under his breath so Percy didn’t hear as they had entered his house. At first everything seemed fine and Nico thought that his fears had been dramatic. They did what they normally did; played videogames, ordered pizza, talked about school and the new Star Wars movie, and as the cool autumn day outside gave way to the evening Nico decided that there was no way in hell he could share Percy’s tiny bed with him. Not without doing something stupid and outing his feelings.

Which was why he was determined to play this game of monopoly until the sun rose again and he could make an excuse of going home.

At first it had been easy; the excitement of going up against Percy made Nico buzz with energy that was reflected in the other boy. They were sitting on Percy’s bedroom floor, Oasis playing in the background.  Percy was the dog, Nico the battleship. Soon enough both of them had numerous possessions and Percy had stacks of money while Nico was close to bankruptcy. By then it was past midnight and they had been playing for an hour.

“For fuck’s sake,” the Italian swore as he half-heartedly placed his ship on Percy’s Baltic Avenue. The green-eyed boy smirked – it was one of the cheapest possessions on the board but to Nico, whose funds were dwindling, it was a blow.

“Thankyou,” the older boy sang said with a smirk, taking Nico’s money from the boy’s outstretched hand.

“Fuck you.”

“Don’t be bitter just cause you’re losing,” Percy teased. Nico rolled his eyes, feeling his irritation spike. His eyes were starting to feel heavy and honestly he was tempted to just climb into Percy’s warm bed and fall asleep, but it wasn’t even one yet, and Nico wouldn’t be able to survive till morning in the bed with Percy.

“Go on, it’s your turn,” he grumbled. Percy moved and landed on community chest. He sighed dramatically and with a flourish dropped a few notes onto the centre of the board.

“Well, that won’t make much difference,” he said indifferently. It was true – Nico eyed up his thousands glumly. He was sure he was going to lose this soon, “Aw c’mon Neeks,” Percy pouted, “Cheer up. Come downstairs let’s get some snacks.”

Percy’s mum was working the night shift at the hospital so the boys were alone in the house. It creaked softly from old age as they padded downstairs into the small, cluttered kitchen.

“Sally will be mad you didn’t do the dishes,” Nico said, wrinkling his nose at the full sink as Percy rummaged in the fridge, humming in dismissal to his friend’s statement. The Italian’s eyes slid to the boy’s broad back...he remembered when Percy had been skinny and awkward, the way Nico was now, and tried to recall when he had gotten all his muscle and height. Quietly, the boy sighed and walked over to the mega sized back of crisps in the corner, pulling out two smaller packets out – cheese and onion for Perce (of course he liked that one, it was blue after all) and salt and vinegar for him. The other boy closed the fridge, two cans of coke in his hands.

“Okay, let’s go. I need to finish beating your ass,” he said with a wink. Nico didn’t say anything, climbing back upstairs to his friend’s room, still annoyed. He knew he shouldn’t be, knew it was just a stupid game, but he couldn’t help it.

He settled on the ground again with Percy and they opened their cokes, “Whose turn was it?” Nico asked, taking a sip of the sugary drink and feeling a welcome surge of energy.

“Err...mine?” Percy offered. Nico frowned and studied the game board for a second.

“No. You just stood on the chest,” he reached for the dice.

“Aw, I thought you would’ve forgotten,” Percy complained, munching on his crisps as Nico rolled the dice. He tensed, praying he didn’t stand on any of Percy’s possessions, and exhaled when he landed on the electric company.

“I’m home.”

“Not for long,” Percy said with a wink and rolled the dice with his free hand.  They both gaped at the dice and almost in slow motion the green-eyed boy reached for his dog and moved it over to Boardwalk. Boardwalk, the most expensive place on the whole board. Boardwalk with a hotel. Boardwalk that belonged to Nico.

“YES!” the Italian exclaimed, punching the air before falling onto his back on the carpet, kicking his legs up, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Oh, shut up,” now it was Percy’s turn to be irritated, “How much do I owe you?”

“Two thousand,” Nico sat up, flushed, breathless and grinning. Percy stared at him, “Two thousand,” the boy said impatiently. Percy quickly looked away.

“Yeah. Right. That’s not even bad,” he cleared his throat and handed Nico the money, not looking at him. The boy, elated, ignored his weird behaviour and threw the dice, still buzzing with happiness.

An hour later it had just passed two in the morning and the game became much more even; Percy had lost money and was forced to sell some possessions to Nico, but then regained his funds in part. It was clear it would be quite a bit longer before the game ended, which was a problem, since Nico was exhausted.

Percy was slumped against the wall and he yawned when it came to his turn, sluggishly reaching for the dice, “I’m tired,” he muttered, throwing it weakly.

“You giving up?” Nico asked, knowing full well that Percy wasn’t.

“You wish,” the other boy mumbled. His eyes were half lidded and his blinking was slow. Nico had to admit that as he rolled the dice he felt a little bad for forcing the boy to stay up. He himself also felt tired, and kept yawning, but he refused to share a bed with his crush. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if Percy rejected him, or worse, was disgusted if he somehow found out Nico’s feelings...which would definitely happen if they slept pressed together.

Nico gulped and moved his battleship. Percy blinked at the board.

“Oi. That’s Pacific Avenue.”

“Yeah, I can read,” Nico grumbled, not having the energy to roll his eyes. He wished he had another coke but he couldn’t be bothered to stand up and go downstairs to get one. He yawned again.

“Pacific Avenue is mine, genius,” Percy pointed out.

Nico’s shoulders slumped and he let out a groan of frustration, leaning his head back against Percy’s bed, which he was leaning against, closing his eyes for a second to control his anger.

Cazzo. Porca miseria!” he swore in Italian. When he opened his eyes Percy was staring at him, “What?” Nico grumbled.

“Nothing, you’re just really cute when you’re angry,” the boy said, and the widening of his eyes indicated that he hadn’t meant to say that. Nico felt his cheeks burn but he decided that Percy’s words were innocent and had no hidden meaning behind them – it was just friendly banter.

Vaffanculo,” Nico told him. Percy frowned.

“What does that mean?”

“Go fuck yourself.”

Percy grinned and whatever tension had been in the air for a moment disappeared, “Pay up, bitch.”

Another hour and Nico’s arms were feeling like they weighed a tonne and Percy couldn’t seem to stop yawning, “Get us another coke,” he grumbled, struggling to move his token.

“You go,” Nico slurred in reply.

“First pay me for Atlantic Avenue,” Percy reminded him, tapping the board. Nico glared. It felt like he had sand beneath his eyelids. Yup, this had definitely been a bad idea.

“I have no money,” Nico pouted, looking at the few fake notes he had at his feet, “Let me off this once?”

“Nope,” Percy said popping the ‘p.’ Nico was in no mood to lose right now.

“Come onnnnn,” he whined, “Don’t be like that, let me off.”

“I’d let you off if you weren’t so hot,” Percy grinned, sticking his hand out, “Now give me the money.”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat. Is he doing that on purpose?  He wondered, feeling himself blush again. Percy had never said anything like this before and Nico couldn’t help but wonder if it was a joke, or just something Percy was saying because he was really tired. He pretended he hadn’t heard and focused on selling off the electric company in order to pay Percy back.

The green-eyed boy yawned and stretched his arms over his head, his t-shirt that he slept in ridding up and revealing his muscled, tanned stomach. He was completely oblivious to the effect it had on Nico, who had to look away, the tips of his ears burning.

“I’m tired,” Percy complained, shuffling across the floor and abandoning his money and possessions, instead leaning on the bed next to Nico. The Italian tried to ignore how close they were now and offered his friend fake notes.

“Take the money.”

Percy grumpily took the money and threw the dice, “Move my dog.”

Nico sighed and moved Percy’s dog, “You’re in jail,” he informed him unenthusiastically.

“Yessss,” Percy smiled and closed his eyes, relaxing against the bed. Nico rolled his eyes.

“Use your getting out of jail card.”

“No. You have three rounds.”

Nico rolled his eyes again and, ignoring his exhaustion, did his three rounds. When he leaned back on the bed Percy shifted closer and leaned his head on Nico’s shoulder. He had sank so far down that he was almost lying down on the floor, making his new position possible.

“Come on it’s your turn,” Nico was getting annoyed again. He wanted to sleep, so badly.

“I don’t wanna play anymore,” Percy’s words were all slurring together and he snuggled closer into his friend’s side. Nico’s heart started pounding.

“What do you want to do then?”

“I want to kiss you,” Percy didn’t skip a beat, and the answer was immediate. Nico’s stomach flipped and his breath caught in his throat. With shaky hands he pushed Percy off him and tried to laugh.

“Don’t be stupid. Do you give up?”

“On the game,” there was something serious in Percy’s sleepy face, his warm green eyes staring at Nico with way too much intensity, “not on you.”

Nico’s heart ached, “Stop saying stupid shit and help me clean up.”

Percy didn’t give a fuck about cleaning up. He leaned forward and kissed Nico – a quick, innocent peck on the lips – before drawing back and climbing onto his bed and under the covers, leaving Nico stunned and shaking on the floor. Subconsciously the shocked boy touched his lips. God, he just kissed me, he thought, and his heart threatened to jump out of his chest. His best friend had just kissed him. The boy he had been in love with for so long...

What?! Why?!

Unsteadily Nico got to his feet. Tiredness washed over him, wave after wave, and he just wanted to collapse. Helplessly he looked at the mess on the floor – the monopoly money was strewn around all the way to the door. When had they managed to get it there?

“Clean it in the morning,” Percy grumbled from the bed, and Nico jumped – he thought the boy was asleep. Nervously he swallowed.

“I’m going home.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Percy opened his eyes, barely. He was on the verge of sleep, “It was just a kiss don’t freak out about it.”

“I-I can’t sleep in the bed with you,” Nico squeaked, all his blood rushing to his face.

“I won’t do anything,” Percy sighed, eyes closing again, hugging his pillow. The space behind him, between his back and the wall looked perfect for Nico. And yet the Italian was afraid.

“N-No. It’s not that, I’m scared I’ll do something,” he admitted, wringing his hands out. He wanted to cry. Why was he saying all of this? Tiredness was making his tongue loose.

“Switch the light off,” Percy ignored Nico’s earlier words. The Italian did as he was told and then hovered by the foot of the bed, unsure of what to do next. He was so tired, “Just come in, idiot,” Percy made the decision for him.

Nico gritted his teeth and scrambled in, collapsing with his back to Percy and pressing himself as close to the wall as he could. It wall was cold, and the boy shivered. Percy realised it and Nico felt him twist on the bed, before throwing both the covers and his arm around the Italian.

“P-Percy,” Nico whispered, tensing.

“Shhh, goodnight,” Percy murmured, his free arm wriggling its way beneath Nico’s body so he could hug the Italian properly, his warm chest pressing into Nico’s back. The boy was trapped...trapped in the arms of the boy he loved, but trapped nonetheless. He suddenly felt so awake.

“T-That was my first kiss, you know,” he whispered, because he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Percy shifted and nudged his nose just below Nico’s ear. The Italian squeezed his eyes shut, sure that his heart couldn’t take this.

“C’mon, turn around,” Percy muttered, his warm breath brushing against Nico’s neck. Hesitantly the nervous boy turned his head, his nose bumping against Percy’s gently. The green-eyed boy found his mouth and pressed their lips together as if it was the most normal thing in the world, for longer this time, though the kiss remained innocent and sweet. The Italian inhaled sharply and Percy pulled back, snuggling up against his friend again and kissing the back of his neck.

“And that was your second, now shut it and go to sleep.”

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Jason x Percy. They are drinking in the Zeus Cabin and Jason asks "what's your favourite superhero" "Captain America. Yours?" "Perseus Jackson." And Percy just stares at Jason and Jason jumps at Percy and snogs him senseless.
For Veronika

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Percy had broken up with Annabeth, or rather, Annabeth had broken up with Percy. It was inevitable, it was foreshadowed by a dozen of events, it had been something Percy had expected and even anticipated, and yet it still hurt. Even if at the age of seventeen Percy no longer loved Annabeth it felt weird not having her there and being alone for the first time in years. So naturally Percy did the only thing he could think of – he got a bottle of vodka from the Hermes Cabin and showed up on Jason’s doorstep.

“It’s the middle of the week,” Jason said, unimpressed, standing in the doorway of the Zeus cabin in just his purple Camp Jupiter t-shirt and sweatpants, hair still damp from the shower, “and it’s not even dark yet.”

“It’ll be dark soon and I need to get drunk,” Percy pouted “Please?”

Jason sighed, “Why don’t you drink with Frank?”

“I don’t want to drink with Frank,” Percy mumbled, “I want to drink with you.”

It was true; the moment Annabeth had finally said the words ‘this isn’t working’ Jason had appeared in Percy’s mind. Lately the blond was the only person Percy wanted to spend time with, the only person who understood how he felt having himself broken up with Piper recently. Besides, Jason would sometimes cuddle Percy during movie night, or sometimes he’d let the son of Poseidon sleep in his bed with him, and Percy kind of loved those moments...but he and Jason were just friends, that was all. Percy just felt safe and comforted whenever the blond was around, and he needed him right now.

Jason sighed and moved to the side, “Fine,” he grumbled and Percy grinned, sliding into the cabin. He walked directly to the small kitchen section where Jason kept snacks and cups and pulled out two glasses, filling them halfway with vodka, humming before turning around and handing one to Jason. The blond raised an eyebrow, “I need a chaser.”

“It’s a shot,” Percy deadpanned. Jason gaped at him.

“This is not a shot.”

“Shut up and take it,” Percy said and clinked his glass against Jason’s. The blond seemed unable to say no to him so he just sighed again and threw back the shot simultaneously with Percy. The son of Poseidon felt the alcohol burning down his throat and he almost gagged while Jason spluttered and threw himself at his mini-fridge, scrambling for a bottle of coke and chugging straight from the bottle, “Okay, that was gross,” Percy admitted after the shudders of the huge shot subsided. He could feel the alcohol sitting in his stomach as he walked up to Jason and took the coke bottle from him, eagerly chasing down the disgusting aftertaste of the vodka.

Jason burped, “Ew. What the fuck did the Hermes kids give you, fucking petrol?”

“I’ll just make us a normal drink,” Percy said, taking the glasses again and filling them up one third of the way, topping it off with coke this time, “Can I borrow some clothes?”

“Just get some from your own cabin,” Jason sighed, collapsing on his bed, still looking vaguely grossed out by the shot.

“I like your clothes,” Percy whined, tucking the vodka and the coke under either arm and waddling over to the bed with the glasses in hand. Normally he probably wouldn’t have told Jason something so...weird, but the alcohol was already making him buzzy and warm and happy and he didn’t care. Jason didn’t seem to care either because he shook his head and rolled off the bed without further questions, walking to his closet.

Percy settled back against the blond’s pillows and cradled his drink in his hands as Jason pulled out a pair of sleeping shorts and a t-shirt, “You staying over?”

“Sure,” Percy shrugged and when Jason threw him the clothes. Percy happily pulled them on as the blond hovered by the foot of the bed, watching him.

“You don’t seem heartbroken,” he said finally. Percy looked down at his own clothes, bunched in his hands, and felt Jason wince, “Sorry, that was inconsiderate.”

“No, you’re right to be honest,” Percy sighed and took a sip of his drink, discarding his own clothes on the floor. He felt so much better in Jason’s clothes, though he didn’t know why. The blond climbed onto the bed and reached for his own glass, “I’m not heartbroken. My heart’s fine actually. I just felt a little lost when she left me. She took all her stuff from my cabin and it just feels so...empty,” he admitted, feeling stupidly vulnerable and exposed. Of course Jason would never exploit that and he simply clinked his glass against Percy’s.

“I know how it feels, man,” he said and they both took a gulp of their drinks. It was getting dark outside so Jason turned on the bedside lamp and with a flick of his hand he manipulated the air in the cabin so the curtains slid closed over the windows, “I really did think you guys were in love.”

“So did I but after Tartarus things were never the same. We would both have nightmares and our inner demons and it made no sense to try and pretend our experiences had been the same just because we went through it together. We haven’t...,” Percy bit his lip, “We haven’t had sex in months, have barely even touched. It felt like living with a ghost, honestly.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It had to be done with,” Percy admitted, “We couldn’t drag it out forever,” he made a disgusted sound, “Gods I’m such a sap, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”

“Because I’m your best friend?” Jason offered with a smile. Percy’s heart twisted at his kindness and he ignored the urge to climb into the boy’s lap, instead downing the rest of his drink, “For fuck’s sake Percy, slow down,” Jason laughed.

An hour later the vodka bottle was finished, lying empty on the floor next to the coke bottle, and both Percy and Jason were splayed on the blond’s bed, side by side, their shoulders touching, giggling about something stupid and staring at the ceiling.

“Nah, the bit where Deadpool’s blind roommate makes that IKEA cupboard and it falls apart,” Percy snickered.

“What, Blind Al?” Jason asked, and then both the boys dissolved into laughter as if it was the funniest thing in the world, which in their drunk minds, it was. Percy was buzzing, he felt light as a feather and impossibly comfortable and content at Jason’s side, though he was continuously fighting the urge to snuggle up into the son of Jupiter.

“How did we even get onto this topic?” Percy asked, giggling.

“I asked you what your favourite superhero was,” Jason was slurring his words a little. Percy giggled again, Gods know why.

“Oh yeah.”

“I forgot what you said. What’s your favourite superhero again?” Jason asked. Percy poked him in the side and grinned.

“Captain America,” he said, and silently added in his head because he reminds me of you, “What’s yours?”

“Perseus Jackson.”

Surely, it was meant as a joke, but for some reason Percy’s drunk mind interpreted it as something completely different. His heart jumped in his chest and his head snapped to the side to look at Jason in shock because...he wasn’t a superhero, and why had Jason even said that?! He was even more startled to find that the blond was already looking at him, and he didn’t look like he had meant it as a joke, his blue eyes serious but soft, staring right into Percy’s. He was close, Gods he was too close, Percy could feel his breath against his lips and his heart was pounding the way it had never pounded before. The atmosphere in the cabin changed in the blink of an eye.

“O-Oh,” he said weakly.

Then things happened very quickly, or maybe Percy’s drunk mind was only processing things incredibly slowly, but the next thing he knew was that Jason was on top of him, his legs on either side of Percy’s hips, arms resting on the sides of the boy’s head as if he wanted to imprison him in a cage of his body. Percy gasped and opened his mouth to say something, but that was precisely when Jason kissed him.

It was not a gentle or slow kiss by any means. Jason’s mouth was hot and insistent, his tongue pushing its way into Percy’s open mouth, lips sliding against the other boy’s. Percy’s heart stuttered in his chest, his hands jerked upwards to grasp at Jason’s shirt and subconsciously his legs wrapped around the blond’s waist. The kiss was sloppy and wet and passionate, tinged with desperation, and Percy was kissing back. He didn’t know why, because Jason was supposed to be his best friend for Gods’ sake, but it felt so fucking good to be held and kissed by him that Percy didn’t care. He just allowed himself to get lost in the blond’s intoxicating touch, arching up against him and letting out a shaky moan, his tongue twisting against Jason’s.

They kissed until they both couldn’t breathe and their jaws ached and then they just remained pressed together, panting against each other’s mouths, lips sliding together delicately. They were flushed, content, and very drunk.

“Don’t hate me in the morning,” Jason whispered hoarsely after what seemed like hours, looking like a fallen angel in the dim light from the bedside lamp. Percy pulled him closer, wrapped his arms around the boy’s neck and nuzzled his cheek.

“I won’t, I promise, I promise,” he murmured feverishly, feeling dizzy and...happy. He felt so happy.

Jason rolled off him but didn’t let go of the boy, instead dragging Percy into his chest, their legs tangled together, arms wrapped around each other’s bodies. They kissed again, slower, their lips both swollen.

“Just for the record screw Captain America,” Percy whispered, looking into Jason’s dark eyes, “You’re my favourite superhero too.”

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Leo x Frank where they dislike each other but actually really like one another and they have to share a room on a school trip or something and the sexual tension skyrockets.
For CaptainAshes

Image result for snowy mountains gif

Frank dusted snow off his shoulders as he ducked his head in the doorway of the little inn that his whole class was staying in. They had waited for months and months for this little ‘treat’ after their December exams and it was still impossible for Frank to believe that he was really here, in Norway, with all his best friends despite the fact that he had spent the whole day skiing on the Trysil mountains. He had never seen so much snow and something quite as beautiful as the mountains and had never had as much fun as he had had skiing down the side with Percy and Annabeth, just enjoying life. This was most definitely the most awesome school trip ever.

But it had gotten dark and the exhausted, hungry students were eager to return to the inn and settle in the rooms that they didn’t have time to see in the morning when they had arrived, too excited to head straight for the mountains.

“Oh man, I’m starving,” Percy complained, walking into the inn, Frank on his heels, both sighing at the pleasant warmth of the building, glad to be out of the bitter cold.

“I know, I hope they give us something good,” the Asian said, “What do Norwegians even eat?”

“No idea,” Percy shrugged.

The hallway filled with the voices of teenagers as they all filtered in, and the loudest of all was none but Leo Valdez, easily the person Frank hated most at school. Even now he felt his eyes twitch in annoyance because Jesus how could someone be so immature and goddamn loud? But instead of turning around and starting a fight with Leo, as Frank would normally do, he distracted himself by taking in the dining room of the inn. It was made of all wood, with a fireplace in one corner, a rug on the floor in front of it, and four long, wooden tables set for dinner in the centre. The walls were decorated with photographs of groups on top of mountains, posing in their skiing gear and the place generally had a lovely, warm feel to it. It was nice enough to make Frank forget about Leo.

“I love this,” Annabeth said in awe as she pulled her boots off, “the interior designer must’ve been amazing...”

“Alright kids,” Chiron, the languages teacher who was in charge of the trip, clapped his hands to get the attention of the sixteen and seventeen year olds, “before I tell you your room assignments we’ll have dinner, so nobody pester me about who you want to be with because you’ve all already been allocated.”

“Hopefully I’m with you bro,” Percy said, holding out his fist. Frank bumped his own fist against it and they hurried to one of the four tables, throwing their jackets and hats in the corner, determined to sit next to each other. Percy pulled Annabeth in to set next to him and seconds later Hazel, Piper and Jason were sliding in opposite them.

“Hey guys,” Piper said, breathless and flushed, the last of the snow from outside melting in her hair, “Didn’t get to see you up on the mountain.”

“I did,” her boyfriend grinned, “I saw Percy falling into a snow pile.”

Hazel, Jason, Piper and Frank snickered and Percy rolled his eyes, “That was intentional!” he said.

Frank was happy; he remembered when all of them had been one happy group. And then Leo had joined their school and everyone seemed to love him despite the fact that he seemed to just attract trouble and make a mess and he was so annoying and Frank hated him and somehow their group ended up splitting because Piper and Jason wanted to hang out with Leo and Percy and Annabeth with Frank, and it was impossible for them to all chill together with Frank’s and Leo’s constant bickering.

Maybe now it will be different, Frank thought, but of course it wasn’t different because moments later none other than the boy’s most hated nemesis came over with an easy grin as if he belonged at their table. Frank hated everything about him; his stupid smirk and his immaturity, the way his hair curled in the most irritating way, the fact that he looked like some stupid elf. He hated how small the boy was – if he had been bigger Frank wouldn’t have been afraid to punch him but as it was he was always scared of killing the Latino due to his own large size and that was very, very exasperating. Just the sight of him pissed Frank off to no end, though the boy wasn’t quite sure why.

 “Hi Leo!” Frank’s friends welcomed him cheerfully.

“I decided to bless you with my amazing presence,” Leo winked at them arrogantly and sat next to Jason, uninvited, though the blond clearly didn’t mind, ruffling the Latino’s curls. The Asian lost all his appetite even though the food hadn’t come out yet.

“Aw, why the long face, Frankie?” Leo teased, naturally diverting his attention to his enemy, “they didn’t have any warm milk for the big baby?”

“Fuck off you little shit,” Frank growled. Annabeth sighed.

“Can we not do this please? At least for today?”

Leo rolled his eyes and turned away from Frank, and the group engaged in a conversation that Frank didn’t care about. He could feel the tension between him and Leo. Dinner came which was smoked salmon sandwiches, lapskaus strew, potatoes, bread and cheese, but the sound of Leo’s voice, rambling on about something or another, was enough to put Frank off the delicious looking food and so he barely touched any of it, waiting impatiently for dinner to finish so he and Percy could retire to the room they would undoubtedly get together, so Frank could rant to his best friend about how much he hated Leo and his smug face.

“Alright everyone!” Chiron’s voice made Frank sigh with relief and he slumped in his seat, glaring at the back of Leo’s head as the boy turned around to face the teacher. God I wish I could just hit him sometimes, Frank thought in frustration, “Now for the room assignments. Let me just make this clear; not all of you will be with your closest friends but over the course of this week I want you all to make new friends, and the room arrangements are non-negotiable. So, first room will be Miss Arellano and Miss Chase...”

Chiron prattled off names, and some of the students looked considerable happier than others. Frank’s surname was the last on the register so he grew impatient. His heart plummeted pretty quickly though, “Mr Grace and Mr Jackson.”

“Aw,” Percy turned to Frank but he didn’t look too upset – after all he was close friends with Jason, “Sorry Frank.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Frank faked a smile but as the amount of possible roommates dwindled he started to grow nervous. Who would he be put with? He had no idea...

“Miss Tanaka and Miss Gwen. Mr Valdez,” Chiron read calmly, and Frank began to space out until suddenly -“and Mr Zhang.”

The boy’s heart jumped in his chest, “What?” he whispered.

“Sir!” Leo stood up, interrupting Chiron mid-word, “There must be a mistake, there is no way in hell I’m rooming with Zhang!”

“Watch your language, Leo,” Chiron didn’t seem surprised at the outburst and Frank was simultaneously glad that Leo had the guts to stand up against this ridiculous arrangement, and annoyed that the boy didn’t want to room with him. Of course it was mutual but Frank wanted to be the one to say he didn’t want to room with Leo, not the other way around.

“But I don’t want to room with him!” Leo said passionately, and the students around the room snickered and shook their heads, clearly entertained.

“Me neither!” Frank stood up, angry, “I hate him.”

An ‘ooooh’ sounded around the room as people looked around in shock and even Leo looked a little surprised at Frank’s harsh tone. Chiron sighed and shook his head, “Hate is a strong word, Frank. Now both of you sit down, my decision is final.”

And it really was; no amount of grumbling and complaining from Leo and Frank, as well as several other pairs who disliked each other, got Chiron to change his mind and when they all got dismissed Frank found himself climbing the stairs to the second floor of the inn in a depressed state. The atmosphere on the hallway soon became cheerful as people pulled their suitcases up and started weaving in and out of each other’s rooms, with someone blaring music. However when Frank walked into his and Leo’s room, he just felt annoyed and not in any mood to socialise.  

Their bedroom was small but cosy, the walls wooden like the rest of the inn. There was a nice rug on the floor, two narrow closets and two narrow beds, one on each wall with two bedside tables between them, a lamp on each. Above the beds was a large window with floral, homey curtains, showing the snowy yard and nearby forest.

Leo was already in the room and had picked the bed on the left, his suitcase open on it, his clothes spilling out. Frank’s irritation spiked just from seeing the boy, “I wanted the bed on the left,” he snapped, even though he didn’t really. He just wanted to pick a fight.

“Tough luck, buddy,” Leo didn’t even look up. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor and reached up to pull a piece of wire from his suitcase. He was building some sort of mechanism and its parts were already littering the room. Frank ‘tsk’ed’ as he walked past, dumping his own suitcase on his bed.

“Are you going to be fucking messy?” he demanded after a moment of tense silence. Leo sighed.

“Are you going to pretend to be my mother?”

“Listen this is our room, whether we like it or not,” Frank snapped, “and I want it clean.”

“Well I want it dirty,” Leo shrugged. Frank kicked a mechanical cylinder from the foot of his bed across the room. Leo whirled around, “Relax!” he snapped, “That’s an important and delicate piece!”

“Well keep your important and delicate pieces on your side of the goddamn room,” Frank growled and turned to his suitcase, opening it and rummaging about for his pyjamas. The bathroom was down the hall and he was sure it would be packed soon.

“Are you going to take a shower?” Leo asked.

“Mind your own business,” Frank replied. The Latino rolled his eyes and stood up, also looking in his tattered suitcase. Moments later he swore and Frank’s curiosity got the best of him, “What?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder.

“Mind your own business,” Leo snapped, frantically throwing about the few thick jumpers and a lot of equipment he had in his bag around.

“You forgot pyjamas didn’t you?” Frank guessed.

“Fuck off,” Leo snapped. The Asian smirked to himself, pleased at the other boy’s misfortune even though he knew he shouldn’t have been – karma was a bitch. Finally Leo gave up his search and with a frustrated sigh he grabbed a towel from the chair by the door and stormed out. Frank himself waited a few minutes before he also trailed to the bathroom, whistling.

“How’s ya roomie?” Percy asked cheerfully, waiting in line for the showers. The room was crowded and full of steam, though pleasantly warm.

“Horrible,” Frank said..

“Aw, cheer up,” Percy patted him on the back, “all you have to do is sleep in the same room. Just don’t speak to him and try not to kill each other.”

Frank sighed. He felt like he would be sighing a lot in the following week but as a stall finally freed up and he stood underneath the hot spray of water, he found himself relaxing. Percy was right – all he had to do was sleep in the same room as Leo, nobody was going to force them to be friends, and in the morning he could eat breakfast and go down to the look at the lakes with his real mates. Yeah, it would be fine.

After the refreshing shower Frank padded back to his room, his hair still damp. Everything was beginning to quiet down in the hallway, the music had been turned off and several doors closed though people still lounged about on the floor, talking and laughing. Frank said his goodnights because he felt exhausted and went back into his own room.

Leo had resumed his place on the floor, and the only indication that he had showered was the fact that his curls were wet, and that he was naked save for his boxers.

“What the fuck?!” Frank exclaimed, his heart jumping in his chest. Leo looked up innocently.

“Why are you screaming?” he asked, a screwdriver in hand.

“Where the fuck are your clothes?!”

“I forgot my pyjamas,” Leo rolled his eyes, “Obviously.”

“So what?!” Frank felt himself blushing, though he didn’t know why, “You’re just going to sleep naked?!”

“I’m not naked, I have my underwear on.”

“For God’s sake,” Frank huffed. The air in the room was starting to get chilly and driven by some invisible force the boy walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a spare t-shirt and a pair of fluffy socks. He had no idea why, but he dropped them on Leo’s head.

“What the-,” the boy sounded surprised.

“Get dressed before you catch a cold,” Frank grumbled, zipping up his suitcase and placing it on the floor.

“I don’t want your clothes!” Leo scoffed.

“Fine, freeze then,” Frank spat, and turned around, holding out his hand to take the clothes back, feeling stupid for even trying to be nice. Leo glared at him from the floor and then wordlessly pulled the t-shirt over his head, standing up to tug on the socks too. As expected the clothes were way too big on him and the sleeves of the t-shirt, always so short on Frank, were incredibly loose and reached his elbows, while the hem skimmed his thighs. It looked a little like a dress, and a lot adorable. Frank had to turn around to hide his blush again and for some reason his heart was pounding.

Why does he look so cute in my clothes? He thought desperately, and couldn’t think of an appropriate answer.

“Thanks,” Leo said quietly, meekly, and that didn’t help the situation. Frank made a vague noise in his direction and hurriedly switched the light off before climbing into his bed, turning to face the wall, pulling the covers to his nose and trying to calm his heart. He wondered whether to say goodnight but the image of Leo just standing there in his t-shirt, all tiny and innocent, made it impossible for Frank to even find his voice.

He didn’t know how long he just laid there, unable to fall asleep, confusing thoughts racking his brain. He was aware of Leo’s presence only a few feet away, but couldn’t hear if the boy was asleep or not due to the loud, howling wind beating at the window. It felt like an hour passed, and Frank was still perfectly awake. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, he kept telling himself, but the words didn’t feel genuine.

The bedside lamp on Leo’s side of the room suddenly switched on and Frank flinched, turning around in his bed. Leo was facing the wall, and not moving.

“Why did you turn the light on?”

The Latino visibly flinched and partly rolled over to look at Frank, “I thought you were asleep already,” he said quietly.

“Turn it off,” Frank said in annoyance, trying not to let his eyes stray from Leo’s face to the tantalizing skin revealed as the too big shirt slid to the side and off one of his narrow shoulders. Something flickered in Leo’s eyes and he hesitantly reached for the light, flicking it off before quickly scurrying under his blankets, pulling them so far up they were almost over his head. Frank frowned and the words are you afraid of the dark were at the end of his tongue, though he stopped himself at the last moment.

The boy laid back down in bed and after a moment of silence he said, “You can turn the light on if you want, I don’t mind.”

His heart beat fast in his chest and Leo gave no sign he heard him, but moments later a soft click sounded and the room was filled with a gentle, warm light. Frank closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Leo didn’t know what to think about Frank anymore. He passed two nights in the same room as the guy and despite their frequent quarrels inside and outside, Leo couldn’t help but enjoy Frank’s hesitant and rare acts of kindness. They weren’t friends, they barely spoke if they weren’t fighting, and yet Frank had given him pyjamas, and didn’t mention to anyone that Leo slept with the night on.

The kindness was dangerous. The kindness was making Leo’s heart flutter and his stomach twist whenever he saw his roommate, and that wasn’t what he needed right now. He lost himself in the day activities; exploring the beautiful winter landscapes, participating in winter sports and weird bonding exercises, playing pranks on Jason and Percy. Honestly Leo fell in love with the inn and the mountains and Norway and he wanted to stay here forever.

The nights were...harder, and Leo never looked forward to them though he had to admit that sleeping near Frank made him feel less anxious than normal. Back home Leo kept the normal light on when he slept, unable to bear sleeping even with just a nightlight, but here he knew he had to do with what he got and not push Frank. When the third night rolled around and the two boys were getting for bed Leo was optimistic that he would be able to fall asleep. And after that only one more night left, he glanced at Frank, whose back was to him and bit his lip. He felt like there was something unsaid between them, like he was given a chance to do something here...and yet he didn’t know what. He would be sad to go though, of that he was sure.

He slipped into his wonderfully soft bed and wrapped his covers around himself. Outside a snow storm raged, wild, a flurry of snowflakes and wind and ice, slamming into the window. Leo tried to ignore the sound as he got comfortable.

“Goodnight,” he said to Frank, the words tumbling from his mouth before he could stop them, coming to him naturally. The two hadn’t spoken since they came back to their room that night, and had never said goodnight to each other before. Leo squeezed his eyes shut. Stupid. We’re not friends.

“Goodnight,” Frank’s soft reply shocked Leo and made a warmth spread through him. He sighed softly into the pillow and hugged himself. The storm outside continued and sleep descended slowly onto the Latino.

Until a soft click broke though Leo’s consciousness. Something made Leo open his eyes and when he did, he saw that the room was dark. Suddenly gripped with panic he sat up, and looking at the weird, shadowy patterns that the storm was creating on the window, which reflected on the wall. He swallowed and tried to click the lamp on, but it wasn’t working.

“Frank,” he whispered without thinking, “Frank!” he would’ve gone and shaken the lump that was the other boy but the dark space of floor between them terrified him too much, “Frank,” he hissed insistently, feeling like he was about to cry.

“Hmmm?” the other boy hummed in irritation, sleeping.

“Frank the light’s not working.”

“What?” Frank groggily sat up and rubbed a large hand down his face, squinting at Leo.

“T-The light’s not working,” Leo started shaking. He couldn’t sleep without a light, “I-I don’t know w-what happened. C-Can you try yours?”

Sleepily Frank clicked his bedside lamp on. It didn’t turn on, “It’s probably a powercut. The storm’s quite strong.”

“Fuck,” Leo exhaled. He knew what he was going to ask for next was pathetic and would make him look vulnerable and he knew Frank would probably laugh and call him a sissy but he didn’t know what else to do, “Frank?”

“What?” the other boy snapped, annoyed, already almost asleep.

“C-Can you please c-come here?”

“What?” this time the question didn’t sound angry, more surprised.

 “P-Please come here I can’t sleep alone.”

“What the hell, how old are you?” Frank asked, sitting up.

“J-Just...,” Leo couldn’t look at him and he sniffled, “P-Please?”

“Hey, shit, don’t cry,” Frank was suddenly awake as he scrambled out of bed.

“I-I’m not crying,” Leo lied, wiping at his damp eyes. He was surprised when Frank picked up the covers and pillows from his own bed and walked over to Leo’s, dumping it all on the unsuspecting boy. Leo sniffled again.

“It’s going to be a tight fit,” Frank sighed, looking at the narrow bed.

“S-Sorry,” Leo whispered.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it,” Leo had no idea why Frank was being so goddamn sweet. Maybe he felt sorry for Leo, or maybe he was just too tired to care. Either way the bigger boy took care in re-arranging the extra pillows and covers as to create a little warm den in the middle of the cold room, “Scoot up,” he told Leo.

The Latino did so, pressing his back against the cold wall, and Frank slipped into the bed, his back to Leo. He was right – it was a tight fit, with only a few centimetres between Leo’s narrow chest and Frank’s broad back. The small boy couldn’t help but feel like Frank’s was a wall between him and the darkness, protecting him. He wanted to reach out and touch the boy, hug him, just feel his warmth, but he was too scared of how Frank might react.

“Thankyou,” Leo whispered instead, but the other boy didn’t respond and Leo fell into a surprisingly easy sleep.


When he woke up Frank was gone, and it was pitch black in the room, the snow storm beating at the windows with even more strength than before. Leo had no idea how much time had passed, but he felt the familiar fear of being alone in the dark grip at him so he bolted upright. Hysteria descended on him when he saw that Frank’s bed was empty and he futilely tried to turn the bedside lamp on – it still wasn’t working.

“Fuck,” the boy whispered, terrified. He knew he couldn’t stay here, he needed to find Frank. Blindly, pushed by his instinct and fear, the boy shoved the covers to the side and climbed out of bed, his hands shaking and his heart pounding. He turned to the door and suddenly he was running for it, not wanting to be alone, he needed to find someone, anyone-

The door burst open before Leo could reach it and the boy stumbled back. He was about to scream at the huge figure in the doorway when he realised was just Frank.

“What are you doing?” the Asian asked, voice hoarse from sleep, hair mussed.

Leo’s shoulders sagged and he suddenly felt like a marshmallow, ready to collapse. The relief that burst inside him was enough to make tears spring to his eyes.

“W-Where...,” his voice was weak and pitiful, “Where d-did you go?”

“I needed to piss,” Frank looked confused, “I went to the toilet.”

“O-Oh,” Leo whispered and he buried his face in his arm to fight a sob that spilled out of his mouth anyway. He knew he was hopeless right now but he had been so scared, waking up alone and disoriented...

“Hey,” Frank sounded panicked as he closed the door, “Hey, shit, calm down, don’t cry.”

“W-Why did you l-leave you asshole?” Leo whimpered, pulling his arm away, and he knew that what he said was unfair. Frank looked annoyed all of a sudden.

“Oh so I’m not allowed to go to the bathroom now?” he demanded, “listen I did you a favour not telling people what a pussy you are for sleeping with the light on, and I even shared a bed with you like some idiot, so don’t give me that attitude, yeah?!”

For a second Leo thought Frank was going to hit him because the boy raised his hand and the Latino flinched and squeezed his eyes shut, but what he felt next was warm arms wrapping around him. His eyes widened when Frank pulled him to his chest in the most wonderful and caring hug that Leo had ever gotten, one that made his whole body shake.

“I wouldn’t just leave you for no reason,” Frank murmured, weirdly tender as he cradled Leo to his massive chest, stroking the boy’s hair, “So don’t get so scared, okay? I came back didn’t I?”

Leo nodded and buried his face in Frank’s shoulder as he cried, feeling all emotional for some reason, gripping onto the back of the boy’s shirt. The Asian just held him and murmured soft shhh’s and gentle words of comfort until Leo calmed down.

“S-Sorry about that,” he tried to laugh as he pulled away, wiping at his red and tear-stained cheeks, “I just got a bit emotional.”

Frank’s eyes were soft, “Get back into bed, idiot,” he said. So Leo got back to bed, and Frank got into the bed with him and pulled the covers over both of them, though this time he was facing Leo.

“Aren’t you going to turn around?” the Latino asked quietly, eyes fixated on Frank’s collarbone because for some reason he couldn’t look at the other boy properly.

“No,” Frank said quietly.

They just laid there for a while, face-to-face though neither looking at each other, an awkward few inches of space between them that Leo really wanted to destroy. The memory of his hug with Frank only minutes before stuck in his mind and he wanted the other boy’s arms around him again...badly.

Without warning Frank reached out and grasped the edge of his own shirt that Leo was wearing, pulling it over the boy’s exposed shoulder, only to have it fall down again. The Latino smiled, “It’s pointless,” he said, “It’s too big, it just keeps falling down.”

“I like it,” Frank murmured.

“Huh?” Leo looked up and met the boy’s dark gaze which made his heart pound.

“I like it. I mean you. I mean,” Frank flushed, “I like you in my clothes. I really, really like you in my clothes.”

“O-Oh,” Leo said quietly, and fought the urge to hug himself. What was Frank trying to say? “Nobody has ever liked me in anything before,” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“I like you in everything,” Frank admitted. Leo swallowed.

“I thought you hated me,” he said quietly.

“I don’t hate you, I actually really fancy you,” Frank said. Leo was shocked.

“What?” he asked. Frank’s eyes widened.

“Shit I didn’t mean to-,” he started, and sighed, “Oh well. Fuck it.”

And just like that he leaned forward and kissed Leo. Frank Zhang. Frank Zhang kissed him. Leo’s mind went blank and for a moment all he could concentrate on was the blizzard outside, and the feeling of Frank’s warm, dry lips against his own. And then a million things went through the boy’s head and he felt a million emotions, all at once, and it was too much and too fast. He pushed Frank away, gently but firmly.

Frank opened his eyes and he was so close to Leo, “Sorry. Did you not like it?” the boy asked quietly, and he sounded shy and hurt.

“N-No, it’s not that. I did like it I-I just...,” it was hard for Leo to think straight with Frank so close, “Just...why are you kissing me?”

Frank leaned in again, eyes trained on Leo’s lips, “Because you’re irritating. Because I can’t help myself. Because I want to,” his gaze flickered upwards and met Leo’s, “Because you’re beautiful.”

Frank,” Leo breathed, so quietly it was barely audible. Frank laid a hand on Leo’s hip and pushed his shirt upward, and where his fingers skimmed naked skin Leo burned. He felt heat coil in his stomach, “N-No, wait-,” he grabbed the bigger boy’s hand and tried to push it away and Frank must’ve seen something on his face because he quickly snatched his hand back.

“Shit, sorry, sorry,” he said sheepishly, “I won’t touch you again, I promise-“

“No!” Leo gasped, grabbing his hand and placing it back on his hip, keeping it there firmly much to Frank’s confusion, “N-No, I...I like it,” the Latino blushed, “J-Just slow down please.”

“Right,” Frank swallowed, “Sorry.”

Leo didn’t know what Frank wanted, didn’t know if the boy was experienced, if he wanted sex or something else. Maybe I’m over thinking this...Leo’s mind was going around in circles. He was in a situation he had never been in before; he had never kissed anyone, never even been in bed with anyone, and yet he didn’t feel nearly as scared as he should’ve. He felt nervous, but safe.

“Can I kiss you again?” Frank asked carefully. Leo bit his lip and nodded, leaning forward so their lips could meet again. The atmosphere in the room was intense and intimate, and Leo’s body was full of warmth and...desire. The kiss was too gentle, too hesitant.

“You can kiss me properly,” Leo murmured, breaking away a little, “a-and you can hold me...if you want.”

Frank’s hand, which had rested on Leo’s hip, slid down so it was wrapped around his waist, “I’m scared I’m going to break you,” he admitted, “You’re so tiny.”

“Thanks,” Leo rolled his eyes to mask his nerves, “exactly what every guy wants to hear.”

Frank didn’t say anything, just pulled Leo closer. The Latino hesitantly wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck and leaned upwards for another kiss. This time it was different. Leo felt Frank’s warm tongue against his bottom lip and on instinct he opened his mouth, allowing it inside. The feeling of it exploring his mouth should’ve been disgusting, and yet it wasn’t. It filled Leo with excitement and eagerness and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing closer to Frank, his lips moving on their own accord against the other boy’s. The kiss turned desperate and passionate suddenly, Leo’s tongues slid against Frank’s, their gasped into each other’s mouths and gripped at each other, and Leo felt heat collecting in his groin. It felt like the blizzard had somehow gotten inside and was pushing the two boys to desperation. Fuck, I’m hard, Leo thought, but by then he was dizzy from the kissing and didn’t care. He decided kissing Frank was his new favourite thing.

Without thinking Leo threw a leg around Frank’s waist and the older boy grabbed his thigh in his hand, squeezing. Leo mewled into his mouth, pleasure making him shiver, and he rocked forward, so his erection brushing against Frank’s abs.

“Fuck, Leo,” Frank broke away and kissed Leo’s cheek, beneath his ear, down his neck, “You’re so hot.”

“Frank,” Leo whimpered, cradling Frank into his neck as his cock throbbed in his underwear. When the Asian shifted the Latino felt something hard against his crotch and it sent a shock through him, causing an embarrassing moan to fall from his lips. Frank froze, pulled back, and then gently rocked against Leo. The same sensation travelled through the smaller boy’s body and he gasped, “S-Shit that feels g-good,” he whispered.

Frank hurriedly grabbed at the waistband of the boy’s underwear, “Let me-“

“No,” Leo pushed him away, “N-No we’re not having sex.”

Frank blinked at him, and then leaned forward, nudging their noses together, “I know. I wasn’t planning to. I was just going to get you off.”

“Like a handjob?” Leo asked suspiciously. Frank smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth, tender as if they had been lovers for years.

“Yeah, a handjob. Have you ever gotten one?”

“No,” Leo admitted.

“Do you mind if I give you one?” Frank asked, “You can say no.”

Leo should’ve minded, he really, really should’ve. A few hours ago he was sure Frank hated him but he just wanted the boy to touch him anywhere and everywhere. He found himself nodding.

Frank tugged his underwear down and Leo’s hard, tanned cock sprung out, leaking cum. The boy blushed and pulled Frank’s oversized shirt down over it, “God this is embarrassing,” he said with a nervous laugh. Frank grinned.

“It’s alright, you have a pretty dick.”

“Wow, thanks,” Leo huffed out a laugh. Frank re-wrapped one of his arms around the boy’s waist and pulled him close, kissing him gently on the mouth as his free hand dipped down below his shirt. Leo shivered when he felt the tips of Frank’s fingers brush over his length, and outright moaned when they wrapped around it. The Asian gave his cock one long stroke and the spark of pleasure Leo felt left him breathless, “F-Fuck...”

“You okay?” Frank was watching him closely as he stroked Leo again, then again, keeping the pace slow. Leo was finding it hard to breathe and his eyes fluttered shut as he nodded, allowing the pleasure to roll over him. Frank’s skin was hot, the room was hot. The boy’s strokes sped up a little and he set up a rhythm that left Leo panting.

Nghh...shit,” the Latino gasped, burying his face in Frank’s shoulder and grasping at his back desperately, a little overwhelmed, thighs trembling, “Shit, shit, s-shit...,” he hated how needy he sounded, and hated how much power Frank had over him, “Frank g-get your cock o-out,” he said.

“What?” Frank’s movements stopped, “Why?”

“J-Just do it,” Leo tried to catch his breath, pushing himself closer to the other boy, “Do u-us together.”

Frank eagerly shimmied out of his underwear, not asking any questions, and this time instead of a hand Leo felt an equally hard cock press against his erection. He cried out, toes curling.

“God, fuck,” Frank swore, giving Leo another sloppy kiss as he wrapped his hand around both of them. Leo felt light-headed and dizzy and the pleasure was proving to be a little too much. The feeling of someone else’s hand on his erection, and the fact that there was another cock sliding wetly against his, dripping pre-cum, was making it impossible for him to control his body.

Leo tried to keep his moans quiet but it was hard; his shoulders shook and he clung onto Frank like no tomorrow, and the Asian’s hand sped up on both their members. The sound of the older boy panting into Leo’s ear just added to the arousal, and from the tightening in his stomach Leo knew he wouldn’t last long.

“F-Frank,” he was so breathless it was hard to speak, “Frank...I-I...I-I’m gonna...o-oh God...”

“Shhh, me too, me too baby,” Frank was feverish and it was the stupid pet name that sent Leo over the edge. He arched into Frank, biting the boy’s shoulder to stop himself from crying out, and came all over both of their cocks and Frank’s hand, with the boy following only moments after.

They laid on the bed for what seemed like ages, boneless.

The regrets are going to start flooding in, Leo told himself as he came down from his high. The storm went on and Frank kept him in his arms, still gasping for air. Leo felt tired and heavy.

“We should clean up,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I can’t get up,” Frank murmured into his hair, and then winced, “Ouch. You bit me.”

 Leo smiled and closed his eyes, “Sorry...that was nice.”

“Yeah, it was,” Frank agreed.

Leo bit his lip and snuggled into Frank, and the boy didn’t push him away. On the contrary, he actually pulled the Latino closer and started stroking his curls, “We should do it again sometime,” Leo said, feeling brave.

“Yeah. We still have tomorrow night,” Frank replied, and then, “I’m really glad we ended up as roommates.”

“Me too,” Leo smiled and craned his head up. He was content and happy. Frank smiled down at him and his heart clenched in his chest. There was a feeling there, a feeling Leo didn’t have a name for yet, but would soon, and it most definitely wasn’t hate like he had originally thought.

“I don’t hate you, Valdez,” Frank whispered, leaning down.

“I don’t hate you either, Zhang,” Leo replied, and their mouths met in a sweet kiss.

Chapter Text

Nico knows how Leo doesn't feel like his life mattes or that he isn't worth living anymore and Nico tells him how important he is to everyone and to him especially.
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Nico was not a people’s person, and yet even he craved body heat and comforting words before and after a battle. It was something so human that it scared him and yet he found that he couldn’t be alone before a fight...people needed people, in times like these. The day of the final stand against the Giants had finally arrived and an air of nervous anticipation had descended on Camp Half Blood; it was almost tangible in the air. The skies remained silent, the Gods not caring enough to aid their children, but the Greek Demigods had the Romans behind them. Yet even their joint forces might not be a match for the Earth herself, though Nico really, really hoped they were.

The Demigods were all together now, sitting in the dining pavilion and spilling out of it, the separate tables long forgotten. Children of Aphrodite sat with Children of Ares, Greeks sat with Romans, all labels and boundaries forgotten in this one last, pivotal calm before the storm. Nico was surrounded by his friends; Percy cracking jokes to lighten the mood, Annabeth sitting gravely at his side, squeezing Piper’s hand. Hazel had cried earlier but now was smiling, surrounded by her family, and Frank would hug her every few minutes while Jason ruffled everyone’s hair and told them they’d all be fine. Every so often a Demigod not part of the seven would come over and offer their ‘good lucks’ and a hug.

But one person, one important person, was missing from this peaceful chaos. Leo. Arguably the most sociable of the Seven, he and his fiery personality that people would need so much at a time like this were nowhere to be found, and as the battle drew closer, Nico grew more agitated with the boy’s absence. He wasn’t with his friends or with his siblings, but the son of Hades had an inkling where he was instead.

Finally he rose.

“Where are you going, Neeks?” Hazel asked immediately, nervous.

“I’m going to find Leo,” Nico stepped over the bench, hand subconsciously resting on his sword, “I don’t want him to be alone right now.”

“He’s probably busy with work in the Bunker,” Jason said. Nico nodded.

“I know.”

They didn’t offer to come with him – Jason had to be with Piper, Annabeth with Percy, and Frank with Hazel. And Nico? Nico had to find Leo who, although not his partner, was immensely important to him. I should tell him I love him before this battle starts, Nico thought to himself as he walked out of the dining pavilion and into the sunny forest. It felt surreal to know that in less than an hour this whole place would turn into a battlefield.

The smoke coming out of the Bunker, hidden among the trees, indicated to Nico that Jason was right and Leo had chosen this place to hide away before the battle. The son of Hades’ heart felt heavy as he approached the door, slipping in undetected.

Leo was bustling about, running between work stations, all by himself, a fiery kind of determination in his eyes as he muttered to himself, enforcing what looked like modified metal arrows.

“Leo,” Nico said, and the boy flinched out of his feverish state, looking up in shock.

“Nico. Shit. What are you doing here?” he asked breathlessly. Nico stopped a few meters away from him.

“Why aren’t you with the others?” he asked. Leo shook his head and gestured to his cluttered workplaces.

“I’m just finishing up with these arrows,” there was something terrifying about how out of it he was, “I have to deliver them to the kids of Apollo before the battle begins and-“

Nico silenced him by placing his hands on Leo’s shoulders, “Leo. Breathe.”

The Latino exhaled and cracked a weak smile, “Right. Sorry.”

“You shouldn’t be alone right now,” Nico frowned, keeping his hands on Leo, “Nobody should be alone before a battle.”

“I know I just...,” Leo blew a curl out of his forehead in frustration and looked to the side, “I just didn’t want to intrude on all the couples, y’know.”

Nico shook his head and dropped his hands, “You’re an idiot. Of course you’re not intruding, you’re part of the team. More than I am.”

“No!” Leo blurted, “You’’re important. You’re strong and your powers are incredible, Nico,” the Italian was taken aback by the sudden passion in Leo’s voice, “you matter so much to the Seven and to the camp.”

“So do you,” Nico said gently. Leo shook his head and bit his lip and it was clear that he was anxious before the fight.

“I don’t,” he said softly. Nico frowned.

“What are you saying?”

Leo laughed, “Shit. Sorry, don’t worry about it.”

“No,” Nico knew about the turmoil inside Leo, because it used to be inside him too, “Leo you’re important. You’re so important and...and remembered that everybody loves you,” Leo flinched and stared at his shoes, “I’m serious. Your life is important.”

“No it’s not,” Leo whispered, “If I had to sacrifice myself-“

Nico seized his arm, “Don’t say that,” he snarled, shocking both of them with his anger. Leo stared at him, wide eyed, “Don’t you dare say that. If you sacrificed yourself and decided to be a stupid hero it would break Hazel, and Piper, and Jason and...,” me he added in his head, and seeing that Leo remained unconvinced he sighed, “your life matters. It’s worth living. Fight in this battle, but don’t get yourself killed for ‘the greater good.’ Okay, you idiot?”

Leo’s only reply was to step forward and hug Nico, burying his face in the boy’s shoulder. It was such a gesture of vulnerability that the Italian’s heart stuttered but he didn’t hesitate in wrapping his arms around the Latino, clutching him close protectively. If he could defend Leo from the things to come then Gods help him he would, but he knew the Latino would never let his friends fight without him. I should tell him. I should kiss him. Nico’s mind whispered to him, and yet the Italian was unable to do anything but hold onto the Latino. There were so many unsaid things between them.

The sound of the gong for battle made both the boys pull away tensely. Leo stepped away and grabbed his arrows, “Let’s go.”

“I need to tell you something,” Nico blurted.

Leo was already walking to the door and he didn’t look at Nico when he said, “You can tell me after the battle.”

He disappeared out in the forest and for a second Nico was alone in the bunker. He inhaled, and breathed out, calming his heart. This was it. I’ll tell him I love him after we win, Nico told himself as he followed Leo outside.

Well, Nico never got to tell him. Because that day, Leo Valdez, the boy Nico loved, the boy he stupidly didn’t tell the truth to when he had the chance, died.

Chapter Text

Leo/Will with one of them as a genie granting the other three wishes?
For SolNiveAngelo

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“Guys!” Will yelled, his voice echoing off the dense trees and circling back to him, “Guys, c’mon this is stupid!”

“Hurry up Will!” the voice of Will’s best friend, Annabeth, reached him and he saw his group of friends, all giggling and pushing each other playfully, picking their way through the trees and heading down towards the river. Will exhaled in annoyance and followed after them. He hadn’t wanted to do this – ditch school, that is. He was a good kid and didn’t usually do this. The thought that the teachers might call his parents to ask why he’s absent made him nervous. He just wanted to go back.

“Guys!” he shouted futilely after his rebellious friends, “Come on someone might get hurt!”

“That’s why we have you!” Percy grinned at him over his shoulder, “You’re all the medical help we might need.”

Will sighed and looked up at the trees swaying gently in the early summer afternoon, sunlight breaking in through the branches and dancing on the earth below. Will shifted the backpack on his shoulder and closed his eyes, inhaling the fresh forest air. He could hear the voices of his friends fading in the background but he didn’t mind; they’d come back eventually.

Why am I here? Will questioned himself, and the sad answer that came made the boy open his eyes, shoulders slumping. Because of him.

Nico di Angelo was the new boy who had joined Will’s school a few months ago and who had been ‘adopted’ into the blond’s friendship group. He was quiet and mysterious, but kind and Will couldn’t help but get a crush on him. And yet it was obvious that Nico liked Percy, the popular, straight guy, and ironically one of Will’s closest friends. Everyone always liked Percy. So now, like an idiot, Will had come with the group to the forest, only because Nico was here. Not that it made a difference – the Italian hung onto Percy like a puppy, ignoring the fact that the older boy was with his girlfriend, and Will had no energy to try and direct his crush’s attention to himself.

Something glimmered on the ground, layered with leaves and pine needles, and Will moved towards it, more out of boredom than anything else, his feet dragging. He could still hear laughter in the distance, and splashing as his friends had undoubtedly gotten into the river. The blond stood over what glimmered in the sun and it looked like a piece of metal sticking out of the ground. The boy squatted down and pulled at it.

A key slid out of the ground, dirty and clumped with soil. Will wiped it on his trousers and then examined it, a little curious. It was larger than a normal key and looked incredibly interesting, like a clockwork mechanism, with knobs inside it. The blond turned it over in his hand – he had never seen a key with a mechanism in it before but he honestly had no idea what it would be used for. Still, something compelled him to put it in his bag, just so he could check if it had any value and maybe sell it on EBay later. Then he shouldered his bag and continued on to the riverbank to find his friends.


Two days later Monday morning rolled around and Will finally came to terms with the fact that he wouldn’t get caught for bunking on Friday, since the school hadn’t called his parents yet. He spent the weekend doing homework and moping around, constantly talking to Nico on Whatsapp and listening to him complain about how lovey-dovey Annabeth and Percy are around him, not realising how that affected Will.

It was only when the blond opened his bag to pack his books for the day, still tired and not quite woken up, hair fluffy, that he remembered about the key. It laid at the bottom of the bag, surrounded by dirt, and Will curiously pulled it out. The end looked like it wouldn’t fit anywhere and in his still half-asleep state (Will was not a morning person) he walked over to his walk-in closet and slotted his key into the keyhole, just to see if anything would happen, and he turned it.

The click that sounded surprised Will and he tried the doorknob – his closet was locked  when it hadn’t been before. The key had locked it. Since Will could remember, that had never happened as the key to the closet seemed to have been lost before Will’s family even bought the house. The blond swallowed and twisted the mysterious key again. Another click, and the door started opening when Will pulled on the doorknob.

He let out a startled yell and stumbled away from his closet as a cloud of smoke exploded out of it all of a sudden, purple, curling up to Will’s ceiling; and there was a shadowy shape among the smoke.

“What the-“ Will’s heart started pounding. There was someone in his closet! Will knew he should’ve shouted for his parents, called the police or grabbed a weapon, but he stood frozen, compelled to watch the smoke clear the same way he had been compelled to pick up the key in the forest.

The smoke finally dispersed and Will saw who stood among it; a boy, a little younger than him, looking as disoriented and confused as Will felt. He had tanned skin and an exotic look about him, his head a mass of little brown curls. His huge, brown eyes and slightly pointed ears made him look a little like an elf. He was skinny and short, dressed in an orange hoodie and leggings of all things, his small feet bare. He stared at Will in shock, and Will stared back.

“Who the hell are you?” the boy asked finally, breathless, pressing himself against the back of his closet, “Where’s my master?”

“Your master?” Will blinked, confused, “What do you mean? What are you doing in my closet?”

“You summoned me,” the boy said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He looked around the closet and the racks of Will’s clothes on either side of him, and he looked vaguely scared, “Where’s my master? Where’s George?”

“George?” Will asked with a frown.

“George Washington. Where is he?” the boy demanded. Will was starting to think this was some fucked up and well executed joke.

“George Washington died in 1799,” he said carefully. The boy’s eyes widened and for a second he looked utterly and hopelessly heartbroken. Will flinched at the raw emotion in his eyes but then the boy looked down and swallowed.

“He still had one wish left...,” he whispered to himself, and Will had no idea what he meant, “What...W-What year is it?”

“2018,” Will was peeved out and anxious, though he didn’t know why, “Listen, I just found this key in the forest and suddenly you’re in my closet...err, who are you, exactly?”

“Oh,” the boy looked up and offered Will an uncertain smile, “My name is Leo. I’m a genie.”

“Genie? Like Aladdin?” the blond was sure he was going crazy.

“What’s Aladdin?” Leo asked.

“Oh. Um. Don’t worry. So you grant wishes?” Will asked, thinking I’m insane, I’ve lost the plot. Leo smiled brightly.

“Yes! I grant my masters three wishes and I...I suppose you’re my new master.”

“No, no, I’m not anybody’s master,” Will said quickly, “I’m just...Will.”

“Will,” Leo smiled and the soft way that he said the blond’s name made him shiver, “I’m your servant, Will, until you use up your three wishes.”

“M-My three wishes?” Will asked, confused. Leo’s smile widened.

“Yes. I’m here to grant you three wishes – anything you want; power, wealth, love. I can give you anything you want.”


Leo blinked, surprised at the question, “Um...I don’t...I suppose it’s just something I was created to do.”

“So...,” Will didn’t understand why he wasn’t questioning what Leo was telling him; he didn’t believe in magic...but the boy had appeared in his closet out of thin air, and Will couldn’t explain that in any way, “You served George Washington.”

“Yes,” Leo’s shoulders slumped a little, “He asked me to give him power over all of America, and so I did. But he had one more wish left...,” he looked around the closet again, “And I don’t understand how I ended up here.”

“You’re in England,” Will said.

“O-Oh...,” Leo exhaled, “I just...I thought he’d come back. At least the last time...,” he shook his head and a bright smile appeared on his face, “But that’s in the past now! What would you like your first wish to be, Master?”

Will winced, “Don’t call me that please.”

“Well, what would you like me to call you?” Leo asked.

“Just Will is fine,” the blond said.

“Will!” his mum shouted from the kitchen, “Will you’re going to be late for school!”

“Shit,” Will swore and looked at Leo. How the hell did he explain having a boy in his closet to her?! “Is there any way that you can get out of here?”

“No,” Leo sighed, “I mean, I can, but I can only go out a few meters from the key.”

“I can’t take you to school with me...,” Will bit his lip.

“Just turn the key and I disappear,” Leo offered, “I live in the key most of the time but I appear behind any door you open with that key. It fits everywhere,” he winced, “Just please don’t force me to appear in a cupboard or a tiny space.”

“No, of course,” Will said quickly. Leo smiled sweetly.

“Great. So, would you like your first wish, Will?”

Will swallowed. He could make any wish he wanted, if only to see if Leo was the real thing. His first thoughts were obvious; peace, to end world hunger, to make everyone happy. But he had a feeling it wouldn’t be as easy as that. He puffed out his cheeks and then exhaled. The face of the boy he liked so much appeared in his head. He knew it would be selfish, but he had two more wishes to fix the world..., “Could you...could you make someone fall in love with me?” he asked, and then quickly shook his head, “No. Forget that. I don’t want to force him into it...,” he bit his lip, “Could you...could you change me, to be what the person I like wants me to be?”

“Is that your first wish?” Leo asked calmly.

“Yes,” Will said, feeling a bit stupid. Leo smiled.

“Picture the person you like in your head,” he instructed, and Will did just that. Leo lifted his hand and for a second the blond thought he would laugh and say you’ve been pranked! But instead the same purple smoke that had come out of the closet minutes ago now shot out of Leo’s hand and slammed into Will’s chest. The blond stumbled back, and although it hadn’t hurt, it felt weird.

“Done,” Leo said. Will scrambled to the mirror, but he looked exactly the same – his curls not quite looking the way he wanted them to, his freckles standing out against his tanned skin, his school uniform a little rumpled.

“Nothing happened,” he said, feeling disappointed.

“It’s going to take a little bit,” Leo said.

William!” his mum shouted from downstairs, annoyed, “School! Now!”

“Take the key out,” Leo said helpfully.

“Right,” Will still didn’t know what the hell was going on but he walked up to the closet, “Are you...will you be okay?” Something flickered in Leo’s eyes but he smiled and retreated into the back of the closet.

“Yes. Perfectly fine,” he said. Will nodded and bit his lip.

“Right. I’ll...I’ll see you after school.” He closed the cupboard and turned the key, before taking it out. His heart pounding he opened the door again – Leo and the purple smoke was gone and so Will grabbed his backpack and ran out of the house.


Will felt weird all day at school. He had maths the first period and he sat next to Annabeth, feeling like there was an itch under his skin that he couldn’t get to. He felt anxious, remembering his stupid wish and the whole encounter with Leo, wondering if he had hallucinated the whole thing.

“Are you okay?” Annabeth asked next to him, her eyes worried, “You seem agitated.”

“I’m fine,” Will smiled and it was a little forced. The girl frowned.

“Have you...dyed your hair?”

Will blinked, “No? Why?”

“I don’t know your hair’s looking kind of dark. Must be the light.”

Will didn’t pay attention to her comment until after the lesson finished and he was packing his books away. Annabeth had already gone to catch up with her boyfriend and so Will was alone when three giggling girls approached him.

“Hey Will,” they said.

“Uh...hi,” Will smiled at them, surprised because he had never spoken to them before.

“We just wanted to say that we like what you did with your hair,” they said. Will blinked and subconsciously touched his curls. He had no idea what he did except not brush his hair that morning.

“Thanks,” he said. They giggled and walked out of the classroom. The second they left and Will was all by himself he reached for his phone and turned on the camera app, heart pounding. He gasped when he saw himself; his normally golden hair was now streaked with black. He looked like some guy from 2006 that had gotten highlights, “Fuck,” he whispered, not understanding what happened. He shoved his phone back into his pocket. The late bell rang for second period, forcing the boy to swear again.

He burst into the hallway and headed for his English class. His English class that he had with Nico. He swallowed, and suddenly it all made sense – this was his wish coming true. Nico liked dark haired boys like Percy, and so Will’s hair was changing to black. He couldn’t help but regret his wish but he pushed it to the side as he walked into his English class, making right for his seat in the back.

Nico was already sitting down and he looked up, uninterested, and blinked in surprise when he saw Will, “Shit, you dyed your hair.”

“Um...y-yeah,” Will touched his curls self-consciously again, “It’s not...uh, permanent but you like it?” his heart was pounding. Nico shrugged, looking back to his book.

“Yeah, it’s alright.”

Will’s heart twisted and he sunk into his chair. He was an idiot – changing his appearance wouldn’t make Nico forget about Percy and consider him. I’m a hypocrite, Will thought as the teacher walked in, Nico is chasing somebody who will never love him, but I’m doing the exact same thing. He rubbed a hand down his face, unable to concentrate. His body felt warm and he kept shifting in his seat, uncomfortable as the lesson dragged on.

“Are you okay?” Nico whispered at one point, “You’re acting weird.”

“I’m fine,” Will said quickly.

“You don’t look like yourself,” the Italian said. Will’s head snapped to look at him and he suddenly felt nauseous. Nico’s eyes widened, as if the blond’s sudden movement had startled him. And suddenly Will just wanted to get out of there, he didn’t want Nico looking at him in this state, didn’t want to be here.

He jerked to his feet and shoved his books into his bag, “Will?” the teacher stopped mid-word, looking concerned as the whole class turned to see what the commotion was about. Will’s body felt alien as he clumsily slung his bag over his shoulder and ran for the door. He needed air, he needed water, he needed to get out.

The hallways were, thankfully, empty. Will didn’t know where he was going and he distractedly wondered if he was having a panic attack. He saw the door to the men’s bathroom and his body just took him there. He spilled inside, gasping for air, and dropped his bag to the floor. His body felt numb and he turned on the tap and splattered cold water onto his face, panting. He didn’t know what was happening.

He looked up at the mirror above the sinks and his whole body froze.

Staring back at him was a stranger. His hair lost its curl and now fell flatly around his face, completely black. It didn’t sit still though, shifting constantly around his face, growing shorter. That wasn’t what scared him though – what scared him was the fact that his face wasn’t his; his freckles were gone, his eyebrows darker, his eyes a peculiar shift between green and blue. His nose was longer and his jaw more defined-

He was turning into Percy.

Will’s knees shook and he slid into a crouch, gasping. An invisible fist clenched around his heart and he tried to breathe but it was impossible. Be what the person I like wants me to be...he had thought that maybe he’d be a little more muscular, a little taller, than he would maybe become a little more conventionally handsome. But no, Nico didn’t want him to look a little different, he wanted him to look like Percy.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, Will swore at himself. He should’ve brought Leo’s key with him so he could reverse the effects of his wish. Could he even do that?! He had no idea and that terrified him. He was stupid, dabbling in this. All he knew was that he needed to get out of there, go home and fix this. He stood up again and pulled a hoodie from his bag. He tugged it on and pulled the hood over his head, and returned to the hallways, that were still empty.

He walked out of school, not caring if the teachers thought he was bunking.


The key turned in the closet and Will jerked it open, coming face to face with Leo, who looked like he had just been snapped out of sleep. The boy looked at Will – who now looked like Percy’s clone – and blinked.

“Oh. Hello Will.”

“Fix it!” Will yelled, and the genie flinched, making Will feel a little bad.

“Not what you expected?” Leo asked, “Sorry, that’s not my magic’s fault, it’s the fault of the boy who you like.”

“How do you know it’s a boy?” Will asked, breathless from sprinting home.

Leo shrugged, “Just seemed like it was a you mind if I get out of the closet?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” anger evaporated out of Will and Leo’s presence seemed to calm him down. He stepped away and allowed the genie to walk out into the room. Leo exhaled and stretched and looked around curiously. Suddenly the blond wondered how real he was – if he touched Leo would it be like touching air? Was Leo an apparition, a ghost?

“I can reverse your wish if you’d like,” Leo said, turning on his heel to look at Will. His feet touched the ground as if he were a normal boy, “It won’t take up your second wish, so you’ll still have two left.”

“I don’t know if I want to use them anymore,” Will said hesitantly. Leo’s shoulders slumped.

“Oh. What...What are you going to do with me then?” he asked, “I just got out of the key I thought that maybe...maybe I would be able to hang around for a bit before being locked away for a hundred years again,” he laughed but it sounded so sad that Will’s heart twisted.

“You’re welcome to live here for a bit.”

“What?” Leo asked, surprised.

“I’ll let you out of the closet whenever my mum isn’t home. We could even go outside, if you’d like,” he said. The sparkle that suddenly appeared in Leo’s eyes made Will’s heart pound.

“You’d do that?” the genie asked softly. Will nodded.

“Yeah. Of course. Just reverse my wish, please.”

“Oh yes, of course,” Leo turned to the side and Will swore he saw tears in his eyes when he clapped his hands. Smoke exploded from between his palms and filled the room for a split second, tickling Will’s nose, and then it was sucked out of existence.

The blond threw himself to the bathroom and to the mirror and exhaled in relief when he saw his own, imperfect face staring back at him. He returned to the room and smiled sheepishly at Leo.

“Thank you. Sorry for shouting at you earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve had worse,” Leo said lightly, plopping down on Will’s bed before collapsing backwards on it, “Ah. It feels so nice to actually lie down.”

Will grinned, “Glad you’re enjoying yourself,” he sat down in his desk chair, not wanting to touch Leo in case it freaked the boy out, “so how many people have you served before.”

“Ugh,” Leo groaned, “More than I care to remember.”

“Anyone interesting?” Will questioned, curious about this weird, magical being that was currently inhabiting his room.

“I’m not sure which of them are famous,” Leo said, “but the ones I do know are Edward Teach...I think his nickname was Blackbeard, and Vlad the Impaler, William Shakespeare-“

“Wait,” Will gaped at him, “William Shakespeare?”

“Yeah,” Leo sat up and grinned.

“There’s this controversy that some of his works were written by a ghost writer...”

“That’s me,” Leo’s smile widened as he pointed at himself.

“Wow,” Will breathed. This was the most insane thing that he had ever experienced; it felt like he was simply talking to a normal teenage boy in an orange hoodie, and yet this person in front of him wasn’t even a person, but a mythical, powerful creature who was a thousand years old and could grant wishes. Wow didn’t even cover the half of it.

“So, who’s this boy you’ve fallen in love with?” Leo asked with a lazy grin. Will felt himself blush.

“I wouldn’t call it love,” he said quickly, anxiously, “’s just a crush, that’s all.”

“So why waste a wish on him?” Leo questioned.

“He...Nico, he’s in love with this other boy. Percy. Like seriously in love with him,” Will sighed, “and Percy’s straight.”

“Ouch,” Leo winced and nodded as if he understood. Will wondered if genies could fall in love, wondered if there were more genies than just Leo. He started making a mental list of questions to ask the genie.

“I think that maybe if Nico got over him and went for me then maybe...,” he sighed, “Maybe we could both be happy, I guess.”

Leo looked a little sad as he looked at Will, “You seem like a really selfless guy.”

“I’m not,” Will said immediately.

“Humble too,” Leo winked. Will rolled his eyes,

“Stop teasing. So how does the three wish thing work?” he wanted to change the subject.

Leo blew a curl out of his face, “Well, you get three wishes. No time stamp, you can use them whenever, with years in-between and summon me in between as much as you want. However the moment you use your third wish I disappear into the key and you can’t call me up anymore.”

“Oh,” Will said, “Well, then I won’t use my third wish.”

Leo smirked, “Aw, it’s almost like you want to keep me around.”

“Will!” the blond’s mum shouted from downstairs, “Come down for dinner!”

Will sighed, “I have to go. Feel free to...,” he gave a vague wave at the room, “Just relax.”

“I could just go back in the key,” Leo said softly, and he sounded so small all of a sudden. Will’s swallowed.

“No. No it’s alright. Nobody should come in here so just...,” his eyes landed on his laptop and he grabbed it and offered it to a confused looking Leo, “Here, you can look some stuff about 2018 and George Washington up on Google.”

“Google?” Leo asked, blinking. Will smiled.

“Alright, take your time and try figure it out,” he said. Hesitantly Leo reached out and grabbed the laptop. So he can touch things, the blond thought and released the laptop, going downstairs and leaving the genie in his bedroom.


Nico: I just dont understand why i always fall for straight guys

Will sighed and looked at his phone. Over at the desk Leo laughed at a YouTube video he was watching, a bright grin on his face. Will’s mum had the night shift and so Will and the genie were alone in the blond’s bedroom. It took Leo four days to finally find YouTube and since then he had watched dozens of videos.

Will glanced up from his phone and looked at Leo’s narrow back. He looked so real, and Will had to fight the urge to touch him – would he be cold? Warm? What would his skin feel like? Hurriedly the blond looked back to his phone with guilt and typed out a quick message to Nico.

You: theres loads of gay guys that would love to be with u

He waited for the reply, and continued glancing at Leo, who seemed oblivious to it, just watching the laptop screen. It was weirdly nice to be spending Friday night like this; Will didn’t know how lonely he felt normally until he had Leo around all the time. The genie had been present in his life for over two weeks, and honestly Will loved it. He loved seeing Leo’s awed reactions when he took him on the tube, and showed him Trafalgar Square and how far technology had gone since the last time he had been around, always keeping the key that imprisoned the boy in his pocket. Even just hanging out like this was genuinely, surprisingly nice. His phone pinged and the boy looked down.

Nico: yeah but none of them are Percy L

Will sighed and locked his phone, tired of having the same conversation with Nico over and over. Leo paused the video and spun around in the chair, giving Will a pointed look, “It’s him again, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Will mumbled, “He’s going on about how much he loves Percy again.”

“I’m sorry,” Leo winced, “You don’t deserve to listen to it, especially when you’re in love with him-“

“I’m not in love with him,” Will said automatically. Leo shook his head.

“What about another wish?” he asked, “One that could maybe help?”

“Like what?” Will asked dejectedly.

“Like have him forget about Percy,” Leo offered softly. Will sat up, his heart skipping a beat. He looked at Leo’s serious face and he exhaled.

“You could do that?” he asked. Leo nodded. Will bit his lip. Would it make Nico happier if he stopped chasing a boy who would never love him? Would it make him love Will? “Then do it.”

Leo slipped off the desk chair and padded over to the window. His fingers skimmed the window and it frosted over with purple ice that soon turned to water and dripped down the glass. Will watched this, holding his breath.

“Done,” Leo said softly. Will nodded slowly.

A few minutes later he decided to go to sleep. No new messages came from Nico and Will guiltily locked Leo off in the key again – something he wished he didn’t have to do, but a random boy in his room would be hard to explain to his mother if she were to check up on him in the morning – and settled down to sleep.

Nico didn’t message him for the rest of the weekend.


Will slid into a seat next to Nico on Monday with a smile, “Hi,” he said. The Italian looked at him and offered him a warm smile back.


Will was surprised that his heart didn’t stutter or start pounding or anything. The usual look of depression was gone from the Italian’s eyes – clearly Will’s wish had worked – and yet the blond felt weirdly...neutral about the whole thing. There was none of that desperation that he usually felt around Nico, the one that made him want to wrap the boy up in his arms and kiss him. I have a chance now, the blond thought.

“How was your weekend?” Will asked, pulling out his books.

“Good I...,” Nico bit his lip, “I don’t like Percy anymore.”

Will’s heart jumped, and he feigned surprised, “Oh. Why?”

“I like someone else,” Nico admitted. Will looked at him, his stomach in nervous knots. He thought he would’ve felt more excited, but maybe that would come after Nico confessed to him...the Italian’s eyes slid to the front of the class, to where Jason Grace sat, “I have the biggest crush on Jason.”

Will’s heart fell, “What?”

“Yeah,” Nico rested his chin on his hand and smiled softly, “He’s so gorgeous.”

“He has a girlfriend, Nico,” Will said in shock. Nico sighed.

“Yeah. I know.”

“You’re not serious,” Will whispered, “are you actually going to go through all this again?”

Nico glared at him, “I can’t help who I like,” he snapped. Will turned away in disgust. He couldn’t do this anymore.


He didn’t summon Leo for four days, because he was just so angry and frustrated. But as another weekend rolled around, Will started feeling guilty. And lonely. He missed Leo’s snarky and sarcastic remarks, his easy sense of humour and the way he always managed to make Will’s day better. Besides, it wasn’t the genie’s fault that nothing was working out for the blond.

So on Friday night Will came upstairs from eating dinner and slotted his key into the door to his room. When he opened it Leo was standing in the middle of the bedroom, looking pissed, arms crossed over his chest.

“Hello arsehole,” he said. Will sighed.

“Sorry. I needed to think,” he walked inside.

“Let me guess the wish didn’t work?” he asked.

“He fell in love with another straight guy!” Will groaned, slamming the door closed and leaning against it with a sigh.

“The guy doesn’t like you,” Leo said sharply. Will winced.

“I know.”

“Then why do you keep trying?” Leo demanded, “You’ve wasted two wishes on him.”

“I know.”

“Then why Will?” Leo was really angry, his cheeks flushed, “You don’t even love him! So why are you putting so much effort into someone who doesn’t appreciate you?! You’re a bloody idiot!”

“I fucking know!” Will exploded pushing himself off the door, and glaring at Leo. It’s not his fault, it’s not his fault, he told himself, but he was just so frustrated and the months of trying to push down his emotions were coming back to slap him in the face, “What am I supposed to do?!” he demanded, and Leo took a hesitant step back, his own anger melting away, replaced by fear. Will was too furious to care as he towered over the small genie, “If you care so much about my love life then give me somebody that loves me!”

“What?” Leo asked softly, confused.

“Go on! I bet you can’t do it,” Will was never spiteful, and he felt unlike himself, “Make someone who loves me appear in front of me right fucking now!”

Leo dropped his head, “Is that your final wish?” he asked softly. Will knew that if he used it Leo would disappear but right now he was seeing red. The world was just so fucking unfair.

“Yes, that’s my final wish!” he yelled. He saw the tears flickering in Leo’s eyes when the boy turned his face away, lifting his hand, and pointing at Jason with an open palm. Purple smoke erupted from his skin and shot upwards, breaking over the ceiling and raining down in small sparkles.

Leo stood there, eyes squeezed shut, looking like he was prepared for something horrible, his hand curled against his chest. He hadn’t disappeared and in that moment Will’s anger all evaporated, and he was filled with instant regret, his shoulders slumping.

“Leo,” he whispered helplessly. He was hit with so many emotions and he waited for Leo to start fading, for something bad to happen, but the genie just opened his eyes and he looked at Will uncertainly. Then he looked down at his hands, as if shocked to still be there.

“I didn’t disappear,” he whispered.

“Why are you still here?” Will asked, and his heart pounded. Make someone who loves me appear in front of me right now. That’s what he had said; there was nobody here except him and Leo, and the genie hadn’t disappeared back into the key, “Leo,” Will whispered, not knowing what to say.

“I don’t...I-I...,” Leo looked around as if trying to find the escape route, his hand subconsciously reaching up so he could tuck a curl behind his ear, his cheeks flushed. It was painfully obvious, the way he looked, Will had seen that look on Nico’s face a hundred times – the look when you care for someone who will never want you.

“Are you in love with me?” Will asked, helpless, a sudden desperation to simultaneously know the answer, and press a hand over Leo’s mouth to never know it. He was scared of a no, more scared than he had ever been with Nico. This was different, this was so, so different. Time itself seemed to come to a stop and Will held his breath.

“Yes,” Leo whispered, barely audible, staring at the floor.

“Can I t-touch you?” Will asked, overwhelmed, “ that even possible? Are you real?”

“Y-Yeah I’m real,” Leo looked up and then quickly dropped his gaze again. Will stepped closer and his hand trembled when he lifted it up. He stopped with his fingers inches from Leo’s face, just hesitating, and he inhaled as he slowly, slowly laid his hand on the boy’s cheek.

The genie gasped, his eyes fluttering shut. He felt surprisingly...normal. Warm...soft...Will held his breath again as his fingers ever so slowly slid over the curve of Leo’s cheek, down his neck. The genie shivered. The sparkles disappeared from the air

“You feel...,” Will didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to think. His brain shut down completely and he was only listening to what his heart was telling him.

“I should’ve returned to the key,” Leo whispered, still lost in disbelief. Will shifted closer to him, only inches between their bodies. Warmth radiated off the genie, warmth Will hadn’t expected. He lifted his other hand and cupped Leo’s cheek in it.

“Look at me,” he whispered. Leo did, his warm brown eyes looking upwards. The lights in the room flickered and then dimmed, and there was such fear and uncertainty in Leo’s eyes that Will just knew he had to do something.

He leaned down and captured the genie’s lips. Leo completely melted in his arms upon first contact, falling against Will, his hands coming to grip the blond’s shirt. It felt so right, that everything else Will had done up against that point seemed wrong. He forgot everything; he forgot Nico, and Percy, and Jason, and his mind filled with Leo, Leo, Leo.

He pulled the genie closer, his arms wrapping around his waist, their kiss growing more passionate though it remained innocent and sweet, but tinged with desperation. Will was terrified that Leo would just disappear out of his arms, that he would return to the key and the blond would never get to hold him like this again. He pulled away slightly, pressed his forehead against the genie’s, stroked his cheeks, his hair, kissed the corner of his mouth. And Leo just looked so awestruck.

“I didn’t disappear,” he kept whispering. Will wanted to tell him that he was sorry, that he loved him too, but he couldn’t find words, “Will, why didn’t I disappear?” Leo clung onto the blond, “It’s n-never happened before...”

“I don’t care, just don’t go,” Will whispered feverishly.

“I need to know,” Leo slipped out of his arms and turned to the door leading to Will’s hallway, “I need to know that if you turn the key I won’t disappear,” he went for the door, and then both of them realised. Will’s eyes widened, his heart jumped in his chest.

“It’s gone,” he whispered, shocked, “The key’s gone.”

Leo reached out and touched the empty keyhole where the key had been only moments ago. Will couldn’t stand it, couldn’t stand being away from Leo. He closed the space between him and the boy, turned Leo around, kissed him again.

The genie seemed to break then; his arms came around Will’s neck and he dragged him down, kissing back feverishly, his mouth sliding against the blond’s as if it was meant to be there.

“I’m free,” he whispered, pulling away, and there was such exhilaration in his voice that Will couldn’t help but smile. And then Leo smiled too, and then they were both laughing against each other’s mouths, laughing and kissing.

“I love you,” Will murmured, and he meant it. He really, really meant it. Leo brushed the blond’s curls from his face, then he sniffled, and started to cry. Will pulled him into his arms and stroked his hair, waiting for the boy to stop crying. Then he pulled away, “Alright, come downstairs so I can explain to my mum why there’s a random boy in her house.”

Chapter Text

Ethan and Luke stand trial in the Underworld. The judges debate about throwing them both in the Fields of Punishment but Ethan keeps begging for Luke to be sent to Elysium and Luke does the same for Ethan, leading to them fighting loudly right in court. The judges have enough and kick them both to Elysium to get rid of present and future annoyances since they are eligible to go there anyway. Ethan and Luke have their smutty happy ending.
For yeah-boi

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Ethan had sat in this room for what seemed like forever, bored out of his mind. He had first awoken here how long ago? He had no idea. One moment he was dying in the arms of Percy Jackson of all people after having been stabbed with a piece of his own sword right in the stomach, and then he was here, in this room, sitting in this vaguely uncomfortable chair, surrounded by shadows. He was not hungry or thirsty or tired, just bored, waiting and waiting for what simultaneously felt like an eternity and only one second.

Why was he here? And where was here? It was nowhere really. It wasn’t the Field of Asphodel or Tartarus, but it wasn’t Elysium either. And Ethan was seriously starting to get ticked off. Is this what came after death? He wanted answers but no matter how many times he shouted at the swirling darkness around him nobody ever answered him. Fucking Gods.

Nothing changed, ever. Ethan just sat in his chair, still dressed in the tattered and scratched armour that he had wore while fighting in his last battle, blood staining his stomach, though his wound had gone. Ethan felt no pain. He felt nothing, really, except irritation.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a chair appeared next to Ethan’s, after what seemed like years of Ethan being alone. The Asian’s heart started pounding in his chest – finally something was happening, “What the-,” he whispered to himself and then a flash of light made him stumble back.

Desperate breathing filled his ears before his eye adjusted to the darkness of Nowhere again, and when it did, his stomach clenched. Luke – his best friend, his companion, the boy who had stood at his side through the battle with Kronos – was sitting slumped in the chair. His hair was sticking to his sweaty, dirty forehead and his clothes were soiled with blood and dirt. His eyes were wide with shock and his hands scrambled at his side where there was a large, crimson, stain. It was unlike any way Ethan had ever seen Luke before; he was not the same guy who was the strong, fearless leader of a monster army. He was just a scared Demigod.

“Luke,” Ethan whispered, but the other boy seemed to be in a world of his own, his breath sounding like he was on the verge of a panic attack. Ethan knew exactly what Luke was feeling; moments ago he had undoubtedly died. That’s why he was here, “Luke,” Ethan said, more firmly, standing in front of his friend.

Luke’s eyes snapped upwards and widened, “E-Ethan?” he whispered shakily.

The Asian forced a weak smile, “Hey.”

Luke jerked to his feet and hurled himself at the smaller boy, wrapping his arms around the Asian. Ethan wasn’t fond of affection, and he didn’t know how to comfort anyone, but right now the son of Hermes’ touch felt like comfort all in itself for Ethan, who had been alone for Gods know how long. He pressed himself into the shaking boy who held him close, enjoying his firmness and warmth. For the first time in ages, he felt safe.

“I-I died,” Luke whispered, and he sounded like a small child, so scared, “I-I died a-and it hurt and I-I was so scared-“

“Shhh,” Ethan clung onto him, never expecting that he would be the one to be strong for Luke, “It’s alright. You’re safe now. You’re okay,” he exhaled, “I’m so happy to see you.”

Luke pulled away and some of the fear had disappeared from his eyes, “Gods...,” he whispered, searching Ethan’s face, “I didn’t think...I didn’t think I’d ever get to see you again.” Luke smiled at him, and suddenly all the feelings that Ethan had repressed for the blond back on earth came flooding back. All the fondness and attraction and adoration that the Asian had to ignore due to the war...but now was not the time to allow those feelings to take over. Luke pulled away from Ethan and looked around the shadowy, dark Nothing, “What is this place?”

“I don’t know,” Ethan admitted, “I’ve been here...,” he frowned, “Actually I don’t know how long I’ve been here for.”

Luke frowned and turned to him, “Ethan,” he said softly, growing more stable, “You’ve only been dead for a few minutes.”

“What?” Ethan whispered faintly. Pain flashed across Luke’s face.

“Ethan...your body is still lying where you died. I saw it only moments ago.”

Ethan felt completely detached. Like he wasn’t himself, “O-Oh,” he whispered. Why had it felt like he was in the shadows for eternity then?

A distant rumble sounded, making Ethan’s head to snap up. Luke looked around, confused, and the rumble grew louder. Ethan felt anxiety in his body as he looked around the shadows, trying to understand what was happening. Were they in hell? Were they about to be tortured?

Suddenly a throne erupted from the ground, forcing both Luke and Ethan to stumble back.

“What the-,” the Asian gasped as suddenly Hades appeared in front of them. He looked emotionless as ever, sitting in a huge, regal throne, its arm-rests embedded with skulls and bones. His wife, Persephone, stood next him, glaring at Ethan and Luke, her hand placed on her husband’s shoulder firmly.

“Hades!” Luke exhaled, “Finally!”

“Silence,” Persephone barked, her face twisted in anger, “Your trial is about to begin, Demigods.”

Ethan looked confused, “Trial?”

“To decide whether you will be going to Tartarus or Elysium, or perhaps even the Fields,” Hades didn’t look particularly excited about doing this, “See, the Gods couldn’t quite come to a consensus about what to do with you two since both of you have done equally good and bad things, and now we are here,” he sighed, “May I present your judges.”

The wind in the nothingness picked up suddenly and Ethan and Luke shifted closer subconsciously as the smoke whirled around in a small tornado, before clearing to reveal two more thrones to Hades’ right. Sitting next to the King of the Underworld was yet another King – a silver helm over his face, a thick, black fur cloak over his shoulders and a heavy sword in his massive hand. The aura radiating off of him was one of power. The person next to him was more terrifying though; it was a woman, her skin paper-white, her face tattooed with intricate designs. Her eyes blazed red and there was a smile on her dark lips. She wore a long, black dress that somehow merged with her equally long hair. She held a spear in her hand, appearing ready to use it, and to Luke’s dismay there were real crows circling over her head, cawing menacingly.

“Nakamura. Castellan,” Hades looked annoyed to be in the same place as the two newcomers, “These are the Celtic Gods of Death; Arawn-“

“King Arawn,” the man next to him rumbled in a deep voice, not moving an inch. Ethan flinched next to Luke.

“King Arawn,” Hades seethed, “and she is The Morrigan.”

“This will be great fun,” the woman’s – The Morrigan’s – voice was heavily accented and full of eerie glee as she looked over the two boys.

“Are they judging-,” Ethan started.

“Silence,” Persephone snapped.

“This is Anubis,” Hades said, gesturing to the side. Luke and Ethan turned to look and both jumped, Ethan letting out a startled noise as they found yet another ‘judge’ standing next to The Morrigan, as emotionless as if he were a statue. He looked like an Egyptian Pharaoh, except where his face should’ve been there was a black dog’s mask, “The Egyptian God of the Dead.”

“What is going on?” Luke whispered under his breath. Ethan was so close to him that they were almost touching. The sound of a horse galloping echoed in the shadows and Hades sighed.

“And that is the Dullahan, courtesy of the Irish,” the God didn’t seem happy about it. Just as he said that a black horse appeared out of the darkness. Luke couldn’t help but think Is a horse going to be one of our judges? But then he saw that there was in fact a rider on the horses back. A headless rider. His heart jumped to his throat. The Dullahan was galloping right for the boys and upon instinct Luke grabbed Ethan’s arm and jerked the boy behind him, wanting to protect him from this monster that was approaching. But the Dullahan came to a surprisingly smooth stop next to Anubis, who didn’t even flinch, his horse tossing its mane. It had no eyes, as if they had been gouge out. Ethan shuddered, just as a woman slid from the horse behind him.

The smell of decay filled the air and Luke gagged while Ethan started coughing. It was clear that the stench was coming from the woman, who looked beautiful at first glance, but upon further inspection proved to be...rotting. She was like a walking corpse, her pale hair floating around her equally pale face, maggots crawling in holes on her neck, her eyes misty as if she spent too much time in her grave. Ethan felt nauseous and slid his cold, clammy fingers sliding into Luke’s.

“And who is that?” Luke asked, trying to breathe through his mouth.

“Kalma,” The Morrigan wrinkled her nose and a raven landed on her spear, the rest of them starting to circle over the new girl’s – Kalma’s – head,  as if they smelled fresh meat, “The Finnish goddess of death and decay. Lovely to see you, as always, haven’t heard of the shower yet?”

Kalma hissed at her in a language that Ethan didn’t understand. Suddenly the whole place blazed bright blue and a pentagram appeared in the shadows.

“Ah,” Hades seemed bored then, “and this is-“

“The Grim Reaper,” Luke whispered and Ethan swallowed when he looked at the new creature; tall, cloaked, a terrifying scythe in his hand. Silently the Grim Reaper pulled his cloak to the side and from it came a woman – her skin was brown and leathery, her body dry and shrivelled up, her cheeks sunken, her eyes beady as they took in Luke and Ethan. She walked out from beneath the Reaper’s cloak...and pulled a donkey out after her.

“Alakshmi,” Persephone said dryly, “How nice,” she looked at the boys, “The Hindu goddess of death.”

The tall, foreboding figures stood in a solemn semi-circle around the two boys, and Ethan’s hair stood on end as dread poured over him. His heart started pounding as he took in the people in front of him.

“Can someone please tell us what the hell is going on?” Luke demanded, irritated now.

“Patience, boy,” Arawn snapped, and Hades glared at him.

“Ooooh, whose this...,” the raspy low voice made Ethan jump and he whirled around, just like Luke, to see where it was coming from. Another voice sounded, this time a laugh, and three entities materialised next to Alakshmi.

They were huge, dwarfing the shrivelled up woman next to them even more. They were humanoid, but monstrous at the same time. Winged, grotesque, with bright yellow eyes and huge mouths filled with sharp teeth. They all laughed mockingly at Ethan’s and Luke’s fear.

“They’re scared!” one chirped, and the remaining two laughed.

“They’re the Shinigami,” Hades said, “the Japanese Gods of Death. Now we’re almost all complete-“

Another throne materialised at the end of the semi-circle suddenly, and the bearded, armoured man that appeared on it was weirdly familiar. He looked grand and powerful despite his old age. By his sides were three silent, winged and armoured women – the Valkyries.

“Odin,” Hades stood, “Our final judge. Perfect. Let’s begin the trial.”

“Wait, wait-,” Luke started.

“Luke Castellan,” Hades boomed, towering over the two boys. It was intimidating and terrifying, to be surrounded by so many Death Gods, “Ethan Nakamura. This is the war trial for your souls.”

Luke and Ethan exchanged a scared glance, and the Asian was glad that Luke was holding his hand. He was scared and yet he didn’t want to show it.

“Nakamura,” Hades barked, “Since you died first we will now make a recollection of all your sins and then you can make your case in front of the judges.”

To Ethan’s surprise the Grim Reaper stood up and with a raspy, growly voice that was definitely not human, it said, “Your first sin; self mutilation.” A glowing white line – a tally - appeared in the air, hanging above the death gods. The Morrigan looked like she was enjoying herself, while the Shinigami giggled among themselves, the voices grotesquely human when coming out of their monster mouths.

The scar that had once been Ethan’s eye gave a phantom ache and the boy tensed. To his surprise Luke stepped forward and crossed his arms over his chest, “Objection!”

“Excuse me?” Odin boomed, and his Valkyries all reached for their swords.

“That’s not a sin,” Luke said confidently, completely shocking Ethan. The boy had no idea how the fuck the blond was so...not intimidated by so many Death Gods staring down at him, “He did that for his mother, a goddess.”

“He has free will,” the Reaper rasped.

“He was young,” Luke deadpanned, “and confused, and lost, and thought his mother hated him. She took his eye and never gave him back anything in return. You can’t blame him for what he did,” he paused and raised an eyebrow, “Besides, where in the ten commandments does it say that self-mutilation is a sin?”

The Reaper faced him for a moment, and Ethan could feel the coldness radiating out of the black hollow where its face should’ve been. Then the Reaper raised his scythe and swooped it over Luke’s head. The one tally mark of Ethan’s sins disappeared, and the boy exhaled as the Reaper floated back into line. Hades’ eyes narrowed, and Persephone stepped forward.

“Your main sin,” she hissed, “is joining the Titans against the Gods,” she lifted her hand and the tally mark appeared again. Ethan winced, “However,” the woman rolled her eyes, “During your first fight with Percy Jackson you asked him to kill you, in the true fashion, with honour of a true Greek. So,” she waved her hand again and a second tally appeared on the other side. Ethan glanced at Luke, his heart pounding, “For now it’s a draw between your bad and good deeds.”

“Hold up,” Luke interrupted. Kalma hissed in annoyance but the blond ignored her, “Doesn’t he get a ‘good’ point, or whatever that is, for betraying Kronos?”

“That’s...,” Persephone glanced at Hades. The Morrigan snickered. Odin sighed,

“That’s a fault,” he said, “it’s not honourable to betray your leader.”

“Not when your leaders a cunt,” Luke said simply. Alakshmi coughed into her wrinkled hand in a typical grandmotherly fashion and her donkey let out a snort. Without a word Hades lifted his hand and a second tally appeared next to Ethan’s ‘good’ deeds. 

“Hmmm...,” one of the Shinigami rumbled.

“You stabbed Annabeth Chase,” another hissed. Ethan couldn’t deny that, though he was sorry.

“I regret it,” he says. The Morrigan laughed.

“Oh he regrets it,” she mocked.

“But she didn’t die,” Luke argued.

“Oh whatever,” Hades growled, “next.”

Luke smirked.

“That’s all,” Arawn snapped. The Gods and the Demigods alike looked up at the floating tallies. It was two to one for Ethan’s good deeds. The boy exhaled in relief and gave Luke a thankful smile, but the blond wasn’t looking at him, staring right at the Gods. It was obvious it was his turn next. Ethan’s tallies disappeared.

“Castellan,” Hades sighed tiredly, “Now let’s make a list of your sins.”

Alakshmi turned her cold eyes on the blond and both the boys shuddered, “You ran away from your mother and broke her heart,” she croaked, and a tally appeared over her head.

Ethan saw Luke tense. He would’ve thought he’d be too scared to address the Gods that could turn him to dust with a wave of the hand, but right now he knew he had to defend Luke. He stepped forward without even meaning to.

“She was insane,” he said.

“Oh here we go,” Persephone groaned. The Morrigan looked like she was enjoying herself, lounging on her throne, her ravens having left the foul-smelling Kalma alone and perching on the back of the chair.

“It was Hermes’ fault,” Ethan said, despite shaking with fear.

“Eth,” Luke whispered, and offered the boy a tight smile, “It’s fine.”

“We can’t deny that the Godly parents of the Greek Demigods have ruined the lives of their children some,” Odin offered. Persephone scoffed and Hades glared at him.

“How’s Thor doing, Odin?” it was Arawn who spoke, leaning forward in his seat. The Gods all snickered, except for Anubis who remained unmoving. Odin clenched his jaw and leaned back in his throne.

“But you are right,” Hades said reluctantly, “the Gods have made their mistakes.”

The tally disappeared, as did some of the tension in Luke’s shoulders. Ethan wanted to touch him, or hold his hand, or something.

“Besides,” Ethan blurted, “He took care of both Thalia and Annabeth-“

“No,” Persephone rose, fuming, flying forward, murder in her eyes, “No! He did more wrong than good!” Ethan flinched, “Betraying Percy Jackson! Attempting to murder him with the use of a scorpion. Raising Kronos from the dead and supporting him. Resulting in the death of Charles Beckendorf,” tallies started appearing in the air like crazy, “Stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt and almost starting a Godly war! That is all enough to have him sent to Tartarus!”

“No,” Ethan was getting angry now too. He wouldn’t allow Luke to be condemned, “He was controlled by Kronos for the majority of it and he killed himself in order to save everyone else-“

“Suicide is a sin,” the Grim Reaper rasped.

“He was promised Elysium!” Ethan exploded, frustrated.

“Ethan,” Luke said gently, touching his wrist, “It’s okay.”

“Enough,” Anubis shocked everyone by speaking, and his voice was surprisingly warm and kind and gentle. Ethan blinked, calming down, “Let us move onto the verdict.”

“Right, yes,” Hades said, “Let us vote.”

“I say send both of them to the Fields of Asphodel,” Odin said dismissively.

“No,” Ethan blurted, and a few of the Gods groaned, “Luke deserves to go to Elysium!”

“If either of us deserves it, it’s you,” the blond said immediately.

“Shut up!” Arawn growled, raising his sword.

“Let them,” one of the Shinigami said.

“Yesss, send them both to Elysium,” the second agreed.

“Elyssssssium,” the third hissed. Ethan didn’t care about anything then, grabbing Luke’s hand. The blond squeezed his fingers.

“Elysium for the blond,” Alakshmi said, “Fields for the dark haired one.”

“Oi!” Luke broke away from Ethan, “Listen lady!”

“Luke, leave it!” Ethan grabbed his sleeve.

“Tartarus,” the Grim Reaper said gravely.

“Asphodel,” Kalma hissed. The Dullahan nodded.

“No! Ethan deserves Elysium!” Luke yelled, and there was so much passion in his voice that it scared Ethan. He didn’t think the blond cared so much, “I don’t care where you want to send me, you can throw me into the deepest pits of hell for all you want! But Ethan deserves to be happy at least once in his life-“

“Stop it!” Ethan hissed. He didn’t want to go to Elysium, not without Luke. He grabbed the blond’s hand and forced him to face him, “You deserve it more than me, you’re amazing, you stood up to Kronos-“

“So did you!” Luke interjected.

“Shhh, shut up,” Ethan begged, squeezing Luke’s hand, “Please. I want you to be happy. I don’t care, I can be in the Fields, I don’t-“

Luke leaned forward and kissed him, silencing the boy’s argument. Ethan gasped, his heart jumped in his chest. He heard the Morrigan squeal and Persephone groan in annoyance. Luke drew back, his blue eyes pierced Ethan’s, and the boy couldn’t breathe. He just wanted Luke, he didn’t care where – Asphodel, Tartarus, Elysium, he just wanted Luke.

“Oh fine!” Hades yelled suddenly.

And the world went black.


The light filtered in through the window and Luke blinked the blurriness from his eyes, confused about where he was. It took him a moment for his senses to return, and he began to try and figure out what exactly had happened. He was laying on a bed, a soft, fantastic bed, facing a window. Outside the glass was a string of Chinese lamps, giving the otherwise dark room a gentle red glow. It was night was night time, but where?

Luke sat up, disoriented, and looked down on himself. He blinked, surprised to see that his dirty, stained armour had gone and now he was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. He touched his face, and it felt smooth and clean, as did his hair. A soft whimper next to him made him look down and his heart jerked in his chest when he saw that Ethan was sleeping next to him, though he had started to stir. The blond’s heart started to pound when he looked at the boy, frowning as he started to woke up. His dark hair was not matted anymore, but fluffy and clean, and his face was spotless. More importantly his eye-patch was gone, and both of his eyes were healthy.

He opened them then, dark and confused, and sat up, looking around as if not quite understanding where he was. The covers pooled around his waist, and he was dressed in a weirdly flattering long-sleeved black v-neck.

“Luke?” he whispered, inches away from the blond, looking lost, “Where are we?”

Luke reached up with a trembling hand and brushed his fingers over Ethan’s cheek, just to ensure the boy was real. He felt warm, and soft. And perfect. Suddenly everything made sense and Luke understood where they were.

“This is Elysium,” he murmured, and leaned forward to kiss Ethan. He just needed to do it, needed to feel the boy against him.

“Luke,” Ethan pushed at his chest before their lips could meet, and he was blushing, “Why...,” he didn’t finish, looking down.

“I wanted to do it forever,” Luke whispered, cupping Ethan’s cheek and stroking it softly, “Since the Princess Andromeda, since even before that, but Kronos...he was just making me push everyone away. I didn’t know what my own heart wanted.”

“Wait, what>” Ethan shook his head, “It’s too much to process.”

Luke grabbed his shoulder and forced him down, so both of them collapsed on their sides on the bed, facing each other. Ethan still looked really lost and kind of scared. The blond pulled him close, wrapping both his arms completely around the boy. He didn’t let Ethan speak as he kissed him, slow and soft, and felt relief when the boy melted against him after a moment of tension. He kissed back, slowly, his lips brushing against Luke’s. Music drifted from outside, soft, calming music, and then laughter as someone walked into a house on the streets. Luke didn’t care as he lost himself in Ethan’s warmth and his wet mouth. It didn’t feel like they were dead, in fact Luke couldn’t remember the last time he felt so alive.

Luke cradled Ethan as if he was something precious, which honestly, he was to the blond. It was the first time that Luke had ever felt completely weightless and relaxed – there was no alliances to worry about, no war. It was kind of hard to believe and it made Luke weirdly intoxicated.

Suddenly Ethan pushed against Luke, forcing him onto his back and climbing on top of him. The blond was surprised by the sudden movement but he didn’t care because the feeling of having Ethan on top of him was amazing. The Asian grabbed his face and kissed Luke with passion that ignited a fire in the blond’s stomach. His hands moved by themselves, sliding up Ethan’s legs that were on either side of him, over the boy’s arse, resting in the dip of his waist. The tension of being judged by the Gods of death, the tension of dying, was finally getting to both of them and coming out in their movements. It was as if they couldn’t bear to let go of each other.

Luke shifted so he was sitting up, Ethan straddling his lap, and his fingers slipped beneath the boy’s fresh shirt, touching his warm skin. The Asian shivered, shifted closer, gripped Luke’s face, gasping softly against his mouth. Then Ethan pulled away from Luke’s mouth so he could kiss all over his face, down his neck. The blond stroked his skin underneath his shirt.

“Eth?” he asked.

The boy drew back and brushed his hair from his face, “Shit. Sorry. I couldn’t control myself for a second there.”

Luke smiled, “You look different with both eyes.”

Ethan looked away, looking vaguely grumpy, “Well, yeah, that’s the point,” he grumbled, and tucked a piece of hair behind his ear, “ that...a good thing?”

“Yes,” Luke said, “Gods, yes.”

He pulled Ethan forward roughly and they kissed again, and then both of them were tugging on each other’s clothes, pulling shirts over each other’s heads. Luke wanted to drink in every inch of Ethan’s milky skin but he was just too desperate. His mouth found his way all over the boy’s naked torso – his collarbones, nipples, stomach. Ethan’s heavy breaths turned into little gasps, his fingers slid into Luke’s hair.

“Fuck me,” he said suddenly, and Luke’s head snapped up in surprise. Ethan’s eyes were half-lidded and dark, “Gods, just fuck me.”

Luke pushed at him, arousal suddenly rushing through him. Ethan tumbled backwards onto his back, his legs automatically wrapping around Luke’s waist, and the blond pinned his wrists to the bed, sucking a hickey into Ethan’s neck. The boy moaned and it just pushed Luke to touch him more. He scrambled for the boy’s trousers, pushing them down his legs, and his hand came around to palm at the Asian’s butt.

“L-Luke,” he gasped, writhing on the blankets, “Just do it.”

“No I need to prepare you,” Luke whispered feverishly against Ethan’s skin. The boy whined, and when he arched his back Luke felt his hardness rub against his stomach, which just made him more aroused in turn. He had no idea how he had managed to keep his eyes off Ethan so long.

“This is paradise,” Ethan whispered, grabbing Luke’s face again and forcing him to look at him. He was so blushy and breathless and beautiful that Luke’s breath caught in his throat, “I’m ready. Just go. I need you.”

Luke couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He was so in love with Ethan and he just wanted to make the boy happy. He also wanted to fuck him, really, really bad. So he did. He pulled the boy’s underwear off and, encouraged by how hard the boy was, he grabbed his own leaking cock.

“You sure about this?” the blond asked.

“Shut up, Castellan,” Ethan growled. Luke grinned, leaned down to kiss him and nibbled on the boy’s bottom lip as he positioned the tip of his cock against the Asian’s hole, and he began to push. Ethan’s legs tightened around him and his head fell back against his sheets, gasping, his thighs shaking, “O-Oh,” he whimpered, “Gods.”

“No,” Luke grinned, trying to keep his urge to just slam into the boy at bay, “Just me.”

Ethan rolled his eyes but then that look melted off of his face when Luke continued to slide into him. His eyes fluttered shut and his mouth parted in a helpless, soft moan as Luke bottomed out inside him. The blond hoped he didn’t finish too soon because he wanted to hang onto this moment for eternity, wanted to hang onto Ethan’s facial expression, the way his passage was clenching around his cock. And then he realised that he could – because he and Ethan would be here together for all eternity, forever, in paradise. Together.

“I love you,” Luke blurted, Ethan opened his eyes, and frowned, his hand coming up to caress Luke’s cheek.

“Why do you look so sad?” he whispered, letting out little desperate puffs of air, “Everything’s fine now isn’t it?”

Luke leaned down and pressed his forehead against Ethan’s, not moving at all inside the boy, just keeping him in his arm for a moment. He needed it, needed to just drink up the boy’s presence, his warmth. They were safe, they were real.

“I love you,” Luke said again and nudged his nose against Ethan’s. He never got so sentimental, ever, he always had a wall of humour up but now it seemed to crumble away. This was all he ever wanted, not what Kronos had promised him. He just wanted to be able to protect Ethan, to keep him safe.

The Asian leaned up a little and pecked Luke on the lips. The blond snuggled into his shoulder, “Are you alright?” Ethan asked. Luke exhaled against his skin.

“It’s just...a lot,” he admitted. Ethan didn’t impatiently urge him on the way he normally did, instead he cradled Luke closer, his legs still loosely wrapped around his waist, “I just died what feels like moments ago.”

Ethan kissed his temple, beneath his ear, his cheek, and then he turned the blond’s head so their lips could meet again. Luke relaxed against the boy, the memory of his death fading away in his mind. His cock twitched inside Ethan and he slowly, slowly pulled out, only to push back inside him.

Ethan pulled away from his mouth and his head fell against Luke’s chest, “F-Fuck,” he whispered, fingers digging into the blond’s arms. Luke repeated the movement, deliberately keeping it slow so he himself didn’t fall apart, but also so he didn’t hurt Ethan. Not that the Asian seemed to be feeling any pain; in fact his head fell back against the pillows and he let out a pleasurable moan that Luke obviously wasn’t meant to hear.

The blond pulled away so he was sitting back, gripping Ethan’s pale thighs as the flushed boy looked at him with half-lidded eyes, “L-Luke,” he whispered, voice twined with arousal and frustration, “Just fuck me.”

A wave of lust rolled over Luke and he grasped Ethan’s legs in his hands, throwing them over his shoulders and leaning forward, driving his cock inside the Asian almost violently. The boy’s mouth fell open in a shocked, silent moan and his eyes widened, but Luke didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath as his fingers dug into the boy’s hips and he thrust inside him again. Ethan’s back arched, his hand scrambled for purchase on the sheets.

“G-Gods,” Ethan whimpered, biting his bottom lip. Luke drank in the sight of him greedily as he established a pace – not too fast, but hard, ramming his member deep inside the boy with each thrust. The son of Nemesis writhed on the bed, hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, his collarbones flushed, “Gods Luke-“ The blond leaned forward and bit the Asian’s shoulder to muffle his own moan, “Oh my God,” Ethan cried out, loud and desperate and perfect, fingers twisting in Luke’s hair and tugging hard enough that the blond felt a delicious shock of pain go through him, adding to the pleasure he was already feeling. Ethan’s hot passage clenched around him, his legs tightened on his shoulders. Just from looking at him, Luke knew that Ethan was close, and so was he.

Luke somehow managed to coordinate himself enough to reach down and wrap his hand around Ethan’s dick, which was as pretty as the rest of him, “N-No. No,” Ethan grabbed his wrist with his free hand, the other one twisting in the sheets, “I-I’ll come-“

“So will I,” Luke’s voice was hoarse as his thrusts got sloppy. He felt dizzy with pleasure and this was the first time he was having sex with someone he truly cared about. He leaned down, so his chest was almost pressed to Ethan’s, the boy’s legs forced further up, giving Luke better access to his hole. The blond connected their mouths in a sloppy kiss and he briefly wondered if he should’ve asked if it was alright to come inside Ethan, but then his pleasure reached a climax and he couldn’t even think about pulling out. Pleasure crashed over him and he tensed, his cock twitching and spilling inside the boy.

He collapsed onto the Asian, cradling him clumsily in his arms as he tried to catch his breath, his body shaking with the aftershock. The dark-haired boy was whimpering, burying his face in Luke’s neck. The blond didn’t even know if his partner had come until he became aware of the wetness against his stomach where he had leaned against Ethan.

“Luke,” the boy whispered after what seemed like an eternity.

“Hmmm?” the blond murmured.

“Get off. You’re heavy.”

Luke rolled his eyes and slipped out of Ethan, flipping off of him and laying on his back next to the other boy. They just stayed there for a moment, naked, catching their breath, bathed in the warm, red light from the lanterns outside.

“So. We’re in Paradise,” Luke said after a moment. He didn’t know what to say now that the desperation of the whole situation had passed and he realised what he did – he fucked the boy he loved, but he also fucked his best friend. And now there was tension between them. Ethan remained silent so Luke turned his head to look at him and his heart clenched when he saw the boy, looking all soft after his orgasm, appearing on the verge of tears, “What’s wrong?”

“We could’ve ended up in the Fields,” Ethan whispered, “Or in Tartarus. But we’re here, in this house,” he sniffled and looked at Luke, “it’s our house, Luke. You know that, right? Our house.”

Luke knew that, he felt it somewhere inside him. It made him happy to know that his place in paradise was with Ethan. He shifted across the bed and wrapped his arms around the boy, pressing against him, kissing his naked shoulders and arms.

“Are you going to say it back?”

Ethan still seemed half in shock, “Say what back?”

“That you love me too.”

Ethan nudged his nose against the other boy’s jaw, “What if I don’t?” he asked softly.

“I’ll go back to the judges and tell them to take you to the Fields,” Luke teased. Ethan smiled, kissed him. The blond didn’t think it was possible to be happier than this. Ethan proved him wrong with his next words;

“I love you too.”

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Kinky, consensual (bonus with kidnapping-fantasy roleplay if you like to raise the bar higher) Will x Nico fic where Nico loves teasing a helplessly naked, tied up, gagged and blindfolded Will, making him writhe and beg for mercy in vain, and Nico is into some serious orgasm denial and dirty, whispery sex talks 
for shen

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When Will woke up, all he saw was darkness, because he was blindfolded. His eyes shifted anxiously beneath the material, and he swallowed, but when he tried to move he found that his arms were pulled over his head, and tied to what seemed to be a headboard. When he shifted he felt that he was lying on a soft mattress.

“W-What the...,” the boy whispered to himself, and tugged uselessly on his hands. They were firmly tied together, though his legs were free. The air in the room was cool and it brushed over Will’s naked body, making his hair stand on end. The blond started breathing harder, but he couldn’t see a thing. He struggled, tried to free himself, but it was impossible. His heart started to pound in fear. He let out a frustrated noise when his bindings held fast.

“Shhh, none of that now,” a silky, smooth voice floated from the darkness and Will stiffened, looking around, his heart stuttering in his chest, “You don’t want to hurt yourself.”

“U-Untie me,” Will demanded.

“It’s alright baby, I promise you’ll enjoy this,” the voice sounded closer now and Will flinched when he felt calloused fingers caress his cheeks. He gasped and tensed, turning his face away.

“Don’t touch me,” he whispered, and his voice sounded more scared and shaky than he would’ve liked. He wasn’t used to this; being tied down like this, completely out of control. The fingers from his cheek disappeared only to wrap around his neck and roughly push his head down onto the bed. Will inhaled sharply but the air didn’t reach his lungs as the fingers tightened around him neck.

“Don’t speak to me like that,” the voice, so silky until that point, turned low and growly. Will whimpered, and a shiver went through him. The hand slipped away and the blond panted for air, squirming on the bed.

He felt a weigh settle over him and the bed dipped slightly. He let out another helpless whimper – he couldn’t help it, the fact that he couldn’t see anything was making him feel completely out of his depth. Breath ghosted over his neck and Will shivered.

“W-What are you going t-to do?” the blond asked, sounding tiny.

“I’ll make you feel real good,” the voice replied and Will could hear the smirk in it. He turned his face away, biting his lip and squeezing his eyes shut underneath his blindfold. He jumped when he felt soft, gentle lips press beneath his ear and let out a little, startled moan. He felt the mouth smile against his skin, and then travel down his neck.

“S-Stop,” the blond tried to squirm away, but it was useless – he couldn’t go anywhere.

“Don’t try to get away from me,” the voice whispered, and teeth nibbled on Will’s ear-lobe. His breath stuttered in his throat and his toes curled; the touches were feather-light and barely-there but they still made blood rush south, and it annoyed Will. He shouldn’t be getting hard over this. When he felt hands resting on his naked hips he gritted his teeth, “Someone’s getting excited,” the voice teased.

“S-Shut up,” Will stuttered.

Suddenly the mouth became rough and insistent on Will’s neck, all the gentle teasing gone. The blond threw his head back against the pillow, a surprised moan spilling from his mouth. The lips sucked on his neck and Will trembled, his breathing high-pitched and desperate when he felt teeth scraping his skin. He didn’t want to like it, but he did. So much.

The hands on his hips travelled downwards and pushed Will’s legs apart forcefully. Cold air hit Will’s naked chest as the man shifted away from him, and then he felt that mouth on his skin again, this time on the inside of his thigh.

“What are you doing?” Will gasped.

“Marking you,” the smirk was back in the voice, “So everyone knows you’re mine.”

The man threw Will’s leg over his shoulder and then sunk his teeth unceremoniously into the tender skin of the blond’s thigh. Will chocked on a moan, his back arching, his binds straining. The pain that shot through him fizzled into pleasure as a soft, wet tongue lapped at the bite mark. Will was honestly getting uncomfortably hard at that point.

“N-Nico,” the blond whispered shakily.

“Oi,” Nico growled, biting playfully at Will’s thigh, “Shhh,” he surged back upwards and his breath ghosted over the blond’s lips, “Didn’t know you’d want this so much,” he teased.

Will turned his head away, “I-I don’t,” he lied, fingers gripping at his silky bindings, “G-Get away from me.”

“None of that now,” Nico grabbed his face and roughly turned Will’s face, giving him one, dominating, hot kiss, before pulling away just enough so their lips were barely brushing. Will’s cock throbbed and subconsciously he tried to lean up for a proper kiss, but Nico disappeared completely.

“W-What are you doing?” Will kept asking it because he couldn’t see anything, though he could feel Nico’s eyes on his naked, hard body and it was making him feel exposed and vulnerable.

“Stop asking questions,” the voice was back to being silky and seductive, and Will felt fingertips sliding from his chest down to his stomach, light, but enough to make the blond’s whole body shudder. He bit back a noise of pleasure and forced himself to not arch up into Nico’s hands. He had to be strong. He didn’t know what to expect.

And suddenly there was something hot and wet sliding against his cheek and he opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on. Nico took the opportunity to push his hard cock into Will’s mouth. The blond inhaled sharply, shocked, but there was nothing he could do – he let out a muffled moan, and Nico just pushed his cock deeper inside. Will’s toes curled and tears sprung to his eyes behind the blindfold, and he tried not to gag.

“Shhhh,” Nico murmured, stroking Will’s face gently, “That’s right...good boy...mhmm, you’re so good baby,” he pulled his cock free of Will’s mouth and the blond gasped for air, Nico slicking his lips with precum.

With no warning he grabbed Will’s hair in his hand and jerked his head back. The pain shot through the blond and made his own cock throb, “Open your mouth,” Nico growled and there was nothing the blond could do but follow the instruction, his lips parting to let the man’s dick back inside.

Nico started off slowly, moving Will’s head in slow, languid movements, pushing the boy’s head onto his cock, but then he just opted to hold him in place and started to fuck his mouth. The blond’s arms ached and the fact that his head was partly pulled up meant that the muscles in his back hurt, and he decidedly liked the pain too much. Nico’s cock slid over his tongue, hit the back of his throat, hot and twitching. Will couldn’t breathe, tears slid from his eyes and his whole body was so tense he feared he might explode.

“Gods,” Nico’s voice was laced with pleasure as his hand tightened in Will’s hair, “you look like an angel and yet you’re such a good, dirty slut for me.”

He pulled his cock free and Will gasped for air desperately, his whole body slumping against the bed. The blond was dizzy and aroused and he didn’t know what he wanted anymore. Nico caressed his face and his constant alternating between being gentle and rough was driving Will insane.

“You’re such a good boy,” Nico cooed, nudging Will’s legs apart as he sunk between them again, “Such a good, good boy,” the blond felt himself blushing and he finally stopped breathing hard. Nico grabbed his legs, and then threw both of them over his shoulders. The fact that Will couldn’t see him was making everything so much more intense. Nico’s breath ghosted over his navel, his hipbones, his thighs, but he was deliberately ignoring Will’s hard, aching cock.

Gods,” the blond cried out suddenly because he felt something wet and warm wriggle against his hole. He hadn’t expected it and it made a wave of heat rush through his body, which jerked in response to Nico’s intruding tongue, “O-Oh God, f-fuck-“

Nico was being gentle again; slowly pushing his tongue in and out of the blond. Will’s shoulders trembled, uncontrollably, and he felt like he was moments away from a breakdown. His whole body was in some much pleasure that he knew he wouldn’t last longer.

“No,” he whined, clawing at the binds that kept him from grabbing Nico, “N-No stop...Gods...”

Nico licked him as if he was some delicious ice-cream, lazily, and the blond was feeling light-headed, almost drunk. His legs tensed and tightened around Nico’s shoulders and without meaning to he pulled the man closer to him, wanting the tongue deeper inside him. He just needed more, he couldn’t stand the teasing. And yet for his body it was enough – his stomach was all in knots, and tense, and the heat that was gathering there would soon enough burn through Will’s entire being.

“N-Nico,” he whined again, helpless, “P-Please...I-I can’t...I-I’m gonna...”

Nico withdrew his tongue and pulled up. Will had been so close. He whimpered, pressing the side of his face into the pillow, tears burning his eyes. Nico’s mouth was on his neck then, kissing a path up to his ear.

“You look so good right now,” he praised, “so close to coming. I love seeing you fall apart.”

“F-Fuck off,” Will hissed, even though he knew he shouldn’t have said that.

Nico’s reply was to shove two fingers inside him with no warning. They were wet, though Will hadn’t heard the man lube them up, but that didn’t take away the burn and slight pain of the sudden intrusion. Will’s body convulsed and he choked on a sudden, shocked sob that spilled from his mouth at the onslaught of pain and pleasure that rocked through his body.

“O-Oh Gods...O-Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck...,” he moaned, thrashed on the bed, and Nico fingered him almost violently, the digits ramming themselves into Will, over and over, accompanied by a wet squelching noise. Being tied up was making Will crazy, and the fact that he was completely at Nico’s mercy made him fall apart.

“Are you going to talk back again?” Nico growled, somewhere above him. Will’s breathing was desperate, he gulped air as if his lungs would stop working any moment, his hole clenching helplessly around Nico’s abusing fingers, “Are you?” the man demanded.

“N-No,” Will sobbed, “N-No, p-please, I-I...I...,” he shuddered. Nico’s mouth was back on him then, and his fingers retreated from Will. He kissed the blond’s cheek.

“Good boy,” he murmured warmly, and thrust his hard cock inside him in one powerful thrust.

Will came, just like that, his orgasm hitting him with such intensity that the blond was sure he blacked out for a moment. He shivered, over and over, weak little whines coming from his mouth. Nico continued to caress him through the afterglow, Will’s oversensitive body throbbing with pleasure.

“You shouldn’t have come,” Nico told him sweetly, and then proceeded to start pounding into Will.

The blond’s body couldn’t take it – every feeling was intensified, and Nico knew exactly where Will’s prostate was. He wasted no time with any more foreplay or teasing, just driving his cock forcefully into the boy, over and over. Will wanted to tell him that he couldn’t take it, that the pleasure was too much, but all he could do was sob and shake against the bed, his hands slumped in their bindings.

“Oh yeah that’s what you wanted,” Nico growled possessively, fingers digging into Will’s legs, which were still thrown over his shoulders. He was breathing hard, and that just turned Will on more. The blond felt like a puddle of pleasure, like he couldn’t move anymore. Nico didn’t slow down, not for a second, abusing Will’s body. The blond fell silent, just sobbing quietly, trying to hold himself together for Nico. It was impossible; Will was sure he was going to pass out from how good it felt.

Nico’s thrusts faltered, “Hey-,” he said, and there was worry in his voice.

“Keep going,” Will whimpered. The fucking grew even more vigorous and Will knew he would be raw and bruised in the morning.

“Fuck,” Nico growled above him, and then feverishly muttered against the skin of Will’s neck, “You’re the only one for me. I will only ever want you,” his grip on Will’s legs tightened painfully. The blond cried out and he felt Nico’s cock jerk inside of him as the boy came inside him with no warning.

They gasped for air together, shaky.  

Then the blindfold disappeared from Will’s eyes, just like that. The lights in the Hades cabin were dim, but they were still too bright for Will, who buried his face in the crook of his arm and waited for his eyes to adjust. Nico was still fucking him, but a lot more slowly now, the thrusts shallow. Finally Will blinked and pulled away from his arm to look up at Nico.

The boy was all darkness and muscle and lust, but there was a tenderness in his eyes when he gazed down at Will, his hair mussed. He kissed the underside of Will’s knee gently. The blond had trouble catching his breath.

“I-I’m fine,” he whispered, because he knew it was what Nico needed to hear. The boy leaned down and captured Will’s mouth with his own, pulling his limp cock from the boy’s hole. Cum trickled down Will’s thighs when his boyfriend let his legs slide from his shoulders. The kiss was warm and loving and everything Will wanted right now.

“I’m sorry if I went too far,” Nico whispered against his lips, reaching up to undo Will’s bindings. The boy’s arms slid down around the Italian’s neck, aching, and the blond smiled contently. Will’s fingers slid into his boyfriend’s hair and he was more than happy to touch him again.

“You didn’t. It was hot. Really hot.”

Nico smiled and kissed his boyfriend again, “Yeah. It was. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so helpless before.”

“Mhmmm, felt good,” Will hummed, “I feel like I have no bones in my body though.”

“Good,” Nico kissed his jaw, “Happy anniversary.”

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Can you do a prompt where Will gives Percy a check-up and discovers signs of abuse?
For V

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Will was flicking through some documents he had filled out about Paolo and his arm re-attachment surgery when he heard a commotion outside the medical bay. He frowned and glanced around the cabin itself – for the first time in forever it was empty, and since nobody usually came in during the evenings Will had hoped he’d have a peaceful night. Still, the doctor in him made him walk outside to see what was going on and if somebody was hurt.

He was surprised to see that all the noise was coming from a bickering Annabeth and Percy by the front steps – the girl was behind the son of Poseidon, pushing him roughly in the direction of the bay, though the boy was refusing to budge, hissing at her under his breath to leave him alone.

“Uh...guys?” Will asked, and both the Demigods froze, “What the heck are you doing?”

Percy looked up and a brief look of something flashed across his face that made Will feel unsettled – something was wrong. Of course something was wrong, nobody ever came to the bay unless something was wrong.

“Will!” Annabeth brightened up and took her hands off Percy, “perfect! I brought Percy in for a check up!”

“Check up?” Will asked, puzzled. The son of Poseidon glared at the girl.

“Annabeth’s just being over-protective,” he snapped, “I’m fine, I don’t need a check up.”

“Yes he does,” Annabeth rolled her eyes and looked at Will, “He’s been wincing all day – he probably got hurt during training and is pretending he’s indestructible as always!”

“It’s just a few bruises!” Percy yelled, and there was none of his normal humour in his voice. He seemed agitated, and that worried Will. Honestly the blond cared about the son of Poseidon more than he should’ve, “no need to make a big deal out of it, happens to everyone.”

“It could be serious,” Annabeth said, “what if you broke a rib? You usually never let your pain show-“

“I’m fine,” Percy said, roughly and angrily. Annabeth blinked in surprise.

“I think Annie’s right,” Will said, reading the situation easily. Something was wrong, something more than just a few bruises. The blond had a bad premonition that it had to do with Percy’s less than likeable boyfriend Luke, “A check up won’t do you any harm.”

“I don’t need it,” Percy said desperately, and shrugged Annabeth’s arm off when she tried to nudge him towards the bay. Will faked a smile.

“Doctor’s orders, now get in here.”

Percy exhaled in annoyance but he knew if he put up any more of a fight this would start looking suspicious. Bloody Annabeth. Bloody him for not putting up a better facade. He gave the smirking girl a glare and dragged himself past Will, into the medical bay.

“Alright,” the son of Apollo closed the door behind him and Percy settled on the edge of one of the beds, “So what’s up?”

“Nothing, just training,” Percy said immediately.

Will grabbed a clipboard and glanced at Percy from it, “Who were you training with?”

“Jason. It got a bit rough.”

“Right,” Will nodded and scribbled something down, “So what hurts?”

“Nothing hurts,” Percy said. Will raised an unimpressed eyebrow and stepped closer, almost settling between Percy’s legs.

“Percy, you’re not immune to pain. If you’re in pain just tell me.”

“I’m serious, Will. Nothing hurts,” Percy wouldn’t meet the blond’s eye which actually said a lot. Furthermore his whole demeanour suggested that he was scared or anxious about something. Will never wanted him to look like that and he couldn’t help the worry that burst inside him. He reached out and poked the boy in the ribs at random, and the son of Poseidon recoiled with a hiss, betraying that he was, in fact, in pain.

“Take your shirt off,” Will said, doing his best to remain detached from the situation and keep things casual. Percy’s jaw clenched and the blond gave him an unimpressed look, “I need to assess the damage, and you need to stop pushing yourself just because you want to match Jason.”

Percy exhaled and grabbed the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head with the easiness of someone who was used to undressing. It was a very Percy-like thing, but that’s when that ended. The moment Percy was shirtless the look of anxiety returned and he looked around as if searching for an exit, completely unlike himself, though Will could understand why.

There was no way that the son of Poseidon could excuse the state of himself as a cause of training. Will swallowed as his eyes slid over his torso, and his stomach dropped. Percy’s neck – which was virtually always visible – was untouched, but where the normal hems of t-shirts started was where it all begun. His collarbones were covered in bites – not love bites or teasing sex bites – bloody and angry, clearly placed carelessly, the soft skin around them burning red. Percy’s body was a mess of bruises and even cuts; the bruises ranged in size and seemed to be everywhere, placed without thought as evidence of  what Will knew were hard, quick, angry blows. Some were fading, others healing into yellow and green, but some were fresh, so deeply purple that they looked almost black. It sickened Will, to know that someone had laid hands on Percy in this way.

“T-Turn...,” he cleared his throat, still attempting to keep an air of professionalism about him, “Turn around please.”

Percy wasn’t looking at him as he slid off the bed, his face pale. He knew Will knew. Hell, it was stupidly obvious what had happened and denying it was pointless. The son of Poseidon turned slowly and when the blond saw his back he had to fight the urge to suck in a startled breath. There were bruises on the boy’s hips in the shape of fingers, and more that disappeared below the waistband of his jeans. More cuts, more bites. Will felt himself shaking with anger; he was not a violent person but right now he wanted to kill someone. He always knew Luke was an asshole, and he didn’t just think that because he was in love with the man’s boyfriend – the son of Hermes generally treated Percy like shit even when people were around and Will knew that this was his doing.

“He did this to you, didn’t he?” he asked softly, putting his clipboard down. Percy swallowed and turned to face him, grabbing his shirt.

“I got it during training with Jason,” he said hurriedly, and went to put his clothes back on. Will grabbed his wrist to stop him and the serious look on his face made Percy pause, “S-Seriously,” he smiled weakly, “It’s fine. I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine,” Will whispered, his heart clenching with pain. He couldn’t stand this, couldn’t stand the boy he was in love with being hurt like this.

“I’m into it,” Percy whispered weakly, but even he didn’t believe himself, dropping his eyes to the ground. It was weird – to Will Percy was always the strong, invincible hero who couldn’t be hurt by Titans or Giants or any monsters. And yet one single, cunt of a man made him look like a scared child.

“Stop lying to me,” Will murmured, shifting closer to Percy. He wanted to offer comfort but he didn’t know how, “He hits you.”

“It’s a-alright, it’s fine, it was m-my fault,” Percy pulled his wrist free from the blond’s grip and hugged himself, eyes still firmly on the ground, “And i-it was one time.”

“First of all,” Will was getting mad now, not at Percy though, “This is clearly not a one time thing. You don’t have to be a doctor to see that,” his voice softened, “And please explain to me how this could ever be your fault?”

Percy sniffled, “He got angry at me for training with Jas.”

Will tried to hide his shock, and failed, “He beat you up because you were training with Jason?” he demanded. Percy flinched.

“H-He didn’t beat me up,” he whispered. Will reached out and skimmed his fingers over the bruises over Percy’s ribs. The boy tensed.

“It sure looks like it,” he was trying to be gentle and unthreatening – though how could someone like him, all blond curls and freckles ever be threatening? – but it was hard to keep his emotions at bay.

“I shouldn’t be here with you, it’ll make him mad,” there were tears of panic in Percy’s eyes and he went to pull away but Will grabbed his hand again, “Will,” Percy said pleadingly, looking up at him with teary eyes that broke Will’s heart, “I need to go or he’ll...he’ll...”

“You’re crazy if you think I’m letting you go back to him,” Will said. Percy’s eyes widened, surprised at the intensity with which the blond was looking at him. He dropped his gaze again.

“I...I have to,” he whispered.

“Do you love him?” Will asked. Percy tensed, exhaled shakily, sniffled again. It was silent for a tense, tense moment, and the blond’s fingers subconsciously tightened on the boy’s hand, “Percy,” he murmured eventually, “Do you love Luke?”

“No,” the son of Poseidon whispered brokenly, “I...I don’t think I ever did,” he admitted, and then his face crumbled and he started crying. Will pulled him into a tight embrace without thinking, and held the boy protectively against him. Despite the fact that he and Percy were the same height the son of Poseidon felt tiny in his arms in that moment, vulnerable and helpless, sobbing into Will’s shoulder.

The blond’s heart broke into a million pieces, “He doesn’t deserve you,” he whispered feverishly, keeping Percy close. The boy clung to him, “He shouldn’t have ever put a finger on you.”

Will stroked his back, his hair, and although it felt bizarre to be comforting Percy Jackson, the hero, somewhere deep inside himself the blond knew that it was right, and he wanted, more than anything to stop the other boy from crying.

“Shhhh,” he murmured, and was happy when Percy hugged him back harder and started calming down, “I’ve got you, I won’t let him hurt you, ever, ever.”

“I-I just I-I...,” Percy pulled away and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, “Fuck. Sorry. I didn’t mean-“

“It’s okay,” Will said with a warm smile. Percy looked at him helplessly, not understanding how someone could be so goddamn kind and selfless, “Is Luke in your cabin?”

“Yeah,” Percy sniffled.

“Alright, I’m going to go speak with Chiron and you wait here-“

“No!” Percy blurted, grabbing Will’s hand before he could turn to the door, “N-No don’t-“

Will frowned, “Percy, he can’t stay there. Not when he’s treated you like this.”

“I-I can’t...I-I...,” Percy was having trouble breathing, “I don’t know to b-be without him, h-he’s always been there I-I can’t just...I c-can’t just...”

“Yes you can,” Will said, and his voice was soft so in a weird way Percy didn’t feel like he was being pressured into anything. Not the way Luke pressured him anyway. The boy shuddered and the thought of returning to his boyfriend, after how caring Will had been, made him nauseous, “You’re Percy Jackson, you can do anything. And...,” Will looked away, “And I can go hang out there for a bit if you don’t want to be alone.”

“How do I break up with him?” Percy asked helplessly, “We’ve been together for so long...,” Will squeezed his fingers and then let go of his hand.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he murmured, “For now I’m going to ask Chiron to make sure he can’t get into your Cabin.”

He left the medical bay and Percy sat down on one of the beds, burying his face in his hands. He felt ashamed, for being weak, for letting Luke treat him like this. When had it started? When did it turn from an accidental push and a slap out of anger into a daily thing? Percy couldn’t remember. And now Will would think he was weak, and Chiron, and all his friends if they found out...Percy sniffled. He regretted ever doing anything with Luke but honestly he had been so young when they first met and nobody but Percy’s mom had ever loved him. The attention and affection Luke gave him at first was addicting...but it was obvious that the son of Hermes never actually loved Percy. He had said so himself multiple times.

Then why am I with him? Percy questioned himself. He wanted Will to come back; Will made him feel safe and cared for.

“There you are.”

The voice made his blood run cold and Percy’s head snapped up. Luke was standing in the doorway of the medical bay, looking annoyed. His eyes narrowed when he saw Percy’s naked chest.

“What is this?” he growled.

“N-Nothing,” Percy’s heart started to pound in fear and he scrambled for his shirt, clumsily tugging it on. Then Luke was suddenly in front of him, his fingers digging painfully into Percy’s wrist. The son of Poseidon winced, “That hurts.”

“It’ll hurt more you little shit,” Luke leaned in close, his eyes blazing with fury, “Who the fuck did you strip for? That Solace kid that you keep eyeing up?” Percy couldn’t find his voice, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you forget your place? Do you think you can just walk around acting like a fucking slut?”

“Let go,” Percy whispered. He was scared, he felt like a little boy, intimidated by Luke’s height and strength. But Will’s face flashed in his head, his soft smile and warm eyes. The boy that Percy had longingly been looking at for weeks, who never made him feel like shit the way Luke did.

“We’re going,” Luke growled, “You’re going to tell him everything is fine and if I ever see you with him again I swear-“

“I said let go!” Percy yelled, suddenly angry. How did he let it become like this?

He didn’t mean for it to happen but suddenly water erupted from the ground, creating a hole in the floor of the cabin. The gush hit Luke square in the chest and knocked him backwards. The blond slid down the wall with a groan of pain and Percy, terrified, didn’t look to see if he got up. He threw himself out of the medical bay, on the verge of a panic attack, and sprinted through the dark strawberry fields.

His legs took him back to his cabin and he blindly stumbled inside, slamming the door shut even though he knew it wouldn’t keep Luke out. He would come, sooner or later, and Percy would be punished for what he did. Sobbing and terrified, the shaking boy climbed underneath his covers and curled up as small as he could, wanting to disappear. He could already feel the phantom feeling of Luke’s hands on him – violent, painful. He buried his face in his pillows and cried, his whole body going into shock.

When the door to his cabin opened he thought he was going to be sick. I want to disappear, I want to disappear, he trembled and prayed that somehow Luke wouldn’t find him here. He was like a child, hoping that his blanket would keep monsters away. He didn’t want it anymore, couldn’t take it anymore.

The gentle hand that touched the top of his head, the only part that was sticking out from beneath the covers, made Percy tense and whimper, waiting for the hit.


It wasn’t Luke’s cold, harsh voice that said his name. It was the warm, comforting voice of Will. Percy sat up immediately, throwing his covers to the side, and saw that the son of Apollo was sitting on the edge of his bed, smiling apologetically. Percy tried to catch his breath and his heart pounded.

“Will,” he whimpered.

“It’s alright,” the blond took his hand and squeezed, “Gods, you gave me a fright. Chiron’s dealing with Luke, he’s most likely going to be expelled from Camp.”

“E-Expelled?” Percy choked out, still in shock over the whole situation. It was too much, too fast. Will nodded.

“Yeah. He’s going to be barred from returning to Camp and the shields will keep him out.”

He’s going away, the thought of the menacing presence of the blond disappearing made Percy slump down in relief and then, without thinking, he climbed across the bed and into Will’s arms, wrapping his own arms around the boy’s shoulders and clinging onto him as he tried to get himself under control. Will slumped against him, also relieved, and held Percy tightly.

“You’re going to be alright now.”

It all happened so fast. This morning Percy had woken up in bed with Luke and gotten a beating for not scrubbing his boots properly, and now he was being hugged by Will, never to see his toxic ex-boyfriend ever again.

“Gods,” he whispered, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Lie down,” Will said gently, “We’ll sort the details out in the morning.”

He nudged Percy backwards and the son of Poseidon did as he was told, settling back underneath the covers, sniffling. Will stood up, tucked one of his curls behind his ear and smiled gently at the boy.

“Night,” he whispered and turned. Percy couldn’t take it.

His hand shot out and he grabbed Will’s hand, “D-Don’t go,” he begged in a hoarse, raw voice, “D-Don’t leave me alone.”

Will didn’t have to be told twice, and he didn’t even hesitate. He went to the door to the cabin and ensured it was locked before he slid into the bed, facing Percy. The son of Poseidon looked a mess, but Will didn’t mind. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around the boy’s waist and pulled him close and, almost as if had been an invitation, Percy settled against him, burying his face in Will’s shoulder.

The blond wanted to tell him then, tell him how much he loved him. Not now, he’s already taken too much today, he told himself. Tomorrow morning he’d confess his feelings, when the emotions weren’t running so high. For now he was content with this, holding the boy he loved and keeping him safe from the man who would hurt him.

Chapter Text

Nico x Leo mafia au where Nico is this dark scary head of the Italian mafia and Leo is his cute little trophy wife whose kind of oblivious to the whole mafia thing. Also can you add smut top Nico bottom Leo and at the end have Leo find one of Nico’s bloody shirts
for Empire_state_of_mind

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Nico di Angelo came from one of the oldest mafia families in America, originating from Italy. The Angelos had been active since the 1800s and by the 1920s had become notorious in all of America though they mostly remained in their Chicago territory.

Nico grow up among gangsters; guns, murder, screaming, it was all part of his daily life and he was never scared of it, even as a child. When he turned fourteen his father, the head of the gang, started bringing him along to conduct ‘business,’ which often included watching as someone got tortured for information. Nico knew why his father did this – someday Nico was expected to become the Mafia boss.

By the time Nico turned nineteen and his father died, he was ready for his role. He was emotionless, detached, had no mercy for the enemies of his family. He inherited his father’s wealth acquired from bootlegging liquor, selling cocaine and extorting money. The Angelos were respected, and had the police, lawyers and governors of Chicago behind them, making them virtually untouchable. They were like Gods, striding down the streets of the city as if they owned it. Which they did.

But there was another side to Nico, the feared leader of the Angelos, the side that nobody go to see but his childhood best friend, lover and ‘wife,’ Leo Valdez.

Leo Valdez was Mexican, and came from a poor, poor family. His mother died early on and when he was six he was taken in by his sour and unlikeable aunt, Rosa. Rosa, ironically, was the maid in Nico’s house. He always hated the woman because she hated all children, so when one day she arrived to work with a little, big-eyed boy, Nico was intrigued.

He quickly found that the angelic-looking Latino was called Leo, and he was not angelic at all, but a massive trouble maker. The di Angelos took to him immediately, feeling that he had a mischief and passion inside him that fit the family. Nico’s sisters especially adored the little boy, no matter how many pranks he played on them. And Nico adored him too, more than he should’ve.

When Leo was sixteen his aunt passed away, and it was no surprise to anyone that Nico’s mother, Maria, decided to take the boy on as a driver. By then Nico already knew that he was hopelessly in love with Leo and his sexual orientation was well known throughout Chicago – his father didn’t care and everybody else was too scared to say anything to him about it at all. Leo was, of course, oblivious. He was also oblivious to all the Mafia business happening around him; the dodgy men in low drawn hats that he drove to the station were ‘family friends’ to him, the crates of bottles and bottles stacked in the cellar that disappeared overnight were something he never saw. He also never saw Nico’s or his father’s or uncle’s split knuckles, or bloodied clothes, or the bruises on their arms from the fights they got into. He didn’t see their guns and their knives, didn’t hear the whispers of the streets.

Nico was determined to keep it that way, forbidding the Angelos from ever mentioning anything about the Mafia to Leo. It was easy at first...and then they had their first kiss, aged sixteen, in the car after Leo drove Nico back home from the station. And then they fucked for the first time, and then they said their ‘i love you’s’ and by then it was too late for Nico to try and gently explain to his lover what exactly he was doing. Then his father passed away from Cholera and Nico became the new boss.


Leo still sometimes questioned why in Chicago, where people condemned homosexuals, he and Nico were allowed to walk the streets hand-in-hand and nobody batted an eye. He used to ask Nico about it, but the Italian always gave him vague answers, and eventually Leo stopped questioning it and just decided to enjoy it. He loved Nico, and Nico loved him, and that’s all that mattered.

Tonight there was a party that all of the di Angelo’s, and so Leo by default, were invited. Since Leo and Nico became ‘official’ the Latino stopped being the driver and now tended to stay at home, working on repairing engines as a hobby, and sometimes gardening. But tonight the whole family – Maria, and Leo and Nico, and Nico’s sisters Bianca and Hazel, and his uncles Hermes and Apollo, and his aunts Artemis and Aphrodite – were driven to the mansion of the mayor by the new driver.

Leo enjoyed it, enjoyed being part of the family, since he had never been able to be part of one before. And Nico was a bonus. Nico was such a bonus. Leo never thought they’d fall in love with each other but now that they were together it didn’t make sense that they had ever been apart.

They walked into the grand mansion together, Leo holding onto Nico’s arm the way he normally did. Both of them were dressed in brand new suits that fitted them perfectly and Leo thought that Nico looked gorgeous, all dark and mysterious and sexy. He, on the other hand, still looked like an over-excited child, not only because of his small size but also because of his wild curls that Nico loved so much that didn’t fit into this classy party.

It was in full bloom when the Angelos arrived; men in elegant suits were spinning beautiful ladies on the dance-floor to the cheery sound of jazz music while others lined the walls or sat on little round tables, talking and laughing over glasses of illegal champagne, picking at little canapés and cakes. The atmosphere was wonderful – intense and buzzing. Leo smiled and leaned into Nico.

“They’re drinking alcohol again,” he smirked, winking. He loved everything that was forbidden, alcohol, Nico, the whole shebang, “Should we get some?”

“No,” Nico said firmly. Leo pouted.

“Aw, someone’s a killjoy.”

“Nico,” Aphrodite teased, walking past with Hazel, “Don’t deny him the simple pleasures of life.”

“Alcohol is illegal, auntie,” Nico replied firmly and amusement flashed across the woman’s face. She shook her head and walked off with her niece. Meanwhile Nico got swarmed by people who came over to greet him and congratulate him on something or other. Back when Leo first started accompanying his lover to these events he used to get shy and anxious and try to slip away, but he quickly learned that Nico wanted him at his side at these times, since he hated speaking to crowds too and having the Latino around calmed him down. So now Leo stayed put firmly, his hand still holding Nico’s.

“Mr di Angelo,” a man said, “how wonderful that you managed to make it!”

A lady leaned into Leo and smiled brightly. She was the wife of the major, Leo remembered, “Lovely suit,” she said in a conspirator’s whisper, “you look absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thank you, love,” Leo winked at her, “You look stunning yourself.”

The lady smiled and pulled away. Nico’s eyes landed on Piper, the daughter of the governor, across the room. She smiled at him and gave a little, dainty wave. Leo turned to Nico, who was listening to one of the older men saying a joke, and stood on his tiptoes to whisper into his ear.

“I’m going to see Piper.”

Nico glanced down at him and nodded and quickly pecked him on the cheek, ignoring the fact that they were in front of so many people. Nobody even reacted, and the man telling his joke continued without a stutter. They were used to it by now.

Leo slipped away from Nico and made his way across the room, to a grinning Piper, “Well hello beautiful,” the Latino teased.

“Lovely to see you, Leo,” Piper smiled, place a hand on his waist as she pulled him in for a cheek kiss. She smelled like roses and looked dazzling in a long, red dress.

“How are you?” Leo asked, and then wriggled his eyebrows, “How’s Jason?”

Piper rolled her eyes, “Wonderful, actually. How’s Nico feeling?”

“He’s feeling fine,” Leo said, thinking that the question was weird.

“Well yes but after the whole-,” Piper started, and then paused, “Actually, don’t worry,” she said quickly, “how have you been?”

Leo let out a happy little sigh, “Good. God, Piper, I’m so good,” the girl’s face lit up brightly and grabbed two tall flute glasses from the tray of a passing waiter, pushing one into Leo’s hand. The boy smiled gratefully and sipped on the alcohol. It smelled nice and tasted bad, but Leo didn’t care – the fact that he was drinking prohibited alcohol was enough to make him buzz, “I’m so happy. I just...,” he looked across the room at Nico, who was still talking to a group of men, “I love him so much,” he whispered.

Piper squeezed his arm, “I’m glad. I’m so glad. You deserve it, Leo.”

They went to dance. Sometimes Leo wished that Nico would dance with him but the Italian disliked it, and besides, it would probably be a little too controversial for even them to do that. So instead he drank some more and met with some of the people he usually saw at these parties, and looked longingly at his lover, wanting to be by his side again. But Nico seemed busy, talking with important people, and Leo didn’t want to bother him. Eventually Aphrodite came to him and told him that Nico went up to discuss some important thing. By then it was past midnight so Leo sighed and decided to return home with the ladies, since he was exhausted.

He laid in bed later, alone and cold, gloomily watching the window and waiting for his man to return. He knew that Nico was an important businessman though he never got the details of what exactly he did, just that it often required him to stay out for hours and hours on end. It made Leo lonely, and he missed his love, his man, his ‘husband’ as they liked to joke. The bed in their mansion was too big for the Latino himself and yet as the minutes ticked by, torturously slow, he fell asleep, hugging a pillow to his chest.


Blood splattered Nico’s shirt as his fist connected with the man’s face. He remembered when it hurt, when the tender skin on his knuckles would split and bleed. But now Nico was used to this, to hurting the people that would try to hurt him, and didn’t even flinch when his fist broke the man’s nose. He made a garbled sound and when he opened his mouth blood poured down his chin.

“P-Please,” he sobbed. Nico grabbed the man’s hair and roughly pulled his head up. Around him were his family and some other mafia members, all glowering at the man. Artemis looked unimpressed, her dress also stained with blood from her own interrogation.

“Where are the guns?” Nico growled.

“P-Please,” the man he was getting information out of was shaking, tied to his chair. This was what Nico had to leave the party for, and he was fucking angry. He had wanted to be with Leo, and this shit had interrupted him, “I-I don’t k-know anything.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me,” Nico seethed. At his side Hermes casually took a knife out of his pocket and twirled it in his hand. The man started crying harder, “Who the fuck did you give the guns to?” Nico demanded, wanting to finish this quickly, “Those Atlantic City fuckers?”

“N-No I swear!” the man said, his eyes wide with fear. Nico gritted his teeth. Bingo.

“You gave it to the Ramirez sisters, didn’t you?” he growled, “The whole batch?”

“P-Please I didn’t mean...I-I didn’t...they forced m-me,” the man was looking for a way to explain himself, but Nico already had the information he needed. He let go of the man’s head and turned to face his family in anger.

“Fuck,” Artemis growled, “Now those bitches have our weapons.”

“It’s fine,” Nico said, and one of his men handed him a cloth so he could wipe the blood off of his hands. There was nothing he could do about his shirt though, it was ruined, “We’ll have another delivery in two days and as for the Ramirez Gang,” he shook his head, “As long as they stay in their territory it’ll be fine.”

“What do you want to do with him?” Apollo asked, gesturing at the sobbing, bloodied traitor in the chair.

“Kill him,” Nico said calmly. He walked past his uncle and out of the door and heard the gunshot ring out across the top floor of the house. He sighed and at the door the butler offered him his jacket. Nico pulled it on, covering his bloodied shirt, and walked out into the cold night, the driver opening the car door for him. Nico remembered where Leo used to do that, and back then car rides were what Nico most looked forward to, just so he could be alone with the Latino. Now he looked forward to everything else, because Leo was always at his side. Except now. As the car zoomed through the streets of Chicago, deserted at this time, Nico wondered if Leo was still waiting up for him, the way he normally did.

When he pulled up at his house the dark window of their bedroom assured him that the boy had gone to sleep. Good, Nico thought climbing out, exhausted. He didn’t want Leo to lay about by himself. The Italian walked in through the front door and the servant that had waited for his return inclined his head at him and locked the door.

Nico normally would’ve gone to the downstairs bathroom to clean up but now he climbed upstairs to his bedroom instead, too eager to see his lover. They had barely seen each other all night. He crept into his bedroom and then into the en-suite bathroom. He stripped down out of his bloodied clothes, leaving them in the heap by the bath for the maid to take care of in the morning, barely paying attention to anything. He scrubbed himself quickly wanting, more than anything, to climb into bed with Leo and hold the boy in his arms. He ensured all evidence of the business he had conducted was washed from his body and then he padded back into the bedroom, only in his underwear.

Leo was sitting up in bed, looking all soft and sleepy, a smile on his lips, “Hey,” he whispered when he saw Nico. The Italian couldn’t help but return the smile, feeling that everything in that moment was perfect.

“Hey baby,” he walked to the bed and knelt on it and Leo leaned into him automatically, meeting Nico halfway for a chaste kiss, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. And sorry I came home late,” Nico’s eyes searched Leo’s face, his hand coming to stroke his cheek. Leo leaned into it and his eyes fluttered shut.

“What were you doing?” he asked with the innocent curiosity that he always did.

“Business,” was all Nico said, and silenced all further questioning by kissing the Latino. All his tiredness disappeared and suddenly he felt more awake than he had when hitting the man earlier. The adrenaline that he felt then awoke again in his veins and his kiss turned rough and passionate. Leo, knowing exactly what Nico needed, slid into his lap, wrapping his arms around his lover’s shoulders, soft and pliant and ready, “God, I love you,” Nico murmured hungrily. Leo smiled.

“I know,” he said, sounding pleased. He still looked sleepy, but sexy at the same time, wearing only one of Nico’s button-up shirts and nothing else, his smooth, tanned thighs pressing against Nico’s legs, “You work too hard,” he murmured, brushing his nose against the Italian’s, his thin arm warm around Nico’s shoulders, “You should give yourself a break sometimes.”

“Can’t do that,” Nico whispered, his hands sliding up Leo’s thighs and then going around to rest on his perky backside, “have to make sure we have money.”

“We don’t need it,” Leo shifted closer, his voice low and sultry, “I don’t need it. I only need you.”

Nico kissed him passionately then, so deeply that Leo almost tumbled backwards, the lower part of his body pressing against Nico’s, his back bowed. He exhaled shakily against the Italian’s mouth, and he felt so perfect against him that in that moment Nico thought he didn’t need anything else but him too. Leo smelled like cinnamon and cigarettes even though he didn’t smoke himself. It was intoxicating to Nico.

“D’you wanna fuck me?” the Latino asked, still half-asleep. Nico squeezed his arse.

“Only if you want to,” he said, his mouth sliding from Leo’s mouth down to his neck. He kissed the warm skin there and Leo let out a little moan, reaching down to tug at the man’s underwear. Nico wrapped an arm around his waist and lifted Leo upwards so he could pull the offending garment off, before settling Leo back in his lap. The Latino smiled at him and stroked his face.

“I remember when you used to be so small and scrawny,” he said against Nico’s mouth.

“You’re still small and scrawny,” he teased. Leo rolled his eyes and his fingers danced down Nico’s muscled stomach to his half-hard cock, which he grasped in his palm and began to stroke. He knew exactly how Nico liked it and the Italian buried his face in Leo’s neck with a groan, still kissing and nipping at the skin. One of this hands pushed Leo’s shirt up, revealing his naked body beneath it. Nico sucked a hickey just below his jaw and Leo giggled, his nimble fingers teasing Nico’s cock. It was exactly what he needed to get the tension to leave his body.

Suddenly Leo pushed Nico’s chest, forcing the man to flop backwards against the bed, blinking in surprise. Leo smirked and crawled over his body.

“Let me take care of you,” he whispered, pressing kisses down Nico’s naked chest, “You work so hard, you deserve to relax sometimes...”

Nico inhaled sharply when he felt Leo’s gorgeous mouth wrap around his dick. His eyes slid shut and his fingers found his lover’s hair, tangling in the curls. Leo was an expert at this by now; the first time he had given Nico a blowjob he had been clumsy and inexperienced but Nico had still come in under two minutes. Now he knew exactly what to do and in seconds Nico was biting his lip to keep back his moans as the Latino bobbed his head up and down, swallowing him completely as if his mouth was meant for it.

“Good boy,” Nico breathed, pleasure thrumming through his body pleasantly, “Such a good boy...,” he opened his eyes to look down at the Latino, who looked like some kind of debauched angel. Leo released his cock from his mouth with a wet noise that made Nico shiver and grinned up at the Italian as he licked up the underside of his cock in a tantalizing way.

“Should be wet enough,” he whispered after a moment and before Nico could react he had climbed back in his lap, reached behind himself to grasp Nico’s cock in his hand, and was sinking down onto it.

“Fuck,” Nico threw his head back against the bed as unexpected pleasure rushed through him. Leo impaled himself on the man’s cock with a soft hiss and Nico’s hands shot out to grip Leo’s thighs as his member slid into the boy’s velvety entrance, helped by spit and precum, “God, Leo-“

“F-Fuck,” Leo swore, eyes squeezed shut, gripping the front of his shirt with one hand while the other curled on Nico’s chest, just below his heart. He didn’t wait for either of them to adjust to the feeling as he lifted himself up, only to slide back down again. A moan tumbled out of Nico’s mouth and his fingers dug into his lover’s thighs. He remembered the fights they used to have, when Leo thought that the reason Nico was disappearing at night was because he was cheating. He had almost told him the truth then...almost. He couldn’t imagine ever wanting somebody else when he had Leo. Leo was everything to him.

The boy bounced in his lap, panting, his movements surprisingly graceful for someone so clumsy. Nico wanted to kiss him, to hold him close, but the boy was too far away. His body burned with pleasure and his cock throbbed inside Leo, who whimpered and gasped every time he sunk back down onto the member.

Nico couldn’t take being away from Leo. He sat up abruptly and Leo cried out when the other boy’s cock was driven deeper inside him. The Latino automatically leaned forward and crashed his mouth to Nico’s as he continued riding him.

“Ah! N-Nico-,” he moaned when the Italian wrapped a hand around his cock.

“Shhh, quiet, baby,” Nico kissed his cheek, “Or the servants will hear.”

Leo whimpered, his hips stuttering as his movements grew more jerky and uncoordinated. His cock twitched in Nico’s hand and the Italian knew that it meant the boy was close. He leaned up and scraped his teeth over his soft spot, just beneath his ear. Leo moaned so loudly Nico was sure that the whole house heard, whiny and desperate, and came all over Nico’s hand. His walls clenched around the Italian’s cock and the mafia boss gritted his teeth, though that didn’t stop his orgasm from washing over him.

Moments later he finally found the strength to pull out of the Latino and he slumped to the side, exhausted and ready to sleep. Dawn was almost upon them and Nico had business to attend to in the afternoon. But when he reached out for Leo he found that the boy was gone, which forced Nico to crack his eyes open. The Latino was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Hey,” Nico murmured sleepily, “Come back.”

“Ugh, I told you not to come inside me,” Leo grumbled, standing up, “It’s so hard to get out.” As he said that Nico’s cum slid out of him and down his thighs. Nico gave him a predatory grin.

“You look so nice when you’re marked by me though,” he teased. Leo rolled his eyes and subconsciously touched his neck, where a hickey was already forming.

“Idiot,” he said, “I’m going to clean up.”

He walked to the bathroom and Nico smiled happily, pressing his face into one of the pillows. Sleep was inches away, and yet he wanted to wait for Leo to come back to bed, so the Italian could hold him while falling asleep.

At times like this he wondered what would happen if he was to get murdered. It happened all the time, whole gang families wiped out. Would Leo know then? Or would he still be innocent to all the crimes Nico committed and think it was just an act of unprovoked aggression? An accident?

He heard Leo’s footsteps come out of the bathroom and he smiled, eyes closed, “Come to bed, baby.”

“Nico,” Leo’s voice sounded weird, “What is this?”

Nico cracked his eye open and his blood ran cold. In seconds he was awake and sitting up, heart pounding. Leo stood a few steps from the bed, holding Nico’s bloodied shirt in one hand and his gun in the other. Idiot, I’m such a fucking idiot, the Italian cursed himself. How could he have just left all that in the bathroom? He usually stripped in the one downstairs, where Leo rarely went, and yet this time he had done it without noticing, leaving all his things in plain view. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

“Leo,” he slid off the bed and took a step towards the boy, who flinched away. That hurt more than any of the punches ever thrown at Nico.

“What is this?” Leo asked, and his voice cracked. His eyes were full of confusion and fear and pain.

“Shhh, just listen to me-,” Nico started, and Leo dropped the shirt and the gun as if they were poisonous, stumbling against the closest wall, breathing hard.

“Oh my God,” he whispered to  himself, almost hysterical, “A-Are you...a-are you some sort of k-killer?”

“What? No!” Nico said immediately.

“Then explain to me what the hell you’re doing with a gun!” Leo yelled.

“Shh, you’ll wake up the whole house,” Nico tried to calm him down.

“I don’t fucking care!” Leo yelled, and there were tears in his eyes, “I thought somebody had hurt you, but you’re fine, which means the blood isn’t yours and...and...,” he couldn’t seem to be able to breathe properly, his small frame shaking, “W-What is this, Nico? What is this?”

“I wanted to tell you,” Nico said desperately, “but it was dangerous, I couldn’t bare to risk your life-“

Risk my life?!” Leo’s voice was high-pitched.

“Leo,” Nico said gently, “My family are an Italian gang.”

“W-What?” Leo’s eyes widened, glimmering with tears.

“We’re the Mafia, Leo.”

Leo slumped against the wall, clearly processing the information, “T-The Mafia?” he asked helplessly.

Nico sighed, “Yes. We have been for generations. I took over two years ago, after father died.”

“A-All of you?” Leo gasped. Nico nodded, “Even Bianca? Even Hazel?”


“H-How...w-what? N-No...,” Leo shook his head as if trying to forget what Nico just told him, and it broke the Italian’s heart, “I-It can’t be, I never...I never saw anything-“

“I made sure of that,” Nico whispered, “I didn’t want you to be surrounded by death and drugs and alcohol.”

“Is that what you do?” Leo demanded, choking on a sob, “Sell d-drugs and a-alcohol and a-all that bullshit?”

Nico winced, “Yes.”

“And you kill people?!” Leo yelled. Nico closed his eyes briefly.

“Only if they deserve it,” he murmured. Leo slid down the wall and buried his face in his hands, sobbing. It was all too much for Nico, he felt as if someone was slicing into him with a knife, “Leo...Leo please.”

He knelt down next to the boy and tried to touch him but the Latino slapped his hand away, “Don’t touch me!”

“Fuck, don’t do this to me,” Nico whispered desperately, “Don’t do this to me.”

“S-Shut up y-you have no right to a-ask me for anything,” Leo glared at him through his tears, “I should f-fucking walk o-out and never s-speak to you again!”

“No,” Nico whispered, “No. Don’t...Don’t say that. Don’t do that.”

“You lied to me,” Leo hissed.

“Only to protect you,” Nico said despairingly. Leo looked away, his jaw clenched, and the Italian touched his knee. The Latino didn’t push his hand off at least, “Leo. I love you,” Nico whispered, “I love you so much. You have no idea how much. You’re my whole world.”

Leo was crying again, “Y-You could d-die.”

“I won’t,” Nico moved closer, and grabbed one of Leo’s hands, pulling it to his mouth and kissing the back of it, “I won’t, I promise. I won’t leave you, ever.” Leo sniffled and wiped his eyes with the back of the hand Nico wasn’t holding and the Italian could still see that the boy was feeling betrayed, “The truth is...,” he cleared his throat and Leo looked at him, though Nico couldn’t bear to meet his eye, “I didn’t tell you about this because I was scared you’d leave me.”

“Are you daft?” Leo exclaimed, “What kind of stupid assumption is that?! You’re really a fucking idiot, Nico I’d never...,” he stopped his sudden outburst and took a deep breath, “I would never leave you, no matter how much this hurt me.”

“I love you,” Nico said helplessly.

“That doesn’t excuse lying,” Leo replied.

“I know,” Nico bowed his head and cradled Leo’s hand to his chest, “I just don’t know what else to say.”

Leo shifted forward and surprised Nico by suddenly wrapping his arm around the man’s shoulders and kissing the top of his head, all of his anger gone – clearly he had finally gotten over his shock. He sniffled, “It’s alright, so stop sounding so upset.”

Nico hugged him fiercely, clutching the boy close, afraid he would leave, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not telling you.”

“I said it’s okay,” Leo smacked him upside the head playfully and then slid down and pecked Nico on the mouth gently, “I know you didn’t tell me anything not because you don’t trust me, but because you’re overprotective.”

“I’m not overprotective,” Nico argued.

“Great, can I have a gun then?”

Nico gaped at his lover, “No! What if you accidently shoot at yourself?”

Leo rolled his eyes but he was smiling despite his red-rimmed eyes, “See – there it is. You’re overprotective.”

“Idiot,” Nico pulled him in for a long kiss, assuring himself that Leo wouldn’t leave. And he didn’t leave.

Life continued normally after that. Except Leo now had a gun.

Chapter Text

A highschool au. Jason is the famous boy and Nico is the bullied loner with only a worried Hazel and a protective Reyna by his side, a loner who can see and exorcise ghosts. Jason has been haunted by an exceptionally strong ghost that makes him faint in the hallway one day, and Nico without thinking saves his life by sucking the ghost into his body via the guise of performing CPR in front of the whole school to exorcise it, leaving him sick. This makes him more ostracized when he returns to school and Jason confused about the strange boy's act. Reyna, who knows Nico's secrets, plays wingwoman with Hazel and explains the truth to Jason, who goes from sceptical to protective and smitten.
For aluminion

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Nico sat gloomily at the window of his classroom, looking out at the rainy playground. Normally there’d be people there; boys playing basketball, groups sitting around to eat lunch. But the rain was keeping everyone inside the school, which was bad since Nico felt threatened in the classroom. It was his hiding spot, his place to sit during lunchtime. He didn’t need people coming in here just because of the shit weather.

The door to the classroom opened and the boy’s head snapped to the side, eyes automatically narrowing into a glare. Drew, one of the most popular girls in school, pulled her boyfriend, Conor, into the classroom and blinked when she saw Nico in the windowsill.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” she rolled her eyes, “That weirdo’s here.”

“Hey, buddy,” Conor faked being nice, grinning at Nico, “We’re kinda looking for a place to make out. You mind leaving us alone?”

“Yes. I was here first,” Nico replied, unimpressed. Drew rolled her eyes,

“Whatever. Freak,” she pulled on Conor’s hand and then both left, slamming the door of the classroom shut behind them. Nico sighed and rested his forehead against the window of the classroom, watching rain streak down the glass.

Well, that wasn’t very nice.”

“Whatever, they’re always like that,” Nico mumbled.

A grey, almost see-through girl floated towards him and rested at his feet, a gentle smile on her slightly blurred face, “Cheer up, little bro.”

Bianca was the first ghost that had ever attached itself to Nico. Ever since he was a baby he saw ghosts; watery, grey, they mostly ignored him, though some desperately spoke to him and tried to get him to deliver messages to their families, or finish up their business. His parents never believed him when he said he could see all these people that died...but Bianca had believed.

And then, when Nico was eleven, his parents and sister got into a car crash. None of them survived and when Nico went to their funeral, sobbing and terrified because he had no family left and would be put into foster care, he was shocked to find his sisters ghost at her grave, looking down sadly. Nico’s parents never showed themselves to him, and yet Bianca never left him, feeling responsible for her brother and quietly looking over him as he travelled from foster home to foster home, until he finally ended up at a YMCA, aged fifteen.

Since then other ghosts had joined Bianca in ‘guarding’ Nico. He doubted they could actually look after him and more that by staying with him they were clinging to their humanity. Not everyone came back as a ghost, and those who didn’t disappeared somewhere the ghosts haunting Nico had no access, a place they were afraid of. Nico didn’t mind – he had always been a loner, ever since his fist foster home, and hardly had any friends at his current high-school. Not that he cared, he had his ghosts to keep him company.

Well, isn’t that sad, he thought bitterly.

You should stand up to them sometimes, kid,” Beckendorf shook his head from where he was perched on one of the desks. Nico hadn’t known him when he was alive, just remembered that when he was twelve a fire had broken up in the neighbourhood of his second foster family. He remembered the blaze and the flames and the powerful, tall, see-through figure of Beckendorf floating out from among the smoke, confused. None of his family had made it out, and none of them had returned at spirits. Beckendorf attached himself to Nico, who took care to explain to him what happened, ignoring the weird looks the gathered crowd gave him, and since then Beckendorf had stayed, pushing Nico to be brave even though he couldn’t be, “Telling them to piss off isn’t enough. You need to tell them to leave you alone.”

“They do leave me alone though,” Nico grumbled, “they’ll say stupid things but it’s not like I’m bullied or anything. I’m fine.”

But you do get bullied,” Bianca argued, “They break into your locker and spread nasty rumours about you-“

“I don’t care,” Nico said.

You just need to be nicer to them,” Silena, who had died before meeting Nico and who the Italian was sure was only sticking around because of Beckendorf, said gently, “Make friends. You’re always so alone...”

Stop telling him what to do,” Zoe barked, standing by the door, arms crossed over her chest. She had been a supervisor at one of the summer camps Nico went to when he was thirteen, though he had never spoken to her directly before she died. She drowned after a kid fall into the lake – she got him out, but her body had to be fished out the next day. She seemed to find comfort in being Nico’s body-guard.

“Thankyou,” the human rolled his eyes. Zoe frowned.

“Someone’s coming.”

The ghosts all held their breaths as if breathing would somehow alert people about their presence. It wouldn’t – Nico had long ago learnt that he was the only person that saw ghosts. Nico tensed and the door to the classroom opened, the cheerful voices of students chilling in the corridor filtering in.

“Oh,” Jason Grace looked surprised to see Nico and he smiled sheepishly, “Sorry Nico. I thought this classroom was empty.

He was alone, and Nico’s heart pounded in his chest just from looking at the gorgeous blond. Jason was the only person in Nico’s class who didn’t see him as a piece of trash. They weren’t friends but Jason always took time to say hello to Nico and ask him how his weekend was. It was sweet, and painful, because it just made Nico feel more lonely when Jason was gone.

“I can leave if you want,” the Italian blurted. Beckendorf snorted and Nico fought the urge to glare at him, cursing himself for sounding too eager.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Jason smiled, “I just wanted to get away from all the noise. Mind if I hang out with you for a bit?”

Nico swallowed, not understanding why the most popular boy in school would want to hang out with him, “S-Sure.”

Aw it’s Nico’s little crush,” Zoe teased.

You guys would be so cute,” Silena cooed as Jason settled on one of the tables opposite the window Nico sat on.

“Shut up, guys,” Bianca growled. The ghosts all faded through the wall and out into the rain, wanting to give Nico some privacy. The Italian was glad for that.

“How come you’re sitting alone then?” Jason asked, pulling a can of coke from his pocket and opening it. Nico couldn’t look him in the eye and he was scared he was blushing.

“’Cause I don’t have any friends. Obviously,” Nico grumbled. Jason chuckled.

“Aw, c’mon. That’s not true, you have friends,,” clearly he was trying to think of someone who was friends with Nico, and failed. He cleared his throat, “Uh, want some coke?” he asked.

“I don’t do cocaine,” Nico mumbled.

“Oh. No. I meant like coca cola,” Jason replied. Then he blinked and grinned, letting out a little snort, “Oh! I just got that. Sorry. That was funny.”

“Not really,” Nico mumbled, hugging himself and looking out of the window. He felt nervous around Jason, but today he also seemed agitated...the blond was acting normal but something about his presence was making Nico’s skin crawl.

“Not very talkative today, are you?” Jason teased.

“I’m never talkative,” Nico replied. Jason laughed, as if he didn’t mind Nico’s snarkiness. It made the Italian want to get close to him, to feel Jason’s warmth around him. Yes, he knew his crush was hopeless, which didn’t make it any less of a crush. He bit his lip, looked up at the blond, and froze.

There was a swirling shadow behind the boy, and the moment Nico looked at it, he felt dread. His breath caught in his throat and Jason frowned,

“You alright?” he asked, “You’ve gone pale.”

He slid off the table and reached out his hand to Nico’s forehead as if to check his temperature. The shadow followed him and, terrified, Nico slapped Jason’s hand before it could touch him. Surprise, the blond took a step back.

“Who are you?” Nico whispered, eyes transfixed on the shadow. Jason blinked.

“Uh...Jason? Jason Grace?”


The shadow hissed and in front of Nico’s eyes it swirled and elongated, transforming until it took on the form of a human man...except eight feet tall and made of darkness. The evil form hovered over Jason, two red, glowing pinpricks as its eyes staring right into Nico’s soul.

The bell rang for lunch and the entity disappeared, though that didn’t stop Nico from shakily leaning against a wall. Jason looked worried.

“Maybe you should go to the medical room.”

“I-I’m fine,” Nico lied. People started filtering into the classroom, talking among each other. Nico grabbed his bag and pushed past Jason and out of the room as quickly as he could, feeling terrified. His ghosts slipped through the walls.

What happened?” Zoe demanded. Nico didn’t reply, feeling nauseous.

Nico!” Bianca sounded panicked, “Nico talk to us!”

Nico pushed past the students hurrying to class, not caring if he barged into anyone. He ran up to the third floor and by then the hallways were emptying so nobody saw Nico slip a key into the lock of a storage closet with a shaky hand, and slip inside.

Once in the dark, comforting darkness, Nico slid down the wall and buried his face in his hands, shaking. His ghosts floated in and all looked down at him, worried. There weren’t many other ghosts in the school and Nico knew all of them; there was the girl in the second floor girl’s bathroom that Nico only saw briefly through the door. She had killed herself in that bathroom. Two boys played basketball in the sports hall after lesson, and an old caretaker rattled about on the first floor. He had never seen or met or heard about anyone who died in the school named Kronos.

But he had seen ghosts who looked like him before – dark, shadowy, not really looking human. They surrounded the areas of terrible crimes; arsons and murders and homicides and sometimes suicide. They were the people shot by police after committing a crime, or the ones who ended their own lives after ending someone else’s, so full of malice that their spirit became monstrous.

But what was one doing in Nico’s highschool? And why was he attached to Jason?

A knock sounded on the door to the closet, followed by a worried voice, “Nico?”

Only two people knew about this hiding place, Nico’s only two ‘friends.’ Sighing the boy struggled to his feet, ignoring the questions his ghosts bombarded him with, and opened the door. Hazel and Reyna stood outside. Reyna was from the year above and looked unimpressed as she saw Nico emerge. Her girlfriend, Hazel, who was a year below Nico, looked worried.

“Nico,” she sighed in relief when she saw the boy, “Glad you’re okay.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Nico grumbled. Reyna and Hazel exchanged a look and the former spoke.

“Grace told us you ran off, looking like you’ll be sick.”

Nico’s jaw clenched, “I’m fine.”

“Is it the ghosts?” Hazel asked.

Hey don’t blame this on us!” Zoe argued.

“Zoe’s telling you not to blame it on them.”

“Sorry,” Hazel said sheepishly.

The two girls were the only ones apart from Bianca who had believed in Nico’s ‘power.’ The three of them had all grown up in the foster system and met in the YMCA, and somehow Nico knew he could trust the girls. They were his friends but they rarely got to hang out at school since they were all in different years – Hazel was only sixteen, while Reyna was already eighteen. Nico was in the middle.

“What is it then?” Reyna questioned, blunt, “Hurry up, I need to go back to maths.”

“It’s just...,” Nico bit his lip, “I saw...something. Someone.”

“Where?” Hazel demanded. Nico exhaled.

“With Jason. Attached to him. All shadowy and evil.”

“Fuck,” Reyna swore. Hazel squeezed her hand.

“Are you going to try and exorcise it?”

“I don’t know, I never...I don’t know if I can take it,” Nico admitted.


Nico hated exorcisms, even though he had only performed them twice. Both times it was painful and violent, and ended up causing him a lot of problems. The first time was when a malicious spirit had attached itself to the supervisor of Nico’s YMCA, making her furious and aggressive. That’s what those spirits did – slowly eroded all the good in a person until there was only evil left. Nico had to go to church to figure out what to do and the exorcism put him to bed for a whole week. The second time it had been Hazel herself – thankfully Nico had managed to eliminate that spirit before it ever grew enough to change Hazel’s personality. He had vomited blood after it.

But never had he felt such power as the spirit who followed Jason had. Nico’s own ghosts disappeared whenever Jason was around, and so the Italian decided to avoid the blond at all costs until he figured out what to do. Not that Jason would even notice it, it’s not like they were friends.

A week passed, and Nico’s plan to stay away from the situation was working. Until one day after lesson when he was packing his books away, Jason walked into the classroom. Everyone had already left and so when Nico looked up and saw the blond by the door, his heart stopped beating for a moment.

Kronos was behind Jason, like a shadowy puppet master, “Nico,” there were dark circles under Jason’s eyes and his voice seemed hoarse.

“H-Hey,” Nico said nervously, trying to concentrate on his books. His ghosts were gone, as always when Kronos was around.

“You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you?” Jason asked, catching Nico off-guard.

“Huh?” the boy looked up, slinging his battered old bag over his shoulder, “N-No. I haven’t.”

Jason’s eyes narrowed, “Don’t lie to me.”

“Yesss Nico,” Kronos hissed behind the boy, “Don’t lie to him.”

The voice made Nico’s hair stand on end, “Look Jason, we’re not friends, so I can’t really be avoiding you. Sorry, I need to go home,” he went to go past the blond and out of the classroom door but Jason’s hand shot out and he grabbed Nico’s wrist suddenly, painfully. Nico gasped as Jason’s fingers dug into his wrist.

“Stop avoiding me!” the blond growled, face inches from Nico’s. The Italian had never seen him like this, so aggressive. It scared him.

“Stop it Jason,” he whispered. The blond’s fingers only tightened painfully and Nico’s winced, “Jason, stop,” he tried to free himself but Jason just dragged him closer, eyes full of anger. Nico’s own eyes snapped to the shadow towering over both of them, “Stop it,” he seethed. The shadow retreated backwards, keeping close but not sticking to Jason’s back anymore. The blond blinked, seeming confused, and let go of Nico’s wrist.

“Shit,” he said, “Oh shit, Nico, I’m sorry I didn’t mean-“

The boy shoved past him and out of the door, his ghosts re-appearing as soon as Jason was out of sight.

What happened?!” Silena demanded.

“I don’t know!” Nico yelled back, not caring if anyone was around to hear him talking to thin air.

“Shit, shit,” Bianca hissed, “Just get out of here, and stay away from Jason.”

Nico wasn’t sure how much longer he could do that for.


Another week crawled back and Nico wanted desperately to get rid of the ghost haunting Jason; seeing him so stressed and exhausted and irritable hurt the Italian. But his priest connection was currently in the Vatican and if he wasn’t present Nico couldn’t get rid of the ghost. Which meant he was forced to leave it on Jason’s back.

Until he wasn’t anymore.

It was Monday morning, and Nico had spent another weekend locked up in his YMCA room, not speaking to anyone but his ghosts, and only leaving to go chill in Reyna’s room. Returning to school made him depressed though – he hated being there.

It was third period when it happened. Nico was walking down the hallways with two dozen other students, trying to get to his classroom, when his ghosts suddenly disappeared. He tensed, knowing that it meant Jason was close. Sure enough when he looked up he saw the blond walking towards him, eyes dark and angry. He hadn’t spotted Nico, but Kronos had, his piercing eyes located on Nico. It happened too quickly for anyone to react.

Suddenly Jason went pale, stopped, wobbled, and crumbled to the floor. Nico stood, gaping, and saw that Kronos was...seeping inside the collapsed boy’s chest. It happened so fast. Suddenly people were shouting, crowding in around the blond, running down the corridor to get a nurse. Nico’s heart pounded and he felt sick. His legs moved on their own and he shoved through the crowd around the collapsed boy.

“Get out of the way di Angelo!” someone yelled, but Nico wasn’t listening.

“Move, he needs CPR,” he lied, pushing a Kelli, one of the cheerleaders, aside so he could kneel next to Jason. He knew what he had to do and he was so scared for the blond’s safety that he didn’t even give it a second thought. Kronos was halfway seeped inside of him when Nico leaned down and pressed their mouths together.

The world went silent, and Nico didn’t hear anyone, wasn’t aware of anyone. For a second he was just kissing Jason, their lips pressed gently together, and his heart was pounding. And then Kronos left the blond’s body and slipped inside Nico’s own. His mouth was filled with phantom ash, and he wanted to cough. His body felt heavy suddenly, his head pounding as he sucked the menacing spirit out of Jason.

He pulled back, gasping and shaking, his insides churning, and Jason sat up abruptly, eyes wide, also gasping. Sound filtered back in – some girls were shouting at Nico to get away from Jason and someone grabbed his arm and jerked him to his feet, shoving him against the lockers. Nico’s whole body felt like it was being broken apart and it hurt. He had to fight tears as he almost blindly pushed past the crowd gathered and took off down the corridor.

Nico!” Bianca was at his side, hysterical, “Nico what did you do?!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Zoe hissed.

You need to find Reyna or Hazel!” Beckendorf shouted.

“I-I can’t, I can’t-,” Nico gasped, stumbling down the stairs. He needed to get away from everyone. The darkness inside him churned like a volcano, and he stopped, doubling over with a groan before continuing weakly down the stairs.

“Nico, you need to find the girls! Please!” Silena begged. Instead Nico threw himself out of the school and sprinted down the road. He couldn’t be there, he couldn’t be anywhere. Deep inside of himself he felt Kronos laugh at his misery.


Two days passed, and Nico spent them curled up in bed, shaking with fever. The YMCA didn’t care what he was up to so nobody came to bother him, and although the school called for a bit they stopped after Nico ignored them. The ghosts bothered him – they all panicked, banging about in his room and telling him to move, to tell someone.

Nico didn’t have the strength – he felt he was going to fall apart. He was delusional, sweating, didn’t know what was real. But he knew he couldn’t stay in bed all day. So on Thursday he dragged himself out and despite the fact that he felt like a ghost himself, he dragged himself to school.

It was bad. Nico’s ghosts kept their distance, staying silent as if scared to bother the boy. When he walked into school, knowing he looked more like shit than usual, he realised how bad it had become. People glared at him as he walked past, and whispers seemed to follow him all the way to his tutor classroom. Clearly news of him ‘kissing’ Jason had spread around school.

When Nico collapsed into his seat at the back of the class, shivers still wrecking his skinny frame, he found Kelli and Drew crowding in around his table.

“How dare you?” one of them growled, but Nico couldn’t focus on them enough to know which one had spoke.

“Huh?” he muttered.

“How dare you kiss Jason?!” another girl demanded, “do you think he wanted that? Do you think you’re allowed to do whatever you want because he’s passed out? Do you think someone like Jason would ever want to kiss you?”

“Of course he doesn’t,” someone snorted, “That’s why he did it when Jas was unconscious.”

Nico’s head spun, he felt drunk, nauseous. He jerked to his feet and stumbled to the door, leaving his bag. He shouldn’t have ever come to school, not like this. Kronos wanted him to lash out, to hurt these cruel people who were picking on him, to shout at them, to hurt them, to hurt them, to hurt...

No. No, stop it, Nico growled to himself, blindly finding his way to the bathroom. He couldn’t really see where he was going, so he walked right into none other than Jason.

“Woah!” the blond exclaimed when Nico bumped into him, stumbling back, “Shit Nico I haven’t seen you for...,” Jason’s eyes widened, “Jesus, are you alright? You look ill.”

“’M f-fine,” Nico lied, slumping against the wall, unable to walk. He closed his eyes, “I’m f-fine.”

“Nico, what’s wrong?” Jason demanded, “Are you ill? Did something happen?”

Nico shook his head and pushed himself off the wall and past Jason. He couldn’t face him right now. He stumbled past and desperately wished he could get into his cupboard and forget the world but that would require him climbing up stairs and with Kronos bearing down on him internally it was impossible.

Nico found refuge in the ground floor bathrooms, where he collapsed in a cubicle, shaking and sweating as if he had a fever. He gasped for air shallowly and curled up on himself, and while Kronos laughed inside him, Nico wondered if he was going to die. Even his ghosts had abandoned him.


Jason was worried. He half contemplated skipping chemistry and going after Nico, to make sure the boy was okay...obviously he wasn’t. Nico was always pale, and always had dark circles under his eyes and honestly it kind of suited him. But the past few days he actually looked sick, like he had one foot in the grave. He was an enigma to Jason; he avoided him for the past week, and then randomly kissed him that time that the blond collapsed in the hallway, and went right back to avoiding Jason and not showing up in school. Jason had thought it was because he was scared of the other teenagers bullying him more even though the blond had told them not to mention the kiss or pick on Nico. But it was clear that Nico had avoided school altogether because there was something wrong with him.

Jason sighed and rubbed a hand down his face, looking down the corridor where Nico had disappeared.

“Grace,” a voice barked, and Jason flinched, turning around. Standing over him was Reyna from the year above, fuming. Jason gulped.


“We need to talk,” she growled, and grabbed his arm, dragging him down the corridor and up the stairs, ignoring Jason’s protest about having to go to lesson. He was shocked when the older girl pushed him an empty classroom on the third floor, slamming the door shut behind them. Hazel from the year below was already in the room. 

“Hi,” she said with a smile that juxtaposed Reyna’s anger.

“Hi,” Jason mumbled.

"We're Nico's best friends."

“O-Oh...right,” Jason said. Reyna loudly pulled out a chair.

“Sit,” she seethed. Jason sat.

“What is this about?” he asked as Reyna settled down on a table next to Hazel, opposite Jason. It was starting to feel like an interrogation.

“About Nico of course,” Hazel said, “and what he did for you.”

“D-Did for me?” Jason asked, confused. Reyna exhaled, annoyed.

“Recently have you felt sick? Or depressed?”

“I...uh...,” Jason cast his mind back to the past week and immediately remembered the week when Nico had avoided him – he had felt nauseous then, and feverish, even though both his mum and the nurse told him that there was nothing wrong with him. But he remembered feeling irritable and...not like himself. And the fact that Nico didn’t want to talk to him was just more irritating, “Well, yes, I felt....not that great, but what does that have to do with Nico?”

“Everything,” Hazel said gently, “Do you remember when you started to feel better?”

“I-I don’t know...a couple of days ago?”

“When he kissed you,” Reyna supplied, “Because he exorcised an evil spirit out of you.”

Jason stared at them in shock, “He what?”

Reyna sighed and Hazel took to explaining, “Nico has A gift that allows him to see, communicate and exorcise ghosts. Spirits.”

“You were being followed by a particularly bad ghost,” Reyna took up a story, “real bad, to the point where he couldn’t even stand to be around you. Normally the Vatican authorises him to do exorcisms – he carries the spirit inside himself for a few hours until he can get to the church and then he gives it over to his priest, who destroys it.”

“When you fainted in the hallway,” Hazel said, “Nico...he couldn’t just stand by. By kissing you he exorcised the spirit out of you and took it inside himself.”

“Little problem,” Reyna said sourly, “his priest is in Rome until Friday. He’s been living with this spirit inside him the whole weekend, and will have to continue doing so for four more days. Because of you.”

Jason stared at them, trying to process this information, “You’re kidding. This is some joke right?”

Reyna groaned and Hazel sighed.

“Nico’s gone home,” the older girl said, “or rather, to the YMCA-“

“He lives in the YMCA?” Jason interrupted. He never knew that. Actually, he didn’t know anything about the boy.

“Yes,” Hazel said, “You should go see him. You’ll believe all of this if he proves it.”

Jason had no idea how Nico could prove the existence of ghosts, but he got up anyway.


Nico didn’t know where he was anymore. Everything was blurry, dark. He wanted to sit up and push his curtains apart to let in sunlight but he couldn’t move, his whole body wracked with shivers. He felt so cold. How long had he been lying in his bed? What time of day was it? His ghosts were around him, whispering to him urgently, asking him to get up, but Nico couldn’t hear him.

Voices drifted into his conscious, more real than the ones of his ghosts. Reyna. Hazel...Jason. Nico forced his eyes open. His room was dark and cold, and he flinched when the door opened. Go to sssssssleeep...Kronos hissed inside him.

Jason walked into the room and Nico pushed the spirit inside him aside, struggling to sit up. Jason’s hair seemed to glow, filling the room with light that Nico needed so badly.

“J-Jason?” he asked hoarsely. Jason closed the door and looked at Nico anxiously. What was he doing here? Nico had no idea. His ghosts were against the wall, all looking at the blond nervously.

“Hey, Nico,” Jason’s voice was like warm, honey, soothing the pain pulsating through the boy.

“Y-You shouldn’t be here,” Nico whispered helplessly. Kronos inside him was preening, and his little whispers pushed Nico to be violent. Kronos wanted him to hurt Jason.

“I...your friends told me about the...the ghost thing...,” everything around Jason was blurry, but the blond was sharp and clear, his features marred with worry as he approached Nico’s bed, “It’s...I didn’t believe them, but looking at you now...”

Kill him, Kronos growled, deep inside Nico. The boy let out a tiny noise of pain as he winced. Jason was by him suddenly, a hand hovering by Nico’s head. Bianca had stepped forward too, looking shocked.

“Shit, are you okay?”

“N-No,” Nico whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and breathing shallowly, “N-No, he wants me t-to hurt y-you...”

He expected Jason to recoil, to run out of the room. He didn’t expect a warm hand to suddenly cradle his cheek, “Hey,” Jason’s voice was gentle and when Nico opened his eyes to look up at him all he saw was worry and kindness, “Hey, it’s alright. I know you won’t do it.”

“Y-You believe it then?”

Jason withdrew his hand and bit his lip, “I...I don’t know what I believe. Evil spirits, and exorcisms I...I don’t know...”

Nico gritted his teeth against the pain inside him, “Z-Zoe,” he whispered.

The girl floated from the wall and there was pure fury on her face – she hated Kronos and what he was doing to Nico, the boy knew that. Ghosts only had the power to affect the real world when governed by incredibly strong emotions. Like anger. Zoe lifted her hand and it connected with the lamp across the room. It flew across the room and smashed against the wall.

Jason flinched and stumbled away, “W-What the-“

“That was Zoe,” Nico collapsed on the pillows, trembling.


“She’,” Nico squeezed his eyes shut. Speaking took too much energy, “Y-You need to go.”

“Don’t kick him out, Neeks,” Bianca said.

“Nico-,” Jason tried.

“Get out,” Nico gritted.

Yessssss, make him hate you, Kronos growled happily. Nico wanted to cry, but he needed Jason to leave first. The blond did so only when Zoe threw the door open with a wave of her hand, and when he left, darkness descended on Nico once more. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep it at bay.


The next morning, Jason didn’t go to school. Since his attendance was incredibly high his mum allowed him to stay home since he felt ‘sick.’ However when Jason’s parents left for work he hurriedly got dressed and went to the YMCA that Reyna and Hazel took him to. He was pleased when the security guard was arguing with someone inside and so Jason was able to sneak past him easily.

Nico’s door was unlocked, almost like he hadn’t gotten up to lock it the previous day when Jason had left. That was something the blond regretted – he believed Nico now about the was kinda hard not to, and he felt horrible for leaving the clearly broken boy all by himself. Today he’d fix that. It was Tuesday, and so it meant that Jason had to take care of Nico’s little ghost issue until Friday when his priest came back.

When he walked into the boy’s room Jason immediately saw that Nico hadn’t moved from his bed. He was sleeping or unconscious, on his side, face pressed into his pillow. His closed eyelids fluttered and brows furrowed as if he was having a bad dream, and his lips were dry and cracked as if he hadn’t had any water. Jason began to sort the place out; he pushed open the curtains on the window to let in some sunlight, and cracked one of the windows open to air out the room a little. Then he dropped his bag on Nico’s desk and started to pull out all the food he had prepared; a thermos of hot chicken soup and another one of tea, some sandwiches and snacks for later. He pulled out his laptop and plugged it in for charging in case Nico wanted to watch a movie.

“J-Jason?” the Italian was woken up by the ruckus the blond was making and sat up in bed, leaning heavily against his wall, looking at Jason with half-open eyes.

“Hey,” the blond smiled, “Good morning.”

“What are you doing here?” Nico croaked.

“Taking care of you,” Jason replied, “after all it’s kind of my fault you’re like this,” he grabbed a water bottle and the soup thermos from his pile of supplies and padded over to Nico’s bed, sitting down next to the boy and offering the kid water, “here, drink.”

“Y-You shouldn’t be here,” Nico whispered, and he looked even worse than yesterday. Jason rolled his eyes.

“Yes, yes, or the bad spirit inside you will kill me. Blah, blah, drink.”

Nico took the bottle into his shaky hands and took a tentative sip. Jason poked him and the boy glared weakly, before taking a bigger gulp. In the blink of an eye he had finished half of the bottle. Jason smiled.

“Perfect,” he offered Nico the thermos, “I made you some chicken soup, it should make you feel better.”

“I have an evil spirit inside me,” Nico deadpanned, “not a cold.”

Jason shrugged, “Same thing. Drink up.”

Nico did as he was told and Jason watched him. He didn’t know why he cared so much about this normally; if it had been someone else he wouldn’t have had believed them, or gone to such lengths to make sure they were okay. He wasn’t doing this because of his guilt, he was doing it because it was Nico.

“So, tell me about this Zoe ghost.”

Nico stopped drinking the chicken soup and looked at Jason anxiously, “Why would you want to hear about it? It’s creepy, isn’t it?”

“Not really,” Jason shrugged, “I mean, yeah, it’s a little scary. But I’m interested.”

Nico looked down, “Uh...right. So, um...,” the way he stuttered was cute, “I have these four ghosts that are kind of attached to me. Uh, Z-Zoe’s one of them. There’s also Beckendorf and Silena, they’re kind of like a couple,” the boy winced, “and um...there’s my sister Bianca.”

“Your sister?” Jason’s eyes widened. Nico bit his lip and nodded, “Oh Jesus...I’m sorry, I didn’t know that she...”

“It’s okay,” Nico mumbled and drank more of the soup.

“So what about the ghost that haunted me?” Jason questioned.

“His name is Kronos,” Nico said quietly, “But I don’t know much about him, except that he’s malicious, and powerful.”

“Why did he attach himself to me though?”

Nico shrugged, “Sometimes ghosts follow around people who are questioning themselves about something, and are unsure about their future.”

“Riiiight,” Jason nodded, “and so you took him out of me?”

“Yes. It’s my job,” a faint blush appeared on Nico’s pale face and he put the thermos down on the floor with a shaky hand.

“By kissing me?”

“I-It wasn’t a kiss,” Nico blurted, “More like CPR.”

“So you can take spirits out of someone through CPR?” Jason asked. Nico nodded.

The blond moved without thinking. He shifted forward and grabbed Nico’s chin in his hand, and kissed him. He was meant to give him CPR and take the spirit back but then remembered he had no idea how to give CPR, so he just ended up sliding his lips against Nico’s. They were dry and Nico gasped and didn’t kiss back so Jason pulled away.

“T-That’s not how it works!” the Italian spluttered, and now he was definitely blushing, “You can’t just take the spirit back!”

“It was worth a try,” Jason shrugged, trying to seem casual, “Did that not do anything?”

“Uh...,” Nico swallowed and his hand subconsciously curled up against his chest, where his heart was, “Well, he’s – Kronos – isn’t as...loud, as before. As if he’s intimidated.”

“That’s a good thing!” Jason said cheerfully, then grabbed Nico’s face in his hands and pulled him in for another kiss. The Italian let out an adorable, surprised sound against Jason’s mouth, and the blond pulled away, “Better?”

Nico nodded, looking down, “Y-Yeah.”

“Are your ghosts here?” Jason looked around the empty room, “Is your sister watching?”

Nico shook his head, “T-They’ve left,” then he winced, “Fuck. He’s back. And pissed off.”

“Well, let’s get him to fuck off again,” Jason wrapped an arm around Nico’s waist and leaned down to capture his lips again. He liked this, kissing Nico. This time the Italian responded weakly, leaning into the blond, mouth shakily moving against his. When Jason pulled back Nico looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, cheeks red.

“A-Another,” Jason whispered, “Just to be sure.” He leaned down and kissed Nico once more. The Italian slotted himself against the blond, his hand curled into his shirt. The kisses, although still short, were growing more passionate. When Nico drew back, trembling, Jason pulled him in again, “One more,” he whispered, losing track of what he was doing. Nico whimpered and kissed him, his arm wrapping around Jason’s shoulders. Somehow they both tumbled backwards, Jason pressing Nico into his pillows.

“J-Jason-,” Nico gasped.

“Shhh, just one more,” the blond murmured urgently, shifting so he was properly hovering over the Italian. Jason kissed him deeply, enjoying the tiny, breathy moan that Nico let out. He pulled away briefly to murmur, “again" against the other boy's lips and then he stopped talking all together and just sloppily made out with Nico. The boy was clearly inexperienced but he made up for that with enthusiasm, arching up against Jason, his lips parting to allow the blond’s tongue into his mouth. Jason wondered why they were doing it – until that moment the blond thought he was straight, but kissing Nico made him excited and happy rather than repulsed.

Finally the Italian pushed him back weakly, so he could turn his face away and gasp for air, his dark hair spread on the pillow. Jason carefully brushed the locks off of his forehead, wanting, more than anything, to cradle the boy to his chest and protect him.

“You okay?” he asked. Nico slowly turned to look up at him and he looked...shocked.

“He’s...gone,” he whispered. Jason blinked.


“K-Kronos he...,” Nico swallowed, “He’s just...gone.”

Jason sat back, grinning, “I exorcised him!” he exclaimed. Nico sat up, clearly in a state of shock, and already colour was returning to his face.

“Fuck,” he whispered. Jason smiled and he had to agree. It was a lot. He reached for his laptop.

“Want to watch something?” he asked.


A week later Nico walked down the hallway of school, his ghosts chatting among themselves as they followed behind him. Kronos hadn’t returned – somehow Jason had destroyed him. Furthermore the weird looks and whispers in school had finally stopped and so Nico was back to his normal, anonymous self as he walked to his usual classroom for lunchtime. It was raining again and as he pushed through the crowded hallways full of students eating and laughing, Jason suddenly appeared.

“Nico!” he broke away from his group of friends with a bright smile and attached himself to Nico’s side as the boy walked. Nico’s heart started to pound.


“Hi,” Jason was smiling like an idiot, “You look good.”

“I feel better,” Nico said, ducking into his classroom. He couldn’t be around Jason or his crush would just get worse. However the blond didn’t take the hint and followed him inside.

“No, as in you look good. Like nice. You look nice,” Jason said.

“Awww,” Silena cooed.

“T-Thanks,” Nico mumbled. Jason closed the door.

“Let’s give them some privacy,” Beckendorf ushered the other three ghosts through the wall.

“Look Jason,” Nico whirled around to look at the blond, “Kronos is gone now, so you can stop babying me.”

“I’m not babying you,” Jason frowned, the smile melted off his face.

“Well you don’t have to check up on me either,” Nico snapped, “I’m grateful for your help but you don’t have to follow me around just because you feel guilty-“

“I don’t feel guilty,” Jason stepped forward, “It’s not that.”

“Then why?” Nico demanded, “Why do you care?”

Jason was suddenly in front of him, and had Nico backed up against a wall. The Italian inhaled in surprise and his heart started pounding, “I care because I like you,” Jason said.

“O-Okay,” Nico squeaked, taken aback. Jason leaned in so they were face to face but the dark haired boy couldn’t look at him.

“I like you, Nico. I properly like you,” Jason said and when Nico didn’t reply he continued, “I like how sarcastic you are, and how brave you are with the ghosts-“

“I’m not brave,” Nico whispered, “I’m a freak.”

Jason placed a hand on his waist, “No you’re not. You’re amazing. And I like kissing you.”

“Okay,” Nico whispered, heart hammering.

“So, will you be my boyfriend?”

Nico swallowed, “Okay.”

“Great,” Jason grinned. Nico blinked.

“Wait, what?”

“Too late you said yes,” the blond’s grin widened and he pulled the boy into his arms and kissed him as if it was the normal thing to do and if Nico melted a little bit then it wasn’t his fault, and if he heard cheering and clapping then it definitely wasn’t his ghosts.

Chapter Text

2-3 years later and puberty has finally hit Nico (& Hazel) HARD. Everyone is shook by hot and attractive the Hades siblings are now; they get hit on by nearly every new camper and mortal, everyone is jealous of their boyfriends (Will and Frank respectively), how Will (& Frank) react to their partner's newfound popularity, it gets to a point where they start getting model offers - all while they're low-key oblivious to everyone's attention.
For Queen A

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Will woke up to sunlight dancing on his face. He winkled his nose and rolled over on the bed, knowing that he probably should’ve gotten up then...he just really couldn’t be asked. Especially when his chest pressed against a warm back. Now he definitely didn’t want to get up. Will smiled and, without opening his eyes, he wrapped an arm around the waist of his boyfriend and pulled him in close to his chest, automatically kissing the top of his head. Nico made a quiet, disgruntled noise and turned around in Will’s arms.

When the blond finally opened his eyes, the son of Hades was looking at him sleepily. His cabin was quiet, only the sound of distant argument in the Aphrodite Cabin filtering in. The spring sunshine made pretty patterns on the floor.

“There’s dust in the air,” Will whispered, “You should clean more.”

“Good morning to you too, William,” Nico grumbled, voice hoarse from sleep. The blond smiled and stroked his boyfriend’s face. Nico turned his head and kissed the blond’s palm. Will’s heart jerked with how much he loved the boy in front of him, so much that he could barely contain himself.

He remembered when three years ago, when he and Nico had first started dating, he had stayed over the first time, and how it had felt waking up next to the Italian. Will was a lot more nervous then, and a lot less comfortable, but he woke up with the same feeling in his chest. Naturally they both changed over the last few years, mentally as well as physically. They were impossibly comfortable with each other and Will, for his part, grew a little taller and a little more muscular and lost the slight chubbiness in his cheeks, but nothing major. Nico however...

Will remembered when he was small and skinny and looked like he had one foot in the grave already. Right after the Giant War, when Will first started spending time with him, he had thought that Nico was very sick; anaemia, malnutrition, something like that. The boy had just been so small. His hair was always shaggy and messy, dark circles beneath his eyes, his skin the colour of paper. He was easily the most adorable thing Will had ever seen.

But over the last years at camp puberty hit Nico hard, something Will didn’t realise until his boyfriend went away on a delegation to Camp Jupiter for two weeks. He came back the pervious evening, and only then did Will notice how drastic the changes in his appearance were. Nico was no longer a kid, that was for sure. He had grown quite a bit and although he was still a few inches shorter than Will he now towered over his sister. He had grown his hair out, but Will of course knew that, but when at Jupiter it had gotten long enough so the boy was able to tie it in a proper bun at the nape of his neck. Due to Will’s constant nagging and feeding and care, Nico didn’t look half dead anymore – his skin was more olive and tanned now, rather than pale, and the dark circles were gone. His jaw and cheekbones were sharper too, and he had acquired some muscle from his constant training with Jason. He also switched out his emo t-shirts and oversized hoodies for tank tops and leather jackets and long-sleeved shirts. All in all, he became more ‘conventionally’ hot, something that Will noticed the previous day, when Nico had returned with his sister from Jupiter.

Hazel had changed too, grown out of her baby-face, and into a beautiful young woman with curves and bouncy hair and glowing skin. Will couldn’t help but notice that after his and Nico’s slightly soppy reunion in front of half the campers there were people staring. Will obviously noticed the changes in his boyfriend but he didn’t think that anyone else would’ve. The whispers worried him but when he and Nico went down for a campfire that evening it all became clear; Will tuned in a little and heard what the campers were whispering about. The girls had a few things to say among which The Hades siblings got hot was prevalent, but Shit, Nicos looking kind of gorgeous and Since when did Hazel have those curves?  were also common. What pissed Will off were the sly comments from some of the guys, especially Nicos gotten sexy and I wouldnt mind a piece of that ass.

It was as if suddenly people realised that Nico and Hazel were gorgeous; campers flocked to them, gushing over stupid shit, and both the siblings remained oblivious as to why they were suddenly getting all this attention.

“Oi,” present-Nico pulled Will out of his reminiscing. He laid on his side, pouting in the most endearing way, his long-ish hair spread on the pillow. He reached out and wrapped an arm around Will’s waist, pulling himself close and nudging his nose against the blond’s, frowning, “Where did you go?”

“Nowhere,” Will murmured, stroking his cheek and kissing him briefly, “I’m here.”

“You were remembering some dumb shit again, weren’t you?” Nico asked. Will shook his head.

“No,” he lied, and leaned down for a longer, slower kiss. Nico exhaled happily and leaned into him, and neither of them cared about morning breath. It was warm, soft, and the kiss felt like melted honey. When Will pulled back he couldn’t keep himself from smiling down at his boyfriend.

To him, Nico was just as beautiful as he was before.

“I can’t believe you’re mine,” the blond admitted. Nico rolled his dark eyes.

“We’ve been together for three years, you would’ve thought you’d be used to it by now.”

“I know,” Will grinned and ducked down for another kiss, rolling them over so he was on top of the dark-haired boy.

Twenty minutes later the boys walked out of the Hades cabin and into the warm morning.

“Plans?” Will asked.

“I promised Percy I’d train with him,” Nico said, “and then Leo wants me to help him with some machine shit.”

“Breakfast first?” Will suggested. Nico shook his head and smiled. The blond couldn’t stop himself from taking his boyfriend’s hand and pulling him close for a kiss. He couldn’t keep his hands off Nico, he never could.

“Nico!” a sudden squeal sounded. Both the boys pulled apart and turned around, confused. Two girls from the Aphrodite cabin were approaching them, giggling and blushing, “Hi Nico!” they exclaimed and then, almost grudgingly, added,“Hi Will.”

“Hi,” the boyfriends exchanged a confused look.

“So Nico,” one of the girl’s flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder, “We’re in desperate need of your help.”

“Uh...with what?” the Italian asked anxiously.

“Well,” the other girl smirked, “We need a model for a photoshoot for a competition we’re having with the Roman girls and you’d be perfect.”

“Me?” Nico pointed at himself, “ A model? You’re crazy.”

The girls pouted and looked as if Nico had just shot a puppy. Will had to hide his smile behind his hand, “Please, they begged, “It’s so important to us and you’d be a perfect model for us! Please, please, please?”

“Come on, Neeks, you can’t let them down,” Will winked at his boyfriend. Nico glared and huffed.

“I mean, I guess it’s just a few pictures right?”

Before he even finished speaking the squealing girls linked his arms and started dragging him off, chatting endlessly. Nico glanced over his shoulder and gave Will a panicked look but the amused son of Apollo just waved at him cheerfully.

“Girls,” he shook his head and turned to continue on to the dining pavilion, making a mental note in his head to make sure that Nico ate before midday. The blond enjoyed the sun on his face as he strolled between the cabins. He was happy. He was so happy.

As he passed by the Big House he saw a familiar figure sulking on the front steps. The blond stopped walking and blinked in surprise, “Frank?”

The son of Mars looked up grumpily, “Oh. Hi, Will.”

“Hi,” Will was confused. There was a bruise blooming on Frank’s cheek and he looked like a kicked puppy, “What happened to you?”

“I got into a fight,” Frank grumbled. Will’s eyes bulged.

“A fight? With who?!”

“One of the Hermes boys,” Frank looked away, “But it wasn’t my fault. He groped Hazel’s butt.”

“What?!” Will was shocked, “Fuck. So you punched him?”

“Yeah, knocked him out,” Frank seemed a bit proud then.

“Fucking hell,” Will shook his head, “and what, you’re on time out then?”

“Aha,” Frank confirmed.

“What about the other guy?”

Frank winced, “Uh, yeah, about that. You might have a new patient in the medical bay. Sorry.”

“Fuck,” Will smiled, “It’s like a pandemic.”

Frank sighed, “Tell me about it. People seem to be going crazy over Haze since she came back from Jupiter. I mean I know she’s gorgeous but she never got that much attention before.”

“Puberty hit her hard,” Will offered.

“Nico too,” Frank exhaled, “I saw guys leering at him. At both of them.”

Will felt a pang of jealousy, “Just stupid guys.”

“Yeah, I reckon,” Frank leaned back against the steps, “anyway I hope they get over it soon since both of them are taken. But if anyone tries anything with Nico…”

Subconsciously Will’s hands clenched into fists and he gritted his teeth, “They can try.”

Frank smiled and gave Will a little wave and the blond continued on to the dining pavilion. He had to admit Frank’s words worried him and now he regretted not stopping Nico from going with the Aphrodite girls. His eyes scanned the tables full of Demigods as he walked into the pavilion and he couldn’t help but wonder which of them were trying to steal his man.

Grumpily the blond settled at the Apollo table among his siblings and reached for a piece of toast.

“Will!” Kayla leaned in conspiratorially, “we were just talking about your boyfriend.”

“What about him?” Will asked, buttering his toast a little more violently than normal.

“He’s gotten really good looking,” his sister smiled.

“He’s always been good looking,” Will snapped. His siblings seemed surprised by this.

“Shit, okay,” Austin laughed awkwardly, “Someone’s in a bad mood.”

“Sorry,” Will sighed, “It’s just that…everyone’s acting really weird around Nico.”

Kayla patted his leg comfortingly, “That’s the problem of having a hot boyfriend. But don’t worry, he loves you. You have nothing to worry about.”

As if on cue Alabaster Torrington got up from the Hecate table and walked over, casually sitting on the edge of the Apollo table, right in front of Will.

“Uh…hi?” the blond offered, because he had never spoken to Alabaster in his life. The other boy offered him an arrogant smirk.

“Solace, right?”

“Yeah,” Will said awkwardly, “Did you want something?”

“Yeah, actually,” Alabaster’s grin widened, “I was wondering how serious you are about di Angelo.”

“What?” Will gaped at him. Alabaster shrugged.

“Y’know, like, how into him are you? I mean you’re probably really into him now that he looks like that but is it like serious between you two or…?”

Will was too shocked to move, “Y-Yeah it’s serious,” he managed to choke out. Alabaster made a disappointed noise.

“Shame, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that,” and then he was gone, walking back to his own table, leaving Will to gape at him.

“Okaaaaay,” Kayla said, “that was weird. I see your point. Protect Nico.”

“I’m going to kill him,” Will whispered, horrified.

“Oi, no you’re not,” Austin interjected, “He’s just being an idiot, ignore him.”

Will puffed out his cheeks and frustration and his eyes subconsciously slid to the Hades table, even though he knew his boyfriend wasn’t there. Hazel was, however, and her eyes met Will’s. He had to admit she had gotten prettier in the past few weeks. The blond smiled at his basically sister in law and waved her over. She grinned and stood up.

A wolf whistle and an eruption of laughter sounded from the Ares table where  a group of guys were staring creepily at the girl’s backside. Hazel’s face turned red with embarrassment. Will felt anger in his stomach and he was about to stand up and say something but just then Nico walked into the dining pavilion, murder in his eyes, clearly done with the photoshoot faster than anticipated. He gave the Ares boy who whistled one look .

“Bad idea,” he growled and snapped his fingers. The boy disappeared in the shadows as if he was never there.

“Nico!” Chiron yelled, “Bring him back!”

“He’s in the strawberry fields, he’s fine,” Nico snapped.

“Time out,” Chiron said, “For both of you. Go collect him from the fields.” Nico rolled his eyes and turned to leave.

“Feisty,” Alabaster commented, smirking. Will’s hand clenched and he was sure he was about to punch him when Nico turned around again.

“Say that a bit louder Torrington,” he said coldly, eyes narrowed, “and I’ll shadow-travel you much further than the fucking strawberry fields.”

“Nico language, Chiron reprimanded, “What is it with you kids today?”

The Italian stormed out of the pavilion and Will was on his feet in seconds, hurrying after him. He quickly caught up with his boyfriend, “Nico, wait!” he shouted, grabbing the boy’s wrist and pulling him behind a tree, out of the view of other Demigods. Nico was fuming, “Hey, calm down,” Will said.

“Fucking dogs,” Nico growled. Will grabbed his chin and turned the boy to face him.

“Hey,” he said gently, “It’s alright, calm down.”

“What’s wrong with all of them?” Nico demanded, “First the Aphrodite girls get all weirdly touchy with me and now this-“

Will blinked, “The Aphrodite girls got touchy?”

Nico hugged himself, “Yeah, and they wanted me to take my shirt off. I got out of there as fast as I could but I still feel so…,” he shuddered. Will pulled him in for a hug and nuzzled his cheek against the side of Nico’s head.

“I’m sorry baby,” he whispered, “I’m not gonna let them molest you again.”

Nico pulled away and smacked him playfully, “Relax, it wasn’t that serious,” he smiled gently and stood on his tiptoes to kiss Will, “Okay, I have to go for my time out.”

“Don’t tell Frank about this, it’ll just piss him off more,” Will said.

Nico frowned, “Don’t tell me Frank’s on time out too?”

“Frank’s on time out too.”


It wasn’t until later that night that Will saw Nico again; the blond was busy because the Hephaestus kids had messed up a project and all came in bruised and bloody so he had to take care of them, and Nico was on time out all day. But that evening the Apollo kids organized another bonfire down by the lake, and all the Demigods were there. Will came later as he was cleaning up the medical bay and eagerly looked through the crowd, trying to find his boyfriend.

The Apollo kids were singing folk songs by the fire and other Demigods had joined in, some roasting food over the flames, others sitting around and talking quietly. Will tried to spot his boyfriend and couldn’t keep the smile off his face when his eyes landed on Nico – the boy was sitting a little way off, by the tree-line, looking out at the glimmering lake and the nymphs splashing in the water.

Will started walking in his direction but stopped abruptly when Alabaster walked out from among the trees. The blond felt his blood boil but something made him stop walking, and so he just stood there, a little distance away, hidden by the shadows, and watched as the other boy approached his boyfriend and casually sat down on the sand next to him, way too close. Will was a little pleased when Nico flinched at the son of Hecate.

“Hello,” Alabaster said confidently.

“Who are you?” Nico asked, shifting away a little. The other boy laughed.

“I’m Alabaster, son of Hecate,” he grinned at Nico in the dark and Will clenched his fists. What was this guy doing? “I’m kinda new to camp. You’re Nico, right?”

“Yes,” Nico said shortly. Alabaster’s smile turned predatory.

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice how good your ass looked in those tight jeans of yours.”

Will inhaled sharply and Nico spluttered out an, “Excuse me?!”

“Listen,” Alabaster was so close to Nico that for the first time in his life Will felt homicidal, “I’m not going to beat around the bush. I never noticed you before but recently you’ve glowed up and bottom line is I think we’d be cute together. Don’t you think?”

“No,” Nico said, not hesitating, his voice emotionless. Alabaster clearly didn’t understand that he was being turned down and his grin widened.

“Yeah, we would,” he placed his hand over Nico’s on the sand. Will couldn’t move but, thankfully, Nico could. He snatched his hand back.

“I have a boyfriend,” he said sharply.

“But you’re not that serious with Solace, are you?” Alabaster asked.

“We’ve dated for three years.”

“Well yeah, but like, aren’t you bored?” the son of Hecate questioned. Will’s heart clenched.

“Of this conversation? Yes.” Nico didn’t skip a beat.

“Don’t be like that,” Alabaster teased and placed his hand on Nico’s thigh.

“Don’t touch me or I will cut off your dick with my sword and shadowtravel it to your mother,” Nico said quietly. Alabaster snatched his hand back.

“Gods, you’re frigid,” he stood up and dusted sand off his trousers, “I was just trying to have some fun no need to get rude.”

“Fuck off,” Nico replied. Alabaster scoffed and walked away from Nico. His eyes landed on Will and they narrowed.

“Have fun with him,” he grumbled, shaking his head, and made for the campfire. Nico was already looking at Will, surprised.

“Will,” he said, “What…how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” Will replied. Nico stood up.

“What a fucking weirdo,” he shook his head. Will bit his lip and a hundred emotions rolled through him. This morning he had been so happy and now…now he felt lost. Nico frowned and walked over to him, “Hey, you okay?”

“Fine,” Will replied, taking a step away from Nico. The boy looked confused.

“What’s with you? Don’t be mad about that stupid shit Alabaster said, he was just messing about.”

“No he wasn’t,” Will replied, “You…You must’ve noticed the way people have been staring at you since yesterday.”

“No, not really.”

“I just…,” Will was getting frustrated, and he didn’t know how to word what he was feeling, “I…I’m just thinking about what Alabaster said. About the bored thing-“

“Will,” Nico sighed, exasperated.

“No, just hear me out,” Will said. Laughter drifted over from the campfire, laughter and singing, “You always go on these adventures and your life is so exciting and I’m not much of a fighter and I never go on quests and so if you’re bored of me-“

“Shut up,” Nico snapped, anger appearing in his eyes as he took a step towards Will, “Shut the fuck up, Will, you know that’s utter bullshit.”

“I don’t know,” Will rubbed a hand down his face, “I-I just...I keep thinking that now...that now that so many guys are making comments about you a-and Alabaster’s hitting on you and I that it’s happening you”

“I might what?” Nico demanded. Will bit his lip.

“I don’t know? Find someone better.”

Will, Nico whispered, heartbreak in his voice.

“I mean everyone suddenly think you’re gorgeous, which isn’t new news, but still,” Will didn’t know how to explain anything, “and I’m just…I don’t know what to do. I know I shouldn’t be insecure in our relationship but it’s all a bit much.”

Nico looked at him for a moment in thoughtful silence and Will had no idea what the boy was thinking. Finally he spoke, “Remember the first time we had sex?”he asked suddenly, catching Will off-guard, “And I didn’t want to take my clothes off because I was self-conscious?”

Will swallowed, remembering how clumsy and inexperienced and shy they had both been. He smiled at the memory, “Yeah,” he said softly.

“And you kept tell me all this stupid cheesy shit,” Nico stepped closer and took Will’s hands in his, looking down at their intertwined fingers, “Like how I was beautiful and all that shit-“

“You were,” Will interrupted, “You still are. The most beautiful person in the world.”

Nico smiled, “Shhh, shut up, I’m trying to make a point. The point is that even when I hated myself the most you were always there to knock down my every insecurity and you thought I was worth it when I, and practically nobody else, ever thought so. You mended my broken heart, Will.”

“Well shit if that isn’t cliché,” Will breathed. Nico glared at him playfully.

“Stop interrupting me,” he grumbled, “Basically what I’m trying to say is I don’t care who suddenly thinks I’m hot or whatever. Because looks pass, and I don’t care about them. I don’t care about Alabaster, or anybody else. Just you. Because you loved me first.”

“Hazel loved you,” Will said in a small voice. Nico groaned and let go of his hands.

“Way to ruin my speech!” he complained, “This is why I never get soppy with you!”

Will grinned, and he felt as light as a feather when he pulled Nico into his arms, the boy’s words working wonders on him,“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he kissed the Nico’s cheek. Grudgingly the Italian slid his arms around Will’s waist, “Your speech was wonderful. You’re wonderful. I love you.”

“Are you gonna stop being jealous now?” Nico asked.

“Maybe,” Will kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Gods you’re an idiot, but I love you,” Nico whispered, “So much. Please don’t forget that.”

He pressed his mouth to Will’s in a kiss of re-assurance and comfort and love. The blond held him close and kissed him, ignoring everyone and everything around them. When Nico pulled away he was grinning.

“Honestly, I didn’t notice people staring because you’re the only one I pay attention to.”

“Oh my Gods someone kidnapped my boyfriend,” Will grinned, “Aliens are real!”

“Shut up,” Nico smacked him and then took his hand, “Come on back to the bonfire. I’m gonna be proper soppy and PDA in front of Alabaster, just this once, to make things crystal clear.”

“I think you threatening to send his mom his dick was clear enough,” Will interjected. Nico shrugged.

“Eh, you can never be too sure.”

Chapter Text

Ethan hits his head and becomes an amnesiac. Alabaster, head over heels in love with his best friend uses this as an opportunity. Ethan falls in love with Alabaster, his boyfriend , all over again as he tries and helps him get his memory back. Something Alabaster does triggers his memories and he realises the lie. They fight and then make up leading to happily ever after! For Virgo the Perfectionist

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Ethan s hurt.

When Alabaster had first heard those words it had felt as if someone had stabbed him in the gut with a burning knife. He had never thought it was possible to feel internal pain that had nothing to do with wounds, and as a Demigod he was used to hurting. But not like this. The pain he felt when they told him that Ethan was unconscious was like no other, a helpless, crippling kind of pain in his heart.

The kind of pain you feel when someone you love is hurt.

Alabaster had been minding his own business when he got the news. He was on washing up duty because the Hecate cabin had lost the Capture the Flag, and had suds up to his elbows when Connor Stoll came barging into the kitchen of the Big House.

“Alabaster!” he looked panicked, “You better come quick!”

Alabaster blinked, and he wasn’t one for being freaked out by someone else freaking out, so he asked calmly, “What happened?” as he put a freshly washed cup away.

“It’’s...Ethan’s hurt.”

That’s when the stabbing pain came, so agonising that for a moment Alabaster couldn’t move, staring at Connor in shock. And then he dropped the dishes and threw himself to the door, blindly wiping his hands on a cloth as he sprinted out of the house, Connor hot on his heels.

Outside there was a commotion; Demigods flocked to the front steps of the Big House and Chiron was trying to maintain an illusion of order, but it wasn’t working. The Apollo kids had their medical kits out and ambrosia was being passed around but Alabaster couldn’t see Ethan due to the crowd. Terror gripped at his heart as he shoved people aside.

He was Ethan’s best friend – everyone knew that – they were practically inseparable. Quite a few of the people gathered also knew about Alabaster’s secret feelings for the son of Nemesis, although Ethan himself was, thankfully, oblivious. Now Demigods moved to let him through, staring wide-eyed at Alabaster, who was desperate and determined to get to the other boy.

Ethan was sitting on the ground, blood caking his temple, looking dazed and confused. Alabaster’s heart jumped to his throat and for a second he couldn’t speak, just stared at Ethan in shock. The boy looked up at him blankly, and something about the way he was looking at Alabaster made the boy freak out.

“What happened?!” he demanded.

“He hit his head,” Will Solace replied calmly as he knelt on the ground next to Ethan, carefully bandaging the cut on the side of his head, “We don’t know really what happened but Leo found him by Bunker 9, wandering around.”

“Ethan,” Alabaster knelt at his friend’s side, “What happened?”

Ethan’s next words made Alabaster’s blood run cold, “Who are you?”

“W-What?” Alabaster asked, mouth dry. He let out a little nervous chuckle, “Don’t be stupid, it’s me, idiot.”

“I-I don’t…,” Ethan’s one eye looked around the crowd gathered and he swallowed, becoming visibly upset, “I don’t know w-where I am…I-I don’t know any of you.”

Alabaster exchanged a panicked look with Will, “Amnesia,” the blond offered, “Due to head-trauma.”

“Is it permanent?!” Alabaster demanded. Will shook his head.

“I don’t know yet, we need to take him in and run some tests.”

“No,” Ethan said immediately, flinching away from Will, “No tests.”

Chiron looked worried, “Do you remember your name?”

“E-Ethan,” the boy replied shakily, “but that’s about it.”

“I mean, it’s a good start,” Will offered, standing up, “Honestly it doesn’t look like there’s any serious damage, but just to be sure Ethan shouldn’t be left alone tonight, and tomorrow we’ll figure out what to do.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Alabaster said immediately. Ethan looked at him, and everyone else just nodded. They were best friends, it was only obvious that Alabaster would be the one to figure this out. Honestly the son of Hecate was still in a state of shock about the whole situation, and the only thing he was sure about was the fact that he couldn’t leave Ethan alone, or with anyone else. He needed to make sure the boy was okay.

Will helped a still confused looking Ethan to his feet, “Alabaster will take you back to your cabin so you can rest.”

“My cabin?” Ethan asked uncertainly and the innocence on his face made Alabaster’s heart twist. He forced a smile.

“Yeah. I’ll explain as much as I can on the way so follow me.”

They broke away from the already dispersing crowd and made their way to the cabins in the afternoon sunshine. Ethan was clutching his muddy jumped with his hands and looking vaguely scared as he walked just behind Alabaster, but not next to him. That hurt.

“Hey,” the son of Hecate tried to sound comforting, “You’re safe, you don’t need to be scared.”

“It’s just that I…,” Ethan looked around, “I don’t recognize anything. Or you. Who are you…to me?”

The words Im your best friend died away on Alabaster’s tongue and he paused for a moment as he and Ethan approached the Nemesis cabin – the same place that the two have spent hours playing video games, watching movies and drinking snuck-in beer – and in that moment Alabaster knew that this was his chance. Ethan didn’t remember anything and although Al’s mind was telling him that the plan that was forming in his head was a bad one, his heart urged him to take a chance. He swallowed.

“I’m your boyfriend.”

Ethan stopped in his tracks and stared at Alabaster in shock, and the son of Hecate realized he had fucked up, “Youre my boyfriend?”

“Don’t you remember that?” Al asked and he was about to laugh the whole thing off and make out that it was a joke when Ethan suddenly dropped his eyes, a pretty blush appearing on his cheeks.

“Woah. How the hell did I get myself a boyfriend like you?”

Alabaster’s heart skipped a beat, “What do you mean?”

“Y-You’re just so…,” Ethan vaguely gestured to all of Alabaster and looked away again. Al couldn’t help but smile.

“No need to be shy,” he said, “We’ve been together for a year after all.”

“A year,” Ethan exhaled, “Wow.”

“Alright come in,” Alabaster climbed up the steps to Ethan’s cabin, trying to control his pounding heart, “Will advised some rest.”

“Whose Will? What is this place?”


Ethan didn’t recognize the inside of the cabin that Alabaster swore was his. Everything was alien; the clothes strewn on the floor, the sword in the corner, the bed. The quick summary of who he was, was alien as well – a Demigod? At a camp? All of it was bizarre. What wasnt bizarre was Alabaster himself.

Naturally Ethan didn’t remember him, didn’t remember his voice or the color of his eyes, or the way he walked or spoke, or all the stories the boy was filling him in on as he walked around the cabin, preparing a drink for Ethan. But his presence was familiar, calming, comforting. Before he had shown up Ethan had been terrified, surrounded by strangers. Alabaster was like a warm blanket, and he made Ethan feel safe. But of course he would; he was his boyfriend after all.

“Here you go,” Alabaster passed Ethan, who was sitting on ‘his’ bed, a steaming mug.

“What is it?” Ethan asked.

“Tea,” Alabaster replied with a smile. Gods hes gorgeous, Ethan thought, staring as he lifted the mug to his lips. The tea was dark and rich and bitter and perfect. Ethan blinked in surprise – even he didn’t know how he liked his tea himself.

“Wow, this is perfect.”

“I know how you like your tea,” Alabaster winked. Ethan took another tentative sip.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, love,” Alabaster replied casually and the pet name made Ethan shiver in pleasure. It made him feel wonderfully warm. Blushing, he sipped more of the tea, “You should probably change,” Alabaster continued, walking to a closet in the corner of the room, “You’re all muddy and dirty from the forest. What were you doing there anyway?”

“I don’t remember,” Ethan said quietly.

“Ah. Yeah. Right. Sorry,” Alabaster rummaged in the closet and then paused. With a confused look on his face he pulled out a t-shirt that looked way too big for Ethan, “Why do you have my shirt?” Alabaster asked.

Ethan blinked, “Er…cause we’re boyfriends?”

A weird look appeared on Alabaster’s face for a second but the he smiled, “Yeah. Of course. I was just looking for this shirt for ages.”

“Can I sleep in it?” Ethan asked. Again, Alabaster paused, but the walked over.

“Sure, anything to make you comfortable, baby.”

Again, Ethan shivered. He finished his drink quickly, wondering how was it possible that he wanted to kiss and hug someone who he didn’t even remember. Alabaster should’ve scared him; he was tall, intimidating, muscular. But somehow the only thing that Ethan felt around him was an overpowering sense of love and comfort.

The taller boy took his mug from Ethan when the boy finished drinking. Anxiously the Asian stood up, clutching Al’s t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants to his chest, “Um, where’s the bathroom? I want to change.”

Alabaster glanced at him over his shoulder, “Just change here. Unless you’re being shy again.”

“N-No, no,” Ethan said quickly, and bit his lip. Alabaster’s expression softened.

“The bathroom’s on the left.”

Ethan nodded and scurried across the cabin, slipping into the bathroom and closing the door. His heart pounded and his face was red. He looked around the unfamiliar room, and tried to calm down. He and Alabaster had probably seen each other naked a hundred times – the thought of that made Ethan blush harder – and yet the boy still felt self-conscious. He didn’t even know what his own body looked like and stripping in front of someone else was too much for him in that moment.


Alabaster sat on Ethan’s bed with his face buried in his hands. He had made a stupid, impulsive decision and now he was regretting it…okay, not really though, because the lie was worth seeing the look on Ethan’s face for the past few minutes; this awed, shocked look, like he was actually happy to be Alabaster’s boyfriend. The son of Hecate didn’t want to lie to him and yet at the same time he was finally getting what he had wanted – Ethan.

But to what lengths was he ready to go with this? He was supposed to stay with Ethan tonight and look after him; was cuddling okay? What about a kiss? Alabaster had always wanted to kiss Ethan. What about sex? How far was too far? The boy didn’t know, but the sound of the bathroom door opening made him sit up.

Ethan padded out of the room, looking exhausted and adorable at the same time, wearing Alabaster’s too big shirt. Immediately the son of Hecate decided that it was his favorite thing ever, though he couldn’t help but wonder why Ethan had his shirt in his closet.

“Hi,” Ethan said, unsure, stopping a few feet from the bed.

“Hi. You tired?” Al asked. Ethan shrugged.

“Kind of, but I think I’m too anxious to sleep.”

“What about a movie?” Alabaster asked, gesturing to Ethan’s TV on the wall. More than ever then he was glad that Ethan had no siblings to share the cabin with, “That would relax you.”

Ethan worried at his lip for a second but then nodded, “Sure.”

Alabaster kicked off his shoes and pushed the covers aside, settling back against the pillows the way he did every movie night. Ethan didn’t move from his spot, staring at Alabaster. The son of Hecate stared back, “Well, you coming or what?”

“Are…are you staying here tonight?” Ethan asked, and he sounded so small that a pang of guilt went through Alabaster. He turned to the TV and switched it on with a remote.

“Yeah, that would be best. To keep an eye on you, make sure you don’t get worse,” he was about to add but I can go if you want, when Ethan suddenly went around the bed and climbed under the covers with no hesitation.

“Good,” he said. Alabaster swallowed and his heart pounded as he attempted to appear casual.

“What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t know,” Ethan said, “I don’t even know what movies I like.”

“You like horror,” Alabaster offered, “but maybe that’s not the best idea-“

“No, no, it’s fine,” Ethan said, “Let’s watch a horror. Maybe it will jog my memory.”

I hope not, Al thought guiltily, picking a horror at random. It Follows started playing and the sun set quickly behind the windows. After a while both the boys relaxed against the bed, settling into the comfort and warmth of the room. The cabin grew darker, until the only light came from the TV. Ethan seemed completely engrossed in the movie but Alabaster was distracted – he kept glancing at his best friend, his boyfriend, and he couldn’t help but think that this was perfect, just the two of them, in bed, watching a movie.

“I love you,” Alabaster blurted. He had always wanted to say it, so, so badly. Ethan seemed taken aback by the sudden confession and pulled his eye from the TV to look up at the other boy.

“I-I…,” he was breathless. Alabaster smiled and tried to hide his hurt.

“It’s okay you don’t have to say it back.”

“Sorry, “Ethan whispered.

“It’s okay.”

They sat in silence and the movie played on. Alabaster tried to cheer himself up by promising himself to force Ethan to watch Star Wars. Ethan hated Star Wars…but of course he didn’t know that now. Alabaster smiled.

Ethan suddenly shifted, and rested his head against Alabaster’s shoulder. The boy was tense, Al could feel that, and was probably testing the waters to see what he was comfortable with. Still, it made Alabaster unbelievable happy and, without meaning to, he rested his head on top of Ethan’s. After a few minutes the Asian relaxed, and after a few more he snuggled more comfortably into Al’s side. The son of Hecate slung an arm  around his ‘boyfriend’s’ shoulders and pulled him closer as his fingers slid upward to play with the boy’s dark hair. It was as if it they were always supposed to be like this.

Minutes later they were both asleep.


In the next few days Ethan had a chance to get accustomed to Camp Half-Blood. His mind was still blank, but he found that his body had a better memory. When Alabaster had said they need to go to breakfast he knew where to go, even though he didn’t know what the dining pavilion looked like. It was all new and fascinating; the forest, the Nymphs and Dryads, the Satyrs, the strawberry fields and the Big House. Al told him about training and different activities and capture the flag, and it all sounded immensely fun.

And it was, especially when Ethan had Alabaster at his side, which he virtually always did. Al even insisted on accompanying Ethan to his medical appointments and staying with him at night, though all he ever did was sling an arm around Ethan’s waist. That was what baffled the boy the most; by all means Alabaster was a loving boyfriend – he fretted over him, made him tea constantly, ensure that he was warm and happy and comfortable. His smiles were intoxicating, his pet names sweet, and Ethan could understand how he had fallen in love with Al before he lost his memory. It felt like he was doing it all over again.

However the boy never touched him, not properly, not the way boyfriends touched. He held his hand sometimes, but there were no proper cuddles at night, no hugs, no pointless caresses. No kissing. No sex. Ethan didn’t know why but after a few days he started wanting more, he wanted Alabaster to touch him.

One evening, about five days after Ethan lost his memory, Alabaster dragged him out of his cabin and down to the beach by the lake for a campfire. It was nice, Ethan had to admit, there were several people friendly with him though he couldn’t remember their names or their faces. He listened to the Demigods sing songs and roasted a piece of bacon over the flames, the whole time sticking close to Alabaster. Alabaster was warmth, and safety, and comfort. They returned to Ethan’s cabin late, giggling and in high-spirits. Ethan felt a little drunk even though he had had no alcohol, and when he shut the door to his cabin he leaned against it, grinning. Alabaster reached for the light-switch, but the Asian grabbed his hand.

“Don’t,” he said quietly, his laughter dying away. Alabaster gave him a confused look in the darkness of the cabin, and Ethan could just barely make out his features. He fought down his shyness, telling himself that they had probably done this dozens of times before, and tugged Alabaster forward, against his own body.

“Ethan,” Alabaster said softly, and it almost sounded like a warning. Ethan bit his lip and his arms slid around his boyfriend’s neck.

“Don’t I get a kiss?” he asked in a whisper. Alabaster stared at him.

“You want me to kiss you?” he sounded shocked, and Ethan didn’t understand why.

“Well, yes, isn’t that what boyfriends do?” he asked, and then let out a nervous, embarrassed chuckle, beginning to pull his arms back, “Sorry, I guess-“

“No,” Alabaster grabbed his arms and put them back around his shoulders, and he leaned into Ethan. The boy’s heart started to pound as he felt the warmth of the son of Hecate against him. Alabaster’s hands rested against his ribs and then they slid down to Ethan’s hips and the boy shivered. Alabaster bowed his head, so his cheek rested against Ethan’s temple, “I’m sorry I haven’t kissed you. I didn’t…I didn’t know if you wanted me to do it.”

“Well, I do,” Ethan murmured. Alabaster slowly turned to the side, brushing his nose against Ethan’s teasingly. The son of Nemesis held his breath, his body subconsciously leaning into Alabaster. He felt on edge, his nerves tingling. Almost teasingly, Alabaster pressed his mouth to Ethan’s, so lightly that the boy barely felt it.

Automatically he arched up, pressing harder. Alabaster smiled against his lips and then he opened his mouth a little, sliding it against Ethan’s. The son of Nemesis was sure he was going to pass out from all the blood suddenly rushing to his head and he made a quiet, breathy sound. The kiss remained tantalizingly slow and gentle, and Ethan gripped the shirt on Al’s back. The son of Hecate angled his head then, and parted Ethan’s lips with his tongue, and Ethan’s eyes fluttered shut.

And then the kiss changed. Alabaster roughly pushed Ethan against the door, almost violently, slotting them together so there was no space between their bodies. Ethan gasped and his body was suddenly filled with heat. Alabaster kissed him hungrily, passionately, almost with a desperation as he plunged his tongue into Ethan’s mouth, swallowing his surprised moans. Ethan felt like his legs were going to give out.  He whimpered, clung onto Alabaster, and kissed back just as fiercely. It was like Alabaster was some kind of drug. Ethan couldn’t even think about whether this was familiar or not, about if his body remembered doing this before, he was just too lost in the kiss, too lost in Alabaster.

The son of Hecate pulled away from Ethan’s mouth just so he could kiss his neck instead, hard and insistent and rough. Ethan slammed his head back against the door, “Fuck,” he whined, his whole body shaking. Alabaster froze suddenly, tense against Ethan, and pulled away hurriedly.

“I’m sorry,” he stepped back, and his eyes were dark and apologetic. The bulge in his trousers was obvious. Ethan had trouble catching his breath.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked, words slightly slurred. He was flushed and trembling.

“We…I…,” Alabaster looked lost. Ethan reached out for him and took his hand.

“It’s okay, I trust you,” he whispered.

The look of pain on Alabaster’s face made Ethan’s eyes widen. The boy dropped his hand and stepped further away, much to Ethan’s confusion, “Alabaster,” he said gently, “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not,” Alabaster replied, “We should wait until your memory comes back, so you can fully consent to all this and stuff.”

Ethan frowned, and something about this situation seemed wrong…something scratched at the back of his memory, an inking, a feeling, a thought Ethan couldn’t quite grasp, “I’m consenting now, idiot. Besides, what if I never get my memory back?”

“I don’t know, I…,” Alabaster looked around hurriedly, “Just not tonight. Movie! Yeah, let’s watch a movie.”

Ethan’s shoulders slumped and he couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling in the back of his head. He felt anxious, like ants were crawling beneath his skin, “Okay,” he said.

“What do you want to watch?” Alabaster was overly loud, trying to fill the space between him and Ethan, and he wouldn’t look at the boy, “Another horror movie?”

“I don’t mind,” Ethan said, “You can pick.”

“Okay, we can watch Star Wars,” Alabaster decided.

“I don’t like Star Wars.”

Ethan hadn’t meant to say that, it was as if the words had just spilled from his mouth without a thought behind them.

“What?” Alabaster turned slowly to face him, and there was something like fear in his eyes.

“I don’t like Star Wars. You always try to make me watch them,” the son of Nemesis shrugged.

“Ethan…,” Alabaster whispered. That’s all it took.

It was as if a floodgate had been open then, and everything came rushing back into Ethan’s mind, so suddenly that he stumbled back and had to lean against the wall.

Camp Half Blood. Titans. Giants. Alabaster.

He remembered seeing Alabaster with one of the Aphrodite girls, laughing and smiling, and the pure jealousy and anger and hurt he had felt. Then he went into the woods. He remembered walking for ages, annoyed, angry. Just circling around, trying to calm down. He remembered the sunshine falling in through the branches. The branches that swayed in the wind. Ethan hadn’t seen the rock, but felt it as he drove his foot into it blindly, he fell forward, and then the darkness came.

“E-Ethan?” Alabaster asked shakily, staring at the silent boy.

“Oh my Gods,” Ethan whispered, “I remember. I remember everything.”

“Ethan,” Alabaster said, but that was all. He seemed to have no more words left. Then fury overcome Ethan.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” he demanded, and Alabaster flinched back, “You’re my best friend, the person whose supposed to protect me in situations like these and you lie to me?!” he shouted. Alabaster dropped his gaze, “Do you think this is some joke? Is this what this is to you? A sick, stupid prank. Oh, look at that, Ethan fell for my joke! Is this what this is?!”

“No,” Alabaster said quietly, “Fuck, Eth, it’s not, you know it’s not-“

“Why would you do this?!” Ethan was on the verge of tears, he was so furious, “Why would you lie to me like that?!”

“Because I wanted you,” Alabaster said helplessly, and that made Ethan pause. He looked at his best friend, who loved heartbroken, “Fuck, Ethan, I’ve been in love with you for years. And I just…I thought that this could be like a pretend thing, that I could just be happy with you for a while, at least until you got your memories back and I…I…,” he shook his head, “Gods, I’m so sorry.”

Ethan’s anger was gone, evaporated. He looked at Alabaster, and his heart twisted. Here stood the boy he had been in love with since he was thirteen, confessing that he loved him too. Ethan was tired, confused, hurt, and, more importantly, relived, that all this hadn’t been a joke.

“Al…,” he said softly.

“I’m sorry,” Alabaster whispered, “Please don’t hate me, I’m sorry. I’ll get over you, I’ll do it somehow, I promise, I’ll go to Tartarus or something so just…just…”

“I don’t want you to get over me,” Ethan whispered heartbreakingly.

He didn’t know who moved first but suddenly he was pressed back against Alabaster, both of them clinging onto each other, their mouths sliding together in a desperate kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Alabaster whispered between the kisses, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you idiot,” Ethan gripped his face in his hands and stood on his tiptoes so he could kiss him properly. Alabaster’s arms were wound around his waist and he kissed Ethan like he was about to lose him.

Finally they pulled apart when it became clear neither would disappear. They pressed their foreheads together and breathed softly against each other’s mouths.

“You’re not mad at me?” Alabaster asked after a moment of tranquil silence.

“No. I’m a little annoyed, but I’ll get over it,” Ethan stroked Al’s face. The son of Hecate smiled, “Just one thing.”

“Anything,” Alabaster murmured.

“Tell me you love me again.”

Alabaster paused, and his eyes found Ethan’s, “I love you,”” he whispered. Ethan exhaled, all the tension leaving his body.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Soulmate au one where everyone that touched you leaves a different colour handprint on you that takes from about 30 min to 4 hours to fade and vary in intensity (depending on how much you care for that person) except your Soulmate one where the first place they touch you leaves a permanent handprint on you and the rest of the times the prints just take longer to fade (maybe one or two days) and are stronger than any other symbolizing a soulbond and like, Will always has a lot of prints in his body since he works at the infirmary and Nico never has any because he hates being touched and Will is in love with Nico (obviously reciprocated but they are both two oblivious little shits) and really wants to leave his print on Nico but he respects his best friends boundaries and then one day they touch each other for some reason (bonus points if it's a funny scene) and realise they are Soulmates. Double bonus points if there's a smut scene and the next day Will forgets that the marks didn't fade and takes his shirt off in front of their group of friends and there's like, marks of kisses and hands all over his chest and they all make fun of them for being basically two horny teenagers.
For StrugglesOfAGeek

Image result for handprint gif

In this world everyone who touches you leaves a physical mark on your body; sometimes it’s an imprint of a fingertip, sometimes an entire palm. It can be a stranger on a train, accidentally brushing the back of their hand against your arm, or your lover caressing your face. Each handprint is a different colour and, depending on the significance of the person touching you, remain on your skin for different times. The touch of a stranger fades almost instantly, the touch of an acquaintance can take a few minutes while the ones of the people you love – your friends, your family, your lovers – can take up to two days.

The handprint of your Soulmate remains on your skin forever. Everybody has a different colour, a unique shade just for themselves. If your Soulmate dies the Soulmark fades to white.  

When Nico was a young boy he wanted, more than anything, to be touched by his Soulmate, to have their handprint tattooed into his skin. He dreamt about it at night, about the Soulbond he would have with someone. The confusion as to why nobody’s but Bianca’s hand remained on him for more than a few minutes turned into distain. Then Bianca died, the Titan war happened, Tartarus, the Giant war...and eventually people’s hands stopped leaving an imprint on Nico at all; a gentle wash of colour in the shape of fingers was all that appeared on his pale skin if someone touched him.

Eventually Nico had stopped wanting people to touch him, because it became too painful. He saw other people’s hands, their wrists, and everyone always had at least one partially fading handprint on them at a time, others decorated in finger marks. Nico’s body was unmarked. The final blow came to him when Percy touched him; Nico had loved him and when the son of Poseidon had carelessly touched his skin by pulling him up by the wrist, the Italian heartbreakingly found that Percy was not his Soulmate. His imprint was sea-blue, and it stayed for an hour, and just as Nico had started to let himself hope that his feelings were reciprocated, the hand faded.

He had been so young and he hadn’t let anyone touch his skin since then. He ensured that he always wore long sleeves and if anybody reached for him he automatically flinched. People just assumed he was antisocial but honestly, Nico was just ensuring that he didn’t get hurt. He was slowly coming to terms with the fact that he didn’t have a Soulmate. That happened sometimes. Everyone else around him got their Soulmarks; Annabeth had Percy’s blue print and he had her indigo one, both on their palms as if the first time they touched was by holding hands. Jason had Piper’s on the back of his neck, just the tips of her fingers, and Piper had his on her hip. Hazel had Frank’s imprint just behind her ear, where he had brushed her hair, and he had hers on his bicep. They all flaunted the Soulmarks proudly, and Nico was envious.


Nico was back in the medical bay and Will was sure it was more because he wanted to stay out of the stiflingly hot summer day rather than because he actually wanted to help out. Not that he was helping out at all; he sat on the end of one of the free beds, his stygian iron sword on his side as he flicked through some folder, looking bored.

“All done,” Will said cheerfully, finishing bandaging up the cut on Frank’s arm. The skin there was tinged with the shimmering gold that Will’s palm always left behind on people’s skin, but he knew it would disappear in a few hours, “Just make sure you avoid the eleven year olds with all the knives. You know how clumsy they get.”

“Gotcha,” Frank smiled and stood up, “thanks Will.”

He clasped the medic on the shoulder and left the medical bay. Will, due to the heat, was wearing a tank top and so a hand print appeared on his naked, tanned, freckled shoulder. It was a cheerful kind of purple, though not the deep purple that Reyna’s hand left behind. Will smiled and caught sight of himself in a mirror as he turned to Nico – his blond curls were held back with a bandana so he didn’t get too sweaty in the heat, and his arms and hands were covered in the multiple hand prints of all the people he had treated today, and he looked like he was splashed in paint.

“What are you looking at?” he asked Nico as he turned to scribble down Frank’s injury on the log.

“Criminal records,” Nico said distractedly, flipping a page. Will’s eyes bulged.

“What?! How did you get those?”

Nico glanced at him briefly, his eyes like pools of molten, warm darkness, “Don’t worry.”

“Anything good?” Will asked curiously, padding over. He leaned over Nico’s shoulder and the Italian flinched away from him, shifting a little to the side. Will swallowed, a little guilty and a lot disappointed, moving away slightly to give Nico space.

The summer had been long and warm and lazy, and Will had spent every day with Nico. After the war and then the whole Apollo thing all of them needed a break, and Nico especially. The medic was determined to make sure the boy was eating properly and taking care of himself. The four months were blissful compared to the horrors of the past two years, and Will decided that Nico was definitely the best thing to happen to him in that time...maybe all his life even, because the blond had fallen hopelessly and blindly head over heels in love with the son of Hades. Naturally Nico didn’t feel the same, or at least Will didn’t know if he did, because they never touched. Nico never touched anyone, actually, except Hazel on rare occasions, and although Will wanted, more than anything, to ensure the boy’s comfort and respect his boundaries, but he was also tempted to brush his fingers lightly over the boy’s skin every day, just to see how permanent of a mark he would leave.

The thought that his mark on Nico could disappear after a few hours scared him, and perhaps that was why he refrained from touching the boy he loved.

“Anything interesting?” Will asked.

“Uh...Piper has some stealing stuff, though less than I expected,” Nico said.

“Charmspeak,” Will said. The Italian nodded,

“Yeah. Probably,” he flipped the page, “Leo has some mild arson, Annabeth has credit card fraud? From 2006?! She was seven!”

“Shit then,” Will grinned and walked back to his own paperwork.

“W-Will!” Nico spluttered suddenly, “What the hell is this?! A thievery conviction?!”

Will offered a sheepish smile, “Remember the Titan fight in Manhattan?” he asked, and Nico nodded, staring at him as if he saw a ghost, “Yeah, lots of wounded, not a lot of supplies. I raided a pharmacy, they caught me on CCTV, the whole shebang. Chiron dealt with it.”

“So you have a criminal record?!” Nico still seemed shocked.

Will shrugged, “Minor. Surely you have one too.”

“No,” Nico huffed and closed the folder, “I don’t get caught.”

“Well I can’t shadowtravel,” Will teased. Nico rolled his eyes and stood up, stretching his arms over his head and yawning. His t-shirt rode up, revealing a sliver of his pale stomach. Will’s eyes greedily scanned the revealed skin for a sign of a Soulmark but Nico was one of the few people the blond knew that seemed to not have any imprints on him at all.

“I’m going to go have a nap,” Nico informed Will. The blond shook his head.

“I swear all you do is sleep.”

“And keep you company,” Nico interjected.

“Hey, I’m going to a pet shelter tomorrow,” Will said suddenly, “Wanna come with?”

Nico made a face, “No. Animals hate me, you know that. They think I smell like death.”

“That skeletal cat that follows you around likes you.”

“Small Bob’s already dead,” Nico deadpanned. Somehow seeing him be so serious about animals made him adorable and Will had to fight the urge to touch him; he wanted to squeeze his cheeks, or ruffle his hair, and the fact he couldn’t was making him frustrated. Instead he smiled.

“Please?” he asked, “I don’t want to go alone.”

“Get Kayla,” Nico rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest, but the fact he hadn’t left yet gave Will hope that he’d change his mind. The blond gave the Italian his best puppy dog eyes and pouted.


Nico sighed, “Why are you going? And how far is it?”

Will grinned brightly, “It’s my mum’s friends store and she has something for me. And it’s only in Brooklyn. I’d drive us.”

“I don’t know if I trust you enough to get in a car with you,” Nico’s eyes narrowed.

“Pleaaaaase,” Will fluttered his eyelashes, “It would mean we get a break from camp for a bit, and we could go to Chinatown, and I could show you my room and-“

“Fine, fine,” Nico shook his head, “I’ll come, just shut up.”

“Fantastic,” Will grinned, and then his smile faltered as he once again had to fight the urge to take Nico into his arms. The Italian frowned.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” Will turned away, “Yeah, I’m great. Go have your nap.”

When Nico left Will slumped against the wall, feeling dejected. He had no idea how much longer he could do this for; how much longer he could ignore the crushing feelings he felt for his friend. It was all getting too much. He sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. Already the mark Frank left on him was beginning to fade and he knew that by the time he woke up in the morning his skin would be clear again. He didn’t want that. He wanted a permanent handprint on him. He wanted Nico’s handprint.


Nico had to admit that being in the passenger seat of Will’s hand was nice. It was almost like the two of them were dating, on a road trip to Brooklyn. The sun was shining in through the windows of the old pick up truck that Chiron borrowed them, and made warm patterns on Nico’s thighs. He felt warm because all his clothes were black, despite the fact it was the middle of the summer, and so he had cranked the window open. Now a lovely breeze fell in from the highway, ruffling both his and Will’s hair. The blond was driving, a happy smile on his face, sunglasses on his freckles nose. He was dressed in a Hawaiian printed shirt, and his hair gleamed in the sunlight. Nico wanted desperately to touch him, and in order to stop himself he wedged his hands between his thighs. As long as he didn’t touch Will he’d never have a confirmation that they weren’t Soulmates, and that was okay. That meant that Nico could pretend that in moments like this they were a couple.

He wanted them to be a couple. He wanted Will to be his Soulmate more than he had ever wanted Percy to be it. Will was humming in to some song on the radio, and then he glanced to the side.

“Nico!” he exclaimed, “I told you to do your seatbelt up forty minutes ago!”

“I like living dangerously,” Nico said. Will sighed and with one hand he reached over, still watching the road. Nico flinched away, “I’ll do it myself!” he blurted, and Will pulled his hand back. Nico’s heart pounded. That was close, he thought as he did up his seatbelt. An almost tense silence settled over the two of them, and then Will suddenly smiled.

“Ooooh I love this song!” he yelled, and turned up the volume. A cheerful, summery song that Nico didn’t know blared through the car and Will sang along to it, happily and off-key. Nico smiled, and it made his heart feel warm. He watched the blond for a while.

A little over an hour later Will pulled into a little parking lot and then he and Nico were walking through the sun-filled streets of Brooklyn, Will chatting away contently. They were in the nice part of town, where all the old but beautiful buildings were, and Nico was surprised when Will turned suddenly and went up the steps to one of them.

“You live here?” Nico gaped at the building. It was made of red brick and had large, arched windows. The front was blooming with flowers.

“Yeah,” Will was oblivious to Nico’s awe as he fished his key out from his pocket, opening the door, “It used to be my grandma’s house but she’s passed away. My mum only lives here a few months of the year and then she tours the country for the remainder.”

“Oh yeah,” Nico shook his head and followed Will up the steps and into the house, “She’s a country singer.”

The hallway was dark and pleasantly cool after the heat of the street. The moment Nico and Will toed their shoes of there was a sudden squeal of, “Will!” and a woman was suddenly rushing down the staircase leading to the second floor. Nico stumbled away when she launched herself at Will, who laughed and caught her, squeezing her into a hug.

“Hi mom.”

“Oh you little rascal!” Naomi Solace pulled away to look at her son, “Gosh, you’ve grown even more since Christmas. You should visit me more often!”

She was a petite woman, unlike her son, and although Nico always thought Will looked ridiculously similar to Apollo he could see that he shared a clear resemblance with his mother also – they both had the calm eyes and easy smiles, they shared freckles and Naomi’s brown hair curled around her ears the way Will’s did. Now she turned to Nico.

“And who is this dashing young man?” she asked, eyes sparkling. Nico blushed.

“Mom, this is Nico,” Will introduced, “He’s my friend.”

“Friend you say?” Naomi’s smile took on mischief that Will lacked, “Nico, is it?”

“Lovely to meet you,” he said quietly. Before he could react Naomi had moved forward and pulled him into a hug, then drawing back and pinching his cheek. Nico stiffened and sent a panicked look to Will, who looked apologetic.

“You are such a darling!” Naomi didn’t notice Nico’s reaction and started down the hallway, “Come boys, let me get you some food and then you can be off to the pet appointment!” she disappeared into what Nico assumed was the kitchen and the Italian quickly touched the cheek that she had touched.

“Sorry about that,” Will whispered.

“I-Is there a mark?” Nico stuttered. Will shook his head.

“Barely, and it’s fading already.”

Shaken, Nico followed the blond into the kitchen. He remained tense throughout all of lunch which consisted of cold sodas and some ordered Chinese. Despite feeling unease Nico still appreciated the dynamic between Will and his mom, and enjoyed their easy going conversation. Throughout all of lunch Naomi kept giving Nico sly looks, especially when Will bothered him about eating more and having some vegetables. It was as if Naomi could see something Nico didn’t, and the boy was glad to get back out on the street. He was unused to meeting strangers.

“The pet store is just a few blocks away,” Will informed him cheerfully as they strolled down the street. People cycled past, and in the distance Nico could hear traffic.

“Your mom seems nice,” he said.

“I know she’s a bit much,” Will was apologetic again.

“No. She’s lovely.”

“I should’ve told her that you don’t like touching,” Will said. Nico rolled his eyes.

“Oh stop it. It’s not that I don’t like touching...”

“Well you never let me do it,” Will said, and it sounded weird, and his tone was weird. The blond quickly changed the subject, “We’re here,” he pointed at a small, snug pet store between a coffee shop and an antique looking library.

They entered, and the bell chimed. A few people milled about the shop, which was surprisingly big on the inside and filled with cages and tanks. It was air conditioned and smelled cleaned.

“I’ll be just a moment,” Will told Nico, and dashed to the counter. The Italian walked over to the closest cages that contained different kinds of fish and frowned when they all swam away from him and deeper into his tanks. He continued on, and made the mistake of walking past several cages with cats in them. The felines hissed at him and Nico glared.

“Fuck you too,” he whispered. All animals cowered away from him, even the spiders, and so Nico returned to the front of the shop and waited about for a moment, moving out of the way for people who walked out. They all ignored him, nobody even looked at him, as if he was part of the shadows. That was okay with him, there was only one person he wanted to pay attention to him and that person was-

Approaching him with an innocent, happy grin on his face, holding a...turtle.

“What is that?” Nico demanded.

“My mom’s friend found it in he river,” Will said excitedly, coming to a stop in front of Nico and holding the green creature in front of him. It was big and old and the blond had to hold it with both hands, “Isn’t it amazing?!”

Nico looked at the animal, and it didn’t give any reaction to him. Probably because it didn’t give enough fucks, “It’s a turtle.”

“I think I’m going to name it Crush.”

“First of all, you’re not keeping it,” Nico said.

“First of all, yes I am,” Will replied, “I’m taking it back to camp.”

Nico sighed, “Gods sake. Where are you going to keep it, smartass?”

“In a tank,” Will shrugged, “Don’t look at me, Drew has a hamster, and you have a cat, and Percy has a hellhound. Why can’t I have a turtle?”

“Okay, fine,” Nico said, “But you’re not giving it a cliché name like Crush.”

“Okay, what other do you want for it then?” Will asked, and his voice was teasing.

“I don’t know,” Nico made a face and looked at the creature, who seemed content in Will’s hands, “Like...”

“What about Michelangelo?” Will asked.

“Like the painter?” Nico raised an eyebrow. Will laughed.

“No! Like the Ninja Turtle! Or what about Squirtle?”

“What the fuck is a Squirtle?” Nico asked.

“A Pokémon!” Will shook his head, “Gods, sometimes I forget you were born in the 1940s.”

“Call it Shellshock,” Nico wasn’t amused, but Will grinned.

“Okay! It can be called Shock for short!”

“You’re such a child,” Nico rolled his eyes.

“Here,” Will stuck his arms out, “Hold it!”

Nico pulled a face, “Hell no.”

“C’mon it’s cute!” Will argued.

“It looks like an old woman,” Nico disagreed, “I don’t want to hold it.”

“Just take the turtle, Nico.”

“Fuck your turtle!”

“That’s animal abuse, now take the turtle.”

Will pushed the turtle into Nico’s hands and the boy panicked and grabbed at it, in case the blond let go, and suddenly their hands were touching, Will’s pressed over Nico’s as they both held onto the turtle. Their heads snapped up and they stared at each other in shock. Nico’s hands tingled and he pulled them back, still holding onto Shellshock.

Will cleared his throat, “He’s pretty cool, right?”

Nico looked down at the turtle, but his eyes slid to his left hand instead, where there was a gentle smudge of gold where Will had touched him, bright and vibrant. Nico swallowed and he felt a little sick. He cradled Shellshock into his chest as a defence mechanism and watched as Will examined a similar mark on his own hand. Nico’s print was black – of course it fucking was.

“Right, let’s go,” Nico turned on his heel and strode out of the pet store, his heart beating. He looked at the mark glimmering in the sunshine. Don’t get used to it, don’t get used to it, it’ll disappear, he told himself and tears welled up in his eyes. The bell chimed, and Will came outside, and Nico got his shit together.

He knew this would happen.


They got back to camp at sunset. The rest of the day had been nice, at least for Will. He took Nico to Chinatown and they hung out in his house for a bit, but the blond could tell that his friend was distracted and when they loaded themselves back into the car he pulled on a hoodie and tugged the sleeves over his hands to hide the mark Will left on him. It made the blond sad and they drove back to Camp in silence. Nico fell asleep.

When they got back Nico excused himself, saying he was tired, and disappeared into his Cabin and Will – feeling vaguely depressed – set up his turtle tank in his own cabin, putting Shellshock inside. His siblings were all gushing over the pet, and some of the other campers came in to look at it, and that made Will feel a little better.

The next day was a bit hectic because everyone was preparing for Capture the Flag and by the early evening the infirmary was packed with injured and complaining Demigods and Will had completely forgotten about his Soulmark until he was patching up Clarisse.

“What’s that on your hand, Solace?” the girl asked when Will bandaged her injured arm.

“Huh?” the blond asked distractedly and glanced down at his hand. His heart skipped a beat when he looked at the two black lines on the side of his hand where Nico had touched him, “O-Oh that. Just someone touched me.”

Clarisse frowned, “Who the hell has a black touch?”

“Nico,” Will mumbled. The girl grinned and poked Will in the stomach,

“Nico, yeah?” she teased. Will rolled his eyes, “You know he didn’t play tonight.”

“He rarely plays,” Will shrugged.

“Yeah, but nobody’s seen him since yesterday.”

“Oh...,” Will frowned, “Now that you mention it I haven’t seen him all day either.”

“Aw, you worried about him?” Clarisse teased.

“You’re all done, move on.”

“It’s pretty vibrant,” Clarisse said as she slid off the bed and gave Will a long look, “The mark. When did you say he touched you?”

Will looked at her. He swallowed. He blinked. When did he say he touched you? It had been yesterday, in the early afternoon. Will started making mental calculations. How many hours had it been? It was seven in the evening now, so that mean...over thirty hours. Will looked down at the imprint again, his heart pounding. It was as dark and intense as it had been yesterday, like two smudges of charcoal. It should’ve been gone by now, or faded to the point of almost disappearing.

It could only mean one thing.

Will pushed past Clarisse, ignored the shouting of his siblings, overwhelmed by work, and shoved through the Demigods crowding the medical bay. He didn’t care about anything but one thing in that moment; Nico. He skipped down the steps to the medical bay, two at a time, and went off sprinting through the strawberry fields. The last of the sun dipped behind the tree line, and most of the cabins were empty as everyone was going down for supper. Will hoped that Nico was there because he needed to see him now. His heart ached, and he just wanted to have Nico against him, safe and his. The feelings were so intense that Will didn’t even knock on the door to the Hades Cabin, just exploded inside.

Nico had been lying in bed clearly and now he sat up abruptly. His eyes were red and his hair messy. He was still in his pj’s, and looked shocked to see Will. The blond stood by the door, gasping for air, and the two just stared at each other. Then the son of Apollo shoved the door to the cabin closed, and took two steps towards Nico’s bed, overwhelmed by how much love he felt for the boy in front of him. He had to stop, however, because tears suddenly appeared in Nico’s eyes, and they weren’t tears of happiness.

“I’m sorry,” the boy whispered, and Will’s heart broke, “I’m sorry. I know this isn’t w-what you wanted and I know y-you deserve someone so much better than me-“

His voice was desperate and borderline hysterical and Will couldn’t take it. He closed the space between them and tackled Nico down to the bed, pining his hands a little way above his head. The Italian looked up at him, wide-eyed, teary and surprised, and for a moment Will couldn’t speak because of how close they were suddenly. Nico’s wrists were soft and fragile in his grip, their legs were pressed against each other.

Slowly Will looked away from Nico’s eyes and turned his left hand in his gently, revealing the Soulmark, that blazed bright and golden. The sight made his heart sing with happiness and he suddenly felt as light as a feather. When he brushed his fingers over Nico’s skin they left a golden trail. A smile bloomed on his face.

“W-Will?” Nico asked, quietly and shakily.

“You’re mine,” Will whispered, and his voice was full of disbelief. Nico frowned up at him,

“Why are you happy? I’m so...inadequate. You deserve someone so much better-“

Will shut him up with a kiss. He always wanted to do it, to kiss Nico. His mouth was as soft and pliant as Will expected and Nico sighed against him, not fighting him at all, just melting into the pillows. The blond released his hands so he could cradle his face instead and slide closer. He eyes slid shut, and when he tentatively licked at Nico’s lips he found that the boy’s tongue slid out to shyly tangle with kiss. Will stroked the boy’s cheeks subconsciously and the love in his chest threatened to overflow. When he pulled away Nico was flushed and breathless even though the kiss had been slow.

“Y-You’re going to get gold on my face,” Nico whispered breathlessly.

“I want to,” Will was so close that their lips brushed every time they spoke, “I want to leave gold over you. Because you’re my Soulmate. Gods, Nico. You’re mine. You’re actually mine.” Nico still stared up at him in disbelief and Will nuzzled and kissed his cheek, “I’ve wanted you to be mine for so long.”


“Say you want me back and I’ll be yours forever, I promise.”

Nico gave him the more helpless look, “Of course I want you, idiot,” he murmured and reached up, though his hand froze a few inches away from Will’s face. The blond smiled,

“Go on,” he said.

“But it’s black,” Nico whispered, “It’ll be really...”

Will dipped his head and leaned his cheek into Nico’s hand, not caring if he’d look like he rolled around in black paint by the end of this. He nuzzled Nico’s palm, then kissed it. The Italian let out a quiet little content sigh and Will brushed his fingers through his dark hair.

“Are we going to do it?” Nico whispered. Will paused and looked at him.

“Only if you want to,” he said.

“Yeah, I want to,” Nico admitted. There was no awkwardness between them and Will leaned down to capture the boy’s lips again.

“Which way around do you want to do this?” he asked.

“I...I always thought you’d top,” Nico said. Will lifted his eyebrows.

“Oh, I see. You thought about us having sex a lot?”

A blush flooded Nico’s cheeks, “S-Shut up, no I didn’t.”

“I’m only messing with you,” Will grinned, and kissed Nico again, nibbling on the boy’s lower lip, “I thought about it too,” he admitted, trailing his lips over the boy’s jaw and down to his neck, “A lot. About having you like this,” his hand found the hem of Nico’s shirt and he tugged on it, lifting the garment over Nico’s head and ruffling his hair even more, “I’ve wanted you to be the one so badly,” Will admitted, his eyes sliding from Nico’s eyes to his torso, and down to his pale stomach. Nico fidgeted a little, as if he wasn’t used to this, and sucked in a sharp breath when Will suddenly splayed his hand over his stomach.

When he withdrew it there was a perfect, gold hand shape on Nico’s skin. Will smiled, and trailed his hand upwards, leaving behind little shimmers of gold, he brushed his thumbs over Nico’s nipples.

“Will,” the Italian breathed and Will’s eyes snapped up to look at him. He was surprised to see that the boy was breathing hard, his eyes half-lidded as if Will’s touch was a little too much. The blond then tugged his own shirt over his head, discarding it to the side. He grabbed Nico’s hands and drew him up and into his lap, so they could press their naked chests together.

Will burrowed his face in Nico’s collarbone and kissed him there while the Italian’s fingers carded through his curls. They didn’t speak, just revelled in each other’s bodies for a moment. Nico drew a swirl into Will’s shoulder with his finger and the blond smiled.

“Do you have any lube?” he asked.

“No,” Nico said, “I never expected this to actually happen. What about you?”

“No,” Will winced, then sighed, “Fuck. I can’t get any at this time either...” Nico rolled off him and the blond collapsed on the bed with a sigh, “Ugh, and I got a boner as well.”

Nico looked down at him fondly, “You got a boner from kissing?”

“Shut up,” Will pinched him playfully at the waist. Nico crawled over to him and ducked down to kiss Will. The blond’s hand slid down his back gently and he kept the warm boy close. They didn’t have to have sex immediately, that could wait. But honestly kissing Nico was making Will all hot and bothered. Is this a good time to tell him I love him? He wondered, tugging the covers over them.

Nico pulled away suddenly and dropped his head to kiss Will’s collarbone, swinging a leg over him so he was straddling his thighs. The blond blinked, surprised when the Italian kissed down his chest, his hand resting just beneath Will’s heart and leaving a perfect black imprint of his hand there.

“Where are you going?” Will asked softly as Nico continued his descent, disappearing under the covers. He got his answer when he suddenly felt fingers dipping past the waistband of his boxers and then they were being pulled down his legs. Will lifted himself up on his elbows, but all he saw was his own black-stained chest, Nico being only a bump underneath the covers, “Nico-,” Will started and then chocked on a moan when he suddenly felt a hot, wet mouth wrapping around his dick.

He didn’t mean to but he collapsed back against the bed, unable to keep himself up. The covers bopped up and down and Will felt Nico’s mouth doing the same to his length, accompanied by weirdly arousing wet noises.

“F-Fuck,” Will gasped, hands fisting in the sheets and toes curling. He wanted to see Nico but he couldn’t move, too lost in the feeling of his velvety mouth. Nico released him with a loud ‘pop’ sound and then Will felt the tip of his tongue tease the underside of his cock, and then press to the slit at the top where the blond could feel precum gathering, “S-Shit, Nico, whose d-dick have y-you been sucking?”

The Italian let go of Will’s hardness and popped his head out from underneath the covers. His lips were wet and his cheeks flushed as he glared at the blond, “Nobody’s, you idiot,” he grumbled, then bit his lip, “Is it okay?”

“Y-Yeah,” Will whispered shakily, still breathing a little hard. Nico had gold still on his cheeks, “But I might come pretty quickly.”

Nico smiled mischievously and then disappeared beneath the covers again. Will felt his mouth around his length again and he threw his head back against the pillows, screwing his eyes shut, a moan spilling from his mouth. It felt so good to have a mouth around him like that, and the fact that it was Nico’s mouth made it so much better.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Will gritted his teeth, trying not to succumb to the pleasure taking over his body even though his stomach was all knots and heat and he knew he wouldn’t last long. Nico made a slurping noise and then suddenly he was taking Will’s cock deeper into his mouth, and his entire length was enveloped in the heat, and it felt so insanely good that Will cried out, “Fuck Nico!”

Nico’s hand came out from underneath the covers and rested on Will’s stomach and the blond panted desperately, trying to keep his head clear even though he felt dizzy. His dick twitched in Nico’s mouth and he knew he was seconds away from orgasm.

“N-Nico,” he chocked out, “N-Neeks I’m gonna c-come-“

Nico didn’t pull away and Will didn’t have time to do anything because just then he reached his climax. A shudder went through his entire body and pleasure exploded inside him. His orgasm rolled over him and Nico still didn’t pull away even then, swallowing Will’s come. As the blond laid there, panting, light-headed from what just happened, Nico crawled back up his body. When he tried to roll off Will reached out blindly and wrapped his arms around him, crushing Nico to his chest. He kissed the top of his head, still breathing hard.

“Gods...,” he murmured, “Gods, you’re amazing.”

Nico stroked his chest, “You okay?”

“Yeah. More than okay,” he kissed the boy’s forehead and finally opened his eyes. He felt sleepy and content, “Do you want me to do you now?” he asked, glancing down. Nico was flushed, his lips swollen and wet.

“No. I actually already came.”

“From what?” Will asked, surprised.

“Your dick in my mouth,” Nico said shyly. Will groaned.

“Don’t say shit like that or I’ll get hard again.”

“Sorry,” Nico whispered, and then, “Are you gonna sleep over?”

“If you want.”

“Yeah. I do.”

Will rolled them over so they were on their sides, facing each other, “Great,” he smiled. Nico twisted in his arms, as if he already knew what to do, and Will wrapped his arms around the boy’s warm waist. He kissed his shoulder, the back of his neck, and three words pressed at his lips.

“Hey, Will?” Nico asked suddenly.

“Hmm?” Will was too tired to speak.

“Do you love me?” Nico sounded hesitant and unsure.

“What?” Will pulled himself up so he was partly hovering over Nico. The boy was looking straight ahead of him.

“Are you in love with me? It’s okay if you’re not.”

Will dropped his head to the crevice between the boy’s neck and shoulder, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Nico mumbled. Will smiled.

“Yeah, I love you.”

Nico relaxed in his arms, “Oh. Okay. That’s good. Um, I love you too.”

“Perfect. I love you.”

“You already said it,” Nico said. But Will was already asleep.


The next day the sink flooded in the Big House, and so all the counsellors had gathered to get it under control...which wasn’t going too well. Half the boys were shirtless and were stuffing their shirts in under the bathroom door.

“Percy sort it out!” Miranda Gardiner shouted.

“I can’t!” Percy shouted back. Everyone was soaking wet, “Will give me your shirt!”

Will didn’t hesitate and he pulled the shirt off, and offered it to Percy. He didn’t understand why everyone was suddenly staring at him open-mouthed...until he looked down at his naked chest, and realised. He forgot that his whole chest was covered in handprints. Black handprints.

Everyone’s heads snapped to Nico now, the flood forgotten.

“Oh. My. Gods.” Piper whispered. The Italian stood there, blushing, “Oh my Gods you two hooked up!”

The counsellors started giggling, “Oh I knew it!” Miranda punched the air.

“Jason you owe me five bucks,” Percy grinned at the son of Zeus. Will gave Nico a sheepish smile and Nico glared.

“Put your shirt back on,” he grumbled.

“Nico cheer up!” Annabeth was next to him and she patted him tentatively on the shoulder, “We’re only teasing.”

“So are you two an item now or...?” Percy grinned, glancing between them.

Nico crossed his arms over his chest, “Actually, we’re Soulmates.”

The smile Will gave him was worth all the teasing they were going to get.

Chapter Text

A Frank and Leo alpha Omega where Leo is the cute little Omega that all the alphas want and he super oblivious and Frank is like his protector that fights all the alphas off but Leo is like - Frank doesn't actually see me as a potential mate  - and wants to get him jealous so he ask some other alpha (anybody you want) to help make Frank jealous over the course of a couple of weeks he and the other alpha are always together and Frank gets really angry like nobody can control him angry then Leo gets an (unexpected heat likes starts nesting stealing Frank clothes growling at all the omegas that talk to Frank) and is like no to the other alpha(the one who's making Frank jealous) who's like hormone drunk of him and the other alpha gets aggressive (with him)or something an Frank is just like boi and scares him away then Leo and him have some very raunchy knotting dirty heat sex with a lot of possessive Frank and screening and when Leo tries to leave because he's oblivious and thinks Frank is just doing this for some obligatory reason Frank is like nope your mine
for geneticallyaesthetic

Image result for gay porn kiss cute gif

Frank looked across the dining pavilion at the Hephaestus table longingly.

“You’re staring at him again,” Hazel said quietly. Frank quickly snapped his eyes back.

“Right. Sorry.”

Hazel smiled at her ex-boyfriend, “It’s okay, you know. It’s not like he ever notices anything that happens around him.”

“I know,” Frank sighed and his eyes slid back to the Hephaestus table before he could  stop himself. It was just too hard to stop himself.

When people turn sixteen they find out if they’re an Alpha, Beta or Omega.  Alphas were the ‘dominants’ of society , the ones that in the past used to be the breadwinners – they went into every six months and could claim Omegas for themselves. Omegas, on the other hand, were the underdogs, the submissives, that used to be disregarded with practically no rights, though that changed in the last couple decades. They went into heats every two months and even male Omegas could get pregnant. Betas didn’t go into ruts or heats but they took mates, just like Alphas Omegas.

At sixteen Frank found out that he was an Alpha, which wasn’t surprising. Since the blessing of Mars he had become stronger and slightly more aggressive when it came to fighting, and he was happy when he was an Alpha. He was an ideal one; tall, muscular, able to protect his Omega. However Hazel turned out to be a Beta, which was fine by them...though soon after their identification their love fizzled out and they ended their relationship, choosing instead to become close friends.

And just as well because soon after that Frank figured out that his obsession with bothering and picking on Leo was actually infatuation. Frank couldn’t quite remember when he had fallen for the annoying Latino, but as soon as he found out that Leo was an Omega he knew that he was the one, his mate. But he and Leo had this peculiar rivalry and Frank was too scared to confess his feelings...and Leo seemed to hate the fact that he was an Omega, though honestly Frank thought he was absolutely perfect, even when he was running his mouth.

For a year after his announcing Leo was pretty under the radar and the other sixteen year old Demigods were too busy sniffing at each other and humping in corners during their heats to pay any attention to the boy. Not Frank, of course. Frank had liked him since they were fourteen, and as they turned seventeen that like turned to love. He always knew subconsciously in his mind that Leo would be his eventually; he would cherish the boy and love him and protect him and not let anyone else have him.

Leo was blissfully oblivious to Frank’s feelings, and actually to every other Alpha around. Everywhere in Camp people were mating but Leo didn’t seem to care, and Hazel confessed to Frank that Leo had once told her that he thought he was an unworthy Omega and no Alpha would want him. Frank couldn’t comprehend that – Leo’s eyes were like pools of melted chocolate, his sarcastic humour was enough to brighten anybody’s day, and he smelled wonderful, like cinnamon, motor oil and home.

Then suddenly the other Alphas in camp started taking interest in Leo. After all he was the perfect Omega; small, skinny, with a nice bum and nice hips, perfect for bearing pups. Frank hated how suddenly Leo was surrounded by Alphas – Jake and Beckendorf, though they were his brothers and so Frank tolerated them, but Luke Castellan and Jason and Percy and Travis Stoll and Reyna and Clarisse would spend time around him and their scent rubbed off on the boy and it made Frank want to scent him every time, rub himself all over the boy to ensure that he only ever smelled like him. He was very territorial and protective, like many of the animals he often shifted into. The Alphas knew that Leo was an unmated Omega and the boy was so naive and innocent that Frank, and quite a few of the seven, were scared that someone would take advantage of him during one of his heats. So Frank make sure that the Alphas knew their place. To say he was a little embarrassed and guilty at the fact that he cornered most of them and practically growled at them, informing them that Leo was his, was an understatement. But it got them to back off, and that was the most important thing.

“You need to tell him,” Hazel said, and Frank realised he had been staring at the back of Leo’s curly head for too long. Embarrassed, he looked away and cleared his throat, “You need to tell him how you feel.”

“I can’t,” Frank mumbled, “He’ll reject me.”

“No he won’t,” Hazel sighed, “You’re mates, you’re meant to be.”

“I don’t know if he knows that,” Frank grumbled, eyes sliding to Leo again. The boy was laughing at something Nyssa had said and Frank’s heart clenched. He just wanted to hold him, so, so badly.

“Just tell him,” Hazel said, exasperated, “trust me, he knows you’re mates. It’s this incredible pull and when you’re together everything just makes sense.”

“Ain’t that right,” Calypso grinned at her side and pecked her mate on the cheek. Frank looked at them with envy. He wanted that too...he wanted that with Leo.


Leo crossed off another day to his heat mentally in his head as he hammered away at an axe in Bunker 9. All around him his siblings were laughing and exchanging jokes, and Leo, for once, was silent and lost in his own head. Recently his heats have been getting worse, yearning for his mate, and nothing Leo did was enough. He laid in bed for five days, sweating and moaning, in agony, knowing exactly who he wanted.


Even thinking about him made Leo’s heart pound and his hammering falter. He swallowed and wiped the sweat from the heat of the ovens off his forehead. Of course it was just his luck that his mate was someone who hated him. Leo loved Frank, had ever since he had first gotten over his crush on Hazel, and although he knew the feelings would never be reciprocated he hoped that Frank felt the clear connection between them. As the boy’s heat was only a month away he couldn’t help but think if he should just ask Frank to mate him. Alphas could mate as many Omegas as they wanted, but an Omega could only have one Alpha. Even if Frank didn’t want Leo, the Latino was sure he didn’t want anyone else to mate him, so he was contemplating just letting Frank do it, and then return to watching him from afar.

That thought was painful, but so was idly standing by. Leo was too scared of rejection to openly approach the Alpha, and he had tried to somehow push Frank to courting him instead – he made sure his trousers were always tight, exposed his neck more than normally around the son of Mars, but none of it seemed to work. It was pretty clear that despite their bond Frank didn’t want Leo. Not that the Latino blamed him; if he was an Alpha he wouldn’t want to be with himself either – he was scrawny, spastic, had too much adrenaline and didn’t know how to flirt.

A suddenly clap right in front of Leo’s face made the boy flinch, and Harley burst out laughing next to him, “Fucking hell Leo, get with it.”

“Don’t swear you little shit,” Leo hit him upside the head. His brother was only twelve but already he was almost taller than the Latino, which was annoying.

“What’s with you?” Harley asked, “You’re so out of it lately.”

“I’m fine,” Leo rolled his eyes, putting his hammer down.

“Is it cause your heats coming up?” Harley teased. Leo shoved him in the ribs.

“Shut up, it’s none of your business.”

“Just ask Frank to help you out with it,” his brother said and Leo blushed.

“S-Shut up!” he yelled, embarrassed that his feelings for the son of Mars were so obvious, “Fuck off, you’re too young to be thinking about heats. Especially my heats.”

“He’s right though, you know,” Nyssa walked over, hands on her hips, “You can’t be going through heats alone, it’s not healthy. You need an Alpha.”

“No I don’t,” Leo growled.

“Yes, you do,” Beckendorf suddenly appeared. The Latino glared at them,

“What’s with the sudden gang-up?” he demanded, “I’m fine without an Alpha, I’ve been fine until this point, and I’ll continue to be fine.”

Nyssa sighed, “We just want the best for you, Leo. You always come out looking sick and exhausted after your heats-“

“That’s because heats are exhausting,” Leo interrupted, “But you wouldn’t know that since none of you are Omegas.”

“Don’t get angry,” Beck said soothingly, “I know how bad Silena gets when she’s on hers, and we all just want to make sure someone responsible is around you when it happens. Someone who cares about you.”

“Like Frank,” Nyssa put in. Leo’s heart twisted and he dropped his eyes.

“He doesn’t care about me,” he said.

“You’re fucking blind,” Beckendorf shook her head.

“He’s your mate,” even Harley seemed to understand how important that was.

“If he cared about me he would’ve...he...,” Leo turned away, “It doesn’t matter.”

“You know what you need?” Nyssa asked suddenly, “You need to make him jealous?”

“What?” Leo blinked at her.

“That’s how you can figure out if you’re a hundred percent mates, and if he really does care about you,” the girl shrugged, a smirk on her lips, “You need to make him jealous – get one of the Alphas, get friendly with them, and see how Frank reacts.”

“That is such a stupid idea,” Leo said, but something inside his brain told him that it wasn’t. Nyssa was right, it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of all of Leo’s questions. If Frank really didn’t want him, if Leo was just imagining that they were mates, then at least he’d have closure and would be able to attempt to move on. He worried at his bottom lip, then put the hammer down. Nyssa smirked.

“Go get him, tiger,” she said as her brother bounded out of Bunker 9.

He was so eager to find Jason that he sprinted all the way back to Camp, making it to the fighting pit flushed and breathless. Here Jason, one of the strongest Alphas in the Camp alongside Percy, Frank and Reyna, was training with Piper. Leo was pretty sure they were mates, but for some reason Jason hadn’t claimed the Beta yet.

“Jas!” Leo stopped a little way from them, putting his hands on his knees and gasping for air. Piper and Jason, who had been involved in some intense hand-to-hand combat, pulled away and looked at the Latino, surprised.

“Did something happen?” Jason asked, immediately reaching for his sword.

“No, no,” Leo waved him off and stood up, “I have to ask you a favour. Actually, I have to ask both of you a favour. And it’s really weird.”

The two exchanged a look, “As weird as that time you asked us to prepare a nest for Festus even though he’s made of metal?”

“Hey!” Leo pouted, “Leave Festus alone, he needs love too. On the contrary this is a bit weirder.”

“Right, go on then,” Jason prompted. Now, facing the blond, Leo felt nervous. The Alpha pheromones radiating off of the son of Jupiter, triggered by the fighting, made Leo want to bow and submit to him. He swallowed.

“So, I think Frank’s my mate.”

Piper smiled, “Of course he is. It’s so obvious.”

Leo bit his lip, unconvinced, “Anyway, I just...I need to make sure of this. And I know he would never make the first move, even if he does have feelings for me, which I doubt.”

“Are you asking for advice on how to seduce him?” Jason raised an eyebrow, “because I’m pretty sure all you have to do is put that pretty ass of yours in his lap and he’d never look at another Omega again.”

“Jason!” Piper scolded him playfully.

“Uh...I have a better plan,” Leo would be too embarrassed to ever sit in Frank’s lap. He imagined how disgusted the Alpha would get, and he’d probably just knock his ass in the dirt, “I want to make him jealous – or rather, see if that’s possible – by getting close with another Alpha and see if he reacts.”

“Riiiight,” Jason said, “So, which Alpha do you have in mind?” Leo looked at him for a long time, and so did Piper. Finally the blond smacked his forehead, “Oh shit, you mean me!”

“Please Jas?” Leo asked, “You’re my best friend and the only one I trust with this. It would just be a show that we put on and I know you have no feelings for me because Piper’s your mate so...”

Piper glanced at the blond boy, “I mean, I’m not opposed to the idea. It would finally get Frank to act, the big idiot.”

“I don’t know,” Jason hesitated, “I don’t want to piss him off. He’s scary when he’s raging.”

“He’s not going to rage,” Leo said quietly, his shoulders slumping, “I really don’t think he’ll care at all, actually, but I need to be sure.”

“Why do you think that he hates you so much?” Piper asked softly. Leo shrugged and hugged himself, feeling cold despite the warm summer sun above him.

“I don’t know. All we do is argue, and he always acts like I annoy him...”

Piper and Jason exchanged a look again, seemingly communicating without words, and then the girl smiled and the boy nodded, “I’ll do it,” he said, “it’ll be like pretend boyfriends. Cuddling and shit.”

“Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!” Leo beamed at his friend, buzzing and practically bouncing up and down, “No kissing though,” he added. Jason nodded.

“Of course, no kissing.”

“What?” Piper pouted, “Why? That would be hot.”


Leo had the opportunity to implement his plan (he didn’t have a name for it yet but it was between Plan-To-Win-Frank’s-Heart-And-Hopefully-His-Dick-Too or Operation Get Frank to Fuck Me) only two days later when the Apollo kids decided to host the weekly bonfire commemorating the end of the summer down at the lake. Naturally the seven all went down in a big group with Nico and Will, and the whole time Leo couldn’t stop looking at Frank’s broad back longingly, until Jason came over and casually slung an arm over the Latino’s shoulders.

“Plan in action,” he whispered into the boy’s ear. Leo smiled and leaned into Jason’s side, the smell of the Alpha comforting even though Jason wasn’t his Alpha. They walked down to the beach together like that and Leo thought he was imagining it when Frank kept looking over his shoulder at them, looking more and more annoyed with each time. I’m just imagining it, Leo told himself, or maybe he’s annoyed because he thinks I’m a homewrecker and I’m trying to break up Jason and Pipes? Whatever the reason for Frank’s annoyed glares was, it made Leo’s heart heavy, so when Jason pulled him to sit next to him by the bonfire, he could barely enjoy it.

“Do you want me to make you some smores Leo?” the blond asked innocently.

“Huh,” Leo blinked at him, then smiled quickly, “Ah. Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

“No problem, babe,” Jason said casually. Leo almost burst out laughing but he managed to contain himself as Percy exchanged a bewildered look with Annabeth. Piper winked at Leo across the fire.

“Are you going to spoonfeed him too?” Frank grumbled. Leo’s smile melted away.

“Don’t be stupid, Frank,” Jason said, and Frank tensed. Alphas were like that sometimes, wanting to establish territory among themselves, “You can’t eat smores with spoons.”

Leo giggled at that, because it was funny, not because he wanted to annoy Frank though he managed to do that anyway since the Alpha directed his glare at him now.

“What?” Leo asked, “Why are you so moody?”

“Nothing,” Frank grumbled. Jason was paying him no mind as he casually stabbed some marshmallows onto a stick. Leo tried not to feel Frank’s eyes on him but it was hard since the son of Mars was staring. Leo didn’t know why he was doing it, but it was starting to make him feel self-conscious. He shifted on the log he was sitting on, uncomfortable, suddenly wanting to hide the exposed skin on his arms. The tension between him and Frank was palpable over the fire though the rest of the Seven was choosing to ignore it, chatting among themselves. Leo fidgeted.

“Are you cold?” Jason asked worriedly, frowning as he shrugged off his football jacket, “here,” he draped it over the Latino’s shoulders before the boy could protest. The blond gave him a quick, knowing look and Leo smiled.

“Thanks, love.”

“He’s a son of Hephaestus,” Frank barked, “He doesn’t get cold.”

“How do you know?” Leo fired back, frustrated by Frank’s reaction. It was like he was disgusted, “Maybe I’m pretending to be cold so I can wear Jason’s clothes.”

Frank’s eyes narrowed and Jason chuckled, “You’re so cute, you don’t need to have excuses to take my stuff.”

“I’m done, I can’t watch you two flirt,” Frank said and stood up abruptly, walking away in a huff. Leo was left behind, confused at the boy’s reaction. Nothing was clear, and more than anything Leo’s mind filled with questions. Was Frank angry at him? Was Frank angry at all? Why had he reacted like that?

“Okay,” Annabeth leaned forward, “You two better start explaining what the hell is going on.”

“Social experiment,” Jason said casually, pulling a marshmallow off his stick with two crackers and offering it to Leo.

“What?” Percy frowned. Piper snickered.

“It’s a ploy to get Frank jealous and get him to finally realise that he and Leo are made for each other.”

A knowing “Ooooooh” echoed around the small campfire, and nobody even seemed remotely surprised at the plan, as if they all expected it to happen sooner or later. As the seven started cracking jokes Leo wanted, more than anything, to follow Frank and demand him to explain his reactions, or better yet, ask him outright what his feelings were towards the Latino. But Leo knew that the best case scenario of that would be I hate you, but I kind of want to fuck you because you’re a virgin Omega and I’m a big, bad Alpha.

Leo glanced over at where the son of Mars was standing at a different bonfire, arms crossed over his muscular chest, mouth in a thin line. Drew was at his side, fawning over him. Despite the fact that she was a beta Leo felt his irritation spike. She was a pretty girl, standing by the Alpha that was his, and it made Leo angry. Why couldn’t he look like her? Why couldn’t he be so nice looking? Would Frank want to be with him then?


Frank didn’t know if he was going crazy, or just imagining things, but the whole new overly friendly thing between Leo and Jason was driving him up the wall. It seemed like they were always together, always touching. The smell of Jason on Leo’s skin was overpowering, and it made Frank’s blood boil. His inner wolf was furious whenever he saw his mate, smiling and pressing close to the blond, urging Frank to attack. It took a lot from the son of Mars to not fight Jason, though often he had to avoid the pair all together to avoid losing control.

Little things shouldn’t have bothered Frank as much as they did – Leo’s small hand in Jason’s bigger one, the blond’s arm around the Latino’s slim waist, but Leo was his mate for God’s sake, he was supposed to be Frank’s, just his. Could he not feel the connection between them? Or maybe he didn’t want to feel it, and decided to have Jason as his Alpha instead. Frank was just glad that the two hadn’t kissed around him yet, that Jason hadn’t left any actual marks on Leo yet. Because then he would’ve lost his mind.

And now he tried to remember why he had let Percy persuade him to come to the movie night in the Hades Cabin. Frank knew it was a bad idea because both Leo and Jason would be there, and yet he still found himself sitting on the floor, back leaning against the couch. Thankfully Jason hadn’t showed up yet, so Frank felt fairly calm. Leo was curled up in the armchair, looking like an adorable little kitten that Frank just wanted to take into his arms, giving a running commentary of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie as it played out, ignoring the multiple shushes he got from Annabeth and Reyna. Will and Nico were having a full blown makeout session on the end of the couch, ignoring everyone and everything, while on the other end Reyna was sprawled out, eating popcorn. Hazel and Cali weren’t present because Hazel had gone into her heat so the duo was happily holed up in the honorary cabin that Calypso got. Frank wishes she was here, so she could tell him if he was staring at Leo too much. The Latino seemed completely oblivious to the longing way Frank was looking at him, and although he reeked of Jason, his underlying smell was still cinammony and him, and it made Frank’s wolf happy to be around him.

At least until Jason walked in, “Sorry I’m late!” he said, and Frank’s wolf growled deep inside of him. The son of Mars had to stop himself from letting the sound out and he settled for glaring heatedly at the blond as he picked his way through the Demigods on the floor...making straight for Leo.

The Omega grinned as if Jason was the only person that he wanted to see in the world, and fuck that hurt really bad. He got up and Jason pulled him into a hug.

“Hey babe,” he said. Frank had to squeeze his eyes shut to stop himself from reacting, though his wolf was threatening to come out and rip the other Alpha to shreds. When Jason collapsed into Leo’s armchair and the Omega happily climbed into his lap, snuggling into his chest, Frank knew he couldn’t take it.

He jerked to his feet.

“Frank, where are you going?” Percy asked.

“This movie’s shit,” was all Frank was able to say, voice low and growly. He had to get out of there before he did something stupid. He bounded out of the cabin, ignoring the protests of the other Demigods. The cold air that hit his face didn’t help to cool him off and he ran around the Hades cabin to a close-by tree.

He didn’t even know what he was doing as his hand curled into a fist and shot out to slam into the tree. The bark splintered and Frank’s knuckles cracked, but they started healing almost immediately.

“What’s with you?” Percy was suddenly next to him and the fact that he was also an Alpha really wasn’t helping right now.

“Nothing,” Frank growled, barely able to contain himself. His whole body was shaking with fury.

“You just punched a tree,” Percy looked unconvinced, “Come on, you’re my best friend, talk to me.”

“It’s Leo,” Frank growled. Percy sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against the tree.

“Of course it is.”

“I’m scared I’ll hurt Jason because he keeps touching him,” Frank said, quieter now, softer. He shifted forward and leaned his forehead against the tree, taking a deep breath.

“Hate to break it to you man, but Leo’s heat is a few weeks away,” Percy said, “He needs an Alpha. You’re not giving him the time of day, and so he naturally turns to Jason.”

Frank felt a pang go through him when he thought of Leo when he was in heat. He’d be fucking delectable, and perfect, Frank knew it for sure. He imagined in how much pain he would be if he had to go through it himself...or how much worse it would be if Jason helped him through it. A growl clawed up Frank’s throat.

“I need to calm down,” he managed to tell Percy, and he turned on his heel. By the time he reached the tree-line he had shapeshifted into a wolf, the animal that best captured what he was feeling at that moment. He ran into the forest.

He didn’t know how long he ran for but eventually the smell of the pine trees and the coolness of the night calmed him down. The moon flooded the forest floor, and Frank threw his head back and howled at it, feeling the power it had. He didn’t know what to do. Did he confess to Leo and risk being rejected? He didn’t want to accidentally force Leo into anything just because he was an Omega. He seemed to want to be with Jason and to have him around during his heat, and Frank had no business trying to get him to do otherwise.

He trotted through the trees, back to camp, after what seemed like hours. His inner wolf seemed to lead him and he found himself exiting the forest by the Hephaestus cabin.

Leo was on the front porch, laughing at something that Beckendorf had told him. His brother disappeared into the cabin after a second, leaving the door open so golden light flooded Leo on one side, while the moonlight did the same on the other. Frank stared at him for a while, just standing there and watching the night sky. Why can’t I have you? he thought miserable. His paws shifted on the ground and a twig snapped. Leo’s head jerked up and his eyes widened when they landed on the wolf on the edge of the forest.

They stared at each other for a moment, unmoving. Then Leo took a tentative step towards the steps, as if he wanted to walk towards the wolf.

“Frank?” he asked in a whisper. He always knew it was Frank, no matter what he shapeshifted into. His eyes, looking right into Frank’s soul, were so beautiful that the wolf couldn’t take it. He turned on his paw and he ran back into the forest.


He avoided Leo and Jason altogether for the next three days, which was harder than he expected since they seemed to be popping up everywhere. He had a plan that if he did that for long enough then maybe he’d stop going so crazy around them.

He was wrong.

Frank stretched his arms over his head and marvelled at the sunshine dancing on his face as he approached his group of friends, sitting by the Poseidon cabin, laughing. He scanned everyone’s faces and his shoulders dropped when he saw that Jason was there though thankfully without Leo.

“Frank!” Hazel brightened up when she saw him. She looked tired after her heat.

“Hi guys,” Frank sat down next to her and she snuggled into his arm briefly before leaning on Calypso. Frank deliberately avoided looking directly at Jason, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” Reyna smirked, “We were all just congratulating Jason.”

“Oh,” Frank said, voice steely, “On what?”

“Finally having sex with Leo,” Annabeth said casually.

Frank’s blood ran cold, and he felt as if someone had just hit him with a small planet. His breath died in his throat and he looked at Jason, who was grinning. Grinning, because he had fucked Frank’s mate. The anger came out of nowhere, like a nuclear explosion, burning through Frank’s body.

When he realised what was happening he had Jason down on the ground by the throat, blood trickling from the blond’s nose. Frank’s fist was raised, ready for another blow as his wolf screamed kill him, kill him, kill him, but there were hands on his wrist, preventing him from bringing it down.

“Frank!” Reyna yelled, and she was one of the people gripping his fist, “Frank stop it!”

“Let him go!” Piper screamed, looking terrified, “Let him go!”

Jason lifted his hand and a gust of wind knocked Frank right off the blond, slamming him down into the ground. The son of Mars sucked in  a breath, calming down enough to sit up. Jason was standing up and laughing.

“What the fuck are you laughing at you cunt?!” Frank yelled at him. Jason shook his head and looked at the rest of the group, who looked shocked and horrified.

“I’m going to go tell him,” the blond said and casually strolled away, wiping the blood off his face with the back of his hand. Frank was confused and hurt.

“What just happened?” Calypso asked after a moment of stunned silence.

“The plan went a little too well,” Annabeth winced and Percy helped Frank off the ground. Now that Jason was gone so was Frank’s blinding fury.

“Plan?” he asked. The Demigods exchanged a look.

“You might want to sit down for this,” Reyna gestured at the steps to the Poseidon cabin and anxiously Frank sat down. The girl took a deep breath, “So, Leo knows you’re his mate.”

“What?” Frank frowned.

“Yeah, this whole thing with Jason was a hoax,” Annabeth continued, “They were never together or doing anything, Leo just wanted to see if he could provoke you into acting, because he’s sure you don’t want him as you mate.”

“W-What?” Frank was puzzled.

“Basically he wanted to make you jealous,” Percy said, “Which worked a little too well.”

“,” Frank’s mind tried to comprehend what he just heard, “So this was fake?” The Demigods nodded, “So Jason didn’t actually have sex with him?

“Nope,” Hazel smiled, “Sorry for not saying anything but Leo wouldn’t let us.”

“So...,” Frank shakily ran a hand through his hair, “He wants be his mate?”

“Of course idiot,” Piper rolled her eyes, “You’re meant for each other. And Jason is meant for me, so thanks for beating him up.”

Frank winced, “Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, Jason knew this might happen,” Piper shook her head and sighed, “I assume he went to deliver your reaction to Leo, and I suggest you go speak to your mate.”

“Yeah...yeah,” Frank stood up, still a little dazed.


Leo’s heat came two weeks early, which wasn’t that uncommon, except the boy wasn’t prepared for it. He had hoped that he’d be able to go through this heat with Frank, or at least know for sure if he had any chances with the Alpha.

Instead he had spent the whole of the morning feeling irritated and hot, preparing the little room beneath his bunk for his heat. He had loads of water stocked up, lube, some toys, and a bed full of pillows and covers and blankets. The only thing he didn’t have was an Alpha.

He did have Frank’s shirt and pillow though, that he had stolen from the other boy’s cabin. He had dragged them into his bed and was now laying there, shivering, wearing Frank’s shirt and hugging his pillow to his face. They both smelled like him and it was simultaneously calming down Leo’s fear over going through a heat alone again, and exciting him further. His cock had been hard for the past two hours, his thighs wet with slick, and he had already jerked himself off and orgasmed three times, biting on Frank’s pillow each time and helplessly moaning his name. That was the way it was every time, Leo lying in bed alone and pretending that Frank was there. To him it had always been Frank that was in his thoughts during his heat, even back when he was sixteen.

He worked his fingers inside himself now. Beneath Frank’s much too big shirt he wore no underwear, which allowed him to reach his hole easier. He mewled into Frank’s pillow now, pushing his too-thin fingers deep inside of himself to try and get the relief he knew wouldn’t come. He could orgasm as many times as he wanted but in the end it would still be five long days before this horrible heat and lust gnawing at his stomach disappeared – if his mate was here it would only last a few hours.

There was a sudden knock on the door to the little room and Leo squeezed his eyes shut, his fingers continuing to move inside himself, accompanied by wet sounds. It was probably one of his siblings at the door, and they’d go away sooner or later. Another knock. Leo whimpered. Go away, go away, go away. Leo didn’t know how much time passed when the third knock came, but it was making him agitated. He just wanted to be left alone.

Instead he heard the door open. He forced himself to withdraw his fingers even though his mind was hazy and doing that was hard. He shakily sat up, ready to tell whichever siblings was coming down to kindly fuck off, when the smell hit him.


Leo whimpered, his whole boy stiffening. And then his nose comprehended the smell and his next thought was-


Jason walked into the room, eyes wide. His nostrils flared and in that moment he didn’t look like himself; eyes dark and full of a predatory kind of desire. His muscles tensed and he turned to look right at Leo. The Omega’s stomach dropped and fear rushed through his veins. He scrambled back against the bed until his back hit the wall just as Jason stared moving, going straight for him.

“No!” Leo hugged Frank’s pillow to his chest like a protective shield. His body wanted to be dominated by an Alpha, but not this Alpha. Jason grabbed his ankle and pulled Leo roughly across the bed and the Latino tried to kick him and get away but he was just so weak. The blond Alpha grabbed him by the shirt and jerked him upwards so he could force his face into Leo’s neck, nosing at the skin there. Leo knew what came next; the bite, “No, no, no,” he pushed at Jason’s shoulders but it was useless. He couldn’t even conjure up any fire. Jason hand came down and he grabbed a handful of Leo’s ass in his palm and Leo desperately tried to get away, “N-No, s-stop i-it-,” Jason turned him around violently and Leo felt a hardness against his ass. He started crying then because he didn’t want this.

A roar sounded in the room, so full of power and anger that Leo flinched. Jason dropped him onto the bed and Leo scrambled away as fast as he could. He saw who had roared, and it made his whole body sag with relief.

For some reason unknown to the Latino Frank was in the room. And he looked ballistic. His face was twisted in fury, his hands in fists as he growled at Jason. The blond growled back but Frank roared again and his eyes blazed red and Jason whimpered and bowed his head and scurried out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Leo’s heart pounded and his legs shook as he shakily got to his feet, standing on the bed and staring down at the Alpha, who was still fuming as he turned to look at Leo, “F-Frank?” Leo asked, voice laced with disbelief, eyes brimming with tears. The anger melted off Frank’s face just like that and he took two steps towards Leo’s bed before the Latino suddenly threw himself off it and onto Frank. The Alpha caught him easily and Leo wrapped his arms around his broad shoulders, and his legs around his waist, and buried his face in Frank’s neck, crying.

“F-Frank,” he sobbed, and the musky, earthy smell of the Alpha calmed him down and made his inner wolf want to completely submit to him. It was just so right, “Frank.”


Leo was clinging to him. To him, not to Jason, and that made Frank happy. What didn’t make him happy was the fact that Leo had been scared, and that he was crying, and that Frank had almost come too late.

“Shhh,” he whispered now, standing in the middle of Leo’s little room and holding the Omega tightly. Leo barely weighed anything, but he was warm, and he smelled amazing. Frank nosed at his curls, “Shhh, it’s alright, I’ve got you.”

He walked over to the bed which was a proper nest and his wolf howled happily inside him. He hadn’t expected Leo to be in heat, but now he knew exactly what to do. He lowered the both of them onto the mountain of pillows and covers, but Leo refused to let go of him. Frank wasn’t really thinking straight either – his Alpha instincts had taken over and he knew that he had to properly take care of his mate. The smell of sex and desire in the air had overpowered the stench that Jason had left behind and as Frank settled over Leo, making sure not to crush the boy, he was pleased to find him wearing his shirt and smelling like him already.

Frank grabbed Leo’s arms and pulled them from around his neck, pressing them down onto the bed so he could properly look at his mate. His heat had clearly already hit; his tanned cheeks were flushed, lips swollen and bitten almost to blood. His pupils were dilated and eyes dark with lust, hair mussed. The shirt was too big on him, sliding so that his collarbone, shoulder and part of his chest were visible. His smooth thighs were also naked, still wrapped around Frank’s waist, and between them Leo’s cock stood up straight, hard and leaking precum.

He was easily the most gorgeous thing Frank had ever seen.

“Frank,” Leo whimpered, looking up at him pleadingly, his eyes still brimming with tears. Frank ducked his head and did what he had always wanted to do. He scented at Leo’s neck, pressing his nose into the slightly sweaty skin there. Here Leo’s scent was the strongest, and it filled Frank with excitement. He felt his cock grow hard between his legs and Leo mewled like a kitten and turned his head to the side, exposing his neck further and accepting Frank. The Alpha felt like he was getting drunk off of the Omega and he couldn’t stop himself from kissing the boy’s neck. His mouth slid over the skin, his tongue coming out to lick at it. Frank wanted to ensure that Leo smelled like him, so everyone knew who he belonged to. He nipped at the boy’s pulse point, teasing him but not actually biting. If he bit him it would mean that Leo would really be his.

“O-Oh Gods,” the Latino gasped, and subconsciously grinded his ass against Frank’s crotch. The Alpha growled, and pinned him down with his hips, his fingers wrapping around Leo’s wrists. The boy whimpered in submission and looked at Frank with a hungry desperation.

“Do you want this?” Some of Frank’s sanity returned, and he knew that he had to make sure that he wasn’t going to hurt Leo. The Omega looked up at him helplessly.

“Yes, fuck, I want this so badly,” he whimpered, “I want you Frank, only y-you. I’ve wanted you f-for so long, so please, please, please-“

Frank crashed their mouths together. There was nothing gentle about it, and both the boys were running on their instincts. As their mouths moved against each other feverishly Frank thrust his tongue into Leo’s mouth. The boy didn’t try to fight for dominance, moaning when the Alpha’s tongue explored his mouth. Frank switched to holding both of his wrists in one of his hands so the other one could come down to Leo’s exposed skin. Frank bit Leo’s bottom lip and the boy arched up against him, breathing hard.

Frank ripped the buttons off the shirt Leo was wearing in one swift movement, not caring that he was ruining his own shirt, and exposed the Omega’s slim, naked, chest. It was unmarked and perfect and Frank just wanted to leave kisses and bites all over it. So he did. He stopped kissing Leo and released his hands all together though Leo, like the good little Omega he was, kept them above his head. Frank bent his head and ran his tongue down the centre of Leo’s chest. The boy squirmed and then cried out when the Alpha took one of his nipples into his mouth. Frank teased the bud between his teeth and Leo slapped a hand over his mouth.

Frank pulled away, annoyed, and grabbed Leo’s hand, prying it from his mouth, “Don’t,” he said hoarsely, “I want to hear you,” his eyes slid down Leo’s chest, exposed by the ripped shirt sexily. Frank licked his lips and his cock twitched in his pants.

He grabbed the hem of his own shirt, feeling too hot, and pulled it over his head, discarding it to the side. Leo looked up at him, wide eyed and flushed, and his thighs slid from Frank’s waist as if he didn’t have the strength to keep them up anymore. Frank roughly pushed his legs apart, revealing his swollen, wet hole, clenching around nothing. Fuck, the rush of sudden desire was making him light-headed.

“Frank, p-please, please,” Leo was babbling, flushed and panting, “Please I need you...”

Without thinking Frank ducked down and pressed his nose to the inside of Leo’s thigh. It was wet with slick, soft and trembling. Frank licked it, pushing Leo’s legs further apart. The smell here was intense and intoxicating and wonderful, and Frank’s wolf was demanding that he claim Leo right then and there. But Leo was so tiny, and Frank didn’t want to hurt him.

He turned his head and his tongue came out on its own accord to lick a stripe over Leo’s hole. The boy’s hips bucked upwards and he let out a loud, helpless moan, hands fisting into the sheets. Slick gushed out of his hole, soaking the covers, and Frank didn’t care as he suddenly delved in, wanting nothing more than to taste every inch of Leo’s perfect skin.

His tongue slid inside the boy easily and Leo cried out, “O-Oh my fuck-,” he moaned above Frank, his voice high-pitched and breathless. Frank twisted his tongue inside the boy and then started to fuck him with it. He knew that Leo didn’t need gentleness right now – he needed to be roughly claimed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the boy whined, shivering, and Frank was pleased when the scent of pleasure filled the air. Leo’s cock twitched and leaked precum over his stomach and Frank just nipped and licked at his hole, and suddenly the Omega was coming.

Leo painted his stomach in ropes of pearly white, gasping for air desperately, tears in his eyes again. Frank pulled away from his hole though he could’ve remained there for hours, so he could marvel at how gorgeous Leo was, all flushed and soft and helpless. Despite his orgasm, his cock was still hard. It would stay hard until Frank properly fucked him.

“Leo,” Frank said, voice low, because the boy’s eyes were closed and he needed to know he was okay. The Latino looked at him and then reached out with one hand.

“A-Alpha,” he whispered needily. Something inside Frank snapped and he threw himself down on top of the boy, kissing him hungrily, their teeth crashing together, tongues sliding against each other.

“Mine,” Frank growls, possessive and feverish as his hands grip Leo’s hips hard enough to bruise,  “Mine, mine, mine. Fuck, you’re mine, Leo.”

“Yes,” Leo gasped, pressing back against Frank, “I’m yours, o-only yours...Alpha...Frank, please f-fuck me, I need you-“

He suddenly turns around, on all fours, presenting himself to Frank, submitting completely. His back is beaded with sweat and Frank had a moment to drink in the beautiful sight, the gently dip of Leo’s back, the curve of his gorgeous ass, his shaking thighs. And just like that Frank knows he won’t be able to handle himself any longer. His wolf growls inside him and his cock throbs so Frank pulls his trousers off.

His member bounces back and slaps against his stomach, long and thick, and for a moment Frank thinks that there is no way it’s going to fit into Leo’s tiny body. The Latino seems to think otherwise because he looks over his shoulder and his eyes widen and then he’s whimpering.

“Please, F-Frank. Oh Gods, fuck, it’s so big...put it i-inside me, please, I-I need you...,” he looks pleadingly at the Alpha, “It hurts. P-Please claim me.”

Mine, his wolf growled, mine, mine, mate, fuck, fuck...

Frank leaned forward and plastered himself over Leo’s back because he couldn’t bear to not be touching the boy. Leo turned his head and their mouths meet in a sloppy, wet kiss. Frank wrapped an arm across Leo’s chest to keep him upwards as the Omega slotted his ass against Frank’s crotch, grinding back against him.

“You’re so perfect,” Frank whispered against his lips, “My mate, mine.”

He rubbed his cock over Leo’s wet hole, slicking it up even more with his precum. The head of his cock caught on the rim of Leo’s hole and both of them moaned into each other’s mouths. Frank could tell how desperate Leo was, all trembling and whimpery, and so he grabbed his cock in his hand and slowly stared entering the Omega. When his head disappeared inside the boy Frank felt shocks of pleasure go through him and his wolf howled in ecstasy. But Leo wasn’t having any gentleness; he just slammed back against Frank, taking all of him inside himself in one go.

Frank groaned and Leo cried out sweetly, the front of his body giving out so he slumped against the pillows, ass in the air. Frank leaned forward and bit his shoulder lightly, then sucked a hickey at the side of his neck and Leo panted and grinded back lightly against Frank. He was so hot inside, and so soft.

“It feels s-so good,” he whined, hands twisted into the covers, “Gods, F-Frank it’s so perfect...”

Frank pulled out, spurred by his lust and his desire to completely dominate Leo. He thrust back roughly and Leo cried out, “Mine,” Frank punctuated the word with another rough thrust.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Leo babbled, “Only yours, I don’t want anyone else... Frank, Frank-“

The Alpha started thrusting, his cock enveloped by the delicious heat of Leo’s passage. Slick spilled down the boy’s thighs. The scent in the air changed, becoming more musky and sweet and Frank knows how much pleasure Leo is in – he’s pinned beneath Frank, writhing, forced open by his cock and making the sweetest, broken sounds, as if he’s completely falling apart.

Frank thinks he’s falling apart himself. He had never felt pleasure as intense as this, he feels that he could pass out as his hips snap forward, faster and faster, driven inside Leo at a brutal pace. The Omega takes it like he’s made for it, like he’s made for Frank’s cock.

“I-I’m gonna come,” Leo whimpered suddenly, “I-I’m gonna-“

He spurted come all over the blankets and he shuddered as he does so, insides clenching around Frank. The Alpha gritted his teeth and it took everything he had to stop himself from exploding inside the boy right then and there. Instead he grabbed his hips and flipped him around. Leo was still in the last moments of his orgasm, shaking, cock still hard. Frank threw his skinny legs over his own shoulders and bore down on Leo as he started to pound him once more.

Leo’s arms shot out and he wrapped them around Frank’s neck, sobbing as the Alpha thrust into him violently. His fingers dug into the Alpha’s back and he scratched. Frank moaned low and the delicious pain that mixed with the intense pleasure he was feeling. His insides were burning up just like Leo was, looking like a debauched God, all splayed and open for Frank, submitted to him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Frank growled, and Leo’s eyes snapped open. He tried to speak but all that came out were breathy moans. His cock twitched against his stomach he started sobbing.

“Oh G-Gods,” his words were slurred, as if he was going to pass out, “Oh Gods Frank...I love you, oh Gods, I love you so much, fuck...harder, harder, please-“

Frank fucked him harder, until he got scared that he was going to break Leo. But Leo didn’t look scared – he looked like he was in ecstasy. He’s mine, Frank thought, awed, He’s actually mine. Leo saw the way the Alpha was looking at him and bared his neck again.

“Bite me,” he whimpered, “F-Frank please-“

“L-Leo...,” Frank’s hips stuttered and he lost his rhythm a little, “Leo, I can’t-“

Please,” Leo sobbed, flushed and helpless and looking so tiny and wrecked, come drying on his skin, cock still hard, “I want you. I need you. Claim me, make m-me yours, I want it so badly, I want you so badly Frank-“

The Alpha was weak and Leo was everything he wanted. He couldn’t stop himself as he bent down and buried his face into Leo’s neck, sucking a rough hickey there as Leo arched up again. The boy’s legs slid from Frank’s shoulders to wrap around his waist. And then Frank bit him, sinking his teeth into the boy’s delicate skin. The Latino screamed and came again, shuddering against Frank, sobbing and clawing at his back.

Frank pulled away, feeling his orgasm approaching, and he looked down at his mate, dazed and perfect and properly his now, the bite mark red against his neck. Leo was looking up at Frank with tears in his eyes and when the Alpha leaned one hand next to his head Leo reached up and clung onto it, sobbing as Frank continued to fuck him brutally.

“You’re so good for me,” he growled and Leo’s still-hard cock spurted pre-cum against his already soaked stomach, “So perfect, my Omega, only mine. I’m not going to let you anybody else ever touch you,” he promised as he thrust deeper into the boy, “You’re going to look so good with my pups, you’re going to be so perfect, I-“

He wanted to say I love you but just then Leo let out a tiny whimper of Alpha and Frank felt his orgasm washing over him. His cock twitched in Leo’s tight passage and then he was filling the boy up with his come. Leo mewled, hair sticking to his forehead, and clamped his legs around Frank’s waist as if to keep him there. He didn’t have to, because just then the Alpha felt his knot pushing out of his cock and through the rim of Leo’s hole.

“Oh my Gods,” the Latino gasped, mouth falling open, “O-Oh...nghhh...Frank-“

He came again, and Frank honestly had no idea how he was able to do that. He himself collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, his knot keeping him firmly attached to Leo. The Latino was panting when Frank re-arranged them, pulling the boy against his chest and wrapping his arms around the boy’s waist. He nuzzled his neck, kissed him there, and tried to find words. But he was so warm and content that he didn’t even want to speak, so they just laid there, joined together, and it was perfect.

After about half an hour of being completely blissed out and tangled in each other, Frank’s knot started to go down. He peppered Leo’s neck and shoulder with kisses and his mate didn’t even move. That was understandable, he was probably exhausted. But Frank knew he had to take care of him properly. Slowly he untangled himself from the boy and climbed off the bed. He picked up his boxers and shrugged them on before climbing up the stairs and going out into the main part of the Hephaestus cabin.

There were a few of Leo’s siblings there – Nyssa, Beckendorf and Jake. And they all gaped at the practically naked Frank that had suddenly appeared.

“Hi,” Frank said, still too content to be embarrassed.

“What the fuck,” Nyssa whispered.

“I need a wet towel,” Frank replied, “and like some food or something.”

“Is Leo in heat?” Jake demanded. Frank offered him a sheepish grin.

“Not anymore.”

“You fucked him?!” Beckendorf yelled. Frank glared at him.

“I claimed him,” he growled, eyes flashing red, “He’s mine. My mate.”

“So you bit him,” Nyssa crossed her arms over his chest, “Are you gonna stick around or move on to another Omega.”

“I don’t even understand how you can say that,” Frank shook his head, “I’m in love with him.”

“O-Oh...,” the three visibly relaxed, and then grinned.

“Great!” Nyssa exclaimed, “That’s perfect!”

Jake ran for a wet towel and brought it back while Beckendorf offered Frank a packet of Doritos.

“Perfect, thanks,” Frank said, and then went back to Leo’s private little room.

It still smelled like sex and sweat down there, but Frank didn’t care as he slowly descended, quietly closing the door behind him in case Leo was asleep. He wasn’t. He was curled up under the covers – not the one that the cum on them, those were on the floor – facing the wall. And crying.

The bitter smell of his tears and sadness filled the room, just like his sobs did. Frank’s heart dropped and his happiness disappeared suddenly, “Leo?” he asked.

The Omega sat up abruptly, eyes wide and shocked. He looked beautiful, still naked and throughout fucked, despite the tears tumbling down his cheeks, “I-I...,” he sniffled, “I thought you left.”

“What?” Frank frowned, “Left? Why would I leave.”

“Because y-you got what you wanted,” Leo stuttered.

“And that is?”

Leo shrugged and wiped his cheeks, looking away, “I-I don’t know...maybe you just wanted to f-fuck an Omega...”

“You’re an idiot,” Frank interrupted him, a little bit angry. He threw the Doritos onto the water bottled by the bed and climbed on, “I bit you, didn’t I?”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Leo said quietly. Frank grabbed his face and forced the boy to face him.

“Look at me,” he growled, and Leo did, “It means everything. I would never bite or claim someone I didn’t love.”

“You’re in love with me?” Leo whispered in disbelief. Frank’s expression softened and he let go of the boy’s face so he could lean their foreheads together.

“Of course, idiot,” he murmured, “Only with you. You’re my mate. I love you. I’ll never have anyone else but you, you understand? You’re the only one for me.”

“F-Fuck,” Leo whispered. Frank took the wet towel and carefully cleaned the come off Leo’s thighs and stomach, then he got the shaky boy to get off the bed and rearranged everything so clean pillows and covers were at the top. He made Leo eat some Doritos and drink a bottle of water and then forced him to lie down. Leo stopped complaining when Frank climbed into bed with him, pulling some fluffy covers over them.

“Now you need to rest,” Frank said, facing Leo. The tired Omega rolled his eyes.

“You’re like a mom.”

“I’m not a mom,” Frank cradled his cheek gently, “I’m your Alpha. I’m going to take care of you.”

Leo smiled and nuzzles his hand, “I’m glad. I wouldn’t want anyone else as my Alpha, or my mate.”

“Say you love me,” Frank whispered.

“I already did,” Leo blushed.

“That was when you were in heat. I want to hear you say it again.”

Leo leaned forward and kissed Frank sweetly, throwing a leg over his waist, “I love you,” he whispered.

Frank kissed the bite mark on the boy’s neck, “Mate.”

Chapter Text

Person A gets stood up on a date and keeps asking the waitress for more time to the point where people start to stare and give apologetic looks but before Person A decides to finally leave, Person B sits down saying loudly “sorry I’m so late babe traffic was terrible” before quietly introducing himself and telling Person A to just go with it and how the person who stood him up was an idiot. Overall they have an amazing night as both leave very happy. I was appreciate it if Person A was Leo and Person B was Nico
for anonymous

Image result for beer gif

Leo sat at his table, swirling his straw in his coke and wondering if he should order food. He was starving, and he had deliberately not eaten before his date because although this pub wouldn’t break the bank of an average person, Leo was a university student, so he didn’t even have a bank to break. So now his stomach grumbled and Leo looked longingly at the menu.

He hadn’t had a date since...well, ever. It was kind of embarrassing actually; he was nineteen and never had a date, never had a boyfriend, never even had a kiss. It was understandable to an extent – he had grown up in a tiny village in Wales called Dolwyddelan and he already didn’t have a lot of friends because he was Hispanic, and because he was small and scrawny and gay. He was pretty sure he was the only gay guy in Dolwyddelan. He had thought that in Newcastle he’d find somebody for himself, but for the whole of his first year nobody paid attention to him. Which wasn’t surprising since Leo wasn’t exactly the epitome of attractiveness.  But somehow, magically, he had managed to score a date with one of the more good looking guys in his engineering classes called Alabaster. They had decided on this pub on Wednesday night at six. It was now Wednesday, and it was six thirty but Leo tried to keep positive.

He sipped on his drink and kept glancing at his phone but no new messages came from Alabaster, despite the fact that Leo had sent him a hey, where are u? text fifteen minutes ago. His coke had lost the nice coolness it had by now, and Leo debated ordering, and having a bit of the food before Alabaster arrived. Because he was sure he would come, why would he ask Leo out otherwise?

Laughter drifted towards him from the bar and Leo looked up. The blond bartender there was having an easy-going conversation with the only person on the stools. Leo recognised the blond vaguely from uni but the other boy was a complete stranger; dark hair, dark eyes, a mysterious aura around him, his laughter was surprisingly warm. He was exactly Leo’s type but the boy didn’t even let himself look at the stranger, because he knew that he was way out of his league.

“Hiya,” the waitress that brought him his drink appeared out of nowhere, her brown hair pulled into a braid, multi-coloured eyes sparkling. She had introduced herself as Piper earlier and now se gave Leo a bit of an awkward smile, “Um, just wondering if you’d like a drink refill? Or if you’d like to order some food while you wait?”

Leo made up his mind then and he forced a smile, “No, it’s alright. He should be here any moment.”

“Alright,” Piper gave him another warm smile and then sauntered through the relatively busy pub to the bar, where she joined the two laughing boys. Leo sighed and took a tentative sip of his drink. He didn’t have money to buy another one so he had to make this one last. Subconsciously his foot started tapping on the floor, and his eyes drifted to the window that showed the road outside. No Alabaster.

Another half an hour passed, making the boy an hour late. Leo’s impatience then turned to anxiety. What if he wasn’t coming at all? He wondered, what if something happened and Alabaster got hurt and he had no way of contacting Leo?

Spurred by his paranoia Leo sent a sequence of consecutive texts to Alabaster.

You: Hey are u coming?

You: did smthing happen?

You: r u ok?

You: pls call me

He bit his lip and drank his drink and worried and when Piper came around again, looking apologetic, he ordered, just to give him something to do rather than worry. It was starting to rain outside then and the pub was packed, and Leo felt awkward just sitting by himself. Another fifteen minutes crawled by and Piper returned with his order – fish and chips. She brought him a coke with it, that she said was on the house. Leo knew that he should’ve been grateful but he knew that the waitress simply pitied him.

Gloomily he drank his coke and picked at his food as his hunger passed. He was beginning to realise that, most likely, he had made a fool of himself and fallen for a stupid prank. He remembered little details of how Alabaster had asked him out; his group of douchey friends had been in the background, snickering, but Leo hadn’t paid much attention to them. Then Alabaster hadn’t texted him at all over the weekend or on Monday or Tuesday. As more and more people filled up the pub, he was beginning to recognise some people from uni – a grip of snickering girls and grinning guys were watching Leo from a few tables over, whispering to themselves, and Leo thought they might’ve been his late date’s friends.

Having a bad feeling, Leo swallowed and decided to call Alabaster. He brought the phone to his ear.

The number you have called does not exist.

The sentence made Leo’s heart drop and he brought his phone down, staring at his plate of cooling food. He’s not coming, Leo realised. His eyes filled with stupid tears that just pissed the boy off. There was no point getting upset, Leo should’ve known better than to think that  Alabaster was actually interested in him. Upset and hurt, the boy gestured for Piper to come over.

“Can I have my bill please?” he asked, not looking at her.

“Is he not coming?” the girl asked softly. Leo shook his head, still feeling the eyes of the other kids on the back of his head

“I don’t think so,” he mumbled. When Piper walked off Leo glanced up at the bar, but the mysterious boy was gone, and somehow that made him feel even worse.


“That boy over there looks like he’s being stood up by his date,” Jason said. Nico, who usually wasn’t interested in the customers of his friend’s workplace, turned around on his stool. His eyes landed on a solitary boy at a table by the window, swirling his straw in his drink aimlessly. His long eyelashes cast a shadow on his tanned cheeks, and his curls fell around his cheeks prettily. Nico turned around.

“You only told me that cause he’s my type,” he grumbled. Jason shrugged, wiping a glass.

“He’s been there for half an hour, and he hasn’t stopped looking at his phone.”

“Actually he looked up a few times to stare at Nico’s back,” Piper, who was standing next to the Italian, winked. Nico rolled his eyes, “I’m gonna go over and ask him if he wants a refill.”

She disappeared and Nico forced himself not to turn around as he sipped on his beer.

“You should stop drinking in the middle of the week,” Jason scolded.

“You should stop telling me what to do,” Nico fired back. Jason grinned.


Piper came back, “He doesn’t want a refill. He still thinks the other guy’s coming. Poor kid.”

Guy, huh?” Nico asked innocently, taking a swing of his drink. Jason raised an eyebrow.

“What, you interested now?”

Nico shrugged, “It’s just sad that he’s getting stood up.”

“Hey, maybe the guy’s just running late,” Jason offered. Piper shook her head,

“I’ve witnessed this scenario a million times. He’s not coming.”

Nico was starting to think she was right when an hour later the little Latino was still alone. He had ordered some food and looked miserable, and Nico, who couldn’t stop from turning around a few times, was starting to feel sorry for him. The boy was cute and Nico kind of wanted to go speak to him, if only to make him feel better. Also, he was noticing some of the other students in the pub sending the boy weird looks and giggling. Clearly he had been made a joke off. When the kids came to order drinks Jason ID’ed them, just to annoy them.

“This is horrible,” the bartender sighed after they went back to staring and snickering at the boy, “I feel so bad.”

“Me too,” Nico admitted. They both watched as the object of the amusement shakily lifted his phone to his ear, his eyes still glimmering with hope as he stared at the table. His crestfallen expression explained everything as he put his phone back down.

“Bastard,” Jason shook his head. Piper walked over to the boy and came back, looking sad.

“He’s such a sweet kid.”

“Did he ask for the bill?” Jason asked. Piper nodded. The group of kids burst out laughing and looked at the boy, who looked close to tears.

“I’m going to sort this out,” Nico said, standing up, “Don’t give him the bill.” Jason and Piper blinked at him but before they could react Nico had slipped out of the side door.

It was raining heavily but Nico didn’t care if he got his leather jacket and hair wet as he rounded the pub, entering in from the front. He strode right past the snickering group of teens and slid into a chair opposite the stood-up boy.

The curly-haired beauty looked up, shocked.

“Sorry I’m so late babe, traffic was terrible,” Nico said loudly, so the other teenagers could hear and, ignoring the boy’s shocked expression, leaned across the table to kiss him on the cheek, “My name is Nico, just go with it,” he murmured into the boy’s ear, leaning back. The curly-haired boy blinked and nodded, and Nico smiled, glancing at the room.

The giggling table wasn’t giggling anymore, and they were all shocked silent, staring at the two boys. Nico smirked, “What’s your name?” he asked in a whisper.

“Leo,” the Latino replied softly.

“Leo,” Nico whispered. The boy blushed, “Sorry I made you wait.”

Leo dropped his gaze, “I-It’s okay. You can’t control traffic.”

Nico also couldn’t control the smile on his face either, “Your food got cold, let me order you something else.”

“No, it’s fine!” Leo said quickly, “I’ll eat this-“

But Nico had already called Piper over. The girl was grinning, “Hey, can he get the same order again, and can I get what he’s having. And two beers, please. Put in on my tab.”

“Gotcha,” Piper winked at him and sauntered off. Leo gaped.

“Y-You didn’t have to d-do that,” he stuttered.

“Of course I did,” Nico smiled, “I made you wait after all.”

The group of teenagers grudgingly stood up and, throwing Leo and Nico weird looks, left the pub. The Latino relaxed visibly then, “Fucking hell.”

“You got stood up?” Nico asked. Leo looked at him and bit his lip.

“Yeah. I don’t think he was ever planning to come. He gave me a fake number.”

Nico winced, “What a cunt.”

Leo smiled, “It’s my fault for falling for it, honestly.”

“No it’s not,” Nico said, “I was watching you from the bar, and I thought you were really cute. So do you want to go on a date with me?”

“W-What?” Leo spluttered.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?”

He blushed adorably, “I-I...I think we’re already on one.”

“Perfect,” Nico grinned. Piper brought their drinks and cleaned Leo’s cold plate from the table. The Italian leaned forward, “So your name is Leo. That’s all I know about you. Tell me something more, since we’re on our first date.”

“Uh...,” Leo swirled his straw in his almost finished coke and Nico was beginning to understand that it was a nervous gesture. Leo was nervous. It was cute, “I study at Newcastle University. Um, I do mechanical engineering.”

“Woah,” Nico said, “Sounds important.”

Leo shrugged, “It’s like robots and stuff.”

“So you can build robots?” Nico asked, awed. Leo shrugged again and gave Nico a timid smile.

“Yeah, but let’s move on to you. All I know is that your name is Nico. Do you go to Uni?”

“I’m twenty two. And no, I dropped out.”

“O-Oh,” Leo blushed, “You look...younger.”

Nico grinned, “Thanks, I still get ID’ed.”

“So do you work?” Leo asked.

“Yeah. I’m a forensic photographer, though I’m still in training.”

“That’s cool. Like really cool,” Leo smiled, relaxing a little, “So you photograph crime scenes and stuff?”

“Yeah, basically. Bit of a grim job but I like it,” Nico admitted, hoping Leo wouldn’t get freaked out. Instead the Latino’s smile grew.

“That is really really cool. You’re really cool,” he blushed as soon as he said that. Nico laughed and Piper showed up with their food. For a minute they were silent, digging in. By then the pub was starting to empty out of those who were eating, and filling with people holding pints despite the fact it was the middle of the week.

Then the conversation flowed again, as easy as if Nico and Leo had known each other forever. The Latino told him about Alabaster and Nico told him more about work and how he knew Jason and Piper. When they finished their food, they ordered more beer because they couldn’t stop talking about their families, and music, and where they come from, and by the time they finished that the pub was closing. Nico paid their bill, much to Leo’s gratitude, and they walked out into the cold, Newcastle night.

It had stopped raining but the air was full of mist. Leo exhaled and smiled, turning to face Nico in a square of light still spilling from the pub. Someone was puking in an alleyway and the ground vibrated from the music of a nearby club. Leo smiled at Nico.

“Thanks for saving me tonight.”

Nico decided that he wanted to see the boy’s sweet smile more, “Anytime.”

“,” Leo looked away, “I guess we part ways here.”

“Do you live far?”

“Uh, no, five minutes,” Leo said.

“Let me walk you to campus then,” Nico offered. Leo shook his head.

“It’s okay, I already wasted enough of your time.”

Nico frowned, “I didn’t waste any time. In fact I had a really awesome evening. Thanks to you.”

“Look, you don’t have to say that,” Leo said, “What you did was amazing and I’m grateful, but I know you did it out of pity-“

Nico leaned forward and kissed Leo, though he hadn’t meant to be so forward. It was short and close-mouthed, and Nico pulled away faster than he would’ve liked. Leo was staring at him in shock.

“Sorry,” Nico winced, “Probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“N-No, it’s okay,” Leo stuttered, still staring at him.

“Anyway I was going to ask for your number but it’s okay if you don’t want to give it to me,” Nico said. Leo blinked, then blushed.

“N-No, of course, uh, h-here...,” he scrambled for his phone and pulled it out, his hands trembling. He dictated his number and Nico put it in his own phone.

“It’s your real number, yeah?” he teased. Leo smiled.

“Yeah,” he said breathlessly. Nico nodded and looked at him briefly.

“Right,” he said.

“Right,” Leo replied.

“Goodnight then,” Nico murmured. Leo stood on his tiptoes and kissed him quickly on the mouth.

“Goodnight,” he whispered, and then ran off down the road and Nico was left in front of the closing pub with his heart pounding, already looking forward to their second date.

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Luke x Ethan soulmates au where your left eye is the colour of your soulmate’s and Ethan knows damn well that he and Luke were soulmates, but Luke doesn’t, until he finds old pictures of Ethan before he got an eye patch and confronts him about it. Ethan thinks that Luke \is disappointed and apologizes for being his soulmate, but Luke isn’t having any of that and makes out with him, right then and there.
For contumeliousMuse

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Ethan always thought that his mom took his eye to teach him a lesson – an eye for an eye, you can’t get something for nothing – but as he grew up he realised it was so she could ensure that he could never be happy.

At the age of ten your left eye changes colour to match the eye of your Soulmate. Everyone’s eyes are unique and although sometimes it’s harder to match eyes, usually people find their Soulmate, and when they do their eyes return to their normal colour after their first kiss. Ethan was young when he first encountered his mother, but it had already been two years since his left eye changed colour. He remembered staring into mirrors at his brilliant blue left eye that was so different to his own brown, so dark it was almost black. He looked at it so much that he committed the colour to memory, knowing that it was the eye-colour of his Soulmate.

When he first met Nemesis he had been angry and irritated and upset because he had been alone for ages, and so when his mother asked for his left eye – the eye of his Soulmate – he allowed her to take it. He grew to regret that decision because when he was thirteen he met Luke Castellan – the boy with a brilliantly blue right eye, and a brown as his left, so dark it was almost black.

And he didn’t have the guts to confess that Luke was his Soulmate, or that Ethan was in love with him.


I’m eighteen, I should’ve found my mate by now, Luke thought bitterly as he stared at himself in the mirror in the Hermes cabin bathroom, listening to the shouts and laughter of his siblings from the dormroom. The normal age for finding your Soulmate was sixteen, and yet despite being two years older than that Luke still had no idea who it could be. He stared at his eyes now, and especially at the one that belonged to his Soulmate. It was dark and Luke had thought for a long time that it was black, but then he realised that actually it was a very dark brown with even flecks of gold appearing here and there occasionally. The problem with dark eyes was that there were a lot harder to identify than light eyes since they were usually too deep to notice much of their details, which was why Luke still hadn’t found his Soulmate. He had thought he had a few times, but many kisses ended with his eyes retaining their two separate colours. It was frustrating.

“Luke!” Travis pounded on the door, “Stop hoarding the bathroom, asshole!”

Luke sighed and gave his brown eye one long, last look before leaving the bathroom. He picked his way through his squabbling siblings and went outside into the morning. Ethan was already waiting for him on the porch of the cabin, looking impassive as always. Ethan had been Luke’s best friend since they were thirteen and now, as they grew closer to nineteen, they were both leaving Camp together to start a life up in the normal world.

“The flat’s in Brooklyn,” Ethan said instead of a good morning, holding up a GPS. Luke grinned at him.

“Perfect, it’s close enough that we could still visit camp.”

“Why would you want to visit here>” Ethan glanced around the cabins with distaste. Luke shook his head.

“Cheer up,” he teased and playfully poked Ethan’s cheek. The boy swatted his hand away and started walking to his old, beaten up range rover that he had gotten for his eighteenth.

Luke looked at Ethan as they walked. The boy had an eye patch over his left eye which always made Luke a little sad since it meant Ethan would never be able to know what his Soulmate’s eye looked like. His other eye just barely peeked through the curtain of his dark hair, as if Ethan wanted to hide his face completely. All Luke knew about his eye was that it was brown and although many times he fantasised about it being exactly like his left one, he knew that he was only imagining it because he was in love with Ethan and wanted him to be his Soulmate.

The drive to Brooklyn was nice, and although Ethan wasn’t talkative – he never was – Luke entertained him by telling him recent stories about the antics happening in the Hermes cabin, earning himself a few giggles and even a few outright laughs from his best friend. Luke loved it when Ethan smiled and laughed and he wished the boy did it more often. It was intoxicating.

The flat that they had found online was small and almost dingy, set in Chinatown, though it was affordable and cosy. The landlord took the two boys around the rooms, rattling on about statistics and things neither Demigod cared about as they both wandered about. Luke had no idea what Ethan was thinking but as his eyes slid over the most bare and unfurnished rooms he imagined them living there, together. He imagined waking up in the same, sunlit bed as Ethan (even though they would have separate bedrooms), imagined them making coffee and breakfast side by side. He imagined coming back from work so they could eat leftovers in the little living room and watch some TV. He looked at his friend, absentmindedly touching the walls with his fingertips, and he imagined what living with Ethan would be like, how wonderful it would be, and his heart twisted with want. At moments like these Luke wanted to fuck the whole Soulmate system and just take Ethan into his arms and kiss him and tell him how he felt.

“So, will you take it?” the landlord asked abruptly. Luke glanced at Ethan.

“We’ll think about it and let you know by next week.”

They said their goodbyes and left, walking along the sunny street, “So?” Luke asked, “What did you think?”

“I think it’s nice,” Ethan said carefully.

“Tell me the truth,” Luke nudged him with his arm. Ethan bit his lip.

“I...I really, really like it, honestly.”

Luke grinned, “Perfect! I like it too. I love it, actually.”

“I’m glad,” Ethan smiled up at him sweetly and Luke’s heart stopped for a second. Ethan rarely smiled at him like that, and it was a moment to treasure, “Hey, do you want some snacks for the way back?” the son of Nemesis gestured to a corner shop closeby, unaware of the effect he had on the son of Hermes.

“Sure, some Doritos would be nice,” Luke admitted, “and something cold to drink.”

“Okay,” they came to a stop outside Ethan’s parked car and the boy unlocked it, “I’ll be just two minutes, get comfy.”

He walked towards the corner shop and Luke slid into the passenger’s seat, sighing with pleasure. The inside of the car had heated up and everything smelled a bit like rubber and leather. Luke would miss camp, he knew that, but starting a new life with Ethan as his housemate...that sounded incredible. The blond leaned back in his seat and looked around the car.

Ethan had gotten it from his dad a few weeks ago, and though they didn’t have a good relationship the son of Nemesis was grateful for the present. Luke had only been inside it a few times and now he glanced around with curiosity. Despite knowing each other for years there were many things Luke still didn’t know about the other boy, who rarely talked about himself. Now the blond took some time to have a little look around, in a true son of Hermes fashion.

He looked at what Ethan had in the holders on his door, but apart from a gum wrapper and a pair of tangled up earphones there wasn’t much. The blond then moved on to the two compartments in front of both the front seats. The one in front of him was mostly empty, with just a map of the camp and some dance school leaflet stuffed inside. Ethan’s, on the other hand, was much more interesting.

Luke’s eyes widened when he opened the compartment and saw a small stack of photos tied with a hair band at the very back. Eagerly the son of Hermes pulled the stack out, immensely curious about what kind of pictures Ethan kept in his car, since he kept none in his cabin. He glanced up to make sure that Ethan was still in the shop, and the pulled the pictures into to his lap.

The first one was a sepia picture of an Asian teenager, who looked a little like Ethan, but with a stronger jaw and narrower eyes. And a big, bright smile. That’s probably his dad, Luke thought, looking at the next picture. It was a slightly blurry photo of a huge family. Luke peered closely at the faces of the people until he spotted Ethan – a tiny little thing back then, maybe four or five, sitting on the grass, his face unclear because of the distance. Luke smiled though, because Ethan looked adorable. He moved the picture aside and looked at the next one.

His mouth flew open in shock.

Looking at him from the picture was a slightly grumpy and very young Ethan. He looked around the same age as when Luke had first met him...except both his eyes were intact. His dark hair was a lot shorter so Luke had a good view of the boy’s brown eye. More importantly it was his left one that Luke was staring at. He knew that eye all too well, that bright blue, sparkling with mischief. Because it was his own eye.

The world seemed to slow down abruptly around Luke as he tried to breathe past his shock. The photos tumbled out of his hands and exploded all over the driver’s seat and Luke’s hands trembled. He’s my Soulmate, he told himself and then, just to make sure, he whispered it aloud.

“He’s my Soulmate.”

The words just sounded right in his mouth. But that meant that Ethan must’ve known...Luke, barely registering what he was doing, pushed the door of the car opened and stepped out just as Ethan emerged from the shop, heading for the car. As he neared and Luke rounded the car, he saw the blond’s angry expression.

“Luke?” he stopped and blinked his one eye, the eye that Luke should’ve recognised if he wasn’t so much of an idiot, “Is everything okay?”

“No,” Luke snapped, suddenly angry at the boy, “No, because you didn’t tell me!”

“Tell you what?” Ethan asked, puzzled.

“That’s we’re Soulmates!” Luke shouted. Ethan flinched back and he had to set the plastic bag full of snacks on the ground shakily.

“ do you...?”

“I found the photos you keep in your car,” Luke snapped. Ethan glared.

“You looked through my car?!”

“I was curious,” Luke growled, anger boiling inside him, “But don’t change the subject, you knew that your left eye was mine before your mother took it and you didn’t say anything!” Ethan dropped his gaze and Luke’s heart clenched, both in heartbroken confusion and anger, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want you to be disappointed,” Ethan said quietly, “I hoped that you’d forget the whole Soulmate thing and find yourself somebody who’s really worthy of being with you.” Luke stared at him, shocked at his words, “I-I...,” Ethan continued, shoulders shaking, “I’m sorry i-it’s me. I know you wanted s-somebody better and that you’re disappointed, and I’m j-just so s-sorry-“

He didn’t get to finish his stupid apologies because Luke closed the space between them and took Ethan into his arms, kissing him violently. Ethan stiffened against him as if he had expected a punch and not a kiss, but Luke didn’t care. He bowed his head and angled his face and his lips slotted perfectly against Ethan’s. The sun was warm above them and Ethan’s fingers dug into Luke’s biceps as the blond kissed him feverishly. Finally, after his initial surge of emotions had passed, he pulled away.

“Don’t ever say that again,” he said quietly, and Ethan looked up at him, shocked.

“Y-Your eyes,” he whispered, “They’re both blue.”

“Of course they’re blue, idiot,” Luke scoffed, “You’re my Soulmate so they’ve gone back to normal.” Ethan dropped his head, and sniffled as if he was sad. Luke couldn’t take it, “Gods, why are you so unhappy?”

“I’m not,” Ethan whispered, “I’m really, really happy. I just-“

“Don’t say those dumb things again,” Luke said, “You’re my Soulmate, and you have no idea how happy that makes me. Christ, Eth, that makes me so incredibly happy that my heart won’t calm down right now,” Ethan looked up at him in shock, “I’m not disappointed. Surprised, yes, and insanely happy, but not disappointed. Not with you. You’re all I ever wanted.”

“Fuck, shut up,” Ethan dropped his head to Luke’s shoulder. The blond kissed the side of his head and held him close, scared that if he said the wrong thing this amazing boy in his arms would disappear.

“So, I suppose we should go tell that landlord that we’re looking for a one bedroom flat after all.”


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Percy and Ares where Ares always liked Percy for not fearing him and always talking his mind even when Ares was Mars, but Percy didn't know Ares liked him. Now Percy is about to be killed by one of Poseidon's sons, so Ares saves him. Percy is so confused and oblivious even when Ares tells him he liked him and with many, many kisses(in which Percy is freaked out) they finally figured it out
for Ignis

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Ares was bored, which wasn’t uncommon for Gods. That was why they did the stupid shit they did like take part in wars, fight over cities and have affairs. But even that got dull after a while. But following the Titan and the Giant war most of the Gods were grateful for the peace, lounging about in Olympus or their palaces, catching their breaths.

Not Ares. Ares was bored. Ares was also tired of his life on Olympus, or at least his life as it was. Even his affair with Aphrodite had fizzled out a few hundred years ago and now there was nobody to flirt with except the dryads and minor goddesses that just didn’t cut it anymore.

That’s why Ares started watching Percy Jackson.

He knew that the Gods had rules to not constantly watch Demigods after Hermes had an upsetting encounter of looking down on Achilles as he was in a situation with his ‘best friend’ Patroclus a couple thousand years ago. But Percy Jackson was someone Ares was willing to piss some Gods off for.

He was the only person in all of history who hadn’t been afraid of Ares...and hadn’t lost his life for it. To this day Ares wondered why he hadn’t struck down that infuriating kid when he had first disrespected the God. Now that kid was arrogant to the point where he didn’t even seem to remember that the Gods could kill him in the blink of an eye...and he wasn’t a kid anymore.

He was nineteen. Where Ares had once liked the fact that Percy wasn’t scared of him and always said exactly what he wanted, now he liked him for other reasons too, inappropriate reasons that he decided to never mention. Reasons like the way Percy looked when he slept, or when he fought, or just how he looked overall. It was creepy, how much Ares watched Percy, and he’d be lying if he said he did it only out of boredom. When he had himself conflicting with his Roman aspect, he had watched Percy, because it helped him focus more. He would lie in his chambers in Olympus and give offerings to Iris all day, feeling nauseous and shit and angry, and watching Percy on his quest was calming.

It was terrifying, Ares relying so much on a mortal. It was terrifying to acknowledge that his feelings for the young man had grown from grudging respect and admiration to attraction and care. Many times during the Quest of the Seven Ares wanted to scoop Percy up from Argo II and into Olympus to ensure that the boy was okay, hold him in his arms, away from harm’s way.

Now in times of peace Percy was still on Ares’ mind, constantly.

It was night-time over Olympus and the stars shone ridiculously bright outside of Ares’ window. The gentle summer wind blown by Notus slipped into the bedroom and made the sheer window curtains shift gently. The Muses had stopped singing hours ago but Ares could still hear the parties going on all over the mountain. Instead of going to one or two or six, Ares laid in his humongous bed, agitated. He had a bad feeling that something was going to happen.

Percy was on a minor quest, all by himself, something that didn’t happen much, and Ares was forcibly stopping himself from spying on the boy. Instead he sighed in frustration and turned over and over, trying to fall asleep, grumbling under his breath to Hypnos to allow him into the land of dreams. But for some reason the other God wouldn’t give it to him, as if he had other plans for Ares. The God was starting to feel seriously pissed off, and debated whether he should go over to see Hypnos and rough him up a little into letting him go to sleep.

Ages passed by. Ares wondered if a warm body next to his would make sleep easier, but he didn’t really want anyone with him. Except Percy. Frustrated, Ares sat up and ran a hand down his face. He glanced at the window and his reflection looked back at him. He looked younger than normal, his black hair fluffy and overgrown, his tank top exposing his muscles. He rubbed a hand over his jaw, and felt stubble. He would have to shave soon. Mundane actions like that kept the Gods sane.

“Fuck this,” Ares grumbled, shoving his covers aside with a wave of his hand. He stood on his floor and called Iris under his breath and the Goddess appeared in his room, only a rainbow, shifty outline, looking unimpressed, “I want to see him,” Ares said.

Iris looked at him, “Again?”

“Show me,” Ares growled, eyes burning red. Iris gestured with her hand and faded into the darkness as a watery image of Percy appeared in front of the God of war.

Ares’ heart plummeted and that was saying something since the God didn’t think he even had a heart anymore. Percy was in some forest, collapsed against a tree. His eyes were wide and his face was scratched and bloody. His sword lay a few feet away. Looming over him with an axe raised over his head, ready to strike the Demigod, was a familiar figure and one of Ares’ least favourite sons of Poseidon. He gritted his teeth and in seconds he was teleporting.

He appeared in the cold forest instantly, making the leaves shake on the trees. The power of his sudden appearance knocked the villain backwards, into a tree, and Percy scrambled away.

“Neleus,” Ares seethed, turning his eyes to the collapsed figure. During his teleportation he had summoned his usual attire – leather and sunglasses, wanting to keep up the image he had built up over the years.

Neleus stared at him in fear, and the white around his edges made it clear that he was a ghost. Of course he was, he died thousands of years ago, murdered by Heracles. Ares remembered it.

“A-Ares,” the man stuttered.

“What are you doing out of the Fields of Asphodel?” Ares growled, approaching, a gun materialising in his hand.

“I-I the doors-“

“The Doors of Death had been closed weeks ago,” Ares snapped, pointing his gun at the ghost, “What are you still doing here? And why are you bothering other children of Poseidon?”

“He came into my territory,” Neleus spat at Percy.

“You’re dead,” Ares seethed, “You don’t have a territory. Your brother has the undying hatred of Hera, and you have mine, and I will kill you over and over until your sorry ass end up in Tartarus.”

“L-Lord Ares please-,” Neleus threw himself down at the Gods feet and Ares raised his gun impassively and fired. The ghost disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Silence descended onto the forest, the gunshot echoing through the trees, and Ares stood there, facing where Neleus had been moments ago. The gun disappeared from his hand.

“Why...,” Percy sounded a bit chocked up, “Why did you do that?”

Ares turned around, “I have a bone to pick with Neleus, Jackson,” he said, hoping he sounded confident and intimidating even though his heart was pounding just from looking at the boy. He hadn’t actually been face to face with him in so long...the boy looked a lot older in real life than in his visions.

“I...,” Percy struggled to his feet and then wobbled dangerously, tumbling back down. Ares was at his side in seconds and caught him easily before the boy could hit the ground. Percy was warm and firm in his grip, staring up at him in shock. They had never been that close, “I don’t know if I should fear for my life,” Percy whispered. When Ares tried to hurriedly let him go the boy swayed and clung onto his arm and he felt so fragile that Ares’ stomach twisted with the need to protect him.

“What’s the matter with you?” he demanded.

“We had a fight,” Percy winced as he tried to stand on his own feet, “h-he hurt my leg...,” he gestured down. Ares eyes shifted down and he saw that Percy’s trouser leg was matted with blood.

“Fuck’s sake,” Ares grumbled.

“Since when do you care, big guy?” Percy asked, averting his gaze, as if being that close to Ares for that long was making him uncomfortable.

“Shut it or I’ll turn you to dust,” Ares growled, and Percy just grinned. He was never afraid of him, and he wasn’t going to start now. The God of war let out an annoyed sound and pulled the boy up into his arms, bridal style.

“What are you doing?!” Percy spluttered and blood rushed to his cheeks adorably.

“Making sure Poseidon doesn’t find out about this,” Ares said, “Close your eyes.”

Percy hurriedly shoved his face into Ares’ shoulder as the God teleported back to Olympus, flashing too brightly for a mortal, and for a second the man allowed himself to revel in the way Percy was clinging onto him and he cradled the boy close, letting himself be protective just for that moment.

The next moment they were both in Ares’ chambers, modelled after the great ancient Roman times. Percy quickly scrambled out of the God’s arms, as if he didn’t want to be close to him, but the second he put his feet on the ground he hissed in pain and flailed backwards, landing on Ares’ bed. The God smirked.

“What are we doing here?” the Demigod didn’t seem as amused as Ares.

“I just saved your ass, be a little grateful,” he said.

“Grateful for what?” Percy looked around the chambers, eyes wide and full of awe, “You brought me to Olympus so you could finally torture me for the stupid shit I said when I was eleven?”

“Yes,” Ares decided to finally try and scare Percy and he slowly approached the bed, pleased when the Demigod shifted backwards ever so slightly, “Our private apartments on Olympus are the only place we can’t see into. Not even Zeus can see in here. Which makes it perfect for a murder scene.”

He held out a hand and an axe materialised in it. Percy stared at him, mouth open. Ares thought that he finally had the boy...and then the Demigod spluttered out a laugh and the God felt irritation spike inside of him.

“Nice toy.”

“You still disregard me as if I couldn’t just kill you with the blink of an eye,” Ares said. Percy grinned and cocked his head to the side.

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?” Ares took another step towards the bed, swinging his axe casually in his hand.

“Because you would’ve done it by now,” Percy’s eyes were on his, piercingly green and unwavering. Why wasn’t he scared? He didn’t understand, but he sighed and the axe in his hand turned to a box of ambrosia. He offered it to Percy who took it, looking suspicious.

“You’ll be staying here tonight, until your leg heals.”

Percy gaped at him, “No way I’m staying in here with you!”

“Great, have fun finding your way back,” Ares replied and with a flick of his hand his leather jacket and shades evaporated and he returned to the state he was in before he saved Percy – he wore only a black tank top and loose black sweatpants. The son of Poseidon didn’t say anything and so Ares turned around to make sure the boy hadn’t spontaneously died.

He found Percy staring at him, open-mouthed.

“What? You saw a ghost or something?”

Percy’s entire demeanour changed and he looked away. In the dimness of the room Ares thought he saw him blushing when he stuttered out a, “N-No...I just look younger than...normally...”

“Well, I’m thousands of years old,” Ares fired back. Percy suddenly grabbed one of the poles holding up the canopy of the War God’s bed, and pulled himself up to his feet, wincing. The ambrosia couldn’t heal his leg in such a short amount of time, “Where are you going?”

“I-I need to leave,” Percy said, and almost fell. Ares was at his side, an arm around his waist.

“Woah, slow down-“

Percy turned away from him, his hand pressing against Ares’ chest as if to push him away, “I shouldn’t be here...not with you...”

Ares frowned, “I’m not going to kill you, it was just a joke-“

“L-Let go,” Percy pushed at him, “I don’t understand why you’re suddenly like this-“

“For fuck’s sake,” Ares gritted, “Stop squirming and get back on the bed-“

“No- stop it, let go!” Percy was shouting now, almost hysterical, and Ares didn’t understand why.

“Shhh, shut up, the other Gods can’t know you’re here-,” Ares kept the struggling boy in his arms, much stronger than the Demigod, but Percy pushed at him, trying to get away.

“No, stop it, just l-let go I-“

“I’m not going to hurt you for fuck’s sake!” Ares shouted suddenly, and Percy slumped in his arms, relaxing completely, staring at the God’s chest. Ares found his heart jumping in his chest when he saw tears glimmering in the boy’s eyes. He couldn’t comprehend what he had done to make Percy like this, “Are you okay now?”

“Why are you being nice?” Percy whispered softly.

Why am I scared of this confession? The God wondered, I’m an Immortal and in a couple short years this boy will be gone..., “Because I like you.”

“What?” Percy looked up at the God in shock, “You actually like me? As in you don’t hate me?”

“As in I’m in love with you,” Ares said calmly. He felt the shiver that went through the boy in his arms, and he couldn’t take it anymore. Fuck all of this, he didn’t care about Poseidon’s wrath anymore, or how Percy might react.

He ducked his head and angled his head, pressing his mouth to Percy’s the way he had done a million times before...with a hundred people that had never made this peculiar sizzling heat erupt in his stomach. Not even Aphrodite made Ares feel as alive as kissing Percy did. The boy let out a surprised noise against the God’s mouth but he didn’t push him away, and Ares could not pull away either. He lost himself in Percy’s warm, soft lips, in his smell and his body heat. He knew that the boy was strong and had muscle and could hold his own, but he still felt small and delicate in the God’s arms.

When Ares pulled away, remembering that Percy needed to breathe, he saw that the boy was blushing and in shock, staring at him with wide eyes and Ares just couldn’t. He only ever lost control on the battlefield, and then his fury raged violence and destruction on the world. This time the only thing he was destroying was his own heart, by pretending he and Percy would ever work.

“What...,” Percy whispered, trying to pull away, obviously shaken, “I...”

Ares knew he should’ve let the boy go, but he couldn’t bear to. One more kiss, he promised himself and he pressed his hand against the back of the boy’s neck, forcing their mouths together again. Percy didn’t fight him, but he trembled in the God’s arms, and he was more perfect than anyone Ares had ever touched, or kissed. His stomach twisted and for a moment he felt like a mortal.

And then he realised what he was doing. He let go of the Demigod and stepped back, trying to keep himself under control. Percy’s eyes were still wide and shining with tears. The boy slumped against the closest wall, shocked, eyes trained on the God as if he couldn’t believe Ares had just done that.

I’m sorry, the God thought, but he had too much pride to say it out loud. He gritted his teeth to stop himself from grabbing Percy again, and lifted his hand. The boy disappeared from the room, and Ares teleported him back to the Poseidon cabin at Camp. As soon as Percy went Ares collapsed on the bed and closed his eyes. He was a fool.


Ares woke up in the middle of the night because of an insisted pounding on his door. He was confused, but immediately alert, sitting up in bed. Outside the window the stars were winking out, the sky lightening. The Gods didn’t need to sleep but recently life had been so tedious that Ares preferred to lose himself in the land of dreams. He had been jerked out of a nice little episode that involved a field full of flowers and Percy.

Another insisted knock. Ares groaned and stood up. He could sense warmth on the other side of the door to his chambers, but it didn’t hold the power of the other Olympians. A Nymph then, or a minor God or Goddess. Annoyed about being woken, Ares waved a hand at the door, and it swung open.

Percy Jackson came tumbling in through the door, and barely managed to catch himself as he fell through the threshold. The door slammed shut behind him and Ares stared.

“Fucking hell,” Percy looked annoyed, and his clothes and cheeks were dirty as if he had rolled in dust, “Who knew the walk here was so long?”

“How the fuck did you get here?” Ares was shocked for the first time in millennia. Percy shrugged, as casual as ever.

“My horse took me here.”

Ares stared, “Do the other Gods know? Why are you here anyway?!”

Percy’s demeanour changed, and suddenly he seemed pissed off. He pointed at Ares, “You. I have a bone to pick with you.”

“About what happened earlier?” Ares scoffed, “It was just a-“

He was going to say joke but then Percy closed the space between them and stood on his tiptoes, pressing his mouth to Ares’. He was the only Demigod that had ever managed to make Ares feel like this – lost, and unsure and powerless, like a child.

Percy was full of surprises, and he pulled away before Ares could’ve fully comprehended the kiss, “You can’t just leave me hanging like that,” Percy was blushing and not meeting his eye, and it was clear he was nervous, “And don’t send me home like some brat. I’m an adult, y’know.”

“Why are you here, Percy?” Ares whispered. Percy looked at his feet.

“You never let me say it back,” he whispered, and Ares’ eyes widened. His heart pounded, “I mean I don’t...I don’t know if what I feel...i-if it’s love, or something but...but all I know is I wanna be with you, a-and...”

Ares grabbed his wrist and pulled him close and kissed him. He didn’t need explanations or promises. To him Percy’s life would just be a blink, a few seconds long in his thousands of years of existence. He wanted to make the most of the short time they had together.

Chapter Text

Jason, a prince, narrowly escapes an assassination plot on a hunting trip and heads to a forest nearby, gravely wounded. Nico, resident hermit/necromancer finds and nurses him back to health for days. Jason, healed and smitten, convinces Nico to come back to his kingdom with him. But the one hiring the assassin (Octavian maybe? Your choice)is still in court, and wants them dead to steal the throne for real this time. Also, the reigning king Jupiter does not take too kindly to Jason's relationship with Nico, a necromancer and "witch". Nico proves his dedication to Jason with his life after a tragedy strikes Jason (attempted soul deal, maybe, or soul sharing) somehow (your choice). The smutty rest is up to you if you want this prompt.
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Cold, late autumn wind bit at the exposed skin on Jason’s face as his stallion raced through the forest. The trees were almost bare, their naked, dark branches reaching towards the steely sky, and the leaves that they had lost, so vibrant and beautiful only weeks ago were now damp and dirty on the ground.

Around him the hunting party laughed as they chased after a stag, bloodthirsty and excited with the prospect of getting such a wonderful kill. Jason didn’t care much for this sport and had only come along on this bitter afternoon because of his father.

Zeus, the king of Olympus, had never been a kind or warm man, concerned more with governing his kingdom and securing his dynasty rather than taking care of his two children. Jason’s tutor, Chiron, had been more of a carer to him and yet now that the blond had finally come of age the King took an interest in him. He disliked children, but he approved of Jason’s strength and wanted to ensure that he was ready to take the throne when he passed. Which meant that he now asked for his son to accompany him to hunts like these.

“Faster!” Zeus bellowed now, his horse kicking up leaves and dirt as he raced after the stag, at the head of the party. His men cheered and followed and Jason lagged behind, not wanting to kill the poor animal.

Jason caught a movement from the corner of his eye, a figure high up in the naked trees. He turned his head just as an arrow raced past, and struck the man in front of him in the neck.

The man let out a chocked noise and grotesquely tumbled sideways off his horse, while the animals around him reared and screamed horribly. Jason’s own horse, Tempest, stood on its hind legs, kicking at the air, and the party collapsed into chaos. Suddenly arrows were whirling through the air, striking at horses and riders alike, but it was clear where they were aiming. Several pierced Zeus, whose horse threw him off. Someone screamed, the remaining riders reached for the swords.

In shock, Jason stared at the dead king on the ground, eyes open and glassy, blood soaking the ground around him. It had happened so fast...Jason felt shock and horror, though no sadness and heartbreak that should’ve accompanied him upon witnessing his father’s death. After all, he was not much of a father.

Jason didn’t know what to do. Around him men were dying and screaming and the silent assassins were only blurs in the trees. The Prince didn’t know how many there were and his heart pounded as he turned Tempest in a circle, trying to gather his bearings. The horse had other ideas though, because it reared back once more and Jason felt himself loose hold on the animal and fall backwards.

He landed painfully on his back and groaned at the impact, though he quickly forgot his pain when he rolled to his side and came face to face with a dying Lord, one of his father’s friends, eyes wide and full of agony, chocking on his own blood, pierced like a pincushion. Jason scrambled to his feet in panic and fear and reached for his sword.

He didn’t manage to pull it free of its sheath because just then he saw, as if time had slowed, an arrow sailing toward him. The air went still, the world silent. Jason no longer heard the screams of dying men, or the sounds of shouting. He couldn’t move and watched, detached, as the arrow made right for him. It impaled him in the stomach, a gruesome patch of feathers, protruding from his gut.

Jason turned and stumbled against a tree, slid around it and deeper into the forest, away from the havoc of the rest of the hunting party, away from the corpses. He didn’t know what he was doing, his ears rang, and his eyes watered. He walked, no, stumbled on, leaning on trees, almost tripping on the underbrush. The arrows disappeared, nobody followed.

Jason didn’t know how long he walked for in his state of shock, blood pouring from his stomach and wetting his breeches. One of his hands hovered over the arrow, but he did not touch it. His world was spinning. The sound of running water broke through his mind, and as he stumbled through the tree-line he suddenly found himself at a narrow river, glimmering as it raced downhill. Jason stared at the water. He didn’t know where he was.

He collapsed to his knees and reached out with a trembling hand, his fingers dipping into the river. The shock of cold travelled up his arm, and the agony followed soon after. Jason gasped at the sudden white-hot burn he felt fill his body, coming from his wound. He choked on air and doubled over in pain, his head spinning. He let out a quiet, pained moan and collapsed on his side. Dark spots danced in his vision and the last thing he saw before darkness took him was a lone hut on the other side of the river.


Nico enjoyed solitary life. He had always lived in the little cottage in the woods with his grandmother and sister, and it had been a good life. He was a happy child, working some in the bakery in the nearby village and spending his free time aiding his grandmother with her spells and rituals – a part of his daily life – and playing in the forest with his sister.

Then both his sister had died – killed by a man who accused her of murdering his babe and wife while she was delivering a birth. Nico’s grandmother buried her body by the river, and that same winter she passed away. Since then the little boy had been alone.

He was seventeen now, and a man grown, and he had learned to like the isolation. He went to the village rarely and was considered the peculiar hermit who everyone stayed away from. Not that Nico minded, he had the company of the woodland animals and his potions and spells and he hated people, for their judgement and for their crimes.

That morning Nico had spent out in the forest. He had taken a long hike to the nearby mountain and climbed it in search of the goats that lived there, so he may collect their milk and also gather some herbs he needed for his potions. By the time he returned twilight had settled over the kingdom and the shadows in the forest were deep.

Nico’s cottage was nestled by four evergreen trees, that cradled it protectively among their great branches. The cottage was old and small, but cosy, and a place Nico happily called home. Inside there was a large room with a bed, a fireplace, a rough wooden table. It was all Nico and Bones, his cat, ever needed. He saw it as he climbed down the last gentle slope of the mountain and reached the river that separated him from home. Nico had a sack over his shoulder and the cold evening air bit at his exposed face despite the fact that the rest of his body was bundled up in cloaks and furs. Winter was at hand, and Nico was gathering supplies in case he were to be snowed in.

He had to cross the shallow river and then he’d be home. He would make supper and perhaps read a little and have an early night in. He was exhausted after his day of walking.

However his plans were ruined by the man laying at the bank of the river. Nico’s heart stuttered in his chest in panic and he reeled back, under the cover of the trees, terrified. He didn’t like men, didn’t like them wandering near his cottage. If there was a corpse here...anxiously the hermit watched the body for a while. The man’s back was broad and he was dressed richly, his golden hair glimmering in the last of the day’s sun. Nico held his breath and watched him, but the man didn’t move and nobody came to retrieve the body.

Finally the boy worked up the courage to slip from between the trees and towards the body. The sky was darkening fast the stars beginning to glimmer shyly, and Nico approached the collapsed man. He swallowed when he rounded him, and looked down at his face.

The man was younger than Nico expected, and that startled him. His jaw was strong but his brows soft, eyes closed. His blond locks tumbled onto his forehead, and there was an arrow sticking from his stomach. Nico winced and then let out a muffled yell when the man shifted. Not dead then.

The hermit swallowed and looked longingly at his cottage. It was dark and he wanted to light the fire, and have a drink, and be out of this cold. The night was at hand, and Nico didn’t want to be out in the darkness...but he couldn’t leave this man, if he was still alive. As much as Nico hated humanity he wanted to believe that there was still kindness in the world. He let out a frustrated groan and reached for the blond.

The man was tall and muscular and heavy. It took Nico a ridiculous amount of time to drag him through the water and by the time he reached his doorstep he was soaked through, sweaty and exhausted. His limbs felt heavy as he pushed his door open and dropped the blond man onto the ground. He didn’t stir and he bled, and Nico was afraid that all this was for nothing. As he closed the door to his cottage he looked out at the dark forest and dark river, but the opposite bank was still and silent – nobody was there.

The hermit shut and barred the door and drew the curtains over the windows. For a moment the cottage was cold and dark but in moments Nico had gotten the fire going in the pit, and had lit some candles. He boiled water in a large cauldron and then took to the tedious task of undressing the blond. He peeled back his wet and bloodied clothes and then carefully and slowly pulled out the arrow, like his grandmother taught him. He was horrified at the deep and nasty wound that the arrow had left, ragged and weeping blood so dark it was almost black.


Nico knew exactly which poison it was, and yet he pulled out a heavy and dusty tome just to be sure, flipping the pages in search of the antidote. It didn’t take long to prepare it and Nico had all the ingredients at hand. The poison had been intended to work slowly and agonisingly, but Nico was still unsure if this Lord – for he assumed the blond was a Lord, as he was too richly dressed to be anything else – would live till morning.

Nico washed his wound with water then with the antidote, and wrapped the man’s midsection with clean strips of cloth. All the while the Lord did not stir. The boy pulled off the man’s breeches and it took him a moment to dress him in new ones, ones he had once bought in the village that had always been much too big for him.

“Why do you have to be so big,” Nico grumbled as he dragged the blond to his own bed, “I should just leave you on the floor.”

But Nico was too kind for that, he had always been, and so he laid the Lord in his own bed, and covered him with furs and blankets, and then turned to the water he had boiled. He was tired, but first he wanted to wash himself.


Jason woke up, even though he didn’t expect to. The first thing he realised was that he was lying on a bed, soft but firm at once, his head nestled against pillows. The second thing he became aware of was a dull throbbing pain in his stomach, nothing in comparison to the agony he had felt at the riverside.

Jason cracked his eyes open, and found that he was in a small, oval room. The roof was thatched, wooden beams supporting it from which hung bundles of fragrant spices and dried herbs. The floors and walls were wooden, the ground laden with thick rugs, and there was a happy fire buzzing in the fireplace. Outside the windows Jason could see the forest and a grey, dark morning of autumn. Or perhaps winter now? Jason had no idea how long he had been asleep.

He shifted into a sitting position, and winced. He pulled the furs he was laying under aside and saw that his shirt had been removed and the wound where the arrow had stuck washed clean and bandaged. His breeches were also ones he did not recognise, rougher and less sophisticated in comparison to what he usually wore. Jason looked around and tried to understand what had happened – he remembered the hunt, the silent assassins, the massacre, his father’s death, and then the searing pain of the arrow hitting him. The river, the cottage, then nothing-

The cottage. Surely, this was where he was. But who was the owner? As far as Jason could see, he was alone, though the pot over the fire bubbling happily and letting out delicious aromas alluded to the fact that the owner of the house was not far away.

A sudden mewl made Jason flinch and with some difficulty he leaned over the side of the bed and looked down onto the floor. He blinked in surprise when he saw a small black cat standing there, looking up at Jason’s with big, piercing eyes and mewling. Jason smiled, “Hello,” he murmured and carefully scooped the feline up and into his lap. He petted it gently and the cat seemed content to chase after the blond’s fingers, “Aren’t you a little thing?”

“I see you have taken a liking to my cat,” the voice made Jason jump more than the cat had and his head snapped up. He had not heard the door open but now he saw a figure standing by it. The person was small, with a heavy cloak over their shoulders, the hood covering their faces. With a happy sound the cat launched off Jason’s lap and padded over to the newcomer, who was undoubtedly its owner. As if to confirm that, the pet began to rub himself against the person’s leg.

“H-Hello,” Jason swallowed nervously and his mind suddenly offered the question of where is my sword? “I...I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?” the voice of the person was soft but strong, almost melodical.

“I...I assume I must’ve cause you much trouble,” Jason said, nervous all of a sudden, “I apologise, and thank you for your hospitality-“

“Do not thank me,” the person said abruptly, and closed the door. The hood was thrown back and Jason was shocked to find himself looking at a boy only a few years younger than himself. And a beautiful boy at that; his skin was olive, his hair and eyes ebony. His mouth was full and soft, his cheekbones high, his nose upturned ever so. Jason couldn’t guess at what his body was because the boy wore too many clothes. He didn’t look at Jason as he turned to the cauldron, putting down a basket he was holding that contained several eggs.

“I-I...,” Jason didn’t know what to say, and the boy seemed reluctant to speak at all. But the Prince had questions, “Who are you?”

“Just a crazy hermit living in the forest,” the boy said dismissively, throwing some herbs into the cauldron.

“Hermit?” Jason frowned and cast his mind back to the stories Chiron had told him, the folklore and bedtime tales about magical beings and horrors of this very forest. He told him about an old woman – a witch – living in a small cottage, a witch who could do magic, “I...I thought an old woman lived here.”

“She did,” the boy said briskly, “She was my grandmother, and she died.”

“I’m sorry,” Jason said immediately.

“It’s alright,” the boy’s replies were short and curt.

“What’s your name?” the Prince refused to give up his questioning – this boy intrigued him. Was he a witch also? Jason wasn’t even sure he believed in witches...

“Nico,” the boy replied. It was a sweet name, and it suited the boy. Jason smiled.

“It’s lovely.”

Nico froze, and turned around to look at Jason with his wonderful eyes, “What is?”

“Your name.”

“O-Oh,” the boy turned again and Jason thought he saw a glimpse of a blush on his pale cheekbones.

“I’m Jason,” the blond continued, “Jason Grace.”

The boy turned around sharply, “As in the Prince?”


Nico swallowed visibly, “I...I...”

Now it was clearly his turn to be at loss of words. Carefully Jason climbed out of bed, or rather tried to, because the moment he tried to stand he found a shot of paralyzing pain going through him. He let out a quiet groan and sat back down, and Nico was at his side in moments.

“Don’t, you’ll make it worse,” he chastised, and his fingers gently skimmed the bandages around the man’s stomach. He was close, suddenly, closer than Jason anticipated, and as the blond inhaled he noticed that the boy smelled like herbs and rain and something underlying and pleasantly sweet. Subconsciously Jason leaned into the boy, but Nico drew away quickly, “I should change your dressing.”

“Do you have any news?” the blond asked suddenly, “About what happened? The assassination, my father?”

“Not much,” Nico admitted, “I went into the village upon the morn to gather eggs, and I heard some gossip. Your father is dead, I’m sorry.”

Jason already knew that, “What of the kingdom?”

“Prince Octavian had assumed regency as you were believed dead, I didn’t know...,” Nico gave Jason a quick look, a little fearful. The blond smiled.

“Naturally. I understand. It’s fine.”

He was more concerned about Octavian. Octavian was his cousin, and with Thalia, Jason’s older sister, away in the kingdom of Jupiter, he would be the obvious choice for regent. Still, it unsettled Jason. He didn’t trust Octavian, never had, and the thought that he had the throne...Jason didn’t want it, he hadn’t expected to be king, but he didn’t want Octavian governing either...

“I...I assume you want to return to your castle soon,” Nico said, approaching Jason again with an armful of vials and bandages, “But that will have to wait until you get better.”

Jason had been told all his life to not trust strangers, but now he laid on the bed and allowed Nico to hover him. Something inside him made him trust the hermit, even if he was a witch. There was simply something calming about his presence.

“How long was I unconscious?” Jason asked.

“Two days,” Nico was at the side of the blond’s bed and he started carefully unwrapping the bandages around his stomach. Jason could feel the warmth radiating off of him,

“Oh, I see. Thank you for taking care of me, and for saving my life.”

Nico looked at him briefly, “It was the right thing to do.”

Jason reached out without thinking, going to touch Nico’s cheek, and the boy flinched away, “Sorry,” the blond dropped his hand quickly. It was worth it, if only to see the hermit blush. Jason almost smiled, but was quickly reminded of his position when Nico removed the bandages completely. His wound wasn’t bleeding anymore, but the skin around it was red and the wound itself was deep.

“It’s healing well,” Nico said calmly. Jason watched as he carefully dressed the wound in fresh bandages, and then stood to wash his hands. The boy stripped off his furs and cloaks, and beneath he wore a simple shirt and breeches, and the room was warm enough for it. The blond’s eyes slid over his body, “There will be stew ready soon. Would you like some?”


“It’s going to snow soon,” Nico said two days later, staring out of the window into the dark forest. It swayed in the strong night wind. Across the table Jason looked up from the maps he was studying. Nico had never found much use for them but Bianca had collected them and Jason seemed to enjoy looking at them.

“Oh. Is that good?”

“No,” Nico propped his chin on his hand. He had wanted to study the old book of spells open in front of him, but kept getting distracted by the blond. Nico had been alone so long that he forgot how comforting it was to have another person around. And someone as non-judgmental and kind as Jason at that, “If it snows we might not be able to leave the cottage for some time.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” the warm smile Jason offered Nico made the hermit’s heart pound and forced him to look away.

“Surely you want to return home,” he said, trying to remain off-hand, “a week, perhaps two, and you’ll be fit to travel, I have a horse in the stable closeby...”

“Yes, right,” Jason cleared his throat, “Though sometimes...,” he trailed off. Nico looked up.

“Sometimes what?”

Jason smiled, “Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I were not to return. If I just stayed here.”

“Certainly not!” Nico scoffed, “You have a kingdom to run. Besides, it’d be a great suffering to have you around all the time.”

Jason smiled, knowing that Nico was only jesting, and the corners of his eyes crinkled adorably. Nico dropped his gaze to his book and tried to keep up the pretence that he was reading but when after a few moments he looked up he saw that Jason was still staring at him. The hermit’s stomach felt heavy.


“Nothing. I’m tired. I think I should rest.”

“You’ve rested all day,” Nico said, but closed his book. They silently got ready for bed side by side, as if they had done it for years. The hermit never thought he would feel so comfortable with another human being. He was vaguely aware of Jason’s gaze on his naked back when he changed into his nightclothes, but when he looked over his shoulder the blond had turned, his own broad back rippling with muscle. Nico imagined touching that muscle and guiltily looked away.

He finished first and headed for the make-shift bed he had made for himself by the fire, since Jason was in greater need of the proper bed, “Wait,” the blond said suddenly, “You...I’ll sleep there.”

“Don’t be foolish,” Nico dismissed him.

“No, I...I feel bad, taking your bed,” Jason said. Nico rolled his eyes.

“It’s fine,” he said, “I’m not some delicate dame, I can sleep on the floor. You need to be well rested so you can return home.”

“The bed’s big enough for both of us,” Jason blurted. Nico looked at him, and swallowed. Jason looked at him, and Nico looked at Jason, and then they both looked at the bed. Indeed it looked like it would be comfortable for two people. Nico felt nervous though – he hadn’t shared a bed with anyone since he was a child and Bianca slept at his side. He didn’t know how human closeness and contact would make him relax, “It’s fine if you’re uncomfortable,” Jason told him softly, and Nico made up his mind.

“No. It’s fine. It’s just a bed,” he strode across the room with faked confidence and climbed beneath the blankets before his fear and anxiety got the better of him. He laid close to the wall, face almost pressed into the wood, tense.

He felt the bed dip as Jason laid at his side. The fire crackled in the fireplace, and the warm was still warm and full of light, though soon Nico knew it would grow cold and dark as the embers died out. In the autumn and winter he oft woke up cold and shivering in the night but now, as Jason settled down, the hermit could feel warmth radiating off of him. He wondered if he would be cold again.

The next morning the snow had made the world outside white.


“Don’t you miss home?” Nico questioned. It had been over a week since Jason had woken up in the boy’s cottage, though an eternity had seemed to pass. Here, in this secluded part of the forest, Jason felt like he was living in a dream. A wonderful, paradisiacal dream. He woke with Nico, ate breakfast of eggs and oats with him, spent the morning shovelling newly fallen snow from the doorway. The afternoon was full of wandering the forest and gathering food, the evenings filled with candlelight and interesting new books, and finding out more and more about the mysterious hermit. The nights were tense though – with inches between the bodies of Jason and Nico, inches that the blond wanted to disappear.

“No,” Jason said, “The’s not much of a home at all, really.”

They were by a little lake that opened up to the river Jason had collapsed at. Part of the lake was frozen over, a light, crisp blue and glimmering white. The trees surrounding it were heavy with snow. Jason and Nico were standing on the ice of the lake, sliding about, seeing how far out they could go.

“You’re not truly wanting to stay here with me?” Nico asked quietly. The sky was heavy with clouds and a promise of more snow even though the forest roads were all blocked off by what had already fallen.

“I...,” Jason wasn’t sure how to answer Nico’s question. He didn’t want the dream to end, but he had duties, “It would certainly be nice. A life without obligations.”

“Beneath everything you’re still a child,” Nico shook his head and shifted further from the edge of the forest. But the lake was deep, and the ice wasn’t strong enough, and a loud crack echoed through the forest. Nico’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Jason. A spiderweb of cracks appeared on the ice and Nico had time to suck in a breath before the ground gave way beneath him and he was enveloped in a wet, suffocating darkness.

Ice pierced his blood and pain gripped at Nico’s muscles. He couldn’t move and he saw watery light above his head, but he was getting dragged down. He tried to breathe, but water rushed to his mouth, up his nose. He could feel the lake whispering about him, full of malice where in the summer it was kind. This time it was hungry for blood.

It didn’t get it though. Just as Nico felt iron fingers closing around his lungs a hand was thrust through the water, and wrapped around Nico’s wrist. The next thing the boy knew was that was back up on solid ground, spluttering and chocking on the lake water. Then came the cold, piercing and deadly.

“Nico,” Jason’s panicked voice sounded in his head, “Nico-“

Hands, pressed against his shoulders. Nico was cold, disoriented. Then he was being hauled upwards and into Jason’s arms, as if he weighed nothing. He pressed himself into Jason’s warm chest, shivering, his teeth clattering. He was a fool – how had he let that happen? How had he fallen?

“Shhhh,” Jason was murmuring above him urgently, “Shhh, you’re alright, I’ll take care of you.”

The cottage was cold when they entered and Jason moved about frantically to get the fire going once more. He shut the door and pulled Nico to the freshly burning flames. He started to peel the boy’s clothes off but Nico batted his hands away.

“I-I’m f-fine.”

“You’re going to get ill,” Jason said firmly and, ignoring Nico’s protests, he stripped the boy’s clothes off. He hung them by the fireplaces and quickly dressed the hermit again and it felt bizarre to be taken care of.

“This is peculiar,” Nico mumbled, the fear of almost drowning seeping out of him and leaving him exhausted.

“What is?” Jason asked distractedly. Bones meowed in the corner.

“You taking care of me like this,” Nico whispered, “Nobody had ever done it before. Taken care of me, that is.”

Jason’s hands stilled where they had been buttoning up Nico’s shirt and he looked up at the boy. Their faces were inches apart and Nico’s heart stuttered in his chest – he feared that Jason had felt it beneath his palm. The blond smiled.

“Well, I’m glad I can do this for you. Now you need to get into bed.”


When Nico woke up in the middle of the night he felt warm and cold simultaneously. His head throbbed and heat pulsated behind his eyes, but he couldn’t help shivering.

The cottage was dark and cold, which meant it was late, and through a sliver between the curtains in the window Nico saw snow falling in fat, white petals. The boy felt unlike himself. Bones was curled up in the space between him and Jason – whose back was turned to Nico – and the hermit cradled the cat to his chest, seeking warmth.

It wasn’t enough and Bones didn’t appreciate the cuddles because he stood up and dashed off the bed. Not thinking quite straight, Nico pressed himself against Jason’s back.

“J-Jason,” he stuttered, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Hmmm?” Jason murmured sleepily.

“H-Hold me.”

“What?” Jason sounded confused as he suddenly turned around to face the hermit. His eyes widened, and he lost all sleepiness when he saw Nico, shivering, cheeks flushed, “Nico?” The hermit whimpered and pressed himself into the blond’s chest, “God, you’re feverish.”

“Just h-hold me.”

“Nico-,” Jason sounded concerned.

“...please,” the hermit gripped the Prince’s shirt and pressed his forehead against his collarbones, and Jason wrapped his arms around the boy. Nico exhaled and relaxed and Jason stroked his back.

“How do you feel?” the blond asked.

“Good,” Nico mumbled. Jason cradled him a little closer, “I’ll make myself a draught tomorrow.”

“Alright,” the Prince sighed, “Just don’t die.”

Nico smiled, “I won’t.”

He felt so safe and warm in Jason’s arms that he couldn’t imagine ever leaving.


Nico’s fever lasted three days, in which Jason fretted over him in the most endearing way, which made the hermit realise how painful parting ways would be.

The snow didn’t last long and in a few days the sun had grown warm enough that some of it had melted. Nico didn’t mention this, but it became clear soon that it was possible for Jason to return to his kingdom. The fact hang between the two men and made the air too heavy to breathe it in freely.

Finally, when no new snow fell for two days, Nico couldn’t take it anymore, “I think you ought to return to the castle,” he said over breakfast. Jason looked up at him sharply.


“The’s cleared. There is no reason for you to remain here anymore,” Nico said, though the words pained him. Jason looked away.

“You want me to go,” it was a statement, not a question. Nico closed his eyes briefly.


Jason looked at him, “Then why?” he asked suddenly, desperately, “Why do you ask me to leave?”

“I just...,” Nico bit his lip and stood, “You have duties, and you can’t remain here forever-“

“Why not?” Jason demanded.

“You need to find a wife,” Nico snapped, “and have children, bear an heir, claim your throne.”

From Jason’s expression he knew that the blond realised that he was right. The blond exhaled, “I will leave upon the morrow.”

“So soon?” the desperate words slipped from Nico’s mouth and he quickly turned away to hide his upset, “No, that is best.”

He walked to the cauldron and poured fresh water inside it to scrub it clean. He wanted to cry, but didn’t want to show Jason his tears. When he had saved him he had never wanted it to end like this – in heartbreak. When had Nico fallen in love with Jason?

“Come with me,” Nico hadn’t expected the words, but when he turned around Jason was looking at him, unwavering, and it was clear he had not asked on impulse.

“I-I can’t,” Nico stuttered.

“Why not?” Jason demanded, “You would be useful with your knowledge of medicine.”

“I-I...,” Nico looked down. The request was so surprising and sudden and it was everything Nico wanted, even if he hadn’t realised it. He thought he was happy, living in this cottage with just Bones. But now he couldn’t bear to part with Jason. He couldn’t imagine eating alone, and sleeping alone, but what would life at court be like? Would the Prince forget him when he was surrounded by his friends and family>

“Please,” Jason stood up and looked at Nico with such desperation that the boy’s heart twisted, “You saved my life and I can’t...I don’t want to leave without you.”

“I’ll come,” Nico whispered, quietly and breathlessly, and in his heart he knew it was the right decision. Jason’s shoulders sagged with relief and a smile blossomed on his handsome face.

“Thank you,” he whispered. They stared at each other, and there seemed to be unspoken words hanging in the air between them. Nico wanted to say those words, but he was too afraid, and he turned away.


Two days later they set out, and by the early afternoon of the third day Jason saw the grey, stone towers protruding from the forest and he knew he was home. Or at least what he should’ve considered home...though more than anything he yearned to return to the little cottage that he and Nico had left abandoned in the woods a whole day’s walk behind them.

Nico had been silent for the majority of the journey, his sack full of old books and herbs and bottled vials on his back, boned cradled in the crook of his arm. Jason kept glancing behind himself to ensure the hermit was following. A part of him was afraid he had dreamt the weeks of the cottage and the snow and that if he wasn’t careful Nico would disappear.

But no, he followed behind Jason. Silent, but unwavering in his decision to accompany the Prince. Jason was glad.

The village surrounding the castle was bustling with life at this hour; the marketplace was bursting at its seams, and everywhere there was shouting and laughter, entertainers on every street corner, chickens running around with children. It was mayhem that Jason had been used to, and one that was uncomfortable after the weeks spent in the peaceful seclusion of Nico’s cottage. The boy himself seemed anxious too, and as Jason weaved through the familiar streets, between tall, stone houses, the hermit followed close behind, flinching at every shout and drunkard stumbling from alleys. The bells of the nearby church tolled as the two approached the gates of the castle, barred shut. The flags on the towers were black – mourning. The kingdom was mourning Jason.

“Halt!” the guards at the gate lifted their spears when Jason and Nico approached. Here the streets were emptier, and nobody went as far as the gates...except for Jason and Percy, “Who goes there? Be-gone, peasants!”

Jason didn’t look like himself – Nico had long ago burned his rich and ruined clothes, and now he was dressed simply in a deeply green shirt and brown breeches, a cloak cast over his shoulders, dusted with snow.

“I must speak with the regent,” Jason said. One of the guards barked out a laugh.

“What business have you with the regent, peasant?” he demanded, “the castle is in morning, can you not see?”

“They need not mourn any longer,” Jason said, “The Prince is returned.”

The guards laughed, exchanged an amused look, glanced at Jason. Their faces fell, lips parting, eyes bulging from their heads. Jason knew these guards, their faces, he saw them about the castle plenty. And he knew they recognised him. Simultaneously the two fell to their knees.

“Y-Your Grace,” they stuttered, “Forgive our insolence-“

“It’s quite alright,” Jason ushered them to their feet, “Now open the gates so I may speak to my cousin.”

“Naturally, your Grace.”

The guards scrambled to do as they were told and only cast Nico a passing look as the two walked through, climbing up the snowy pathway to the castle. The moment they were let in through the main door, a commotion began. Maids and servants and courtiers and councillors all crowded around Jason, praising God for his safe return and demanding answers about what happened. They shoved Nico aside, and the boy stayed by the shadows, until Jason pushed through the crowd and grabbed his wrist, pulling him close.

“He is the one who saved me,” he proclaimed, “he nursed me to health.”

“God bless you son!” the Master of Coin bellowed and everyone gushed over Nico, who blushed and averted his gaze. Jason smiled, and looked up, and his eyes landed on the pale blond, watery figure standing closeby.

“Cousin,” Jason straightened.

“Cousin,” Octavian replied stiffly, and his eyes were full of a cold fury. Jason always knew the boy wanted his throne, but he had hoped that he would at least be happier to see him, “You are alive.”

“Yes. Thank God,” Jason said.

“Thank God,” Octavian replied coldly.

“Quick!” the Lord Chancellor called, “take down the black-“

“Alas,” Octavian interrupted him, “the Prince is exhausted and unwell. There are matters to attend to, for he is next in line for the throne.”

The servants and councillors all scattered away and Jason looked at Nico, but the hermit was nowhere to be seen, undoubtedly taken away by the kitchen girls so they could feed him and ask him for details. Jason saw Bones scuttle around a stone corner.

“Come, cousin,” Octavian turned on his heel, his cloak flapping, “You must bathe and dress, for there are matters to discuss.”

“I take it you had been regent,” Jason said, following behind the other boy as they rounded a familiar corner and went down a hallway, and up a pair of stairs.

“Yes. We thought you dead. The bodies of your father and the rest of the hunting party were found some weeks past in the forest.”

“Someone had assassinated them,” Jason said.

“Yes, but we do not know who,” Octavian’s gaze slid to the Prince, “Perhaps you know?”

“No. I did not see them,” Jason said. Octavian gave him a long look full of familiar hatred. Already the walls around Jason seemed stifling. He did not want to be here, “Groom yourself, cousin, then we shall speak.”

The servants drew up a bath for Jason in his chambers – it felt peculiar to be there again, in the place he had lived in all his life. It felt alien, strange, cold. Jason wanted Nico but he knew he had to take care of business first; he knew he would be King soon, and he had to secure a date for the coronation. He only hoped Octavian would not go out of his way to make things difficult.

He bathed, ate some though he was not hungry, and allowed his servants to dress him once more in silk and satin and fur, all the while thinking about later that evening, when he would see Nico again. But first he had to pain through his meeting with Octavian.

The regent waited for him in one of the office. The fireplace was cold and dead like, undoubtedly, Octavian’s heart. The Prince felt a chill go through him but his cousin seemed immune to it from where he sat at a grand mahogany desk, littered with papers. The curtains were almost drawn against the windows, only pale shafts of light coming through to illuminate the room.

“Perhaps you should start a fire,” Jason tried to remain cheerful as he closed the door.

“Perhaps not,” Octavian said coldly. Jason walked over and sat in a chair opposite his bitter cousin, “You look well for a man who was meant to be dead.”

“Thank you,” Jason smiled, “You took care of the kingdom well, I suppose.”

“Better than you ever could,” Octavian said quietly. Jason frowned.


“Drink,” the blond produced a jar of wine suddenly, and two goblets. He poured some of the wine into both and Jason drank eagerly. He had not had alcohol in a long time.

The wine tasted sickly sweet, “What is this?”

“Wine,” Octavian wasn’t looking at him, signing some document.

“So...,” Jason cleared his throat, “I suppose I am the new King.”

“I suppose,” Octavian said dismissively. Jason frowned and opened his mouth to say more, but it suddenly felt as if something was lodged in his throat. He tried to clear it, then coughed, and looked at Octavian. The world titled.

“What...,” he whispered.

“Ah,” Octavian smiled coldly, “So it’s working then.”

“What’s...what’s working?” Jason whispered, and it felt as if an invisible hand had clenched around his lungs. Breathing was hard.

“The poison.”

“W-What?” Jason croaked. No.

“I thought you were smarter than that,” Octavian taunted, standing, and looking down at Jason with a smirk, “Who do you think hired the assassin? Some crazed madman? Your enemy from a different country?”

Jason tried to speak but his throat was closing up. He jerked to his feet and stumbled, falling to his knees. Octavian laughed and circled him and through the light-headiness he felt he though I’m going to die. His next thought was Nico.

“I thought they’d do the job right. I paid them well to eliminate both you and your father. It’s nothing personal, Jason, I simply want your throne.” Jason chocked and reached out, trying to grab his cousin, but Octavian remained just out of reach. He tutted, “None of that now,” he taunted, “It’ll be over soon. The poison is quick to work, unlike the one on the arrows. I’d love to wait here and see you die, really, but unfortunately you’ve brought an uninvited guest into this castle and I must take care of him also. Perhaps framing him for your murder will be easier than I thought.”

No Jason thought, but he couldn’t breathe and the world was spinning. He laid on the ground, helpless, and watched as Octavian left the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Jason closed his eyes. He could feel the poison working inside him, burning through his veins.

Then suddenly Nico was there, rolling Jason over onto his back, a panic in his dark eyes. Jason didn’t know how he was there, or why, but he reached for the boy as agony spread through his body.

“No, no, no,” Nico whispered feverishly. Then a peculiar thing happened. The air around Nico shimmered, then suddenly glowed blue. Jason gasped and the hermit placed a hand on his chest and squeezed the Prince’s shirt in his hand and suddenly Jason could breathe again, air rushing into his lungs.

The blue glow disappeared and Nico collapsed on his side, whimpering. Jason sat up, shocked and confused, shaking and clawing at his chest, which had moments ago felt too tight and constricted. He had no idea what the other boy had done but now he leaned over him.

“Nico?!” he asked, and the boy had his eyes squeezed shut and was shaking, just like he had when he had fallen into the lake, “Nico!”

“I’m fine,” the boy gritted, “I-I’ll be okay. The poison won’t kill him. It hurts...,” he whimpered again, curling in on himself. Jason pulled his tense body into his arms and cradled Nico close.

“Shhh,” the Prince whispered, kissing the boy’s forehead and hair foolishly, not caring. He was afraid for the life of the boy he loved, but Nico squeezed his hand reassuringly, and Jason knew it was true – the poison wouldn’t hurt Nico. The boy was special, more than just some hermit living in the forest. Maybe the stories had been true after all.

“Your c-cousin,” the boy whispered, and Jason remembered Octavian. Fury burned through him.

“Servants!” he called, and moments later a guard ran into the room. His eyes widened when he saw the scene; Jason, pale, holding a shaking Nico in his arms.

“W-What happened your majesty?!” the guard spluttered.

“Octavian,” Jason rose, and laid Nico carefully on the ground, “He attempted to poison me and once again Nico saved my life,” the guard looked shocked, “I need him arrested at once, and thrown into jail, and Nico...,” his voice faltered then, heart clenching, “take him to my chambers at once, and have a medic called.”


Nico woke up in a soft bed, a great crimson canopy spread above him. It was warm, a fire crackling in the great marble fireplace across the room. The chamber was grand, rich wallpapers on the walls and lush rugs on the ground, and Nico knew at once that he was in Jason’s room.

“You’re awake,” the voice of the Prince made Nico’s head snap to the side and his heart clenched when he saw that Jason was perched on the windowsill of a large window outside of which thick snow fell. It was night. Nico had no idea how long he had slept for but he could feel the last of the poison seeping from his body, leaving him exhausted.

He remembered what happened. He had used his magic. In front of Jason. His grandmother had always told him that he should never use it anywhere, and that he should never use soul sharing to save someone’s life, because it was dangerous. And yet Nico had taken the poison out of Jason’s body with a spell, and put it inside himself. Because he loved the Prince.

The boy struggled into the sitting position, the covers falling around his waist. He was dressed in one of Jason’s shirts, too big and too soft. He was afraid now – would the blond be disgusted by his nature? Or would he be angry? Would Nico end up in a cell, or banished?

But as he looked at the blond, Jason simply smiled his warm, caring smile, “I’m glad you’re alright.”

A soft meow from the corner of the room alerted Nico to the presence of Bones.

“So you are a witch.”

The words were like knives in Nico’s gut and he dropped his eyes, “I’m sorry,” he whispered. Jason stood from the windowsill and approached the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I-I didn’t...I was told it wasn’t safe,” Nico whispered, then added, “and I was afraid you’d hate me.”

“I could never hate you,” Jason whispered.

“I didn’t want to use magic around you,” Nico clutched the covers, “You would’ve died, that day I found you. I had to use magic to save you.”

Jason sat on the bed, right next to Nico, too close, “I’m glad you did,” he reached out and pressed his hand over Nico’s. The boy’s eyes snapped up to look at him and swallowed when he saw how Jason looked at him. It was all too much and he knew he ought to have snatched his hand back, but he couldn’t bear to, “I’m really, really glad you did,” Jason whispered, and he leaned in closer.

Nico looked down, heart pounding maddeningly, but the Prince cradled his cheek suddenly, his fingers warm against Nico’s skin, and he turned the boy’s face so their eyes met again.

“Don’t look away,” the blond murmured.

His hand slid from Nico’s cheek, and into his hair, so he could keep the boy facing him as he leaned forward and captured his lips in a kiss that the hermit both anticipated, and was shocked by. His mouth was wet and simultaneously rough and soft, as if he was holding back.

Nico’s head spun and his eyes fluttered shut. He couldn’t keep himself upright and without meaning to he fell backwards against the pillows, dragging Jason down with him. The blond was a comforting, warm weight on top of him. The hermit didn’t know what he expected or what he was prepared for, but he simply knew that having Jason so close, kissing him, was right.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” Jason whispered against his mouth, and then his lips slid away and down Nico’s neck. The boy gasped, and his fingers dug into the Prince’s shoulders as Jason kissed further down and down, unbuttoning Nico’s shirt as he went, kissing every inch of skin that was exposed.

Nico’s heart pounded, his skin burned everywhere Jason’s hands touched. They pulled their garments off as if they were on fire, hands grasping at each other’s bodies with desperation. Nico hadn’t meant for this to happen, and yet with every second that he pressed himself closer to Jason he knew that he wanted more.

When Jason thrust into him, after what seemed like agonizing hours of kisses and touches that weren’t quite enough, after their bodies were slick with sweat, Nico arched up against him and cried out, and the magic inside him threatened to overflow.

He tangled with Jason and the blond whispered words feverishly into Nico’s hot skin, as he claimed him, and all the boy could do was sob and cling onto him, shivering over and over in the Prince’s arms.

Afterward they laid side by side, facing each other, in a blissful afterglow, and questions flooded Nico’s mind, ones that he was too tired to keep back.

“What now?” he whispered. Jason stroked his hair.

“I don’t want to be King,” he murmured, “I don’t want to be here. I want to return home.”

Nico knew that he meant the cottage. He himself yearned for the sparkling water of the lake, and the whisper of the trees. The Court was strangling him, “But Octavian is imprisoned, who will be heir?”

“My sister will take the throne,” Jason said calmly, “She will be a better ruler than me.”

“And us?” Nico’s gaze dropped, “What about us?”

Jason drew him close, “I’ll tell you when he go home.”


A fortnight later, when the harsh snow storms of early winter had given way to softer winds and softer snow, Nico and Jason arrived back at their cottage, and it was as if they had never left. The blond – now no longer a Prince, having revoked all titles – went into the forest that he had fallen in love with, and gathered wood and Nico prepared a meal and when Jason returned home it was dusk and fire was burning in the fireplace.

It was perfect.

Later he and Nico once again made love, this time in the bed that Jason had always thought they’d do it in, and they then laid in each other’s arms, enjoying the silence surrounding them, smiling at each other. It was then that Nico remembered.

“What were you going to tell me?” he asked as Jason nuzzled his nose against the boy’s cheek, “Back at the castle?”

The blond smiled, “You remembered that?”

“Yes. Of course.”

Jason kissed him quickly, warmth and content spreading in his heart, “All I wanted to say was that I love you.”

Nico sucked in a breath, “O-Oh.”

Jason smiled, “Good night.”

“I-I...,” Nico blushed and pressed himself close to the blond, “I love you too.”

Jason wanted to pull him closer but just then Bones jumped onto the bed and nestled himself between the two boys, without shame. The hermit and the former Prince chuckled in amusement and slept with their arms intertwined around the cat.

And all was good.

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Nico loves how sensitive Leo is to touch and how the son of Hephaestus goes crazy whenever Nico fucks him? Just some good ol’ sexy smut.
For BoomBoom

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Nico was starting to get bored of the movie they were watching because he had already seen it a million times, but it was Leo’s favourite, and all Nico wanted in life was to make his boyfriend happy. Besides, it wasn’t so bad; the two were curled up on Nico’s bed in his cabin, Leo’s back settled against Nico’s chest, nestled between the Italian’s legs, giggling along to the movie. Nico loved it like this, loved holding the boy he loved in his arms.

He bent his head a little and kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head, the curls tickling his face. Leo nestled into him more and squeezed one of Nico’s hands, which was resting casually in the dip of his waist. He tightened his arms around the Latino’s waist.

His hand, almost on accident, slipped downward and his fingers skimmed Leo’s naked thigh. The boy usually only wore a t-shirt and shorts when he slept over at Nico’s cabin, which allowed the Italian to freely take in his boyfriend’s long, tanned legs.

Now, as his fingers gently brushed over the boy’s skin, he felt the Latino shiver. Nico smirked. This was a thing he discovered at the beginning of his and Leo’s relationship, almost a year ago, and it was something that hadn’t disappeared over time – Leo was sensitive, to the point where it was surprising. He often came without the Italian touching his dick, and got hard over stupid little things like kissing. Even now, with Nico just skimming his fingers over the boy’s thigh, the Italian could feel the boy begin to squirm.

Deciding he could have some fun with this, Nico’s hand travelled upwards. He pushed Leo’s shorts up slightly, his thumb slipping underneath them so he could brush the skin there.

“Nico,” Leo complained, fidgeting, “I’m trying to watch the movie.”

“Watch then,” Nico murmured, dipping his head so he could kiss the place where Leo’s neck met his shoulder. The Latino exhaled shakily and the moment Nico started to kiss up his neck he melted back against him. The film forgotten, Nico’s hand slid beneath the other boy’s t-shirt, and he lightly touched Leo’s nipple. It was gentle, barely there, but Leo still jumped and let out a tiny moan, turning his head to press his mouth to Nico’s. The kiss was slow, lazy, and the hand on Leo’s thigh pushed at it, urging the Latino to open to his legs. His gasp was swallowed by Nico, who pounced on him then.

He flipped them over, pressed Leo down into the pillows, and kissed him passionately, plunging his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Leo arched up against him, moaning, arms wounding themselves tightly around Nico’s neck.

The Italian felt arousal in the pit of his stomach and he rucked Leo’s shirt up, his hands sliding down the boy’s sides.

“F-Fuck,” the boy whimpered. Nico couldn’t help but grin, despite his cock twitching into semi-hardness in his pants. The Italian swallowed his further moans as he covered the boy’s mouth with his own, grabbing his shorts and pulling them off his legs and discarding them to the side.

Leo wore no underwear, “Nice,” Nico said, looking down at his boyfriend’s flat, tanned stomach and his pretty cock, already fully hard. Leo smacked his arm.


Nico playfully ran one finger down the boy’s member, and Leo shuddered and bit his lip, trying to keep himself under control. Nico was determined to have him lose that control.

He grabbed the boy’s legs and threw them over his shoulders, kissing along Leo’s thigh. He bit gently at the boy’s hip and Leo whimpered.

“Don’t tease,” he asked breathlessly, “Fuck. Please d-don’t tease me.”

“I’m not teasing,” Nico lied, kissing his way up Leo’s body until he reached his chest. He took one of the boy’s nipples into his mouth and sucked it gently and Leo let out a chocked moan, hands grasping at the covers of the bed.

“Gods, I hate you,” Leo whimpered. Nico grinned and pulled away, looking down at his flushed, breathless boyfriend, who glared up at him heatedly.

“Don’t say that,” Nico reached down and squeezed one of the globes of Leo’s ass. The boy whined and arched up, eyes falling shut. Nico shoved his hand under the pillow, the sight of his boyfriend all flustered and aroused made the boy just want to fuck Leo. He pulled the lube out from under the pillows and hurriedly coated his fingers.

When he pushed one inside the boy, Leo tensed and his mouth fell open in a perfect ‘O,’ brows scrunching up, “F-Fuck,” he stuttered out.

Nico fingered him gently, opening him up, and in just a few short minutes the Latino was writhing on the bed, whimpering and moaning, shivers wracking his whole body. Nico had never seen anyone react like that to only fingers, and he eagerly drank up Leo’s every little moan, every twitch of his body, because it was the hottest thing he’d ever saw.

“Gods, you’re so gorgeous,” he murmured, three fingers deep inside Leo. He twisted them, finding the Latino’s prostate, and with a helpless, high-pitched moan Leo shuddered and came without warning. That wasn’t unusual – Leo usually had little control over his body. Not that Nico minded. He withdrew his fingers and looked down fondly as Leo tried to catch his breath, “Gorgeous,” Nico repeated quietly, placing a little kiss on Leo’s shoulder.

“Just fuck me already,” the Latino said sluggishly, eyes half-closed, mouth swollen. Nico grinned, kissed underneath Leo’s ear, earning himself a small, happy sigh, and pulled off his own shirt and trousers. His cock was hard by then, his whole body tense and thrumming with the need to be inside the boy underneath him.

“I love you,” Nico said, lubbing up his cock and leaning over Leo, sliding their mouths together. Leo’s legs wrapped around the Italian’s waist and he pulled the boy forward, against him.

Nico slid into his boyfriend easily, his willing body hot and tight, but giving way happily for Nico’s cock. Leo started trembling in the Italian’s arms, the way he usually did, and Nico moaned against his mouth, dizzy with pleasure. He didn’t think he’d ever tire of the two of them like this.

He pulled away from the kiss, “You’re so perfect.”

Leo was gasping for air, toes curling, face flushed and cock hardening again, “Nico I-,” he started, but his boyfriend pulled back and thrust back into him roughly, and Leo’s words caught in his throat as he let out a sweet moan. Nico established a pace – slow and deliberate, and every one of his thrusts hit the special spot inside Leo, the spot that Nico knew off by heart.

“Oh my- fuck,” Leo shuddered, clawing at the blankets, face and collarbones flushed. Sweat beaded on both of their bodies and the room filled with the sounds of moans and skin slapping against skin. Leo sobbed, threw his arms around Nico’s shoulders and pulled him down, nails digging into Nico’s back. His legs tightened around Nico, “fuck...oh fuck...f-fuck.”

Nico was light-headed not only from his own pleasure, but from Leo’s too. He loved the way the boy completely fell apart below him and he continued to fuck him into the bed, cock throbbing inside the boy’s tight passage, muscles clenching

“S-Shit, shit, shit,” Leo’s back arched and he kissed Nico clumsily, tears of pleasure welling up in his eyes as he shivered, boneless, helpless, completely melted, “O-Oh fuck, I-I’m gonna c-come...”

“Me too,” Nico gritted out, feeling the heat inside of him build. All of it, the way Leo looked, the sounds he made, the way his body clenched around Nico, was all too much.

“N-Nico...oh Gods, Nico-“ Leo let out vulnerable sob, clinging onto Nico as he shuddered and came once more, splattering his stomach with come. The Italian groaned into Leo’s shoulder and tensed as his cock twitched inside Leo and he spilled inside the boy only seconds later.

They lay, connected, for a moment, and then Nico tiredly pulled out. He wanted to sleep now and the movie that both the boys had forgotten about was ending.

Leo lay on the bed, gasping for air, “Fuck,” he whispered, “I fucking love you.”

“I know,” Nico nuzzled his shoulder, “I love seeing you like that.”

“Yeah well, not only did I miss my movie, but I’m gonna have to take a shower too. Thanks a bunch, asshole,” Leo grumbled.

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Hogwarts!au, where Leo "the loud, weird, awkward, mudblood nerd (credits to Percy)" Valdez is brewing a love potion to his long time crush, Calypso. And Percy "The Great, headboy, talented, Quidditch captain, resident playboy" Jackson purposefully drank it when Leo is about to give it to Calypso, just to rile him. Leo got away from the profs by playing it as an accident, though it's still difficult to find an antidote. Potion lasted a week, so was Leo's misery. When potion ran off, Percy's memories of courting Leo and following him like a puppy faded as well. You can take it from there. A fluffy ending, if you will.
For Anyone

Image result for pink potion gif

“You know what?” Piper said, “This is stupid. Like, really stupid.”

Leo looked up from his cauldron to glare at her, “Alright smartass, ask the Sorting Hat to change your houses and put you into Ravenclaw since you’re so bloody intelligent.”

The Gryffindor rolled her eyes, “Eat shit, Leo.”

They were in the lowest part of the dungeons where nobody, not even Akhlys the Potions professor, ever came. It was more a cell than anything else, with damp walls and water dripping from the ceiling. It was a perfect place to brew an illegal love potion.

“When you get caught and expelled don’t think I won’t say I told you so,” Piper was perched on an empty crate in the corner of the cell.

“You won’t,” Leo grinned at her, “You’ll be too busy crying because you love me too much.”

“Shut up,” Piper rolled her eyes at her fellow Housemate, “pass me the powdered Moonstone.”

The girl did as she was asked. It was late at night, and the dungeons were silent. Over the past few weeks Leo had come here almost every night, creating his Love Potion. He knew it was illegal but he couldn’t think of any other way to go about his plan. And his plan was to woo Calypso, the beautiful Slytherin girl who he had had a crush on since second year. She was well aware of this and had turned Leo down many times, not that the Gryffindor was surprised; he was small, awkward, not conventionally attractive, and he talked way too much, and Calypso was a popular beauty. Of course she would never want Leo...but the Gryffindor hoped that maybe the love potion – whose effects were only temporary – would make her change her mind and give him a chance.

“I can’t wait to rub this in Jacksons face,” Leo grumbled, stirring the bubbling pot.

“What if Calypso doesn’t want you after and tells on you?” Piper questioned. Leo didn’t reply and the girl sighed, “Leo, you’re making a mistake. It’s just a crush, you don’t even love her.”

“I just want to throw it back in Jacksons face.”

“You know he wasn’t serious,” Piper said, “About what he said.”

Percy Jackson, also known as the great, headboy, talented, Quidditch captain, resident playboy, was Leo’s arch-enemy. It didn’t help that they were both in the same Hogwarts house and shared a dormroom, and so were virtually always together. Percy was exactly what Leo always wanted to be – tall, handsome, charming, popular. He was headboy and the captain of the Quidditch team, and got any girl he wanted in Hogwarts. Leo got none. Last month the two had been at each other’s throats like always, and Percy had made an offhanded comment of Why don’t you go back to drooling over Calypso. It’s not like she’d ever look twice at someone like you. The comment shouldn’t have stung, because Leo was used to stuff like that, but it did, because it came out of Jackson’s mouth. Leo became determined to prove to the other boy that he could get Calypso.

Hence the love potion.

“How much longer until it’s ready?” Piper asked, yawning.

“Two days,” Leo stood up and wiped his hands on his trousers, “I just have to add the moonstone, and then the pearl dust,” he glanced at his sleepy friend, “You don’t have to be here, you know, I can do this alone.”

Piper shrugged, “I wanna supervise. Besides, I like hanging out late at night. It’s rebellious,” she grinned and Leo mirrored her expression. They shoved the cauldron beneath the empty crate to conceal it from anyone who might accidentally stumble into the cell, and then they left the dungeons, climbing up the stairs silently to the Gryffindor tower, avoiding the patrolling professors. They parted in the common room and Leo went up to his dormroom.

His roommates were all asleep. Jason was on his stomach, the crimson curtains of his bed pushed aside, one of his arms hanging over the bed and skimming the floor. Connor Stoll’s curtains were pulled closed, while Travis’ bed was empty as the boy had probably gone on one of his many escapades.

Jackson was awake, sitting up in his bed with a candle, flicking through some book. He looked up when he heard Leo walk in, and the Latino froze. Jackson smirked and closed his book.

“And so the prodigal son returns.”

“I’m not your son,” Leo grumbled and made for his bed. He pulled off his cloak, revealing his night clothes underneath, and climbed into bed. Percy watched him, “Can I help you?” Leo snapped at him.

“Where were you?” Percy questioned, cocking his head to the side and studying Leo, “You’ve been sneaking off loads recently.”

“None of your business,” Leo laid down and threw his covers over himself, turning away from the other boy. Percy still watched him, amused.

“Don’t tell me you’re still mad about the thing I said last time?”

“Fuck off and shut up,” Leo said, confirming that he was, in fact, still mad.


Leo watched the pearl dust swirl in the cauldron, turning it a shimmering silver for a moment. It smelled sickly sweet and Leo watched as the colour changed into a light pink. A cloud of white smoke suddenly poured from the cauldron and when it disappeared there was only a tiny pink puddle at the bottom, enough for one dose. The potion was ready. Clumsily the boy pulled out a little glass vial from his pocket and poured the potion inside. He would only need a little bit, and he’d need to slip it into Calypso’s drink or something like that.

“So,” the voice, so sudden after the past hour of silence in which Leo worked, made the boy jump and whirl around, vial of love potion in hand. He was shocked to find Percy standing in the doorway, arms crossed, eyes focused on the bubbling cauldron, “This is why you’ve been sneaking out at night.”

Leo uselessly tried to hide the cauldron with his body, gripping the vial, “No,” he blurted, “It’s none of your business.”

“Oh yeah?” Percy raised an eyebrow, “Is it the professors business? Do they know you’re brewing some potion down here?”

“Leave,” Leo seethed, eyes narrowing. He couldn’t have Percy fuck up his plans.

“No, I’m curious,” the other boy grinned, enjoying teasing Leo, “what kind of concoction have you created?”

Before Leo could stop him the boy strode across the cell to the crate in the corner, on which was open the potions book, the recipe for the Love Potion on the pages. Leo made a noise and with panic ran after Percy, trying to stop him before he saw, but Percy was faster. He grabbed the book and lifted it out of Leo’s reach, laughing when the annoyed Latino tried to reach it, standing on his tiptoes.

“Stop being an asshole!” he yelled.

“Aw, baby’s too short to get it?” Percy taunted, and then dashed away from the frustrated Leo, eyes scanning the pages of the potions book. Leo saw his eyes widened and his shoulders slumped in dejection – it was too late, “A love potion?!” the headboy spluttered, “Valdez that’s illegal.”

“Shut up and give me the book,” Leo growled, closing the space between them and ripping the tome out of Percy’s hands. The taller boy’s demeanour changed,

“Who you making a love potion for, Valdez?” he teased. Leo could feel his face burning.

“Mind your own fucking business, Jackson.”

“It’s Calypso, isn’t it?” Percy laughed, “Oh Merlin, you’re making a love potion for Calypso. You really are pathetic.”

Leo felt so embarrassed, he could’ve cried, and he didn’t know what to say. Percy was right – what he was doing was pathetic. He was so lost in his sudden misery that Percy had no problems reaching out and plucking the vial of the potion from Leo’s hand.

“Give it back,” the Latino said half-heartedly. Percy watched the shimmering liquid.

“So, you’re going to give this to Calypso then?”

“Just fuck off,” Leo was annoyed, “Why do you always have to piss me off? Just give me my shit and go.”

Percy looked down at him and smirked, “Nah, I can’t do that, can’t let you hurt that poor girl like that. Falling in love with you? That would be the worst thing to ever happen to her.”

“S-Shut up,” Leo was shaking with anger, “You think you’re God’s gift to humanity, don’t you? You’re such a cunt, do you know that? You’re a cunt, and I hate you.

Percy’s eyes narrowed and the smile slipped from his mouth, “Well you’re a loud, weird, awkward, mudblood nerd,” he hissed. Leo recoiled at the offensive slur. He wasn’t used to being called a mudblood, and hearing it from Percy of all people was bad.

“F-Fuck you,” Leo whispered shakily.

“Fuck you too,” Percy snapped and then, without warning, he lifted the vial of the Love Potion to his lips and tossed it back like a shot. Leo gasped out of both shock and horror, and Percy threw down the vial, “There,” he smirked, “Now your little plan to seduce Calypso won’t go through.”

“Oh Merlin,” Leo trembled, “Do you know what you just did?”

“Shut up you little...,” Percy trailed off suddenly and his eyes widened as he looked at the Latino, “You’,” he couldn’t find his words, “You’re so...,” he seemed unable to remember his words, “You’re so beautiful.”

Leo flinched away, clearly in a state of shock, “No. No. No, no, no, this is bad, this is so bad...”

Percy reached for him, grabbed his wrist and pulled him close, “Don’t say that baby,” he murmured, and it scared Leo, “Hey,” the headboy murmured gently, caressing the boy’s cheek. Leo jerked back.

“D-Don’t touch me.”

Then he turned and ran out of the cell.


“An accident?” Chiron lifted an eyebrow, and he didn’t look convinced.

“Yes,” Leo sighed, “Jackson found the vial in the library and drank it and this,” he gestured helplessly at the taller boy at his side, who had firmly been holding his hand for the past ten minutes as Leo tried to clumsily explain to the headmaster how Percy came under effect of an illegal potion.

“Right,” Chiron sighed, “Well, since it’s an accident,” he gave Leo a pointed look, “I won’t report it to the ministry. Undoubtedly it was one of the younger years playing a prank.”

“What about him?” Leo forcefully pulled his hand out of Percy’s. Last night he had to sleep in Piper’s dormroom because Percy had wanted to share a bed with him, something that truly freaked Leo out, “Is there any kind of antidote to stop him acting like this?”

“Why would you say that?” Percy pouted, slipping an arm around Leo’s waist, “There’s nothing wrong, I’m happy. Aren’t you?” he pulled Leo closer and nuzzled his curls, “Why aren’t you happy?”

Embarrassed and blushing, Leo shoved the other Gryffindor away and gave Chiron a pleading look. The headmaster just shook his head, “Unfortunately there is no known antidote for the Love Potion, but it should wear off in a week.”

“A week?!” Leo demanded.

“There is nothing we can do, just bare with him, he seems quite harmless,” a small smile appeared on Chiron’s mouth, and Percy had taken Leo’s hand again.

Moments later the Latino was racing down one of the staircases, trying to get Percy to leave him alone, though the Gryffindor was firmly following him, “Don’t avoid me, love!” he shouted after Leo.

“Leave me alone,” Leo called back, ducking into a random hallway. A sudden hand on his wrist made the Latino jerk backwards and suddenly he was being pressed against the wall, Percy firmly against him, “Jackson!” Leo squeaked, blushing at how inappropriately close they were. Percy wasn’t smiling and the fact that his eyes were so serious freaked Leo out. He couldn’t move though, as Percy took his face in his hands. Leo’s heart pounded, but his body wasn’t telling him to move away, and that was weird.

“I love you,” Percy whispered gently, and it sounded so sincere that Leo’s heart twisted and for a moment he couldn’t breathe.

“N-No you don’t,” he whispered shakily, “It’s just the potion talking.”

Percy shook his head and leaned his forehead against Leo’s, “No. No it’s not. I’m saying the truth. I love you, Leo.”

“Jackson, listen-,” Leo turned his head to the side, because it was all getting too much.

“Percy,” the headboy interrupted, “Call me Percy.”

“Percy I-,” Leo tried again.

“Let me kiss you,” Percy said suddenly. Leo sucked in a breath and the other boy turned his face, so they could look at each other. The Latino felt dizzy and breathless and his heart ached. Why am I feeling like this?! His mind shouted at him, I like Calypso!

“No,” he forcefully shoved Percy off and this time when he stormed down the corridor, the other boy didn’t follow him. Leo couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.


The next day Piper came and sat next to Leo in spells, and gave him a tired look, “You’re sleeping in your own bed today,” he informed him. Leo gaped at her.

“I can’t!” he exclaimed.

“Well I can’t either,” Piper said, “I can’t keep sharing a bed with you, you’re all bony and you elbow me in your sleep.”

“Well what else am I supposed to do?!” Leo hissed.

“Go back to your own bed,” Piper replied, “It’s not like Percy will rape you or anything.”

Leo remembered the way the other boy had pressed him up against the wall and he blushed, “Well yeah but...”

Just then the whole classroom fell silent and Leo thought it was because the professor had come in, but when he turned, he found that it was a completely different reason. The class was silent because they were all staring with shock at Percy, who had just come in...with an armful of red roses in his arms and a beaming smile on his face.

“Oh no,” Leo whispered, and Piper giggled.


Percy strode across the classroom and offered the roses to Leo, “Good morning, baby,” he said. Leo blushed.

“O-Oh my God, you’re not serious.”

“Awww,” one of the girls cooed.

“I ship it,” the other added. Leo glared at them.

“Percy, you need to leave me alone.”

The crestfallen expression on the boy’s face made guilt erupt in Leo’s body and he regretted his words immediately.

“Come on,” Piper teased, “Don’t hurt his feelings.”

Percy looked at him hopefully and Leo exhaled, and grudgingly took the flowers. The class laughed and cooed as if it was some adorable scene, but it was almost worth it for the gorgeous smile that bloomed on Percy’s face. Wait, did I just think he has a gorgeous smile?! Leo thought.

Percy, happier than he thought possible, leaned down and dropped a casual kiss on Leo’s forehead, ignoring the boy’s burning face. Leo gasped and Percy winked and went to his seat, leaving the Latino shaken, and with an armful of roses.


Leo was just falling into a nice sleep, wrapped up in his covers and listening to the distance howling of an owl outside of the castle. The curtains were drawn around his bed but Leo could see a faint glow from the candles on the other side.

That’s why he saw the shadow, a sudden shift, and a human outline sneaking across the room towards him, the shadow growing smaller and smaller against the curtain. Leo tensed, and he had a pretty good idea who was approaching him before the curtains shifted aside.

“You awake, baby?” Percy asked, looking down at the Latino.

“No, I’m fucking sleeping,” Leo replied sarcastically. Percy’s mouth twitched into a smile. By candlelight he looked softer, his features losing some of their sharpness. His hair was tousled as if he had tried to sleep but couldn’t and his green eyes looked down on the boy with impossible softness that made Leo feel weird.

“Sorry,” Percy said quietly, “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Oi you two, shut it!” Travis grumbled from his bed.

Percy slipped past the curtain and down onto the mattress, pulling the curtains shut. Leo gaped at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” he spluttered, sitting up.

Silencio,” there was suddenly a wand in Percy’s hand as he cast the silencing spell about the bed, before turning to Leo with the same charming grin that he often offered the girls he was wooing. Leo felt his irritation spike.

“Get out of my bed,” he hissed, even though the other boys couldn’t hear them now.

“You’re so mean,” Percy reached out and took Leo’s hand, but the boy snatched it back, glaring, “Why do you keep rejecting me when I love you so much?”

“It’s the goddamn potion,” Leo groaned in annoyance. Percy’s hand found his cheek and Leo flinched. He didn’t like it – didn’t like how gentle Percy’s touches were, or how kind his words. It was really unlike him.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Percy asked quietly, his thumb stroking Leo’s cheek.

“N-No!” the Latino objected, face red. Percy smiled.

“I meant just sleep. Nothing more. I want to hold you.”

“You’re crazy,” Leo breathed, but for some reason didn’t pull away from Percy’s hand, “the Love Potion is making you crazy.”

“Is that a yes?” Percy leaned in closer to Leo, and the Latino’s heart started pounding. He was starting to realise that this was far from funny or a joke, as he had initially thought. He swallowed, and looked at Percy. It was making him feel warm, having this love poured over him, love that he had never gotten from anyone. But he knew that it was just the Potion, “Please,” Percy whispered. Leo averted his gaze.

“Fine,” he grumbled, “whatever, just stop being weird.”

He collapsed onto his bed and turned his back to Percy. The headboy made a happy sound and slid under the covers. When Leo felt his warmth against his back he tensed, and started regretting his decision. But Percy didn’t do anything, he just laid there.

Leo had to admit that he liked having someone else in bed with him, liked the kind of warm bubble it created. Subconsciously his body shifted backwards, closer to Percy, as his comfort grew into sleepiness. He felt warm, safe.

Percy’s arm slid around his waist, sudden and strong, and Leo gasped, instantly awake.

“Jackson what the-,” he looked over his shoulder to scold the other boy, and suddenly he found himself face to face with Percy. The breath died in Leo’s throat. Their lips were inches apart, their noses brushing. Percy’s eyes fluttered downward to look at the smaller boy’s lips, and Leo felt his whole body melt. His heart clenched as his mind told him no, no, no. He shouldn’t have liked this as much as he did. First of all, he liked Calypso. Second of all, he wasn’t gay. Third of all, he hated Percy. Fourth of all...

Leo’s thoughts trailed off and his brain shut down because Percy had shifted only half an inch closer, and their lips almost brushed. The Latino could feel the other boy’s breath, and Percy nudged his nose against Leo’s.

The moment of stillness was broken when Percy caved in and closed the last inch between their mouths, kissing Leo. The Latino had never imagined kissing another boy, and Percy at that, but he knew that the kiss was nothing like what he could’ve ever expected. Percy’s mouth was rough and his lips chapped, but the kiss itself was gentle and loving. Leo gasped, unable to hold it back, and Percy turned him around completely in his arms.

His body was hard, but he was warm, and he held Leo strongly. The Latino didn’t know what to think; his head and heart were all over the place...but he didn’t hate the kiss. Far from it. Why am I enjoying kissing a boy? Leo thought distractedly, but he forgot to answer when he felt Percy’s tongue brush against his bottom lip, asking for permission.

For some stupid reason, Leo granted it, and Percy’s tongue slipped into his mouth. The kiss changed then, it became deeper and more passionate. Percy squashed Leo in against his body, and the Latino kissed back, clumsy and experienced. He didn’t know why.

“E-Enough,” he got his mind back enough to push Percy away a little. He felt dizzy and shaky, and couldn’t bear to look at Percy.

“Sorry,” the headboy murmured apologetically and brushed a stray curl from Leo’s forehead. It was all too much. Leo twisted back around, heart threatening to leap from his chest, and pressed his face into his pillow, “I’m sorry, baby,” Percy wrapped his arm around Leo’s waist and kissed his shoulder.

Leo squeezed his eyes shut, feeling like he could cry.

Everything was too confusing.


For the next three days things continued in the same way; Percy followed Leo around like a puppy, touching him constantly. At night they slept in the same bed, but Percy didn’t try to kiss Leo again, realising that it had upset him.

It almost felt real.

Leo started to realise how much he would miss the affection and love Percy gave to him, even if it was fake. He found that he actually liked the boy, and he didn’t want it to end. Merlin, he didn’t want it to end. Calypso was far from his mind and Leo found that the feelings he once had for her were now transferred onto Percy...only much stronger.

He should’ve been counting the days more carefully.

It was Saturday morning and the rest of the boys were off at Quidditch practice that Percy didn’t go to...well, because he was too busy cuddling with Leo. The Latino woke up with all of his roommates gone. Percy was laying beside him, all soft and asleep, arms loosely wrapped around the Latino. Leo laid on his side and watched the other boy, trying to figure out what to do. How did he deal with these new feelings that he had for Percy? He had no idea.

Sighing, the boy snuggled into Percy’s chest, closing his eyes in hope he’d get a few more minutes of sleep. Percy’s arms tightened around Leo for a second, and then the boy felt the headboy tense. He didn’t pay attention to it, until Percy was suddenly pulling away, so violently that he fell right off the bed.

“What the fuck?” Leo grumbled, eyes still closed, “Why you going crazy?”

“W-What the f-fuck?!” Percy stuttered the same. Leo’s eyes flew open and he saw the headboy sprawled on the floor, looking at him in shock. All traces of content and love were gone from his eyes, replaced by shock instead. Oh Merlin, Leo thought and felt nauseous, the Potion wore off. He sat up quickly, a million excuses running through his head, “Why the fuck am I in your bed, Valdez?” the harshness of Percy’s voice made Leo flinch.

“Y-You...,” he swallowed, “You don’t remember?”

“Remember what?” Percy demanded, scrambling to his feet. Leo felt vulnerable, sitting in the bed.

“I...uh...,” he cleared his throat, “The Love Potion-“

“The one you were making for Calypso?” Percy demanded sharply.

“Yeah. Um. You drank it.”

Percy’s eyes widened, “Oh. Oh shit.”

“Yeah, u-um,” Leo tucked a curl behind his ear and let out a nervous laugh, “So for the past five-ish days you’ve been...,” another nervous laugh, “um, in love with me, I guess.”

Percy stared at him, “Did I...I didn’t do anything weird did I?”

“You, uh, you held my hand and stuff. You cuddled me and slept in my bed at night. Y-You...You kissed me,” Leo whispered, looking away. Percy was silent for a long moment.

“Oh. Okay. It could’ve been worse,” he grinned, “I could’ve fucked you and not remembered it.”

Leo swallowed, “You kept telling me you love me. But I guess that was the fault of the potion.”

“I guess it was,” Percy laughed, a mocking, careless laugh that felt like a dagger in Leo’s heart. The Latino closed his eyes briefly and listened as Percy walked away and out of the dorm room. When he opened his eyes, he was alone. His eyes welled up with tears and he choked on a sob. God it hurt, so badly.

“Fuck,” Leo pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes to stop the tears, “Fuck.”

The door burst open and Leo flinched, pulling his hands away. Percy stood in the doorway, and there was something wild in his eyes, “I lied,” he said breathlessly, shoving the door closed behind him, “It wasn’t the potion’s fault. I meant every word I said to you, even if I can’t remember it.”

“W-What?” Leo stuttered. Percy crossed the room and gathered Leo up in his arms, lifting him up so he could crash their lips together. The Latino shivered and leaned into the boy automatically. He remembered who he was kissing then, and turned his head away, “J-Jackson.”

“Percy,” the boy whispered, and kissed Leo’s cheek, the side of his neck, keeping him close despite the boy’s attempt to squirm away, “Stop calling me Jackson and call me Percy.”

“Percy,” Leo mumbled, “Stop.”

Percy stopped and looked right at Leo, “I love you.”

Leo flinched, “Don’t lie to me.”

“Okay,” Percy smiled, “I won’t lie to you,” he cradled Leo’s face in his hand and leaned forward, “I love you. I drank the potion because I love you. I didn’t want Calypso to drink it. I didn’t want you to look at her anymore. Only at me. I only want you to be mine.”

“Woah,” Leo breathed, “That’s...intense.”

“Sorry,” Percy murmured and leaned away, but Leo quickly threw his arms around the boy’s shoulders and kept him close.

“D-Don’t, I...”

“I know,” Percy murmured, and kissed Leo again.

Chapter Text

Jason x Leo one?? The seven plus many others are like 'celebrating' Frank's grandma's granddaughter’s cousin's relative's wedding as an excuse to reunite because they missed each other so much since leaving camp. When the bride throws the bouquet, Leo freaked out on something and accidentally caught it. At night, Jason is batshit drunk and the boys decided to prank him-- dragging a sulking, much sober Leo in the process-- into... marriage. The girls borrowed the gown from Frank's grandma and he just looks so gorgeous (accdg to Jason). Jason took the wedding a little too srsly. Everyone panicked when he suddenly lifts Leo up and flies away. Jason is super ashamed in the morning. Cute, fluffy endinggggg~
for Ragdull

Image result for wedding dress gif

Leo found himself holding the bridal bouquet.

Everyone knew that this wedding – of Frank’s grandma’s granddaughter’s cousin’s relative’s – basically Frank’s cousin twice removed – was just an excuse for the Seven to fly in to England and meet up. They were all twenty four and had been gone from Camp for seven years, meeting sporadically and in twos and threes. This was the opportunity for all of them to finally be a family again, even if it was at a slightly bizarre English wedding in the rainy countryside.

Everyone’s lives had changed much since the end of the war with Gaia. Percy and Annabeth moved back to Brooklyn where they both went to university; Percy for marine biology and Annabeth for architecture. They got engaged two years ago, seeing no point in pretending that their love for each other would ever deteriorate. Frank and Hazel travelled the world together, working as agents of the Gods in finding other Demigods and living for part of the year at Camp Jupiter, where they had a small house. Meanwhile Piper’s and Jason’s relationship fell apart only a year after the war with Gaia and they both went their separate ways, even though they remained friends. Piper went on to do some freelance photography in South America and Jason stayed on at Camp Half Blood as a trainer and protector with some of the other Demigods like Clarisse and Will.

Leo...well, Leo’s life didn’t change all that much. He finally had Calypso and thought he loved her, before suddenly and abruptly realising that he was gay. He didn’t tell anyone and kept it a secret as he went to University in Alaska of all places, doing mechanical engineering and staying at a special dormitory for Demigods. After that he became an apprentice at a little mechanics shop and rented a flat in Chicago. He enjoyed his work and yet he was, once again, alone. Alone, and heartbreakingly lonely. Nobody seemed to love Leo and his friends were all busy with their lives. Out of all of them Leo saw Jason the most, and the blond popped round multiple times a year to stay with Leo for a while. It was nice, having him there. It was nice...because Leo loved Jason.

This wedding, Leo decided, as he sat at a little table and looked at the dark dance-floor, where lights danced off the walls and a slightly drunk party dance, was going to do more harm than good. Everyone else seemed to be having the time of their life; Jason and Percy were getting drunk in the corner, slowly but surely. Hazel and Frank were slow dancing and Piper and Annabeth jamming out, both to the same song. It was kind of funny, but Leo wasn’t in the mood to laugh, because he knew that in two days, when they all went back to America, he’d be alone again, and this would just serve to remind him what he didn’t have – friends, a lover, anyone who cared for him on a deeper lever than an acquaintance.

“Leo!” Jason slurred as he stumbled towards the Latino, a gorgeous smile on his equally gorgeous face, “Come! The bride’s throwing the bouquet!”

The blond’s suit, which had been so crisp and neat earlier that day, was now messy, his tie hanging loosely around his neck, the two top buttons of his untucked shirt undone. He seemed to have lost his suit jacket somewhere and now he offered Leo his hand.

“I don’t care who catches it,” he said, forcing a smile. Jason rolled his eyes,

“Come on it’ll be fun,” he said, drunk, eyes sparkling. Leo couldn’t say no to him and so he sighed and took the blond’s hand. The son of Jupiter roughly pulled Leo forward, too strong for Leo, causing the Latino to stumbled into his side. The blond didn’t seem to mind as he laughed loudly and threw an arm around Leo’s shoulders, dragging the blushing boy towards the crowd of gathered ladies.

“I hope Annabeth catches it,” Percy was grinning when the two boys joined the others. Leo allowed himself to lean into Jason’s warm side, enjoying it while he could and while the blond was too drunk to question it. The bride, Cat, had her back to all the ladies, holding the pretty bouquet of white roses in her hand, and all the girls giggled.

“Come on!” Frank called out, “Throw it, cousin!”

The men cheered. Jason smiled and then casually kissed Leo’s forehead. The Latino jumped, surprised, and stumbled out of the blond’s arms, backwards into the semi-circle of girls. He had been shocked by the sudden sweet gesture from the blond, and didn’t realise that Cat had thrown the bouquet. It flew through the air, and when Leo turned, it happened to hit him right in the face. The boy stumbled back, scrambling for it, and that’s how Leo found himself holding the bridal bouquet.

Everyone present cheered and some of Frank’s young nieces made a circle around him, holding hands, and chanting ‘Leo’s gonna get married, Leo’s gonna get married.’ The Latino felt awkward and, blushing, he tried to laugh the matter off and give the bouquet back to the beautiful, dark-haired bride.

“No!” Cat protested and some of the guests returned to dancing as the bride dragged Leo back to his group, “No, Leo, you must get married at once!”

“W-What?!” Leo spluttered. His friends, the devils they were, all grinned.

“Yes!” Piper grabbed Leo’s hand, “Yes, let’s get him married,”

“Jason!” Percy pulled the drunk and surprised blond forward, “Jason and Leo should get married.”

They were all intoxicated and laughing and Leo’s heart pounded when he saw the stupid, drunken and adorable grin on Jason’s face and the blond agreed, as if it was all a joke. Leo couldn’t do it, but before he could protest he found himself being whisked away by Cat, Piper, Annabeth and Hazel. They all pushed him into a bathroom, and started taking his clothes off.

“W-What are you doing?!” the boy was bright red and confused and the drunk girls were surprisingly strong as they peeled off his suit, mussing his hair up in the process.

“You can’t get married without the dress!” Hazel said, and they all laughed merrily when Annabeth helped Cat climb out of her wedding dress. Leo suddenly understood what was happening and his heart twisted. He didn’t want to be the joke here.

“No, stop it,” the Latino said, “This is stupid.”

But the girls weren’t listening and Leo didn’t want to be a killjoy and so he grudgingly let the girls pull the soft dress over his head. They re-arranged his hair and laughed and turned Leo to the mirror. The Latino flinched. He looked horrible, like some stupid parody. His hair, which he had styled carefully that morning, was back to its normal disarray. The dress, although a nice contrast against his tanned skin, made Leo look worse than usual; his collarbones stuck out above the lacy top, whose sleeves exposed the tops of Leo’s shoulders. The dress was tight around Leo’s torso, making his waist look small, and the skirt went out too much, fluffy and white and lacy and much too pretty for Leo.

“I look stupid,” he said quietly, but the girls weren’t listening as they pulled him out of the bathroom. No matter how much the Latino struggled he wasn’t strong enough for the four girls, who thankfully didn’t force him back into the main hall, but instead in the garden. It was cold and the grass was wet, but the giggling, drunk girls didn’t care. Cat seemed to be enjoying herself, having dressed in Leo’s abandoned clothing, “Guys seriously,” Leo desperately didn’t want the other boys – namely Jason – to see him in this state, “This is embarrassing, and not funny.”

“Shhh, you’ll see your husband soon!” Hazel teased. They rounded the corner of the mansion where the wedding party was taking place, the music fluttering out into the night. Leo saw that the boy’s had gathered around a little gate made of roses that had been used earlier to take pictures, and were all swaying and chuckling, holding bottles of alcohol. Leo swallowed and tried to stop walking.

“Guys s-seriously-,” he tried to persuade the girls to let him go, but they weren’t listening, and it was too late; the boys looked up and their eyes widened, before grins broke over their faces.

“Look who it is,” Percy smirked, “It’s a princess.”

Leo felt himself flush red as the girls finally let go of him when he was standing opposite Jason. He refused to look at the blond, scared of the way he would react. He couldn’t bear the jokes the boys were cracking right now and looked at his feet.

“Does anyone know how to conduct a wedding?” Cat asked loudly.

“Girl, you just got married!” Piper laughed.

“Hey! I’m not a priest!”

“Let’s keep this short,” Frank cleared his throat, clearly deciding he was holy enough for this position, “Leo Valdez do you take Jason Grace as your lawfully beloved husband or some shit?”

The group laughed merrily, “Yeah. Cool. Whatever,” Leo just wanted the joke to be over. He felt awkward and uncomfortable.

“And Jason Grace do you take Leo Valdez as your lawfully beloved wife?” Percy continued, trying to keep a straight face.

In an impossibly serious voice Jason said, “Yes.”

Leo’s eyes snapped up and his breath died in his throat when he saw the way Jason was looking at him. He wasn’t smiling, and he wasn’t joking. He was looking at Leo with an intensity that was a little scary. The group cheered and Annabeth urged Jason to ‘kiss the bride’ but when the blond stepped forward – undoubtedly because he was drunk – Leo flinched backwards.

Suddenly Jason grabbed Leo and pulled him into his arms, shocking everyone. He was staring at Leo, like he couldn’t look away, and the Latino’s heart started pounding. The group looked at each other and let out awkward chuckles.

“Jason, relax,” Percy put a hand on the blond’s shoulder, “It’s a joke.”

“Yeah,” Piper giggled, “Let’s go back now-“

But Jason didn’t let go of Leo, only held the Latino closer, and suddenly the boy felt his feet leave the ground. He squeaked and his hands flailed to grab onto Jason’s shirt, because they were suddenly rising up into the air.

“W-What the-,” Leo’s voice died away when he and Jason ascended. The blond held him and didn’t say a word as the group below called after them. The air grew chilly and icy and Leo clung onto Jason, terrified as his white dress fluttered around his legs, and looked down to the see the bright lights of the mansion, growing smaller and smaller below. Surrounding the mansion was darkness of the fields, “J-Jason,” Leo felt a tightness in his throat and he buried his face in Jason’s shoulder. The blond smelled like alcohol.

The next thing he knew was that they were landing on the small balcony of Jason’s room in the nearby hotel where they were all staying. Leo was shaking, both from the cold and fear, and Jason threw open the door to his room, dragging the Latino in after him.

“Jason!” Leo protested, confused, “Stop it! What are you doing?!”

With a wave of his hand the blond slammed the balcony door shut, and then roughly shoved Leo onto the double bed. The Latino gasped and scrambled back, the dress tangling around his legs, and Jason swayed a little – still drunk – before climbing on top of Leo. The Latino didn’t understand what was going on, “Jason,” he chocked out.

“Shhh,” Jason bent his head down and Leo shoved him away, sitting up.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” he asked, panicked.

“You’re so beautiful...,” Jason seized his wrist and pulled him closer, his free hand resting on the dip of Leo’s waist, “you’re so fucking beautiful.”

“Shut up,” Leo struggled in his arms, trying to get away, “Shut up, y-you’re drunk.”

Jason leaned down and kissed Leo’s exposed collarbone and the Latino gasped and tried to squirm free. His face was red and his heart threatened to jump from his chest as the blond kissed up his neck, hand running down Leo’s dress. The Latino wanted to cry.

“S-Stop,” he chocked out.

“I love you. You’re beautiful. Let me have you,” Jason murmured feverishly into Leo’s skin. His hand grabbed the hem of the dress and started pushing it up, so Jason’s palm dragged over his leg. Panic settled in Leo’s heart.

“No, no, no,” he blabbered, “Jason you’re drunk.”

“I don’t care,” Jason growled, “I love you.”

He grabbed Leo’s chin and turned it, his eyes sliding to the Latino’s lips. Leo thought he died for a moment, just then and there, as the blond leaned down, almost in slow motion. Leo violently turned his head away.

“No,” he whispered.

Suddenly the weight of the blond on top of him grew, and Jason slumped against him, crushing Leo against the bed, his head rolling uselessly against the Latino’s shoulder. He was unconscious. The boy tried to squirm away but Jason was too strong and the Latino left helplessly trapped, pinned down.

“Fuck,” he whispered, staring up at the ceiling. What the fuck had just happened?


Jason woke up groggily and the room spun as he opened his eyes. Everything was flooded with golden sunlight. And there was a body pressed into Jason’s side, warm and plaint. The blond closed his eyes briefly. Fuck, he thought, who the hell did I sleep with?

When he turned his head his heart skipped a beat in shock because there wasn’t a random girl laying next to him, but Leo. Leo, in a wedding dress. Oh my Gods...the events of the previous night came flooding to Jason’s mind; how he had basically kidnapped Leo, unable to help himself with how gorgeous the boy looked in a dress. And then he had touched him and tried to kiss him and shit.

He had confessed his feelings.

The Latino at his side frowned suddenly in his sleep, and wrinkled his nose adorably before his eyes fluttered open. Jason found himself staring into pools of sleepy, melted chocolate, and he felt shame inside himself.

“Hey,” Leo whispered hoarsely, half-asleep.

“I’m sorry,” Jason breathed. He realised he still had an arm around Leo but he couldn’t bring himself to remove it.

“So you didn’t mean it last night then, huh,” Leo murmured, closing his eyes again as if he didn’t want to wake up.

“Which bit?” Jason murmured.

“The bit where you said you love me,” a blush appeared on Leo’s cheeks, “Or that I’m...that I looked beautiful. You regret it, don’t you?”

“I regret forcing myself  on you,” Jason said quietly, deciding there was no point lying anymore. He had already fucked up, “I regret scaring you,” shyly, hesitant, the blond cradled Leo’s cheek in his hand. Slowly Leo looked up at him, “But I don’t regret the rest of what I said. And I did mean it. I think you look beautiful in the dress, but honestly I think you always look beautiful. And...I love you.”

Leo looked away, frowned, cleared his throat, tensed in Jason’s arms, and then relaxed, “Oh.”

“Yeah,” subconsciously Jason’s arm tightened around Leo.

The Latino looked up at Jason again and bit his lip. The blond stared at him, and all he could think about was how badly he wanted to hold him, and then out of nowhere Leo leaned up and kissed him – quick and clumsy and cute – and then climbed out of bed; his dress was crinkled but he still looked stunning.

“I need to get my suit back,” he said.


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Octavian is super bossy towards Michael, to the point where the rest of Camp Jupiter is left wondering how Michael puts up with it. Little do they know that when the two boys are alone, Michael is the one putting Octavian in his place (probably smut :D)
for MelancholicSeer

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Michael was relaxing in the dining room of Camp Jupiter, catching up with Gwen and Dakota while picking at some snacks and talking about their recent quests, when Octavian burst in. The trio, who were the only Demigods present, looked up in surprise as the angry blond stormed towards them. His purple and white robes fluttered as he walked and Michael’s stood up; his mouth twitched into a smile at the boy’s pissed-off expression.

“Michael,” the augur barked, crossing his arms over his chest and stopping in front of the much bigger boy, “What the fuck did I tell you?”

“I don’t know, Tav, you tell me a lot of things,” Michael said, knowing full well it would just annoy Octavian more. He was pleased when the boy’s eye twitched, and Dakota exchanged a look with Gwen.

“I told you to stop leaving your boxers strewn all over the floor,” Octavian hissed, not caring about the two Demigods listening to them. Michael didn’t care either and he let his boyfriend rage, “I almost tripped over them this morning again! When will you get it through your thick skull that I want our room to be fucking clean?!”

“I’m sorry, love,” Michael said.

“Shut up,” Octavian fumed, hands clenched into fists, “Do this again and I swear to Gods I will kick you out of our flat and you can live by your goddamn self in a fucking sty for all I fucking care!”

“Jupiter,” Gwen let out a nervous giggle, “Relax, Octavian-“

“Shut up,” Octavian snapped at her and turned on his heel, storming out of the hall. Michael watched him go, smiling.

“Shit, you alright man?” Dakota asked, staring at him.

“Yeah,” Michael sat down again, “Gods, I love him,” he said fondly.

“What the fuck?” Gwen spluttered in shock, “He just had a go at you! How can you put up with it?”

“It’s just his way of showing he cares,” Michael said, “the fact that he minds these little. I like when he gets angry at me, because it means he cares. He’s hard to read sometimes.”

Gwen shook her head, “Gods, you two are actually insane.”

“Well it’s obvious who wears the pants in the relationship,” Dakota teased. Michael smiled, a private little smirk, because he knew things that the two Demigods beside him didn’t. He knew a side to Octavian that nobody else had ever seen, and that pleased him.

“Yeah,” he said, “It’s obvious.”


Michael came back to their little flat when it was already dark and found Octavian sitting on their double bed, legs crossed, looking over some old parchment. He had cleaned up the boxers he had complained so much about in the morning and now he looked up grumpily at Michael.

“Hey,” the son of Venus said, toeing off his shoes. Octavian glared and looked away. He looked different out of his robes, wearing a grey t-shirt and a pair of shorts, his feet bare, blond hair fluffy. He looked young and vulnerable.

“I shouldn’t even speak to you,” he huffed, “you pissed me right off.”

“I apologised, didn’t I?” Michael asked, pulling his jacket off.

“Whatever,” Octavian snapped, shoving his parchment off the bed, “You’re so annoying sometimes, why don’t you ever listen to me?!

Michael was at his side in seconds, climbing on top of the boy with surprising grace for someone so big and stocky, and he shoved the blond down into the bed. The augur inhaled sharply and the son of Venus caged him in with his arms on either side of the boy’s head, looking down at him.

“You forget that we’re not in public anymore,” he said quietly, his voice low and growly, “You don’t get to boss me around anymore.”

“I-I...,” Octavian was speechless, something he never was outside of their room, and Michael smiled. He leaned down and nudged his nose against the blond’s teasingly. Octavian leaned up, trying to catch Michael’s lips. The son of Venus didn’t let him, pushing him back down with a hand on the boy’s hip, “Michael,” Octavian whined.

“Shhh, be a good boy now,” the bigger boy whispered, and kissed his neck gently, lovingly, “Say you’re sorry for being a dick.”

“No,” Octavian grumbled. Michael flipped him around as if he was a doll. That was one of the million things Michael loved about him, how small he was, perfect for manhandling. Now Michael pressed him down into the bed with just enough strength that the boy felt powerless, but not enough to actually hurt him. Michael would never hurt him.

“Say you’re sorry,” he said, wrapping Octavian up in a cage of his arms. The blond’s response was a shaky breath, and then a little backwards wriggle as he pressed his ass against Michael’s crotch. The son of Venus felt blood rush south; Octavian always tried to get the upper hand by doing things like these. Michael had his own weapons though and now he buried his face in the side of Octavian’s neck and kissed him, hot and wet, before biting his skin. Octavian shivered in his arms and let out a chocked moan, “Good boy,” Michael murmured, reaching down so he could grasp one of the boy’s ass cheeks in his hand. He squeezed and then pushed the boy’s milky thighs apart, still pressed firmly against him, “You’re so good for me, just say you’re sorry.”

“No,” Octavian said, and Michael knew that it was partly because of his pride and partly because he liked this – he liked Michael having all the power.

Michael roughly shoved the boy’s shorts and underwear off in one swift movement and threw them aside, before pulling his shirt off over his head. Octavian glanced at him over his naked, pale shoulder, and his eyes were dark with lust as his blond locks tumbled into them. Michael couldn’t stop himself from finding his lips and kissing him passionately as he slowly grinded his hard, clothed cock against the boy’s ass.

“M-Michael,” Octavian whispered against his mouth, his breath brushing the other boy’s lips.

“Say sorry,” Michael said softly, nudging his nose against Octavian’s again in a fond little gesture, “Or I’ll fucking wreck you.”

“I’m not sorry though,” Octavian whispered. Michael smiled, pecked him on the lips and drew back before shoving the augur’s head into the pillows and pushing down on the small of his back with a free hand, forcing the top half of the boy’s body to lay against the bed while his ass was up in air, pressing against Michael’s crotch.

Michael grabbed the lube from the bedside table and coated his fingers. Octavian was breathing hard and when Michael let go of his head and the blond looked at him again, his face flushed. The son of Venus wrapped an arm around his thin waist and then, without warning, shoved two fingers inside the boy. Octavian’s back arched and he cried out helplessly, shaking as he gripped the pillows.

“F-Fuck,” he whimpered, “Fuck, fuck- ah!”

He choked on a moan as Michael started thrusting his digits inside of him, rough and hard, though it didn’t hurt since Octavian was still all soft from when they did it that morning, and although his hole clenched around Michael’s fingers there was no resistance. The dark haired boy only prepared him for seconds before he withdrew his fingers and pulled his cock out, slicking it up with lube.

“Are you sure you don’t want to apologise?” he asked sweetly, stroking Octavian’s side gently, “I’ll make love to you then,” he covered the boy’s body with his own, teasingly dragging the head of his hard cock over the boy’s entrance, “I love you so much, Tav.”

“Fuck you,” Octavian whispered heatedly.

Michael thrust his cock inside the blond in one swift movement.

“O-Oh Gods-,” Octavian moaned, “Oh Gods...fuck...”

Michael gritted his teeth, trying to keep himself back as he was swallowed up by Octavian’s hot, willing, tight body. He drew back, gripping the blond’s hips in his hands bruisingly as he impaled Octavian on his cock, over and over. The blond was sobbing against the pillows in moments, trembling, and Michael lost himself in the boy, in the sweat that beaded on his pale back, in his sweet moans and soft, helpless sobs.

He flipped the boy over, because he wanted to see his face, and leaned over him, forcing Octavian’s legs over his shoulders as he bent down to kiss him, still thrusting into him with borderline violence. The augur’s thighs trembled and Michael pinned his wrists down to the bed.

“Say you’re sorry,” he gritted out, hitting Octavian’s prostate with each thrust. The blond looked up at him, all messy and flushed and perfect.

“I’m s-sorry,” he sobbed, “Michael I-I...nghhhh, fuck...f-fuck...Michael-“

“You’re mine,” Michael growled, releasing Octavian’s wrists only to have the blond wrap them around his neck and pull him close.

“Y-Yes, Gods, Mike, I-I’m yours, all yours...please, fuck...,” Octavian tensed suddenly in the son of Venus’ arms and his eyes fluttered shut, “S-Shit-,” he choked out breathlessly and his cock twitched against his stomach, spilling come over his skin.

“Gods,” Michael whispered, and kissed the boy feverishly as he continued to fuck him, faster and sloppier, feeling that he was close to coming himself.

“Come on,” Octavian whispered, whimpering and kissing Michael everywhere he could reach, “C-Come on, fuck, Mikey, I love you. I-I love you so much, I’m sorry...”

With no warning, biting the boy’s shoulder, Michael spilled inside Octavian. They laid wrapped up in each other and gasping for air for a few moments and stroking each other’s bodies, pressing feather light kisses into each other’s skin.

“Mike...,” Octavian whispered eventually, voice soft and innocent, and when Michael looked at him he didn’t see the harsh, angry augur, but a soft angel with tired, content eyes and so much softness around his edges, as if he had just melted under the son of Venus, “You’re crushing me.”

Michael kissed his forehead, “I love you so much baby, you have no idea. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“You didn’t,” Octavian arched up to kiss Michael quickly, “but I feel disgusting and sticky so I’m gonna shower.”

When he left and Michael heard the shower turn on, he smiled and re-arranged the pillows on the bed, ensuring there was no come on any of the covers before he climbed underneath and laid down comfortably. He couldn’t stop smiling, remembering the scene from the morning. He found it funny how other Demigods thought that Octavian had power over Michael, when in fact it was just an image the boy had to keep because of his status in the Camp. In reality he confessed to Michael, early in their relationship, that he wanted to be powerless and dominated, and Michael was happy to give that to him.

Octavian came back into the bedroom, just in underwear and a fresh t-shirt, hair a little damp and a little curly. Michael peeled back the covers, “Come sleep.”

Suddenly Octavian’s face changed and anger re-appeared in his eyes. His jaw clenched, “Michael,” he growled.

“Hmmm?” the son of Venus asked innocently.

“Pick you fucking clothes up off the floor you pig.”

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Percy x Nico. Nico is a stay-at-home illustrator and writer and Percy is his next-door, oh-no-he's-hot police detective neighbour. Percy gets an urgent call to work on a weekend and asks Nico to look after his baby little sister for there is nobody else (Paul and Sally are out travelling around Europe or something). Nico agrees. This arrangement continues every time Percy is busy and then, the child decides to play matchmaker to bring her favourite people together.
For Lily

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Nico tried to ignore the ruckus next door as he sketched roughly a panel for a new comic he was working on while in the flat on the other side of the wall a war seemed to be going on. Nico gritted his teeth, ignoring the shouting and the sounds of furniture moving about. He knew that someone new was moving in next to him, but he didn’t realise it’d be a fucking frat house.

A sudden bang made Nico jerk, and his hand slipped across the page, creating an ugly, harsh line across the face of the character he was drawing.

“Fuck,” Nico growled in annoyance, throwing down his pencil and standing up. It was almost nine at night and this level of noise was unacceptable. After college Nico had deliberately chosen a quiet part of New York to live in because it was peaceful and calm, so he could work on his illustrations, and he did not sign up for this disturbance. Whoever his new neighbours were, Nico was sure they’d be a pain in the arse.

Frustrated, the Italian walked out into the corridor, where half the lights haven’t been working, and saw that the door to the next door flat were open, cardboard boxes spilling out of the room along with the loud noises. Nico picked his way through them, wanting to tell their owner to shut the fuck up, when suddenly he walked face first into a hard, muscular chest.

“What-,” the boy flinched backwards, looking up at the person he had walked into. His breath caught in his throat when he saw who he assumed was his new neighbour. Fuck, just my luck, the Italian thought, he’s fucking hot.

The young man was exactly Nico’s type. He looked a few years older than the Italian himself, with dark, artfully messy hair and piercing green eyes. He wore a blue t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, and looked quite surprised to see Nico. The Italian wanted to draw him.

“Hello,” the stranger blinked at Nico.

“Hello,” the Italian’s annoyance evaporated, and now he just felt shy and awkward, “I...uh...”

“Sorry,” the stranger grinned an easy, charming grin that came to the people who had always been adored by everyone around them, “I reckon I was making lots of noise. My name’s Percy,” the man stuck his hand out, “Percy Jackson. I’m your new neighbour.”

“Uh...hi,” Nico shook Percy’s hand quickly and tensely before snatching his hand back, painfully aware of the paint on his fingers. He cleared his throat, “I was just gonna ask you if you could keep it down. I’m trying to work.”

“Work?” Percy’s eyes sparkled, “What are you working on?”

“Just some art s-stuff,” Nico said, looking away.

“Art?” Percy smiled, “You draw?”

“Yeah. I’m an illustrator,” Nico hadn’t meant to start a conversation with this person, but now he couldn’t find a way out of it. Percy’s grin widened,

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“It’s Nico.”

“Italian?” Percy asked.

“Yeah,” Nico swallowed and vaguely gestured at his door, “Uh I...I better get back to work.”

“Yeah. Okay,” Percy was still looking at him, and smiling, and it made Nico uncomfortable, “Sorry about the noise.”

Nico nodded and then dashed back into his flat, blushing and shaking. He slammed the door shut and leaned against it, swearing softly under his breath.

That was his first meeting with Percy Jackson.


It took Nico a whole month to find out that Percy was a police officer. It took so long mostly because the Italian avoided his neighbour; naturally Percy came over multiple times, as neighbours do, asking for sugar or help setting something up in his flat. A couple of times Percy quite forcefully invited himself over for coffee, and ask Nico over even more often, to watch a TV show or go out for drinks, which the Italian always declined. As an illustrator he didn’t go out much, spending most of his time at his desk safe for the few times a month he had to go into office to deliver a project.

It was a hectic evening and at midnight Nico’s editor called him that he had to immediately deliver the newest comic because the deadline were first thing in the morning. So Nico found himself rushing out very late at night, into the half-dark corridor. The lift was broken so the Italian made for the stairs, and the moment he stepped out onto them he barged right into Percy.

“Jesus,” the man laughed, grabbing Nico’s shoulders to help the Italian keep his balance, “We need to stop bumping into each other like this.”

“Yeah, right, sorry-,” Nico started and then blinked. Percy stood in front of him, tall and muscular, dressed in a navy uniform, a police hat on his head,   “What the hell are you wearing?” he asked, “You coming back from some costume party?”

Percy seemed surprised, “No, I’m coming back from work.”

“Y-You’re a police officer?” Nico stuttered. Percy laughed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.


“O-Oh,” Nico said, and swallowed. Fuck, he looks hotter than usual, he thought, “That’s...that’s really cool.”

“You should come over for some tea, or a drink, or something,” Percy said cheerfully.

“Uh, no,” Nico looked away, “I need to go deliver a project to work, next time maybe.”

“Right, sure,” Percy seemed a little disappointed as he stepped aside, “You have to let me look at your drawings sometime.”

“Yeah,” Nico smiled tensely, “Sometime.”

He raced down the stairs hurriedly.


Nico hated driving but sometimes it was necessary; especially now, late at night, when Nico was too scared to take the tube. He was coming back from the office and it was snowing and Nico was anxious. Snow often made him anxious because in New York it kind of came out nowhere and at night it made everything harder to see. Even now the shadows on the sides of the empty road were jumping out at the Italian, making him skittish. The trees looked like monsters, the snow tumbled from the sky.

A little red light turned on next to Nico’s steering wheel and he cursed when he saw that he was running low on gas. Very low, “Shit, shit, shit,” Nico cursed, looking ahead. He was in some dodgy, dark part of town, seemingly abandoned. How could he have forgotten to go to the station? He was an idiot, his head always in the clouds.

Ping. Ping. Ping. Nico sighed and pulled over to the side of the road, only to have his car die seconds later. The light and heating turned off and the Italian rested his forehead against the steering wheel, dejected and depressed. He was often so invested in his drawing that he forgot to eat or shower, or fuel up the car. And now he had to sow what he reaped.

He sniffled and hugged himself. Fuck, it was cold. Nico reached for his phone and yelled in frustration when he saw that the battery was dead. He also forgot to charge it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he hit his head on the steering wheel and then looked up at the road. It was dark and silent, and there were no cars anywhere that could come save him. Just his luck. Nico sighed and leaned back in his seat, wondering if he’d have to sleep in the car. When he exhaled his breath made a cloud in front of his face.

Snow fell around the car. Nico’s eyes fluttered shut, and he relaxed. He was so tired – the last project had tired him out.

Sudden bright lights filled the car and Nico opened his eyes, squinting, and saw a car pulling up behind him. What if it’s a rapist? His tired mind supplied him, what if it’s a serial killer? Nico sat up a little straighter and shivered as a dark figure approached his car. He was sleepy, and irritated.

Someone knocked on the frosted over window. Nico flinched and sunk down in his seat, pretending he wasn’t there, but another insistent knock sounded on the door.

“Open up, police,” the muffled voice came from the opposite side of the glass. Before Nico could think that it could be a fake officer or an alien, he found himself opening the door.

He found himself facing Percy as the freezing night enveloped him.

“Nico,” Percy smiled, “I thought it might be you.”

Nico had to admit that seeing Percy here was a comfort. He slumped against his seat, “Hi.”

“What happened?” Percy asked.

“My car died,” Nico’s words were slurred and his eyes slipped shut again.

When he finally woke up again he was in the warmth of Percy’s car. A police car. The man, in uniform, sat beside him, driving, relaxed. Nico shifted and the jacket which was thrown over him slipped a little. It was Percy’s jacket.

“What happened?” the boy asked sleepily. Percy glanced at him.

“I called the mechanic,” he smiled, “They’ll tow your car. I’m taking you home. You’re lucky I was...”

Percy’s words filtered away as sleep once again descended onto Nico. He was anxious and a little uncomfortable and the distant sound of the car’s engine filled Nico’s head as he dozed into sleep. When he once again opened his eyes it was because he was being jostled, and he found himself in Percy’s arms. The boy was holding him bridal style, carrying him up the stairs to their flats. Normally Nico would’ve been embarrassed but it was coming up to three in the morning and he was too exhausted to care so he gave in to his instincts and snuggled up in Percy’s chest.

His shame only came when Percy put him down and Nico had to fish out his keys.


Nico was taking a nap in the afternoon, lulled into sleepiness by the snow outside his window. He had a writer’s block and didn’t feel like drawing so he slept. He had avoided Percy for the past two weeks after the whole embarrassing carrying-up-the-stairs affair but now he was suddenly startled out of sleep by yelling and laughter from Jackson’s flat.

“Fuck this,” Nico groggily sat up in his bed. It was dark in his room but when he glanced at his phone he saw it was only five in the afternoon. Fucking winter. He climbed out of his bed and padded across his bedroom and out into his corridor. Moments later he was out in the hallway, knocking in annoyance on Percy’s door.

The door clicked open after a second and a little girl came tumbling from Percy’s flat, laughing and squealing as she threw herself at Nico’s legs, almost knocking the boy over.

“What the-,” the Italian stumbled back and the girl pulled away, craning her neck up to look at Nico up with big, green eyes. She was very young, maybe five or six, with black hair in two clumsy braids, dressed in sea blue pyjamas with dolphins on them.

“Hello,” she grinned up at Nico brightly, showing her tiny teeth. With no warning she wrapped her arms around the Italian’s leg and the boy recoiled. He hated children.

“Hello,” he said tensely, pushing the girl off of him gently.

“My name is Alice,” she said proudly, “What’s your name?”

“Nico,” the Italian said carefully, looking into the flat. The smell of dinner wafted out into the corridor, “Er...where’s Percy?”

Alice let go of Nico’s leg and waddled back into the flat, “Bro!” she called, “Broooo!”

Percy popped his head out of the kitchen and his eyes widened, “Ally!” he ran out and scooped the little girl into his arms, “Did you go open the door? I told you not to do that!”

“But I’m tall enough now!” Alice huffed, “and it’s just a pretty boy outside!”

“P-Pretty boy?!” Nico spluttered. Percy looked up at him and a grin broke over his face.

“Oh! Nico, hey!”

“Hey,” Nico hovered in the hallway, “I was wondering why you were being so loud.”

“Oh, sorry,” Percy laughed and put Alice down, “my mom dropped my little sister over because she and my stepdad are both working the whole weekend.”

Alice giggled and ran off to the kitchen, “Oh, so it’s your sister,” Nico was a little relieved. Percy laughed.

“Did you think she was my daughter or something?” he asked. Nico blushed, shrugged, gestured vaguely at his flat,

“I should go-“

“No!” Alice appeared suddenly, racing across the flat, a little clumsy, and grabbed Nico’s hand, “No! Stay! Watch cartoons with me!”

“Aw, looks like she likes you,” Percy teased.

“Percy likes you too!” Alice proclaimed, and Percy turned around hurriedly, though Nico could swear he could see him blush.

“Come in, I’ll make coffee or something,” the man said and Nico had no choice as he was dragged inside Percy’s flat, the door falling shut behind him. Alice pulled him to the couch where she sat down happily, having Nico sit next to her. The Italian shifted awkwardly as Percy disappeared in the kitchen.

“ what are we watching?” the boy asked.

“Sesame Street,” Alice replied cheerfully and battled with the remote too big for her hands, switching on the TV. Nico looked around Percy’s living room; although laid out just like his it was much messier and homier, with family photos on the walls and clothes strewn about the place. Nico paid more attention to his surroundings than to the show, but Alice seemed to be enjoying herself.

Percy re-appeared with a tray in his hands, holding three cups. One was full of juice and he handed to his sister, the other two full of creamy coffee. “Thanks,” Nico said when Percy offered him a cup. The man sat on the other side of Alice.

“No!” the girl protested, “You should sit next to Nico!”

Percy laughed awkwardly, “It’s okay, Ally, I’m comfortable here,” he then frowned, “Ally, you messed up your hair again!”

Nico drank his coffee quickly, his heart pounding as he watched Percy’s soft eyes as he braided his sister hair. They weren’t the prettiest braids, but it was sweet that Percy cared. He kept wanting to look at Percy but forced himself instead to focus on the ridiculous puppets on-screen. Alice fell asleep before she even finished her juice.

“I better go,” Nico said when the girl slumped against her brother, eyes closed. Percy smiled at him.

“Come again sometime soon.”

Nico nodded, put his cup down, and went back to his own flat.


Another two weeks of snow passed in which Nico finally finished the project that was causing him so much trouble. It was a week before Christmas and the boy was surprised when he heard a knock on his door one Saturday evening when he was just lounging around, bored. When he opened his door he saw Percy – a familiar and welcome face at that point – and his little sister, Alice. The man smiled apologetically.

“She wanted to see you,” he said.

“Nico!” Alice exclaimed and threw herself forward, wrapping her arms around Percy’s leg. The Italian patted her head, feeling a little fond.

“Hey, Ally.”

“Will you come round for a movie?” Alice asked, grinning up at Nico. The boy was powerless against both her and her brother. He looked at Percy, who smiled.

“Isn’t it a bit late for a movie, Alice?” Nico asked, “It’s almost nine.”

“Noooo,” Alice whined, “Percy said I can! So please come!”

So Nico found himself sitting on the couch next to Alice again, watching a Barbie movie. He had to admit that he actually enjoyed this; sitting with Percy and Alice. It felt almost as if they were a little family. Stupid, Nico looked away from where he had been looking at Percy’s face, I shouldn’t think that.

Suddenly the television and the lights overhead flickered off. Alice squeaked and climbed into Nico’s lap, surprising the Italian and almost making him throw her off, though he stopped himself in the last moment.

“What happened?” Nico asked, uncertainly wrapping his arms around the terrified toddler.

“I don’t know,” Percy got up and walked up to the light switch, flipping it on and off. The darkness remained, “Power cut, I think.”

“Oh, right,” Nico stood up, Alice clinging onto him with both his arms and legs, “I better go then.”

“No!” Ally held onto him harder, “Don’t go!”

Nico walked over to Percy and tried to pass him his sister, but Alice refused to let go, and started crying. Nico gave Percy a hopeless look in the dark and, realising that they were too close, he stepped away.

“Why don’t you put her to bed?” Percy offered, “Would that be alright?”

“I guess,” Nico admitted grudgingly, and Alice stopped crying.

Nico carried her to Percy’s bedroom and the girl made grabby hand motions over his shoulder at Percy, “Percyyyy! You tooooo!” she whined.

And so Nico found himself awkwardly lying in Percy’s bed, Alice curled up in his chest like a little teddy bear, while Percy laid behind her, an arm carefully wrapped around her waist. The girl was smiling as she fell asleep, clearly pleased, but Nico’s heart couldn’t stop pounding and he couldn’t relax, not when he was so close to Percy. The boy was stroking his sister’s hair gently, not looking at Nico, but because the girl was between their chests there was nothing between their faces.

I could kiss him, Nico thought, or he could kiss me. It was weird; the room was dark, snow fell outside. There was an intensely intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, and as Alice’s breathing slowed and she fell asleep, Percy finally looked up. Nico had been staring at him and now his heart jerked in his chest and he thought he should look away, but couldn’t.  Percy’s hand slowly, slowly slid across his sister’s waist and his fingertips skimmed Nico’s hip.

The Italian didn’t know what to do, he forgot how to breathe. Percy leaned forward, and so Nico shifted forward too, on instinct. He couldn’t pull away when Percy bent his head forward, their noses almost touching. They didn’t speak, scared to wake Alice up.

Their lips finally met after what seemed like an eternity of just staring at each other. It was such a sweet, gentle kiss that Nico couldn’t stop his eyes from fluttering shut. He breathed out gently against Percy’s lips, and then the boy was pulling away.

They fell asleep, and the snow continued to fall.

Chapter Text

Leo: Jason you are literally dating the most beautiful human ever
Leo: AKA me
Leo: Earlier I ate a whole bag of glitter so the inside of me will look as good as the outside
Jason: You what
Jason: You- we're going to the hospital
Leo: Sounds good cause I think I'm dying
for RedTears

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Jason would be lying if he said that this wasn’t exactly what he expected the moment Leo had, shakily and nervously, asked him out and he had said yes.

This was exactly what he had expected with Leo Valdez as his boyfriend.

Jason was sitting with Percy and Frank on the steps of the Jupiter cabin, cleaning their swords and basking in the sunlight after a workout session, when Leo came skipping towards them from the strawberry fields. Immediately Jason found himself grinning, his heart filling with warmth at seeing his boyfriend.

“Hey,” he said when Leo stopped in front of them.

“Hey guys,” Leo smiled brightly, and there was mischief in his eyes.

“Hi Leo,” the boys said. Jason grabbed the boy’s hand and tugged him down for a quick, innocent kiss. They had only dated for two months and hadn’t done much more than kissing, but for Jason it was enough.

Leo stood back and put his hands on his hips, “Jason did you know you are literally dating the most beautiful human ever? AKA me?” Percy and Frank snickered and Jason rolled his eyes, but before he could ask questions, the Latino continued, “By the way earlier I ate a whole bag of glitter so the inside of me will look as good as the outside,” he winked.

Jason gaped at him, “You what?!”

Leo’s grin widened and Percy and Frank exchanged a horrified look, “Yeah, uh, turns out that it was not edible glitter. Ooops?” he offered. If Jason wasn’t so terrified of what might happen to Leo’s health he would’ve found the boy adorable. He was on his feet in seconds.

“You’re- we’re going to the hospital,” he grabbed Leo’s hand. The Latino laughed and swayed and said,

“Sounds good cause I think I’m dying.”

His eyes fluttered and he looked like he was going to faint so Jason quickly and easily hoisted him up into his arms, bridal style. Leo threw his arms dramatically around Jason’s neck and groaned, snuggling up into his chest.

“You’re such an idiot,” Jason gritted out and glanced at his friends, “I’m taking him to the medical bay.”

“Okay,” Percy and Frank both still looked like they were in shock. Jason started running towards the bay, jostling Leo in his arms, and the boy let out another groan.

“Stop,” he whimpered, “I’m gonna be sick.”

Jason set him down next to the Ares cabin and Leo leaned against it and threw up on the grass. His vomit glimmered with glitter and Jason almost laughed. Leo spat and made an unhappy noise again, and turned around. He was pale and a little sweaty and smiled weakly.

“Am I pretty enough yet?”

“Fuck, Leo,” Jason grabbed his hands and drew him close, “Are you high? Did you get high of the glitter?” Leo shrugged and giggled. Jason sighed and kissed his forehead, “I love you, stupid.”

Leo tensed, then pulled away and stared at Jason with big eyes. Up close the blond saw that there was glitter in his hair and even in his eyebrows, sparkling in the sun, “You never said you loved me before.”

“Oh,” Jason’s heart fluttered, “Well, I do. Even if you eat glitter.”

Leo smiled brightly, “I lov-,” his expression fell and his face went green, “Oh no,” he turned around and vomited again, and Jason patted his back and made sure his curls were out of his face, and then he gave him a piggyback to the medical bay.

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Kind of an X-Men-like scenario, but not really. Basically, instead of going to CHB, they go to a school for kids with special powers. Will’s power is to cancel out another person’s abilities. He is assigned by Chiron to help this Nico with his ability to read minds, to control and not overwhelm himself with people’s thoughts. Romance ensues.
For SpaceAzulaIceZuko

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18th April 2010

He’s the reason why we’re so poor.

Ten year old Nico was used to these thoughts radiating off of his mother, and now, as he laid next to her and his sister in the narrow bed they had to share in their dingy, dirty and cold flat in Italy, he felt tears well up in his arms. His mother was never cruel to him, but since Nico could remember she blamed the poverty they lived in on her youngest son, and Nico didn’t understand why. Since Nico could remember he could read people’s minds, and hear their thoughts, though only his sister Bianca knew about it, and she pushed him to stay silent about his abilities.

Nico’s mother didn’t know he could hear her thought and he wished he couldn’t, but everywhere he went he heard thoughts, no matter how much he tried to drown them out. It made him anxious, and he often had panic attacks at school, that made him bullied by the older boys who thought he was a weirdo. And so now the boy was subjected to lying in bed, squeezed between his mother’s back and the wall, listening to her pretend to sleep and thinking about how much she hated her son. It was painful.

I wish he had never been born. I wish I had miscarried him. God, why did I have to give birth to him?

Nico squeezed his eyes shut, trying to shut out the thoughts and fall asleep, but his mother hate and unhappiness kept attacking him, her thoughts like bees, stabbing at the boy.

I hate him. God forgive him, but I hate him.

I hope he dies.

That thought was so sudden and so violent that Nico tensed and his eyes flew open and then he was sobbing, his whole body shaking, terrified and heartbroken. His sister woke up and turned on the bare lightbub overhead, and his mother started shouting about his making a ruckus in the middle of the night.

“What is wrong with you?!” she screamed in Italian, “Why are you like this?!”

“Mama, leave him,” Bianca told her, “Mama, don’t shout.”

“Y-You hate me,” Nico sobbed, curled up in the corner of the bed and rocked back and forth, trying to calm himself down while his mother stared at him as if she was crazy, “I-I heard y-your thoughts! Y-You hate me, y-you w-want me to d-d-die!”

“What?!” his mother demanded, “What the hell are you talking about, boy?!”

“Nico,” Bianca said pleadingly, climbing onto the bed and reaching for her brother, who flinched away, “Nico, please-“

Don’t do this. She’ll send you away, Bianca insisted in her head, knowing Nico could hear.

Gods, my son is crazy, Maria thought. Nico’s head snapped to her and through his tears he screamed.

“I’m not! Stop thinking that!”

He was hysterical and eventually he passed out. The next morning there were two strangers in their tiny kitchen when Nico came down for breakfast, exhausted and red-eyed. One was a man had long hair in a ponytail, and he sat in a wheelchair. When he looked at Nico his eyes were full of kindness and his smile was warm. The boy couldn’t read his thoughts. The other was a girl a few years older than Nico, with blond hair and harsh, grey eyes.

So he can read thoughts, huh? She thought, hey, little boy.

Nico flinched, and the girl smiled, not mocking, but a little chilly.

“Hello, Nico,” the man said in English.

Scared, the boy hovered in the doorway. His mother stood by the counter in a nightgown, not looking at her son, and Bianca was nowhere to be seen. Nico didn’t run to his mother, because she wasn’t any more of a comfort to the boy than the strange man.

“Say hello Nico,” Maria barked, her English laced with a heavy Italian accent. The boy swallowed.

“H-Hello...w-who...who are you, mister? I can’t read-,” he stopped talking with a sharp, angry look from his mother, but the man only smiled.

“You can’t read my mind? No, you wouldn’t be able to. Your telepathic powers – actually powers of all Demigods – have no effect on me. I am immune and that, in a sense, is my power,” something about him was calming and Nico found himself talking tentative steps towards the man, “My name is Chiron, and I am a professor at a very special school in England.”

“What school?” Nico asked, a little curious.

“Half-Blood Academy was created for people just like you; kids with special powers that nobody else has,” she gestured to the blonde girl, “This is Annabeth, and she has powers like you.”

“W-What powers?” Nico asked shyly. Annabeth smiled.

I can teleport, little boy.

“Stop calling me that,” Nico snapped at her, and both he and his mother flinched. Chiron smiled though and Annabeth giggled.

“That is quite extraordinary,” the man said,  “You’re very special, Nico, and I’ve come here to ask you to come with me and Annabeth to this school, where I might teach you to control your gift.”

“It’s not a gift,” Nico blurted, “it’s a curse.”

It was Annabeth who spoke then, and she had a clear American accent, “That’s what I used to think too. I used to teleport all over the place at random. A lot of people thought I was possessed,” she smiled then and suddenly she was gone from Chiron’s side and standing right next to Nico, in the blink of an eye. The little boy flinched and Maria cursed and blessed herself, “Now I know it’s a gift. A really cool gift.”

“Take him,” Maria said suddenly, sharply, “I don’t want him in my house.”

Wow, what a bitch, Annabeth thought and when Nico shifted closer to her, comforted by the girl’s defensive thoughts, she repeated it out right, “You’re a bitch.”

Annabeth,” Chiron scolded, but he didn’t look angry. Maria’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t want any of you in my house anymore,” she snapped, “esci.”

“Nico, would you like to come to Half Blood Academy?” Chiron asks.

“He gets no say,” Maria interrupted harshly, “I don’t want a freak under my roof.”

Nico’s eyes welled up with tears and he looked down, feeling his heart break. Annabeth put a comforting hand on his shoulder and pulled him closer protectively.

“I-I want to come,” he said quietly, even though he wasn’t really getting a choice. Chiron nodded, and clearly he was concerned about Nico’s state, as was Annabeth.

God, poor kid, she thought. Nico sniffled and Chiron wheeled his wheelchair towards them and took Annabeth’s hand.

“Thank you for having us,” he told Maria, but the woman was looking out of the window, her back to them. In that one, heartbroken moment Nico suddenly wanted his mom, and he almost ran to her. He wanted Bianca, but she wasn’t there.

Seconds later, they weren’t there either, but outside a beautiful mansion in a countryside. It had felt, for a second, as if they had tumbled through the air and Nico felt a bit nauseous and confused at the sun suddenly shining overhead. His tears were gone, replaced by awe. They stood outside a black, intricate gate on the other side of which stretched a stunning garden, full of blooming flowers and blossoming trees. Children ran around in the grass and among trees, dozens of them, looking happy and excited. Nico felt anxious, and he cowered into Annabeth’s side as he was assaulted by their thoughts.

Idiot, pass the ball!

Where did Clarisse go?
I’m hungry-
Oi! Oi!
Nope, bad idea...hey! what an idiot! I can’tbelieve thisohmyGod—she’ssuchalittlebitch-

Nico whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut, his head throbbing. The gate was opened by someone that Nico couldn’t see, too focused on trying to distinguish his own thoughts from anyone else’s. Chiron led him into the garden, but Nico couldn’t appreciate his surroundings anymore. He started crying.

“Chiron!” Annabeth sounded alarmed.

“It’s alright,” Chiron said calmly, but it wasn’t. There were too many people, too many voices, “Will! Come over here please!”

Nico’s legs were shaky and he wondered if he was going to be sick. The voices hammered at his brain, some loud and cheerful, other quieter and angrier, and all too much and too loud and-

Everything went silent, so suddenly as if someone had slammed a door shut. Nico looked up, shocked, and saw in surprise that there was a boy standing in front of him – a little older, a little taller, with blond curls, freckles and sparkling blue eyes. He was flushed from playing football, his clothes muddy and stained with grass, and Nico had a hand twisted in his shirt. He didn’t remember taking it.

“Hello,” the boy said. Nico stared at him.

“Nico,” Chiron said, “this is William Solace, or just Will. His special power is cancelling out other people’s.”

“You stopped the voices,” Nico blurted. Will laughed a bit awkwardly.

“I’m glad?” he offered.

Nico jerked forward and hugged Will suddenly, burying his face in the blond’s chest and clinging onto him as he finally let himself cry, holding onto Will for dear life. Annabeth ‘aww’ed’ and Will hesitantly wrapped his arms around Nico’s shoulders, keeping him close.

It’s alright, he thought, and he was the only voice Nico could hear in his head apart from his own. He pressed himself closer, Calm down, don’t cry, Will’s thoughts were soft and gentle, not prodding and violent like some of the other ones, and Nico didn’t mind hearing them.

31st October 2010 (6 months later)

Nico had been at Half-Blood Academy for six months and it was the happiest time in his life; he shared a room with Will, since he was the only one who could stop everyone else’s thoughts from intruding in Nico’s mind. However despite the beautiful mansion and the lovely people with the awesome abilities, Nico still felt out of place.

Everyone else around him seemed magical; there was Percy who had a water fight with half the students last month, standing on one of the fountains in the garden, and controlling the water. Leo Valdez, who was the same age as Nico, had spontaneously combusted multiple times during over-excitement while playing sports, and burned through way too much clothing, flashing way too many people.  Then there was Frank, who during movie nights shape-shifted into a fat, black cat and curled up in people’s laps.

Nico, on the other hand, could barely stand to be around big groups of people, because it caused him painful headaches and anxiety. He, therefore, took to staying in his room for a lot of the time, making himself the antisocial emo boy of the school, not that he cared. He was almost eleven, and he hated people. Apart from Will, because Will made all the abusive voices go away, and maybe Percy, because Percy was always nice to Nico. The Italian wanted to be like Percy – strong, powerful.

Nico was sitting at the Halloween dinner that the school had organised on the 31st, with all the other eleven year olds, even though he wasn’t technically eleven yet. He looked around the decorated main hall – pumpkins in the centre of every table, carved and flickering, candles on every surface, orange lanterns hanging from the ceiling. By the main door there were two huge pumpkins that Hazel, who had the power to control earth, had pulled out of the garden earlier.

Everyone was eating roast chicken and potatoes and pumpkin pie, but Nico couldn’t touch his food. He was trying to have fun, listening to some anecdote being told by Leo, but the thoughts of other filtered in the back of his head. The ones of the people sitting closeby were the strongest. Leo’s thoughts followed his story, a few seconds ahead of his words –and then I told my Aunt Rosa that... – while Hazel was looking at her pumpkins, half-listening and thinking wow, I did a really good job with those. I wonder if I can be a cool superhero in the future.

Then there were the thoughts of others, stupid, irrelevant ones like, ew I hate broccoli or if Jake doesn’t move his leg I will actually boot him across the room, and other ones that made Nico feel like he was invading on people’s privacy. Over at the fourteen year old table Jason, who could control air, was staring at Piper, who had a power of love (something Nico didn’t quite understand), and thinking Jesus Christ, she’s so beautiful, I want to kiss her.

Nico felt anxious, and that made the thoughts louder and more invading, as if he was losing control. The Italian’s hands were shaking and he stared at his plate and tried to focus on his own thoughts, but he couldn’t tell what he was even thinking anymore. His eyes sought out Will, who was laughing with the other twelve year olds at his table, and Nico didn’t want to bother him by having him come over and silence the other thoughts. He felt like such a burden to the blond.

“Nico,” Hazel frowned, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t feel well,” Nico said quickly and got up. Someone called after him but he wasn’t listening as he got out of the warm hall and out into the dark, chilly corridor. But the thoughts of others followed him, like echoes, and so Nico dashed outside into the garden. In October it wasn’t as pretty, with the trees losing their leaves and the ground hard and cold, but in the darkness of the night Nico couldn’t see any of that. He ignored the piercing wind and found a tree, sitting underneath it. The thoughts were silent and he breathed in deeply, trying to stop himself from crying. He was always crying.

“Hey,” Will’s voice made him look up, and Nico’s eyes glimmered with tears when he saw the blond looking down at him with worry that was reflected in his thoughts.

You okay?

 “I c-can’t control it,” Nico whispered, choking on a sob, “There’s t-too many of them, too many voices, I-“

“Shhhh,” Will knelt next to him and touched his shoulder, “It’s okay. I know you get overwhelmed.”

Nico exhaled and closed his eyes, “It’s b-bad.”

“You’ll learn to control it,” Will said confidently. I know you will, you’re stronger than you think. The compliment made Nico look at him. He sniffled.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a bother,” he whispered. Will laughed.

“Don’t be stupid. You’re not a bother, I like helping you. Makes me feel like I’m actually useful, you know?”

Nico smiled. Will always made him feel better.

16th January 2012 (2 years later)

Nico had barely been twelve for two weeks, but he had been at Half-Blood Academy for two years, and he was getting really bloody frustrated.

“I can’t do it,” Nico snapped, wearing all black as he sat opposite Chiron in one of the classrooms. It was a dim, windy afternoon with a dark grey sky but some of the boys – including Will – were still playing rugby in the fields surrounding the school and Nico could hear them in the distance, their excited and loud thoughts, and it was getting on his nerves, “I can’t do it.” A girl hurried past the classroom outside and Nico heard her brief and depressed thought about her period. He grimaced, “I can hear them. All of them.”

You’re reading their minds,” Chiron told him firmly, voice calm but confident, “Their thoughts aren’t making their way into your head, it’s your mind that’s seeking out their thoughts. You have the power here, not them.”

The words stayed with Nico for the rest of the day and at night he sat up in his bed and watched the shadows the moon cast on the wall through the window, mulling them over and over in his brain until they didn’t make any sense anymore. You’re reading their have the power...Nico was frustrated. He wasn’t strong, he couldn’t protect himself even from his own mind.

Will shifted on the bed next to Nico and the Italian glanced over at him – he was just a lump under his covers, and despite being asleep he was still a comforting presence. Nico’s mind started reaching out into Will’s head, and although people’s thoughts weren’t as strong when they slept, Nico could still hear them. He closed his eyes now and tried to push himself away from the trickle of sleeping thought coming from the blond, but he was too weak.

No...fight, fight. Come on, Will, just fight the monster. Get the sword. No! Why can’t I move?! Shit...

Will’s thoughts were chaotic and scared, muddled and confused as the ones of nightmares usually are. Nico’s eyes snapped open and his heart pounded as he scrambled from the bed, pushed by a sudden urgency, and threw his arms around Will’s sleeping form. Will jerked awake and briefly thought what the heck? Where am I? before twisting and looking at Nico with sleepy, surprised eyes.

“Nico?” he asked as the Italian clung onto him.

“You were having a nightmare,” the boy blurted, “I-I didn’t want you to be scared.”

Will smiled gently, “Thank you,” he said and gave Nico a quick hug.

You’re sweet.

Nico blushed and pulled away, clearing his throat, “S-Sorry if that was a bit weird. I-I didn’t m-mean anything by it, I just-“

“I know,” Will smiled.

I know.

21st March 2013 (A Year Later)

It was Nico’s third spring in the Academy, and he still wasn’t used to how rainy the weather was in the English midlands in March. He now sat at the window in the library, watching droplets race down the glass. It was a Saturday afternoon and most students weren’t studying, but Nico was here because he liked how quiet it was.

Across the room sat Percy and Annabeth, giggling over a book. Nico looked longingly at the fifteen year old boy, and his heart clenched. He had, over the past year, developed a helpless crush on Percy. He had managed to control his power to an extent, thanks at large to Will, but it took a great deal of concentration to not hear other people’s thoughts and if Nico was feeling any strong emotion he would lose that control. Around Percy he always lost it, and now he could clearly hear what the boy was thinking.

I wonder if the prank with Connor will work. Eh, what’s the worst that can happen? Need to remember to text mom back...

Nico smiled and looked at the window, his heart fluttering. He could also hear Annabeth’s thoughts, all along the lines of can he shut up so I can finish my homework? Nico squeezed his eyes shut to try and block them out – to see if he could – and their thoughts lost volume but remained like two quarrelling voices in the back of his head, trying to talk over each other. And then, suddenly, they disappeared.


Nico opened his eyes and saw that Will had slid onto the windowsill opposite him, and was smiling brightly.

You reading my thoughts?

“Yeah,” Nico admitted, “Although you silence everyone else’s thoughts, keeping out of your head is the hardest since it’s so quiet.”

Will smiled, “You’re getting better at controlling it though. I’m proud.”

“It’s still a bit hard...,” Nico’s eyes slid subconsciously to Percy.

Why is he looking at him? The thought from Will made Nico’s eyes snap back, and he saw the blond blush.

“Don’t answer that,” he said quickly. Nico cleared his throat.

“Yeah. Okay.”

He felt the awkwardness settled between him and his roommate. They had been close friends for three years and they were never awkward around each other. The silence was uncomfortable and Nico watched the rain go down the window, trying not to listen in to Will’s thoughts, though it was hard.

God, this is awkward. I made it awkward. Congrats Will, bloody idiot. Fuck, he can probably hear my thoughts anyway. Nico smiled at that and glanced at him. Will smiled back too, sheepishly.

“You know,” the blond said, “I came here when I was nine. Six years ago.”

“Yeah, I know,” Nico said. The rain pit-pattered against the glass.

“I used to think my power was crap,” Will continued, also following the rain droplets with his eyes, “Cancellation power, when others could control water and fire and fly? How shit is that?”

Nico giggled at the swear word, “It’s not crap.”

Will smiled, “No. You made me realise that.”

“M-Me?” Nico blinked, surprised. Will’s smile widened.

“Yeah. Helping you really helped me come to terms with my power. It doesn’t seem useless after all.”

“I’m happy you think that,” Nico admitted. When he looked up, Percy had gone.

15th June 2014 (A Year Later)

Nico sat in history lesson, doodling in the corner of his book, bored and listening to the professor drone on. He didn’t realise for the first twenty minutes. He was comfortable, relaxed, weirdly at peace, the way he hadn’t been in a while. Nico nibbled on his pen and wondered why he felt like this.

And then it clicked in his mind.

It was silent.

Nico sat up straighter and looked around the classroom. There were thirty people there, and Nico could not hear anything. None of their thoughts. He inhaled sharply. Then, slowly, he focused on Piper in front of him. Her thoughts flooded his head.

Was I too sloppy with that kiss? Shit what if Jason thought I was a bad kisser?

Nico recoiled and pulled out of her head, and it was surprisingly easy. More silence.

“Oi,” Percy hissed from next to him, poking him in the ribs, “What’s wrong with you?”

Nico jerked to his feet and, ignoring the shouts from the professor, he ran out of the classroom. There was a bright smile on his face as he raced through the hallways of the school. He had never felt as free as the moment he burst into the beautiful, fragrant gardens. Some of the students that weren’t in lesson lounged out here, while others had gone down to the lake. The sun was warm and gentle on Nico’s skin, and the Italian spotted the person he was looking for, because his hair glimmered in the sun like gold.

“Will!” Nico yelled, and the blond looked up from a book he was reading.

Nico, he thought, happiness attached to that word, but in his ecstasy Nico didn’t pay much attention to that as he dropped to his knees at the blond’s side and wrapped his arms around his neck, laughing.

“Wow, someone’s happy,” Will chuckled.

“I can do it,” Nico sat up, flushed and breathless, “I can control the telepathy. Here, here, think something!”Will looked at him and Nico forced himself to not listen, “I don’t know what you’re thinking!”

Four years. It had taken him four years to finally control it. A bright grin appeared on the blond’s face and he hugged Nico quickly, “Shit, that’s awesome!” he pulled back and sadness flashed in his eyes briefly, “You don’t need me anymore.”

“Don’t say that,” Nico punched his arm quickly, “You’re my best friend I-,” he faltered. Will smiled.

“I’m your best friend?”

“Y-Yeah,” Nico looked away, a little shy about that. The blond ruffled his hair fondly,

“Well now that you’re a powerful telepath I want to ask you one thing.”

“Yeah, anything,” Nico said.

 “Promise me you won’t ever read my mind again,” Will said.

5th September 2015 (A year later)

They were drunk, almost all of the fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds. Chiron had left to look for some more students and the other professors were all asleep and Percy threw a party in the living room. Travis and Conor had found some alcohol and now all the teenagers stumbled around, slurring and drunk.

Will wasn’t there, but Nico was, because Hazel had dragged him. An hour ago Frank had turned into a pigeon and was flying around stupidly around the ceiling while his girlfriend tried to catch him. Piper had used her power of amokinesis and had started making out with Jason.

“Nico!” Percy called suddenly, head sticking out from the door leading into the corridor. He waved the Italian over and so the boy got up and stumbled across the room, because he would do anything the older boy wanted.

He found Percy leaning against the wall in the dark corridor, a half-finished bottle of wine in his hand. He was grinning when Nico stumbled over, falling against his side, “Woah,” Percy laughed, “Easy there.” Nico laughed and pulled away, and took the bottle from the other boy and swung it, taking a hearty gulp. Then they both snickered, “Alright,” Percy grinned, “How’s the mind reading thing going?”

“How’s the water thing going?” Nico retaliated. Wine floated from the bottle and into Percy’s mouth.

“It’s going great,” he winked. Nico’s heart stuttered in his chest. He wanted to kiss Percy suddenly, but maybe that was just his drunken mind pushing him to do so, “You should read my mind,” Percy said. Nico giggled.

“No. I don’t wanna. Invasion of privacy.”

“Well what do you wanna do then?” Percy asked, voice slurring.

Before his brain caught up with him, Nico was already standing on his tiptoes and clumsily kissing him. It was quick and sloppy and now that great and when Nico pulled away from the kiss, afraid and nervous, he looked up at Percy. The boy looked confused and he let out a hesitant laugh, and Nico could tell that he had made a mistake.

“I’m...I’m flattered,” Percy said quickly, “But, uh, I’m not gay. And, uh, I like Annabeth.”

It was like a blow, though Nico had expected it. Of course he had expected it; Percy never made any kind of move to indicate he had any feelings for Nico. But it still hurt. Subconsciously sought out Percy’s thoughts because he needed to know.

Oh Jesus, that was gross.

Nico’s stomach twisted and he turned on his heel and took off down the corridor. Percy didn’t follow him and by the time he reached his room he was sobbing, shaking and stumbling. He barrelled into his bedroom and Will shot up in bed, clearly awoken by the noise.

“Nico?” he asked.

Sobbing hysterically the fifteen year old threw himself onto the bed, burying his face in his pillow and soaking it with tears. He had no control over anything, over his powers.

“Nico,” Will was grabbing his arm. Fuck, what’s wrong with him? “Nico, what-“

“Don’t touch me,” the Italian shoved him off, sitting up. He could hear Will’s thoughts clearly, couldn’t stop himself from listening to them. Shit he looks like a mess, “I know I’m a mess shut up!” Nico yelled.

“Are you drunk?” Will demanded.

“N-No I-,” suddenly Nico’s stomach churned and he felt nausea descend on him and he doubled over, slapping a hand over his mouth. He’s gonna be sick, Will thought, and the Italian shook his head. The blond grabbed his arms.

“To the bathroom,” he said, and dragged an un-cooperating Nico into their en-suite bathroom. Nico’s world spun and everything was blurry and scared and confusing, but Will’s touch, no matter how rough, was comforting. The blond managed to get him on his knees by the toilet just in time for the Italian to vomit into it.

“F-Fuck,” he slurred and vomited again, feeling sicker than he ever did. Will’s hand stroked his back.

“Shhh, you’re alright, I’ve got you.”

He got up and left Nico but the Italian heard his thoughts I’m going to get water. Nico had no concept of time as he puked and puked until his throat was dry and aching and his stomach was in pain. He was sick and sobbing and an idiot. Will’s return made him feel better though. The blond had wet a towel and now wiped Nico’s chin. I should be more grossed out by this, the blond thought and the fact he used the word gross made Nico cry harder, like a child, What happened? Why is he crying so much? I swear I’ll kill whoever hurt him.

“Here, drink this,” Will pressed a glass of water against Nico’s mouth and although the boy tried to protest, he ended up drinking it. Then, somehow, Will got him out of his dirties clothes and into his pj’s and Nico felt better when he climbed into bed. And then he caught Will’s thought; Gods he’s beautiful.

“What?” Nico turned around sharply, staring at the blond. Will blinked.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Y-You...I...,” Nico’s voice faltered, “Right. Yeah.”

“How did you get into this state?” Will asked, looking over Nico who was now perched on the edge of his bed.

“T-They’re drinking downstairs,” Nico’s words were still a little slurry.

“Why were you crying though?” Will asked. Nico didn’t want to tell him but the words started coming out anyway.

“I kissed Percy,” he said, and then tears filled his eyes again, “A-And he rejected me.”

“Shit.” Fuck what a fucking idiot, Will thought though he tried not to let his emotions show, if he had kissed me I would’ve been the happiest person in the world.

“S-Stop it,” Nico stuttered.

“Stop what?” Will asked.

“Stop thinking those things about me!” Nico yelled. Will frowned.

“Are you...are you reading my mind?!”

“I-I...,” Nico realised his mistake.

“What the fuck?!” Will demanded, “You said you wouldn’t do that anymore, what the fuck?!”

Nico felt sick and he was crying, and Will was angry with him, and Nico hated that more than anything ever. Oh God he heard all that. He heard me call him beautiful.

“Stop it!” Nico screamed.

You stop it!” Will yelled back, flushed, “Get out of my head.”

“No!” Nico snapped, “Don’t tell me what to fucking do.”

I’m in love with you stop doing this.

The thought made Nico flinch back, and Will knew that he heard, because his expression fell. Nico sniffled and his tears fell and the blond stared at him for a long, long moment, “F-Forget it,” he stuttered eventually, and collapsed on his own bed, wrapping himself up in his covers.

He’s in love with me, Nico realised and he sat on his bed, drunk and stunned. Slowly, emotions flooded him; he felt light suddenly, forgetting completely about Percy, and his heart fluttered, his body feeling with warmth. Oh my God. He thought about Will’s smile, his kindness, how safe he always made him feel. He thought about the way he always looked at Percy – he was handsome and exciting...but even his rejection didn’t make Nico feel as intense emotions as Will’s unwilling confession had.

He was happy, plain and simple.

Slowly and shakily Nico climbed off the bed and padded across the room. The world lurched to the side because Nico was still drunk and the boy stumbled and fell right on top of Will even though he hadn’t meant to.

“Oh, what the fuck?!” Will exclaimed and rolled, dragging Nico accidentally and trapping him between him and the wall. Their faces were all of a sudden only inches apart,  “What the hell is your-“ Will’s voice trailed off and without meaning to Nico listened to his thoughts. Oh God he’s so close. Fuck he’s so gorgeous. Why did I have to fall for him? Fuck, fuck, fuck...they stared at each other, and Nico couldn’t stop listening, his heart pounding, I want to kiss him, fuck.

“Do it,” Nico whispered shakily.

“S-Stop listening,” Will’s face was red. Nico reached out and grabbed Will’s face, clumsy and uncoordinated.

“Do it. Kiss me.”

“No,” Will said. You kissed Percy. You like Percy.

“No I don’t,” Nico growled, “I-I...,” his mind spun and he closed his eyes, “I can’t explain right now, but I’m drunk. And I wanna kiss you. And you make me happy so just...”

Will’s arm slid around his waist and he leaned forward. I can’t do this, the blond though and so Nico pushed himself forward, because he needed this, and he pressed their mouths together. He was still drunk and so the kiss was sloppy and uncoordinated, but Will’s mouth against his felt right – oh God, it felt so right – and there was no guilt or fear like there had been with Percy.

Nico pressed himself closer, and he gripped Will’s face as the blond’s lips moved against his, and he listened to his thoughts, just because he wanted to hear. Fuck, this is good...God, I want him. I want him so badly. I want him to be closer, when Will thought that he acted on it, and dragged Nico’s body up against his, I love you, he kept thinking, interwoven between his other thoughts.

It was all too much and Nico shut off his powers so he could just enjoy the feeling of Will touching and kissing him. Eventually they pulled apart, flushed and breathless. Nico felt dizzy, but warm and safe, “That was nice,” he whispered.

“Are you still reading my thoughts?” Will asked. Nico shook his head.

“No. I-I’m sorry...”

Will kissed him quickly, “It’s alright,” he murmured, “I forgive you. I love you. I’m sorry if that upsets you.”

Nico looked at him helplessly, “You make me so happy,” he admitted, then sniffled and buried his face in Will’s chest. The blond exhaled and kissed the top of his head.

“We’re gonna talk tomorrow. You need to sober up. You can sleep in my bed if you want,” Nico nodded against his chest, “I love you. Goodnight.”

“Love you,” Nico slurred.

All the pain of his power, all the pain he went through in his was worth it, just for this moment.

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Lukercy where Percy's a dom bottom and Luke a sub top it would be great. Basically Luke's tied to the bed and Percy has his way with him.
For Stories_of_the_Shadows 

Image result for hands tied gif

Two Cyclops’ walked into Luke’s cabin on the Princess Andromeda, shoving Percy Jackson between them.

“Get off me you ugly fuckers,” the boy swore at them but his arms were tied behind his back and the monsters were both taller and stronger than him, so when they shoved him forward he stumbled and almost fell.

“Ah,” Luke smiled, “Percy.”

“Hello, cunt,” the boy spat at him. Luke’s smile grew and he indicated that the Cyclops’ should release the Demigod, which they did grudgingly.

“He was found sneaking onto the ship with a girl and a satyr, Captain,” one of them barked. Luke inclined his head.

“And well done for your sharp eye and power in capturing them,” he said, “Where are the others?”

“In the holding cells,” one of the Cyclops’ growled, “But this one said he wanted to speak with you.”

“Yes. You can go, I’ll make sure he’s punished for standing with the Gods,” Luke said. The Cyclops’ snickered and left the room, slamming the door shut behind them. Luke stood up, walked over and locked it, “That should do it,” he said, turning to Percy.

The son of Poseidon shifted and dropped the rope that had been tied around his hands, and a smile appeared on his face, “Your people need to learn how to tie better knots, Castellan.”

Luke opened his arms and the boy tumbled into them, standing on his tiptoes so he could lean up for a kiss that Luke met him halfway for. They laughed against each other’s mouths, and exhilaration filled Luke; he hadn’t seen Percy in weeks and finally holding the boy he loved in his arms again felt amazing. They kissed each other with the passion and desperation of two lovers apart for too long, and Luke enclosed Percy in his arms.

“I missed you,” he murmured between kisses. Percy smiled against his mouth.

“Me too. So much that I let myself be captured.”

“Mhmm, I thought you might,” Luke said, brushing a piece of hair from Percy’s forehead, “the monster’s aren’t smart enough to ever catch you by themselves,” he frowned, “You got taller.”

“Not as tall as you,” Percy kissed him quickly but Luke couldn’t stop staring at him – he was a bit sweaty and dirty from the quest, his hair mussed and a little wet from the sea-breeze, but he was as stunning as ever.

Luke leaned down and kissed him again, and Percy slipped his arms around the man’s neck, walking backwards and pulling the blond with him, their mouths moving together perfectly. When Percy reached Luke’s bed, hidden behind a curtain that separated the room in two, he turned them around, so it was Luke who fell backwards against the pillows first, with Percy hurriedly climbing on top of him. The blond smiled, enjoying the comforting weight of the boy on top of him.

“I love you,” he said, and Percy bit his bottom lip playfully, “I love you so much.”

Luke’s hands slid underneath Percy’s shirt, slow and deliberate, and he wanted to memorise the feeling of the boy’s warm skin against his palms, so he could remember it for the next few, lonely weeks when Percy was gone. But the son of Poseidon wanted no gentle caresses and he roughly grasped the hem of Luke’s shirt, pulling it over his head before doing the same to his own shirt. They fell onto each other, hands pressing against muscle, mouths moving together.

Percy climbed off Luke briefly so both of them could shove off their trousers and underwear, their eyes never leaving each other. When Percy climbed back into Luke’s lap, he had two ties in his hand, and the son of Hermes had no idea where he had gotten them from.

Luke tried to reach for him, but the dark haired boy pushed his hands away, “None of that now,” he said. Luke smirked and let him tie each wrist to the headboard of the bed, not too hard, but successfully preventing Luke from moving, or touching Percy.

He leaned in to try and capture Percy’s lips, but the boy turned his head, teasingly dragging his lips along Luke’s jaw instead. The blond groaned and shifted, getting Percy to slip closer to him. His cock twitched in interest.

“You’re such a little shit,” Luke told the boy. Percy giggled and wrapped his arms around the blond’s neck once more, crashing their lips together in another heated kiss. Luke revelled in the softness of the other boy’s mouth and Percy slowly, deliberately rocked against him. Their semi-hard cocks barely brushed together, just enough to make the blond shiver. He would’ve complained if he wasn’t so busy kissing Percy...but quite frankly he was kind of enjoying this lack of control. He was the captain of this ship, a leader of the Titan rebellion, and to have no power for once was nice.

One of Percy’s hands danced down Luke’s chest playfully, tracing out his abs, and his mouth slipped from the son of Hermes’ and down his neck.

“I keep having dreams about you,” the boy murmured into Luke’s warm skin. The blond’s eyes fluttered shut and he hummed in pleasure, “About being with you like this,” his head popped up from Luke’s neck and he smiled, “and other stuff as well. Less pervy stuff,” he winked.

“Gods, you’re the devil,” Luke laughed. Percy reached down and without warning grasped Luke’s cock in his hand. The blond stuttered out a groan and arched up into the boy’s touch, “Fuck.”

“Hey,” Percy tutted, “No swearing,” he kissed the corner of Luke’s mouth and started stroking him slowly. The blond’s breath grew laboured and he tried to lean in to kiss Percy properly, but the ties on his hands kept him from doing so. The frustration only served to make him more aroused, and his cock twitched into full hardness under Percy’s skilled fingers.

“I don’t know how much time we have,” Luke gritted out, and then let out an involuntary moan when Percy brushed his thumb over the head of his cock. The dark haired boy smiled devilishly, dark hair tumbling into his mischievously sparkling eyes, “and your friends-“

“Shhh,” Percy murmured, “I don’t wanna talk about them,” his strokes grew faster and Luke threw his head back against the headboard, shaking.

“F-Fuck, Perce-,” he groaned when the boy let go of his dick suddenly, “You’re such a fucking tease.”

“Say please and I’ll let you come,” Percy said sweetly, and Luke knew what game he was playing at. The blond’s hips stuttered upwards and his cock rubbed against Percy’s stomach. The boy shifted away, “Nice try,” he said. Luke glared at him.

“Come here,” he said, low in his throat. Percy just grinned at him playfully and then climbed off Luke altogether. The blond let out an exasperated sigh, falling back against the headboard and following his naked lover with his eyes. He eagerly took in the soft curve of Percy’s ass and the strong edges of his shoulders.

He remembered when they first went to bed together; Luke was eighteen, angry and frustrated with the Gods and encountered Percy by accident while on a mission for Kronos. Percy was almost sixteen then, and despite being a brave Demigod, he was shaky and shy in bed, but eager. And now, almost a year later, the tables have turned; there was nothing but confidence in Percy as he sauntered over to Luke’s bedside table and pulled out a little bottle of lube and a condom. He held it up between two fingers like bait.

“Condom?” he asked. Luke gave him a look and Percy giggled as he walked back over to him and kissed his temple, throwing an arm around his shoulders, “What? I don’t know who you’ve been fucking when we were apart.”

Luke’s hands twisted in the ties and for a second he wished he was free so he could grab Percy and hold him close, “Don’t be stupid. You know I would never touch anyone but you.”

Percy pressed their foreheads together and kissed Luke lovingly, “I know, I was just teasing,” he danced away again and dropped the condom back into the cupboard and gracefully climbed back into Luke’s lap. He poured the lube over his fingers and Luke frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“Preparing myself,” Percy said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “It’s been like a month since we did it last time d’you think you can just stick it in me?”

Luke rolled his eyes, “Let me do it then.”

“No,” Percy smirked, “You can watch though.”

He reached behind himself and although Luke couldn’t see quite what he was doing, he knew the exact moment when the boy put the first digit inside himself because his brows furrowed and his mouth fell open slightly to let out a shaky breath. The muscles in his stomach tensed and his hard cock twitched against it, and Luke just wanted to touch him. He strained against his bindings.

“Fuck you,” he hissed.

“You will,” Percy smiled and a lock of hair tumbled into his eyes. He pushed another finger inside himself and a wet, squelching sound filled the room. The boy’s eyes fluttered shut and blood rushed to his cheeks as he let out little breathless moans. Luke hungrily took in all of his expressions, wanting to commit them to memory.

“Fuck, Percy,” he whispered. The boy shifted closer and kissed him, his free hand gripping the back of Luke’s neck as he continued to finger himself, hips stuttering upwards.

“Gods,” the dark haired boy bit his lip and let out a little whimper, “L-Luke.”

“You’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen in my life,” the blond told him in a hoarse voice, “I want to touch you. Fuck, Perce, let me touch you.”

The boy pulled his fingers out and wrapped both arms around Luke’s neck, pressing their bodies flush against each other. He kissed the blond, open-mouthed and wet, their tongues brushing together. It was slow and seductive, and Luke’s cock throbbed with the need to be inside Percy. But the boy didn’t seem to be in a hurry anymore as he kissed Luke all over his face and neck, stroking his hair. His kisses were sweet but the cock pressing against Luke’s own made the heat in his stomach unbearable.

“Come on, Percy,” Luke murmured.

“Convince me you want it,” Percy nibbled on Luke’s earlobe and the blond let out a low moan when the boy lubbed up his hand and gave the blond’s cock one long stroke.

“Fuck. You know I want it...I want you, Percy. I don’t know how much time we have so just please...,” Luke whispered, heatedly kissing Percy between words, “Please let me have you.”

“You do have me,” Percy said quietly, looking directly at Luke, his gaze intense and unwavering, “Always.”

He lifted himself up and, without warning, sunk down onto Luke’s cock, taking him inside himself. It was almost unbearably tight but Percy’s passage let Luke in without much resistance, as if his body was made for the blond’s cock. Luke threw his head back, clinging onto the ties around his wrists, and letting out a low, drawn out moan.

Percy panted against his neck, shoulders trembling, “Fuck, f-fuck, fuck...I forgot h-how big you are.”

Luke kissed the side of his head, pleasure building up inside his body as his cock was surrounded by Percy’s wet heat. The blond wanted to say something, anything, tell Percy how amazing he was or how much he loved him, but before he could the dark haired boy lifted himself up and slid back down onto his lover’s cock in one swift movement.

“Percy-,” Luke choked out, but he couldn’t string together a sentence because then Percy started riding him, as if he was born for it, and all Luke could do was moan.

Sweat beaded on Percy’s skin, and his eyes fluttered shut as little, stuttered moans spilled from the son of Poseidon’s mouth. One of his hands rested on Luke’s thigh so he could use it as leverage, and the other clung to Luke’s shoulder. The boy bounced in the son of Hermes’ lap, faster and faster, almost desperately, and Luke thought he was going to lose his mind.

“Gods,” he whispered, “Percy...f-fuck, untie me-“

Percy crashed their mouths together in a bruising kiss, whimpering against the blond’s lips, and he reached down to stroke his own cock in time with his movements. The room filled with the sloppy sounds of sex, and Luke felt his stomach knot – he knew he was going to explode soon, but he didn’t have to wait for Percy because then he came, splattering against the blond’s stomach.

“Fuck,” Luke gritted out, Percy whimpered, still kissing him, his insides clenching around the blond’s cock. Luke couldn’t hold back any longer and his member twitched inside the dark haired boy as he also orgasmed.

Percy slumped against him, gasping for air, his body soft and warm. Luke turned his head and kissed his hair and the side of his head, everywhere he could reach. Finally, after a few peaceful moments, the son of Poseidon climbed off Luke, his soft cock slipping out of him, and he undid the blond’s bindings.

Immediately Luke wrapped his arms around Percy, pulling the younger boy against him and kissing him fiercely, hands sliding all over his warm skin.

“I love you,” he whispered, “I love you, I love you, don’t go.”

“I have to,” Percy pressed their foreheads together and stroked Luke’s cheeks, “even though I don’t want to leave you.”

“Join the Titans,” Luke said desperately, “Percy please.”

“I can’t,” suddenly there were tears in Percy’s eyes, “You know I can’t. But Gods, I love you. So much.”

A commotion broke out somewhere above them, on the deck, and both the boys sighed, knowing what it meant. They got off the bed and put their clothes back on before kissing passionately, and way too quickly.

“You should punch me,” Luke said.

“No, I’ll just dose you in water,” Percy smiled a small, sad smile. The blond kissed his forehead.

“When will I see you again?”

“Soon, I promise,” Percy murmured, “It’s not hard to get ‘caught’ by your men.”

“Alright,” Luke sighed, “I love you, just remember that.”

“I love you too. Always.”

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Leo/Narcissus where 
Narcissus kidnaps Leo for revenge against someone (you can chose) and makes him his bride and a housewife and Leo can’t escape, at first Leo hates him but slowly starts to fall in love with narcissus and when the rest of the seven comes to save him Leo refuses to leave- you can choose what happens after. (*bottom Leo smut pls*)NARCISSUS FALLS IN LOVE WITH LEO TO AND THEY CONFESS TO EACH OTHER
for Lavora

Image result for forest gif

Leo cursed himself for ever believing that everything would turn out okay after the war with Gaia, as if the defeat of the Goddess would put an end to all his other problems. Spoiler alert – it didn’t.

It had been three weeks since the end of the Giant War, three weeks of peace and boredom and idleness that was beginning to grate on Leo’s nerves as he nervously anticipated something happening; the arrival of a new enemy, the destruction of another camp, another war. But every morning he woke up to a sunlit cabin full of his siblings...and nothing happened. It was enough that Leo’s anxiety after his ‘death’ began to fade and he started to pay less attention to his surroundings, actually believing that everything would be alright.

That’s when he decided to pounce.

There were a few things about Narcissus that Leo knew before and immediately after the hunter turned up at the doorstep of the Hephaestus cabin, the first one being that when your father is a river God (no matter how minor) and your mother’s a nymph, you can basically do anything, including kidnapping an unsuspecting Demigod right from his fucking bed. Narcissus had his connections; Hypnos meddled with the sleep of Leo’s siblings so none of them heard his muffled screams when a hand was slapped over his mouth and he was dragged out of his warm bed, and some of the other fuckers – probably Hermes – gave Narcissus the power to sneak through camp undetected, and once he was in the forest with a struggling Leo in his arms, the Latino lost the last of his chances because this was Narcissus’ mother’s domain...and his mother had a lot of sisters and cousins. Most of the Camp nymphs actually. How fucking convenient.

The second thing Leo learned about Narcissus, or rather realised much too late, was that the guy was not fucking dead. The Doors of Death were closed, Thanatos was back to his old job, the Gods were back to fucking about, and Narcissus still stayed on earth as if he had never left in the first place.

The third thing, and probably the most surprising, was that the hunter had somehow found it in himself to leave his pool and all of his doting nymphs to find Leo and exact revenge on him for stealing his favourite mirror.

Leo’s initial, panicked thoughts as magic vines wrapped around him and Narcissus threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, was that he was going to die. He was sure the hunter had taken him from the safety of his cabin so he could drag him to a dark ditch somewhere and bludgeon him to death or worse, torture him in some horrible way. As Leo was surrounded by dark forest, in an uncomfortable position, the worst came to mine and he would’ve screamed for help or used his powers but he couldn’t move. Goddamn nymphs and their magic.

Narcissus was silent, which was unlike him, and then out of nowhere he dropped Leo on the ground. The boy let out a muffled sound of pain as he landed painfully on his ass and looked around. In the darkness of the night all he saw was trees swaying in the wind, and a river glimmering in the moonlight nearby. They were outside camp borders, Leo could tell, and he shuddered, searching the darkness for some monster that would make a midnight snack out of him.

Narcissus stood calmly closeby, looking at a huge stone that resembled a cliff, protruding from among the trees. Leo took him in. He hadn’t seen the guy in months and Narcissus hadn’t changed much except he had swapped out his outdated toga into a pair of grey jeans and a white long sleeved button up shirt. A weird choice of clothing, though it still made Narcissus look fucking flawless. His wavy brown hair fell perfectly across his forehead, his forest-green eyes focused on the rock. He lifted his nicely muscled arms suddenly and whispered something under his breath and suddenly a beautiful nymph slid from the trees. Others followed and Leo watched, half in horror and half in surprise, as they danced around the rock. In front of his eyes a transformation began to happen. Bricks slipped out of the rock, layering themselves on the ground, he saw pillows, food, a fireplace, all slip from the earth and re-arrange themselves – and suddenly there was a perfect little cottage standing in front of Leo, build partially into the rock and surrounded by trees.

It was an old looking one, with a homey feel to it. It had only one floor with small, square windows in the stone it was built of. Vines snaked across the walls and up to the thatched roof, and through the glass Leo could see fire blazing in the fireplace. The nymphs held hands around the cottage and chanted something, and a protective ring of magic shone around the house for a second before fading away.

The nymphs disappeared and Narcissus turned to Leo, face impassive as he grabbed the Latino’s wrist and hauled him to his feet. The boy tried to protest and fight back but he still couldn’t move, and found himself being helplessly pushed inside the cottage.

The moment he stepped over the threshold the invisible bindings around him disappeared, the boy stumbled, gasping for air even though he had been breathing normally. Immediately he whirled on Narcissus.

“What the fuck?!” he demanded.

Narcissus pushed the door shut, “Gods, you’re loud.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Leo asked, “How can you just kidnap me out of my bed?! That’s illegal, you know! My dad’s gonna get proper pissed-“

“No, he won’t,” Narcissus smirked, which looked irritating on his perfect face. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at Leo, “Actually your father gave me free reign to do with you as I please.”

“W-What?” Leo’s voice faltered. Narcissus shrugged.

“Nemesis finally apologised for causing my death all those years ago, and gave me a promise to give me anything I want. I wanted to exact revenge on you, for pissing me off a few weeks ago,” his eyes narrowed, “the only thing Nemesis said I needed was your father’s permission. Hephaestus didn’t care much.”

Leo swallowed, “So out of all the things you could have in the world you chose me? Fuck, that’s a bit stupid,” Narcissus took a step towards him and immediately Leo took a scared step back. Because he was scared; there was nobody here to save him from this crazy guy, “What are you gonna do? Torture me? Please say you won’t torture me.”

“I won’t torture you,” Narcissus said, “I will humiliate you though, until you hate yourself and possibly me, though I can’t see that happening. Everyone loves me.”

“I certainly don’t,” Leo snorted, relaxed now that he was sure there’d be no pain involved, “So would you like to enlighten me on what your awesome humiliation plan is?”

Narcissus smirked, “I’m going to make you my bride.”

“Y-You what?!” Leo spluttered in shock. That clearly pleased Narcissus.

“No woman in history was ever good enough for me to marry, so it’s kind of ironic that someone as average and inadequate as you would be the one I finally take as my wife,” the words wouldn’t have stung if they didn’t come from someone as hot as Narcissus and Leo gritted his teeth to stop himself punching the guy in the face, “Instead of being the warrior you so badly seem to want to be, you will become my wife and housewife in this cottage,” he gestured around the room they were in – it was small with a fireplace and a wooden dining table, dried herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling. Two doors led off to what Leo assumed were the bedrooms and the bathroom, and he had to admit the place had a picturesque, fairy-tale-y look to it.

“You want me to be your housewife?” Leo asked slowly.

“No,” Narcissus said immediately, glaring, “I don’t want that. I don’t care for you being here, but it will bring me immense pleasure to see you suffer.”

“I don’t see how this will make me suffer,” Leo crossed his arms over his chest, determined to piss Narcissus off enough to make the hunter change his mind about this whole insane idea. However he had the opposite of the desired effect because Narcissus just gave him an infuriating smile and walked over to a chest in the corner that Leo hadn’t noticed before. He opened it and out of it he pulled out...a silky nightdress. Leo let out a little shocked giggle, “You’re joking me.”

“No, I’m serious,” Narcissus held out the dress – it was a light pink colour and looked like liquid. It also looked small and sheer, “Put it on.”

“No,” Leo said, “You’re insane.”

Narcissus was in front of him suddenly, a hunting knife in his hand, “Put it on,” he growled, all traces of amusement having left his voice as he pressed the blade to Leo’s stomach. The boy swallowed uneasily and forgot how to breathe, “This is my revenge, you’re my prisoner, and you will do as you’re told.” Leo held up his hand and summoned the fire inside himself, but nothing happened. Narcissus’ eyes narrowed, “Don’t even try that,” he hissed, pressing the knife harder against Leo and making him squeak, “Your powers don’t work here, the nymphs’ magic ensures that, as well as ensuring that you can’t leave the cottage.”

“What is wrong with you?” Leo whispered, afraid.

“You shouldn’t have pissed me off,” there was anger in Narcissus’ eyes that a moment ago looked mossy green and now looked poisonous. Leo swallowed again and shakily took the stupid nightdress from the brunet. The hunter seemed satisfied and he stepped away, the knife dissolving into thin air. He looked at Leo expectantly.

“Well can you at least turn around?” Leo demanded, face burning red.

“No,” Narcissus said, “Change.”

Leo huffed and he turned around, so his back was to Narcissus, though that just made him more self-conscious. He had never changed in front of anyone but his siblings and he was sure that Narcissus would have a right laugh about his appearance. Still, there was nothing Leo could do. Face burning, the Latino lifted the t-shirt he slept in over his head and threw it on the floor before hurriedly pulling on the nightdress and shrugging out of his shorts. It felt silky against his naked skin, but it barely covered anything.

“Turn around,” Narcissus said. Leo was blushing and the hunter had been right; he was ashamed. He slowly turned around, staring at the floor and wanting to cry. He could feel Narcissus’ eyes sliding over him, assessing, “Hmm,” he said after a second, “you’re so scrawny and yet your hips and butt are curvy like a girl’s.”

“S-Shut up,” Leo stuttered and hugged himself in a feeble attempt to hide himself from Narcissus’ scrutinizing gaze. The hunter laughed,

“Don’t worry I’m only doing this to humiliate you and trust me I take no pleasure in seeing you wearing that. You look awful.”

“Fantastic,” Leo spat, “Can I go now?”

“No,” Narcissus cocked his head to the side, hair tumbling into his eyes, “You’re going to stay here as long as I like.”

“Fuck you,” Leo growled. Narcissus, looking like he couldn’t care less, strode over to one of the doors and pushed it open.

“Come along now,” he said and Leo grudgingly followed him, giving the front door a longing look. He found himself in an even smaller room, with a double bed between a wall and a wardrobe. One of the free walls had a large shelf of books on it and the other, surprisingly, a flat screen TV.

“Did you design this place?” Leo asked in distaste.

“No,” Narcissus said, “If I had I would’ve put two beds...all the better though, you can sleep on the floor.”

“I’m not a dog!” Leo whirled around and glared at him. Narcissus looked at him.

“’re not. You’re my wife now, so I suppose you have to sleep in my bed.”

Leo recoiled, “I’ll take the floor.”

Narcissus smirked, “That’s what I thought.”

Exhaustion caught up with Leo and moments later he was curled up on the floor in this dark room, listening to the wind beating at the windows, and wondering how the fuck he’d get out of this situation. He had virtually become a prisoner – and a wife – of a thousand year old hunter, who hated him. At least Narcissus had given him a pillow and a blanket, though that didn’t make the floor any more comfortable.


Narcissus sat in the park, enjoying the breeze in his hair. It felt refreshing to be alive again, and amazing not to have to stare at himself for eternity. Contrary to popular belief Narcissus wasn’t actually in love with himself; sure, he thought he was way too good-looking for most – actually any – people and that he was awesome, but the whole pond-staring-until-you-starve thing was all Nemesis’ fault. So now, that Narcissus was in theory free of himself, he decided to enjoy it.

The autumn day was sunny but chilly and Narcissus leaned back on the bench as he watched children race around Central Park, pleased with life. That’s when Hermes suddenly appeared next to him.

“Long time no see,” the God said casually. Narcissus sighed.

“What do you want?”

“Oi, don’t be rude,” Hermes scolded, “I came to check up on the whole Valdez situation.”

“There’s no situation,” Narcissus said quietly.

“I know that part of the agreement was that the Gods can’t look into the cottage,” Hermes rolled his eyes, tapping his staff on the ground in annoyance, “But we’re all curious. How did he react to the whole plan?”

“None of your business,” Narcissus scoffed, remembering how embarrassed and flushed Leo had been when he made him wear the nightdress. It was totally worth it, “He’s mine now.”

“Oh, is he?” Hermes winked and nudged Narcissus suggestively. The brunet batted his hand away,

“Fuck off,” he said, “I’m not going to have sex with him, if that’s what you’re suggesting.”

Hermes shrugged and looked at the trees, “He’s still a virgin, you know. You could teach him a thing or two.”

“Shut up,” Narcissus barked, “I don’t need advice from you.”

“Sure, sure,” Hermes stood up and dusted himself off, “Well I’m back to Olympus then. Don’t break the boy, please.”

And then he was gone. Somehow the sunshine in the park seemed dimmer and Narcissus huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, annoyed. Now that the heat of the moment had passed he wondered what he was doing. He had a Demigod trapped in a cottage in the woods, wearing a girl’s pj’s, and doing what? He had left that morning and told Leo to make dinner and clean the house and then he had thought it was funny...not so much anymore. It wasn’t that he felt bad, or regretted it, but he wondered if maybe torture would’ve been a better option to exact his revenge.

Narcissus let out an angry huff and stood up from the bench. He made for the woods, hands shoved into his pockets. He should be pleased and content, and yet he found that Leo was making him agitated instead. The moment Narcissus was among the trees he pictured his cottage and suddenly he was among the trees of the forest by Camp Half Blood. That was thanks to his mother; he could teleport in any wood thanks to her, and so he found himself standing outside the cottage only moments later.

The moment he walked in there was a frying pan flying at his head. Only his quick reflexes made him duck out of the way in time, and the pan slammed against the front door.

“What the-,” the brunet gaped at Leo, who was still in his nightdress, standing on the table and glaring at Narcissus.

“There’s no knives,” he snapped.

“Were you going to stab me?!” Narcissus demanded. The Demigod’s eyes narrowed.

“Maybe,” he reached down and grabbed another frying pan from a pile by his feet and aimed. Narcissus threw himself forward and wrapped an arm around the boy’s waist, hauling him off the table and forcing him to let go of the pan. Leo was as light as a feather.

“Let go!” the Demigod yelled, beating feebly at Narcissus’ back. The hunter pulled him into the bedroom and threw him on the ground. The boy groaned in pain and the hunter reached beneath his bed to pull out a rope, shoving Leo back down when he tried to wriggle away, “Stop it!” the Demigod was flushed, eyes sparkling with anger, “Let go of me you fucker!”

Narcissus seized his wrist in his hand and wrapped the rope around it. Leo struggled but he was too weak and skinny and Narcissus was much too strong for him, and he easily tied the other end of the rope to one of the bedpost’s. When he stepped away Leo immediately tried to undo the knot on his wrist, but it held strong. Narcissus smirked.

“What?!” Leo demanded, “You’re gonna keep me here on the floor like some dog?!”

“Yes,” Narcissus said, satisfied.

“It’s cold,” Leo complained. Narcissus leaned over him and grabbed his face roughly in his hand, pleased when the Latino flinched, eyes widening.

“You should’ve started a fire then, aren’t you good at that?” Narcissus said quietly. Leo pulled his face free, his eyes dark with anger.

“Fuck you,” he whispered, “My friends will come find me, you know.”

“I’m sure they will,” Narcissus rolled his eyes and walked out into the main room, slamming the bedroom door shut. He could’ve made food, but he didn’t feel like it, so instead he sat at the table and took out his laptop, scrolling through his Tumblr fanpage before ordering pizza. He contemplated whether he should even give any to Leo.


“I’m tired of takeaway,” Leo said, after a week of being tied to Narcissus’ bed. He was exhausted, his bones ached, and he couldn’t sleep another night on the cold, hard floor.

“Well I’m not going to cook for you,” Narcissus snorted from the bed, where he was clicking away on his laptop. Leo slumped against the bed, wondering when the fuck this would end.

“I’ll cook, just fucking untie me,” he said. Narcissus looked down at him.

“So you can throw another frying pan at me? I don’t think so,” he said, “Besides, I don’t understand how you could even do that to someone as good looking as me. You could’ve fucked up my face.”

“You’re not that hot, chill,” Leo rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah, cause you’re better?”

Leo glared at him, “Whatever. You’re not my type anyway.”

“Oh please, I’m everyone’s type,” Narcissus said. Leo gritted his teeth because, actually, Narcissus was exactly his type, and that’s what was so annoying. The brunet sighed suddenly and slammed his laptop shut, “Fine,” he got off the bed, “You can make dinner. I’m hungry,” he undid the knot on the bed and then pulled Leo along by the rope, into the kitchen.

“I can only make tacos,” Leo said.

“Whatever that is, make it,” Narcissus said.

Half an hour later they were sitting by the table, a huge plate of chicken tacos in front of them. Somehow the little fridge hidden in one of the cupboards in the kitchen magically had everything Leo needed to cook, so he prepared the meal with Narcissus watching over him and criticising his every move, though now the brunet sat next to Leo and happily ate the food.

“Do you like it?” Leo asked, and then blushed and quickly said, “Not that I care. You can choke on that taco.”

Narcissus looked at him, “They’re good tacos, wife.”

“Don’t fucking call me that,” Leo growled. Narcissus smirked.

“Is this the first time you’ve cooked for someone?”

“I-I...,” Leo swallowed, “And what if it is?”

“I’m flattered,” Narcissus teased. Leo shoved a taco in his mouth.

“Gods I hwate ywu,” he said, and swallowed the food, “so, you spent all this time staring at your reflection in a pond?”

“Yes,” Narcissus sighed, “It was quite boring now that I think about it.”

“How was death then?” Leo picked out a piece of tomato out of his taco and popped it into his mouth. Narcissus face changed then and the amusement disappeared from his face, and a darkness seemed to take its place. Leo almost felt bad for asking.

“Dark,” Narcissus said quietly, “Lonely.”

Leo’s heart clenched when he remembered his brief death. It was depressing, “I know what you mean,” he murmured, for a second lost in his own memories.

“How can you know what I mean?” Narcissus snapped, “You’ve never been to the Fields of Asphodel.”

“No, but I did die,” Leo said, and the hunter’s head snapped to look at him in shock. Leo didn’t really want to elaborate, he had never spoke to anyone about what dying was like. But Narcissus was looking at him with a surprising softness, as if gently prompting Leo to speak. The Latino looked down at his lap and his hands, twisting together, a rope still around one of his wrists, “It was cold. And dark. And it felt like I’d never be warm again,” he cleared his throat, “Only for a moment though. I can’t imagine it lasting for hundreds of years.”

“It didn’t feel that long,” Narcissus said. They looked at each other for a moment, forest green eyes meeting chocolate brown ones with such intensity that Leo’s heart started pounding. The Latino looked away and cleared his throat.

“Do you have some kind of nickname? Like Narci or Sissi?”

“That’s it,” Narcissus stood up and tugged on his rope, “Back on the floor.”


For the next two weeks life continued in a way Narcissus never expected it to. He went out each day to learn more and more about the modern world and when he came home he would untie Leo from the bed and the boy would cook and then help Narcissus get to grips with the internet. They even started watched a few movies, though Leo always got annoyed because he’d have to explain things to Narcissus every few minutes.

It was nice, having someone always there. Narcissus’ life was always a lonely one, though the hunter assumed he had no one to blame but himself. When he first took Leo he decided to only keep him around for a fortnight and then send him back. He only wanted to shake the boy up a bit...but now he couldn’t bear to even think about going back to the cottage without Leo there.

He was in New York one afternoon, walking along the streets and admitting the buildings climbing towards the steely sky, when the snow fell. It was fast, unexpected, and startling. Anxious, Narcissus went back to Central Park and walked into the forest, wanting to get back to the cottage. He wandered among the trees for ages and ages, and his home didn’t appear. Narcissus grew fearful and he tried to call his mother but she didn’t come.

The nymphs had gone to sleep now that winter was upon them. Narcissus had no power to teleport through the forest without them. Leo, he thought, helpless, and reached for his phone. But Leo had no phone. Narcissus groaned. Why am I worried? He thought and started slowly walking through the park. And then he walked faster. And then he was running.

By the time he arrived at the cottage the snow was up to his knees and night had fallen, and the cottage was dark. Narcissus felt panic bubbling up inside of him as he threw himself at the door and into the cottage.

Leo was on the floor in the dark, freezing bedroom, curled up into a ball, shivering. He sat up when he heard Narcissus walk in, and the nightdress he wore suddenly seemed too thin and flimsy.

“Where were you?!” Leo demanded, hugging himself, and Narcissus stared, his heart clenching, “Where the fuck were you?!”

“I couldn’t teleport. I had to take a taxi,” Narcissus said, and then hurried over to Leo, “Shit you’re shaking-,” he went to touch the boy but Leo flinched away.

“F-Fuck off, a-asshole,” his teeth clattered, “I-I’ve been here f-for hours-“

“I know, I know,” he grabbed Leo’s arm and pulled him to his feet. The boy sneezed and shuddered and Narcissus hurriedly undid the knot of the rope on his wrist. He winced when he saw that the skin underneath was red and irritated. And suddenly he was sorry. He was so, so sorry, “I need to warm you up,” he said.

“I’m fine,” Leo grumbled and went to sit back down. Narcissus pulled off his coat and then the flannel he had on underneath and wrapped it around Leo’s shoulders, pulling him against his chest like a little bundle.

“No you’re not,” the hunter whispered, “Leo, you’re fucking shaking come on before you catch a cold.”

“N-No I-I’m f-fine d-down t-there.”

Forcefully Narcissus pulled Leo to the bed, dumping him underneath the covers before shoving off his shoes and climbing in himself, “No,” Leo protested, pressing a hand against Narcissus’ chest, “I-I don’t need t-this, I-I don’t need y-you...,” he was a little hysterical and Narcissus’ heart ached. He pulled the Latino against his chest and held him close.

The Demigod slumped against him and finally relaxed, exhaling against the hunter’s shoulder. Narcissus stroked his hair, his stomach twisting, and he didn’t know why but suddenly he wanted desperately to protect the boy.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, though it took a lot to get over his pride and said that, “I’m sorry for tying you up and leaving you here in the cold. I got back as fast as I could. Please just don’t die. Don’t die, please.”

“I’m not gonna die,” Leo pulled away and craned his head up to look at Narcissus and there was a little smile on his face, “Careful or I’ll think you care.”

“Your lips are blue,” Narcissus whispered, and his hands slipped upwards to cup the boy’s cheeks. The Latino didn’t push him away, to the hunter’s surprise, instead snuggling up against his palms. His cheeks were cold. The hunter leaned down and kissed him.

His lips were cold. Very cold.

“What are you doing?” Leo pulled away, staring at Narcissus with big eyes.

“Your lips are blue,” Narcissus said. He felt dizzy and unlike himself and when he against leaned down to kiss the Latino, there was no resistance.

“You’re so warm,” Leo whispered, snuggling up against Narcissus.

The kiss turned rough and passionate and Narcissus forcefully pressed Leo up against himself, slipping an arm around his waist, the other still holding the boy’s face. Narcissus slipped his tongue inside Leo’s mouth and the boy’s own tongue came to tangle with his, surprisingly warm. Leo moaned against his lips and a shock of pleasure went through the hunter. He didn’t understand why though. He had never been even remotely attracted to anyone and yet now he found himself growing hard from this one, stupid, cold Demigod.

“You warm now?” Narcissus asked, pulling away. Leo’s eyes were sleepy and dark with lust and his hands slipped into the hunter’s hair.

“No,” he murmured. Narcissus pressed his mouth to the boy’s neck, pushing his flannel aside, his cheek brushing against the silky material of the nightdress the boy was still wearing underneath. He rolled on top of him, pressing the boy down into the bed and kissing down his neck and collarbone, slipping the strap of the nightdress off his shoulder to kiss it. He wanted to kiss everywhere, make sure every inch of Leo’s skin was warm and that he was safe.

And Leo just let him, fingers buried in Narcissus’ locks, chest rising with every heavy breath. Narcissus pushed his nightdress upwards, pressing his mouth against the soft skin of Leo’s stomach. He felt the muscle there shift as Leo tensed, and could feel his erection pressing up against him.

He slipped upwards so he and Leo were face to face and the boy looked at him with peculiar trust that Narcissus hadn’t expected. He hadn’t expected any of this, to be honest.

“Come on,” Leo’s legs wrapped around his waist and he reached up to tug on Narcissus’ shirt until the hunter pulled it over his head, “Just do it.”

Leo barely let Narcissus prepare him, and normally the hunter wouldn’t care about more than just feeling pleasure himself but this time it was different...this time it wasn’t casual sex with some nymph or minor goddess that Narcissus had no interest in, but with someone he thought he might actually care for.

What a stupid thought, Narcissus told himself as he slid inside the boy.

Leo was quiet and shivered, and the erratic breaths of the two boys filled the small room, and when Narcissus looked on the boy underneath him he suddenly saw him in a completely different way that before – or rather in a way he hadn’t let himself accept – the silky nightgown slipping off of him was erotic, his flushed cheeks beautiful, his half-lidded, dark eyes arousing. Narcissus gathered him up in his arms and pulled him close, suddenly just wanting to hold him close and kiss him. The boy’s legs tightened around him and his body pulled Narcissus’ deeper inside him.

Leo let out little breathless moans, quiet even though he clung onto Narcissus for dear life. The hunter liked that, liked that it seemed that Leo needed him.

When they finished and cleaned up Narcissus was kind of scared, because he found that having Leo fall asleep in his arms, soft and sleepy like a cat, his back to Narcissus’ chest, was something he liked and could find himself getting used to. Gods, I hope I’m not falling in love, Narcissus thought as he subconsciously stroked Leo’s forehead and kissed his shoulder every few moments. He had never loved anyone but himself. He felt too awake to sleep, his body thrumming with energy. There were words pressing against his lips, words that he didn’t quite know, that he wanted desperately to tell Leo.

In the end he stayed silent.


Leo woke up in the morning, warm and comfortable unlike his other mornings, wrapped up in Narcissus arms. It wasn’t something he ever thought would happen...he never thought they’d have sex either. And yet last night seemed wonderful, at least to him.

Which was weird. Really fucking weird. He was supposed to hate Narcissus more now for kidnapping him, and not like him. Leo’s head was a mess as he watched winter sunlight stream in through the window. It stopped snowing but it was still cold. Leo snuggled closer to Narcissus.

“You really are like a cat,” the hunter said and Leo jumped, looking up.

“Shit I thought you were asleep,” he said. Narcissus looked down at him with tired green eyes, and Leo had to sit up and look away, because it was a little too much, “So, can I go now?” he asked.

Narcissus snorted, “No.”

Leo whirled on him, “What?!” he demanded.

“What you think just because we had sex that I’m just going to let you go all of a sudden?” the hunter asked, slipping out of bed and getting dressed. Leo gaped at him.

“But...but...,” he tried to find words, “But surely you’re over your whole petty revenge thing? I mean you fucked me for Gods’ sake!”

“Yeah,” Narcissus shrugged, putting on his shoes, “What if I wanna do it again? Can’t just let you skip off.”

Leo jumped from bed and punched Narcissus weekly in the chest, “Fuck you,” he yelled, “I’m never letting you touch me again!”

Narcissus threw a hoodie and sweatpants at him, “Get dressed so you don’t freeze again,” and just like that he walked out, slamming the door. Leo was left in the middle of the room, alone.

He burst into tears, collapsing onto the bed. Guilt and disgust washed over him and all of a sudden he felt used, like some kind of prostitute. He didn’t know what he had expected but freedom was definitely something he thought Narcissus would return to him after this. After all Leo wouldn’t just fuck him for no reason, he had feelings for the guy, for fuck’s sake, why couldn’t Narcissus see that?!

Leo stopped crying after a while, wiping his cheeks, and threw some stuff around the room in frustration before changing into the clothes the hunter had given him. That’s when the knock on the door came – or more like the pounding. The Latino, not thinking much of it and expecting it to be Narcissus, threw it open-

And he came face to face with Hazel, Jason and Piper.

“Leo!” they all exclaimed and launched themselves at the boy, almost tackling him backwards.

“Oh,” Leo was the fact he didn’t feel relief at seeing his friends. Just a bit of confusion, “Hi guys.”

“What the hell happened?!” Jason demanded.

“Uh...long story,” Leo laughed.

Piper shook her head in disbelief, “We didn’t notice you were gone for ages, or we would’ve come sooner,” she admitted. Leo swallowed.

It had been over three weeks. They hadn’t noticed that he was gone for three weeks, “O-Oh right.”

“So what happened?” Hazel prompted, “You just suddenly disappeared.”

“I...uh...met Narcissus.”

“Narcissus?!” the girl spluttered, “I thought he was dead.”

Leo leaned against the doorframe, “Well, he’s not. We’re kind of a thing...I guess...,” that was a lie. He and Narcissus weren’t a thing, and he had no idea why he said that.

Jason and Piper exchanged a look, “Oh...shit...well...”

“You’re coming back to camp though, right?” Hazel demanded. Leo blinked. Up until they he thought he was a prisoner (which he still was) and that he wanted to escape and go back home. And yet now he didn’t know...he didn’t want to disappear without a word to Narcissus because honestly the thought of never seeing him again was painful.

“No. Not yet anyway,” Leo said.

“But...,” Piper faltered, “But what do you mean? We need you – the Hephaestus cabin is going crazy and there’s so many repairs to be done-“

“I’m not your mechanic,” Leo snapped, suddenly angry because his friends cared about the wrong things. He always felt like an outsider in the seven, now more than ever, “I’m in love with him so leave us alone, I’ll come back when I feel like it.”

It wasn’t until the three had left did Leo realise what he had said. I’m in love with him. He spent the rest of the day curled up in bed, mulling over how fucked up he was for falling for his kidnapper. He felt sick, so he went to the bathroom and vomited, and then stood in the shower for about an hour, letting hot water cascade over him, before going back to bed.

He fell asleep and his dreams were dark and distorted, and Narcissus was there, always out of reach.

When Leo woke up it was dark and there was a fire buzzing in the fireplace. Narcissus was sitting on the bed next to Leo and must’ve been stroking his hair, though he quickly snatched his hand back.

“Did you eat?” he asked.

Leo twisted around and looked away from him, his eyes prickling with tears again. His heart ached just from looking at the hunter. Of course Narcissus didn’t really want him – why would he?

“Are you giving me the silent treatment?” Narcissus asked.

“Piss off,” Leo grumbled.

Narcissus was quiet for a while, before, “Who came earlier?”


“There were footprints in the snow,” Narcissus’ voice was impassive, “Who came?”

“My friends,” Leo said. Narcissus was quiet again for a few moments.

“And...and you’re still here?”

Leo squeezed his eyes shut, trying to fight his tears, there was no point lying though, “I thought I wanted to leave but now...,” he trailed off.

Suddenly there were fingers carding through his curls gently. Leo relaxed against the pillows. Idiot, idiot, idiot, he told himself, but couldn’t bring himself to pull away from Narcissus’ hand. The hunter continued to caress him softly, down his back, all loving and careful, and Leo didn’t know why. It lulled him into a half-sleep though, so he was barely aware of anything but Narcissus’ warm touch when the hunter spoke again.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Leo was too tired to be shocked by the words, “Okay.”

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Narcissus sounded annoyed, “I’ll have you know that I’ve never loved anyone else before. You should be fucking honoured-“

Leo sat up abruptly and crashed his lips against Narcissus’, silencing his grumbling.

“Shut up,” the Latino whispered feverishly, choking on a sob, “J-Just shut up.”

“Gods, are you crying?” Narcissus asked, and a smile appeared on his face, “never thought I’d make you cry.”

“Now you’re going to tell me that you only said that you’re falling for me for revenge,” the Latino pulled away. Narcissus frowned.

“I’m not. I meant it,” he reached out and took Leo’s hand, “I...I thought about yesterday. You can go back to Camp Half Blood if you want.”

Leo swallowed, “You’re giving me my freedom back.”

Narcissus sighed, “In a sense you always had your freedom. I lied about the door thing and you never checked. You could’ve always left.”

“You tied me to your bed,” Leo deadpanned. Narcissus smiled and reached up to stroke his cheek.

“Yeah. I got a bit carried away. Didn’t want you leaving after all.”

“Good, because I’m not,” Leo whispered, “This place is close to Camp, isn’t it? I can go about my day and come back here, to you at night and-“

“That sounds perfect,” Narcissus admitted, a soft smile on his handsome face. Leo smiled back.

Chapter Text

Nico and Will - where Nico loves the sounds Will makes during sex, so he decides to play a little game where Will has to wear a butt plug around all day that Nico can control. And he wants to see how many times he can get Will to moan (or some other noise). And then at the end, he rewards/punishes Will by topping him.
For Jasnana

Image result for gay porn gif tumblr

“Gods, I love you sounds you make,” Nico whispered, thrusting into Will. The bed shook as did the Son of Apollo, flushed and gasping for air.

“S-Shut up,” he moaned, mouth falling open in a sweet little ‘O’ shape, “You k-know I can’t help i-it.”

It was only recently that Nico had gotten up the courage to top Will, even though as had long ago matched him in height, and had gotten a lot more muscular than the medic. He was no longer the scrawny fourteen year old, and at eighteen he was surprised to find that he was stronger than Will. Still, he had hesitated with this – with asking to fuck Will. It was a shock to find how well this new arrangement worked though; Nico liked having control over Will, and loved seeing and hearing him fall apart, and Will seemed content being fucked every night by his boyfriend, even though he wasn’t quite used to it yet.

Nghhh, fuck,” he whined now, one hand twisting in the sheets, the other digging into Nico’s shoulder. The son of Hades grinned and thrust into the blond particularly hard, “Nico!” the boy cried out, his legs tightening around Nico’s waist.

“You sound like a pornstar,” the Italian said, slowing down his thrusts teasingly. Will opened his eyes, which were darker than normal, his eyelids heavy. He blushed.

“N-Not my fault you have a big dick,” he said, then bit his lip and whimpered, “F-Fuck, I c-can’t. I’m gonna come soon.”

Nico didn’t think he’d ever tire of hearing those noises spill from Will’s swollen lips. He never made them before, when he used to fuck Nico, and when he still occasionally did it their sex was quieter, full of whispered names and gasping breaths. Softer. Now, like this, it was different. Nico leaned down now and kissed Will briefly.

“I love you,” he said, reaching down to grasp his cock, “So come.”

They laid in bed later, wrapped up in each other’s arms, face to face, impossibly close. It was late, but they weren’t sleeping yet. After sex they always did this, just looked at each other and enjoyed each other’s warmth. That’s when Nico finally decided to pitch his idea to Will.

“So...tomorrow there’s the Councillor meeting,” he said.

“Mhmm,” Will hummed in agreement. His curls looked impossibly soft in the moonlight.

“I was wondering if you’d want to play a game.”

Will frowned, “What game?” he asked, “it better not be one of your pervy ones.”

Nico grinned, “It might be.”

“No,” Will said. Nico kissed him quickly.

“Come on. It’ll be fun,” he pulled Will close and the blond stayed quiet, so Nico continued, “We didn’t really have time to use that vibrating butt-plug Piper got us for Valentine’s day.”

Will gaped at him, “Don’t tell me you want me to wear it during the Councillor’s meeting?!”

“That is exactly what I want you to do,” the Italian murmured, kissing Will again softly.

“But...that’s embarrassing,” Will grumbled.

“It’ll be fun,” Nico promised, “I wanna see if you can keep all those sounds you make back.”

Will slapped his arm, “Shut up about the sounds already! I told you I can’t do anything about them. They just come out.”

“Will they come out during the Councillor’s meeting?” Nico asked, wriggling his eyebrows. He could see Will’s resolve weakening and the boy bit his lip and grinned. Nico grinned back.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see.”


“It feels weird to walk around with it,” Will complained as he and Nico walked between the cabins in the sunshine, heading for the Big House.

“It’s not even turned on yet,” Nico said, stroking Will’s hand. The blond glared at him.

“You’re not the one with a butt plug up their ass,” he grumbled. Nico grinned and kissed him quickly.

“You’ll enjoy this, I promise.”

They were the last to arrive and already the councillors were sitting around the table, bickering, with Chiron uselessly trying to calm them down. Nico and Will took their places at the table, sitting opposite each other. The blond was visibly uncomfortable, shifting in his chair, and he looked up to glare at Nico occasionally.  

“All I’m saying is that the Hermes kids didn’t steal your shit!” Conor Stoll yelled.

“Conor language,” Chiron chided, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Well who the hell else would take an entire robot?!” Leo demanded, furious, “You probably took poor Libby apart and sold her parts on EBay!”

“Who the hell calls a robot Libby?” Clarisse snorted.

“Oi, stay out of this,” Leo snapped. The fight continued, and more of the Councillors got dragged into it until the noise in the room grew so much that Nico couldn’t hear his own thoughts. He decided that that was the perfect moment to torture his boyfriend a bit.

Slyly Nico pulled the little remote that came with the butt plug out of his pocket and turned the settings on to one. The good thing about this particular butt plug was that it made no noise when it vibrated, not that it mattered, because it was so loud in the room that probably nobody would hear a grenade go off.

Nico didn’t need to hear anything though, because he saw Will’s facial expression, though nobody else noticed. The blond tensed and his mouth fell open, eyes widening. Blood rose to his cheeks and he looked at Nico pleadingly and shook his head. The Italian grinned and watched, pleased, as the blond squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip.

“Will,” Annabeth snapped suddenly and the blond’s eyes flew open, “What do you think?”

“A-About what?” the boy asked shakily, voice all breathy.

“Haven’t you been listening?” Clarisse demanded, “We’re proposing a ban on the Hermes cabin!”

“This is stupid,” Conor scoffed.

“L-Let’s not,” Will said.

“You’re all red,” Piper frowned, “Are you okay?” she reached for him but the boy flinched away.

“I’m fine,” he squeaked, “I just don’t feel too well.”

“You can go back to bed if you feel ill, Will,” Chiron said. The blond swallowed and shook his head.

“No, it’s fine.”

Fortunately for him the meeting finished quickly and soon all of the Councillors and Chiron started filtering out. Will and Nico were at the end, and that’s when the Italian turned the setting of the plug to two. There were still two more levels but already Will flinched and whirled around, staring at Nico with wide eyes. The door slipped shut after the last Councillor and suddenly Will was pressing himself up against his boyfriend.

“N-Nico,” he choked out, and the Italian could feel his erection against his thigh. It sent a thrill of pleasure through him, “Fuck, please...,” he moaned, and Nico kissed him, sloppy and open mouthed.

“Come on,” Nico winked and pulled away and Will whined.


An hour and a half later Will was well into his normal business at the medical bay and except for his flushed cheeks and shaky hands he looked quite normal and nobody would’ve suspected he had a vibrating butt plug inside himself. Nico knew this because he was perched on one of the beds, watching his boyfriend closely as he worked.

He waited until the only person in the bay was an Aphrodite girl who accidentally cut her finger, when he turned the butt plug onto its third setting. Will cried out, loud and surprised, and stumbled forward against the wall.

“Will!” the Aphrodite girl exclaimed, alarmed, “Are you okay?”

Nico stood up and turned his boyfriend to him, “Hey, you alright Will?” he asked. The blond trembled against him, his breathing hard and laboured.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the blond whispered feverishly against Nico’s ear, gripping onto his arm, “T-Turn it off...p-please...,” his thighs shook and his fingers dug into Nico’s muscle. The Italian smirked and kissed the side of the boy’s head before turning to the Aphrodite girl,

“He’s alright, he just feels a bit ill.”

“Oh,” the girl smiled, “Okay then, I’m going to go. Thanks, Will.”

When she was gone Will threw himself at Nico and started kissing him heatedly and desperately. The Italian’s cock twitched in arousal and he pulled the boy close, his hand sliding down to the boy’s ass and pressing against the butt plug, pushing it deeper inside the blond. Will’s back arched and he moaned loudly, clinging onto Nico.

“Not yet,” the Italian stepped away, and as much as he wanted to fuck Will then, he stopped himself. Will slumped against the wall, gasping and shaking, and his hand slipped between his own legs, “No,” Nico slapped his hand away, “None of that.”

“I hate you,” Will whimpered, but he stopped touching himself.


Nico sat at the Hades table in the dining pavilion with Hazel, watching the Apollo table carefully. Will was tense and not eating, and his eyes were heavy lidded, cheeks red. Every few moments he’d shift, subconsciously grinding his ass against the bench.

“I don’t even wanna know what kind of game you two are playing,” Hazel said, sighing. Nico grinned.

“Don’t worry.”

He reached into his pocket and, eyes trained firmly on his boyfriend, he turned the butt plug to maximum. Will’s hand came to slap against his mouth, his other one tugging his shirt over his crotch. He looked at the Italian helplessly, and then struggled to his feet and, ignoring the questioning of his siblings, he stumbled to Nico. The Italian stood up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked loudly.

“I don’t feel well,” Will replied and tugged on Nico’s hand. The Italian let him pull him from the dining pavilion and through the dark strawberry fields, into the forest. It felt like it only took them a second and the moment they were among the trees, Will pushed Nico up against one

“Fuck me,” he moaned, turning around and grinding back against the Italian’s crotch, like a cat in heat. Nico groaned and grabbed handfuls of the boy’s ass, his cock growing hard instantly, “N-Nico, fuck me, please, please, p-please...,” the blond blabbered, and his voice was high-pitched.

Nico turned them around and shoved Will, chest-first, against the tree, wrapping an arm around the Italian’s waist so the blond arched his back and pressed his ass against the dark-haired boy’s crotch.

“Come on N-Nico,” he gasped, “I-I can’t take it s-so please-“

Nico shoved down the blond’s trousers, then his own, and roughly pushed Will’s legs apart. The son of Apollo was panting and gasping against the tree, shaking, the bright pink end of the butt plug sticking out of his ass. The Italian grasped it and pulled it out partially, before slamming it back into the blond. Will choked on a moan and Nico started fucking him with the toy.

Will would’ve slid to the ground if the Italian wasn’t holding him up, and he leaned his head back against his boyfriend’s shoulder, “N-Nico...Nico...s-stop...d-don’t...oh my God, f-fuck...I-I’m gonna...”

Nico pulled the vibrating butt plug out and threw it down onto the grass before pulling out his own hard, aching cock, and shoving it inside Will’s ass, still lubbed up from that morning when they had first put the plug in. They moaned simultaneously and Will stared sobbing in pleasure as Nico fucked him. His hole was warm and wet and perfect and Nico fucked him almost violently, knowing that he wouldn’t last long.

Will came first, sobbing and shaking and clinging onto Nico’s hands on his hips, and his boyfriend followed soon after. Then they stood there, slumped against each other and gasping for air, before Will turned around.

He hit Nico on the chest, “We’re never doing that again.”

“Why?” Nico asked, “That was really fucking hot.”

“I was going insane all day!” Will yelled, pulling his trousers up, “I hate you!”

He stormed off, back towards the dining pavilion. Nico grinned, “I love you too!” he yelled after him.

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'Person B knowing they're undoubtedly about to die within the next few minutes, likely from the gaping wound they're bleeding out from. Instead of calling for help, they phone Person A and carry out a casual conversation as if nothing's wrong, making sure to mention how much they love them before their time runs out.' Bonus points if Person A's reaction is shown when they find out later! Your choice of pairing
for Kenzie

Image result for sky through trees gif

Luke slashed through the Minotaur’s stomach and the monster disintegrated into ash with a furious roar. The blond Demigod stood in the middle of the wood, gasping for breath, exhausted after the fight. Slowly, adrenaline trickled out of him and he slumped against a tree. When he had gone on this Quest to eliminate the monsters that had escaped Tartarus and congregated in the forests of Alaska he never expected it to be this hard. But the Minotaur had been the last of the monsters and Luke could go home now.

He looked up at the sky, streaked with pink as the sun set. It had snowed earlier but stopped now. Luke’s world spun and he frowned, feeling weak all of a sudden. He looked down and his eyes widened.

There was a slash on his stomach, his trousers and the snow beneath his feet almost black with blood. Luke took in a shaky breath, but he didn’t feel any pain. Shock. My body’s in shock, he told himself as he lifted a trembling hand to his stomach. His fingers came away stained bright red. The wound was deep – the Minotaur must’ve slashes Luke with his axe when the blond was too busy fighting. Luke let out a bitter laugh and his legs gave out. He slumped down against the bark and down into the snow.

He kept one of his hands uselessly against his stomach but he knew there was nothing he could do – no ambrosia could heal him now, and he was far away from home. Around him there was nothing but snow and trees. At least the sky is beautiful, Luke thought, and he reached into his pocket with his free hand. He pulled out an old, brick Nokia phone, a twin to the one he had bought for Percy a few weeks ago.

He and Percy had been dating for seven months, and they had been the best seven months of Luke’s life. After the war with the Titans he was happy to be given this; he didn’t deserve Percy, and he knew that. The son of Poseidon had gone back to live with his mom after the end of the summer, so the son of Hermes had smuggled him a phone before he left, so they could speak. Now, his trembling fingers picked out the only number saved on the phone and he lifted it to his ear.

It rang once. Twice. Three times.

“Hello?” Percy’s voice on the other side made Luke’s eyes flutter shut and a smile appear on his face. He felt pain now, dull throbbing from his wound, and heat. Nothing he couldn’t handle.

“Hey Perce.”

Why are you calling?” Percy sounded a bit annoyed, “I’m at school.”

I’m dying,  Luke wanted to tell him, but there was no point in making the boy upset, Luke couldn’t take it now, so instead he said – “I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Percy was silent for a second, and then, “You’re so sweet sometimes. It’s nice to hear your voice too. Wait give me a second,” his side of the line went silent and Luke opened his eyes. He watched the sky and the shadows deepening in the forest. He saw every little twig rustling in the cold breeze, and he had never felt so alive, “Luke? You there.”

“Yeah,” Luke fought to keep his voice steady, “Sorry. I’m here.”

“Well you’re not really here,” Percy complained, “You’re all the way in Alaska. When will you come see me?”

Luke’s eyes glazed with tears and the horrible realisation of what would happen to him dawned on him. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid of never seeing Percy again. Because he wouldn’t. He would never see that gorgeous smile or those sparkling green eyes, “I don’t know. The Quest’s kind of...hard. Um, where are you?” Luke was finding it a little hard to breathe and dark spots danced in his vision.

“In the storage closet,” Percy laughed, and it was the most gorgeous sound Luke had ever heard, “I had to sneak away. I have maths, you know, you’re going to make me fail.”

“No, I won’t,” Luke said, “You’re amazing. You’ll pass all your exams.”

Percy hesitated on the other side, “Luke...are you okay?”

Luke winced as a shot of pain went through him but he made a point of not looking down at his wound as he bled out slowly, focusing instead on Percy’s voice, “Yeah. I’m fine. I’m great, now that I can hear your voice.”

“I miss you,” Percy sounded sad, “So much. Like, I never thought it was possible to physically feel the pain of missing someone.”

“You’re so corny,” Luke teased.

“Shut up. I’m being cute,” Luke could almost hear the pout in the boy’s voice.

“Percy,” the blond whispered.


“I love you,” Luke said. Percy laughed.

I know, I know.”

“No,” Luke said with a sudden desperation, “I need you to hear this. I love you. I love you so much Percy, more than I ever loved anyone else.”

“Luke,” Percy sounded alarmed, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Now Luke laughed, though he had to stop because it sent a shot of agony through his body. He couldn’t feel his legs, “Nothing’s happened, idiot. I just want you to know that I love you.”

“I know you do,” Percy exhaled, “I love you too, Luke.”

Regrets filled Luke’s heart; he should’ve never joined the Titans, that was his biggest mistake. And now he also regretted other things; he should’ve kissed Percy more, held him more when he had the chance. He should’ve treasured him more and always put him first. Luke closed his eyes, and he knew the end was near, he could feel it in his chest.

“I wish I could hold you now,” he whispered, and when he tried to open his eyes again, he found that he couldn’t.

You will soon,” Percy said sweetly. No, I won’t, Luke thought. He exhaled, knowing he had to be strong for this last bit.

“I have to go now.”

“Okay,” Percy sounded sad.

“I...can you visit my mom? Sometime?” the son of Hermes asked suddenly, wanting to finish any business he might leave unfinished.

“Er...sure? I mean, we can always go together if you want.”

“Yeah,” he swallowed, “I love you, Perce.”

“I love you too.”

“Can you hang up?” Luke asked. Percy paused.

“Yeah. Sure. I should go back to lesson...I love you, Luke. See you soon.”

Luke couldn’t feel any part of his body anymore, and he wished he could open his eyes and look at the sky, one last time, “See you soon,” he choked out. He heard the beep of the call ending and the phone slipped from his hand.

The suddenly Luke smelled the winter around him, the pine trees. He could hear the birds singing sweetly somewhere close by. He felt the snow against his legs, the tree against his back, the warmth of blood against his hand. And then he felt nothing at all.


When Luke Castellan didn’t return to Camp two days after he was due, Chiron sent a search party for him. His body was found in the heart of a forest in the wilderness of Alaska, partially covered in snow, his eyelashes and hair frozen. They told Percy he looked like he was sleeping, but Percy didn’t care what he looked like, only that he couldn’t see him. He could never see the person he loved ever again.

It was Annabeth who told him, sobbing on the phone, this one time unable to keep herself together. Percy expected to feel agony and heartbreak, he expected to scream and cry and throw things and demand to see the body, to make sure it was true.

But he knew it was, deep inside himself. A part of him had known it when Luke had asked him to hang up the phone. And all Percy felt was numbness, and emptiness. He curled up in bed and he didn’t shed a tear, just stared blankly at the wall and slowly, slowly came to terms with the fact that he would never be happy again.

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Frank x Leo highschool au, When it’s the CHB highschool vs the SQR highschool football game the two highschool throw a party to try and cool tensions, and things “heat” up when Frank and Leo bump into each other ;)
for Leah112223

Image result for football ball gif

Leo dribbled the ball between his legs gracefully as he ducked past one of the Roman football players. The deafening cheer of the Greek supporters made him grin and the shocked look on the Roman’s face as Leo passed him was delightful. Leo Valdez liked to shock people – as a skinny, clumsy boy the fact that he was one of the best players on Half Blood Highschool’s football team, the Greeks, was the biggest shock of all.

This afternoon they were playing an away game at Jupiter Highschool against the Greeks’ most hated enemies – the Romans. The rivalry between the two Highschool’s have gone on for over twenty years, and Leo was happy to continue it. To see the Romans’ face when he slipped past them, someone so unassuming as him, was the best feeling.

Two huge Romans came barrelling towards Leo through the wet field, breaking him out of his thoughts, and he knew that his luck was out.

“Leo!” Percy Jackson shouted to his left and, barely looking at him, Leo passed the ball over, dashing to the side as the two huge Romans chased after the other boy. But Percy just grinned and kicked the ball back to Leo, and by then the Latino was by the goal.

He smirked, and time seemed to slow. The faint rain in the air sprinkled his face. In the goal was perhaps Leo’s worst rival – Frank Zhang. He and Leo had hated each other since they were twelve. Frank thought Leo was a little shit, Leo thought Frank was an arrogant bastard. They only saw each other at matches, but it was enough. Leo’s blood sung at the thought of seeing Frank rage if – no, when – the Greeks won. Now Frank’s eyes narrowed and he prepared himself for Leo – his wet hair falling into his eyes, his hands held up like baseball gloves. The goal was clear and Leo was fast, thanks to his size, so he knew nobody would catch up with him.

He just needed to get past Frank.

Come on Leo, he told himself, you can do this. The grass. The rain. The football between his legs. Frank in the goal. It was all that mattered.

Leo stopped, the football at his left foot, and as he pulled his leg back Frank threw himself to the right, but Leo knew he would do that and at the last second he switched his feet and kicked the ball to the left. The ball hit the net and for a second there was silence.

Slowly, slowly, Leo grinned.

The roar of the crowd flooded his head and then his teammates were tackling him to the muddy crowd, cheering. The match was over, and Leo had scored the last goal. It was now one to two for the Greeks, and they had won. Leo untangled himself from his cheering teammates and turned to Frank, who was still standing in the goal, jaw clenched.

“Suck on that, Zhang!” Leo shouted at him, flipping him off. Frank’s eyes narrowed.

“Get that stupid grin off your face,” he growled, “You won one game. Next time I’ll beat your ass, I promise.”

Leo rolled his eyes but his body burned with anticipation. He couldn’t wait to go against Frank, again and again. He might’ve had a bit of an obsession with fighting the other boy, but oh well, shit happens.

“Leo!” Beckendorf, Leo’s older half-brother, jogged over and wrapped an arm around the much smaller boy’s shoulders, pulling him away from Frank, “We’re going to a party later, you in?”

“Party? Hell yeah!” Leo yelled, “Whose party?”

“The Romans are throwing it-“

“What?!” Leo demanded, and he stopped walking, “The Romans?! Why the fuck would we go to their party?!”

“We’ve gone into a truce with them,” Beckendorf explained, leading his brother after their muddy team, heading for the changing rooms, “Against the Titans. They’re worse than the Romans, honestly.”

Leo glanced over his shoulder where Frank had stood but the goal was empty, “Nobody’s worse than the Romans,” he grumbled.


Leo hated the Romans, but he hated missing out more, so he found himself at the house of one of the rich Greeks – Jason, the Captain – holding a red solo cup filled with coke and whiskey. Well, more whiskey than coke, honestly. The ground floor was dark, lights flashing through the hallway out of the huge living room and garden, where over a hundred drunk teenagers stumbled around, laughing, dancing, playing beer-pong and snogging in corners.

Leo himself was buzzing but far from drunk, and he had lost all his friends from the football team fifteen minutes ago. There were plenty of Romans though, crawling around like cockroaches and throwing Leo glares. The Latino had worn his football t-shirt, just to rub it in their faces, and wasn’t bothered by their looks. There were girls too, but Leo cared little about them.

He finished his drink, made a face at the taste, and then climbed up the stairs. A boy was passed out against the wall, one of the Romans. Leo smirked and knelt down, pulling a pen out of his pocket and drawing a large, elaborate dick on his forehead.

“What are you doing?!” a voice barked above him and when Leo looked up he saw Frank standing on the step above him, glowering down on the Latino. Leo grinned, excited at the obvious challenge coming from the Asian and stood up.

“I’m drawing a dick on his forehead,” he said innocently.  Frank grabbed his wrist and pulled him up, to the top of the stairs. Leo was surprised by the boy’s violence and he wrenched his wrist free, “What the fuck?” he demanded.

“You’re being a cunt,” Frank growled. Leo wrinkled his nose.

“And you’re drunk,” he grumbled. The door to what Leo assumed was a bedroom opened and Frank, without warning, grabbed Leo’s wrist again and pulled him behind another door. The room there was dark and self-consciously Leo leaned against a wall, swallowing. Would Frank hit him? “What are you doing?” he asked in a whisper and he couldn’t see the other boy in the dark.

“Hiding,” came the grumbled reply. Leo swallowed again, his mouth dry all of a sudden.

“Did you want to talk or something?” he demanded, crossing his arms over his chest, “Why are we here?”

“I wanted to tell you to stop being a dickhead,” Frank said, and his words were slurred. Leo laughed, warm and amused,

“I’m not a dickhead. You’re a dickhead.”

He felt more than saw Frank move towards him, and the heat that radiated off the bigger boy was nice. Leo shivered and slumped against the wall and when he craned his neck up to grin lopsidedly at the Roman, he could make out his face in the dark. Frank wasn’t smiling.

“That grin of yours,” he growled, “It pisses me off.”

You piss me off,” Leo said, and grinned harder. Frank sighed, and swayed a little so Leo was scared he’d fall against him and crush him to the wall.

“Why are you so annoying?” the Asian demanded.

“Why are you so close?” Leo retaliated.

“Does that bother you?” Frank smirked and shifted closer, ducking down so his chest pressed against Leo’s. The two glared at each other and Frank placed his hands on either side of the Latino’s head, though Leo didn’t flinch. They had a silent staring contest but where Leo’s eyes were steady on Frank’s dark ones, the Asian’s kept flitting about the Greek’s face, “You’re good at football,” Frank said suddenly.

Leo was surprised. “Oh. Yeah. Thanks.”

“Aren’t you going to say it back?” Frank asked quietly. Suddenly his gaze was too much and too intense. Leo looked away.

“Yeah. You’re a good goalie.”

“Thanks,” Frank said. Leo craned his head up and opened his mouth to say something, but his lips brushed against Frank’s on accident, since he didn’t realise how close they were to each other. Both the boys froze, staring at each other once more.

And then they were kissing. Not the gentle, soft kisses of two hesitant teenage boys, but hard, rough kisses of two enemies whose frustrations had grown too much. Frank’s lips were rough against Leo’s, and he tasted like vodka, but Leo would lie if he said he didn’t like the kiss. He arched up into it, his hands resting on Frank’s broad shoulders, then sliding up around his neck. Frank’s hands rested on Leo’s hips, big and warm, and as their tongues came out to slide against each other his hands slipped down to the Latino’s ass and he squeezed it, forcing a gasp out of Leo.

They broke apart, panted against each other’s mouths, and kissed again. Leo felt light headed and dizzy and he liked kissing Frank. That was the worst part (or maybe the best) – he liked it way, way too much. Finally after what seemed like forever and their jaws ached and their lips were numb, they ended the kiss.

Their heavy breaths sounded harsh in the room.  

“What was that for?” Frank asked after a moment of staring at Leo.

“What do you mean?” the Latino scoffed, “You kissed me.”

Frank smiled and in a sudden gesture of impossible care he brushed one of Leo’s curls behind his ear, “Yeah. I know. At least I got that grin off your face.”

Leo grinned, just to prove him wrong, “No you didn’t.”

Frank surged downwards and kissed him again, catching him off-guard, “Yes, I did.”

Leo was breathless, “Yeah. Okay. You win this match.”

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Percy and Jason. Muse A and Muse B are college roommates and good friends. Muse A is taking an art class, but has been falling behind and is on the verge of failing because of too many nights out partying. Muse A is given an assignment to sketch different forms for the human body for extra credit. Instead of buckling down all weekend and getting the assignment done, Muse A spends his weekend partying with friends. It’s a day before the extra credit is due and Muse A is in a panic. Muse B finds out from Muse A about the possibility of Muse A failing his class and offers to be a model for Muse A. Muse A and Muse B have a few drinks to loosen the other up and feel more comfortable. Muse B strips down naked and poses on his bed for Muse A to sketch. Muse A can’t help but be distracted and aroused by Muse B’s nude body and provocative stares. It’s not long before Muse A and Muse B find themselves making out hot and heavy in their room, creating their own form of erotic art
for CaptainAshes

Image result for drawing gif

“Oh my God,” Percy slurred as he threw his arm around his best friend’s and roommate’s, Jason’s, shoulders, “I fucking love you, man. I fucking love college,” he took another gulp of whatever the fuck weird concoction was in his cup, and Jason laughed, slipping an arm around Percy’s waist and holding him close so the boy didn’t fall over.

“You’re so drunk!” he shouted over the booming music. Percy grinned at him proudly.

“Yup!” he proclaimed, “I’m fucking drunk,” he shoved the cup into Jason’s hand, “And you should be too!”

“I feel like this is peer pressure,” Jason teased but took a sip of Percy’s drink, “What the fuck?!” he choked, “You’re deadass drinking straight up vodka?!”

Percy leaned more into Jason’s side, grinning, “Yup,” he said again. Jason shook his head.

“Don’t you have some art deadline tomorrow?”

Percy’s eyes widened, “Oh fuck.”

Jason expected him to pull away and dash off as he usually did – Percy was always behind on some assignment or the other – but instead the boy just whined and leaned more into the blond.

“I’m too druuuunk,” he complained, “I won’t finish it now.”

“You can’t fail again!” Jason said.

“Whatever, I’ll just do some extra credit,” Percy grumbled, took the cup from Jason and chugged the rest of the vodka while the blond shook his head fondly.


“I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot,” Percy told himself, holed up in his and Jason’s room, throwing around all his sketches and drawings in a desperate attempt to find something that he could submit as his extra credit. But there was nothing.

Percy was two steps away from failing his class and, well, that was his own fault. Percy liked partying more than studying and although art was his great passion...drinking was a bigger passion, at least for the moment. This stupid extra credit was supposed to be the thing that kept him in college so he didn’t get kicked out.

His professor had assigned him sketching the different parts of the human body – fairly easy, but Percy wasn’t the greatest in people sketching. He preferred landscapes; rolling mountains in the morning mist or underwater coral reefs with colourful fish. He knew that his professor had given him this particular extra credit to push him, and he hated her for least in that moment. Because he had nothing worth submitting...

The extra credit was due tomorrow.

Percy collapsed helplessly on his messy bed, tears of frustration welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t just make random sketches – he didn’t know how to draw people without models, at least not yet. It was his fault; he should’ve done it yesterday, or the day before, or any other day that he had decided to go out partying instead.

“Fuck,” he buried his face in his knees, that he pulled up to his chest. He couldn’t ask his professor for an extension, not again. Percy loved college – he loved the parties and his swimming team and he loved art and he loved rooming with Jason, and now he was going to lose all of it because he was an idiot.

The door opened, “Hey,” Percy heard Jason say as he walked in and dropped his bag on the floor, “What the hell happened here? Looks like a tornado went through the room, I hope you’re gonna clean this up,” Jason closed the door and Percy looked up all teary-eyed.

“Jason,” he whined, like a child, “I’m screwed.”

The blond, flushed from the cold wind outside, rolled his eyes as he often did, “What’s new?”

“No, I’m actually screwed this time,” Percy said helplessly. Jason frowned and sat down on the edge of the boy’s narrow bed.

“What did you forget to do this time?”

“My extra credit,” Percy sniffled.

“Just do it now,” Jason said, “It’s not that bad.”

“It’s due tomorrow,” Percy said quietly. Jason’s expression fell.

“Oh. Shit.”

“Yeah,” Percy sighed and wiped his eyes, “I’m gonna fail that class and then I’m gonna get kicked out.”

“Come on, it’s not the end of the world,” Jason tried to stay optimistic, and for that Percy loved him, “What do you need to do?”

“Just some sketches of the human body,” Percy mumbled.

“Hey! That’s not hard! I’ve seen your art, you can do that in one or two hours tops!”

“Yeah, but the problem is I’m kinda shit at people sketching,” Percy admitted, “I only draw good stuff when I have a model.”

Jason grinned and stood up, stretching his arms open, “Here I am! Your model!”

Percy raised an unimpressed eyebrow, “You wanna model for me? You know you’re gonna have to strip down naked?”

“So?” Jason reached under his own bed and pulled out a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum, grinning, “This will be perfect to help us loosen up and you should be done by midnight.”

“You’d do that?” Percy asked, suddenly feeling light, “For me? You’d really help me out?”

“Of course,” Jason laughed, “I don’t want my fave roommate getting kicked out, do I?” he winked.

Twenty minutes later three fourths of the rum were gone and Percy was buzzy and tipsy, enough that he was happily slumped against his bed, but not too much as to which he’d be unable to draw. Currently he was watching a giggling Jason stripping down. The blond pulled off his shirt, stumbled a little, threw it to the side, then struggled with his pants, and finally with his underwear.

Percy gave himself a moment to appreciate the other boy’s body. It wasn’t like he was gay or anything, but there was just something about Jason that made him all hot and bothered sometimes. The blond was like a Greek sculpture, tall and blond, with a perfectly chiselled chest and abs, a light dusting of golden hair leading down to his cock. Even soft it was impressive, and Percy had to look away, focusing on the art pad in his lap. He flipped the pencil between his fingers.

“So,” Jason looked vaguely uncomfortable but he was smiling, “What do you want me to do?”

“Lie on your side on your bed,” Percy instructed. Jason did so, propping his head up on his arm.

“Paint me like one of your French girls,” he said, wriggling his eyebrows, and Percy snorted. He could feel Jason’s eyes on him as he started sketching.

He started off with the boy’s torso; his neck, protruding collarbones, muscular pecks, then the rises of his abs, all the shadows between them. Percy had to admit he enjoyed it.

“I feel like a piece of meat,” Jason said, and then they both laughed.

Percy flipped the page when he was happy with the sketch, and then started drawing Jason’s legs, muscular from playing so much football. After that came another sketch of Jason’s arm resting across his stomach, then his big, calloused hands. Then Percy started a sketch of the blond’s whole body. He kept looking up every few seconds and Jason was staring at him, unwavering, as if in challenge. After a few times of the blond not looking away Percy started feeling warm and a bit aroused. He swallowed and tried to focus on his drawing but the alcohol in his body was making it hard. He finished the rough outline of Jason’s head and torso and then his eyes slid lower.

He blushed bright red and slammed his pad shut “I can’t do it!” he proclaimed.

“What do you mean?” Jason blinked in surprise.

“You’re hard.”

Jason looked down at his cock, hard and curved against his stomach, and giggled, “Well that’s not my fault,” he said.

“Whose fault is it then?!” Percy was embarrassed and horrified, because he was getting hard too. Jason shrugged and Percy sighed, opening his pad again and trying to think of something gross to make his erection go down, “Move your arm back where it was.”

“Here?” Jason asked, slipping his arm across his stomach.

“No, more up.”


“No,” Percy was getting frustrated, both from staring at Jason’s perfect body for too long, and by the boy’s idiocy. He stood up and strode over, “here,” he said pointedly, placing Jason’s arm where he wanted it. Then said arm shot out and grabbed Percy’s wrist. The whole world tumbled and did a three-sixty and all of a sudden Percy was on his back on the bed, Jason hovering above him and grinning, “What the hell?!” Percy spluttered.

“I wanna draw you now,” the blond said, reaching for Percy’s shirt.

“You can’t draw, Jason,” the dark-haired boy argued, but Jason was already pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside. Percy blushed, realising that Jason was a bit drunker than he was and therefore didn’t find this position a bit...weird. Percy just hoped Jason wouldn’t look down and see his semi-hard on.

“Well I still think it’s unfair that I have to be naked and you don’t!”

“You agreed to this,” Percy grumbled, “You can put your clothes back on if you want.”

“No,” Jason said loudly, “I wanna see your cock.”

Percy flushed, “You what? How drunk are you?”

“I was always curious,” Jason admitted, not feeling the awkwardness Percy was, “about how big it was in comparison to mine. Is it bigger?”

“No, it’s not,” Percy admitted grudgingly.

Jason grabbed the hem of his sweatpants and tugged, “I wanna see anyway.”

“Jason,” Percy sighed but didn’t stop the blond as he pulled the trousers off and reached for his underwear. Percy wasn’t the insecure type and he hoped that just seeing his dick would satisfy Jason enough that he would stop acting weird.

Jason climbed back up onto Percy and then looked down at his cock. He frowned, “You’re not completely hard.”

“Yeah, so?” Percy just wanted to get out of the situation.

“Well it’s unfair if you’re not hard and I am because then I can’t see.”

“Jesus Christ,” Percy groaned and Jason suddenly ducked his head and buried it in Percy’s neck. The boy flinched when he felt the blond’s mouth against his skin, “What are you doing?!” he demanded. Jason’s head popped back up.

“Looking for your sensitive spot.”

“What sensitive spot?”

“Annabeth told me,” Jason smirked, “That there’s a sensitive spot on your neck that always makes you hard.”

“Okay first of all, you kissing my neck is a bit weird, don’t you think?” Percy asked, gesturing between him and Jason, “and second of all what kind of fucked up conversations are you having with Annabeth?”

Jason opted not to answer either question and returned to Percy’s neck. Annoyed, the dark haired boy threw his head against the pillow, waiting for Jason to get bored. And then the boy’s tongue brushed against the spot right above where Percy’s neck met his shoulder and the boy shivered involuntary, his eyes fluttering shut.

Jason realised that it was that spot because suddenly he was kissing and sucking and biting. Percy’s body filled with heat and blood rushed down to his cock. He let out a little whimpery moan that he hadn’t meant to let Jason hear and his hands fisted in the blond’s covers, “F-Fuck, okay stop,” Percy croaked out.

Jason pulled away, smiling innocently, and then looked down at Percy’s cock. He seemed pleased, because it was completely hard, even if the artist felt embarrassed.

“Okay, you’ve seen it,” Percy said.

“Yeah,” Jason glanced up at him, “It’s nice.”

“Okay, can I-I finish my drawing now?” Percy asked shakily. Jason reached down with no warning, and wrapped his hand around the artist’s member. Percy choked on a shocked moan, “J-Jason!”

“Shhh,” the blond said soothingly, “I just wanna touch you a bit.”

Percy would’ve asked questions if he thought Jason would give him a straight answer, but to be honest the feeling of the blond’s hand stroking his erection slowly was really pleasant. Percy shivered and sunk more into Jason’s bed, biting his lip to hold back any moans as his breathing got more laboured.

“Do you like it?” Jason asked, eyes alternating between looking at Percy’s dick in his hand, and the boy’s face.

“Yeah, it’s okay-,” Percy was cut off by his own moan as Jason’s thumb brushed against the head of his cock. The blond grinned and then he shifted, so his own erection was pressed up against Percy’s, and started stroking them together, “Jason, w-wait-,” Percy whimpered, and then lost his train of thought.

He should’ve been grossed out by having another dick against his own, but the feeling of the throbbing heat against his erection felt amazing. Heat coiled in Percy’s stomach and his toes curled as he subconsciously arched up into Jason’s hand.

“Fuck,” the blond gritted out, “F-Fuck...,” his strokes sped up and precum beaded on both of their cocks, sliding down their lengths and adding a nice slippery feeling to their building pleasure.

“J-Jason I-,” Percy didn’t know what he was trying to say, and his hand jerked up to grip Jason’s shoulder, then suddenly he was cupping the other boy’s cheek, and then his fingers were sliding into Jason’s hair, “S-Shit...

Jason leaned down and kissed him and Percy whimpered, his cock twitching in Jason’s grip. He knew he wouldn’t last long, because somehow Jason’s touch was better than any other girl before him, better even than having sex with them, because there was something so intense and wild about Jason that made Percy shake down to his core.

The blond’s tongue slipped into his mouth and his free hand gripped Percy’s hip, and then the blond shuddered and came, groaning against the other boy’s mouth as his come spilled over both his and Percy’s cocks, warm and sticky, and making the artist’s orgasm also wash over him.

Percy pulled away, gasping, but Jason just chased his mouth again.

“Jason,” Percy mumbled, “I need to-,” he was cut off by the blond’s insistent lips, kissing him. Percy let himself kiss back, smiling a little, and then pulled back again, “I need to finish the drawing.”

Jason pulled away and looked a little sad as he sat up. Percy’s heart clenched and he felt cold all of a sudden. Cold and sticky. He also sat up and bit his lip.

“We can continue when I’m done?” he offered.

Chapter Text

Percy x Leo fanfic where Leo and Percy are all grown up (VERY early 20’s, maybe 21 or 22) and maybe living together? And Leo is very sensitive about his past and insecure about all of his scars on his back from abuse and monsters. Also he frequently had nightmares, and sometimes Percy crawls into bed with him to calm him down. Percy’s just being himself and being as sweet as ever, yet is just fascinated with Leo. They both fall in love and have a very romantic first time. :-)
for PercyJackson846

Image result for cuddling gay gif

Leo was awake since five in the morning, which was unusual for him since he usually stayed up late in his bedroom, working on projects. But that morning he couldn’t sleep – every time he closed his eyes the nightmares came, heavy and overbearing, dragging Leo down into the dark places of his mind.

It had been five years since Leo died and he was twenty one now though he woke up in a cold sweat and gasping in the middle of the night the same way he had when he was sixteen. He thought the memories of the fire consuming him, of floating in nothingness, would all fade after a while but they were as vivid as if the Giant War had happened yesterday. And it wasn’t just those memories – the dark, warped events of the Quest of the Seven haunted Leo’s dreams. That’s why he didn’t sleep.

It was raining outside, the water pattering softly against the glass, filling the kitchen with a dim grey light as the sun rose over Chicago, slowly but surely. The rain always made Leo think about Percy, because the boy loved any type of water and the sound of rain usually put him to sleep, even if it agitated Leo.

“You’re awake,” the sleep voice of Leo’s roommate, sounding like melted chocolate, sounded, but Leo didn’t turn around until Percy came inside the kitchen properly. The Latino was sitting on the counter, watching drops of rain race down the glass.

“Yeah,” Leo said, “Couldn’t sleep.”

“I had a feeling,” Percy came into his view, smiling. His hair was ruffled from sleep, and he slept in his orange Camp t-shirt. There was dark stubble on his sharp jaw line but his eyes and smile were both soft and sleepy, “I always know when you’re awake.”

“You’re a wizard, Percy,” Leo rolled his eyes. The other man grinned and went to the kettle.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” Leo closed his eyes briefly, tiredness washing over him suddenly. Percy’s presence was just so calming. He listened to the quiet rumble as the water boiled and Percy bustled about, pulling out cups, coffee and milk.

They had moved together to Chicago when they turned eighteen. By then there were so many Demigods at Camp that it was impossible for them to stay put. Percy had gone first, since he was a full year older than Leo, and at first tried to live with Annabeth in New Rome. But they broke up quickly and Percy found this apartment in Chicago, close to where he worked at a highschool as a swimming coach, and where he looked for Demigods on the low. When Leo had to leave Camp he wasn’t sure where to go; he and Calypso hadn’t worked out and all his friends had found their own homes. Leo didn’t want to bother any of them, but he stayed with Hazel and Frank for a bit, then with Nico and Will, then Piper and Jason and finally he came to stay with Percy.

Weirdly they got on like a house on fire where during the Quest of the Seven there was always a tension between them. Percy didn’t mind Leo’s annoying habits like the other Demigods did; he didn’t mind that Leo used up all the hot water because he couldn’t stand cold showers, or that he always ate all the prawn cocktail crisps out of a packet and didn’t touch the other ones, or that he left an inch of drink at the bottom of his glass. And Leo didn’t mind that Percy didn’t turn lights off because he forgot, or that he chose the name of the WiFi every other week because he found it funny, or that he never did dishes. Leo lived with Percy for two weeks, then the third week he bought the weekly groceries, then the following week he paid the rent, and then Percy asked him to just stick around since there was a spare room, and Leo did.

“Come eat in the living room,” Percy said, and the Latino opened his eyes. He slipped off the counter and padded into the small living room, settling into his and Percy’s blue couch and turning on the TV. It was still semi-dark in the room and Percy came in. He put two mugs of steaming coffee on the coffee table, then returned with jam, butter and a pile of croissants, “We need to finish those before they go off.”

He collapsed on the other end of the small couch and when Leo tucked his legs under himself his feet touched Percy’s thigh. They ate and watched How to Get Away With Murder from the episode they left off at.

“You have work today?” Leo asked.

“No,” Percy smiled, “It’s Saturday, idiot.”

“Oh,” Leo bit into a slightly stale croissant, “Right. Training?”

“Yeah,” Percy sipped on his coffee, “What time do you have to be down at the shop?”

Leo had managed to get himself a job as head mechanic at a car repair shop a couple of blocks away from his and Percy’s flat, and he honestly loved the job, “Seven,” the boy said, “So I still have a bit left.”

They finished eating and left their dishes on the coffee table, watching the show. After a while Percy looked at Leo, “You wanna talk about it?” he asked gently.

Leo exhaled, “It was just more of the same. More darkness. And those hands grabbing me,” he shuddered. Percy reached out and ruffled Leo’s curls fondly.

“You’re okay,” he said, his hand lingering on Leo’s head, “You’re safe now.”

“I know,” Leo smiled at him.

Percy was the only one who Leo had opened up to about his nightmares, but he kind of had to – their bedrooms were next to each other and sometimes Leo screamed in his sleep when the nightmares got really bad. Percy didn’t mind, always coming in to wake Leo up and calm him down. Sometimes he even slept next to the boy because that always made the nightmares go away, though that was their little secret. Percy also sometimes had nightmares about Tartarus but his had faded over time, unlike Leo’s.

Honestly Leo was way too attached to Percy, and he wondered what would happen when they decided to stop being housemates. Leo couldn’t imagine living alone anymore.


Percy jerked awake violently, his eyes not adjusted to the darkness of his room and he blinked. His heart was pounding and he was trying to remember what had woken him up so suddenly – was he having a nightmare? If so he couldn’t remember it...

Then came the helpless, terrified scream from the room next door, a borderline sob. Percy’s heart clenched and he sat up. Leo was having a nightmare again and the sound of the boy’s distress made Percy upset. He climbed from his bed and walked out into the corridor, before ducking into Leo’s bedroom.

The curtains were pushed aside and moonlight fell in through the window, illuminating Leo on the bed – the boy had covers twisted around him and was tense and shaking, eyes squeezed shut.

“N-No,” he whimpered in his sleep, turning his head away as his hands curled into fists. He gasped and then let out a little helpless sob, “N-No stop-“

Percy was at his side in seconds, kneeling on the bed and pulling the covers from around Leo, “Hey,” he whispered, low and soft as to not scare Leo as he untangled him, “Hey, Leo, wake up.”

The boy flinched and his eyes flew open, wide and full of tears, and he stared at the ceiling and gasped, before turning his head and looking at his friend. His expression crumpled and relief filled his eyes.

“Percy,” he whispered, and Percy already knew what to do. He pulled Leo up into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around the boy. Leo clung onto him, shaking and sniffling, and Percy stroked his back caringly.

“It’s okay,” he murmured, squeezing the boy impossibly close, “It’s okay, I’m here. You’re alright, you’re safe, nobody’s going to hurt you, I promise.”

“I-It was s-so cold,” Leo whimpered.

“Shhhh, I know, I know,” Percy whispered, even though he didn’t know – he had no idea what waited for Leo in his nightmares, “but it’s alright now.”

Shakily Leo pulled away, his whole body sagged in dejection, “They’re never going to stop, are they?” he whispered, “The nightmares?”

Percy ruffled his curls, “They will, one day,” his hand slipped from the boy’s hair to his cheek and Leo’s eyes met his, “D’you want me to sleep with you tonight?” Percy asked, “You know I don’t mind.”

“Yeah,” Leo said quietly, “That’s be awesome.”

They wordlessly climbed into bed and re-arranged themselves in seconds – they already knew each other’s favourite positions and didn’t need to speak as Leo turned, his back pressed against Percy’s chest with the son of Poseidon’s arms wrapped completely around him, like a protective cage.

It might not have been the most conventional or ‘normal’ of friendships, but it worked for the men. Percy liked feeling useful, and he liked being there for Leo, and he knew that Leo liked having him there too. Though at times like this Percy sometimes wished he could do more; wished he could kiss the top of Leo’s head, or slip a hand under his shirt to stroke his stomach, or distract him in some other way.

“Thank you,” Leo whispered, and in that moment it was enough.


“Leo!” Percy called, walking in through the front door and toeing off his shoes, “I’m home!”

There was no reply but Percy could hear that the shower was on. He dropped his keys into the bowl by the door, exhausted after a whole day down at the pool, and closed the front door. He hung his coat up and ventured into the kitchen, only to find the fridge majorly empty.

The boy went over to the bathroom door, from under which steam was curling. He knocked, “Leo!” he called, and there was no reply save for the pounding of water, “Do you want pizza?” no reply again. Percy knocked again, “Leo!”

Annoyed, the son of Poseidon pushed the door open. Their bathroom had no lock on it and so he just walked in; he normally wouldn’t have but his brain didn’t seem to be thinking straight and he just wanted to know if Leo wanted pizza. His breath caught in his throat and he froze in the doorway. Leo was standing under the stream of water, completely naked. Despite living with each other for so many years Percy had never seen him without clothes on and now, for some reason he didn’t understand, all he could do was stare.

The Latino was still as skinny as he was when he was sixteen, but his thighs were almost girly, and his ass was surprisingly big. Water raced down his tanned skin, and Percy couldn’t help but follow the drops with his eyes. Then Leo turned, reaching for a bottle of shampoo, and Percy saw his back. His stomach clenched. There was a long, ragged scar down the centre of the son of Hephaestus’ back, all the way along his spine. Percy swallowed, and Leo turned, hands in his curls, lathering them up.

Leo stared at Percy, his hair white with suds, and then there was anger in his eyes and he was climbing from the shower and scrambling for a towel, holding it around himself protectively, and Percy still couldn’t move.

“What the fuck Percy?!” Leo demanded.

“I wanted to know if you wanted pizza,” Percy said faintly.

“Why the fuck didn’t you knock?!” Leo yelled and his cheeks were red.

“I-I did,” Percy stuttered, and only then did he break out of his weird trance. He looked away, but Leo wasn’t having it. He stormed towards the other man and shoved at his chest.

“Why the fuck would you just walk in here?! You know how much I fucking value privacy!”

“Shit, sorry,” Percy said, “But chill, it’s not a big deal-“

“Yes it is!” Leo shouted, “It is to me!”

“Why?” Percy was irritated because in his opinion Leo was over-reacting, “Is is because you didn’t want me to see your scar? For fuck’s sake Leo, we all have scars!”

Leo flinched and recoiled from Percy and the anger melted from his face, replaced by insecurity and hurt. He clutched the towel against himself with trembling hands and looked away, and suddenly he looked so soft and vulnerable that Percy wanted to hit himself for being an asshole.


“I don’t want pizza,” the Latino whispered, “I’m not hungry.”

The conversation was over, and Percy helplessly left the bathroom and closed the door. He leaned against the wall and squeezed his eyes shut. Idiot, idiot, idiot, he told himself. Then the image of a naked Leo popped up in his head and Percy’s eyes flew open, his heart pounding.

Shit, he thought.


The next few days were tense, because Percy didn’t technically apologise to Leo for walking in, and the Latino was still upset. The son of Poseidon did try to be extra nice to be honest; he did all the dishes and remembered to do the laundry, and he bought all of Leo’s favourite snacks, but the Latino still avoided him.

Honestly he was just embarrassed. He had never had a good relationship with his body but when he had resurrected and saw the ugly scar on his back he just felt more insecure. He made a point of never being naked around everyone and the fact that Percy – perfect, perfect Percy even with all his scars – disregarded that made Leo sad. But he knew he couldn’t be mad forever.

It was Friday night and Leo was at home, watching TV after an exhausting day at work. It was really late, well past midnight, and Percy wasn’t home. Leo didn’t want to text him, because technically they weren’t speaking, and although he was tired he didn’t want to sleep when he was alone in the apartment. So he just watched Adventure Time like the child he was, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. The sudden noise and commotion from the front door made the boy sit upright though.

“Percy?” he called anxiously, because if it was a burglar then shit.

Leo sighed in relief when Percy walked into the living room, still wearing his tracksuit from work, though his hair was dishevelled and cheeks flushed. His eyes sparkled and he stumbled. Leo sighed.

“You’re drunk.”

“Nooooo,” Percy slurred, then giggled. Leo exhaled and stood up, dropping his blanket as he walked over and gave Percy a pointed sniff,

“You reek,” he said.

Percy pouted, “Are you still angry at me?”

“I’m not angry,” Leo looked away.

Percy pulled him into a clumsy hug suddenly, “I’m sorry,” he whined, like a baby, “I didn’t mean to upset you. I didn’t even think when I walked in,” he held Leo close, “please don’t be mad. I didn’t see anything, I promise.”

Leo rolled his eyes because obviously Percy had seen everything, but the Latino couldn’t stay mad at him forever. He patted his shoulder, “Okay, okay, we’re okay. So stop being soppy.”

“I’m not soppy,” Percy complained, “you’re soppy, Leonidas.”

Leo groaned, “I told you never to call me that.”

Percy pulled away with a bright grin, and then he frowned, “Oh no.”

“Oh no what?” Leo asked.

“I’m gonna be sick,” Percy slurred.

“Fuck,” Leo wrapped an arm around his waist, “Come on big boy, into the bathroom.”

It was a bit of a struggle getting the son of Poseidon to the toilet since he was bigger and heavier than Leo but somehow the Latino managed before the other man got sick all over himself. Then he sat by his side for an hour as Percy vomited into the toilet. He brought him water and stroked his back and told him it was okay and wondered how the hell he had fallen in love with such an idiot.


“Thanks for making dinner,” Percy said, leaning into Leo’s side on Sunday night as they watched TV again.

“Mhmmm,” the Latino hummed back, tired even though he had the day off. He liked this, staying up with Percy and just watching pointless shit on the TV. It was nice. Percy started stroking his thigh. He did that sometimes, but for some reason now it made Leo feel weird.

Recently something had changed between them, though Leo couldn’t quite put his finger on it. All he knew was that he didn’t know how his body would react if Percy were to share his bed again. He had hoped this wouldn’t happen...and yet it did. Of course it did.

Leo didn’t realise he was falling asleep until it was too late. There were no nightmares in his head, and when he woke up he felt like he had only closed his eyes for a second, but everything had changed. The living room was dark, the TV switched off. Leo was wedged between the back of the couch and Percy’s body because somehow they had fallen asleep together, on their sides, facing each other.

The couch was much smaller than Leo’s bed and the boy felt he didn’t even have space to breathe, because every inch of him was pressed against Percy. He swallowed and looked up.

Percy was already looking at him, eyes dark and glimmering. Leo tried to find air that he could inhale but there seemed to be none. Lightning crackled in the space between him and the other man. Leo didn’t know how long they just looked, but it was excruciating, being so impossibly close. It seemed that the two men were gravitating towards each other...and Leo thought he was just imagining it until Percy’s eyes flickered down to his mouth.

Subconsciously Leo licked his bottom lip, because he was nervous. Clearly Percy thought it was an invitation because he slowly, slowly ducked his head and leaned in. He hesitated half an inch before their lips met and he looked at Leo. The Latino couldn’t breathe again, and so he closed the space between them, because there was nothing more to do.

To say that the kiss was intense would be an understatement. It was as if an electric shock went through Leo the moment his lips met Percy’s. They both inhaled sharply and Percy’s hand cradled Leo’s cheek as their lips moved together almost in slow motion. Leo’s heart pounded and his eyes fluttered shut.

Then he could breathe again and he and Percy were kissing with insane desperation, almost violence, lips sliding together, tongues twisting around each other. Percy gripped Leo’s face and the Latino’s hands dug into Percy’s waist, and then they swapped and Leo had his hands on Percy’s cheeks while the son of Poseidon wrapped an arm around his waist and threw one of his legs over his waist, drawing Leo closer. The boy let out a whimpery moan and he could feel Percy’s stubble rubbing against his skin.

When they pulled apart they were both flushed and panting, and Percy kissed down Leo’s cheek, below his ear and down his neck. They didn’t speak but Leo’s fingers slid into Percy’s hair. The son of Poseidon started sucking a hickey into his skin and Leo bucked forward, and felt a hardness against his thigh. It made blood rush south and he bit his lip when he felt his cock filling out.

Suddenly Leo needed answers. He grabbed Percy’s head and pulled him away from his neck and up, “A-Are we...,” he was shocked at how breathless he sounded, and he swallowed, “Are we going to...,” he couldn’t get the words out.

“Yeah. If you want,” Percy said, voice hoarse. Leo had never had sex with anyone, had always been too self-conscious...but he kind of wanted to. He wrapped an arm around Percy’s shoulders to make sure he wouldn’t go anywhere, and Percy smiled.

He stroked Leo’s hip, then reached behind him and brushed his hand over Leo’s ass. The Latino bit his lip and looked away, “Don’t be shy,” Percy whispered.

“I’m not shy,” Leo grumbled. Percy squeezed his ass and the boy let out a little breathy gasp. Percy smiled and then reached inside his own pants, “What are you doing?” Leo asked. In response Percy pulled his hand out, and his fingers were wet with precum, “You’re that hard?” Leo gaped.

“You’re hot,” Percy shrugged. Leo’s words died away on his lips and he blushed furiously. When Percy grabbed his pants and pulled them down, the Latino didn’t protest. The man’s hand palmed at his ass and then he pressed one wet finger against the smaller boy’s hole.

“Using precum as lube is kinda gross and kinda hot at the same time,” he admitted and then let out a startled moan when Percy pushed a finger inside him, “O-Oh fuck,” he ducked his head, shoulders shaking.

“Does it hurt?” Percy asked.

“No,” Leo wriggled his ass back against his hand, “Feels hella weird though.”

Percy started fingering him slowly and Leo had to bite down on his lip to keep his noises at bay. His cock twitched against his stomach, even when Percy pushed a second finger in. That kind of hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. His leg, thrown over Percy’s, tightened.

The son of Poseidon nudged his nose against Leo’s and kissed him, and Leo let out a drawn out moan that was muffled by Percy’s mouth. The dark-haired boy kissed him and moved his fingers inside of him, scissoring them to stretch Leo out, and the Latino didn’t even feel anxious or scared. He just wanted to get closer to Percy, climb inside his skin if he could. When the man added a third finger inside Leo the boy started to shake, an intense heat burning it his stomach.

“E-Enough,” Leo pulled away from Percy’s intoxicating mouth and twisted around, with some difficulty, so his face was pressed into the couch and his ass was arched back against Percy’s crotch.

“Leo,” Percy murmured, his hand sliding down Leo’s side excruciatingly slowly. Leo shivered and subconsciously grinded back against the son of Poseidon’s cock, still in his underwear. When Percy kissed the side of his neck Leo could feel the stubble against his skin.


“Oh my Gods don’t,” Leo huffed, turning his head so he could look at Percy over his shoulder, “That is such a turn off.”

“I like your name,” Percy kissed him quickly.

“Okay Perseus,” Leo rolled his eyes.

Percy winced, “Okay. Sorry, sorry,” he bit his lip, “Say my name again.”

“What? Perseus?”

“No. Percy.”

Leo looked at him, and his cock twitched against the couch “Percy.”

Percy kissed him fiercely, and shoved his own trousers and underwear off, and then his shirt. Leo’s hand came up to brush against his chest and collarbone as they kissed. He liked this, because although he was literally trapped between Percy and the couch, he felt safe, and powerless, and it felt good.

And then suddenly he was reaching for Leo’s shirt. The Latino tensed and he wanted to say that he wanted to keep it on but Percy was kissing him again, making him dizzy and breaking away only so he could pull the shirt over Leo’s head and toss it aside, attacking his mouth once more.

Leo tried to twist around, to hide the ugly scar on his back, but Percy didn’t let him, holding onto his hips and pushing him forward into the couch. His hard, leaking cock slipped between Leo’s ass cheeks and the Latino whimpered.


Out of nowhere the son of Poseidon suddenly seized Leo’s shoulder and shoved him forward, so the boy’s back was exposed. Leo started shaking and he could feel Percy’s burning gaze on his back.

“P-Percy wait, don’t-“

Leo felt warm breath against his skin and then Percy slowly dragged his lips down the scar, gentle and caring, and Leo’s whole body shuddered, tears springing to his eyes. He pressed his face into the couch and tried to get himself together as Percy peppered his whole back with kisses. He didn’t care about the scar – of course he didn’t, and Leo was stupid for thinking he did.

“You’re so beautiful,” Percy whispered against the back of Leo’s neck.

“Are you going to tell me you love me next?” the Latino snorted, trying to lighten the mood.

“Shhh,” Percy murmured, stroking up and down the boy’s naked thigh, “You know I do.”

Leo’s heart clenched, “J-Just fuck me already.”


Thinking back Percy didn’t know why he hadn’t asked to move from the couch; after all it was tiny and now, lying in his bed with Leo among covers and pillows, he decided it was much more comfortable here. But in the heat of the moment he and Leo couldn’t even think about moving.

Now Percy laid propped up on his arm, looking down at the curly-haired angel snuggled up into his side and stroking the boy’s hair.

“You really took it well,” he murmured.

“It didn’t even hurt that bad,” Leo replied in a whisper, eyes closed even though he wasn’t sleeping. Percy smiled and ducked down to kiss his forehead.

“You’re amazing. I love you.”

Leo wrapped an arm around Percy’s waist and buried his face in the man’s chest, exhaling, “It makes my heart go crazy when you say that.”

“I’m glad,” Percy found his lover’s mouth, “You know what,” he said, inches away from kissing the Latino, “You should just move into my bed permanently.”

Leo opened his eyes and cocked an eyebrow, “Oh? Is that so?”

Percy kissed him, “Just agree, idiot.”

“What about my room?” Leo asked. Percy shrugged, and Leo grinned, “Yeah, okay, I’ll move in with you. It’s gonna be a long and hard move though,” he winked and Percy laughed. He hugged Leo fiercely into his chest and his hand slipped down the boy’s back, tracing the gentle rise of the scar on his back. He liked the scar, because it meant Leo was still alive.

Since that day neither of the boys had another nightmare about the Giant war.

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'Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you caught me and demanded to come with me to make sure the girl is "pretty enough to warrant flower theft", and I'm trying to figure out how to break it to you that we're on our way to a graveyard' AU. You can choose the couple. :)
for S

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Nico woke up in the morning and asked himself the same question he always did – is today the day I finally end it?

He climbed out of the bed in the little room he rented in a cottage in a little village in Wales, walked to the bathroom and washed his teeth and face, then changed out of his pyjamas into a short-sleeved shirt and dungarees. When he came downstairs he found that his landlady had gone to church. She went to church every day since the war ended, and her husband didn’t come home. Nico ate the fresh bun she had left him and drunk a cup of tea. He let the cat out through the back door. He sat on the bottom step of the stairs and put on his shoes. He went outside. It was a beautiful morning, the early summer sun dancing on Nico’s cheeks, but the boy didn’t care as he headed down a familiar road, away from the village.

An automobile rumbled past and Nico shoved his hands into his pockets, watching the clear sky. He felt that the weather was too nice. After the war the sun should’ve never shone again, in his opinion.

Nico was only ten when World War II broke out, but he remembered little of those first few years. A lot of bombing as the Blitz raved through London, hiding in the Anderson shelter in their backyard. He remembered fear and death and rationing, but then he and his older sister Bianca was evacuated away to here – this peaceful, secluded village in Wales where the war didn’t really have much of an impact at all. Hestia took both of them in and they spent years here, not seeing their parents back in London, only receiving letters from them. He liked it and thought Hestia, the wonderful grandma that had taken him in, was lovely. But Nico always suspected he’d return to London eventually, to reunite with his parents.

And then suddenly Bianca turned eighteen, packed her things and took the train back to London. She feverishly tried to explain to Nico that she felt useless and that she needed to help the war effort. She wanted to become a nurse and save people in London, or even on the frontlines in France if possible. That was in 1943, and Nico had hated her for leaving. He was only fifteen and felt depressed and alone, and he never remembered what his last words to her were.

He was seventeen when the war ended and the telegram came telling him that his home was destroyed in the Blitz, and that both his parents were dead. There were no news of Bianca and when Nico turned eighteen he returned to London, or rather what was left of it, to try and search for his sister. He found her body in a hospital, the only thing left of her was her name written down in the records of those who died. A house had collapsed on top of her, and she had been crushed to death, Nico was told.

Since then a year had passed and life continued in this manner – wake up, wash, eat, go to the cemetery, go home, study, read, eat, have a conversation with Hestia, wash, sleep. A dull, pointless life that Nico hated. He had brought Bianca’s body back here with him, and buried her in the nearby graveyard. He didn’t want her to stay in the oppressive atmosphere of post-war London where she had died, and knew that she had loved this little Welsh town with its lakes and forests and rolling hills. Besides by then Nico had moved in with Hestia permanently and he wanted to be able to visit his sister and hopefully never look at the wreck that London had become ever again.

He walked uphill now, and the cottages around him grew sparser, giving way to green fields and trees. Nico knew this walk off by heart and he knew exactly when the last cottage would come into view. It was a two-story, beautiful house with a stunning garden full of amazing flowers, and past it was nothing but fields. Nico didn’t know who lived in the house and only ever paid attention to it because of a whole load of begonias that grew over the white picket fence surrounding the property. Nico had been stealing said begonias for the last four weeks of the summer, and today wasn’t any different.

He could see the gates of the cemetery hiding behind a sparse grouping of trees closeby and it made Nico sadder than normal as he made for the house with all the flowers. Every time he was here he contemplated about how much longer he could stand being alive for. He didn’t see a point; there was a misery rooted inside of him that made it hard to go about his life. Still this was the only moment in his day that he enjoyed – seeing the vibrant colours of this mysterious garden made him remember a time when he was happy.

He was sure in the winter, when the garden wilted and died, he would take his own life too, because as stupid as it was, he was convinced these flowers were what was still keeping him on this earth.

Nico walked over to the bright red-pink flowers and his fingers wrapped around one of the thin stems. He leaned down and buried his nose in the soft petals, inhaling the wonderful scent. He pulled away and carefully picked the flower and when he looked up there was a boy staring at him.

Nico froze, hand stuck out in front of him, still holding the flower. The other boy stared at him too, standing on the path leading to the house, and Nico had never seen him before. He was tall, blond, tanned, with a sprinkle of freckles across his cheeks. He wore a short-sleeved blue t-shirt and shorts, and slowly, slowly, he smiled.

Nico’s heart skipped a beat.

“So,” the blond said, “you’re the one who’s been stealing my grandma’s flowers.”

Nico swallowed, “I...I...,” he tried to think of an excuse, but there wasn’t one as he literally held the evidence in his hand. But the blond wasn’t asking any more questions, instead he walked to the gate, opened it, and made for Nico, “W-What are you doing?!” the dark-haired boy spluttered, scared he was about to be beat up, and he cradled his flower to his chest protectively.

The blond stopped a few feet away and his grin told Nico that he wasn’t going to hurt him, “I want to make sure the girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft,” he winked.

Nico blushed, “W-What girl?!”

“The girl you’re going to see,” the blond said with a shrug, “I’ve spied you at least three times alone this week, and each time you take one flower and go the same way. So I want to know who the lucky girl is.”

Nico’s heart clenched and other boy’s smile, full of light and innocence, made him look away, “I...I...w-who are you again?”

“Oh, right,” the blond stuck his hand out, “My name’s William. Or just Will. I live here.”

“I’ve never seen you before,” Nico hesitantly shook Will’s hand, holding the flower.

“I just came back from France,” Will said with a laugh, “I’ve been gone for a while.”

“F-France as in...?” Nico asked. A brief look of pain went through Will’s face, but then he was smiling again. France as in the front line.

“Yeah. France.”

Nico cleared his throat, “Right so I’m going to...,” he stopped and then offered Will the flower, “Sorry,” he was blushy and he felt awkward and embarrassed, “I won’t take your flowers again.”

“No, no, no,” Will said quickly, pushing Nico’s hand away gently, “No, it’s alright, I don’t mind, they’re...,” he trailed off and his eyes were focused on Nico’s face, “They’re just flowers,” he said, quietly.

Nico’s heart pounded.

“Sorry!” he squeaked and shoved past Will, clutching his flower as he started walking towards the cemetery. His face burned, his stomach twisted and he heard Will follow after him.

“Hey! Wait for me!”

The blond appeared at Nico’s side and the boy didn’t know what to do. There was something about Will that made him feel things, and he hadn’t felt things for months. He had felt numb...but now his heart was fluttering and he felt anxious and nervous and a little excited.

He also didn’t know how to break it to the blond that there was no girl except his dead sister in the ground. He didn’t know how to say it and Will contently walked at his side and blabbered on about something. Nico kept glancing at him, not used to boys like Will being nice to him.

“So tell me more about this girl,” the blond said.

“I...I...,” Nico swallowed.

“Is she your sweetheart?”

“No,” Nico said quickly. Will laughed.

“Don’t worry I don’t have a sweetheart either.”

For some reason it made Nico a little relieved. He also felt weird because it was the first time walking to the cemetery that he didn’t feel like he had an incredible weight on his shoulders. Then the gates of the graveyard came into view and Nico tensed, unable to look at Will.

The blond’s step faltered and he went quiet but as Nico stepped through the gate Will surprised him by following. They didn’t speak and Nico walked up the familiar pathways between the graves. Some were old and crumbling, others painfully new, though they hadn’t buried all the ones who had died in the war just yet.

Bianca’s grave was small and modest, with her name engraved into the grey stone. BIANCA DI ANGELO. Just seeing it made a stab of pain go through Nico and the boy knelt in the grass beside it. He brushed aside the slightly wilted flower from the previous day and placed the fresh one in its place. From his pocket he produced a packet of matches and lit the grave candle on the slate.

“This...,” he cleared his throat and fought the agony in his heart, “This is the girl. My sister.”

“Oh God...,” Will whispered out above him, and then he knelt next to Nico. The dark-haired boy never thought he’d want anybody to visit Bianca’s grave with him, but Will’s presence was comforting in a bizarre way.

The boy leaned into the blond and fought tears. Since his sister’s death he had shut himself away, and even before that he hated physical touch. But now, leaning against Will’s warm shoulder, he felt like he wasn’t alone for the first time in a long, long while. He sniffled.

Will reached down and squeezed his hand, “I...,” his voice was soft, “I don’t know what to say...I’m sorry for assuming-“

“No. It’s alright,” Nico squeezed his fingers, not looking at him, and hurriedly wiped his tears with his free hand, “You don’t have to say anything.” Will had been a soldier, he probably had his own ghosts that he carried with him.

They walked back towards the village in silence, an air of depressed comfort around both of them. Despite his visit to his sister’s grave and the painful memories that came with it, Nico felt light.

“Let me walk you back home,” Will said when his own cottage came into view.

“No. It’s alright. You don’t have to.”

The sun was shining too brightly and Will smiled, “I want to.”

So Nico let Will walk him home, and when they reached Hestia’s cottage the blond gave him a long look and appeared to want to say something, but in the end he just squeezed Nico’s hand, invited him over for tea sometime, and disappeared back up the pathway to his own house.

When Nico laid down to sleep that night for the first time in months he didn’t contemplate death. Instead he contemplated the boy with golden hair and a beautiful smile that even the war couldn’t wipe out. He wanted to smile like that too.

Ever since that day there were two flowers on Bianca di Angelo’s grave.

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Could you do Frank and Leo where Frank’s huge and roughly fucks Leo in a semi public place.
For Alm0staverage

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“Leo!” Frank complained from behind the curtain, “Leo, it doesn’t fit, I fucking told you.”

“It’s an extra-large!” the Latino complained from outside the dressing room, flicking through Instagram on his phone. The assistant – a pimply, awkward teenage boy gave Leo a look.

“Uh...I can go look if we have an extra-extra large?” he offered. Leo smiled.

“That’d be lovely, thanks,” he said and watched the assistant scurry away. It was early on Saturday morning and nobody was at the clothing store yet...well, expect Leo and his annoying boyfriend.

Frank popped his head out from behind the curtain and looked down at Leo, “It’s just a stupid t-shirt. I’ll find another one that fits me.”

Leo locked his phone and shoved it into his pocket, turning to face his boyfriend, “No, it’s red, and that’s my favourite colour, and all your clothes are too small on you now.”

“Not my fault my muscles are awesome,” Frank said. Leo rolled his eyes.

“Yeah they’re so awesome, especially when you don’t fit into any goddamn clothes,” he pondered this for a second, and then grinned at Frank, “actually, that’s not that bad. I don’t mind you walking around naked,” he winked and Frank groaned and disappeared back into the changing room.

“Come help me get this shirt off you midget.”

Leo slipped inside the changing room and then leaned against the wall, meeting Frank’s eyes in the mirror, before they slid downward to appreciate Frank’s chest. Leo knew exactly what it looked like naked, all smooth and rock hard, but somehow the red t-shirt Frank was wearing made him look even hotter, since it was too tight, sticking to every curve of every muscle on Frank’s body.

“Well aren’t you a snack.”

Frank turned to face the boy, “You’re so annoying, help me get this off.”

He leaned down so the Latino could grab the t-shirt and, with a bit of struggle, pull it over his boyfriend’s head. When he did he ruffled the Asian’s hair, and Leo’s eyes hungrily slid over Frank’s naked skin. The son of Mars reached for his own shirt to put it back on but Leo batted his hand away.

“Wait,” he breathed and there was heat slowly pooling in his stomach as he grabbed Frank’s hands, so much bigger than his own, and tugged him forward, “Let me look.”

“Leo,” Frank glanced at the curtain, “the assistant will come back any second-“

“No, he won’t,” Leo murmured, shoving the curtain closed and standing on his tip-toes in order to press his mouth to Frank’s. The Asian sighed against his lips in annoyance but then his hands slipped from Leo’s and trailed down to his waist. The Latino grinned and threw his arms over Frank’s broad shoulders, so his fingers could skim across his muscled back.

Frank tried to pull away but Leo didn’t let him, turning the kiss more passionate and heated. The son of Mars fought him for a second, but then he gave in and pressed Leo into the wall, his tongue slipping into Leo’s eager and awaiting mouth. Leo shivered and moaned quietly, and Frank pulled away abruptly.

“We’re not doing this here,” he said pointedly. Leo pouted.

“Whyyy?” he whined, and slowly arched up to rub his quickly hardening cock against Frank’s thigh. The son of Mars’ eyes darkened visibly but he pushed Leo away nonetheless.

“We did it twice this morning.”

“That never stopped you before,” Leo said. Frank gave him a look.

“We’re in a dressing room,” he huffed.  

Leo turned around and arched his back, pressing his ass back against his boyfriend’s crotch, knowing full well that his bum was the other boy’s weakness. Frank groaned behind him and Leo felt a hardness start to grow against his body. He smirked.

“Leo, don’t be stupid-,” Frank growled.

“Shhh, it’s okay, nobody can see,” Leo reached out behind him and grabbed his hand, pulling his arm around and pressing Frank’s palm down over his own erection. He glanced over his shoulder, hoping that Frank could see how much he wanted it, “Come on, Frank.”

“Gods,” the Asian pressed his chest over the other boy’s back, covering him completely as his hand slipped into Leo’s trousers. He grasped his cock and Leo hissed in pleasure, pressing back into Frank.

“Mhmmm, yeah,” he whispered, “just put it in me, c’mon.”

“Leo...,” there was a warning in Frank’s voice, his warm breath brushing against Leos’ slender neck. The Latino bit his lip. He loved the way Frank felt against him.

“I’m already prepped,” Leo whispered, and laughter drifted from a few stalls over, “From this morning. All you have to do is slip it in.”

“Fuck,” Frank whispered, burying his face in Leo’s neck as he shoved down the boy’s pants and underwear to his knees in one swift movement. The Latino’s hands curled against the wall and he inhaled as he heard Frank’s zip open. Moments later the blunt head of the son of Mars’ cock was pressing against Leo’s hole, “Leo...,” there was clear worry in Frank’s voice because fuck, he always worried.

Leo pushed back against him, taking half of Frank’s cock inside of him in one swift movement, and it slid in smoothly thanks to the precum sliding down Leo’s cock. The Latino whimpered and slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Shit,” Frank huffed against Leo’s neck, “’re such a little shit.”

“Shhh,” Leo turned his head and gave Frank a messy, open-mouthed kiss, “just fuck me before the guy c-comes back.”

Frank thrust into him then, completely burying his erection inside the Latino. Leo stood on his tiptoes, pressing his body against the wall and letting out a shaky breath. Out of the corner of his eye he could see their refection in the dressing room mirror, but he was too busy feeling wonderfully full to properly look. He buried his head in his arm, resting on the wall.

“Gods...,” he choked on a moan as Frank pulled out and slammed back in, “F-Frank...”

The Asian gripped Leo’s hips bruisingly and started roughly fucking him, his hips slamming against the other boy’s ass. Frank kissed his neck and bit his shoulder and Leo moaned and gasped between the fingers covering his mouth.

“Uh...guys?” the hesitant voice of the assistant sounded just outside the changing room and both Leo and Frank froze. The Latino craned his head and looked at Frank.

“Uh...yeah?” he asked uncertainly.

“Um...I have the shirt.”

“G-Great,” Leo stuck his hand out through the curtain, “I’m just helping him-,” he let out a silent moan when Frank suddenly started fucking him again. Leo squeezed his eyes shut and when the assistant placed the XXL shirt in his hand he quickly withdrew it, “I-I...u-um...,” Leo was finding it hard not to moan out loud as Frank abused his hole with rough thrusts and he could only hope the assistant didn’t hear anything over the cheerful music playing in the changing rooms. The heat in his body was unbearable, “C-Can you get me a...,” Leo bit his palm quickly to silence a whine as Frank found his prostate, “A-A small please? I-I wanna try it on too.”

“Yeah, sure,” the assistant said with no hesitation and Leo heard him walk off. When he did the Latino slumped against the wall, clinging onto Frank’s hands on his hips, gasping.

“Fuck...fuck...,” he whispered, “Frank, Frankie...f-fuck...y-your cock’s so big, J-Jesus...”

“Shhh,” Frank hissed, voice strained, “Be quiet o-or they’ll hear...”

Leo’s hand wrapped around his own cock and he started stroking in time with Frank’s thrust. Normally they could fuck for hours but there was just something intensely hot about doing it here, in public, where they could be caught any second. Frank grasped his neck and forced his head up so he could crash their lips together and Leo whimpered into his mouth as his cock twitched in his hand, and come spluttered from the top, sliding down his length.

Frank’s thrusts stuttered and then he clung onto Leo’s hips and shivered. He stopped kissing the boy.

“Did you just come inside me?” the Latino asked. Frank winced.


“Guys,” the assistant’s voice sounded outside again, “I have your shirt.”

Leo grinned and Frank slipped out of him. Leo pulled his pants up and Frank threw on his t-shirt and then they walked out of the dressing room. The assistant seemed a little surprised at their dishevelled appearance, and Leo plucked the red t-shirt in his size from his hands.

“Thanks,” he winked and sauntered over to the counter, followed by Frank, who shook his head fondly at his boyfriend.

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Nico/Percy where Nico is really self conscious of his body and the entire group of friends is going skinny dipping (where as Nico doesn’t even like being in a bathing suit) and Percy gives him the confidence to go and they both get nervous and blush a lot and it’s adorable :)
for Tessa

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Nico’s friends had finally finished their GCSE’s and the months of stress that had followed them around finally ended. So naturally, like every other group of over-excited and exhilarated fifteen and sixteen years olds who had just finished what they thought were the hardest exams of their lives, they decided to go down to the beach.

It took a bit of lying; Annabeth, Piper and Hazel pretended they were all sleeping over at each other’s houses, Leo was supposed to be staying at Jason’s, Percy told his mum he was going to his dad’s and his dad – who wasn’t exactly a model father – was in on it. Frank had somehow persuaded his grandmother that it was just him and the boys on this trip, and Nico...well, Nico’s mum didn’t really care all that much about where her son went so he was here.

They had used Percy’s fake ID to rent out a cabin for three people, even though there was eight of them. Then they spent the whole day down at the beach and Percy – again thanks to his fake ID – had bought them crates of beer. They ate ice-cream and fish and chips and splashed about in the ocean. They sunbathed and played volleyball and they felt all grown up and invincible.

Nico liked it. He liked the relief in his stomach after the end of his exams, liked the freedom of going wherever he liked, if just for one day. And he had his friends around him, all of them, laughing and including him, and it was the happiest Nico had ever been even though he knew that for the rest of the summer his friends were all going away and he’d be stuck in hot, stuffy London by himself. He hated being by himself. And then A Levels would come around and all the stress would come right back.

“Nico!” Hazel yelled, breaking Nico out of his slightly melancholic thoughts. The boy was sitting on a little hill of sand, knees drawn to his chest, flannel fluttering in the wind. He looked at his friends, all knee-deep in the sea, their hair glimmering in the sun, too much skin showing as they all wore swimming trunks or costumes, “Come join us!”

“I’m good!” Nico called back.

Percy grabbed Annabeth around the waist suddenly and lifted her. The girl squealed as Percy tossed her into the water and Nico’s heart twisted. He hated how friendly the two were – sure, they might’ve not been dating but it was obvious they liked each other, and that hurt, because Nico was pretty sure he was in love with Percy.

Nico rested his chin on top of his knees and sighed. A part of him wanted, more than anything, to just rip off his clothes and run into the water, but Nico couldn’t. He hated his body, and the thought that his friends would see him in just swimming trunks – that Percy would see him – made him nauseous. Nico wasn’t like the other boys here; he wasn’t tall and muscular like Frank, Jason and Percy, and even Leo was cute and had a kind of confidence around him that Nico lacked.  

The sun was suddenly blocked out and Nico craned his head up, surprised when he saw Percy hovering over him, grinning and dripping wet, looking like some swim suit model. Nico’s heart fluttered.

“Oi,” Percy said, “Why are you acting all depressed?”

“I’m not,” Nico blinked up at him.

Percy plopped down in the sand next to him and shook his head, droplets flying from his wet hair and landing on Nico.

“So,” the son of Poseidon said, “You scared of the water or something?”

Nico snorted, “No,” he said, too fast, and realised that he should’ve said yes and used it as an excuse as to why he wasn’t going in. But it was too late then, and Percy poked him in the ribs playfully.

“Then why you out here?” he asked, “you should come into the sea with us. It’s awesome.”

“No, I’m good,” Nico mumbled.


“Just ‘cause.”

Percy sighed, “Jesus, why are you always so secretive?” he peeked at his face, too close, and Nico leaned away slightly.

“It’s part of my personality,” Nico dropped backwards onto the sand and Percy looked down at him, “Just go back in. I’m having fun in the sunshine.”

Percy sighed, got up and raced to the water. Nico sighed and squinted up at the cloudless sky. He had hoped that maybe Percy would hang around with him a bit, and he wanted to call his friends and have them around because he really hated being alone, but he didn’t want to ruin their fun so he just stayed on the sand, by himself.

All you have to do is take off your shirt, he told himself, and then you can be part of the group and you can have fun...Nico swallowed and his hands curled around the hem of his shirt. But in the end, he couldn’t lift it; he was too pale and skinny and just not good enough. He was too scared of what everyone would think.

Too scared of what Percy would think.


 “Ouch, move your goddamn elbow,” Leo complained from across the room.

The eight were lying on the floor, side by side. Technically there were three beds but they couldn’t decide who was supposed to sleep on them, so they all decided to take the floor instead, laying it out with all the pillows and blankets they could find. It wasn’t the most comfortable arrangement, especially when everyone was squished together. Nico was by the wall, his back pressed against Hazel’s, listening to the bickering of Leo and Frank on the other end, pushing and shoving at each other.

“You’re so small!” Frank yelled, “How do you take up so much space?!”

“Will you two shut up?” Annabeth demanded. Nico squeezed his eyes shut. He knew that she was lying right next to Percy, probably impossibly close, and he didn’t want to think about it because it made his heart hurt. There was some more grumbling but eventually the room fell silent. Minutes crawled by, and Nico couldn’t sleep.

“Guys,” Leo said suddenly, “I’m bored.”

“Go to sleep,” Piper groaned.

“No,” Percy sat up, “I can’t sleep either,” the room was dark and Nico could only see his outline from the moonlight falling in through the window when he twisted around, “We should do something.”

“Like what?” Jason asked.

A grin lit up Percy’s face, “Skinny dipping.”

“Yes!” Leo sat up immediately.

No,” Nico also forced himself up, but his words were silenced by the sudden cheer from the rest of the teenagers, who all scrambled upwards and started grabbing their clothes.

“We don’t need them!” Leo was already at the door, and pulling off his pants. The group cheered and then they were all running out, throwing their clothes as they went, and suddenly Nico was alone in the tiny cabin.

His stomach twisted and he fell backwards onto the floor, pulling a blanket all the way up to his chin and turned to the wall again. He was frustrated, tears springing to his eyes. He knew he was doing this to himself and if he could only get over his insecurity...

But he couldn’t. Nico closed his eyes and tried to sleep, hoping that his friends wouldn’t notice his absence. It was wishful thinking.

“Oi,” Percy’s voice sounded closeby. In the distance Nico could hear squealing and laughter of his friends but he kept his eyes closed, pretending he was asleep, “I know you’re awake.”

Nico sighed and opened his eyes, “What do you want?”

“Why are you missing out again?”

“I wanna sleep,” Nico grumbled. The blanket was suddenly ripped off him and the Italian whirled around, “What the fuck?!”

“Come on,” Percy said, grabbing Nico’s arm and hauling the surprised boy to his feet, “You’ve been off all day. We’ve planned this trip for ages stop being so stiff.”

Nico shoved his hand off, “I don’t want to go swimming,” he growled.

“Why?” Percy rolled his eyes, and Nico had trouble keeping his eyes off his tanned, naked chest. At least the boy was wearing underwear, “you think something’s in the water? I’ll protect you from monsters,” he winked. Nico blushed.

“I’m not scared,” he growled, turning away from the other boy.

“Then what is it?!” Percy sighed in annoyance.

“Just go,” Nico said, “have fun with the rest.”

“No,” Percy said, “just tell me why you don’t want to go swimming? Can you even swim?”

Nico exhaled, “Yes. I can. It’s not that I don’t want to go swimming, I just don’t want to go...,” he trailed off. Percy was quiet for a second, and then he said softly,

“Skinny dipping?”

“Yeah,” Nico whispered.

“Why?” Percy’s voice was softer now, “It’s not just that because you didn’t want to swim earlier.”

“I just don’t...,” Nico didn’t have any excuses left and he wrung his hands out anxiously in front of him, “I just don’t want to take my clothes off.”

“Don’t tell me you’re insecure,” Percy snorted. Nico turned to him, glaring.

“It’s not funny,” he snapped, and Percy’s amused smirk slipped off his face, “of course you wouldn’t know about insecurities, looking like that,” he bitterly gestured at Percy’s naked chest. The dark-haired boy rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m...It’s not like there’s anything wrong with you,” he cleared his throat, “Like, you’re not ugly or anything.”

Nico blushed, “Just shut up. You’re making it worse.”

“Listen,” Percy said, “Why don’t we go to like a secluded part of the beach and skinny dip there?”

“What? Just me and you?” Nico huffed, “Sure, great fucking idea.”

“Nico c’mon,” Percy said, “I want you to be comfortable with us. We’re your friends, and...,” he sighed, “I don’t want you to be sad.”

“So what you just wanna go skinny dipping together where nobody can see us?” Nico asked. Percy shrugged.


Nico found that he had no arguments left as he helplessly trailed behind Percy, following him out of the cabin. He could see the other six teenagers splashing about in the water to their left, but Percy started off to the right. They walked past a clump of trees to a little part of the beach that was completely hidden from sight. The air was warm and almost stuffy, the moon bright and brilliant in the sky, illuminating the landscape.

“Did you plan this?” Nico asked as he walked down to the water’s edge. Percy shrugged.

“Uh, maybe,” he admitted, “I’ve had my theories about why you weren’t swimming with us, and insecurity was one of them.”

“I hate it when you say it out loud,” Nico mumbled. Percy ignored his remark and looked at him expectantly.

“Well?” he prompted, “You stripping or what?”

Blood rushed to Nico’s face and he nervously gripped his t-shirt. When he tried to tug it over his head, he found he couldn’t. He swallowed, “I-I...,” Percy’s eyes were intense on him, and Nico was just scared of what the other boy would think. Nico knew he wasn’t good enough for Percy, but Percy didn’t need to know that too.

“Alright, idea,” the taller boy said, “Why don’t you strip when we’re already in the water?”

Nico swallowed, and then nodded shakily, “Yeah. Okay.”

Percy dashed off, running into the sea, laughing, splashing as he went. Nico inhaled, didn’t let himself have second thoughts as he followed after Percy. The first contact with the water was a shock. It was like ice stabbing him in the legs, and then Nico tripped and tumbled forward into the water, the cold surrounding him. He took in a shaky gasp and Percy laughed, hovering nearby.

“It’s nice. Refreshing.”

“It’s bloody freezing,” Nico said, toes sinking into the sand below him. He honesty couldn’t understand why people did this; it was dark, cold and a little creepy.

“Take off your trousers,” Percy said. A wave of heat went through Nico and he reached under the water and struggled out of his trousers. It took a few minutes and he tripped a few times, and then he held the trousers out for Percy to see.

“What do you want me to do with this?” he asked. Percy snatched it up and then he reached down and slipped off his own underwear, holding it with Nico’s trousers in a wet clump.

“Now your shirt,” Percy said.

Nico dipped down into the water more, so it went up to his chin, and struggled out of his t-shirt. He offered it to Percy, and the boy gave a pointed look downwards, to where Nico’s boxers were hidden by the dark water. Nico swallowed and slowly, slowly slipped them off, not meeting Percy’s eyes. He handed the boy the rest of his clothes. Percy took them and swam to shore, and Nico watched as he dropped them onto the sand.

Nico hugged himself because he just felt so goddamn self-conscious. He swam out further into the sea, making sure that Percy couldn’t see any part of his body except his head and he anxiously waited for the boy he loved to swim back to him.

“So,” Percy bobbed in the water a few feet away from Nico, grinning, “How do you like skinny dipping?”

“I-It’s r-really c-cold,” Nico admitted, teeth clattering.

“Come here then,” Percy grinned. Nico flushed.

“Well that’s a bit weird, isn’t it?”

“Shut up,” Percy swam over quickly and grabbed Nico’s hand, pulling him closer. The Italian’s heart throbbed in his chest and he couldn’t breathe. He forgot about the icy water because suddenly Percy was inches away and Nico could feel his body heat.

“P-Percy?” he asked shakily. There was no amusement left on the boy’s face as he looked at Nico and slowly lifted his hand to brush a wet strand of his hair from his cheek, “Percy w-what are you-,” Nico tried to step away but Percy reached under the water and wrapped an arm around his naked waist, pulling him forward.

“Shhh, just let me have this,” Percy murmured.

“B-But...Annabeth...,” Nico’s voice faltered and he looked towards the tree-line, “What if she s-sees?”

“Sees what?” Percy asked, “We’re not doing anything. Besides, she’s not my girlfriend.”

“Percy,” Nico said helplessly, pushing down at his hand on his hip. Percy didn’t budge and Nico’s shoulders slipped out of the water. Percy’s free hand slid from Nico’s cheek to his left shoulder and he brushed his fingers over the boy’s wet skin. Nico didn’t know what was happening and he couldn’t look at Percy.

“Hey,” the taller boy said, “I’m nervous too, if that makes you feel better.”

“You?” Nico looked up at him in disbelief, “Nervous?”

“Yeah,” Percy said quietly.

“Why?” Nico didn’t understand and he subconsciously shifted closer, wanting to have more of Percy’s body warmth.

“Because I’m about to kiss you, and I don’t know how you’ll react,” Percy whispered, and then sighed, “Fuck. I just messed it up didn’t I?”

“Percy what the fuck is going on?” Nico whispered helplessly, wanting to kind of cry as emotions washed over him.

Percy suddenly wrapped both of his arms around Nico’s waist and pulled him flush against his body, as if scared Nico was going to disappear, and the Italian was sure that if it wasn’t so damn cold he would’ve gotten hard just from how close he was to Percy. His arms automatically wrapped around Percy’s shoulders, so he had something to hold onto, and Percy was staring at him, all stunning in the moonlight.

“The others know,” he said, “about this.” Nico looked down at the water, blushing, “Listen, Neeks. I finally have the courage to say this so just...,” Percy shifted and his hands stroked Nico’s naked skin under the water. The Italian shivered, “I-I...I have this massive crush on you and I kinda don’t know what to do with it and...,” he swallowed, “and I just wanted to kiss you this whole trip and being naked with you right now is kind of doing things to me, and shit, sorry if I’m freaking you out.”

“Percy,” Nico interrupted, sure that he was going to pass out.

“Yeah?” Percy asked breathlessly.

“Just kiss me if you’re going to kiss me,” the Italian whispered, something that he never thought would come out of his mouth.

“O-Okay,” Percy’s voice shook, and he leaned down. Nico held his breath when the other boy’s nose bumped against his, and he hesitated only for a second before he was pressing their lips together.

The kiss was wet and warm and it made Nico tremble helplessly, his hands digging into Percy’s naked shoulders. Percy’s tongue slipped into his mouth and Nico didn’t really know how to kiss properly so it was clumsy and uncoordinated but God, was it wonderful. They had to pull apart, because Nico was shaking too much.

“You okay?” Percy’s eyes were sparkling. Nico nodded, “Are you cold?”

“A-A little,” Nico admitted.

“Should we go back to the beach?”

“I...I...,” Nico blushed, “My clothes are wet.”

“Don’t be insecure,” Percy murmured lovingly, kissing Nico quickly, “I think you’re beautiful.”

Nico’s heart twisted, “You’ve never seen me without clothes.”

“So?” Percy smiled, “That doesn’t matter to me. Come on.”

Nico blamed the fact that he just followed Percy out of the water naked on the fact that he was still awestruck after their kiss. They picked their wet clothes up and Percy made a point of not staring at Nico’s naked body though the Italian still caught him looking as they walked to the cabin. He was embarrassed but surprised that he wasn’t as bothered as he thought he would be.

They found themselves alone in the cabin, the other teens still swimming in the sea. They dressed into warm clothes in silence and then Nico turned to the floor, unsure of what to do, still milling over Percy’s words.

Then there were fingers on his wrist, “Don’t.”

“What?” Nico looked at Percy. The boy didn’t explain, just scooped up some pillows and covers off the floor and strode to the ladder leading to a half floor where one of the beds were. He dropped the covers there.

“Come on,” he said. Nico didn’t want to argue so he climbed the ladder and moments later he found himself in the bed with Percy, all snuggled up and warm. Their hair was still wet. Percy turned to face him but they didn’t touch, “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” Nico said shyly. Percy bit his lip.

“Just for the record I still think you’re beautiful without your clothes on,” Percy said.

“Shut up,” Nico grumbled, but he had to admit, he was happy. Really happy.

“Can I kiss you again?” Percy asked quietly, and Nico nodded.

It was warm and soft and perfect before bed. Nico twisted around and Percy spooned him, wrapping him up in his arms. It was good, there was no need to try and explain what happened between the two boys, at least until the morning. When the other teens stumbled in, wet and giggling, Percy and Nico were already asleep.

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Nico joins the Apollo cabin's movie night. It's a horror night, which Will hates. He's scared of horror and scares so Will sits wrapped up like a burrito in the corner. Nico notices and wraps himself inside Will's blanket and sits behind Will. Nico decides to distract Will with lewd act behind the blanket. Will lets out weird noises which scares the Apollo campers multiple times. Nico teases, Will moans, and his siblings decide to sleep with the Hermes campers that night out of fear, leaving Nico and Will freer to do what they want for the entire night.
For Rapido

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“Pass a beer,” Lee said.

“You need to stop drinking,” Michael replied to his half-brother absentmindedly, but he passed him a can, his eyes still fixated on the screen where the pirated version of the new ‘It’ movie was playing.

“Nico, do you want one?” Austin asked, holding a beer out to the Italian who was sitting on the couch.

“Nah, I’m good,” Nico said.

Since he started dating Will almost two years ago he became part of the Apollo Cabin, and he was invited to things like these; little movie nights or days out, since everybody loved him. Right now all the Apollo kids plus Nico were sitting strewn over the couch, armchairs and floors of the cabin, watching the screen as the horror movie played, drinking beer and fizzy drinks and snacking on popcorn. The funny thing was that Will was still at the medical bay, so Nico was hanging out alone with his siblings.

Not for long though. They all looked up when they heard the door open and a tired looking Will walked into the dark cabin, illuminated by the blue-ish light from the TV.

“Hi guys,” he said and then his eyes widened when he saw the screen, on which a kid was creeping through a library, following a red balloon, “Oh hell no. Please tell me we’re not watching Pennywise.”

“It’s not called Pennywise,” Kayla said, eyes glued to the TV as she stuffed her mouth with popcorn, “It’s called ‘It.’”

“Gods,” Will slapped a hand over his eyes, “You know I hate horror movies.”

“Shhh, it’s getting good!” Lee said.

Will tried to creep past the couch but Nico grabbed his hand and pulled the blond onto it, “Oh,” Will said, “Hi, Neeks. Didn’t see you there,” he leaned forward and pecked his boyfriend on the lips. A jumpscare appeared on screen and Will flinched and looked away, “Jesus Christ,” he tried to stand up.

“Stay?” Nico asked quietly, reaching for his boyfriend’s hand. Will sighed but nodded. He grabbed a blanket and wrapped himself up into it protectively, like a burrito. Nico smiled and watched the movie.

When Pennywise appeared on-screen Will whimpered and sunk down further into his burrito. Nico’s hand wriggled past the folds of the blanket to find his hand. He stroked it comfortingly but Will still jumped at the next jumpscare. His face was pale, eyes flittering to the TV and away from it, and he trembled.

“C’mere,” Nico didn’t want Will to be scared so he unwrapped the boy from the burrito and pulled the blond into his lap, so he was resting between his legs. He remembered a time when he was smaller than Will, but for the past two years he had grown taller and stronger, and now he had a few inches on Will, which helped him in positions like this. 

Nico re-wrapped the blanket around both of them so it felt like they were alone in the room, “Better?” he murmured into Will’s curls. The son of Apollo nodded and nestled back against Nico. He probably didn’t mean to but his ass accidentally pressed against Nico’s crotch, “Will...,” Nico whispered.

The blond turned around hurriedly and kissed Nico, before turning back to the TV. The movie went on and Nico watched it, resting his chin on Will’s shoulder and crossing his arms over the blond’s chest, stroking his arms. Then suddenly the clown was coming out of the wall; Kayla screamed, Michael swore and Will whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Shhh,” Nico whispered, “It’s okay.”

Will leaned back into him and his ass grinded against Nico’s cock. And suddenly the Italian was feeling mischievous, and he wanted to tease Will and, hopefully, distract him from the movie.

His arms slipped from Will’s chest and down to his hips. One of them wrapped around the blond’s waist, and the other one rested on the boy’s thigh. He started stroking, slowly, gently, and then he nuzzled Will’s neck. The blond smelled like strawberries and shampoo.

Nico’s hand slowly inched across Will’s thigh, and then he was gently pressing over the blond’s crotch. He felt Will tense and his cock twitched against Nico’s hand. The Italian popped the button of Will’s jeans open, and then slid the zipper down.

“Nico,” Will whispered insistently, grabbing his boyfriend’s hand.

“Shhhh,” Nico murmured, and Will let go of his hand because the clown was back on the screen. Nico stroked Will gently through his trousers, and then his hand dipped into his jeans. He grabbed the boy’s cock and teased it with his fingers, pleased when he heard the blond’s breath hitch.  

Will pulled the blankets around them tighter and when Nico’s hand slid under Will’s shirt the blond’s hand followed it and his fingers tangled with Nico’s.

“This is actually terrifying,” Lee admitted, and Austin laughed. Someone opened another can of beer and Nico rearranged him and Will a little, so his hand could reach into the blond’s trousers from the back. He grabbed the blond’s ass and squeezed. Will gasped.

Kayla glanced at them, and grinned, “Aw, you scared Will?”

“S-Shut up,” Will said shakily, grinding back slightly against Nico’s hand. The Italian grinned and dragged his mouth along the blond’s neck, nipping at it playfully. He pulled his hand from Will trousers and his fingers found the boy’s lips.

Will sunk further against Nico and shyly took his digits into his mouth. His wet, warm tongue slid around them, coating them in saliva, and Nico watched the room, ensuring none of the Apollo kids noticed anything.

He pulled his fingers free and reached back into Will’s trousers. The blond shifted, spreading his legs apart and allowing Nico’s fingers to slip through his ass-crack. The Italian grinned and pressed the tip of his finger against Will’s puckered hole, that clenched against it as if begging for something to be put inside of him.

Ah!”  the son of Apollo cried out in surprise when Nico pushed the wet finger into him with no warning. Thankfully the kids on screen screamed too, not that it helped, because the Apollo campers all whirled around, looking at the dark cabin.

“What the fuck?!” Lee demanded.

“Did you hear that too?” Michael questioned.

“Think it was just the wind,” Nico said calmly, moving his finger in and out of Will slowly. The blond shivered against him. The campers didn’t look convinced but they turned back to the TV.

Will  turned his head around to glare at Nico but the Italian didn’t let him say anything, kissing him instead. He pushed a second finger into the blond, the incredible heat of his passage clenching around the digits. Will bit his lip and let out a muffled moan, arching back against Nico.

“Okay,” Kayla stood up, “That definitely wasn’t the wind.”

“What if it’s ghosts?” Austin wiggled his eyebrows.

“Shut up,” Kayla hissed, “It’s not funny.”

“Sit down it’s getting good,” Lee waved her down. Reluctantly the girl sat back down on the ground, and Nico grinned into Will’s neck as he continued to finger him. His digits searched around in Will’s  hole for his prostate and when he found it the boy let out a chocked off moan  that went straight down to Nico’s dick.

“That’s it!” Michael jerked to his feet, “Fuck this shit, this cabin is haunted or something.”

“Oh my God!” Lee yelled, annoyed, “It’s the final showdown. Sit the fuck down.”

Michael sat the fuck down. Will turned his head against Nico’s and his lips moved against the boy’s cheek, “Fuck,” he whispered, “f-fuck...”

Nico’s free hand reached around Will and palmed at his dick, which was already hard and pressing up against his jeans.

“Nghhh...a-ah...,” Will whined. This time it was Lee who stood up and he reached for the remote, switching off the TV.

“Everyone silent,” he demanded, and the siblings all froze. Nico’s fingers continued rubbing inside Will and the boy shuddered over and over in Nico’s arms, but none of the other Demigods noticed, “Fuck this,” Lee said, walking to the door and grabbing his shoes, “This cabin’s haunted. I’m going to the Hermes cabin.”

“Me too!” Kayla said, and suddenly all the other Apollo kids were scrambling to their feet, freaked out by the sounds they didn’t know came from Will, and they almost tripped over their own feet in their eagerness to get to the front door.

The second the door slammed shut behind them Will ripped off the blanket and Nico shoved him backwards, so he was against the bed, and started fingering him properly, shoving a third finger inside himself and thrusting into him violently.

“Nico!” Will moaned, back arching, clawing at the couch. Nico stopped moving and grinned down at his blushing, breathless boyfriend.

“Now the real fun can begin,” Nico said.

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Frank/Leo where Leo hasn't had a haircut in a while so his hair constantly falls into his eyes and to cope, he's developed a habit of tucking his curls behind his ear very often which makes Frank inexplicably flustered (especially when Leo does it with an adorable smile) to the point where Frank stops mid sentence during a conversation with Leo and blushes noticeably (nothing gets past Piper). It gets so bad that Frank gives Leo a pack of hairbands and gives some half ass excuse about it being dangerous to work on projects with hair getting in the way of your sight. Leo takes the hair bands and ties his hair up and Frank's relieved... Until he sooooo isn't because Leo with his hair in a messy bun is kind of the cutest/hottest thing he's ever seen and now he's getting a very confusing boner and yeah...Basically Frank not understanding why such a mundane habit is affecting him so much when Leo does it and Leo being super oblivious. Smut would be cool but fluff is cool too. Fluffy smut would be coolest. Top Frank, bottom Leo.
For 6789998212

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At first Leo’s overlong hair kind of annoyed Frank because it was always in his eyes when he was working, and for some reason that pissed Frank off. Leo was working on a new project over the summer - a massive robot that would defend the underground tunnels under Camp Half Blood – and he was so involved into it that he forgot to eat and sleep, so the Seven had to check up on him and make sure he was being taken care of. Leo also hadn’t gotten a haircut in a while since he was too busy with his project, so his curls grew longer and wilder and he was constantly tucking them behind his ears.

Frank didn’t know why he noticed it so much, or why he cared. It was just a little movement, his fingers skimming the tips of his elf-like ears as he pushed the chocolatey curls behind them, and yet it was the most fascinating thing ever.

Frank was sitting on the steps of the Big House in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth radiating off the marble steps, and having a conversation with Piper as they sharpened their daggers when he saw Leo suddenly skipping over, his suspenders stained with grease and oil, a bright smile on his face, curls bouncing.

“Here comes trouble,” Piper said fondly, grinning when the Latino reached them.

“Hi Pipes!” he said cheerfully and turned to Frank, “I need to ask you a favour.”

“Hello to you too, Valdez,” Frank said. Leo smiled and tucked a curl behind his ear and Frank’s heart stuttered in his chest, especially when the little gesture was accompanied by an adorable smile that lit up Leo’s whole face.

“I need your muscle to help me get some metal down from the roof of the bunker,” he said, and Frank barely heard him, just staring at his face. Since when did Leo have freckles, and since when were his eyelashes so long, and since when was there a barely-there dimple in his cheek?

Piper poked Frank in his ribs, breaking him out of his daze, “Oi,” she said, and gave him a pointed look. Frank cleared his throat,

“Ah. Yeah,” he said, “Sure.”

“Perfect,” Leo smiled, “When are you free, big guy?”

“Uh...tomorrow?” Frank offered. Leo nodded,

“Great! Bye,” he gave a little wave and danced back the way he came. Frank let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and Piper looked at him in silence. The boy turned to her.

“What?” he asked.

“What happened there?” Piper leaned back on the stairs.

“What do you mean?” Frank blushed. Piper snorted.

“I’m not blind, you know. And I’m a child of Aphrodite. I see the way you look at him, even now you’re red as a tomato. You like him.”

“N-No I don’t!” Frank spluttered, “I-I just...,” he tried to think of an excuse, but him tucking his hair behind his ear makes me flustered sounded stupid, so he just didn’t say anything. Piper laughed,

“You’d make a cute couple.”

“Shut up,” Frank grumbled, but her words triggered something in his head. Suddenly he saw Leo in his arms, all of his wild energy and crazy curls. The thought didn’t make him disgusted, or uncomfortable, but it did make his heart pound.


Frank climbed down the ladder, the huge metal panel that he had taken off the ceiling of Bunker 9 tucked underneath his arm. It was afternoon, but the bunker was empty save for Leo and Frank as all the other Hephaestus kids were preparing for Capture the Flag later.

“Here you go,” Frank put the metal panel down on Leo’s workbench and the boy smiled at him brightly.


 “You honestly should take a break though,” Frank said, leaning against the workbench, “this project has like eaten up your life, so-,” he fell silent suddenly because Leo did it again; he was looking at the metal panel, his mind probably already thinking of how to fit it into his project, and then he tucked a curl behind his ear, “Why do you keep doing that?” Frank blurted.

“Doing what?” Leo tucked a curl behind his second ear.

“That!” Frank yelled. Leo blinked and self-consciously dropped his hand.

“ keep the hair out of my eyes?” he offered, “Why?”

Frank swallowed, “Nothing. It’s nothing.”


Leo noticed that Frank was acting weird around him lately, almost nicer, but he didn’t know why. About two weeks since the weird behaviour started he was in his cabin’s forge, hammering away at Jason’s sword since the blond had bent it the day before, when Frank suddenly walked in.

“What you doing here, Zhang?” Nyssa asked, pushing her metal mask off her face and turning away from the fire that she was heating up metal on, “This whole place is a safety hazard.”

“I just need to give something to Leo,” Frank said and walked across the forge to the Latino.

“Hi, Frank,” Leo smiled at him and his heart did the fluttery thing it did every time he saw Frank since he hugged him before the final battle of the Giant War, “What do you need?”

“Hold out your hand,” Frank said and Leo did so with no hesitation, because he trusted Frank, something he never thought he’d be able to do.

The son of Mars dropped a packet of hairbands onto his palm. Leo blinked.

 “What’s this?”

“You said you tuck your hair behind your ears to keep it out of your eyes,” Frank said, hands in pockets, staring off to the side. He looked like he was blushing, but it could’ve just been the heat of the forge, “so I got you these. Tie your hair back, it’s a safety hazard to work with your vision obscured.”

Nyssa started laughing and Frank’s blush deepened. Leo smiled, “Didn’t know you care about my safety,” he teased and subconsciously cradled the hairbands to his chest.


The door to the Poseidon cabin opened,

“You’re late!” Jason yelled and Leo bounded into the room.

“Sorry, got held up with the project,” he said. Frank didn’t look up from the TV, where he was scrolling through Netflix and searching for a movie, until Leo dropped down next to him.

When the son of Mars looked up his breath caught in his throat and he realised that giving Leo hairbands was a mistake, because the boy had put his hair in a bun at the base of his neck and now Frank was confused because on one hand Leo looked fucking adorable and on the other he was the sexiest thing Frank had ever seen and oh Gods he was hard.

Leo wore his hair the same way Nico did now, but where it made the son of Hades seem older and his cheekbones sharper, it made Leo seem softer and more delicate, with little curls framing his face. Frank wanted to push the hair from his face, or pull him close, or kiss him or maybe fuck him into the floor. He just wanted something.

Leo turned to the TV, oblivious, and then his head twisted so he could look at Frank, “Are you gonna pick something or...?”

The son of Mars hadn’t even realised he was frozen and staring at Leo, and only the boy’s remark broke him out of his dazed state. He cleared his throat and looked at the screen. He picked a random movie and his heart pounded throughout all of it.


“I can’t believe Chiron actually let us take the car!” Leo exclaimed excitedly a week later as he drove down the empty highway, way over the speed limit. Frank sat at his side and clutched his seatbelt anxiously.

“I still don’t trust you driving,” he grumbled. Leo laughed, and nonchalantly tucked a curl behind his ear, his hair down and curling around his jaw. Frank felt heat pool in his stomach and he hurriedly looked away from the Latino, “Both hands on the wheel!” he choked out.

“Stop being so scared,” Leo rolled his eyes, “We’re not gonna crash. We’ll be in Brooklyn in half an hour, before it gets dark, from there we just need to collect the rest of the pieces for my project and we’ll be back at camp by midnight. Ish.”

Frank exhaled, “Alright, so-“

He didn’t get to finish the sentence because just then the car jerked and spluttered. Leo’s eyes widened, “Oh no-,” he said and managed to pull over to the side of the road just in time for the car to die.

The two Demigods sat there, in shock.

“Fuck,” Frank whispered. Leo tried to start the car, but it remained dead. He sighed.

“Right,” the Latino climbed out of the car and Frank undid the seatbelt and did the same. The road seemed never ending, and there was nothing on either side except fields. The sun was just a sliver on the horizon, painting the sky pink and purple. Frank and Leo were stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Frank leaned against the beat-up range-rover that belonged to Chiron and watched as Leo circled the car, checking the wheels, before propping open the hood. He stumbled back when a cloud of grey smoke lifted off the engine.

“This isn’t good,” he said, glancing at Frank. Then he slipped a hairband off his wrist and tied his hair up in a bun. Frank swallowed but he couldn’t look away as he watched Leo bang about in the car, a look of concentration on his face, brown eyes shifting over the different parts of the engine.

Gods he’s so gorgeous, Frank thought and had to physically stop himself from reaching out and grabbing the boy. They were alone, for the first time...well, ever. There were no Demigods around, no monsters, just the two of them. Maybe it was a sign that Frank should make his move, though he still wasn’t quite sure about his feelings. They had come so intensely and suddenly, all because of Leo’s stupid overgrown hair.

“It’s useless,” the Latino sighed and put the hood down, “I don’t have the tools to fix the car.”

“Where’s your belt?” Frank asked. Leo shrugged,

“Forgot it, oops?”

Frank sighed, “Great. Let me call camp.”

He pulled one of the three phones Camp Half Blood owned out of his pocket. Usually they were given to quests in case of emergencies, and well, this was an emergency. Problem was there was only one main phone at camp and so as Frank called all he could do was pray someone was around and pick up.




Hi, Chiron’s voice sounded. Frank exhaled,

“Hey Chi-“

This is Camp Half Blood. Sorry nobody can come to the phone right now. Leave a message.

“Fuck,” Frank swore and hung up.

“No luck?” Leo was sitting on the hood of the car. It was growing rapidly cold and dark. Frank shook his head.

“Looks like we’re stranded.”

Leo pushed himself off the hood and looked around but there wasn’t even a gas station around. He nodded, “Could be worse.”

“Oh yeah?” Frank rolled his eyes, “What could be worse than this?”

“I could be stuck with someone I don’t like,” Leo winked at him. Frank felt his cock twitch because Jesus Leo with his hair up, winking, was doing things to him.

“Yeah,” Frank mumbled, barely intelligible and then walked around the car to the boot to see if there was anything there that could help them in this situation. He was pleased and a little surprise to find a blanket and a pillow in the back and he showed it to Leo, “At least we won’t freeze.”

“I’m a son of Hephaestus,” Leo pointed at himself, “I wouldn’t freeze anyway.” They climbed back into the car, and by then it was completely dark outside. Then the weather broke suddenly after the stifling heat of the day, and it started pouring with rain. Frank watched the droplets racing down his window, and past it there was nothing but darkness, “Creepy,” Leo pointed out.

“Yeah,” Frank agreed. He tried turning on the heating or the light, but the whole car was completely dead, “Guess we better go to sleep then.”

“Yeah,” Leo sighed, “I’m just annoyed about not being able to get my parts today.”

“We’ll get them tomorrow,” Frank pulled the blanket over himself, feeling exhaustion wash over him. He didn’t know if Leo ever said anything because he was out like a light.


When he woke up there was a faint warm glow in the car and Frank groggily turned around. Leo was curled up in the seat next to him, eyes half-lidded as he watched a little flame dance across his palm. His face was illuminated with gold, his eyelashes casting shadows on his cheeks. Some curls had fallen free of the boy’s bun and framed his face and Frank just couldn’t.

He tried to hide his sudden erection and cleared his throat, “You’re not sleeping?”

Leo looked up from the flame, “I didn’t mean to wake you up. Sorry.”

“No, don’t worry,” Frank sat up and all his muscles screamed in pain. Sleeping in a car was a bad idea. Outside it was still pitch black, though it had stopped raining, “What time is it?”

“Past midnight,” Leo said, “No cars have gone past us. None.”

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Frank questioned.

“I couldn’t get comfy,” Leo said.

Frank glanced at the backseats, that were big enough that they looked like they could fit him and Leo, “Why don’t we sleep in the back? There’s more space?”

“That will be a bit awkward,” Leo admitted, and let out a laugh that was borderline nervous. When he tucked a curl behind his ear Frank thought he would lose his mind.

“Well you do you,” he said and then climbed to the back, hoping he could maybe have a sneaky handjob to relieve the tension. He lied down on the back seats, throwing a blanket over himself, and then he sighed. He felt too awkward to do anything. Instead he closed his eyes and pictured the full moon, a forest smelling of pine trees, a howl. He shifted into a wolf, re-arranged himself on the backseat and fell asleep.


When he woke up again the rain was back, this time falling lazily, and it was still dark outside. But that wasn’t what had woken Frank up; it was the hand brushing through his fur. When he opened his eyes he saw Leo inches away, fitted in against his wolf body, eyes half open and impossibly soft, hand stroking Frank. He froze when the wolf’s eyes opened.

“Shit,” he whispered, and he was so close that Frank couldn’t breathe, “I woke you up again, didn’t I? I’m sorry,” his bun was almost completely undone then, and he shyly brushed a curl back from his face.

Frank lost it. He was awake in seconds and shifting back into his normal body, rolling on top of Leo and pressing him down into the leather seat of the car. The tension of the past few weeks finally got to him. He wasn’t thinking straight and he didn’t register the other boy’s shocked expression as he crashed their mouths together.

Leo whimpered and Frank grabbed his face in his hands because his mind was telling him that Leo would pull away, and he just kissed and kissed and kissed him, mouth moving against the boy’s feverishly because all he would get was this one, single kiss and he was fucking everything up and shit, shit, shit-

Leo pulled away, just an inch because he couldn’t move any further. His hands grabbed Frank’s on his face but he didn’t push them off, instead just holding onto them. Frank stared at him, breathing hard, and he was sure he was going to fall apart just because of this one, stupid boy.

“Hey,” Leo said softly, and he didn’t look scared, “Calm down, big guy.”

Frank managed to get a hold of himself and he started to pull away, “Oh Gods. Oh Gods I’m so sorry-“

“No, no,” Leo held onto his hands and his legs wrapped around Frank’s waist to stop him from going anywhere, “Don’t, it’s okay, just...just stay here,” Leo looked unsure and he was blushing and the feeling inside Frank’s chest was suffocating.

He leaned down and pressed his forehead against Leo’s to try and ground himself somehow. Leo stroked the backs of his hands and brushed his nose gently against Frank’s until the son of Mars was breathing normally again. Then Leo smiled.

“What was that about?”

“I don’t...,” Frank’s voice faltered, “I don’t know.”

Leo wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck and pulled him close and the son of Mars counted that as a win because at least Leo wasn’t disgusted by the kiss. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and held him close to his chest and just breathed.

Then he pulled away, sitting up, and accidentally brought Leo up with him, so the Latino was in his lap. Not that Leo seemed to mind; he grabbed Frank’s hands and placed them on his own hips and then leaned forward and cradled the Asian’s face in his small hands. Frank stared at him and he didn’t know what to say, or do, or think.

Thankfully he didn’t need to worry about any of those things because Leo leaned forward and kissed him. His lips were slow and gentle and Frank kissed back in the same way, his hands slipping under Leo’s t-shirt and just resting on his warm skin. He didn’t know why this was happening but his heart was suddenly filled with so much happiness he thought he might explode. They kissed for what seemed like forever, impossibly soft, and perfect, and Frank got used to the feeling of Leo in his arms.

Feeling a little brave the son of Mars licked at Leo’s bottom lip and the Latino opened his mouth without hesitation. Frank didn’t know why Leo was letting him do this, but he wasn’t going to complain. The agitation he had felt for weeks disappeared in that moment as he licked into Leo’s mouth, pressing the boy close to himself. His hands acted on their own accord, sliding further up Leo’s back.

“Frank,” Leo pulled away abruptly, flushed, “I...,” he seemed at loss for words, and Frank knew exactly how he felt.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said helplessly.

 “O-Oh,” Leo’s cheeks turned red and he looked away, reaching up to tuck a curl behind his ear but Frank caught his hand. The Latino gave him a puzzled look, “Frank?”

Slowly the son of Mars reached behind the boy’s head and pulled the hairband free, letting Leo’s curls to fall freely around the boy’s face. Leo swallowed visibly and the Frank brushed his fingers through the boy’s hair, the way he had wanted to for days. They were as soft as they looked. Leo smiled and nuzzled Frank’s hand.

“I want to have sex with you,” Frank blurted. Leo tensed and the son of Mars blushed, “O-Oh. Shit. Um, I mean, we don’t...only if you want to...but obviously you don’t, so forget it-“

“Frank,” Leo interrupted and looked at him shyly, “Just shut up.”

He kissed Frank again and his hand slipped down the boy’s chest, and pressed over the bulge in his jeans. Frank jerked and his cock twitched, and he gasped against Leo’s mouth. Suddenly there was an insatiable fire inside him and all he wanted was to make Leo’s his, properly his, so no one else could ever even think about having the Latino.

He broke away from the kiss and pressed his face into Leo’s neck, sucking a hickey into the boy’s skin. Leo let out a stuttered moan and his hands faltered at Frank’s belt, but he managed to clumsily undo it and pull the Asian’s cock out. The car was quiet save for their heavy breathing and Leo scrambled into his pocket and pulled out lube. Frank didn’t know why he had it. With shaky hands and a red face the Latino poured some on Frank’s hand. That kind of made Frank really realise that they were actually going to do this.

He helped Leo pull of his suspenders and the boy ended up in his lap in just a t-shirt and his boxers, so it was easy for Frank to dip his hand past the boy’s waistband. When his fingers first pressed against Leo’s hole the boy whimpered and buried his face in Frank’s shoulder.

“Hey, you okay?” the son of Mars asked, and Leo nodded.

“Y-Yeah,” he choked out, “keep going.”

Frank fingered him slowly and it continued to rain outside. Soon Leo was shaking and gasping in his arms and finally he was just tugging on Frank’s shirt and asking him to just fuck him, and so Frank did. It was all clumsy and experience, but good.

The moment he slid into Leo’s tight heat he knew that he wouldn’t last long.

“S-Shit,” Leo choked out. Frank stroked his shoulders and looked at him.

“You okay?” he asked breathlessly, tried to control the fire that threatened to consume him. Leo looked at him with heavy lidded eyes and nodded, biting his lips.

“Hurts,” he murmured, “Your dick’s kinda big.”

Frank smiled and kissed the corner of the boy’s mouth, “Sorry,” he said. Leo rested one hand on his chest and looked away, tucking a curl behind his ear. Frank groaned, “You’re so hot when you do that.”

“I’m gonna pretend that’s not a bit weird,” Leo wrapped his arms around Frank’s shoulders and rested their foreheads together and they kissed again, “Is it okay if I just have a moment?”

“Of course,” Frank whispered, “Anything you need. I love you.”

He tensed when he realised what he just said, and Leo’s eyes widened. Then he snickered, “Well that escalated quickly.”

“Shit,” Frank swore, “I didn’t mean-“

“You didn’t mean it?” Leo raised an eyebrow, “yeah, you did. I can tell when you’re lying,” he leaned in closer and his smile softened, “I’m glad you meant it.”

Frank never thought that Leo’s stupid curls would lead to him confessing his love in a car, in the pouring rain.

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Jasico where Nico and Jason have therapy for couples and have big fight (almost comes to fisticuffs) beside therapist and he's like "sorry guys but i think you should break up cause you're too different" and then they start screaming at him and leave slamming the doors. In the end they forgive each other and have smut
for Imgeniush

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“Right,” the therapist – a middle-aged, chubby man with a condescending look on his face,  said, “So, what seems to be the issue?”

Jason and Nico looking at him, sitting on two opposite sides of the couch. Nico had never ever thought it’d come to this; that he and Jason would have to go to couple therapy. But they were childhood friends, have known each other forever, and even though their love story was adorable; realising they loved each other after years of pretending, now they seemed to just fight all the time.

They were twenty five, both working stressful jobs – Jason as a pilot, Nico as an Italian teacher in a private school – and although they lived together they barely saw each other. They worked different hours, and were always tired, and when they were home, Jason was mostly sleeping off his jetlag and Nico was grading papers. But Nico still loved Jason, and he believed that his boyfriend loved him too. Which was why they were here, on a therapy couch, for their first session, trying to fix their relationship.

The therapist didn’t look too pleased about his clients being two men, but there was nothing he could do in that moment, “So, let’s start with you Mr Grace,” he said, turning to Jason, whose jaw was clenched as he looked everywhere but at Nico, “please tell me the three main issues you have with your partner.”

“This is stupid,” Nico exhaled.

“Shut up,” Jason snapped at him, giving him a quick glare, before looking at the therapist again, “one thing is that he’s always annoyed.”

“I work in a school,” Nico rolled his eyes, “With stupid teenagers. Of course I’m annoyed.”

“You don’t have to take it out on me!” Jason growled.

“Gentlemen,” the therapist lifted her hand, “Let’s relax. This is supposed to be a conversation, not an argument,” he looked at Jason again, “So, the first thing that annoys you about your partner is that he takes out his frustrations on you?”

“Yes,” Jason sighed. The therapist nodded and scribbled something down, “Another thing that pisses me off is that he won’t have sex with me!”

The therapist choked on air and Nico gaped at Jason, “Excuse me?! You’re the one who’s always asleep, and you pick the weirdest hours to fuck,” he turned to the therapist, “Please tell me why he expects to wake me up at four in the morning just because he wants a booty call! That’s not normal!”

“I’m jetlagged,” Jason said, “my hours are all messed up, it’s not my fault if I can’t sleep at four!”

“Whatever,” Nico snapped, crossing his arms over his chest, “you’ve done your talking. Now I want to say the three things that annoy me about him!”

“I mean...,” the therapist cleared her throat, clearly thrown off, “Of course Mr di Angelo, go on.”

“Alright, first things first,” Nico felt his irritation spike because honestly he was sexually frustrated and lonely, “He’s never home. Like he’s either on one of his stupid planes or in some hot country sleeping off his flight. I’m at home alone with our cat most of the fucking time!”

Jason gritted his teeth and the therapist nodded, “I don’t know how this works in your err, situation,” he gestured between them with his pen, “but perhaps a child would resolve the issue.”

“What?!” Jason demanded.

“Adoption-,” the therapist started.

“Woah, hold up,” Nico interrupted, “I don’t want a child! Do I look like a father to you? Besides, a child wouldn’t change anything because Jason still wouldn’t be home.”

“You should’ve told me if this bothered you so much,” Jason said.

“Oh please, I’ve told you a million times!” Nico yelled.

Gentlemen!” the therapist interrupted.

Anyway,” Nico hissed, “another thing that pisses me off is that lately I feel like I’m just a warm body to him.”

“Say it to him, Mr di Angelo.”

Nico turned on the couch, facing his boyfriend, “I feel like all you want to do is fuck me,” he said bluntly.

“That’s a fucking lie and you know that,” Jason growled.

“Oh, is it?” Nico’s eyes narrowed, “because the only time I see you is when you want to put your dick in me. Speaking of dicks,” he turned  back to the therapist, “How do I know he’s not fucking some air hostess?!”

Fuck you!” Jason yelled.

“Gentlemen!” the therapist seemed appalled, “That is enough,” he cleared his throat, “Right, I believe that I don’t need to hear anymore. It’s clear to me, even after just these fifteen minutes with the two of you, that you’re not good for each other.”

Nico’s heart clenched and both he and Jason said at the same time, “What?!”

The therapist put her notes together, “You’re too different. You,” he pointed her pen at Jason, “are career oriented. A home life isn’t exciting for you, he isn’t exciting enough for you,” then he pointed at Nico, “you on the other hand need attention, you want him to be around all the time. Your goals are different, and highschool sweethearts never work out. I think it’s best if you break up.”

“You’re crazy, mister,” Nico jerked to his feet, suddenly fuming. But for once he wasn’t angry at Jason, but instead at the therapist, “Sure, I want attention, but that doesn’t mean me and Jason aren’t meant for each other! Where’s the fucking correlation!?”

“It’s my professional opinion-“

“Fuck your professional opinion,” Jason snapped, also on his feet, “Nico is exciting enough! The only reason I work so much is so we don’t have to worry about money, not because I want excitement and no,” he whirled on his boyfriend, “I’m not having a goddamn affair.”

“I know you’re not,” Nico blurted, “I just said that to hurt you.”

Jason’s face softened, “I love you,” he breathed suddenly.

“Fuck, I love you too,” Nico closed the space between them and kissed Jason, because the anger inside him turned into yearning. He just wanted Jason so much, as if they were kids again. He turned to the therapist, “Fuck you,” he spat.

Jason grabbed his hand and dragged him from the room, slamming the door behind them.


The front door of their apartment slammed shut and the second it did Jason had Nico up against the wall, the Italian’s legs wrapped around his waist. They were kissing with a feverish desperation, hands clawing at each other’s clothes. They were like starved animals and sure, they hadn’t had sex in two weeks, but it felt like longer.

“I love you,” Jason’s hands were grabbing Nico’s ass, making the man shiver, “I love you so much, I’m sorry.”

“Shhhh,” Nico tugged on his bottom lip, gasped against his mouth, “I know. I love you too. Just fuck me.”

Jason carried Nico to the bedroom as if he weighed nothing and dropped him on the bed, crawling over his body, kissing every inch he could reach as he tugged the Italian’s shirt over his head. It felt as if they were teenagers again, having quick sex in one of their rooms while their parents were gone. But, unlike then, the sex wasn’t clumsy or uncoordinated, and they weren’t shaky and blushing and unsure. By now they knew each other’s bodies off by heart, knew where each other’s weak spots were. Which didn’t make the sex any less passionate.

“Do I need to prepare you?” Jason asked heatedly, kissing Nico’s neck sloppily.

“No,” Nico exhaled and when the blond gave him a confused look, hair all fluffy and eyes dark with lust, the Italian shrugged, “What? I have dildos you know. I also have my needs that I can’t address when you’re up in the sky.”

Jason’s expression softened and he pulled off his own shirt and shimmied out of his trousers before kissing Nico again, more sweetly than before, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here,” he whispered.

“It’s fine,” Nico said, curling his arms around Jason’s shoulders, “You’re here now, and that’s all that matters,” they kissed again, “That therapist was an idiot.”

Jason smiled, “Yeah, he was,” he nuzzled Nico’s neck, “You’re perfect, you know,” he said softly, “perfect for me. I never want anyone else.”

For some reason tears sprung to Nico’s eyes, and he was suddenly overwhelmed by the love he had for Jason, “I love you,” he said, voice cracking, “So much that it hurts.”

Jason cradled his face in his hands and kissed him everywhere until the tears were gone and the kisses turned hot and passionate again. The blond reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out a half-finished bottled of lube. Nico watched eagerly as his boyfriend pulled his hot cock out of his underwear and slicked it up, and he felt heat erupt in his stomach just from watching. He hadn’t been like this with Jason in so long...

Nico slipped his legs around Jason’s shoulders wordlessly and the blond smiled, turning his head to kiss his calf before sliding forward and pressing the tip of his erection against Nico’s hole.

They both gasped when Jason sunk into the Italian, because although it had been a while, the man’s body still remembered it.

“Jesus,” Nico choked out, back arching. Jason had his eyes closed, blond hair tumbling against his forehead.

“You’re fucking tight,” he whispered, “Guess the dildo didn’t do the job.”

“No,” Nico laughed, “It didn’t. Besides, your dick is so much better,” he dragged Jason down.

“God, I missed this,” he kissed Nico, “I missed doing it. Like this,” he pulled out and then slowly thrust in and Nico’s mouth fell open, arms tightening against Jason’s shoulders, “I don’t like hurrying it.”

“I know,” Nico was breathless. He moaned when Jason thrust into him again. The blond started to fuck him, slow but deep, hitting the spot inside Nico that made him see stars. The Italian’s toes curled, “O-Oh fuck.”

Jason brushed Nico’s head back from his forehead, “You feel amazing.”

“Better than the air hostess?” Nico teased, winking. Jason kissed him with sudden passion, forcing Nico’s legs further up and thrusting in particularly hard. Nico cried out.

“Better than any air hostess,” Jason whispered against his mouth. Nico giggled, and Jason giggled too, his thrusts slowing down again. Nico liked it like that; brimming with love and passion that burned through his body. It felt fucking good.

“I love you,” Nico moaned, his cock twitching against his stomach, arms loosely wrapped around Jason’s shoulders. He said it a hundred times that night.

“Me too, I love you so much,” the blond whispered.

They fucked for hours, making up for all the time they missed before. When they eventually came, simultaneously, they went to the bathroom to clean up and fucked again in the shower.

It was late at night, or early in the morning, when Nico and Jason finally laid down under their covers.

“We haven’t been like this in weeks,” Nico whispered, and Jason stroked his arm and watched him with soft eyes, “You’re always asleep. Makes me sad. Coming home and you being asleep.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Jason murmured.

“I always hug your back,” Nico smiled, “Because it’s warm.”

Jason pulled him closer, tangling their legs together, “I always fall asleep alone.”

Nico’s face crumpled, “I love you. I...I just want us to work, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.”

“Shhh,” Jason hugged him tightly, “Don’t say that. There will be nobody else. You’re mine, Nico. Mine. I love you. Marry me.”

“What?” Nico asked, pulling away.

“Marry me,” Jason whispered, and his eyes were sparkling with love. Nico choked on air and he was gripping onto the blond’s t-shirt.


Jason’s expression fell, “Nico please,” he whisper, “say yes. I’ll take less hours at work. I’ll do anything. I just can’t live without you.”

Nico sniffled, then smiled, “Yeah. Okay. Since you asked so nicely. I’ll marry you.”

Jason pulled him close and kissed him and Nico was laughing against his smile and there were tears in his eyes, “And to think we ever needed therapy.”

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Frank and Hazel are a powerful business couple and Leo is a poor college grad who just got kicked out of his apartment for being gay and they run into him and take him in. He says he’ll just stay for a bit but they get attached to him and he makes them food every meal to compensate for not being able to pay rent. Leo starts to fall for them and they fall for him. He tries to leave to not get too attached but they won’t let him and they get together, having really hot passionate sex with dom!frazel and sub!leo with hazel using a strap on
for anon

Image result for snowy street at night gif

Leo didn’t know how much longer he could do this.

When he went to college he didn’t realise it would go like this.

Leo’s life was always pretty shitty – his mother died when he was young, something her side of the family always blamed him for, even though he had just been a child. His father had never been around. Leo spent most of his highschool corresponding with his Aunt Rosa in the United States, who wanted to put her only nephew through college. So when Leo turned eighteen he left Mexico and the poverty and hate he lived in there – his neighbourhood didn’t appreciate that he was bisexual – and moved in with his Aunt Rosa.

She wasn’t the nicest woman and kind of treated him like shit, but she paid for him to go to college. He loved college. In college he could finally do what he wanted; he could kiss boys at parties and get drunk, and have friends, and not care about weird stares from others. He went through first year, and he went through a bit of of second year, and he thought that maybe, maybe he could just get through it and start a life that he always wanted.

But he was naive and his life never worked that way. Aunt Rosa found out about Leo’s sexuality, and in the space of a day he was homeless on the streets, without money to continue college. That was when he found out that his friends weren’t really his friends. They were nineteen and they preferred to drink and party, and taking care of a friend who had just gotten kicked out wasn’t an option.

Leo got drunk, with the last of his money he bought a plane ticket to London, and he got on that plane. He didn’t have anything for himself in America, the same way he didn’t have anything for himself in Mexico. All he had was a plane ticket and a backpack full of stuff.

And now, three weeks later, he was exhausted. November was coming to an end and the world was turning cold and icy. Leo slept in the gutter, in little alleyways , fed off whatever food he could steal off little markets on corners of streets. He was starving, cold, dirty, and depressed. Life didn’t make sense.

And then everything changed.


“Chinese or pizza?” Hazel Levesque asked as she slid out of her boyfriend’s Mercedes-Benz.

“Uh...what about Indian?” Frank Zhang asked, slamming the door shut and locking the car with one button. He took his beautiful girlfriend’s hand and she smiled at him as they walked across the private parking lot of their building, her heels clicking on the ground.

“Indian sounds good,” Hazel said, snuggling into her boyfriend’s muscular arm. She smiled at the valet who opened the door for them, “Good evening Janus.”

“Good evening Miss Hazel. Mr Frank,” there was something unsettling about the valet’s smile but the couple was used to him and so they walked through the door and into the lobby of their apartment building.

They lived in central London in a very expensive apartment on the sixth floor on a beautiful building in the heart of the city. They were young; twenty five and twenty six, but both were already incredibly successful in the business profession. They were also impossibly in love with each other. Their life was perfect.

The lobby of the building was empty since it was late at night and most of the residents had already come back, or gone out. Rachel Dare, the receptionist, was present though, sitting behind her oval desk and pattering away at her computer. She looked up when she saw Hazel and Frank and smiled brightly.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey Rachel,” Hazel smiled, “It’s freezing outside, when do you finish?”

“Half an hour,” Rachel said.

“How are you getting home?” Frank questioned. The girl shrugged and tucked a strand of her fiery hair behind her ear.

“Uh...night tube?”

Hazel rolled her eyes, “You’re an idiot. Call yourself an Uber. You know my password.”

“Haze, really-,” Rachel started, but Frank interrupted.

“Who the hell is that?” he pointed at the couches by the door where visitors often waited for authorisation to be let upstairs. There was a figure curled up on one of them; dirty, dressed in a beat up jacket, with a mass of greasy curls that looked like a bird’s nest. It looked like a boy. Rachel smiled sheepishly.

“I found him passed out on the front steps. He’s just a kid so I brought him inside, out of the cold..,” she bit her lip, “You guys don’t mind, do you?”

“No. Of course not,” Hazel shook her head and approached the couches, “Is he hurt?”

“Don’t think so. Just homeless.”

Frank gave Hazel a look, “Haze. No,” he said, because they could always understand each other without words.

“Just for one night?” Hazel asked softly, “I mean look at him,” she pointed at the sleeping ball, “he’s probably terrified, and cold. We have a spare room. We could help.”

Frank exhaled, but he knew there was no arguing with his girlfriend, “Fine. But if he freaks out and calls the police you’re doing the talking.”

Both Hazel and Rachel grinned, “You guys are too nice sometimes,” the ginger said. Frank walked over to the couch and took the boy into his arms . He made a faint noise but didn’t wake up and Frank wrinkled his nose – the kid was tiny and really light in his arms, but he smelled like he hadn’t washed in weeks.

“Jesus,” Frank said as he walked to the lift, Hazel skipping behind him, her heels in her hand, “Night Rachel.”

“Night guys,” Rachel waved at them as they entered the lift.


Leo woke up suddenly with a start, heart hammering, and for a second he didn’t know where he was and that made him panic because shit, this was definitely not the cold, wet street he had spent the last two days on...then the boy remembered the redheaded girl from the fancy looking building, and the couch, but as he looked around the dark room and felt the soft, silky sheets beneath his hands, he realised that this was no lobby.

He was in someone’s bedroom. It was dark; the rain pit-pattering on a window. Leo’s eyes widened when he looked at said window because it was massive – floor to ceiling kind of massive, and outside were a million London lights. Leo swallowed and shifted on the huge bed he had been sleeping on. Where was he? He honestly had no idea. It might’ve been warm and comfortable, but Leo was still freaked out. His eyes slid to the door, underneath which he could see a sliver of golden light...he could also hear low, hushed voices.

Please don’t be a serial killer, Leo thought as he slid out of the bed. He noticed that his tattered old jacket was gone and he was only in his dirty t-shirt and jeans. More than ever he was aware that he stank as he walked out into the corridor.

He followed the light and the voices, still sleepy and somewhat disoriented, and found himself in a huge living room-kitchen complex. There were three black leather couches  arranged around a massive TV, and a large, oval, fluffy white rug on the wooden, heated floors. The windows here were the same size as the ones in the bedroom Leo had woken up in, and rain raced down the glass. A large dining table stood in front of the window and a half-counter separated the living room from the luxurious, marble kitchen.

Two people were sitting on one of the couches and Leo hovered anxiously in the doorway as he took them in, mentally trying to decide if they’re planning on murdering him and if he should run. But they didn’t look like people who’d hurt him – the girl was small, probably around Leo’s height, with a curvy body, dressed in a knee-length black skirt and a white button up shirt which was tight around her breasts. Her caramel curls were wild around her face and shoulders and she was smiling at the man next to her as she talked about her day. The guy was a different story – he was massive; even sitting down Leo could tell he was tall, his shoulders were broad and arms so muscular he looked like he could crush both Leo and the girl in one go. But his dark eyes were soft and there was a subtle, loving smile on his lips when he watched the girl, who Leo assumed was his girlfriend.

The boy cleared his throat, “Um, excuse me.”

The two looked up and quickly got to their feet, “Oh, sorry,” the girl laughed “We didn’t see you there. Are you feeling better?”

“,” Leo swallowed, “yeah, I just...who are you? And where am I?”

The couple  exchanged a look and the girl continued to speak, as if she wanted to be as unthreatening as possible. She smiled warmly at Leo. Nobody smiled at him like that, not anymore, and his heart clenched, “You collapsed outside the building and the receptionist brought you in. We wanted you to rest up since it’s really cold outside so we brought you upstairs,” she winced, “hope that doesn’t freak you out.”

“No...I just...,” Leo bit his lip, baffled by the kindness of these strangers, “Thank you.” he said quietly. He hadn’t slept in a bed in ages and just listening to the rain hitting the window made him shudder when he thought about being out in the dark streets in that weather.

“My name’s Hazel,” the girl suddenly stuck her hand out and hesitantly Leo shook it. His own hand was only a tiny bit bigger than the girl’s, “Hazel Levesque. And that’s Frank,” she pointed to the guy, who gave Leo a tense smile. The Latino assumed he didn’t appreciate another guy being in his apartment, “My boyfriend.”

“I’m Leo Valdez.”

“Oh, that’s an interesting name,” Frank remarked, and his voice was deep and growly, “You’re not from around here.”

“No,” Leo laughed awkwardly, “But it’s a long story.”

“Why don’t you take a shower?” Hazel offered kindly, “and we’ll make you some food. There’s no way you’re going back out tonight in that weather.”


They listened to the sound of the shower down the corridor and Hazel worried at her bottom lip, feet propped up in Frank’s lap.

“What are we going to do about him?” Frank asked, his fingers stroking her ankle. She sighed.

“I don’t want him back out on those streets, Frankie.”

“Well he can’t stay here,” Frank said. Hazel shook her head.

“He looks really young. I want to find out what happened to him and how he ended up on the street,” she looked at her boyfriend pleadingly, “One week.”

“Three days,” Frank replied. Hazel crawled across the couch and kissed him on the mouth.

“A week,” she said, and Frank rolled his eyes. She stroked his cheek with her tiny hands, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he kissed her again. They heard the shower shut off and Hazel climbed off her boyfriend to go make tea. Frank turned on the TV and put on football. Moments later the door to the bathroom opened and they heard footsteps approaching.

They both froze and stared when Leo re-appeared in the living room, because he was a different boy to the one they saw twenty minutes earlier. The messy hair and dirty clothes were gone; the boy’s face was scrubbed clean revealing his tanned skin and warm, chocolatey eyes. His hair was damp and curly around his shoulders and he looked tiny in the shirt Hazel had given him – it belonged to Frank – though for some reason his ass looked amazing in the shorts he was wearing, which belonged to Hazel.

Frank looked away, feeling a little uncomfortable, but Hazel smiled and lifted a cup full of steaming tea in Leo’s direction, “Drink?” she asked. The boy nodded shyly and padded over to her, wrapping his hands around the mug.

“You clean up well,” Hazel said, and Leo blushed. Frank firmly watched his football, refusing to look at either of them, and just listened in on their conversation, “So how old are you, Leo?”


“W-what?!” Frank spluttered, looking at him and then quickly looking away, “Shit, that’s young.”

“How come you’re on the streets then?” Hazel asked.

“Honestly it’s a bit of a long story,” Leo admitted, tucking a curl behind his ear. The girl smiled gently, and he relaxed visibly,

“We have time.”

Leo laughed, “I just...I hope this isn’t some weird sex dungeon or cult or-“

“What?!” Frank demanded. Leo blushed.

“I-I...sorry it was just a joke, I’m-“

“Frank,” Hazel scolded, “Don’t be so harsh. He’s just nervous and confused,” she sighed, “Right, I’ll leave the questioning till the morning. Why don’t you finish your tea and go back to bed? You look exhausted.”

“I...It’s alright,” Leo put his half-finished cup of tea down, “I should really get going, I don’t want to be a bother.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Hazel interrupted, “It’s pouring outside. The guest bedroom’s all yours.”


When Leo woke up it was still raining and the room was filled with a grey watery light. The boy felt rested for the first time in what seemed like forever and he rolled over on the bed, looking around the bedroom which he didn’t have a chance to take in the night before.

It was spacious, with a sliding open closet that looked empty, a black and white photograph of the London Eye and a black rug on the wooden floor. Leo looked at it for a second and then tears welled up in his eyes. He let them spill down his face and he pressed his face into the pillow and just cried.

He hadn’t had someone show him kindness in so long, and he hadn’t slept in a bed in so long, and it was all just too much. What hurt the most was that Leo knew he couldn’t have this; he’d have to leave today, because obviously Frank didn’t want him here, and even Hazel would get tired of him sooner or later. Finally Leo got himself together and wipe his face on the back of his hand. He climbed out of bed with the intent to go to the bathroom, take his clothes, and leave.

His plans were ruined when upon stepping out into the corridor he was hit by the delicious smell of eggs and bacon. His stomach rumbled and he almost doubled over in pain because he was starving. Unable to resist he found himself walking back into the main living space.

Frank was sitting at the kitchen counter, dressed in a fancy suit, while Hazel, still in her pj’s, was putting out food onto three plates. She was laughing as Frank told her a story, grinning, and the radio hummed in the background. Leo’s heart twisted when he looked at them. Why can’t I have that? He wondered.

“Oh,” Hazel noticed Leo first and her face lit up, “Leo! Good morning.”

“Morning,” Leo replied. He gave Frank an uneasy glance but the man wasn’t looking at him. Leo felt bad.

“Why don’t you have breakfast with us?” Hazel asked.

“I...I should really get going,” Leo pointed vaguely in the direction of the front door, “I don’t want to be a bother, and you guys have already done so much-“

“Hazel already cooked for three people,” Frank looked at Leo, “so sit and eat. You can go after.”

Hazel gave her boyfriend a condescending look and Leo pretended not to notice as he whispered a timid thankyou and slid onto the stool next to Frank. He had a million things running through his head; he wanted to apologise for causing them trouble , but he was scared that would annoy Frank more so when Hazel placed a plate of food in front of him he decided to strike up a casual conversation with the two.

“So you guys seem pretty young,” Leo started, forcing himself to eat his bacon slowly and now wolf it down like the starving kid he was. It was delicious, “How come you can afford rent in such a nice place?”

“Oh,” Hazel laughed, “We don’t rent it. We own it.”

Leo’s eyes widened, “Woah seriously? What, are you in like the mafia or something? The Yakuza?” he looked at Frank. The man raised an eyebrow.

“I’m Chinese,” he said, “Not Japanese.”

“Right. Sorry.”

Hazel laughed, “God, you’re so American Leo.”

“I’m Mexican actually,” Leo said.

“Oh? That’s pretty cool.”

“Not really,” Leo mumbled. Hazel cleared her throat.

“Anyway, we’re not part of a mob,” she nibbled on her toast, “We have really good jobs.  I’m a marketing director and Frank’s a finance manager. “

“Wow,” Leo breathed, “That’s so awesome.”

“What about you?” Hazel popped a piece of bacon into her mouth and Leo took the time to devour a whole egg, “Do you go to university?”

“Um...,” Leo swallowed, “No. I...uh, I didn’t have the money to finish second year.”

Hazel frowned, “Why don’t you just take a loan?”

“Haze, he’s American, remember?” Frank said. The girl nodded, “Well anyway,” Frank stood up, “I have to go work.”

“I’m off today,” Hazel winked at Leo, and the boy could feel himself going red. Frank walked around the counter and wrapped an arm around Hazel’s waist, practically lifting her as he kissed her. Leo watched their embrace from the corner of his eye and he couldn’t stop the envy that burned through him. The pair looked so in love, and he just wished he had someone who would care for him that much.

“Bye, Leo,” Frank said, almost as an afterthought as he pulled away from Hazel. They watched him leave and the moment the front door closed Hazel sagged against the counter and fanned herself.

“He still makes my knees weak,” she joked.

“Seems like it,” Leo laughed to hide his pain, “Thank you for the breakfast. I really should go though.”

Hazel gave him a puzzled look, “Do you really like living on the streets so much?” she questioned. Leo swallowed and looked away.

“No, I just...I don’t understand why you’re being so nice.”

“It’s only human,” Hazel said gently, “stick around for a couple days. I’ll get in contact with some people and we can think about getting you a room in a YMCA or something like that.”

“You really don’t have to do that,” Leo murmured.

“Stop saying that,” Hazel smacked his arm playfully, “I’m happy to help. I don’t know your story but nobody should be left on the street,” her expression softened and she squeezed Leo’s hand quickly, “and don’t worry about Frank. He’s a good person, he just doesn’t know how to show it.”

“Right,” Leo mumbled.


Two days later Leo was still living in their apartment, and Frank didn’t know how to feel about that. On one hand the Latino was funny and he mostly didn’t get in Frank’s way, and the thought of kicking him out was kind of unacceptable – he was so small and young and Frank generally hated to see people in trouble. But on the other hand Leo was there, and Frank could tell that Hazel was developing a soft spot for him.

For ages they knew there was something  - or someone – missing from their relationship. Of course Frank and Hazel loved each other more than they could explain, but they were both polyamorous and Hazel was very open about wanting a third person in the relationship. And Frank, who was quite a jealous person, didn’t know how he would take that.

On the third day of Leo living at their apartment Frank came home early from work. ‘Early’ meant that he still stepped through his door at nine in the evening, exhausted and pissed off after a bad day at work, and the fact that Hazel wasn’t home yet – her shoes weren’t by the door – just made him more depressed.

He was a little confused when he smelled something cooking because usually when he came home before Hazel the apartment was cold, quiet and uninviting. But then Frank remembered Leo.

He took off his shoes and coat and loosened his tie as he made for the living room. When he entered he saw Leo bustling about the kitchen, wearing an apron that Hazel had gotten Frank as a joke when they were at University together – it proclaimed KISS THE CHEF. Leo’s curls were in his eyes as he cooked and Frank had to admit that he looked cute. And whatever he was cooking smelled amazing.

“Hey,” Frank said. Leo looked up and he blinked and then looked away and Frank kind of wanted him to smile, and look happy to see him.

“Hi,” Leo said.

“What are you doing?” Frank walked into the kitchen section of the room and Leo shied away from him as the man looked at the pots and pans – he saw pasta boiling and Leo stirred some sauce.

“I-I’m making spaghetti,” he gave Frank a quick look, “I figured since I didn’t pay rent for the last couple days at least I could do this...,” he bit his lip and looked unsure. Whenever he was with Hazel he was smiling and laughing, but he always looked so tense when around Frank. It frustrated the man, “I-I...sorry, I probably should’ve asked before using your ingredients. I if you’re not hungry, or if you don’t like spaghetti, I just-“

“Thanks,” Frank interrupted.


“It’s nice...coming home to a warm meal. Usually we just get takeout since neither of us are much of a cook,” he offered Leo a small, tentative smile and the Latino’s eyes widened, “I’m gonna shower before dinner.”

“O-Okay,” Leo said in a small voice. Frank nodded and made for the door to the corridor, but before he fully left the room he heard Leo say, “I won’t stay for long. I promise.”

Frank didn’t say anything but as he walked to the bathroom he found that his heart kind of ached. Don’t get attached, he told himself.


This was what Hazel had wanted for ages, and that’s what scared her. It was Saturday, almost a week since she and Frank had first met Leo, and a day since Frank expected him to leave. Except Hazel didn’t want him to leave; it was nice to always have him there, with a smile and a joke, or a vulnerable little hug. His cooking was amazing and he just made Hazel’s heart pound whenever he was around. Frank was calm and stable and wonderful, like the foundation that Hazel needed. Leo was excitement and energy an d fire and the girl couldn’t help thinking that the two of them together would be perfection.

The three of them were currently on the couch in the living room, binge watching Game of Thrones. The fact that Frank agreed to go through all the seasons with Leo instead of just continuing with the new season gave Hazel hope that maybe the man also liked Leo. Of course it was too early to tell.

As they progressed through season two Frank and Hazel shuffled closer together, the way they always did, gravitating towards one another. Frank’s arm slid around her waist and rested on her thigh and she nuzzled her head into his shoulder, kissing his neck every few moments and hiding her face there whenever someone got brutally murdered on-screen. Then suddenly Leo was slumping against Hazel’s side. Her heart started to beat faster and for a second she thought that maybe Leo was cuddling up to her but when she looked down she realised that the boy had fallen asleep.

His warm cheek was pressed against her arm and Hazel reached up to gently caress his curls. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him and when she looked up Frank was looking at both of them with a conflicted look on his face.

“He’s perfect, Frankie,” Hazel whispered.

“We barely know him.”

“Oh come on,” Hazel rolled her eyes and took Frank’s hand. The man gave her a look but she ignored him as she pulled his hand over her lap and rested it on Leo’s cheek.

“Hazel-,” Frank warned and Leo frowned in his sleep and snuggled into Frank’s hand. The man’s eyes widened and he snatched his hand back, stood up and left. Hazel’s heart twisted and she slumped against the couch. Of course Frank wouldn’t be so easily persuaded...besides, she didn’t even know if Leo would find her desires gross or not. A three-way relationship wasn’t what most people considered normal.

She was an idiot for dreaming that it could ever work.

Slowly the girl slid from underneath Leo, taking him down so he was lying in a comfortable position on the couch. She threw a blanket over him and then followed Frank into their bedroom. She found her boyfriend standing by the window, looking out at the city beneath them.

“Frankie,” she said softly, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head between his shoulder blades.

“He’s messing things up,” Frank said quietly.

“No, he’s not,” Hazel replied, “He’s not doing anything.”

“But you are,” Frank sighed and turned around, taking Hazel’s face in his hands and stroking her cheeks, “I know you’re getting attached to him, but you know he can’t stick around for long.”

“Why not?” Hazel asked, and despite being a successful businesswoman she was still naive sometimes.

“The world doesn’t work like that,” Frank whispered, “We don’t know anything about him. He could be a serial killer on the run, for everything we know.”

“We’ll find out his story,” Hazel said, “just don’t make him leave. At least not yet.”

Frank sighed, “How much longer do you want him to stay?”

Hazel shrugged, “I’m trying to get him a university scholarship, here, in London, and maybe a job. Then he could start paying rent-“

Frank stepped away, “He can’t stay here Hazel.”

“Fine,” the girl exhaled, agitated, “One more week.”


“Frank,” Hazel said firmly in her no-compromise voice, “one more week. And on Tuesday we’re taking him out for dinner.”

Frank bit the inside of his cheek, “Fine.”


“So this is fancy,” Leo said, looking around the Italian restaurant they were at. He had never even been inside one, much else ate at one before. Only moment ago a waiter had come with a bottle of wine more expensive than Leo’s organs, and poured them all a glass, and now the Latino was just looking around, awestruck.

Frank and Hazel were sitting opposite him, her in a beautiful emerald dress and him in a suit and tie. Earlier they had bough Leo a shirt and a blazer that probably cost more than his college tuition, and to say he felt bad was an understatement.

“You guys really don’t have to do this for me,” Leo said.

“It’s our pleasure,” Hazel said, eyes twinkling.

“We need to get you some more clothes,” Frank pointed out. Leo blushed.

“No, no way, this is more than enough, thankyou. I feel like you’re my sugar parents,” Leo laughed, and then cleared his throat,  “Except you’re not getting any sugar.”

Hazel and Frank looked at each other.

“In exchange for taking you out,” the girl rested her chin in her hands, “We want you to tell us your story, and how the heck you ended up outside our apartment.”

Leo exhaled and then took a sip of his wine, “ Um.”

“Take your time,” Frank surprised Leo by being the one that wasn’t pushing him and Leo gave him a quick, grateful smile, before deciding to suck it up. Hazel and Frank had been so nice to him, and asked for nothing in exchange. This was the least he could give them.

“I was born in Mexico, and my mom died young. Her family kind of blamed me for her death but...,” he cleared his throat, the thought of his mum making his heart hurt, “anyway. I grew up in a not so nice neighbourhood but I had this aunt in the states who wanted to pay for my education. So when I turned eighteen I went to live with her and she paid for my first year at college but then...then, uh, s-she found out that I was, um, bisexual,” Leo couldn’t look at Frank or Hazel, didn’t want to know their reactions. Everyone around him had always recoiled in disgust when Leo had admitted things like this, and he was scared it would happen again, “and kicked me out, pulled me out of college. I had like no money but with my last saving I decided to just fly to London. Fuck knows why,” he let out a nervous laugh and he had to fight tears, “I was here for months, just sleeping on the street. I tried to get jobs but nobody would hire me and I had nowhere to go and then...then you happened,” he finished lamely.

Hazel and Frank were silent and finally Leo got up the courage to look at them. Hazel had tears in her eyes and Frank looked as if someone had punched him.

“Shit,” the man said eventually. Hazel reached across the table and took Leo’s hand.

“I’m so, so sorry this happened to you,” she whispered. Leo smiled and tried to laugh it off.

“It’s fine. It’s really not that bad.”

“It’s bad,” Frank said firmly, “Worse than I thought.”

“You thought he was a serial killer,” Hazel pointed out, wiping her eyes. Leo gaped at Frank.

“You didn’t,” he said, and Frank looked away sheepishly, “Seriously?! I can’t even get the straw through my Capri sun.”

Hazel giggled, “Anyway,” she squeezed Leo’s hand and then pulled it back, “You can stay with us for as long as you want. You don’t have to pay rent until you get a job, just continue cooking for us.”

“S-Seriously?!” Leo stared at them.

“Yeah,” Frank said, once again surprising Leo. The Latino felt warmth in his chest and he just wanted to throw himself at the two and hug them and cry.

“You guys...,” he just whispered instead.

“Don’t get emotional,” Frank said, “food’s here.”


The text came from Hazel around eight. I’m going to be home late. Frank, who normally would’ve just kept that to himself and laid in bed, waiting for his girlfriend so they could order food, now stood up and left his bedroom, heading for the kitchen.

Leo was bustling around – a sight that Frank had gotten used to for the past month - humming to himself as he started prep for dinner. Frank leaned against the doorway and watched him for a second before speaking.

“Hazel’s going to be home late.”

Leo looked up, “Oh. Okay. Should I count her for dinner?”

For some reason that sentence made it sound as if the three of them were a family, and it made Frank a little happy, “Yeah. She can just reheat it worst case,” he pushed himself off the door and walked into the kitchen, “By the way what are you cooking?”

“Chicken fajitas,” Leo said, “They’re really nice.”

“Everything you make is really nice,” Frank said. Leo smiled at him, and the man’s heart pounded.

“Thanks. You wanna help?”

“Uh...I don’t think I’m much of a cook,” Frank admitted. Leo gave him a look.

“But you can cut vegetables, right?”

“Yeah,” Frank said hesitantly. Leo handed him a knife.

“I need you to chop up some peppers, tomatoes and lettuce,” he said.

“How do I even chop lettuce?” Frank complained. Leo sighed and stood Frank in front of the chopping board before slipping in front of him.

“Watch over my shoulder,” he said, and grabbed Frank’s hand, the one holding the knife. With his free one he grabbed the lettuce, “You peel off a few this...and then you just cut to get nice stripes...,” he moved Frank’s hand, forcing him to cut the lettuce, and it took him a few seconds to realise what he was doing.

Frank was tense at his back, his chest pressed against Leo, and his hand was warm and large underneath the Latino’s. Leo felt himself blushing when he noticed how close they were and quickly ducked from under Frank’s arm, returning to his own station.

“And that’s how you cut lettuce,” he squeaked.


It was a few days later that Leo decided that he couldn’t be asked to cook and that he was going to order pizza instead. It was Sunday and neither Frank nor Hazel were working, both of them chilling in their bedroom. At least Leo assumed they were chilling and since he had spent half the day cleaning up and listening to the rain, his brain wasn’t really on high intensity.

That’s why he went barging into the couple’s bedroom, proclaiming loudly, “Guys should we get Dominos?”

He froze with his hand on the doorknob, the words dying on his tongue.

Hazel was on her back, her legs wrapped around Frank’s waist, back arched. They were both naked, skin glistening with sweat, eyes dark. Their eyes snapped to Leo when he walked in and for a second they looked like a pair of sex Gods, wrapped up in an embrace.

Leo felt blood rushing to two places – his face, and his dick, “S-Shit sorry!” he stammered and ran from the room as fast as he could. He exploded into his own bedroom and slammed the door shut, face bright red. He threw himself on the bed, groaning, mortified.

He couldn’t believe he had just walked in on Hazel and Frank having sex.

But his dick could believe, and it twitched in Leo’s pants. The boy bit his lip. He had known for a few weeks that he was attracted to Hazel and he felt guilty about that, because he would never want to ruin the beautiful relationship she had with Frank. But now his instincts were stronger than his morality and his hand slipped into his pants almost on its own accord.

His mind immediately drifted to what he had just saw and he pictured the perfect curves of Hazel’s body, the way sweat glimmered on her dark skin. The boy bit the pillow and stroked himself feverishly, like an over-eager teenager. He imagined that she was there with him, crawling over his body, pushing her hand into his trousers...

Leo whimpered and his stroked sped up and suddenly he wasn’t thinking about Hazel anymore, but about Frank, and that was a new thought. But Leo was feeling too much pleasure to try and explain to himself why the hell he was wanking over the man, not when his mind was filled with Frank’s muscle. Leo imagined Frank pining him down, and Hazel kissing him, he imagined all of their bodies entangled together and before he knew what was happening he was coming with a helpless cry.

He laid there, feeling guilty and ashamed, staring at the ceiling as it rained outside and trying to make sense of what he had just been thinking about. He could imagine having sex with Hazel. Hell, he could even imagine having sex with Frank. But having sex with them together...? A shiver went through the boy at the thought, and he was kind of scared and kind of aroused and kind of confused and he decided he needed a cold shower.


It happened two months into Leo living with Frank and Hazel. For two weeks he had been working at a coffee shop but honestly even Leo had to admit he wasn’t taking proper care of himself – he only ate with the couple and didn’t sleep properly at night. Honestly he had kind of forgotten how to lead a healthy lifestyle and that was fine when he was relaxing at home all day, but when he was got a bit much. As the days got colder Leo started feeling weaker and then, out of nowhere, he just collapsed at work.

He woke up in a hospital bed, plugged up to several machines. He felt nauseous and weak and alone. It was dark outside. Leo had no idea what hospital he was in, but his first thought was that he should tell Frank and Hazel he was here, so they didn’t worry. Except he didn’t know where his phone was.

That’s when he heard shouting down the corridor, and moments later none other than the couple were barging into the hospital room. Hazel had tear-tracks down her face and was still in her work clothes while Frank was in a jumper and jeans and looked royally pissed off.

“Leo!” Hazel sobbed, falling into the chair next to the boy’s bed and grabbing his hand, “Oh my God Leo, we were so worried-“

“What happened?!” Frank demanded, “The paramedics said you were dehydrated. How the fuck did you are you dehydrated, you work at a goddamn coffee shop!”

“I don’t like coffee,” Leo said hoarsely.

The nurse barged into the room, “Please, only family can be in here-“

“We are family,” Frank growled at her.

“Sir, I don’t think so,” the nurse didn’t look convinced.

“I’m his fiancée,” Hazel blurted, surprising both Leo and Frank. The Latino saw the other man swallow and the nurse paused, before nodding.

“Fine, you may stay ma’am, but you sir need to leave,” she pointed at Frank. The man gritted his teeth and glanced at Hazel.

“I’ll wait in the car,” he said and walked out with the nurse. The second they were gone Hazel enveloped Leo in her arms. She smelled sweet and her arms were so warm and comforting that Leo sunk against her.

“Hey,” he said hoarsely, “I’m glad you’re here.”

“What happened?!” Hazel demanded, wiping her cheeks, “your workplace called-“

“It’s fine, I just haven’t been eating properly,” Leo assured her and when she slipped her hand into his he only briefly wondered if Frank would care, before he forgot all about that, just focusing on Hazel’s beautiful face, “I blacked out, but I’m fine now.”

“I want you back home,” Hazel said firmly.

“I don’t think Frank does,” Leo admitted. Hazel frowned.

“What are you talking about? Frank likes having you around.”

“He didn’t even look at me,” Leo whispered, and he hated how upset he sounded. Hazel frowned and stroked his hand.

“It’s okay,” she murmured, “he was just angry he couldn’t stick around. We’ll get you signed out of hospital and you can come home, okay?”

“Yeah,” Leo smiled at her, “Yeah, that’s all I want.”

Hazel nodded and looked at him, and he looked at her, and then they both fell into each other’s arms, clinging onto each other. The hug was good and Leo finally felt safe, but at the same time he couldn’t help but think that there was something missing – a pair of bigger, stronger arms around the both of them.


Leo was signed out of hospital pretty quickly but Hazel insisted he take the rest of the week off work to recover at home. She herself stayed in as well to take care of Leo even though he wasn’t ‘technically’ ill. Frank, on the other hand, avoided Leo completely, coming home later and later. It was starting to piss Hazel off because she knew why her boyfriend was acting like that; he always withdrew himself whenever a situation became complicated and the growing feelings of the couple towards Leo were certainly complicated.

That’s why Hazel decided to drag both of the boys out clubbing with her. In theory it was a great idea; living a business life was tiring for both the girl and Frank, and so loosening up sounded great. So on Friday night the boys both dressed in jeans and t-shirts, with jackets over top because it had started snowing in London, and Hazel put on a sparkling dress and they headed out to one of the most prestigious clubs, where they were all on the guest list.

The night started well with lots and lots of drinking and soon enough Hazel was buzzing and pulling her boyfriend onto the packed dance floor. The club was dark, the strobe lights illuminating the faces of sweat dancers with a dozen different colours. Frank and Hazel were both drunk and as the music reverberated through the floors and the walls of the club Hazel pressed herself back against Frank, grinding back against him, grinning. The man grasped her hips in his big hands and kissed the back of his neck and Hazel just kind of wanted to fuck right there and then, but she was a lady and she didn’t do that stuff.

Her eyes scanned the dance-floor as he body moved with Frank’s, and her eyes landed on Leo, who was still at the bar where they had left him. He was adorably flushed, hair a little mused, and watching the couple with wide eyes. Hazel’s heart jerked and her stomach clenched because it looked like there was desire in Leo’s eyes, though she couldn’t be sure because he blushed and quickly looked away.

Hazel twisted in Frank’s arms and pulled him down for a passionate, messy kiss. She could tell that her boyfriend was smiling against her mouth and his hands travelled downwards to grab her ass. He tasted like whisky.

“Leo was staring,” Hazel whispered against Frank. The man glanced at the bar, almost too eagerly, and anger suddenly clouded his eyes. Hazel followed her gaze and her heart skipped  a beat when she saw Leo with another man.

The guy was tall and handsome and way too close to Leo. The Latino was laughing at something he was saying but subconsciously shifting away, and Hazel felt herself get pissed off. Subconsciously she considered Leo hers and Frank’s.

Confidently she strode over, “Leo!” she exclaimed.

“Hello,” the guy next to him smiled at her, “and you are...?”

“Hazel,” the girl said.

“Um, Alabaster was just getting me a drink,” Leo told her, swaying on his feet. Hazel slipped an arm around his waist and was pleased when the Latino leaned against her too.

“Perfect,” she smiled, “He can get me one too. A bourbon.”

Alabaster smiled, amused, “Sure.”

They got their drinks and Leo and Hazel chugged theirs, saying a quick goodbye to Alabaster. Hazel pulled a stumbling Leo onto the dance-floor and then turned him to face her. She started to dance with him, less provocatively than with Frank, but still too close for it to be considered appropriate.

“Hazel...won’t Frank mind?” Leo yelled over the music, eyes flitting across the dance-floor in search of the man. As if summoned by his words, Frank appeared behind Hazel.

“No,” he said, “I won’t mind.”

Hazel grinned and pressed her ass up against her boyfriend, throwing her arms around Leo’s shoulders and dragging him close to writhe against him. For a second the boy looked conflicted by the mixture of alcohol and the intimate atmosphere of the club weakened his resolve and in moments he was dancing back against Hazel with surprising grace.

The crowd around them pushed and shoved and forced the trio closer together. Frank bent his head and kissed down Hazel’s neck and the girl dragged Leo closer. His dark eyes flickered to hers and their noses brushed together and for a second the girl thought they were going to kiss.

Then the lights turned on, abrupt and sudden, and a unanimous groan sounded from the crowd.

“Already?” Leo whined.

“It’s three in the morning,” Frank shook his head, slurring his words slightly. His hands were still on Hazel’s hips but Leo had pulled away, bright red, “Let’s get out of here. I’ll call an Uber.”


Frank didn’t know how much longer he could take the tension rising in the apartment. It was coming up close to three months of Leo living with him and Hazel and the sexual tension between the three was palpable. After the clubbing incident things kept happening; Leo walked in on Hazel in the shower, and accidentally rubbed his butt against Frank’s crotch in the kitchen, and he and Hazel had fallen asleep on the couch together. Every little touch, as innocent as a brush of the shoulders, was electrifying. It was January and it was getting colder and snowing outside and Frank didn’t know what to do with himself. He’d fuck Hazel and in his mind he’d see Leo, and he knew that it just wasn’t enough for Hazel either.

When had they gotten like this?

There were more fights in the apartment too, especially between Frank and Leo, and over stupid little things like not throwing the finished tube of toothpaste away or eating the last bagel.

And Frank had enough. He just wanted to grab Leo and kiss him, but he knew it wasn’t that easy. That’s why he took the opportunity on a Saturday night when Leo was asleep, to have a whisper-fight with Hazel about the situation.

“He needs to go,” Frank said, looking at his girlfriend firmly, arms crossed over his chest. He was determined not to budge, even when Hazel gave him a shocked look.

“What?! But everything’s so good-“

“For you,” Frank growled, “He cuddles with you, he calls you pet names, he lets you kiss him on the cheek...,” his voice faltered, “he thinks I hate him.”

“Because you’re so unapproachable,” Hazel sighed.

“No,” Frank interrupted, “He just doesn’t have feelings for me. Not the way I have for him.

“Okay, we can just sit him down-,” Hazel said.

“No. No we can’t,” Frank groaned in frustration, “Can’t you see, Haze? This will never work.”

The girl looked at him for a second, completely heartbroken, “I love him,” she whispered eventually. Frank’s shoulders slumped.

“Hazel, for fuck’s sake-“

“And I love you too. Is that so wrong?” the girl questioned, tears glimmering in her eyes. It hurt to see her upset.

Frank looked at her helplessly, “No. No it’s not,” he took a deep breath, “I love him too.” Hazel exhaled and reached for her boyfriend but Frank stepped away, “But he doesn’t love us, not like that anyway. He wants you, just you and I...I can’t give you up to him. I can’t lose you. And I don’t want to lose him either.”

“Frank,” tears tumbled down Hazel’s cheeks but the look in her eyes told him that she understood and that just pissed Frank off, because there was nothing he could do. He turned around and punched the wall.

“Fuck!” he yelled, “Why did we have to meet him?! Everything was so fucking good before he showed up and,” his voice faltered, full of pain.

They both froze when they heard footsteps hurrying from the room, and then the sound of the front door slamming shut. Frank whirled around and looked at Hazel, and she looked shocked.

“Was that...,” she started faintly. Frank ran from the room and into Leo’s bedroom – the boy was gone, and so was his backpack.

“Fuck,” Frank swore, “He heard all of that.”


This is where eavesdropping gets you, Leo told himself bitterly as he hurried through the empty, frozen London streets, trying to keep his tears at bay. It hurt, it hurt, it fucking hurt. His chest felt like it was being stabbed and he just wanted to collapse in the snow and never get back up. Frank’s words, the ones he caught as he had slipped past their bedroom, rang in his ears.

Why did we have to meet him?! Everything was so fucking good before he showed up...

Leo knew that Frank didn’t like how close he was to Hazel, but that didn’t make his words any less painful, especially since Leo had come to terms with the fact that he had feelings for the man too. Not that it matter, because it was all too fucked up.

Leo’s legs wobbled and he couldn’t go further. He was in some dodgy, snowed-in alleyway that three months ago he would’ve considered a home. He slid down the wall and let his tears fall, pulling his knees to his chest and burying his face in them as he sobbed and shook. He didn’t bring a jacket, and the things in his backpack wouldn’t keep him warm. He was sure nothing would keep him warm again, except Hazel’s and Frank’s arms. He had overstayed his welcome and he should’ve left that first night he woke up in the guest bedroom.

Because that’s what he was – a guest, and he was stupid to think otherwise.

How did he fall in love with two people who were already in love with each other? It was just his fucking luck. He should’ve never left Mexico, he should’ve never gone to college, and he should’ve never gone to London. His life was an endless story of mistakes.

“Jesus Christ Leo.”

Hazel’s breathless voice broke Leo out of his depressed sobbing and with eyes full of tears he looked up. The girl was standing at the mouth of the alley, looking heartbroken and cold, cheeks flushed.

“I’m s-sorry,” Leo sobbed, completely breaking down when he saw her. The girls’ expression was soft when she approached him and pulled him to his feet so she could wrap her arms around him. They were the same height, “I-I’m sorry f-for ruining e-everything for you a-and Frank,” Leo sobbed.

Hazel held him close, “What did you hear?” she asked.

“F-Frank said how h-he wished you h-hadn’t met me, a-and how i-it was good before I-I fucked it u-up...,” Leo couldn’t catch his breath, “I-I don’t want him to h-hate me. I-I just...I-I...,” Hazel pulled away from him, frowning.

“Is that all you heard?” she asked. Leo nodded and the girl sighed, “Right. We need to go home and have a chat.”

Leo was too exhausted and hurt to argue with her and besides it was bloody freezing. He let the girl take his hand and lead him out of the alleyway and back the way he came. Their footprints were still imprinted in the snow.

“Where’s Frank?” Leo asked, sniffling. Hazel was typing on her phone with her free hand.

“He went a different way to look for you,” she said, “I’m telling him to come back now.”


The moment they got back into the warm apartment again, Hazel couldn’t hold back anymore. Frank wasn’t back and she just couldn’t bear to try and explain without him so the second she and Leo had shrugged out of their coats and shoes, she shoved the boy against the closest wall.

“Hazel what the-,” Leo’s eyes widened but Hazel didn’t care about how confused he was as she leaned forward and crashed their mouths together. Leo inhaled sharply and his hands jerked out to push at Hazel’s waist but the girl grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the wall on either side of his head.

If Leo wanted to he could’ve pushed her off, but he didn’t do that. Instead he went limp and tentatively started to kiss back, moaning when Hazel thrust her tongue into his mouth suddenly.

“H-Hazel, wait,” Leo gasped turning his head away, his cheeks red, “Frank will come back any moment-“

“Shhh,” Hazel grabbed his chin in her hand and forced his head to turn so she could kiss him again. Leo let out another sweet moan and Hazel tugged on his shirt, walking him backwards and into her and Frank’s bedroom. She didn’t bother pulling down the blinds over the huge windows, shoving Leo down onto the bed.

The boy looked up at her, eyes wide and dark, an obvious bulge in his trousers. Hazel smirked, “You look cold,” she said, pulling her jumper over her head and enjoying the way Leo’s eyes slid down her almost-naked body, “Let me warm you up.”

She crawled over him, pressing him down against the mattress and kissing him almost violently. Leo probably didn’t expect her to be the rough one but in truth Hazel was quite a dominant person, and Frank was the only one she could be submissive to.

Leo shivered under her hands when she slipped them under his t-shirt, running them over his cold skin. Her mouth trailed from his lips and down to his neck, where she bit and sucked until Leo was panting and swearing, his hips stuttering upwards.

“G-God, Haze-,” Leo whimpered, and she tugged on his t-shirt until he helped her pull it over his head. Hungrily she kissed down his naked, narrow chest, and his fingers sunk into her curls as she went lower and lower. When her hands tugged on his sweatpants, Leo tensed, “Hazel, wait, s-shit, please...Frank will be home any moment-“

Hazel didn’t want to explain about how pleased Frank would be to find them like this, and so she decided to just silence Leo. She pulled his cock free expertly and took it into her mouth. Leo completely melted against the bed and let out the most arousing sound that Hazel had ever heard.

Then they heard the front door open.


Leo knew Frank was coming and he pushed at Hazel’s head to try and get her off him because shit she was sucking his dick and her goddamn boyfriend was home. Leo felt guilty and embarrassed and really, really fucking good because Hazel had a sinful mouth that made shivers of pleasure race up his spine.

“H-Hazel please, g-get off-,” he whispered urgently, his words punctuated by moans because Hazel wasn’t stopping. He could hear Frank approaching and Leo knew there was nothing he could do; they were going to get caught, and then Frank would hate him even more.

He threw an arm over his flushed face and squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the wrath of the man. He heard the door to the bedroom open, then close, and his toes curled as Hazel’s tongue slid over the head of his cock. Leo felt the bed dip and he tense and-

Gentle fingers pried his arm away from his face and when Leo opened his eyes he saw that Frank was hovering over him, eyes dark and soft and not angry at all. He held Leo’s wrist in his hand and Hazel continued sucking and Leo was confused and aroused and hot and he wanted to ask a question but what came out instead was whiny moan-


Suddenly Frank was cradling his cheek in his huge, calloused hand that Leo never expected to be so gentle, “She’s good, isn’t she?” the man whispered, and Leo didn’t know what to reply.

Thankfully he didn’t have to say anything because just then Frank leaned down and claimed his mouth. Where Hazel’s kisses earlier had been rough and demanding, Frank’s were softer and warmer, but they still made lust burn throughout Leo’s body, especially when paired with Hazel’s blowjob. Leo’s whole body was shaking when Frank licked into his mouth and he gripped the man’s shoulders and moaned, knowing that he was going to explode soon.

“F-Fuck,” he whimpered, pulling away slightly, “I-I’m gonna-,” before he could finish the sentence Hazel pulled her mouth off of his cock with a wet sound. Leo whined and his hips stuttered upwards, trying to get back into that wet, velvety heat, but Hazel just laughed.

“Patience, baby.”

Leo looked at Frank helplessly, still gripping his shoulders, “What the fuck is going on?” he asked breathlessly.

“We’ll talk later,” Frank murmured, “just enjoy this.”

Hazel slipped lower, and without warning Leo felt her tongue against his entrance. He tensed and his eyes widened, “O-Oh shit wait-,” he gasped, “Frank tell her-“

Hazel pushed her tongue inside of him and Leo whined and collapsed back against the bed, gripping at the sheets. Frank grinned and watched him and Leo felt all together too good and too self-conscious. He wanted to hide, to simultaneously push Hazel away and pull her closer, and it was just so much at once.

Pleasure coursed through him, making his nerves tingle, “Fuck...,” he whispered, “F-Fuck...”

Hazel thrust her tongue inside of him, and his entrance clenched and unclenched as he trembled. When he felt one of the girl’s slim fingers press against the hole alongside her tongue he let out a chocked moan.

It slid inside him all too easily, “You like that?” Frank whispered against his neck, kissing him there slowly and seductively. Leo shivered, his fingers twisting in the man’s hair. When had Frank taken his shirt off? Leo didn’t remember, he felt dizzy.

“F-Frank...,” he moaned, unable to answer the question, and the man kissed him, this time more roughly and possessively. Leo felt like he died and went to heaven, or like he was losing his mind. His cock twitched against his stomach and then suddenly he was being flipped over.

Frank found his way underneath the smaller boy, so Leo was lying on his chest, his ass in the air. Hazel re-arranged herself and plunged her tongue and two of her fingers back inside Leo’s wet hole and when the boy cried out and grinded subconsciously downwards, his cock pressed against Frank’s erection.

“O-Oh...,” Leo’s mouth fell open helplessly as a lightning of pleasure went through him. He couldn’t breathe properly and Frank gripped his hips and moved him, so that Leo was rocking against him, rubbing their hard cocks together, while also getting pushed back against Hazel, “F-Frank, Frank,” Leo panted, “Hazel...f-fuck...wait...oh...God...”

“Shhhh, good boy,” Frank murmured, guiding Leo in for another kiss. Hazel added a third finger into Leo and honestly the boy was glad for the support Frank’s body against his provided because otherwise he was sure he was going to fall completely apart.

Then Hazel pulled everything out of Leo all together, leaving the boy feeling horribly empty. He whined and subconsciously wriggled his bum in her direction. The girl laughed.

“Don’t worry, I have something better.”


Watching Hazel fucking Leo with a strap-on was honestly the hottest thing Frank had ever seen. Where at first the Latino was alarmed by the idea of a sex toy inside himself, now he was just completely melted against Frank, shaking and clawing weakly at his chest while an endless litany of moans spilled from his mouth.

Frank didn’t know where he wanted to look more; at Hazel, all gorgeous and smirking behind Leo, thrusting into the boy with a roughness Frank didn’t think she had, or at the Latino, laying on Frank’s chest, whining and arching back against the girl, grinding down on Frank and making pleasure coil in his stomach.

“Fuck,” Frank whispered, pressing down on the small of Leo’s back and forcing the boy to grind down on his cock harder, “You’re so hot,” he winked at Hazel and she grinned and thrust into Leo, particularly hard.

“OhmyGod,” Leo gasped on one breath, burying his face in Frank’s neck, “Oh my feels so good...Frank, it feels so good...”

“You’re so perfect,” Frank murmured, kissing the side of his head.

“You really are,” Hazel agreed, and pounded into the boy.

“I-I can’t take it,” the Latino gasped suddenly, “H-Hazel, I-I can’t,” he grinded down, rubbing his cock against Frank’s like a cat in heat and looking at the man hopelessly, “I’m gonna come. I-I’m gonna come.”

“Go on, baby,” Hazel murmured, and seconds later Leo was spilling his hot come all over both his and Frank’s cocks, trapped between their bodies, crying out sweetly.

Frank had to force himself not to come then, and it was hard. Slowly Hazel pulled out of Leo, sweaty and grinning, and took the strap-on off. Frank gently rolled Leo over, marvelling at his flushed, sweaty face, eyes closed as he basked in his afterglow.

“Jesus,” Hazel climbed onto the bed and laid down next to the boy, stroking his arm, “He looks like some kind of fallen angel.”

“And whose fault is that?” Frank teased. The girl grinned and leaned over Leo to kiss her boyfriend passionately. When they pulled apart they saw that Leo was looking up at them with tired, half-lidded eyes. Frank’s cock twitched with excitement just from looking at him.

“You haven’t come,” Leo said in a whisper. Frank stroked his face.


Leo bit his lip and nuzzled his hand, “You can fuck me if you want.”

Hazel was grinning when she leaned down to kiss the boy lovingly on the lips. Frank personally didn’t have to be asked twice as he slid down between Leo’s legs, pulling them up and throwing them over his shoulders. His cock throbbed with anticipation and for a second he just watched Hazel and Leo’s sloppy makeout – the girl was teasing the boy’s nipple with her fingers and his cock was already stirring again.

When Frank pressed the blunt head of his cock – bigger than Hazel’s strap-on – against Leo’s hole he felt it clenching around him. Leo moaned into Hazel’s mouth and when Frank pushed forward his body sucked him in completely, taking his cock easily.

Leo’s back arched and he cried out and Hazel held him down, one of her hands creeping south to wrap around his semi hard-on. Frank felt light headed and pleasure coursed through him, more intense than he had ever experienced before. His cock twitched inside Leo’s hot, wet passage, and he knew he wouldn’t last too long.

Hazel pulled away from Leo’s mouth and the Latino’s eyes met Frank’s. Slowly the man pulled out of the boy, and then slammed back inside of him. Leo’s brows furrowed and he let out a cry and curled his hands in the sheets. Meanwhile Hazel made it her mission to make him come again and her mouth found his cock, which she started sucking again.

“No, no, no, no,” Leo blabbered, “Fuck...I-I...”

Frank started fucking him, hard and fast, because he needed to orgasm. Hazel sucked Leo roughly and the boy went crazy, writhing against the bed and sobbing, back arching, hips stuttering upwards.

One of his hands sunk into Hazel’s hair as she continued to blow him, and Frank felt light-headed as he hit Leo’s prostate over and over. It was all too much, for all of them.

“F-Frank,” Leo sobbed, “O-Oh Jesus, Frank...H-Hazel, wait...nghhh, no...please, fuck-“

He came without warning, tensing, his hole clenching around Frank and making him gasp as he felt his own climax wash over him. Hazel milked Leo’s cock, swallowing his come, and Frank filled the boy up. They were both shaking by the time they were done.


Leo was pretty sure he must’ve blacked out because when he came to his senses again Hazel was just finishing washing come off his stomach and thighs with a wet towel, dressed in a bra and shorts, and Frank, just in his boxers, was tugging one of his too-big shirts over Leo’s head.

“What?” the Latino asked, confused.

“You’re okay,” Frank kissed his forehead in a loving gesture that made Leo’s heart clench, “You blacked out for a second. Here,” he handed Leo a bottle of water, “Drink.”

The boy sat up and drank, still in a daze after the two incredibly intense orgasms he just had, trying to wrap his head around what happened.

“Haze,” Frank held out another water bottle out to the girl and she grinned as she walked around the huge bed and took the bottle, taking the time to kiss her boyfriend, slowly and sensually. Leo shivered and put the bottle down on the side of the bed.

“I still don’t understand,” he admitted.

“I don’t get how we could make it any more explicit,” Frank groaned and Hazel rolled her eyes as she walked back around the bed and got in, so that Leo was lying in the middle. She threw the blankets over the three of them and Leo slid down into a lying position, because honestly he was exhausted.

“I-I just...,” he swallowed, “So you want me to have sex with you instead of paying rent or-“

Frank silenced him with a surprising desperate kiss, leaning over him and crushing him to the bed, and Hazel shook her head, “You’re stupid,” she said, “You’re actually so stupid,” she kissed his shoulder and Frank pulled away from the kiss.

“We’re in love with you,” he said. Leo’s breath caught in his throat.

“Oh,” he said weakly.

Hazel looked at Frank, “Could be worse,” she said. Frank smiled at her tiredly. Leo was still in a state of shock, but clearly the couple wasn’t expecting  a response because they settled down in the bed. Frank threw an arm around Leo’s waist, so his palm rested on Hazel’s hip. Leo turned around so he was facing the girl, and allowed Frank to spoon him from behind. Hazel smiled at him and kissed him softly, before sliding a hand under his arm.

“Goodnight,” she said.

“Night,” Frank replied.

“Night,” Leo whispered faintly.

He fell asleep almost instantly, even though his head was a mess. And bizarrely it felt so right to be in the bed with both Hazel and Frank.


The three of them were sat on the couch in the living room, watching the new season of Game of Thrones. However by the time the first episode ended they were all already wrapped up in each other; Frank was in the middle, an arm around Hazel’s shoulders, stroking her curls while her arm was slung across his stomach, her fingers intertwined with Leo’s, who was pressed into Frank’s other side, with the man’s arm wrapped around his slim waist. Every once in a while Frank would lean down to kiss Leo on the forehead and whenever someone died on-screen Hazel would squeak and hide her face in his shoulder, squeezing Leo’s hand. He’d always squeeze back.

“Love you,” he whispered to her, and she grinned from Frank’s shoulder and blew him a kiss. Leo leaned up to kiss Frank’s cheek, “and love you too.”

It worked like a dream.  

Chapter Text

Could you do Solangelo where Nico rims Will and Will’s extremely loud and swears a lot. And Nico ends up fucking Will roughly till he cums untouched.
For Alm0staverage

Image result for rimming gay porn gif

“What do you mean you’ve never been rimmed?” Nico asked, staring in disbelief at his friend.

They were eighteen, sitting on Nico’s bed in his cabin the way they always did. They were best friends after all, so chilling in each other’s cabins this late at night was normal for them. Well, at least Will was a best friend to Nico, because to the blond the Italian was so much more.

Will had always thought Nico was adorable when he was younger, all emo and angry at the world. But then somewhere around seventeen the Italian had suddenly gotten a growth spurt and all his muscles grew and before Will knew it the boy was taller than him, and his voice was deep, and he was hot. And Will was still his best friend...even if he was in love with him.

“We should play Never Have I Ever,” Will suggested, sitting cross-legged on Nico’s bed as the Italian pulled out a bottle of whiskey from under his bed. This had become kind of a tradition – on the third Friday of every month Nico and Will got drunk together. And recently the blond had been looking for ways to try and confess his feelings to Nico, or make a move, during these nights because 1) he could always just blame it on alcohol and 2) he knew the Italian was gay and that gave him hope that maybe he had a chance...

“Sometimes I think you’re still a child,” Nico rolled his eyes, “we know everything about each other anyway.”

“Not everything,” Will protested and stuck his plastic cup in Nico’s direction. The Italian rolled his eyes and filled it to the top with whiskey, before doing the same to his.

“Fine. But you start.”

“Okay,” Will grinned and leaned back against the pillows, “Never have I ever...lied that I’m sick to miss Capture the Flag.”

“That’s so boring, come on,” Nico rolled his eyes, “let’s spice it up. Never have I ever kissed a stranger.”

“Wow,” Will laughed, “Okay. Slow down there, neither have I,” but he was grinning, and he seized the opportunity to try and get information he didn’t have out of Nico, “Never have I ever...had a one night stand.”

Nico looked away and took a drink and Will gaped at him, “What?! With who?!” he demanded, ignoring the spark of jealousy in his gut. Nico shrugged.

“Dunno. Some guy in Camp Jupiter. Never saw him again,” he made a face, “Gods, I hate whiskey. My turn. Never have I ever...had phone sex.”

Will blushed, “Come on, that’s not fair! You know I have.”

Nico grinned, “Drink.”

The game continued, getting more and more inappropriate, and both the boys quickly finished their drinks, only to have them refilled. Will was enjoying himself – he was just the right amount of tipsy that he felt warm and relaxed and a little turned on, but not enough that he would do something stupid...or so he thought.

“Never have I ever...,” he said, slurring his words a little, after a whole hour of drinking, “had a threesome.”

Nico drank and Will laughed, and he didn’t even have to ask because Nico, also tipsy, was already explaining, “Happened with Jake from the Hephaestus cabin and some girl we met at the club.”

“I thought Jake was straight,” Will giggled.

“He is,” Nico smirked, “or at least so he thought. Still let me fuck him though.”

Will laughed, “Alright, your turn.”

“Never have I ever had sex with someone I was in love with,” Nico said. Will’s stomach dropped and he cleared his throat and laughed.

“Well this just got depressing,” neither of them drank and Nico looked away, cheeks flushed. Will’s cheeks were probably flushed too, and he quickly decided to ease the tension in the air, “Never have I ever gotten a rim job.”

Nico’s eyes widened, “What?!” he demanded. Will shrugged, not realising it was some big deal, “So let me get this straight,” Nico shifted on the bed, a bit shaky, and dropped his empty cup on the floor, “you’ve had phone sex, done it in a car, and been to an orgy but you haven’t gotten rimmed?”

“I didn’t actually participate in the orgy though. Besides, what’s the big deal?” Will shrugged, “Can’t feel that good.”

Nico gaped at him, “It feels fucking amazing,” he said, and plucked the cup from Will’s hand, setting it on the bedside table. Will raised an eyebrow, and the world was a bit fuzzy around the edges, “Trust me,” Nico said, hovering too close to him, “You haven’t lived until you’ve had a tongue in your ass.”

Will snorted, “Well that’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear from you.”

“Lie down on your stomach,” Nico commanded. Will’s eyes widened and his heart jumped in his chest.

“What?” he asked, mouth dry suddenly and mind trying to comprehend what Nico just said.

“I said,” Nico didn’t falter or hesitate, his dark eyes on Will’s, “lie down on your stomach. I’m going to rim you.”

“You’re not serious,” Will said breathlessly.

“Come on,” Nico hovered over him, and he smelled like alcohol and cologne so, and Will shivered because Nico had been the person that Will wanted for ages...but at the same time he was completely lost in the situation.

“This is weird,” Will whispered.

“It’s not. Just an experience. Clearly sex doesn’t mean much to either of us,” Nico said, eyes sliding to Will’s lips. Of course it means something, Will wanted to shout, because it’s you. But Will’s drunk mind was telling him to just let Nico do it because this could be the only time that he and Nico could actually get close. He bit his lip and then slowly turned around, pressing his face into Nico’s pillow. Normally he would’ve never done it, but the alcohol was making him more confident. He was in his pj’s, and so the only bottoms he was wearing were loose shorts.

He flinched when he felt Nico’s chest press against his back, and forced his face further into the pillow. Nico’s breath ghosted over the back of Will’s neck and the boy shuddered. What am I doing, what am I doing...

“Nico-,” he said, trying to get his drunk thoughts together.

“Shhh,” Nico pressed his hand down on the small of the blond’s back, “let me do this,” he tugged on Will’s shirt, and the blond let him pull it over his head, fuck knows why. He was nervous and shaking and oh my Gods he was about to let his best friend eat his ass.

“Jesus Christ,” Will whispered against the pillows. Nico laughed behind him.

“I haven’t even started,” he teased, and then pulled Will’s shorts and underwear down the blond’s legs. The boy helped him clumsily and he wasn’t too bothered about Nico seeing his ass, since he had seen it before when they went skinny dipping with the other Demigods. What he was worried about, was Nico touching it.

The blond looked over his shoulder at the Italian, whose eyes were firmly plastered to Will’s backside, “I can’t believe you’re actually going to do this.”

“I just wanna know if you like it,” Nico shrugged, way too casual about this, “Want more whiskey?”

Will shook his head, face burning, “Just get on with it before I change my mind.”

He watched over his shoulder as Nico leaned down and pressed his mouth to the small of Will’s back – it was unnecessary, but it made Will relax more into the bed and he had to turn his head away, unable to look. A million thoughts ran through his head, all drunken and disjointed and not making much sense, but all revolving around what Nico was about to do.

Will wanted him to do it. In fact as far as Will was concerned, he wanted the boy to do everything and anything he wanted to him. He felt the Nico’s hands on his ass, tentative at first, then suddenly gripping Will’s globes roughly. The boy let out a sound between a gasp and a moan and felt blood rush south to his cock. His whole body felt like it was on fire when Nico pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his hole.

Will really should’ve been more scared and embarrassed, but he wasn’t. He was turned on and felt a little helpless, which wasn’t a bad feeling. He hugged the pillow he was lying on to his chest, glad for the support when he felt the first wet swipe of Nico’s tongue against his entrance.

He shivered, “Shit,” he whispered – it felt weird and Will wanted to squirm away. He was stopped by Nico’s hands on his hips.

“It feels weird at first,” the Italian said, and his breath danced over Will’s hole, making it clench subconsciously, “but just let yourself enjoy it. Trust me, it’s good.”

“You’ve done this a lot then?” Will tried to joke.

“You tell me,” Nico replied, completely serious. Will wished he could see the other boy, but he didn’t have the strength to turn because Nico pressed his mouth to his ass then, and licked around the puckered entrance. His wet tongue was surprisingly rough and Will’s stomach clenched as he bit down on his lip, pressing his red face to the pillow. Then he felt the boy’s tongue wriggle inside him. It definitely felt weird – slippery and warm and kind of wrong, though there was no explicit sensation accompanying it – it didn’t hurt, but there was no pleasure either, and Will’s thoughts were torn between is he doing it right? and what if there’s something wrong with me and I can’t feel it ?If he was sober he would’ve probably opted to fake it and moaned anyway, but his drunk mind was too busy figuring out what was going on for him to pretend to be feeling good.

And then everything changed. Will’s whole body tensed as the wet muscle slipped inside him and started to explore. He shuddered and clung onto the pillow as if he was a lifeline and gasped, forgetting to breathe because all of a sudden there were shots of pleasure just racing through his body, all the way down to his toes.

“O-Oh...,” he gasped. His hole started clenching around the organ, and he didn’t understand why it was feeling good. Subconsciously Will grinded backwards, his breathing growing faster, and his eyes fluttered shut. All he could focus on was Nico’s mouth and tongue on his ass, pushing deep inside of him.

Will felt too hot, like his body was on fire, and it felt fucking good. An embarrassing moan spilled from his mouth and that must’ve been some kind of encouragement to Nico because suddenly he wasn’t just licking about inside Will anymore, but he was fucking him with his tongue.

Will cried out, and his back arched, ass pressing up against Nico’s mouth. He felt dizzy, breathless, and the tongue inside of him was just so hot and wet and rough, and it was all too much.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck...o-oh my fuck,” Will swore, gasping for air, trying to find something to hold onto because his pillow just wasn’t enough. His toes curled and his body shook and Nico groped his ass and thrust his tongue in and out of Will sloppily, and the blond felt like he was losing his mind. When he opened his eyes the world was spinning and his stomach was all in knots with pleasure, “Fuck...s-shit...fuck, Nico-“

He reached behind himself with one of his hands and his fingers sunk into Nico’s hair. He forced the boy’s head more against his ass, pushing his tongue deeper inside of him and Nico didn’t protest, just rimmed Will harder until the blond was sobbing. He didn’t know if it was the rimming itself, or if it was because Nico was doing it, but he had never felt so good.

“Oh God...oh Gods, fuck,” Will swore, unable to keep his voice back as he grinded down on the bed, his cock hard and throbbing to the point where it was painful, “f-fucking hell...J-Jesus...ngh...”

And then Nico’s mouth was gone. Will collapsed on the bed, shaking and whining, arching back so his ass was in the air, begging wordlessly for Nico’s mouth to come back.

“I want to fuck you,” the Italian’s voice was hoarse and when Will pried his face away from the pillow to look over his shoulder he saw that the boy’s face was flushed, hair mused, and eyes burning with lust.

“Yes,” Will gasped, “Yes, fuck, do it.”

He was gone by then, already wrecked and wanting, more than anything, to come with the boy’s cock inside of him. He had wanted it for so long...and he didn’t have to wait anymore.

It took Nico seconds to get his trousers and underwear off and then he just thrust into Will in one, swift movement that made both of them moan. Will collapsed against the bed, trembling uncontrollably, as Nico’s cock slid in and out of him. The Italian didn’t even give him a minute to adjust to the sudden fullness...not that Will needed it; the rimming had gotten him stretched and wet and perfect for Nico’s cock and-

Oh Gods I’m having sex with my best friend.

Will panted and moaned against the pillow and his mind was clouded with pleasure, so he couldn’t think straight. Besides it was too late to stop – Nico was thrusting into him, his hands digging into Will’s hips and it felt amazing, better than anyone else who had ever fucked Will.

“Nico,” the blond sobbed, “N-Nico, shit...”

In reply to his moans the Italian just fucked him harder, forcing Will down against the bed. The blond felt helpless, clawing at the sheets, sobbing and swearing and feeling his orgasm approaching.

He didn’t want it to end, because he knew the conversation that would follow wouldn’t be an easy one. When Nico drove his cock forward, slamming right into Will’s prostate, the boy’s cock twitched and with a whine he came, untouched, all over Nico’s bed.

Seconds later the Italian pulled out and spilled over Will’s back, before covering the blond’s body with his own and kissing his shoulder and neck feverishly.

“I fucking love you,” he growled, and that pretty much summed up their conversation.

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Could you write a Percy/Malcolm chapter? Percy hardcore pines over Malcolm, who has no clue anyone would ever like him. Fluffy or smutty ending. Bonus if Annabeth tries to set them up a bunch
for neontrees

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“Your brother’s cute,” Percy told Annabeth six months after they broke up. It wasn’t what he wanted to say. What he wanted to say was I think I might be in love with your brother, but that took more bravery than Percy had and so he settled for ‘Your brother’s cute.’ It was still brave, in his opinion, to say something like that to his ex-girlfriend.

Annabeth looked up from where she was drawing up maps on the table at the back of the Athena cabin, and her eyes drifted to her brother, who was bickering with another one of their siblings by the door. Percy also looked at him, and exhaled. He had always thought Annabeth was pretty, before he realised he liked boys too; he liked her blond hair and her sharp grey eyes and her athletic build. But he thought Malcolm was gorgeous with his soft, blond curls, and even softer grey eyes. Apart from their colouring he didn’t look much like Annabeth – the girl was all sharp edges and angry eyes, and he was softer, gentler somehow, though he could still be feisty. Like right now.

Percy smiled, “Your brother’s really cute.”

“I heard you the first time,” Annabeth snorted, and Percy felt relieved that she didn’t seem bothered by his statement, “You planning on sleeping your way through my entire cabin?”

Percy made a face, “Ew. No. Just you,” he winked, and then his eyes subconsciously flitted to Malcolm, “and him,” he said, softer.

“Do I need to give you the ‘if you hurt my brother I will pull your intestines out through your nose’ talk?” Annabeth asked, casually circling something on her map. Percy sighed and leaned on the table.

“No need. I doubt he’d ever go for me anyway.”

“He likes guys, you know,” Annabeth said, matter-of-fact.

Percy did know that. Out of all the campers he never thought it’d be Malcolm he’d get close to, but after the Giant War they both somehow ended up at the same University and even though they were on different courses – marine biology and law – they saw each other often and ended up hanging out loads. Malcolm was reserved at first, not liking that his sister’s ex-boyfriend was talking to him, but after a while he warmed up to him.

And then they returned to Camp and Percy found himself going out of his way to see Malcolm, which being best friends with Annabeth really helped with, and found himself developing helpless feelings for the Son of Athena. With Annabeth he had been young and it hadn’t been love – just infatuation. With Malcolm it was different. Percy dated and hooked up in college, but Malcolm was always at the back of his mind and so Percy couldn’t get serious with anyone.

He didn’t mean to fall in love with Malcolm. He really didn’t. But it happened.

Malcolm was so sweet and kind, totally unlike Annabeth. He didn’t like violence even though he was great at strategic planning. They spent long nights at college studying for exams, and Percy felt like he was knocking down Malcolm’s walls bit by bit and finding out more and more about the boy. But every time he tried to flirt, or get closer to the other Demigod, Malcolm would just push him away.

But Percy wasn’t just going to give up.


 “So, have you ever considered dating Percy?” Annabeth asked one afternoon, straight off the bat, when she and her brother were pouring over maps of Camp Jupiter. The boy, who had been busy sketching something in the corner, now looked up abruptly, drawing a harsh line across half the page. He winced.

“Gods’ sake, Annie,” he crumpled the map up, “now we have to start again. Don’t ask stupid questions.”

Annabeth arched an eyebrow, “How was that a stupid question?”

“It just was,” Malcolm mumbled, cheeks red as he placed another map on the table. He couldn’t believe Annabeth would be as stupid as to ask that...especially since she probably knew Malcolm had feelings for Percy. Not that it matter, since half of Camp had feelings for Percy. He had his own goddamn fan club, for fuck’s sake.

“Why not though?” Annabeth asked, “He’s good looking, he’s a genuinely nice person, this I tell you from experience. He’s great in bed, also know this from experience...”

“It’s not him,” Malcolm interrupted, feeling the tips of his ears burn, “It’s me.”

“What do you mean it’s you?” Annabeth frowned, “You like guys don’t you? And Percy’s bi-“

“Percy would never like me,” Malcolm said firmly, looking down at the map, “I mean he’s literally a hero, and like some movie star. Like he’s so great that he doesn’t even seem real and I’m just...,” his voice faltered and he trailed off, realising that he was probably saying too much.

“You’re just what?” Annabeth looked concerned. Malcolm shook his head.

“Forget it,” he whispered, “it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to talk about it.”

The truth was that Malcolm just didn’t think he was good enough for Percy. Hell, he didn’t think he was good enough for anyone. He was scrawny, awkward, not really that great at anything, always living in the shadow of his famous sister. Not that he minded – he loved Annabeth, and he thought she was the bravest person ever, even for just facing Arachne. Malcolm shuddered to just think of that.

And Percy was everything he ever wanted...and everything he’d never get. Malcolm knew that most people in camp didn’t even know his name, and he was fine with that, but Annabeth’s casual suggestion that someone as inadequate and insignificant as him could ever date Percy fucking Jackson was painful. Of course Malcolm considered it, when he laid in bed at night and listened to his siblings breathing, he fantasised about what it would be like if he and Percy were together. But that’s all it was – fantasies, and Malcolm was sensible enough to know that it would never happen.

“You really should think more highly of yourself,” Annabeth said gently, “You’re adorable, Malkie. And I’m sure Percy thinks so too. He’s always staring at you.”

“Not he’s not,” Malcolm said harshly, “Annabeth please, just drop it, I don’t...I...”

The girl sighed, “Right, sorry for bringing it up.”


Chiron lifted a hand to silence the crowd of over-excited Demigods, all wearing various pieces of armour and holding blunted weapons.

“Tonight’s Capture the Flag is going to be a bit different,” the Centaur boomed, “Since so many Campers are away on summer solstice quests, I decided to change the rules. Instead of fighting with your cabins, you’ll be in pairs,” a murmur of confusion and excitement went through the Demigods but they quietened quickly, “Half of the teams will each get a flag, while the other half of the teams will be tasked with finding said flags. At the end each team with a flag will be let off duties for a month, while the other half will have to do them.”

A cheer sounded and Malcolm turned to Annabeth, “So basically a massive game of hide and seek?” he asked. The girl grinned.


“Wanna pair up?” the boy asked. Annabeth gave him an apologetic look.

“Sorry, I already promised Piper I’d be with her.”

Malcolm forced a smile, “No worries,” he gave his sister a wave and watched her jog off to the group of Aphrodite girls. He looked around helplessly at the Demigods, all running towards their best friends and hyping each other up. Malcolm didn’t really have many friends, he was too shy, and he was not number one to any of the friends he did have, always the odd one out. Now he watched as they all paired up with each other, giving him pitying, apologetic looks. Malcolm hated it and he wanted to disappear. It was like being picked last – it sucked.

“Hey!” Percy appeared in front of Malcolm, out of nowhere. The blond blinked, surprised.


Percy looked stunning as always, grinning charmingly and pushing his hair from his eyes, Riptide in his hand, “Wanna team up?” he asked.

“B-But what about your friends?” Malcolm stuttered, caught off guard. Percy shrugged.

You’re my friend. The others will sort themselves out,” he said, “So? Yes or no?”

“Y-Yeah,” Malcolm swallowed, “Sure. Though I’m not much of a fighter, you know that.”

“I know,” Percy’s grin wasn’t disappearing, his green eyes sparkling. Malcolm had to look away, blushing, “We can do the hiding, if you’d like?”

“I-I don’t mind,” Malcolm said, “Up to you.”

“Right, then let’s hide,” Percy said, and Malcolm knew he only agreed to it because he knew it was what Malcolm wanted. It made the boy feel simultaneously bad and kind of happy – because Percy cared.

Moments later they got a bright red flag and were sent off. Percy immediately shot off towards the forest, since they only had ten minutes to hide before the seeking teams went after them, but then suddenly he remembered Malcolm, who couldn’t run as fast, and circled back to him.

“Sorry,” Percy said.

“D-Don’t worry,” Malcolm ran after him and they made it into the forest, alongside a dozen other teams, “Where should we hide?”

“I know a place,” Percy said confidently and so Malcolm followed him wordlessly since he trusted the other Demigod. His heart was pounding because even though he knew it was all just a game, adrenaline was still rushing through him. It took a few minutes to get to Percy’s ‘place’ by which Malcolm was already flushed and out of breath, and Percy was perfectly fine, “It’s here,” the son of Poseidon said, pointing to a cave hidden between trees. Malcolm swallowed and stopped running.

“Isn’t that the entrance to the Labyrinth?” he asked.

“The Labyrinth’s closed,” Percy said, “Don’t worry, it’s safe.”

“Is this where you bring girls?” Malcolm questioned as he anxiously followed Percy into the cave. Immediately it got dark and cold, and the cave was deeper than Malcolm anticipated. He wished he had brought a flashlight.

“It’s where I bring my victims,” Percy teased in a low voice. Malcolm shuddered, barely seeing the boy’s outline as it grew darker. On instinct he stopped and reached out and grabbed Percy’s hand, stopping him from going any further.

“It’s creepy,” Malcolm said, dropping his hand quickly.

“Aw, you scared?” Percy teased.

“S-shut up.”


“But like realistically they wouldn’t find our corpses,” Percy argued. Malcolm rolled his eyes, and the son of Poseidon wished he could see him in the darkness of the cave. They had been there for twenty minutes.

“Yeah, they would. We’re not that deep, and this cave isn’t that well hidden.”

Percy grinned, “It’s pretty well hidden. I doubt the other teams will find us.”

“But what if they do?” Malcolm argued, “how will we protect the flag?”

“I have Riptide, don’t I?” Percy said, and he heard Malcolm sigh.

“Yeah but-“

He cut off suddenly, because they both heard rustling and voices approaching the cave. Percy tensed and stiffened, listening, but the voices were too far away for him to make out who it was.

“Percy-,” Malcolm started in a whisper.

Percy dashed at him, and pressed him into a wall of a cave, hand over the boy’s mouth. So close up he could see his wide eyes and surprised expression, “Shhh,” he hissed, so quiet only Malcolm could hear, “This is a competition.”

He turned his head to the mouth of the cave and waited, poised like an animal, until he saw two figures dash past. Only then he let himself relax and turn back to Malcolm.

The boy wasn’t looking at him, eyes locked somewhere on the floor, his blond hair falling against his forehead. Percy’s hand was still pressed over his mouth but the son of Athena’s hands had come up and were gripping it. The boy’s face was flushed and he looked...he looked...

Percy felt hot all of a sudden and he quickly pulled his hand back, “Sorry,” he whispered.

Malcolm was breathing a little faster than usual, “I-It’s okay.”

Percy became aware of how close they were, their bodies almost touching, and he couldn’t move away. He wanted to reach out then, touch Malcolm somehow, because fuck being this close to the boy he loved was hard. Except the blond still wasn’t looking at him, and he looked all shy and vulnerable and ugh.

“Malkie,” Percy said gently, and the boy’s eyes flittered up to his hesitantly, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Malcolm squeaked, “You’re j-just...,” he put his hand up between his and Percy’s chests, “R-Really, really close.”

“Right,” Percy smiled and placed both hands on either side of Malcolm’s head, “Sorry,” he leaned in, so the blond’s hand was pressed against his chest. The son of Athena’s eyes widened.

“P-Percy...,” he whispered.

“What?” Percy asked, and he wasn’t quite sure what he was doing himself, the only thing he knew was that he couldn’t bear to pull away then. Worst case he could play it off as a joke...until a point.

“I-I...,” Malcolm was stuttering and blushing and Percy leaned in closer, just to get another reaction out of him. He had spoken to Annabeth and she had told him how she thought Malcolm had feelings for him. In that moment Percy needed to know if that was true.

“Does this make you uncomfortable?” he asked.

“Y-You’re such a dick sometimes,” Malcolm stuttered, dropping his eyes again.

“Just have to make sure you’re quiet so we don’t get caught,” Percy teased in a low voice, and felt Malcolm shiver.

“Why are you doing this?” the blond whispered.

“Doing what?” Percy asked. Malcolm bit his lip, “Doing what, Malkie?”


“I’m just teasing,” Percy joked. He grabbed Malcolm’s chin in his hand, trying to hide the fact that his heart was pounding. He turned the boy’s head so he was facing him and smirked, “What do you think I’m going to do?” he asked.

Malcolm suddenly pulled the flag out of his pocket. It was made of a thin, see-through material, but the boy lifted it firmly, placing it between his and Percy’s faces. The son of Poseidon laughed.

“Leave me alone,” Malcolm growled, “This isn’t funny.”

Percy stopped laughing, and he saw anger and embarrassment shining in Malcolm’s eyes. His heart twisted because shit, the boy thought Percy was taking the piss out of him.

“It’s not funny,” the blond repeated, hands holding up the flag shaking.

“I know. It’s not meant to be,” Percy whispered, and leaned in.

He didn’t even know if he had meant to do it.

His lips didn’t actually touch Malcolm’s, because the stupid flag was between them, but it was still something. Malcolm gasped at the ‘kiss’ and Percy moved his lips against the blond’s, the material between them stopping their mouths from actually touching. Malcolm opened his mouth to say something and Percy slipped his tongue out, wetting the material of the flag so he could almost feel Malcolm’s lips below. The boy whimpered and Percy thought what the fuck am I doing? Then they heard another pair outside, swearing and stomping through the woods outside.

The second they were gone, Percy decided he couldn’t take it anymore, and clearly so did Malcolm because he dropped the flag at the same time as Percy reached down to grab his face in his hands. Their mouths crashed together roughly and they kissed desperately. It was wet and messy, and Malcolm’s lips were impossibly soft against Percy’s. The son of Poseidon’s tongue slid into the blond’s mouth and the boy moaned, hands gripping Percy’s shirt. He stood on his tiptoes as Percy pressed him into the cave wall, not leaving any space between their bodies. It was the best kiss Percy had ever had, and it made his body burn with passion.

He felt Malcolm trembling against him, letting out little gasps, and he knew he had to slow down because he refused to go all the way here, in a dirty cave. He wanted to treat Malcolm properly, wanted to take it slow and make the boy feel comfortable.

So he slowed down the kiss. His lips moved languidly against Malcolm’s and the blond matched his pace, pressing closer into Percy. The dark haired boy’s heart pounded and his hands slipped down around Malcolm’s waist to hold him close. The kiss grew slower and slower until their lips were just barely moving together. Finally, it ended.

Percy’s eyes fluttered open, and Malcolm was already looking at him, “I like you,” Percy whispered. Malcolm frowned.

“But...why?” he asked, out of breath and flushed and gorgeous. Percy pressed their foreheads together.

“Because you’re amazing. And brave. And stunning. And I want to be with you.”

Malcolm exhaled shakily and nodded, bit his lip, and nodded again, “Yeah, okay. Me too,” he seemed completely dazed and not really sure what was happening.

They left the cave holding hands, forgetting the stupid game and they were stuck on washing dishes for a month because they had left their flag in the cave. Nobody had found it and Percy was right – it was a good hiding place.

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Nico/Will where Will wakes up and is like, "I'm so lucky to have Nico" and then Nico wakes up and they drown in fluff?
For Ifeellittle

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Will had been exhausted last night, since there had been a bunch of accidents during Capture the Flag and a bunch of Demigods to treat, and he prob