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The Sound of Breaking Glass

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In 1984, we all eagerly anticipated a Brave New World..
Such is the power of literature

(stop me if you've heard this one)

Instead we edured the Same Old Crap.
Such is the banality of our visual media

No pretty blond girls came to smash our illusions
or our CPUs with a Scottish blow for freedom

The brain washing continued

And we all fumblingly lockstepped our way into
this version of the future

Some asking "But.. what could have gone wrong?"
Where are our flying cars, and miniskirted Gaia babes?

(thank you, Issac)

TIred of the bald ones in black
with microscopes for glasses
and dust in their eyes.

Only robots look good bald
and no one can wear those
jumpsuits with a sense of style.

(Not even Bill.)