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Welcome to Magnolia Springs!

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Katsuki is only completely certain of one thing and one thing only.

Casseroles were utter bullshit.

They weren’t even real ‘dishes’. They were just a bunch of other regular dishes layered all together to create a terrible hodge-podge of God’s mistake. (topped with cheese, if you were lucky.)

So, when he’s presented with one the very afternoon he moves into his precious new hell-scape, he’s not the least bit impressed.

The woman beams at him as soon as he opens the door. She’s slight in frame, Katsuki easily towers over her- yet there’s something incredibly powerful about her, a cursed energy- perhaps. She was Caucasian, but tanned to the heavens- early forties most likely.

Perfectly expected demographic of the area Katsuki now (reluctantly) resided in.

“Well howdy there, new neighbour! My name is Susan." She drawls,  "I am head of the neighbourhood committee around here. On behalf of all of us in the council, I would love to welcome you to Magnolia Springs!”

She had one of those haircuts. Yes, those ones. The ones that struck fear into the hearts of every retail employee, fast food worker or anything of the sort. Dark brown and tinted with a blonde that was just unnatural enough to look pale white.

It takes a moment of standing there for Katsuki to realise that he’s actually supposed to say something.

“Uh… I’m Katsuki Bakugou.” He says, gravelly and reluctant. He isn't sure whether to hold out his hand so he just scratches the back of his neck.

He may have slightly cooled off from when he was younger- but he certainly wasn’t the friendly type.

“Ooh that’s a lovely exotic name, where are you from?”

Ah yes, of course. The typical question. One that required a typical answer.

“I’ve lived here all my life.”

This happened like clockwork ever since Katsuki had moved from Japan when he was a child.

'Susan' purses her lips, impatient. “Hmm yes, but where were your parents from?”


“Oh you know. Around.” Bakugou bites back a smirk watching the woman’s face twitch. There was something incredibly satisfying watching her fake happy demeanour falter.

He never did grow out of being an asshole.

“Yes but-“

“Well anyway, it was fantastic to meet you uhhh Sally, I’ve got a lot of shi- stuff to unpack sooooo..." He looks into the sea of boxes inside, "I’ll see you around.”

“It’s Susan.” She corrected primly, a wrinkle on her cheek appearing. Perhaps out of stress or irritation. Probably both.

“Neato.” He says- a touch facetious.

Just as Katsuki is about to close the door on her, she places a heavily manicured hand out to stop him. Her curiosity obviously piqued. “And who is this little one?” She glances to the floorboards, barely peeking through from the crack in the door Katsuki had yet to shut.

Following her line of vision he spies the object of her attention.

“Oh that’s Katsum-“

“I’m Katsumi!” She interrupts, loud and sprightly. Bakugou frowns. 

“Is she yours?’ ‘Susan,’ or whatever asks- a questioning (and incredibly pencilled) eyebrow raised. Katsuki can tell by her expression that she was trying to add and subtract their ages- trying to decide whether or not to be scornful. He knew the type.

Katsuki fixes her with a look. “Nah, I’ve never seen her before in my life…" He rolls his eyes, "of course she’s ‘mine’, she’s my daughter.” 

Susan ignores him. “Hello, Kat, my name is Susan!” The woman speaks slowly, leaning down to meet the tiny girl’s level. Katsuki doesn't neglect to notice the newfound nickname she'd just coined for his daughter. He had to admit that he wasn't entirely impressed. “How old are you?”

Before ‘Kat’ begins to answer, another voice pops in- a second girl coming into view. “Not as old as me!” She declares, proudly. Her copper eyes shining bright.

Katsumi frowns, “Seven minutes don’t count!” Pouting, she furrows her eyebrows at her slightly older twin sister.

Ignored, the girl turns to the woman by the door. “I’m Kiyoko!”
Curse Bakugou’s kids. Of course it was nature's cruel joke for them to be actually be friendly.

Katsuki wanted nothing more than to be rid of this woman. It would be nice to actually get shit done today so he could spend the rest of his weekend doing fuck all. But instead, well, he was here, having one too many conversations with a neighbour he’ll be moving away from in a couple of months anyway.

Kiyoko pokes her tongue out at Katsumi.

Well at least they’re friendly to strangers, if not each other.

Wait… That’s not good!

Katsuki mentally adds a ‘stranger danger’ talk onto his roster of things he still needs to do.

Susan smiles down at them, casserole still in hand. Katsuki looks at it as if it were the cause of every problem in his life. Ugh... Perhaps, maybe- just maybe, Bakugou was being a bit too much of an asshole about this whole situation. This woman had come all of the way out here to give them …’food.’ A housewarming gift, albeit unwelcome. She was awfully presumptuous, but honestly, it wasn’t the first time.

He should at least try to be nice…

“Where’s your mommy, darlings?”

Katsuki freezes. Ah fuck, never mind. Not worth it.

There’s a silence in the air. Incredibly tense, thick with unsaid words. It’s awkward, but Katsuki can’t find the words to answer. Especially in front of the two girls. How would he explain…?

Kiyoko and Katsumi just tumble over to Bakugou, wrapping their arms around his legs. “Don’t need one.” Yoko smiles, sing-song. Katsumi nods, grinning. “Daddy said that Momma was a fuck munch!”

Katsuki chokes on his tongue. “Katsumi!” He hisses, trying so hard to sound mad. (In reality he found it fucking hilarious.) There was just something utterly endearing about little kids swearing- it always had him losing his shit.

“Eh? but I heard daddy say it before…” Katsumi looks downturned, her puppy dog routine far too well rehearsed. She kicks her tiny sock covered feet, sheepish. The cheeky little shit. How could he be mad at that?

Katsuki snorts, ruffling her hair. The action making Katsumi's already messy blonde pigtails become even wilder. It was a wonder they’d even lasted that long...

As he rakes his hand through, he finds a lost glob of toothpaste and disgustedly retracts his hand. Well at least she brushed her teeth…

Susan looks utterly horrified. Rising to meet Katsuki’s gaze before handing him the glass dish still in her hands. Her expression fixes back into what it was originally- about as plastic as the tip of her nose. “It was nice meeting you, Mr Bakugou- girls. Please take this as a housewarming present, my famous casserole… Careful it has a kick of spice in it!” She nods at them before turning her heel and sashaying away from their corner block house.

Katsuki sighs, quickly shutting the door and locking it- unwanted casserole still in hand. When he's certain of the silence he turns to face his two daughters- pointing his glare toward Katsumi. “What did I say about swearing?” 

“That we shouldn’t fucking do it?” Katsumi says, innocently enough- despite the cheeky grin on her face.

Kiyoko giggles, “Yeah and teacher said girls don’t swear!”

“I don’t give a shi- …damn if girls swear. That teacher was an idiot. Just not kids, kids aren’t allowed to swear!”

“But daddy says it all the time.”

Katsuki feels like he’s had this conversation a million times already. “Daddy is an adult.”

“But daddy still watches cartoons.” Katsumi provides.

“And you drink our juice boxes!” Kiyoko adds on. “And-“

“And I pay our taxes. So unless you want to sleep outside for the rest of your life, I need you to keep your potty mouths away from prying, judge-y eyes.”

The girl’s eyes widen. “Outside? Camping?” They both give out a shrill squeak of pure delight. “Yay!” They cheered, dancing around the empty house. Their laughs were echoing all over the hallway, bouncing off the bare walls like it were a cave.

Katsuki just sighs. Of course his children were little shits. Of course they had smart mouths and swore like sailors. They were his kids after all. And for everything, he loved them so.

“Maybe inside camping tonight…” Katsuki groans, looking around at all the cardboard boxes he still had yet to unpack. Two five year olds definitely weren’t any help at all. It never got easier or quicker, either- no matter how many times he did it... Moving was still a huge pain in the ass.

He still had no idea what he was going to do for dinner, either… Katsuki scowls, reaching into his wallet.

A fucking moth may as well have flown out- judging by how empty it was right now. Shit.

He looks down at the glass dish in his hands. It’s a pale yellow colour- with tiny pieces of macaroni noodles poking out of the substance. The cheese on top hadn’t been fully cooked, but the pasta beneath didn’t look inedible

Fuck, this really was a new low.

Katsuki closes his eyes, counts to ten before turning to his two daughters.

“Who wants dinner?”


Turns out the ‘kick’ in the dish, (that Susan had so helpfully noted before she'd left,) was fucking pepper.

Pepper as in, salt and pepper, pepper.


Katsuki rests his head on the makeshift table (a large conglomerate of cardboard boxes piled together.) 

“This tastes like playdough, daddy.” Kiyoko looks forlornly at the plate in front of her.

Bakugou’s voice is barely a murmur;

“God I fucking wish it was playdough. It would have more flavour.”



Whoever the fuck thought it would be a good idea to mow their lawn at six in the morning was going to receive divine punishment. They would face the wrath of Katsuki Bakugou; the not-so-friendly new neighbourhood shithead. The sound was so incredibly jarring- no matter how much he tried to ignore it. The distant thrumming of the engine of the mower sounded more like screws in a blender to him at that moment than anything else.

...It sounded like it was coming from his right- the neighbour beside him, perhaps? Katsuki cranes his neck to the side to ascertain his theory. 

Yep, definitely from the right.

This asshole was his new mortal enemy. Right after Susan. Katsuki is almost certain that this fucker would be named Dave of Craig or some shit...

Throwing off his covers, still clad in his dumb black tank top and boxers, he stomps out into his front lawn. Katsumi and Kiyoko were, of course, not awake yet. Those two slept like the dead. Which, though could be hard to get them ready for school- made things like first degree murder a lot easier. With his bare feet crunching on the green grass, he looks over his quite literal white picket fence at the object of his extreme irritation...

And, as certain as the sun, Bakugou sees him.

It takes him a while to figure out who he’s looking at exactly- why his face looks so awfully familiar... The person wipes the sweat off his brow, his hair moving to reveal an all too familiar freckly face.

Katsuki squints. No. It couldn’t be! This kid couldn’t be any older than thirteen. Despite Midoriya’s chronic baby face- it would never be that extreme. It couldn’t be him…

But this kid looked exactly like Deku.

Were they related? Or was this just mere coincidence?

A sibling? Bakugou never remembered Deku having a dad, and it certainly took two to tango…

The universe, having heard his inner mental struggle decided to shine a light on his confusion at that moment,. Almost out of nowhere, a man that Bakugou is sure is Izuku Midoriya appears from behind his standard issue off-white panelled house, carrying a pot of some kind of yellow flower. Tulips maybe? Katsuki had no fucking clue. 

He looked older, taller- stronger. There was a bit of a duller effect on his shining smile and his hair wasn’t quite as long. He was… He was all grown up. Katsuki hadn’t seen him since he was fourteen, probably- A couple of states up, they’d attended the same middle school.

All those years ago…

He remembered tormenting the hell out of him.

Bakugou frowns.

The kid stops the mower in response to seeing Bakugou and moves to look at the older version of himself. “Hey dad, this pervert won’t stop staring at me.”

He points at Katsuki and all of a sudden maybe-Deku is looking his way.

Recognition ignites in his brain and now, Bakugou is certain that it really is Deku.

...Because that recognition soon turns to an expression of fear.

And then, unexpectedly.

One of subtle anger.

Eh? That was new.

Bakugou has so much he wants to say.

I really am sorry for being such a dick back in school.

I actually wanted to stay friends with you.

You’re one of my biggest regrets.

Instead what comes out is;

“What the fuck are you doing here, Deku?”

Nailed it.

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The difference between Katsuki thinking he was the shit and just straight up shit was a surprisingly fine line. In fact, he bordered along it most days. For someone with an ego inflated to the size of a hot air balloon, a simple pinprick could send it spiralling. If he managed to cook an omelette without ‘suddenly’ deciding he’d make scrambled eggs instead, he was a God amongst men. Whereas if he forgot to pack his daughters some form of fruit with their lunch, he was all but ready to jump off a pier. He was just so used to being perfect he could hardly handle failure.

It was a good thing Katsuki usually thought of himself as the former. If he had as many downfalls as say- Deku- well...

Which brought him to a stand still, really. Looking at Izuku now, Katsuki is reminded of his biggest failure to this day.


Now, don’t get him wrong. Bakugou thinks Deku is pretty shit. But that pretty part is what always gets him. He may be pathetic and weak and way too hopeful for someone so downtrodden. But no matter how much Katsuki tried he couldn’t get that bastard’s shitty freckles out of his mind.

It worked for a while when he found the busier parts in life. Raising two kids by his lonesome wasn’t exactly lazy work. It kept him on his toes just enough to keep his mind from wandering.

As Katsuki grew older and more wiser he came to realise that- no- in this instance. He was straight up shit to Deku. He was an angry middle school kid that took out his issues on someone else. He took advantage of Midoriya’s kindness and vulnerability because perhaps that’s what he envied of him. Or some shit like that.

Atoning for that would take a lot more than stomaching a shitty casserole.

Deku is looking at him now like Katsuki looked at Susan’s pasta. With wary distaste. It makes Bakugou do a double take. Well, sure he’d looked angry before- but apprehension?

“Kacchan, is that really you?” Midoriya tilts his head to the side in confusion.

“Who the fuck else would it be?”

Deku nods, needing no other proof. His frown set in stone. “I guess it’s been a long time… Huh?” There’s something strange about the way this new Deku conducts himself. There’s less of a spring in his step as he walks. The soft glimmer in his eyes has dulled to just a mild shine. He looks the same and yet so different.

Katsuki makes a non-committal noise of affirmation.

“Dad? You know this pervert?” The boy beside Izuku asks.

“I’m not a pervert!” Katsuki snaps back, holding his tongue from calling the kid a little shit. He doubts Deku would appreciate him calling his… his son (…?) that.

The kid had called him dad so that would have to be it. 

Katsuki squints his eyes. If his approximation was around right. Deku must have had him fresh out of high school, perhaps. Unless he was just a really fucking big seven-year-old. For some strange reason, that made Katsuki even more curious.

“Izumi this is Kacchan.” Izuku indicates, gesturing to Katsuki. (Who, he now noticed was still in pyjamas.) “He was my-“ He pauses, clearing his throat. “My- “

My? My what? Fucking spit it out Deku.

Katsuki grits his teeth, growing impatient. He folds his arms and bites his tongue. The only thing keeping him from interrupting being his thundering heart.

He’d take anything right now. He just wanted to know where he stood. Where he would have to build up from. If he could- when he could-

If he even wanted to…

“Ah!” A voice calls out from the distance. Feminine. Pitchy. It shatters the quiet tension in the air with a butter knife. “I see you’ve met our brand-new neighbour, Izuku!”

Katsuki glances to meet the jarring noise and lo and behold;


And not only that. She is joined by another three women.

They all wear fitness wear, each article of clothing including some form of cheetah print on them. From their shiny white New Balance shoes to their sun visors.

The four horsemen of the fucking apocalypse. Except all four of them are pestilence.

Bakugou is about to tell them to eat some kale flavoured shit and fuck off but Izuku has already started talking.

“Oh, good morning, ladies!” He says cordially, an in-genuine smile on his face. God, he’d never seen Deku with a fake smile. Life must have really done a number on him… His smiles before were always so real- so full of life. Not that Katsuki had been subjected to one of them for the longest of times…

No! Stop! You can’t catch me gay thoughts.

Little did Katsuki know that gay thoughts could very much catch a person that was welcoming them with open arms. What a dumb fuck.

Susan smiles, her eyelash extensions fluttering in the morning light like an ugly pigeon taking flight. “I just knew you two would get on well together!”

Deku and Katsuki look at each other.

“Why? Coz’ we’re both Asian?” Katsuki asks, giving her a stink eye. If he had pockets right now he’d be shoving his hands in them. Delinquent style.

Sometimes he must remind himself that he’s a thirty year old man with a house, a mortgage, two kids and a job.

Susan’s eyes widen in mild fear. “Uh heavens- Well! No! Of course not, it’s because you’re both single dads…- Anyway how was my casserole? Did you and your little girls enjoy it?” She quickly changes the subject, clearing her throat and turning to Bakugou.

Midoriya looks awestruck at him. Either by the fact that he hasn’t sworn at them yet, insulted Susan’s casserole or… that he has daughters.

Katsuki looks at the woman, “Ah yes… It was great.” He snickers, “A bit spicy for my liking though? Just what did you put in it?”

She either doesn’t realise he’s being ‘fresh’ with her, or chooses to ignore it. Susan smiles and puts her hand up as if to stage whisper.

“My secret ingredient is a pinch of pepper.”

Katsuki meets her with the most neutral expression he can muster. His insides churning with utter rage. Or perhaps just churning with partially digested casserole?

Either way it burned.

“Did you need something?” He asks, taking a deep breath. He really didn’t want to start shit with the power walk posse. He’d watched enough reality tv (shut the fuck up) to know these women were trouble.

Susan, as if remembering something, makes a noise. “Ah yes! I wanted to introduce you to some more of your neighbours!” She gestures to the women beside her. Each of them slightly different yet the same in some strange way. Was it like when couples started to dress like each other when they’ve been together for an extended period? Katsuki had no clue- and wasn’t looking to find out.

Susan gestures to the one on the furthest right, brown hair, pearl necklace, probably the most normal looking. “This is Mary.” Again, to the next woman, long blonde hair and a bitchface. “This is Helen, and this-“Finally she slides over to the last woman, weird bangs and rhinestone sunglasses. “Is Sandra.”

“Cool.” Bakugou says disinterestedly. Already knowing that these four had those shitty family car stickers on the back of their mini vans. “Nice to meet you, Mandy, Helga-“ and fucking uhhh, ”Sasuke.”

He didn’t even try. You better believe it.

The four women look at him stunned and offended.

Deku well… When Katsuki looks over he’s about to keel over from holding in his laughter.

Meanwhile he notices that his son, Izumi has gravitated back inside and wishes he could do the same.

The four horsewomen of the apocalypse do that strange huff thing where they sound like they’re injured but are really just showing their distaste and offence.

Deku finally composes himself to give them a small, real laugh. “Haha, sorry he’s bad with names!”

Sasuk- fuck- Sandra? shrivels her nose at him. “What even is a Sah-soo-kay?”

Bakugou says it with the most bored tone possible. “Sah-soo-kay is really cool, Sah-koo-ra the beautiful.”

Deku looks like he’s about to fucking pass out now.

“Is something the matter, Izuku?” One of the ladies ask, they turn their piercing gazes on him and Midoriya straightens up.

An inkling in Bakugou’s chest thinks this isn’t the first time Midoriya has been under their scrutiny.

“N-nothing, just thinking about how fun the neighbourhood barbecue is going to be this afternoon!” Deku looks like he wants to hide in his nicely manicured hedges.

“Oh yes.” Susan continues, she turned to Katsuki with a smile. “You really should come meet the rest of the neighbours this afternoon. You know, since you probably won’t want to speak to them anywhere else.”

That actually sounded like a good idea, two birds one ston- HOLD THE FUCK UP.

Was Susan throwing shade?

Was Susan, the Susan, about to try the Bakugou Katsuki?

Katsuki could do many things in this instance. But from what he’s seen. From movies to television dramas (don’t judge him) is that women did not typically fight the way men did. Don’t get him wrong, women could be bad asses, most of them were. But these… types of ladies. Well, they didn’t use their nail fillings to rip out each other’s throats.

They used some good old fashioned, petty, disgusting, passive aggression.

Who was he, Bakugou Katsuki, to ruin such an age old tradition?

“Oh you’re absolutely right, Susan. I’m all tired out from… socialising. Some people just really take it out of me.” He yawns for effect, stretching his arms out. Already plotting his fiery revenge. He turns to Deku, more out of mercy than anything else. And in pure pettiness, he starts speaking to him in fluent Japanese right in front of them.

“I’m just speaking Japanese to bother these shit heads, do you mind playing along?”

Deku doesn’t really need to oblige him- or even humour him. But if Katsuki is right (and he always is) than Deku will do this for his own motives.

It seems Midoriya has become more jaded. And Katsuki, more tame.

“You know, they’re really not that bad-“

Katsuki looks at him, dead on. ”Then how come you’re helping me out, stupid Deku?”

“Because your Naruto joke was funny.”

“Hell fucking yeah it was.”

Katsuki turns to the mothers and then turns back to Deku.

“Now act like I just said something funny, yet mean to you about them.”

Midoriya laughs, fake and shrill. It doesn’t suit him but it does wonders for Katsuki’s cause.

“I’m going to feel really bad about this later.” Deku admits, sheepish. “But it’s kind of fun… Being able to speak Japanese again. I’ve missed it after all this time.” Deku isn’t all that sure himself why he’s playing along with Kacchan of all people. This short reunion has left so many things unsaid. They didn’t exactly part on the best terms, and yet…

Yet he felt like they were in this together now. Figuring it out on the way. Forgiveness or forgetfulness, whatever came first.


The women, fed up, look over at them with angry expressions. “This is America, speak English.” The blonde one (Katsuki can’t fucking remember their names anymore) bites. Her velvety pink tracksuit getting all crinkled from her putting her arms across her chest.

“This is my lawn, fuck off.” Katsuki says in clean cut English. Giving them an award-winning smile and a cute little wave.

Susan, shocked, grabs the cross at her neck.  “How dare you use such vulgar language? Do you know how impolite it is to swear in front of a lady?”

“Look, if you don’t want me to swear because you don’t like it, I’ll try my fuckin’ best. But if it’s for some bullshit reason like ‘ooh women are just so feminine they can’t possibly hear or, god forbid, say these words. Then like, what kind of internalised bullshit have you been learnin’?”

Katsuki really loved to swear. Ever since he learned the English language, learned what words meant- what words he couldn’t say. Well, he always loved to bend the world to his will. In Japanese, their insults were creative. That was for sure. But in English, the universal use of ‘fuck’ was incomparably beautiful. Probably Katsuki’s favourite word.

Katsuki cracks his knuckles. He looks at Deku again. Midoriya looks so utterly surprised with his words that it makes him do a double take.

He looks to the women, still standing there on his lawn and sighs.

He wouldn’t get to the bottom of this ‘Deku’ thing this morning. Leave it to Bakugou’s shitty guardian angel to let him find the piece of his missing puzzle while in his pyjamas at six in the morning.

Leave it to Bakugou to fuck it up.

“I’ll see you all at the barbecue.” He says as pleasantly as possible. Before turning back toward his house. “We need to talk later, shitty Deku.” Turning back to the women one more time, he glares at them.

“I’ll be bringing my famous casserole. Hold onto your taste buds, motherfuckers.”

The moment he shuts the door he remembers one vital spot of information. One titbit his mind seemed to have forgone.


He has no fucking idea how to make a casserole.

Chapter Text

These PTA fuck heads put the ass in casserole and Katsuki was not going to be outdone by their shitty, bland pasta concoctions.

A casserole could be anything, anywhere- any person. Was Katsuki a casserole? Quite possibly, he was several layers of beef and immeasurable amount of salt. But, perhaps, just perhaps- he was looking too far into this shit.

Katsuki thinks back onto every meal he’d ever had in his childhood. Looking for anything glass dish shaped or topped with cheese.

He thinks of his mother’s rare home cooked meals, perhaps once a fortnight if he were lucky. How good the fresh food had tasted on his tongue…

And then remembered that reminiscing is fucking pointless when google exists.

Katsuki stomps over to his work laptop that had been left on from the night previous. Typing in ‘how the fuck to make a bomb ass casserole’ into the search engine with a fiery fervour. Making the letters on the keyboard creak with the pressure he was putting on them.

His conversation with those mothers had really gotten to him more than it should have. And not only that- it had interrupted his and Deku’s… reunion. Katsuki cringes. If you could even call it that. He’s surprised Midoriya hadn’t socked him in the nose the moment he saw him.

Then again, it had been quite some time since they’d last seen each other.

And Midoriya had always been stupidly forgiving.

That just made it worse, honestly. Though Izuku’s apprehension toward him was very much so warranted. Katsuki couldn’t help but want for more of an intense reaction. Perhaps even anger. He wanted Deku to feel something strong for him no homo. (all of the homo)

For him to just give in and joke with him like that it was…

It felt almost wrong.

After all they’ve been through, it shouldn’t be that easy. Especially for Deku.

Katsuki grits his teeth his nose scrunching in angered confusion when he hears a knock at the door.

“Go the fuck home, Susan.” He shouts, not keeping his voice down. Katsumi and Kiyoko should be waking up by now anyway.

“It’s not Susan.” Another voice calls, muffled through the wood of the door.

“Go the fuck home, Deku.” Katsuki growls, somehow looking terrifying while scrolling through buzzfeed articles. He was busy. He’d deal with these shitty feelings later.

“Let me in, Kacchan.”

That was another thing that pissed Bakugou off. Deku’s resilience.

Despite all of Katsuki’s conflicting feelings. Apparently it was damn near impossible to be nice to Deku. Not when he was so out of practice anyhow.

Katsuki sighs, slumping over to the door knob to meet the eyes of a very determined Deku.

“What do you want?” Bakugou sneers, “I have to bake up a dish of kick ass.”

Deku pushes past his arms, letting himself into the living room without even asking. Bold. A lot bolder than he’d expect from Deku. Well, the Deku of the past.

Bakugou would almost be impressed if it didn’t piss him off.

“I’m going to help you show these people up, Kacchan.” Deku says quietly turning to the other with a fierce glare in his eyes.

“I don’t need your help.”

Midoriya doesn’t look deterred. “I’m sorry, Kacchan. But I don’t care.”

Katsuki tilts his head, “Hah?” He says, more confused than angry now. He peers closer at Deku and notices how upset he looks.

Something about that watery expression makes Bakugou’s insides curl.

“What the fuck did they say to you?”

Midoriya remains silent. He looks at the floor.

Katsuki steps closer, trying to scare the answer out of him.

It may have worked when they were fourteen, but it does fuck all now. They’re nearly the same height now. Deku doesn’t even flinch.

“Deku.” Katsuki growls.

“It wasn’t about me, Kacchan.” Izuku admits, looking downturned.

“Then who the fuck was it about?”



Katsuki insides sizzle with another heaping of rage, seasoned lightly with some oregano. (NOT FUCKING PEPPER.)

“Then why are you upset, shitty Deku?”

“They were just mocking how you’re a single father and well… I’m one too. They said it right in front of me without even thinking about how I’d feel about it. It wasn’t even that, Kacchan, I just feel bad because all the stuff they said was too cruel. Even after our behaviour.”

“Stuff like what?”

Midoriya scratches his neck, sheepish. Like he shouldn’t be saying anything at all. “If I tell you will you let me help?”

Sneaky little shit.

Katsuki, consumed by curiosity, nods. Thinking in his head, how many trash cans he’d have to kick over before the day ends.

Izuku frowns, looking serious once more. “They said that you mustn’t be taking care of your daughters properly if they keep running their mouths like street rats.”

Oh shit.


 In the kitchen there was complete, and utter silence. Deku looks on in mild horror when Katsuki doesn’t immediately erupt into metaphorical flames.

Now, Katsuki being angry is nothing unusual.

Katsuki being quietly angry is fucking absurd.

And boy is it terrifying.


Midoriya flinches, seeing the most unusual expression on Bakugou’s face. “Y-yes?”


And really, did Deku have any reason to refuse?


After a trip to Deku’s pantry (and his fucking veggie garden, of course.) They end up cooking an old curry rice gratin recipe that Deku had found in the midst of the fifth page of recipes on some website. (Pinterest had had fuck all. If Katsuki had wanted a fucking lasagne wrapped in twine, he would have asked for it.) They cooked a Japanese take on the western casserole dish that smelled absolutely divine when they shoved it in the oven.

Katsuki is still abnormally quiet and calm as he slumps on the counter. It frankly scares Izuku to death.

“Hey Deku?”

Midoriya jumps, Katsuki hadn’t said a word when they had been cooking together. Nothing more than the bare minimum needed. This was quiet simmering rage and it was being brought to a boil very slowly.

“Yeah, Kacchan?”

“Why are you helping me out?”

It makes Deku do a double take. The lack of swearing, the softness in his voice. It’s so unlike Katsuki that he’s not fully sure he’s not just imagining it.

“Because us dads have to stick together.”

“But after all that shit I did to you- are you not mad?“

Izuku laughs, “Mad?” He smiles, his cute freckles sticking out even more through his dimples. “I am mad, Kacchan.”

Katsuki looks taken aback, “Then how come-“

Deku has this strange crazed smile on his face. “Because after living here for three years. I’d honestly rather be back to when you used to torment me than have to listen to these people talk about how putting plastic swiss cheese singles on hamburger patties is adventurous.”

Katsuki can’t help but snort. “Jesus fucking Christ, Deku, who hurt you?”

Midoriya very calmly moves toward the sink. Daintily washing up his hands. “A lot of people, Kacchan. It’s made me who I am today. But as much as it once did make me miserable. It’s only made me stronger now.”

“That’s fucked.”

“Isn’t it?”

“So do you wanna like… punch me or something?”

Midoriya looks over to him, hesitating, “No.”

“Then what do you want?” Katsuki scowls, propping himself up against his kitchen counter with his arms crossed.
“Is this your way of apologising to me, Kacchan?” Midoriya asks, looking over his once slim shoulder that had filled out nicely over the years-

Fucking hell, Katsuki.

Katsuki froze, was that what he was trying to do? Well, in his mind that was his intention but when his mouth had started moving he had no idea what was going on.

 “I guess.” Bakugou looks at his barefeet, a scowl on his face. “So you really don’t want to get even with me?”

Midoriya looks sheepish. “I mean… a little. A huge part of me doesn’t want to admit it but I really would love to curse you out. Middle school was… rough for me. I’d love to get some of those feelings out.”

Katsuki huffs, leaning on the counter. His curiosity getting the better of him once more. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear before.”

“I think it gives the words more power if you use it infrequently.”

“Well use all the fuckin’ power you want, Deku. Curse me out. Roast me like a chicken. I can’t promise I won’t get mad but if that’s what makes us even, well, shit, do it.”

Deku, apprehensive, looks to his toes. “You better not hit me, Kacchan.”

“Please, what are you going to call me? A silly billy? Deku you just started crying because a bunch of assholes said mean things about a person you don’t even like.”

Midoriya takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Kacchan. But I really want us to talk again. And if this is what it takes… Well, I’ll try my best.”

Katsuki, in his heart knows that this isn’t going to make up for years and years of torment. But if it made Deku feel a little bit better. Well, it was worth a try.

Because despite his utterly rude and unapologetic demeanour. Katsuki Bakugou did feel guilt sometimes. And he did feel regret toward Midoriya. Toward how they ended up. It had taken him a while to realise that. It had taken time and a couple shitty life situations. Katsuki Bakugou wasn’t exactly a nice person. But he probably should know to say sorry by now.

Midoriya smiles at him, “Thanks Kacchan.”

Bakugou motions him to go forth.

Deku takes a deep breath.

Bakugou is expecting a few stuttered insults, perhaps a few finger points. But instead, well-

“Kacchan what the fuck is up with your hair you look like a fucking blonde sonic the hedgehog. But the only problem is that sonic the hedgehog has way cooler shoes than you. I saw you at the park ages ago with fucking crocs, Kacchan, what the fuck was wrong with you? Not to mention your shitty edginess. Like seriously? My Chemical Romance broke up years ago and you’re still trying to join the black parade- wow, seriously, do you still wear stuff from hot topic? ‘I don’t like people’ uwu bullshit, Kacchan you’re a grown ass man and I can see your Pokémon boxers. You say you’re sorry but you’ve called me shitty Deku like eight times since this morning. I know you’re emotionally constipated and you always just look like you’re plain old constipated. But fuck, you haven’t even said sorry for being a trick ass bitch in middle school.” Midoriya says it in such quiet precision that it’s like he’s practiced it for years.

Katsuki, dumbfounded just looks at him.

The oven dings, signalling that his casserole was ready.

Deku goes red and crumbles to the ground, “Oh my god! That was so mean, I’m so sorry, Kacchan.”

Katsuki stares wide eyes and looks to his ground.

Wondering just why the FUCK that had turned him on.

Chapter Text

When Katsuki finally recovers from the absolute obliteration of his own being, he just sort of stands there. Unable to say anything as Deku lays on his linoleum floor, crumpled. As if he was the one that had just gotten fucking hung out to dry.

“You been preparin’ that little speech for a while, shitty Deku?” Is what Katsuki finally grunts out.

Midoriya looks up at him, dazed. “…Only half of my life.”

The other scowls, “That long? Why the fuck didn’t it rhyme then?”

Izuku snorts, gathering himself up from the ground. He dusts off his dorky blue jeans with a few pats and meets Katsuki’s eyes.

That’s another weird thing about their reunion. For the longest time, Katsuki couldn’t remember ever seeing Izuku meet anyone’s eyes.

Midoriya smiles up at him, blowing a stray curled hair out of his line of sight. “So...” He says awkwardly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Deku holds out a hand for Kacchan to shake, an uneasy look in his eyes. “We good?”

Bakugou rakes a hand through his unruly blonde hair. Wondering just what the fuck had happened to his ego- to him in general.

Izuki flinches at the motion, stiffening up. Anticipation coursing through his veins.

Katsuki takes Deku’s hand reluctantly.

He’d gone too damn soft.

Since when did Bakugou make good on his promises? Especially when they weren’t even pinky promises.

Midoriya in returns grins up at him, breathing out a sigh of relief. “I really thought you were going to hit me.”

Katsuki may not want to hit him but God he wish he knew how to hit on him.

The hand shake lasts a bit too long for it to be considered normal. The two of them are both kind of just standing in the middle of Katsuki’s kitchen. Awkwardly holding each other’s hands and staring.

Fucking gay.

Katsuki should say something.


God, this is fucking weird.

Should he say sorry? Should he say thank you?

It should be something.


Sorry i didn’t say sorry.

Thanks for giving me another chance.

“I can’t wait to piss in Susan’s shitty pink lemonade.”

Oh for fucks sake.

Deku somehow, SOMEHOW, knows what he’s actually saying, because he just huffs out a laugh. “You’re welcome, Kacchan.”

He retracts his hand and suddenly Bakugou’s own feels empty.

“Come on, we can’t just let our vengeance burn in the oven.”

Katsuki feels himself sneer, “You sure as shit didn’t think twice about burning me.

“This casserole didn’t throw my school books into the fountain in seventh grade.”

“Fuck off.”


Katsuki soon learns that the aforementioned barbecue is at two, leaving him a solid couple of hours to sit and stew about his whole situation.

Deku leaves soon after, telling Bakugou that he needed to get back to Izumi to make sure he hadn’t burnt the house down.

Some part of Katsuki wishes he would stay for breakfast. Maybe meet his daughters- he kind of wanted to know what they thought of each other.

That part of Katsuki needed to shut the fuck up, honestly. These intrusive thoughts are really hurting Katsuki’s head. Overthinking was never really a problem for Bakugou. He was more of a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. But it seemed like Deku’s dumb analysing shtick had come over to his house to play.

Bakugou decides to ignore his inner turmoil and goes to watch Pokémon instead.


“Now what did I say about today, girls?” Katsuki repeats, kneeling down to his daughter’s heights. His badasserole topped with foil, balancing on his knees.

“Snitches get stitches.” Katsumi sends a toothy grin toward her father, thumbs up.

“No!” Katsuki growls, “The other thing.”

They tilt their heads in confusion.

“Talk shit get hit?” Kiyoko asks, more uncertain. Her little head tilting.

“No.” Bakugou repeats. Sighing as he rubbed his hand on his face.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Kiyoko puts her hand up again, like she was in a classroom.

“Yes, Kiyoko?”

“It’s not gay if it’s in a three-way?”

“Jesus- Fuck! Who even told you that?” Katsuki groans, “never mind, just don’t beat anyone up…” Even to himself he sounds defeated.

“Okay, daddy!” The twins chime, cheeky grins on both of their faces. They knew exactly what they were doing to their poor father. He felt bad for his mother knowing he was exactly the same when he was younger.

But it didn’t help that he was outnumbered one to two this time.


It’s much to Katsuki’s chagrin that Deku hasn’t arrived by the time he successfully followed the scent of generic frozen beef patties to Susan’s backyard. Susan’s house is the nicely manicured one a few houses down from Bakugou’s. Literal white picket fences line the two story brick house and the grass- Katsuki could swear she’d covered that shit with green paint.

It leaves him feeling somewhat stranded, but Katsuki never backs down from a fight and he never will.

He unlatches upon the picket fence gate and steps into the backyard. The place is teaming with people- neighbours- some spilling out into the streets. Mostly kids playing hockey on the road. There’s laughter, chatter- the familiar sound of footsteps rushing around in jest.

It doesn’t seem half bad until he realizes they’re playing fucking Nickelback on their stereo system.

Katsuki scowls, his spiteful characteristic battling his fight or flight response.

If they start playing Keith Urban he’s seriously gonna loose his shit.

“Ah- Katsuki! Girls!”

The devil herself materialises before him in animal print pumps and a martini. Susan, who looks absolutely enthralled to see him, approaches primly- strutting over to him with fervor. Her heavily botox-ed face covered with a large pair of sunglasses.

“Hello little darlings!” She grins down at Kiyoko and Katsumi.

“Hello Miss Susan.” They say in unison.

“Ah what lovely little girls.” She coos She lies, “All the other little girls are having a tea party out the front, did you want to join them?”

“Nah, we’re gonna go play hockey.” Kiyoko dismisses her, grabbing onto Katsumi and darting out toward the other kids around the cul-de-sac.

“Ah, but-“ Susan’s sentence dies in her throat and her expression turns into one of distaste.

It’s quickly fixed though, she gives Katsuki another plastic smile.

“I wasn’t sure if you thought you were still invited after this morning.” Susan laughs. There’s definitely some passive aggression in it. But Katsuki doesn’t take the bait this time. Low hanging fruit.


Katsuki follows her through to the patio, the strong chlorine of the yard’s pool permeating Bakugou’s nostrils.

“It’s a good thing I’m so forgiving then, Susan.”

Katsuki ushers the casserole into the woman’s arms with a smile. “Here, just returning the favour. One neighbour to another.”

Susan accepts the dish with grace, she turns the foil up to peer in. Looking in, her face curls in distaste.

“What is this?”

She was being petty. As expected. Obviously still angry about that morning and not managing to hide it.

Katsuki had come prepared. He feels the familiar simmer of angry in the pit of his stomach. 

A teenage Kacchan would have already burnt this bitch to a crisp.

“Oh- You probably haven’t seen one of these before! It’s actually a casserole with cheese cooked all the way through on top. Good day Susan.”

Katsuki turns his back on the woman and moves to get a shit tonne of food to make this entire circumstance bearable until Deku gets here.


It’s not too long before he’s in another conversation. Not of his own volition, he’s certain but nevertheless. This time it’s two men, both wearing polo shirts and khaki shorts. Cans of beer in their tanned hands. If they start talking about ‘the game’ Bakugou’s gonna start throwing hands.

“Howdy, you must be the new neighbour.” Blue polo says, extending a hand to shake. His salt and pepper hair is probably the spiciest thing about him.

Katsuki takes it. “Katsuki Bakugou.”

“Woah bud, strong handshake. I like that in a man. I’m Brad Summers. Susan’s husband.”

Wow I’m so fucking sorry dude.

Red polo introduces himself next. “Craig Smith. I live just up the street- Deborah!” He shouts in the direction of a group of women around a punch bowl.

A waifish woman saunters over to the men. Her red lipstick smudging on her wine glass.

“This is the new neighbour that moved in yesterday.” Craig explains, ‘Deborah’ as she is described just looks up at him with a blank expression before turning to Katsuki.

“Oh, yes, i’ve heard A LOT about you from Susan.” She has a distasteful look on her face now. Katsuki knows instantaneously what Susan’s been telling her. News must travel fast in this shithole.

He may have greatly underestimated that she-witch’s power over the entire block.

He does remember Susan saying she was the leader of the something or other. Probably elected president bitch of the block or something.

Katsuki scowls, deep and callous.

“Well it was nice meeting you.” He says, trying to remain as civil as Katsuki could possibly be in the face of these people. ”Tell Susan I appreciate the introduction.”

Sometimes he really can’t fucking believe he’s in the middle of a suburban hell-scape, listening to Nickelback and talking to people in matching polo shirts and boat shoes.

Well, he can believe. He just really doesn’t want to.


Katsuki drags himself on over to another side of the green lawn. It’s beside the pool where a few more kids are playing. He’s just far enough away from it that’s he’s not getting splashed. It’s quiet for a moment, it’s nice for a moment.

All before another white devil comes for his ass.

“Excuse me, boy.” This forty-something woman comes up to him. Looking livid. She has her hands on her hips but then points to straight behind Bakugou.


“Are those your children?”

Katsuki looks down at the kids on the street and find Katsumi and Kiyoko chasing other children with hockey sticks raised. Manic grins on each of their faces as the other kids scream in terror.


“Uh... No.”

It really sucks that he couldn’t just do that with all the adults. But no he had to be ‘responsible.’

Katsuki Bakugou may be a fully-fledged adult but he wasn’t exactly responsible. Well, at least not according to other people. Macaroni and cheese is absolutely a breakfast food fuck off mom.

The woman is still glaring bullets into his head and Katsuki is staring right back. He wouldn’t back down to a bear. Let alone a five foot nothing soccer mom with shitty highlights.

Susan, ever the sticky beak sidles up to the woman, a concerned look on her face. She must smell tension like a dog or something.

“What’s the matter, Sharron?” She asks, sickly sweet- artificial sugar.

‘Sharron,’ apparently, downturns her eyebrows and changes from infuritated to horrified in a matter of seconds.

“This man’s children are wreaking havoc on my darlings!”

The look Susan has when she sees Katsuki’s kids going wild- it’s psychotic. Like she’d been waiting for this to happen the entire time. Waiting for one of them to mess up enough so he she could finally speak her shitty mind and not be judged. Not be the one in the wrong.

Oh, she was evil. When she decides she hates someone she goes ham. No mercy.

“Well, i suppose that’s to be expected.” She says, in front of Bakugou. A huff of a laugh in her voice as she sipped on her glass.

That was her first mistake.

“No mother- and a boar as a father, nature and nurture are equally as terrible. So don’t blame their poor hearts. They had no chance.”

Katsuki usually employs a warning system for his children. He counts down from three. He waits. He’s more patient than he ever was as an angry child. And that’s good.

But now- well,

Katsuki doesn’t even give a shit about politeness-. Second chances- letting stuff go. Patience was never exactly his strong suit.

Bakugou, in a moment of pure impulse- pushes Susan into her own pool. Fully clothed, margarita in hand.

And it’s the best decision he’d made that day.

The cacophonous sound of the water splashing on the edges as she falls in is music to Katsuki’s ears. Unlike the actual music- which has now switched to the familiar beats of YMCA.


“Eat shit Susan.”

Chapter Text

Young man.

There’s no need to feel down.

I said young man.

“I’ll put your ass in the ground.”

Katsuki’s crass words aren’t at all a surprise to himself- but by God they are to everyone else. It’s as if these grown ass adults haven’t heard a swear word in their life. Perhaps all the sesame street has made their minds numb.

“If you insult my little shits in front of me I’m not going to be cool with you.” Bakugou bites, arms crossed as he looks at the now very soaked, very pissed Susan- not an inch of shame or remorse on his face. Her dark mascara runs down her cheeks like edgy emo tears.

He wonders if she got her shitty attitude on sale at hot topic alongside it.

“Kacchan! What are you doing?” Deku’s sudden appearance has people turning heads. Like a brave hero challenging a beast. He’s the only one that’s actually approached Bakugou thus far. He’s the only one with enough balls to do it.

Even Susan’s husband- who Katsuki knew full well had seen him push his wife into the pool was hiding.

“Stay out of this, Deku.” Katsuki snaps, crossing his arms. “I have the situation under control.”


Midoriya stares at him for a solid minute, then just frowns at him, unimpressed. The soft sizzle of hamburgers on a grill- the gradual smell of them burning. The building second chorus of YMCA. Katsuki feels like he’s about to astral project into another reality. This couldn’t be his life.

Izumi appears meekly from behind his father, looking down upon the scene at the pool. A modest container of egg salad in his hand.

His dark eyes shine with barely contained amusement when he sees Susan.

“Holy shit.” The young Midoriya exclaims- thoroughly impressed.

“Izumi!” Deku scolds (buzzkill), “what did I say about swearing?”

“But dad-“

“Izuku!” Susan practically shrieks, still wading fully clothed in the pool. Utterly enraged that the attention wasn’t on her again. Her plastic smile had been wiped off her face. All that’s there now is a harsh scowl. “You said that Mr Bakugou was your friend, hmm? Perhaps you could help him see that he’s the one in the wrong?”

Midoriya looks at Susan, pursing his lips. Then he looks at Bakugou. “What did you do?”

“Soooo Susie over here just so happened to insult my kids in front of me, alongside like… every single parent ever. Not exactly my cup of tea, I’m more of a coffee drinker…”

Midoriya looks dubious but the expression on his face says that he believes Katsuki. Bakugou may be hundreds of different negative things- but he isn’t a liar.

In fact, if anything, he was usually brutally honest.

“If you don’t talk some sense into your new neighbour, Izumi isn’t invited to Hunter’s birthday party next Friday!” Susan pouts, like a precocious child- still chest deep in water. She looks ridiculous. Her expensive clothes now tarnished by the chlorine of her unhealthily blue pool.

Midoriya looks taken aback. Now she was threatening him? How petty was this woman?

Never mind he didn’t want to know.

Deku’s expression turns uncertain. He didn’t want to bring Izumi into this. He didn’t want to have his son suffer over adult matters. He’d already grown up too much for a twelve year old. That kid was downright senile at times.

Conflicted, Deku pauses.

Katsuki curses, guilty. That had been a low blow- he feels somewhat responsible.


Okay, he may be entirely responsible.

Izumi, having not said anything after being scolded steps in front of his father. Almost defensively. He looks Susan in the eye and places a hand on his hip.

“Hunter is a dick anyway.” He says, impartially- as if he were simply stating the weather. “Let’s go.”

Deku, almost as if he was about to admonish his son again for swearing thinks better of himself. He sighs and then turns on his sneakers. Back out the gate- away from the barbeque and presumably back to his house. His shoulders are slumped- but not in defeat. More in a tired, resigned kind of way. One that reminded Katsuki of parents that finally gave in to their kids shrieking for McDonald’s.

Like he wasn’t one of those parents...

Katsuki thinks he may like that kid Izumi. He certainly was an interesting one.


But he couldn’t be outdone.


Katsuki never loses.


Bakugou then, carefully, grabs a cup and delicately pours himself a glass of punch. Drinking half of it as everyone stared.

“I’m Katsuki Bakugou. I’m thirty. I have two daughters that are gremlins and they are my favourite people in the world. Piss me off and you might go for a little swim. There. We’re acquainted. You don’t have to introduce yourself to me now, Bye Felicia.”

He then crushes the cup in his hand and throws it behind his shoulder into a wastepaper bin and stalks away to the front of the house.

He really wants to fist pump in the air because that trash toss was fucking beautiful but he resists the urge.

Picking up both of his daughters in each arm, he huffs all the way back to the house. Katsumi and Kiyoko whine the entire time.


When Katsuki gets back, Izuku and Izumi are waiting on the steps of his house. He doesn’t see them at first because he’s in the middle of telling off his daughters.

“Look, kids, I love you but you need to understand that you can’t try and kill the neighbourhood kids just because they said that King Kong could beat Godzilla in a fight. Even if they are wrong.” He lectures, his blood still pumping from the shit storm that had just erupted. He was trying to keep his cool in front of Kiyoko and Katsumi but he really wanted to punch something.

He lets them down and grabs both of their arms so he can look them in the eye when he crouches down.

“I want you both to go to your room and think up an apology. And then, when you go to your new school you have to say sorry to all those kids you chased.”

Kiyoko nods glumly, Katsumi sniffles- petulant. They both nod in unison.

Ha, suckers, kids HAVE to say sorry. Katsuki doesn’t have to do shit.

He’s a responsible man with a job and a car yes.

They pass the two Midoriyas without a glance and Katsuki is left alone with them.

“In their defense. Godzilla would definitely beat King Kong.” Deku comments from the stairs.

“You think I don’t know that?” Katsuki sighs, his kneel soon rising to stand. He moves his way to his neighbours. (The ones that he could actually put up with... somewhat.)

“Remind you of a certain someone?” Izuku says quietly.

Bakugou scowls.

“I know, they take after me, unfortunately. Well- actually. I was probably the better of the pair.” Katsuki shrugs oddly candid, he begins scratching his head awkwardly. “Their mother was... negligent.”

Deku doesn’t reply, only looking at Katsuki from his perch on the stairs. He gives him a sad smile.

“Look, Deku, I’m sorry-“The words kind of hurt coming out on his tongue. They aren’t used very much. “I’m sorry for roping you into this shit. You had a peaceful life here before I fucked stuff up. You can pretend you don’t know me if you want...” Katsuki is angry. Well, he’s always angry. But this time he’s also angry at himself. It’s a change he’s not exactly fond of.

Deku, unchanging just smiles more lightly at him. “It’s okay, Kacchan. When I saw you this morning I kind of knew you’d be burning a lot of bridges for me. But this was probably the most fun I’ve had in ages. And if I have to miss a couple of bake sales for that, I think I’ll manage.”

Izumi nods along, his bouncy hair moving to uncover his face. His big eyes so reminiscent of Deku’s when he was younger. He looks upon Katsuki with a wary kind of curiosity that makes him look a lot older than he is. “Don’t get my dad in trouble.” He says, rising to move upwards. He dusts his jeans off and trudges off to the other side of the fence. “Otherwise you’ll be the one having a pool party.”

Katsuki watches him go, a peculiar frown on his face. “He’s pretty protective of you.”

Deku stiffens, “Yeah…” He frowns, “He’s too brave for his own good.”

Katsuki smirks, “That remind you of a certain someone?”

Deku rolls his eyes.

“Hmm, I suppose I’d rather eat my words than Susan’s cooking.”

Katsuki snorts.


Rising from the porch stairs, Midoriya- so much like his son, dusts off his own pants and sighs. “I have work tomorrow, I should get going.”

The pair of them looks on at the impending sunset. The light tangerine sky, creating a final farewell for the sun as it drifted away for another day.

“Where do you work?”

It’s a simple question- one that should have been brought up much earlier.

Tilting his head, Midoriya raises his eyebrows. “I didn’t tell you?”

Katsuki shakes his head.

“I work up at the hospital. I’m a doctor.”

Bakugou hums, impressed. “You always did love saving people.”

It’s a simple statement- but something about the lack of biting sarcasm- the absence of a sneer on Katsuki’s face… It was so weird. Even to him.


They leave it at that. Going back to their respective houses for the night. He can’t exactly say the same for Deku, but for Katsuki- He can’t help but feel a strange thumping in his chest. Not at all sure if it’s because of the happenstances of that afternoon- or what had become after it. There’s something shifting in the air of his and Midoriya’s relationship. It would never be what it was- that was for certain. But now that they were all grown up… What was to happen?


Katsuki isn’t sure what to do.


So he does the unthinkable.


He texts Kirishima.


Fuckles the Echidna: BRO YOU NEEDTA SMASH


Katsuki growls at his screen.

Wow what a fucking furry.


Bakugou_Katsuki: literally just fuck off

Fuckles the Echidna: u came for advice, i delivered

Bakugou_Katsuki: telling me to have sex with deku is not advice

Fuckles the Echidna: r u telling me u dont want to bang this boi?


Katsuki pauses.


Fuckles the Echidna: HA BITCH I KNEW IT

Bakugou_Katsuki: Suck my ass, shitty hair.

Fuckles the Echidna: If ur offering… ;)

Bakugou_Katsuki: ur boyfriend might get pissed.

Fuckles the Echidna: No its aight ur my veto.

Bakugou_Katsuki: wtf is that?

Fuckles the Echidna: denki and i both have a person that if given the chance- could bang without the other getting mad at each other- therefore a veto- ur mine bb <3

Bakugou_Katsuki: ha gay

Fuckles the Echidna: speaking of gay- how bout u fucc deku

Bakugou_Katsuki: no

Fuckles the Echidna: YES

Bakugou_Katsuki: I JUST saw him again plus we didnt exactly part on the best terms

Fuckles the Echidna: buy him flowers and THEN fuck him

Bakugou_Katsuki: ur so shit at advice

Fuckles the Echidna: what? thats like, romantic- thats how it worked with me and denki

Bakugou_Katsuki: ew

Fuckles the Echidna: i s2g bro i will come over there to be ur wingman

Bakugou_Katsuki: i would literally rather anything else

Fuckles the Echidna: i have heard u talk about deku since I met u. and sure at first it was angry and insulting but eventually it just started getting fucking gay.

Bakugou_Katsuki: it was NOT

Fuckles the Echidna: i have been waiting for this dramatic reunion ill be damned if i cant see it

Bakugou_Katsuki: DO NOT


Fuckles the Echidna has added Shitty Pikachu to the chat




Fuckles the Echidna: more like foursome- invite deku

Shitty Pikachu: THE deku?

Fuckles the Echidna: YE


Fuckles the Echinda: AAAAAA



Bakugou_Katsuki: I fucking hate both of you.

Chapter Text

“Hey gang, what the hap is fuckening?!”

Kirishima Ejirou, the manly man loving son of a bitch kicks open Katsuki’s front door with great fervour. A large bag of sour cream potato chips tucked into his side. Its day three of the Bakugou family’s new abode and despite having all of their shit out of those flimsy cardboard boxes- the place is still an absolute mess. An organised mess, but a mess nevertheless. The wooden floorboards at the entry are a little scuffed from the shuffling of furniture but they shine neatly when the sun hits them. Katsuki, upon seeing them from the first time nodded in approval. Floorboards were bitchin.’

“Uncle Eji!” Katsumi and Kiyoko rush to greet the fiery haired fucko that was currently doing his best to subconsciously ruin Katsuki’s afternoon.

Kirishima crouches down and scoops up the pair of them effortlessly- squeezing them both into a big hug. The girls giggle and wrap their arms around his neck. Effectively hanging off his neck and choking him.

Ejirou makes a noise of discomfort- but quickly moves their hands to lessen the burden around his neck.

They were too weak to be assassins quite yet, but Katsuki thought they’d probably have potential as they grew older.

“God, you look more and more like your dad every day!” Kirishima exclaims, a little hoarse from the murder attempt. Grinning ear to ear nevertheless. “Except you’re both a lot cuter than him, sorry bae.” He sends Katsuki a fake apologetic look.

It was not very well received.

Katsuki scowls.

“I thought I said twelve o’clock.” He grunted, hands on his hips.

Ejirou doesn’t look phased at all. He’d stopped being intimidated by Katsuki many years ago.

“Time is an illusion.”


Kirishima, holding the twin girls- one on each arm- gives Bakugou another dumb smile. “I’m glad we both found the place. Every house in this neighbourhood looks the same.”

Denki finally makes an appearance from the driveway, carrying more bags of shit. “Tell me about it. Ejirou kicked down the door and said that ‘what the hap is fuckening?’ thing to three other houses already.”

Katsuki snorts and looks at Ejirou. “Dumbass.”

Kirishima just laughs, “Man did I scare the shit out of some little old lady.” He plays it off like it was something completely normal to do.

Kaminari just smirks from beside him. “Yeah and you apologised like a million times to her, then afterwards she invited us in for tea.”

“So that’s why you’re so late?” Katsuki asks, already feeling like he knew the answer.

Ejirou scratches the back of his neck and laughs awkwardly. “That would be it.”

Denki looks sheepish. “We couldn’t say no, she had brownies.”


Kirishima finally puts Katsumi and Kiyoko down and they happily run to Denki next. Moving on from one of Katsuki’s annoying friends to the next.

Bakugou had made the two of them the girl’s honorary uncles considering that he didn’t have any siblings of his own. They were practically family at this point anyway.

Even if they were a pretty terrible influence- they were fun at the very least. They’d brought Katsuki out of his shitty moods before. (Usually putting him in even shittier moods after but he digressed.)

“Who’s up for a picnic? I brought tequila and Gouda cheese.”

“Kirishima they’re five.”

“So… just the tequila?”

“Remind me to never ever let you babysit my daughters.”

Denki boos him. Kiyoko and Katsumi, like the parrots they are- begin as well. And all of a sudden it’s a huge shit on Katsuki party.

“Fine bring the gouda. No tequila.”

Louder booing ensues.

“I have juice boxes.”

The jeers change to cheers.


The three friends watch Katsumi and Kiyoko play around in the lush green grass of a semi empty park. They chase clumsily after fluttering butterflies and swat at bumblebees. Missing every single one of them. Their laughter mingles with the soft afternoon breeze and Katsuki decides this isn’t so bad.

Kirishima tilts his head, a shit eating grin on his face. “So… Deku, huh?”

No. Nevermind. This was the worst. Defcon 5. Abort. Abort. Abort.

“Don’t fucking say it like that. It’s not like we’re an item or anything.” Katsuki sneers, taking a flimsy water cracker and biting down on it roughly. “I don’t even want to date that nerd.”

Kaminari snorts as he’s about to take a sip of his orange juice. Katsuki’s surprised it doesn’t come out of his nose. “You don’t? Do I have to play the message, bro?”

Bakugou’s blood turns to ice. “Why the fuck do you still have that?” He’d forgotten about that. He’d wanted to forget all about that.

Kaminari’s already running out of his grasps, an experienced little shit. He’s already flicking through his phone. The wicked giggle erupting from him as he prances around the argyle blanket he once lay on.

He finally finds what he wants and turns the volume on max.

The find; A six year old answering machine message Katsuki had left on his phone when he had been… intoxicated.

Okay, he’d been absolutely shitfaced.

Kaminari and Kirishima had never let him get away with it. It was recorded evidence that Katsuki was the worst drunk out there.

Katsuki tries to sweep his legs but fails. “Don’t you fucking dare-“


“I’m going to fucking kill you.”

The message continues. Kaminari mimicking the words to a tee.

“God, your fucking boyfriend just dabbed so hard he pulled his shoulder,” Africa by Toto plays loudly in the background. There’s the sound of a scuffle in the background and then some shouts. “I’ve never thought you guys are more perfect for each other than now.”

Yes, Katsuki was the worst drunk.

Because he was EVERY kind of drunk.

He was angry, sad, excitable and sensual. He was unpredictable and it was hell.

Well, hell for everyone else watching on. Katsuki never remembered shit.

The Katsuki on the phone message sniffles slightly. “I need me a freak like that.”

Bakugou, admitting defeat, just flops onto the ground face down. Trying to groan out the sound of his past self being… just being the worst. It would be over soon.

Kirishima joins his boyfriend on the lip syncing of their favourite inside meme.

“Ah, finding what you have is like finding a fuckin’ hay in a needle stack. IMPOSSIBLE.” There’s sound of more commotion, and from what the noise can glean- its Katsuki dramatically sliding against the tiling on the bathroom wall. “Ya remember that shithead in middle school that I think I liked?”

Katsuki wants to Mc-Fucking-Die.

“I bullied him so much but he was always so… nice. Like he always gave everyone a second chance. And me- he gave me so many fuckin’ chances to be good but I was being a fuckhead. I never realised I was a fuckhead. I still am a fuckhead. But man did that boy have pretty eyes. I wish I could see him again. I swear, If I find him, I’m gonna dab so hard to Africa by Toto that I pull my shoulder too. He’s like, one of the only people that never gave up on me.”

Kaminari still has the grin on his face.

“So tell me… Did you dab when you saw him?”

“I am going to skin you and wear you as a coat.”

Katsuki bangs his head on the floor. The grass making soft thumping sounds each time. Leaving little granules of dirt on his forehead.  

“Okay fine!” Katsuki cries, snapping back to reality. (Oop there goes gravity.)

He pouts at his two shitty friends.

“I like Deku.”

Kirishima and Kaminari high five so hard that the firm snap of skin on skin sends echoes about the park.

Katsuki puts his face in his hands. “I can’t believe you kept that message.”

Kaminari snorts at him. “Please, this message was my ringtone for like two years.”

“Every time I hear Africa now I lose my shit.” Kirishima interjects.


Now that- that was true friendship.

Kaminari and Kirishima continue laughing as the sun slowly begins to go down. Kiyoko and Katsuki continue to play, blissfully unaware of the situation. Katsuki sits in his pile of face dirt and suffers.

He suffers and he reflects.

He thinks about the fact that he’s finally admitted out loud that he has feelings for Deku. Something that had been subconsciously apparent for a horrendously long time.




And his life as he’d known it before had just been nuked in the microwave.

This was going to get interesting.

Chapter Text

Once the laughter finally dies down to something a little more miniscule the three of them just sit beside each other, watching Katsuki’s daughters. Still playing, unaware, in the plush green grass. They loved going outside. Katsuki suspects that it’s because they’d been in dingy little apartments for most of their lives.

This was the first time Katsuki had ever been moved to a location in which there was an actual neighbourhood (Nickelback infested or not.) Being in his line of work, it meant that there was a lot of change, not a lot of permanence- and he hopes to God that he doesn’t have to stay here for too much longer. Despite Deku’s reappearance, nothing could compare with everyone else’s dumb ass shit faces.

But he supposes the park is nice.

Kaminari soon grows restless with the comfortable silence and jumps up to go play with Katsumi and Kiyoko. Scooping them both up and running away as their soft giggles mingled with atmospheric air. Denki never could sit quietly, even back in school he’d flick rubber bands at people in class to stay amused.

“You ever think when you were seventeen that your life would turn out like this?” An oddly serious question, coming from Kirishima of all people. He looks forward, a warm expression on his face.

“In high school I was getting high and beating people up, I literally only thought about big macs and jacking off.” Katsuki says crassly, honestly. Then, quieter, “So no… It’s pretty different, first off, I never really wanted kids.”

Kirishima hums from beside him. Thoughtful. Watching the trio in front of him tumble around on the ground.

“But do you regret it at all?”

Katsuki huffs at the question, a frown on his face.

“Fuck no- I just wish… I wish I could have waited to have them with someone I actually gave a shit about. Someone that gave a shit about them.” Bakugou’s lack of tact or any true collectedness with words really limited his vocabulary sometimes. He feels himself grow frustrated with his lack of eloquence and fists a hand through his hair.

Ejirou’s jaw sets uncomfortably, knowing it was a bit of a sensitive subject to bring up. Kiyoko and Katsumi’s mother had always been a bit of a sensitive subject. He isn’t quite sure what to say. He’s not used to anything so serious. He’s used to jokes, drinking, laughing- Kirishima scratches his neck, sheepish.

“Man, I’m no good with this ‘real’ stuff. But just know that like, I think you made the right choice. Those little girls are going to grow up knowing that they’re loved. Even if it’s hard sometimes- that’s something you’ve given to them. Something that-” Kirishima pauses, “she probably wouldn’t have given them.”

Katsuki scowls but on the inside he feels warm. Ejirou’s oddly meaningful sentiments resting nicely in his chest.

“Miss me with that emotional shit.”

After years of being around Bakugou, Ejirou knows- that with those words- he’d gotten through to his friend. It returns the ever present smile on his face. Kirishima stands, cracking his knuckles. “Now with that out of the way, I think we should pay a little visit to this ‘Deku’ McHandsome.”

“Bitch what?” Katsuki blunders, incredulous. Why the sudden change of topic?

Moment over.


“There’s no fucking way you’re meeting him. We’re barely fucking friends.”

“Fucking friends? Haha bro, they usually call that ‘friends with benefits.’”

Katsuki scowls, a tinge of pink creeping into the tips of his ears. “You can’t see him. No fucking way.”

“Oh I just gave you the most heartfelt speech of a lifetime- I think there fucking is.” Kirishima stretches out his limbs, a refreshed groan coming from his mouth. “I want to meet the dude you’ve been screaming about since high school. I want to meet your meme king, the Bert to your Ernie, the Joey to your Chandler.”

“Joey and Chandler weren’t gay.”

“First of all, I respect that you didn’t even say anything about Bert and Ernie being gay- I’m happy it was that obvious to everyone. Second of all they SO were. Even my shitty little preteen self could see that. When I was thirteen I wrote a fanfiction where they went to Hogwarts and Joey got sorted into Hufflepuff, and Chandler was a Slytherin. So they were separated for most of the time. But they always had potions class together and fucked in the cupboard. I swear, I should have been a writer. My immortal has nothing on me.”

Katsuki looks dumbfounded for a brief moment. Wondering if he should ask why the fuck Hufflepuffs and Slytherins would have potions together- when the Slytherins CLEARLY have potions with Griffindor- But realised his argument would be redundant.

The conversation had somehow shifted to the semantics of an enigmatic gay love story featuring Joey and Chandler from ‘Friends.’

“No. Meeting. Deku.” Katsuki declares with finality, his arms crossed and his frown twitching.

“Yes. Meeting. Deku?”

“Not. A. Chance.”

“Africa. By. Toto.”

“Eat shit.”

“Hey that wasn’t three words.”

“Go. Fuck. Yourself.”

“There, much better.”

Katsuki scowls at his friend, who still has a stupid smile on his face. Like he’s already won. Like shit. Kirishima hasn’t beaten him at anything in his life.

“You said he was your neighbour, right?” Ejirou asks slyly, tilting his head to the side- cunning.

Katsuki remains neutral. Neither nodding nor shaking his head. Playing into his game was not an option that would end favourably. It never was.  

Kirishima smirks. Rapid fire his head shoots to Kaminari and the girls. Then back to Bakugou. “DENKI. PLAN C. WATCH THE GIRLS.”

And like that, fuckles the enchilada vacates the premises with such extreme speed that he just nyooms out in a blur of red. The little shit just fucking books it in the direction of Katsuki’s- and by approximation- Deku’s house. Bakugou isn’t aware of Ejirou’s motive- was he just planning to knock on the man’s door? ‘Hey I’m Bakugou’s friend, he wants to eat your ass.’

Shit, that was probably exactly what he was going to do.

Katsuki has a few seconds of wondering what the fuck was going on before he soon curses loudly and runs after him.

There would be nary an ass eating in Magnolia Springs tonight.

Kirishima is already about fifty metres ahead of him, laughing all the way down the street. The sun has just begun to go down and the street lights are flicking on. Blinking like they’d been awoken from sleep. Ejirou has a great momentum going on, he makes a noise of obnoxious pride as he sprints down the road. He turns back to Katsuki, jogging backwards now, cocky.

They meet each other’s eyes- Katsuki seeing only red. Blind with determination.

And then.


The fuck just dabs at him.

Ejirou runs full speed backwards and holds his dumbass pose. Backwards. Without seeing where he was heading. Arm extended, still pissing himself with laughter.

Katsuki suddenly slows. Not in defeat. But victory.

He doesn’t shout to look out.

Karma was a B I T C H.

Kirishima, still fucking dabbing, runs backwards into a mailbox and it takes him the fuck out. He goes down like a pile of bricks. Falling down on the ground with the most hilarious thump and groan.

Katsuki watches the whole thing in slow motion. Kirishima, still in position slowly falls. Dabbing as he loses his balance from the momentum. ‘In the arms of an angel’ playing in the background somehow as he falls to his death.

The whole thing is so surreal that Katsuki really has no idea what to do except die with laughter. He guffaws, keeling over from all the running and now the laughing.

Kirishima stays down, even as Katsuki approaches.

Yep. He’d thought so.

He’d been knocked the fuck out.

Denki and the girls soon find him and Kirishima- who was still out like a light.

Kaminari laughs for two minutes.

“Wow I can’t believe Kirishima is fucking dead.”

Once he doesn’t wake up after ten minutes. Denki decides to call it in.


“Hey yeah, 911? Yeah my boyfriend got knocked out by a mailbox, he might have a concussion do you think you could send someone over?”

Kaminari tries to say it without laughing.

“Shouldn’t you be worried?” Katsuki asks, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I am. But God this is so fucking funny.”


That’s how all five of them end up in the nearest hospital.

That’s how Katsuki sees Deku again.


Shit snacks.

The last conversation they’d had plays back in black and white like an old film.

Deku had told him he was a doctor.

But this-

This was almost uncanny. These coincidences were almost romantic comedy worthy.



Midoriya arrives through the doors that doctors walk through to call out patients. Dressed in his medical scrubs, the short sleeves show off more of the muscle that he’d gained in the years passed. He’s got a pair of reading glasses perched on his head and a couple of pens at his ears. Probably forgetting each time where he’d put the one before. He doesn’t see Katsuki there for a moment but when he does, the surprise on his face is imminent.

He trains his expression to something more neutral. “Hey, Kacchan.”


Denki beside him nearly fucking nuts right there. He makes a noise of shock and just whisper-yells “Holy fuckles, it’s ya boi.”

Luckily, Deku doesn’t take much notice. Too far into his head- or too tired from being at work all day to comprehend.

“Do you mind telling me what Mr. Kirishima was doing to sustain his injury? It would help me try to determine how serious it is.” Straight to business. This commanding, boss-like Deku was quite an interesting take on Midoriya’s personality.

It was kind of hot.

His mind is elsewhere when he answers.

“He fucking ran into a mailbox because he was too busy dabbing at me to see it.”

Denki beside him, having been reminded of what had just happened, starts crying with laughter again. He covers his mouth but just ends up snorting unattractively. “He’s such a dumbass, I love him so much.”

Katsuki smirks when he soon sees Midoriya trying to withhold a cheeky grin himself.

Instead, the doctor clears his throat and tries to remain a bit more professional. “Don’t worry, he’s going to be fine. He’s just a bit dazed. I gave him a light sedative just to help the headache he’s going to have. You can come see him now. Follow me.”

Katsumi and Kiyoko, who had been previously playing with the wooden blocks set out for the waiting room soon ran to follow. Their little feet padding on the linoleum floor. The pair of them flank the doctor, grabbing on his white coat.

“Uncle Eji is going to be okay, right?” Kiyoko asks, Deku, hugging his leg. She looks up at him with big auburn eyes.

“He hadn’t even told us what song he wanted us to play at his funeral yet.” Katsumi adds on her bottom lip wobbling.

Deku, with a soft smile on his face, kneels down to their height. He ruffles their light hair with his calloused hand. “He’s going to be just fine.”

Kaminari, beside Katsuki, whispers to him. “He wants my neck, my back’ played at his funeral just FYI.”

Bakugou’s too busy watching Deku interact with his children to actually acknowledge.


When they enter the room, Kirishima is propped up on one of the exam tables. His head lulling lightly to the right- a large white bandage on his forehead. When he sees them his eyes light up.

“Denki, my love- how long have I been out?”

He sees Kiyoko and Katsumi toddle in.

“My God, I have daughters- Denki they look just like you.”

“They’re mine, dumbass.” Katsuki growls. “You knocked yourself out running backwards.”

“Ah yes.” The memory comes back to him. “I did make it to Deku’s house, right? I organised a double date? Did you get some fuk?”

Katsuki freezes his head turning mechanically to the doctor’s side.

“Kirishima. Shut up.”

Ejirou just laughs at him. His mind is clouded. “You’re fucking gaYYY.”

Katsuki puts his face in his hands. “Listen Deku, don’t… take whatever he’s saying to heart. He’s a shit head.”

It’s the first time he actually looks at Deku since he’s gotten in here.

The doctor’s cheeks are flushed a little red and he looks as if he’d been mumbling to himself just moments prior. “No! No of course not!” He laughs uncomfortably. “Anyway- I should be going or I’ll be date- LATE- I mean late.” Deku clears his throat. “Places to see, people to do- wait no- oh no.”

“Stop waffling, dumb ass, thanks I’ll take it from here.” Katsuki scowls, trying his best to stay calm. Why the fuck was Deku all flustered all of a sudden?

God, he was going to kill Kirishima. He’d probably just ruined everything.

“Wait- wait-“ Kirishima mumbles incoherently. “YOU’RE Deku? The Deku?”

Midoriya nods, confused.

Ejirou looks around, dazed. “Wow your house is really weird looking- why does it have an X-ray machine?”

Midoriya turns to Denki. “You may need to let him sleep for the remainder of the day. Just to shake off the… confusion.”

Kaminari nods, he looks stars truck, still.

Deku looks at Bakugou, concerned. “Are your friends okay?”

“No. Don’t listen to anything they’ve said.”

“Nothing at all?” Midoriya looks dubious.
“Are you deaf? NOTHING?” An embarrassed Bakugou was even more brash than usual and fuck was he embarrassed.

Deku looks at him, coy. A large spot of colour on his cheeks. Like even HE was embarrassed to be saying what he was planning to say. “So no double date?” Midoriya pouts, disappointment evident in his tone, wiggling one of the pens he’d had in his curls at Katsuki before turning to leave the room. “Guess I’ll be going then.”

He makes it until they can’t see him again before collapsing into a puddle and dying.

Katsuki just stares at the door as he leaves. He’s just astral projecting into the sun. His soul has left his body.

Was Deku just flirting with him?

“Dude, Deku wants some DICKu yo.” Kirishima says, still dazed.


Kaminari and him high five.

Katsuki guesses he’ll just die.

Chapter Text

After the tragic dabbing incident (circa. 2018, colourised) Katsuki reluctantly suggests that Kaminari and Kirishima stay the night at his house. It’s not something Bakugou exactly wants to do- but the power of friendship and all that shit. 

Before they exit the hospital, Deku and he meet eyes once more. He’s in the middle of talking to another doctor.

Katsuki frowns, taking in the close proximity in which they were conversing in. For some reason that had rubbed him the wrong way.

Yeah, some reason, bitch, seriously?

Katsuki needed to get his gay ass in check. It only rubbed him the wrong way because Deku wasn’t rubbing him the right way. 

This other doctor, Katsuki has decided to name him Fucky McFuckface because he, indeed has a very fucky face. He looks very stoic as he speaks to Midoriya. But not bored, like he’d expect. His Prince Zuko looking bitch ass almost looked enthralled, listening to Deku’s mumblings. 

Midoriya meets his eyes, his frown, and he stops talking- mid sentence presumably. He’d always do that in class when they were younger. Katsuki supposed some things just never changed.

Following his co-workers gaze (presumably) this deviantart OC of a man looks up at him as well. 

Well shit, now Katsuki feels like he should say something. He looks back at his little group. His daughters, each of them holding on to his hands. And then at Ejirou and Denki.

He sighs. “Girls, watch your dumbass uncles. I’ll be back.” 

Kirishima and Kaminari, as if hearing their title, shoot their heads up. Kirishima is still pretty fucked up from whatever they gave him, so his eyes are somewhat glazed over.

“The fuck are we?” He asks ineloquently, snorting at his own voice.

“Ejirou, babe, we’re heading back to Bakugou’s for tonight.” Denki returns.

 “Sleep over? Fuck yeahhhhhh, let’s paint some nails.” Kirishima slurs, leaning heavily on Denki. 

 They don’t notice Katsuki leave their squad.


“Hey Deku. Just wanted to say thanks or whatever.” Katsuki grunts scratching his neck uncomfortably. He still wasn’t used to actually thanking people. Especially DEKU of all people. Even after all this time. Old habits really did die hard. Katsuki just wished they’d die quicker. He really was trying his best.

Okay, maybe not his best, but he WAS trying.

“Oh, it’s all part of the job, Kacchan.” Deku waves it off with a flush. “Uh.” He looks over at the doctor still standing idle by his side and then right back at Katsuki. 

“Who are you?” He asks at Bakugou, sizing him up. 

Katsuki sneers at him.

“Shouto don’t be rude”  Midoriya chides, stage whispering to the man.

Shouto sighs. He doesn’t hold out his hand. Something about the way this man conducted himself didn’t instil the greatest character perception of him.

“Shouto Todoroki, neurosurgeon.” 

Katsuki scowls, but decides to try to be civil. He’s made too many enemies in this town already.

“Katsuki Bakugou, not rude.” 

Welp, nevermind.

Deku facepalms. “I’ll see you some time soon, Kacchan.” 

“Yeah... Oh... Uh.... Fuck.” Katsuki’s ears go red, remembering the real reason he’d come on over here.

“About the double date thing-“ Deku raises his head, interest colouring his gaze.

Bakugou furrows his brows. “That’s a fucking stupid idea.”

Midoriya nods, downtrodden. For some reason that comment hurt a lot more than he thought it would. Perhaps his feelings for Katsuki ran a lot deeper than originally thought.

But why?

Katsuki can’t believe he’s fucking doing this.

“Believe me, you don’t want to be with these two for an extended amount of time.” Bakugou gestures to Denki and Ejirou, currently in the middle of making faces at his daughters. “So, uhhhh we should just go by ourselves one time.”

He then turns on his heel and nyooms outta the door so quick Deku doesn’t even have time to reply. Doesn’t have time to reject him. Doesn’t have time to tell him that that Todoroki guy is tryna smash as well. 


Deku cover his heating face with his hands. “I never should have egged him on like that.”

 Todoroki huffs, “Midoriya, I believe that angry man just asked you to dinner.”

He leans in closer to Midoriya’s shoulder and tries his best to imitate emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars prequels.

 “Do it.”



Katsuki’s pretty sure the parents aren’t supposed to be the people dragging the chain on the first day of school. But God, did he not want to get up after the night he’d had.

Katsuki had finally put the girls to bed after an extremely nutritious meal of nuggets and was already proceeding to fall into his own comatose state.

But then, well. He’d forgotten he’d had guests over.

Cue to five in the morning and four seasons of RuPaul’s drag race later. Kirishima and Kaminari were finally passed out on the couch together.

 Bakugou was ready to fucking die.


Katsuki holds Katsumi’s hand on his right and Kiyoko’s on his left as they walk up to the brightly coloured stairs of the kindergarten. They had been painted what Katsuki would call ‘smashed smurf blue’ with an equally as eye burning yellow railing. The place screams ‘finger painting and eating glue’ and well, he supposes that’s what you would want in a kindergarten.

They open the door to a cacophony of noises. He swears one kid is both crying and laughing at the same time.

The walls are covered in paintings that were over-saturated with paint, leaving the paper curling at the edges. Alongside that there’s a bunch of cute posters, the alphabet along the ceiling trim and a (presumably unused) poster of the times table.

It wasn’t what he’d been expecting from a neighbourhood like this, but Katsuki didn’t hate it.

“Ah you must be the Bakugou’s!” A female voice calls to him, being just heard over all the noise.

Katsuki looks the way of the noise and sees two women making their way to him.

The first, the one that had just spoken, looks like she could be a cartoon. Her eyes are large and round, her cheeks rosy and warm. She has her bobbed hair up in a tiny ponytail, and a splotch of purple paint by her eyebrow.

The second, well, there was something amphibian about her. She was a lot of long, awkward limbs. She had dark, sleek hair that travelled well down her back. She regarded them with a slightly more reserved enthusiasm.

“My name is Ochacho, I’ll be your teacher!” The first woman says, introducing herself, more to his daughters than to Katsuki. She then gestures to the woman behind her with a warm smile. “And this is your other teacher, Tsuyu.”

Tsuyu nods her head politely.

Kiyoko’s eyes are open wide, her ears a red. “You’re very pretty, miss.” Katsumi nods, vigorously by Bakugou’s side.

Ah, Katsuki wish he had the courage to just call Deku ‘pretty’ like that.

Ochako laughs, slightly embarrassed. “Oh, well thank you, sweetie.” She tucks a stray strand of her hair behind the back of her ear.

Tsuyu snorts inarticulately behind them, “she looks just like a princess doesn’t she?” She asks the girls.

They nod.

Ochako just looks even more embarrassed, looking back at her co-worker.

Tsuyu winks.


Maybe not just co-worker.


She quickly snaps out of it though. Slapping her red cheeks together. She brushes off her skirt and looks determined. “I will take very good care of your daughters, Mr. Bakugou.” Ochako says, Katsuki believes her.

He nods. Crossing his arms. "Good."

Ochacho nods right back. “Alright girls, how about a song? Come join all the other kids on the carpet!”

Katsuki can tell his girls will like it here. Though it is a little bit of a mess, it’s quirky. Their teachers seem trustworthy enough. Katsumi and Kiyoko hug his legs and he pats them on the head.

“Give em hell, kiddos.”

He would usually ruffle their hair but he spent way too fucking long braiding it this morning. He had to look up a youtube tutorial and everything.

Kaminari and Kirishima, though originally giving him shit- actually joined in after a while. They were a lot worse than Katsuki but in the end, Kirishima's usually spiky do was also in five messy braids. All sticking upwards. It looked so fucking stupid, Katsuki laughed at him for five minutes.


Bakugou hears the little jingle of a bell near the door. Announcing the presence of someone else.

 Katsuki sees another man (a father presumably) move to watch the teachers interact with the students. He places his hands in his suit pockets and sighs. His hair is just beginning to grey.

Ochako is singing a song with Tsuyu on guitar- they exchange a smile between one another that is so sugary that Katsuki will need a dentist after looking at it. 

 Bakugou can see Katsumi and Kiyoko in the crowd. Sitting together with rapt attention. God, he hadn’t seen them sit that still since… ever.


 “Ah, I’m so glad that the children’s teachers are such lovely friends with each other.” The business man says from beside him. “Good old gal pals.”

 Katsuki stretches, moving toward the door. His job was done.

 “They’re lesbians, Harold.” 

 Bakugou said as parting words to this stranger. Before closing the sticker covered door behind him.


A small pang in his chest and two empty hands. 

He’s gonna miss those little shits today.

He gets in his car only to find a barrage of texts from Kaminari:



Shitty Pikachu: ur boo ;)

Shitty Pikachu: i told him you were just out buying condoms.

Shitty Pikachu: XL size

Shitty Pikachu: I also gave him ur number

Shitty Pikachu: ur welcome :)


Bakugou_Katsuki: get fucked




At least with his daughters absent at school he could murder their favourite uncles without them knowing. Bury them in Susan’s shitty hydrangeas and frame her. It was perfect.

 Just as Katsuki plotting the tragic homicide of his friends. ‘Homocide’ Bakugou had aptly named it; he gets a text from an unknown number.


00-XXXX-XXXX : Hey Kacchan, It’s Izuku :)

00-XXXX-XXXX : I can’t do dinner but breakfast sounds nice :)


Besides finding the fact that Deku added smiley faces to all his sentences incredibly (annoyingly) endearing. Katsuki is unable to process much else.


Did he- Did he just land a date with Deku?

That boy was too forgiving for his own good.


Bakugou_Katsuki: Fuckin neato, i’ll swing by ur house now

Bakugou_Katsuki: ... :)


Perhaps the homocide of his friends could wait a little longer.


Bakugou_Katsuki changed -00-XXXX-XXXX's nickname to Deku <3

Chapter Text

Love knows no limits.

Including speed limits.

Katsuki is fucking speeding down the road toward both his and Deku’s house. Because for some God forsaken reason, that shithead actually agreed to go on a date with him. He doesn’t want to give him time to change his mind.

And Katsuki was giddy.

The Katsuki Bakugou. Giddy. About seeing Midoriya.

If his middle school self saw him now he’d probably be lost for words. He’d be lost for words because Katsuki would have knocked that fucker out. Not today, Satan. Katsuki had changed for the better.

Katsuki grips his steering wheel.

“If you try and cut me off again, bitch, I’ll take your turn signal and shove it so far up your ass your eyes will flash when you turn a corner.”

Okay, maybe he was changing for the better. Present tense.

Katsuki scowls, he wonders idly if he should go to his house first to change. But no, his dumbass friends would be there. And there was no way in frosty cold hell was he going to admit he managed to land a date with the object of his furious affections.

Straight to Deku’s then.

Katsuki is Tokyo drifting along the neighbourhood and at some point, he MAY have accidentally driven over some of Susan’s gardenias in her front yard. Woops.

What a shame Susan wasn’t there as well.

Deku is waiting out the front of his house for him. Like some teenager waiting for their mother to pick them up from soccer practice. It’s kind of hilarious. He fiddles with his hands, and it looks like he’s muttering to himself. Perhaps giving himself a pep talk. He’s wearing a slightly nicer sweater with a collar and everything. Even those insane red sneakers he’d been wearing since they were in middle school were replaced by some dressier shoes.

When he sees Katsuki’s car his head shoots up and he gives a nervous kind of smile. A dorky wave replaces his fidgeting and he shuffles over to him.

I’m supposed to get out of the car!
Katsuki quickly scrambles out of the car.

Deku looks at him quizzically. “Kacchan what are you doing?”

Bakugou just grimaces, hands on his pockets. “I was gonna open your shitty fuckin’ door for you.” He mumbles, kicking the gravel road at his feet.

Izuku flushes and he too looks at his shoes. “That’s pretty gay, Kacchan.” He teases, the most embarrassed smile on his face.

Katsuki purses his lips, “No shit.” He speeds to the other side of the car and opens the door. “Your chariot awaits, Deku.”

Deku puts a hand on his chin, “Are your tires… flaming?” He points at the inconspicuous smoke softly fanning out of the wheels of Katsuki’s car.

“No.” Katsuki lies.  “It’s not like I sped down the road to come pick your smartass up.”

Deku raises an eyebrow. “No, not at all.” He shifts the bag at his shoulder to the side before hopping into the passenger side of Katsuki’s car.


This was actually happening.

What the fuck?

Deku turns his head to the back seat of the car. “Katsumi and Kiyoko off at school?” He asks, assuming.

Katsuki nods. “It was their first day back today.” He frowns, tensing his shoulders a little more. Bakugou still tried to not look at Midoriya. It would make the situation that more surreal to him, if he was being honest.

“You miss them already, don’t you?”
Bakugou sneers, remaining silent.

Deku has a cute little smile on his face as he settles into the leather seats of Katsuki’s car. “They remind me so much of you when you were younger.” He confides, looking out the window.

And God, was that insult or just a simple observation? Katsuki was a terror at their age, but he supposes that his daughters are as well.

“Yeah, those kids got just about everything of me. Right down to my crazy ass hair.” Katsuki twiddles a strand of his blonde hair out for good measure. He swore that every time he wet it down in the shower it would just spring up time and time again. When he was younger, Katsuki had thought it to be super fucking rad. But when he started working, applying for jobs and all that jazz. It soon became apparent that other people didn’t think quite as highly about it.

Well, he told those people to get fucked anyway.

“So… where are we going?”



Deku breaks out into another grin. “I thought so.”

“Fuck off.”

“I have a place I go with some of my friends sometimes, do you want to go there?”

“They don’t serve eggs at strip clubs this hour.” Katsuki bites back, smirking.

Deku flushes, “and you would know that because…?”


They both smile, Midoriya’s unguarded and wide, Katsuki’s a little more hidden. It was nice to see Deku smiling like he used to again. Perhaps he’d just caught him at a bad day when he’d first seen him. Or maybe he’d been way too shocked to see Katsuki to really react.

Or just the mere presence of Susan.

Yeah that sounds about right.

“No strip club breakfast, fine.” Bakugou gives in, faking disappointment. Taking a left according to Midoriya’s gesture. “But you’ll have to warn me if this is some vegan bullshit. My ass needs bacon and coffee this early.”

“Kacchan it’s nearly midday.”

“Get fucked.”

Deku, as usual, doesn’t take it personally. Instead opting to look at Katsuki’s face. “It’s not vegan, I swear. Izumi approved.”
“Well shit, if Izumi approved it.” Bakugou says, half serious, half sarcastic. “That kid seems like a bacon boy.”

Midoriya sighs, “I wish you were wrong.”


The café that Deku takes him to looks like a hipster’s wet dream. It has navy blue shutters decorating the windows looking out onto the streets. Mismatched chairs decorating the recycled wooden tables. It looked like it was owned by some dude named ‘Oregano’ that wore flannel and thought showering was a choice.

“I know what it looks like.” Deku says, fore-warningly. Placating Katsuki’s first judgement of the place. “But I know the owner, he’s pretty cool.”

Katsuki would have to take his word. With a grain of salt, of course. There wasn’t anything aesthetically wrong with the place, it just seemed- like a hotbed for nightmare people that thought they were cool for getting raw bean mochas or some shit.

Midoriya leads him inside and must see the person he knows because he waves at him from the corner of the café. “Hitoshi! Hi!”

The man looks up at him, the same age as the occupants in the café currently. His spiked dark hair and circles under his eyes don’t exactly fit the image of ‘oregano’ that Katsuki was thinking of. He seemed more like an emo than anything. And Katsuki fucked with emos. Bakugou nods at him.

He waves back with a little smile on his face that doesn’t really fit him at all. Even more proof that Deku’s sunlight of a personality really did fuck up everyone around him. Amazing.

Midoriya grabbed a table by the window for them and grinned. Looking upon the posters at the counter. Filled with a mix of dorky quotes, band posters and dates of events.

“You seem chipper today.” Bakugou observes.

“It’s a good day.”

“Why’s that?”
“It’s muffin Monday.”
“Fucking hell yes.”


“So those guys that came into the emergency room -The guy with the concussion and his boyfriend. They, are unfortunately my friends.” Katsuki grimaces, taking a gulp of scalding hot coffee. He was trying to be a tough bitch in front of Deku and ordered it black. He usually took it with so much milk and sugar that it wouldn’t even be coffee. But he really wanted to look cool. And then that fucker just had to order his coffee black as well. Like he drunk it all the time. Who the hell could drink this as a choice? Why would you do that to yourself?

“I thought they were very cute together.” Midoriya admitted, both his sleeved hands on his huge mug. It was so big that it nearly dwarfed him. It would have If he’d looked the same as he did in middle school. “I think they love you very much.”

“You talk about them like they’re my parents.” If anything, Katsuki was their parents. Dragging them back to his house to sleep, forcing them to eat a vegetable with dinner, throwing them in a shower. Albeit this had only begun happening when he became a parent. It just kind of worked with his personality now.

Deku just shrugs his shoulders, “it’s just nice that you have nice friends now, Kacchan.”

Katsuki raises his eyebrows, “What do you mean by that?”

Younger Deku would have fidgeted at the question. But the man who stands at him now just smiles a little more idly. “Those kids you hung out with in middle school weren’t exactly the best.”

“You mean my minions of shitlords?” Katsuki asks.

“You were the leader, that was for sure. But I kind of felt like they egged you on a lot more than you think.”

Katsuki frowns, tilting his head up at Midoriya. Wondering just what his angle was. “You don’t have to defend my shitty actions by saying I was misguided. I knew exactly what I was doing.” He states, twitching his nose. It wasn’t mere arrogance that had him saying it, it was truth.

Deku nods, “I know… It’s just easier to think of it that way.”

Bakugou feels a wave of guilt flush over him. “…’M Sorry.”

“I know.” Midoriya smiles. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting in a coffee shop with you, Kacchan!”

“This place is cool.” Katsuki concludes, relaxing into his chair a little further. He was still a little bit tense. “It’s nice and quiet.”

The soft atmosphere of the café was, admittedly, rather nice. The soft music filtering in throughout the store fit nicely with the interior. The food, all in glass cases at the front were plain looking- but as Deku had explained (more like gushed) that the owner more so focused on the flavour of things.

They began talking more. About what life had been like without the other for these fifteen years. Katsuki noticed how Deku didn’t talk about Izumi’s other parent, his lack of a spouse. He also noticed himself stray away from the subject. They talked about their jobs, they talked about their friends. Their likes and dislikes, which had mostly remained the same throughout these years.

They just talked… It was nice.


“-As I was saying. If a normal person fucked Captain America, they would die because his dick is too powerful.” Katsuki takes a hearty bite of the remaining bacon on his plate.

Deku narrows his eyes, “I’m pretty sure super strength doesn’t transfer to sexual intercourse.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, fucko-“

The ring of the café bell chimed, politely remarking the entrance of new guests. The place had been rather quiet for the past hour they’d been there. People quietly milling about, coming and going as they pleased. Only Katsuki and Deku were constants in the ever-moving world around them. As long as someone kept topping up his (horribly fuckin’ bitter) coffee, they would stay.

“Oh! Wow! This place looks interesting…” An intrusive voice at the entrance exclaims.

Katsuki feels his blood go cold.

He turns his head, praying to god that that jarring voice belonged to someone else.


Katsuki groans, rolling his eyes. “It’s fucking Susan, she’s right here.”

Susan stands there, with her power walk friends, still in their matching tracksuits and new balances. They’re like sore thumbs in this dinky café.  Like Satan in a ball pit.

“Maybe she won’t see us?”

“Oh! It’s Katsuki and Izuku!” There’s a venom in her voice that is no longer hidden by a mask of false politeness.


Yep, that last stunt had definitely killed that for them. Oh no, Katsuki was devastated.

Katsuki turns his head, promptly ignoring her. He would not ruin this with Deku. He could not. He would not.

“Hunter’s birthday party is going to be marvellous.” She says to her friends, loudly enough for the whole shop to hear. “Whoever misses it is going to be regretting it for the rest of their lives.” The fact that she was so petty to shame a child, behind his back, in front of his parent really played into her villainous aura.

Katsuki can see Deku grow uncomfortable. He begins fidgeting again. “Just ignore it, Kacchan.”

But Midoriya was used to callous remarks. He was used to bullies.

Katsuki wasn’t.

He scowls, trying to remain as mild as possible. He bites his tongue and says nothing.

Susan’s fake eyebrows rise and her lip curls. “Nothing to say? No apology?”

She turns back to her friends, rolling her eyes. “I don’t even know why I try.” She scans the glass with the food behind it. Looking entirely unimpressed. Especially when she looks upon the posters adorning the walls behind the counter.

Her eyes stay on one in particular.

He can hear Deku’s “Ohhhh no.” From inside his coffee cup and his head turns back to watch as well.

Susan’s eyes stay fixed on the ‘say hey if your gay day, 6/9, ayy lmao. ’ Poster for an uncomfortably long time. Her lip curls slightly. “I hardly think that’s appropriate for a café, what if children were to come in-“

She looks back at Katsuki and Izuku. A cursory look now in her eyes.  

“Hey,” They both say in unison. 

Chapter Text

Who would have EVER thought that Susan would be homophobic? It’s outstanding really. Katsuki was super shocked. The way that she looked at Katsuki and Izuku was a lot more murderous now. Perhaps it was the fact that they’d just laughed at her. Or perhaps it was the fact that they were the homo to her phobic.

Now Katsuki wouldn’t classify himself as homosexual entirely. If anything he was a furious bisexual that liked making gay jokes too much to correct himself. Not that that mattered to Susan. At all. She just saw two dudes that had feelings for each other and that, apparently, was super wrong.

Katsuki has the pleasure of callously turning his back on her as she gapes and faces Midoriya. Who looks equally pleased by her shocked silence. Shocked silence was still silence, after all. As long as she said nothing for the rest of their stay, it would be sublime.

This kind of shit wasn’t quite unknown to Katsuki. Though he wasn’t mainly the subject to it, he’d witnessed far too many times the fucked up shit that Kaminari and Kirishima got if they ventured out too far of their city living abode. He knew they could handle themselves, but God did it grate on Bakugou’s nerves not being able to just go up and punch every asshole in the world.

“I didn’t know you two were of that persuasion.” Susan says coolly, eyeing them still.

Katsuki bites his tongue.

He hears the rubber soles of her feet stomping closer. He has a mental image of her manicured hands on her hips. Her fake nose pinched and ugly on her face.

She stops when she’s in front of their table. As If she were a waiter.

“It’s rude not to answer. I thought you’d have learned that in pre-school!” Susan glares at them. “Do your children know about… this?” She gestures to the air around Midoriya and Bakugou.

Katsuki didn’t even really know what ‘this’ was. God, why did Susan have to ruin everything? He needed a plan to make Susan leave. But HE didn’t want to leave. Katsuki really didn’t want to stand down. He looks at Deku. His eyes are on the table, but there’s the same kind of frustration there as well.

Pointedly not looking at Susan, he faces Deku, takes another sip of his dumb tough guy coffee and says, in Japanese, with the most pleasant voice imaginable.

“This bitch is testing me, do you think the guy who owns this joint will mind me putting her head through the coffee grinder?”

He can tell that Deku isn’t sure if he’s being serious. He likes that. Unpredictability. It was an edge that had Katsuki being compared to a ticking time bomb most days.

“We should probably just ignore her.” He replies, despite the mischievous hint in his eyes. Oh yeah, Deku was definitely thinking about Susan being grinded into a bitchy little cappuccino.

Speaking of bitch cappuccino. Susan opens her dumb ass mouth again to speak. “Don’t you care about ending up in hell? God says it’s wrong for a man to-“

“Listen here, you grass fed, organic bitch of a human being-“ Katsuki begins, softly, in English this time. Taking a moment to take another bite of his bacon. “We’re not bothering you, but you sure as shit are bothering us so kindly go take your cheetah print ass elsewhere. Or I will set fire to your croc collection.”

Deku has his hand on his mouth. In shock or to suppress more laughter. He’s not sure.

Susan just looks really pissed. “I guess you’ll be going to hell.”

Katsuki doesn’t even blink. “I am going to hell. But it ain’t because I suck an occasional dick. I’ll see you there.”

She turns to Deku then. Her angry hands clenched at her sides. “I’m disappointed in you, Izuku. I expected more. I thought a doctor of people would notice when he is sick.

Deku looks nonplussed. He wasn’t the trembling teenager he used to be. There’s a hint of refrain, of restraint in his expression. But it’s hardly the wobbling limps and knocking knees of the past. Katsuki feels a strange sense of pride overwhelm him. It’s weird and it makes his chest feel warm. It’s nice.

“You don’t have the right to feel anything about me. ” Deku declares in a thin veil of decorum. He was just as pissed as Katsuki. It felt nice to know that Bakugou was valid in his actions this time. It felt freeing. “You always talk down to me and I’ve dealt with too much of that in the past to let it slide anymore.” Deku stands up meeting her face to face. They’re about the same size in height. But in that moment, Deku looks so much bigger. He’s angry. “You’re a woman that hasn’t gotten over the fact that her prime was her high school years. You’re someone that is jealous of everyone else’s happiness because on the inside you’re miserable. Your politeness is as plastic as your nose and your husband is fucking the maid. Good day Susan.”

Deku grabs Kacchan’s arm and careens him out of the shop, dropping a bunch of bills onto the counter and a nod to the cashier, Katsuki presumes it’s the owner because his nonchalant face looks almost impressed with the little scene that had just ruined the ambience of his shop.

Katsuki is certain he could roast a marshmallow from Susan’s shaking body. That bitch had gotten burnt. Just like Katsuki’s own tongue lashing, Bakugou suspects that Deku had been holding that in for a very long time.

And just like the first time. Katsuki found it kind of hot.

Susan’s wig just got snatched and it wasn’t even Katsuki doing the snatching. He’ll have to remind himself to never get on Deku’s bad side again.

He can sense Midoriya’s unease from his side. He turns to look at him. Just like before, he might be reeling from the release of all that negative energy. He really hopes he doesn’t feel bad about it though.

“Oi, Deku-“

That crazy son of a bitch is giggling. His chest, not shaking with exertion- but actual laughter.

“Deku what the fuck?”

In between breaths. Midoriya tries to justify himself. “I-“Breath. “Have.” Puff. “Wanted.” Another. “To do that.” He gushes, “For too long.”

Katsuki gives him a smirk. “I’m glad you did, it was kind of hot.”

Oh fuck.

He did actually say that out loud.

Deku stops laughing.

“Oh yeah?” He says, a dusting of pink on his already red face.

Katsuki decides to own it. Fuck it. “I mean what I say.”

Deku gives him a grin. “I have something else I’ve been wanting to do for a while as well.”

Bakugou raises his eyebrow. This Deku was certainly strange to behold. But definitely not in a bad way. Again, kind of hot. His ambitious face was sparkling with excitement. “And what’s that?”

Perhaps it’s the rush of adrenaline, or perhaps it’s the mass amounts of coffee they’d both just ingested. But Deku gets on the tips of his toes and plans a chaste kiss on Katsuki’s lips.





Katsuki remembers the day he started turning on Deku in their youth. It had happened so long ago that it felt almost like it were a mere mirage. Looking back on it now, it makes Bakugou feel like shit.

He remembers being jealous of him. Of all things. This dorky little kid who used to be his friend, who used to sleep over at his house, who brought extra crackers to share with him at lunch. He was jealous of him. Katsuki envied how easy he found it to be a kind person. He envied how his mother cooked him dinner every night. He envied how all the teachers treated him with gentleness and nurture. He envied him so much that it easily burned into hate. In his clouded, shitty, young mind- he had put two incorrect pieces together to puzzle that everything he hated about himself was Deku’s fault. Instead of fixing those aspects of him, he chose to take out his anger on Deku.

It’s accumulated into a crude punch to Deku’s cheek. He remembers his little fists burning from the blow.

Deku was always a timid kid. He was shy and didn’t always stick up to people. This was no different.

There was just something different about his eyes this time though. As opposed to the other kids that used to pick on him back then. Those green irises had looked so awash with betrayal against the sand of the playground.

Katsuki remembers that Deku didn’t cry. Crybaby Deku refused to let his tears fall. In a way, he supposed, that was his way of fighting back. It worked, it made Katsuki’s little brain flame with white hot anger.

Those years of torment can’t be redeemed by a few kind words. Katsuki has always known that. He’ll probably always be sorry about the way he treated Midoriya. And so he should be.

That’s why he’s the first one to pull away from the kiss they shared.

He places an uncharacteristically gentle hand on Deku’s chest, separating the two of them.

Izuku tilts his head, a tiny flash of hurt welling in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Kacchan?”

Katsuki looks troubled, he bites his lip and scowls deeply. Eyebrows furrowing down further to hinder his vision. “Are you sure you want this?” He asks. After all this time he finally had a conscience? What great fucking timing, Bakugou.

Deku raises a dark eyebrow. His lips pursing, searching for the right words to say. He was always good at finding them. “I’m kissing the Kacchan I know now, not the one I knew in school.” Deku says resolutely.

“You’re too fuckin’ forgiving, Deku.” Katsuki says hesitantly.

“Forgiving you was easy, Kacchan.”

Something about that sentiment has Bakugou’s chest blooming with warmth. “And why was that?”

“Because even after everything that had happened. Even back then, I still thought of you as my friend.”

“That’s fucked up.”

Deku laughs, “I know. But I guess… I guess I was always good at looking for the best in people.”

Katsuki feels a smile cross his lips. It is without mirth or venom. It’s genuine. It hurts his face to be so sincere. “We’re totally different people then. I can’t stop seeing the worst in people.”

“Magnets are always attracted to their polar opposites.” Izuku supplies helpfully. A wave of his finger as gesture. He meets Katsuki’s gaze with a mischievous glint in his green eyes.  “Want to meet in the middle?”

Bakugou finds himself laughing despite himself. That dumbass joke had tickled him. He presses closer. “Yeah, alright.”

He’s the one to kiss Deku this time. He grabs his cute face. So up close to him. He tries to count every freckle on his cheeks first, but It’s impossible. He grows impatient, one kiss and he’s already so greedy. He plants a kiss on Deku’s pointed nose before going straight for his lips.

Katsuki wasn’t sure this was how he’d pictured a kiss with Izuku Midoriya to be like. Lips tasting like bitter coffee, pumping with adrenaline from snatching the wig off some bitch in a café. It was a little too niche for his mind to fully make up on it’s own. Not that he would change a thing.

Their first kiss was good, but Katsuki was a little too in his head to fully comprehend the weight in his heart being lifted off and flying away.

The second is better.

When they break away, Katsuki fairly certain that a third could be even better but alas, he is, of course, cockblocked out of his stupor.

“HOOOOOOOLY SHIT.” Hollers a familiar voice. Kirishima. Fuck.

Katsuki scowls. Deku squawks.

They jump ten feet apart from one another in an instant.

“You spiky little bitch!” Katsuki growls, glaring daggers into Kirishima’s head. “How the fuck did you even find me?”

Ejirou just holds up his phone, “Find my friends.”

“I don’t even have that turned on!” 
“Good thing I turned it on yesterday then.”



“Uh…” Deku looks uncomfortable. “I believe we’ve met before?”

Ejirou gives him a toothy grin, recollecting himself. Standing straight, he splays out his right hand. “Yeah I was knocked the fuck out the first time. Thanks for taking care of me, dude. It’s nice to meet you. Bakugou said you were cute but I didn’t know you’d be THIS cute.”

Midoriya reddens, so does Katsuki. “I never said anything like that!” Katsuki bites back, fists curled at his sides. Never mind, operation homie-cide was back with a vengeance.

“You’ve got game, Bakugou, it’s only been like, less than a week and you’re already smooching against the wall.” Kirishima continues, shamelessly. “I chalk it up to fifteen years of sexual tension.”

Deku, despite his flusteredness, only nods in affirmation. “Yeah probably.”

Katsuki looks horrified, “Deku!”

“Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Kacchan.”

“Fuck off.”

“I would but you’d miss me~” Midoriya grins, teasingly up at him. The most sheepish expression on his face.


Katsuki blushes. “No I wouldn’t.”

He hears a phone shutter from the bushes.

Whipping his head that way, lightning fast he sees Kaminari pop out of the bushes. Tendrils of sticks and leaves in his hair. “I got it, Ejirou!” He exclaims. “A rare blushy boi!”

Kirishima laughs, triumphant. He runs over to give his boyfriend a high-five.

Katsuki puts a hand on his face, utterly defeated but still so God damn happy. He turns to Deku, a side glance that wouldn’t have been picked up on by anyone but him. Midoriya meets his gaze and gives him another soft smile. “Thanks for giving me a chance.” Katsuki whispers. A little too tender for his liking. It was like, on the rare side of the steak scale. He kind of hated it.

“Thanks for calling Susan a grass-fed bitch.”

“Oh you are so welcome Mr. ‘your husband is fucking the maid.’”

“She’s going to egg both of our houses isn’t she?”


Chapter Text

The time passes in Magnolia Springs, slowly then all at once. Like a sauce bottle that hadn’t been used in a while, like, it was stuck in the pantry for a solid two weeks and then someone gave it a hearty tap. Katsuki couldn’t think of anything more poetic than that.

Sooner than later, the Bakugou family are silently celebrating their very first month in the suburb of Magnolia Springs. It’s almost as if it were a milestone, really. Like they were commemorating Katsuki’s refrain from murdering some of his neighbours. One in particular, actually.

“Has Susan started any shit with you?” Katsuki asks Deku over coffee. They’d been meeting in the same café every couple of days now. It was truly an out of body experience for Katsuki, the fact that Deku was here and he wasn’t trying to kick his ass for everything Bakugou had done to him.

Not only that but they were… They were dating now. Katsuki turns red just thinking about that. He supposes that was one reason to celebrate moving here to this shit hole.

He glances over at Izuku now. His hair still damp from showering in the morning- Katsuki had always taken him for a night shower person, weird.

The fact that he even thought of Deku showering at all was the real root of the problem.

Midoriya fiddles with his hands, looking suspicious. “Now that I think about it… No.” He seemed confused. His eyebrows scrunching down on his forehead.

They’d kissed a couple more times after the events of their first ‘date.’ But nothing more than that. Not that Katsuki was complaining at all. He was more so just… confused. They weren’t teenagers anymore- so what was going on?

He thought better than to ask.

Because well, he was Katsuki.

He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

“Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me- not to question a good thing.”

Deku nods in approval, taking a sip of his coffee. “I suppose so…” His eyes light up, remembering something important. “Ah! It’s Katsumi and Kiyoko’s first soccer game tomorrow isn’t it?”

Katsuki grins, “It is. They’re gonna destroy all those other little shits.”

“A little bit competitive for a kid’s soccer game, Kacchan.”

“Just let me have this, Deku.”

Deku smiles with him, making a move over the table to grab on to his hand. His expression fades into something a little more solid. Not quite a frown, but not a grin either.

Katsuki basks in the warmth of Izuku’s hand on his before he speaks again.

“Do you think we should tell our kids about… us?” Deku asks, quietly, looking nervous. It was like they were back in school again. He was fascinated by the change in demeanour. Deku had become so much stronger- and yet he still lapsed into anxiety bouts just like he used to.

Katsuki hadn’t thought much about it. But he has a feeling this wasn’t about his daughters. This was most likely centred around Izumi. Izumi was just that much older that he would be able to comprehend the weight of it more. All that and he was a pretty clever kid.

And very protective of his father.

Katsuki gulped.

Izuku was probably nervous to tell his son. Which was understandable. Katsuki feels guilty he didn’t think of it earlier.

“I just know how awful Susan can be. I wouldn’t put it past her to pass the news around to everyone that will listen tomorrow. I just don’t want Izumi to find out through that.”

Katsuki nods, solemn. “Do what you gotta do, Deku. I- uh, I can talk to him after- if that will make him feel better.” Bakugou didn’t really want to. There was something about Izumi that had him on edge. He thought he was an amazing kid, but there just seemed to be this huge chip on his shoulder. Definitely not from homework or losing a game of fucking roblox or some shit. It was something a lot darker than that.

Midoriya’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree in early December. “That would be really amazing, Kacchan.”

Katsuki scowls looking to the side. “Don’t look at me like that, I’m just doing what I have to.” He gives Deku a side glance. “I want to make sure he knows that I’d never want to hurt you.”

Midoriya flinches a little before giving him a smile. There was definitely some storyline to their actions that Katsuki wasn’t being let in on.

Deku fiddles with his fingers. “I’ll do the same for Katsumi and Kiyoko. I know they love their dad.”

Katsuki flushes with pride. His hold on Deku’s hand grows a bit tighter and the tips of his ears redden just the slightest bit. “You’re pretty alright too, Deku.”

That’s Katsuki language for; thank you, Deku, THANK YOU YOU’RE SUCH A GREAT PERSON PLEASE LET ME KISS YOU-

Deku smiles at him. “I know.”

Katsuki sputters. “You’re supposed to say something back!”

“But you’re not cool, Kacchan. I can still see a braid in your hair that the girls must have put in your hair this morning.” Deku reaches over to touch Katsuki’s mess of hair. He was correct, there was, in fact a tiny, messy braid upon his head. Midoriya was definitely relishing in the fact that he could now give Katsuki as much shit as he wanted.

Bakugou groans. They’d refused to get their hair done before he got his apparently. There was even a tiny pink scrunchie wedged on it at the end. He twiddles it with his thumb. Not quite willing to take it out.

He doesn’t want to admit to the fact that he missed having his daughters around all the time to Deku. No matter how rambunctious they were- sure they were handfuls separately and absolute terrors together, but they were his. His little monsters that he wanted to watch cartoons with.

“Aw you miss them.” Deku coos, the tiniest hint of mirth in his smile. It’s genuine though.

Katsuki rests his head on his hands. “Don’t you miss Izumi when he’s at school?”

Midoriya looks wistful. “Of course I do. But I just know that it’s for the best that he’s there. You know, interacting with people his age, making friends.” He sighs, “probably taking the piss out of Susan’s son.”
Katsuki smirks, “just like his dad.”

Midoriya snorts, “that family line is cursed. You have no idea how much I had to put up with before you came here.”

“Why don’t you enlighten me?”

Deku seems pretty closed off. He retracts his hand. “It wouldn’t make much sense if I didn’t tell you the entire story.”

The entire story?


“I don’t want to talk about it.” Deku says quickly. Looking everywhere except at Bakugou.

Katsuki leaves it at that. But the answer grates on his insides for the rest of the day.


They decide to tell their kids after the game tomorrow.


When Katsuki was younger, he was told he was a bit too physical to play a game like soccer. Which was a fair point, he was an asshole with a terrible temper. But when he watched the coaches and the games on dumb feel good movies, he couldn’t help but long for a childhood with orange slices and being lifted up on the arms of team mates.

Kiyoko and Katsumi are dressed in their oversized jerseys that are far too big for their tiny bodies and Katsuki just about dies. They were finally old enough to decide on an extra-curricular by themselves. They’d chosen soccer.

And they’d looked so cute.

“Girls I need about eighty photos, hold still.” Katsuki says gruffly, trying not to have a heart palpitation from the cuteness overload. He fumbles out his phone. This strange anticipation he’s feeling is something so alien to him. Even after five years of being a father, he’s still not fully sure what it is.

He’d find out later it was pride.

“Do you want me to take some with you in them?” Deku appears out of nowhere. Apparating from behind him like a teleporter. Picnic basket at his shoulder and Izumi behind him, headphones in his ears.

Katsuki is too startled to tell him it’s fine, don’t worry about it. He just nods. Because he wants to.  He really does.


It’s one of Katsuki’s favourite photos. He’s knelt down in the morning dew grass. His arms around both of his daughters. Kiyoko holds a soccer ball and wears the brightest grin on her face, her left front tooth absent. Katsumi is frozen mid-giggle because Deku had taken it just after he’d said something funny. And there’s Katsuki in the middle. He’s wearing the teams colours, like a fucking loser, yellow and blue with another braid forgotten in his hair. This time, accented with an orange scrunchie. Compliments of his two daughters once more.

He makes it his phone lock screen.

Katsuki’s too busy making sure everyone is looking at the camera that he just misses the warm look on Deku’s face.


Little did these poor assholes know that this would definitely be the only good part about this game.

Chapter Text

The mere presence of the PTA mothers all crowded around the side of the soccer field has Katsuki on edge as they approach. He sees far too many bleached layered bobs and crocs to be anything but tense. Why did every woman in this neighbourhood look exactly like Susan? His eyes scan each and every one of them. Okay, there were some differences. Some of their nose jobs were much worse than others.

And the worst of all.


Once more, here to fuck shit up.

He sees her shitty hair, worse than Kirisima’s, doting on her oldest son. Hunter. Katsuki wonders if the rest of her satan clan are also named after archaic professions.   

“Oh boy here we go.”

Deku stops and looks at Bakugou’s sight line. He stops in his tracks and groans. Hand on his forehead. “I forgot Susan has another younger son.”

Katsuki scowls, “that would have been helpful to know.” He shoves his hands in his jeans, his light mood being weighed down by cheater print anvils. “Let me guess, his name is fucking Brayden or Hayden or something.”

A small boy rushes toward them in a flurry of wispy chestnut hair.

Susan’s attention is swayed from her doting, “Kayden!”

Fucking knew it.

Katsuki raises his hand for Midoriya to high five.

It’s returned promptly.

Turns out the plastic nets in soccer weren’t the only goals on the field today.

“Hello Yoko, Hello Kat.” ‘Kayden’ greets cheerfully, his front teeth absent from his mouth. He smiles at the pair of girls. His uniform was also too big for him. Guess he would be skinny if all he had to eat was kale and chia seeds. Poor little shit.

“Hi Kayden.” They chime simultaneously before looking up at Bakugou.
“Daddy, this is our friend from school!” Katsumi exclaims, tugging the boy’s hand and pointing. Their friend? Susan’s son? The local bitch-tornado, Susan?

Ah fuck.

“He can do two cartwheels. In a row!” Kiyoko gushes, eyes wide with excitement. She clenches her little fists together.

“Three now!” Kayden corrects happily to the girl’s surprise. He meets Katsuki’s eyes and tilts his messy head. “I saw you push mama in the pool.”

Katsuki freezes, his limbs locking up just the slightest bit. He really didn’t want to be the reason his daughters lost a friend. Despite said friend being the son of satan. He can hear Deku intake a sharp breath.

His gappy smile accentuates the freckles on his nose. He doesn’t look upset. He laughs. Kayden’s curls bounce up and down with his head.  “It was funny.”

Bakugou grins at him. “Glad to hear it.” He ruffles the boy’s hair in a playful manner. He decides he likes the kid even if his mother is a she-devil. After all, the sins of the predecessor should not be passed onto future generations when they aren’t in the wrong. No matter how much of a manic bitch that predecessor was.

Speaking of which.

Or should he say, witch.

“Get your hand off my son!” Susan shrieks dramatically, squawking after her second son halfway across the field. Waving her pointy finger. It causes the entire PTA crowd to draw their attention to them. Of course. Always a flare for the dramatics. Susan would be wonderful at reality television.

Katsuki wilfully retracts, deciding not to come out of the gates swinging. He didn’t want Katsumi and Kiyoko to lose a friend. Moving them around all the time made it harder for them to find people that they could really connect with.

So he chose to swallow his anger for now. God he hated being a responsible adult sometimes. Okay, all the time.

Susan glares venomously at the pair of them. Deku tenses. It takes a while for Katsuki to figure out why. After all, it was evident that neither of them were actually scared of her whatsoever.


Katsuki realises with a dull bitterness.

Deku thought that Susan was going to spill the beans about their relationship to their kids. To Izumi. Protective, fierce Izumi.


She wouldn-

Oh wait no she totally fucking would.

“Good morning, Susan.” Katsuki says as pleasantly as he possibly can. A gritted smile on his face. He had no idea why she kept approaching them. She kept getting fucking destroyed every time she did. Was it a pride thing? She was resilient he’d give her that. Resilient but stupid. So stupid.

It was probably because she held leverage over them.

For now.

If they could get through this game without anything going wrong. They’d be back to their roastings quick smart. Bakugou could only hope that it went as easily as he’d made it up in his head.

“Katsuki, girls, Izuku.” She’s glaring at Izuku now, hand at her hips.

Midoriya meets her gaze, nonplussed. He takes a sip of the cup in his hand and nods in her direction.

Katsuki was dating a bad bitch, bless his soul.

“And Izumi.” Izumi says, slightly to the right. Pulling off his headphones in one quick moment. “But I guess I don’t exist?” He carries a smoothie in his hand and an irritated expression. God that kid was beyond his age. Who knew a twelve year old could act like a jaded old woman?
Katsuki thought it was kind of hilarious.  

“Sorry, Izumi, you’re not cool enough for the gang.” Katsuki returns, giving him a sly grin.

“How will I ever learn to cope?” Izumi replies, expressionless. His humour as dry as the desert. He takes another slurp of his smoothie.

Susan huffs, her arms crossed. Obviously not impressed by the fact that the group wasn’t paying attention to her for a few split seconds.

Kayden toddles over to her side when she beckons. Like a dog.

“Your girls aren’t wearing the proper shoes.” Susan looks down, her pointed nose turning up at them. She looks back at Katsuki, gesturing to his daughters.

Bakugou glances lazily down at Kiyoko and Katsumi’s footwear. His lips quirking downwards. “And what’s wrong with them?”

“They are not the approved colours.”

A raised eyebrow. “They’re blue.”

“They’re light blue. The code calls for mid-to-dark blue.”

Oh. Katsuki really didn’t have time for this whatsoever.

He didn’t have anything to actually do after this, but he definitely didn’t have time. Susan was nitpicking every detail and he was powerless to stop her this time.

Bakugou soldiers on like a god-damn trooper. Facing satan in her plastic face and giving her a smile. His mother would be so proud of him- he’d have to text her about it later. “That’s strange because when I read the guide it just said blue.”

“The team guide specifies blue, intended  to mean mid-to-dark blue. I know because I rewrote them at the recreational sports committee just last month! You do not want to get on my bad side, Katsuki.”

Oh great. Now he’s being blackmailed. By a soccer mom. At nine in the morning. Surrounded by a bunch of orange slices and five year olds.

Was this really Katsuki’s life? Was this real?

He looks at Susan’s get up. A velvety blue tracksuit with yet another coloured pair of yellow crocs. Clunky earrings adorning her stretched lobes. It was garish and attention garnering. Bold and brash and belonging in the trash. Atrocious.

Yeah well the team guide says ‘no mascots’, but here you are dressed as a fuckin’ clown.

“Cool.” Katsuki says nonchalantly. Trying very hard not to lose his shit in front of a bunch of toddlers at it’s-to-fucking-early o’clock in the morning. He looks at Deku, then back at Susan. He takes a deep breath. Do it for him.  He couldn’t just be selfish now- even though he really REALLY wanted to be.  “I’ll look in to that. Nice talking to you, Susan.”

God it felt good dismissing her like that, in it’s own way. Not as good as giving her a verbal bashing, but that was the most kid friendly he could possibly be at the moment.

He was trying this new thing where he tried to stop insulting people in front of Kiyoko and Katsumi so they’d stop saying it to their peers. He’d just gotten them to stop calling people ‘fuck-munches’ he wasn’t going to start a new insult. One that could possibly be even worse than that.

Okay definitely a lot worse than that.


Deku and Kacchan find their way to an unoccupied slice of green beside the field. It’s a fair distance from the rest of the parents and they both prefer it that way. They can even hear the chirp of morning birds by the trees amongst the fanfare of children playing.

The grass is still dewy from the morning and Katsuki curses. He’d forgotten-

Midoriya unfurls a blanket from his bag and lies it on the grass for them to sit on.

“I thought you would have forgotten one.” Deku confides with a sly smile on his face. “You were too busy worrying about the girl’s braids.”

Bakugou feels his face heat up. “I was not!”

“I saw you through my living room window. You can’t hide from me. I see all.” Izuku says jokingly, “Even the late-night video games in your ninja turtle boxers.”

Kiyoko and Katsumi seem to find that extremely hilarious because they crack up laughing at their father. They had been so easily turned against him. Bakugou couldn’t help but feel utterly betrayed by his own kin.

Katsuki glares at Izuku but he’s too busy splaying out on the blanket on the ground to notice. That little shit.

The distant sound of the referee’s whistle marks the start of the game. Katsumi and Kiyoko nearly run off without another word but Katsuki grabs both of their arms.

“Kick ass, girls.” He says with a smile, bending down to their level.

“Do your best.” Deku adds from slightly further away, giving them a thumbs up.

“Don’t die.” Izumi adds, surprisingly. Not looking up from his phone. He’s stretched out on the blanket, leisurely seated on the right back corner.  

Katsumi and Kiyoko  shine bright with pride and anticipation before turning their backs and running toward their team. Their first real game of soccer. They were so excited.

Izumi wears a frown on his face, squinting at the group after the girls were fading into the distance. “They’re so much smaller than everyone else playing.”

Deku nudges his shoulder. “You worried, Izumi?”


It seemed that Izumi had taken a shining to the girls already. Katsuki and Izuku weren’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Nevertheless, it made Izuku feel just that bit more at ease when the time came that they would tell their children about the extent of their budding relationship.

If they could get through this soccer game without Susan blabbing, of course. It was a ticking time bomb, but even more erratic.

“Don’t worry about them, Izumi. Do you not see who their father is?” Katsuki asks, beaming with pride.

“That’s why i would be worried, i have.” Izumi returns, raising an eyebrow at Bakugou.


Great now Katsuki had gotten fucking destroyed by both father and son. A familial burn.

Sunday roasts had never quite been like this.

They don’t quite notice the quietened chatter between the other mothers among the soccer pitch. The glances to their direction. And of course, Susan’s manic grin.


Izumi picks up on it first. While both Katsuki and Izuku are watching the game. He hated soccer so it was natural anything else were to draw his attention.

This almost elementary grade of gossiping action was prevalent enough for twelve year old Izumi to perceive. And it was strong enough for Izumi to grow curious.

He knew well enough that it wasn’t because of a pair of shoes.


He decided to go investigate.

Soccer fucking sucked anyway.

Chapter Text

Izumi Midoriya was a deadpan child. That mixed in with the nihilistic approach on life that came flat packed with post millennial children. His personality was an eclectic mix of fucking strange and concerning.

He really did hate soccer, though.

He hadn’t an inkling whatsoever why he’d been dragged here by his father. He hadn’t a clue why his father kept asking about what he thought of that Katsuki guy. And he had no idea why it meant so much to his father that he liked this new neighbour and his children. It had never been that way before. Izuku would have his friends, Izumi would have his. Why the sudden need now?

Perhaps Susan had something to do with it?

Who was he kidding? Of course she did.

Izumi was only twelve but he could sense the evil in that woman. He thought better than to approach the crowd head on as he approached. No matter how much he wanted to stop this obvious slander of his father. Whatever it may be. He needed to found out the source first.

He decides to pull a solid snake and sneak the fuck around instead. Wanting nothing more than to listen in and perhaps get an idea on what was going on.

Izumi is finally within earshot when she hears the polite, adult, hushed voices of a group of soccer moms gossiping. Mainly consisting of the PTA that he’d seen a few times at school assemblies. Those were the assholes that were trying to take go-gurts out of the cafeteria!

What sick fucks.

Izumi scowls at them. Already having a bad feeling about this.

Susan, with fake concern on her face, glances over to the side of where Katsuki and Izumi’s father were watching the soccer game. Izumi looks back as well. They still hadn’t noticed his absence. Katsuki had a scowl on his face, Deku looked mildly enthused. Their gazes both focused on the game.

They were both sitting pretty close to one another. It was a pretty small picnic blanket. Izumi shrugs it off.

“I just can’t stand to think about those poor little girls.” Susan whispered, her eyebrows drawn downwards, worrying. “What would they think if they knew?”

Another woman piques up. “Exactly. It’s fine if they choose to be that way, I suppose, but not in front of the children! It’s vulgar.”

Izumi can’t help but feel a little bit confused.

“Not to mention poor little Izumi. Especially because he’s older. He’ll understand.” Susan continues, hand on her hip.

Hearing his own name, Izumi can’t help but try to listen harder. To try and make sense of this strange dialogue that was coming out of these terribly lipsticked mouths.

The women hum in agreement. “What idea will that give him?”

“It’s abuse. Not having a mother around to care for them.”

Izumi frowns. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard it before. People were, in general, ill-informed shitheads. But from actual adults? Instead of snot nosed brats on the playground…?

He could hear them now, mocking him.

Izumi clenches his fist. He looks out into the soccer field. Watches as Kiyoko and Katsumi laugh as they kick around the ball amongst the other players. They were good.

They were like him. In a way.

He really didn’t want them to have to go through what he did though. Those dumb taunts about how he didn’t have a mother. Who the fuck cared about that kind of stuff these days?

Now Izumi may have figured it out. It wasn’t the kids. It was the adults putting the thoughts into their heads. They were the root of the problem. It was nurture, not nature.

Izumi is about to interject. But the last thing coming out of Susan’s mouth has him stopping in his tracks.

“I saw them kissing in a public space, you know?” She sneers. “Out in the open for everyone to see. What if my dear Hunter- or sweet Kayden saw that?” She flicks her gaze to Katsuki and Izuku. Tossing her hair over her shoulder and glaring. “That’s just not normal .”  


Izumi feels a strange feeling in his gut. Pressing in on his chest and leaving him breathless.


The way they sat shoulder to shoulder. All the time they spend together. His father’s diligence and continual asking if Izumi was comfortable around Katsuki.

They were dating. Together. Of course they were.

How had he not seen it before?

It makes so much more sense. How could he be such an idiot?

He watches, in what almost seems like proof. As Katsuki absentmindedly brushes a stray hair out of his father’s eyes. Gentle in a way that hadn’t been expected from the guns blazing personality he’d shown previous.


His father reddens ever so slightly, his gaze meeting the ground as he flushed. He scratches the back of his neck. Secretly pleased.

“Disgusting, isn’t it?” Susan scowls, arms crossed. “Not natural at all.”

Izumi’s eyes flick back to the woman’s words. His shock making him numb to all of it. He had no real idea what he felt now. He didn’t know where fact was and opinion lay. He just knew Susan always hated people that were different.

Ah, they were probably planning on telling him after the game. Izumi thinks back on the way Katsuki held back from unleashing his usual verbal shit storm on Susan. The one he had been looking forward to all day. It’s because she held something over the two of them for now. Wasn’t it? Katsuki had held back because of him ?


Izumi is still just a child, so he knows full well that he can’t just go up and knock Susan the fuck out. Nor should he. That would probably only ruin things further. Besides, his father hadn’t raised him like that.

But he doesn’t just want to leave it here to stew. It would almost be like he was accepting this news in the form that he’d been given inadvertently.

So he does what every twelve year old would do in this situation.

He books it. Back to his dad. Back to his dad’s… His dad’s boyfriend.

Izumi’s bugging the fuck out. He’s distressed. And even though his father is somehow a bit of the problem as well. He’d always go to him for help. Because he used to be all he had and old habits don’t perish easily.

His footfalls crunching on the grass alert the pair to his presence. Katsuki turns fast- instinctively. Izumi heard he had fast reflexes.

Bakugou sizes him up with mild concern, looking at his expression. “What’s up with you?” He says brashly. Izumi knows to take the emotion with a grain of salt by now. For what Katsuki Bakugou deems as worry usually comes out as apathy.

Izumi can see his father analysing his expression, sees his eyes go wide.


“Izumi?” Midoriya’s eyebrows furrow, he stands up quickly and puts his face in his hands. “You’re crying. What’s wrong?”

Izumi, shocked by the statement. Draws back, rubbing furiously at his eyes. He hadn’t even realised that. He doesn’t know why either. He hadn’t cried in front of anyone for ages.

He doesn’t answer. Just sniffles a little bit, looking at the obnoxiously green grass at his feet.

“Deku.” Katsuki says as warning, not looking at Izumi anymore. He’s at his left, his gaze following toward the group of Susan’s shitty minions. The rest of them aren’t looking toward his way. But Susan. Susan is.

Midoriya looks up just in time to see Susan smile, full of mirth. Waving her hand at them.

Deku inhales deeply. “Izumi? Are you okay? What did they do?”

Katsuki’s blood begins to boil.

Izumi shakes out of his father’s grasps. Not all that harshly. But Bakugou can tell it left a touch of hurt in Deku’s heart.

Izumi is gritting his teeth a little bit. He looks at Bakugou. Then at Deku. “I was…” Izumi was a lot of things. But he was always honest. “I saw those guys over there laughing at us so I wanted to know why.”

Midoriya’s blood drops a few degrees of heat and he stands there. Watching his son.

“I went over to spy on them just to see and they… they…” Izumi wipes another furious tear out of his eye. Clenching his fist, he tries to speak again. “Susan said she saw you guys kissing.” Izumi mutters out so quickly it’s a wonder the pair can even make out (pun intended) what the boy was saying. “She said it was disgusting and that she was worried for Katsumi, Kiyoko and me. She said it was a-abuse.”

Honesty may be the best policy but it sure didn’t feel that way right now. The way Izumi’s father’s expression turns so quickly to one of heartbreak is not one Izumi will easily forget. Even after all the years of taunts and teases, Midoriya had never been a man made of stone.

Katsuki looks like he’s about to boil over with rage as he stands there.

“And what do you think about us dating?” Midoriya tries to muster up enough will in his voice to keep it even. It’s difficult.

“I don’t give a shit if you’re both guys, dad. You should definitely know that. Even considering what happened with…with Sei.” He sees his father try not to flinch. “I just wish. I just wish I got to hear it from you, not them.” Izumi points to the crowd over the other end. “You shouldn’t have been so scared to tell me. I’m your son. You taught me how to be a good person, not like those douchebags over there. Laughing about us, mocking you for things that haven’t been taboo in ages.” He turns to Katsuki. “I’m not done with you. You may be scary but you don’t frighten me. If you’re gonna date my dad I want to talk to you as well.”

“Trouble in paradise?” The trio hears a voice call. Sing song in the way that made everyone’s blood boil. Susan. Once more. Approaching them.

This time it wasn’t the usual below the belt insults. They weren’t little jabs and snips at their patience. This was outright war and Katsuki was going to have to ask Izuku to hold him back from knocking her the fuck out.

Or maybe Katsuki would have to do the holding back.

Bakugou turns to see Midoriya. Calm, sweet Midoriya. Izuku ‘apologises to a mannequin when he bumps into them’ Midoriya. Looking straight up like he was going to cut a bitch at this soccer game.

He didn’t know whether to stop him or grab some popcorn.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had seen Izuku angry before. Short bursts of courage when they were younger. Moments in which he had had the audacity to fight back a smidgen. Usually defending someone else- that idiot, never himself. It was only worth fighting if it were someone else, apparently- Another trait which had made Bakugou endlessly furious.

He’d seen him irritated in front of Susan, that morning in the coffee house. He’d seen a wary kind of annoyance cross his features when he’d first seen Katsuki again. (All warranted)

But this.

This was just full blown anger.

Midoriya’s lip is curled upwards ever so slightly and his eyebrows are furrowed well into his eyeline. Shoulders hunched and a glare that could cut steel directed at the product of his taunts this time.

Katsuki wonders if Izuku had had the courage to look at him like that in middle school. If his student self would cower and wither away. There was a high probability. Bakugou didn’t very much want to be on the receiving end on that look, even now.

Susan looks a little unsure of herself for a moment there. A bit of genuine worry crossing her features.

Katsuki is impressed.

She trains her usual false polite expression back onto her face with a psychopathic ease that Bakugou had never seen before. Maybe she really was Satan?

If Bakugou looks closely at Deku, he can see him shaking slightly. With what Bakugou can only assume is an intense anger.

“Susan.” Deku finally says, his voice even and calm. It’s definitely terrifying. Katsuki kind of wants to draw back himself. He meets her eyes and takes a deep breath. Almost like magic- his expression morphs almost completely into something more normal.

The shaking doesn’t stop though.

There’s a kind of eerie sense of calm washing over Midoriya’s body and it’s kind of horrifying how chill he is about this. Katsuki wants to get angry but he’s far too dumbfounded.

Izuku trains his expression into a smile, it wobbles and it’s ultimately a bit horrifying. “Are you excited for your annual summer break barbeque? Everything planned?”

A shadow appears over his face.

Susan, confused and unaware just nods back. Her dangling earrings clinking uncomfortably against her skinny chicken neck. Her pettiness was blinding her to the imminent danger she was facing. “Yes, of course, I’ve been planning it for months.” She gushes, “It will be extravagant. I’m sure you’ll be able to hear it from your house.”
Ah, a hint that they weren’t invited. Who would have ever thought that would be the case?

“I don’t know about that.” Deku smiles, cheerfully.

Susan’s lip turn downward, a cross expression on her face. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean-“ Izuku steps closer to her, his eyes closed in a polite glee. “That we won’t hear you- over our own barbeque that we’re having. The ninth of June remember? Say hey if you’re gay day? I can’t believe you’d forgotten…” Deku moves in even further so he’s in Susan’s face. Unavoidable and frightening. “Hey.”

The colour drains from Susan’s face.

Katsuki gawks at him. What the fuck was going on? This was surreal. It wasn’t the first time today that he was wondering if this really was his life.

Midoriya gives another little smile before stepping away. “We’ll be having quite the party at the same time. It is our people’s ‘disgusting’ holiday, right? Be sure to drop by.”

Well, fuck. There Midoriya goes. Hitting Susan where it hurt. Not physically. Verbally. First her husband- now her precious, precious barbeque tradition. Susan has been found dead in Miami damn bitch. Katsuki wanted to kiss him right then and there.

“Ohhhhh shit.” Izumi murmurs from behind him, in utter awe of the situation at hand. It was kind of hilarious after everything that had happened. How quickly and precisely Deku could find the weaknesses in this woman.

Kind of haunting, really.

Izuku shoots a glance back at him and he quickly slaps a hand over his mouth. Eyes widened.

This Deku meant business. He was here to kick ass and take names. But he also still hated swearing, apparently. Not on his Christian Minecraft channel.

A loud fanfare breaks the group out of the reverie. Katsuki snaps his head in the direction of the field just to see Kiyoko pass the ball over to Katsumi, a few metres or so away from the goal. Katsumi gives off a tiny battle cry before booting it right in to the goal.

The harsh expression eases off Bakugou’s face as the girls turn to where they’re seated. Looking to see if they’d seen. He gives them a hearty thumbs up and they grin, giving each other a high five.

Deku smiles a little, before turning back to Susan. “Careful, Susan, if you stay here too long you’ll get sick. Everyone knows homosexuality is transferred through germs” He smiles pleasantly. Remembering fondly the constant state of cleanliness Susan’s house was in. Midoriya takes a stab in the dark.  “A homophobic germaphobe is a toxic mix. Better hurry off. I feel a sneeze coming on. Maybe vaccinate your kids for this one, at least.”

“You people are always so needlessly rude.” Susan huffs, but hitches her handbag over her shoulder. Sauntering back off to where she originally was seated.

Deku sighs, letting some of the tension leave his body. He turns to the two of them with a wary kind of expression. Glancing at Izumi, he gives him a serious look. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you, Izumi. We were planning to after the game. With you and the girls.” He glances off to the soccer field, his eyes saddened.

Izumi nods, somewhat satisfied with the answer. He crosses his arms, his expression a lot more neutral. He’d had time to regain his composure. “It’s kinda my fault for wandering over there.”

Katsuki scowls, “I can’t believe they would do that at a kid’s soccer game.”

“I can.” Deku replies.

“Yeah okay fair.”

Izumi looks up, waving a finger at Katsuki. “I’m not done with you, Katsuki.” The boy says, a furrowed brow against his determined expression. Such an ambitious face- it made him look so much like Midoriya it wasn’t funny. The only evidence that Deku straight hadn’t cloned himself was the fleck of brown in his eyes and a bit more of a curl in his hair. A sharper edge to his jaw and a few less freckles. Features that wouldn’t even be noticed if the person looking hadn’t taken every detail of Izuku Midoriya to heart. Unfortunately, Bakugou undeniably had. Which was a bit fucking gay.

Izumi is still looking at him when Katsuki stops daydreaming. “I need to talk to you alone after the game. After you- after you tell Kiyoko and Katsumi about you guys. Okay? Actually no that’s not a question. You will come with me.”

“Izumi-” Izuku starts.

“No, dad, let me do this.”

Deku sighs, scratching his neck. With the shirt he had on, the action really made the muscles in his arms stand out. Damn, Midoriya was fucking built. Not that Katsuki hadn’t realised that before- Perhaps Bakugou was just feeling extra into Deku right now. Apparently he found Midoriya owning Susan increasingly attractive. No surprise there.

“Alright, fair.” Izuku allows, “I have a barbeque to plan now, anyway.”

Katsuki smirks. “Good thing us ‘unnatural freaks of society’ all know each other, right? I already have a guest list in mind. This is gonna be bitchin.’”

Deku nods at him, a genuine smile crossing his face as well. He looks just as determined as his son had moments ago. It most certainly ran in the family. This didn’t mean Midoriya had fully regained his composure- Bakugou knew. There was a bit of a fracture in his friendliness that had been jaded with time. Knowing Deku he’d be agonising over this confrontation all night.

The half time whistle sounds and Bakugou realises with a dull bitterness that he’d missed most of the second quarter of the game. He assures that he will curse Susan for this. Most definitely.

Midoriya claps his hand together. “Alright! Back to the game.” He plonks himself down on the rug like nothing had really happened.

Bakugou and Izumi soon follow, stunned. Izuku Midoriya was a force to be reckoned with.

A smattering of nicely manicured trees decorate the park space the game was being played on- almost artificial in the perfect roundness of their leaves. The grass that they sat on was like the grass in Willy Wonka. Katsuki had to resist the sudden urge to taste test it out.

They finish watching Katsumi and Kiyoko’s soccer game seated a lot closer than they needed.

“Since Izumi knows, does this mean we can hold hands now?” Midoriya whisper-asks him, leaning over to speak into Bakugou’s ear. It sends a shiver down his spine and he hates it.

Izumi obviously has supersonic hearing because he hears it and looks up from his video game. “That’s fine but if you guys start making out just know that I am putting myself up for adoption.”


They’re both back at Izuku’s house when they sit the girls down on the couch. They tell them exactly what’s going on. Their relationship.  About what it may mean for them all.

In the end it only takes five minutes or so, but all that time Bakugou’s heart is lodged in his throat. It’s a strange feeling, searching for approval. He’d never actually actively looked for it before.

It’s silent for a moment. Kiyoko and Katsumi kind of just stare at the pair of them, neutral expressions on both of their faces.

They could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

The quiet is ultimately broken by Kiyoko who purses her lips in thought. “Daddy.” She says questioningly.

Bakugou nearly jumps. “Yes?”

“Can we have McDonald’s for dinner?” Kiyoko asks, tilting her head.

“No! I want Pizza!” Katsumi whines, “Daddy, can we have pizza?”

Midoriya and Bakugou exchange glances.

The girls rise from their perches, running over to Deku. They glance up at him with big, pleading eyes and grab on to each of his arms.

“Wha- are you okay with me dating your dad?” Midoriya promises, a bit blindsided.

“Yes.” Katsumi provides, “But you have to buy us chicken nuggets.”

How could he ever pass up that deal?

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou never said he was a patient man. In fact it was never even implied. From his demeanour, to his appearance- everything about him said I want it and I want it now. So when Izumi approached him but an hour after Deku and his talk with his daughters, he thought it would mean immediately. But no. Apparently Izumi LOVED to make people wait. Especially Katsuki.

He was waiting on his back porch, as instructed. Looking for some kind of sign that Midoriya’s strangely intimidating son would be approaching any time soon.

After about fifteen minutes, Bakugou was antsy. He took out his phone and began fiddling with it.


Recent Google Searches

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Katsuki may or may not have gotten slightly side tracked waiting for Izumi. It’s about twenty minutes later that he realises he’s been waiting for fucking ages. He lets out a growl and pushes himself off the step he’d plonked himself down on. He approached the fence dividing Deku and his garden and peaks over in search of a messy mop of hair.

He feels a tap on his shoulder the moment he does.

Drawing back, shocked that he hadn’t heard whoever it was approaching he lets out a little shrill cry.

“Knew you were a pervert.” Izumi says, straight-faced as always. Headphones- not in his ears for once but around his neck. He shoves his hands in his pockets and stares blankly at Bakugou.

“I was here waiting for your ass, you don’t get to say anything.” Katsuki cuts back with a groan, scratching the back of his neck. He can’t believe he let this little kid sneak around him without even knowing. He must be getting rusty.

Izumi wipes off a few specks of dust that had accumulated on his dark sweater. “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.”

Katsuki isn’t sure how to respond so he chooses to ignore it. It was too damn late in the day to be registering princess diaries references.  “Anyway-” He rubs the back of his head in an awkward gesture he wasn’t used to. He couldn’t angry yell out of this situation. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Izumi clears his throat, blinking at Bakugou- before turning his gaze a little more grave. “What are your intentions with my father?”

Why did this boy speak like a victorian earl?

“My intentions?” Katsuki sputters.

“Yes. I don’t get you. You show up out of the blue one day- in the middle of a school semester. My dad seems to know you- but he hasn’t mentioned you before. Then all of a sudden you guys are dating. I can’t ask dad because he’ll sugar coat it like he always does. I know you’ll give it to me straight.”

Maybe not completely straight. Bakugou was in a romantic relationship with the kid’s father, after all.

Bakugou bites his lip. He wonders idly if he should tell Izumi the whole story. The probability of it being completely accepted as in the past is highly unlikely. This kid definitely held grudges. Especially things in this essence.

But lying to him didn’t feel right either-

“...What do you want to know?” Katsuki grits out- feeling like he may regret it sooner or later.

“How do you know my dad? Why doesn’t he talk about you? How long do you plan on staying?”

Bakugou sighs, of course he’d ask that. If he remembered correctly- Deku had described them as friends from school. But, well- that wasn’t all that correct. “That is a complicated question.”

“Don’t give me that. I came to you so you’d just tell me.”

Izumi, like his father, wanted to get straight to the point. Deku at this age, however, had a lot less of a backbone if Katsuki remembered correctly (and he did.)

“I’ve known Deku since I was about six years old. Our mothers were old buddies. We went to the same school  up until the end of middle school- where he moved. We were friends, we used to go out adventuring together in the park by his house. I’d sleepover at his house all the time- so much that his mom- your grandma, i guess- used to pack me lunch as well.” Katsuki smiles softly from the memory. “She made the best onigiri.” His expression drops. “But then, I- uh.” This felt so wrong telling this story to Deku’s son. It was hard. Bakugou loved a challenge- he loved overcoming it and rising, victorious. But this- this was just uncomfortable. There was no winning this.

Izuku Midoriya was all too forgiving, it was a cruel irony that he had a son that held grudges like no one else.

Katsuki either lied to this child or he made him hate him.

Bakugou sighs.

He never cared what people thought of him when he was younger? Why was this any different?

“Something happened. I fucked up.” Bakugou confides with a harsh scowl on his face. “I was a dumbass and I decided that I should turn against your father. Despite him being nothing but… Nothing but kind to me. I got too cocky. People thought I was some kind of child prodigy.”

Izumi’s features are so serious. They look out of place on such a young face.

“I was an angry kid. Angry that since I was apparently  so special- I shouldn’t have to hang out with all these loser normal kids. I was angry that they were technically on the same level as me.  I’m still an angry adult but well, let’s just say i’ve calmed down a fuck tonne more than you’d think. I used to bully everyone- especially Deku. Because he was small and he wouldn’t fight back. Because he was everything I wasn’t.”

The boy’s eyebrows furrow, but he remains silent. Almost as if it were something he’d expected. Somehow, that felt worse. Katsuki wipes a hand over his face, frustration creeping into his system. He wished he could be as eloquent as other adults.

“But then after your father left school. It felt wrong without him. I started to realise how much of a dick i’d been. Especially when I’d seen his mother in the supermarket a few years later. He wasn’t there but she’d called me over. She talked to me awhile about ‘how long it had been’ and how ‘her and Deku should have to come back to town to see everyone again’. It was like he’d never even mentioned all the fucked up shit i’d done to him. He was lying to his mother that we were still friends. At first I thought it was because he didn’t want to worry her. But now i think it’s different.” Katsuki heaves a great sigh. “That shit was probably trying to protect me. He didn’t want his mother’s opinion of me ruined because of how much I said I hated him back then.” Bakugou can’t remember the last time he’s spoken this much. It leaves him a little out of breath. He frowns, once more. Taking a seat on the wooden decking outside the back of his house once more.

Izumi remains standing.

“It took me the rest of high school to realise what a fucking asshole i’d been. By then it was way too late. I hadn’t seen Deku since middle school. The Midoriyas had moved again. Deku probably off at some college while I was still stuck in the town I grew up in. I felt bitter but not in the way that I thought I would be. I guess I finally felt guilt about what i’d done. How i’d acted. It fucked me over for a long time but I guess I finally made peace with it.”

Katsuki waits for a reply, but all his speech is met with is stony, tense silence. It’s awful. He’d never been one to fill quiet with needless words. But now he felt inclined. “I care about your father, Izumi. I hope you believe me when i say that. That whatever happened in the past is- it’s not forgotten but it’s-”

“Forgiven? Is that what you were going to say?” Izumi finally speaks, he looks far from pleased. Which was fair, Bakugou supposed. “That because you gave some piss poor apology to my dad that it’s all okay now?”

Katsuki bites back a defensive reply- it’s instinctive even if it’s wrong. “No.” He grits out, meeting Izumi’s eyes. “I don’t think I’ll be able to make it up to Deku. And I know that if things were vice versa. I wouldn’t forgive them. I would hold it over them forever and hate them. But- But Deku is different. He’s actually a good person. He cares about people- too much usually. He’s kind and forgiving so much so that it’s idiotic. He lets people into his life that don’t deserve to be there and for that I think i’ll be indebted to him forever.”

What used to grate on Katsuki’s nerves about Izuku Midoriya- he only found admirable now. His insistence on trying to help everyone, his determination on doing so. His silent stubbornness that he could never beat out of him. He was a fighter through and through and Bakugou thinks he loves him for it.

“You’re right. He’s too good.” Izumi allows with a sigh. “He lets people in that have wronged him too many damn times.”

Katsuki raises an eyebrow.

“My other father.” Izumi grits out like the word was poison against his tongue. “He wasn’t the nicest man in the world. I hate him so much more than Susan. Because I knew dad actually loved him at one point or another.” He clenches his fist, his mouth a shaking line. “I’m not going to give you our shitty tragic backstory. That’s not what i’m here for. I’m here for you to answer the question that you still haven’t answered; what are your intentions with my father?”

Such strange words coming from such a young soul. Katsuki wants to draw back in shock if he were any less accustomed to the way Izumi conducted himself. His intentions? That sounded more like a question coming from a parent- not a child. Katsuki puzzles over the words and thinks back to all the instances in which Izumi insisted on defending Deku when it wasn’t necessary. Then there’s Izumi’s other father- undoubtedly an asshole from what he’d heard. Izumi was protective- but Bakugou believes that though it may come from nature- this intensity was most assuredly from circumstance.

But hold on…

Other father?

Katsuki most certainly didn’t feel anatomy in high school, so he’s fairly certain that two and two don’t add up.

God this just filled him with more and more questions than the ones being answered.

“My intentions are to…” Katsuki fights with his words, trying to figure out just what to say to this kid. “My intentions are to make him happy.” He settles with, ineloquent and brashly outed. “Not because I feel guilty from what happened the years before. But because I-” Bakugou bites his lips. “I care about him a shit tonne and if this was just guilt from back in school i wouldn’t want any of this. If you give me a chance, just know that I have the worst fucking temper and I’m irrational and shit- this is not convincing you i’m sure.” He rants. “Know that I would never want to hurt him again. I wouldn’t even think about it. Because i’m certain you’d kick my shit in if I even tried.”

Izumi nods at him. His arms are crossed and he isn’t smiling- but that isn’t anything straying from the norm. The sun is finally beginning to set on the garbage town of Magnolia Springs and it makes the darkest strands of Izumi’s hair glow like molten stars against the orange. It gives him a halo when it should give him horns. His lips finally twitch into a shitty smirk. “Wow you are really gay for my dad.”

“Wha- yes?”

Izumi approaches him, sighing like he’d seen some serious shit on xbox live or something. Plonking inelegantly down beside him with a huff. He doesn’t look at Bakugou, he just keeps his gaze fixed on the horizon line, slowly sinking into the abyss of night.

“If my dad forgives you for everything, I can’t really not do that.” Izumi confides, hiking his legs up to hug them around his arms. “But just know that if you make him cry I will end you.”

Katsuki scowls, “But Deku cries all the fucking time. I saw him getting teary this morning over how ‘that cloud in the sky over there looks like a rabbit, Kacchan oh my god.’”

Izumi lets out a rush of air through his nose. It’s the closest thing to a laugh, Bakugou has heard come from the kid. “Better watch out then.” He moves to get up, presumably to go back to his own house in time for dinner.

“Wait.” Bakugou stops him.

Izumi looks back, a questioning brow raised.

“Your other father… When you called him an asshole- What did you mean?” He knew he shouldn’t pry. He definitely shouldn’t ask Izumi about it. But fuck, he was so curious. He needed to know. There was no way Izumi was adopted, he looked exactly like Izuku. Perhaps if he knew more about the guy he’d be able to glean an outcome.

“I meant he was an asshole.” Izumi says simply. “If I had been older back then.” The skin around his fists go pure white from the strain. “I would have beaten the shit out of him.”

He should stop pressing- this was really shitty, Katsuki knew that.

But he had to know.

“Did he ever… Did he ever hit you?”

Izumi glares back at him. “He didn’t. Dad always protected me.”

Ah, so that’s why.

Izumi looks at Katsuki. As if he could never really know the happenstances surrounding the middle part of his father’s life. There’s a burning voice in Bakugou’s mind telling him ‘perhaps he never will’ but he shakes it away with a scowl

“Do you ever wonder why my dad only really wears long sleeved shirts?” Izumi questions, eyeing Katsuki with a certain wiseness that was so beyond him.

Bakugou can’t help but shake his head, because no- he hadn’t even thought about why Deku favoured sweaters even on the warmer days. He couldn’t say he’d even considered the possibility of there being a deeper reason to it.

“There’s a huge scar there. On his right forearm.” Izumi draws a long line on his own arm, going up from his wrist to halfway to his shoulder. He looks at Bakugou, a fierce expression on his young face. “He got that because of something I did ages before we moved to this dumb town.” He says with finality. “I really don’t give a fuck if you want to date my dad. i don’t give a fuck about Susan. I just need to know you won’t hurt him like Sei did.”

“Sei? I-”

“Ask him. I told you too much already.” Izumi’s already turned his back. He’s just begun reaching for his headphones when he turns his head to look at Bakugou again. “My dad is stubborn. Making him open up about what hurts him is nearly impossible. It would probably help if you stopped being so mysterious and tell your own dumb backstory first, but I don’t know.” Izumi frowns and kicks the dirt underneath his feet. His eyes down cast.

Silence once more. Katsuki finds it grating.

“So that’s why you’re so insistent on being Deku’s bodyguard.” Bakugou says, feeling like a little piece of the puzzle was finally clicking to place.

Izumi starts walking away, “It’s the only thing I can do.” He whispers. It’s the first time Bakugou thinks Izumi had actually sounded his age. That childish kind of helplessness couldn’t be faked and it didn’t go away no matter how tough you tried to look. Katsuki should know. “I don’t want him getting hurt anymore because of me.”

Bakugou stands up as well, he’s so much taller than Izumi but he tries his best not to look down on him. Something that had become oh so commonplace in his brain. “Likewise.” He says simply, holding out his hand.

Izumi looks at it for a moment, glaring a hole into it before he grabs onto it. Surprisingly strong little hands grasped Katsuki’s.

They shook hands in resolute silence.

“Dad wants you and the girls to come over for dinner.” Izumi says after another moment. Turning on his heel he shuffles away to his house. “He always burns the potatoes. Just a warning for you.”


“God. What?”


“Yeah, they’re pretty rank if you don’t put cheese on them-”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Izumi is silent, pursing his lips he simply fists his hands into the pockets of his jacket and moves his headphones back up to his ears. “Don’t be late.”

Katsuki smirks. “I don’t know there might be some traffic.”

Izumi just flips him off and jumps the fence back over to his house.


Bakugou liked that kid.


Deku does, in fact, have a penchant for burning potatoes. It’s a common enough occurrence that Izumi easily just tops them with cheese and shovels them down. Katsuki however just looks down at his plate. At the gorgeously roasted lamb, the perfectly seasoned vegetables.

And then at the portion of completely charred potatoes. More black than potato coloured.

“Sorry, Katsumi, Kiyoko.” Deku smiles humbly, “I’ll have to buy you chicken nuggets tomorrow.” He leans in and puts a sly finger to his lips. “Maybe even some fries as well.”

The girls light up. “You gotta deal!” They chime in simultaneously. Their tiny selves barely being able to see over the round oak table just outside of Izuku’s kitchen.

Bakugou pokes at a blackened wedge with his fork. “Hey Deku.”

“Hmm?” He hums. He looks so unbeknownst to this great atrocity on the best vegetable there ever was. So much so that- well.

Katsuki kind of felt bad saying anything.

Table manners? Since when did Bakugou have fucking table manners? Had he been tamed that easily by the mere presence of shitty Deku?
Abso-fucking-lutely.  He might even use please and thank you.

“Good food.” He says brashly, gesturing amongst the table. It’s awkward and it doesn’t suit him at all. So much so that his strange gesturing has him knocking over one of the salt shakers. Fuck. The sound of it thumping on the tablecloth is the sound of failure.

Midoriya gives him a humble smile. “Thanks, Kacchan.” He rights the shaker up neatly with a quick movement. He looks down at his own plate. “I think I undercooked the potatoes though.”

Bakugou cannot for the life of him figure out if he’s joking or not. His expression says no- but his words say yes.

He doesn’t want him to laser glare him like he did with Susan so he changes the subject.

“So, girls, how was your first soccer game?”

Katsumi and Kiyoko had been playing with their food the entire time, looked up at their father with a wide gaze. Bakugou had had to force them out of their jerseys that afternoon. Even after they had been caked with mud they had all but refused to take them off.

“Bitchin’.” Kiyoko states with a resoluteness to it that made the entire situation that much more confusing. Her hands in small fists, she gives her best toothy smile.

“Kiyoko!” Bakugou scolds, “Where did you even learn that?”

Both the girls instantly point at Izumi, who was ever so silently trying to hide his potato eating smirk from the rest of the table. “Snitches.” He murmurs, looking the twins’ way with a strange kind of look on his face. It was almost as if... God forbid, he was enjoying himself? It couldn’t be.

If it wasn’t evident enough by the rampant pointing, Katsumi states it for herself. “Izumi-Niichan taught us some fun words since daddy wouldn’t say any anymore.” She pouts at the last part, her chubby cheeks growing pinched with indignation. Ah yes, how dare Katsuki not say fuck every second of the day. It was their favourite past time. (Katsuki’s also, if he was being honest.)

Wait hold on-

“Izumi...Niichan?” Katsuki lets the words wash over his mouth with a weird feeling in his stomach. He looks over at Deku and sees what he can only assume is the same expression on his face. He teaches the girls the most Japanese their kid brains could handle- yet he was still surprised they knew, though.

Made sense, Katsuki supposed. English dubbed pokemon was not allowed in his house.

Even Izumi looks surprised. But he hides it a lot better. Simply putting more food into his mouth, more delicately this time. Like he was actually eating it. It doesn’t last for long, because he decides to change the subject. Was that a flush on his face?  “Katsuki, did you name your daughters after yourself?”

Bakugou is still mildly dazed so he chokes out a “Uhhhh kinda,” with a little less fierceness than he usually would. It makes him grumble as he takes a bite of meat from his fork.

“That’s not very creative.” Izumi chides, obviously looking for a rise out of him. “ Katsu -mi and Ki- yoko. You just added some extra syllables.” The little shit was having a lot more fun than he ought to be. Bakugou can tell with his expression.

He was smug.

Smug enough to be blind.

Bakugou smirks. “Your name is Izu mi, dumbass. You really think your dad did anything different than what I did?”

Izumi pales, “Shit.”

“Izumi!” Deku scolds, furrowing his eyebrows. He then looks at Katsuki. “I thought well and hard about what to name Izumi, thank you very much.”

“Bullshi-” Bakugou cuts himself off. “Baloney.” Katsuki really had to go a little less wolf of wall street into a little more sesame street.

Deku shakes his head, clearing it of a jumble of mumbles undoubtedly. “We need to talk about the barbeque we’re planning.”

“Barbeque!” Katsumi and Kiyoko cry happily.

“Barbeque.” Izumi replies, less enthusiastic.  Having known the circumstances of the barbeque, it was easy to say that Katsuki felt about the same way. Except just more enraged. Yeah, definitely more enraged- not to mention exceptionally spiteful in a way that only Katsuki could get.

Deku- however.

Deku was hard to pick up on how he was feeling exactly.

Well, it was until.

“I already have a music playlist set up.” He states with an almost sinister smile.



This just got interesting.

“What about a guest list?” Katsuki asks through a bite of vegetables. Roasted to perfection and beautifully seasoned. Bakugou could not figure the potatoes the fuck out. He places his fork down on the pretty plate that his food was on. Deku really had his shit together. He had matching plates, cutlery AND a table that didn’t have crayon marks on it. It was like being in a fucking palace.

“I have plenty of people at work I could invite,” Midoriya says thoughtfully, placing his finger on his chin thoughtfully. Going into his mumbly list mode. “Then there’s Kirishima-kun and Kaminari-kun, oh- and Uraraka and Tsu. You’ve met them right?” He starts counting on his hands.


Midoriya continues. “Shinso would definitely want to come, oh! I think Iida is back from Tokyo, not to mention-”


“Should we invite our mothers?” Midoriya asks, looking up- it was like there was a lightbulb in the guys head. One that wouldn’t go away until he was finished with his thoughts. “I don’t know about your mother, but i’m sure my mom would love to see the both of you again.” He has a warm smile on his face. “And Katsumi and Kiyoko!”

Upon mention of their names, Kiyoko and Katsumi cheer.

It takes Katsuki right back to the supermarket with Inko- all the way in the past.

“I’ll ask her.” Bakugou declares resolutely. His voice neutral. It wasn’t as if Mitsuki didn’t know about Katsuki’s romantic preferences. it was more so the fact that it was Deku above anything. She loved Midoriya, but she knew of his previous detest for him. It might create some discord. Spilling tea at this barbeque wasn’t really what this was all about.

Who was he kidding?

They would only be spilling tea at this fucking barbeque.

Midoriya seems to catch on to the strangeness surrounding Bakugou, knowing it was best for him to be left alone, he just gives him another knowing smile. “I’ll make a group chat for everyone so we can work out what food to cook and everything.”

“No potatoes.” Izumi interjects, obviously not really thinking before speaking.

“Eh? What’s wrong with my potatoes?”

Izumi visibly has an ‘oh shit’ look on his face.

“People will keep asking for recipes and shit if we bring these bad boys out, a huge pain in the ass- isn’t that right, Izumi?” Katsuki saves with a smug look on his face. Bakugou is no liar. Bakugou is no liar. Bakugou is no liar.

Izumi nods, a bit too quickly.

Deku’s chest puffs out a bit from pride. “Well thanks, both of you. That’s very kind.”

Izumi and Katsuki exchange a look. Bakugou never really understood the term of ‘mutually assured destruction’ until now.

“Deku!?” Asked Katsumi, breaking the small bout of silence amongst the table. “Why do you like daddy?” Children said the darndest things. That’s why they were better than adults- they just said what was on their mind and ate spaghetti.

“Yeah!” Kiyoko agrees. “He’s like a big scary doggy and you’re like a cute nice bunny!”

“Oi,” Katsuki scowls, “I am not a dog!” He barked .

Katsumi and Kiyoko just giggle at him. Katsuki had made the most manly dudes cower in fear under him and yet these little shits were immune.

Midoriya reddens ever so slightly. “I like him because I think he’s clever and funny.” He leans in closer to the girls and stage whispers, “and deep down he’s secretly very very nice. Once when we were kids he picked me a bouquet of daisies from his neighbour’s garden.”

The girls both giggle at the thought of it and nod. Satisfied with their answer. Nothing quite like little kid’s questions to make everyone just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

The rest of the meal goes about without any error. It’s hilariously domestic. The way they all interacted. It was like they were a family. An awkward, getting-to-know-you stage of family. The girls adored Midoriya and Katsuki firmly believed he’d made some progress with Izumi. It was strange, in a way, dating now. Because Katsuki soon realised that not only was he dating them- but he was also sizing them up on how they treated his kids. He could only imagine Deku was doing the same.  

Bakugou wondered how he was fairing in that department.

Because Deku was passing with flying colours.


Izumi is playing video games in his room with Katsumi and Kiyoko. The girl’s faint noises of laughter being heard down the hall. They were probably putting his hair back in pigtails.

Bakugou smiles softly, the corners of his lips twitching upwards every so slightly. “They really like Izumi.”

Midoriya nods, “Izumi likes them too. Even if he doesn’t show it.” Deku looks at him before getting on his tiptoes and kissing his cheek. “Thanks for talking with him today. He came back looking a lot more relaxed.”

Katsuki’s cheek burned from where Izuku’s lips had touched it.

“I’m… sorry.” Bakugou grits out. Those were the hardest words for him to say. It’s like he was physically incapable of being the better person- especially when Deku was involved.

Deku tilts his head. “What for?”

“For being an asshole when we were younger. I don’t think I ever apologised for that.” He says reluctantly, scratching the back of his neck.

Midoriya waves it off. “I need you to channel that anger into planning for this party, Kacchan.”

Katsuki feels himself smile again. What did he do to deserve a second chance? Whatever it was he promised he’d try not to fuck it up.

“Fuck yeah.”


Bakugou_Katsuki has added Pikachu and Pikachu_Fucker into the chat.


Pikachu_Fucker: srsly baku, pikachu fucker?

Pikachu: ye just call him ash ketchum its the same thing

Bakugou_Katsuki: bitch what

Pikachu_Fucker: denki what the fuck

Bakugou_Katsuki: get fucked

Pikachu_Fucker: im breaking up w/ u


Bakugou_Katsuki: This isn’t what I wanted to be talking about.

Pikachu_Fucker: ????0-0???

Pikachu: 0w0 what’s this?

Bakugou_Katsuki: fuck u guys nevermind


Pikachu_Fucker: BROOOOOOOOO

Bakugou_Katsuki: god, fine. deku and me r having a bbq to make some homophobes angry do u want 2 come?

Pikachu: im always up for some homosexual mischief

Pikachu_Fucker: fuck yeah what time? what should we bring?

Bakugou_Katsuki: fuckignnn uhhh idk

Pikachu_Fucker: understandable have a good day

Bakugou_Katsuki: hold on


Bakugou_Katsuki has added Deku_<3 into the chat


Bakugou_Katsuki: get fuckt he put that name there himself

Deku_<3: No I didn’t!  :D

Bakugou_Katsuki: Fuck off Deku

Pikachu: Y’all r cute. need me a freak like that.


Pikachu: sorry babe, u dont tell me to fuck off enough :/

Pikachu_Fucker: fair

Bakugou_Katsuki: ANYWAY

Bakugou_Katsuki: deku tell them the details to the worlds gayest bbq

Deku_<3: With pleasure! Please do invite your friends, just make sure it’s PG (there are going to be kids there.)

Bakugou_Katsuki: we r classy bitches

Pikachu_Fucker: Deku ur so pure i love u

Deku_<3: I love you too, Kirishima-Kun.

Pikachu_Fucker: how did u kno it was me?

Deku_<3: Because Kaminari-Kun is Pikachu! So that makes you… Um. I don’t want to say that word in this context.

Pikachu: i’ve found him. the goodest boy.

Bakugou_Katsuki: so u guys coming?

Pikachu_Fucker: im already cuffing my jeans in advance

Pikachu: yell fucking hes


Katsuki and Izuku high five each other from the opposite sides of the couch. “We got two!” Deku declares, triumphant. His fists clenched in determination. Katsuki help but smile a little bit over his expression. The shine Izuku got to his eyes when he was like this never changed.

Bakugou’s glad that he can finally appreciate it now.

He looks to Midoriya, he’s wearing another bunchy sweater with sleeves long enough to cover the knuckles of his hands. But as he moves his arms, it slips and slides up his forearm.

Just as Izumi had said, there is a scar there. It’s vertical and white- weathered with time. It had marred Izuku’s skin so that it rose ever so slightly out of his arm. Izumi hadn’t been lying to him- not that Bakugou ever thought he’d joke about something like this. Perhaps that was just wishful thinking.

Deku catches Bakugou’s eyes on it and flinches. His expression fading into one of quick panic. Just as he’s about to pull his sleeve back down, Katsuki catches his arm.  

“My talk with Izumi…” Katsuki begins. “He told me some things.”

Izuku’s eyes don’t swirl with fear anymore. Instead with more of a steely kind of reservation. “Oh.”

Katsuki looks at Deku. “You don’t have to tell me shit, but he said if I told you my stupid fucking backstory you might.”


“Buckle up, Deku, we’re laying all this shit on the table right now.”

Chapter Text

“Kacchan you really don’t have to-“ Deku protests, his mouth wobbling slightly in discomfort. “I don’t want this to be hard for you.”

“No! I have to!” Katsuki declares, he sighs, taking a breath to regain what little composure he held. “Tonight- with everyone at the table. I saw what- I saw what could be. And I want it.” Izumi’s words rush by in his head ‘it would probably help if you stopped being so mysterious and tell your own dumb backstory first, but I don’t know.’ There was a definitive truth to Izumi’s words. Even when they were younger, Deku had been secretive to things which would cause hurt for other people.

“You want it?” Izuku retorts, tilting his head in question. “The table?”

“No, asshole!” Katsuki cries in indignation. “I want us to all eat together like that every night!”

Midoriya flushes ever so slightly, he rubs the bag of his neck and puts his hands in his lap. He looks down at the couch cushions beneath him, pointedly not at Bakugou. “O-oh.”

“And I don’t want any shit left unsaid. So I’m going to tell you everything I did since you moved school. And you’re going to sit your ass down and listen.”

“I’m already sitting down.” Izuku jokes weakly.

Bakugou clears his throat. “If you interrupt me through any of this I will have to steal your table though.”


Bakugou Katsuki was, and always would be- the shit.

So why did he feel the exact opposite?

First day of high school and there was a severe lack of shitty green mops of hair. It was grating and obvious. Midoriya was gone. He had left- probably because of Katsuki- No! Not because of Katsuki- because that loser was weak. He couldn’t take the heat so he got out of the kitchen, as simple as that.

Bakugou clicks his tongue, shovelling his hands into his giant oversized pockets and sauntering into his homeroom.

‘Maybe that freak had gone and offed himself…’ Katsuki had thought with a sneer.

The concept made him stop in his tracks for some reason, it put a stone in his chest and a lump in his throat.

What if he actually had?

Bakugou wonders idly why he should even care at all? He hated that little shit- who would care if he suddenly stopped existing? Definitely not Katsuki- he’d be better off.

Huffing as he shuffles to the back of the classroom, he spots a random extra taking a bite of onigiri right around the conglomerate of desks situated around the middle of the space.


‘Don’t worry, Katsuki-kun, I made some for you too- Izuku helped me make it up especially for you. He said you liked spicy crab the best!’ Bakugou can still hear the smile in Inko’s voice when he’s handed a homemade lunch.


He scowls, kicking out the chair at the very back of the classroom by the window so he could throw himself down onto it. Shitty Deku would never kill himself, he was too much of a stubborn asshole.



Bakugou recalls his parting words at middle school graduation. Pushing Izuku against the wall- he grunted in pain. “See you next year, Loser. Or maybe you’ll do us all a favour and take a detour off the roof of the school?” He drops Deku’s collar, letting him fall to the ground. Bakugou starts walking away, the rest of his posse snickering behind him.

“Kacchan!” He’d heard Izuku say. There was always a reserved kind of strength in that voice of his. Bakugou had tried ever so hard to break it.

Turning, Katsuki grits his teeth. That stupid, stupid nickname made him want to kick his teeth in again.

“What?” He’d hissed, scowling at him as a threat.

Midoriya flinches back, trembling ever so slightly. He shakes out of it and meets Katsuki’s eyes. “Goodbye.”



Katsuki feels another sneer come up on his face as he looked at the list of students at the front of the room. His eyes scanning over every name, every home room. Looking. Imploring.

No Izuku Midoriya.

As a last resort, he whips out his phone. Strictly prohibited during class times, he could not possibly give even less of a fuck.

He searches for any teen suicides in the area, in the state. The country. His eyes scanning over articles. Was that really what ‘goodbye’ had meant? Was that Izuku’s plan? Was that why he’d looked so defiant that afternoon?

There’d been one recently in the area.

Katsuki’s chest thunders. His heart pounding against the cage of his ribs.

Checking the date- and counting on all the fingers of his hands, he realised it had been the day after graduation.

Katsuki’s pulse quickens and then slows down all at once. His phone doesn’t load fast enough and his already paper thin patience wears even further. The screen buffers even more. The website only showing a grey box where a picture should be and the headline.

Bakugou growls, his typical impatience amplified tenfold.

Finally, the internet caught  up to Katsuki’s mind and he couldn’t read fast enough to see if what he feared was actually true.



A girl, 18 from Southeast high jumped off a Clementine Bank headquarters building just North of-

He closes the article.

Not Deku.

He slumps back in relief.

Why did he do that?

“Whoa there, dude, you look like you just got put through the ringer! Rough night?”

It takes Katsuki a moment to actually realise that someone has the audacity to talk to him at this moment. He glares up at them with venom that will hopefully make them go away.

It doesn’t. The stranger keeps staring at him with an easy going, albeit spiky smile.

It’s the random that had been eating the onigiri at the front of the classroom. His spiked, fiery hair making him stand out even further than his sharp teeth. There’s another guy right next to him who looked even more fucking weird. Blonde with a lightning strike down one of the front parts. What was he? An anime protagonist?

Bakugou frowns, “Fuck off.”

“Woah there tough guy.” Lightning guy snarks with a shit eating grin on his face. He didn’t seem to know what was good for him. Because Katsuki was going to kick his shit in if he smiled like that again.

“Being rude isn’t very manly, bro.” Red chides, hands on his hips.

“I don’t give a fuck about anything like that.”

“Geez you’re insufferable.” Lightning moans dramatically.

Katsuki was about to square up on him if he kept talking. And he was pretty sure red could tell because he pushes lightning a bit back. “Woah, woah, easy, man. We come in peace.” For assurance, red puts up a peace sign and a smile. “My name is Ejirou Kirishima and that’s my best bud, Denki Kaminari. We noticed you looking kinda fucked up and thought you might need some help.”

“I don’t need any help.” Katsuki snaps. Wanting nothing more than to sleep through to recess, at least. Perhaps bury some more deep-seated questions at the back of his head. Yes, that sounded productive.

They keep bothering him. Spikes and Shocks, Katsuki decides to call them- he can’t be fucked to remember their names.

They sit with him at lunch, even when he tells them to fuck off. They hold him back when he tries to fight people. They follow him everywhere, like two golden retrievers. Intent on pleasing him or some dumb shit like that. No matter what he throws at them, they keep coming back.

After a month or so, Bakugou is fed up. He just yells at them to take what they want. He wants to be left alone.

Their answer surprises him.


“Well…” Ejirou had looked sheepish. “To be honest, I saw what you were looking up on your phone. Suicide?” He exchanges a glance with Kaminari. “We were kinda worried about you.”

“You were… worried about me?”

“Yeah, you looked frantic. We thought maybe you’d lost someone really close to you. Didn’t want to leave you alone like that- no matter how grumpy you were.”

“Close to me?” Katsuki mouths the words, for once not out of anger. He cannot comprehend it- but he doesn’t feel anger. Just a strange kind of shock. Had he looked that freaked out? That worried? It was just stupid Deku. Who really cared-

He did.

“It was like you were losing the love of your life or something.”

It’s a stony cold silence before Bakugou can take it anymore. The statement makes him break out into a barking laugh. The kind that hurts your stomach after a while. He isn’t sure why but it tickles him, the fact that they thought he actually cared about- about Deku of all people?! It was preposterous. Bakugou had made his life hell for the entirety of middle school. That’s not something you do if you care about a person.

Kirishima and Kaminari look even more confused from the outburst. It seems to bother them more than Katsuki’s explosive anger.

“That’s fucking stupid. It’s nothing like that…”

It takes Katsuki another couple of months to come to terms with everything. The fact that no, Izuku wasn’t dead- he’d just moved. And yes, Katsuki was relieved that the loser hadn’t killed himself. That maybe, possibly, he didn’t hate Deku. That perhaps, he was the one in the wrong. It fucks him over, sends him into a spiral of questioning every decision he’s ever done.

Then comes the overwhelming guilt, brought on by Inko’s reappearance at the supermarket. It weighs him down like chains enclasping his ankles engulfing him in the ocean with no hope of seeing the surface.

He doesn’t want to see Deku. No. He doesn’t want to see him like this. He wants to see Deku from ten or so years ago. He wants to be himself from ten or so years ago. Before all this shit had ever happened. He wants to change the past so that maybe the future doesn’t look so bleak without him.

Bakugou cannot for the life of him grapple with the fact that he indeed, never actually hated Izuku Midoriya. It fucks him over for the longest of times. That, again, is something that must take a while to get used to. This time apart had made him realise that.

As more months fly by, they turn into years. Katsuki’s nearly out of high school- finally. With no reemergence of Izuku. Kirishima and Kaminari still stick with him for some reason. Anger issues, arrogance and all. They could have left him without any damage to their conscience after Bakugou’s explanation to why he’d looked so dishevelled that first day of school. But they don’t. Their presence in his life makes him realise that he’d never actually had real friends since Deku. His cronies in middle school hadn’t been his friend- he’d essentially just  been their domineering leader. They didn’t play video games at his house or bring him cookies on his birthday. And Bakugou most certainly didn’t used to help them with their homework.

But there they were. Senior year. And Katsuki looks around and wonders, what had happened to himself. He was still the same person- yet altered ever so slightly. He was still angry, he still swore like a sailor- but it was like his raging heart had finally settled down just the slightest bit. It was as if it had finally gotten closure.


Graduation day, Kirishima pulls Kaminari into their first kiss in front of the entire graduating class and faculty. It’s silent entirely when they’re up on stage, their graduation caps falling off from the force of the embrace- until Bakugou, a surprise to even himself, stands up and starts hollering out cheers. It starts the rest of the class up as well. Clapping, applauding, happy whistles. It felt good. The best he’d felt in a while, supporting them for once instead of they him. He still remembers the expression on both their faces when they looked at each other afterwards. The world could of stopped and they wouldn’t have noticed.  

It takes another few years to realise Katsuki might love Izuku.

Until then Katsuki had always just assumed he was straight. And, well, even though he had to admit that he was still pretty into girls. There was no not admitting that he didn’t think guys were just as hot. On the sexuality alignment chart he would probably call himself a bisexual disaster, it felt about right. He was a disaster. And for all intents and purposes- he’s pretty sure he’s a bisexual.

He keeps himself busy to keep his mind off it. This new thing about himself. He’d always been strong, physically and mentally. But definitely too angry to be a good cop. Not that that had stopped others before him. But he needed something more gruelling and tough- something that proved he really was the best out there. He doesn’t want to fight in any shitty wars- but if he did, he would win. He goes overseas very rarely, instead opting to train new recruits. He liked making them suffer just a little bit too much.

He works and works and then, every couple of spare moments he has, he thinks back on his past. No matter how badly he doesn’t want to. He thinks of Midoriya. His glimmering green eyes and his freckles. His heroic, self-sacrificial heart and his calculating mind. He thinks about what he might look like now. He thinks he would probably know if he hadn’t been such a dick.

It’s still fucking him over. Sometimes he finds himself lapsing into bouts of still hating Deku. He supposed it was only natural after spending half of your life hating a person. But then, Kirishima and Kaminari told him to look at it through another angle- it fucks his shit up even more. The fact that he had been the bad guy. He wasn’t in the right there. He was wrong.

And Bakugou was never wrong.


Katsuki is twenty-four. He’s alone and he can’t seem to stop seeing Izuku everywhere he looks. He sees a resurgence of that dumb cartoon superhero that Izuku had obsessed over. He Looks into the plastic eyes of ‘All-Might,’ ‘doctor by day, hero by night- saving people around the clock’ and he sees a time when Izuku had that same figurine. Onigiri is almost unbearable to look at anymore. He refuses to eat it. One time Kirishima had jokingly called him Kacchan and he nearly just about lost his shit.

Deku may not have been around but he was still permeating the area around Katsuki. Like he was a ghost, haunting him.

He comes across a shitty bar around near his, Ejirou and Denki’s shared apartment. And without proper thinking, he goes in with the intent to get entirely shitfaced. Nothing quite like making the thoughts go away with alcohol.

He comes across a chestnut haired woman, sitting a few stools opposite from him. She wears a green dress that makes her eyes glow like a feline and enough makeup to just barely cover up the cute freckles on her face. She looked half caucasian, half Korean, perhaps. Bakugou could only guess.

She approaches him first. Sauntering over to him with a drink in hand. She seems charming through Katsuki’s blurring mind.

“What’s up with you?” She asks him, her eyelashes fluttering.

“Everything is shit and I hate it.” Katsuki replies.

That, is apparently amusing enough for her to take up a stool next to him. She doesn’t smile but her eyes glint with amusement. “I’m Isabel.”


He doesn’t remember much after that. He just remembers he doesn’t leave alone. And he doesn’t wake up alone either. He doesn’t feel quite as lonely anymore, but it’s still there. Lingering and burning in his chest like a flame. It was like a gaping hole in his heart had been fixed by a bandaid.

He leaves his number on the table then he gets dressed and leaves. Trying to erase the pounding in his head.

There’s no emotional attachment to the continual visits they share. He and Isabel perhaps only know three things about each other at most and Katsuki wants to keep it that way. Every time they have sex, they’re usually drunk. And every morning after, Bakugou can’t say he necessarily regrets it- but he can’t say he feels good about it either. It’s messy and unorthodox and there’s no dumb shit like feelings in the equation at all.

A few more late night calls, a few more weeks in passing and then all of a sudden there’s one in the morning. A different tone entirely.


The doctor’s office is uncomfortable. It’s the first time he actually finds out Isabel’s last name. Alongside a number of other things that send a permanent chill down Katsuki’s spine.

Just as Isabel had said on the phone. Pregnant.

They should have been so much more careful. They had been drunk and young and so, so stupid. He doesn’t know anything about this girl. Doesn’t even know how old she is. Doesn’t know how she wants to deal with this.

Katsuki doesn’t know anything at all and that lack of knowledge has his brain pounding with panic.

He vaguely remembers the doctor telling them that he’ll give them a moment and Katsuki couldn’t for the life of him figure out what he must have looked like at that moment. His whole life was flashing before his eyes- he could only think about what it had been like for her.

Bakugou turns to look at her. “What do you want to do?” His voice is even.

“This is all your fucking fault.” Isabel growls, putting her face in her hands. She looked different in the light of day. Without the haze of alcohol. Perhaps it was just the distress. But he could see now, the dark circles under her eyes, the needle marks scarring her skin. The tiny shake throughout her body. She was still beautiful- but it was a scarred kind of beautiful that was more broken than fixed. She was seething with rage.

“I’m way too young to have kids.” Katsuki admits. “What do you want to do?” Bakugou knew that whatever she chose would probably determine the rest of his life.  He would respect her choice. He would have to. Respect wasn’t really something that Katsuki was overly familiar with. But he’d have to learn. For real this time. In a situation like this, it was vital.

“I hate kids.” She admits, Bakugou can’t see her expression. “But I’m not getting rid of it.”

Those words contradict each other. Katsuki raises an eyebrow. “Why not?”

She sneers at him, “Because it’s wrong. You can’t just kill a baby.”

“It’s not a baby yet. If you don’t want it… there’s nothing wrong with-”

“Abortions are the worst thing a woman could possibly do. It’s denying someone a chance for life.”

Jesus christ. Katsuki remembers thinking. She was one of those people then.

He knew four things about Isabel now. And all four of them weren’t painting her in a fantastic light.

“That’s bullshit.”

“You’re bullshit. I can’t fucking believe you got me pregnant.”

“Then get rid of it.”

“No! It’s the same as murder.”

“It’s really not.” Bakugou heaves out a sigh, wiping his brow. He looks at Isabel, looked at her uncovered up freckles and her chestnut hair. “Think whatever you want. It’s your choice. I won’t be a fucking shithead and say I held no part in this whole problem but it takes two to tango, you should be informed about that at least.”

“Abortion is wrong.” She crosses her arms, holding her head high. “I’m giving it up for adoption.”

Katsuki’s heart squeezes and he grits out a “Fine.”

They write the rest of their details in silence. It’s quiet and cold, just like how Bakugou’s insides feel. He tries not to think about what his kid might look like. For the strangest reason it sends poison spikes into his chest at the thought of it.


Chapter Text

“Jesus fucking christ, Bakugou.” Ejirou exclaims. “I am so fucking glad I’m gay, this sounds like a nightmare.”

“You don’t think I know that?” Katsuki growls, he didn’t want to tell Denki and Ejirou about the kid. It would make them think less of him. He was sure of that. And Bakugou didn’t want to be anything but the best. He waited another month and a half before he got the balls to do it. “She’s really against abortions as well, means she’ll blame me the entire time all the while ignoring the fact that there was a simple solution to her problem.”

Kirishima grimaces, the soft sound of the downpour outside in the background. “This is fucked, Bakugou. You’re gonna have a kid out there.”

“I know.” Katsuki admits, his mind still whirring through all the possible aspects of his life that would be different now. He really would have a kid, just in the world, not really knowing of his existence.

And he’d never get to see them.

Bakugou frowns, sitting up on one of the uncomfortable kitchen stools Kirishima had purchased for the apartment. They were bright sunny yellow (Kaminari had picked, of fucking course) and they reflected the absolute opposite of Katsuki’s mood at that moment.

“Well, do you like her?” Kaminari asks out of the blue, making Bakugou see red. It allows the frustration in his heart seep in. “Maybe if you care about her you can make it work?”

“Not at all.” He says, deadly quiet. “The more I learn about her, the more I realise what a shitty grave I’ve dug myself in.”

“And she hates kids?”

“Loathes them, apparently.”

“But she’s still-”

“Yeah! I know I don’t fucking-” He takes a deep breath that sounds more like a growl than anything. “It’s her choice, her body, what the fuck ever, but God. If she’s going to give me shit for it the entire time that’s hardly fair.” 

Kaminari and Kirishima share a glance together, one that Bakugou would never really be able to understand. Their weird telepathy thing they had together was solely theirs. It was the only real thing about them that had Katsuki feeling a little left out. To be fair, Katsuki didn't even know what he really wanted anymore. He had suggested abortion in the first place- and though Isabel had outright objected to it- the thought of it now... Once Bakugou had sat and stewed on it for a while. He was even more confused than before. He guessed at some point, once she rejected the notion- he started thinking of them as an actual kid, not just the bunch of cells that they were. 

Just as a lightning strike flashes against the curtains, the doorbell rings.

Ejirou raises an eyebrow, “Did anyone order a pizza?”

The other two shake their heads.

Closest to the door was Bakugou. He had to answer it. That was the rule. Existential crisis regardless. He grumbled out a couple of miserable curses before stumbling on over to the entryway. Kaminari had left his dozens of pairs of sneakers on the floor again. “Fucker.”

He opens the door and is faced with Isabel. Her hair is plastered to her face, soaked to the bone but she doesn’t shiver. She’s got a large red coat on with fur lining the edges, hands tucked into the pockets of it. She’s chewing what Bakugou assumes is gum and is giving him the meanest look in the world.

Oh how different their dynamic used to be.

Then again, it was always blurred by the wonderful effects of too much alcohol.

Katsuki can’t exactly say he’s happy to see her. He puts his hand on his hip.  “What do you want?”

She rolls her eyes at him, pushing through the door frame into the front foyer. She doesn’t bother taking her shoes off, tracking mud onto the tiles with her leather boots. Katsuki clicks his tongue.

She shoves an official document-looking piece of paper in his face. “You wrote your fucking name on the contact papers so I thought I’d get you myself. They won’t let me do this alone without contacting you first because of it. It’s fucking bullshit. I can’t believe you were such an idiot and put your details down as well. It means I can’t do shit without you.”

“Don’t be vague.” Katsuki says, trying his best to keep his voice level.

“It’s twins.” She says with utmost disdain, shuffling her bag strap down her arm with a huff. It’s in the same tone in which you would state you’d run over an animal on the highway.

“Twins…” Katsuki mumbles out, his heart dropping. Now his panic has doubled. “Fuck.”

“We need to go to an adoption agency. See how much twins are worth.”


Isabel sticks her nose up, like he’s an idiot for not realising. “I’m expecting compensation for giving away my ‘precious children’. Some establishments will do it. I want to see which.”

“You don’t even want them, though. Why should they pay you?”

“They don't know that. I’ll hand em over to some rich people that can’t have kids. Easy.”

“What if these rich people are assholes? Shouldn’t we care more if they’re being nice to them, you know? Going to a good home and shit?”

“That’s not my problem. You’re an asshole, who says you’d be any better? You’d probably hit them if they went out of line.”

Katsuki bites his tongue at that, it stung a little bit. He remains silent.

“Hey Bakugou, what’s up?” He hears Kirishima’s voice echo throughout the halls, his footsteps growing closer.

“We got guests?” Kaminari adds, following suit.

Katsuki curses.

Ejirou’s eyes widen and he frowns. Denki is a little later on the uptake for he’s about to open his mouth. Kirishima slaps his hand over it.

“Kirishima, Kaminari, this is Isabel.” Bakugou scowls, gesturing to the woman that was currently crossing her arms and pointedly not looking at any of them.

Another Kirikami look shared. Katsuki sneers.

“Evenin’ Isabel.” Ejirou greets.

“Pretty rainy out there, huh?” Denki continues.

Isabel doesn’t acknowledge them, instead opting to look at Bakugou again like she’d scraped him off of her boots. “Let’s go. I want to get this over with.”

Katsuki furrows his eyebrows. “Now?” He looks out at the pouring rain.

“Yes now, God you’re an idiot. Why do you think I said now?”

He has to keep drumming a mantra in his head. ‘This is her choice Katsuki, you have to go along with it, this is her choice, her choice,’

It sucks sometimes that his mother had hammered these values into his head. It was pretty shit when it came to people like this, that was for sure. Selling their children to the highest bidder instead of looking for a good home wasn’t what he wanted at all. If he had to give them away. He wanted them to be better off for it.

‘Had to give them away?’

Bakugou’s saying it like he wanted them in the first place. Like these bunches of cells that would eventually become kids were something that Katsuki actually desired in his life currently. A ridiculous notion if anything. He had to force the thoughts out of his mind.

“Okay let’s go.”


“Twins are usually not as desired as just a singular child and we don’t tend to like splitting them up anymore.” The official had told them, pursing his lips. “We may be able to find potential parents, but you will have to expect little to no money for it if that’s what you were looking for.” The social worker looked unimpressed with the last line, but not surprised.

Isabel scowls, “And there’s no other services you haven’t looked at? Out of the country? Anywhere?”

Katsuki remains silent, fuming. The guy had gone over heaps of randoms that had seemed like nice enough people. They were usually gay couples looking to adopt kids, they didn’t always have a whole lot of money but they seemed kind and loving. They reminded Katsuki of Kirishima and Kaminari- it made him wonder if they’d ever want to adopt kids...

If Isabel could just choose one of those-

“No, Miss.”

Another sneer, contorting her pretty face. “Thanks for nothing.”


A prolonged stand still. For some reason there’s relief floating around in his chest.


“You want to keep them, don’t you?” Kirishima asks him one night, Kaminari is out at work and they’re eating dinner on the couch.

Katsuki grumbles, knowing exactly what Ejirou was saying. “No.” He says.


There’s a beat of silence, just the sound of the television in the background and their bowls clinking with their forks.

It’s when he really begins thinking back on all his thoughts of recent. The ones keeping him up until all hours of the night- pervading his dreams and turning them into nightmares.

Katsuki sighs. “It’s not like I can do anything about it. I can’t force her to keep kids she doesn’t want.”

“She doesn’t have to. You can.”

“Me? She’d never give them to me, I don’t have any money.”

Kirishima is put at a stand still. “We can help out.”

“Don’t be a fucking idiot. I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Sure you can.”

“It’s better if they have parents that actually know what the fuck they’re doing.” Katsuki mumbles, feeling hot shame wash over him. There was no possible way of this being a good idea in any sense. Ejirou’s interference meant nothing. “You know, parents that wanted them from the start. With like, a backyard and a lovable german shepherd dog named scruffy or some shit. Picket fence, soccer games, a happy life.”

Kirishima frowns in his direction, placing his bowl on the coffee table and relaxing his posture before turning his gaze toward Bakugou again. “Well then how about you write them a letter or some shit? So when they’re older they can track you down?”

Katsuki puts a hand on his chin. Sitting back on the sofa. That just might be a good idea. Whether it was too early or not, Bakugou couldn’t possibly be bothered to care. If his counting was correct (he couldn’t rely on Isabel for knowing) than she should be about four and a half months along. Half way. Katsuki lets out a horrified breath. That’s so soon.

“I’m gonna go to bed.” Katsuki declares quickly, standing up from his position on the sofa. It was lucky his cup had been empty because his speed had made the glass wobble. The statement was stiff and wooden- lying was never his strong suit.

“Eh? It’s only seven.”


Kirishima gives him a worried look, but doesn’t move to stop him. “Okay.”


~Hey kiddos,


I hope you’re reading this when you’re older because this letter is at least PG 13. My mouth is permanently in the gutter.

Listen I have no real idea what I’m doing. Everything to do with this whole situation is absolutely batshit. It’s all happened so quickly that I haven’t really had time to think too much about anything else.

I wish… things were different. If I’m being honest with myself for a sec, I guess I’d say I wish I could of kept you. You see, once I found out I was gonna be a dad I kind of freaked the hell out.

But when I calmed down, the idea started warming up to me. So much so that I couldn’t help but start to wonder if you would inherit my fiery moods or my potty mouth or maybe even my cool hair-

But It’s not really my choice and I don’t think I can change the one that was made.

I wish I had the chance to be the kind of dad that would give you ice cream for breakfast every Sunday- with a side of apples because health and shit. Then get you dressed up for your morning sport games or piano lessons or anything you wanted. Then watch those dumb recitals or plays that schools do, I’d bring my phone and record the whole thing and just be so proud even if you were both playing trees or something lame like that...

But this letter will have to do. When you’re old enough, I hope you come find me. I’ll be waiting, I can already tell I’ll think about it every day. I can hold one hell of a grudge- it means my memory is squeaky clean.

Anyway, I hope your new parents give you this letter. I hope they take care of you and I hope they love you nearly as much as I already do.


Bakugou Katsuki~


Bakugou doesn’t realise he’s crying. He thinks it might just be the ceiling above his room leaking again after all the rain they’d been having.

‘I have to fix that shitty fucking roof.’ He thinks, wiping his cheeks that had felt far too damp at that moment.


Katsuki had forgotten to close his door.

Kirishima watches the whole thing. His heart contracts so painfully for his friend. He’d never seen Bakugou cry before. It was a terrifying experience for him. To see someone so fiery and strong to break down like that.

He remembers all the times Katsuki had helped him and Kaminari’s dumbasses out. They wouldn’t have made it to graduation without him- they wouldn’t have gotten together without him. Bakugou was such a genuine impact on their lives and he deserved this unexpected happiness if he wanted it so desperately. He just needed to throw away his useless pride and ask.

That would never happen. He was Katsuki Bakugou.

Kirishima sighs before moving away from the door frame, leaving Katsuki to sniffle by himself. He heads toward the door.

He knew what he had to do.

Chapter Text

“Who the fuck are you- and what do you want?” The woman before Ejirou asks, leaning her shoulder on her dingy apartment door. She’s still wearing that frumpy red coat but it isn’t as baggy anymore.

“Ejirou Kirishima? I’m Katsuki’s room mate.” It was probably common sense that she didn’t remember their first meeting- she kept her eyes firmly planted on glaring at Bakugou back then.

She raises an eyebrow. The action makes her eyes look even more hollowed out. That level of exhaustion definitely wasn’t brought on by sleep. There was something chemical about it. “And?”

“Look,” Kirishima fists a hand through his hair. “He’s too proud to beg, but I’m not.” He takes a deep breath and clasps his hands together. “Please just give the kids to Bakugou when they’re born. I know they’ll be in good hands, he already loves them.”

This was all Kirishima could come up with. He didn’t have any money- after all, Katsuki and his jobs paid the same. When he offered Katsuki his help, he meant it. Nevertheless, the mere fact that this could all be solved if he just ‘bought’ Bakugou’s kids and then gave them back to him really ate at Ejirou. If his bank account was as big as his heart- he’d do it without hesitation.

“If I gave a shit about them being in good hands I would have given them to one of the fags I saw at the agency.”

Kirishima frowns, he tries to brush past that little slur off with as much grace as possible. “I get that you hate kids, but you really don’t care where they end up?” Without the appeal of a large sum of money, Ejirou was at a loss to convince her.

“No.” She grits out.

“Well if you don’t care, give them to Bakugou!”

“I want compensation.”

“You’re selling your kids to the highest bidder.” Ejirou can’t seem to comprehend the reasoning behind this woman. Did she resent her children that much? So much so that she’d sell them off to anyone?  

Her arms are crossed around her stomach, holding it in a vice. “When you put it like that you make it sound like I’m a bad person.”

Kirishima wants to grit out ‘it’s because you are’ but he knows well enough that that was just a bad idea from the get go. He wasn’t Bakugou, sometimes he actually did think before he spoke. Emphasise on sometimes. “What do you need the money for?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Look, Bakugou doesn’t have a lot of money saved up, but put us all together- if we- I don’t fucking know- if you kept the kids for the first couple of months-”

“I don’t want any of Bakugou’s friends meddling with this. Whatever ‘bright’ ideas you have, shove them up your ass.”

Kirishima grits his teeth. “You need to at least tell Bakugou what you’re doing with them. He needs closure and he’s too fucking stubborn to actually ask for it. Please- at least, just call him when you decide.”

Isabel doesn’t say a word for a moment, glaring deep into Kirishima’s eyes. “Get out of here.” She hisses before slamming the door on his face.

Kirishima hands raise to knock again but he soon just curls it into a fist. Bakugou really knew how to pick them. He sighs. His attempt had been futile. The bitter curdle of failure bubbles in his chest as he walks back home.

Or at least he’d thought.


When he arrived back at home. Katsuki isn’t asleep. He’s sitting up on the kitchen counter like a house cat, staring at the dark screen of his phone. Denki still isn’t home so he’s just sitting there alone in the dim light of the fridge.

“Dude?” Kirishima calls out as a greeting, cautious. Like he were approaching a deer in headlights instead of a young adult with anger management issues.

“She told me she wants to keep them?”


“Isabel. She told me she wants to keep them. The- the kids.”

Ejirou isn’t quite sure why that sentiment didn’t fill him with joy. It was what Katsuki had subconsciously wanted, after all.

Yet there was definitely something off about that. Isabel didn’t seem like the type to do this out of the goodness of her heart. Perhaps she’d gotten emotional after Kirishima had gone to talk to her?

No. That woman was made of molten stone. Abrasive and burning to touch. Even less approachable than Katsuki.

She was definitely up to something.

“That’s great! You’ll get to see them!”

Katsuki doesn’t look quite pleased, he too looked dubious. “I don’t get it. She was harping on about how much she hated me, how much she hated kids. I don’t understand why she’d actually keep them. All she wanted was money.”

Ah, so even Katsuki suspected ulterior motives. This definitely wasn’t painting Isabel in a good light.


“Did she say anything about joint custody?”

Katsuki nods, confused. It is strange seeing him this quiet. It was out of character. Overall it was just a weirdly terrible night for Bakugou.

Ejirou puts a hand on his chin.

“Ah.” Katsuki says in realisation. “Child support? I’d have to pay her money, right?” He kicks his shoe in the air, looking petulant. “So she didn’t have a change of heart. All she really wants is money. Big fuckin’ surprise there.”

“Doesn’t that money usually go into looking after the actual kids?”

Katsuki pulls a face, “Like I have any fucking clue. I know she wouldn’t do that anyway.”

Kirishima makes a noncommittal noise in the back of his throat. His suspicions growing. In the depths of his hearts- he was fairly certain that Isabel wouldn’t spend a cent of Katsuki’s money on their children. But if she got a steady income off of them- if it was the only way- she’d put up with it.

But why did she need such money in the first place? Didn’t she have a job?

He pushes it down. These grand feelings of unease would have to be forgotten for now. Isabel had never said anything about a job. “That’s okay! Look on the brightside. You get to be a dad for real now~ That’s exciting.”

Bakugou looks up at him, still holding his phone. “I never said I wanted to be a dad.”

Kirishima frowns at him, raising his eyebrow. The blatant lie in his voice didn’t sound convincing at all. “I saw you writing the letter, Bakugou.”

Katsuki freezes.


Kirishima softens. “You were crying.”

“No I fucking wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.”

The crack in Katsuki’s voice is almost incomprehensible if anyone that didn’t know Bakugou heard it. Luckily, Kirishima had known that bastard for way too long not to sense it in his voice. “You are a fucking liar.” He mumbles, sniffing.

“Aw dude.” Ejirou’s heart squeezes in his chest.

“Don’t fucking patronise me!”

“I’m not patronising you!”

Angry tears start falling down Katsuki’s face at that moment. Kirishima had now seen Katsuki cry twice in the time knowing him. And it was on the same night.

“I just… couldn’t stop thinking about them. About how- how they’d grow up without me. That maybe I’d pass them in the street twenty years from now and I wouldn’t know they were my children at all. Or even worse, the people Isabel handed them off to would be evil and they wouldn’t live to their first year of middle school or-”

Kirishima doesn’t want to run this time.

He steps closer to Katsuki, arms outstretched.

“If you fucking touch me I will end you.” That was a weak threat, and they both knew it.

Katsuki doesn’t really cry. He just kind of sniffles a little bit and says fuck a few times. It’s as if he’s really angry about having a cold. Strange mannerisms nevertheless. There was no way Katsuki was going to get out of this unhugged. Kirishima was a touchy feely kind of guy, and despite Katsuki’s undeniably prickly persona, Ejirou was not deterred at all.

“Come here, dude.”

Kirishima doesn’t comment on the fact that Bakugou, after seizing up does move a little bit into his touch. Ejirou takes that as a good sign and brings his arms in and hugs him so tight it’s probably not comfortable for either them. Kirishima gave no singular fuck and would proceed to hug his best bro in the kitchen until Bakugou had to physically pry Ejirou off of him.

Kirishima isn’t all that sure why Bakugou is crying. It’s probably just all the pent up emotions from this whole situation- not one thing in particular. A mix of relief, happiness, anger, grief and loss. It makes Ejirou wonder how many times he’d done this before, alone in his room- stuffing his angry tears into the cool cotton of his pillow. Did he do this the night he found out?  

A door opening drags Ejirou out of the strange stupor they’d brought onto each other. Kaminari, at last had returned home. Kirishima hears his singing down the hall, growing louder as he approaches. But he doesn’t dare move. Denki’s bare feet on the timber flooring alerts his presence.

“Rack city, bitch, rack rack city, bitch, ten, ten, ten, twenty equals fifty bi-TCH? What the fuck is going on?” Denki looks at his boyfriend and friend in utter bewilderment. His eyebrows are up in his hairline.

Well, to put it more accurately. He looks behind them. At the lined up boxes of cereal that Katsuki had been nearly covering all of.

He snatches one of the uncovered boxes pointing into Bakugou’s side.

“Which one of you bitches ate my froot loops?”

Kirishima rolls his eyes. “Denki, babe, can you please read the situation?”

“Eji, babe, can you please read the giant ass name scrawled on the side of this box? I love you but if you keep eating my cereal I won’t eat your ass for a week.” Denki points at the giant sharpie-d ‘DENKI’S’ on the side of the cereal box. He then looks at Katsuki. “And can you please stop touching my  boyfriend’s aforementioned, ‘ass.”

Katsuki goes red in rage and pushes Kirishima away. “I was not touching his ass!” He screeches.

Ah, an angry Bakugou was so much better than a sad Bakugou. As Katsuki continues to throw insults at Denki, the blonde takes it all with a resigned kind of grace. He throws Kirishima a wink, as if this was entirely his plan all along. His eyes say ‘all according to Keikaku’ but they also say ‘please stop him from murdering me.’

Whatever got Katsuki to stop crying.


The months begin to pass by like clockwork. All of a sudden a plethora of miscellaneous shit begins to accumulate in their little apartment. There’s toys and rattles and everything under the sun. For once in this whole hellish situation, Katsuki may actually be excited. He allowed himself to be excited.

Kirishima and Kaminari are forever helpful, not that Katsuki would EVER tell them that. They still won’t let go of teasing him about that dumb voice message- he wouldn’t add fuel to that fire. They move all of their weeb shit from the spare room to make a nursery. And by God there was a lot of weeb shit.

“Why do you even fucking need a body pillow? You sleep with each other.” Katsuki remembers growling at them as he hauls another box of random stuff into the lounge room.

“Don’t act like you don’t want one.” Kaminari whines.

Kirishima laughs at them. “Who woulda thunk this would be us. If me from high school saw this he’d freak the fuck out.”

“How do you think I feel?” Katsuki lightly scowls. “Me from high school  would probably kick my shit in.” Bakugou feels the back pocket with his phone in it vibrate, indicating an incoming call.


Kirishima and Kaminari watch idly as Katsuki’s facial expression goes from slightly annoyed to full on panicked in a matter of seconds.

“What is it dude?” Kaminari asks as he pressed end call.

“They’re coming.”

“God that sounds fucking ominous.”

“No! Fuckhead- the twins!” He begins counting on his fingers. “Oh shit! It’s like a week early. Fuck-shit fuck.”

“I didn’t think Isabel would even call you.”

“It wasn’t, it was the hospital. Told em to tell me because I know Isabel wouldn’t.”


The three of them look at each other and let out a simultaneous ‘FUCK’ before getting their shit together and booking it to the hospital.


They weren’t allowed into the room, Isabel obviously didn’t want them there. Katsuki made as little contact with her possible- just enough to make sure she knew she could ask for his help if asked. But she never asked. The one time she requested something was the reason they’d all chipped in and bought so much kid’s stuff. She’d outright refused to pay for anything of the sort. Nevertheless, Bakugou tried to call her at least once a week to make sure she was okay. Most of his efforts were for naught, however, as she tended to just curse him out for a minute or so before hanging up.

Katsuki paced outside the door in the waiting room saying ‘fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’ over and over again as Kaminari and Kirishima watched.

It takes a lot shorter time than expected, maybe a couple of hours but it feels like an eternity to Katsuki.


Bakugou goes into the nursery  first, alone. There’s no other parents in there. Bakugou, for all of these months had been wondering just why he’d grown to want these children. He didn’t have a definite answer. Perhaps, in the end. After all of these years of rethinking his actions. He wanted an opportunity to be better. To teach them not to be like him, to be good people- to accept the love they receive and not take it as pity. Katsuki was surrounded by love in this life but he’d always kept it at an arm’s width. For Bakugou, love crept up on him like a viper curling around his neck- sinking his teeth into him. It was never quick and painless.

But this time-

Two girls. Button nosed and blonde tufts of hair sprouting on their tiny heads.

It was love at first sight.

Chapter Text

Izuku tilts his head slightly to the side, his expression, thankfully, hidden well for once. He was still processing all the information at hand. That was a strange aspect of Deku, the need to go through everything being told to him before he could truly formulate an emotion on it. “I don’t get it, Bakugou. If she agreed to joint custody- how come I don’t see her picking the girls up every weekend or something?”

Katsuki scowls, “I thought I told you to not talk?”

Deku frowns, his eyes glossy. His heart is pounding with empathy for Katsuki. He had so much he wanted to say to him. He had so many questions. So many things that were unanswered. “Sorry, I just-”

 “We alternated a couple of days each with them at the beginning. I still couldn’t figure out why she’d decided she’d wanted them after all, why she had a desperate need for money- Why she couldn’t keep a job...” Bakugou sighs, “I found out pretty soon.”

 Deku raises an eyebrow.

 “Because she had a lower income than mine, I had to pay child support, right?- it meant that she’d get a weekly payment from me to spend, presumably on Katsumi and Kiyoko’s food, clothes and junk.”

 Izuku didn’t quite like where this was heading.

 “Anyway, it was probably a month in that I started noticing some shit was up. Katsumi and Kiyoko were acting strange when they’d come to my apartment from hers, crying more, eating more- that stuff. One day she was late for the drop off so I went over to her house to check it out. I was pulling my hair out, worrying.” Bakugou closes his eyes and sighs. “I walked in and Katsumi and Kiyoko were just there, screaming their heads off on this filthy couch of hers, no supervision whatsoever, they were like, a fucking month old and she’d just left them there. Katsumi was just on the edge of one of the cushions, so close to falling off and just-” Katsuki took a breath, looking haunted. “She could have fell, hit her head- died.”

 “So naturally, I grabbed both of them and went to try and find Isabel and give her a piece of mind.” Katsuki swallows, “I found her on the kitchen floor, blood pouring out of her nose and twitching. The place was a mess, smashed plates, glasses- food on the floor. I could only assumed she’d gone on a bender. She was fucking OD’ing on cocaine while her kids screamed for food. I noticed that there was no food for them there, though. She’d bought drugs instead of formula or-or anything-” Bakugou takes a breath. Composing himself, Izuku had never seen him like this before. “I didn’t want to think about all the things she might have been doing while she was pregnant. I called an ambulance for her and grabbed Katsumi and Kiyoko in a flash. There was no fucking way I was letting her anywhere near them again. If I had noticed sooner- I- if I had been less fucking naive-!” Katsuki’s hands curl into fists. “It’s a wonder I even called the ambulance. The contempt I felt for her was the strongest i’d ever felt.”


“Did she live?”

 Bakugou frowned, looking off into the distance. “She did. She made it hell for me to get full custody of my daughters she was that desperate for money. The daughters she didn’t even fucking want in the first place. I mean, I didn’t either but, god, before they were even born I loved them so much-” Katsuki stops himself, furrowing his eyebrows, “I haven’t seen her since then. Thank fuck, I think I would have strangled her. The court granted me full custody of Katsumi and Kiyoko. She fought tooth and nail to get them and every last drop of money I had. But I won.”

 A wry smile comes across on Bakugou face. “You know, through it all. I had the stupidest fucking thought that- that you’d somehow show up and sort everything out for me. Not my mom, no, you, the kid that I bullied for half the time I knew you. I guess after everything, I never stopped thinking about you. Things always had a way of working out for you.”

Izuku frowns at that last part. But he doesn’t correct Bakugou. He just sits there, beside him on the couch, his heart beating faster and faster. What had happened to Bakugou was certainly a mess. The mere fact that he’d grown more mellow compared to growing angrier was truly an act of great maturation. He was almost a different person, with the same penchant for swearing.



Midoriya looks at him, with the softest smile- a smile that Bakugou never thinks he’ll actually deserve. “I’m so proud of you.”

The sound of Katsumi and Kiyoko’s laughter echoed throughout the halls, it finally makes Bakugou crack a genuine smile.

"Your bravery and resilience was always something I admired about you- but- in the end, I really think I fell because of your unfaltering kindness toward the people you care about.”

Bakugou scratches the back of his head, mildly flustered. He tries to break the warm silence with another anecdote. “You know they didn’t have a name for the first month in their lives? I had to colour code them to make sure I didn’t mix the two of them up.”

That makes Deku giggle, “So how did you figure it out?”

“Didn’t you hear Izumi at dinner? I just took my name and added some shit to it.”

“You were serious?”
Bakugou looks indignant, “Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

Izuku waves his hand in dismissal, “No no, I’m honestly just glad you didn’t call them Naruto and Yugioh or something.” He laughs.

Katsuki frowns, “Like I’d ever fucking do that…” Then, quietly, “That’s their middle names.” 


Katsuki looks somewhat ashamed, “Katsumi Naru Bakugou and Kiyoko Yugi Bakugou.”


“We don’t have middle names in Japan so i figured why the fuck not? I was a fucking 25 year old single father what did you expect from me? My friends were meme fuckers, they wanted me to call them none pizza and left beef.”

“So you named them after yourself- and anime characters?”

“Listen,,,, fuck off.”

“Kacchan, I think you’re great but for the love of god, did you never look up baby names on the computer? Pick up a book? If you ever have anymore kids are they gonna be called Goku and Pikachu Bakugou?”

“Don’t give me any ideas, I might just do it out of spite.”

Midoriya smiles up at him, he settles into his spot on the lounge, a calmed sigh escaping his chest. “Thank you for telling me, I appreciate it.”

“It was Izumi’s idea.”

“Izumi told you to tell me?”

Bakugou scratches the back of his head. “He said you might open up a little bit more if I opened up first.” He smirks. “I guess we’re both jaded old men.”

Deku snorts, crossing his arms with mirth he says, “that kid… sometimes I think he’s more of a jaded old man than me.” He leans forward, his smile slowly turning to a frown, “I want to tell you, Kacchan, I just don’t know how you’ll react.” He clasps his fingers into a tight vice, looking like he was on the verge of mumbling out nonsense again.

Katsuki raises an eyebrow, “How i’d react?”

Deku looks puzzled, like he was having a hard time expressing what he was feeling. “It’s not as if I’m ashamed of who I am, of my past, it’s just-” Midoriya sighs, “It’s difficult for me to talk about it. It was probably the worst years of my life.”

Bakugou doesn’t want to say he’s disappointed or anything. The mere fact of Deku’s reluctance toward his own past says a lot about the severity of the secrecy surrounding it. But Katsuki was never really a patient man. He could only wait so long. “Whatever it is. I couldn’t possibly judge you after all the shit I put you through.”

Deku gives him a soft smile, it’s nervous and twitching, Bakugou sees how his shoulders relax ever so slightly.

“You know the superhero, All Might, the one from the cartoons we used to watch?”

Katsuki smirks, “Yeah of course.”


Out with it Izuku.


It will be fine.


“I was obsessed with him for the longest of my life. Still kind of am. When I was younger, I wanted to be him, A doctor, a hero… A…” Deku pauses, biting his lip before looking away, “A man.”

Bakugou raises an eyebrow. “Ha?”

Izuku realises Katsuki isn’t going to realise what he’s been meaning to tell him unless he wacks him over the head with it. It was necessary to let him know, Midoriya knew. Before they went any further. Just in case- just in case Kacchan wasn’t okay with it. If that were to happen- he thinks his heart might just break. It was better to just get it over with now, before he got anymore invested-  “Kacchan, I wasn’t biologically born a boy.”


Deku’s mouth wobbles nervously. When he’s anxious he begins to blabber. And holy hell was he nervous. “It’s not the reason I won’t tell you my past- but it does play a part. I’m not ashamed of who I am, I just… wasn’t sure how you were going to react. In a place like this, they would freak out if they knew- probably get me fired from my job...” He looks up at Bakugou. “I always knew I was really a boy, even when I was like, five. It took awhile for my mom to work it all out but she was always really accepting- She cut my hair off before elementary, bought me new clothes, started calling me Izuku instead of Izuko, little things like that-” Midoriya smiles ever so slightly amongst his memories. His mother was nothing but supportive- even if she was a little bit slow on the uptake. She never second guessed his decision, though, not for a second.

“So you were nervous about telling me that?” Katsuki asks, neutral. If he didn’t interrupt him, he never would’ve stopped talking.

Deku nods.

Bakugou sighs, it kind of hurt that Midoriya didn't trust him to handle this well. But he really couldn't blame him. “I’ve been through some shit these years, Deku. If I hadn’t learned the concept of acceptance, I wouldn’t have survived or even figured out my own shit. You’re you, Deku, I could not possibly care what’s in your pants, as long as I can get into them at some point.”

Midoriya’s eyes widen in shock.

Katsuki goes red, “Ah fuck, I really did just say that out loud. It’s not just that! I- want to- you know- fuck- be like, a family together. I want us to be together with Katsumi, Kiyoko and Izumi, hell, throw in one of those cool ass german shepherd dogs fuck yeah. I want us to be so into each other that our kids think we’re super gross and I want to take you out of this shitty neighbourhood away from Susan and go to the Bahamas or some white people shit like that.”

Izuku looks slightly agape. “I would love that, Kacchan.” His smile is a little watery, his legs- like jelly. The nerves probably still settling in his stomach. “You know, I used to have a crush on you in elementary.” Izuku admits. “You could go upside down on the monkey bars, that was apparently what I looked for in a man back then.”

“I can still probably go upside down on the monkey bars,  if you want.”


“Kids!” Katsuki cries, “Get your shoes on, we’re going to the park!”

“Woah- it’s nearly dark. I have work tomorrow-”

“Don’t be a nark, Deku.”

“Says the man about to attempt going upside down on the monkey bars.”

“Get fucked.”


Midoriya smiles softly at Katsuki’s weak deterrence. He looks so soft in the orange light, his eyelashes tinted with the slightest highlight of sunset. “Thanks, Kacchan.”

“For what?”

“For moving next door to me.”


Bakugou turns pink ever so slightly, and he blinks. “If you’re so thankful can you stop fucking mowing your lawn so early in the goddamn morning?”

Chapter Text

“Alright, Deku. We have T-minus one week until doomsday. Is our mission confirmed?”

“Can’t you just say ‘we have one week until the barbeque’ like a normal fucking person?” Izumi interjects over the other side of the couch- long before Izuku could answer. He’s mid-way through a hearty bite of cucumber.

“Language, Izumi.” Izuku chides, not looking up from his page. Izumi’s cursing never did cease, but he never failed to scold him on it. Bakugou, however, he’d lost all hope to keep his mouth out of the gutter.

Katsuki scowls, Midoriya and he were back at Deku’s pristine table once again. Deku’s entire house was an organised chaos- but this table. This table was always polished to perfection. “Shouldn’t you be at school?” He snaps back.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” Izumi replies back, not taking his eyes off of his phone.

Izuku rolls his eyes at them. “I have almost everything ready, Kacchan. But there’s a few things I think I still need.” He starts counting on his fingers like the weirdo he was. Bakugou supposes it’s a habit that would never die.

Deku then pulls out a ratty old scrapbook (from seemingly nowhere) filled to the brim with loose leaflets of paper, he quickly begins rifling through it.

Bakugou just looks on in awe and mild horror. He doesn’t know what to say so he just grumbled out, “what’s the guest list lookin’ like?” Deku, in general was just organised chaos. His fucked up sleeping schedule was counteracted by all the coffee he drank, black. His incessant need to selflessly assist people was remedied by all the exhausting hours he worked at his job. He was peculiar. He found solutions to the problems, sure. But they were always the more difficult version of such; like swimming across the river to get to the other side when a bridge was right beside it.

Midoriya flips to a page in his book and thrusts it toward Bakugou’s head. It was the page he and Deku had been scribbling on the night after the soccer game from hell. It was definitely perceptible who wrote what. The difference in both sentencing and handwriting was astronomically differing.


Behold, the homosexual agenda; Hot dogs and fleetwood mac.

Guest list version 2; electric boogaloo.


Deku’s list









The list went on until the next page, from whence it reached Katsuki’s much shorter- more cryptid lettering.


Katsuki’s way cooler than Deku’s list

-Knuckles the enchilada

-Fuckboy Pikachu

-The pink one

-Weird tape shithead


“I hope you know what yours says because I understand all those words, but not in that context.” Deku replies woefully, looking down at Bakugou’s list.

“I wouldn’t have written them if I didn’t.” Katsuki replies rather indignantly, folding his arms across his chest.

Deku looks back on the paper with a sense of pride that seemed almost inspiring. “I asked them all to try and bring someone and told Izumi if he had some friends he wanted to invite, he could.”

“Would it be suicide to invite Susan’s younger son? Ya know, for Katsumi and Kiyoko.” He didn’t want to leave them to their own devices at the party. It would most certainly result in homicide.

Deku entertains the thought for a moment while chuckling.

“I don’t care about your answer I’m doing it anyway.” Bakugou grins as he write down another name on the list of possible invitees. Many of them had green ticks over their names already, signifying that they could make it. It was a lot of people, especially if everyone bought a plus one.

This was going to be great.

“We’re going to need some supplies,” Deku mentions, a hand on his chin. Midoriya leans on the table ever so slightly in thought, Katsuki in turn, scrunches his nose.

“Where are we gonna get all this shit?” There was another list next to the guests- a lot less items were checked off. They still needed to get a lot more supplies for this shindig and it was going to be a pain due to their vast variety. Lots of mustard, extra chairs, banners, stereo...

They needed to go somewhere with a random assortment of items, all in bulk- all super cheap.

It’s simultaneous, the way their eyes light up at the same time, the sound of their respective chairs scraping against the tile of Midoriya’s dining area.

“Costco!” They both shout at the same time.

Katsuki smirks, “I could kiss you right now.”

“What’s stopping you, Kacchan?” Midoriya teases, with a coy smile on his freckled face.

Izumi clears his throat loudly over the other side of the room. “Seriously? In front of my salad?”


“Who in the FUCK would need this much olive oil?” Katsuki holds up a solid gallon of the stuff, mild disgust on his features.

Oil bet you someone does.” Midoriya says cheekily, looking way too proud of himself.

Katsuki groans, “Fuck off.”

Deku grins wider, somewhat abandoning the cart to go grab a giant tub of soy sauce. “Is it too late to say that I’m soy ry about it?”

“Do you really want your death to be in a costco?” Bakugou asks, far too casually. “Because they do sell coffins here.”

Deku waves it off, “Hey, don’t be mad, Kacchan.” He walks amongst the isles of seemingly endless condiments, “It’s not my fault you can’t… ketchup with my pun expertise.”

Katsuki screws up his nose in utter rage. Grasping at straws- he absolutely can NOT be bested now. Not in anything. Even shitty puns.

He spots something yellow and point at it, his mind clambering for some dumb joke to make-

“Mustard.” He says resolutely, as gruff as ever.


It’s met with a band of silence.


Midoriya just looks at him as he points. Bakugou’s arm still raised. They stare at each other in the middle of the aisle, ‘don’t go breakin’ my heart’ softly playing from the speakers on the ceiling.

Katsuki, amidst realising he had no accompaniment for the joke, slowly lowers his arm in shame.

“Thank you for your contribution, Kacchan.” Deku bursts out laughing, so loud and so hard that he all but collapsed onto the ground.

That was it. Costco was fucking cursed. Bakugou knew it. This had to be some weird astral plane where his brain had malfunctioned. Izuku is still laughing at him, so much so that his breathing has changed into gasps.

His cheeks burn hot and stomps his foot in petulant defiance. “Fuck you, Deku, it’s not funny.”

Midoriya continues to guffaw for another couple of minutes as Bakugou just stands there. People are looking but they don’t give a shit about them.

Well until-

“Don’t you people know how to behave in a public space?” An all too familiar voice chimes in. Her grating plasticity turning Bakugou’s blood to ice. Susan. Katsuki’s turns to confirm.

It was her. Alone, for once.

Deku stops then.

Bakugou frowns at her. He’d much preferred it when Deku was laughing at him. “Susan, what a surprise to find you here, did they run out of suspiciously cheap gel pens down in hell?”

Susan raises her eyebrows, unimpressed. “Donna from the PTA brought some ‘home-made’ cookies to the meeting today.” She glances around in snobbish distaste. “I wanted to confirm my disbelief.”


“Speaking of class… Shopping for your little… immoral ‘party’ I see.” Susan drags her eyes across the cart holding all the items Deku and Katsuki were looking to buy. She doesn’t look even slightly impressed. “Hope your homo friends prefer frozen beef patties over grass-fed caviar.”

“Bitch, what the FUCK is ‘grass-fed’ caviar.”

Caviar was fish eggs. Did Susan know that? You can’t feed eggs. Did Susan know tha-

Susan disregards Bakugou’s confused exclamation. “Guess you’ll never know.” She declares, proud and pompous.

“Ah that reminds me!” Deku starts, his eyes going wide with thought. He starts fishing through his pockets. Until, at last, he finds what he was searching for. A small white piece of paper, only slightly crumpled. He hands it to Susan.

Susan regards it just as she regards everything to do with Midoriya or Bakugou lately. Extreme distaste. “An invitation? Are you joki-”

“It’s for your younger son actually, not you.” Deku smiles cheerfully. “Pickup’s at seven. But he can sleepover if he wants.”

Susan chokes.

Katsuki smirks. “Well, have a grass-fed day, Susan. We have to go be gay over there.” He grabs Deku’s arm and the cart and escapes before Susan can get in another word.

Bakugou lets out a sigh, “Do you think she’ll actually tell Kayden about the party?”

Deku grins, “Not at all.” He pauses and then looks up at Katsuki. “That’s why I told Katsumi and Kiyoko to slip an invitation into Kayden’s lunch box at school this morning. Everyone knows that a mother’s nagging may be annoying- but a child’s insistence is unbeatable.”

“How did you-”


“Deku, you sneaky little shit.”

Katsuki grabs Midoriya and kisses him in the middle of this fucking costco and he has no regrets whatsoever.

Chapter Text

Today was the day of reckoning. Katsuki couldn’t help but be just the slightest bit excited. Summer was just beginning and there was already a nice warmth spreading amongst the neighbourhood. That, however, could have been attributed to the boiling hot rage of Susan felt all the way across the street. Who, at the point of time, was fastening a particularly difficult set of balloons to the mailbox of her home.

Deku, once again, had a nicer garden so they were planning on throwing the party in his yard. Apparently all the shitty early morning gardening did actually make for something. Showing exactly the sheer difference of their personalities.

Contrary to popular belief, Katsuki’s house was clean. Like, unusually clean. Bakugou wouldn’t call himself a clean freak, but comparing it to the inside of Midoriya’s house- it certainly made him look like one. Especially due to the fact that the Bakugou family were now, officially moved in to their new home. This however, was all for naught. Because their aforementioned party, was planned to be outside. Where Susan could see it.

The sound of the door opening behind him indicated someone’s presence. Definitely Deku, due to the lack of shuffling (which would be Izumi) and the lack of screaming (which would have been Katsumi and Kiyoko.)

“How it’s going Kacchan?” Izuku moves his hand up to cover the sun in his eyes. “What are you doing out here?”

“Watching the competition.” Bakugou replies, nodding over to where Susan was. She looks over at them, steam coming out of her ears, flaring her nostrils.

Midoriya frowns, “Do you think she’ll pull anything today?”

“At the party that we planned, on the same day as hers, celebrating the aspects of people she hates the most?” Katsuki raises an eyebrow. “Nooooo.”
Midoriya snorts, waving it off with a laugh, “come inside I need help icing the cake and Izumi is busy in his room getting a ‘makeover’ by the girls.”

“Oh jesus, he didn’t need to-”

“Kacchan, he did it of his own volition. When Izumi doesn’t want to do anything. He’ll definitely let you know.”

Katsuki shrugs his shoulders, “Hope he likes blue eyeshadow.”

“Holy fuck, Deku, you made this?” Katsuki gazes at the large slab of cake in front of them. It would definitely give everyone at the party a hearty serving, perhaps even seconds. Red velvet in flavour, it looked both moist and solid- delicious. It was like he could use it as a weapon of mass destruction or mass deliciousness.  

“What colour are we gonna ice it?” Bakugou seems at a loss of what to do.


“No, which colour-”

Deku brings out several bowls of different coloured icing. A manic look in his green eyes as he slams them down on the counter. “Yes.”

“This cake is going to be so bright it might stop traffic.”

“It’s going to have to compete with me,” Izumi says from the hallway, causing the two adults to turn his way.

Izumi stands in the doorframe, his utterly dead expression still prominent on his features. His heavily makeuped features. Katsuki was right, they’d chosen the blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick and- was that eyeliner? How was it so perfect? Izumi’s scruffy head of hair was partially (and badly) tied up with a large amount of butterfly clips and little scrunchies. He was still wearing his usual edgy shade of black, but pairing it with all these extremities was truly something to behold. It looked like he was a theatre kid on a one man show.

Katsumi and Kiyoko quickly come out after a moment, running after him and grabbing on to both sides of his legs- nearly toppling him right over. “Izumi!” Kiyoko whines, “We weren’t done yet!”

“We still have to do the other side of your hair!” Katsumi interjects, equally as cloying.

Izuku looks at the three of them before settling. “Blue is definitely your colour, Izumi.”

Izumi rolls his eyes, “Father, every colour is my colour.”

“How come you wear black all the time then?” Katsuki dishes back, his pointer finger dipping into the green icing. Deku smacks his hand back with a ‘nah-uh’.

Bakugou glares at him as he licks his finger tip. Delicious. Of course it was.

“If you saw me in my final form I would be too powerful.”

Deku snorts before turning to Katsumi and Kiyoko. “Do you guys want to help me decorate the cake?”

Their eyes light up instantly, “Yes!” They both chime instantaneously. Izumi, quickly forgotten with the concept of sugar at their feet. They bumble over to Deku’s side and make motions to be let up on the counter.

Deku smiles down at them before lifting them both up to see the cake. Katsuki’s can’t help but notice the wince of pain when he uses the arm that had been scarred. Izumi seems to notice it too because his neutral expression turned into one of a frown.

“Sorry, Kacchan, you’re fired from the cake icing business.” Deku looks up at him with a grin, he dips his finger into a blue bowl of icing and puts a tiny smudge of it on to both the girl’s noses. They squeal and giggle at him.

“But he was one year away from retirement!” Izumi exclaims, sardonic as always.

“Are you calling me old?”

“Ancient, yes.”

Bakugou, incredulously points at Deku. “We’re the same age!”

“Maybe all the frowning you do put more wrinkles on your face.”

Katsuki growls.

“Not to mention you literally are the opposite of chill.” Izumi moves to take a pinch of icing himself. “Old age has made you enraged and senile.”

Midoriya shakes his head. “Kacchan has never had any chill.” Deku interjects, slabbing a glob of pink icing onto the cake. He carefully maneuvers Katsumi’s hands away from the bowl as he does so. “In middle school he told the teacher that the only penance suitable for someone stealing his pen was death.”

“It was a good pen!” Katsuki reasons, feeling once more, that he was always the only one getting roasted.

“I know, that’s why I stole it.”

“Deku, you-”

“I’m kidding.” Deku waves a wooden spoon around. “Like I’d do that. If you so much as stared at me back then, I’d drop dead.”

Bakugou frowns, Midoriya, sensing this, decides to lighten up the subject.

“No one even stole your pen, Kacchan, it was in your hair and no one had the heart to tell you.”


Izumi snorts, trying to cover his laugh with his hand. “Wow you’re a dumbass.”

Bakugou frowns, “Well you look like a dumbass.”

Izumi puts his hands on his hips, “Excuuuuse me. Do you not see this highlight?” He moves his cheek over so Bakugou can see a strange glitter clump on his cheek. His voice oozing scathing sarcasm. “James Charles is quaking. You know we stan a makeup legend.”

Katsuki turns to Midoriya, “Was that English? Did he just say words I’m supposed to understand?”
Deku shrugs, “I have no clue what he’s saying either.”

Bakugou decides to let it go, opting to ask Kaminari and Kirishima when they got here first. If anyone were to decipher it. It would be them.


They didn’t have to wait long. About an hour later, Kirishima dramatically opens the front door to Deku’s house with yet another “What the hap is fuckening?”

Bakugou had told them to come earlier than the party, calculating that they would come later than that time, thus making them on time for fucking once.

But no. They were earlier, even earlier than the earlier time Katsuki told them. What the fuck.

“Why the fuck are you so early?” Bakugou asks the two of them as a form of greeting.

“Time isn’t real, my love.” Kirishima saunters over to Katsuki and gives him a boop on the nose. “And Denki wanted time to see Delores again.”

“Who the fuck is Delores?”

“I think you mean whom the fuck is Delores.” Kirishima corrects.

“I think you mean whom’st’d’ve the fuck is Delores.” Kaminari continues.

“WHO THE FUCK IS DELORES?” Katsuki cries in frustration.”

“The old lady whose door I kicked down the first time I came over.”

“Why were you going to see her?”

“Because she’s my fucking girlfriend.” Kaminari declares. “And she makes the best brownies in the universe.”

“Not to mention she’s really hot.” Ejirou adds.

Bakugou rolls his eyes, “you told me she’s eighty-five.”

“Aged like fine wine.”

Katsuki sighs, long and hard. Tired beyond belief that he actually associated with these people. He looks to Deku, who is watching them interact with extreme amusement.

Kirishima quickly changes subject once he realises he’s staring. “Deku! It’s nice to see you again now that I’m not as high as a kite.” He gives Midoriya a toothy grin. “I’m Kirishima. I’ve been listening to Bakugou talk about you for about fifteen years.”

Kaminari scoffs out a laugh, “more like agonise about you for about fifteen years.”
“I am still going to skin you both alive.”

“And that still turns me on.”

Bakugou cries out in rage.

Izumi, whom had been silent until now, smirks at Katsuki’s frustrations. “Is this why you’ve got so many wrinkles, old man?”

Katsuki glares up at him but says nothing more. He turns to Ejirou and Denki. “This is Izuku’s smartass son, Izumi, he’s nearly thirteen, he loves memes and video games.”

Izumi, in turn, does a peace sign.

Kirishima grins, turning to Kaminari. “We have a son now, Denki.”

“Oh hell yeah, what’s your favourite video game?”

“Zoey 101 for gameboy advance.” Izumi deadpans.

Kirishima looks at Izumi in ecstatic amusement. “I love you, son.”

Due to Kirishima and Kaminari’s earliness, the pair of them helped assemble the party ahead of them all. It took less time due to the extra help. It left them with a few spare moments or so before they expected any guests to start arriving.

It was a lull in the business of this whole situation. It was nice, especially for Katsuki. Who in general wanted nothing more than some peace and fucking quiet.


It wasn’t for long however, for they had a party to host and a homophobe to enrage.

Chapter Text

“I’m jacking your AUX cord, Bakugou, I don’t give a deep fried fuck that you don’t like my music. If you keep playing your emo bullshit everyone is going to yeet the fuck outta here and join the black parade.” Kaminari disconnects Bakugou’s phone from the speaker and transplants it into his own.

“The fuck you just say?” Katsuki growls, God, sometimes he wished he was as scary as he used to be. He felt like Shrek at the start of Shrek 4.

It was like he was just a chihuahua that needed a treat or some shit.

Kaminari presses play on his playlist. Already assembled and loaded (for some reason.) It’s done with such precision and vigour that it makes Katsuki just grumble a few curses and reluctantly go and help Deku with setting shit up.

Kirishima, upon realising that Denki now had control of the music, promptly gives the man a devilish grin. One of which that only continues to perpetuate Katsuki’s discontent with either of those two playing DJ. Nevertheless, perhaps Kaminari was right. Bakugou did listen to a lot of… alternative stuff. Not exactly suited for a party. He had to trust that his two fucko friends wouldn’t ruin everything.

“What is this playlist called?” Kirishima calls over the beat of the first song.

Kaminari gives him a dastardly grin. “‘Fuck you, Susan.’”


The party begins without further ado, the first ‘real’ guests arriving to be Uraraka and Asui. They’re smiling wide, especially Ochacho- who has a huge platter of fried donuts in her arms.

“I thought I told you not to bring anything!” Deku chides very lightly, a warm smile on his face.

“Ocha got too excited last night and when she’s excited, she bakes.” Tsuyu provides, “We had apple pie for breakfast.”

Tsuyu and Ochako lived out of town, just around the border of Magnolia Springs. It was a much nicer community with less Susans. Deku had always wondered why they commuted to work everyday if they had a perfectly less painful preschool to work at just a few minutes away. Uraraka had just flexed her arms and told him that life without its challenges was boring and he, especially, should know that.

Katsumi and Kiyoko run up to the door jam upon hearing the familiar voices. “Donuts!” They proclaim, squealing with even more excitement.

“I love your hair, girls.” Uraraka grins.

“Daddy did it!” Katsumi giggles back. Wiggling her head to hear the bedazzled scrunchies in her hair jingle around. Katsuki had painstakingly braided their hair and tied it up with the most ridiculous looking hypercolour bell-adorned hair ties that Katsumi and Kiyoko had insisted he buy. Of course, Bakugou had caved like the weak man he had become. He had to say they looked pretty cute though.

Deku smiles down at them before looking back up at their guest, “Come through to the back, you’re pretty early but some of Kacchan’s friends are here as well.”

There’s seven of them all together. The group, Katsuki, Midoriya, Katsumi, Kiyoko, Uraraka, Asui- and Izumi (who had mysteriously materialised from his room, fresh faced and frowning) walk out to Deku’s beautifully decorated backyard. The colourful lantern lights hanging like stars on Midoriya’s fence, the perfectly manicured plants in the flower bed- Then they look at Kaminari and Kirishima. Who are religiously singing ‘my neck, my back’ by the stereo without ceasing.
“My neck!” Kirishima cries.

“My back!”

“No! Not today fuckos.” Bakugou shouts over the next line, this was a christian minecraft server, those heathens would not be fucking with it today.

Throughout the hour more and more people begin showing up. Some Bakugou knew, some Deku knew- some people either of them weren’t entirely familiar of. Momo had brought her girlfriend, Jirou. Mina (Or as Bakugou had written her down as; the pink one) was insisting she introduce them to her girlfriend, Toru, but she couldn’t for the life of her find her amongst all the partygoers. It was as if she was invisible in the growing crowd.

The atmosphere was almost like the parties Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari used to frequent in their early twenties. The music, all the people- the general electric happiness zapping off of everyone. It was exhilarating, almost- not that Katsuki would ever let anyone know that.

He gets tapped on the shoulder a moment later, while he’s staring off into the distance. The moment he turns around he’s smacked on the head.

“Oi- what the fuck-”

Mitsuki Bakugou stands behind him with a pinched frown on her features.


“Who else would it be?” Mitsuki grins, ruffling Katsuki’s hair. Despite the fact that he was at least a head taller than her now- and thirty fucking years old.

Midoriya is at his side in a second. “Bakugou-San, it’s so nice to see you again!” Deku calls, a little louder than usually to be heard over the music.

Mitsuki gives him a bright grin and gathers Deku up into his arms. Like he was actually her son. Bakugou scowls.

“It’s been too damn long, kiddo.”

Midoriya nods politely, “My mother will probably be arriving soon. I’m sure you’d love to catch up.”

Mitsuki nods, “Quite the party you have here.” She directs her eye line over to where Kirishima was currently trying to dab in time to the Evangelion opening.

“Anime was a mistake.”


It’s not long before Deku’s sure it’s Inko Midoriya at the door. She was the only one that was that short. He could practically hear the waves of enthusiasm coming off of her.

Inko Midoriya stands there with a pot of curry and a much taller man. One that Deku is certain he hadn’t seen before. Yet he looked awfully familiar. He was slender and his limbs were incredibly long. His wacky blonde hair had obviously been slicked back ever so slightly. But there wasn’t much he could do for his strangely cavernous eyes.

“Izuku!” Inko cries, she all but throws the pot into the mysterious man’s arms. Despite his questionable physicality he catches it with cat-like reflexes.

Deku is quickly enveloped into an unreasonably strong hug from his mother. Izuku can’t say he was entirely into it as he was distracted by the dude still standing there, looking kind of awkward. He gives her mother a kiss on the cheek. “Mom, who’s that?” Midoriya prompts, knowing how scatterbrained she’d get at some points.

Inko’s eyes light up with realisation. “Ah! Izuku! I’d like you to meet Toshinori.”

“Toshinori, this is my son, Izuku.” Inko looks so flustered when she looks at him. It’s like they were on a first date. Oh my god, she didn’t bring him here on a first did she-

Did she?
“Nice to meet you, kid, Inko has told me a lot about you.” Okay obviously not a first date.

He glances down at the matching rings they were.

Okay, Deku’s not breathing.

Not a first date, not a first date, not a first date-

Before Midoriya can respond, Bakugou can be heard loudly entering the house. “If you guys don’t put on Mr. Brightside i’m going to scalp you and use your hair as a rug to accent my house.” More footsteps. He finally comes into view of the front door. From whence everyone is now staring at him. “Ah, shit.” Katsuki exclaims. Sounding defeated. “Midoriya-San,” he states looking mildly horrified. He approaches nonetheless.

“Katsuki-Kun!” Inko exclaims, rushing in to also give him a hug.

“Oi-” Bakugou’s circulation is cut off by the woman’s surprisingly strong grasp around him.

Deku watches on idly. Wondering if he was supposed to make conversation with the man at his doorstep for his mother’s sake. He didn’t seem bad at all. It was just… weird.

“So uh… Toshinori-San?”

The man, looking just as awkward, raises his head.

Izuku squints his eyes, there was something strangely familiar about that man’s general features that had him curious. He just couldn’t quite place it. “What do you do for a living?”

“Oh uh, well I used to be an actor for a kids TV show- but now I’m a teacher.” He scratches the back of his neck.

“What TV show?” Midoriya raises his eyebrows.

“It was called ‘I am here!’ I played the main superhero, ‘All-Might.”


Deku is about to fucking faint. “Y-y-you’re-”

Inko finally releases Katsuki’s from her grasps with a ruffle of his hair. Almost like she knew what was bound to happen.

The first thing he says is- “Fuck me with a chainsaw- Deku, it’s All Might!”

Izuku nods, utterly stunned. Of course it was Bakugou who realised it instantly.

“Inko said you were a fan.”

Were? With all do respect Mr. All Might sir but I make my son, Izumi  watch your reruns with me every Saturday morning. I have posters up in my office of you. I HAVE PAJAMAS THAT-” Deku stops himself. “You said you were married to justice! But you’re engaged to my mother!”

“Izuku, honey, he’s not actually All Might.”

“Oh shoot, yeah, sorry.”

All Might- fuck- Toshinori smiles.  

Deku’s freaking the fuck out, Katsuki decides to take charge. “Come in, we need help making onigiri and my mother doesn’t know shi- anything about cooking.”

“Mitsuki’s here?” Inko asks, her eyes lighting up.

Bakugou nods.

“This is so exciting! It’s a big family reunion!” Inko cries in happiness, grabbing Toshinori’s hand he leads him down the halls into the backyard.  


Izuku is still watching the door like he’d just seen Jesus himself enter. Katsuki supposes that it was kind of like that for him.

And maybe, just maybe, Bakugou was freaking the fuck out as well.

“Come on, let’s get a drink.”



Susan watches as more and more people enter the Midoriya household with pursed fake lips and a margarita in her hand. She turns to husband.

“I can’t believe they’re doing that right there. In front of the children.”

The man squints, raising an eyebrow. “Playing wonderwall?”

She screeches in rage, pointing at the fenced off backyard. She points to Uraraka and Tsuyu dancing together, smiles on their faces. Tsuyu moves to peck Uraraka on the check. “It’s disgusting!”

“I mean- I kind of like wonderwall-”

“No! Not the song you idiot.” She growls, “All these people are home of sexuals!”

“Do you mean homosexual?”

Susan chooses to ignore that. “They’re going against God.”

“I mean, actually-”

“Go and threaten them.” Susan says.


A devilish smile crosses her lipsticked features. She takes another swing from the glass in her hand. “If they want to flaunt their heathen ideals. I want them to pay.”

Chapter Text

Deku is a solid two drinks in and he’s fucking plastered. Bakugou can tell because he stopped answering the door with a ‘it’s lovely to see you’ and began to think it was an episode of MTV cribs. To Katsuki’s joy, it starts the exact time Todoroki arrives.

“What up my good bitch, Todoroki, welcome to my crib.” Deku slurs.

Katsuki doesn’t bother to disguise his dumb smirk. He’s sure Izuku’s inebriation has something to do with the fact of his mother being engaged- but he supposed they’d talk about it later when Deku was less… fucking wasted.

“Iida! You’re here as well, back from Nihonnnnnnnn.” He looks at the bespectacled man beside Todoroki. “I’m sure Toad-or-roaky missed you.”

Todoroki glances at Iida. “Midoriya, I went with him. I wasn’t at the hospital all week, remember?”


Bakugou feels the need to interject. Trying to, at the very least- make some sense of this conversation. “Welcome to the gayest house in Magnolia Springs.” He glances at the taller man, “I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Tenya Iida!” Iida practically screams in greeting. Deku had told him he was an intense person. But this guy- this guy seemed like the kind to remind the teacher to collect homework.

Midoriya, shaking out of his stupor screams back. “Tenya Iida! Profesional good boy!”

“Midoriya you cannot get paid for being a ‘good boy.’” He adjusts his glasses, “I’m a professional cytologist.”

“Professional good boy!”

Bakugou looks at Deku with extreme amusement. “Deku, let me handle the door. Go and talk to everyone or some shit.”

Midoriya nods at him, taking Todoroki’s and Iida’s hands and dragging them inside. “Uraraka and Tsuyu are here. You guys can be the bread, they’re the topping. We’re making a lesbian sandwich.”


Over the first hour, more and more guests arrive.

Shinso comes a few moments afterwards. Two older gentlemen in tow, one that was extremely enthusiastic about being here and the other looking like he was half dead.

“Yo.” Bakugou greets, “Coffee dude.”

Hitoshi nods at him. “Thanks for standing up to that lady. It was kind of hard to listen to considering the fact that I’ve got two dads. I wanted to kick her pumpkin spiced ass.”

Katsuki raises an eyebrow, gesturing to the two dudes behind him. The blonde one speaks up first, his loud glasses glimmering in the dwindling sunlight, using his hands as finger guns.

“Well HEY there, Bakugou, man, thanks for inviting us to your awesome shindig- Shinso was looking forward to it! I’m Hizashi Yamada but you can call me Mic.” This man, Bakugou could only describe him as the human embodiment of an exclamation mark. He was loud and enthusiastic and just all over the place.

Bakugou looks between the two of them.

“I’m adopted.” Shinso tells him.

“No shit.”

“Shouta! Come over!” Mic gestures for the other man to move. Bakugou had nearly forgotten him until now.

This guy- this guy definitely looked related to Shinso. The dark circles and general menacing hobo aura was making it seem that way. Definitely more Bakugou’s speed.

“Aizawaaaa Shoutaaaaa.” Mic introduces for him, an arm around him. “My dear husband whom we fished out of bed for this party.”

Aizawa blinks at Bakugou. “You got dip?”



Aizawa nudges himself in.

Bakugou doesn’t stop him, instead opting to move aside for the rest of the crowd. Everyone at this party sure was a motley crew of people. He supposed it made sense, given the fact that Izuku Midoriya was pretty fucking weird.

Bakugou looked to the clock adorning Midoriya’s kitchen wall, frowning. He wondered whether or not Susan’s son would be allowed to come or not. He knew it wasn’t the kids fault that his mother was the living embodiment of everything shit in this world. It just made Katsuki extremely weary of the fact that if Katsumi and Kiyoko did pursue a friendship with him- it would be the biggest pain in the ass.

He sighs, shuffling out to look into the backyard. Now lightly crowded with smiling people. Some had brought their own decorations- which was quite strange. Bakugou glanced at the cute rainbow pinwheels spinning in the wind amongst the onigiri balls on the table and felt a smile on his face. Despite Katsuki’s overwhelming need to hate most people. This party didn’t seem half bad. Everyone he’d met today had been perfectly well… not shitty. Perhaps humanity could be saved.

He sees Midoriya amongst Todoroki and Iida, laughing as Kaminari and Kirishima tried to teach them how to dab. He sees his mother and Inko Midoriya toasting a drink together with Toshinori, Aizawa and Yamada. Being the oldest people at the part, Bakugou supposed they would stick together. It seemed everyone that they’d invited (and more) had arrived to show their support.

Or to get drunk on free alcohol.

Nevertheless. The thought was there.

Bakugou lets himself smile for just a split second, knowing full well that everyone else was in their own little worlds and wouldn’t pay attention to him. Just the way he’d wanted it. He could finally be let off door duty it seemed.

Not quite.

The sound of a doorbell chiming in finality snaps Katsuki out of the moment.

That could be only one person. He hadn’t checked to see how Susan’s party was going in all actuality. He was too busy having a good time.

Too busy to spite people? Was this even Katsuki Bakugou?

He opens the door to find not Susan, but Susan’s husband (fuckign uhhh brad or some shit), next to Kayden. It allows Bakugou to look out into Susan’s own party. Which also has a respectable amount of people in the backyard. Damn, that was kind of a downer.

“Yo.” Bakugou says casually, raising his eyebrow.

“I’m just here to drop off Kayden.” Brad says, ruffling the boys head.

Katsuki nods in acknowledgement, “I appreciate it. Thanks for letting him come over.”

“Susan is pretty occupied with the party up the road. I don’t think she’ll notice if Kayden is gone for a while.”

Bakugou shrugs, “It’s your funeral.” He moves slightly away from speaking distance to go yell out for Katsumi and Kiyoko. They were going to be over the moon for someone to play with that wasn’t twenty years older than them. “Come in, kid.” Bakugou gestures for Kayden to enter. Which he does, with a kind of sheepish tiptoe that only kids could perfectly master.

Katsuki then turns to Brad, tilting his head. “You want to come in for a drink?”

Brad waves it off good naturedly. “No, sorry, I’m actually supposed to be here to threaten you.”

“Oh?” Bakugou says darkly, cracking his knuckles.

Brad holds his hands up in defense. “You know, my wife.” He sighs, straightening out his polo shirt, a little uncomfortable. “She’s a little… excessive.”

Bakugou snorts, “No shit.”

“I think she’s planning on bringing her mob to yours in a little bit. Just thought i’d warn you because-” Brad tries to find the best words to articulate it. “Even though we’re very different. I can’t hate someone for something that is out of their control.”

“That’s very astute of you.”

“I just wish Susan could see that.”

Bakugou scowls, “You and me both. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll ready the troops.”

Brad’s already walking down the porch steps down to his respective party. “Just pretend to look threatened okay?”

“You got it.”


Katsuki doesn’t actually pay much mind to Brad’s warning. Figuring that it was all bark no bite, but he appreciated it nevertheless. Instead, he opts to go sit with Deku, whom is now on the plush grass of his backyard sipping a cola from a fancy cocktail glass. He’s sobered up considerably since Bakugou had last seen him but still has the pleasant eeriness of not being completely there.

“Kacchan.” Deku greets simply, he’s swaying slightly to the music- his legs crossed.

“Deku.” Bakugou returns, taken a place at his side. He leans his back against the fence, resting his head against it. Stretching his arm out ever so slightly, he picks the drink out of Deku’s hand and takes some for himself. Midoriya makes a light noise of protest but quickly quietens when Katsuki puts it back in his grasps. Izuku hums with contentment amongst the loud of the party, the sun slowly beginning to set. He rests his head on Katsuki’s shoulder for just a moment to get his bearings.

“You’re always so warm, Kacchan.” Izuku burrows his head further, almost as if he was going to go straight to sleep where he was.

“It’s not even six, Deku, you can’t be tired.”

“M’not tired. Alcohol makes me sleepy.”

Katsuki sighs, hearing the beginning strings of a new song starting. The soft guitar sounding a lot less shitpost-y than what Kirishima and Kaminari had been originally playing. He looks over and sees Kirishima looking directly at him, smiling. He nods his head toward the impromptu dance floor with a few people on it.

Katsuki shakes his head, mouthing a ‘fuck no.’

Kirishima wiggles his eyebrows.

Bakugou looks down at Deku, exasperated.

“Come on, nerd, we gotta keep you awake.” Bakugou gestures for Midoriya to take his hand.  

“Eh? Where are we going?”

“We’re going to dance.”


Deku’s hangs on to him like he’s a necklace. The guy always had two left feet, but it didn’t stop him from trying. It’s one of the things that Katsuki had always found fascinating about him.

The twinkling lights Izuku and he had gotten from the store a few days ago had never looked prettier than in the light of Midoriya’s eyes. The soft pink of the darkening sky slowly highlighting all the work they’d put into this slice of perfect in this suburban hellscape. It was beautiful.

They both kind of just sway to the music together, not really dancing. It wasn’t really Katsuki’s forte either if he was being honest. But somehow, it just felt right if it was with Deku. He felt like he’d finally gotten out of the limbo he’d been in for the past… ages.

Being here with Izuku, Katsuki never would have been able to anticipate it when he was younger. Dancing in his backyard, surrounded by their kids, their family, their friends. It was confronting- how different this could have ended up. Bakugou looks back on the day he saw Izuku again- what would have happened if he hadn’t gotten up so early in the morning to go scold him? Would they have never crossed paths again?

Katsuki knew destiny was bullshit. But if there was one instance in which it held a slither of truth- now would be it.

The song slowly ends on the final note but Katsuki doesn’t really notice until he hears the start up of the next beat.

A very familiar one. One that permeated the smell of alcohol and bad decision.

“Oh fuck no.” Katsuki mouths under his breath, hearing the synth begin.

He looks over at Kaminari and Kirishima, who are both looking at him with shit eating grins on both of their faces.

The beginning chimes of Africa by Toto start up.

“What’s up Kacchan?” Midoriya looks up at him, utterly confused about his reaction. The song fucking slapped, after all.

“Would you break up with me if I dabbed so hard I pulled my arm right now?”

Deku ponders the question with utmost seriousness. He looked even more confused than before.

“Do it, pussy.” Kirishima shouts from across the garden, further egging Bakugou on. “You promised!”

Katsuki sighs, “I’ll tell you the context of this later. But just let it be known that I’m only doing this because I think you’re pretty fucking cool, Deku.”


Katsuki goes and does the sickest fucking dab right in the middle of Midoriya’s backyard.

It doesn’t go by unnoticed and suddenly the mere threat of Susan and her gang disappeared from Bakugou’s mind. For it had been woefully replaced by the sunny sounds of Deku’s laughter.

Chapter Text

The sky has grown darker and with a stranger fervour that which night brings- people stopped the casual conversation around drinks and began growing a bit more- enthusiastic. There were now more than a dozen people on the makeshift dance floor they’d created, dancing to their hearts content. Even Toshinori and Inko were there on the grass.

Deku watches Toshinori twirl his mother around as she laughed. He leans against the snack table, a small frown on his face.

“Grandma’s boyfriend is pretty cool.” Izumi admits from beside him, taking a sip of punch. (no alcohol; Izuku knew, he’d smelled it just in case.) That compliment was of the highest esteem for Izumi, it meant a lot.

Izuku nods, “He is.” He was happy for his mother, he couldn’t deny that.

It was just, well…

“I wish she’d told me she’d gotten engaged.”

Izumi nods next to him, crossing his arms. “But you didn’t tell her about Bakugou.”

“I did!” Izuku exclaims, “Just… a lot later… Besides, I’m not engaged!”

“Don’t lose sleep over it, dad. I’m sure her reasoning was just as valid as yours.” Izumi pushes off the fence, back into the inside of the house, grabbing a slice of pizza on the way.

Before he could watch Izumi fully leave his sight, Bakugou is in his personal space, grabbing his shoulders. “Susan’s here.”


“She’s outside with about a dozen of her dumbass friends.”

Midoriya rolls his eyes. “Couldn’t they have waited until after cake?”

Bakugou smirks, “Gather the army?”

Deku looks over at all of his friends. Laughing and having a good time. They had all for sure faced discrimination in their life for being who they were. This was a safe space for them. He didn’t want them to put themselves into a situation that upset them. It was their fight. “No. We can take them.”

Katsuki nods, almost as if he was reading Izuku’s mind. “Thought you’d say that. Kirishima and Kaminari said they want to come with, though.”

“Fair enough.”


Just as Bakugou had said, Susan and her posse were outside Deku’s house.

“What in fresh hell?” Kirishima cries, hands on his hips. “Are those cheetah print crocs?” He looks down at Susan’s shoes. “I thought they were limited edition.”

The other three look at him.


Deku waves it off, stepping out to be the first- ever the martyr. He puts on his biggest fake smile and is instantly scowled at.

“Good evening, guys, what can I do for you?” He says, addressing the crowd of angry soccer moms covering his lawn. They looked like they’d all been cloned from Susan with only slight tweaks in between. Petite, fake tan and the most atrocious amount of animal print this side of Magnolia Springs could offer.

“We don’t want these kinds of parties in our neighbourhood!” Shouts a member of the group.

“There are children around!” Cries another. All of their hands are either crossed or on their hips.

Bakugou growls, stepping out as well. Kaminari and Kirishima following as well. There was a very unlikely chance of there being an actual physical confrontation- they were just here for the roasting of all these bitches. If anything, Midoriya would probably play mediator.

Susan finally speaks, “we’ve all had enough of your kind in Magnolia Springs. You’re everywhere. I can’t even turn on the TV without seeing an ad with two moms in it! It’s time we took a stand. For our country. We have to fight back!”

Bakugou scowls, “Okay, Braveheart, chill the fuck out. God forbid some cheerios commercial features two loving parents or some shit. I can’t even begin to fathom your reasoning for this. We aren’t bothering you, so fuck off.”

“You’re ruining the sanctity of this country.”

“Oh, and those shoes aren’t?”

Susan purses her lips, her face pinched. Bakugou knew that would piss her off. “Aren’t you worried about eternal damnation?” Zero to one hundred, as always. They weren’t surprised.

Kirishima steps forward, “I’m gonna let ya in on a little secret… Jesus is gay.”

A bunch of incredulous gasps cross the small crowd of assholes. “You don’t have any proof on that.”

“Nah too bad. He’s gay now.”

“He was gay panicking when Judas kissed him and that’s why he didn’t see the guards coming to arrest him.” Kaminari interjects, making some and no sense all at the same time.


“My God, what is this- medieval Europe?” Katsuki crosses his arms, “lower your fucking pitchforks, assholes. Do you see us coming over to your parties and going ‘you’re ruining this country with your shitty celery platters.’”

“We have a right to stand up in what we believe in.”

Katsuki is about to retort, but Izuku puts a hand on his chest to stop him. He moves a bit closer to Susan and her gang and takes a deep breath.

Here we go.

“We have a right to love who we want to love, Susan. You live under the guise that homosexuality is wrong because ‘religion’ but you’re full of shit. You just want an excuse to hate what you don’t try to understand. And now you’ve gathered all your minions and made them think the same. I get it, you’re queen bee of Magnolia Springs, at least that’s what you wholeheartedly believe. The thing is, no one knows where the fuck this town is and no one will ever care about who brought the best brownies to the bake sale. What they will remember is that you, and all your friends were on the wrong side of history.”  

A hush of silence had fell amongst the groups. Many had known Midoriya for a decent amount of time- he’d never sworn. It was startling for them. It seemed Bakugou had started to rub off on him.

It was even worse for Izuku- who had given these people check-ups, he’d prescribed their children medicine, fixed broken bones (ironic), spent countless hours of his own time making sure they were well, insisting that their kids got vaccinated. And now they were here, in front of his house, telling him that he was wrong to love someone of the same gender.

It was infuriating.  

Susan adjusts her blouse, huffing with indignantly. “I was only ever nice to you people, and this is how you repay me?”

Katsuki is about to say a scathing reply when Izumi, Katsumi and Kiyoko push through. They must have heard the scuffle and decided to see what was wrong. Kayden was with them. Children were ever the sticky beak- and Bakugou knew his girls weren’t an exception.

Kiyoko looks at the crowd in confusion, then back at Katsuki and Izuku. Her little eyebrows furrowing.

Midoriya’s hardened expression softens instantaneously. His heart melted every time he saw them. “Sweeties, you should probably head back inside, we’re just talking-”

“No!” Susan declares, a triumphant smirk on her face. It seemed she’d already known Kayden had been with them all along. Brad did not seem to be anywhere around- perhaps she’d murdered him for his insolence. “I’ve got a question for them.”

Katsuki takes a step forward. “You’re not doing shit, Susan.”

“Wouldn’t you prefer to have a mommy instead of two daddies, girls?” Her gaze lifting up to Izumi, “perhaps it’s too late, but a caring touch would have made you so much more well-behaved… It’s a shame. Izumi aren’t you mad at your dad for being so selfish?”

Bakugou is shaking with rage, Midoriya beside him has set his jaw once more- his gaze looking forward.

Katsumi and Kiyoko, upon being asked a question- like every child- they feel they are obliged to answer. Katsumi puffs out her chest, proud- Kiyoko follows suit. They don’t understand the brevity of it all, how their parents behind are holding their breath.

“If my mommy is anything like you, then no!” Katsumi declares, looking at Susan, triumphant. “You’re a bitc- meanie.” She corrects herself, Katsuki is so proud.

Izumi crosses his arms, “Stick it up your ass, Susan.” Deku makes a noise of discontent.

Kiyoko chimes in next, “Daddy said he loves Izuku. Daddy only loves people that are good!”

A lull of silence.

Midoriya looks over at Bakugou. Loves. They hadn’t said that to each other yet. Holy fuck. Kids said the darndest things.

“You love me?”

Katsuki has an ‘oh shit’ kind of expression on his face. He rakes his hand over his neck, looking uncomfortable. “Fuckin wish this was a bit more romantic.” He averts his gaze, “It’s okay if you don’t love me back- I just- I do. I-” Bakugou tightens his shoulders. Confrontation was Katsuki’s strong suit- but never like this. “Izuku, I love you.”

“Holy shit!” Kirishima hollers, completely forgetting they were in the middle of an argument. Kaminari and him high five. “The power of Toto!”

“Oh Kacchan-” Midoriya pauses, “Katsuki. I love you too.” He smiles up at him. “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.”

Oh fuck off. That shit. He knew exactly what he’d just said. Katsuki smiles at him and everything else seems to melt away. It doesn’t seem important anymore. This futile feud that they continued to fight to no avail- It didn’t matter. They loved each other.

Holy fuck Izuku loves him.

Katsuki goes red.

“Excuse me!” Susan instantly ruins the moment.

“Oh, fuck, you’re still here?” Bakugou asks, genuinely surprised. He snaps out of his reverie. “You got your answer. Your casserole is shit and our kids could beat your kids up.”


Bakugou raises a pointed eyebrow toward him.

Izuku sighs, “Leave so we can enjoy the rest of our party.” The sound of the thumping music bellowing out from the back of the house.

“We’re not leaving until you shut this down!” Susan cries, incredulous. She absolutely hated being ignored. “You can’t ignore all of us!” .

“Do you hear anything, Deku?” Katsuki asks innocently.

Midoriya shrugs, “Nothing at all.”  He leans in a little closer to Bakugou’s shoulder, whispering into his ear. “I set the timer for the sprinklers to come on any minute.”

“God I fucking love you.”


They aren’t bothered for the duration of the party.


The party lasts long into the night. So much so that Midoriya- ever the nerd- fears that they might get a noise complaint. But alas, everyone seems to leave soon enough- none the wiser toward the spat that had just happened outside of the house. Kirishima and Kaminari decide to stay over on the couch, the pair of them squished onto the sofa- Kaminari using Kirishima as a giant pillow.

“Heyyy, i’m on top this time.” Denki winks at Eijirou. “The duality of one man.”
“Jesus fucking christ.” Izumi, sitting on the couch, sighs tremendously, “you’re worse than dad and Bakugou.”

Kirishima nods, “And don’t you forget it.”


Despite sobering up half way through the night. Midoriya is met with a pretty keen hangover the next morning. It’s more so accentuated by the incessant knocking at his door. Growing louder and louder with each tap. It feels like the person at the door is tapping at his head instead. Assuming it was Susan, Deku shrugs, with a yawn. Opting to open it up and slam it in her face if it was.

Instead, to his surprise, he opens up to a younger woman.

Chestnut hair, with almond eyes- some percentage of Korean possibly. She’s shorter than Deku but has a presence that demands her to be seen.

“I’m looking for the guy next door,” She points to Bakugou’s house. “You know where he is?”

And then it all clicks.

“Uh, what’s it regarding?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business, now is it?”

Deku frowns. He couldn’t be completely sure. After all, Katsuki never had any photos of her- why would he?

But her eyes had the same curve to them as Katsumi and Kiyoko’s. Her softer hair would explain the more flattened blonde curls the girls had compared to Bakugou. Her long eyelashes, her pale skin-

Izuku’s stomach drops.


Chapter Text

Deku stares at her, somehow trying to confirm the undeniable truth that this was, indeed, Bakugou’s ex- ex what? Ex-lover? Ex-girlfriend? Katsuki had only ever referred to her as a gargantuan bitch.

“Uh- I think I have his number. What name do you want me to leave for you?” Deku fumbles, trying to hide the fact that Katsuki Bakugou was in his house right now- in his bed- probably dead to the world still. He needed to get her out of here so he could think up a plan.  

She frowns, crossing her arms, “just tell him to come home because it’s urgent.”

She was unbudgeable- smart. She must know that there was no way in hell that Bakugou would see her if she actually had left her name.

“Okay. Wait there. I’ll call-”

Eijirou and Denki rise from the couch with a loud yawn- “Fuck, Denki, you gave me a crick in my neck.” Eijirou confides, stretching out his limbs like a feline. Denki from the couch just makes a noise of dismissal.

“Make me some poptarts, my good bitch.” Kaminari calls, the two of them had adopted the term as soon as they’d heard Deku drunkenly saying it at the party. No one could get them to stop. They found it utterly hilarious.

“Make them yourself, my good babe.”

“Oh nice one. Cute, but spicy. Just like you.”

Ejirou laughs and slowly walks over across the other side of the house, coming into full view of the open door.

Holding his arm up to shield his eyes from the new foreign light, his eyes slowly adjust and he blinks. The tired smirk on his face wiping away within an instant. All the bleariness that mid-morning brought along with it had washed away with the tide.

“Oh my fuck- No way.” He rubs his eyes, trying to make sure he was in some sleep induced hallucination, most likely. Hopefully.

Well, there was no doubting it now. Isabel sees Kirishima and narrows her eyes in vague recognition. “You.” She says with a venomous kind of fervour. Without any kind of indication she pushes through Deku and goes straight up to Eijirou. He towered over her easily, but she didn’t let that stop her.

Midoriya had never seen Kirishima be cold to anyone. He was so kind and enthusiastic. Even the meanest people he seemed to have tolerance for. When he’d been arguing with Susan last night, he’d done it with a smile on his face.

But this time-

The expression on Kirishima’s face was downright terrifying.

“What do you want, Isabel?”

That confirmation shakes Deku to his core. It must show in his expression because Denki looks over at him and then back at the confrontation happening in Deku’s kitchen.

It’s silent, entirely for a moment. Midoriya can hear the faucet dripping from the sink. Kirishima doesn’t move an inch.

It makes the noise of small feet running down the hall all that much more prevalent. “Pop Tarts!” They all hear the girls cheer, toddling out of Izumi’s door. They’d insisted on having a sleepover in his room last night.

The three men all have a similar look of horror on their face as they round the corner. Entirely unsure what to do.

As certain as the sun rising, Katsumi and Kiyoko appear from the door frame. Their matching pyjamas ruffled by sleep- their hair an organised mess of braids and ponytails. Kiyoko still has a wipe of glitter on the tip of her nose and Katsumi is missing a sock.

They meet Midoriya’s eyes first.

“Zuku!” They cry with delight, their tactic of speaking in unison growing stronger. It was starting to freak him out. They both rush right over to him to give him a hug. It unfreezes Deku’s expression for a moment as he tried to think about how to remain calm.

“Can we pleaaaase have pop tarts for breakfast?” Kiyoko begs, tilting her head to the side as she attached herself to the right of Deku’s leg.

“We’ll eat all our vegetables for dinner AND clean Izumi-Niichan’s room for him.” Katsumi continues beside Midoriya’s left leg.

He looks over at the other three adults in the room, Kirishima and Kaminari- then finally. Isabel.

She looks shaken. She knew instantly that these were the girls she so easily neglected- and it shows on her face blatantly.

Deku never expected to see a mild tinge of guilt there and she stands in her place, completely frozen.

Midoriya needs to snap into action, quickly.

“Kaminari, would you please make the girls some breakfast?” Deku asks, his voice strained at best. He tries his best to sound normal for the girls.

Denki looks just as strange, clearing his throat- his smile is shaky. “Pop Tarts?”

Midoriya nods, “Pop Tarts.”

The girls cheer.

“AND fruit.”

The girls groan.

“Come on kiddos, I need help finding the toaster. You spend a lot more time here then I do.”

Katsumi and Kiyoko, always eager to assist in helping, rush over to Kaminari and soon disappear into the kitchen. Leaving an increasingly tense silence behind them.

“Why are they here?” Isabel says, so quietly that neither Kirishima nor Midoriya could hear the quiver in her voice. She turns to Izuku, her gaze is no longer sullen. It’s fiery. Rage ignites the irises of her eyes and there’s no soft emotions in them whatsoever. “Why are you looking after them?” Then to Kirishima, she asks, “where is Katsuki?”

“You need to get out.” Eijirou declares slowly, nonchalant. “You’re not supposed to be anywhere near the girls.”

“The agreement never said anything about that.”

“You still can’t-”

“I don’t care! I’m not here to speak to you.” Isabel cries, her voice growing more and more irritated. Her teeth were clenched, her hands in petulant fists.

“Look, Isabel. You need to calm down.” Midoriya says, he was the only one that hadn’t seen firsthand the situation that had unfolded five- nearly six years ago. He moves over so he could stand closer to Kirishima- meeting her eyes.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I don’t even know you. What are you even doing looking after my children?” Her voice is growing more and more frantic- despite Izuku’s best attempts. He knew now wasn’t the time to tell her that they weren’t really her children. It wouldn’t help at all. Kirishima seems to think the same thing, because though his mouth twitches- he remains silent as well.

Isabel seems to have set her targets on Deku now, her glare hitting him at full pelt. He could tell that she was a reckless but powerful woman. She was probably able to get away with quite a lot. Izuku thinks she may have been a spoiled child when she was younger.

“I need you to leave for now and come back later with a cool head. I’m sure you know Katsuki won’t be lenient, especially if you’re acting this way.”

That only seems to enrage her further. So much so that she takes a further step to look at Midoriya. She’s right in Deku’s face, her eyebrows furrowed down to the bridge of her nose.

“I’m not listening to shit from you.” She hisses.

Deku looks at her, unintimidated. “You don’t have to. I’m just telling you that Kacchan won’t listen to you like this.”

“Kacchan?” She narrows her eyes, “what are you to him?”

“I guess that’s none of your business.” Izuku replies, entirely fed up with the woman’s hostility. He was trying his very best to be unbiased toward her. Perhaps she’d changed over the last five years? He wanted to give her an opportunity to maybe rebuild her relationship with her daughters- make a creative compromise with Katsuki.

That’s all washed down the drain when she raises her hand and slaps Deku across the face. Hard.

Well that was new. Sure he’d been verbally abused by assholes regularly in his life, but the last time he’d actually been physically hurt was-

Izuku shudders. Sei. Definitely Sei.

Kirishima beside him, set his shoulders, gritting his teeth with such anger that it’s terrifying to behold. Izuku clutching his cheek holds him back. “Don’t.” He says, “you’ll regret it.” Because he will. Kirishima was too kind. Izuku looks at him with a renewed sense of his extreme loyalty toward his friends.

While his guard is down, Isabel goes for another strike but Kirishima grabs her arm this time. “Get the fuck out.” Eijirou grits. “Or I’m calling the cops.”

Isabel shakes out of his grasps, “fine,” she sneers, obviously downturned at the thought of law enforcement interference. “But I’ll be back to talk to Katsuki.”

She walked out the front and slammed the door, to be seen again soon. The assurance hanging in the air like a bad smell.

Kirishima breathes out a sigh, “are you okay, Deku? She hit you really hard... As low as I think of her I didn’t think she’d resort to violence.”

Midoriya waves it off, “don’t worry, i’ve had worse.” he says before he can really stop himself. The slap itself hadn’t really injured him that much. It was more so just all the memories that it had brought to its surface. Deku’s sure the redness had already gone down to a light tinge of pink.

Upon Izuku’s statement, Eijirou eyes flash with utter shock. “Worse? Has Bakugou-”

“Oh no no!” Midoirya shakes his head rapidly, “Kacchan doesn’t hit me.”

“Then who-”

“Izumi’s father. He was a bit of an ‘Isabel’ himself.” Deku sighs, shrugging it off. He really didn’t like talking about this kind of stuff so casually.

Eiijirou frowns but knows to drop it. “I’m sure Bakugou told you the whole situation?”

Midoriya nods.

Kirishima furrows his brow, his expression so complex and upset that Deku can’t seem to fathom a correct word to describe it. Eijirou puts his hands on his face. “He was finally relaxing and now he has to deal with this. And you’re getting dragged into this mess as well. This is so fucked.”

Midoriya puts a hand on his shoulder, “you’re a good friend, Kirishima.”

The pair of them hear more steps in the hallway. It seemed like two more people- it had to be Izumi and Katsuki as they were the only ones not awake yet. Eijirou and Izuku can hear them arguing in the hallway.

“I’m just saying, there’s no way in frosty cold hell that original doritos are better than the cool ranch ones. You’re delusional.” Katsuki’s voice carries amongst the wall, still husky from sleep.

“Oh, I’m delusional? Well, you’re an idiot. I’m not taking your opinion seriously when you’re in my hallway wearing my dad’s giant sweaters and fucking ninja turtle boxers.” Izumi claims, his voice carrying down the hall.

“This shit is a look and no amount of you making fun of me will change that, bitch.”

The pair of them turn to see a very tense looking Kirishima and Midoriya.

“Whoa, who shit in your cereal?” Katsuki scowls, putting hands on his hips. Bakugou was right, the sweater and his underwear was a #look. One that Deku’s certain no one else will appreciate but himself. But nevertheless.

When Kirishima doesn’t crack out a comeback, they both know some serious shit had just gone down.

“What’s wrong, dad?” Izumi asks.

“Kacchan. We need you to not freak out, alright?”

Nothing good ever came after that statement.

Chapter Text

The only thing worse than Bakugou being angry- is when Bakugou is quiet. That’s when shit starts getting real scary.

Bakugou is deathly quiet while Midoriya and Kirishima are relaying the morning’s happenstances to him. So much so that it’s almost as if he’s been frozen in time.

Kirishima is sitting down with his hands clasped, looking rather uncomfortable with the entire situation. Deku certainly didn’t blame him. This was an entirely different mood from the one of last night. It almost felt like they were on totally different planes of existence at this point. “She barged in and started arguing with us, then Midoriya tried to ask her to leave, she got mad then hit-”

Deku grabbed his arm, shaking his head. Telling Bakugou about Isabel’s physical intervention would not benefit in the slightest.

It… It hadn’t hurt that much anyway.

Midoriya licks away the residual blood left on his mouth, almost as if he could feel the eyes on him now- looking at him with speculation.

Bakugou hasn’t said anything thus far, instead opting to glare blatantly at the ground- so much so that if he had laser vision there would be a large singed hole in the middle of Deku’s living room.

“Kacchan? We know it’s hard, but we need to know what you want to do next.” Deku says softly, not sure what else to do. When Bakugou got quiet- everyone was at a loss.

“I don’t… I have no fucking clue.” He mumbles truthfully, his mind going a mile a minute. He so desperately wanted to fight his way out of this one- but there was no one there to fight. At least not at the moment.

“I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the situation, Kacchan, no one can tell you what to do on this. It’s all you.” Deku says simply, trying his best to sound gentle.

Bakugou looks at Izuku, a boy that he horrendously tormented for the better half of their childhood together- made his life a living hell. He thinks about everything that had changed for the better- how forgiving Midoriya was and how lucky Bakugou had felt to be given a second chance at happiness.

Would denying Isabel the chance to have her say be hypocritical of him?

“Fuck.” Bakugou sighs, “your dumbass moral compass is rubbing off on me.”

Midoriya raises his eyebrows.

“You gave me a chance- no matter how shitty I was. I’m going to try and do the same for this asshole.”

Kirishima frowns at him, unsure of what to make of the situation. He didn’t know if Isabel had come back for redemption or something far more sinister. Judging by her casual abuse- Eijirou would have to guess the latter.

But Bakugou would have to make his own choice.

“I’m proud of you, Kacchan.” Izuku speaks softly, a gentle smile playing on his lips and a strange lump in his throat. The cruel part of him wanted Katsuki to react like he used to- unforgiving and scornful. It was the part of himself that Izuku loathed the most- this was huge for Bakugou and Midoriya couldn’t even be happy about it because he could still taste the blood from Isabel’s blow on his lips.

He knew he could say something.

He knew it and yet he remained silent.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Even if beginnings started off rocky?  

There were only a few exceptions Deku had seen in his life surrounding the morality of second chances. It was a fickle and broken system that invalidated past experiences with the prospect of self actualisation. And yet he still thought it well and good enough that he used it constantly.

Bakugou doesn’t notice his mental struggle, he too, caught up in a battle with his mind. He stands up and lets out an arduous sigh.

“When she comes back, I want you to be there with me.” Bakugou looks at Midoriya without a shred of uncertainty.

Deku swallows the nerves in his chest, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Kirishima and Kaminari- whom were wanting nothing more than to get the actual fuck out of this situation quicker than they could say ‘casserole’ volunteered to take Izumi and the girls out for a while, so that Katsuki and Izuku could meet Isabel without any worries of another untimely meeting.  

The girls were easily persuaded with ice cream. Izumi, however, never did wipe that suspicious look from his eyes everytime he stared at his father. It was almost like he could see the thinly veiled un-truth that Deku had decided to go with.

He went without physical protest- but Midoriya could tell something had begun eating at him. That kid was far too perceptive for his own good.

And Bakugou wasn’t perceptive enough.

To be fair, he did have a lot on his plate.

So much so that when they finally did move on over to Bakugou’s house to wait- he hardly notices the sound of the doorbell chiming. Midoriya has to nudge his side for him to finally move into action, and when he does his movements are jerky and forced. Akin to an android learning to walk for the first time. This has ‘bad feeling’ written all over it for the both of them- but there was no real way of stopping it without first going through this- and that was the real kicker. Deku grits his teeth, standing up as Bakugou moved to the door, waiting by the lounge.

Bakugou’s first impression of Isabel after six years is that she looked healthier. A lot healthier. Albeit, he never did see her in the best of circumstances, there was always dark rings around her eyes and an ugly scowl on her face. She doesn’t have that sickly pale tinge to her skin anymore and her long chestnut hair had been cropped into a bob. Not only that- but when they meet eyes once more, she doesn’t look at him like he’s something she scraped off of her shoe.

“Katsuki,” she says neutrally, her expression calm and collected. It seemed she had heeded Midoriya’s advice after all.

“You’re alive.” Is all Bakugou says in return- there isn’t much emotion in his voice, completely disassociative. It’s beginning to scare Midoriya. He’s simply stating a fact.

“After the trial, I decided I’d clean up my act.” She replies, looking at her arms and gesturing to herself. “I’ve been clean ever since.”

“Congratulations,” Katsuki says it sarcastically, he’s got his arms crossed in front of the door frame, like a human shield preventing her from entering his house. “What do you want?”

“I want…To talk.” Isabel bites her lip, coy. She seemed like a completely different person from when Midoriya had spoken to her just this morning.

She seemed charming- keen on redemption.

Guilty about her past.

Midoriya always tried to think the best of people, but despite all of that- there was definitely something fishy going on with her-

Or maybe he was just jealous? Izuku wasn’t a petty person- but then again, he’d never been in a relationship with someone that he’d loved as much as he loved Katsuki. How could he really know what he was like if he’d never experienced such a thing before?

This was so fucked up.

Isabel looks to the floor, “I want to say I’m sorry.”

Bakugou huffs.

“Not just to you- but- to the girls as well.” She says. “I was in a terrible head space when I was having them and-” She raises her gaze upward, moving a little too close to Bakugou than Deku would particularly like. “I didn’t appreciate your kindness. You deserved better than that.”

Katsuki exhales, looking calmer talking to the person he hated the most than he’d ever looked before, he doesn’t seem to feel necessarily defeated- more so just indignant of the fact that this was even happening. He didn’t make any move to forgive her- or even suggest that he would.

But, he did move away from the door, motioning for her to come inside.

Deku seized up.

She makes her way inside and looks surprised to see someone else in there.

Her face expresses mild panic when she sees who it was.

“Hi again.” Midoriya says, “I’m glad you listened to my advice.”

Isabel bites her lip, “I owe you an apology as well.”

Izuku’s features twinge a little in surprise. That was something he hadn’t anticipated in the slightest. Perhaps this was just petty feelings, after all. Deku had never felt more ashamed of himself than at that moment. How could he judge someone for their past actions- when they were adamant on rehabilitation?

“I was frantic when I saw… the girls- and I hadn’t slept very well the night before. I’m sorry about intruding into your home.”

He noticed how she hadn’t mentioned anything about her physicality. Interesting.

Bakugou looks between the two of them with a scrunched up kind of frown. “This is going to be a long fucking afternoon. Sit down, I’m making coffee.”

Isabel nods as Bakugou charges off into the kitchen to scrounge around for his mugs that weren’t star wars themed- it would be quite the search. She watches him leave before turning back to Deku.

“I don’t know what the fuck you did to Katsuki in the time I was gone. But don’t think for a second that you belong here.” She spits, “Katsuki is stupid but he’s loyal. I gave him his daughters and nothing is ever going to change that. He owes me everything. ” She moves closer, making it seem even more like their first encounter. She grasps onto Deku’s arm so tightly that Midoriya can feel the sharp nails piercing his skin. “I’m getting him back and you’re not going to stop me.”

Ah, so this was her plan all along.

“If you want to seem even more cartoon-villain please feel free to take a monocle from my son’s old halloween costumes. It’s a bit tacky but it seems to be your style.”

Isabel lets him go, shoving him back and scowling.


This was how it was going to be.

Seriously, fuck this town.

Chapter Text

Coffee with Isabel is awkward as FUCK.

There was no real surprise there. What does one even say to the woman who openly detested him  for more than half the time Katsuki had known her? Bakugou couldn’t very well comment about the shitty humid weather- now could he?

Katsuki sighs, wanting to melt away, “say what you want. I’ll try and hear you out.” He all but throws himself down on the couch next to Izuku with great effort. The hyperbolic action would come off as dramatic to everyone else- but Izuku was sure that Katsuki had opted to do that instead of completely lashing out on the woman. He’d changed.

Deku, feeling petty, leans closer to him, more so than he usually would. He knew he’d feel bad about it later- but right now he was still reeling from the prospect of her taking advantage of Katsuki’s hidden good naturedness. The nerve she had to outwardly tell him what she was planning and expecting him not to do anything about it. Isabel had big dick energy- but not in the sense that she had a big dick- in the sense that she was just a huge dick.

He sees the twitch in Isabel’s eyebrow and feels the sickest sense of satisfaction rise in his chest- oh he was awful. For her defense, she did hide it spectacularly well. Moving forward on the armchair she had perched on, she downturned her eyebrows to look reflective.

“I’d like another chance. Katsuki.” She says quietly, lightly handling the warm drink in her hands- leaving it untouched. “I want to make good on atoning for my mistakes.”

Bakugou raises an eyebrow, “so after six years of fuck-all you suddenly decide you want something to do with me and my daughters.”

“I’ve always been thinking about you and our daughters.”

Katsuki hums, letting that collective word fizz away into incoherency. “I doubt that somehow.” He takes a sip from his mug, looking intensely at Isabel. Katsuki knew he sounded unbudging- stubborn, especially when he’d said he was going to give her chance. But this was Katsuki’s example of leniency- he hadn’t killed her yet so he was doing well.

“Why’s that?”
“Well, first of all, you tried to sell them off to the highest bidder before they were even born. You didn’t care about where they went- you just wanted to make bank on our slip up. Then, in place of actually taking care of them- you decided to get high and leave them by themselves.”

“I was young and naive.” Isabel says, upset- at least, she was acting like she was upset. She seemed more indignant to Izuku. But perhaps that was just because he was in the know.

“You’re two years older than me.” Bakugou growls, the patience he had once held for her thinning to near transparency. So much for being coolheaded. That really wasn’t him.

Isabel hugs herself closer- looking small. She was good, Izuku could feel Katsuki let up a little on his harshness.

“I know, I know, our past is- checkered. I was a terrible mother, but I want that to change!”

Deku can’t help but idly wonder what her aim was- just what was she trying to achieve in coming back into Katsuki’s life like this? There had to be some benefit for her that she couldn’t get anywhere else.

“Oh Katsuki, don’t you want our daughters to have their true father and mother together? I’ve read that children grow up far more well adjusted if they have both their biological parents in their lives.”
Now that was definitely bullshit. Purely circumstantial.

“What are my daughters names?” Katsuki asks, petty, he has his arms crossed.

Isabel looks flustered, “I- uh. That’s hardly fair, Katsuki-”
“You should know. They were on the record when I received full custody away from you.”

“That was six years ago-”

“I can still remember it perfectly. If we’re really going down that road then I guess I can’t remember your name either? Seeing as I haven’t seen you- or any kind of influence since then.”

“You’re not hearing me out.”

“When you spout this bullshit- of course, I won’t. These are my daughters and you put them in danger!” Katsuki shouts, suddenly having no patience at all for these antics. “And you coming here, telling me that they’ll be better off with you in their lives isn’t exactly working in favour of my mood.” A tiger could never truly change his stripes, after all. Especially when it came to something as important to him as this.

Isabel looks teary, her lip wobbling. “I’m telling you that I’m sorry-” crocodile tears begin spilling from her face. “I don’t think I can say that enough…”

Someone give this woman an oscar.

Bakugou, for all his efforts- seems to pay into it. Looking just the slightest bit guilty. Izuku really had rubbed off on him.

“I just want the best for our daughters, Katsuki.” Isabel whimpers, wiping a delicate tear from her face. Izuku wonders how she does it, he’s almost impressed. He’s almost convinced- despite the fact that she had literally told him her detrimental intentions the moment they were alone together. “I want them to have two parents to care for them.”

“They already do.” Bakugou says coolly.

Isabel’s gaze flickers to Izuku, a flash or irritation flickering across her face. From what Midoriya had heard about her from the years past- he had to admit- she had changed. She’s grown far more manipulative and cunning. She was now secretly evil.

Bakugou stares at her, daring her to say anymore than that. A knock on the door breaks his icy gaze, making him snap his attention over to the other room.

Izuku sighs, knowing what was to happen next. This couldn’t be good for him.

“Hold the fuck on.” Bakugou mumbles, getting up to answer the door lest it be something truly important.

And thus, Isabel and Izuku were alone once more.

“I’m sure you’re curious about my intentions.” Isabel says, all the tears in her eyes had magically dried from her face. Her crumpled posture was replaced by a relaxed position on the lounge. She sculls the entire cup of coffee in one go like it’s a shot.   

“Please don’t start monologuing.”

“My family is a very important one-”
Oh for god’s sake.

“We have a pretty big business empire back in Seoul. They disowned me ten years ago after a few stunts with some… unsavoury activities.” She continues, despite Izuku looking utterly finished with the entire story. “My older brother was supposed to be successor.” She continues, “But recently he decided he wanted to go be a homo with his boyfriend and move to England. Thus leaving them without an heir to the business.” Isabel crosses his arms, “And being a former drug addict is so much better than being gay. They gave me a very specific set of conditions to get back into their good graces. ” She moves closer to look into Deku’s eyes. “To tell you the truth, I don’t really need Katsuki. I just need the girls- well, actually just one of them. Katsuki can have the other one for all I care. They want to start grooming another successor, and I’m far too old to start now. They need someone blood related, and someone young, impressionable.” Isabel moves off her chair, getting too close to Midoriya for comfort. “But Katsuki really is a nice piece of ass. I forgot how good he was at sex. Seeing him again with someone like you makes me wanna give him one last ride before I take everything away from him. Just like he did to me.”

“Telling your evil plan to your enemy is usually only something you do if you’re going to kill them.” Deku says casually, trying to swallow down the bile in his throat. This bitch really was class A evil.  

“I’m not a murderer.” Isabel says.

“No, you’re just a manipulative, intolerant, liar with a vendetta against a man who did nothing wrong to you.” Midoriya whispers, standing up to meet her eyes. “If you think for a second that Katsuki is going to drop me for you- because you were the first- you have another thing coming.” Izuku steps closer, a dangerously protective look in his eyes. This woman was endangering Midoriya’s family- threatening to tear apart everything he held dear. He could take her hurting him- but hurting Kacchan this deeply was unforgivable. “I was there long before you even laid eyes on him. He was probably thinking about me when he slept with you.”

Isabel’s face is flushed with red hot rage by the time Izuku’s finished talking. So much so that Izuku knows exactly what’s going to happen next.

Isabel raises her hand once more, a glare of satisfaction crossing her features- Midoriya knows this one is going to hurt a lot more. He tries to find the right moment to dodge her blow.

She’s bearing down on him, her manicured hand about to cross his cheek when it’s intercepted with a cry. Deku hadn’t had to lift a finger.

Izumi, as if he’d materialised out of fuck all nowhere, shoves the woman’s hand away with ninja-like reflexes. That little shit watched too much naruto.

Both Isabel and Izuku make a noise of great surprise.

“Izumi! Where did you come from?”

“Well, when two people love each other very muc-”


Izumi chews his lip, petulant. “Been hiding behind the couch.”


“When Katsuki went to make coffee. I came through the window while this bitch was monologuing at you. Told Kirishima and Kaminari I forgot my hat.”

“Izumi, language.”

“Tell me I’m wrong, dad.”

Izumi and Izuku stare at each other with neutral expression. Izumi finally breaks eye contact. He looks to the wooden floorboards of Katsuki’s home, irritated.

“I saw the blood on your mouth over at our house. I didn’t want you to get hit again… Ever.”

Izuku sighs, his mouth twitching to a smile. “How did I end up with such a good son?”


“What the living fuck is going on?” Katsuki stands in the doorway- no longer distracted by the knock at the door.

He looked positively enraged.

That was more like the Bakugou he knew.

Izuku doesn’t know if he should wince or grin.

Chapter Text

Izumi seems like the only one unaffected by Bakugou’s positively explosive gaze. He keeps his expression neutral. Despite his biases, it seemed like he was the most reliable one to tell the truth out of the three of them. Isabel would plead innocence, Deku would undermine his abuse.

“Isabel hit dad the first time she came over.” Izumi confides, “I noticed the blood on his face when you were pacing around like a crazy person.”

Katsuki turns to Midoriya- tilting his head and waiting for confirmation.

Izuku, for all his attempts at disguising his hurt- nodded.

“She went to hit him again but I stopped her.”

Isabel looks positively pissed standing in the middle of the living room now. Undoubtedly feeling like she was being ganged up on.

“She wants to take Katsumi or Kiyoko back to Seoul so she can get her family’s inheritance.” Izumi stares at her with raised eyebrows, “seriously, go back to the shitty action thriller you came out of.”

“You little brat.” Isabel grits, her hands planted firmly at her sides. She was shaking. Whether it was fear or anger now- it was anybody’s guess.

“I have a right to see my children,” she hisses.

“And I probably would have granted you that if you weren’t such a fucking idiot.” Katsuki growls, he steps closer to the trio by the lounge. His movements echoing in the space- the only noise in the room- in the house. “You lost that privilege when you proved to me- and everyone else that you couldn’t even take care of yourself, let alone two little kids.” Katsuki continues to move closer, spitting out his statement like it were poisonous.

“I’ll get my lawyer involved.” Isabel threatens- it’s a weak one at best. Even she knows that.

“I dare you to, bitch.”

They’re face to face now, Isabel, for all her faults- never seemed to back down. Which, Izuku supposed, was a fascinating quality in someone. If anything, she was determined.

Izuku steps in front of the pair of them with restrained grace. He looks over at Isabel. “You need to leave us.” He say simply, his voice slightly shaken, giving away how nervous this situation had him. He turns to Katsuki next, “and you need to let her leave.”

“Deku.” Bakugou growls, the grimace on his face detailing just how he felt about THAT situation.

“Katsuki.” Izuku says, using his full name- showing just how important this was. “You need to do this for Katsumi and Kiyoko.” He wants to bring Bakugou back to reality- the best way he thought of was through his daughters.

He looks at Deku, his maddened expression weakening. He stares into the greens of Izuku’s eyes and imagines them as a calming sea just after a storm, surging back and forth into the tide.

Bakugou scowls, backing down. He doesn’t remember the last time he’d wanted to be the better person over being the winner. Deku really had an effect him. That shitty nerd had wormed his way into his angry heart- even when they were younger. And he’d slowly transformed him without his knowing or permission.

He probably didn’t even know he was doing it either.  

Katsuki groans, a deep seated fire growing in the pit of his stomach. He decided to swallow it. He had to. He had other people to look out for now that weren’t just himself.

“Get the fuck out, Isabel.” Bakugou says, it’s just above a whisper. Midoriya watches him with a restrained wonder. “Never bother me or my family ever again.”

Isabel, for once, realising that she could not win this war- nor could she even fight it. Gives them one last scowl, she turns on her heel toward the entry of the house. Her heels clicking against the flooring like a final goodbye. Deku could tell by the shake in her fingers that she had grown afraid.

She stops for a split second, her finger twitches in something other than fear.

Lightning fast, she grabs the vase Katsuki’s mother had given him as a housewarming present. (It will make your house so much classier, Katsuki!) So much for that, Katsuki grits. Lightning quick, Bakugou tries his best to shove Deku and Izumi out of the way of the vase’s crashcourse to the ground.

If he’d been a moment slower, it would have hit the pair of them head on.

It shatters, the pieces of porcelain flying amongst the room, moving up to scratch at Izumi’s forearms. It leaves little red lines running down his arm, but no debris remains stuck.

Isabel doesn’t try again. Whether it’s the murderous look in Katsuki’s eyes or the aghast look on Deku’s- She quickens her pace toward the door and slams it shut. Knowing the battle had been lost and that if she came back- she’d probably be killed by Bakugou. She probably supposed that living simply was better than simply not living at all.

Deku is still staring at the vase on the floor in horror, his eyes fixating on the broken pieces like he could put them back together by looking at them.

Bakugou isn’t sure why, but Izumi seems to be aware. He’s got vaguely the same look of horror on his face as Deku, but it seems quelled in an essence. He doesn’t seem to notice the little rivulets of blood running down his arms.

“Dad…” Izumi whispers, it’s the most vulnerable Katsuki had ever heard him.

Izuku doesn’t notice his name being called, he simply keeps staring at the ground, as if he were in a trance. A moment of tense quiet passes amongst them, none of them daring to speak. Finally, Izuku turns to his son. The same expression on his face.

“I didn’t protect you this time.”

Izumi looks horrified, “No- dad, I’m not even hurt,” there’s a catch in his voice.

“You’re bleeding!” Deku says frantic, grabbing Izumi’s hands, being careful not to touch any of the little scratches, appearing fresh and angry on his light skin. “I told you you’d never have to go through anything like that again, Izumi, I’m so sorry, I’m so sor-”

“Dad, please. It’s nothing.” Izumi pleads, there are tears welling in the boys eyes. “You need to calm down. Sei’s not here.”

A spike of realisation shoots through Katsuki, sinking his heart to the bottom of his stomach. Oh. Bakugou feels his hands shake with something akin to blinding anger and unbearable sadness. Isabel had done so much more than just break some vase Katsuki didn’t particularly care about.

Katsuki isn’t so sure touching Izuku is a good idea right now, so he just stands there at a loss. Finally, as if remembering Bakugou was there- Izumi looks at him with a quivering frown.

“Help me, please.” He could tell it took a lot for Izumi to say that. He was a proud kid, asking an adult for help was probably his least favourite thing to do. But he loved his father so much that it didn’t matter.

Katsuki nods, feeling at a loss. “Deku- Izuku.” He says slowly, trying his best to do a calming voice. It most certainly wasn’t his forte- but he did try. “You’re safe. Izumi’s safe. He just needs some bandaids, do you want to help me go grab them?”


“Yeah, it’s me, can’t you recognise my voice, dummy.” Katsuki teases, there’s no bite to it at all. It’s just unbridled affection.


Slowly but surely, Deku seems to come to his senses, he loosens his grip on Izumi. (Whom he’d insisted accompany them both to the kitchen for bandaids) And it feels like both Katsuki and Izumi can once again breathe easy.

By the time he’s calmed down- Bakugou’s heart is in his throat and Izumi just looks at him and then back at his own father.

“Dad,” Izumi says, putting a light hand on his father’s shoulder. He’s still tentative- not his usual self. He was only a kid and this situation had taken a lot out of him.

“I don’t wanna tell you what to do because you’re my dad. But you really should tell him.”  He nods over to Katsuki.


Izuku, looking just the slightest bit reluctant to oblige, looks at Bakugou, before returning his gaze to his son. Knowing instantly what the young boy meant. He nods and with a simple sigh, he stands up.

“You’re right.”

Chapter Text

Before his first day of kindergarten, Deku had snuck into the draw below his kitchen sink and gotten into his mother’s sewing kit. He’d lopped off his large pigtail braids with jagged cuts. He thought it would make his head lighter- and it did. But he didn’t expect it to lift his heart as well. He knew most boys didn’t wear their hair in bows. He just didn’t think his mother saw that. She didn’t quite see that Deku was a boy and that he hated the dresses she’d put him in.

He looked at the dark ringlets falling to the kitchen floor with an essence of childlike wonder. He can still remember how good it felt to be free from them. They felt like anchors on the side of his head, pulling him deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean.

His mother finds him not that long after. Her noise of horror echoing in Deku’s brain.

“Izuko! Sweetie, why did you cut off all your hair?”

Deku’s young brain couldn’t comprehend why she didn’t quite understand yet, his little chest rising with frustration. “Mama, I don’t like long hair.”

Inko frowns, leaning down to his level with a perplexed expression on her face. “Why’s that, sweetie?”

“All the other boys have short hair! All Might has short hair! I wanna be like them!”

“Other boys?”

“Ooh and I want a monster truck shirt!” Deku adds, holding his little fists so tightly in pure excitement.

Inko stares at him with a calculating expression. The cogs in her brain going a hundred miles a minute to keep up. Children were spur of the moment beings- so she couldn’t really be judged for not immediately realising. Nevertheless, as soon as Inko stood up once more, she’d had her mind made up.

“Okay, sweetie, but please don’t play with scissors, they’re very dangerous. How about we go for some ice cream and get your hair all nice and short for school next week?”

“Monster truck shirt as well?”

Inko laughs and nods, taking her son’s hand as he cheered.

“I have such a handsome boy now don’t I?” Inko had said for the first time. Sending a spike of adrenaline down Deku’s young body.   

Inko had always wanted a son anyway. And if that’s who Deku wanted to be, she would let him.


Izuku is forever grateful toward his mother for being such a kind and accepting person. It couldn’t have been easy for her to accept. It just went to show how much love Inko held for the remainder of her family.

Things didn’t necessarily continually get better for him. But having his mother on his side the whole way made everything so much easier for Izuku. He was bullied, tormented- for the entirety of his middle school years- but he was teased as a boy. And as fucked up as it seemed, Izuku was grateful for that, at least. In some strange way, he always thought that if Kacchan had ever found out about him being transgender back then- he may have treated him differently. Deku’s not all that sure how he felt about that- nor is he sure if he ever will be. Nevertheless, it was easy to say that Izuku had always had a soft spot for the boy, despite his torments that would soon come into play. Deku’s not all that sure why that was. He’d had many bullies in his young life- but none of them had rooted them so deep in his mind as Katsuki Bakugou had.

He never got to figure out why Kacchan plagued his mind like a menace. It wouldn’t be until years later that he’d understand.

He’d moved away long before that.  


The only people that knew by the end of his last year in high school was him, his mother and his two best friends, Tenya Iida and Ochako Uraraka. That soon extended to his cram school buddy, Shouto Todoroki. It felt like he had found the smallest group of people that he knew would accept him for exactly who he is. It was miniscule, but Midoriya always liked to keep to himself anyway.

That was, until one night in their senior year of high school- Ochako had flunked one of her exams and was barricading herself inside to study- so it had just been Deku, Todoroki and Iida.

And what did this group of absolutely fucking devastating nerds do?

They went to go get milkshakes at a local bar and play uno.

(The three of them would later find out that Ochako never flunked any kind of exam and was, in fact, hooking up with one of the girls on her volleyball team.)

“Uno.” Todoroki says, monotone, holding a singular card in his hand.

Iida does his version of gloating, his arms crossed to his chest with a smile, his competitive side had gotten to him and he’d crushed his pair of friends. He’d finished long before them and was currently watching with bated breath.

Deku felt like cursing, looking at the plethora of cards in his own hand.

“Remember Midoriya, loser buys the next round.” Todoroki had reminded him coyly, saying ‘the next round’ like they were drinking alcohol instead of fucking MILKSHAKES.

“No fair, you’re family is loaded.” Deku pouted, picking up another card as they went around.

Shouto, looking smug, slam his last card- a yellow seven down onto the deck. “No money can buy the taste of victory, Midoriya. I want strawberry this time.”

Izuku sighs, patting down his jean pockets for his wallet before shuffling up to the counter. It was a Friday night and the place was quite busy. It would take some time before he could return to the safety of their booth.

To kill time he repeated the order in his mind over and over again. Strawberry for Shouto. Chocolate for IIda. Vanilla for himself. Maybe he’d get some curly fries for the table-

“Yo, you’re mumbling, are you okay?” The man behind the counter asks him, apparently Deku had been so stuck in his own head that he’d gotten to the front of the line.

Deku didn’t enjoy looking people in the eye, but he always did attempt to make an effort. Especially for service people- he knew how hard those jobs were. The guy’s probably a couple years older than Deku, with a strange quirk in his eyebrows. He looks mildly amused.

“OH uh! Yes!” Colour slowly invades Deku face as he realised he’d been staring in silence for too long and thus looked even weirder to this man who was just doing his job. He rattled off his order, forked out his money and ran out of there as quickly as possible.

He realised as soon as he sat down that he forgot the curly fries and he nearly cried. Not to worry. Izuku probably didn’t have the cash for them anyway. A proverbial moth could fly out of his wallet right now and he wouldn’t be surprised at all.

The trio continue to play their card games, finding solace in each other’s company. It was a good stress release from all their classes of the week and it felt nice to spend time with his friends. The only thing that would have made it better would be if Ochako had been here instead of ‘studying.’

Finally their milkshakes arrive, and to Deku’s humiliation- it’s the same man who took his order at the front. He places the drinks down onto the table with a, “sorry for the wait.”
He then places a bowl of curly fries in the middle alongside them. Topped with shallots and cheese and everything.

Deku widens his eyes, “uh, I didn’t order these-”

“I heard you mumbling about them when you went to order.” The waiter said simply, a small smile on his face, holding the tray which carried the food items close to his right side. “Don’t worry, they’re on the house.” As he walks away, he winks at Midoriya.

Izuku proceeds to turn even more red.

Todoroki and Iida exchange looks of incredulity. They seem to be looking at the receipt he’d left in his wake and then back up at Izuku.

“What is it?” Deku says, worrying over their reply.

“He left his number.”

And right and true. The waiter’s number is written there alongside his name and a love heart.


“Sei?” Midoriya glosses his eyes over the name, squinting.

“Are you going to call him?” Todoroki raises his eyebrows, regaining his composure as easily as breathing.


Midoriya puts the receipt in his pocket. He entertains the possibility, he thinks about how he longed to extend his circle of cherished people. He thinks about how he’d never had a boyfriend before.

Izuku catches Sei’s eye once more, looking at him again with a different lense. Stark black hair with just the slightest curl, a sharp nose. The strangest quirk to his lips that made him look like he was constantly frowning. His charming smile and the mole at his eye.

“I might.”

Chapter Text

Izuku likes Sei. He’s handsome and funny and he says he doesn’t mind Deku mumbling all the time. He kisses him on the first date at a movie theatre. No one is around but it feels like there are eyes all around him. Watching- piercing deep into him. Midoriya isn’t sure how he feels about it. It makes him unable to concentrate on the pictures projected onto the screen. Even now he can’t even remember the plot.

He’d never kissed anyone before and starting so suddenly feels incorrect- in a way. He voices this to Sei afterwards but he easily shrugs it off, ‘you’ve never been in a relationship before, Izuku, it’s natural to not quite know what to do.’ This, to Midoriya, makes a lot of sense. He likes Sei.

The dates sweep into months. Midoriya finds himself constantly on a back and forth with Sei via texting. The two of them can’t seem to end the conversation amongst one another. It’s nothing of import- the things they talk about. It usually revolves around what Izuku had done at school- or what Sei had done at university. (Izuku learns that Sei’s twenty to his (nearly) eighteen.) Izuku finds himself trying to joke with the man but the quips just fly over his head. Izuku, once more, shrugs it off. After all, he likes Sei. Sei thinks he’s cute. Sei think he’s perfect just the way he is.

They like the same music, same shows, same everything- it’s strange. It felt like everytime Midoriya said he liked some kind of thing- Sei liked it too. But whenever Deku tried to make reference to it- it was like he didn’t understand.  

One time they’re on a train together and Sei is relaying a story in which he’s gotten into a petty argument with one of his friends. Izuku remembers how Sei’s arm around his shoulder had pulled him closer as he spoke of how he’d hurt his hand punching the wall instead of his friend. ‘I’m against violence,’ he says. The conversation is dropped and it leaves a weird drop in Izuku’s stomach. He isn’t sure if it’s his place to say that he thought that Sei had been the one that was overreacting.

Sei had had a few relationships before Izuku. He talks about them sometimes, not a lot. But whenever he does, it’s always the same. ‘He was crazy obsessed with me, when I broke up with him he went nuts..’ Izuku nods, because it made sense. Some people were just really intense.

Sei was really intense sometimes. It was as if the pair of them couldn’t have a conversation without him talking about how much Izuku meant to him. How much happier he was being with him. It’s something Deku isn’t sure he can reciprocate. They had only known each other for a matter of months and he wasn’t sure if it was because he’d never been in a relationship or something else- but these feelings just didn’t come to Midoriya. Sei told him that he wasn’t like ‘most people’ that he was ‘different compared to the other guys,’ Midoriya knew he was different- and he knew that was okay. But the way he said it made it seem like everyone else wasn’t okay with that.

Nevertheless, Izuku liked Sei. He was patient and polite. Izuku’s mother thought he was a lovely boy, his friends thought he was great- and so did Izuku. He was everything Midoriya wanted in a partner.

He bought him things knowing Izuku couldn’t return the favour- but he said he didn’t expect anything back. Ochako jokes that he’s buying his affections and it doesn’t leave Deku’s mind.

He starts getting really forward when they text. He says with a love heart, ‘Oh, Izuku, the things I would do to you if you’d let me…’ Izuku soon realises what Sei wants in return.

And it’s something Deku isn’t sure he wants to give.

But he likes Sei.

And he is owed something in return.

Izuku waits with bated breath the night he tells Sei about the difference in his anatomy. He assures him that he was ever a man, and nothing about his outward appearance and inner workings of his body was going to change.

Sei accepts him with open arms, and for that, Izuku thinks he’s just beginning to fall in love with him.

And for that, he definitely deserves something in return.


Sleeping with Sei became easier the more they did it. At first, just like the kissing, Izuku was uncertain and unsteady. But once more, his words came to his head ‘you’ve just never done it before, that’s why it’s strange to you.’

And it still made sense.

Deku recalls the day- the months before graduation. He’s in Sei’s apartment. Sei asks if they could have sex without a condom. ‘We’re both clean,’ he’s assures, ‘and we’re both guys, right?’

Izuku, however, looks less sure. ‘I don’t know if-’

Sei says simply, ‘If you really are a man- we don’t have anything to worry about, now do we?’

And Deku was a real man. But his pride here and only here would be the undoing to the life he’d had planned since he was five. It would shape him as a person and as a man.

This useless pride…

Izuku nods, he was a man. He was on testosterone- the risk of anything happening was decently low. It wouldn’t be a problem.


It ended up being a huge problem. Not immediately. But after the fourth, fifth time without protection. Well- it certainly raised the chance of risk.

They were so stupid.


No matter how many tests he takes, Izuku isn’t fully convinced until he books a doctor’s appointment. Even then he doesn’t want to think about it. A boy who’s entire foundation was built on knowledge and detailing and he had been blinded by the need to please. Deku had never hated himself more than he had at that moment. Looking blankly into space, he thinks about what he’ll tell his mother. What she’ll say. He thinks about school- high school wouldn’t be a problem- but what about his medical school scholarship? He couldn’t raise a child while juggling the workload.

Not alone at least.

He has to tell Sei.

Something about that fills Izuku with the most utmost dread that it’s almost unfathomable. His words echoing in Izuku’s head ‘if you really are a man we don’t have anything to worry about now do we?’

He was a man. He couldn’t-


Deku manages to blubber out his story, stuttering over his words- much akin to their first meeting. Except this time, there’s no smile on Sei’s face. There’s nothing goofy or charming in his expression. And for once, Izuku feels there’s no mask there.

“You need to get rid of it.” Sei’s cold words don’t settle well within Midoriya. He was usually so warm, so kind, so accepting. This time he didn’t even ask what Izuku thought. It was nothing but a demand. He moves close, predatory in a sense- toward Midoriya. He looms over him like a foreboding shadow, haunting and angry. “It’s disgusting. You can’t possibly think I’d want this. I can’t believe you.”

“I can’t just-” Can’t just what? Midoriya feels himself stop in his tracks. He remembers himself look at his dark shoelaces, at the floor, deep in thought. Why couldn’t he just get rid of it? It was a bunch of cells at the moment- hardly anything at all. He didn’t want a child right now. He was too young, too inexperienced. It would be terrible- this body that he’d been working so hard to disguise was any different. It would all be for naught. He didn’t look down at abortion- he didn’t think of it as murder. He thought it to be a perfectly ethical and sensible choice but-

He just couldn’t.

For some reason he couldn’t.

“I know it’s not ideal-”

“Ideal?” Sei shouts, incredulous, he’d never rose his voice before and it makes Midoriya flinch.”You’ve fucked everything up. How could you be so stupid?”

He’s right. How could Midoriya be so stupid.

“Sei, please-”

“It’s that. Or me.” Sei demands, setting his jaw in the stubborn way he did when Izuku knew there was no arguing about it.

He isn’t sure how he came about his choice. He just knows that the moment he did, it felt like his heart was going to crumble into pieces. When he moves toward the door, he feels a reprehensible fear rise up in him and he all but sprints out of there. It felt dangerous to stay.

He knows he’s right when he hears the distinct sound of a fist connecting with the wall behind him.


Todoroki is the first to find him afterwards. Inko must have called his friends up, frantic that he’d gone missing. Todoroki found him, sitting huddled by a tree near his future college, the night growing old and dark.

Izuku’s got tear tracks down his cheeks and he barely recognises Shouto as he sits down next to him. Shouto was notoriously awful at comforting people- but it didn’t stop him from trying. Especially with his friends.

“Uh… Midoriya.” He says softly, a tentative hand coming up Izuku’s shoulder. “Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

That’s all Izuku needs to spill everything.

He watches as Shouto’s expression turns from neutral to enraged with great wonderment. He’d never seen Todoroki look so angry at someone that wasn’t his father.

He stands up lightning fast, his fists clenched.

“What are you doing?” Izuku tilts his head, his emotions clearing up just enough for him to focus on something, anything else.

Todoroki looks at him with such fire in his eyes- compared to the ice he usually saw. This was the same boy that was too awkward to ask for more whipped cream on his milkshake. Yet there was no comparison whatsoever. “Say the word and I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

Deku sniffles, a sad little smile coming upon his face. “No.” He protests, “that won’t help anything.” He looks down at his shoes, wondering what the coming days, weeks, months and years held for him. He was so afraid. “This is all my fault anyway.”

Todoroki freezes, “Is that what he told you?”

Midoriya nods.

“Alright. Say the word and I’ll kill him.”

“No.” Deku says, weaker this time. He was so cold and hungry and all he wanted to do was sleep forever and ever.

“Fine.” Todoroki says, his expression cooling down ever so slightly. “But I’m doing this,’ he yanks Midoriya hand toward him and all but crushes him in a hug so warm and comforting that it makes Izuku burst into tears again.

“If this is what you want, Izuku, I know you can do it. You’re not alone and you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met.”

Midoriya’s too distraught to truly appreciate Shouto’s sentiment.“I don’t know what I want anymore…”

“Then go with your gut until you figure it out.”

“Has anyone ever said that you should be a life coach?”

And because Todoroki wouldn’t understand a joke if his life depended on it- he simply looked perplexed at Midoriya and told him, “No?”

He seemed confused as to why Izuku laughed at him after that.


Izuku’s certain he won’t see Sei for an eternity.

Some eternities, however, are much larger than others.

It’s another three years before they cross paths again.

Chapter Text

What followed was probably the worst year of Izuku’s life.

Despite all of that, it was also the year that made him realise that, though they were few- his friends truly were the most caring and loving individuals in the world. He already knew that of his mother- but having them on his side as well made this fucked up situation he’d found himself in that much easier.

Izuku graduated high school slightly early- that was always his goal anyway. He had the smarts and the drive- and now he had good reason. He wanted to have every spare moment he could have- preparing for- for everything. He wasn’t alone. He had to remind himself of that.

Over the Summer he asks for more shifts at his job, he saves, saves, saves harder than he ever had in his life. He studies, he researches. It’s the only thing he knows what to do. He staves off the inevitable, because he knows that’s how he always copes.

He starts college the Autumn after Izumi is born. Leaving him with his mother that first time was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do in his life.

But he couldn’t think that way.

He had to think about the greater good. He has to think about his future- and also Izumi’s. But the thought of missing his son’s first steps breaks his heart into pieces. But he had to keep working. He had to be better.

Even though he won’t be the youngest doctor in the world. He’s going to be a damn good one. One that makes enough to give his son whatever he wants in the world. A house with a picket fence, a dog, a garden filled with beautiful flowers, everything.  

Izuku’s nineteen when he moves him and Izumi out of his mother’s house. Finally having saved enough money from working his ass off. The one bedroom apartment is nothing special- but it’s his and his alone. And that, makes him swell with happiness. It may not be all that filled with furniture, but there are dozens of photos littering the walls. Old ones, ones with him and Kacchan and news ones, with Izumi and his mother.

Midoriya never thought he’d love a human being as much as he loved Izumi. When he sees him he thinks he finally understands why his mother did what she did to make him happy. Izuku would literally do anything to make his son smile. Anything in the world.

He just wish he had more time.


For the next few years, everything is a whirlwind of stress and chaos- with tiny tidbits of happiness spread throughout sporadically. The one good of this part of his life, the only thing that made everything seem worth it. Was, and always would be, Izumi.

So that’s why, for Izumi’s third birthday. He wanted to do something special.

Izumi was born on halloween, because of course he was.

Deku had taken the day off work, he’d gotten all of his study done late, late last night and for once in an extremely long time. He had a day in which he could spend its entirety with Izumi.

Izuku, for all his practicality and logic knew he probably didn’t have the money to splurge on his son’s birthday. So did his friends.

He told them no gifts.

Did they listen?

Did Deku even heed his own advice?

Of course not.

(He will later concede that the limited edition all-might onesie was on sale and would be a steal at that price. How could he NOT get it.)


“Midoriyas! I have arrived.” Iida announces his arrival like a town caller, a large box in his hands and Todoroki at his side.

“Iida, what’s that you’re holding?” Izuku tilts his head, sitting on the ground with Izumi in their tiny apartment. Izumi instantly sees the bright wrapping paper and gives an excitable cheer.

“Nothing at all!” Iida declares, “certainly not a present for Izumi!” He was always god awful at lying.

At the sound of his name and ‘present’ in the same sentence, Izumi shoots up from the floor and rushes over to where Iida and Todoroki still stand near the doorway.

Izuku narrows his eyes at the pair of them, “I don’t know whose idea it was, but-” He sighs, ruffling Izumi’s dark hair. “Thanks.” They must see how tired he looks because Iida pulls him into a bear hug- box and all while Izumi whines to be picked up in the back.

Todoroki indulges the little boy, scooping him up. He’d gotten a lot better at holding him- practice makes perfect- but Deku had to admit that he was still just a little bit stiff.

“Do you remember who I am, Izumi?” Todoroki asks, touching the tip of Izumi nose with his finger.

Izumi’s face scrunches in concentration, before it lights up once more in recognition. “Uncle Shouto!”

“That’s right, you’re favourite uncle, Shouto.”

“Favourite uncle Shouto!”

Iida makes a noise of vast squawking, saying how ‘they’ll see about that’. Izuku just laughs at them.

Ochako rushes through the door with new girlfriend Tsuyu in hand and a plate of cookies in the other. “I know you said no presents but food isn’t technically a present, it’s a sustenance! See! Yes! I still followed your rules, Deku!”

Tsuyu just looks at her girlfriend with what Izuku could only describe as exasperated affection. “She was rehearsing that all the way over here.”

A pang hits Deku’s chest. The faint feeling of ‘I want that’ echoing in his head.

No time for it, not at all. He feels his eyes glaze over the old photo frames dressing his living room. His group of friends all dressed up as dumb characters for Izumi’s birthday slash halloween party last year. Izumi’s bright smile as he pulled at his father’s scruffy hair, squirming in his rabbit costume.

Another photo of Inko and him, sitting with Katsuki and Mitsuki when they’re just little kids- Kacchan with a massive mouthful of Inko’s fried rice and Deku laughing at him.

Midoriya sighs, his eyes lifting once more, to the final photo Katsuki and he had taken together. The beginning of middle school, neither of them are smiling and it looks like Bakugou would rather be anywhere but there. It’s not the first time it has Deku wondering what in the world Katsuki Bakugou was up to. It had been years since he’d last seen him now.

Had he changed?
“Deku!” Uraraka drags him out of his reverie with another large helping of cookies all for him. “I made these ones with walnuts because I know they’re your favourite.”

What did he do to deserve these people?


Izumi’s third birthday is spent with Deku thinking that in the back of his mind. In subtle awe of how good he had it. How much worse it could have ended up. Things seemed to finally be shifting back into a suitable place- it would still take a while, but with a little care, Izuku knows he can do it.

He watches Tsuyu pull funny faces at Izumi as he laughs, in hysterics, melted chocolate chips drying on his cheeks. Todoroki watches on with a hand over his mouth, trying his darndest not to laugh. Ochako and Iida are spread out on Deku’s scruffy second hand rug trying to assemble the toy that Iida had brought Izumi, their puzzled expressions telling Deku all he needed to know about the possible success.

It was nice.


Leaving Izumi at home never ceased to make Izuku’s chest ache. It wasn’t as if he didn’t trust his mother with him- it was just this overwhelming need to be there for him. Izuku’s sure it will fade with time, or at least he hoped it did. Izumi would be starting preschool this year, anyway.

Deku’s mind, as usual, rushes about- causing him to murmur ever so slightly as he walks. He always got weird looks from people but Deku had stopped noticing long before that.

The one thing that usually got him to stop was if he ran into something.

Or if someone stopped him.

He had too much on his mind to care. He had to pull a double shift today because they were short staffed at the restaurant, but that was okay because he didn’t have enough for this month’s rent anyway. He still needed to get groceries because the milk was nearly expired, and Izumi needed new shoes before he started school…

All that and he needed to maintain a perfect score to even hope to get into a good doctor’s practice-  

Alright, he had a lot on his plate. Could anyone really blame him for mumbling like a weirdo sometimes?

Midoriya had just been walking over to his apartment near his second job at the convenience store- eager to see Izumi (Todoroki was watching him for the afternoon, they were going to study together after Deku came home.) It was then that he felt a hand on his shoulder, the motion has Deku feeling like he’d been yanked back. Even if it wasn’t that drastic. It felt significant in a way, jarring.

Deku, ever timid, takes it as accident, bows his head and says “sorry,’ even if it isn’t his fault.

“Still mumbling, I see?”

Midoriya stops in his tracks. He knew that voice.

He looks up with a shaking gaze, praying that he was wrong. The dread filling up his stomach told him otherwise.

Midoriya should know by now that he was rarely wrong.

Sei smiles down at him, the mole by his eye, crinkling ever so slightly. “Can we talk?”



Chapter Text

Deku stares at Sei with a bewildered kind of horror that must show on his features because the other man puts his hands up in a calming sort of gesture.

“I just want to talk, Izuku, I need-” he bites his lip, “I need to say how sorry I am.”

“How did you even find me?” Midoriya whispers, his eyes still as wide as saucers. He felt the bag on his shoulder grow heavier and heavier by the minute.

“That doesn’t matter.” Sei dismisses, looking off into the horizon, he brushes a strand of hair off of his face and flicks his eyes back to Izuku. Midoriya realises with a start that they have the exact same flecks of silver in them as Izumi’s. He always thought it was just a trick of the light- but seeing them up close- it was uncanny.  It makes him think of Izumi. It makes him think about the mole the two of them shared, the little frown on both of their faces- the ever so slight sharp ends of their hair- as opposed to Izuku’s curls.

Sei looks at him with a soft smile on his features. “Your hair’s gotten longer.”

Izuku looks at him for a moment, only seeing Izumi. Looking past what had happened and only looking at what he’d given him- no matter how coincidental it may have been.


“Five minutes of your time. If you want me out after that, I’ll go.”

Midoriya doesn’t see any harm in five minutes.


It’s only when he fumbles for the keys in his bag that he remembers just who was occupying his apartment at that time.

The door opens with a prompt smoothness that always seemed to follow Todoroki. “You’re a little late, Izumi wanted to stay up to see you but he fell aslee-” the words die on his lips when he sees the man next to Izuku.

Oh shit.

Izuku grimaces.

Shouto spares another pointed glance at Sei. “Midoriya, I don’t know if you saw the garbage drift in behind you, shall I go and dispose of it?”

Shouto Todoroki was a calculating, intuitive young hopeful that had all the brains in the world, but even so, the rebellious teen within him had never truly died- it had been amped up by years of parental issues and repression, giving him tenfold the authority issues and tenfold loyalty to his true friends.

The glare he was giving Sei right now was gruesome.

“Woah, should I come back another time?” Sei says, he doesn’t seem particularly threatened- more so just perturbed. He addresses Midoriya when he speaks but Todoroki answers.

“You should come back never.”

Izuku frowns, “I don’t need you to speak for me, Todoroki.”

Shouto raises his eyebrows, surprised, possibly even a little wounded. It made Midoriya feel a little bit bad- but in the end, he would stand by that. Izuku Midoriya was not some damsel in distress that needed saving from every bad guy in this world. And though he admired his friend’s tenacity- he loathed being treated like an invalid.

Shouto frowns, still looking guarded, “I trust your decisions, Midoriya.” Izuku isn’t quite sure he does, but he appreciated the sentiment nevertheless. “It’s him I don’t trust.”

Ah, there it was.

This tense atmosphere really was doing nothing good for Izuku’s nerves. It had his stomach all in jumbles and his head- like always, was a mess. All he really wanted to do right now was go into Izumi’s room and just decompress from another hard day’s work.

Sei stares at the pair of them, “look, you have every right in the world not to trust me, but I really am just here to talk to Izuku.”

Shouto narrows his eyes, “I’m waiting in the other room. Midoriya says the word and I’ll kick your ass.”

Izuku could think of one thing and one thing only. It was a good thing Uraraka wasn’t the one watching Izumi today. She wouldn’t have even paused- Sei would have been out the window before Izuku could even stop her. She never did think he was good enough for Deku.


Izuku and Sei sit down for what Deku could only describe as the most uncomfortable talk in the history of the world.

“I’ll just get to it.” Sei fiddles with his hands, “I didn’t realise that those things I said would upset you so badly, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was really stressed out from everything and I couldn’t really put two and two together. I’m still young and it was kind of the last thing on my mind, you know?” His casual smile was- and always would be Izuku’s undoing. “I spent the last years thinking, working- trying to figure everything out. I felt terrible, Izuku, it was awful having you away from me. You know, I love you right? I never stopped.” His expression turns solemn so quickly it was as if there was a switch in his brain. He ruffles his hair, uncomfortable. “How could I say those things… I- I’m the worst person on Earth.”

“You’re not, I-” Midoriya folds his hands in his lap. “I should have given you some time to process it. I know it wasn’t easy. I’m sorry.”

“I know it’s a long shot but- if we take it slow again, I-” Sei looks downwards, “do you think we could… I don’t know, give us another try? It could be just like the good times… I could help out, buy groceries, give you some money- I don’t really know what needs to be done. But I think I’m ready to try.”

Izuku thinks about the ever growing list in his mind. He thinks about how much easier it would be if he had someone else checking boxes alongside him. He thinks about how Uraraka looks at Asui, how Todoroki looks at Iida- he thinks about how much he misses that.

In the vulnerable state he was in, how could he ever say no?


It takes Deku years and years of going over that very conversation to realise that he was the only one that apologised during that conversation.

It takes him years to notice that Sei hadn’t mentioned Izumi at all.


Sei says give him five minutes. Deku gives him five years.

And they fly by ever so strangely.

They’re quick like a white hot flash of flame before the real inferno begins. Nothing changes, but everything does. Izumi grows up, and despite everything seeming like it was okay. It really wasn’t.

Todoroki still hates Sei, all of his friends do. It makes things harder. It makes everything harder.

“If they can’t accept your decision then are they really your friends?” Sei asks him this one night. “Maybe you should keep your distance, they seem kind of controlling.” It’s said in such a casual way that Izuku doesn’t really notice the hidden hypocrisy, writhing beneath the surface.

Izuku starts seeing his friends less because Sei gets mad when he does. And Izumi really hates it when Sei gets mad. Izuku does as well. It reminds him of dented walls, of cracked plaster and slamming doors. It makes him realise that nothing has changed and that nothing will.

Time only slows down when Sei hits him.

It’s in slow motion, almost, his hand raised- eyes forgoing any form of crinkled kindness that they once held. But it’s okay, Izuku thinks. Because if Sei’s around, Izumi can have new shoes for school, Deku can study for a bit longer- and they won’t go hungry if he doesn’t get enough shifts.

And so it goes on. Sei comes home, Sei gets mad, Izuku gets hit, Sei apologises, Izuku hates himself for relenting, Izuku gets a text from his friends- saying how worried they are about him, Sei gets mad again.

The cycle continues.

He never hits Izumi.

He never really acknowledges his presence. It never really struck Deku until Izumi stopped painting a third figure next to he and Izuku. Perhaps that was his way of accepting it all, Izuku would never be all that sure.

He goes unnoticed until one particular night.


Izumi is just beginning to learn what petulance is at the ripe old age of eight. He’s tenacious and clever, with a bit of a mean streak and a stripe of kindness to contrast it. He doesn’t notice danger around him and Izuku constantly has to remind him to look both ways before he crosses the street.

Sei has himself spread out on the table, grumbling about something or other. A drunken stupor most likely. (When had the drinking started… Izuku couldn’t remember if it was after he’d come back or if he’d just gotten worse at hiding it.) There are bottles slewn across the table, haphazard, and Izuku’s debating about whether or not he wants to brave moving them so he and Izumi can eat dinner.

Izumi strides up to him, homework in hand and taps him on the shoulder. “Excuse me. I’d like to do my homework, could you please move your things?” He says in his very polite grown up voice that he’d been practicing. His little hands are so full of pencils and books that it looks like he’s juggling.

Sei gives him a mean look, “go do it in your room, fuck off.”

Izumi frowns, “but Miss. May says I need to work on my handwriting, It will be all scribbly if I do it-”

“Does it look like I give a shit, kid?”

Another thing Izuku noticed. Sei never said Izumi’s name.

Deku’s heart is in his throat, he wants to make a move but he doesn’t know what to do. He just hopes that Izumi relents and is the mature one (god knows Sei wouldn’t be.)

But Izumi is young and he deserves to be. He doesn’t need to pick his words like roses, and he shouldn’t have to.

He shouldn’t have to.

He shoves a few of the bottles over to the side and sits himself down on the opposite side of Sei.

A tense silence follows, Deku can hear the ticking of the clock sounding in the living room.

Izuku gulps, “Sei- maybe- could you let me take a few of the bottles out? Izumi would really like to do his homework-”

Like a flash, Sei is up and beginning to corner Izumi. Completely ignoring Deku. Izumi makes a noise of great shock and clambers off of his chair, his homework flying down in sheets of paper- like a fluttering rain. He makes a cry as he skins his knee from falling over, running to the corner by the kitchen, pencils still in hand.

“No! This little leech needs to learn some respect-” Sei picks up a bottle and saunters over. His steps making the floorboards screech ominously as he drew closer.

That had never happened before.

Izuku’s instincts take over and he is over there in an instant.

Sei’s hits always moved in slow motion.

Deku watches as the bottle came down and Izumi moved to cover himself, it’s strange almost as if he watches himself move right in front of him, forearm first to block it.

He comes just in time as the bottle comes down on Izuku’s forearm, shattering from the force of the blow. It leaves spots in Izuku’s vision and rivulets of blood rolling down his arm.

Adrenaline pumping in his veins, he realises what he has to do. Because Sei never stopped and he wouldn’t stop. Flashes pool into Deku’s mind, every bruise, every scratch- they were all dents and bumps in the wall at one point.

Sei could hurt him. That was okay. Everyone hurt him.

But if he laid a finger on his son-

Izuku, tears brimming in his eyes takes advantage of Sei’s surprise and makes a fist of his uninjured hand and uppercuts the son of a bitch straight in the jaw, knocking his lights out. Midoriya doesn’t know if it’s because of the alcohol or the blow, but he goes down like a sack of potatoes. The resounding thump isn’t the least bit satisfactory, only leaving a dull ringing in Deku’s ears as he looks at Sei’s unconscious form. This was not the same man who gave him free curly fries all those years ago, but he was. That was just who he was pretending to be.  

There’s bits of broken glass in Deku’s arm but he doesn’t think to pick them out quite yet- he knows by now that they’d make a nasty scar. But it doesn’t concern him at the moment.

He grabs Izumi, his face in his hands- Izuku looks straight into his sons eyes and says. “pack all your favourite toys, sweetie, we have to go now.”

Izumi’s crying too, Izumi never cries. “Daddy, you’re bleeding b-because of me.”

Izuku kisses his forehead, “it’s not your fault. Now be quick. Only your favourites, okay?”


Rushing out into the night outside of Sei’s apartment- Izuku thought he might feel something different. All he felt was cold as he took Izumi’s hand in his and hiked his backpack onto his shoulder. He wasn’t sure what would become of them, if they would be able to make ends meet, if Sei would find them again.

But he knew one thing and that was that he’d never let Sei into his life again. Not after that. He couldn’t.

The phone in his pocket rings and he feels Izumi freeze next to him, the pair of them always seemed to be insync.

A sigh of relief escapes his lips when he realises it’s just Todoroki.


He hits answer before he knows what’s good for him.


“Midoriya? Do you have the notes for chemistry because-”

Something in the way Deku’s shallow breaths echo along the phone line must have Shouto pause- strange intuition, he supposed. If Deku was less out of it he’d probably be impressed.

“What happened?”

Izuku doesn’t really notice the shake in his voice, but it must have been something frightful because not only does Izumi flinch beside him, but it also makes Todoroki take a shuddering gasp.

“I’m sorry, Todoroki, I- I think I left them at... home.”

“Where are you?”

Izuku checks his surroundings, “a park, somewhere…” His vision feels a bit spotty again, his heart is racing. He notices that the hasty bandage he’d applied to his arm has soaked through. Deku manages to stay upright, but the phone in his grasp is beginning to slip. Izumi takes it in his hands, sniffling in the cold.


“Izumi? What’s going on?”

Children were always known for their candor, after all, what would be the reason for lying? That’s why Izumi doesn’t hesitate- like Deku would have. He’d always been good at that.

“Daddy’s hurt. Sei was gonna hit me with a bottle but daddy went in front and- he’s bleeding really bad uncle Shouto, I’m scared, please help.” Izumi’s voice sounds so small, so tiny- Izuku smiles- his Izumi is so cute, he loved him so much.

“Okay, just stay on the phone with me, kiddo, can you tell me where you are?” In the background Izumi can hear Todoroki talking frantically to Tenya on the other line.


They found them half an hour later, in the park outside their apartment. Izuku’s head was in his hands and Izumi leaned up against him, grasping onto his uninjured arm.

Izuku’s arm isn’t horrible, but added with the stress and adrenaline of what had happened, it was worsened tenfold.


Izuku still thinks about Sei every once in a while. Thinks that he may even miss him- or at least, the idea of him. He had no doubts that he did love that illusion of him. It wasn’t all erased that night, as much as Izuku desperately wanted it to be. Izuku still held that scar on his forearm and Izumi always picked at the mole by his eye until it bled.

But it was better.

It would get better.

He hoped.

Chapter Text

Katsuki is at an utter loss on what exactly to say. The life that Izuku had led after the pair of them had parted ways was most definitely a difficult one. One that Katsuki can’t imagine himself being able to deal with. Yet Deku talked about it as if life had handed him a fair trial. Everything leading up to this point was another guttural punch to Izuku’s life goals and yet he’d still done it. He’d made it. He was a doctor with a beautiful house, an (occasionally) amazing son and a motherfucking white picket fence. He’d decided, fuck the odds, fuck it all- he was Izuku motherfucking Midoriya and life could suck his ass if it thought something as semantic as ‘odds’ would keep him down.

Katsuki pales in comparison.

“All this chaos… With Isabel and everything. It can’t have been easy to stand especially with the shit you had to put up with. Do you- are you still okay being with me?” Katsuki asks him, looking up with the oddest lump in his throat. He’s almost afraid of what Izuku will say. Was this better? Was Deku really happy being with him? After everything with Isabel- he’s not all that sure. The question was a selfish one, one that spoke volumes of the changes Katsuki still needed to face to become a person his daughters could look up to. But it was a question he was most desperate to know. Katsuki had rarely been insecure in his life, and every time he had it had been god awful. Now was, undoubtedly, the worst time.

Midoriya’s eyes shine with tears left un-shed but he smiles nevertheless. “Of course I am, Kacchan. I’m here with you now, aren’t I?”

“But I-”

Midoriya shushes him, “no, we’re not perfect. Everyone comes with dirty laundry, some more than others. And yeah, we have an unsavoury history, but I think that just makes our feelings stronger.”

Bakugou looks at Izuku, trying to fathom this mass amount of words to convey the feelings he was harbouring right now. Feelings never really were his strong suit, after all. The fact that Deku had given him a second chance, even after everything that had happened to him. The fact that he hadn’t closed off and become a bitter, angry person like Katsuki sure he himself would have (even more so than he already was.).
Katsuki bites his lip, “I’m pretty shit with words but,” he puts a calculating hand on his chin- watching Izuku’s expression and taking in any movement he made, “you’re pretty amazing, Deku.”

For someone like Katsuki, that was the highest praise imaginable. And Deku knew that.

The greens in his irises glimmer with pride and his hair weirdly fluffs up like it always does when he’s extremely pleased.

Bakugou feels his expression falter ever so slightly, his arms are still tensed. Izuku realises he must have more to say.

“What’s wrong, Kacchan?”

Bakugou takes a shaking breath. “I just- I wish-” His eyebrow furrow, “I guess I’m just mad that someone would even treat you like that. I know it’s hypocritical as fuck for me to say that but.” A sharp intake of breath, “if that sizzling pile of rotten fucking garbage ever comes into contact with you again, you can leave it to me to beat his ass for you. Not because you can’t do it yourself, but because on the chore chart I’m gonna fuckin’ make, it’s my job to take out the garbage.”

“Chore chart?”

Katsuku huffs, “I saw a nice one on pinterest I wanted to try.”

Deku smiles, the expression growing wider and wider until his shoulders start to shake and he’s laughing. The sound is like music to Katsuki’s ears, especially after all the shit going on in their current, and past lives. It was nice to hear something pleasant.

Once Deku stops his airy laughter, he seemingly slumps down further on his seat, breathing out a sigh. The smile doesn’t quite leave his face- but it does turn ever so slightly more melancholy. “I wanted you to know sooner, Kacchan, I really did- it’s just, it’s hard. Everything is hard.”

Katsuki flicks him on the forehead, “don’t be a dumbass. You don’t have to be sorry. I’m… I’m glad you told me.”

Izuku nods, he flexes his arms out, popping the joints in his fingers in the process (Katsuki fucking hated when people did that, Deku knew it too- he was sure he was doing it just to tease him.) “Let’s go find our children. I don’t want to dwell anymore on the past, Kacchan. Especially with a future as bright as this.”

“That’s corny as shit, Deku.”

Izuku shrugs, “we all need a little corny in our life.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes, rising from his perch, “c’mon, I think I can hear them all in your house.”


As expected, Katsuki’s impeccable hearing was correct. Kirishima and Kaminari were sitting pensive on the couch, eyes glued to the screen as they moved their controllers from left to right. Izumi was lying down on the rug, barely looking as he kicked both of their asses in mario kart.

Denki finally managed to land a red shell on Eijirou and he whooped with great joy.

“TAKE THAT MARIO, YOU TWINK BITCH,” he yelled, jumping up from the couch and promptly falling off the map. It was awfully dramatic seeing Donkey Kong fucking die like that. Rest in peace, kinky dong, the truest homeboy.

Kirishima laughed at him, “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A FURRY, DUMBASS.”

Kiyoko and Katsumi, whom seemed to be sharing a controller on the other side of Izumi looked up at their banter, “what’s a furry?”

Izumi doesn’t miss a beat, “uhh… it’s someone that doesn’t like chocolate ice cream.”

Katsumi nods in understanding, pressing the button to power up yoshi on the screen as Kiyoko pressed the button to drift. They were making a decent team- steadily moving up the ranks and edging closer to Kaminari’s spot. “Daddy’s a furry!”

Izumi spits out the soda he had been drinking. “Yes… Yes he is.”

Katsuki, who had been perfectly content with just watching in peaceful silence until now decides to step in. “I AM NOT A FURRY.”

They all jump, Kaminari makes the honest to god ‘oof’ sound from roblox.

“You’re back.” Izumi says, not taking his eyes off the screen.

“We’re back!” Deku declares, taking his shoes off at the door before plonking down next to Katsumi and Kiyoko.

Hearing his father’s voice, Izumi actually decides to give him a once over, force of habit- Katsuki supposed. Now that he knew why, he couldn’t blame the kid.

“All good?” Kirishima asks, raising his eyebrows- he didn’t seem to be as invested in the match as the rest of them.

Bakugou doesn’t go into details, he just makes an affirmative noise and decides to sit down next to him on the couch. “Did anything happen here?”

Eijirou shrugs, “got McDonalds, ran into Susan, ate nuggets, ain’t that right, Denki?”


Izumi sighs, “it’s beesechurger, stupid.”

“I can’t believe you would disrespect me, right in front of daddy bowser.” Kaminari gestures to the large reptile on the screen.

Izumi, who finished miles ahead of everyone relaxes his posture even further, “you see what I had to listen to?” he looks at Bakugou, “your friends are nasty.”

“We’re well aware of that.” Kaminari says, finishing in third place- high fiving Kirishima the moment he does. “But at least we don’t play as waluigi.”

Izumi let’s out the softest “wah,” and then instantly looked like he regretted it.

It sends the whole group into a tumble of much needed lighthearted laughter and the evening feels whole again. With everyone, at last, together, it makes the events of the day melt into a meaningless meld of pain that would soon be forgotten when the beginnings of tomorrow rose in the clouds. Izuku was right, they weren’t perfect. The pair of them shared tremendous skeletons in their respective closets- some that were better off staying buried than to ever be unearthed again.

But being here now, with every single person that Katsuki loved in this universe amalgamated into one room.

It was enough.


Chapter Text

Eventually everyone gets bored of Izumi kicking their ass in every video game in Izuku’s house so they move on out into the backyard. All the mess from the party was dutifully cleaned up by the adults, only leaving a few remnants from the night previous. The tea lights in the shrubs still lay perched in the leaves like illuminated berries growing amongst the green. Deku decided he liked them too much to pack them away.  

So much had happened during that time it felt like an eternity had passed since then. God, this day was going on forever, what day lasts ten chapters?

Kaminari is lying face down in a patch of Deku’s grass, moping about having lost every single round of Mario Kart after claiming he was, quote, ‘gonna wipe the floor with all their bitch asses.’

“Wow I can’t believe Kaminari is fucking dead.” Kirishima says, unblinking, with a mouthful of hot dog. (Katsuki was grilling them as they spoke.)

“That’s what happens when you’re a donkey kong stan.” Izumi says through a sip of his soda. His mouth said ‘amused’ by his eyes said ‘then p e r i s h.’ “You know I had to do it to ‘em.”

“That really do be how it is.” Eijirou agrees.

Izuku, who was simply listening in was just staring at his hands in disbelief. He was never one for swearing, but at this point he was so confused. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Ooh! Midoriya said a naughty word!” Kirishima chides, holding his hand in front of his mouth in a fake gasp.

Izumi continues with the drama, nodding to himself. “I’m calling the police.”

As the day fades once more into the embrace of darkness, Deku can’t help but feel a little bit relieved. Kaminari and Kirishima say their goodbyes, hugging each and every one of them before they left. The most reluctant, of course, being Izumi, whom immediately looked like he was going to throw hands the moment Kaminari ruffled his hair. Deku didn’t neglect to notice he hugged both of them back, though. The three of them seemed to get on amazingly. Kaminari and Kirishima even understood those weird sentences he kept saying every once in a while. Katsuki said it’s because they’re all ‘meme loving fucks’ and Izuku isn’t fully sure he understands, but he nods nevertheless.

They decide to spend the remaining traces of sunlight out in the garden once more. Katsuki watches Katsumi and Kiyoko play in Deku’s yard, their movements slowing ever so slightly with lethargy. Their eyelids were beginning to droop and although they tried to hide it, the two of them were yawning like there was no tomorrow.

“I should put them to bed.” Katsuki says reluctantly- knowing that he’d have to go back to his own house and leave Izuku for the night. It didn’t feel right, he wanted to spend more time with him. He wanted to make sure he was okay after everything that had happened- no matter how many times Bakugou reassured himself- it didn’t seem like enough. It was so strange, their living arrangement. It was like their two houses had combined into one mega house ™ .

Katsumi and Kiyoko both whine, “we’re not tired.” they insist, all the while rubbing the sleep from their eyes. The way they were slumping around made them look like the walking dead.

“Mhm, yeah sure.” Katsuki moves to swoop them both up in his arms with great ease. He’d never admit that this was the reason he worked out so often. He wanted to be able to pick the pair of them up like they were fucking groceries until they were grown ass adults.

“Noooo, daddy, c’mon.” Kiyoko groans, struggling in his grasps- all the while knowing it was futile.

“Not tireddd.” Katsumi adds, wriggling around like a worm. Their reluctance only furthering the cause against them.

Izuku watches the three of them with great amusement, offering no help to Katsuki whatsoever.

Kiyoko must see him holding back his laughter, because her little hands reach out toward him. “Zukuuuu, help!” She calls, her little cheeks rosy from the effort of trying to escape.

“We’re being kidnapped!” Katsumi cries, her melodrama only increasing the hilarity.

Deku’s soft smile doesn’t waver as he approaches them, bopping the tips of their noses ever so gently. “I’ll read you a bedtime story if you go quickly.”

Katsuki narrows his eyes, “don’t they say to never negotiate with terrorists?”

“They’re five, Kacchan.”

Nevertheless, Bakugou puts the pair of them down and they gather around Deku. They latch on to both of his hands and drag him back over the fence to their room.

Bakugou watches them leave with a mildly peeved expression on his face. Damn Izuku and his wholesome parenting techniques! He can hear them giggling all the way back into his house.

“Haha, they like my dad more than you.” Izumi says, a smug smile on his face. He leans on the door frame that lead back into the house, his arms crossed. Katsuki isn’t sure how the hell this little shit could look so cocky in ninja turtle pyjamas, but he was doing a pretty amazing job. He really need to take some pointers from him.   

Bakugou really wants to take the bait but he sighs instead, walking slowly up the stairs of the deck. “How’s your arm?” He asks, looking at the delicate bandage on the boy’s left forearm.

Izumi rolls his eyes, “it’s completely fine, you both were just overreacting.”

Katsuki makes a noise of affirmation, not really knowing where to go from here. He looks down at the floor, knowing he would have to say something about what he’d heard today.  

God, this was going to be painfully awkward, wasn’t it? Another talk about feelings, ugh this day was never going to end.

Katsuki bites his lip, raking a hand over his neck. “Your dad told me some stuff today.”

Izumi doesn’t dignify it with a response, simply raising his eyebrow in one swift motion.

“I…” Bakugou opens his mouth to speak but his mouth feels like the fucking sahara desert. “I understand why you kind of hate me now...” He admits, “you were just protecting your dad, I get it.”

Izumi shakes his head, “I don’t hate you…. I mean, yeah, I used to kind of hate you. You were an asshole to my dad. It kinda felt like you were just… Just another one of… him. ” He looks to the ground, his gaze lowering as his frown grew deeper.

He looks up a moment later, meeting Bakugou’s gaze.

“But I was wrong.”

Katsuki tilts his head.

“I think that ages ago when you and my dad saw each other again, you didn’t want anything in return. You just wanted to let him know that you were sorry.” Izumi looks off into the distance once more, a tick Bakugou learnt- was for when he was saying something that made him uncomfortable. “Sei was never like that. He always wanted something from my dad.”

Katsuki swallows, “I know this is gonna sound dumb as shit and you’ll probably just roll your eyes like you always do but- you’re such a good kid, Izumi. Even if you are a little shit, I’ve seen how much you love your dad, how much you love my girls. I wanted to thank you for handling this so much better than what I would have done when I was your age.” Katsuki’s looking everywhere but at Izumi, the pair of them both being awful with this kind of thing. “I know it’s part of you now, this stubborn kind of cautiousness... But I want you to know that the war is over. Anymore battles that might have to be fought- me and Deku will fight them together.” Bakugou finally has the balls to look at Izumi with his final words, “we’re all family, you, me, your dad, Katsumi and Kiyoko. Together we’re invincible and we’ll take no shit. You’re not going to have to worry about anyone getting hurt ever again. I want you to be a kid, Izumi.”

He watches Izumi’s expression and soon sees his eyes- so alike to Deku’s shining bright with tears. His lip quivers ever so slightly and Bakugou can tell he’s trying to hold it together.

“Close your eyes!” Izumi shouts, his fists balled up at his sides.


“Just do it!”

Bakugou’s mind fumbles, but he soon complies with the strange request.

The moment he does he’s assaulted by the mildly prickly feeling of someone hugging him. Izumi’s still too short to reach his neck but he makes up for it by holding on so tightly that Katsuki thinks he might asphyxiate.

Despite all of these factors, the only thing Bakugou could really describe the hug as was ‘warm.’

“We’re both not ‘hug’ people.” Izumi says, sniffling, his voice muffled by Katsuki’s shirt. “So it’s a good thing we’re definitely not hugging right now.”

Katsuki, with his eyes still closed, snorts. “Yeah, that would be totally lame.” He says, his own voice holding way too much emotion for him to properly admit. This was damn near touching, and Bakugou didn’t know how to feel about that.

“Thank you for finding us.” Izumi whispers, his voice almost too quiet for Bakugou to hear.

Katsuki places a careful hand on the boy’s head. “Thanks for waiting.”


Chapter Text

Time in Magnolia Springs either moved way too fucking slowly or too damn fast- there was never anything in between. The entire month of June, or what Bakugou dubbed it ‘the month of fuckshittery’ had moved at a snail’s pace.

But everything after that?

It was like bisexual legend sonic the hedgehog himself had nyoomed the fuck into their lives and made everything speed up, because Bakugou’s staring October in it’s spooky scary skeleton face so fast he was still wondering where the hell July and August went and fucked off to.

Apparently this was a unanimous concern in the Midoriya/Bakugou households because Izumi slaps a flyer down in front of Katsuki with a strange amount of vigour- especially for someone with the cynical mentality of a great depression coal worker.

Mouthful of macaroni and cheese, Bakugou peers down at it with a mildly interested kind of distaste. “The fuck is this?”

He sighs, ah yes, that was more Izumi. “The Magnolia middle school halloween dance. We all dress up in costumes on halloween and do whatever you do at dances…” Izumi looked as if he were thinking, merely pondering the hypothetical question that he himself had inquired- “drink punch and dab?”

God, dances had changed since Katsuki had been a bitchy twelve year old. Not that he ever went, but he digresses.

“It’s pretty lame.” Izumi continues, hand on his hip. There was something strange in his expression… Almost bashful, excited.

“So why are you showing me, then?”

Izumi bites his lip, looking sheepish. He doesn’t meet Bakugou’s gaze, his eyes trained onto the floorboards. “I… want to go.”

Bakugou’s mouth would probably hit the ground if it fell any lower. Izumi? Wanting to go to a non-compulsory social event? On his birthday? Was Solid fucking Snake going to be there or some shit? “No offense, kid, but you don’t seem like the dance type.”

Izumi scratches the back of his head, “I’m not.”

“Then why-”

“No reason!” Izumi snaps, far too quickly. He grabs the note off of Bakugou with a huff, “just want to make fun of everyone.”

Izuku, almost as if sensing something was amiss- comes in from the kitchen with an absurd amount of speed. He takes a running dive at the couch, narrowly missing eating shit on the ground. “We need to find you a costume!” He exclaims, taking the note off of Izumi to inquire further. Deku’s eyes scan the piece of paper like they held the fucking launch codes to all the nukes in the world. The mere prospect of Izumi willingly participating in something without being dragged there kicking and screaming was very different to the norm.

Exasperated, Katsuki looks at Deku, his enthusiasm was almost infectious in the way yawning was, “were you listening in or something?”

“I could sense a change in the air.” Izuku replies, not looking up from the page- still upside down from his dismount. It wasn’t everyday that Izumi actually wanted to go out somewhere- let alone a dance. There was definitely some kind of motive he wasn’t telling them about.

Izumi rolls his eyes before returning to meet Bakugou’s, “I knew he’d act like this if I asked him,” he explained, his preteen melodrama adding an extra pizazz to the general atmosphere of the room. “Didn’t matter though, I saw him hiding behind the corner as soon as I said the word ‘dance.’” Izumi informs, crossing his arms.

“In my defence, I love you.” Izuku says.

Katsuki flicks him on the head, “that doesn’t equate to anything in this situation, dumbass.”

Izumi just ignores the pair of them and begins squinting. His eyes narrowing and his frown growing, he can swear he sees a few tufts of blonde hair hiding behind the corner... “I can see you two as well.”

As connoisseurs of hide and seek, Katsumi and Kiyoko know when to admit defeat. Their grins widening as they rush on over to the couch. Watching Deku do a running dive had given them ideas, and that was never good. They promptly leap over the back part of the sofa with some difficulty due to their height and land straight in the middle of Deku and Katsuki.

“Oh great, I have an audience.” Izumi frowns, looking like he’d rather be anywhere but here right now. “It’s not even that big a deal,” He huffs. Everyone making a big deal about this was lowkey making him want to never bring it up again. “They’ll probably cancel it anyway...” He mumbles, kicking the dust off of the floor.

“Why would they cancel it?” Izuku asks, tilting his head in sympathy. Katsuki noticed the pair of them always did that. Another strange mannerism of the Midoriya family- what else was new?

“Not enough parents volunteer to chaperone, I guess. Happened last year.”

Izuku frowns, placing a quizzical hand on his chin. Then, almost as if a lightbulb went off in that clever head of his- he promptly glances at Katsuki, smiling.

After knowing Izuku Midoriya for a large amount of years, one could say that the pair had attained a certain amount of mind reading between the two of them. Which is why it sets alarm bells off in Bakugou’s head.

Katsuki glares at him and Izumi, ever intuitive, pales, “no-”

Midoriya smiles harder, his eyes beginning to freak Katsuki the fuck out. That was the creepy ass face he’d use when one of the various sharons of this neighbourhood said their kids didn’t need vaccinations. Less rage in his eyes this time, though, more chaotic good energy. Katsuki thinks he’d prefer the rage, it was kind of hot. This was just nightmare fuel.

“If you think I’m going to spend my Friday night watching a bunch of shitty thirteen year olds do fortnite dances, you’ve got another thing coming.”

"Come on, do it for Izumi. It's his birthday..." Izuku keeps smiling, his face getting closer and closer to Katsuki  It was like this fucker was staring into his very soul. Was this some kind of unknown superpower he had that let him compel people? .

Bakugou, built like a b oneless pizza when it came to Izuku, relents without much more protest. He sighs, pulling out his phone, “I’ll see if Kaminari and Kirishima are free to babysit the girls.”

Izuku cheered because he won against Kacchan. The girls cheered because they’d be able to see their uncles. And Izumi groaned because his fucking family was the worst.


“Alright, we’ll do it. But I need a favour.” Eijirou said over the phone, it was his insistence that they speak verbally and not via text. That already sent alarm bells over Bakugou’s head. They only ever talked on the phone if something was wrong. Or if Kirishima wanted to show him his sick ass beatboxing skills (he was shit but Bakugou would probably prefer it over him texting BAWAABANSKSKEETBRRRBRRR again.)

“What the fuck do you want?” Bakugou really didn’t want to do anything illegal or stupid- both of which were frequent inhabitants of those fucker’s plans.They were always good intentioned, like when the pair of them tried to break into seaworld to free all the animals- but they were never executed well at all. They usually involved Bakugou coming at the ass crack of dawn to bail them out while they waited in a cell in honest to god ninja costumes.

“Can I take Katsumi and Kiyoko out trick or treating?”


That wasn’t what Bakugou expected. Which meant there was some kind of fuckery going on. He narrows his eyes suspiciously. Even if Kirishima couldn’t see him, he hoped his general energy would come across the phone.

It did, because he can hear his friend swallow nervously on the other line. Bakugou can almost see the anxious expression on his face. “I…” He sighs, “you can’t tell Denki, okay?”

More warning bells. This couldn't be good. Was Kirishima dying? Was Kaminari dying? Was Bakugou dying? Katsuki feels the pit of his stomach squeeze uncomfortably. Was it something worse? Were they making a live action sword art online movie?

Taking Katsuki’s silence as agreement, Kirishima begins with a deep breath. “I… I’m going to propose to Denki on halloween.”

The utter relief that coursed through his veins equated to a loud exclamation of, “HOLY SHIT,” echoing across his house like a mating call.  

“Shut the fUCK UP.” Kirishima hushes him, wincing from the sheer volume of the other’s voice. Bakugou can practically see him glancing around nervously in his apartment. “I just need the girls to hide the ring in one of their halloween baskets, it will make it look less sus, ya know…?”

“Oh my god, fuck, shit, dicks-”

“Denki just got home, if you tell him, I’ll torch your yugioh cards.”

Bakugou can’t help but smile, despite the immense pressure being put on himself. He somehow had to convince two five year olds to share their halloween basket space with a ring. Good god. Nevertheless, he felt a strange warmth spreading through his chest. This was… nice. Not that he’d ever admit that.

Holy shit his best friends were getting married.

He can hear Kirishima on the other line, no longer talking to him, but to Kaminari. “Heyyy babe, darling, the love of my life, what’s gucci?”

God, he was going to blow it for himself.

Katsuki neglected to remember that was just how they always talked to each other.

“The phone? Oh I had to call Bakugou for something… Yeah, my new beatboxing track, shit’s fire.”

Bakugou holds his breath.

“You want to talk to him?” Kirishima sounds panicked, “yeah sure… hold on.”  He quickly turns around, his voice audibly closer to the phone now. “Snitches get stitches.” He then hands the phone over to Kaminari.

“Yo! My man!” Denki greets, “just the dude I wanted to talk to.”

“Really?” God he better not start fucking beatboxing.

“Yeah actually I…” Katsuki can hear a door shut on the other line, the atmosphere lulling ever so slightly. The next part of the sentence was whispered.“I have a favour to ask.”

Katsuki really wasn’t liking this at all.

“Can we take the girls trick or treating?”

Bakugou bites his tongue from saying anything incriminating, simply making a noncommittal noise. “What for?”

Denki, sounding antsy, quickly pauses. “Don’t freak out but… I’m going to propose to Eijirou on halloween.”

Oh shit.

“Stunned into silence, I see.” Denki says cockily, “I was thinking I could hide the ring in one of the twin’s halloween basket, genius right?”

Good god this was going to be a shit storm.

And Katsuki will gladly be staying inside for this one.

“...Sure… Just make sure they don’t run off.”

“No problem! Oh! Please don’t tell Eiji, I want him to be super surprised!”

Oh he’d be surprised alright.

Bakugou hangs up first, but he ends up glancing at his phone for a solid few moments in disbelief. God this was so fucking funny- but so terrible. It would only happen to these two. His dumbass friends had the great power of coincidence.

”What’s wrong, Kacchan?” Midoriya asks him, coming across him standing frozen in place in the middle of the dang hallway.

“Kirishima’s going to propose to Kaminari on halloween.”

Deku makes a noise of excitement, clapping his hands together, “OH! That’s so amazing!”

“Yeah it would be, If Kaminari wasn’t also going to propose to Kirishima on halloween.”

Izumi overhears and makes the oof sound from roblox from the other room.

Yeah, that was valid.


It seemed like October was going to be just as chaotic as the June month of fuckshittery.

Chapter Text

Katsuki peers down at the set of clothes Deku had put on his side of the bed. They’re all folded up nicely and shit- despite the fact that they were just a dumbass costume. Izuku Midoriya did not half ass things, that was for sure. Bakugou continues to stare, trying his very best to size those bitches up. Weird white turtleneck, a striped sweater- a fake orange nose? Katsuki was bamboozled. “What the fuck, Deku?”

Izuku, as if expecting that exact response, emerges from the ensuite bathroom with what Katsuki could only describe as ‘weird nerd flair.’ He’s wearing a horizontally striped sweater and a fake ass red nose. He looks quite proud of himself.

Bakugou sizes him up, noticing the similarity between the two costumes, he looks down at the pile of clothes and then back up. “What are we dressing up as? Gay clowns?”

Deku’s expression soon turns exasperated, “seriously, Kacchan? We’re Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street! I’m Ernie, you’re Bert!” How could he not get it?

Sure, Izuku had picked their costumes last- but he thought they were pretty good!

The pair of them stare at each other for a few moments before Deku relents on the silence. “Come on Kacchan, be cool.”

“This is the opposite of ‘cool’, Deku. We’re dressing up as fucking Sesame Street characters on halloween to go supervise a middle school dance.

Midoriya frowns at him, going full parent mode ™. He would be having none of this negativity. “Yes, and we’re going to enjoy it. Because Izumi is looking forward to it.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Katsuki waves him off, swiping the dumbass shitty costume off of the bed and moving to get changed lest he face the wrath of Deku. He’d do it as Izumi’s birthday present.

Leave it to that nerd to find the weirdest, goofiest costumes for the both of them.

It’s a good thing Bakugou loved him. He could only wonder what everyone else was dressed up as.


Katsumi and Kiyoko rush at him as soon as Bakugou leaves the room. A flurry of colour enveloping him in a weird tackle-hug.

Katsumi, dressed in a flowy dark dress and big red bow is obviously trying to kneecap him with her broom. Which is both hilarious and kind of terrifying. Kiki’s delivery service, but the delivery was the sweet release of death.

Kiyoko, her hair tied up in a ponytail- was trying to trying to trip him with the tasuki cord from her bathhouse costume, it was rather mean-spirited… away (ha.)

This attack, evidently, was his children’s way of showing affection. Can’t say he was surprised.

He couldn’t stay mad though when they looked so fucking ADORABLE. He had to admit that he was a little bit antsy when Izuku said he’d handle the costumes for everyone. Especially with how he’s dressed now. But man did he come through for the kids at least. Katsuki made a mental note to thank Deku later by like,,, idk eating his ass or something. He definitely couldn’t have pulled this off without him.

Bakugou has them pose for a photo just before they leave to go trick or treating. It was time for a new lock screen on his phone and this seemed perfect.

When they arrive to pick up the girls, Kirishima and Kaminari both have a certain nervousness about them. It’s almost laughable the way they try and mask it by dabbing as much as humanly possible. Katsuki isn’t sure if it’s because he’s known them for too damn long or if it’s that palpable- but he can tell that both of them are fucking scared. But hey, if one of them chickens out- there’s always the other one.

Despite the situation, the pair of them are dressed ridiculously, as expected.

Kaminari must have chosen this year because he comes flouncing in with another rendition of his favourite costume since high school, sexy pikachu- Kirishima following quickly after as an equally as enthusiastic Ash Ketchum. They’d had matching costumes long before they started dating.

Sacrilegious? Yes. Hilarious? Well, him and Kirishima thought so. At least they weren’t sexy minions like last year... That was a dark time for everyone.  

“You both look ridiculous.”

Kirishima throws a plush pokeball at him, looking smug, he glances up and down at Bakugou’s costume before deciding he’d risk persecution to make fun of his best friend. “That’s not very cash money of you, Bert.”

Bakugou, catching the pokeball in one hand, squints at him. “Fuck off,” he replies, lacking the bite it usually did. He’d let him have this one.

He grabs the girl’s halloween baskets and kneels down to make eye contact with them. His little talk about ‘sharing’ hadn’t gone down all that well- but he knew that when it counted, they wouldn’t let him down. They were his kids after all. Gremlins or not, they knew what to do. “Be good, okay? Make sure you share.”

He just hoped it went okay. Well, as okay as it could get with the situation at hand.


“I hope everything works out...” Deku says, a little worry line creasing his brow. Katsuki really couldn’t take him seriously with that dumb nose.

“It will. They love each other, that’s all that fuckin’ matters.”


“Shut Up, Deku.”

“Both of you shut up.” Izumi finally enters the scene. He’d been in his room all afternoon working on alterations to his costume. Bakugou swore he’d seen the kid sneak a sewing machine up there. Izumi was weirdly serious about it all, despite him calling it lame before.

Usually Deku might have been worried about him- but at this point he was just happy he was participating. He knew Izumi would never do anything too detrimental to his classmates, he trusted his son and that’s what really mattered.

Izumi has somehow managed to fashion himself an impeccable waluigi costume. Zig-zag moustache, giant gloves, overalls and all. He jumps out from his room with jazz hands and a monotone voice. “Wah.”


Oh, this was definitely the worst.

Katsuki, Izuku and Izumi walk into the star spotted dance hall (aka the school gym) and Katsuki can already tell it’s going to be a fucking bloodbath. The milk curdling sound of despacito being regulated through the shitty old sound system while little kids tried to dance along. This was his worst nightmare. If someone didn’t spike the punch tonight, he was going to. Because there was no way in hell he was doing this sober.

Melodramatic? Maybe. Did he care? No. Hotel? Trivago.

“I can’t be seen with you two. I’m leaving now.” Izumi says, fastening on his moustache like it was a pair of fucking james bond sunglasses. He runs straight to the snack table, leaving Katsuki and Izuku in the dust, staring like dumbasses. Boy that kid was fast, I-zoomy bitch.

“You’re welcome.” Katsuki bites, feeling entirely bitter that THIS was how he was going to be spending his halloween night. Not that he had anywhere else to be- BUT STILL.

“He wouldn’t tell me why he wanted to come tonight...” Izuku informed, ignoring Katsuki’s comment. He knew when his boyfriend was being a drama queen and didn’t like to feed the fire. “And he seemed really reluctant toward letting us come and chaperone.”

“Yeah, but it was either we came or they cancelled the dance, and he chose us. That must mean something.”

Midoriya hums in agreement, his perplexed expression looking hilarious with the red nose he was sporting. “I wish he’d tell me these things. It would make me worry less about him.”

Katsuki huffs out a laugh, “I don’t think you need to lose sleep over him. You… You did a good job, Deku.”

Izuku’s still looking into the dance floor with that face of his- but Bakugou can see the beginning hint of a smile. “That means a lot, Kacchan.”

Katsuki in turn, blushes to a tone of pink that matches the gaudy colour of the strobe light. Deku being earnest with him was… nice. Deku being with him was nice. Deku was nice. God he was fucking gay for Deku.

The final notes of despacito slowly faded then horribly transitioned into another song- that of which was interchangeable with any other song on the radio as of late. Knowing this cracker ass school, it was probably the chainsmokers. It kept going on about how love scarred people and left them broken and it made Bakugou think about how fucked up it was that they were playing this at a middle school dance. After all, kids shouldn’t have it drummed into their heads that love was just one solid thing, love wasn’t a description of a concept you could wholly agree with- because it was different for everyone.

But perhaps this was too profound because Bakugou is still standing there wondering about it until they start playing the fucking nutbush.


“Yeah this sucks ass.” Bakugou says through a glass of (sadly non-alcoholic) punch. Not lighting up with time at all.

Deku frowns but doesn’t disagree. “I don’t even know where Izumi is.”

Katsuki hums in agreement, the kid had just disappeared into the throngs of other children in ridiculous costumes. They hadn’t seen him in quite a while.

He had to give credit when credit was due, the dorky hall was decked out quite… aptly for the occasion, with spooky cobwebs adorning the rafters and spiders lurking in the corners.

Ohh wait… Katsuki doesn’t think they’re decorations. “Fuck this.”

Both him and Deku had been doing absolutely nothing for the past hour. It turned out that the ‘chaperoning’ that needed to be done was basically making sure that no one threw hands on the dance floor.

“Ooh! I see Izumi!” Deku points in the direction of a slightly less populated space in the middle of the hall.

“Holy shit.”
Was… Izumi… Smiling?

Izuku makes a little gasp from beside him.

The pair of them watch in utter astonishment as Izumi Midoriya, decked out in a full Waluigi get up dances with another person.

Deku squints a little further to get a better look and finds himself smiling wide. Izumi’s dance partner looked to be a girl in his class, light hair and big eyes. And best of all, she was dressed as-

“Is she a cute version of fucking Wario?” Katsuki asks, feeling like he ought to rub his eyes to make sure he was seeing this shit correctly.

Bold of Bakugou to assume Wario wasn’t already cute, but nevertheless.

“Oh my God, Kacchan, I can’t believe I didn’t think about the fact that Izumi might just have a crush... I thought he was going to put olive oil on the dance floor and watch people trip…” Deku looks at Bakugou, an extreme warmness in his heart. “Ah, I’m so disappointed in myself for thinking the worst of him. His silly pranks really have just gotten the best of my mind-”


He continues to monologue, hand on his heart as he looked at Katsuki. “I really should have more faith in him. He’s such a good boy, you know-”


“You know, when he was younger he always loved to dance, maybe I should ask if he’d like some dance lessons for his birthday-”


“He just poured olive oil on the floor.”

Almost like clockwork, about a dozen little costumed bodies go down like a pile of bricks on the timber floor. Izumi and the unknown cute Wario stand in the middle of the crowd, stark still and laughing their asses off.

“Oh that little shit.”


Chapter Text

Oh Izumi was going to be super mcfucking grounded when his waluigi ass mario karted on home.

But, for now,  Deku supposed with a pout, that since it was his birthday, and since it wasn’t entirely harmful. (No one died, at least.) He’d let Izumi enjoy the rest of the dance with his wario. Whom he would be hearing all about when they returned to the house tonight.

He’d interrogate the boy later, hopefully with a spotty hanging lamp and a one way mirror- Izuku too, held a flair for the dramatics- and he needed information.

Not that Midoriya had much of a choice to wait, he figured much to his own chagrin. The pair of them had disappeared almost directly after they’d finished laughing themselves to death. Hopefully in hiding and not planning another prank...


So, Katsuki and Izuku were once again staring into the abyss of the (now, thankfully, cleaned up) dance floor while the b-grade strobe lights bounced about the student’s young faces. The pair of them watched in a bored stupor as frankenstein’s monsters stomped slightly off beat next to all the cats and vampires. Izuku swears he’d seen an honest to god fursuit for the slightest of moments but Bakugou hopes his eyes are just tricking him, because he really couldn’t deal with that right now. They weren’t getting paid enough (or at all) for pest control.

Luckily enough, however, Bakugou feels a hearty buzz from his left pocket and is frightfully thankful for the welcome distraction. Anything to keep his mind from eating itself alive in this absolute jungle of everything he didn’t miss when he was growing up. He whips out his phone as if it were a lightsaber in a duel and looks at the screen with an eager hunger.

Opening up the locked screen as he clicked onto the notification, Bakugou lets out a laugh.

It was good to see that this night wasn’t going as horribly for his two dumbass friends...

“What is it, Kacchan?” Deku asks, raising his eyebrow. He too, was keen for any kind of distraction from the monotony of overplayed tunes and bad dancing. No matter how much he’d preached that it was good for Izumi, it was still boring as shit.

Katsuki tilts his phone to the side to show him.


Denki and Eijirou, their faces taking up most of the screen, stare back at the two of them, frozen in place. Their beaming expressions captured in a photo.

The pair of them look so… delightfully happy that it makes Bakugou’s insides begin to stir. Their engagement rings are on their middle fingers so that they’re both simultaneously flipping them off while also showing off their new jewellery. Kirishima’s ring is adorned with topaz whereas Kaminari sports rubies, yellow and red, because of course they were. Fucking nerds. Katsuki rolls his eyes, but there’s no venom(2018) at all behind it.

“Do you think they know the rings aren’t supposed to go on that finger?”

Katsuki can’t help but smile, “they’re so fucking stupid, at this point- I have no idea.”

Deku huffs out a laugh before pointing at the back corner of the photo. There of which, Katsumi and Kiyoko sit in the back, going to fucking town on their trick or treat baskets. Katsumi is gnawing on a kit kat likes she’s a fucking beaver and Kiyoko’s dumping potato chips in her mouth to form a mountain of salty goodness. They were going to be up all night.


Katsuki_Bakugou: bitch

Katsuki_Bakugou: look after my gremlin children

Katsuki_Bakugou: also congratulations

Katsuki_Bakugou: or whatever

Katsuki_Bakugou: <3


“Awww…” Izuku coos, reading over his shoulder like the nosey little shit he was.

“Fuck off.”

Midoriya, never quite minding enough about his grouchiness, just wraps himself around Bakugou’s left arm and rests his head on his shoulder, beginning to feel the slightest hints of drowsiness (despite not having anything to drink.) “Love is so nice.” He mumbles, swaying ever so slightly to the indiscernible tune playing currently. The cause was most likely a mix of the feverish lights and the act of doing nearly nothing at all for quite some time.

“Yeah.” There’s no sarcastic bite to it. Katsuki can’t seem to muster it into his core. Perhaps he was getting too soft, too lenient. Or perhaps it was because Deku was right. Love was pretty nice.

The DJ (and the actual principal of the fucking school… budget cuts) slowly faded the terrible pop music he’d been playing and clears his throat, ready to tell everyone that someone’s lights were on or if people could stop downing punch like they were doing shots. (Katsuki still wished they were, indeed, shots.)

“Alright, party people, are we littttt yet?” The DJ/principal then unironically, dabs. The children, too young to realise how YUCK that just was go fucking nuts.

Well, at least they weren’t dying of second hand embarrassment yet.

He can’t believe that he shook this man’s hand and put his children’s future in his hands.

This grown ass man was a textbook ‘how do you do fellow kids’ dude through and through. Bakugou would even dare to call him a fuckboi, but he was too old for that. Fuckman? No, he just sounded like a weird ass batman character then… Fuck it. The Magnolia Springs school principal was a fuckman.  

“Oh my good God.” Bakugou says, scowling through his pain.

Deku behind him puts a hand on his face. Even Izuku Midoriya, who prided himself on not knowing what the fuck a meme (or his occasional pronunciation, may-may) was, was looking uncomfortable.

The man, ignorant of their pain, simply continues. His persona shifting back into something a little more formal. It gave Bakugou whiplash- but it was still a refreshing reprieve. “To thank all of our wonderful chaperones coming out tonight, I’d like to invite them out onto the dance floor for a few songs. I’ll be playing a few of the classics so feel free to come out and boogie.”


The DJ for the night starts it off by playing fucking ice ice baby.

“This is almost as bad as the chainsmokers.” Katsuki groans, watching as all the actual adults around the room started pouring out onto the dance floor.

“Now Kacchan, you gotta stop-” Deku pauses, “collaborate and l i s t e n.”


The rest of the chaperones that Bakugou had been actively avoiding the entire night began walking ever closer toward the dance floor. Both he and Izuku had been trying not to ‘cause’ a scene with their mere presence or some dumb bull like that. Especially when they’re both certain they may have caught a glance of Susan on the other side of the bleachers.

They could never be entirely sure, however, for her and her minions dressed the same and all had the same evil way of walking and talking from afar.

Besides, this was Izumi’s night- If Susan started anymore shit it wouldn’t be fair to him. No matter how much Bakugou wanted to start some shit with Susan.

“It must be nice.” Deku says, watching the dance floor get a little crowded with dancing adults now. A slow song had just begun playing, he’s not a hundred percent sure- but it sounds like Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time after Time...’ a school dance classic.

For the first time, he may be a little bit envious of these crazy suburban mothers and their husbands.


“Dancing, in front of everyone. Without worrying.” Deku replies, looking a little more melancholy than Katsuki would have liked for such a night.


“After all the shit you’ve been through, this is where you’re drawing the line? Dancing at a middle school dance?”
Izuku shrugs, his frown deepening, “I don’t want Izumi to be embarrassed by me. I know he hears the brunt of what those mothers whisper about us. No matter how much he tries to hide it, I can tell it upsets him. I don’t want to make it worse just because I’m jealous.

Katsuki finds that utterly incredulous. It was so strange how self consciousness could cloud a person’s perception of the people they love. If anything Izumi was proud- and if anyone wanted to talk shit, Katsuki was going to be busting down their doors and whacking them with a casserole dish.

“No, fuck this.” Katsuki holds out his hand. “We’re dancing. If people have a problem with it, they can talk to me.”

The slow song changes into a slightly more upbeat song. One that Katsuki actually doesn’t mind. Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ begins, to the delight of all the old people in the room (and the groans of all the young ones.) But those young kids could all go fortnite dance the fuck over in the corner because this shit WAS. A. BOP.

“Kacchan? Really?” Deku looks like he’s about to pass out from shock. Was it really so surprising that he wanted to go spite some rude people again? “We shouldn’t- It could-”

Even if it was rather romantically coded- Bakugou swears that was his true intention. “Izumi would never be embarrassed of you. Well, okay, maybe he was that one time you tried to dab... But other than that? Nothing of the sort. So, are you going to leave me hanging or not?”

Deku, with a growing smile that sparkled alongside the lights of the hall, took his hand. A little bit of defiance in his stride.


They ever so slowly make their way to the dance floor as the chorus builds, hand in hand. People do stare, because of course they would. But Izuku found that focusing on the warmth of Katsuki’s hand was an ever present reminder that it all didn’t matter.

Once they finally make it, the eyes have all but faded away, the comments that were undoubtedly going to be whispered about them had been drowned out by the music and Izuku wraps his arms around Katsuki’s neck. They would face all those dumbass repercussion later.


It’s not so much dancing as it swaying in time with the music. With the paper decorations and banners, it makes Izuku feel like he’d been transported back into his own school years- looking at Katsuki only furthers that. Sure they were a bit older, a bit taller and a bit more broken- but they were still them.

“What are you thinking about?” Katsuki asks him, his voice no louder than a murmur. It didn’t need to be, Izuku was so close he could see the little flecks of amber in Bakugou’s eyes.

He smiles, a little bit sad- but mostly just reminiscent. “I never got to go to my senior prom.” He admits, his legs still moving in time with the song. “I always told myself that that would be the only prom I’d go to. That was the only one that mattered. But then I…” He trails off, not catching Bakugou’s gaze. “Life happens in the strangest ways, doesn’t it, Kacchan?”

Katsuki looks at Izuku, his hair was even crazier than usual- dyed magenta by the light with the most extraordinarily melancholic look in his eyes. He can’t help but think that even though Magnolia Springs was covered head to toe with the worst people he’d ever had to deal with. He wouldn’t change it for the world for just a chance at a slice of this. “It really does.”

Midoriya’s expression twists ever so slightly upwards in a quizzical smile. “Do you think… Maybe, this could have been us all those years ago if the stars had aligned?”

Katsuki frowns, he honestly didn’t know. He’d told himself he didn’t believe in destiny- but with where he was now, he wasn’t quite sure. “Doesn’t matter. We’re here now. No matter how long it took us.”

Izuku pulls closer as they sway, melting into Katsuki. “You know when I first saw you again I thought I was going to give you a piece of my mind straight away… I did later but… Those first few moments where our eyes met, I couldn’t help but think about how, if fate wasn’t real then coincidence really was a stone cold bitch.”

Katsuki huffs out a laugh before his expression turns frighteningly earnest. His eyes grow soft under the glow of the room and he speaks, unaffected by the mundane environment around them. “I love you, Izuku.”

“I know.” Deku replies stoically as they dance, trying his best not to break composure. He was a terrible actor. Especially when it came to tricking people. He only lasts a spare moment before he promptly breaks out into a fit of giggles, “I love you too, Katsuki.” He whispers, moving ever so much more closer to elapse their lips into a kiss that would probably be the source of gossip for the rest of the year. “Thank you for coming to Magnolia Springs, Kacchan.”

The song fades a little too quickly for Bakugou’s liking. He actually found that, despite him never being able to admit it aloud- he quite enjoyed dancing with Deku.


“Sorry, Principal- You know I had to do it to em.” Izumi’s voice is on the microphone now, his monotone droning a complete 180 on the principal’s forced hipness. Izuku looks over at the DJ booth and sees Izumi lightly shoving his Principal out of the way. His absurd fake moustache was gone but the rest of his costume was entirely intact. They make eye contact across the room and Izumi nods his head, “this one goes out to my dads. Please don’t ground me or I’ll steal both of your yugioh box sets.”

Dads . Plural.


Something about that has Bakugou’s chest seizing up- his heart squeezes tighter and tighter until he can feel his throat growing a lump in it.

Izumi presses down on the little song panel, cranking the volume all the more higher.

The beginning beats of Toto’s Africa start up like an old, annoying friend. Kirishima and Kaminari had taught him well.

Izuku finds himself unable to be mad and begins to laugh as everyone mumbles in confusion. He turns back to Katsuki, thinking he’d be laughing as well. But to his surprise, he has an entirely different expression on his face.

“Kacchan… Are you crying?”

Bakugou makes a noise like he’d just been caught doing something illegal.“No. Fuck no. Izumi just called me his dad. Why would that make me-” his voice cracks, “cry.”

Izuku, a warmth in his heart, wipes the trailing tear that falls from Katsuki’s eye, “guess you made the Christmas card, Kacchan.”


Maybe this whole night wasn’t a throwaway after all. Perhaps, despite it not being what Katsuki wanted, it was what he needed. Izumi, despite being a little shit- had found someone to be a little shit with. Katsumi and Kiyoko got a fuck tonne of candy. Kaminari and Kirishima were getting fucking married. Izuku got his very first prom, And Katsuki got what he’d always wanted for him and his girls.

A white picket fence, children who love him and, most surprisingly, Izuku Midoriya. A ghost of the past, a gift in the present, and a most wonderful foreseeable future.

Chapter Text

Katsuki really wasn’t one for weddings.

The cake was always ruined by that revolting edible plastic garbage named ‘fondant’, the ceremonies had a penchant for starting and ending way too late, he had to fork out money from his own pocket and give it to someone else- and the speeches were long, drawn out and emotional.

Which brought him to exactly where he was right now.

Sitting at the front table, long after the initial ceremony had faded into people’s memories, with a twitch in his eye and a glass in his hand... That was another thing about weddings Bakugou disliked, champagne tasted like ass.

However, Eijirou and Denki’s wedding wasn’t playing out quite like any other wedding Bakugou had ever experienced.

For one, the violinist had been playing an acoustic version of fucking despacito when they’d said their (horribly cheesy, yet adorable) vowels- and for second, there was a make-your-own sundae bar.

So it was actually going less weird than he originally thought.

But, he was, however, still disgruntled. Because instead of having to sit through and listen to all the dreadful speeches that were inevitably going to be said out loud- he was going to be the asshole actually saying it.

And he was nervous as fuck.

Watching his two best friends now, utterly fixated on no one but each other- so grossly in love that it made the literal sundae bar taste like a fucking mud pie in sweetness comparison, it made him worry.

If he fucked up his speech now- that moment would be ruined and it would be his fault.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

The MC- a young man with a glittering personality- called upon Bakugou to say his speech with a flamboyant gesture, it was like this dude physically could not stop twinkling.


Izuku watches from the guest table as Katsuki stands up- a brilliant frown on his face. He looked indignant to most- but Deku could tell that he was actually screaming on the inside.

Midoriya had been barred from the bedroom while he was rehearsing his lines- so he too was yet to hear it. That sentiment as a whole, filled Izuku with the slightest inkling of apprehension.

Nevertheless, he gives the man an encouraging nod.


He could do this.

He was Katsuki fucking Bakugou. He could wrangle two six year olds into bed by eight and still have time for one story each , he was a bad ass bitch and nothing nor no one could tell him otherwise.

Katsuki clears his throat, blinking, he adjusts his tie with an absent minded nervousness before taking a breath and speaking.

“...You know I always thought love at first sight was kind of bullshit.”

Izuku puts his head in his hands.

Bakugou, however, does not notice neither/nor care about the audience’s reaction to that because, again, nervous or not, he was Katsuki Bakugou.

“It’s corny and cliche and honestly- kind of superficial. It’s the kind of fuckery you always see in romantic movies, the ones that we all say are dumb but watch anyway…” He speaks, feeling his mind jumble up his prepared speech. His tongue is practically tying itself in knots at this point. “I-I don’t think love should be portrayed that way. I think it should be love at first laugh- love at first joke, love at first argument… I don’t know- fuck.” He can only hope there aren’t any children in the audience that aren’t accustomed to cursing at this point.

“Eijirou and Denki,” It felt weird saying their actual names, “I believe, fell in love at first dance.” Bakugou watches from the corner of his eye as Denki’s expression warm with reminiscence, “I remember that- when we were Sophomores in high school- we’d gotten drunk at Kaminari’s house and we’d started playing some dumb old music... It was so late in the night that everything had begun to get a bit fuzzy and I was starting to fall asleep on his yugioh duvet.” That elicited a laugh from the audience, it made Bakugou’s heart swell a little.

“But then this song came on and- I don’t know, none of us had ever even heard it before but- to them, I could tell, it felt right. I remember the exact moment, when shitty hair had looked at pikachu with that weird kind of spiky half smile and asked him to dance. I recall thinking that ‘these two were the gayest bitch ass nerds I would ever have the pleasure of befriending’. And I was right-”

He turns completely now, to face his best friends in the world- “that’s right, assholes, I knew it even before you did. I remember because I was s o jealous of you two… Holding each other and dancing. I wanted a slice of that so badly- I remember in my drunken haze thinking about how, one day, someday, I would find that… Not knowing that it was the exact opposite.”

He scratches his neck and sighs, long and well meaning. He’d rewritten and reread this last part over three dozen times, and yet he still thought it didn’t convey his real emotions quite well enough.  

“What I’m meaning to say is that- you don’t find love, it finds you.” Bakugou pauses, glancing amongst the crowd, “It sneaks up on you when you least expect it- coming in droves of twos and threes-” he focuses his attention on Katsumi and Kiyoko now, for once sitting still and watching intently in their adorable little dresses before glancing at Izumi, sitting prim and proper with a mildly interested look on his face. “It becomes your neighbour, it creeps into your heart and teaches you. It snakes into your life and is rooted there- or it returns with time…” Glancing about the room now, with the chandelier lights twinkling with an overwhelming prominence- it brings tears to Katsuki’s eyes.

“So yeah, it isn’t at first sight. Not really. Love is kissing them good night, love is watching the sunrise on their shoulder, love is brushing your teeth next to them and ordering pineapple on the pizza even though it’s a garbage topping.” He laughs a little, feeling choked as his throat grew lumps. He looks at Denki and Eijirou, thinking of absolutely everything that the pair of them had done for him and he can’t help but feel like this all was a dream.

“Love is looking everywhere, and it found itself between the two of you.”

There’s some definitive finality in the click of the boot from Katsuki’s car.

He felt it was very much akin to an ending scene in some kind of romantic comedy film in whence the protagonists pack up and move away from the town they’d both grown out of.



He still clearly remembered not that long ago, when he was doing the exact opposite of this. Begrudgingly moving every scrap of their possessions on his lonesome while Katsumi and Kiyoko tried to ‘help’ by latching onto his legs. They’d barely unpacked and now his work was all for naught.

The wind sings through the perfectly manicured hedges all over Magnolia Springs and Katsuki dusts his hands, looking prideful. “That’s the last of the boxes,” turning to Izumi he raises an eyebrow as he looked down at the objects resting on the surface, “why the fuck do you have so many copies of ‘Bratz: Rock Angelz?’”

Izumi is leaning against the back wheel of Bakugou’s car with the kind of nonchalance you would expect from some kind of shitty anime protagonist that said ‘tch’ all the time. He treats the question like it were common sense. “In case I lose one?”

“That…” Katsuki just looks even more confused, “you know what, I don’t have time for this.” He makes a weird open cup shape with his hands and shouts, “GIRLS! WE’RE LEAVING, COME ON!”

There’s a lull of inactivity from the house for a few moments before Katsumi and Kiyoko come tumbling out, followed by Izuku, who was carrying a large glass dish in his arms. The three of them were partaking in some kind of chasing game that had Bakugou momentarily freak out over- Izuku was carrying something rather important, after all.

Katsumi and Kiyoko were more than ready to be out of Magnolia Springs, strangely. Bakugou had thought it would be a bit of a battle to get them to agree- but as soon as Deku said they could come and see their old friends whenever they wanted, it was as easy as breathing.

They rush into the car with a frantic air and are making little gremlin noises all the way there.

Izumi smirks at them, moving from his Sasuke Uchiha position ™ to get into the car. He had been even easier to convince to move.

Izuku had been concerned that Izumi would be reluctant because he’d finally made a friend he actually liked- but Izumi had waved it off with a mature grace, talking about how they could just as easily text. Midoriya hadn’t neglected to notice the little brush of pink on his cheeks when she’d actually come by to give him a friendship bracelet to remember her.

That was the first time Katsuki and Izuku had been formally introduced to Eri, a polite young girl that Deku wanted to give cupcakes and puppies to. She was way too cute.

So cute that, Kacchan later found him crying a little bit about it on the couch.


Izumi pauses at the door, looking back deviously at Bakugou. “I’ve got the AUX cord, so you better be ready to listen to ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ ten consecutive times.”

Katsuki had long grown accustomed to this little emo shit. Meaning that Izumi would have to try harder to get a leg up on him. That was parenting BITCH. “Bold of you to assume that’s not what I’d play if I had it.”

Izumi hummed, he’d have better luck next time, he’s sure. Especially when he started bothering Bakugou about getting them a dog. “Don’t take too long,” he says before he shuts the door.

“Oi, I’m the parent here.” Katsuki scowls, knowing the boy wouldn’t be able to hear him anyway. Sighing, he takes the few stairs back up to Deku.

“You ready?” He asks, taking a few final glances at the house he’d called home for a whole draining year. It’s still in need of an extra coat of paint, and the tulips in the front now were looking a little sad. But Bakugou felt that definitely wasn’t his problem anymore. Suck it, new homeowners. He couldn’t wait for Susan to be off of his ass about it.  

Izuku smiles, “more than ready, Kacchan.” He looked like the very epitome of excitement as he all but buzzed in stasis. It had been his idea to move in the first place- he’d said it so eagerly that Bakugou had wondered why he hadn’t ages ago. Perhaps he’d been waiting.

Katsuki’s eyes land on the dish Deku was hugging close to him and smiles wide. It’s far more devious than well meaning- but it also holds a sense of finality to it. A kind of finality that only brings a wash of closure to him. There would be no love lost today.

They decided they wanted to give Susan one last gift before they left.

Now, the casserole wasn’t poisoned, nor did it taste bad. In fact, Deku had tried it as Kacchan mixed it up in the kitchen and it had been the best thing he’d put in his mouth since the night previous. The only problem was that it was flavoursome as all FUCK.

And if they-’people that season things regularly’ - think it’s spicy...

Well then, Susan was probably going to keel over if she took some much as a nibble. So therefore, it was perfect.

Bakugou knew he wanted to emulate the same discomfort he’d had the pleasure of partaking in when he tried her casserole- but not seasoning it wouldn’t do any good. That crazy white bread demon would probably enjoy that, no, this shit was as flamin’ hot as Izuku Midoriya- only without the cute freckles.


They leave it on Susan’s doorstep with a note attached to it before they leave.

To Susan,   

The day I moved to Magnolia Springs,

My eyes were assaulted with so many things,

The picket fences, the manicured grass,

The maid, whom was eating your husband’s ass,

I can’t say, in truth, I was lead astray,

By your efforts to make Deku and I less gay,

For your cheetah print morals are long dated,

And, it seems, that you and I were fated-

-to part ways here, with a poem and a dish,

So, dear Susan, dear Sharon, dear Helen and Trish,

I can’t say it’s any of you here we’ll miss,

But I can, most certainly, indeed, say this;


Get fukt y’all’re some homophobic trick bitches that wouldn’t know seasoning even if someone shoved oregano up your ass.


Love, The Bakugou-Midoriya family.


Bakugou knew he wasn’t going to miss Magnolia Springs.

For the one thing that had kept him in this godforsaken hellhole was right at his side now, talking about how they needed to pick up a blue slushie from the nearest seven eleven ‘because I want one, Kacchan.’

Yeah, this town could be wiped from the map and Katsuki Bakugou would be the one holding the eraser.


Their new neighbourhood was an hour away from where they’d begun. It was a little closer to Kirishima and Kaminari’s apartment, about the same distance to Deku’s job at the hospital and fifteen minutes from the kid’s new school. It was an older town, lacking the enforced cookie cutter houses of Magnolia Springs. Each and every building they passed was unique, the lawns of the homes didn’t have height restrictions, they weren’t all the standard issue off-white that Katsuki had grown to loathe.

Bakugou had never wholly thought of Magnolia Springs as his home, not really. He hadn’t thought of anywhere as home since he’d moved out from his parent’s house.

But this place… He thinks he might have to make an exception.   

Laying their eyes on their first home together was quite interesting. Katsuki didn’t really know what to expect- they’d been here before to check it out, of course, but now that they were here with everything they owned...It felt strange.

The picket fence was still there but the white had been stylishly replaced by a soft turquoise. It was lined nicely with colourful shrubs of such variety, all lacing up the pathway to a soft, yellow front door that had caught Bakugou’s attention the moment he’d laid eyes on it.

“What do you think, kids?” Katsuki asks, looking oddly pleased with himself. Finally, a house that hadn’t been picked out for him by someone else. It felt oddly contenting knowing that he’d be staying here for some time. Perhaps he’d grown tired of moving around after all this time.

Izumi nods in approval, “is there a big yard out the back?”

Izuku hums, “sure is.”

Katsumi and Kiyoko’s eyes light up in interest at that, “can we get a dog then, daddy?”


Bakugou sputters, his eyes glazing over slightly- his mind turns back to when Katsumi and Kiyoko had been nothing but a letter in his hands and a hole in his heart. Back in his, Eijirou and Denki’s shared apartment that was hardly big enough for the three of them- let alone five.   “It’s better if they have parents that actually know what the fuck they’re doing. You know, parents that wanted them from the start. With like, a backyard and a lovable german shepherd dog named scruffy or some shit; Picket fence, soccer games, a happy life...”


Izumi nods along with them, as if he hadn’t told them to say that exact thing. Magnolia Springs’ code of conduct had forbidden most animals due to noise complaints and just the general ‘hell’ aesthetic of the neighbourhood. But now there was nothing holding them back- and Izumi wanted to train it to ward off girl scouts. “Oh hell yeah, I want a guard dog.”


Izuku, right beside him feels a little bit of icy reminiscence enter his heart as well. He thinks back on the time in which he and Izumi had lived in that shoe box apartment with the dripping pipes and his long hours at either work or school.

He thinks about the dents on the wall and wonders if the blood from his arm had ever truly been cleaned off of the hardwood floors.

He wants to give his son whatever he wants in the world. A house with a picket fence, a dog, a garden filled with beautiful flowers, everything.  


For the briefest of seconds it’s like the pair of them can see everything that’s been battling in one another’s minds, all the thoughts and feelings- every scrap of trauma and stress that had dragged them up to this point. All the missed moments, spare glances, dreary looks off into the night sky and bittersweet, ‘what ifs…’

It had led up to this.

Izumi laughs as Katsumi and Kiyoko pull him to the ground to play in the plush grass with them. It isn’t for long however, for Izumi gains the upper hand instantaneously and grabs Katsumi by one of her legs and yanks her down as well. Katsumi giggles with reckless abandon as Izumi counterattacks by tickling her bare feet- Kiyoko pinning her down with a manic smile. The tables had turned and Kiyoko was always one for teaming up with the winning party.


Katsuki looks at Izuku, finally tearing his eyes away from the perfect scene of domestic happiness before them, his eyes are far softer than they ought to be. “I am not going to fucking pick up dog shit on my Sunday afternoons.”

Izuku laughs, his voice sounding a touch watery. “Do it in the morning then.”

After everything, all the tears, the pain, the hurt that had been experienced. They had been granted a comedy- not a tragedy- and an epilogue that was as peaceful as the soft mandarin sky of the morning.

“Hi, you must be the new neighbours!” The voice comes from behind, friendly and chipper.

Instantly, ever the pessimist, there’s a sense of dread welling within Katsuki.

A small, young woman stands in front of them, carrying a porcelain dish of cookies. “My name is Hannah, I’m just here to welcome you to Rosemary Avenue!”

Izuku and Katsuki exchange a long, hard glance before shrugging...


After all, how in the world could you fuck up cookies?


“I used a bunch of raisins in this batch so they’re extra fruity!”  

Katsuki and Izuku exchange a horrified glance.


“Haha sike! They’re chocolate chip.”

Oh yeah, they were going to like it here.