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A Vampire? Aca-Believe It.

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Thursday afternoons were free from Bellas’ rehearsals since Aubrey was taking a pre-law course and both Beca and Chloe were excited to spend some time together. While the last time they had hung out alone was a little more intimate than either of them were anticipating, this outing was planned. Beca was taking Chloe into town to visit a few of her favorite places.

Or more like Chloe was taking Beca. She had gotten a message in the wee hours of the morning from Chloe asking if they could do something fun today and if Beca had any ideas. She told the redhead to meet her outside of her dorm at three with her car and she would have something planned. Now Beca waited in the entrance hall, deep in her thoughts agonizing over every detail of the day when an old red Honda Civic showed up out front. With a short honk, Beca finally noticed the vehicle. She must have been thinking pretty deeply if she didn’t hear the car pull up before it got there, Chloe had “Toxic” by Britney Spears blasting on the radio.

Beca had planned her outfit down to every detail, even though others probably wouldn’t notice since it was similar to what she always wore. A black band shirt (her favorite, the White Stripes) under her dark denim jacket (with her not-so-subtle rainbow heart pin on the lapel), black skinny jeans rolled up to the ankle, and a pair of high-top black Chuck Taylors (which originally had white sidewalls, but someone had obviously colored them in with Sharpie). Her hair was pulled up to fully display her “ear monstrosities” as Aubrey so wonderfully put them and her black polished fingers showing a few well-placed silver rings. Luckily, the weather was beginning to cool off, so her attire seemed less out of place than in the 90-degree Georgia heat of late summer. It was definitely more of a concern to try and fit in here than back home in New England.

“Hey weirdo,” Chloe started, turning the radio down as Beca climbed into the car. As if Beca wasn’t already aware of how effortlessly beautiful Chloe was, this outfit proved it.

“Damn how did I get so lucky…” Beca mused to herself while looking at the redhead. She was wearing a casual outfit of overalls and a t-shirt with her hair pulled into a low pony - but she made it look as if she was on her way to a photo shoot today instead of their first official date. Although neither of them had called it that.

“Hi Chloe.” Beca truly looking at the car for the first time. It was an older Civic, probably from the 90s. It didn’t even have a CD player. Chloe had a cassette to 3.5mm jack converter in the stereo and had her phone hooked up to it. “Mind if I grab the aux cord for the trip?”

Chloe’s smile crept over her face just like the light creeping over the horizon at sunrise. “Absolutely Becs! Am I going to be privy to another of your works?”

“Nah, probably just some of the stuff I’m listening to these days…” Beca casually responded as if she hadn’t spent an hour or two after receiving Chloe’s text curating a perfect playlist for their journey today.

Knowing how much Chloe loved pop music, “Toxic” by Britney was also on Beca’s playlist. She figured she might as well start there. As the first few notes of the iconic tune reached the stereo Chloe laughed and gave Beca a look as if she were surprised it was on the list. “Hey, I know what you like, and I saw you jamming out earlier,” Beca laughs.

As “Baby can’t you see…” starts through the speakers, they began their trip to town. Chloe sang effortlessly to the woman on the radio, her voice matching pitch and inflection perfectly, almost if there were a Britney Spears in the car with them. Beca was humming along, listening to her carmate and thinking of how great the Bellas would sound singing this song when Chloe interrupted her quiet revelry.

“You didn’t want to walk today? Seems like one of those days you’d like,” Chloe asked innocently. She was referencing the fact that since Fall was settling into campus, the sun was a little less bright and intrusive these days. Barden wasn’t far from town. Certainly, a walkable distance, but it was easier to just drive.

“Hey, I would’ve walked, but this is way faster don’t you agree?” Beca smiled. “And I didn’t want to lose any time in town with you. I have a few things in mind for us to do.”

Chloe beamed at the shorter girl in the passenger seat, “You’re right. Plus I’m sure you have this whole thing planned out. You had all morning to iron out all the details,” she finished grinning.

They arrived in town fifteen minutes and a few songs later, and Beca directed them to the first stop, a shop called Criminal Records. Getting out of the car, Beca is finally able to fully appreciate the outfit Chloe is wearing. The weather may be cooling down, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing her overalls cuffed halfway up her calves with a pair of well-worn red Converses on her feet.

Motioning to their shoes Beca says, “Looks like we’re twinning today Chlo.”

“Guess we are Becs,” Chloe retorts, “Great minds think alike after all.”

They enter the store and Beca is welcomed with a warm smile by the younger man behind the counter.

“Becaw!!” he says waving to the shorter woman.

“Hey Jesse,” Beca responds a little muted and seemingly a little embarrassed. “Chloe do you know Jesse? He goes to Barden too. He’s a year ahead of me though and works with me at the radio station.”

As they step closer, Chloe is finally able to make out his face, “Yeah, I think I’ve seen you around, you’re a Treble right?” she says kindly.

“You would never know that her best friend is such Treble-hater. She’s so nice to everyone…” Beca thinks.

“Yep! Just joined this year though. Bumper’s an asshole and wouldn’t let me join last year because – quote – my roommate was too weird. But now Bumper’s off in Los Angeles singing backup for some pop star or something so we can do what we want thank god. The rest of the guys say it’s way more fun without him anyway. And now Benji can be a Treble too,” Jesse replies.

Beca breaks off his rambling with, “Hey we’re just going to look around for a bit if that’s cool?”

“Yeah yeah of course. Let me know if you need anything Beca.” Jesse responds happily, turning back to the seemingly endless stacks of music behind the counter.

“So you DO have friends beside me and Stacie then,” Chloe chides as they make their way further back in the store.

They reach the rock section and Beca stops and turns around suddenly, Chloe almost bumping into her – her vampire reflexes and speed in full display. “Well yeah, I can relate to most people on a musical level. Met him the first week at Barden.” Beca responds in a cocky tone. “Don’t want you thinking you’re that special for getting to be my friend… I do know people outside of the acapella world.” She laughs playfully. Chloe lightly slaps her shoulder as the gap between them closing. Beca pretends not to notice and turns to start browsing through the records.

“Oh my god she’s so close I can hear her heart beating, and we’re like half an hour into this, I can’t kiss her yet. What can you say to break the tension…” Beca internally rambles.

“What’s your favorite rock band,” Beca asks pointedly changing the subject. While she’s pretty sure of herself and confident, this is still a date. Their first date. Not that she’s overthinking any of that of course. “Alright, so we have another half an hour at least until the next place I want to go opens, and maybe we can find something Chloe likes.” her internal monologue states, going through her plan again, thinking a mile a minute.

“I grew up listening to the 80s mostly with my parents, my dad loves hair bands. Probably Queen even though pretty much everyone loves Queen right?” Chloe answers.

“Alright cool, let’s take this one over to the turntables and see if you recognize it.” Beca picks a Motley Crue record. “Close your eyes while I set it up.”

She pulls the record out of the sleeve and hands Chloe an oversized set of headphones while plugging them into the receiver. She gives her a tap on the shoulder to tell her she’s about to start the music and sets the needle. It takes a moment, but she can tell when the music starts. Chloe seems to take about thirty seconds to think listen and it through but opens her eyes, slides the headphones off, smiles and says, “Okay, obviously Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls.”

“Alright that was an easy one,” Beca teases. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

They spend a while browsing music, picking things out, having the other listen to what they picked, and seeing each other’s reaction. Finally, Chloe decides on a favorite (Bananarama – Cruel Summer) and they head to the counter to buy it. Jesse takes the record and starts writing up a receipt. The store is old school, cash only, and Beca makes sure to pay before Chloe can get the chance.

“Alright, all set! You two have a good day. See you later Beca,” Jesse says waving them goodbye.

“I could have bought that,” Chloe states teasingly after leaving the store.

“Yeah, you could have, but I planned this trip and I’m taking care of you today,” Beca responds shrugging slightly. “Now come on, that wasn’t our only stop today. There’s another place I want to take you.”

Even though she shrugged it off, Chloe can tell Beca really cares about her and wants this to go well. It’s really cute the attention to detail she has put into this date. When they leave the store, Chloe notices it’s a bit brighter than when they arrived but Beca doesn’t seem to notice and takes Chloe’s hand and leads her down the street in the opposite direction they came from. They walk a few blocks, turning this way and that, until they come upon another older storefront Chloe doesn’t think she’s been in before. Beca clearly knows where they are and walks right up to the door, opening it for Chloe. They walk through and yet again they’re in another semi-dark business. Her eyes adjusting from the outside, Chloe gasps finally fully seeing where they are and what they’ll be doing the rest of the afternoon. The sound of change being dispensed from a machine and the bells of machines hit Chloe’s ears.

“Beca, you didn’t. An arcade?!” Chloe asks grinning from ear to ear. “I haven’t been to one in ages!”

“Yeah, well they’re kind of my favorite. Even before I was into music, I was always playing the arcade cabinets at the local bowling alley. My mom would drag me there as a kid while she had her league games, and I would go in the back and play pretty much the entire time. My favorites are pinball machines though,” Beca explains, matching the smile Chloe has.

Humming “Pinball Wizard”, Chloe follows Beca to the change machine where she puts in a $20 bill and the quarters begin to fall, she splits them between the two of them and they make their way to the rows of games. They break off for a little while as Beca allows Chloe to look around a bit before picking what to play. She settles into her favorite table “Theater of Magic” and begins focusing on lights, colors, and patterns in play. After a few minutes of looking around, Chloe ends up playing a bit of Skee-Ball, moves to a game of Mortal Kombat, and after about twenty minutes makes her way back to where she left Beca.

Chloe has seen Beca mix music a few times and has no doubt about her hand-eye coordination but the level of skill she has when playing a pinball table is a little unexpected, and weirdly attractive? Even as someone who knows only a little about the game, Chloe can see Beca is absolutely dominating if the sounds and lights coming from the machine are any indications. Beca seemingly barely recognizes that Chloe has arrived beside a small nod when she steps to the right of the smaller woman. The score goes up and up and up and…

“Ahh dang. That was my last ball,” Beca puffs after the obvious “game over” sound rings.

“Wait was that your first game since I left you? Like you’ve been playing this whole time?” Chloe asks impressed.

Beca smugly smiles, “Well yeah Chloe. I mean I’ve always been good,” she closes the distance between their faces, so close that Chloe can smell the shampoo Beca uses, and whispers, “but now? With these reflexes? I’m pretty freaking amazing.” She looks up slightly at the blonde through her eyelashes cocking her eyebrows self-assuredly.

Chloe would have to be dead not to be a bit hot and bothered by the whole thing. The confidence, the skill, and damn is she doing that vampire thing again because her eyes are absolutely gorgeous right now and Chloe can feel the heat rising to her cheeks in a blush.

Pressing a kiss to her cheek, Chloe whispers back, “Yeah you are.” Regaining a bit of composure, she continues louder, “Now let’s go Mitchell. What else are you good at,” and pulls her toward a Time Crisis machine to play together.

By the time they’ve left the arcade, it’s dark out. They spent hours playing this game and that, Chloe beating Beca at the athletically skilled games like the basketball game Hot Shot, Skee-Ball, and that one where you hit down the little clowns with balls. They both excel at Dance Dance Revolution, although that doesn’t surprise Chloe much. Music and dancing (which even though she pretends to suck at and hate) are Beca’s thing. She shows Chloe some of the intricacies of how to play pinball and which ones are her favorites. They were there for hours and even though Beca didn’t forget that Chloe had to eat (and had planned somewhere to go for dinner) she was grateful they didn’t have to leave for dinner since the arcade had a snack bar.

“Damn it’s like 8:00pm. We were there forever,” Beca internally laughs. She notices it’s chillier out than when they went inside and slides her jacket off and hands it to Chloe.

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” Chloe smiles putting on the jacket. “You won’t be cold right?”

Beca’s smile was beaming. “Oh no, I’m totally fine. Thanks for coming with me. You’re the first person who like, actually likes playing games with me. Stacie doesn’t love arcades. I don’t blame her though, most of the nerds there just awkwardly stare at her the entire time…” she laughs.

Returning to where they parked, Chloe starts up the car and they take a moment to let it warm up. Chloe hands Beca the aux cord again as if it’s automatic and they’ve done it a hundred times before. Even if Beca can stand the cold, it doesn’t mean she likes being chilled. It gets comfortable and they start making their way back to campus. Since Beca is riding passenger she observes the scenery and realizes they’re not exactly taking the same way they went.

They arrive at a small parking lot on the backside of the athletic fields and pull into a spot. Unbuckling her seatbelt, Chloe turns to Beca with a small smile and says, “Thank you for probably the best first date I’ve ever been on. Like you planned everything perfectly. Even the pizza from the snack bar was good.”

“Hey, I’m glad you had a good time. It was so fun,” Beca smiles back. Even though it’s dark out, she notices Chloe’s pupils are a little larger than normal. Her bright blue irises smaller and less noticeable in the light thrown off the nearest lamp.

Her pulse slightly quickening, Chloe looks down to Beca’s lips and closes the gap between the two. While her actions seemed hesitant, her pulse rate and the feelings radiating from Chloe tell a different story. The last time they were together, the first time they were together, they practically jumped on one another. It wasn’t completely Chloe’s fault. She was partially affected by some of Beca’s vampire features and Beca acted like a horny teenager. This time was more controlled. Well, as much control as two women who were hot for each other could be.

Fortunately, Beca wasn’t wearing a seatbelt (it was probably safer for her to react to a car crash with her enhanced reactions). She was the passenger but managed to move over the center console and slide Chloe’s chair back in one quick motion before putting her legs on either side of the redhead. She deepened the kiss and moved her arm up Chloe’s neck cupping the back of it, while Chloe was sliding her hand up Beca’s shirt. She took the tie out of Chloe’s hair allowing it to flow freely. While Chloe was able to notice Beca’s shampoo earlier, it didn’t compare to Beca’s heightened senses. Chloe always smells good to Beca but allowing herself to take in the other woman’s scent was intoxicating to an extent. Normally she only noticed humans’ scents when she was hunting. Or hungry.

Beca breaks contact first and says breathlessly, “Can we take this jacket off of you?”

“Absolutely,” Chloe confidently answers.

Everything Beca does is deliberate and seems to be at warp speed to Chloe. While normally taking off a jacket in a car seat is a bit of a chore, Beca has it handled in two seconds flat. Speaking of flat, the seat is lowered as far back as it can go, and while Beca’s lips left Chloe’s to take off the jacket, now they’re on her neck. It seems like Beca is the one in complete control but that’s far from the truth. Chloe might be underneath the shorter woman, but she’s adjusted so they are both straddling each other’s leg. She’s slipped a hand under Beca’s bra and is cupping her breast squeezing and rubbing her nipple. Beca starts grinding down on Chloe’s leg, seeking some sort of relief and in the process doing the same for Chloe. Her lips while not otherwise occupied, are open, soft moans escaping.

“-Beca yes. God, don’t stop,” she says in a breathy voice.

With that Beca’s lips on her neck attached to a spot and begin sucking, sure to leave a mark. While a normal person who is making out with a vampire would think “Oh my god they’re not going to bite me are they?” Chloe didn’t seem to be worried. Beca had been careful every step of the way with them. She didn’t even “vamp out” without Chloe’s permission.

“God Chloe. I want you so bad,” Beca states, arousal dripping from her every word. “But our first time shouldn’t be in a car right?” Some semblance of logic coming back to her. “If I don’t stop now, I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

Chloe, is blushing deeply, has to take a deep breath to calm herself down, “Of course. Of course.”
“You’re right Beca. Probably not. Plus I’m going to get enough grief for this hickey I think,” she smirks at the girl above her. “I mean Aubrey is definitely going to notice.”

“Did she know we were together? Is that a problem?” Beca wonders a bit amused, a bit worried. She slowly allows the seat to move back to vertical and moves back to the passenger seat. “The last thing I need is for her to hate me…” The clock on the dash read 9:30 pm.

“You let me worry about Aubrey. It’s fine,” Chloe reassures Beca, taking her hand in hers and rubbing softly. “Now let’s get you back to your dorm. You might not need to sleep tonight, but I definitely do. Plus I have an essay for Russian Literature to do.”