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Secret of the Bad Wolf

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An alarm clock blaring through the room, a small groaned can be heard as a hand lazily reached the snooze button. A boy with blazing red hair got up and rubbed his eyes tiredly, he glanced around and started walking to the bathroom to get ready. He grabbed his white collar shirt uniform paired with a dark trousers and started buttoning the shirt and finished it with a red blue strip tie. The end, he grabbed his red jacket.

He proceeds to made his bed neat and tidy, and took all his clothes to the laundry basket and grabbed the laundry basket downstairs to do the laundry. Opened the washing machine he placed all the dirty laundry to washing machine, divided the laundry and pour the detergent, and let the rest of the washing done with the machine. The next thing he gone to the kitchen for some breakfast. Of course he was used to made his own breakfast; taking the bread and the milk from the fridge and placed it in the toaster while preparing some jam from the upper cupboard, tiptoeing to reach on the top and finally placed it on the table at the same time the toast was ready.

Spread the jam carefully, as he made his way to grabbed some cup and pour the milk while continuing his homework he was working last night. Until the sudden sound of a cough distract him from his work. Slowly he made his way to the living room, found out a woman with a worn out face, smeared make up, and wild hair sat on the couch in front of an ashtray full of cigar. The boy only closed the door slowly not to wake the woman up. He then took his homework inside his bag, write a note that said "We're out of Milk- Sam" and post it to the fridge. Finally finished his breakfast, opened the door of the house, and start his day.


Torture. One and only word to describe today is torture. Fieldtrip day for the St. Castor Academy, and today they were going to visit the museum. The school took twenty mental case kids and two teachers on a school bus, heading to the International Gallery to look at some paintings and learning the history about the art and the artist. Definitely sounds like torture. Although there's the plus side, he can look at painting and don't need to study at the class all day long with boring lecture from teachers.

"Now remember students! No touch, no talk, no running, and no cellphones!" announced Miss Brunner, startling him from his thought and earning a groan from the students; some mumbled about this being the worse field trip ever. "No buts! We've informed your parents my number and Mr. Cloud number in the case of emergency."

Finally, Mr. Cloud came to the front of the group and gestured them all to follow him up to the stairs. Leading the class inside with a check list of every student to make sure they weren't get any lost. They gathered inside after handing over their phones and looked around as the teachers talked to the curator of the place. Sam stood still near the centre, watching Mr. Cloud and the stairs for their guide. He glanced around the main hall and darted over to the information counter. He grabbed up a map and opened to read it.

"Sam," startled Miss Brunner, standing beside him. "How are you feeling?" she asked him softly.

Sam looked up at her. "I'm feeling fine Miss Brunner." he replied with a soft lying smile. The smile he always used to made people go away and leave him alone.

Miss Brunner responded with a smile and ruffled his hair softly. "You know you can talk to me about anything you want to right?" she informed him.

"Of course Miss Brunner."

She nodded and walked away from him and proceed to help Mr. Cloud on the field trip.

Field trip or not, nothing was different from any other day. He dreaded the day that the teachers would just mind their own business, or let him walk down hallways without getting slammed into a locker or worse, one day of him minding his own business and ignored the people or being ignored. But of course that won't happen, he got a lot on his school file, being a foster child in the care of social care and the quite shy students won't actually be ignored by anyone. He shook his head, today is not the day he thought about those things; today is just him and walking around the gallery looking at painting and failed understanding the painters meaning of their painting.

They were lead into a large gallery room and the group began to wander around. Some students were clearly very bored and annoyed at having been stripped out their phones, some of them cheered while reminding the others they were missing history. Sam noticed one of his classmate grinned at an elegant puzzle box with three raised stones on the top.

"I'd love to have this for a jewelry box, it's gorgeous," she observed, brushing a hand over the top of it quickly before guiltily around.

"It's nice," her friend agreed as she glanced down at the sign, "By Giuseppe di Cattivo. Interesting, says here that he was a painter who lived next to Leonardo da Vinci."

"Blimey!" replied her friend with a surprised tone. "Imagine being neighbored with Leonardo da Vinci."

"Tell me about it." she said again. "I would ask him to paint me thousands time. I can be the next Mona Lisa."

"Next Mona Lisa?" scoffed her friend.

"Oi!" warned her. "I can be."

"In your dream sweetheart."

"Oi!" she pushed her friend lightly, making both of them giggled in the process.

He took a last glanced to the jewelry box and started wondering around the room just like the other students. Until a certain painting took his notice, a painting of a lady wearing a red dress with soft fierce chocolate brown eyes and a wide unique elegant smiled; she has golden colored haired with brown roots. He looked at it closely, feeling there's something about the painting that make him easy and warm for an utter reason. But the main thing was even bizarre is how the way the painting felt as if it was analyzing him, keeping a sharp eye on him. In a weird way, he should be freaking out about it, but he wasn't and more weirdly, he didn't mind of her gaze at all.

"I see you found the mysterious painting."

He startled, feeling his heart beating fast for a moment and turned around to find Mr. Cloud behind him. "You startled me," he quipped holding his chest.

"Sorry." Mr. Cloud replied sheepishly, "Just thought you were interested by the painting." he scratched the back of his head nervously before he continued. "Great choice really. See the light surrounding the figure is otherworldly and almost magical, which is balanced out by her completely ordinary clothing. Then, of course, the eyes that glow with warm as the sun, the detail with such imagery."

Sam eyed the painting curiously and looked down where's there is no plat of the name, he turned to Mr. Cloud. "What's the name of the painting?" he questioned him.

"Nobody knows really," he told him, continuing, "That's why it's one of the mysterious painting, but people said it called-"

"Please look around at the other paintings." the curator, Mr. Harding if he was not mistaken announced, smiling at the students. "We will go into the Mona Lisa exhibit shortly."

"Come on," said Mr. Cloud. "Don't want to miss seeing Mona Lisa, although I said her painting is a bit overrated."

Sam smiled at him before following his classmates. He listened to the other move about, as he allowed his eyes to trace the painting in front of him, curiosity still linger through him, turned his gaze around, he kept on walking to seeing Mona Lisa.

"And so to the prize," Mr. Harding suddenly called behind them. "Prepare to meet the Mona Lisa."

Everyone followed Mr. Harding through an elegant set of double doors and into a tall grand room. The gallery walls were decorated in gold and red with a serious of paintings on each other them. A red carpet had been laid and two long benches with red cushions stood on either side. On a dais on the far side of the room, stood a tall display with thick red curtains currently covered the painting underneath.

"The Mona Lisa was begun by Leonardo da Vinci in 1504 in Florence, but finished only shortly before he died in 1519," Harding said as they walked. "For over five hundred years, the Mona Lisa's beauty has remained undimmed. She has been gazed upon by millions in her Paris home and now she is here."

The group stopped as Mr. Harding stepped forward to the curtains and turned back to them with a huge grin. "Feast your eyes and lose your hearts, I give you the Mona Lisa."

The curtains opened dramatically, but everyone gasped. In place of the famous Mona Lisa image was a painting of a short plump woman in a grey skirt and yellow sweater. Ahead of them, Mr. Harding rushed over to a security phone on the wall.

"Security!" he panicky shouted. "The Mona Lisa has been stolen!"

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Ordered chaos was now a phrase that made more sense to Sam, as he saw both museum security and metro police swarmed the room. Additionally, there was a third group that had a French flag on their shoulders. He assumed they were from the French embassy. The students were quickly escorted to the main round hall of the museum where they were witness to even more police arriving along with crime scene specialist. The buzz of people talking filled the room and echoed about down the empty corridors.

Sitting down on a bench at the side of the main hall, Sam calmly watched everyone who was darting about and listened to the theories of his classmates. He chuckled as Mr. Harding yelled to an officer that the French would have his head and he already had told the board about the needed better security for the place. Mr. Cloud and Miss Brunner were speaking with another officer and assuring them that the children hadn't seen anything strange, but had been escorted the whole time by Mr. Harding. Another new fact about the woman in the painting he heard was that she's actually Mr. Harding assistant called Ms. Trupp. He also heard that now, she's become one of the suspect that they've listed.

Sam rested his hand on his chin with a thoughtful expression, his green eyes sparkling with excitement. The assistant can't be the suspect; she's type of woman that her foster mum would scare easily. There's also something else buzzing in his mind, the painting of the woman was to detailed, as if someone has painted it in a long time, and as long as the Mona Lisa.

"I overheard the police and there was some kind of energy spike that knocked out all the cameras in the museum," pointed out his classmates, startling him from his thought. "They say it's messing with all the normal equipment. They've got no video from the Mona Lisa room, none at all."

"Maybe the thief had a disrupter of some kind," replied his friend with a shrug. "I mean it's a museum so there was a lot of time for them to case the area."

His eyes jumped up to a nearby camera thoughtfully, if the thief have some kind of disrupter; shouldn't the camera in the entire building and even the lights would turn off, or flicker. Like they did in movies, but then of course this was not a movie or stories from comic books and books, this was real. There's another thing, why would the thief hang an oil painting of the assistant in the place of Mona Lisa? What weirder about is Mrs. Trupp hasn't shown up since.

Suddenly, one of his classmate, Lisa Turpin dropped down next to him and rested her hand on her chin, mimicking Sam. She was one of his school reporter, and she's always eager to find the truth; a good cause of course, unless when it could take your life. Although sometimes he hated to admit that he enjoyed helping her with Magnus.

"What do you think Holmes?" asked his classmate, coming closer to him.

"About what Turpin?"

"The thief," she replied, continuing, "Shouldn't you be solving this mystery right now? You're a Holmes, right?"

Sam rolled his eyes in annoyance. "How many time I've told you, Turpin? I'm not related to Sherlock Holmes, or even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," he informed them. "It's just a coincidence that my last name is Holmes."

"First, it's Lisa not Turpin" she told him, scowling. "Second, I saw your eyes tingling and looking around. Don't tell me you're not interested."

"I'm not interested."

"You're a bad liar you know that," Lisa smirked. "If you're not interested, then you should be joining the others with Mr. Cloud and Miss Brunner earlier. Not hanging out here," she added. "Besides, if you're not interested, then I should just investigate it for myself."

"Lisa," Sam said in a warning tone. "Don't"

"But this is interesting and weird," Lisa argued. Her blue eyes sparkling with excitement and curiosity, she was all but vibrating on the bench. "I know you've been thinking about it too, about the oil painting and the assistant in the place of the Mona Lisa? And I see you notice that Mrs. Trupp hasn't shown up since."

"Maybe to frame her or maybe she did it," Sam offered, hoping she would let it go.

"Nice try, Holmes." Lisa stated, rising her eyebrow with a knowing smirk. "But you need a ton of effort making me not interested in this mystery thief," she continued. "Also, if you look closely, it was really an impressive painting of Mrs. Trupp."

"Yeah," Sam agreed slowly, his curiosity part of his brain were buzzing harder than his common sense. "The background was the same as the Mona Lisa." He frowned even more and tried to envision the strange painting that they'd seen. "And it even had ageing cracks in it, and not ones caused by heat. They looked like real age cracks."

"How do you know that?" Lisa asked with interest, she knows her friend is on the hook now.

"Well, it's really what will happen to an old painting," Sam replied. "Those looked like a natural age cracks rather than the one done with modern techniques." He tapped his fingers together in thought. Sam couldn't help it, his mind was spinning and excitement was churning in his stomach, it was one of those mystery that suddenly come to live, sometimes he wondered maybe the name Holmes hold special sense of attraction to any mysteries. "A lot of things about that painting doesn't make sense. Her clothes, her faces, everything. Besides, oil painting takes months to dry, how can that one took so fast."

"I see," Lisa said with a grin, her friend definitely captured in this case. "So in order for the painting to have been accurate like that then it must have been Mrs. Trupp who did it, because she'd know what to wear today."

"But why bother," Sam pointed out. "Really, there's no point to doing that, if you're going to steal a famous and heavily guarded painting then why stop to hang up a new one? Not to mention, you need to paint it first, and wait it to dry also add the old crack. Too much work on some painting."

"Maybe we should go have another look," Lisa suggested with a sly grin.

"Oh no. No way Lisa, this is too dangerous." Sam said, he gave her a stern look. "It doesn't concern us and I doubt the police will appreciate meddlers."

"Come on Sam," Lisa urged him. "I know you want to, and the cameras are all still down," she added with an excited squeak. "We're literally right in the middle of the crime of the century."

"Cool it, Nancy Drew," said Sam. "The painting and the culprit are probably long gone by now so don't get ahead of yourself."

Lisa ignored him and jumped from the bench with an extra spring in her step. Groaning, Sam watched his friend go over to Mr. Cloud and tell him that she needed the loo. Lisa smiled smugly and followed before turning to give Sam a meaningful look. Sighing, Sam stood and joined his friend as they moved into one of the side corridors of the museum. He followed Lisa towards the loo, past the main security guards and a small room. Lisa turned her head to Sam while rummaging her bag.

"Have any maps in you?" she asked him, smiling.

He nodded and waved it in front of Lisa, which she gladly grabbed it and flipped it opened to know where they're now. Slowly, both of them worked their way through the maze of the museum and back towards the Mona Lisa room. In order to check for guards and police, Lisa had pulled her mother compact mirror she always used in the occasion of her investigating. Sam sighed again, softly as his friend continued to creep through the museum taking slow careful steps while Sam just calmly walked behind. They finally entered another large gallery and Sam frowned as Lisa looked around.

"Wait," Sam said.

"What?" asked Lisa, giving him a confused look.

"Where are all the guards and police?" Sam asked her. "The Mona Lisa has been stolen, but we haven't seen anyone for at least ten minutes. Forensics should be all over this place."

Lisa noticed his friend observation and stepped away from his friend and looked around the room, walking calmly into the centre of it. "We're missing something," she told him. "Something has changed here and something is wrong, but what is it."

Then they saw it, and both of their jaw dropped, as the children felt their heart started racing. Turning to his friends, Sam grabbed her hands and pulled her towards the door.

"We're leaving now!" Sam hissed loudly.

"I'm with you on this one," Lisa told him, hot on her heels.

Taking in slow breathes, they focused on navigating their way out and keeping their fear under control. Now both of them were carefully looking around the corner, even if they weren't sure what were they looking for. Glancing at the paintings they passed, the felt a shivered and felt sicker by the minute. In many paintings were new figure that hadn't been there before, men and women in police uniforms and the forensic teams. They were standing in the landscapes and paintings as if they had been painted out of the real world and into each painting, the same condition of Miss Trupp painting; but their shocked and frightened expressions were what scared them the most.

Both of them finally arrived at the door and tugged on it, but the door didn't move.

"Oh no," Lisa cried out and started tugging again. "The main doors are sealed."

"Great! Just what I dream off, trapped in a museum and with the possibility of being trapped in a bloody painting," Sam commented with the tone of sarcasm.

"We can wait here, right Sam. Mr. Cloud and Miss Brunner will notice us gone and the police outside will find us and let us out." Lisa stated, feeling anxiety creeping out to her. "Right?"

"What are you children doing here?" Mr. Harding shouted. They spun around to find the man marching towards them from the shop, his face red with anger. "The police are investigating the theft and don't need you getting in the way! This is a very important art theft."

"This is more than an art theft," Lisa told Harding in a low tone. "And it's much more dangerous."

"You had better believe it," a smooth elegant voice with a French accent said from behind them.

Spinning, they looked up at the stair case and gasped in alarm and shock. There standing at the top of the grand staircase was a woman dressed in the same Renaissance clothing as the Mona Lisa, with long brown hair and holding a pistol in her hand, pointing it right at Mr. Harding.

"Who are you?" Harding asked, moving forward and seemingly noticing the gun.

The woman raised her, well actually Sam noticed that she didn't have eyebrows or eyelashes, but she gave Harding a withering look.

"I thought you were an art expert," the woman said. She calmly walked down the steps towards them and gave Harding a strange look. "I am the Mona Lisa," she announced with an enigmatic smile.

Harding snorted and asked, "No, really. Who are you?"

"I really am the Mona Lisa," she told him with a frown of displeasure. "You cannot fake this kind of class."

"You can't be the Mona Lisa," Lisa calmly announced looking her over carefully. "This must be some kind of illusion of the drugs the thieves installed."

"And why is that little girl," the woman demanded.

"Because on earth, woman in five-hundred-year-old paintings don't just leave their frames and put someone else in them," Sam replied with a frown. "You put Miss Trupp into the painting didn't you?" he grimaced as the pieces all come together.

Lisa eyes went wide and turned to her friend. "She's become the painting by Leonardo da Vinci!" she announced.

"Leo never would have painted her," Mona Lisa snapped. "He was so determined to paint me that he even borrowed oils from his weirdo neighbor to start me, but that whale of a woman, not a chance."

"So, you're out of your frame?" Lisa raised her chin, trying to sound brave and confident, while considered the pistol with a hint of concern.

It looked real enough to her, but the Mona Lisa painting certainly hadn't had a pistol in it, unless there's actually a secret side painting of her and showed that she actually holds pistols.

"What is it you want?" asked Sam.

Mona Lisa smiled down at Sam, not a nice smile at all as her eyes grew cold. "I've spent five centuries hanging on a wall little boy. I think that it is time for me to have a little fun." She pointed the gun back at Sam and Lisa. "And I think I'll start with some target practice."

"Run!" Lisa shouted. She pulled Sam's hand and darting to the side of the room for a corridor.

Two shots followed them, hitting the walls and echoing loudly in the room along with the Mona Lisa's laughter as the two students rushed out of the main hall. Mr. Harding gaped at the display for a moment before the Mona Lisa turned to him and smirked.

"It's just you and me now."

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"Mona Lisa? We just see the real Mona Lisa!" Sam shouted as he followed Lisa through the museum.

"I know!" Lisa shouted back. She quickly turned around a corner into another room, and glanced out into the hallway.  "This is mental!" she said tried to catch her breath. "This can't be happening!"

Sam turned to her, "Oh really. The Mona Lisa has come to life, is armed and very upset with the world in general while using as a target practice," he told her in a rush. "And we are trapped in the same building as her. Trust me Lisa, it's happening."

"But, the police are here," Lisa said. Her voice wavered and was nearly frantic. "We just have to warn them, maybe there's police here somewhere."

"Shots have been fired Lisa, she shot at us and they would have heard it," reminded Sam. He sighed, Lisa's currently in panic mode and of course with everything going on right now she has the right to be panic, he can only give her a soft comfort look. "I'm sorry but no one is coming."

She stumbled backwards and gave Sam a pleading look that made Sam flinch and fell terribly guilty. He's not great at giving comfort or giving reassurance, or even response to people that much, he just shook his head and tried his best. He grabbed her hands and pulled them along after her, giving her a gentle squeeze.

"Listen," said Sam, he looked around. "Since we can't leave, let's check out the Mona Lisa room. Maybe there is something more in there."

Lisa took a deep breath and stared at him. "What are we looking for?"

"I haven't got any clue," Sam admitted as they come to a halt. "But we need to move rather just waiting around here."

Lisa nodded in agreement and followed Sam through the museum. They stopped after a few rooms to check the map and glancing around nervously. The exhibit room had only one entrance and they were still several rooms away. Sam paused as they started walking again, there was a strange metal sound echoing through the halls. Blending of a heavy footstep teamed with a metal rattle.

"What is that?" asked Lisa softly, trying to peek around the corner.

"Something not good," whispered Sam as nervous energy began to fill his chest.

They heard the metallic footsteps getting closer and moved into the next room which was under construction. Glancing around, Lisa took stock of the plastic covered walls and the workbenches set up throughout the large space. Scaffolding and lumber created small hiding places all over.

"Hide!" hissed Lisa

Lisa pulled Sam back behind a scaffold with him, gesturing for her friends to be quite. Grabbing the mirror, she used it to look around the scaffolding as a tall male figure dressed all in black walked into the room. His mouth and nose were covered by a black bandana and he wore a tripoint black hat. A long black coat covered his dark shirt and pants and h wore a spur on each of his boots.

"That's the Dark Rider painting," Lisa whispered softly, exchanging a worried look with Sam.

"He's got guns," added Sam as the rider looked around the room.

Nodding, Sam slowly began to move towards the door, staying in the shadows of the construction materials. He tried to took the mirror from Lisa for locating the Dark Rider but then it fell out of her hand with a soft crash. The rider spun sharply towards them and pulled out both of the flintlock pistols.

"Run!" yelled Sam, dashing for the exit.

Racing from the room, the two children ran down the corridor that led them back to the main staircase. They could hear the rider running after them and the metal sound of his spurs adding to the volume of his footsteps. Ducking around a pillar with, Sam just missed the two shots the Rider fired at them.

"He's a painting," asked Lisa breathlessly. "Shouldn't he be firing paintballs."

"Maybe in cartoon Lisa," added Sam. He peered out around the pillar.

"Two flintlocks, two shots, he's out now right?" asked Lisa, tried to see the Rider.

Another two shots blazed past them and Sam shouted, "He's a painting come to life, he has as many shots as he wants."

"Now the paintball idea doesn't sound that ridiculous, huh?" snapped Lisa at him.

"Not now Lisa!"

Glancing around the pillar, Sam checked the Rider's distance and turned back to his friend, "Split up, he can only follow one target," he ordered, pointing towards the nearby corridor before looking another direction.

"Be careful," hissed Lisa.

"You too."

Then he ran out across the entry for one of the halls on the opposite side of the room. A moment later, Lisa ran the direction Sam had indicated and the rider followed them. Above them in the outlook gallery, the Mona Lisa frowned down at the display and huffed. Next to her, Mr. Harding wrung his hands and shifted nervously on his feet.

"They are just children," Mr. Harding insisted. "They can't harm you."

"Those children were far too comfortable with me." snapped Mona Lisa with a glare towards Harding. "But let's see how they did, separated."

Fear flooded Sam as he realized that the Rider wasn't following him and started to backtrack the Mona Lisa display room. As much as it worried him, Sam recognized that this was his best chance to ask for help. He wished that the museum had let them keep their phones since they hadn't managed to get anywhere near an actual phone. Reaching the Mona Lisa gallery, he cautiously looked inside before stepping into the room.

"I don't know what I should be looking for," he muttered to himself.

"Maybe I could help." a sharp voiced with a northern accent voice said behind him.

Sam turned around and gasped in shock when he saw a tall lean man with cropped hair, cold piercing blue eyes, and big huge ears standing there wearing an unusual leather jacket, waltz inside the room, staring at the painting then to Sam with watchful eyes while crossing his arms.

"Who are you?" asked Sam. "How'd you get in here?"

"I'm the Doctor," he said, before continuing, "My ship tracks some energy reading here and she followed it, taking an interest as usual. But of course usually that means trouble, and I am always right." He said in a smug tone looking all impressive. "When I arrived, heard some gunshots, and started running here so here I am. Guess that was because you."


"Yup!" the Doctor exclaimed, and he proceed to walk towards the painting where Miss Trupp was stuck and studied it. "I guess this what drawn my ship here, interesting."

"Who are you? Really?" Sam tried instead.

"Told you. The Doctor."

Sam stared at him. "Yeah, but Doctor what?"

"Just the Doctor."

"The Doctor?"


Sam laughed. "Is that supposed to sound impressive?"

"Sort of," he replied, walking near the painting and observed it.

"Doesn't work." Sam retorted. He only gives a brief glare and turned back to the painting, Sam tried to approach him. "Are you the police?" he tried to ask again.

"No," he shook his head. "I was just passing through. I'm long way from home." The Doctor stared the painting again and took a final closer look, "Now that's interesting." he muttered.

Suddenly, they could hear someone moving down the hall and dashed behind one of the large displays at the side of the room. With a seconds, they saw the Mona Lisa walk into the room with Harding at her heels.

"This has to be it," Harding said. Sam peeked out to see Harding gesturing towards the right wall. "Not only a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, but a neighbor in Florence."

The Mona Lisa examined the simple painting of a man in period clothing, "Not very attractive," she told him a moment later with a frown.

"Giuseppe di Cattivo 1450 to 1518," explained Harding. "His work is often compared to his famous contemporary Hieronymus Bosch. Poor Giuseppe, he died in a lunatic asylum."

Mona Lisa smiled before raising her hand and moving it front of the painting. "No, no," she sighed. She dropped her hand to her side with a frown of disappointment. "This isn't him."

Harding started to say something to her, but the door suddenly opened. Turning slowly, Sam had to slap a hand across his mouth to muffle his cry of alarm. The rider marched Lisa into the room, a gun pointed at each of them. Giggling, the Mona Lisa strode forward and gaze down at her.

"Well, look at what we have here," she chorused with a delighted smile. "Where's your little friend?"

"He's already out of here and get the police," Lisa told her with a glare before raising her chin up. "Soon, they'll be here and capture you."

"Oh you've got spirit," growled Mona Lisa at her with a glint in her eye. "Don't lie to me little girl. Where's the red haired boy?"

"I don't know," she answered, meeting the Mona Lisa's gaze. "We split up when your friend here started shooting. Like I said, he has probably gotten to a phone by now and called for help."

"That won't help you." Mona Lisa told her with a smile. "I took this gun from a painting and I put all the people I found into paintings. Everything in this building can come under my total control so whatever great rescue you're hoping for, won't save you."

"Why are you helping her?" turned Lisa, she gave a furious gaze on Harding. "You've seen what she's done!"

"Harding here is my number one fan," informed her with a smirk.

"She set the rider on us!" insisted Lisa. "We're only seven, how can you be okay with that? She has put people into paintings!

"Calm down child," Harding protested quickly. He waved his hands in a calming manner even as he sweated. "I'm sure that Mona Lisa will restore everyone once she finds her brother and he rider did not hurt you."

"Her brother?" repeated Lisa in confusion, trying to even remember any part of history that mention her brother being painted.

As if on cue, a loud growling filled the room, coming up from the lower levels of the museum. Grinning, the Mona Lisa gave triumphant laugh, and turned to Harding who had paled significantly at the noise.

"That would be my brother," the Mona Lisa announced. She looked at the rider as she pointed her own gun at Lisa. "Trace the noise rider," she ordered.

As the rider left the room, the Mona Lisa focused intently on Lisa. Sam gasped softly as red energy sparked around the Mona Lisa, giving her a terrible red glow. He stared hard and tried not to screamed, he didn't like where this was going, and what will happen to Lisa.

"What's going on?" asked Lisa quietly.

"A moment dear, and I'll put you in the picture," she chuckled, thrusting her hand forward.

Sam made a jerky movement forward but he felt the Doctor hold on to his arm and stopped him from running to his friend, he tried to made him let go by tugging his arm hard as he saw the red energy exploded around his friend. It crackled and sparked around them as she screamed. Harding hid his face and Lisa vanished right before Sam's eyes. Mona Lisa laughed and looked over at a landscape on the wall where Lisa now stood trapped within it, still screaming.

"And now boy, it's your turn." announced Mona Lisa to the large room. "I heard you gasp so come out. No point hiding."

Breathing hard, he can feel his heart stopped for a moment and followed by the response of his brain and body were told to start running from there; hides and run away from this. But he can't, Lisa was still trapped here and he can't leave her alone and ran away, he can't leave her even thou she's always annoyed him; because she's still his friend. Closing his eyes, Sam took a deep breath, he stood up and walked towards Mona Lisa' view until the Doctor stopped him again, glaring slightly and motion him to follow him.

Both of them walked calmly towards Mona Lisa view, as Sam trying his best not to start running towards her and pushed her to the ground while demanding to free his friend and the other people inside the painting.

"I wouldn't have thought that a painting would have such a good hearing," the Doctor said, glaring at the Mona Lisa. "And while harming children."

Mona Lisa smiled amused at him and stared at Sam, "I see you make yourself another friend," she stated and stared at Lisa's painting. "You can see how hurt your other friend is, with her expression, it is quite clear."

"What did you do to her?" sneered Sam, glaring at the Mona Lisa. He tried not to look at the painting of his friend with her pained expression.

"She is completely safe," Mona Lisa assured him. "She is alive in the painting, she can hear and see everything we do in front of their painting. She just can't move or escape." she finished with a taste of bitterness.

"Like you were," said Sam in realization.

"Exactly," she agreed with a grimace. "I was trapped, unable to live or die."

"You're out now," the Doctor told her. "You don't need to harm anyone. Let them go."

"I think she looks as pretty as a picture. Well, most pictures. I think we can agree that I am in a different league," the Mona Lisa preened with a proud smile, touching her wavy brown hair lovingly.

"Very true," agreed the Doctor with a look of disgust.

"Thank you, love," Mona Lisa smiled, patting her hair again.

"Didn't really mean it as a compliment," he answered with a glare.

"Don't worry," Mr. Harding cut in. "They are safe and once Mona Lisa has found her brother, she will release them."

"You keep saying that," snapped Sam, "Even if you've seen what she's done."

They all paused as they heard the growling again and the Doctor shook his head. "I don't think her brother is going to be as nice as you think," he said to Harding. "This is trouble."

"Which is why you should leave it alone," told Mona Lisa.

"I can't do that," the Doctor said. He started walking slowly along the side of the gallery with the look of the oncoming storm plastered on his face, the Mona Lisa followed him. "I've seen how dangerous you are, so I have to stop you.

"Oh, I would love to see a handsome man like you try," purred Mona Lisa as she and the Doctor came to a stop. "He actually thinks that he can stop me."

"And do you want to know why?" the Doctor asked as he stepped closer to Mona Lisa, his voice tremble darkly. "Because I can."

"Look around Doctor," said Mona Lisa, her voice quivered a bit. She finally held out her gun and in an instinct, she pointed the gun at them. "I'm the one holding the gun."

Pointing the gun at them, Mona Lisa smiled wickedly as Sam's whole body told him to run. But he was too panic to even tried to move, and the risked he got shot was bigger this time. Sam closed his eyes tightly, scared and waiting on the pain from the gunshot, but then a warm hand grabbed Sam's smaller one in a tight but gentle grip. He turned to meet the pair steel blue eyes looking down at him.


Chapter Text

For once in his life, Sam didn't argue. He took off after him, barely keeping up and keeping away from the room, dashing through the hallways of the museum. Although it felt a bit wrong for him to ran behind the weird bloke dressed like he had stepped out a 70's movies and playing the baddie with that huge leather jacket on. They finally made it to the museum bookshop and Sam sank to the floor. His lungs were burning and his heart was racing, but he didn't hear anyone moving nearby; his thought returned to Lisa and what he's going to do, who's going to tell her mum and what's going to happened next, will she going to be stuck there forever. He hugged his knees up against his chest, and hoped it was just a dream while crying softly.

The Doctor on the other hand was standing while going back and forth and muttering under his breath, "Okay," he whispered to himself, still walking back and forth while crossing his arm, eyes bore in anger and thought.

"Think it through," he muttered, "What are the main points? One: The Mona Lisa has been around for five centuries, but has come to life now which means that it is something about this gallery. Two: she made reference to a brother and said that it was the thing growling. Three: that is probably the reason she suddenly came to life, and the reason why the TARDIS arrived here, but what kind of painting could it be?"

The Doctor stopped his track when he saw his reflection in the mirror. "Ah, could've been worse," checked his reflection as he sighed. "Look at the ears. What do you think then?" he turned to Sam.

His mind stopped when he saw the boy sank to the floor with his knees against his chest, hugging it with comfort. The Time Lord saw he was shaking and thought he got hurt, until he heard a soft sob coming from him, his gaze softened and he can felt both of his heart breaking on hearing a child crying in front of him; forgetting that he was not indeed a grown up, he was just a seven-year-old boy who saw his friend trapped inside a painting and now sank down on the floor crying softly and confused by the whole situation. The Doctor kneeled down in front of him, taking a handkerchief from his bigger on the inside pocket and softly touched the boy.

Sam flinched up, he saw the man stared softly at him with a concern expression. "Here you go, wipe out the tears." he told him and ruffled his hair softly. "One thing I hate is seeing children crying, have enough of that already."

He took it and wipe out the tears in his cheek. "I'm sorry," he said to him, voice soft in fear.

"It's alright," comforted the Doctor, rubbing his back. "You're scared, and I understand. It's a natural to be scared, small apes like you can easily be scared, and small apes like you shouldn't be in this kind of situation. You should be at home, sleeping," he bopped Sam's nose playfully, "And making homework, maybe playing with muds on your shirt."

Sam chuckled, and the Doctor grinned at him, "There we go, we've got a smile." he said as he frowned, "I'm sorry that I never asked, but what's your name?"

"Sam. Sam Holmes."

"Nice to meet you, Sam Holmes," the Doctor smiled at him.

Until suddenly the Doctor was stilled a he heard talking, one of the voices was a distinct French accent of the Mona Lisa. Sam suddenly heard her too, as her echo of her voice filled the museum hallway, his smiled changed into a scared expression, making the Doctor wanted to trapped the Mona Lisa forever for good.

"I have not escaped from wood and paint to be trapped her!" the Mona Lisa screamed with a raw fury that mad Sam shiver. "This is such a cheat!"

The roaring could be heard again and Sam remained still, despite wanting to look around the corner and see the Mona Lisa. The Doctor shoved Sam behind him, stayed perfectly still and strained his ears to listen.

"Yes my brother in the living paint," said the Mona Lisa. "Once we are united, we will both be free and nothing will stand in our way. Not gallery walls or pathetic humans! My brother has spoken and now I know what he is. He is a work so terrible that no one has laid eyes on it since it was first created."

"No," gasped Harding. "It can't be. That is just a legend, a story that the cleaners and night staff scare each other with. It doesn't really exist."

Chuckling, the Mona Lisa announced, "My brother and I have waited all these years to be brought together. Five centuries Harding, and now you are the man for the job. So you take me to him and we shall set him free."

Holding his breath, Sam listened as the footfalls and voices of the Mona Lisa and Harding moving grew more distant. He remained still for a moment longer, listening for the footsteps of the rider. Then, making sure they were out of reach, the Doctor and Sam slowly stood, looking around the display carefully.

"What does she mean by brother?" the Doctor asked him. He turned to Sam as the boy tried to remember. "The more I trying to remember, Leonardo da Vinci didn't paint Mona Lisa's brother. I should know, I was there when he did, even borrowed an oil from his neighbor."

"That's the thing, we never know what she meant," replied Sam. "Maybe it was a painting with a connection to the Mona Lisa, or maybe it was one of the artifact here."

"A painting with a connection to the Mona Lisa that one has seen in centuries," said the Doctor, crossing his arm as he sighed and muttered. "Fantastic."

Sam suddenly had an idea, he moved further into the shop and pulled the Doctor leather jacket to followed him. He shrugged off his backpack and set it onto the counter, he heard the Doctor told him about not a good time for shopping but he keeps on searching and turned to the bookshelf.

"Oh," the Doctor said when he come to a realization, followed with a happy grinned. "Fantastic."

They started with a book on the Mona Lisa, but there was nothing about a brother, just like the Doctor said. Even the discussions of the original model made no mention of a brother. The meaning of that term just didn't make sense to them, especially for the Doctor. How could a painting have a brother? Did Leonardo da Vinci actually paint a male version of the Mona Lisa. Groaning, Sam shoved another book back onto the shelf in frustration.

"Wait a second," Sam said, his face glows up with a sign he found something. "We're going about this wrong. She said brother in living paint, so maybe it had to do with the paint." He snapped his fingers trying to remember what Mona Lisa had said about the oils earlier. "Leonardo borrowed oils from his neighbor to start her, what was his name again?"

"Giuseppe di Cattivo," said the Doctor, his voice was flat and dark as he come to a realization too. He hated saying the name but he knows exactly who he was. "Known as the painter of nightmares in Florence. His work was considered an insult to Creation and the Abomination was his master piece."

Sam grew pale and felt his stomach turn, he didn't know Leonardo da Vinci has such a horrible neighbor that can create such masterpiece. More importantly, he borrowed an oil from the man to paint his masterpiece.

"When Giuseppe di Cattivo saw what he had painted, he was gripped by terror and the knowledge that anyone who locked upon it would be driven into madness." the Doctor explained on, folding his arms and leaned on the wall.

Sam frowned. "What happened then?" he questioned him, curiosity linger in his eyes, despite the gruesome history.

"He locked the painting in a special case made of wood from a hangman's gallows to keep the Abomination from human eyes for all eternity." the Doctor told him, before he continued, "The case was sealed with a complex Chinese puzzle lock, but the next morning, Giuseppe di Cattivo was found in his home beside the case but he had gone completely insane and the secret of the puzzle was lost to his ravaged mind."

"But where's the painting now?"

He sighed and rubbed his face. "According to legend, the painting remains locked and hidden somewhere in the world to keep it hidden from human eyes forever."

"The jewelry box," muttered Sam, his eyes widen as he started to ran. He ignored the Doctor calling to him.

Rushing down the corridor, Sam focused on finding his way to the right gallery and getting the puzzle box before the Mona Lisa did. A hand suddenly reached out and grabbed him by the hoodie of his jacket, and Sam found himself face to face with the Rider. He kept a tight grip on him and pointed one of his pistols at his head. Saying nothing, the black-clad figure pulled Sam back down the stairs and towards the hallway of the museum.


The Doctor sprinted towards where the boy ran, but he found no trace of him. He sighed and stopped for a while, how can a ten-year-old boy can run faster and gone without any trace of where he had gone, beating his Time Lord biology.

"Fantastic," he huffed, clearly out of breath. When he can't seem to keep up and just stand there with his hands both on his hips. "How can he be so fast?"

He scratched the back of his ear. "I'm getting old."

But there's something else in the back of his mind, earlier the boy muttered something about a jewelry box. There must be a thousand of box in this museum, it would take time to found it before the Mona Lisa and her friends find him or even the boy. He finally rummaged his pocket and took out his sonic screwdriver; if the box was important and connected to Giuseppe painting's and the Mona Lisa, then it has the same energy reading that dragged his TARDIS here.

With a nod, he began pointed his sonic screwdriver and scanned through the museum, navigating himself finding the box, with the hope that the boy already found it first before the Mona Lisa.


The Rider kept a strong gripped and the gun against Sam's head as they walked and he squirmed as they approached a large metal door. Dragging him through the door, he shuddered at the sudden drop in temperature as he was nearly pushed down a flight of stairs. The air was colder and dry, and it only hand limited light. Far ahead of them, he could hear faint voices that were growing louder, he flinched when the Mona Lisa and Harding came into sight, they were standing in front of a large heavy metal door that Harding was unlocking.

"Well done Rider," praised Mona Lisa as they came into view. "See boy, nothing you can do."

Sam looked at Harding and asked, "You know what the painting is right?"

"The Abomination," answered Harding with a nod, but he was much paler than he had been earlier.

"You don't actually think that this is going to end well if you set that thing free, do you?" asked Sam, with accusing green eyes.

"Ever since man first dew on cave walls," lectured Hardin, "All any artist ever wanted to do was breathe life into what they created. Can't you appreciate the wonder of what has happened today?"

"Can't you appreciate that she's mad?" hissed Sam in response. The Rider pressed the barrel of his pistol against Sam's temple and he tensed up, falling silent.

"Standing right here," Mona Lisa reminded them, giving Sam a fierce look.

He took a deep breath and unlocked the final door. The large door swung open with a creak and they all stepped into a room full of dust and crates. As the flashlight was slowly moved around the room, the statues that weren't in boxes created horrible shadows that made Sam shuddered. The growling was constant now, but not at the high volume of before, he can felt how angry and got a terrifying feeling creeping through his body. He took a step back, but the weight of the Rider's arm and his shoulder made him stop. Harding found the light switch after another moment and the room was filled with yellow light.

Mona Lisa soon pushed in front of him, trying to follow the growling through the dusty maze of boxes and shelves. Slowly, Sam was pushed forward and the Rider lowered the pistol from his head. There were cobwebs, piles of dust and in the corner what looked like an old de-composed dead rat. Sam curled his nose and ducked to avoid a cobweb as much as the Rider's grip allowed.

"I've never been this far into the old vaults," said Harding, his voice was low and fearful. "It is filthy."

Sam glanced at him with a skeptical looked, "Not our biggest problem right now," he pointed out at him.

"The Abomination is down here somewhere," assured him to the Mona Lisa, nervousness creeping into his voice.

"I don't see my brother," hissed Mona Lisa. She grabbed Harding's arm tightly and moved her pistol towards him. "If you are playing games with me Harding, I'll feed you to him along with the boy, feet first."

A loud roar caught their attention and gave the Mona Lisa a clear sense of direction as she quickly rushed towards it. The room shook with the force of the roar sending dirt and dust falling over their heads. Sam glanced at the Rider and sighed, seeing that the gun was still pointed right at him.

They turned one last corned and the Mona Lisa pulled aside a heavy cloth. Heavy metal bars were cemented into the floor and ceiling creating a large cage. Against the far wall was a large case that was shaking and Sam could see the same red glow that the Mona Lisa had produced earlier spilling out of the cracks. Mona Lisa shot the aged lock and grinned when it fell open. Shoving Sam to the side, the Rider moved forward and opened the heavy metal door for Mona Lisa. With a cheerful smile, she swanned into the cage and was greeted by another deafening roar.

"Funny how he doesn't seem all that pleased to see you," said Sam. The Rider responded by pressing the barrel of his flintlock against his temple again.

"Show respect for my brother in living paint," she gloated. "Because once he's out of there, we will see some fireworks."

"Mona Lisa," implored Sam desperately. "You can't do this."

"The boy's right," said Harding. "You can't."

Sam frowned and glanced at Mr. Harding, did the man has a change of heart all of the sudden, it might not too late, maybe he can help him.

"What this Harding?" asked Mona Lisa angrily. "Remember where you left your backbone all of a sudden?"

"No," answered Harding calmly. Then he pointed on the box. There was a strange lock built into the old box. "The puzzle lock is missing."

Mona Lisa stepped forward to examine the empty space before she turned back to Hardin with a face full of fury. Sam bit his inside of his mouth in an attempt to keep still and silent.

"Where is it?" she demanded.

"I'm not sure," Harding told her, taking a small step back.

Mona Lisa pointed her gun at Sam and the Rider tightened his grip on the boy, keeping his own gun against his head. "Aren't you at least a bit worried about the cute little redhead boy Harding? After all, this museum is your responsibility." Mona Lisa challenged.

Harding shifted uncomfortably.

"It would be a shame to end the life of such a pretty little thing," the Mona Lisa continued. "So young," she said brushed on Sam's cheek, making him flinched.

"You cannot leave the museum alone," Harding told her. "Without your brother, you turn back into paint beyond the gallery walls."

"Harding," snarled Mona Lisa. "I have spent five centuries watching life happen around me. Do not think there is anything I won't do to get life for myself." Her dark eyes were bright with anger and the threat hung heavy in the air.

Sam sighed as he saw Harding's small nod to Mona Lisa. "Yes, Mona Lisa." he sighed in defeat. "I know where it is."

"Good," she replied, dropping her gun back down to her side and giving him her famous smile. "Take me to it."

Mr. Harding turned and began to walk out of the vault with Mona Lisa following. The Rider shoved Sam forward to follow them. Glancing over his shoulder, he looked back at the Abomination case as it shook and growling radiated from it. They needed to manage something or soon or else that the thing was going to be running loose on Earth.

The Mona Lisa looked around the main hall for any movement and frowned. Reaching towards a painting of soldiers, she gathered more of the red energy and sent it flying at the painting. He closed his eyes at the bright flash and five Victorian soldiers suddenly stood in front of the Mona Lisa. Turning to look at Sam, he smirked, before turning her attention back to Harding.

"Well then, Harding, lead on."

Chapter Text

Entering the long gallery where the puzzle box was on display, Sam was reminded of his classmates were admiring it only a few hours earlier. Mona Lisa stalked over to where the box should have been but screamed in anger when she turned into the small area to see a man with a leather jacket holding it. Sam grinned at the sight of the Doctor as he turned to them but his smile dropped when he saw his expression darkened at the sight of him.

"Well, of all the things I was expecting to find here, the Mona Lisa using a gun and holding a child hostage was not on the list," said the Doctor. His tone was light, but Sam heard an underlying current of steel in it.

"I don't know who you are or how you got into my museum, but hand over the puzzle box or this precious little child isn't going to remain so precious," the Mona Lisa said to the Doctor. She reached over and ran her fingers through the strand of Sam's red hair.

"Doctor, it's the Abomination!" shouted Sam. The Rider slapped a hand over his mouth and twisted his arm tighter, making Sam whimper.

"Give me the box and we'll set him free," the Mona Lisa told the Doctor with a tight smile.

"And unleash the Abomination on Earth," said the Doctor. His icy eyes bored into the Mona Lisa. "I was hoping to get the key and then get the damn painting out of here."

"Not an option," growled the Mona Lisa. She pointed her gun at the Doctor and met his gaze evenly. "I've waited five hundred years for this!"

"Leonardo would be so disappointed," said the Doctor. He shook his head but his eyes remained on Sam. "Let him go and I'll give you the box."

"Give me the box and I'll let him go." countered her sharply.

"Start sending her over."

The two glared at each other, but then Mona Lisa's gaze dropped down to the box and she nodded. The Rider released his grip on Sam and he carefully straightened, rubbing his arm.

"Well child, go over to your mysterious friend. Harding, you go and fetch the box like a good boy," ordered her while keeping her gun trained on the Doctor.

Walking slowly towards the Doctor, Sam glanced down at the box with a worried expression. Harding stepped up to the Doctor and took the puzzle box from him just as Sam reached the Doctor. Carefully, the Doctor gripped Sam's shoulder and pushed him behind him as Harding turned back to the Mona Lisa with the box.

"Tell me you have a plan?" whispered Sam softly.

"I had one, but I haven't figured out the new one yet," he answered. His voice was low and he was keeping himself protectively between Sam and the Mona Lisa.

Harding stepped away from Sam and the Doctor, glancing back at them. There was an odd look on his face; the Doctor pulled Sam a little further away from the man and the puzzle lock.

"Now you are dealing with me Mona Lisa," Harding declared with a raised chin.

"What?" asked Mona Lisa.

"I've been a fool," wailed Harding. "I thought you were wonderful. I dedicated my professional life-no! my life bringing you to this gallery."

"I know," said Mona Lisa impatiently. "You're my number one fan. Now give me the puzzle lock."

He shook his head and set the puzzle lock on the ground, lifted his foot above it and looked at the Mona Lisa. "Release those you have imprisoned. You can threaten me with your gun and the Rider, but it makes no difference." he dared her with a firm expression. "I am responsible for this gallery and what happens here."

Smirking, the Mona Lisa gathered the red energy in her hand. The Doctor grabbed Sam's hand and looked around at the gallery.

"Be ready to run," the Doctor whispered.

"Okay," he answered, tightening his grip on his hand.

"Alright Harding," the Mona Lisa told him with a smirk. "I'll release the prisoners."

The red energy exploded through the room, knocking Harding back from the box onto the floor close to the Doctor and Sam. Looking up, Sam could see the pulsing red energy spreading over the walls and into paintings. The Rider dashed forward and grabbed the puzzle lock from the ground as more figures began to appear out of paintings. Laughing, the Mona Lisa took the puzzle lock from the Rider and held it up for them to see before she addressed the figure throughout the room.

"I brought you to life!" shouted the Mona Lisa. "Now obey me and destroy them."

"Run!" the Doctor shouted.

The Doctor pulled Sam towards one of the gallery doors. The darted past the new figures that were slowly getting their balance and looking to the Mona Lisa. She shouted her command again as the three of them pushed through a door. Rushing to keep up the Doctor, Sam suddenly aware of the place and thought of one painting that might help them; he suddenly tugged the Doctors arm to change course and entered a huge gallery.

They crashed through the door and the Doctor released Sam's hand to pull out the silver tube device that made a whirred sound and a soft click to the door. Looking around the room, Sam noted that they were in the same room of the mysterious painting that was being displayed in. Most pictures were abstract art with no figures in them for the Mona Lisa to animate and maybe that would buy them some time. Sam hoped that the painting maybe can help stop the Abomination.

"Sorry I'm late, got a bit lost on the way," the Doctor said. He turned back to him and put the strange device back into his pocket. His expression was one of surprised and dread.

"That's okay, I'm just glad you're here now," answered Sam with a small smile. "I just wish this idea would work."

A sudden crash against the door made the Doctor flinch and he spun towards it in alarm. Outside he could hear the shouting of soldiers, woman, and whatever else the Mona Lisa had brought to life.

"She has us trapped while she unlocks the Abomination!" Harding yelled in despair.

"I know!" yelled the Doctor back as he went to the windows. "We're on the second floor and there are places to hold onto."

"You can't be suggesting climbing down?" gasped Harding in alarm.

The crashes against the door made Harding flinch and he looked back at the Doctor who was frowning at him.

"I don't suppose you have a phone?" asked the Doctor.

"No," replied Harding sheepishly. "We don't allow phones inside the gallery."

"Then calling for backup isn't an option, so if we want to help then we have to get out of here," the Doctor argued, crossing his arms across his chest.

"You got in her," Harding reminded him. "How?"

"The TARDIS is one floor up and using it while within events is unsafe," muttered the Doctor angrily.

"The what?" gasped Harding, staring at the Doctor in confusion.

"Not the time."

He looked back at the doorway nervously. The red energy was beginning to leak through and slowly spread over the walls. The Doctor had his device out again and was working on the window which wasn't designed to open. Harding was wringing his hands and staring at the Doctor with wide eyes. Looking back at the door, Sam flinched at the sight of the cracking wood. The sight didn't help Sam's nerves as there was another smash against the door.

A thunderous roar echoed through the building along with a terrible crash from far below them. Groaning, the Doctor looked at Sam and then at Harding.

"The Abomination is free," said the Doctor. His expression was dark and his blue eyes were like ice. "Remember you can't look at it without dying or going completely mad."

"I doubt we'll live long enough to see it," mused Harding with a sigh. "I'm just sorry that so many were hurt in the process."

"Sam," the Doctor suddenly asked. "Why did you lead us here?"

The door crashed open before Sam could answer and the Doctor spun and grabbed Sam. He pushed the boy behind him and Harding looked ready to faint. A group of men and women dressed from different periods marched into the room armed with a variety of weapons. Sam could see the red energy spreading throughout the room which would only bring more paintings to life.

A flash of red energy forced Sam to close his eyes as the paintings in the room began to spring to life. Rather than fading, the light intensified and Sam could see the red light being overcome by a brilliant golden radiance through his eyelids. Slowly, the glow softened and Sam become aware that the Mona Lisa's painted soldiers had stopped moving into the room. With a heavy dose of caution. Sam opened his eyes, a tiny crack only to have them open wide as he gasped and then laughed in joy of his idiotic and yet now become brilliant plan. The female figure from the painting was standing in front of them, a golden glow pouring off her as she stared down the other figures.

"It worked," Sam breathed.

Nothing in the room moved; neither the living painting nor the three trapped individuals who were all staring at the only life painting. Light continued to pour out of the painting surrounding her. The figures released by the Mona Lisa were standing in the doorway, unsure of the new figure that had been released. Instead of joining them, the glowing figure hadn't moved or taken her eyes of the other painted figures.

The air around her vibrated and the painted figures before her dropped their weapons and started to back away. The Lady took a single step towards them, and while Sam couldn't see the front of her, whatever the other saw terrified them. Figures tumbled over at each other and their haste to escape, dropping their weapons and stumbling out the door. Hearing the woman chuckled, Sam looked back at her to find the golden figure had turned and was watching them. The glowing figure gave Sam a gentle smile and held the boy's hazel-green eyes for a long moment, as if she was trying to communicate something. A loud roar drew her attention forward again and the woman looked back through the door. She said nothing, but walked towards the main door and turned to follow the hall.

"The painting just saved us," Harding gasped looking at Sam.

"That was your plan?" the Doctor spun around to look at him with a very surprised expression.

"Yeah," admitted Sam, tugging his ears nervously. "I saw the painting earlier on this gallery and felt something was odd about it and different from the other painting. Feeling sort of soft and secure."

The Doctor looked at Sam for a long moment before releasing his hand and walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Harding in a nearly frantic voice.

"It looks like the painting is going to fight the Abomination." the Doctor told him, "I need to make sure she wins."

"She'll win," Sam promised and when he looked back, he just shrugged. "She will."

"Stay here," said the Doctor.

The Doctor stalked out of the room and headed after the painting. Sam watched him vanished out of the door before he looked over his shoulder at Harding who was shaking and still staring at the door with a shocked expression

"Yeah…" he mumbled while shaking his head. "I don't think so."

Running at the Doctor, Sam made to the main hall before he froze in fear as a roar shook the entire building. Sam stopped and took a shaking breath before he managed to get his feet moving again. Up ahead he saw the Doctor at the top of the stairs, staring out with wide blue eyes. Sam joined him and his mouth fell open as he took in the scene before him.

The Lady of the painting was standing on the bottom stair of the grand staircase, but in front of her was a massive pillar of golden light that was spinning around a monstrous form. Sam couldn't make it out through the gold and in the back of his mind remembered that it was a good thing. The creature was huge with horns and long limbs that had claws so large that he could see those even through the swirling golden light.

"Look out!" Sam called. He saw the Mona Lisa opened fire on her glowing figure.

But the bullets dissolved easily, then the golden light exploded, forcing the Doctor, and Sam to turn away and cover their eyes. They heard the Mona Lisa scream and then silence fell on the museum.

"No!" the Mona Lisa screamed. "No, my brother, don't abandon me!"

Turning, the two of them saw the pillar of golden light was gone along with the Abomination. The main hall was in terrible condition with huge claw marks on the floor and pillars. Near the main doors, the Mona Lisa had fallen to her knees. Still glowing, the Lady waved her hand and the golden aura that surrounded her spread through the room and the signs of the Abomination vanished as everything was restored.

Then she turned to look up the stairs at Sam who smile widely at her. After a moment of consideration, Sam stepped away from the Doctor and walked down the stairs. The Lady gracefully started to climb towards him, they met in the middle of the stairs, the stem between them equalizing their heights. She returned the smile that Sam gave her and her golden eyes faded into a golden shade of brown that seemed so human and strangely familiar to Sam.

Suddenly, the Mona Lisa growled fiercely and stumbled to her feet, before opening a fire on Sam; the Doctor tried to ran over but he was too far, but then the bullets turned into nothing. They all now saw the Lady eyes turned to golden glow but now with anger towards Mona Lisa; she stumbled back, dropped her gun and sank to her knees in fear. The Lady faced Sam once more, her eyes turned to normal again. But the Doctor was all too stunned by her, he felt something familiar yet different about the painting; as if he knows her a long time ago.

"Thank you," said Sam gratefully.

"You are welcome," she answered with a small nod. Her voice echoed through the hall with an otherworldly quality. "But you got the name a bit wrong. I'm not just the mysterious painting."

"What do you mean?" asked Sam, but his attention was drawn back to the Mona Lisa.

"Shoot them!" the Mona Lisa shouted to the other living paintings in the main hall, but they were surrounded by the same red glow as before and vanished.

"Everything she did is being reversed," the Doctor said. He looked at the Lady and nodded hesitantly to her. She calmly smiled in return.

The Mona Lisa stepped towards them and reached out towards Harding. "Don't make me go back into that frame!"

"You have no choice Mona Lisa," said the Time Lord. He walked down the stairs towards her.

"Please," she begged him.

"I can't help you." the Doctor told her. "You are going back to the way Leonardo created you, paint and wood."

A red glow surrounded the Mona Lisa even as she screamed and protested. In front of Sam, the same red energy began to surround the Lady and begin to dull her golden aura. She was not distressed and leaned forward to whisper in Sam's ear, "Bad Wolf."

Then both female figures were gone and the room was silent as Sam slowly turned his attention to the Doctor. He met his gaze and climbed the steps to join him on the same step, looking down at him with a curious expression that mixed fondness with something else. Shifting under the gaze, Sam thought about the last thing the lady told him, maybe it was the real name of the painting; or maybe it was something else. He brushed the thought away and focus on his surroundings.

"Is that the last of her?" asked him to the Doctor. He gestured towards the spot that the Mona Lisa had been only moments before. "She can't escape again?"

"With the Abomination destroyed, there isn't enough energy for her to ever be freed again," the Doctor told him with a reassuring smile. "She'll remain in her frame forever. Easy."

"What do you mean easy?" asked Sam. He grinned at him and raised an eyebrow. "You were saved by another painting. In which I gladly take the credit for that one."

"True," he replied with a shrug.

"Truly remarkable," muttered Harding at the top of the stairs. "A remarkable painting that protected the museum rather than aiding the Mona Lisa who animated it. Remarkable," he smiled widely and there was a dreamy look in his eyes. "Such an amazing piece."

"Oh that's brilliant. He'll go transferring his creepy Mona Lisa obsession onto the painting," Sam told the Doctor that made him chuckle.

"Hello?" a voice shouted from down the hall.

"And that would be everyone waking up after coming out of the paintings," the Doctor declared with a pleased grin.

"Sam?" Lisa's voice called from down the hall.

Sam grinned in relief, his whole body relaxing. Looking back at the Doctor, Sam met his eyes. "I guess this is goodbye," he said sadly.

He nodded. "Yeah, I guess so." the Doctor said with a smile.

"But to tell you the truth, Doctor. I'm not sure about this goodbye," Sam countered with a smile. "How about we say until next time?"

The Doctor blinked at him, but nodded and repeated, "Until next time."

Giving him a satisfied nod, Sam turned and jogged down the corridor towards his friend's voice in the main Mona Lisa room. The Doctor could see that the two of them were hugging each other tightly, he could see the relieved expression of Sam and how glad he was finally found his friend here and not trapped inside the painting anymore.

"So you're an alien who has met her before, but who are you?" he asked with a hint of awe in his voice.

"The Doctor, just the Doctor," he answered with a shrug. "When UNIT shows up and starts asking questions, just tell them I was here and that should make things simpler."

"Yes, well thank you," Harding managed awkwardly.

"You didn't really need me, though," the Doctor remarked as he looked after Sam. There was something oddly familiar about him.

"Yes-oh Miss Trupp!" Harding shouted before he too turned and ran down towards the Mona Lisa gallery.

Shaking his head, the Doctor turned to backtrack to the display room with the mysterious Lady painting that saved them. It didn't take him long to reach the room and locate the beautiful elegant painting which he considered with a serious expression. Something very strange was going around this painting, he realized, and in that strangeness, that redhead boy was in the middle of it. In the whole of space and time, he never saw a painting that made his brain buzzing with questions; one thing he had no doubt was that the painting had the same figure as a certain someone he was too familiar with. It contains her energy, and contain her image. He had no doubt about it, and he thought about what the figure had said, she had mentioned that they got her name wrong, but what was the right name? What did she tell Sam her name was? Groaning, the Doctor shook his head before he took out his TARDIS key and headed for the stairs.

Pausing, the Doctor turned to look down the corridor to where he could hear Sam's voice. A part of him wanted to go back and asked if he wanted to travel with him, but a part of him was refusing the idea; taking a child into his life as a companion was too risky and dangerous. He sighed and muttered under his breath as he took one glance inside his TARDIS, wondering where he was going to go next.

"Well, here we go again."

Chapter Text

A beautiful sunny day. Sunny day means a perfect day for the group of boys who are playing football by the pitch nearby after school. They were all goofing and playing around until one of them decided to give a powerful kick and the ball went off sauntering through the nearby trees and bushes.

The boy grimaced as his other friends groaned in disappointment.

"Tony!" one of his friend scolded him.

"Nice going mate," said the other one.

"Sorry," Tony said sheepishly. Guess his powerful Ronaldo kick didn't work like he thought it would.

"Go get it!" his friends ordered him.

The boy walked over to fetch the ball, slowly and carefully goes inside the trees and started on the lookout for a brown shape football around. He passes a fenced and went in easily through the gapped and started walking inside, hoping to found the ball easily, but when he glanced around, he can't locate the exact location where the ball land.

"Grab the ball already, Tony?" called his friend.

"Can't find it!" answered him as he walks a bit further.

Suddenly, he saw a flashed of a person wearing colorful clothes. Stopping his tracks and glanced around nervously, he felt it again passing behind him as he quickly turned his head around but no one was there.

"Who's there?"

A chilling laughed suddenly heard by the boy, making his knee gone suddenly weak and the made the hair in the back of his head turned up. Glancing around again, he could feel his hands started to sweat as the chilling laughed continues. He heard his friend calling him but he can't move, and for utter reason, he can't scream his name.

Looking up, he started to glanced around in circle, hoping to know where the direction of the laughed came from. Colours started to be seen from his vision and he started to become dizzy. Stopping, he finally spotted the ball and quickly ran over it to grabbed it. Finally, with the ball in his hand, he started to ran away, until he was surprised by the clown who suddenly appeared in front of him, and the child disappears, never to be seen again.


Sam Holmes was nine years old and many things had changed about his life since two years he met with the Doctor. Currently, he's living with Jackie Prentice on an apartment in Powell Estate. A loud harsh woman with a huge heart, and also a hard slapped. She never lay a hand on him of course, but she did lay on a man who she dated until she found the man sleeping with another woman in her bed; there where he saw the slap power of Jackie Prentice. Sam loves living with Jackie of course, and even if she worked till night, they usually had their own days with old movies and popcorn, sometimes shopping but he sorts of hated that because he needs to wait a long time for her. He loved her like a she was his mum, but deep inside his heart he knows that someday it was time to move again and he needs to be ready on letting go. It might sound sad, but not to him; for him, it's better to have good memories with them before he left, and he did have a tons of good memories for his life.

As usual, he got home from his school and went up straight to his apartment until he saw a group of police was in front of the Perth family. He can see there's Mr. Max Perth holding his dear wife who was crying in his arm while the police break them another bad news. Whispered of the neighbors can be heard as Mrs. Tina Perth wailing her lost son name; a sign that another child has been taken.

There have been ten cases of children around the area had gone missing and no one seemed to know anything about what happened to them. They all were just gone, and it always happened at the daylight where people still roaming around the areas, but incredibly no one has ever saw any of them. No one saw anyone strange, no one heard screaming, it just as if the children were suddenly vanished.

Of course the police had been around the Powell Estates and the surrounding area but had found nothing. But as days become weeks with no news, many feared that the police would simply drop the case and declare them all runaways. There's a sense pf anger and helplessness brewing in the Powell Estates that only added to the bad state of affairs. The parents of the Estates finally had enough and taken to encouraging all the children to stay in groups, and even his foster mum was checking on Sam and keeping him closer than ever before.

The situation made him think about the Doctor man. How maybe he would just suddenly be here and saved the children, but knowing that he might never see the mysterious man again diminish the idea completely. Sighing softly, Sam keep on walking and entered the apartment.

"I'm home." Sam announced. He put his keys on the left and put his bag on the top of the sofa while finally wondering at the kitchen grabbing something to drink.

He noticed the note his foster mum has left for him on the fridge saying,

"Gone at Bev for a moment. Be back soon and don't wonder off ."

With that, he proceeds to go inside his room and shower also changed into a normal t-shirt and long pants, finally decided it was comfortable, he jumped onto the sofa and turned on the television while eating some biscuits he found on the fridge.

'Another missing child was confirmed last night; no evidence of a struggle was present. It has been the 11th one this week and police are combing the streets to find these people. Early reports indicate-'

"Sam," called Jackie. His foster mum's voice echoed through their apartment. "You there?"

"Yeah." Sam called back from the sofa.

"Good," she sighed in relieved, and went through the kitchen making some tea. "I saw the police outside and reporters, who is it this time then?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Perth son, Tony from downstairs," he informed her.

"Blimey, makes me ill just thinking about it." Jackie said, crossing her arms and shuddered a bit. She pointed at him. "You watch yourself, would you Sam?"

He nodded.

"Good." said Jackie, she took a sip into her tea. "Now can you be a doll and grab the lottery money from Wilson at the store."

Sam frowned at her. "Thought you quit on lottery ticket, said they never give you enough of what you need?" he questioned her.

"Well, somehow this one hit a quite jackpot," she said grinning in glee. "Now go, before Wilson finish his shift."

He rolled his eyes and got off from the sofa.


Henrik's department store is one of the mall near the Powell Estate, the three storage building that always filled with people shopping clothes and eating in the food court, there's also people handing out flyers and coupons around too. Sam walked inside until suddenly startled with one of the employee handing out some flyers who dress like a clown while holding a red balloon. The man was smiling down at him, while encourage him to take the yellow ticket or a coupon that looked like a ticket to a museum or some discount coupon.

Taking the ticket, he smiled politely and went off to his way while reading what's the coupon said, he frowned as he read it; "Spellman's Museum of the Circus". He thought a bit if there's any sign of a circus show around the Estate, but there were none. If there is, the Estate would full blown talking about it, or maybe it was hidden under the missing children news. Shrugging, he put the ticket inside his pocket and made his way.

Sam ambled over to the elevator, pressing the button for the basement. He could feel it descending below his feet as he anxiously waited for the doors to reopen. Seconds later, he heard the "ding" of the elevator stopping, and the doors rattled open. Stepping out into the hallway, he maneuvered down to a door with a silver handle.

"Wilson!" Sam called as he walked down the corridor, "Wilson, I'm here to take Jackie's lottery money. Wilson?" he knocked on the door to Wilson's office, "Are you there? I can't stay long; Jackie will be worried sick."

A bang sounded behind him and he snapped his head in that direction before walking towards the sound, "Okay, this doesn't seem creepy at all," he sang sarcastically.

Sam moved further into the room, waiting for any sort of answer. Flicking the lights on and looking around, seeing half-dressed shop window dummies and rack of clothes.

"Wilson!" called Sam. "It's Sam! I'm here about the money."

He cautiously walked further into the room when he suddenly heard a creaking behind him and turned to see the same clown carrying a bright red balloon in its hand with the white face paint and huge painted smile standing there. His eyes widened and he laughed a shakily as he started backing towards the exit.

"Very funny," Sam laughed, obviously thinking it was a joke, "Nice advertising really," the clown kept on walking towards him.

"Okay, I got it," he swallowed, backing up. "Right, that's nice and all but I'm a bit scared now so please stop."

The clown didn't answer but rather the continued after Sam, who was anxiously walking backwards, away from him. All of a sudden, he felt a hand grasp on his shoulder, and he stopped, glancing at his left.

Wilson. Standing there and staring at him with a worried face.

"You alright Sam?" asked Wilson. He checked on the empty hall and stared at him again. "You look a bit pale?"

"I'm fine!" Sam exclaimed. He can feel his heart almost jump from his chest but he tried to put a calm face as he smiled. "Peachy even."

Wilson stared at him skeptically. "You sure about that?" he asked him. "Looks like you might scream earlier. I've tried to call you the entire time but you were just frozen there."

"I'm alright, just got startled with the plastic dummy." Sam told him with a small smile and pointing at the plastic mannequin behind him.

"Oh, alright then." Wilson said with a smile then he gave Sam a bag of money. "Here's the lottery money, and tell Jackie I said hi."

Sam nodded as he placed the money in his bag. "I will." he told him, as he hurriedly ran out from the basement. The memory of the clown still fresh in his head.