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A Vampire? Aca-Believe It.

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It was the beginning of the school year. Beca was a freshman, and she was trying to navigate her way through the chaos. To add another layer of fun on top of that? She couldn’t really go outside during the day. Whatever - she was a night owl anyway.

Lucky for her, the activities fair had to be moved inside this year due to inclement weather. She was looking around for anything music related - apparently the Barden DJs were the Deaf Jews. What? Did the universe truly have it out for her? On her second loop around the events center, she spied two girls trying to recruit people for their acapella group. Yeah… that’s not lame or anything. When the redhead started talking to Beca and she had to force herself not to roll her eyes. The girl seemed so spirited though, Beca tried to at least seem interested – the girl introduced herself as Chloe. Beca couldn’t help but notice these fluorescent lights were doing wonders for Chloe’s eyes… What? Beca’s allowed to notice things about other people… especially gorgeous redheads. Somehow she walked away with a flyer though. Tryouts were like a month away.

Finally, she made her way to the booth for the local radio station. WBUJ. She talked to the station manager Luke, and he seemed interested in an intern for the station. It was a start. At least it’s music-related.

Headed back to her dorm, she was so excited to see her roommate Kimmy-Jin. Not. They had barely spoken to each other over the two weeks together. She opened the door, and the girl had another group of kids over playing some sort of video game. Whatever, she was going to start on another mix. Her work for the semester was done a few days ago, so no homework or papers or anything to distract her. Just one perk of not needing to sleep. Kimmy-Jin wasn’t really around during the day, she actually attended her classes, and it gave Beca ample time to get work done. At night, she usually wandered around campus looking for something fun to do. Or someone to make friends with. The redhead at the activities fair was the first person to even take any interest in her. The blonde with her seemed like a stuck-up bitch though. She wasn’t used to not having friends. She seemed anti-social, but she missed her core group of friends. Stacie was the only one who came to Barden with her. And she was busy with her own classes. Cynthia Rose was in Maine at some flight school and her other friend Jen had gone to a school on the West Coast.

It was about a year ago when Beca’s life got flip turned upside down (God, she HAD to stop watching those Fresh Prince of Bell Air re-runs…). She had snuck into a bar as an 18-year-old senior and found a beautiful woman to dance with. Dancing led to something else, and before you knew it they were making out in the bathroom. It was super hot and sexy, up until the point the woman had decided to bite her neck. Sure, Beca had gotten a hickey before, but this was different. It was like she was trying to eat her. She left right after that… she was plenty wasted anyway.

The symptoms came on slowly over a month or two… first her favorite foods didn’t interest her a bit - and when she did eat them, they made her sick. Then she started getting weird looks when she went outside (soon she realized it was because she was translucently pale in the sunlight). It was only at the end did she realize what was happening. She was a vampire. Of course. The only things she ever knew about vampires was from Interview with the Vampire that movie with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and the Twilight books. Neither one really seemed too accurate as to what was happening to her. She didn’t sparkle and blood was actually pretty easy to come by.

Classes were easy. She seemed like a slacker in high school, but honestly Beca just didn’t seem to have the time to care. Between actually attending school and then coming home to her mixes, she didn’t have time to do homework or study for tests. Now that she had all the time in the world? Yup. She was an amazing student. How great would this have been the whole time she was in high school? Her dad seemed pleased with her good grades so far.

Over the next week or so Beca saw the redhead Chloe a few times on campus. Yeah, she wasn’t really supposed to go outside too much – but fortunately for Beca, most buildings were connected by a footpath with an awning over it (the Georgia sun can be brutal). She was sitting in the Barden Bean – the local coffee spot on campus – working on (you guessed it) a mix when Chloe sat down across from her.

“Whatcha workin’ on? You seem super focused. Is it for a class? Anything I can help with?” Chloe smiled sweetly putting her mocha frappe down on the table. Even though Beca didn’t have a coffee of her own, she could smell that thing from a mile away. 99% sugar and a splash of coffee.

Beca slowly slid her headphones off her head and onto her neck.

“Hey Chloe, no it’s not for a class. I’m working on a music thing. I have an internship at the radio station,” Beca found herself opening up to this girl she barely knew.

“Music! Beca you know I love music. It’s aca-amazing. My favorite thing in the world. What kind of music thing? Are you writing a song or something,” Chloe responded enthusiastically.

“Is this girl on drugs or is she just this peppy and excited all the time?” Beca wondered. “No… I just mix songs together sometimes. Stuff I think sounds cool together. You wanna take a listen?”

“Oh my god yes!” and no sooner had Beca taken her headphones off and moved them toward Chloe had the other girl taken them and shoved them over her ears.

“THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!” Chloe accidentally shouted grinning madly. Chloe was listening intently to her mix with her eyes shut and head bopping to the beat. She didn’t see that literally every single person in the café was staring at them. Now this – this made Beca uncomfortable. She was never used to being the center of attention. Even before her… change she was never the girl who was in the middle of everything. She had her core group of friends and that was who she hung out with. Not head of the cheerleading squad, or even a member. Just another number at her high school in a class of 400. She wasn’t really anything too special and now with her being a vampire and everything – she still wasn’t too special. Still didn’t like being the center of attention.

Beca got up from her chair and slid the headphones off of Chloe’s head. “Chloe, you’re screaming. I’m glad you liked it though,” Beca smiled back at the redhead.

“Oops, thanks Becs… I just get so excited when I listen to music, and that was awesome! I haven’t really heard anything like that. You did that yourself? You’re amazing! Even if you don’t join the Bellas, maybe we could like work something out and use a mix of yours in our set? I’d have to convince Aubrey though…” Chloe faltered.

“Becs? No one calls me that except for Stacie. Aubrey must be the blonde who was with Chloe at the fair,” Beca thinks. “I wonder if they’re captains or something…? They must be right? If they’re like recruiting people for their club or group thingy.”

“Anyway, sorry for bothering you Beca! I hope you come to auditions in a few weeks. See ya around!” And with that, Chloe was out of her chair and headed toward the door.

Beca stared after her for a moment after she left and started working on her mix again. Sure, she’d already seen Chloe all over campus. Even if she doesn’t go to the auditions, she’d see her around, right? So why did Beca actually consider going to auditions if only to see Chloe again?

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Beca didn’t like this part of her new life. The acquiring blood part. Sure it seemed super skeevy and sketchy but she didn’t want to be a killer.

“Hi! I’m Alex Meadows. I’m here for a blood donation appointment,” Beca greeted the intake person at the local Red Cross. Obviously she couldn’t use her real name… it would be too suspicious.

“Alex…” The intake secretary glances at her tablet, “Oh yes. You’re here for an appointment at 2:30 right? The waiting room is down the hallway to the right. Make yourself comfortable. There are some other donors waiting there already.”

What they didn’t know was that Beca had already been here more times than she could count. Always under a different name, and she usually rotated which blood bank she went to every time. This time was the Red Cross, next time was Central Blood Bank, etc, etc. By now she was a pro at the layout of these buildings. She quickly and quietly made her way down the hallway. Instead of taking the right to the waiting room, she took a left and stopped in a storage room. This is where they kept all the donated blood before it was processed and distributed to hospitals. She wasn’t greedy. Three bags of fresh blood would usually last her two weeks. She didn’t take O+ or O- (the universal donors and the most useful) – she usually grabbed A+ or B+ (her personal favorites). She slipped them into her backpack (fully stocked with icepacks in a large lunch box) and made her way back out of the building. She stopped at the front counter to tell the secretary she’d changed her mind, she felt sick, and didn’t think she could donate today. It was super common, and an easy excuse.

This was a much better solution than what she was doing the first month after she turned. She would go to local bars and seduce someone, flirt and make out with them until they were drunk enough they wouldn’t remember, and then drink from their neck like a slurpee from 7/11. Never enough to do any actual harm, but it was so unethical and made Beca feel super terrible. Stacie had been there through it all, reminding her that she had to survive somehow, and after a few weeks of this they figured out the current plan of stealing from blood banks. She was lucky Stacie had been an intern at a lot of the local banks, and knew her way around the floor plan and the intake systems. She knew how to get Beca in and out without anyone really noticing.

This was just another part of the fun and exciting life of a vampire in today’s world.

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Kimmy-Jin was back in the dorm room and Beca needed a shower. Putting on a robe and grabbing her shower things and towel, she made her way to the public bathroom down the hall. Luckily it wasn’t co-ed, showering in public was already kinda weird. She found a shower stall a few down from the only other occupied one and started the water. Singing in the shower was something she picked up from her mom. When she was a baby, her mom always sang when she gave her a bath, and the habit just stuck with her all these years. So this shower was no different - David Guetta was the artist she was focused on this week, and so Beca had started singing “Titanium”.

“You can sing!”

Beca’s shower curtain was unexpectedly yanked open by Chloe. The redhead from the acapella group. Of course.

“Dude!” Beca countered, trying to hide her body from the intruding girl and reclosing the curtain. She’s not ashamed of her body – far from it. But she doesn’t even know her!

“How high does your belt go,” Chloe responds inquisitively.

“My what? Oh my god.” Beca was still shocked this girl was even here in the first place. The last time she saw another girl naked outside of the bedroom was her Junior year gym class in high school. Coincidentally also in a shower room. However, that was a total accident.

Chloe confidently continues, “You have to audition for the Bellas.”

“I can’t concentrate on anything you’re saying until you cover your junk,” Beca couldn’t help but see Chloe’s body was perfect. In every way. But she internally scolded herself, “You can’t be thinking that, and you can’t be looking at her that way! STOP.” But Beca couldn’t stop looking at Chloe. The girl was painfully attractive. And even though Beca had already fed earlier this morning (courtesy of the American Red Cross thank you very much), Chloe’s neck was alluringly open and available. “Looking at her like she’s a snack” Beca continued thinking to herself.

“Just consider it? One time, we sang backup for Prince. His butt is so tiny, I can hold it with like, one hand,” Chloe explains.

Meanwhile… Beca is still attempting to cover her OWN junk, even if the other girl doesn’t have any modesty. And it doesn’t seem like she’s going to leave the shower anytime soon.

“Oops!” Chloe interjects while Beca drops her bottle of shower gel while attempting to cover her body.

“I am nude,” Beca snips.

“You were singing “Titanium” right?” Chloe keeps talking. It’s like they’re not even naked. Or in the same shower. It’s just like their previous conversation in the coffee shop. At least to Chloe it is. This girl is an odd one – that’s for sure.

“You know David Guetta?”

“Have I been living under a rock? Yeah. That song is my jam. My lady jam.”

“That’s nice,” Beca could only manage a few words. ”Who talks to someone like this in a shower? Explaining how “Titanium” is their lady jam and why is that any of my business?”

Chloe winks, “That song really builds.”

Beca quietly says, “Gross” and Chloe doesn’t seem to hear her. She merely continues with, “Can you sing it for me?”

“Dude no! Get out,” This has gone on far enough. Beca cannot believe this. A super attractive girl comes into her shower and asks her to sing her “lady jam” and if Beca is guessing right about what that means, that’s one weird-ass request. This is the stuff of fantasies – not that Beca has any of those…

“Not for that reason,” Chloe responds shocked. “I’m not leaving here until you sing. So…” Chloe exasperatedly huffs.

Finally Chloe convinces Beca to sing and their voices harmonize while Chloe takes the top harmony, and Beca the bottom. If Beca was being honest, this girl can REALLY sing. Like wow. Is this real life? Is this happening? The girls finish singing and Beca snaps back to reality and notices they’re STILL naked and in the same shower. And now, Beca’s hungry again. The adrenaline rush of someone bursting into her shower and starting an impromptu duet really wasn’t the greatest thing for her appetite.

“Oh yeah, I’m pretty confident about all this,” Chloe motions to her own body. Beca was still attempting to look anywhere but at Chloe.

“See you at auditions!” Chloe responds to the silence while leaving the shower stall.

How was Beca ever supposed to finish her shower now? And Chloe was expecting her at auditions. Great.

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So two weeks later, and Beca happened to be in the same building as acapella auditions at the same time as they were happening. Weird right? Over the last fortnight, Beca could scarcely think of anything else. She spent at least two entire days looking up absolutely everything Barden Bellas related that could be found on the internet. Their captains were Aubrey Posen and Chloe Beale, both seniors and the only two members returning after last season. That meant they were taking pretty much anyone they could get. The group had been formed in 1950 after Barden University had finally gone coeducational five years prior. The Treblemakers (who seemed to be the Bellas’ rival) were formed in 1948 after World War II.

Aubrey was a legacy – her mom was a member of the 1980-1984 Bellas and was the captain her senior year. “Wow talk about a lot to live up to,” Beca thought to herself. She was an only a child, and a military brat (her dad was in the Army). Chloe on the other hand was a first generation Barden Bella. She was from Florida, and had two brothers. Thank you Facebook, it made investigating these ladies so much easier.

So as the auditions got underway, Beca was nervous. She hadn’t expected to have a song prepared. Or that all the acapella groups would be there. Back to this whole “Beca doesn’t like to be the center of attention thing”. Fortunately, Stacie was there. She was trying out for the Bellas too. She had totally forgotten her friend could sing.

“Hey Becs, I didn’t think I’d be seeing you here,” Stacie laughs, she knew her friend had a small, intense crush on a certain co-captain of the Bellas. Even though she knew Beca found this whole thing lame, she was getting sucked in anyway.

“Hey Stacie… yeah you know me. Love singing in front of people. Couldn’t stay away.” Beca laughs back.

Stacie nailed her audition. Minus the groping her chest part for most of the song. Although she’d been told before “He’s a hunter” and Stacie was a super sexual person.

The final person ahead of her finishes their rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” and Beca takes a deep breath. They call out to see if there’s anyone else, and Beca steps onto the stage. She didn’t know she had to sing that song… and she hadn’t prepared much. Just a small song she found on YouTube one day. It involved a cup and a clapping pattern… hopefully this wasn’t too lame?

And then there was Chloe. Sitting next to her co-captain Aubrey, and beaming with her thousand watt smile at Beca.

She makes her way through her audition, she would be lying if Chloe’s smile didn’t help in that area, and Aubrey seemed to be glaring at her the entire time. She finishes her song, doesn’t say a word, and just gets up and walks off stage. That wasn’t awkward… If they’re interested they’ll contact her right?

Two days later she has her answer. Chloe comes knocking at her door at midnight and Beca almost misses it, half way through working on her newest mix. Kimmy-Jin wakes up and angrily wretches the door open. Chloe didn’t seem fazed by it at all.

“BECA. YOU HAVE A VISITOR.” Kimmy-Jin is screaming at her and Beca finally notices the commotion and winces. She may be immortal, but Kimmy-Jin is still scary as hell. She doesn’t need to make her roommate a bigger enemy than she already is. Chloe smiles sweetly at Beca from the doorway holding an envelope and a single lily, having not been invited in by Beca’s rude roommate.

“Hey Chloe, whatcha got there?” Beca gets up from her desk chair and warmly greets the girl at the door.

Chloe smiles even wider (if that’s possible), “Beca Mitchell, I Chloe Anne Beale, am here to formally invite you to become a member of the Barden Bellas. There are instructions inside this envelope, and if you accept our offer of membership, you are to meet us at the enclosed address at 2:00am tonight. We eagerly await your answer!”

And with that, the girl has turned down the hallway and is already almost out of sight.

“This is all a bit weird and feels like a cult,” Beca muses to herself. “But hey, what college society/club/sorority/musical group isn’t? I’m a vampire. What’s the worst that can happen?”

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After Chloe left, Beca went back to her bed and rummaged through her blankets for her phone, excitement and nervousness thrumming through her body.

“STACIE!!! Did you get an invite for the Bellas too?? They want us to go somewhere at like 2:00am.” The first message read.

A few seconds later she typed out another, “Are you going?? Do you want to walk together??”

After a few tense minutes, her messages changed from “delivered” to “read” and Stacie finally replied.

“Jesus, chill you spaz. Yes I got an invite. Sure - we can walk together. Geez, for someone that didn’t want to audition in the first place, you’re oddly excited about all of this… Does this have something to do with a certain captain?”

“Meet me outside of Baker Hall around 1:30?” was Beca’s answer. “She’s right, I’ve gotta calm down a bit before I go to this initiation thingy. Don’t wanna seem totally crazy… Maybe I should have a snack before going - Don’t want a repeat of the shower where I got super hungry.” With that, the moody vampire moved off her bed and into her mini fridge where her stash of blood was kept. She had to keep it in those aluminum water bottles everyone has these days. It would be weird to see someone drinking a dark red liquid out of a clear plastic bottle after all. Although it seems older sorority sisters do drink wine pretty much 24/7…

Walking silently through the university in the early hours of the morning was something Beca was used to by now. Stacie on the other hand, wasn’t. She could tell her friend was uncomfortable for some reason.

“Dude, It’s so cold outside at this time of night! Why didn’t you tell me to wear a jacket or something? “ Stacie complained. Georgia was a super warm state, but during the night it could still drop to the lower 50s(F).

“Stacie, I’m dead remember? I don’t feel temperature fluctuations as much as you normal people do. Sorry, here take my hoodie.” Beca sheepishly slid out of her black jacket and handed it to the taller brunette. Stacie nodded in thanks and put on the way too small hoodie. The garment looked like a ¾ length top and a halter once it was put on.

“Well if you weren’t an Amazon Goddess, the jacket would probably fit you a bit better…” Beca snidely remarks.

“Yeah, well if you weren’t a munchkin we wouldn’t have this problem now would we,” Stacie jabs back laughing.

The rest of the walk went smoothly, Stacie filled Beca in on her classes, and that she had applied for an internship. Beca explained to Stacie that she had finished her coursework for the semester already… Stacie was definitely jealous about that. Still, Beca missed sleeping. It used to be one of her favorite activities. Her friends used to tell her that her spirit animal was a sloth. Beca also finally got to tell Stacie about how Chloe barged into her shower. It was kind of one of those stories you only tell someone in person, ya know? After telling her about the singing, she started telling Stacie about how the excitement and the adrenaline rush made her hungrier than ever.

“Becs, that’s scary dude! What if you had bitten her? We gotta keep you well fed and make sure you don’t turn someone into an unintentional snack,” Stacie exclaimed. Stacie was a scientist after all, and she was super interested in how and if a vampire can totally control themselves around others.

Beca countered, “Don’t worry Stace, I had an extra snack before coming tonight. Just to be sure nothing happens. I think it was just because…” Beca faltered and was blushing bright red now, “I was so close to this super hot girl I kinda had a crush on and my body was on high alert.”

Stacie was laughing, “Of course Becs, you couldn’t control yourself. Makes sense… sex and food are both tied to dopamine responses in the brain. One was triggered, and so was another. Interesting. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on that.”

“Thanks, you know how much I love being a science experiment,” Beca dully replied rolling her eyes.

Once they arrived at the auditorium, Chloe greeted them at the door. A few other girls were waiting outside as well and once a few more arrived, Chloe produced some pillowcases, and they were all hooded before entering. Putting a hand on the shoulder in front of them, they were all led into the main area. Even while blindfolded, Beca could tell all of the lights were off, and the only illumination coming from a few candles. The girls were brought to a halt, and left by themselves for a minute or so. When a person returned, Beca could tell by her smell it was Chloe. “I’m not stalkerish or anything… she came into MY shower. Of course I know what she smells like!!” They were un-pillowcased, and before them was an altar of sorts? And a chalice… and… Aubrey.

“We shall begin by drinking the blood of the sisters that came before you.” Aubrey states.

“Dude No!” Beca looked dubious. “That sounded convincing right…? That’s what normal people would say… What the actual fuck, a blood sacrifice? Was NOT expecting that.”

“Don’t worry it’s Boone’s Farm,” Chloe reassured with a wink.

Aubrey passed out a yellow scarf to each girl, and returned to stand next to Chloe.

“Now if you’ll place your scarves in your right hand,” Chloe started.

“I, sing your name,” Aubrey began.

“I, Becaaaaaaaa,” she sang. “Dude that sounded TERRIBLE. Nothing some rehearsals can’t fix though right?

“Promise to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a Bella woman.”

The girls repeated the lines from Aubrey cheerfully.

“And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with a Treblemaker or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves.” Aubrey replied.

The girls replied with the line, a bit more unsurely this time… “The wolves thing is a joke right? Geez, Aubrey is wound up tight. I wonder how Stacie is gonna deal with this one?”

“You are all Bellas now.” Aubrey states excitedly.

The next thing she knows, the lights are flicked on, and wow. She isn’t used to bright lights like this anymore! Her eyes are screaming from the inundation of light. She clamps her eyes shut and hopes they can adjust quickly enough. - being a nighttime predator definitely has its disadvantages. The girls around her are all smiling, hugging, and screaming. Stacie finds and hugs Beca, and whispers to her that her eyes should get used to the light soon enough. Chloe is next and gives Beca one of the biggest hugs she’s ever had. She wonders if Chloe is this nice to everyone or is Beca just special? It seems like they’re hugging for an eternity, and Beca absorbs every moment she can and soaks in Chloe’s amazing scent.

Chloe finally pulls away, “Becs! I’m so glad you came! And now that we’re sisters we’ll be spending so much time together at rehearsals, and performances. Aren’t you super excited?!”

“If being a Bella means spending more time with you, I can’t wait,” Beca can hardly find the words and sputters out, “Yeah dude! We’re gonna be best buds. Can’t wait!” “Best buds? Beca what are you ten? Luckily Chloe smiles and turns away from her to embrace the rest of her new sisters.

“Wow Becs, you sounded like…” Stacie started.

“Like a preteen who hadn’t talked to a girl before in her life. Yeah, I know Stace.” Beca admits.

“Don’t worry shortie, I’ll help ya out. You’ve just got it bad for this one. We’ll make sure you don’t act like a fool every time you talk to her,” Stacie commented smiling at her friend. “You’re a badass vampire who can sing, and make music. You’ve got this,” Stacie continued in a whisper to Beca.

“Who’s ready for the aca-initiation night party?!” Chloe exclaimed. The night was just getting started, and Beca couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Chapter Text

Beca wasn’t sure what she expected, but it wasn’t this. Aubrey led the newly initiated Bellas into the outdoor amphitheater, which was already filled with Acapella nerds of every kind. The Treblemakers (in their lame signature maroon hoodies), BU Harmonics, and High Notes were all dancing and socializing while Tommy and Justin, the two who were in charge of the auditions, were working on the music situation. They had a MacBook plugged into some speakers. Beca was really unimpressed. But then again, who would want to lug real speakers to an impromptu outdoor party?

Still surveying the situation, Beca hung back while the rest of the Bellas dispersed among the other kids. She was lost in her own thoughts when Chloe appeared out of nowhere and started talking.

“I am sooooo glad that I met you, I think we’re going to be really fast friends,” Chloe was inches from Beca’s face. Not that she was worried or anything. Not that she didn’t have a huge crush on her or something. First the shower intrusion, and now this girl is practically kissing her. Okay, this Barden Bellas thing could really be awesome.

“Well you saw me naked so…” Beca winks back. “Is Chloe already drunk? I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid. I should keep an eye on her tonight”

The moment was over as fast as it had started, and Chloe explained she was going to go talk to Aubrey and check on the rest of the Bellas. As Chloe walked away, Beca followed her to find Stacie.

“Hey… Beca right? Can you believe they let my sexy fat ass in? And free booze! What a night, eh?” Fat Amy (who calls herself Fat Amy, because twig bitches will call her that behind her back anyway) found Beca in the crowd.

“Yeah! What a night. Have you seen Stacie?” A few moments go by and Amy doesn’t seem to register who Beca was referring to. “Stacie, tall, big boobs, curly brown hair?” Beca tries.

Amy’s eyes light up, “Ahhhh yeah. I think she’s over there at the keg with Black Beauty.”

Beca makes her way over to the keg, and Stacie is being eyed up by Cynthia Rose. “Hey Stace. What’s up?” Beca begins.

“Shortie! Not much was wondering where you got off to. And if you were going to join us social people. I know how much you love crowds,” Stacie laughs.

“Cool, cool. I’m just gonna hang around the Bellas tonight I think. Don’t wanna meet too many people at once. Plus, I think Chloe is already drunk, so I want to make sure nothing happens to her.” Beca replies.

“She’s a senior Becs, I’m sure she can take care of herself,” Stacie starts, “And not everyone is out looking to find a nice midnight snack, like yourself,” she whispers quietly into Beca’s ear.

Beca couldn’t remember the last time she blushed so hard. Hard enough Cynthia Rose who was still nearby noticed and said, “Damn girl, what’d you say to rile up Beca like that?” while taking a drink and laughing.

“It’s not even like that! I just want her to be careful. You guys are like my sisters now or whatever so I can’t let anything happen to you,” Beca snarkily replied to Stacie.

With that, Beca left Stacie, and went to find Chloe. It took around half an hour, there were more people here than she thought, and in that time, Beca had a punch and was working on her second. It was unusual that Beca ate or drank anything normal these days, since it usually made her sick. Alcohol was okay though. It worked just like in humans, raising her blood alcohol level and making her intoxicated. Albeit it took more to make Beca truly drunk since she wasn’t technically alive so it was harder for the alcohol to absorb into her system. Hard liquor was better than beer, and drinking it straight was her favorite. But normal people don’t just drink straight vodka, rum, or whiskey at a college party, and she had to remain inconspicuous.

Chloe was on the outskirts of the large group of students talking to a tall guy Beca was sure she’d never seen before. It seemed a bit angry to Beca, or at least Chloe didn’t want to be talking to him. She was probably 20 feet away when she caught a few words of what they were saying. Even with super-hearing, the dull roar of the crowd made it hard to hear. Usually Beca would have been able to pick up what they were saying from double the distance.

“Tom, I told you. I don’t want to see you anymore. You’re leading one life, I’m leading another, and we have completely different friends. You never liked Aubrey, and she’s my best friend. Sisters before misters remember? Okay. So you can GO.” And with that Chloe shoved the man away from her. He was startled, but recovered quickly.

“You’re drunk. And if you really don’t want to be with me? Fine, we’re over. But, don’t come crawling back to me when you’re sick of your bitchy friend, and these fucking nerds,” Tom turned on the spot and walked away quickly back up the steps and out of the amphitheater.

Chloe didn’t realize anyone was so close, and when Beca made her presence known, it took Chloe by surprise.

“Beca! God, you scared me,” Chloe huffed. “Were you listening to that??”

“Man, I didn’t think I was being that quiet. I should work on trying to be more human. It’s tough being a freaking vampire.” Beca thought embarrassedly.

“No! Just walked up, I was just worried about you. I hadn’t seen you in awhile, so I was coming to see if you were okay. I caught the tail end of whatever was going on though, are you okay?” Beca asked. She had put her hand on Chloe’s shoulder and was trying to comfort the girl. As she did, Chloe’s eyes softened and the anger she was still carrying from the previous conversation left.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks for checking up on me!” Chloe hugged Beca. “I’m going to go talk to Aubrey if you want to come with?” Chloe smiled.

As they walked through the group of other people, it got kind of thick in some parts, so Chloe grabbed Beca’s hand so she wouldn’t lose her. “God, I hope I’m not like freezing cold or something, and don’t seem like a total weirdo.” Beca was internally panicking. The only person that had even touched her bare skin since she turned was Stacie. And Stacie knew the truth. Chloe led the way, and they ended up at the drink table and keg. Chloe poured herself another punch, and handed Beca one as well. Chloe didn’t seem to notice her coldness or didn’t want to mention it, and they continued walking a little bit more, and found Aubrey, Fat Amy, and Stacie all talking in a small group.

As the two of them came into view, Aubrey spotted them first. “Chloe! I saw Tom talking to you, are you alright? I thought you dumped him,” Aubrey began questioning.

Chloe’s mood was so much better after getting away from Tom. Her drink was already half empty even though it had only taken about two minutes to get over to the girls from the drinks. “Yeah, Aubs. I’m fine. He just didn’t want to accept we were really over. Beca came over and I realized I was supposed to be having fun with you guys, and we came back over here!” Chloe was her usual bubbly self again.

Aubrey, sensing the topic was closed for the night, turned back to Stacie and kept talking. Stacie had made eye contact with Beca while the other two were talking, and gave her a look that made Beca feel like she was being laughed at. Stacie knew Beca was super interested in Chloe, and of course Beca had ended up being Chloe’s “knight in shining armor” and saving her from her ex.

The girls continued talking, getting to know each other, laughing, and carrying on until Chloe was laughing so hard, she fell over. Beca knew then it was time for her to go home. Beca mentioned it to Aubrey that Chloe should probably leave, and Aubrey agreed it was probably time. At first, Aubrey insisted she take her home, but honestly she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to spend time getting to know her new sisters. So when Beca suggested that she could take her, she didn’t really love huge parties anyway, Aubrey agreed.

Chapter Text

Beca and Chloe made their way across campus, if you could call it that, and Beca was trying to figure out where exactly they needed to go. Chloe was wasted, and couldn’t give any real directions to where she lived. They went towards the science building, then the gym, and then were near the English department. They were wandering around for about fifteen minutes, when Beca made the decision they were going back to her dorm. She didn’t really use the bed anyway, so Chloe could sleep off the alcohol there. When she woke up in the morning she would explain what happened if Chloe didn’t remember. Chloe didn’t seem to object, she was just complaining she was hungry.

Once they were headed to Beca’s dorm, it only took another ten minutes to get there. Kimmy-Jin was already fast asleep, and the dull light coming from Beca’s computer illuminated part of the room, as well as a few Christmas lights hung up for decoration. Chloe sat down on the bed, and asked Beca for some pajamas. Beca rummaged through her “comfy clothes” drawer, and gave her a pair of pajama pants, and an old band t-shirt. Beca busied herself with calling for a pizza while Chloe changed, praying the clothes would fit as she was more than a couple inches shorter than most of the Bellas. Luckily all of the pants Beca bought for bed were always miles too long for her (being short is a struggle!), and they fit Chloe just right. The pizza guy said it would be there in about twenty minutes and Beca settled into her desk chair to work on a mix. Beca had almost forgotten Chloe was there, she was being so quiet just watching Beca on the computer, when she started talking.

“Becs,” Chloe was slurring slightly, “What are you doing? It’s like 4:00 in the morning. Are you doing homework on a Friday night? You loser,” Chloe laughed, “That doesn’t look like writing a paper. Is that music? Are you making music??” Chloe had become more and more excited as she realized what Beca was doing and her loud whispering was threatening to wake up Beca’s roommate. She must have forgotten that she already heard some of Beca’s mixes at the coffee shop.

“Chill spaz! Yes it’s music, here’s a set of headphones so you can listen,” Beca tossed Chloe a cheap set of headphones she used as a backup. “Just be quiet, the pizza is gonna be here soon,” Beca laughed quietly.

“Yessss, thanks Becs,” Chloe settled down, lying on Beca’s bed and making herself at home.

Beca had a bad habit of losing track of time, since she didn’t really have a need to keep a sleep schedule, and in what seemed like five minutes, but in reality was closer to thirty, the pizza man called letting her know he was outside of the dorm. Beca looked over at Chloe and the girl was quietly snoring with the headphones still on. She grabbed her key, and headed down to get the food. On her way, Beca couldn’t help but laugh. “Of course Chloe fell asleep, I would. I bet she’s exhausted. She drank way more than I thought she would. At least pizza is a good breakfast food too.”

The pizza smelled amazing. Beca had opened the box to let it cool off before she put it in the fridge. “Man, I really miss food sometimes. At least I can smell it? It’s almost like eating it! But not really at all… I guess I’ll have some blood while I work. Still not as fulfilling though.”


It was around 9:00am when Chloe woke up. Beca had put a bottle of water and a few painkillers near Chloe’s phone so she would have them when she woke up. Beca would’ve gotten her a Gatorade or something rehydrating to drink, but by the time she remembered how useful they were, it was too bright out for her to go to the campus store (which was inconveniently located in a stand alone building in the middle of campus). Chloe was looking around a bit confusedly when she turned around and saw Beca at the desk.

“Beca?” Chloe croaked out, her throat dry from her night of drinking.

“Yeah, Chloe. You’re here in my dorm. You were so drunk you couldn’t tell me how to take you back home. Don’t worry. I texted Aubrey and told her I brought you here so she doesn’t worry. Are you hungry? I ordered a pizza for you last night, but you fell asleep before it got here. I can heat it up in the microwave if you want? Or I always liked it cold if you wanted it like that…” Beca replied kindly.

“Cold is fine Becs,” Chloe answered after downing half the bottle of water with the painkillers.

Beca went into the fridge and grabbed two slices, put them on a plate, and handed them to Chloe. Chloe began eating almost immediately.

“Wow, I never had an appetite like that after drinking. Good for her. I’m always nauseous. I was always nauseous. You don’t get sick anymore remember? Beca reminded herself internally.

Chloe had eaten half of her first slice when she put it back down on the plate.

“Aren’t you hungry Beca? You should have some pizza! It’s such a great breakfast food. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Chloe looked disappointed when Beca shook her head no.

“Thanks Chloe,” Beca laughed, “I’m on a special diet. I have a meal replacement shake every morning for breakfast. Already had it before you woke up.”

“Oh, okay. Well I’m a great sharer if you wanna have some. I don’t bite. Come sit with me on the bed.” Chloe smiled.

Beca dutifully sat next to the munching senior to keep her company. Kimmy-Jin had woken up early, around 7:00am, to go to the city for the weekend, and she wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. It was a long three-day weekend for the students, as Monday was a holiday. Chloe was finishing her pizza when she started asking Beca which dorm she was staying in, and how she liked Barden so far.

“We are currently in Ye Olde Baker Hall,” Beca smiles trying to make a joke, “It’s alright here. I have a desk, and a bed, and everything else I could need. Classes are fine… kinda boring actually. And now I have the Bellas so that’s cool.”

“Oh Baker Hall is totes cool. I stayed here when I was a freshman. I’m sorry your classes are boring. Maybe you could become a tutor or something? Help others? That could be nice and give you more to do. And you have your music. It was just as good last night as when you let me hear it before,” Chloe complimented.

Beca was still getting used to letting Chloe listen to her music, and she was glad she did remember that time in the coffee shop. “You remember that, huh? I want to be a music producer some day. My dad and Stacie convinced me to come to Barden. Originally I was just going to go straight to Los Angeles to start “paying my dues” so I could work my way up in the business, but they insisted I get a degree so I could actually have a fallback option if the music thing doesn’t work out,” Beca shrugged.

“Oh well, you’re amazing so I can’t imagine you won’t do well. They’re totally right though, having a fallback and a degree can’t hurt. Plus if you’re bored in classes, you must be like totally brilliant or something. Beca, can we like… open the blinds or something? It’s super dark in here right now,” Chloe was squinting to see Beca in the darkness.

Beca had totally forgotten that like… normal people like sunlight. She moved to turn on a floor lamp to illuminate the room.

“Sorry Chloe,” Beca laughs, “I’m just so used to working in the dark, I’m kind of a night owl. I usually keep the blinds shut.” Chloe looked doubting, as she couldn’t imagine being someone who didn’t want to be outside as much as possible during the day.

Beca sensing she wasn’t being fully believed continued, “I’m allergic to the sun. That’s why I stay under covered walkways as much as possible. Or if you see me in the sun with an umbrella it’s not because I’m one of those super goth people or something. I just get a really bad rash and stuff.”

The look Chloe was giving Beca changed, and she suddenly seemed more understanding. Chloe had finished her water bottle, and crossed the room to get another from the fridge since she was still dehydrated from her night of drinking. Before Beca realized what she was doing, Chloe opened the fridge. Sure, there were a few water bottles in there, but there were also Beca’s metal water bottles full of blood. She never let Kimmy-Jin even come close to her fridge, which was kept under her desk, and the only person who knew what was in it was Stacie since she helped Beca acquire her new food. Chloe grabbed a water bottle, and looked at the metal ones in the back.

“Geez, Beca. You really must be on a weird diet if you have all of these special drinks made up,” Chloe laughs turning around. Beca could feel the tenseness leaving her face, but it was too late. Chloe wasn’t that stupid. She could tell Beca was stressed about something. To go from completely relaxed and joking to stiff as a board, something was up.

“Beca. What’s wrong. Am I not allowed to have another one? Sorry, here take it,” Chloe was trying to push the drink into Beca’s hand, when their hands brushed one another. Chloe gasped, and dropped the water bottle on the floor. Even after holding a cold bottle of water, Beca’s hands were colder.

“Now I’ve gone and done it. Chloe’s upset and didn’t even do anything wrong. She stumbled upon my blood, and now I gotta do something before she leaves. She probably thinks I’m crazy. And my hands are freezing, and with being allergic to the sun, she probably thinks I’m insane.” Beca is panicking trying to think of a better solution than to tell the truth. Chloe was already turning to grab her things when Beca grabbed her arm. Chloe gasps again, the shocking cold of Beca’s hand something she wasn’t ready for.

“Chloe, It’s fine. I’m really sorry… Here, take the water. I just... I have something I have to tell you, and I don’t think you’re going to believe me, which is totally cool, but I don’t want you to think I’m an asshole who is completely selfish, and wouldn’t let someone have another water, which is like completely not true. And I’m an idiot and will you let me tell you,” Beca is rambling.

“Okay…” Chloe’s face was full of confusion. Beca led her to the bed, and grabbed a blanket to put across Chloe’s shoulders. Once you were used to how cold Beca was, it wasn’t quite as shocking, but as Stacie put it, the first time she touched her after the change, it was like taking a quick ice cold shower, and your whole body was freezing. Beca wasn’t sure how to start. She was still standing after taking Chloe to her bed, and was now pacing a bit, trying to psych herself up.

“Okay, so….” Beca starts, “How am I going to do this, I’m not ready to do this. I’ve never told anyone else. Stacie I had to tell, she’s my best friend since forever. Chloe’s just a girl I have a crush on, and is a completely new friend. She’s going to think I’m a monster.”

“So… I’m a vampire.”

Chloe looks at Beca for a moment, and starts smiling in disbelief. “Okay Beca, if you don’t want to tell me the truth, that’s okay. You don’t have to,” Chloe says. Chloe is usually a pretty trusting person. People tell her she’s TOO trusting. She has to be more skeptical of people and their stories.

“No seriously. I’m a vampire. A real life, honest to God vampire. It’s like, a whole story. And it sucks so bad, but like it has it’s perks? But I totally freaked because I keep my blood in those water bottles and I got worried you were gonna see it, and I don’t know, I’m a complete idiot, and I don’t want you to be mad at me.” Beca was rambling yet again. Being nervous really made her talk like a mad woman.

After that, Chloe’s face changed. At first it was a bit of fear, mixed with sadness, and then it finally settled on understanding and comfort. She could tell Beca was telling her the truth.

“How did it happen,” Chloe quietly asked.

“How does something like this ever happen? I was being a stupid idiot. I went to the bar as a senior in high school with a fake ID. Which in itself is dumb as hell. I met this gorgeous woman and we started dancing. One thing leads to another, and we were making out in the bathroom. It pretty hot honestly, but then she bit my neck? And not like, oh a hickey, like, I’m gonna eat you, and using teeth. And I was like whoa, okay no. I’m good. This is weird. And left the bar. Only later did I realize what happened. It came on slowly, and I couldn’t eat, or when I did it would make me sick. I was never someone who was like, outside all the time and had a killer tan. But I slowly got more, and more pale, until my color was like you see it now. You should see it in the sun. It’s even MORE pale looking if that’s possible. Like crazy pale. But anyway, I did the usual thing. Where you read books, and watch campy vampire movies, and then you realize - oh shit, I’m a vampire. I talked to Stacie about it, and I’m sure you don’t know her yet, but she’s a HUGE science nerd. So she ran some tests, and it basically came back that I was like dead, but of course I’m not actually dead. And she got me some blood to drink and see if I liked it. And I did, so… we came to the natural conclusion that the woman who bit me was a vampire. And I gradually changed into a vampire too.” Beca explained in her own way.

Chloe was quiet for a minute or two. Just staring at Beca. Beca maintained eye contact for a bit, but then that got awkward, and she looked into her lap at her hands while Chloe seemed to look at every inch of her body. “Why isn’t she saying anything. Is she looking for like a pencil or something to use as a stake? She’s going to run away. Ugh, why am I so stupid. I thought I could trust her.” Beca is panicking again, but this time, she looks up into Chloe’s eyes and Chloe was looking back.

Finally Chloe reached out, and touched Beca’s cheek. Feeling the cold skin for herself, without the shock of not expecting it. The warmth of Chloe’s skin on her face was something Beca thought she would never feel again, and she closed her eyes relaxing into Chloe’s touch.

Chapter Text

Chloe was the first to speak.

“I believe you Beca.”

Beca was in disbelief. She got up and grabbed a bottle of blood from the fridge. This whole situation had really made her hungry and a bit shaky. She hadn’t eaten much last night, too busy working on her newest mix and taking care of Chloe. Plus… the stress of this situation wasn’t helping much. She twisted off the top and started drinking.

“That’s blood then? Right? That’s blood. Okay. Cool,” Chloe was processing all of this rather well. “You’re hungry? Is it because like… I’m here?”

Beca smiled weakly at Chloe. “No Chloe, it’s not because you’re here. I’m pretty used to human interaction. It’s like… have you ever gotten so mad, you started shaking? Or you were in a situation you were so nervous you were going to faint? Or you didn’t eat before a competition and you passed out? It’s kind of like that. It’s triggered by adrenaline, or stress, or any serious emotion. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s still new to me. I’m still learning too.”

Chloe bent down and grabbed her phone off the floor. She texted Aubrey telling her she was awake and alright, and she was going to hang out with Beca for awhile in case she needed her for something.

“Sorry, just updating Aubrey that I’m alive and awake and we’re hanging out in case she needs me,” Chloe explained.

Beca was already cleaning the water bottle at the sink. She had finished it in about five minutes. A quick meal. Chloe followed her and watched as she cleaned the bottle. A red tinted water spilled out of the container as she was finished cleaning and rinsing it.

“Wow, like. I knew right? And we already talked about it. But seeing it really makes it real,” Chloe said.

“You’re not like… squeamish, are you? Or freaked out? I totally thought you would be,” Beca questioned.

“My dad’s a butcher, so no. Blood doesn’t bother me Becs. I’ve heard people eat rare steaks so… it’s not that weird. I mean. Yeah it’s weird, but it could be weirder. What if you were a zombie? Do zombies exist? Geez, I hope zombies don’t exist,” Chloe pondered.

“I don’t think they exist Chlo, I mean, I’ve never heard of it, and I’ve done tons of research on the supernatural,” Beca explained.

Chloe had sat back on the bed and Beca followed. “You’re not weirded out by me sitting next to you right? I can sit at the desk.”

“Beca… this is your bed,” Chloe laughed, “If anyone would sit elsewhere, it would be me.”

“Honestly this is some of the most use the bed has ever gotten, so you’re more than welcome to stay,” Beca replied.

“Wait. You don’t sleep? Ever? Never ever. Wow. That’s cool. I bet you’re so productive,” Chloe seemed envious.

Beca laughed again, “Yeah Chloe, I don’t sleep. It’s super useful. I have all of my coursework done for the year already. That’s why my classes are so boring to me. I’m pretty much done with them already except for exams.”

“Dude, Wow. That’s amazing,” Chloe gushed, “I’m like aca-jealous. But I also love sleep so, it’s a trade I guess.”

Chloe lay down and stared at the ceiling. She was thinking of all the things she wanted to say.

Beca lay next to her and was doing the same thing.

They turned to each other and both started talking at the same time,

“Beca, I-“


“You first,” Beca apologized.

“Beca, I’m sorry this happened to you. But you’re not any different to me. And I still like you, and you’re still my friend,” Chloe smiled.

Beca was so incredibly happy. Not only was Chloe not going to run away, but she was going to still be her friend. And did she say she liked her?

“You like me?” Beca said incredulously.

“Do you think I just go into random girls’ showers all the time,” Chloe was beaming, her smile so wide, and laughing.

Beca was laughing too, “Well, I hoped you weren’t a total weirdo. But then again, who am I to judge anyone?”

Beca and Chloe were smiling at each other when Chloe broke eye contact and looked down at Beca’s lips. Beca had lost a lot of confidence in the relationship department since she became a vampire. It’s not like she had a lot of opportunities to meet new people. But this, this was as obvious as it could get. She reciprocated the look, and Chloe moved to cup Beca’s face. Chloe was getting used to how cold Beca was already and didn’t flinch away. Chloe pulled Beca close and softly touched their lips together. Beca moved to embrace Chloe, sliding one hand up Chloe’s back, while the other hand cupped Chloe’s breast over her shirt. The kiss started slowly, but both girls were soon ready for more. Beca was a little startled when Chloe bit her lip, but she quickly soothed the pain away with her tongue. Beca licked Chloe’s lips, looking for an entrance into her mouth, and Chloe obliged. Soon their tongues were twisting around one another in moves of exploration. Chloe was even brave enough to slide her tongue over Beca’s teeth, searching for her fangs, but, she didn’t find anything. Chloe could feel Beca smiling, as she broke away from the kiss.

Beca smiling said, “Yeah, they’re not always around. Usually only when I’m really hungry. Or getting ready to bite someone.” “I don’t even remember the last time I had my fangs out. It happened a lot right after I changed, but now that I have a steady supply of blood. Months maybe?”

“Oh, I was just curious about it. I was trying to remember if I’d ever seen you with… fangs, but I figured I was already in the neighborhood and could find out myself,” Chloe said smiling as well.

“Well if you wanna see, Red, I can show you. Do you want to?” Beca inquired calmly. She was getting kind of used to this sort of thing. Being open to another person. “The only other person who has seen them is Stacie, and she was kinda scared at first. But Chloe seems like she can handle it. It should be okay.”

“Sure! If you don’t mind I guess…” Chloe trailed off, looking a bit excited to see.

Beca sat up and concentrated on something to make her fangs appear. Chloe looking like a snack in the shower... her neck totally exposed… that should do it.” As she was immersed in her thoughts, her two canine teeth revealing themselves to become the perfect tool for cutting open someone’s neck.

“Wow,” Chloe was staring. Not only did Beca’s teeth transform, but at the same time, her eyes grew more sparkly, her hair a bit shinier, and overall just… more alluring. More attractive.

“Is that a good wow or a bad wow?” Beca laughed a bit.

“A good wow. Definitely a good wow,” Chloe responded, her eyes hooded. Beca barely had a moment to react to the response, and Chloe was pulling Beca down on top of her, to continue where they had left off. Beca moved her left leg in between Chloe’s thighs and Chloe had her hands on Beca’s breasts. Even though Beca was on top, you couldn’t tell which one of them was in control. Chloe was hungrily kissing Beca, and grinding down onto her leg. Soft moans were coming from Chloe and Beca as they were both finding a rhythm and this could definitely move toward something more if they didn’t slow down.

“Chloe, we should… slow down. Don’t you think?” Beca quietly questioned. Trying to get a word in before she couldn’t stop. Chloe looked up at Beca and pouted a bit before Beca slid off and lay on the bed next to Chloe.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to stop. But I just figured maybe we shouldn’t rush these things? I mean trust me, I want more. But…” Beca explained.

“No, no. You’re totally right. I just… You’re just really hot. You know that right?” Chloe laughed. Beca was blushing (which isn’t an easy thing to do for someone who doesn’t have a heartbeat). “You’re just insanely attractive and kind, and funny. Who could get enough of you?”

“Insanely attractive? I don’t think I’ve heard that one before,” Beca replied a bit unconvinced.

“Have you seen yourself, Becs? You’re fucking hot!” Chloe replied. “I mean you’re always hot. But something about the fangs, and the vampire thing… it made you even hotter. To me at least.”

“Yeah Chloe,” Beca replied smiling, “That’s part of the whole vampire thing. We make ourselves irresistible to humans. It’s part of how we can attract you and feed. I don’t usually have to do that because Stacie and I have other ways for me to get blood. Ones that don’t involve hurting other people.”

“Oh, that’s really cool of you Beca. I’m glad you’re not hurting people I guess,” Chloe responded.

The rest of the day was fun. It was pretty overcast all day since there was a storm system rolling in, and that meant that Beca could go outside during the day and not worry. It was a luxury she took for granted earlier in her life, but now that she had to be wary of the sun, days like these were a blessing. Chloe sensed that the freshman hadn’t gotten a chance to explore too much of campus that wasn’t under cover, and so the two of them sat down on the Quad - they were going to do a full campus tour later. There weren’t too many people around, as the weather seemed uninviting and most decided to stay indoors.

Chloe thought to herself, “Well Beca is definitely going to keep me on my toes. Can’t wait to see what we do next.”

Chapter Text

The Bellas’ rehearsal on Monday afternoon was the next time Beca and Chloe saw each other. In the meantime, two of the girls had been disinvited from the Bellas after being “treble-boned” as Aubrey put it. The rest of the Bellas’ were being put through their paces. Fortunately for Beca, even though she despised anything cardio related, she didn’t really have to worry about breathing, or being in shape anymore. One of a few perks of this whole living undead thing.

“Chloe I think you might need to rein Aubrey in a bit,” Beca jogging up to Chloe whispers with a laugh looking at Fat Amy collapsed in the second row of chairs.

“You might be right,” Chloe smirks back.

Walking up to Aubrey, Chloe whispers into her ear, and Aubrey yells, “Alright Bellas, take five. Get yourselves some water. I told you to dress for a workout! Next time you won’t ignore my instructions, hmm?”

Beca took the opportunity to go and take a drink from her “water" bottle in her backpack.

“Don’t you get tired Beca? You’re not exactly in shape,” Chloe lightly chides, looking at Beca’s flannel and jeans she’d decided to wear today – not exactly an appropriate workout outfit. She did wear sneakers though.

Beca puts the lid back on her bottle and smiles at Chloe, “I’m dead remember? So… I can do pretty much any cardio activity as long as I want. Well… until I get hungry,” Beca quietly reminds her.

“Any cardio…?” Chloe flirtatiously replies, giving Beca’s outfit another once over. Beca notices the attention, and looks back at Chloe’s “outfit” too. The girl can definitely work any outfit, but this one is super flattering on the redhead’s form. The tank top she’s wearing showcases her toned and strong arms, which - wow, and the shorts which end above the knee allowing Beca to see a bit of her pale thighs.

Of course, Stacie picks that moment to walk over, wiping her brow with a towel, and check on her friend.

“Beca! That was some workout, huh? Of course, for us normies it was, right Chloe?” Stacie winks with a hip bump to the older Bella.

Beca had met up with Stacie for a mixing/study session yesterday after she and Chloe had parted ways. Since Stacie was pretty much her closest and only friend, of course, she spilled the beans that she had spent the night with Chloe, and no nothing happened no matter how much Stacie begged for the “details” - of which there were none, except that Chloe had happened upon her stash of blood, and Beca had told her the truth. Stacie wasn’t overly surprised, she had seen Beca leave the party to take care of Chloe, and not having much of a support system is hard on a person. While Beca has always been a bit of a loner, and this was something that pushed it to the extreme. She was glad Beca had told someone else.

“Yeah Shortie here told me about yesterday’s breaking news she dropped on you. It’s actually nice to have another person in our little club,” Stacie laughed.

Chloe smiled good-naturedly, “Yeah, it was definitely a little bit of a shock, but everyone has their own little weirdness. What’re you guys doing after rehearsal? Wanna grab dinner or something?”

“I’m all good Chloe,” Beca laughed.

“Beca. Don’t be rude.” Stacie says softly punching her in the arm. “Of course we’d like to go out for some food. I pretty much only have meal swipes at the cafeteria though if that’s okay with you. I can get you in, my dad bought me way too big of a meal plan.”

“Totes! Well, we better get ready to go back to rehearsal. Aubrey’s trying to catch my eye to talk about something,” Chloe replies, walking across the floor toward the whiteboard where Aubrey is writing the choreography for “I Saw the Sign”.

“Chloe, need I remind you that you are a co-captain? And I will be needing all of the help I can get in these rehearsals. Just don’t forget that these girls also need to respect and look up to us as leaders,” Aubrey scolds. “But, I’m glad we’ve at least gotten some talented and attractive girls. Better than Bologna Barb, right?”

The rest of the rehearsal goes smoothly. Well, no not really at all - Aubrey’s words coming back to haunt her by the end of the practice. Most, if not all, of the girls have some sort of deficiency in the dancing area, no matter how well they can sing. Chloe shares Aubrey’s concern about the fraternity performance coming up, but today was their first practice after all.

The three make their way across campus to the cafeteria, and it’s after 7:00pm so most of the dinner rush has cleared out. Aubrey couldn’t come with them, even though Chloe invited her, she had to go to an LSAT study group. Beca splits off from Stacie and Chloe, mumbling something about getting a booth for them, and leaves them to get their dinners. Stacie rolls her eyes. Chloe makes her way over to the omelet station, and surprisingly Stacie joins her.

“Oh my god, do you love breakfast too? It’s my favorite meal of the day. I could eat it whenever. Plus, omelets are super filling!” Chloe says as Stacie gives the chef her plate of ingredients.

“Same girl! Plus we just got our asses kicked back there, I gotta refuel,” Stacie answers. “I’m glad we’ve got another member of our little secret society. Beca’s only had me for the year or so… It’s good for her to make new friends.”

After their food is ready, the girls walk all the way to the back of the cafeteria where Beca already has her laptop out, headphones on, and is working on a music project of some sort. She smells the food before they even reach the table, a grimace on her face Stacie and Chloe can see. She slides her headphones to her neck when they get to the table though. Chloe slides in the side opposite of Beca, and Stacie pushes Beca toward the wall.

“Eggs for dinner? I barely even liked eggs when I was human, let alone now. Blegh.” Beca starts.

Stacie, more comfortable with Beca’s eating habits than Chloe says, “Look Beca, just because your food sucks, GET. OFF. MINE.”

“Was that a Princess Diaries reference, Stacie?” Chloe laughs.

“Hell yeah it was!!” Stacie high fives Chloe.

“Yet another reason why I wonder why I’m friends with you,” Beca laughs too, throwing something at Stacie.

“What Beca, don’t you like movies?” Chloe asks.

“I do, just not when I’ve had to watch them like four hundred times. Right Stacie?”

“Alright, alright. You’ve got me there. That’s one of my favorites and she’s seen it a bunch. But it’s a masterpiece, and Julie Andrews is in it. How can you blame me? Plus the soundtrack has some bops.” Stacie admits.

Chloe nods enthusiastically. “Mandy Moore as a villain-bully? Sign me up. And she sings in it which is aca-awesome.”

“You like early 2000s pop? Noted.” Beca smirks. “Supergirl in the beginning is pretty badass though.”

“Don’t you miss regular food Beca?” Chloe rounds back to the food conversation.

“Sure I do. I can eat a little bit every once and awhile without getting sick. I usually wait until it’s something I really like though. I’m kind of a bit of a sucker for baked goods. So, I wait until there are some cookies, a cake, any sweets.”

“A sucker? For baked goods…?” Chloe manages in between laughs.

“You gotta admit Becs, that was pretty funny,” Stacie laughs, Beca however is giving them both the side eye.

“Great now I have two of you to pick on me,” she says in a huff. “Well if you must know, my favorite blood types are A+ and B+ so… gird your loins. Or your neck. Whatever.” Beca finishes with a wink.

“Beca, did you know I’m AB+?!” Chloe says wide-eyed. “And Stanley Tucci is a king.”

“Sure I did, I can smell it,” Beca laughs. “Don’t worry, like I said. I have a stash of my own supplies. I was just joking with you.”

Stacie nods while finishing her last bite of food, “Yeah, Beca and I have it all worked out. We’ve been getting her stuff at the local blood banks and stuff. Plus, I’m getting a job in the hematology lab on campus, so I’ll probably be able to nick some from there from time to time.”

“Oh, I’m not worried you guys. But still, that’s great!” Chloe grinned.

The three of them were getting along famously, and it was only a day after Beca had come out with her secret. Not that Beca could expect everyone or anyone to be as understanding, but damn was she glad Chloe did!

Chapter Text

Thursday afternoons were free from Bellas’ rehearsals since Aubrey was taking a pre-law course and both Beca and Chloe were excited to spend some time together. While the last time they had hung out alone was a little more intimate than either of them were anticipating, this outing was planned. Beca was taking Chloe into town to visit a few of her favorite places.

Or more like Chloe was taking Beca. She had gotten a message in the wee hours of the morning from Chloe asking if they could do something fun today and if Beca had any ideas. She told the redhead to meet her outside of her dorm at three with her car and she would have something planned. Now Beca waited in the entrance hall, deep in her thoughts agonizing over every detail of the day when an old red Honda Civic showed up out front. With a short honk, Beca finally noticed the vehicle. She must have been thinking pretty deeply if she didn’t hear the car pull up before it got there, Chloe had “Toxic” by Britney Spears blasting on the radio.

Beca had planned her outfit down to every detail, even though others probably wouldn’t notice since it was similar to what she always wore. A black band shirt (her favorite, the White Stripes) under her dark denim jacket (with her not-so-subtle rainbow heart pin on the lapel), black skinny jeans rolled up to the ankle, and a pair of high-top black Chuck Taylors (which originally had white sidewalls, but someone had obviously colored them in with Sharpie). Her hair was pulled up to fully display her “ear monstrosities” as Aubrey so wonderfully put them and her black polished fingers showing a few well-placed silver rings. Luckily, the weather was beginning to cool off, so her attire seemed less out of place than in the 90-degree Georgia heat of late summer. It was definitely more of a concern to try and fit in here than back home in New England.

“Hey weirdo,” Chloe started, turning the radio down as Beca climbed into the car. As if Beca wasn’t already aware of how effortlessly beautiful Chloe was, this outfit proved it.

“Damn how did I get so lucky…” Beca mused to herself while looking at the redhead. She was wearing a casual outfit of overalls and a t-shirt with her hair pulled into a low pony - but she made it look as if she was on her way to a photo shoot today instead of their first official date. Although neither of them had called it that.

“Hi Chloe.” Beca truly looking at the car for the first time. It was an older Civic, probably from the 90s. It didn’t even have a CD player. Chloe had a cassette to 3.5mm jack converter in the stereo and had her phone hooked up to it. “Mind if I grab the aux cord for the trip?”

Chloe’s smile crept over her face just like the light creeping over the horizon at sunrise. “Absolutely Becs! Am I going to be privy to another of your works?”

“Nah, probably just some of the stuff I’m listening to these days…” Beca casually responded as if she hadn’t spent an hour or two after receiving Chloe’s text curating a perfect playlist for their journey today.

Knowing how much Chloe loved pop music, “Toxic” by Britney was also on Beca’s playlist. She figured she might as well start there. As the first few notes of the iconic tune reached the stereo Chloe laughed and gave Beca a look as if she were surprised it was on the list. “Hey, I know what you like, and I saw you jamming out earlier,” Beca laughs.

As “Baby can’t you see…” starts through the speakers, they began their trip to town. Chloe sang effortlessly to the woman on the radio, her voice matching pitch and inflection perfectly, almost if there were a Britney Spears in the car with them. Beca was humming along, listening to her carmate and thinking of how great the Bellas would sound singing this song when Chloe interrupted her quiet revelry.

“You didn’t want to walk today? Seems like one of those days you’d like,” Chloe asked innocently. She was referencing the fact that since Fall was settling into campus, the sun was a little less bright and intrusive these days. Barden wasn’t far from town. Certainly, a walkable distance, but it was easier to just drive.

“Hey, I would’ve walked, but this is way faster don’t you agree?” Beca smiled. “And I didn’t want to lose any time in town with you. I have a few things in mind for us to do.”

Chloe beamed at the shorter girl in the passenger seat, “You’re right. Plus I’m sure you have this whole thing planned out. You had all morning to iron out all the details,” she finished grinning.

They arrived in town fifteen minutes and a few songs later, and Beca directed them to the first stop, a shop called Criminal Records. Getting out of the car, Beca is finally able to fully appreciate the outfit Chloe is wearing. The weather may be cooling down, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing her overalls cuffed halfway up her calves with a pair of well-worn red Converses on her feet.

Motioning to their shoes Beca says, “Looks like we’re twinning today Chlo.”

“Guess we are Becs,” Chloe retorts, “Great minds think alike after all.”

They enter the store and Beca is welcomed with a warm smile by the younger man behind the counter.

“Becaw!!” he says waving to the shorter woman.

“Hey Jesse,” Beca responds a little muted and seemingly a little embarrassed. “Chloe do you know Jesse? He goes to Barden too. He’s a year ahead of me though and works with me at the radio station.”

As they step closer, Chloe is finally able to make out his face, “Yeah, I think I’ve seen you around, you’re a Treble right?” she says kindly.

“You would never know that her best friend is such Treble-hater. She’s so nice to everyone…” Beca thinks.

“Yep! Just joined this year though. Bumper’s an asshole and wouldn’t let me join last year because – quote – my roommate was too weird. But now Bumper’s off in Los Angeles singing backup for some pop star or something so we can do what we want thank god. The rest of the guys say it’s way more fun without him anyway. And now Benji can be a Treble too,” Jesse replies.

Beca breaks off his rambling with, “Hey we’re just going to look around for a bit if that’s cool?”

“Yeah yeah of course. Let me know if you need anything Beca.” Jesse responds happily, turning back to the seemingly endless stacks of music behind the counter.

“So you DO have friends beside me and Stacie then,” Chloe chides as they make their way further back in the store.

They reach the rock section and Beca stops and turns around suddenly, Chloe almost bumping into her – her vampire reflexes and speed in full display. “Well yeah, I can relate to most people on a musical level. Met him the first week at Barden.” Beca responds in a cocky tone. “Don’t want you thinking you’re that special for getting to be my friend… I do know people outside of the acapella world.” She laughs playfully. Chloe lightly slaps her shoulder as the gap between them closing. Beca pretends not to notice and turns to start browsing through the records.

“Oh my god she’s so close I can hear her heart beating, and we’re like half an hour into this, I can’t kiss her yet. What can you say to break the tension…” Beca internally rambles.

“What’s your favorite rock band,” Beca asks pointedly changing the subject. While she’s pretty sure of herself and confident, this is still a date. Their first date. Not that she’s overthinking any of that of course. “Alright, so we have another half an hour at least until the next place I want to go opens, and maybe we can find something Chloe likes.” her internal monologue states, going through her plan again, thinking a mile a minute.

“I grew up listening to the 80s mostly with my parents, my dad loves hair bands. Probably Queen even though pretty much everyone loves Queen right?” Chloe answers.

“Alright cool, let’s take this one over to the turntables and see if you recognize it.” Beca picks a Motley Crue record. “Close your eyes while I set it up.”

She pulls the record out of the sleeve and hands Chloe an oversized set of headphones while plugging them into the receiver. She gives her a tap on the shoulder to tell her she’s about to start the music and sets the needle. It takes a moment, but she can tell when the music starts. Chloe seems to take about thirty seconds to think listen and it through but opens her eyes, slides the headphones off, smiles and says, “Okay, obviously Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls.”

“Alright that was an easy one,” Beca teases. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

They spend a while browsing music, picking things out, having the other listen to what they picked, and seeing each other’s reaction. Finally, Chloe decides on a favorite (Bananarama – Cruel Summer) and they head to the counter to buy it. Jesse takes the record and starts writing up a receipt. The store is old school, cash only, and Beca makes sure to pay before Chloe can get the chance.

“Alright, all set! You two have a good day. See you later Beca,” Jesse says waving them goodbye.

“I could have bought that,” Chloe states teasingly after leaving the store.

“Yeah, you could have, but I planned this trip and I’m taking care of you today,” Beca responds shrugging slightly. “Now come on, that wasn’t our only stop today. There’s another place I want to take you.”

Even though she shrugged it off, Chloe can tell Beca really cares about her and wants this to go well. It’s really cute the attention to detail she has put into this date. When they leave the store, Chloe notices it’s a bit brighter than when they arrived but Beca doesn’t seem to notice and takes Chloe’s hand and leads her down the street in the opposite direction they came from. They walk a few blocks, turning this way and that, until they come upon another older storefront Chloe doesn’t think she’s been in before. Beca clearly knows where they are and walks right up to the door, opening it for Chloe. They walk through and yet again they’re in another semi-dark business. Her eyes adjusting from the outside, Chloe gasps finally fully seeing where they are and what they’ll be doing the rest of the afternoon. The sound of change being dispensed from a machine and the bells of machines hit Chloe’s ears.

“Beca, you didn’t. An arcade?!” Chloe asks grinning from ear to ear. “I haven’t been to one in ages!”

“Yeah, well they’re kind of my favorite. Even before I was into music, I was always playing the arcade cabinets at the local bowling alley. My mom would drag me there as a kid while she had her league games, and I would go in the back and play pretty much the entire time. My favorites are pinball machines though,” Beca explains, matching the smile Chloe has.

Humming “Pinball Wizard”, Chloe follows Beca to the change machine where she puts in a $20 bill and the quarters begin to fall, she splits them between the two of them and they make their way to the rows of games. They break off for a little while as Beca allows Chloe to look around a bit before picking what to play. She settles into her favorite table “Theater of Magic” and begins focusing on lights, colors, and patterns in play. After a few minutes of looking around, Chloe ends up playing a bit of Skee-Ball, moves to a game of Mortal Kombat, and after about twenty minutes makes her way back to where she left Beca.

Chloe has seen Beca mix music a few times and has no doubt about her hand-eye coordination but the level of skill she has when playing a pinball table is a little unexpected, and weirdly attractive? Even as someone who knows only a little about the game, Chloe can see Beca is absolutely dominating if the sounds and lights coming from the machine are any indications. Beca seemingly barely recognizes that Chloe has arrived beside a small nod when she steps to the right of the smaller woman. The score goes up and up and up and…

“Ahh dang. That was my last ball,” Beca puffs after the obvious “game over” sound rings.

“Wait was that your first game since I left you? Like you’ve been playing this whole time?” Chloe asks impressed.

Beca smugly smiles, “Well yeah Chloe. I mean I’ve always been good,” she closes the distance between their faces, so close that Chloe can smell the shampoo Beca uses, and whispers, “but now? With these reflexes? I’m pretty freaking amazing.” She looks up slightly at the blonde through her eyelashes cocking her eyebrows self-assuredly.

Chloe would have to be dead not to be a bit hot and bothered by the whole thing. The confidence, the skill, and damn is she doing that vampire thing again because her eyes are absolutely gorgeous right now and Chloe can feel the heat rising to her cheeks in a blush.

Pressing a kiss to her cheek, Chloe whispers back, “Yeah you are.” Regaining a bit of composure, she continues louder, “Now let’s go Mitchell. What else are you good at,” and pulls her toward a Time Crisis machine to play together.

By the time they’ve left the arcade, it’s dark out. They spent hours playing this game and that, Chloe beating Beca at the athletically skilled games like the basketball game Hot Shot, Skee-Ball, and that one where you hit down the little clowns with balls. They both excel at Dance Dance Revolution, although that doesn’t surprise Chloe much. Music and dancing (which even though she pretends to suck at and hate) are Beca’s thing. She shows Chloe some of the intricacies of how to play pinball and which ones are her favorites. They were there for hours and even though Beca didn’t forget that Chloe had to eat (and had planned somewhere to go for dinner) she was grateful they didn’t have to leave for dinner since the arcade had a snack bar.

“Damn it’s like 8:00pm. We were there forever,” Beca internally laughs. She notices it’s chillier out than when they went inside and slides her jacket off and hands it to Chloe.

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” Chloe smiles putting on the jacket. “You won’t be cold right?”

Beca’s smile was beaming. “Oh no, I’m totally fine. Thanks for coming with me. You’re the first person who like, actually likes playing games with me. Stacie doesn’t love arcades. I don’t blame her though, most of the nerds there just awkwardly stare at her the entire time…” she laughs.

Returning to where they parked, Chloe starts up the car and they take a moment to let it warm up. Chloe hands Beca the aux cord again as if it’s automatic and they’ve done it a hundred times before. Even if Beca can stand the cold, it doesn’t mean she likes being chilled. It gets comfortable and they start making their way back to campus. Since Beca is riding passenger she observes the scenery and realizes they’re not exactly taking the same way they went.

They arrive at a small parking lot on the backside of the athletic fields and pull into a spot. Unbuckling her seatbelt, Chloe turns to Beca with a small smile and says, “Thank you for probably the best first date I’ve ever been on. Like you planned everything perfectly. Even the pizza from the snack bar was good.”

“Hey, I’m glad you had a good time. It was so fun,” Beca smiles back. Even though it’s dark out, she notices Chloe’s pupils are a little larger than normal. Her bright blue irises smaller and less noticeable in the light thrown off the nearest lamp.

Her pulse slightly quickening, Chloe looks down to Beca’s lips and closes the gap between the two. While her actions seemed hesitant, her pulse rate and the feelings radiating from Chloe tell a different story. The last time they were together, the first time they were together, they practically jumped on one another. It wasn’t completely Chloe’s fault. She was partially affected by some of Beca’s vampire features and Beca acted like a horny teenager. This time was more controlled. Well, as much control as two women who were hot for each other could be.

Fortunately, Beca wasn’t wearing a seatbelt (it was probably safer for her to react to a car crash with her enhanced reactions). She was the passenger but managed to move over the center console and slide Chloe’s chair back in one quick motion before putting her legs on either side of the redhead. She deepened the kiss and moved her arm up Chloe’s neck cupping the back of it, while Chloe was sliding her hand up Beca’s shirt. She took the tie out of Chloe’s hair allowing it to flow freely. While Chloe was able to notice Beca’s shampoo earlier, it didn’t compare to Beca’s heightened senses. Chloe always smells good to Beca but allowing herself to take in the other woman’s scent was intoxicating to an extent. Normally she only noticed humans’ scents when she was hunting. Or hungry.

Beca breaks contact first and says breathlessly, “Can we take this jacket off of you?”

“Absolutely,” Chloe confidently answers.

Everything Beca does is deliberate and seems to be at warp speed to Chloe. While normally taking off a jacket in a car seat is a bit of a chore, Beca has it handled in two seconds flat. Speaking of flat, the seat is lowered as far back as it can go, and while Beca’s lips left Chloe’s to take off the jacket, now they’re on her neck. It seems like Beca is the one in complete control but that’s far from the truth. Chloe might be underneath the shorter woman, but she’s adjusted so they are both straddling each other’s leg. She’s slipped a hand under Beca’s bra and is cupping her breast squeezing and rubbing her nipple. Beca starts grinding down on Chloe’s leg, seeking some sort of relief and in the process doing the same for Chloe. Her lips while not otherwise occupied, are open, soft moans escaping.

“-Beca yes. God, don’t stop,” she says in a breathy voice.

With that Beca’s lips on her neck attached to a spot and begin sucking, sure to leave a mark. While a normal person who is making out with a vampire would think “Oh my god they’re not going to bite me are they?” Chloe didn’t seem to be worried. Beca had been careful every step of the way with them. She didn’t even “vamp out” without Chloe’s permission.

“God Chloe. I want you so bad,” Beca states, arousal dripping from her every word. “But our first time shouldn’t be in a car right?” Some semblance of logic coming back to her. “If I don’t stop now, I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

Chloe, is blushing deeply, has to take a deep breath to calm herself down, “Of course. Of course.”
“You’re right Beca. Probably not. Plus I’m going to get enough grief for this hickey I think,” she smirks at the girl above her. “I mean Aubrey is definitely going to notice.”

“Did she know we were together? Is that a problem?” Beca wonders a bit amused, a bit worried. She slowly allows the seat to move back to vertical and moves back to the passenger seat. “The last thing I need is for her to hate me…” The clock on the dash read 9:30 pm.

“You let me worry about Aubrey. It’s fine,” Chloe reassures Beca, taking her hand in hers and rubbing softly. “Now let’s get you back to your dorm. You might not need to sleep tonight, but I definitely do. Plus I have an essay for Russian Literature to do.”