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In the Stalls

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Tatara was in his own world as he was practicing his waltz in the men’s restrooms- the turns, the whisks, and he was imagining the swan-like Shizuku in his arms.

1, 2, 3....1, 2, 3...

At the sound of footsteps approaching through the entryway of the restroom, Tatara yelped a little in surprise and immediately lunged into the nearest open stall, embarrassed at the idea of someone seeing him waltzing alone in a bathroom.  He could hear the two newcomers sliding down their zippers and begin chatting away. With a relieved sigh, he turned to face the toilet and suddenly met eyes with,

“Hyoudou-kun?” His whisper was almost too loud, and the two men at the urinals even halted their conversation for an uneasy moment, before returning to relieving themselves.

Why didn’t he lock the door...??

Tatara’s eyes slid downwards, grazing along Hyoudou’s lean body, and suddenly came upon something he never expected. He almost screamed before turning away, embarrassed and blushing hard. Hyoudou’s hand...and his...

“W-what are you doing, Hyoudou?Tatara murmured in disbelief.

Hyoudou looked down to his hand and his hard length in his fingers. “Jacking off.” Tatara couldn't believe him. He was nonchalant as ever, but how was that even possible in this situation? Tatara was flustered enough for the both of them, his face had turned a feverish red and his eyes were darting about, trying to look anywhere but at the scene in front of him.

He said it so plainly...he’s not even embarrassed...

"W-Why? Why now? Why here?" Tatara put his head in his hands, ashamed about being here with him. He was confused why he didn't just step out of the stall immediately, leaving Hyoudou to his business, but something about it all was somehow...alluring.

Hyoudou sighed and pulled Tatara in by the collar to whisper into his ear.

“I get hard when I dance, Fujita.” His hot breath against Tatara's ear was moist, and those words were slithering with sex.

He let go of Tatara’s collar, the latter quickly jumping away and avoiding any eye contact with Hyoudou’s beautiful body. The whisper of his name from Kiyoharu’s lips sent a shudder through him and his heart was racing wildly.

Suddenly, Hyoudou began shedding his jacket and lowered his pants even further from his mid-thigh to his knees. Tatara was amazed that he was continuing, unbothered, even with him in the stall. "You're still going?" Tatara whispered.

"I was here first. You can leave if you like, but as you are now," Hyoudou glanced at Tatara's red face, sweaty palms, and beady eyes, "you'll look a bit weird."

Tatara huffed defeatedly, and his wandering eyes glanced to see Hyoudou wearing an athletic tank that showed off his strong arms in the best possible way, and Tatara saw in the corner of his eye how the muscles rippled and stiffened as he began moving his hand once more, fervently stroking his hard shaft. His cock was long and hard and Tatara could hear the soft, slick sounds of it; saw how Hyoudou's abs were tight as he arched his back lower and pressed his shoulders even further back against the bathroom wall. His breath was short and staggered as he jacked himself off, and Tatara caught the sight of him slightly bucking his hips into his hand.


Tatara felt blood rushing to his crotch and he turned around completely to face the door. Hyoudou's body, the sound of his breathing, his movements...everything was making him unbearably hot.

Footsteps outside began leaving the bathroom slowly and the chatter of the men faded away into the distance.

“Are you leaving, Fujita?" Hyoudou’s voice interrupted Tatara’s thoughts.

Tatara swallowed hard and turned around to face him once more, but his eyes refused to meet his. “K-Kiyoharu...” He’d never called Hyoudou by his first name before. “Do you...need help?”

Kiyoharu’s eyes went wide as he stared up at him. “Tatara,” the blushing boy turned back to look at Hyoudou. "You..." He moved his hand away from his cock, opening it up to him. When Tatara looked at his face for a response, his golden brown eyes were on fire; the glare he was giving was intense and passionate and aflame with...lust.


“Kiyoharu.” He commanded.

“Kiyoharu.” Tatara repeated his name and was on his knees in a second. He stared at the gleaming head of Hyoudou’s weeping cock. He blinked in surprise as it throbbed in front of him, and he thought he saw it get even bigger. Tatara let his hand come up to slide against the vein on the underside of it, and felt the heat of Kiyoharu’s arousal.

Footsteps and breathing signaled another man had entered the bathroom. He would definitely see Tatara on his knees. Tatara looked up at Kiyoharu hesitantly, but Hyoudou’s gaze was unwavering. Tatara took this as a command, and wrapped his hand around the base of his cock. Receptively, Kiyoharu hissed at the touch and thrust a little, rutting against Tatara's fingers. Tatara gulped; there was no going back from this. But this was Hyoudou- beautiful, cold, icy Hyoudou Kiyoharu, whom he had admired since the day they met. He would never get this chance again.

He began to stroke, lightly at first, before grinding his hand harder against Hyoudou’s dick. His hand was only half of Hyoudou’s full length and for a second he imagined having that length shoved into him, but he caught himself and shook off the thought. Focus on him, first... They were both breathing hard, but trying their best to control their volume. Tatara watched as a stream of precum pumped out of his slit and coated his throbbing head. He licked his lips at the sight, and without warning he began tongueing at it. Lapping up the slick, his hand still pumping at the base.

Kiyoharu groaned, but the sound of the running faucet drowned it out. The man at the sink began walking out just as Tatara began shoving inch by perfect inch into his mouth, and swirling his tongue all the while around Hyoudou’s member.

The second he was sure the man who was leaving was out of earshot, Kiyoharu was moaning. “Fuck, Tatara, fuck...” He was groaning loudly and weaved his fingers through Tatara’s hair as Tatara's hot mouth finally reached the base of his cock, the entire length of Kiyoharu inside of him. Tatara was surprised to hear his voice and to see him like that, a total shift in demeanor from earlier. “Y-You didn’t have to, Tatara...I...I've never felt...this is the first time...” Kiyoharu sounded as if he was about to cry, and his teeth were gritted, trying to hold back his voice. He didn't realize it was going to feel this good. He was ready to burst any second from the heat of Tatara's mouth. It was so unusual to see him like this, and Tatara was certainly enjoying it.

For a moment, Tatara popped his mouth off of his cock. “I’m sorry, Kiyoharu-kun...I-I couldn’t resist. Your cock just looked so...needy.” He closed his eyes and pressed the tip of his tongue against his slit again, eliciting a gasp from the redhead. "Mm...but I've never done this before, Kiyoharu, I'm sorry if I'm bad; just tell me if it feels good." He couldn't believe what he was even saying, but his tongue continued anyways, lapping at the underside of the head.

“Ah...ah...Tatara, it's...good." A sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead. "God, suck me...” Tatara opened his eyes again, hesitantly, as he let his tongue fall away from the head of his dick. Kiyoharu’s eyes were gleaming with intensity and pleadingly staring into his. “Please suck me....”

Tatara blushed hard before swallowing the cock again whole, the length once more hitting the back of his throat. Kiyoharu began fucking his face, pumping himself deeper into the heat of Tatara’s mouth, bucking wildly and rutting himself against the length of his tongue.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, Tatara, I’m cumming in your mouth,” his hands gripping the black hair were pulling Tatara harder onto his cock. He moaned again and unraveled, riding out his orgasm. His hot cum pumped into Tatara’s mouth, fluid streams of his seed, and in the ecstasy he eased his grip on the other boy's head. They separated slowly, the two of them moaning and heaving for air.

Tatara’s mouth hung slack open, a thread of cum and saliva dripping from his limp tongue as he sat on the bathroom floor. Kiyoharu quickly began cleaning off his cock and zipping up his pants. With another sheet of tissue he wiped away the wetness on Tatara's lips and closed his mouth. He blushed a little; Tatara actually swallowed it all.

Kiyoharu’s normal demeanor had returned and a stoic expression painted his face, which surprised Tatara. Kiyoharu seemed to have so many sides to his personality that Tatara never even thought existed. He was no longer the cunning, sexy demon he was when he was jacking off. Or the cute, moaning virgin when Tatara was sucking him. Normal, reserved Kiyoharu had returned. 

He bowed slightly as he stood before Fujita. “Fujita-kun, I appreciate your effort.” He had returned to his last name, making Tatara a little disappointed. It was back to normal, he supposed.

Over the intercom, a voice called for the dancers once more for the next Standard Heat.

Before he rose from his bow, he blushed and leant down to Fujita and kissed him hard, tasting himself on Tatara’s tongue. “This next dance is for you, Tatara-kun. Please, look only at me.” Then, Hyoudou’s hand grazed against Tatara’s crotch, surprising him, the hardness underneath his pants still very present. “And afterwards, I will return the favor.”

Hyoudou grabbed his jacket, helping Fujita up and kissing him once more, before heading out.