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Toxic to me

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                      Rick gave a small yawn, he had woken up to find that his boyfriend, Ralph, had already gotten up and left. It was oddly quiet in the resort, as it had been for the past few days since Mr Meadowbrook had sadly killed himself. The place had been closed so everybody else could take the time to recover. He trailed towards the kitchen but was stopped when he passed Mr.Meadowbrook's old office, hearing a familiar voice. Ralph!. He was in there, speaking with who he identified as Lady Riverdale, the former staff member who took ownership of the resort after Mr.Meadowbrook's death. Rick raised his hand to knock on the door, but he stopped, listening to their conversation.

          "I don't think I can do this a lot longer Lady Riverdale, " Ralph growled, "I can't stand the man."

          "Why are you telling me this, you should go talk to Rick yourself," Lady Riverdale pointed out. "He'll probably end up offing himself just like Henry." In response, she gave a sharp gasp, "Ralph, you cant say those kinds of things, he's a really nice guy."

"And annoying as hell, he won't leave my side for even a minute," Ralph laughed, rolling his eyes. "He loves you," She defended. "Well maybe I don't," he narrowed his eyes and turned to storm out. 

            When Rick heard the footsteps, he booked it down the hallway, trying to run as quietly as he could. Once he rounded the corner, he stopped for a moment, his heart was racing and felt nearly shattered, How could the man he had loved for nearly two years, just stop loving him?  He then calmly walked towards his original destination, the staff kitchen. He entered and opened the small refrigerator in the corner, grabbing a yoghurt cup off one of the shelves. He picked a spoon out of the drawer and sat down at the slanted, half-broken table.

          Not too much longer after that, Ralph walked in, a smile, obviously fake, plastered on his face.

         "Oh cut the shit Deadwood," he snapped.

         "What's going on?"

        "I think you know"